Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton (2 videos, 17 mins)

We have no dog in this fight and back neither candidate for the American presidency. As conscientious non-voters, we wouldn’t vote for either Trump or Clinton on principle. This is clearly a choice between the devil you know (Hillary Clinton) and the devil you don’t know (Donald Trump).

Good luck, America! — You’ll need it.

VIDEO 1  (10.15 mins)  :  TRUMP vs CLINTON


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  1. I tried to watch the whole video but I just couldn’t bear that Clinton bat. There are no words yet that could describe the hatred I have for this disgusting filthy stinking shitbag. It’s true, I too have no dog in this fight but give me Tump over that filthy disgusting lesbian filthy disgusting dirty depraved disgustimg filthy filthy dirty disgusting depraved filthy stinking sputum bag Clinton any day.

      1. Both of them are given over 60% “dislikes” in the Polls. This is unprecedented and says something the political elite need to take note of. This, and the British Brexit vote, are really a kind of electoral revolution.

        Most politicians now are professional politicians, straight from school, thru university and into politics where they climb the greasy pole until suddenly one day they are in charge of a government department, with no real world experience.

      2. @JOHN

        > Both of them are given over 60% “dislikes” in the Polls.

        Both of them are clowns. It hurts to watch them. Their supporters are even more pathetic.

  2. actually, they both sounded pathetic and I have to wonder about the screws loose in the brains of those creatures 911 and false flag aware that know the media and the government is complicit in the undermining of our countries and the world since it is ultimately international, how they could become so partisan within this election cycle. As Jed Clampett used to say, “Pitiful, just pitiful!” However, that is what they do. Herd fringe elements back in the fold with promises. Trumps are so minimal and surrounded by Jewry as he is, how could anyone think he would right the ship? Without an endorsement, one has to prefer Trump to Hillary because of her proven record and total verbal commitment to the JWO agenda. Trump at least makes whispers of something better but to hope he’s a secret Jew hater? There is nothing to back that up

  3. The race for President is a competition between ideologues. Trump is far more appealing to common sense and Apple Pie than the Communist bitch Hillary (aptly described by “1138”, above). Just viewing the Democrat Convention in Philadelphia is enough to make a decent American want to vomit! It reflects all that is distorted and abused by “political correctness”, and is hard evidence of deep perversity in legislative offices. Hillary Clinton has made her fortune by DIRECT involvement in political office manipulations. She is a whore of vivid color.

    1. I strongly support Trump over Hillary and any other candidate. By the way, for what it’s worth I voted for Bill years ago. Trump has helped expose a lot of the murderous (“They lied. They knew there were no weapons of mass destruction and they lied”) – speaking to Republicans no less – unbelievable, fraudulent (“all my opponents are bought by special interests”) – absolutely true, self destructive and anti-white policies of the USA, now dominated by Jews more than ever.

      My problem with Trump are his pro-Israel support and his anti-Iran bashing. It should be exactly the opposite. If there was another candidate that would treat Israel the way it should be treated (as murderers and enemies) whose other policies were similar to Trump’s other policies, I would drop Trump in a minute. But even so, while it has been happening already before Trump announced his presidency, Trump has given a big boost to those critical of Jews (“anti-semites”, to the filthy mouthed liars), even though he didn’t intend to do so. He’s given a big boost to whites who see their culture and country being destroyed. And even more important to me, Europeans are watching and the opposition there know they have a friend in Trump.

      I just spoke to a young German not more than four hours ago, and like every other German she said, “what difference does it make if we all mix” (inter-marry, produce mixed offspring), but her insistence on it, like every other German shows it makes a big difference – we must mix and inter-marry until there are no separate ethnic groups any more.

      Yes, there are problems with Trump and my hope is his successor will take the next step – stop the supporting the Jews and stop bashing middle eastern countries.

  4. Whatever Trump’s faults are, at least he doesn’t have the spirit of ANTI CHRIST about him, as Hellary does.

    1. stinkingfishwiveofTheAges : I don’t care for either candidate, so I must base who I’m going to vote for on the wives of the candidates. In the Republican Party, that decadent SINFUL one with THE SLIT!! A SLIT!! Oh dear me, why a potential first lady with A SLIT IN THE DRESS!!! Why that number she had on, The back was a bit TOO low cut for moral comfort as well, it’s beyond cavil. Why THAT SLIT could get a goil an ETERNITY IN HELL voting for THAT SINFUL SLIT!!!!

