EUROPE IN ITS DEATH THROES: WHO’S TO BLAME? (4 short videos, 14 mins)

It is hoped that the cumulative impact of these four very short videos will be considerable and help to alert our readers to the perils of multiculturalism and uncontrolled mass immigration. Europe’s fate now lies in the balance.


VIDEO 1 : 5.23 mins
Thank the Jews for plotting the death of Europe

VIDEO 2 : 4.32 mins
Thank the Jews for plotting the death of Europe

VIDEO 3 : 2 mins
Thank the Jews for plotting the death of Europe

 VIDEO 4 : 37 seconds
Thanks the Jews for plotting the death of Europe

116 thoughts to “EUROPE IN ITS DEATH THROES: WHO’S TO BLAME? (4 short videos, 14 mins)”

    1. Lasha,

      You do realize that video is trying to shame people who put the blame on the jew, making them out to be crazies for thinking something so absurd, don’t you? Read the comments from the video creator in this video you linked, where they’re trying to pivot attention away from jews and onto “muslims” and “communists,” and also see how in the “about” page it is admitted that they are indeed a jew!

      1. @ LSPM

        Lasha is away right now, so I am answering on her behalf.

        At no time was it LD’s intention to point the finger of blame at the immigrants themselves for the migrant crisis. She knows they are being used by the Jews as pawns in an elaborate game whose ultimate end is White genocide. The blame for the migrant crisis is placed squarely on the Jews, the planners and architects of mass immigration. Scroll up to the article and read what LD says there:

        “Thank the Jews for plotting the death of Europe.”
        “Thank the Jews for plotting the death of Europe.”
        “Thank the Jews for plotting the death of Europe.”
        “Thank the Jews for plotting the death of Europe.”

        She says this FOUR times!

        How many more times does she have to repeat this before the message gets through . . . that she is holding the JEWS directly responsible?

      2. Toby,

        No, no. It’s quite clear Lasha is not a fan of jews. I simply figured Lasha made a mistake in supporting this video she links here in the first post of the comment section. That’s all.

        At first glance, it seems like it’s in alignment with the opinions generally held here, but if you watch it all, you’ll see how it makes it wants to paint those that think there is a jewish conspiracy as fools.

        Also, the video creator is a jew himself. From the about page: “It is important that I first come forward and inform my viewers, subscribers & support that I am a man of Jewish descent and I do not traditionally identify as White. The ‘Order of the White Lions Society’ however is my project that I mean to share with responsible, self identifying White people who wish to counter both discrimination & defamation of White people.”

        1. @ LSPM

          Ah, I see what you mean! You are talking about the video LD mentioned in Comment 1. To tell you the truth, I don’t think she watched that video too closely or gave it much thought. Posting that link was probably a superficial, last-moment thing.

          But consider this. The image that remains in the mind is those massive ships moving to Europe. A panel door opens and you see all these swarms of immigrants ready to be disgorged. No matter how you look at it, that is an anti-immigrant statement. Forget who is to blame for the migrant problem — Jews or Muslims or both. The video (to me) delivers a simple message: “Europe is full! Too many immigrants! We can’t have the entire Third World flooding into Europe!”

          I think it’s that simple message that must have gotten through to LD. Anyway, sincere apologies to you if the video gave you offense. None was intended.

  1. While the current mass migration of ‘refugees’ from Africa, continues to pile into Europe, people somehow seem to forget that immigrants have been steadily flowing into Europe since the end of WW2. In fact, instead of the migrant policy, advocated by the politicians, as told to do by their Zionist handlers, they should have allowed men multiple wives and 20 children families, to recoup the horrendous loss of the 50million or so death toll to predominantly Europeans. Islam does it and that’s why its population continues to grow faster than any other. Look at the west? With the combination of feminism and the LGBT agenda, the birthrate is well below the obvious two children, per family, needed to sustain the population.

    Forget about the current mass migration, as it’s only adding to the problem that was already there. Common sense dictates, that if you allow a foreign people into your land, who have multiple wives and 5+ children families to the indigenous 1.5 or so, your population WILL become a minority in the not to distant future.

    The madness continues when we are now told by the msm, that it’s racist to object to immigration, which will result in the destruction of indigenous culture and majority. In other words, if you do not agree with the destruction of Europeans and their culture (white Christian/non Muslim) then you are a racist and no doubt a nazi-who-killed-6million-Jews.

    The sad reality is such that unless Europe starts to deport a huge amount of non indigenous and not only keep the non indigenous population to under 2%, but restrict non indigenous birth levels too, Europe, as the home of the white peoples, will very rapidly come to an end.
    We are talking about the survival of a race here and I really don’t care how offended you think you are, or how much you don’t want to offend, but if you agree to immigration and disagree with repatriation, then it proves you are in agreement with white genocide. This is, excuse the pun, a very black and white situation.

    1. I agree. Now convert to Islam and start breeding en masse.

      White Muslims from the Balkans and Turkey and the Russian Federation and Crimea and Siberia don’t have the problems you are talking about. So certainly it MUST be the belief system – religion which influences the culture (although not every culture that Muslims are in the majority does everything under the influence of religion – pre-Islamic traditions also exist).

      1. Muslims from the eastern fringes of Europe should be given the option to convert to christianity or be booted out with the rest of the muslims. It is the only solution. Mohammed was a madman, not a prophet. Islam is a delusion and not a religion. In any case it doesn’t belong in the more civilised parts of the world. Europe must remain white first and furmost.

      2. ya …”Morning Star” … go out and publicly say it to the Muslims….

        I wanna see if you will be walking upright the next day…

        you may need to get charged for blasphemy in order to protect your own self…

        for your own good

  2. The first video, the frog in the pot, has good content but an indulgent level of, sorry, a truly lousy voiceover. Speaking as a voice professional myself, the voice is just not good, but frankly irritating, high-pitched, whiney, beta-male and unattractive.

    And the man has no idea of the rudiments of the job, such as using Audacity (absolutely free and popular audio-editing software) so as to get rid of a multitude of mouse-click and mouth noises in this frog video .

    I am amazed at how many people in this narcissistic age do audio, including even talk-show hosts, who never bother to take one single voice lesson so as to have a voice that is ATTRACTIVE TO THE LISTENER. (I can think of two women whose voices are just horrible, and they are heedless of this blatant problem.)

    The other three videos were fine.

    The last one, IMO, should have had key phrases by the vile Spectre highlighted. She is saying incredibly horrible, absurd and threatening things that need to be emphasized by being transcribed in huge letters.

    Otherwise they do not sink in to the neophyte viewer. If unfamiliar with Talmudic intentions, their mind just cannot assimilate this much evil.

    1. The Spectre video was that woke me up and from what I’ve heard also Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations. What a vile and evil woman that is. Just imagine to switch out the word Europe for Israel in her speech and all hell would break loose. Suddenly it would go from normal multiculturalism and diversity to hate speech and anti-semitism.

  3. We ought to be careful in blaming Muslims for ‘terrorism’ in and around Europe. Proviso. Unless evidence proves undoubtedly, Islamic based and led. Increasingly, assumptions suggests, the flags aren’t so false? Jumping on “Islamic”. ‘Whose to Blame?’ Appreciate, here-be them ‘J**ish bosses’ and over there, ‘be those Jesuits’, with some, it’s Muslims – with help. Some saying all three, or other/s?

    And those more/most asleep, blame ‘white-men…’ – mostly in/from America. Rabbit-hole for them, wide as the population. Not deep.

    I think the second video (‘So “called” refugees…’) falls somewhat into the traps, it’s seeking to expose. Like the ‘Sweden’ video, takes adding drama through music. Isn’t the best explained, fact of it, enough? Showing fights? When/what do we know of the context?

    Surely more the sick-plan, even, than ‘take over’ European nation/als, is get as many can; overstating, misjudging, lacking understanding, falling for… Along the way and towards street-fighting.

    Whatever can be done to stem the tide. Yes. Back to immigration being, first-country arrive/claim, as traditionally understood. If seeking asylum? Leave to remain temporarily or permanent, and if failed to prove – in theory/should be practice – deportation. All this lost passport etc. Time to get one/ID and claim etc or..? Of course, this all dream-scape. It was never in the U.K. quite that – but somewhat. Borders, who needs them? We do.

    1. Sadly way too few can see that. When you compare the power of “The Synagogue” to control/corrupt/bleed ALL Christian/Muslim nations seeing who the demonic forces are working in unison with the devil himself should be child’s play… and yet, false media/shills/morons seem to always “will out”.

  4. i don’t think I read anything about nato bombarding the hell out of these immigrants’ countries . If you left their countries alone,may be they would have stayed home . also no body talks about eurpoeans’ manoor like a circus horse’s being all over the globe . the life style europe has is as a result of distroying others . by colonizing and stealing their natuaral wealth and by spreading deases and illateracy generation after generation .Talk about this if you want to be objective , blame the bastards who are behind it and don’t place the whole blame on the immigrants . Immigrants are not the enemy , zionists amongst you are the eternal enemy . They will contiue to mix you up until they get the consistancy they want while keeping their race intact and pure . Did you in Israel an immigrant worker must sign a contract not to sleep with any jewess even if she’s a prostitute or he will be jailed and deported . that’s how you keep your race pure , well, by being racist to the core .
    I’m a Palestinian who is not allowed to go back to the land I was born and raised in . I setteled in America , married a beautiful white woman . I have two beautiful grown up kids . I love the people here period .I worked all my life , I was never a public liability or a public charge , nor was I a burden on any one . Allah made us different so we may know one another,as the Quran says , this is the nature of things intended by God , but to force-mix the races is unnatural , and satanism in a nutshell is to disturb everthing that is natuaral to please Satan.

