Did the Holocaust Really Happen? (Video, 37 mins)

This is the best introduction to Holocaust revisionism I’ve ever come across. No one can possibly listen to this and still come away believing that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. Pastor Anderson certainly has the gift of the gab. He presents the basic facts with clarity and precision, without bothering to speak from a script. Please share this gripping video with your friends on social media. (LD)

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  1. As the historian David Irving repeatedly states: “There was an expulsion policy but no extermination policy of Jews by the Third Reich”.

    I watched this a while ago and it’s a good video for weaning people into understand that the greatest lie ever told was the gassing and burning of 6 million Jews in WW2. However, when I found out about it, I went straight in at the deep end. I wanted to be shocked at what I read, because it then led me doing more research, finding ultimately that the holocaust is a dreadful lie and worse, a demonizing of the German people and Germany. I am no national socialist as many know, but I will state that I truly believe that one day the truth will out on Adolf Hitler and what he really tried to do, not just for Germany but all the European peoples.

    One of the videos that did it for me was Bradley Smith and David Cole on the Donahue Show.

    1. I love when he states at 1:45:

      “Now before you just get upset and angry and emotional without hearing the facts, remember what the bible says in Proverbs 18:13 – “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him”.

      This is a great way to stop people from not listening to what you have to tell them. If however you’re debating with a lefty, then don’t bother.

      1. As one who considers stories of 6m Jewish deaths a figment of Zionist imagination, I watched a part of this video. It would have been more effective if the Christian propaganda had been kept out. Non-christians, who have read the Bible and marvel at the way so many people accept this book as “holy”, may regard this otherwise excellent video as Christian propaganda against Jews.

    2. And I wonder, Harbinger, if the expulsion policy by the NS’s was as ambitious as it gets. Which is to say, once the war was underway, this necessitated the obvious need of winning it. Upon doing so, it could very well be that they would have created a modern-day version of a “Pale of the Settlement”, and started utilizing methodologies in the new arena of genetic science.

      The plan being to cull the jews in isolating what would have come to involve the Khazarian genes upon an INITIAL stage in a process of identification.

      In echoing what I call the “egregious jews”, with what they themselves have indicated as derived from Franklin R.’s article several weeks back, “they” are not of this planet. I think certain Germans, and of course led by Hitler, KNEW this.

      Their ambition was nothing less than identifying the reptillian components of these genomes and continuing with a process of eradication.

      I’ll have more to say on this soon….

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  2. This video is a masterpiece. It’s not new to me. This must be the sixth time I’ve listened to it. Each time it gets better. I don’t agree with everything Pastor Anderson says, especially at the end of the video when he talks about Jews burning forever in hell unless they accept Christ as their Messiah, but he certainly has the gift of the gab. He’s a born actor and consummate public speaker.

    Having listened to this video, it no longer becomes possible to believe that six million Jews died in gas ovens and were then systematically cremated at the rate of one body every 15 minutes — a physical impossibility.

  3. At this point I am bored to tears with further talk of Bollockaust because it as an instance of a glaring, diabolic, yet ultimately retarded (because every lie is ultimately retarded by its inability to conform to physical facts) lie, it is one of the most obvious things in universe.

    In future I will memorize the Proverbs cited by Harb and simply quote it back at people, after I duly called them idiots (I enjoy that part, state it calmly and unsentimentally, as if telling them the time of the day).
    to wit,
    Proverbs 18:13 – “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him”.“
    I might rework it a bit to make it more insulting but will stress “18:13” just to make them run to their bible to double-check and make them think a bit.

    “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, cannot rub 2 neurons together.“ (or something like that)

  4. Pastor Anderson’s video makes a great introductory overview to Denierbud’s five hour video series “One Third of the Holocaust” and “Nazi Shrunken Heads” that go into greater detail on the salient points made by Pastor Anderson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmWleVUmkqg.

    The only problem I find with this video is Pastor Anderson’s inclusion of Christian beliefs, e.g. “burning in the fires of hell” into his presentation. Jews have craftily programmed people to hate Christianity, thus the minute Jesus or Christian concepts are incorporated into the argument, one has alienated a great majority of the non-Christian public. The purpose of the video should be to repudiate the Hallowedhoax claims, not convert non-Christians to Christianity.

    The historicity of the Jew’s sacred Bible is as much of a lie as their sacred Hallowed-be-thy-hoax. The Gospels, i.e. the New Testament is NOT part of the Jewish Bible but an unwelcome addition tacked onto the end of the Jewish narration without the consent of its authors and religious followers. The New Testament stands in direct opposition to the Old and therefore should be a stand-alone book, NOT an addendum to the Old Testament.

    The reason for the two books being combined is that Jesus and the first Christians needed the Old Testament as the foundation for their attack on the Temple’s system based on those books. One simply does not walk into a religious belief system and begin telling people everything they thought they knew about their religious beliefs are wrong.

    One must therefore work within the system and use the system itself to repudiate the established beliefs of the followers. Look at how the present pope has twisted Catholic religious beliefs to be completely contrary to their original intent by working within, and using the system against itself to justify these changes. Now imagine what kind of success an atheist might have using the same approach with Catholics. This is the difference the mantle of authority makes when attempting to make radical changes to any belief system. This is why Jews always have their academically authoritative experts leading the charge for radical cultural changes to western civilization.

    This is also proof that Jesus was a standing (hanging?) member of the priesthood with the full power of its legal authority. No one would have paid the slightest attention to his teachings had he been anything less. Working within the system is exactly what Jesus did when he stated he had come to fulfill Temple law, thereby putting an end to that law. This is also what Pastor Anderson is doing when he uses the evidence FOR the Holocaust to repudiate and replace those Jewish myths with the truth.

    Jesus used the Temple’s legal system to work against itself. He embraced and quoted the patriarchs and the law in manners that brought Temple custom, its teachings and its laws into question with Temple followers. Jesus used the priests’ power against them and their religious system with the intent on replacing the existing system with a totally different set of teachings that would bring his people, the Adamic “son’s of man,” closer to the real god whose name the Temple priests misused to enrich themselves at the expense of their followers.

    1. That bit left me feeling uneasy too but it was too funny not to enjoy.

      However, threatening hellfire on anyone for disobeying some illogical rule, disconnected from core moral principles, is totally wrong.