      Billary was dressed quite old-fashioned, NO fashion statement :” HEY LOOK AT ME MY SH*TNOLA DON”T STINK”. None of that, dressed pure NO-Nonsense-Serious-Nose-to-the-Grindstone-No-SINFUL-frills-for-thrills. Also, and I’m very proud of her for it, Michelle was wearing a very traditional old-fashioned staid Catholic Christian number , BLUE, more to Our Moral suiting, so I will voting for the Democrats. I just LERV BLUE! BLUE is always classic and right and always becoming on a goil.


  5. “Nurse Ratched is the head administrative nurse at the Salem State Hospital, a mental institution where she exercises near-absolute power over the patients’ access to medications, privileges, and basic necessities such as food and toiletries. She capriciously revokes these privileges whenever a patient displeases her. Her superiors turn blind eyes because she maintains order, keeping the patients from acting out, either through antipsychotic and anticonvulsant drugs or her own brand of psychotherapy, which consists mostly of humiliating patients into doing her bidding.

    When Randle McMurphy arrives at the hospital, however, he flouts her rules with impunity, and inspires other patients to follow.”

  6. Imagine a municipal works employee who spent his whole career in the city sewers.
    After 35 years of devoted service, he turns in his hip waders, (presumably) washes his hands, gets his bye-bye timex and ben+jerry ice cream cake departmental send-off to (also presumably) spend time with family.

    where does he go to pasture?
    he can go to ft. lauderdale, hit the greens, disney world close by, deep-sea fishing …
    or maybe he misses workplace so much, he volunteers for unpaid work back in sewers, deep-shit fishing …

    so it is with Trump, he spent his whole life inches from Jews, inhaling Jews …
    does that mean that he loves Jew, cannot bear the thought of existence without Jew and what that means: subscribe to jew “morality”, you are either with them or you are against them or you are an inanimate object that can be mined and exploited for some substance nutritious to Jew.
    Because a jew-hater is someone who expresses the slightest disgust or opposition to EVERYTHING Jew stands for and does, who expresses the slightest doubt in light-unto-nations being the one true light.
    Anyone with any concern for the fate of Americans and maybe humanity-goymanity is automatically a jew-hater.
    So, let’s see whether Trump returns enthusiastically, longingly to the environment that surrounded him all his life, is he overcome with sewer nostalgia, ah, to breathe the methane stench of rotten matzo.

    i think that at 50-50 it’s fair odds, in fact, i will go out on the limb and say 65-35 that he will put(in) it to jew.

    1. If that’s the case, lobro, then it could be a deja-vu scenario all over again where Putin, like Stalin before him in regarding what Hitler would do in 1941, will be looking to see what Trump is even potentially ABLE to do as things stand 75 years later.

  7. Dog? Hell, we don’t have a fight. White America lost its war long ago.

    All opposition is staged for the benefit of those either too stupid or too gullible to perceive or accept reality. The whole world bows in fealty to rainbowed false flags waving proudly from the ramparts of a Jew York Trade Tower.

    The world has completely lost its mind. It has become totally reversed and inverted in a manner that, until now, has been reserved for the most terrible social upheavals, like major wars and revolutions.

    Jews are insane and they have driven everyone on the planet insane. Today utter insanity is the norm and once common normalcy is viewed as utter insanity. Jews have convinced the gullible masses their cultural inversion is the normative state.

    Ugly is beautiful and beauty is now ugly. Weakness is now a strength and strength a weakness. Intelligence is aberrant and retardation archetypal. Deviant perversions are accepted activities while reproductive sex is considered deviant.

    When will it end? How will it end? It matters little, but end it must for it runs against natural law and sooner or later natural law will prevail because this law is based on physical principals. If you toss an apple high enough, it may well take some time to come down, but come down it will, because it must. It is just a matter of time.

    In our insanity, we have come to believe we have progressed to a point natural law no longer affects us or that it does not even exist, but this is the view of fools and fools must eventually pay the price for their foolishness.

    Invariably, the price of such idiocy is an early, tortured death. The wanton slaughter of the twentieth century has left this world inhabited by Darwinian failures destined to suffer short, brutal, lives that will be terminated early on due to insane, maladaptive behaviors.

  8. The money betting is on Hillary at 66% odds for winning.
    That leaves Trump at 33%.

    She knows where ALL the skeletons are surrounding the Mena, Waco, OKC, 911 and her trade deals with Putin on uranium are…. and hundreds more. She was there.