    1. Al Jazareh,

      I concur.
      The current migration of Africans, who are heavily outnumbering the Syrians are here as a direct result of the destruction of Libya, removal and murder of Muammar Gadaffi, who was stopping the migrants from entering Europe. The west had no problem with Gadaffi and Libya. Israel, however most certainly did.
      I think there is nothing wrong with natural miscegenation and a minimal non indigenous population, who will integrate. However large populations don’t and forced miscegenation is despicable. People do not see this, nor do they see how Israel behaves because they control the msm and education systems in the west, via their lobbies, along with other establishments, key to the running of that nation.
      I really have nothing against other peoples and their cultures, but I do when they have no respect for my culture and people, when they are living in my land and benefiting greatly from it.

    2. @ al jazareh

      At no time was it Lasha Darkmoon’s intention to point the finger of blame at the immigrants themselves for the migrant crisis. She knows they are being used by the Jews as pawns in an elaborate game whose ultimate end is White genocide. The blame for the migrant crisis is placed squarely on the Jews, the planners and architects of mass immigration. Scroll up to the article and read what Lasha Darkmoon says there:

      “Thank the Jews for plotting the death of Europe.”
      “Thank the Jews for plotting the death of Europe.”
      “Thank the Jews for plotting the death of Europe.”
      “Thank the Jews for plotting the death of Europe.”

      She says this FOUR times!

      How many more times does she have to repeat this before the message gets through . . . that she is holding the JEWS directly responsible?

    3. The Qur’an says :
      ” And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth
      and the DIVERSITY of your languages and your COLORS. Indeed in
      that are signs for those of knowledge.” (Rum,30:22.)

      “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female
      and made you PEOPLES and TRIBES that you may KNOW (not mix with) one
      another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is
      the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and
      Acquainted.” ( Hujurat 49:13)
      Emphasis and words between brackets added

  5. To catch a true glimpse of inhuman abyss that is Jew, it suffices to study that reptilian face of Spectre a bit.
    See how the eyes look askew, each its own way, different apertures, face twisted, mouth squirming like a stabbed snake, any vestige of symmetry and harmony absent, just like faces of Jew “art”, so venerated today.
    It is a face from Hell, where Spectre will surely sink when her appointed task here is completed.
    Made up from lies, all disjoint, none fitting, because a lie cannot fit into reality by definition, yet jews are constructed of them like infected Lego blocks.

    1. a vile little lizard, she. this planet is teeming with ’em

      and I’ll post here briefly in response to the material you presented concerning the great destroyer of evil as related in the ancient Eastern texts and elsewhere

      There will be no greater fury than a Creator scorned by the sheer evil being perpetrated on the animal kingdom. The whole damnable slate needs to be wiped clean….and it will

    2. These latter weeks of the spring has seen scandal after scandal rise from the Green party of Sweden having been heavily infiltraded by muslims. Here’s one photo that surfaced in the wake of these scandals. Pictured here are 9 people. Mostly swedes and muslims doing the infamous finger sign. Oh yes and one vile jewess as well. However I don’t know the backstory of it and what she’s doing there.

  6. Savitri hits the bullseye on page 7 of Lightning and Sun, I am quite impressed with the originality and independence (non-pc) of her intellect and though some may think the following quote off-topic, I on the contrary see it as very topical, because the true auto-immune disease of our times, whereby Jews, instead of being purged from human midst, are accorded a place of honor above all, is execrable

    Savitri has this to say

    The real advantage

    [sic, I think she means advantage to master manipulators]

    of general literacy, if any, is to be sought elsewhere. It lies not in the better quality either of the exceptional men and women or of the literate millions, but rather in the fact that the latter are rapidly becoming intellectually more lazy and therefore more credulous than ever — and not less so; — more easily deceived, more liable to be led like sheep without even the shadow of a protest, provided the nonsense one wishes them to swallow be presented to them, in printed form and made to appear “scientific.”

    [The following paragraph is worth a closer look, imo]

    The higher the general level of literacy, the easier it is, for a government in control of the daily press, of the wireless and of the publishing business, — these almost irresistible modern means of action upon the mind — to keep the masses and the “intelligenzia” under its thumb, without them even suspecting it.
    Among widely illiterate but more actively thinking people, openly governed in the old autocratic manner, a prophet, direct mouthpiece of the Gods, or of genuine collective aspirations, could always hope to rise between secular authority and the people. The priests themselves could never be quite sure of keeping the people in obedience forever. The people could choose to listen to the prophet, if they liked. And they did, sometimes.
    To-day, wherever universal literacy is prevalent, inspired exponents of timeless truth — prophets — or even selfless advocates of timely practical changes, have less and less chances to appear. Sincere thought, real free thought, ready, in the name of superhuman authority or of humble common sense, to question the basis of what is officially taught and generally accepted, is less and less likely to thrive.

    It is, we repeat, by far easier to enslave a literate people than an illiterate one, strange as this may seem at first sight. And the enslavement is more likely to be lasting. The real advantage [sic] of universal literacy is to tighten the grip of the governing power upon the foolish and conceited millions.
    That is probably why it is dinned into our heads, from babyhood onwards that “literacy” is such a boon.
    Capacity to think for one’s self is, however, the real boon.
    And that always was and always will be the privilege of a minority, once recognized as a natural élite and respected.
    To-day, compulsory mass-education and an increasingly standardised literature for the consumption of “conditioned” brains — outstanding signs of “progress” — tend to reduce that minority to the smallest possible proportions; ultimately, to suppress it altogether. Is that what mankind wants? If so, mankind is losing its raison d’être, and the sooner the end of this so-called “civilisation” the better.

    Note that so far, not a single mention of AH, yet much that is worth a careful digest, antithetical to The Protocols.
    Almost as if they are saying the very same thing but assigning diametrically opposed valuation to the material.
    It is this twinned inability to think on their own, coupled with the silencing of the voice of prophets that is steering the bus off the cliff.
    Or perhaps more to the point, the transitory class, able to perceive the oracle and relay it to the wider masses is what is lacking.
    This should be seen as our job.

    1. “Capacity to think for one’s self is, however, the real boon.” This was the original intent of what is now more accurately termed, “edjewmacation”, i.e. the indoctrination of people with Jewish lies and propaganda to produce a slave class subservient to their agenda.

      This morning I was pursuing some interesting photographs on Pinterest. My search wound up taking me to a web site about WWII and there were all the typical Jewish lies about the evil Naadzees and the terrible plight of murdered Jewry “victims”.

      After correcting several misconceptions, it dawned on me how useless an endeavor this is, as the ignorantly “informed” masses are overwhelming on these websites. Those knowing the truth about Jews are truly a tiny minority; a mere fifth-placed, decimaled fraction of the population.

      This is undoubtedly why Jews have not taken more serious terrorist action to disable internet access. The Hasbarats probably troll more for sport than for effect, as there isn’t much left to do for Jews to maintain control over the gullible, unthinking masses. TV pretty much does it all for them.

      Here’s a great poetic metaphor of the America. These are the great, not so great, and truly abysmal men left out standing in a field. (scroll down a bit. Note the size of the human dressed in red.)

      By the way, how do you post those imaged quotes?

      1. like this, Arch, replace “[” with “open angle symbol (less than)” and “]” with “close angle/greater than”
        [a href=”″]whatever you want to call it[/a]
        and you end up with whatever you want to call it

      2. Lobro –

        I believe he wanted the ‘imaged quotes’ rather than ‘hyperlink’ you showed.

    2. Lobro,

      Very inspiring but maybe a little bit excessive.

      Time for your captain insight kabbalah french soup, hope it won’t be too indigest iam tipsy, with once again Islam icon René Guénon, the reign of quantity and the signs of times.
      Chapter 28, deviation and subversion.

      “The modern mentality itself, in everything that characterizes it specifically as such (and this must be said once more, for it is something that cannot be too often insisted on), is no more than the product of a vast collective suggestion, which has operated continuously for several centuries and has determined the formation and progressive development of the anti-traditional spirit;

      I would say that the collective suggestion started with the reintroduction of Kabbalah in Europe and the progressive inversion of the traditional meaning of words, especially with the managerial project that emerged after the war. Management is the sub branch of cybernetics, the science of pilotage, pilotage of things, human beings and organizations. The main remarkable figure of this profane science, as René would put it, is Hubert Wiener whose father was classmate with Zamenohf in Poland, the inventor of Esperanto, but who needs Esperanto when we have this good commercial wall-street English.

      In his two major works, God and Golem + Cybernetics, Wierner makes constant reference to Rabbi Loew, the Maharal of Praga, and to Isaac Louria, the author of New Kabbalah, a brand new mission emerging after the Spain eviction that now consisted in reorganizing the world around a lost unity, unity we call nowadays global corporate governance as taught in every occidental university. You also find this theological dimension in Quaker messianism, the creation of a human brotherhood in factories, with Taylor rationalization and Ford who was inspired by Chicago abbatoirs for his assembly line. Lenine and the Chinks just love Taylor.

      After that, it was reintroduced in Europe through academics after WWII with Macy conferences, another Quaker, and after that School of Frankfurt, Palo Alto cognitive science, sociology, Kurt Lewyn social psychology change management, Neuro Linguistic Manipulation, Mind Control, Tavistockian Freudian BS if you prefer, Holy Foucault bulldozer.

