Donald Trump: Jew stooge or genuine article?

By Ungenius

Many good comments have been made here on the Trump phenomenon. We pick out this one for publication as a mini-article because it offers a neat and balanced summation. (Ed.)


Trust me, I’m a politician.

Here are a few things Trump has said that run counter to what the Jews have traditionally wanted.

1.  Trump supports gun rights. The jews want Americans disarmed for the same reasons that they conned the Russians out of their arms before they commenced the long running Christian extermination process, 70-million dead.

2.  Trump is opposed to unrestricted immigration. The Jews want unrestricted immigration just like they are pulling off in Europe right now.

3.  Trump has said he wants to take the USA out of the World Trade Organization. The WTO is a Jewish creation for the control of international trade.

4.  Trump is amiable to Putin, working with him instead of against him. The jews have been using their media and US/NATO to demonize Putin in order to crank up a war with Russia.

5.  Trump is opposed to continued massive monetary donations to Israel, saying that Israel should be paying the US for protection.

6.  Trump’s campaign has revealed the corruption of the US election process. More than half of all Americans now believe that the election process is rigged. This is not what the Jews in power want people to think.

The list of divergences is much longer . . . but these are the main ones.

—  §  —

The good thing about Trump is that all the bad guys hate him: known bad guys like Soros, for example, not to mention most of the Jewish mainstream media. True, the media gives him coverage, but it is hardly supportive coverage. They give him coverage because they have to—it’s as simple as that. It would look too suspicious if they didn’t.

What is Trump’s motive for running for President? Well, it’s not the money—since he has more than enough money already. Trump could be sincerely wanting to correct some obvious wrongs and abuses in America, as many interviewed people seem to think.

An indication that Trump is not an establishment Jewish stooge is the fact that HELLiary Clinton is in the race. Except that Helliary may be too vicious for the Jews to completely trust. She is more than willing to give the Jews everything they want, so Trump makes no sense as a Jewish stooge. What more could Trump give them, after all, when Helliary has already offered them a blank check?


Too vicious even for the Jews?

If there’s a successful or attempted assassination on Trump,
then we’ll know for sure he isn’t a Jewish stooge.

As for threats against Trump’s family, at this point it would be Jews threatening Jews since parts of his family are Jewish, so that probably won’t happen. When high level Jews become threatened by other high level Jews, that’s when things could get out of control.

One possibility is that Trump could be a pressure release candidate.

Certainly the Jewish money power knows that there are lots of heavily armed Americans who are almost completely pissed off with the status quo, so maybe the Jewish establishment is offering up false hopes in order to diffuse the widespread anger that is felt all over America right now at the way things are going.

It could be that Trump is just another indication that the Jewish money power is losing its grip.  Maybe they don’t know what else to do. Maybe they’re in a state of borderline panic. Who knows?

The Jews have had a plan A for absolute world control for 2,600 years and there is no plan B. Right now Plan A is falling apart yet again, as it did in the past with the Assyrians, the Romans, the Byzantines, Orthodox Christianity, and all the great nations of Europe who found the Jews a thorn in the flesh for several centuries. (See here)

And now we have Russia and China—two modern nations that are also, it would seem, not too keen on seeing the Jews get the upper hand in their respective countries.

Many rational people are now beginning to realize that there may be something radically wrong with the Judaic cult and its secret plans—no longer so secret!—for taking over the world and riding roughshod over everyone else.

Jewish plans for advancing Jewish interests at the expense of everyone else’s interests have nothing in common with rational thinking. Maybe the Jews are long overdue for another serious and well deserved ass-kicking.

54 thoughts to “Donald Trump: Jew stooge or genuine article?”

  1. Ungenius —

    Beautifully put! I have only one thing against you. It’s high time you changed your name.

    Leave out the prefix “Un”.

  2. This compliment to your literary skills, however, doesn’t mean I agree with you. I think you are dead wrong about Trump. You are guilty of wishful thinking. You want a savior so desperately that you think you have found him in Trump.

    If Trump ever gets into the White House, he will be a severe disappointment. Believe me, he will break every single one of his promises.

    That’s what politicians do!

    The sheeple have short memories. No matter how many times their politicians lie to them, they are always ready to believe the next lies. They never learn from experience.

    The Trump phenomenon reminds me of the Blair phenomenon in Britain. Like Trump, Tony Blair was trumpeted as the savior of the nation before he was elected. He was held in the highest adulation by millions who were willing to die for this “charismatic leader” who would come in with his New Broom and sweep away all the old cobwebs and corruptions of the past!