    She has MANY huge ‘Trump’ cards. He has ‘The Apprentice.’ 🙂

    BTW – Chelsea looks just like Webster Hubbell.

    1. Pat

      I’m not so sure about this perception that it’s a slam dunk for Hilary

      I’ll have more to say about it after I climb back out on my limb ;>}

  9. Uncle :

    Tell me please, why EXACTLY are you CENSORING the Walid Shoebat video I sent in to you? It’s a FACT BASED TRUTHFUL video about what’s going in Mexico these days and . . . etc etc

    TOBY: Sorry, Joe. I’m not posting an off-topic video that goes on for almost three hours. No one on this site can spare the time for such marathon-length videos.

    You have no idea, do you?

    Almost every video you submit is off-topic and usually some kind of lighthearted music. Which I don’t mind posting if it’s short. But not if it’s Wagner’s Ring Cycle in nine hours, okay?

  10. Pat :

    I don’t know what world you inhabit, but ALL the polls, including ALL the polls in the MSM media, show Trump ahead in ALL the polls. Even the MSM media polls show Trump ahead, and that’s really the last thing the MSM would want to admit, that Trump is ahead, but even the MSM who HATES TRUMP’S GUTS, admit Trump is ahead in ALL the polls, so I don’t know what planet you’re on, Pat. Come down the earth, Pat, unless you really prefer and are much more comfortable, safe and secure, and have a lot more fun, with your head way up there on planet UR-ANUS.

    1. TROJ –

      I am on the planet where 700 to 1,100 pre-selected people are asked totally set-up questions to design the needed results the PURCHASER of the poll wants. The purchaser of the poll pays $1,000 to $6,000 for those intended results. They are arranged – not random – results.

      This betting system is people placing their own money on who they believe will win and not necessarily who they would vote for in an election.

      It shows Hillary 66.4%…. Donald 32.5%…. updated every 10 minutes or so.

      I live on the same planet which uses SECRET ballots – LOL!! – where the folks in charge count only the ones they want…!!

      That means….. POLLS MEAN NOTHING..!!

      Ask your attendants for help there….. to locate UR-ANUS… using both hands… 🙂

      1. Pat :

        Hey j*ckass, If you know, as you surely do, POLLS MEAN NOTHING, then why exactly do you ALWAYS use poll results to “prove” your points, to “prove” your assertions, to “prove” your claims? If your points are so solid and so objectively true, why then do you use MeaningLESS polls TO PROVE YOUR POINTS?

        Points and claims and assertions which you want us to take as being MEANINGFUL, in other words, “real” and “true” and “factual”? But as the proof you provide to back up your assertions and claims MEAN NOTHING and you know it MEANS NOTHING even before you present the polls to us to back up your assertions, claims, points, , then it follows your assertions and claims MEAN NOTHING, are not true, are not factual, are not real. Again, Mr. thick-head, It means your claims, your asertions, your points, are NOT real, NOT true, NOT FACTUAL.

        Think, Pat, think. Please, not for my sake, but for your own sake, think. Or, at least make an attempt. The Glory is in the trying, in the the striving, in the struggling, however tough, however obstacle-ridden, the journey is, to Overcome!

      2. TROJ –

        The polls you referenced were taken by calling 6th graders with cell phones…

        You still need to take my advice….

        Ask your attendants for help there….. to locate UR-ANUS… using both hands… 🙂

      Respectively, “the power of the few” & “the virtue of perversion”, “the new world disorder” & “the confusion of genders”…
      Are we doomed to undergo this plotted tribulation?

  11. I will give Trump the benefit of the doubt, about Hillary Clinton I have no doubt whatsoever. She joked about Qadhafi’s horrible death (“We came, we saw, he died!”).
    She also joked about a possible war against Iran :
    She is entirely in the pocket of the Jews, and will do everything to please them.

    At least Trump wants good relations with Russia, so that means no WWIII. And he wants to stop illegal immigration into the US and revoke free trade agreements. All positive things. Besides, he is hated by most Jews. That should say you something.