      Take the etymology of the word management, Manus Agere, acting with the hand. The word comes from managare in Italian where it designated two things, housewives home caring, la mama, and the direction, not management, of school establishments, suggesting notions of care and intention, ménage/ household and manège/ merry-go-round, kids grab your horse with the hand and turn, tournicoti tournicoton. Then it crossed the Atlantic where it was recuperated by engineers and came back in Europe with a very different meaning, efficiency, with all the engineering behind.

      Check your manager office if you don’t believe me, the guy is doing nothing with his hand. So what does he manipulate? The subjectivities and the desires of the workers with predetermined mathematical symbols to assert its authority. That’s the whole point of Kabbalah, numbers as God language, Goldman Sachs is doing God’s work. It’s just the benchmark adjustment in structural terms of 0.5% of GDP, including through the implementation to proactively manage its credit risk and holds $4.1 billion in notional credit default swap protection, a decrease of $.4 billion from the end of last quarter blablabla… or other BS like that.
      That’s why a douchebag in Bruxelles is deciding with an Excel spreadshit and some dashboards what should be the economic reforms of Europe while French people are on strike against the El-Khomri working law, while this poor French arabic woman has nothing to do with the reform.

      Manager are like priests, they rule the population with their bullshit symbol, that’s the soft empire of management as this French scholar put it, a nice and comfortable cybernetic totalitarism, Isaac f++++g Asimov. Back to René, chapter 31; the inversion of symbols and Diversion and Subversion.

      The best cure for this is French, German and Russian literature, Encyclopedia Britannica history, the Bible, quality readings, this how I got defrocked, Illusions Lost. But hey, I don’t decide school curriculum, it’s Najat Belkacem gender theories the minister and she wants to reform grammar and spelling in order to create the most illiterate transsexual Frenglish generation in history, another great Arabic French lady, feminism, another inverted word, it works with all progressive modern concepts anyway.

      But maybe Savitri is right; the invention of writing and reading was the start of our enslavement. According to Marx, men have lost their radical logos and became alienated when they started to write calculi, to trade and to accumulate, capitalism, desire and servitude, what you gonna do? Jesus warned us about mimetic desire. And Gutenberg, olala.

      I am more with the Chinks on this:
      When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom. Confucius raised no fool, remember Mao with his cultural revolution BS. They have learnt the hard way, like the Russians. Adorno is wrong, ants are not fascists because they don’t want to change and respect authority.

      Sorry for the drunk off-topic comment, anyway, Black speaking French people with Chinese managers will rule the world one day, demographically guaranteed.

      1. Understood every word, without even needing to be tipsy, Phil, thanks.
        Guenon paragraph is a keeper.

        Yet, for a change, I am not changing, I am staying the course with Devi, need a bit of countervailing boost to all this evil of cybernetics, word Kabbalah, neurolinguistics sludge seeping out of sewer end of Tartarus.

        Every well-wishing thought helps, including Tolkien.

        Congratulations on successful defrocking, the stone the Masons have rejected 😉
        Now, as you see, you hold mass in the open, a free thinking man though tipsy, reaching a free thinking audience, if I ever need to be shrove, I’ll give you a call from the city of raptors (not that i give 2 f**ks for them either, pro sports being just another form of booze to put us all in a migrant-loving mood).

      2. Lobro,

        Don’t worry about all those cybernetics non sense. they just need to be deconstructed, thats what Jews and Masons do, they deconstruct. i am currently reading an amazing book “Occident et Islam” written by fellow Hindi Youssef deconstructing Zionism from Kabbalah, i should turn it into a soup someday but it’s Sunday so here is a more popular soup. I have time before kick off at 5pm. There will be Salafists, they are not so bad after all, and they have such a bad press.

        Funny, i realized Mrs Devi was French, well Greek Italian / English, formed at Lyon University, while I thought she was Indian or English maybe.
        It makes sense, gnose and paganism, the Aryan version of Guénon who chose Islam because he loved meat 🙂 . But she makes really good point I admit from what I just read. Good university Lyon, Faurisson used to teach there before inquisition, a melting pot of ideas since time immemorial, that would be the Roman.
        That’s the problem we have in France, we always have been pathological xenophile and way too much interested in alterity, maybe because we are bastards. France is foremost a political and geographical construction made by soldiers and jurists who have coagulated diverse kind of white people around culture/language, and against the Anglo-Saxons.
        The first wave of non-Europeans migrants assimilated themselves pretty well during the good old day of USSR and two Germany, yes, we like Germany so much we wish there were more of them. They managed to create their own concepts using French culture to understand their condition and servitude, like Senghor concept of negritude that was kicked out of academics because judged too racialist and ethnocentric. Malcom X read too much book in jail, dangerous thing a Negro with a library card, so Angela Davis was put forward to replace him, peace unity and have some fun.
        In the housing projects at the end of the seventies, French workers from Europe and countryside with the first wave of Arabs were creating culture and their own concept to imagine a more decent society. They knew reading Marx that immigration was the absolute weapon of capitalists to enslave them.

        Now the same projects, after mass immigration with family reunification and SOS racism, are ethnic crime ghettos where young people coagulate around US gangbangers’ subculture and where the only book is a 50 pages CIA approved Coran.

        Thus antiracism here is taking an absurd and destructive form. It’s a sad thing considering history to see Black organizations asking reparation and memorial slavery days to the State when they should ask the descendants of the colonial lobby, easy to spot them, they are now antiracist and employers representative lobbies. Slavery was abolished in the 14th century on national soil
        We haven’t’ waited WWI to use black soldiers, we already had black soldiers in the 18 th century.
        It would make a great movie with Eddie Murphy as a French general killing Brits in the 19th century. A movie was recently made about his son Alexandre, a white actor was strangely chosen for the role. Better example than all the dancing Black and illiterate Arabic people put forward today in the medias, like Iman of Paris Chalgoumi who barely speaks French. If you look at the current situation in a pragmatic manner those people are here to stay and there will be no remigration anyway in the short term if we allow NATO to destabilize their countries with Islamic militias and bomb.

        “pro sports being just another form of booze to put us all in a migrant-loving mood” 🙂
        You are right, sport has a dazzling effect over migrations related problem and identity but it also channels all this wasted energy into something with disciplined, still better than a captagon tour of Syria. But the situation has deteriorated so much since France98, et un et deux et trois zéros.

        Those were quality “migrants”, you should hear them speak at that time, smartest guy on the team was the Pacific islander Kanak, what a lovely Russian wife he had. Now we have a team of ghetto anti French fast running athletic dummies who have repeatedly got humiliated ever since 2002, they even went on strike in South Africa during the WC, shameful shit. The best football team, nationals and clubs, are white, with a hint of multiculturalism, see Germany Spain and Barça, or Atletico-Real final next week. Hope Zidane will win a second Champions League for Real Madrid after Glasgow2002 volley.

        As for overground basketball, it’s unfair since white men can’t jump or so we are told.
        Never mind, the dominating team in NBA plays the white way, like Argentina2004 dominating the overconfident USA team with Manu Ginobili, best quality player in history.

        That’s another problem we have, we always manage to find beauty even in dung hills. It’s becoming harder and harder by the minute.

    3. @ Lobro

      “It is, we repeat, by far easier to enslave a literate people than an illiterate one, strange as this may seem at first sight. And the enslavement is more likely to be lasting.”

      This is exactly the reason that the jews (Pharisees) made literacy mandatory among the jews from 300 BC to 200 BC.

      Gee, I wonder what fictional documents of indoctrination were available for all the underlings to read? The trick was most definitely long lasting since those documents are still revered today as the truth. In typical jewish fashion, those lies were not sufficient to adequately accomplish their evil goals, so they started documenting the Talmud about 1,000 years later.

    1. Can’t really blame the jews. The christians are happy to be kind to the poor muslims.

    2. but Whitey can’t recognize this because he don’t see no joos and hears no jooos

  7. Whereby this fine thinker and writer expounds on the heartless cruelty to animals and consigns the present world to a well-deserved oblivion … kind of continuing from where Arch urges Kalki, The Avenger, to get on with it and do the job thoroughly.
    Much of interest to those who perceive animals as legitimate soul bearers, Homer and B-hawk included, Savitri makes a grand case out of it. Rightly so.
    At first I thought to abridge it but then thought better of it, much lost for the sake of minimalism.

    There is no getting away from the fact that kindness to animals on a national scale does not ultimately depend upon the teachings of any superimposed religion or philosophy.

    It is one of the distinctive characteristics of the truly superior races.

    And no religious, philosophical or political alchemy can turn base metal into gold. This does not mean to say that a good teaching cannot help to bring the best out of every race, as well as out of every individual man or woman.
    But modern industrial civilisation, to the extent it is man-centred — not controlled by any inspiration of a super-human, cosmic order — and tends to stress quantity instead of quality, production and wealth, instead of character and inherent worth, is anything but congenial to the development of consistent universal kindness, even among, the better people. It hides cruelty. It does nothing to suppress it, or even to lessen it. It excuses, nay, it exalts any atrocity upon animals, which happens to be directly or indirectly connected with money-making, from the daily horrors of the slaughter-houses to the martyrdom of animals at the hands of the circus-trainer, the trapper (and, also, very often, of the skinner, in the case of furry creatures) and of the vivisector. Naturally, the “higher” interest of human beings is put forward as a justification, — without people realising that a humanity which is prepared to buy amusement or luxury, “tasty food,” or even scientific information or means of healing the sick at such a cost, as that, is no longer worthy to live.