    And then see what happened! We got the most evil, mercenary, lying snake in the grass! The Ultimate Asshole who would have nailed his own mother to a cross for a few extra shekels! A Jew Stooge of the worst kind!

    I do believe that in Trump you guys in America have another Tony Blair. The Jews have it all cut and dried: a choice between Hellary who will lick their boots all the way to the Wailing Wall and Donald Trump who will turn out to be the biggest liar and con artist in history, serving the Jews.


    Take note of Lasha’s caption to the header picture:


    That says it all.

    1. @ Sardonicus

      Glad to see that you have returned.

      I cannot take credit for the literary skills. The “Ed” dressed it up quite a bit for the better. The “Ed” came up with the pictures. The one of HELLiary is the best one of her that I have ever seen. A true representation of her.

      I certainly do not look for solutions in government much less a “savior.” Since all governments are thieves taking from those governed, there is no way that thieves can provide honesty which would be required for any real solutions.

      As HP pointed out above, Trump is not a politician yet. There is room for some truth coming from him. Whether Trump accomplishes any of what he has said will really depend on his ability to get jews fighting jews after he is in office. So far, he seems to be getting that done during the primaries without even mentioning the word jew.

      For sure, Trump has made this “election” cycle the most entertaining that I can remember. To my amazement, my wife who is normally apolitical has even embraced the floor show and is an avid Trump supporter.

      Having spent far too much time and money actively involved in politics in the distant past, I know how fraudulent the election process is and why it is such so I normally do not vote except in very local elections. Basically, I am just an observer. However, I may break with my tradition this year and vote for Trump as a microscopic indication that I feel for the many pissed off Americans setting records for primary voting.

    2. I just love your opinion and assessment of Blair ,it was like poetry ,
      enjoyable to read thank you.

  3. The premise is askew from the get-go. More than askew, the polar opposite.
    Shouldn’t it say – Trust me I’M NOT a politician?
    Wasn’t this (I’m NOT a politician) the impetus which lifted Trump so high so quickly, in the ‘hearts and minds’ of the boobousie? (and has kept him there)
    The fact that they see and hear him as ‘one of them’ more so just another snake in the grass politico..

    1. I think it was Trump’s call for a wall on the Southern border that gave Trump his “lift”. And it is him not being a politician that is helping to keep him aloft.

      Someone in the Trump campaign recently said Trump will not be defining policy ahead of his election. After he is president he will decide policy.

      A recent article on (I believe it was on) the Jewish Telegraph Agency ( said Jews do not have a path into Trump’s candidacy. This is a concern to them. Candidates, regardless of party affiliation, traditionally create a path Jews can take to gain access to the candidate’s ear. No so with Trump, not yet.

  4. Trump has a presidential prerequisite…. lying. He just BACKED OFF one of his policy claims… which has resonated with many Americans…!!!

    Donald Trump indicated on Fox News last night that he had a willingness he hasn’t expressed before…
    …… to go back on his Muslim ban idea as soon as possible.

    Greta Van Susteren brought up concerns people had that the ban could “go on forever.”

    Trump said, “It was never meant to be. I mean, that’s why it was temporary. Sure I’d back off on it, I’d like to back off it as soon as possible.”

    He did go on to say there’s a serious problem with radical Islam that the U.S. needs to get to the bottom of, while allowing for exceptions in that ban––of which, again, Trump said, “Ultimately it’s my aim to have it lifted.”

      1. Billy had THAT…!!
        There will be two Clinton Democrats running for Prez….

        Hillary and Donald.

      2. Trump is one of the few, the proud, the Herr Van Helsings in disguise.
        Billy (and Co.) is skeered shitless of him. As well they should be.

      3. Pat, he’s only just begun.
        All he’s done is tease them a little, so far, and already the collective existential apoplexy.
        Very amusing!
        He has Bill (get a rope) Kristol hearing things go tap tap in the night. Always a good omen.

  5. Trump certainly SEEMS to me to be far preferable to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders – and that’s really all we have to go on. No use in keeping on weighing pros and cons. If he is a snake, at least he is a better-concealed reptile than his opponent(s). Keep your powder dry and your rifles ready! 🙂

  6. NSA and CFR leader, James Baker III, met with Trump and his advisers today… Thursday, May 12, at the Jones Day law firm on DC.