    1. FR –
      Hillary has established relations with Russia already….
      …..ahead of Trump. 🙂

      One Year of Silence on Hillary Clinton Uranium Deal

      –Bill and Hillary Clinton had helped a Canadian financier named Frank Giustra and a small Canadian company obtain a lucrative uranium mining concession from the dictator in Kazakhstan;
      –The same Canadian company, renamed Uranium One, bought uranium concessions in the United States;
      –The Russian government came calling and sought to buy that Canadian company for a price that would mean big profits for the Canadian investors;
      –For the Russians to buy that Canadian company, it would require the approval of the Obama administration, including Hillary’s State Department, because uranium is a strategically important commodity;
      –Nine shareholders in Uranium One just happened to provide more than $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation in the run-up to State Department approval;
      –Some of the donations, including those from the Chairman of Uranium One, Ian Teler, were kept secret, even though the Clintons promised to disclose all donations;
      –Hillary’s State Department approved the deal;
      –The Russian government now owns 20 percent of U.S. uranium assets.

      In short, here was what you might call a radioactive scandal. It included secret donations, the Russian government, foreign financiers, more than $145 million, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. And this was just two chapters of the book.

      1. Well, for Putin and Russia, that is a smart thing to do : control uranium in Central Asia, and in the process also partially in the US. If that requires bribing via the Clinton Foundation, why not?

        I remind you of the fact that when Bill Clinton was president he sold military secrets to China (how to build intercontinental missiles), also for a handsome bribe.

        So the Clintons are not only a danger to the world, but also to their own country.

      2. FR –

        Sure….. bribing is business as usual in Russia.

        That’s my point. The Clintons have a history of doing business with Russia and China already, whether above or below decks…. and skids already greased well.

        All national leaders are liars. That’s how they get there.

        Clintons can bring back to WH some of the silverware and tea sets and towels they took when they left last time around. 🙂

  12. What was I saying a while back about Mr. Erdogan and his likely US backed Gulen supporters? Choosing the lesser of two weevils; surprisingly Mr. Erdogan qualifies because of Napoleon’s maxim: “Never do what your enemy wants you to do, simply because he wants you to do it”. Guess who’s the main enemy. Contrary to Mr. Ralph Nader’s idealism (and my own, destroyed youthful hopes) that’s the best we can expect worldwide – the lesser of two weevils, perhaps with extremely rare exceptions, such as Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud, foremost leader of the Afghan resistance in the horrific Afghan War of Liberation against the godless communists (and later the inhuman Taliban (backed by – guess who), betrayed by the Clintons and later the Bush government because he wanted a better deal for Afghanistan and the Rockefeller Trans-Afghanistan pipeline. During the war I used to listen to the usual litanies from jews in NY about “Oh, the Soviets are just pursuing their own interests” (Over a million Afghan dead, 4.5 million refugees, God knows how many maimed for life from land mines, a continuing horror, some designed to look like plastic children’s toys, hundreds of thousands were deployed). The war is credited with destroying godless communism not only in Afghanistan but also in Russia and the Soviet State. Then the jewish mafia in Russia in partnership with Jacob Rothschild got busy looting while drunken, incompetent jew PM Yeltsin and Mr. Clinton facilitated the process. Thank God for Mr. Putin. Contrary to what Mr. Trump says, I think the Iran deal was the ONLY good thing Mr. Obama accomplished. To his credit, Mr. Trump, however, did not support the Iraq invasion – Mrs. Clinton did. Frankly, why Mrs. Clinton, her husband, the Bush regime and so on were not indicted and convicted long ago for so many things foreshadows virtually inevitable doom – all that Asura technology at Tonapah, in outer space, and elsewhere won’t change a thing in the larger picture. Therefore, the lesser of two weevils, there is really not much worse than Mrs. Clinton, if nothing else a protest vote against her record – just to keep off the date with the executioner a little longer – if we’re lucky.

  13. From the day of 9/11 and for the next 14 years us Americans were heavily propagandized to see the Muslim world as enemies, WE MUST go over to their countries to put an end to Islamic Jihad, they are Jihdists, they are enemies to our freedoms, Putin gets involved in Syria TO fight against the muslim islamic Jihadists Washington for 14 years told us were our enemies, then all-of-sudden just-like-that the Milims are our friends and allies.

    Now we’re being heavily propagandized to like Muslims and to like them so much we would fully support bringing millions and millions of them into the United States, we’re being told now Muslims are peace loving. In the meantime, ZOG and Hillary conitinue to wage war against the Muslim world, and us Americans get righteous smug lectures from the very same gang waging war against the Muslim world on how we are racist for not liking Muslims. Well, us working class Americans do not wake up in the morning and think “Gee I would really love to start some wars against muslim countries today and destroy their countries”. But Hillary and gang do. And they have the nerve to lecture us White Americns on how racist we are for not wanting the very people they’re waging war against coming into the United States.