    The fact remains that there has never been more degeneracy and more disease of all descriptions among men, than in this world of compulsory or almost compulsory vaccination and inoculation;.

    [Kapoore, take note]

    this world which exalts criminals against Life — torturers of innocent living creatures for man’s ends, such as Louis Pasteur, — to the rank of “great” men, while condemning the really great ones who struggled to stress the sacred hierarchy of human races before and above the over-emphasised and, anyhow, obvious, hierarchy of beings, and
    who, incidentally, built the only State in the West whose laws for the protection of dumb creatures reminded one, for the first time after centuries (and to the extent it was possible in a modern industrial country of cold climate) of the decrees of Emperor Asoka and Harshavardhana.
    Such a world may well boast of its tender care for prize dogs and cats and for pet animals in general, while trying to forget (and to make better civilisations forget) the hideous fact of a million creatures vivisected yearly, in Great Britain alone. It cannot make us overlook its hidden horrors and convince us of its “progress” in kindness to animals, any more than of its increasing kindness to people “irrespectively of their creed.”
    We refuse to see in it anything else but the darkest living evidence of that which the Hindus have characterised from time immemorial as “Kali Yuga” — the “Dark Age”; the Era of Gloom; the last (and, fortunately, the shortest) subdivision of the present Cycle of history.
    There is no hope of “putting things right,” in such an age. It is, essentially, the age so forcefully though laconically described in the Book of books — the Bhagavad-Gita — as that in which
    “out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of castes; out of the confusion of castes, the loss memory; out of loss of memory the lack of understanding; and out of this, all evils”; .

    [Lasha, Homer, Franklin, Arch … is this true, that Bhagavad-Gita says this? Powerfully prescient stuff, if so …]

    the age in which falsehood is termed “truth” and truth persecuted as falsehood or mocked as insanity; in which the exponents of truth, the divinely inspired leaders, the real friends of their race and of all the living, — the god-like men, — are defeated, and their followers humbled and their memory slandered, while the masters of lies are hailed as “saviours”;

    the age in which every man and woman is in the wrong place, and the world dominated by inferior individuals, bastardised races and vicious doctrines, all part and parcel of an order of inherent ugliness far worse than complete anarchy. This is the age in which our triumphant Democrats and our hopeful Communists boast of “slow but steady progress through science and education.” Thanks very much for such “progress”! The very sight of it is enough to confirm us in our belief in the immemorial cyclic theory of history, illustrated in the myths of all ancient, natural religions (including that one from which the Jews — and, through them, their disciples, the Christians — borrowed the symbolical story of the Garden of Eden; Perfection at the beginning of Time.)
    It impresses upon us the fact that human history, far from being a steady ascension towards the better, is an increasingly hopeless process of bastardisation, emasculation and demoralisation of mankind; an inexorable “fall.” It rouses in us the yearning to see the end — the final crash that will push into oblivion both those worthless “isms” that are the product of the decay of thought and of character, and the no less worthless religions of equality which have slowly prepared the ground for them; the coming of Kalki, the divine Destroyer of evil; the dawn of a new Cycle opening, as all time-cycles ever did, with “Golden Age.”

    Aside … the imperious style somewhat reminiscent of Ellie’s, likewise her, at best, lukewarm attitude to Christianity … but her spirituality takes her where many fear to tread.

      1. She has been annoying me since the first time I clapped eyes on the old witch. Here is an alternative skit…..

        file:///C:/Users/admin/Downloads/Brian%20Lerner%20Specter.jpg (copy – paste and go to title bar) .

    1. Your uncle chose to reincarnate as an American cow. Life might be shorter, but it’s better. More cows have LIVED because of animal husbandry.

    2. You are right. Humanity is, after having reached a good level in civilisation through Christian ethos, now veering towards its culmination. The sheep and goats are being separated.

    1. @ Pat: Thank’s Pat. Here’s to Her Majesty! I would most respectfully suggest if BBC won’t give her a fair shake, have someone contact Mr. Rivero and Mr. Rense Both are gentlemen with radio programs and I’m sure would be delighted to interview her, or, if her schedule doesn’t permit, air a taped message (or several). Love to hear it. Looking forward. All best.

      1. Please don’t confuse my enthusiasm as irreverent in any way, shape, or form – I mean it in earnest; I’m sure Her Majesty’s advisers at 6 can suggest plenty of more widely received outlets than my suggestion. A timely message to the British people is certainly Her Majesty’s right (and duty) as much as anyone else. It might delay a war. If the report is true and nothing is done, it would be submission of the worst possible kind. A radio message is not the only avenue; the choice of what and where to say it, properly done, is possible without consequences to the crown or the UK; quite the reverse.

    2. “The Queen was overheard saying that military intelligence suggests that if Britain doesn’t leave Europe then World War 3 will occur.”

      A few years ago there was a meeting of EU finance ministers where every minister leaving the meeting said one of two things; (1) Europe will be at war with itself within 10-years, or (2) it will be a miracle if Europe can avoid a war in the coming decade. It had nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with the fiscal instability of every Euro-zone country.

      1. The goal appears to be a civil war. The mass scale islamic migration jihad will ensure this eventually. If the EU were bankrupt then it would be more evident. Still, the immigration crisis could be a ploy to cover that fact. Then again it is costing the EU an exorbitant amount of money to take care of each one of these so called refugees who are unemployable. So it really does not make sense, this idea that migrants contribute to the prosperity of a country.

  8. So there it is. Get ready for your jewish masters, because “we are a little more equal”, right from the proverbial horse’s mouth, or some other part of the anatomy. So why Europe and not Africa? If multiculturalism confers so much wonderfulness, surely Africa with some of the poorest in the world would be the place to start according to ms. Spectre’s ideation. What about Israel? Don’t they want to share all the benefits of multiculturalism? You’re missing all the fun! Thank you once again LD and some fine comments. As some of you may have noted from my past suggestions, I really don’t care if anyone thinks I’m a religious person, as an American, you’re welcome to worship Joe Pesci, though, no offense to Joe, I think you can do better. I don’t care if some of you think I’m soft on some jews (like Gilad Atzmon) or Black authors ( like Tony Martin “The Jewish Onslaught”). All are welcome in this brand of “multiculturalism”. What I do care about is seeing creatures like ms. Spectre and her kind corrected for their own benefit as for the benefit of others, preferably made to understand a thoroughly dishonest double standard like she presents is unacceptable among civilized persons, there would be nothing better than to have her join us in our brand of multiculturalism. It really would be for her own benefit morally speaking, provided we start from an understanding that “morally” is non-negotiable and jewish “exceptionalism” is not ‘excepted’ (that includes jewish racketeering in the press, medicine, education, corrupting governments and law, false flag terrorism, murdering civilians – all kinds of acts of war against civilized countries). If honest debate is not permitted, perhaps some of our Afghan or Thai friends could help her, they have a lot of experience in this regard, their arguments are quite persuasive though inevitably final.

    1. Did everyone see http.// ? The title is “Thailand Loves Hitler”, enjoy.

      1. Good, I’m glad to hear Thailand Loves Hitler, than they can have Hitler’s Muslim Brotherhood bruthas. Ship Hitler’s Islamo jihadist niggas to Thailand, solve the Muslim immigration problem in the West!!!

      2. @Original Joe: Don’t miss the “Hitler Fried Chicken”. Ms. Spectre should visit too, the Thais would have a good laugh. Unlike Austria , which ‘tolerates’ the murder of Mr. George Haider, the Thai toleration, while notable – worldwide – has certain limits and doesn’t include ‘Washington style democracy’, the kind where they sell their mothers if Israel demands. Maybe that’s why so many Europeans and Americans are opting to retire in Thailand. What I love is jerks like Daniel Russel and other State Department narcissists getting all preachy about ‘democracy’ and ‘credibility’, sort of like ‘W’ telling Mr. Putin “You need more democracy”. Don’t forget the Hitler Fried Chicken, I don’t think you’ll find any in ‘free America’, certainly not in ‘democratic’ Europe.

  9. This is another video that is enlightening. Bernd Lucke was a founding member of the German political party AFD, which was originally founded based on its opposition to EU economic policy, fearing it would leave Germany with huge debt and big economic problems. He has since left the party. Michel Friedman is a Jew that is a talk show host, former vice president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, former president of the European Jewish Congress and a convicted sex offender. Friedman brought young Ukrainian prostitutes into Germany for his own pleasure and then forced them into becoming sex slaves, forcing them to work in bordellos. He was also convicted for cocaine use. According to Jewish leaders in Germany, Friedman was a victim of an “anti-Semitic witch hunt”, which is ludicrous because Germans know to never say a cross word regarding the Jews. They will lose their jobs and / or be vilified in the international media at a minimum and will be jailed, possibly for many years at a maximum. The maximum penalty is given to people that say something Jews don’t like, such as “denying” the so-called holocaust, accusing Jews of being leaders in the USSR and carrying out mass murder against the country’s citizens or anything, particularly regarding history in which Jews were persecuting or victimizing another people. Any accusation levelled at Jews is dealt with harshly. Friedman interviewed Lucke about a statement another AFD leader made and Lucke walked off in the middle of the program when the conversation got heated.