      Jesus is about truth and nothing else and no truth should be accepted at the face value without due diligence.
      Jews reject the truth and for that there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes, cast out in darkness – I just love that phrase, so cartoon-like. But true …

  5. Beyond the actual subject, delivery and technical presentations, this scares most every person out of their wits.
    Like St. Francis did. And The Baptist, etc., etc.

    But on a good note, (to paraphrase one of my favorite doubting Pats) –
    ‘the truth won’t seem so strange (or terrible), once we get as used to it’

  6. If we use the holocaust in the sense of its true meaning, to consume by fire, then a number holocausts occurred in Germany during WW2. I refer of course to the fire bombings of German cities such as Hamburg, Lubeck and most egregiously Dresden. English holocaust deniers, such as Richard Evans, put the number of dead at 40,000. This is complete nonsense. The British transcripts of Ultra intercepts quoting the Dresden fire chief says at least 120,000 people were missing. What I find incomprehensible is the attitude of some young Germans, I’ve met, actually saying Germany deserved it, because of the millions of Jews Germany is alleged to have killed. I derive great pleasure in setting them straight regarding Jewish lies and telling them what a shameless swindle the Jewish holohoax has become. Some of them actually complain and tell me that if we were in Germany they’d have me arrested. Fortunately, Asians have more sense than to fall for this BS. Malaysia, under Mahathir Mohammad actually banned that piece of Spielbergian drivel, Schindler’s List, on the grounds of promoting race hate of the Germans.

    1. (…) some young Germans, I’ve met, actually saying Germany deserved it (…)
      Some of them actually complain and tell me that if we were in Germany they’d have me arrested.

      The saddest quote of all, Pussy Riot syndrome.

  7. Some points Pastor Anderson did not mention:- Why would the Nazis transport Jews all the way to Auschwitz in Poland to kill them? Why use irritant, poisonous cyanide gas (Zyklon) when people crowded into an airtight room will soon suffocate? Why were there 4.3 million survivors claiming compensation from Germany? why did the Red cross only give 272,000 as the total number of deaths in ALL the camps? Why was there a hospital, a pharmacy, a theatre, an orchestra, a choir, a library and a swimming pool at Auschwitz, in a death camp? Why were there no signs on wartime aerial photographs of the trainloads of coke that would have been required to incinerate millions of bodies? Why weren’t thousands of tons of ashes and bones ever found?. The piles of bodies show emaciation typical of starvation and disease; something that would not occur if people were being gassed on arrival. It was Typhus, dysentery and starvation that killed these people, because by 1944 allied bombing had destroyed the infrastructure of Germany.

    You are right Felix, the real holocaust was inflicted on the people of Germany.

  8. A complete resolution to the problem of evil lies in restoring the true order of Creation that preceded the takeover of archetypal Man.

    Upon the inexplicable mystery of FIRST CAUSE (Origin of Creation), occurred extrinsic acts of subversion committed by a rogue element. What resulted was a racial invention subjugating Man to processes of matter. Yet who Man is supersedes a material reality, and what has ensued is a general condition wherein Earth’s inhabitants have been trespassed against by a Creation thief.

    There is a reality of essence underlying the DNA, one that while not being dismissive of ethos and its attributes as Divine aspects of a genomic state, nonetheless reflect a common existence immune to maleficient actions that reject the Aegis of Creation, whose saving grace is demonstrated through the characteristic of humaneness as a counter to its corruption.

    Yet given the degeneration of humanity throughout the centuries as reflected by his behavior as a “host”, corrupted to a point of no return where he is no longer the master of his domain, there will occur a scenario whereby the parasite must run its wayward course in reflecting a cosmic law of “what is set in motion stays in motion until it has gone all the way through the motions.” Running concurrent to this will occur a period of tribulation whose degree of severity is dependent upon Man’s collective awakening; the accumulative power of its mitigation.

    The setting of an aftermath could require a comprehensive understanding of genomes in identifying racial determinants. With this established, reverse-engineering methods of culling may be necessary in maintaining eternal vigilance to prevent the scourge of this reptillian strain from despoiling the body of Man and the sacred ground.

    Divinity will have held up its end, It will be incumbent upon Man to uphold his.

    1. The following gospel verses reflect much of my post above:

      Matthew 13: 24-30, 35

      from 13: 35

      “…I will utter things which have been kept from the foundation of the World.”

      I believe this has to do with “the takeover of archetypal Man” by Satan – the archfiend

      odd that the word “archfiend” appears immediately after “archetype” in both the Webster and American Heritage dictionaries.

      from 13: 39

      “…the harvest is the end of the World…”

      with “end of the world” to mean the end of this present cycle.

      from 13: 30

      “…and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, gather ye together first the tares*, and bind them in bundles, to burn them…”

      *One definition of “tares” could involve those who survive a tribulation period as “reapers” who will have culling responsibilities to remove the infection of malevolent-reptilian DNA from the body of Mankind.

  9. From Kenneth Ellman,
    Email: [email protected],
    June 5, 2016


    AS REGARDS ALL THE SILLY COMMENTARY that the German war against the Jewish People, also known as the Holocaust, did not occur you could only believe this if you choose to take your mind and throw it out the window. I am not going to discuss whether killing millions upon millions of human beings is significant. That is a separate question. But I have always believed that the truth is sacred. I assume some of the people posting on this site are Americans or in the European Union and free like me. You have the full ability to do your own research in any public or university library. No one can stop you. You have the ability to communicate directly with the German Embassy or Consulate and Government and seek information and knowledge offered by the German government. . No one can stop you. You have access to vast library material from various Universities on the internet itself. No body can stop you. SO, why engage in this fantasy that the murder and destruction of so many millions of people, Jewish and others, at the hands of Germany did not occur?! Why degrade yourself by believing such things? Do you think the German people and German Government made this up? Perhaps you think Germany is today controlled by Jews or Poles or Russians? If you had any serious interest in this subject you would review the almost unlimited number of documents and evidence available and become knowledgeable about this.

    The historical record of what Germany did all over Europe, to the Jewish people and many other innocent nationalities is not in dispute by anyone who looks at the evidence. The most easily accessible evidence, aside for all the scholarly research is:

    1. The German people and German Government themselves have admitted to this massive attack upon helpless human beings. The German High Court and the German legislature have confirmed this over and over again. Germany has made it a crime to deny the acts of human destruction committed by Germany in World War II. Germany wants to protect the truth and so should you. Germany does not want to repeat this human disaster and does not want it forgotten.

