Donald Trump : For and Against

This website has no strong views on Donald Trump, for or against. The first video here sings the man’s praises. It is a statement by a black female employee of Trump’s telling us how marvelous her boss is — no way is he a “racist.”  The second video, by Stephen Colbert, casts ridicule on Trump and gives us numerous example of Trump contradicting himself, saying totally opposite things at different times.  

VIDEO 1 : 5.16 mins

VIDEO 2 : 4.14 mins

25 thoughts to “Donald Trump : For and Against”

  1. Firm centres with softer outsides makes DM a rare free-speech in a proper-controversy zone. Donald’s an upsetter. We prefer all bad or, all… on our side. Don don’t fit. My conclusion – he’s a judgement on us. A necessary irritant. Responses checked and challenged. If willing, a mirror to learn from. And requires we might have to change with what emerges in Donald’s moves/mouths-off. Implausible he could be that – good an actor, to pull this all off as an elitist scam plus, what be the motive? We should err on hope-for-real. With his main contribution the need – hence this and surrounding-like sites – for a wider wake-up. Donald helped this? Clear – “yes” and what matters most. Maybe he’s got the guts and goodness to want what ‘we’ all want? A turnaround. Awakening into action. Easy to pull some Donald bits to bits. And who isn’t it, in that ‘world’? Perhaps lack of comments because, “we don’t know about…” Read endless we-do, especially, “pop-ya bubble-baby” lines. It’ll come apparent. Pray/he survives the gauntlet and who he picks for team-D? Overall and for-now, should be a quandary. Uncomfortable for some but can’t be otherwise. Although depends on temperament, if Marx is in y’social vision and order/or not so? Donald has been judgement on heaps I view, all-squirming in disgust. Shouldn’t gloat. We need diversity. Need solidarity. Need a shake-up and both.

    1. Mark :

      On the premise you’re talking about the United States — I’m assuming you’re talking about the United States — considering you think the United States “needs diversity”, then I don’t understand why you sound so sad when you say that? Maybe you don’t live in the United States. Perhaps, lol, you don’t know that the United States is now extremely diverse, that the United States is now ALL about diversity ALL the time. So if you think the United States “needs diversity” Be Happy, for the United States is all about diversity all the time now. In fact, that’s pretty much what the United States is now, ALL diversity ALL the time, so chill out dude. You got what you want.

      Well, you got half of what you want. So be half-happy. We got diversity [ and you f*ckin’ know it TOO] , but we don’t got no solidarity. Solidarity, which is what you claim you want, more correctly, what you feign to want, but you’re so full of crocodile shit coming outta your asshole. Go tell the jews in israel and the muslims in their 50 Muslim countries they “need diversity, need solidarity” and see what the jews and see what the muslims have to say to you, you fuckin’ half-ass hybrid mutt.

      Mark doesn’t know the United States is very diverse now, lol. Mark thinks the United States needs even more millions of third world immigrants from every race, religion, culture, from every country in the third world if us Americans are to ever know “solidarity”. Of course, Mark knows the more diverse, the less solidarity. He claims to want more diversity while wanting solidarity, even though two-face knows more diversity means less solidarity. What Mark wants is the EXACT opposite of what he claims to want, more correctly, feigns to want. What Mark really wants is NOTHING but division in the United States. It’s easier to take over a country when the population is greatly divided by race, religion, culture, with NO unifying ties of blood, heritage, history.

      You’re TOO obvious, Mark. Go back to acting school and come back when after you graduate. Try not to fake your degree, if you can refrain from underhanded activity. Do please pay attention to what your acting teachers try to impart to you. Your acting is atrocious. Your message, though, is even more atrocious, more disgusting. more ugly, than the thespian mask you wear.

      Correction about being “half-happy” as I suggested to you above : You actually got exactly what you want for the United States, diversity and division, lots and lots of diversity and lots and lots of division — lots and lots of division exactly because of lots and lots of diversity, so Be Happy, Mark, you got what you want.

      You sound like a MSM talking head more than anything else. Are you Anderson Cooper in disguise? I know you’re not, but you might as well be, considering the Leftist lies coming out of your mouth.