    Friedman says the statement the other leader made was racist. He says the leader said multiculturalism’s task is to integrate people into society and to extinguish them religiously and culturally. So, the leader favors integrating people into German society and having them adopt the culture of the Germans. Friedman favors the immigrants keeping their own culture and traditions and having German society adapt to them, including changing laws to accommodate the new migrants (kosher and halal slaughter practices, genital mutilation, including circumcision, etc.) . Over a period of time, after enough migrants have arrived, this would of course dilute or even eradicate German culture and traditions, leaving Germany with one or more large, non-German cultures living side by side with the native Germans and eventually the Germans might be eclipsed and disappear into the other cultures, which produce large families while Germans have few if any children. The same thing would apply to any European country or even non-European country that allowed large inflows of people from foreign cultures.

    I don’t speak German and I haven’t seen the statement of the political leader, but it’s clear he favors retaining Germany’s native people and traditions and it’s clear that Friedman does not. The implication is clear. When enough large flows of foreign migrants settle into a given country, and particularly when the migrants retain their foreign traditions, the native culture and people will be wiped out. They will disappear. So, who is the racist? Which of these two men have malice in their heart? The one that accepts foreigners into his country on the condition they adapt to the native culture or the one that demands the native culture allow large numbers of migrants to retain their traditions and eventually wipe the natives out by overwhelming them with numbers?

    I maintain the answer is number two. The Europeans and their citizens gain nothing by allowing large numbers of uneducated and poor people into their countries and the statements and behavior of many Europeans, including their leaders shows their desire to help the unfortunate out. The statements of many, many Jews in favor of mass “immigration” into Europe shows their racist attitudes towards Europeans, including Gregor Gysi’s statement in support of immigration, saying the “NAZIS” (the German population) would be wiped out and the Harvard professor Noel Ignatiev referring to whites as a disease (among other things) that must be wiped out. Going further back, Jews such as Theodore Kaufman put forth a plan to sterilize all the Germans so they would be wiped out, claiming they were aggressive and responsible for all the major wars in the world and fellow Jew Henry Morgenthau put forth a plan that would have killed at least another ten million Germans and would have forced large numbers of German soldiers and others to work as slave laborers in foreign countries where they would eventually die or start new lives with non-German women. I maintain that Ignatiev and Kaufman are from different time periods, but the desire of Jews to wipe out Europeans (and other peoples) has been around for hundreds of years and perhaps much longer.

    Also, consider this. Jews have been in Europe and dispersed around the world in maybe one hundred countries or more and thousands of cities and villages around the world. Their ethnic solidarity and hostility towards non-Jews (racism?) has allowed them to retain their people and culture wherever they settle, in thousands of different areas of the world. By contrast, when Europeans or others immigrate to similar cultures (and even some dissimilar ones) they eventually integrate. In the US, after a generation or two most whites lost their ethnic identity and disappeared into the population. By contrast, Jews have a strong loyalty to fellow Jews (when whites have this Jews call it racism) and Jews remain separate, with a fierce devotion to Israel and organizing huge and powerful organizations that have a big say (some evidence suggests a dominant say) in foreign policy and other things. And the Jews operate the same in every country they settle in, with powerful organizations having a powerful say in government policy.

    1. I should have summarized my thought. Considering Jews desire to and have the ability to retain their people and not integrate wherever they settle and Europeans and others are much more likely to integrate, one can see why a Jew would encourage mass migration to countries around the world. There isn’t much risk to Jews, since they don’t integrate and there is a big risk to non-Jews, who are more accepting and less hostile to people from different cultures. But just in case, Jews still have strict laws about immigration to Israel and inter-marriage in Israel.

      1. @ Peter: Wonderful, well reasoned and supported. I only would add that besides throwing multiculturalism according to the jewish double standard back in their face, we should remember that our imperfect institutions like Christian churches and other organizations can play a useful role in the BDS effort. The perfect is the enemy of the good. And I would like to see a “Muslim Spring” – tired of being kicked out of your own countries yet, watching your mothers, wives, and children brutalized, robbed and murdered, tired of the jew and the zionist forcing you like cattle here and there for there own ends in places where they don’t speak your language or understand your religion? The Afghans are traditionally the breaker of empires. Only the Mongols and Alexander were able to last very long, but not indefinitely. Years ago one of my Afghan friends was discussing Islam’s view of religion with me. He drew a mushroom, with many partitions on the underside and said any faith you can think of is in one of these partitions. Into the kitchen we were in came a jewish woman and asked where jews were. “Dead” he replied. This was in 1976. I’ve been learning why he said so ever since, though he would welcome someone like Mr. Atzmon to his house (and fight to the death for him if someone tried to take him away). Ms. Spectre should take note, there may be nowhere else to go.

  10. Europe’s Death. Who’s To Blame??

    It is important to know HOW this massive movement is being completed… planned and funded.

    Many NGOs are aiding and facilitating the refugees and their migration to Europe and other parts of the West.

    One of the NGOs is The International Republican Institute(IRI). US Senator, John McCain, is Chairman:

    From IRI site:
    “Every day, we help democratic activists in countries around the world.  We work with pro-democracy activists, youth and women leaders, elected officials and citizens who are using their voice for change in their country.”

    The IRI has many ‘partners’ working with it helping people around the world – the obvious exception, as per the map, being the West…. since the West has been ’won’ already. 🙂 Only immigrants are need to flood the West.

    Here is a list of 120 PARTNERS and FUNDERS…
    THE UNSEEN… non-titular… unelected… governments:

    Notables on the list:

    George W. Bush Institute — The George W. Bush Presidential Center engages communities in the United States and around the world by developing leaders, fostering policy, and taking action to save and change lives.

    US House of Representatives -– The House Democracy Partnership (HDP) is a bipartisan, twenty-member commission of the U.S. House of Representatives that works directly with 17 partner countries around the world. The ‘mission’ is to promote responsive, effective government and strengthen democratic institutions by assisting legislatures in emerging democracies.

    Canadian Government’s Global Affairs Canada — Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, Canada has contributed almost $1 billion in assistance for the region.

    US-Middle East Partnership Initiative(MEPI) — The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) is an integral part of the United States Government’s committed efforts to support the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa region. MEPI supports organizations and individuals in their efforts to promote political, economic, and social REFORM in the Middle East and North Africa.

    National Endowment for Democracy(NED) — The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is a private, nonprofit foundation dedicated to the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions around the world. Each year, NED makes more than 1,000 grants to support the projects of non-governmental groups abroad who are working for democratic goals in more than 90 countries.

    Hudson Institute — Promoting American leadership and global engagement for a secure, free, and prosperous future.

    National Democratic Institute – Nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.
    Madeleine K. Albright, Chairman
    Harriet C. Babbitt, Vice Chair
    Thomas A. Daschle, Vice Chair
    Marc B. Nathanson, Vice Chair

    Senior Advisors:(partial)
    William V. Alexander
    Michael D. Barnes
    Bill Bradley
    Christopher J. Dodd
    Michael S. Dukakis

    Money makes it happen. The internet allows the process to happen faster than years ago. Funds transferred instantly.

    1. House Democracy Partnership:

      Established by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2005, HDP uses peer-to-peer exchange programs, training seminars for members and staff, and targeted material assistance to build capacity in key areas such as legislative oversight, budget analysis, committee operations, constituent relations, and library and research services. Its singular focus on the legislative branch of government and its unique ability to bring together American legislators and their peers from around the world have made the commission a valuable forum for strengthening democratic institutions and deepening bilateral relations.

    2. @ Pat: Thank you for the notations above and below of various NGO’s and others. On that “” website (QE2 & BBC, above) they have some blatantly silly stories – you see a lot of this ‘former illuminati reveals all’ and so on these days. Did you ever hear the Dr. Greer interview with William Pawalec? Pawalec was an engineer who worked with beltway bandits and defense contractors until his death in 2007. Most of his interview was published in the Australian publication “Nexus”. I have certain reservations about Dr. Greer, but his disclosure book and the Pawalec interview are interesting. Pawalec taped the interview with the understanding that it only be released after his death. During his career, Pawalec noted that certain persons, like the late Dr. Jesco Von Puttkamer and others, had a knack of showing up at exactly the right time with all the right very top security clearances, completely out of the blue, with full knowledge of what was ‘going on’ and directing (grabbing) the use of the most advanced tech. This was highly unusual in Pawalec’s experience, who worked for both Intel and Military organizations all his career. Microchips, implants, for example, back in the 80’s, farmed out to Siemens where a CA factory manufactured millions before exiting from the dedicated assignment. Some inventors were well rewarded for their efforts, receiving huge financial compensation and very comfortable places in Academia if they desired. After seeing this happen repeatedly Pawalec naturally began wondering ‘who were these guys’? A friend of his, retired from the State Department, agreed to look into it. After making some progress it seems he got too close and was killed in an auto ‘accident’ in Africa, the perp, said to be ‘drunk’ at the time, was driving a modified Range Rover and disappeared from hospital in the middle of the night (possibly ex SAS, or someone of the sort). Pawalec claimed there were at the time essentially 4 major power groups with different philosophies, who sometimes cooperated with each other, and sometimes were at odds with each other. He referred to them as “The Four Horsemen”, but way bigger than oil corporations and banking institutions, probably most if not all nation states. You can see all the details for yourself in his online interview and/or read it in the Nexus article. I recommend both. He stated his objection to the erosion and increasing loss of the uniquely American invention, the Sovereign Individual. So do I, particularly it’s degradation and corruption by zionist racketeers. It is good that someone told the Israelis that an Iran invasion was off, and Mr. Cheney’s attempt to start trouble with 6 cruise missiles he ‘re-directed’ from Minot Air Force Base was not on. It is probably very good that the late Lawrance Rockefeller didn’t get very far in his probes into certain high tech. More I can’t say because I don’t know.