    2. The War Crimes Trials, also known as the Nuremberg Trials, held by the United States and the Allies, after the German defeat, encompasses a vast amount of testimony in Court in the presence of and by the Nazi leaders and their victims. The Germans killed so many from every nationality such as Gypsies, Russian POWs, Jehovah’s Witnesses and of course Jews. If they had won the war their plan was clearly to permanently enslave and eliminate many national groups.
    Some Internet resources you can reach out to are:


    This is an old extract from a conversation with Dr. Klaus Kinkel, State Secretary for the German Ministry of Justice, many years ago on the murder of six million Jewish men, women and CHILDREN:

    BRIN: These people who did the killing knew. They knew what they were doing.

    KINKEL: I could tell you terrible things that I have heard from my friends in Israel. What I have heard has left me speechless. Of course we know it happened…

    BRIN: Does he (Dr. Kinkel) have any comments about the American Nazi lovers who are going about insisting that the Holocaust is a myth, that it never happened.

    KINKEL: In my official capacity as the executive in the Federal Ministry of Justice, I can say there can be no question that the tragic Holocaust took place and this has also been declared by our Supreme Court.

    A book that discusses this recurrent massive destruction of human beings and not limited to any one people is: Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity, by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen.

    I again suggest that for those who find reason to not trust much of the published history that they contact the German Government and Embassy directly and get their aid to source material about what was truly a hard to believe aspect of human history: i.e., the manufacturing to death of so many human beings. You should certainly challenge any assertions, but you must also be willing to seek out the answers from those who know. The German Government and it’s records are an important source.

    There are plenty of people who want to kill Americans. They will not ask if your heritage is Jewish, or Polish or Russian or British or Spanish or Greek before they shoot you or cut your head off. What happened at Fort Hood in Texas and in Boston is a warning of what America and Western Civilization faces from it’s enemies and some of the posters here waste their time with Holocaust nonsense. It makes no sense.

    Go to Germany and speak your nonsense. The German Government will lock you up. Try it and see.

    Kenneth Ellman,
    Email: [email protected]
    WEBSITE: kennethellman.com

    1. This is a ground-breaking comment for the Darkmoon site to publish. You can see that there is no censorship here. The administrators of this site have made no attempt to muzzle Mr Ellman. They have not stopped him from preaching his religion of Holocaustanity here — even though the commentariat here, without exception, are Holocaust deniers.

      I will make only one point.

      How is it, Mr Ellman, that the Zionist sites with which you are associated make no attempt whatsoever to publish the views of the Holocaust revisionists? You would regard it as “censorship” if you were denied publication on this site for your views. So why do you and your associates, such as the cowardly Elie Wiesel and Barbara Lipstadt, refuse to return the favor and publish the genuine criticisms and concerns of the Holocaust deniers?

      It’s a one-way street for you and your kind, isn’t it? You have the entire world’s media at your disposal to peddle your views on the Holocaust, and you have the nerve to expect publication even on Holocaust revisionist sites such as this! So why oh why do you suppress and even criminalize dissent on your Zionist websites and the MSM owned and controlled by world Jewry?

      Haven’t you heard the phrase: THE TRUTH FEARS NO INVESTIGATION?

      I commend this website for its willingness to publish Mr Ellman’s comment without censorship. I also recommend that this comment of Mr Ellman’s be given more prominence by republication as a feature article.

      — Sardonicus,
      Osaka, Japan

      1. @ Kenneth Ellman

        Your comment does not impress me for several reasons:

        You advance no plausible or convincing argument for believing in the traditional Holocaust narrative except the weak argumentum ad verecundiam, known also as “the argument from authority.”

        You expect us to believe in your distorted view of the Holocaust because a whole bunch of Jews with an axe to grind have written long, learned books about the subject and because the judges at Nuremberg decided, in a kangaroo court, that Germany was guilty of killing 6 million Jews in gas ovens on the orders of Hitler.

        So tell me, sir, where are the gas ovens? Can you produce even one such gas chamber for our inspection? No, you cannot! Faurisson asked you Jews long ago, “Show me even ONE authentic gas chamber!” What did you do? You sent in three Jewish thugs to beat Faurisson up and disfigure him! That’s how you Jews “win” arguments! You beat people up who ask awkward questions! You cowardly swine throw people into prison in 17 countries because you can’t win your arguments with logic and physical evidence but only by resorting to violence and imprisonment!

        Evil cowards.

        Here, take a look at what you filthy Jews did to Faurisson to “win” your weak arguments, you bloodthirsty bullies:


        And how did you collect your “evidence” at Nuremberg? By torture! By crushing the testicles of your German prisoners of war! Here, read this, you sad apology for a man:


    2. @Ellman,

      let me seize this opportunity to be the first to challenge you to a debate that is open to all the questions and examination of evidence.

      I state without equivocation that there was NO mass extermination of Jews nor intent by the German Third Reich to do so.

      I also state that every one of your hallowed witnesses, including the entire present german government are nothing but liars and I would be happy to prove it – each and every one, just name them and bring them forward if you dare.

      I state that the most hallowed Nuremberg Military Tribunal rejected the standard rules of judicial evidence in its very CHARTER, paving the way for numerous lies, such as “establishing” the manufacture of artifacts such as lampshades made of skins of Jews, soap bars made of Jewish fat, mattresses made of jewish hair and other such absurdities, including the fact (established by others but we can double check) that the entire claim of 1.8 million Jews “murdered” at treblinka, Sobibor and Majdanek rests upon 18 minutes (each 100,000 “dead” Jews accorded just one minute at Nuremberg, what honor!) of eyewitness testimony – a shamefully lying witness at that.

      I state that you don’t have a SINGLE solid piece of physical evidence of this so-called Holocaust, which has indeed been invoked by jew press many times (each comprising exactly 6 million Jew victims) even before Hitler’s National Socialist party was elected in 1933.

      I challenge you to refute any one of the arguments Pastor Anderson made in his video – just one.

      If you persist in making the claim of Holocaust while refusing to enter into open, unrestricted discussion here, I am calling you a LIAR, Mr Ellman.

      The standard jewish ploy in these statements is to grandstand with statements like “there are tons of documents and mountains of evidence [all generated by Jews and shabbo slaves], including the squealing admissions by prostrate losers [most victims of brutal torture and threats to their families] and cowardly appeasers [eg, the entire current German government, abject cowards and poltroons all].
      It does not wash with me, only confirms your diabolical culpability in perpetrating this mother of all lies.
      Like the brave pastor said, yours will be the wailing and gnashing of teeth out in the darkness when the real justice is announced.
      I guess you are practicing now.