      1. Years of first-hand appreciation of US diversity. Years ago. Spectacular and remarkable, diverse and solidarity times. Can’t say how now-so, not living there but stars and stripes born-deep, so presume much still relatively resolute. Of course dividers are hard at work. Particularly since Trump-times.

        The sad sounding reference is about awoken-ones online reaction to difference. This is. Sad. Not even divider over diversity but put-off peep visiting. The many, who want to read argument hot-as, fiercely contested passion, rage… but not yawn-making, proud kick-out fighting, dismissing other commentators, mostly without measure. Or at least providing, sufficiently convincing, conclusive, evidence? All police-like and personal. Squabblers. Sleuths, to guard our reading.

        Slagging-off comment-ers is one thing but for those who bother broadcasting a site, siding-up and against, is the best-worst enemy tactic. Call ‘us’ them.

        Trump provokes a contrary/diversity of reactions, that unsettles. Breaking up various conventionally-held grounds. Unwittingly, bringing new openness through paradoxically solidarity-building in a wider coming together, admitting shared struggles. If he didn’t bring/get opportunity to inact one positive solution, he’s talking. Great.

        Lump Trump in certain-all-mainstream, all-rotten. Could be/go this way? So got all-always corrupt view, or; collectivist, so-Trump an anti-Marx or; Libertarians seeing a con-promise, or; me – and my love/hate, what Donald says.

        Seen, relegated to ‘redundant Christian’ and, having to change my views on-going, helps me handle Donald and diversity. No degree and rubbish actor, probably helps. Failure… that’s the word. This helps. But yep, would like to see more difference of opinion in an overall ‘let’s all get on eh’.

        Thanks for replying.

    1. Owing to a computer problem, no comments on this article got posted yesterday. Everything seem to be OK now. So please go ahead and let’s have your views.

  2. Ever since JFK, whoever becomes President would know perfectly well what whistles there are to blow at the risk of getting their own brains blown out

    The one thing men like JFK, Putin and Hitler had in common was/is a desire to remove their respective countries from the clutches of this onerous scourge they were/are knowledgeable about in their particulars…

    between the omnipresent rock and a hard place

  3. I’m with Donald. I’ve been around a long, long time and I’ve witnessed the outcome of movements and all kinds of change and those that really run things always win in the end but Mr. Trump is the best choice we’ve gotten since I was a little kid. I don’t know how they’ll get to him if he’s for real but they will. Still I’m with Mr. Trump.

  4. Stephen Colbert belongs to the main stream media. Perhaps I’m wrong but I don’t trust ANYTHING said by anyone who has sold his soul for a career with that oligarchically controlled propaganda press—they are enemy number one. A good analogy might be those Communist party guys of the old Soviet Union who based their careers on that genocidal regime. They had to make unthinkable choices in order to advance. Maybe Stephen Colbert isn’t as bad as Jon Stewart, but maybe he is…. He is part of the New York chattering class that promote gun confiscation, 9 11 cover-up, and the meme that all vaccines are safe and effective. Yuck!
    I NEVER watch…

    Donald Trump is hardly a perfect candidate. He may not even be a well qualified candidate. He could get into office and the whole economy could crash, but only because it is artificially stacked to make the oligarchical regime look good. Still, I’m merrily going to vote for Donald Trump on June 7th.

    Hillary is beyond disgusting. Please forgive me for being so crude, but Secretary Clinton presided over the death of Gaddafi who was violated with some weapon shoved up his anus… and she laughed about it. The Clinton Foundation is a shadowy institution that takes money from corporations and even foreign governments to sell favors and possibly mineral rights of Federal lands. A vote for Hillary is essentially a vote for the oligarchical criminal syndicate. They have all these creepy agendas like war with Russia, and Iran, and maybe some other country…who knows. They promote depopulation…that is soft killing through vaccination.

    I believe Trump when he says he won’t go to war. He may be naive about Muslims, but he won’t be involved in mass murder of them. He wants to improve the infrastructure, that sort of thing. What people don’t realize is you don’t have to be a complete genius to be President but you do have to have the strength to stand up to the oligarchs and he has it.