    I never heard of waging war against countries and simultaneously allowing, actually actively encouraging, massive numbers of people we’re waging war against overseas to immigrate and settle into the United States. The wars against the Muslim world are unfair AND ILLEGAL AND BASED ON LIES, but still, Washington is waging war against Muslim countries while simultaneously Washington is intentionally bringing in very large numbers of Muslims from Muslim countries Washington is waging war against. 1 : The illegal wars against the Muslim world is TREASON ; And 2: the bringing in of very large numbers of Muslims from Muslim countries Washington is waging war against is TREASON. It’s DOUBLE TREASON.

    1. TROJ –

      “But Hillary and gang do. And they have the nerve to lecture us White Americns on how racist we are for not wanting the very people they’re waging war against coming into the United States.”

      Best comment I have read from you… ever… 🙂

      Great going…

      1. To us that seems contradictory, but to the Jews who are behind this policy, it makes sense. The Jews want us to fight wars for Israel in the Middle East. Therefore Muslims must be depicted as enemies, but at the same time the Jews want to destroy our societies with mass Third World immigration (among others also from the Muslim World), therefore resistance against that must be condemned as “racist”. Thus Islam is depicted as “terrorist” in the Middle East but as a “religion of peace” when it comes to Muslim immigrants into our countries. It all comes down to the Jewish character of destructive parasites. They not only want to exploit us, but also want to destroy us in the process.

      2. Yes, FR – –

        Contradictions are everywhere, especially about Pharisee-Jew controlled Russia.

        Most of Russia’s electricity generation is owned by a German Holding Company, E.ON SE.

        Unipro is a Russian power generation company formed by merger of five generation companies. 78.3% of the company is owned by the German energy company E.ON, the rest of the shares are owned by minority shareholders.

        Unipro PJSC (E.ON Russia JSC until June 2016) is the most efficient company of the thermal power generation sector in the Russian Federation.

        The power plants of Unipro PJSC have generated 28.0 bln kWh for the period between January and June 2016, which is 7.1% higher compared to the corresponding period of 2015.

        E·ON is a European holding company based in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It runs one of the world’s largest investor-owned electric utility service providers.

        It operates in over 30 countries and serves over 33 million customers.

        –Russia’s electricity could be unplugged by Germany’s Pharisee-Jews any time.

      3. @Pat. E.On is a swedish company. If it had been german it would have ended with De and not Se.

      4. See, Morningstar – – –

        When you argue… you learn… That’s ok..

        I do the research for you.. 🙂

        It is a German company… SE – Societas Europaea

        E.ON SE marketed with an interpunct as E·ON, is a European holding company….
        …. based in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

        It runs one of the world’s largest investor-owned electric utility service providers.

        E.ON Ruhrgas
        E.ON UK
        E.ON Sverige
        E.ON Russia

        SE is for: An EU Corporation

        A Societas Europaea – SE;

        European society or company; plural: (Societates Europaeae) is a public company registered in accordance with the corporate law of the European Union (EU), introduced in 2004 with the Council Regulation on the Statute for a European Company. Such a company may more easily transfer to, or merge with companies in, other member states.

  14. Pat :

    It’s good to see, it’s heartening, you’ve finally come to your senses and agree with me. I was worried about you there for awhile. 🙂 .

  15. Really, people, certainly not all large transactions with foreign entities necessarily involve political intrigue! I have an acquaintance who sold his coal interests to a Russian firm for about a billion dollars – and he ain’t never even BEEN to Russia. In fact, he owns the John Deere dealership we buy our new tractors from, and coaches girls basketball at his local public high school. The coal is still hauled right down the CSX Line to Norfolk, and is put on ships, and everybody’s happy! 🙂

    If Trump “does bizniss” with Putin, or Goldman, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s indulging in political intrigue with “the Russians” or “the Jews”! (Hillary, on the other hand…..)
    (Uncle Remus say “y’all got to keep a EYE on dat hussy!”)