    3. Kenneth Ellman,

      “1. The German people and German Government themselves have admitted to this massive attack upon helpless human beings. The German High Court and the German legislature have confirmed this over and over again. Germany has made it a crime to deny the acts of human destruction committed by Germany in World War II. Germany wants to protect the truth and so should you. Germany does not want to repeat this human disaster and does not want it forgotten.

      2. The War Crimes Trials, also known as the Nuremberg Trials, held by the United States and the Allies, after the German defeat, encompasses a vast amount of testimony in Court in the presence of and by the Nazi leaders and their victims. The Germans killed so many from every nationality such as Gypsies, Russian POWs, Jehovah’s Witnesses and of course Jews. If they had won the war their plan was clearly to permanently enslave and eliminate many national groups.
      Some Internet resources you can reach out to are:”

      It is false comments such as this that the holocaust narrative remains as it is. I completely concur with Lobro in that every one of those who have spoken out are liars, shabbos goy and/or have done so under duress of torture, execution or worse, them and their families being sent to the Russian gulags.

      Here on Lasha Darkmoon, most of us are learned individuals, who come here, not with hearts filled with hate, but to learn and in turn teach those who aren’t quite so far down the rabbit hole as the rest of us. There is one fact (out of many) that I think speaks for itself. Were there no holes in the holocaust narrative, then no one on the earth would be arrested and prosecuted for REVISING history. After all, as Augustine of Hippo stated: “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” Were this the case with the holocaust narrative, it would easily destroy any attempts to question its legitimacy.
      When one looks into this colossal lie, one realises that it continues courtesy of constant indoctrination and brainwashing. The fact that since the end of WW2, there has been a barrage of films about, or depicting the holocaust, proves overwhelmingly so that there is an agenda to forever keep this within the minds of the people, so much so that the number of films grossly outweighs the number of films about WW2 and NON JEWS! The Jews continue to indoctrinate non Jews, that the death of 6million Jews, far outweighs the deaths of 70+million non Jews.

      If you care to debate with posters on this forum please do so, but I guarantee that every argument that you put forward to back up your propaganda, that there was a genocide of Jews in WW2 and an extermination policy by the Third Reich, will be thoroughly debunked and utterly destroyed. We smashed the mirrors, blew away the smoke and shouted out the emperor was stark, bollock, naked a long time ago Mr Ellman. You will not find one drone here, to debate with, but instead individuals who have done their research, all with the ability of critical thinking, who have never been affected with cognitive dissonance.

      To finish, I shall leave you with a quote by the late American philosopher, John “The Birdman” Bryant:

      “The reason men are silenced is not because they speak falsely, but because they speak the truth. This is because if men speak falsehoods, their own words can be used against them; while if they speak truly, there is nothing which can be used against them — except force.”

    4. Sardonicus,

      I don’t think this is ground breaking. Lasha has posted many opposing view points on her website. Everyone knows that this forum is a bastion for Freedom of Speech, give or take removing the odd troll who comes simply to disrupt. Were it not such, I would not frequent it. Kenneth Ellman, is either yet another of the incredibly ignorant drones, utterly indoctrinated and brainwashed by the Jewish controlled academia and msm, or he is a shabbos goy, doing his master’s bidding, or a Jew, doing what Jews do – lie. I highly doubt, that Mr Ellman will stay and debate, because his arguments will be soundly refuted, by everyone on this forum, achieving exactly the opposite of what he is setting out to achieve.

      1. Harb –

        “….achieving exactly the opposite of what he is setting out to achieve.”

        Maybe…. or not….. since we are only guessing at the intention.

        He achieved selling his site. Sales up. Clicks up. Ratings up.

        I’ll paraphrase Job: “…..answering before learning ALL the reasons.” Call it Pat 18:13 🙂

      2. [email protected]’s proverbs 18:13.

        Pat, I don’t think there is any amount of money, any Jewish/non Jewish holocaust advocate would take to allow the holocaust to be debunked. In doing so, it brings about the investigation not only on the holocaust, but Judaism itself. There are no Judas’ amongst today’s holocaust promoters.

      3. Damn…!! I knew it was one of ‘them thar’ books. 🙂

        Agree… no reward big enough for debunking the lies and myths. It would debunk their profit base.

    5. “Kenneth Ellmann”!
      1. Since 1945 the German people are governed by their enemy, the Jews and Masons. That is why the supposed German government “admits” to anything which makes the Jew World Order happy. It is most obvious how the B´nai B´rith honored Polish Jew Angela Merkel (Aniela Kazmierzak) is busy to press forward the final solution to the German question by mass immigration of African Muslims. Just like Thomas Barnett (Israeli thinktank STRATFOR) writes in his own recent 2 books (available on Amazon): Europe has to become a brown race. He contends; that will make the new breed dumb enough to be subjugated and smart enough to make worthwhile slaves.

      All of this and so much more would not be happening if there was anything here deserving the name “German” government. It is, of course, the anti-German government.

      2. Your whole long winded, pompous, verbose, flimsy case has long been laid to rest. Already on July, 11th 2014 Ursula Haverbeck had sent letters to:

      a) the Chief Prosecutor in Germany (Generalbundesanwalt Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schneider)

      b) the Central Council of Jews in Germany (Zentralrat der Juden)

      and asked them “where has the supposed murder of the Jews occured?”. In which place or location.

      She did not receive any answer. No answer at all.

      I remember a video where she said, she wrote to many more agencies in Germany, Such as the government, the chancellor, the president, courts, judges, etc. etc. None of them replied in any way. None of them answered her question.
      I didn´t find the video anymore, It´s not always easy to retrieve information in our liberated world of “democracy” (NWO occupation), free press (demagogue indoctrination) and censorship of science and research.

    6. Hello Mr Ellman,
      Why would it be a crime to investigate a terrible crime? the holocaust, said to be the greatest crime of the 20th century. There are so many doubts about it.

      The practical details do not fit the official story. The reduction for Auschwitz dead being reduced from four to one million is a an example. Also where did all the fuel required to incineate millions of bodies come from? and where were the thousands of tons of ashes and bones. If we cannot discuss these observations openly then we should be skepical.