  5. I tried to post this yesterday, but it did not fly as Admin mentioned above. Fortunately or maybe not, I happened to have saved it, so here it is.

    Lynne Patton: A Trump executive employee that knows Trump and his family talking about Trump’s integrity.

    Stephen Cobert: A comedian that makes his living ridiculing people for laughs that most likely does not know Trump bashing Trump’s integrity with sound bites.

    It is obvious which person speaking about Trump has credibility especially considering that Cobert is working for the most popular electric jew (TV) network in the USA.

    There is no way, even if Trump really wants to, that Trump can fix the government of the USA. The government of the USA is not broken. It is operating as designed by the jewish bankers back in 1789. However, Trump most likely will not be as oppressive to the American public as HELLiary has said that she will be. Both will do as instructed by the jewish banker owners of the government or face termination as those past dead-in-office Presidents have experienced. The difference will be which of the two have their whole heart into being as dastardly to the people of the USA and the world. Trump will respond hesitantly with regret while HELLiary will go the extra mile with glee. It will be better for everyone if Trump is the President when the jewish global economic fraud system collapses along with all their jewish stooge governments.

  6. Hey ,,TROJ………….Why do you support Trumpy ? ,,it seems that the D is owned and operated by the shlomos ,the same as the Turkish Hareem Luka and Noowy 🙂

  7. None should ignore the HOLLYWOOD Pharisee-Jew CONNECTIONS that TRUMP needed – required – to produce his TV SHOW with Jay Bienstock… and hundreds more behind the scenes at NBC.

    To become a successful TV series – at NBC – it has to have Pharisee-Jew approval and support.

    Trump’s training ground and grooming for candidacy was The Apprentice, a U.S. TV series.

    Co-Producer… Jay Bienstock’s successes include Behind the Music, Survivor, The Apprentice, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, 13: Fear is Real, and There Goes the Neighborhood.

    Bienstock has been nominated for an Emmy Award five times, winning once. In 2004, he was nominated for Producer of the Year in non-fiction television.

    Trump’s poor lousy excuse for a TV Show…. put him in public talk intentionally… setting the popular stage for him to run for office……


    1. Hi Pat,
      I think Hollywood (a generic term here) underestimated Trump. They saw him as a novelty, and he sold well. I never watched his reality TV show because I’m not much of a TV watcher and particularly not reality TV, but I can see that he would have appeal. Out of the corner of my eye so to speak, I liked him. When he announced he was running for president I was happy. Notice how no one took him seriously. They saw it as kind of a one week joke. They played it up in the media because he drew in the audiences and improved ratings. Don’t forget that the media hasn’t forgotten about making money and desiring those good ratings. So he was good for ratings and he seemed harmless enough. By the time he started really winning states they realized they had made a big mistake. Listen to the bewildered David Axelrod admit that he is dumbfounded that Trump got anywhere.

      You see these people have their point of view and they rarely glimpse a world outside of it and this is obviously their downfall. First they said that Trump only had appeal to out of work white men–sort of the modern day cottage craftsman in the face of the industrial revolution. They’ll all racists, you said… dumb as doorknobs. Now that he has won over the Republican party and is the Republican nominee they said (David Brooks) that he is going to make the Republican party a footnote because there is going to be an avalanche in favor of Hillary. But wait…. the Hillary advisors are supposedly a bit edgy..not so confident. If he starts beating her up in the debates, they might have to consider the last alternative… assassinate him?

      Many of us do not want to lose our sovereignty and to lose our borders is to lose our country. It really has nothing to do with terrorism (basically a neo-con fiction) or Mexicans; it has to do with not having a country…. that is, not having a constitution, not having a bill of rights, not having the 1st, 2nd and 14th amendments that they are trying so hard to get rid of. They want the north American union so they can get rid of any bothersome individual rights, to be able to exert maximum control. It’s part of a grand plan to save the planet according to their concepts. So….. who is stupid here. Well, I think they look stupid because they could not anticipate that Trump would have appeal across a broad base of people.