    Jones Day is an international law firm based in the United States. It is one of the ten largest law firms in the world and the largest in the US.

    Jones Day is doing the real heavy lifting as Trump’s principal campaign counsel.

    JEWS – JEWS – JEWS and PRO-Israel helpers…. Same old GANG….

    Trump’s maon in-house lawyer is Alan Garten, a Pharisee-Jew.

    Campaign Manager  Corey R. Lewandowski, who, in 2008, began working for Americans for Prosperity, a **Koch brothers-backed advocacy group

    Deputy Campaign Manager  Michael Glassner’s clients have included McCain-Palin 2008 and SarahPAC (hired as chief of staff to SarahPAC in Feb. 2011).  **Southwest regional political director at AIPAC, Jan. 2014-July 2015.  Senior vice president for external affairs at IDT Corporation, July 2001-April 2008.  Chief of staff to the chairman of the **Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, May 1998-July 2001.

    Trump’s Senior Advisor is Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who most recently campaign manager on Huckabee for President. (Very PRO-Israel.) Headed HUCK PAC from its founding in April 2008.  National field director on Huckabee’s 2007-08 presidential campaign.  Worked for about two years as a regional liaison for congressional affairs at the Department of Education in Washington, DC.   Field coordinator for President Bush’s re-election campaign in Ohio in 2004.

    There are many more…. If you care to search…

  7. It has never been about Jews, but about those who say they are Jews, but are not; in as much as those who say they are Christians or Muslims, but are not. Being of Palestinian descent (with roots back to Haifa, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Nazareth) will hopefully offer a little added credibility to what’s said here about Jews. My parents and grandparents spoke positively of their Jewish (Arab) neighbors before 1948’s invasion by Europeans hordes who say they are Jews. Today, we see courageous Jews such as Gilad Atzmon, Henry Makow, Daniel Barenboim, and countless other Jews speak up for Palestinians. So, no, it’s not about Jews, or Christians or Muslims, but about those who claim to be any one of these, but are none of these in truth.

    As for a holocaust having taken place, there can be little doubt that one had taken place. A holocaust is after all a burnt offering. It’s less important how many were offered, than the question of, to whom or to what the offering was made? The obsession with 6 million, not 5.9, not 6.1, but exactly 6 is a clue maybe. The evidence points to a sacrifice to the ringed planet, as in the days of old. The major symbols of the leadership of the 3 Abrahamic religions point to a worship of the same (here’s one of many examples on this take: The Deception will likely prove to be far bigger than anyone can imagine.

    Perhaps there is truth in that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

    1. “…those who say they are JUDAHITES (or Judeans) and are not…” Jesus Christ’s Rev2:9, 3:9 (written down in Patmos, EUROPE! where the “Lost Sheep of the house of (true) Israel” had already migrated). The King James translators got this tragically wrong and caused much confusion. See

      1. Sorry, the significance: Christ warned us several times that these infiltrator Judeans were NOT genuine Judahite-Israelites, but had sneaked in, usurped the province, taken over the (proto-Christian Church) Temple and installed their Rabbis as High Priests, not of the true bloodline of Aaron and utterly corrupted the Hebrew religion. The Jooz are employing the same tactics today e.g. Pope Frankie, and Nicky Gumble of the Alpha Course.

        We Caucasian/Aryans are direct blood descendants of the genuine Judahites who escaped the bloody siege of Jerusalem, because our ancestors heeded Christ’s prophetic warnings, and fled for the hills when Titus’s army temporarily withdrew. (See the Ancient History of Caledonia by John MacLaren 1879). We migrated North and West, ultimately to the British Isles and NW coastlands of Europe, and ultimately to USA, Australia etc. The Bible is the ancient history (and destiny) of the Celto-Saxon-Nordic people. There is NO political solution!

  8. Mirabile dictu! You mean there is a person or two in America that is not blinkered with heavy myopia on this?

    USA Watchdog interviews Catherine Austin Fitts on Trump

    Mostly investment and currency discussion, quite entertaining even for a relative economic ignoramus but if that’s not your alley, watch these segments (the interviewer is kind of a moron but the lady is pretty sharp):


    It really comes down to where the military and the intelligence agencies stand on this. So, if he can get enough support on where he stands from the military and intelligence agencies, I think Trump can win


    The Clintons have never had to face someone who can access the national and global media and air the real dirty laundry, not just on the Clintons but the whole American establishment. And if Trump can get enough support from the military and intelligence, he can do that and if he does that, we are in for a whole new round of transparency that we have never seen in this country before.