  10. Kenneth Ellman –

    At the risk of helping you sell your website to the visitors here(good marketing ploy by you to increase eyeballs there)…. I will use it to show that the methodology and principles you displayed in your own critique and promotion of ‘jury nullification’ on your own site would have disbanded and dismissed the proceedings of the criminal liars and thugs in charge at Nuremberg. None of the accused would have been convicted, or even spent one day in jail.

    –Kenneth Ellman Reviews Jury Nullification by Clay S. Conrad , A Reminder That Fear is the Enemy of Justice., November 30, 2014–

    “Jurors must confront the hope of the parties that come before them that somehow these fellow men and women, can enter into a place where their prejudices and misconceptions do not control. A place where they can look upon the Case before them and make a Judgment as a Juror sworn to impartially and without fear, determine the truth of the cause. Jurors must perform this function in what we hope is a secretive, uncorruptible and protective place, so that they have no fear of anything except the failure to diligently perform their duty. This Jury Nullification book by Conrad enters into the reality that a Juror can in that special protected place of Juror Deliberations vote their Conscience upon the facts and Trial of the matter before them. That Conscience, perhaps the Conscience of the community sitting as Juror can also be described as expression of our Justice so we can live with what we know is right. It is a difficult balance for some between the Truth Finding function and the Conscience of the Juror to live with his vote, as he implements our Justice in that Case before him.”


    “…… There is a fine line between Law and Justice…… ”


    Here is just ONE example of the total lack of Law and Justice at Nuremberg… an example of the tortures and murders at Nuremberg:

    –Experts Questioned Validity of (Julius) Streicher Case–

    Telford Taylor, a member of the U.S. prosecution staff at the trials, published his “The anatomy of The Nuremberg Trials” in 1992. In this 700-page book, he writes that many among the prosecution staff questioned the legality of trying Streicher because he was a publisher of a privately owned newspaper not connected with the government. Streicher had nothing to do with military decisions and had been a political nonentity since 1940. He had been an important force in sowing the seeds of anti-Semitism but was that an international crime?”
             British prosecutor Sir. Hartley Shawcross is quoted by Taylor as stating:  
            “I and many others thought Streicher’s case was the most debatable.”

            Taylor further stated that the Streicher case presented the court with their most serious problem because “there was no accusation that Streicher himself had participated in any violence against Jews.” During Streicher’s two-day cross- examination, he was questioned only about articles and cartoons from Der Sturmer! 

    –Streicher Arrested And Tortured By Jews, Blacks–

    Streicher passed a note to his lawyer, Dr. Hans Marx, describing how Jews and Negroes had tortured him in his cell. A photograph backed up his charges, showing him standing naked with black and blue marks and a sign around his neck proclaiming, “Julius Streicher, King of the Jews.” 

    The note read:
    “Two nig—s undressed me and tore my shirt in two. I kept only my pants. Being handcuffed, I could not pull them up when they fell down. So now I was naked. Four days! On the fourth day, I was so cold that my body was numb. I couldn’t hear anything. Every 2 – 4 hours (even in the night!) Nig—s came along under command of a White man and hammered at me. Cigarette burns on the nipples. Fingers gouged into eye-sockets. Eyebrows and chest hair pulled out. Genitals beaten with an oxwhip. Testicles very swollen. Spat at. “Mouth open” and was spat into. When I refused to open, my jaws were pried apart with a stick and my mouth spat into. Beaten with a whip – swollen, dark-blue whelps all over the body… Photographed naked! Jeered at wearing an old army greatcoat which they hung round me.”

    When Her Marx protested the mistreatment of Streicher to the court, the inquisitors erupted with outrage. They immediately ordered that the motion be struck from the trial record as “highly improper.” Streicher twice brought up his being tortured and rather than ask for an investigation, the judges ordered his statements deleted from the record. They held him in contempt of court for even revealing the matter.
    Fear and INjustice ruled at Nuremberg.

  11. Kenneth Ellman
    I have no need to rebut your points concerning the “holocaust”, Sardonicus, Lobro, Harbinger et al have already done that, far more ably and eruditely than myself.
    However, I would like to put this question to you. Wouldn’t you agree that the current obsession in Western countries with the alleged mass murder of Jews during World War II, serves to cover up and deny much larger and clearly proven genocides?
    Mao, during his misrule of China, according to Jung Chang, citing Communist records, in her book, “The Unknown Mao,” states 77 million were done to death.
    Stalin and Lenin, aided and abetted by their, mainly Jewish, henchmen are alleged to have butchered 60 million.
    King Leopold of the Belgians, between 1897 and 1908 was responsible for about 10 -12 million deaths in the Congo. One of the supreme ironies is that Belgium has holocaust denial laws, but refuses to allow access or use of its government files pertaining to this particular genocide in the Congo.
    I could go on talking about the Armenians, Cambodians etc.
    Wouldn’t you agree that this amounts to holocaust denial by omission? After all the “great and wonderful holocaust expert”, Elie Wiesel is on record as stating that to “deny these deaths is to kill them all over again”, or words to that effect.

  12. Every journey starts with a first step and the the first step on the road to truth starts with never believing a single thing a Jew says.

    That alone is gives you a head start.

    1. That’s a bit unfair on me, Lobro, isn’t it? Surely you don’t think I am “lying” all the time? Such antisemitism will win you no plaudits among my friends and associates. Especially among such distinguished purveyors of Holocaust truth as Mr Ellman featured above.

      The trouble with you is that you have probably never had a Jewish girlfriend. So that’s what I prescribe for you. A pretty Jewish princess will cure you of your distemper and turn you overnight into an enthusiastic philosemite.

      Just saying.

      1. Just salying


        But Zaky, I will grant you that “distinguished purveyors of Holocaust truth” is a phrase for the ages, sublime in its absurdity.
        You are a credit to your tribe, to paraphrase.

        And no, never did have a Jewish girlfriend of any kind, let alone a pretty pouting Jewish princess … count me unlucky 😉

      2. I like “distinguished purveyors of rotten gefilte fish” better, however

  13. Surprisingly few eye witnesses to the gassings came forward, and they were all claiming compensation from the German government.

    Could it be that the 4.3 million holocaust survivors were motivated by money?

    The Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court called the Nuremburg Trials a “Lynching Party”, and now we know it was controlled by Jews.