      Don’t overestimate these media types. They have ants in their pants. They are flying so high and driving so fast in those ritzy cars that they haven’t read a book in years. They think that most people are like they are…you know having a strong interest in the transgender bathroom debate. We’re laughing at them. What idiots!!

      1. Thanks, Kapoore –

        Nobody took him seriously this time, because he has teased about running every 4 years since 1980, switching parties doing so.

        His ‘handlers’ found out that he had no chance without more exposure. His TV show gave the required exposure.

        Donald Trump Teases a President Bid During a 1988 Oprah Show

        Trump was very much for choice before he was against it:
        In 1999 when contemplating running as a Democrat….

        Donald Trump: “I’m Very Pro Choice,” Partial Birth Abortion is OK

        Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980 – 2015)

  8. Apparently Jews have altered their usual political tactics of splitting a close vote. Originally I thought Trump was put in the election reality show as a vote-splitter, however at this point he seems to have virtually eliminated the competition. As it is now impossible for a darky-horse candidate like Obama to be led from the Jew’s political stable, it has come down to an obvious political whore with Jewish excrement smeared all over her abysmal political record, or a demagogue saying all the right things that resonate with a large percentage of the population. Can you say “shoe-in” boys and girls?

    Me thinks something is rotten in Denmark, besides its immigration policy of course. After all, every kosher br’er rabbit is pooping in its hole, screaming, “Not Trump, he’s a nadzee! Please don’t Throw Trump into the Briar patch, anything but that! Anyone but Trump, he’ll ruin our vibrantly diverse, multicultural, briar patch!” Me doth thinks the Jew’s protest is way over the top – too much and too obvious.

    When I examine the situation, which is that Jews are rapidly wrapping up their end game plan for global domination, I witness the western nation’s economies and sovereignty quickly eroding away at a very quiet, but alarming, rate. I am beginning to suspect Trump may well be the chosen’s Judas goat to take the fall for America’s final demise. It makes Jewish sense to have a white man drive the final nails into the coffin of a nation founded by “evil, white, slave owners.”

    But beware, I have been wrong before. It is still possible Trump will become a vote-splitter between the fellatio twins, Clinton and Ryan. At the beginning of the Obama debacle, I wrote he was put in office to end the welfare benefits programs. Although he has done that to a degree, it is nowhere near what I predicted. In retrospect Obama apparently served two functions, a gleeful slap in the face to white Americans and to test the limits of the white majority’s gullibility and stupidity. I.e., if the goyim are willing to elect a fecal-filled, gold-plated Negro into the highest office of the land, they’ll buy whatever rope with which Jews decide to hang them.

    In reviewing presidential office holders since the “greatest generation’s” parents were old enough to vote, those wearing Hoffman lenses will invariably ask, “how can anyone believe Jews have suddenly lost control of America’s political process?” This is as laughable as the claim that the Rothschild’s power and wealth have somehow diminished since the beginning of the twentieth century.

    The fact is the Jew’s global agenda is now in high gear throughout western civilization and America must follow. Considering the Rothschild’s central banking priesthood now controls probably 75% or more of the planet’s wealth and resources, obviously no pipsqueak billionaire, ex TV show star, is going to stop their plans. To wit – destroy white western civilization and replace it with a squalored planet populated with dumbed-down mud people too stupid to understand, let alone revolt, against their enslavement. Trump however is no new wrinkle. This is exactly the scenario they planned for Adolf Hitler and Germany, but you can bet if Trump wins, this time around there will be no “double-crossing” the Jews after the election.

    1. I saw fear in their eyes, early. Especially their presstitute M$M ego maniacal mediocres.
      Mr. Trump’s first French wave off of the CNN reporter snot, was Superb. Get ‘er done!
      Boy howdy did we like that! Didn’t have to wait long, that’s for sure.

      Here’s a scenario. How about as soon as Trump wins, he starts arresting and shooting a few select prime time traitors? The Democrats force fed Bernie a heaping helping of his own medicine, and it killed him. Why not sacrifice a Bill Kristol and a Dick Cheney? Everyone hates them. No one will really care, on moral grounds. But they’ll get the message.
      Military people want to be honorable. How could they not? Working for scum like Obama and Bush and Cheney.
      Front row tickets to the firing squad for the entire unit! Yes!