    Here’s the question…Where does Trump’s strength come from?
    He’s got support within the Intelligence community and the Military … IF THAT SUPPORT WEREN’T THERE, HE WOULDN’T BE WHERE HE IS TODAY

    The difference between Trump and Ross Perrot, right there.

    1. Note the placement of “If”‘s in the middle quoted segment
      (IF Trump can get enough support from the military and intelligence, he can do that [blow the lid of the diseased can of worms] and IF he does that, we are in for a whole new round of transparency that we have never seen in this country before.),

      and then in the last bit, she confirms that this is indeed the case, if it wasn’t, he would never have made it as far as he did without the protection of the “deep state” that in all likelihood also extends against the Mossad threats, snipers, poisoners, saboteurs, etc.

      Trump is not the usual sick, easily blackmailable pervert and he has most likely cut deals with the military and intel services of the “you scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours” variety, eg, not interfering with their hyper-lucrative business channels, drug trade, etc.

  9. The MSM can, on rare occasion, end up as double edged knife that slices the wielder instead of the intended victim.

    Having raised Trump’s profile to unmanageable levels, they can no longer marginalize and ditch him like they did Ron Paul, who was only a campus hero, not in the eye of the Price Is Right masses, the Great Unwashed, like Trump, who can easily give the Kardashians a run for their money.

    Rung by rung, he snuck up on them, made necessary alliances and now the erstwhile predator knows what’s it like to be hunted and they sure don’t like it, only know how to dish out hurt, never take it, thus, round the clock screeches of the damned.

      1. Far be it from me to think I’ve got a lock on it, Gilbert.
        All i am doing is fitting pieces every which way, hoping to maximize the horse sense from the emerging picture.

        Now, my method also involves more than simply adding pluses and minuses, because a big plus could be worth dozens of small minuses and vice versa, so assessing their relative sizes is part of the job.
        i guess that it shouldn’t be too hard to see parallels with just about any other construction, including buildings and houses.
        A cow is worth more than one or even two chickens, right?
        And two cows and you’ve got yourself a down payment on the future wife of choice 😉

        As for Trump anteing up $100,000 worth of Israel bonds, so what, if it nets him a $ billion project in downtown Manhattan, all part of horse trading, wheeling and dealing and he is very good at that.
        Anyway, things will clarify a great deal if Trump is standing at the White House lawn, come the next inauguration day, jan 2017, so we won’t have these yapping contests, the ball will be bouncing elsewhere.

  10. Once the tide turned for the German military in 1943 Russia, the chances for a “goy-friendly” political solution to the jewish problem evaporated. Fast forward to today, and here’s Donald Trump as yet another unwitting piece on the grand chessboard; a thorn in the lion’s paw. At most, his presence may indicate the speeding up of an end-game already moving at a rapid clip. But in the grand scheme, there is no final solution to be effected politically for what has been a spiritual problem all along.

    2,000 years ago it was foretold by one standing outside the illusory skein of time taht “all these things must pass, where there would be “wars and rumors of wars”, and of basically all hell breaking loose before its evil finally ends and a true theocracy commences. I’d be more concerned about being cunning enough to perhaps survive this in the flesh, rather than devoting too much thought to who the next U.S.President will be.

    Jousting at windmills is an exercise in futility. Better to keep your wig wam, your tomahawks sharp, and your faith strong.


  11. Umm, that lampshade smells kind of funny … like the mythical El Cid riding dead across Leon y Navarra, bearing down on Muslim immigrants, so does Anne Frank likewise rise from the grave, giant ball point pen strapped to her side, tilting at monster Nazi Trump.
    ANNE FRANK’S STEPSISTER: ‘DONALD TRUMP IS ACTING LIKE HITLER’ and on the Hogwashcaust Memorial Dayoyvey!!!

    The theme of this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day is “Don’t stand by”

    Do sumpin’, Trump wants to save his country from Jew, just like Hitler did … wants to deny the Jew necessary sustenance of wars and goyicide …

    If Donald Trump becomes the next president of the U.S. it would be a complete disaster. I think he is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism. During his U.S. presidential campaign he has suggested the “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the Israel United States,” as well as pledging to build a wall between the West Bank and Israel U.S. and Mexico to keep illegal immigrants out.