  16. They both know where their Matzah bread is buttered. Neither one could get past go without kneeling down in obedience to the supreme masters of the universe. Now whether the Trumpster is a closet anti-Zionist only time will tell. But he will remove all doubt if he is pictured at the wailing wall bobbing his Yarmulke covered head up and down up and down up and down. Man that would be a real downer for any normal person.
    But ha-ha Hillary you bag of pus. I don’t think the Jew masters will a let lowly female, even if you are a Lesbo pustule, don a skull cap and bob up and down, up and down your dyed grey hair and face lifted head at the Holy of Holies. Now they may, but only just maybe, let DNC speaker Sarah Silverman bend over at the Holy of Holies and let the good and virtuous Rabbi watch you service German Shepard. After all, what could be pleasing to the God of Israel.

  17. A brief return to Brexit

    This is an interesting view of Scotsmen with long memories – “Brexit? Here’s what I think about Brexit. There are a lot of dead Scotsman buried in the Fields of Flanders….and what did Europe do for us….nuthin!!”

    von Richthoven: “How lucky you English are to find the toilet so amusing. For us, it is a mundane and functional item. For you, the basis of an entire culture.”

  18. If an American is going to vote, their choices are Clinton, a proven corrupt politician representing business as usual, a long Clinton body count list, and glee for arranging the deaths of thousands overseas, or Trump who has never been a politician and has never arranged for anyone’s death. The choice should be obvious.

    I did listen to Trump’s acceptance speech and I heard him say something no other politician has ever said. Trump mentioned LBJ and the 501:C3 he implemented (1954 if my memory serves me properly) to gag churches politically. Trump said he would get that changed. Apparently, he has no problem with churches being active in the political arena the way they have always been in the USA prior to LBJ’s slick deal.

    I still main that the jewish bankers that own and control the US government will not let Helliary be President. She is too power hungry and vicious to be a good stooge in that position. The fact that they let Sanders “compete” with Helliary in the primary is an indicator. Sander’s sellout of his supporters had the desired results, another party and/or a slide toward Trump guaranteeing a Trump win.

    Trump is not necessarily the jewish banker’s pick only because of what he is saying about dismantling what the bankers have worked to achieve like free trade and less war. The jewish banker have been put in the position of having to choose between the lesser of two evils from their perspective. Turnabout is fair play I guess. Of course, the bankers always have assassination as a tool at their disposal if Trump gets too far out of line. However, that could backfire on the bankers as well. There is so much anger in a significant portion of the American populace that assassinating Trump might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back resulting in a revolution.

    It appears to me that Trump is another indicator that the jews are losing the grip on power they used to have.

    1. Ungenius –

      Of course, the bankers always have assassination as a tool at their disposal if – Hillary – gets too far out of line. 🙂

      1. The very last thing Hillary would want to do is to “get too far out of line”. If anything, she gives the bankers and the Wall Street thieves pointers on how to be more thieving jewish, which is saying one f*ck of A LOT. She probably has the talmud and the kabbalah memorized word for word, every jot, jittle, tit, and tittle, of the jew’s “holy” books does Hillary know thru-and-thru. If Hillary wins, there will NOT be any assassination of Hillary, nor any attempt whatsoever to get rid of her in any way.

    2. Don’t fall into the wishful thinking trap, Ungenius!

      Attention all you darkmoon wonkers!

      Brownhawk has spotted something down there from way out on his latest perch…..hmmmm, what IS that?

      Since 1948, the only time the same party’s candidate was inaugurated for a presidential term of office in a 3rd straight election year was in 1988 when Bush Sr. went in. My guess is that this was deemed necessary, having to do with some unfinished business left over from the Reagan Admin. when Bush was the de facto president ANYWAY.

      In 2016, if Hilary was to be put into office it would mark the 3rd consecutive term for the democratic candidate. But I don’t think there’s any such “unfinished business” this time around. The democratic party is looking dead like Carter in 1980, and now there’s some NEW business to conduct, and like with Reagan that year the situation calls for a Trump (Republican) presidency. This is their man.


      First of all, insofar as foreign policy is concerned, it doesn’t matter if Elmer F***ing Fudd was the President, they’ve got that covered. U.S. Presidents “do what they’re told”, meaning WHAT they DO is based on the LIES they are TOLD – a steering component. However, with Trump IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID! This is to be the focus, which is why he’s the guy they want in there. To be the one to take the credit when IT, AND military expenditures are given a boost and everything he said he was gonna do gets done. Ironically similar to Reagan/Bush, under whose watch came trickle-down, Iranian hostage release, the Soviet break-up, etc.

      Why a boost?

      Could it be that the lines are being drawn? That simultaneous to this BRICS, in a continuance of its being steered, will go rogue on the cabal’s central banking money control to set up their OWN central bank?