      And all this to the enthusiastic applause of Putin, and his 12 time zones full of resources..

      Further fetched than aliens from the unknown planet X are gonna enslave us and eat us for lunch, etc.? (not that we haven’t earned it)
      I don’t think so.

  9. Why anyone in his right mind would think that TPTB would hand over their power on a silver platter to any opponent via their own fabricated con job called ‘democracy’ is beyond me.


    Everyone is entitled to his opinion. Mine is that Adolf Hitler was the real deal from the get go. No scenarios planned for him by the Jew. The only scenario they could come up with out of fear was to attack the NS party with extreme Bolshevik violence to keep them from rising. That’s what they ‘planned’ for Adolf Hitler. They didn’t count on the fierce resistance of the NS party which led them to increase their ranks and rise to power. Hitler never made it a secret before 1933 that he despised Jewish ‘democracy’. And to compare a mere actor as Trump with a leader of his magnitude is completely bonkers.

    1. I agree, Hitler was the “real deal”, so was Jesus. Both men took the Jew’s power and used it against them. Jesus took the priesthood’s power and used it to split the Temple and its veil asunder. Hitler took the Jews funding and used it to build his nascent political party, a move that would lead to the expulsion of Jews from Germany. This process continued until Jews had their British proxy goad Germany into WWII by bombing the Fatherland. Only then were Jews diverted to the camps en mass.

      If one examines the aftermath of WWI they will note a large German Bolshevik contingent, headed by Jews like Kurt Eisner, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, rising to revolution even before the war had ended. However, due to the proximity of Russia and its recent revolution, most Germans were all too aware of the bloody end Bolshevism would mean for the German “proletariat”. A counter revolution was formed by recently disbanded army officers. This was the Frei Korps, a large contingent of ex-army soldiers under the leadership of their former officers. The Frei Korps fought the reds to the ground, doing away with leaders like “Red” Rosa Luxemburg, whose body they threw into a river.

      Realizing Germany would not fall under their Bolshevist revolutionary spell, Jews turned to an alternative; create and/or fund a party ostensibly opposed to Bolshevism. This is what capitalist Jews had done when they funded Russia’s communist revolution, a political movement ostensibly opposed to Capitalism. Another dictator like Lenin was their answer.

      It was then Hitler came to the forefront as a government spy, infiltrating political parties opposing the Jew’s shaky Wiemar regime. Jews have never had a problem allying with and effectively using their opposition. No doubt they figured money would take care of any previous “anti-Semitic” attitudes Hitler might have held, underestimating his altruistic resolve to free the German people from the Jew’s financial vise grip. Here is an excellent book on the period leading to Hitler’s political victory.

      So what did Jews think of Hitler at the time?

      Douglas Reed wrote: “I thought the Rabbi of Prague might be proved correct, who said: ‘Hitler is the Jewish Messiah.’

      Early on there were Jews who supported Hitler, until it became apparent that he was intent on expelling the majority of Jewry from Germany. This would have left a substantial Jewish power vacuum in the middle of Europe. A country free of Jewish inhabitants and influence could not be tolerated by the internationalist Jews, so total war, leading to the destruction of Germany, was their answer.

      Charlie Chaplin made a movie about the situation called “The Great Dictator”. Here is a line from that movie.

      Narrator: “Under the new emblem of the DOUBLE CROSS, liberty was banished, free speech was suppressed and only the voice of Hinkel was heard.”

      There it is, writ large across Hollywood’s silver screen, Hitler’s “double cross”. This is a visible example of how Jews felt about Hitler’s use of their funding.

      In a bizarre twist, later in the movie Chaplin voices the egalitarian claptrap Jews had hoped to hear from Hitler.

      “Hitler never made it a secret before 1933 that he despised Jewish ‘democracy’.” – Again quite correct.

      “And to compare a mere actor as Trump with a leader of his magnitude is completely bonkers.” “Ludicrous” might be a more apt term. The Jews learned their lesson well with Hitler and to a lesser extent with JFK. Now that they dominate Western civilization’s entire social spectrum, never again will Jews allow any potential opposition to get anywhere close to the real levers of power.