    Now, the heavy artillery:

    I travelled to America last year to speak at screenings of the documentary film, No Asylum, which reveals an UNKOWN CHAPTER of Anne Frank’s life, and details how her father, Otto, struggled to obtain visas to the U.S. in 1940. He tried everything to save his family from the Holocaust.

    I am heartened to know that there will always be an unknown chapter to Anne Frank’s life, we’ll never run out of delicious suspense, I got my lifetime subscription to future unknown chapters and be the first on my block to read them and astound my neighbors at backyard BBQ parties … now, we’re cooking with gas.

    1. Trump has backed off – ‘waffling’ – on banning Muslims….

      Just like Billy Clinton… He can’t be trusted.

      Trump told multiple interviewers on Wednesday night and Thursday morning that the ban is “just a suggestion” — that “it hasn’t been called for yet.”

      “We have a serious problem, and it’s a temporary ban — it hasn’t been called for yet, nobody’s done it, this is just a suggestion until we find out what’s going on,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee told Fox News Radio’s Brian Kilmeade Wednesday.

      Trump is a Democrat-Reform guy running as a Republican.

      He is a Pharisee-Jew controlled ‘wind-tester’ at best.

      Trump ran on Reform Party ticket in 1999.

  12. Margaret Thatcher spoke, just before the Election, about Britain being ‘flooded’ with immigrants and the Sheeple duly voted ‘Conservative’ –instead of Nationalist. The floodgates soon reopened. Cameron’s fake Conservatives promised the voters a cap on immigration of “tens of thousands annually” –350k officially, but probably 1M actually came! They were brought here with inducements of free everything and even free translators. London is now Londanistan! They both LIED to win Elections and keep the massive funding to the Party coming in –and the bucket$ of brown enve£opes.

    What has Trump actually DONE, or WHO does his children actually marry, or what does he tell the AIPAC devils? I fear Trump is just well disguised Controlled Opposition –but slightly less evil than Hellary Clunton.

  13. I wonder….are we all being played, is this all just smoke and mirrors? The only way we will find out is if and when DJ becomes POTUS….run it up the flagpole and see if it salutes. 😉

  14. Trump hates Pharisee-Jews so much like Hitler did(??) – – last week he chose Steven Mnuchin (Ashkenazi Jew) to be National Finance Chairman, Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. so he could control ALL of his campaign money = $BILLIONS.

    Trump told Don Imus this morning that he needs to raise in excess of $1Billion from outside sources. ‘Munchkin’ can do.

    The Wall Street banker and Hollywood movie producer, who has contributed to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats in the past, has been named as Donald Trump’s national finance chairman.

    Trump Says Mnuchin Brings ‘Unprecedented Experience & Expertise’ to the Campaign….

    SO… Here is what the ‘Munchkin-Jew’ brings with him:
    Mnuchin began his career at Goldman Sachs… before Working for….
    ….. the George Soros-Funded OneWest Bank Group LLC.

    This Soros stooge also contributed to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaigns & 2008 Democratic Presidential campaign.

    To top it off – – helping produce ‘The Donald act’ – – he is active in Hollywood and was an Executive Producer for ‘American Sniper,’ ‘The Lego Movie,’ & ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

    Trump is a Democrat who is hiring Pharisee-Jew Bankers and Hollywood big shots to manage his money…. And send more to Israel.

    1. @ Pat

      I think these anti-Trump comments by Pat make a very convincing case for exercising extreme caution in getting too enthusiastic about Trump. Anyone who backs Trump after reading about Trumps’s ubiquitous Jewish connections, as provided here by Pat, has to be indulging in wishful thinking.

      That’s beside the point though, as I think Hellary’s going to get into the White House anyway — so we’ll never know if Trump would have been the Savior of the Nation.

      There has never been a single case in history where a man has turned against the Jews when his children and grandchildren are Jews, as is the case with Trump. The “Jewish wife syndrome” was well known in Stalin’s Soviet Union. Once you marry a Jewess and create a spiritual bond with Jewry by making sure that all your descendants have Jewish DNA and are entitled to make aliyah to Israel, there is no possibility of doing a sudden U-turn and becoming an anti-Semite!

      To believe in such a possibility is to indulge in willful self-deception.

      You mark my words, if ever Trump makes it to the White House he will break every promise he has made and will be just as bad — if not worse — than the psychotic Hellary.