      1. Winston –

        Thanks for the info. I never heard of those folks you mentioned.

        Please know that Gazprom of Russia is the largest supplier of gas in the world…. and their largest consumer base is Europe. Gazprom loses business as Europe’s population falls.

        Gazprom owns the world’s largest gas transmission system with a total length of 170.7 thousand kilometers. Gazprom sells and exports gas to more than 30 countries within and beyond the former Soviet Union.

        Running refugees to Europe benefits Russia. And they need the business worse now than ever, with oil prices down.

      2. @Pat: So, Russia may be to blame for the migrant crisis so they can sell more gas? Never mind they got ejected from the Group of 8 due to zionist anger at losing in Crimea, where Russia went to the aid of Russian speaking Ukranians. Never mind you have all this drivel from ms. Spectre, the jewish council in Norway, prominent jews in Germany, who’ve been covered extensively on this site, calling for hordes of savages to descend on Europe – so Russia can sell more gas? Or that Russia has the means to instigate this but can’t prevent a EU boycott on their Agricultural exchange and other goods and services? What really is unbelievable is that modern Ukraine blame Russia for the 10 million or so who died in the 1932-1933 Holodmor, now, quite belatedly, recognized worldwide as Genocide, the numbers far exceeding the wildest (and loudest) squealings of the jew international. Ukraine should remember the jew Lazar Kaganovitch, Stalin’s rep. in Ukraine, who performed this infamy. Stalin, the Turk from Georgia, found many jews quite useful. The fact that Ukraine lets them in to steal and rape their country for the empty and worthless promises they offer in exchange after they were caught red handed shooting into both sides of the crowds and publicly outed worldwide staggers me. Everyone knows Stalin, few remember or know Lazar Kaganovitch. Just let ms. Spectre get her way and watch what happens.

    1. Yes, and the source, jewish anti-gentilism, is very contagious, and causing even a lot of gentile anti-gentilism. This is the real danger we are suffering. If gentile anti-gentilism wouldn’t exist jewish anti-gentilism would be eradicated in a day, forever, along with its bearers.

      Heil Hitler.

    2. There’s actually a word for “Jewish anti-gentilism” and it’s called “Loxism” but how many have even heard of the word/term “loxism,” let alone know what it means in a world where just about everybody knows 6 million innocent jews were gassed to death by evil Hitler (but not how many of their own countrymen died in WWII) and the accusation of “anti-Semitism” strikes fear in the hearts and minds of otherwise rational and intelligent people? In short, how many people are allowed to know what loxism is in a world ruled by kikes?

      Not sure who came up with the term “Loxism” but I first heard it used and explained a couple of years ago by Alex Linder, the owner and operator of Vanguard News Network (VNN) …that was about the time I started to become jew-wise and to dislike kikes. Yikes!

      1. Lox and bagels are associated with nasty hebes….

        ‘Bagelism’ will do also.

      2. A friend sent me this video. I’m in Germany right now and after talking to people here, nothing would surprise me anymore. Most have been completely indoctrinated with what the Jews, leading the victorious allies wanted them to believe and what they don’t want Germans to know (their own history, how Germany is 2/3 its former size after having a large part of Germany stolen from them after each war) has been completely removed from history books, media and people’s minds. My mother was from the east (what is no longer German) and no one I have spoken to is even aware Germany had a large amount of territory, with historic cities stolen from them and that over 14 million Germans driven off their land. That what domination of media and propaganda can do.

      3. Pat,

        RE: “Bagelism”

        ‘Let go of my bagel’… has a friendly and familiar ring to it. LOL for Ellie.

        Dr. David Duke calls it “Jewish Surpremacism” and has had great success with the term. Of course, “Jewish Surpremacism” is self-explanatory, if somewhat pedestrian.

        Personally, I prefer to call it “Kikeism” which is more derogatory and versatile. My use of the word “Kike” in Kikeism can be an adjective or verb, as in “America is 100% kiked.”

        Another example: “Kike me once, shame on you; kike me twice, shame on me.”

        Lastly, “Kikeism” in the way I use it in this sentence: “Some call it anti-Semitism, I call it anti-Kikeism” restores, in my learned opinion, the original meaning of “anti-Semitism” (i.e. someone who doesn’t like evil jews as opposed to someone the evil jews don’t like.)

  11. The west European narcissist, so enamored with his own image hates the Jew for dominating him. These self admiring so called Aryan people who denounce all things Jewish are always more than willing to swallow any and every lie regarding the whole rest of humanity told by their Zionists slave masters. This is because these ‘Aryans’ much like their Jewish slave masters suffer an extreme form of malignant narcissism and vicious hatred of the other. To boot they claim an Aryan heritage that is not their own much like the Jew claims a Semitic heritage that is not their own. The Jew has always successfully manipulated this west European race by pandering to their virulent narcissism, glorifying their image in Jew media and regaling them with fantasies of their racial superiority. It appears the Jew and his west European slave race have everything in common like peas in a pod. They might as well kiss and make up and admit what is fairly obvious to the whole rest of humanity suffering form this double pointed plague, that they are essentially the same virus which must be eradicated to save mankind.

    1. “The west European (nonsense, left out) hates the Jew for dominating him.”

      Under what rock on what planet are you dwelling? Only a tiny fraction, far less than 0,1% of Europeans are awake enough to, entirely justifiable, hate the jew. The rest is too moronised to even realise that the Jew is the source of evil.

      White Europeans are the most capable race on this planet, and Aryans. Pity they are infected with a terminal disease, the Jew. They turned on each other before the Fuhrer could cure them all.

      Heil Hitler.

      1. WRONG – Hitler himself hated Western Europeans for being such lackeys and slaves to the kikes. He himself hated this other stupid members of the white race. The Jews and the White West (mainly Western Europe and their descendants in North America and Australasia) are symbiotic with the kikes. If they are too moronic to see the kikes for what they are – then – they are better deserving of dying out. I can’t wait till the day white people are wiped out of existence – since white gentiles are the fucking source of power for the kikes/yhids.

      2. Salmon Chowmein

        Ya got that “source of power” thing right. They know where the blessings are. The nutrition they would get from muslims wouldn’t be worth all the trouble. Yeah, they focused on the white man for their sustenance.

        Ever since your attempt at imitating human sexuality, your name has taken on a connotation on a level with dog food. How virile would you be in prison, I gotta wonder. Gay for the stay? “Queer while I’m here”? Yeah, I think so.

      3. Lepieu P –


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      4. I did 100 days in a prison. I never got horny. There were girls there, but they were too ugly. Seeing them back out on the streets, with real girls, they weren’t girls anymore. Only in that sausage fest environment, were they girlish. They even found eachother for the gal issue talk and the giggles and the magazines. I’m just thinking virility such as yours has to have a way to express its self. Your virility doesn’t seem to have much to do with girls wanting to attract you. With the aether flooded with masculinity, my fantasy girls just didn’t have the same sultry luster.

        8 inches huh. Wow, did you get there with an Austin Powers penis pump? Have all of your girlfriends been ugly? Mine rises to the level of her splendors. Maybe you shouldn’t have jerked off so much.

      5. Lepieu P – jerking off is practice buddy…


        — ADMIN

      6. Would have been? In Canada, Salmon Chowmein?

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Canada the adopted home of the USA’s war deserters? Not that they’ve always been wrong. A nation of war deserters who now derisively call us ‘mexico touchers’. Would they have beaten you with a kid’s goat glove? SO SCARY!

        So, you never did time in a prison, but WOULD have, in Canada. Hmmm… You’re a legend in your own mind, Salmon Chowmein. You’re a typical blogger.

        What I was curious about was this: Will you virile muslims fuck anything on 2 or 4 legs?

      7. Lepieu P…

        hey are u a Frenchman or wha?

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        u have a woman to send me?

        1. @ Salman Hossein

          You are now on permanent monitoring — until you learn to behave yourself.

      8. Toby, Sir, that “Frenchman” Lepieu P character was provoking me…

        cantcha see it ain’t ma fault for reactin’ this way?

        dindu nuffin siree

      9. Solomon,

        “…… since white gentiles are the fucking source of power for the kikes/yhids.”

        That’s right, just like they’re the source of everything worthwhile on earth.

        You’re just vermin. And it shows. Not even worthy of domesticating, only eradicating.

      10. 1139, you need to get sodomized…
        then we’ll see who’s worthy of eradication…

        ISIS will then be justified in throwing you off a cliff or a high building

      11. Solomon,

        “1139, you need to get sodomized…”

        1139? Who’s that? Your mama? Ohh, you meant me? It’s 1138. ELEVENTHIRTYEIGHT.
        Naahh, not really my cup of coffee. Besides, wouldn’t wanna rob you of your much enjoyed daily treatment in the negro wing of the prison where you reside, judging your language.

        “then we’ll see who’s worthy of eradication…”

        I already told who’s worthy of that. Jesus Christ, can’t you read, you arse.

        “ISIS will then be justified in throwing you off a cliff or a high building”

        Well, I’m still not worthy of that and never will be, but hopefully for you you will never encounter ISIS in the vicinity of a high building, unless you want to be one flat Solomon.