      It’s going to take a massive bloodletting to cure humanity of its Jewish parasite. Jews comprise a tenacious organism that has wound its tendrils tightly around every conceivable political, cultural and financial appendage of their host cultures. Removal of this parasite will require excising major portions of the host body. It will be a very painful process that might well prove fatal in the end.

      It’z coming, it’z coming fast.

      1. More information on the “double cross”. This is the first I have heard of this funding source. However, if true, it just adds more evidence for the original source of Hitler’s party funding.

        “The Jew Rothschild banksters left nothing to chance: their top agent in Berlin, the Jew Gedalya ‘Georg’ Kareski – a welcome guest at the house of Dr Goebbels – was generously financing the Nazi Party from as early as 1928.”

        I do not view Hitler’s acceptance of Jewish funding as making him any less a great and brilliant leader. In fact my view is that using the Jew’s own resources against them is the mark of true genius. One should however beware, that such acts will earn one the undying hatred of the Jew forevermore, or until they vanish from the planet – which ever comes first.

  10. If you only listen to Amy Goodman and gang at Democracy Now for your news, you would think Trump is the son of Adolf Hitler, and the NPR types are horrified, just horrified I tell ya’. But when it comes to Hitler’s
    [ probable daughter] daughter, Angela Merkel, Amy Goodman and gang love Hitler’s daughter to kibbles-and-bits. We hate that aspect, that aspect, of Nazism which speaks of what’s best for Whites, but we love that aspect, that dynamic, of Nazism which speaks of Islamic Jihad against Whites.

    Want to close the borders and don’t want Islamic Jihadists in the United States? You’re a racist hate-filled Nazi. Another hate-filled, racist Nazi Whitey. You like Hitler’s Nazi Muslim Brotherhood, like that Merkel, Obama, Hillary, the NEO CONS, supply Hitler’s Nazi Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood with money, weapons, logistics, you’re NOT a Nazi, you’re full of Peace, Love, and Understanding, a rebel against the system.

    Like Nazi Hitler’s Nazi Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood –> You’re a NOT a Nazi, your a cool with-it hipster, you’re NOT racist, you’re full of peace and tolerance. You’re Very intelligent. Way above the intelligence of ordinary Americans. They’re not as well-educated, and certainly not as interested in manifesting Justice in the world for ALL peoples everywhere, especially in the United States, as us Democracy Now hipsters against The System.

    Don’t like, and don’t want, Nazi Hitler’s Nazi Muslim Brotherhood in the United States –> You’re a NAZI, you’re profoundly racist, hate-filled, probably a redneck hillbilly with a 7th grade education, if that, you’re missing teeth I bet, you’re a drunk, a drug addict, probably have a criminal record, beat-up your wife all the time, you are full of nothing but hate-filled racism.

    Up is Down, Down is Up. War is Peace, Peace is War. Ardently supporting an Islamic Jihadist organization Nazi Hitler started is NOT being a Nazi. Being deeply opposed to an Islamic Jihadist organization Nazi Hitler started is very Nazi.

    The premises upon which so many of the important issues are discussed trying to find solutions to our problems are very Orwellian, the premises are a deep lie, deep lies that are exact opposite from what the real true premises are. The true real premises get turned upside down. And those who support Islamic Jihad are actually labeled the “good” guys and those opposed to Islamic Jihad are labeled the “bad” guys.

    Amy Goodman, of course, knows Merkel and Obama and Hillary and the NEO CONS are really the ones who are the Nazis, as they’re the ones who ardently and reverently support Nazi Hitler’s Nazi Muslim Brotherhood to The Max. She has the goddamned nerve to accuse those of us opposed to Nazi Hitler’s Muslim Brotherhood “Nazis”. [ Don’t get me started on Henry Makow ].

  11. Both candidates are very pro-Israel. We can expect more wars fought for Israel; fought for Israel by gentiles. Onward Christian soldiers.

    1. Trump says he likes to play with debt. Not that I’d expect him to repudiate this whole financial shithouse, but just that he said that at all is music to pharisee banker ears.

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