      1. This is why this site — in particular Lasha Darkmoon — strongly advises DON’T VOTE AT ALL!

        After all, you are being given a choice between two devils.

        You have effectively been disenfranchised because there is no true democracy in America. They make sure that you always have to choose between two equally devious devils. Congress and the House of Representatives, moreover, is full of mercenary whores on the Jewish payroll. AIPAC makes sure of that.

        As a last resort, they have the Diebold voting machines and can rig the election if one of their two whores is likely to give them a better blowjob than the other. So this is the question the Jews are now asking themselves: which of our two whores, Hillary or Donald, is likely to give us a bigger blowjob?

      2. Good observations, Sardonicus! I think I will withhold this check I wrote and was about to send to America First on behalf of the Trump campaign! Pat has certainly done us a favor by his diligent research. Even though my heart is inclined along with the thoughts of Lobro – I cannot validly argue with your position and Pat’s information…

  15. Trump must have Alzheimer’s…. or he is lying… about everything, worse than a Clinton.

    He is for choosing… and has given us THREE positions of his to choose from…
    “Too high….”
    “Too low….”
    “Leave it the way it is…”

    Donald Trump Switches Position on Minimum Wage Stance

    Trump stated on November 10, that “Taxes too high, wages too high, we’re not going to be able to compete against the world… People have to go out, they have to work really hard, and they have to get into that upper stratum.”

    Donald Trump, the Republican party’s current front-runner, has apparently changed his position on increasing the minimum wage in the United States.

    Wages in are country are too low, good jobs are too few, and people have lost faith in our leaders. We need smart and strong leadership now!” said Trump in a tweet early Monday.

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump came out swinging in Tuesday’s presidential debate, starting the night by telling the audience that he could not, in good conscience, advocate raising the minimum wage.

    Fox Business Network moderator Neil Cavuto asked Trump if he could sympathize with the thousands of protestors across the country who are demanding the minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour. Cavuto noted that a $15 wage “works out to about $31,000 a year.”

    Trump said he could not.

    “Taxes too high, wages too high, we’re not going to be able to compete against the world,” Trump said. “I hate to say it, but we have to leave [the minimum wage] the way it is.”

  16. Not near enough of readers and commenters on this site have listened carefully to the Who. And, you will get fooled again.

    1. Alan –

      I found some “Who” very easily… Here is Trump’s “pit bull”…

      Michael D. Cohen is an American lawyer, best known for his work as an attorney for Donald Trump and The Trump Organization. He joined the Trump Organization after having been a partner at the Phillips Nizer law firm.
      Cohen is Executive Vice-President of the Trump Organization, a co-president of Trump Entertainment, and is involved in Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.
      He worked in the 1988 presidential campaign of Michael Dukakis, and helped the Barack Obama campaign as well.

      Israel is proud of Trump and his Pharisee-Jew buddies and partners:
      Meet Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s Jewish Wingman

      “Cohen, who is Jewish, has been Trump’s most loyal ally for nearly a decade, standing up for the real estate mogul in the media and filing lawsuits when Trump perceives he’s been wronged. A 2011 ABC News profile reported that within The Trump Organization he’s called the boss’s “pit bull.”

      Along with Stewart Rahr, the 68-year-old Jewish drug distribution billionaire who calls himself “Stewie Rah Rah Number One King of All Fun,” Cohen created a website in early 2011 called “Should Trump Run?” and visited Iowa in a private jet with Trump’s name on the side to discuss a potential Trump candidacy. A Ron Paul backer charged that Cohen and Trump were breaking campaign finance laws by taking the trip without filing disclosures with the Federal Elections Commission.

      The FEC eventually found that no law had been broken, only because…. Trump never actually became a candidate.


      Cohen is a vital part of CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION serving as Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Corporate Secretary:


      Michael Cohen is a CFR member:

  17. I totally agree with Ungenius.

    I am slightly nervous about Trump’s son-in-law who made the grand statement recently that it was disgusting how some people blame Israel for 911. Fine I thought.. Trump has an idiot for a son-in-law, but don’t we all. Even my Jewish husband believes in all the Jewish fairy tales, too, and I have learned to ignore him. Of course, it meant I had to stop caring about the Palestinians after taking their side of the conflict since young adulthood. Most Jews including my husband say they are for Palestinian rights… I say baloney but there is no point in arguing. Anyone who believes that Israel needs to exist so there won’t be another Holocaust is essentially supporting genocide of the Palestinians. But if it makes them feel better then let them say it.