      12. 1139,

        the name is Salman…not Solomon…

        but he had 300 wives and 700 concubines so I don’t really mind…

        and there was Suleyman the Magnificient – conqueror of Constantinople…

        so ya – all Solomon/Suleyman(s) are virile males…

        thnx for the admission…

        as for yo ass…i’ll send Daesh/ISIS to do the sodomizing before lobbing u off the

        1139…u is anonymous on the net…show me a face at least…if not a name…gimme a name if u is 4 real…butter face


      # 9 . Racist terms like “nigger”, “wog”, “kike”, “yid”, and “raghead” should be avoided. Such vulgar talk lowers the tone on our website and gives it a bad name. Posters who resort to 4-letter-word obscenities, ribald sex talk, and foul abuse will be given a warning and then invited to leave.

      1. Tell me, since you are so avid in claiming to be Aryan, are you not equally guilty of racist supremacist hatred for people unlike you?

        You sure speak like a muslim immersed in a death and sex cult.

      2. Cena Foura…lol…what sex cult are you yapping about? what death cult u bitching about?

    3. Do you realise that the only zionists at present are those who support the right of Israel to exist as a jewish state and muslims who want to conquer and “own” Zion/Jerusalem? The zionists are not the illuminati, to which jews and arabs and europeans are elite members. It is all dependent on their money and power, and all they care about is their own mortality or rather seek immortality.

    4. I hear a lot about men who have been picked up by transvestites. How would you know, Salmon Chowmein? I got broke of cruising for pussy when 1 that was better than 1000 got to me. My lucky day. You confuse virility with a beast’s need. Even dogs don’t want pussy from a female dog that isn’t in heat. That’s all natural and as it should be. YOU are not natural. You’re a product of jew brainwashing telling you what virility is, and you stand up and try to fake that model. I’m not fooled. You’re a penis support system who would be ‘queer while I’m here’ in any prison. You’re as foreign to that as any jew and a laughable failure at trying to fake it. Look around. No decent girl wants to fuck you and no decent girl ever will. Stick to your Viagra, alone on a boat, like the commercial. LOL.

      Is this the admin playing a trick? Appolonian told me a little about that.

      Who cares? I’m no blogger.

      1. u hooked up with a gold digger?

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  12. Lepieu P – what is virility then?

    how many baby momma’s u got?

    how many kids u got?

    i’m sure your gf or wife would be taking off her panties for guys like me….

    u saying u got picked up by a T-GIrl?

    You finally admit it – that u are bisexual – implicitly if not explicitly?

    that’s why u no longer in the game?

    a FAILED playa?

    1. “Playa” is the word. I’m not fooled by your act. Who are you tying so hard to impress, Salmon Chowmein?

      1. LP –

        Goat fuckers are easy to spot (and smell) – try as they might…!

      2. Yeah Gilbert

        And he probably needs Viagra for that gratuitous performance. LOL

        All these guys can do is worry about it.

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      4. Lepieu P – I do NOT need NO viagara…


        my performance is naturel…ALL NATURALE LIBIDO – from working out and eating good – ha ha ha

        Alhamdulillah 🙂

    2. Virility shows up when a woman wants your sperm. Something tells me you’re not a product of that virility. So, who’s your daddy? A turkey baster? Test tube? Donor # 85772? Or the modern one: a Viagra baby?

      “failed playa” is a contradiction in terms since that game is only played by bosom begging losers. A lot of women like ’em disposable and replaceable AND inferior. It’s not good pussy though. No risk, no gain.

      This exchange is over. You’re a punk.

      1. ya right…women want a man’s sperm…dream the hell on…

        it only happens in extremely rare cases like celebrities and politicians…

        i doubt a woman’s ever wanted yo cum….

        plus….its men that are always on the hunt for women…99% of the time…

        it seems like yo gf or wife doesn’t give u any action any more…

  13. I apologize to Lasha as I didn’t like her labeling the “rapefugees” as Muslims (in earlier posts). Well, if they claim themselves to be so -I now have the solid proof they do- it isn’t for her to deny their claim.
    Sincere apologies.

    1. hey hey hey…dontcha dare imply me as a “rapefugee”- i never raped any girls or women in my life

      1. But you’d like to, wouldn’t you?

        You horrible man.

        If you’re a Muslim, you’re doing everything in your power to make me hate Muslims. Which makes me think you’re either a Jew pretending to be a Muslim (like Avatar) or you’re one of the most sexually depraved and disgusting Muslims I’ve ever known.

        Just tell me, idiot, who would want to convert to Islam if YOU are a typical product of Islam?!?

        YOU BRING SHAME ON ISLAM!!!!!!!!!!

      2. oh shut the hell up lolicia..u a man, woman, or he-she?

        i’m actually a typical product of the west…


        but you can go on hating Muslims all that you want…the West will be uninhabitable soon…

        your loving/hating Muslims don’t matter to me…

        or other Muslims around me…or around the world either

        as for my rape fantasies…

        i sure wouldn’t act upon them -just incite chinese and russian troops to do so…in the context of war…make it a war crime then…

  14. And now, another episode of Arch’s theater of the absurd,

    It’z time to play “Whose – Nightmare – Is – This?”

    Ok contestants, read the following paraphrased quote and see if you can name – Whose Nightmare Is This?

    “We developed the perfect weapon, a soldier. He was capable of fighting under any conditions, adapting to any environment or climate equally at home in the Russian winter or on the African desert. They were the most vicious and bloodthirsty of all the divisions. The group under my command was designed for the water. Command submarines that should never have to surface. We created the perfect solider from cheap hoodlums, thugs and a good number of pathological murderers and sadist as well. We called them the Death Corps. Creatures more horrible than any you can imagine. Not dead, but not alive, but somewhere in between. We were transported to any scene of battle and let loose. The problem was they could not be controlled. Their inmate desire for violence made their behavior unpredictable and erratic. There were even incidents where they attacked their own soldiers.”

    Who most likely came up with this nightmare scenario?

    (1) Rand Corporation
    (2) U.S. Marine Corps
    (3) French Foreign Legion
    (4) Evil, depraved Nadzees
    (5) Twisted, psychopathic, Hollywood scriptwriters
    (6) IDF’s research and development department
    (7) Bundesmarine

    Decode your answer now.

    Contestants are reminded to phrase their answers as a question so the audience can’t be sure if they know what they’re talking about.

    And now for the answers to – “Whose nightmare is this?”

    This quote is from a 1977 Hollywood B horror movie titled “Shockwaves.” The quote actually reads:

    We Germans developed the perfect weapon, a soldier. He was capable of fighting under any conditions, adapting to any environment or climate equally at home in the Russian winter or on the African desert. They were the most vicious and bloodthirsty of all the SS divisions. The group under my command was designed for the water. Command submarines we should never have to surface. We created the perfect solider from cheap hoodlums, thugs and a good number of pathological murderers and sadists as well. We called them the Toten Korps the Death Corps. Creatures more horrible than any you can imagine. Not dead, but not alive, but somewhere in between. We were transported to any scene of battle and let loose. The problem was they could not be controlled. Their innate desire for violence made their behavior unpredictable and erratic. There were even incidents where they attacked their own soldiers.

    Those contestants that answered number five are correct: What are twisted, psychopathic, Hollywood scriptwriters. Contestants and viewers with a realistic assessment of racial differences would be hard pressed to think Germans would attempt to create the “perfect soldier” from “cheap hoodlums, thugs and a good number of pathological murderers and sadists.” By the same token, one would be hard pressed to imagine Jews coming up with any other solution. After all, look at the social composition of the former Blackwater mercenary forces. Hoodlums, thugs and a good number of pathological murderers and sadists is a perfect description of the makeup of, not just the Jewish mafia, but their mercenary forces as well.
    Next up on “Whose nightmare is this?” Who is responsible for the following two paraphrased quotes?

    Numba One:

    “The ultimate goal is to develop unmanned vehicles and robots to the point where they can make autonomous decisions based on the information they are provided with. This means that once they receive a task, they can make the smartest decisions independently based on the information they collect. “We are definitely going in a direction where autonomous soldiers could carry the weight in the war. The intention is to increase the quantity of robots. The development of technology such as unmanned vehicles is important when working to keep our soldiers safe. These machines can be used for patrolling dangerous areas or delivering necessary equipment when in the field – and will within the next decade set a new standard when fighting a war.”

    And numba two:

    “I’ve got clear guidance to think about what if you could robotically perform some of the tasks in terms of maneuverability, in terms of the future of the force,” he said, adding that he also has “clear guidance to rethink” the size of the nine-man infantry squad. “When you see the success, frankly, that the Navy has had in terms of lowering the numbers of people on ships, are there functions in the brigade that we could automate—robots or manned/unmanned teaming—and lower the number of people that are involved given the fact that people are our major cost.”

    So contestants – Whose nightmare is this?

    (1) The IDF
    (2) Top Nadzee scientists from Operation Paperclip working on clandestine government technology
    (3) The Rand Corporation
    (4) The U.S. Army
    (5) Twisted, psychopathic, Hollywood scriptwriter
    (6) The Bundeswehr

    Decode your answers now. Contestants are reminded to phrase their answers in the form of a question so the audience can’t be sure if they know what they’re talking about.

    And now for the answers to – “Whose nightmare is this?”

    The envelope please (pause). These two quotes are from US Army sources.