    History that is not revised in the light of evidence is little more than dogma

  14. Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust(CODOH) report success


    Are We “Breaking the Spell” on Campus?
    By Roberto Hernandez

    I have reported earlier that we have been successful at placing ads in some of the most important student newspapers from top university campuses in the US. This is not an exaggeration. But we have to see this from various angles before we can say that we are actually entering a “new era” of free speech on campus and free inquiry regarding the Holocaust narrative.

    The Washington Square News had said they would run our ad, that is the student newspaper from New York University, according to Wikipedia the campus is a pretty big crowd, more than 50,000 students. So that really got me going. I think some of our guys at the CODOH Team of Volunteers were also pretty excited.

    Now we have been able to place ads that are considerably bigger and also with a higher budget we have been able to access some of the most important student newspapers in the US.  Most importantly all these ads that we have placed are ads that promote our books we sell at Amazon.

    1. CODOH is for sure one of the most focused and levelheaded groups out there, fighting for truth and their specialty is properly sourced counterclaims to Holocaust lies, all with scholarly references, footnotes and bibliography.

      Old Bradley Smith is sadly passed on and he was a lifelong hero, no less so than Eustace Mullins, Nesta Webster, Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zundel or Elizabeth Dilling.
      But the team he built and nurtured is still strong and they are scoring victories, small and few apart – at first.
      Truth will prevail, there can be no other ultimate outcome.
      Lies need everyday wins, none consequential, like blundering along in a labyrinth but the truth is like spotting the exit, one victory clinches the final outcome.

  15. Good vid, except the religious part that has nothing to do here.

    Here is a little parisian tranche de vie completely on-topic.

    Saturday night, I was in front of the pub smoking and I was discussing politics with 4 Budweisers pints in my empty stomach, with two thirty Parisian guys, one an old childhood friend and the other a friend of his. We were talking about the Benzema antiracism affair, then suddenly the guy I didn’t know well asked me if I was a Dieudoniste as he put it. I told him yes, I like Dieudonné, I found him particularly funny and he is by the way the perfect example of the antiracist leftist hypocrisy we were just discussing. Then, before I could develop about how this Israel related hypocrisy and double standard started, he asked me about Faurisson, as Dieudonné once invited him on stage, and if I believe in what he said. I said yes until proven otherwise.

    My childhood friend was shocked and the other threw me in the face his Baltic ancestors who were exterminated by the Nazis. He was a jew, or half quarter, as a matter of fact, looked German to me, he is blond with blue eyes, stereotypes, what you goanna do.
    My childhood friend asked me to develop while his pal used the lampshades card, as he barely knows Faurisson, so I explained to him his thesis with facts, told him about the debate between two schools of morbid historians on this specific period, les révisionistes led by Rassinier the leftist and Faurisson now who are send to courts or dragged in the mud and les exterminationistes led by Hillberg and Goldhagen now who recently declared that the Gas chambers were an epiphenomenon, really a strategic change, it’s almost holocaust denial, Lepen was sent to courts for stating that “the gas chambers are just a detail of history”.
    The other left us since he saw it was useless to call me a négationiste and an anti-Semite, I told him about Ethiopians jews, so he realized i knew a lot about judaism unlike him. He could have called a cop and have me arrested for stating the simple obvious SACRED truth, history is revisionist, otherwise it’s dogma. He came back later asking me if I was still denying things in laughing but he pretty much dodged me the rest of the evening.

    Then my old pal, my nigger as Salman would say, kept on asking this simple question, almost childish since he studied history. Why would they do that?

    I didn’t want to ruin the evening so I just shew him the way and it’s up to him now, he is a curious dude but too busy chasing girls around the world. His multiculturalism is very enriching, what you goanna do.

    I read something smart by this French guy fan of Carl Schmidt to answer his question and why we have this Holocaust narrative made in USA by a guy who never set a foot in Auschwitz, extermination order by transmission of human thought.

    “He who says the licit and illicit is sovereign. He who has the power to name the Totem and to designate the Taboo is sovereign.”

    This story really happened, I have witnesses, although they were all drunk, wine filled French, they know nothing about their own country before D-Day.

    1. Phil –

      I know the feeling. Alienation is the reward for our efforts…

      AND…. ALL for nothing… according to Watson:

      Paul Joseph Watson was asked a question recently about Jewish Influence.

      Infowars reporter(shill) – Paul Joseph Watson – was asked a question recently about Jewish Influence.
      His response is laughable and is being mocked worldwide.


      Interviewer: “What is your opinion on Jewish influence in the media?”

      Watson: “There’s the Jew question … ”

      Interviewer: “Yep .. There it sits.”

      Watson: “People who are obsessed with Jews controlling the world never seem to present any evidence. I mean, I read the news everyday, I track narratives that the main stream media comes out with. I don’t see a big Jewish influence. I mean, Jewish people are not really that present. I don’t really notice them anywhere.”

      Watch – Listen Here:

  16. Phil,
    The so called Ethiopian “Jews” aren’t really Jews, but descend from the tribe of Dan. Jews claim descent from Judah, with a leavening of Levites.

    1. Felix,

      They claim a lot of things and I don’t really know if those Ethiopians are Jews, but the way they are treated as second class citizens, or second class Jews by the authorities in Israel is priceless to show the hypocrisy of the pro-Israeli antiracists. Why Ethiopians could not be Jews? Maybe they are jewer than those entire modern talmudic synagogal jews. Or judaism is about blood lineage.

  17. TO: Darkmoon
    From: Kenneth Ellman, email:[email protected]an.com
    June 8, 2016
    YES, I am surprised you posted my comment.
    It is a credit to you that you allow contrary views and that you solicit debate of those who oppose you. I will in the near future respond to your comments to my post in a more detailed manner. I know it is difficult but let us both try to keep to the facts rather than hurling mud and shoes at each other.

    While I read many attacks on what I wrote, I did not see any full explanation or refutation as to the fact that the German Government, the German Courts, the Deutscher Bundestag, the German People generally, all acknowledge the Truth that Germany engaged in mass murder and extermination of millions of helpless people including helpless children and including but of course not limited to millions of Jews. Anyone who wants to pretend that the Deutscher Bundestag is controlled by Jews or Russians or Poland, etc. is not real.
    Their website is: http://www.bundestag.de/htdocs_e/ .