    For me the difference between liberal and conservative is about the bureaucracy. If you think the government is wonderful and doing wonderful things all the time you call yourself a liberal. You see no evil in the bureaucracy…not the IRS, not the CDC, not the FDA. If you think the bureaucracy is a monster and every dime that goes into it is feeding the monster, then you call yourself a conservative. On California’s ballet this December are a bunch of bills to plead the bureaucracy’s case: like help the homeless, help build bathrooms in parks for poor people, etc. etc. If someone thinks that money is really going to go for the homeless and not into someone’s pocket then you are definitely a liberal. I think they’ll pocket the tax money, it’s their money now… and don’t forget that. Then some friendly corporation will volunteer to help out the homeless. They might be useful in a drug trial, for example. They have to first be guinea pigs then they’ll let them have dinner. In other words, the bureaucracy is owned by the corporate fascists; it has no good intentions toward actual people because it is a corporate individual, not flesh and blood. It puts profits above any mere human. Also the oligarchy are essentially lovers of genocide, not just Palestinians but Americans as well. A leopard as they say doesn’t change its spots.

  18. Live Presidential polling updated every 5 minutes:

    Hillary 70%
    Donald 24%

    Why trust these odds?
    Studies find that political prediction (betting) markets tend to be better at predicting elections than polls. Some reasons:
    – Bettors take into account important factors besides polls.
    – Unlike pundits, bettors put their money where their mouths are.
    – People involved in the event might trade before news breaks publicly
    – The “wisdom of crowds”.

  19. hey darkshiters fuck each and everyone of you from the cunt witch to the last one of you mfkrs
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  20. In the Trump controlled column is all the things listed above. His Jew advisers, his kids, on and on. In pro column Trump says all the right things. He also doesn’t seem to be perverted, a drug abuser, a child molester or strongly corrupt. Most controlled politicians are one or all of these things. He has been saying the same things he’s saying now for decades. If he just does what he has been complaining about for decades it’s a win for us.

    I have a theory that if he is controlled exactly how we can prove it is so. Ever so often the Jews piss people off so bad a Hitler type arises. Maybe this time they decided to get their own Hitler. Trump.

    What’s the biggest problem that the Jews have? 9-11. A real screw up on their part. If Trump is controlled we’ll see him throw Bush under the bus for 9-11. Possibly take our Hillary too as she knows too much. If Trump takes out Bush for 9-11 and never mentions the Jews we will know that he’s controlled. Could be a very dangerous situation as with Hillary we know to be on guard but with Trump anything could happen. Dictatorship? I bet the military would follow him due to some heinous false flag but they would have a hard time believing Hillary in the same situation.

  21. Donald Trump is a fanatical pro Jewish Patsy. Like Kyle Hunt, I never trusted the slippery so and so from day one. The Daily Stormer commentators have much to learn and even more to forget. Like the Jew, Trump is an actor but millions of Americans are too stupid to see the illusion.

    1. With your purist and puerile standards, maybe a candidate will come along in 900 years that makes the grade.
      I don’t want to wait that long. I don’t care if the executioner isn’t likable, or cusses. I certainly don’t care what the rumors and wimpy bar blather is. As long as he keeps the blade and parts of the guillotine well maintained and well oiled.

      I would ask you for more detail, but I’ve expended too much time on nothing.

    2. Paul –

      Trump is a superb actor. Compliments of the TV show Apprentice… where he got HIS apprenticeship. 🙂 He lacked charisma on his numerous previous runs at prez.

      He is tied to Pharisee-Jew Bankers and even the ‘Commission’ in its day…. and remnants today. Giuliani and Chertoff are his friends.

      No one gets to file numerous bankruptcies for $$Millions without approval of Pharisee-Jew Bankers, lawyers and judges…. and government agencies including IRS.

      It looks like he was paid to help Hillary.

      Who Controls Donald Trump?

  22. This is your problem Poupon Marx , you have expended too much of your blunt, wretched existence doing nothing. Rest assured, you are not alone. The suicidal USA – the land of the free: anti-depressants, GM Apple and Mall Zombies. And scruffy take your life in your hands streets. What a joy to be alive. God bless America. It is so precious that you can keep it all to yourselves.

  23. Pat–I got to pat you on the back. Too true-it is payback time for Trump big time. Got to be honest, Hitler could not be bought however Trump certainly can. As you will witness.

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