    The first quote is from Col. Yaron Sagiv, Head of the USSA’s (United Socialist State Army) “Technology Division in the Ground Forces Technology Brigade.” The quote actually reads:

    “The ultimate goal is to develop unmanned vehicles and robots to the point where they can make autonomous decisions based on the information they are provided with. This means that once they receive a task, they can make the smartest decisions independently based on the information they collect. “We are definitely going in a direction where autonomous soldiers could carry the weight in the war. The intention is to increase the quantity of robots,” says Col. Yaron Sagiv, the Head of Technology Division in the Technology Brigade of the Ground Forces. The development of technology such as unmanned vehicles is important when working to keep our soldiers safe. These machines can be used for patrolling dangerous areas or delivering necessary equipment when in the field – and will within the next decade set a new standard when fighting a war.”

    The second quote was from Gen. Robert Cone, head of the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command.

    “As Defense News put it, he “quietly dropped a bomb,” saying the Army is studying the possibility of reducing the size of a brigade from 4,000 soldiers to 3,000 in the coming years. To keep things just as effective while reducing manpower, the Army will bring in more unmanned power, in the form of robots. From the Defense News story: “I’ve got clear guidance to think about what if you could robotically perform some of the tasks in terms of maneuverability, in terms of the future of the force,” he said, adding that he also has “clear guidance to rethink” the size of the nine-man infantry squad. “When you see the success, frankly, that the Navy has had in terms of lowering the numbers of people on ships, are there functions in the brigade that we could automate—robots or manned/unmanned teaming—and lower the number of people that are involved given the fact that people are our major cost.”

    Those contestants that answered number four, What is the U.S. Army, are correct.

    Now for the third and final part, the grand prize winner, of “Whose Nightmare Is This?”

    As you know, winners of the grand prize will be presented with the possibility of surviving the coming bloodbath. Ready contestants? What tiny minority of psychopathic parasites are actually behind the development of remotely controlled super-soldiers and autonomous weapons systems? A clue to the answer can be found in the name of the officer heading the Technology Division in the Ground Forces Technology Brigade.

    Decode your answer now. Contestants are again reminded to phrase their answers as a question so the audience can’t be sure if they know what they’re talking about.

    And now, for the final answer to win the grand prize on – “Whose nightmare is this?” The envelope please (pause) It’z the JEWS!

    That’s right, those contestants who answered with the words, “who are the Jews” are grand prize winners of “Whose nightmare is this?” Once again, Jews are at the forefront of developing and funding weapons systems over which, by design, only they will have direct control. As most of the contestants know, this has been a Jewish wetdream since their god-proxy Yahweh laid waste to Sodom so the Israelites could steal the Sodomites water and later when Jews came up with the story of the Golem.

    We also bring to the audience’s notice, the safety and expense angle incorporated into the latter two quotes. It’s all about safety and economic consideration for our soldiers and military; of course, there is no mention of any safety or economic considerations for the victims they slaughter. The quixotic idea then is to assure safety and economic viability for those committing mass slaughter of unsuspecting, innocent victims.

    We’ll be back after this brief word from our sponsor, Aunty Semite

    Think back, remember when the Jew’s trumped-up, cold war push was to develop nuclear weapons and how the atom was “our friend”? A friend that continually assured the public of clean, safe, efficient nuclear energy at minimal costs? In fact, what western civilization really got from the Jew’s friendly atom, was dirty, unsafe, nuclear power plants and massive numbers of nuclear weapons numbering in the hundreds of thousands. It’s the same old Jewish trick, developing murderous technology under the guise of helping humanity. It’z all just another monstrous, Jewish lie. Well now you can personally take charge and begin to rid your country of those pesky Jews simply by signing our pledge to smash your TV, quit listening to the main stream media, and start telling everyone you meet the truth about those murderous, bloodthirsty, Jewish parasites. Do it today!

    This concludes another “Whose nightmare is this?” Always remember: If the quote sounds like a thinly disguised, feel-good plan for an otherwise obviously murderous, Machiavellian agenda to profit from death, destruction and bloodshed, you can bet your life on whose nightmare it is.

    Good night and thanks for dropping by Arch’s Theater of the Absurd.

  15. Ms. Spectre is like being forced to watch a bad movie, panned by the critics and everyone else, and being told “you will like it” – by the time you get to the 139th viewing, it gets pretty tiresome. Europe’s best response to this situation is to do what Thailand has done. Kick the jerks out (from the Shinawatra gang) and swing toward Russia, where Mr. Putin has most admirably addressed the attempts at destabilization by multiculture. Brexit, Frexit, the whole rotten house of … torn down,thrown out, as in Russia and Thailand.

    1. …A really, really bad movie. It’s sort of like waking up in Times Square with a wicked hangover and finding yourself surrounded by creatures like ms. Spectre and ms. Kohan, drooling and wide eyed saying “we want you boy”. There’s nothing wrong with other cultures, I learned plenty from the Afghans and the Thais among others, but if you rubbish your own culture it means you never really understood it to begin with. America, by the way should do the same. We are not multi-cultural – we are Americans who welcome people to our shores to become Americans.

  16. Video complement.

    Two other spectres, the religious type.

    Rav Touitou and the messianic plot.
    Quick translation.
    You will pay a high price Europeans, but to a point… It will be right on the spot, no holocaust with trains to take you to crematoria, throat slitting, it is written in the book, you would not be able to flee for all the harm you have done to Israel, you will pay hundredfold….
    Is Islam invading Europe good news? Yes it’s excellent news. Messiah will come when Italia would have disappeared, the QG of Christendom, that’s what Islam is doing…
    Islam is the broom of Israel you know, instead of us doing all the work, we send the sons of Ismael…

    Rav Ron Chaya, how victory will come, the allegory of the three roosters for the comic LaFontaine version. No need for translation.

    1. Funny presidential election in Austria, far left against far right with a tight Victory for a thousand voices of Alexander Van der Bellen, the far-leftist green socialist against Norbert Hofer from FPÖ, the sovereigntist and identity party, 50,1 against 49,9 after the Austrian abroad votes by post were counted….
      One other important data is the Muslim vote as they are 700 000 now in Austria, x5 in twenty five years, especially the 115 000 Turks, on 270 000, who have the Austrian citizenship and who have allowed the victory of VDB whose party diffused ballot papers in Turkish languages to mobilize the oriental voters.
      It is just like last election in France, Muslims voting for the pro-immigration, pro Israeli, pro EU, pro Nato carpet bombing party, the well-known judeo-islamic solidarity against far right. Palestine and middle East,out of sight, out of mind. There is no war in Algeria, Turkey and Morocco btw. 🙂 MJC.

      Or maybe the solidarity is against Europe and Touitou is right. Yes, I know, ci li siouniss.

      1. “There is no war in Algeria, Turkey and Morocco btw.”

        No need. They have their ‘war on terror’ passes:

        Algeria central bank – Bank of Algeria also HSBC and CitiBank
        Algeria stock market – SGBV with six public banks (BDL, BEA, BADR, CPA, BNA and CNEP)

        Turkey central bank – TCMB
        Turkey stock market – BIST

        Morocco central bank – Bank Al-Maghrib
        Morocco stock market – CSE

        All ‘banked-up’… good to go. 🙂

      2. Pat,
        There is a plan of destruction of Morroco and Algeria, see Oded Yinon plan for Maghreb about provocating a conflict between Kabylie and Algeria. Ohoh, we’ve seen that before, starting with Bosnia.

        No terrorism in Algeria because they have a huge armed force , 1 million men, with the all mighty generals and intelligence service are ruthless with islamists since the nineties when they had to deal with it.
        BTW Pat, Algerians and Morrocans are not arabs per se, just arabspeaking, very complex situation North Africa, but those countries are on the to do list, so many wealth underground. And Bouteflika is almost dead so the usual vultures start sniffing around. Very small debt.

        As for Morocco, the King recently denunced a plot agaisnt Islam and went on a little trip to Russia, he is maybe sick of all the Morrocans in Daesh.

      3. Fine links, Phil.

        take a closer look at any bubonic plague bearing rat (make sure hazmat is zipped tight) and you’ll find a 666 tattooed inside the Star of Rothschild.

        Until now I never gave much thought to algeria but recall canadian judeo-rags generally referring to it as a particularly nasty military dictatorship.
        well, it figures … when all else fails, bhl riding the white horse, circumcised on day 8, to rescue, white silk shirt open to reveal the chest of the philosopher king, artfully disheveled hair flying in the wind.

        Oh noble Jew, shrewdly humanitarian …

      4. Thanks, Phil.

        Russia needs all the aircraft sales it can get. The parent company making the SU-34, UAC, has a profit margin of negative 31% and lost 108,767,000 Rubles last year. That is $1,622,550.

        UAC has lost money for the last 5 years.

        The loss may be due to the French engine company – PowerJet – getting kickbacks for manufacturing the jet engines for Russia…. like Pratt & Whitney does as go-between broker thru RD Amross for ULA and Energomesh. 🙂

        PowerJet is a 50-50 joint venture held by Snecma (Safran) and NPO Saturn, created in July 2004.
        The company is an engine manufacturer in charge of the management of the SaM146 program including studies, production, marketing and after-sales support. It delivers a complete propulsion system, comprising the engine, nacelle and equipment.


        Losing money is typical of Russian companies.

        –Bank of Russia MONETARY POLICY REPORT March 2016–

        Investment demand remained weak in view of the ongoing high economic uncertainty, moderate-to-tight lending conditions and high debt burden among many companies.

        The reduction in gross formation (including inventories dynamics) was 18.3% at the end of 2015.

        Infrastructure companies continued to make a significant contribution to the fall in fixed capital investment.

        Negative investment dynamics persisted in transport and communications, electricity, gas and water production and distribution, and manufacturing industries.

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