    I am most interested in how you relate to Germany today and the forthright position of Germany regarding the killing of so many people by the Nazi Government. What the Jews say for your purposes does not matter. What the United States Government says for your purposes does not matter. What the United Kingdom says for your purposes does not matter; et. al.
    Do you disregard the Government and People of Germany too?
    You will hear further from me in the coming weeks.
    I will also work on providing a place for your comments on other websites so your views are fully heard, seen and responded to. However from what I can see you are doing a good job of publicizing yourselves on your own. Thank you !
    Kenneth Ellman

    1. Kenneth Ellman,

      “While I read many attacks on what I wrote, I did not see any full explanation or refutation as to the fact that the German Government, the German Courts, the Deutscher Bundestag, the German People generally, all acknowledge the Truth that Germany engaged in mass murder and extermination of millions of helpless people including helpless children and including but of course not limited to millions of Jews.”

      Odd that isn’t it?
      Could it be because any investigation into and denial of the holocaust is a criminal offense in Germany, where people are imprisoned and fined for doing so?
      You state truth, when if it was truth, there would be no need to imprison people, as it would stand any questioning against it?
      You state millions of helpless millions of Jews and children. Would you please provide me with a link to an online database of EVERYONE murdered by the Third Reich please?

      Would you tell me, why it is that a people, so proud and precise, documenting everything they did, kept a register of all births and deaths in their concentration camps (taken by the Russians), that showed a total number of deaths at Auschwitz to be around 70,000 people, cremated, which also coincided with the total number of coke (coal) shipped into the camp during the war at (50kg per cadaver); which obviously asks the question where were all the other books documenting all the deaths and moreso, all the coal needed to dispose of the bodies?

      Would you tell me, please, that if all camp communications were being intercepted by the allies, why is there not one mention of a mass extermination of anyone, let alone Jews?

      Would you tell me please, just where all the evidence, of all the cremated bodies is, for the whole areas around the camps have been checked finding nothing whatsoever?

      If the Germans did murder children, as you say, why was it they had hospitals where inmates gave birth and raised children there, many of whom are alive today? The stories of “they killed my parents, brothers and sisters” doesn’t really cut it, especially when they survived. The question is, who killed them? Could it be starvation, or typhus as a result of deliberate bombing of supply lines by a Zionist British government?

      Germans live in a state of fear today. Apart from a history of brutal murder and rape of millions of them after the war; apart from any discussion on the war, or nationalist sentiment being allowed; apart for not being able to discuss anything Jewish; apart from the overwhelming Zionist control of Germany, first by the Russians, when they took half for themselves, giving Jews their revenge within the Stasi….their lands are now being flooded with African and Asian migrants in order to procede with the Coudenhove-Kalergi agenda of creating a mongrel people of Europe and utter demolition of their culture and nation. Women now live in fear of rape from immigrants, which the German media carefully wants to cover up, along with the police. We also know that the CIA write articles demanding German journalists put their names to it or face removal from their positions.

      The bottom line to your argument Kenneth, is – GERMANS ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF GERMANY! It is now no different to what it was at the time of the Weimar Republic, after the Treaty of Versailles.

      I will tell you now that any argument you give, now or in the future, will be thoroughly debunked on this forum.

    2. Some newer history (1980 onward) and therefore not subject to persecution under the global Denial law.
      A few quotes:
      read the following blockquote carefully, Mr Ellman

      This Week In Germany reveals that members of the German military who dispute the official Holocaust story are now liable for dishonorable discharge. Apparently, it is okay to defend freedom but not okay to actually try to use it.


      Senior Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ali Meshkini told worshippers at Friday prayers that he supports Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent comments that the Holocaust is a myth.
      “The recent comments made by the president … are completely logical and are what all Iranians say.”

      Here is what an entire government states quite unequivocally, Mr Ellman, am I therefore justly subject to imprisonment in Iran if I express belief in Holocaust? If all Iranians say that Holocaust is just a nasty myth, then there was no Holocaust, right? On what basis must I choose to believe one over the other … but you see, in “oppressive Iran”, one is free to believe in Holocaust and argue in favor of its existence publicly, whereas in “free, democratic Germany”, arguing against its veracity earns you a lengthy prison sentence, without ever being able to address the real issue in court, namely Holocaust, the only thing that a court looks at is whether the defendant said something that Jews don’t like and pronounces verdict accordingly.

      The Canadian Supreme Court rules that free speech is okay in Canada … unless you are discussing the Holocaust myth, at which time infringement of free speech is “reasonable.”

      As a Canadian, very proud of this one, the Supreme court headed by one Bora Laskin (a very Canadian name, no?)

      The next one, Mr Ellman, is by your comrade-in-arms, the head of Simon Wiesenthal Center in LA:

      Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, under questioning from a caller during a talk show on KCKC radio (San Bernardino), first claims there were no gas chambers at Treblinka (twice), then he says there were gas chambers and that he knows who operated them, then he says Treblinka started with small gas chambers and then graduated to something else, then he says that there were gassings at Treblinka, then not. He winds up by saying that the “gas chambers” were mostly at Majdanek, Auschwitz, and Birkenau.

      What do we do with Rabbi Hier, extradite him to Germany for gassing ;-D imprisonment?

      Next, 🙂 or 🙁 ?

      The New York Post reports that 54 Jews are undergoing two weeks of training in upstate New York from “Israeli Commandos and US Army Special Forces soldiers” who teach them weapons handling, international politics, the Old Testament, and techniques of guerilla warfare.

      No doubt here, a solid 🙁

      Tscherim Soobzokov dies of injuries received from a bomb rigged to the front door of his house. Soobzokov had previously been falsely accused of “war crimes” during WWII, but had been completely exonerated in two Federal courts. Morechai Levy, of the Jewish Defense Organization, applauded the terrorists who attacked this innocent man and his family.

      Mr Ellman, here is your chance at $100,000, tax free if you have an Israeli passport – easy money, what’s not to like for a Jew

      First International Revisionist Conference, Northrup University, Los Angeles, California. An award of $50,000 is announced for anyone who can prove the Nazis used homicidal gas chambers.
      Second International Revisionist Conference, Ontario, California. Announced at this conference are two contests, each for $25,000 to anyone who can either prove the diary of Anne Frank is genuine or that the Nazis ever made soap from the bodies of Jews.

      Whew, it took them only 45 years?!? Another 45 to reach the true count of zero, I guess …

      The Washington Times runs an article by Krzysztof Leski and Ohad Gozani (of the London Daily Telegraph) reporting that Poland has cut the official Auschwitz death toll from 4 million to just over 1 million. According to the article, “Israeli experts said evidence to support the lower estimate had been mounting for some time,” and “Shmuel Krakowsky, head of research at Israel’s Yad Vashem memorial for Jewish victims of the Holocaust, said the new Polish figures were correct.”