      Perhaps as a preamble for what has been planned all along – a full-blown and DEFINITIVE* war that will engulf the World!

      whoopwhoopwhoop wahoooooooooooo!

      *the parasite’s death throes; it’s Gotterdamerung

      1. @ Brownhawk

        “Don’t fall into the wishful thinking trap, Ungenius!”

        It is not wishful thinking, just observation, rational thinking, and the knowledge that all lies eventually meet their end, otherwise, evil would have surely and completely succeeded by now.

        As far as national politics is concerned, the system has always been rigged ever since 1789 when the American populace was saddled with the jewish banker’s Constitution. However, that does not mean that there has not been those people in the Presidency that did not do as they were told. Each one that did not obey was assassinated by bullet or poison with the exception of Andrew Jackson and Ronald Reagan that survived the attempt. If permitted to become President with an actual vote count, Trump could be the very first President that truly knows the system due to his exposure to it by his business activities especially in Jew York City, the haven of jewishness in the USA ever since Dutch West India Company founded New Amsterdam (now New York City) in 1626. Trump knows how the jews operate and how the system operates. Consequently, Trump has to know that, if he accomplishes most of what he has said, he will be on the wrong side of the jewish bankers’ Jew World Order fantasy and hopefully he is smart enough to have his own security so that the jewish stooge Pence doesn’t become President.

        Another indicator that Trump may not be a jewish banker stooge was the Republican Primary. Any one of Trump’s 15 competitors were for sure jewish banker stooges with jewish finances to back them up. Trump used all his own money to win the Republican nomination.

        Time will certainly reveal what is to come and whether or not Trump is another jewish banker stooge.

        Unlike many on Darkmoon, I do not believe that the jews are the smartest people on the planet with complete control over the world with no means to counter their control. There are far too many indicators that the jews are scrambling just to maintain some form of the control they had in 1985 when they had control of the big three, USA/NATO, USSR, and China. Again, it’s not wishful thinking. It’s observation and rational thinking without the fear of evil.

        “Perhaps as a preamble for what has been planned all along – a full-blown and DEFINITIVE* war that will engulf the World!”

        USA/NATO does not have enough horsepower or manufacturing infrastructure to engage in a somewhat winnable WWIII against China and Russia. USA/NATO is currently just saber rattling. The alliance between Russia and China would have to be broken and that stands about as much of a chance as an avalanche in Hell.

      2. You misread me, Ungenius, like most here I suppose.

        This isn’t about a war being “winnable” by one side or another. It’s about the parasite running it’s course – “the lies will meet their end”

        SAME THING!

        But upon ARRIVING to that, events are constantly being STEERED in that direction, and in so doing methodically removing the obstacles in its path. I believe they are way behind schedule for it, but it is still inexorable nonetheless.

        Having said that…..

        American politics moves in predictable cycles. Obviously I could be wrong, but I sense that the one that’s come back around calls for a certain kind of populist to be the next figurehead in the Oval Office. In 1980 it was Reagan, in 2016 Donald Trump.

        The top-dog masons know how to play the cheap fiddle America has become in furthering their agenda, and now on the political docket is the “call” for ACTION; to “get things done”.

        I see the geopolitical commencing of a Hitleresque Trump – Stalinesque Putin dynamic in terms of where the present pieces on the board are being placed and moving forward (and backward, whatever the case may be). Reagan-Gorbachev was a different kind of cat altogether, and I’ll be curious to see who is cast in the roles of Molotov and Ribbentrop….given the premise of course :>}

      3. People are simply not grasping the import of the parasite running it’s course. Of how it infers that the old ways of history’s causes and effects are on the verge of a radical altering

        This is not our father’e paradigm

  19. The other day I linked to an article at Bare Naked Islam website, “plant a tree in israel” website. I was labeled a jew for it. That cut to the quick. I was not a happy puppy to be a victim of character defamation. So today, I sent ” plant a tree in Israel” website about 6-7 posts which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt I am NOT a jew. The posts are currently “under moderation” naturally, let’s see if the webmasters of Bare Naked Islam let my posts thru their moderation, but I don’t think they’ll put my posts up on their “plant a tree in israel” commentary board. I sent the posts under an article about polling places in jew-ridden Boca RAT-on Florida.