      So, a question, Mr Ellman: suppose that at some time prior, eg, ’89, I asserted in your “beloved” Germany that “just over 1 million” people died at Auschwitz and I had been thrown in jail for that, would Germany release me with proper Jew-worthy reparation for the time spent in jail?

      Hate is a crime … except when it is “good” hate

      (Conference on Group Defamation and the Freedom of Speech)…
      When Wiesel was asked if his admonition to every Jew to maintain “a zone of hate — healthy, virile hate — for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German” might qualify as “group defamation,” conference organizer Monroe Freedman intervened to denounce the question as anti-Semitic.

      Is it OK for me to maintain a zone of healthy, virile hate against the current German government for the police state methods used against their own nation?

      I will terminate with extreme prejudice this ongoing listing with quotes from Zundel trial back home in Toronto – it would be too funny if it wasn’t so tragic in its injustice

      According to the Toronto Globe and Mail, Arnold Friedman swore under oath that he had seen “fourteen foot flames” shooting out of the chimneys of crematorium at Auschwitz, and that he was able to tell whether the Nazis were burning fat Jewish Hungarians or skinny Jewish Poles by looking at the different colors of the smoke and flames coming out of the crematorium. On cross-examination, however, Mr. Friedman reversed himself upon being presented with details of crematorium operation, and was forced to agree that perhaps Jews were not being burned in crematoria buildings. Mr. Friedman then made the startling confession that his entire testimony was based on what he had been told by others.

      Maria Bohuslawsky of the Toronto Sun reports on a cross-examination that took place the day before, in which self-proclaimed Holocaust “expert” and author Raul Hilberg admitted under oath that after 36 years of studying the Holocaust,
      1) he knew of no documentary (printed) evidence that the Nazis murdered or planned to murder Jews in gas chambers,
      2) he had identified large parts of the key “confession” of Kurt Gerstein as to the “gassings” as “pure nonsense” and “totally false,”
      3) when presenting the Gerstein “confession” as proof of Nazi misdeeds he had edited out inconvenient sections in order to make his point,
      4) he knew of no autopsies that showed death by gassing,
      5) he billed himself as a Holocaust expert for 18 years before even visiting Auschwitz (he then spent only one day there),
      6) he was not familiar with many books on the subject of which he was alleged to be the expert, and
      7) he knew of no scientific proof that even one Jew had been gassed. (see also the article on the same date by Kirk Makin in the Globe and Mail, and the Sault Star of 1/18/85.)
      Understandably, when called upon to testify again in a later trial, Hilberg begged off.

  18. I am most interested in how you relate to Germany today and the forthright position of Germany regarding the killing of so many people by the Nazi Government.

    Mayan “governments”, ruled by priesthood of cruel oppression not unlike the Holocaust priesthood to which you evidently belong, just like you would have belonged to Sanhedrin court that sentenced Jesus to martyrdom by torture in order to shut down the anti-Phariseic dissent, believed that decapitating sacrificial victims or yanking their still pumping hearts out of them would solve the problems of drought and pestilence.
    So that makes it true, right? A “government” says so, how can anyone contradict it.
    Here is cowardly German government’s video of Holocaust survivor Ruth Klüger and does she ever look like the unspeakably sleazy Barbara Lerner Spectre … both from under the same matzo cookie cutter, I guess.

    But let me answer your question in the simplest, most straightforward way:
    “Holocaust Denial”, ie, any examination of facts, is a crime in Germany, isn’t it? Yes or No?
    You “deny”, ie, question anything any jew says about Holocaust and it’s a severe penalty including lengthy imprisonment.
    So, a German government official is encouraged to speak freely on the subject, right?
    And if he does, what are the consequences, Mr Ellman?
    Shall we take it further or is the old Jew-paradox kicking in strong already, cognitive dissonance making you run to the nearest Freud lookalike shrink.

    Why is there no record or even claim of captive Jews making any sort of racket, let alone uprising against German camp authorities in WW2?

    Huh, Mr Ellman?
    BY YOUR LOGIC, it is because a German government is infallible and the Jews knew that perfectly, they were in total agreement with Hitler that they were an evil race and need to be made to pay for their transgressions against the host nation, forced labor, deportation to eastern territories, Madagascar, Uganda, Palestine, wherever, just out of Germany!
    Moral: absurdity is a two-edged sword, better stick with logic, facts, TRUTH! not some devious authority traitorous to their people.

    Can’t get over how stupid your SINGLE argument is: the ruling authority makes a claim whose denial is punishable by loss of freedom or worse – and that makes the claim true, all the more so because almost no one dares question the said claim publicly.

    In fact, Jesus was the very first “Holocaust Denier” by asserting the Truth at all times and what Jews did to him is exactly what they are trying to impose today on the entire planet, for exactly the same reasons – the War on Truth, the supremacy of Kol Nidre.

  19. There might be a way to explode this miasma of oppression and fear.
    It does take one honest, strong Jew and his non-Jew friend to pull it off.

    The Jew makes some extra-outlandish claim, like “Germans murdered 13 million Jews”, which the goy disputes loudly, in some bar with lots of witnesses, phone cams, etc, tweet the thing all over the place.

    The Jew turns his friend in for Holocaust Denial and in court maintains steadfastly that indeed 13 million Jews were killed and any claim of less amounts to Holocaust Denial for which the judge, prosecutor, jury and the public should all be jailed on the spot, throw a Jewish temper tantrum, weeping, rolling on the floor, moaning for his hundreds of murdered family and relatives.
    What’s a court to do?
    By accepting the Jew’s arguments and tossing his friend in prison, they must now accept the new figure and stating anything less than 13 million is a crime.
    Or they must now argue, coherently 😉 that no, it is not 13 million and why not – well, census figures, oh yeah? or ahem, Elie Wiesel but how would Wiesel know, did he count them personally, bring him in to testify and show his camp tattoo, let them reestablish their claim of 6 million using proper judicial procedure – can’t do, sorry, “6 million” is just as impossible to claim as “13 million”.
    Can they countersue Jew? For what, Holocaust denial? 🙂

    I think that Holocaust Claim should be a crime and someday ¡Ojala! it will be, once the truth is out in broad daylight.

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