  20. Latest bullshit to steer Americans from supporting and voting for Trump. It just started, the new meme, at Rumor Mill News today. “Look forward” to this meme being spread throughout the so-called “alternative” media in yet another desperate attempt by a certain ilk in the “alternative” media who hate Trump exactly as much as thr MSM jews, exactly for the same reasons though they will never admit it, as the jews in MSM media hate Trump’s guts. The new meme … drum roll please ! Trump and Hillary are distant cousins! Don’t Vote for Trump… He’s a distant cousin to Hillary whom WE all detest and blood is thicker than water so ispo facto Trump is NO different than his cousin Hillary who WE of course detest. So stay home and DO NOT FOR Hillary’s cousin TRUMP –>which is in effect the same thing as voting for Hillary whom “WE” “of course” “detest!” This latest meme –> Who’s brilliant idea was that? What “alternative” media webmaster came up with that real smart tack?

    1. This runs along the lines of smearing an “anti-Semite” by calling them a Jew. Some Christians don’t want Jesus to be a Jew because they know certain truths about Jews. Other people want Hitler to be a Jew because they know these same truths. What is telling is how often people measure and judge others by how they relate to Jews.

      Jews are well aware of their bloodsucking, psychopathic, parasitical nature and they know the revulsion non-Jews have to nasty bloodsucking, psychopathic parasites. They use this knowledge to either discredit or advance acceptance or rejection of various personalities.

      This only works because Jews have created the cult of the personality. In this cult, people look first and foremost at whom is speaking. The message they hear is then weighed against preconceived notions that have been firmly planted in the cult psyche by the media’s Jewish programmers.

      Therefore, if the cultist is conditioned to like a politician or movie star, they will listen and react favorably to what the politician or movie star has to say, no matter how stupid, inane, nonsensical or destructive the message might be. Conversely if they are conditioned to hate a personality, the conditioned cultist will usually refrain from even listening to what someone has to say, no matter how sensible or reasonable the message.

      This is how Jews have programmed the gullible goyim to jump though those hoops they bring out during various dog and pony shows like elections. However, the cult of the personality often brings out strange bedfellows. In the above example, we find an attempt to discredit Trump by linking him to the very scum-sucking sycophant promoted by his detractors.

      This claim is reinforced by those “revealing” articles and videos that show how all the political families have been linked in the past. How Bush, Clinton and Hitler are actually descended from the British Monarchy etc. The programmed cultist will think, “Well if Hitler was related to JFK, then it is perfectly reasonable to assume Hillary is Trump’s cousin.”

      Last night, Leon Panetta referred to Putin as a “dictator”. Trump has also been slimed with this term. Of course thanks to Jewish programming about Hitler, the term “dictator” brings forth the very worst connotations among the followers of the personality cult. Note how infrequently good old “uncle” Joe Stalin is described using this term. Note also the parental image invoked by the “uncle” descriptor.

      The programming of the goyim runs deep – very, very deep. The answer to this subliminal programming is first remove the book’s dust jacket and credits page before listening to what the book has to say ~ and ~ Don’t ever think what the Jews want you to think, simply because Jews want you to think it.

      1. @ Arch Stanton

        Excellent post.

        “The programming of the goyim runs deep – very, very deep.”

        It is also very wide covering most all aspects of living. It takes an honest desire to want to know the truth and numerous brain flushes before the truth becomes visible. Even then, a person has to pay attention to their own thoughts or the programming starts to return. As an example, US military service basic programing is to kill on command without remorse which is against the natural inclination of a normal human being. Yet, decades later, the tendency to be deathly violent sometimes reappears seemingly out of nowhere and, left unchecked by the knowledge that it is programming, the results can be diasterous.

  21. I’m voting for Trump, and letting the chips fall where they may. I’m female, educated, and fit into the Hillary zip code. No way will I ever vote for another Clinton… way!

  22. Not a choice, actually.
    How can anyone vote for satan, unless deluded or evil?
    That only leaves Mr. Trump to vote for.

    Personally I feel it’s high time I leave the USA for the southern Hemisphere, or move to the most isolated and unwanted spot in America, as far from the grid as possible, if only to avoid an untimely (it’s always untimely, isn’t it?) death by nuclear fire.

  23. Hilary is the feminine-moon principle and Trump is the sun masculine princle. Both working for the Jews . Both are the symbols for the left and right pillars of the Kabbalah and will United making the middle pillar–harmony–oneness –NEW WORLD RELIGIOIS ORDER–Keter. Order out of Chaos.

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