Europe’s Tragedy: Most Of Its Men Are Feminized Wimps

By Iben Thranholm

Iben ThranholmIben Thranholm (pictured) examines political and social events with focus on their religious aspects, significance and moral implications. She is one of Denmark’s most widely read columnists on such matters. Thranholm is a former editor and radio host at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), at which she created a religious news program that set a new standard for religious analysis in the newsroom. She has traveled extensively in the Middle East, Italy, the United States and Russia to carry out research and interviews. She has been awarded for her investigative research into Danish media coverage of religious issues.

After the incidents of sexual assault in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve committed by Muslim refugees against German women, feminist apologetics have acquired renewed vigor in the European debate.

Pundits and politicians assure the public that refugee males now storming the gates of Europe from the Middle East, Northern Africa and Central Asia will be required to learn that Western women are independent and sexually liberated. Such arguments, however, are obviously too weak to have any impact on the male cultures representative of certain refugee groups.

To these individuals, strong European women are ‘easy’ victims. They have respect only for strong men. And strong men aren’t exactly thick on the ground in Europe.

The deficiency of masculinity in European culture renders it impotent in the face of the political and cultural chaos that has escalated along with growing immigration.

Instead of a single-minded focus on imposing liberal feminist values on Muslim males, it might well be much more beneficial for Europeans to consider if the feminist war on masculinity might be the underlying cause of the weakness of European culture — feeble and defenseless as it is — against the culture of immigrants and refugees. The irony is that the vacuum feminism has created means that women become victims of an aggressive male culture.

A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre shows that the number of young men in the US who want to marry has dropped to the lowest level ever recorded.

American author Suzanne Venker claims that the pervasive cultural influence of feminism is the cause. Venker states that men explain their lack of desire to marry with the observation that “women are no longer women”; feminism has programmed women to see men as the enemy. As a result, males have been made redundant in post-modern Western culture. Women no longer need men as a provider, protector or father of her children; an anonymous semen donor can do the job of creating a baby if a woman so chooses.

Since the 1960s, modern mothers have raised their sons to be women, soaking them in feminine values like accepting responsibility for household chores, being caring, understanding and attentive, and bend to every wish of the woman. This has produced a generation of soft, insecure men, who are out of touch with their masculine nature, identity and strength.

Today, many boys also grow up with no father in the home and have no male role models. The average modern Western male has been feminized, with no knowledge or habit of manly virtues like courage, resolve, self-sacrifice, justice, temperance, self-reliance, self-discipline and honour. He has no sense of true expression of manliness. Feminism despises and rejects these virtues, and this has had a profoundly detrimental impact on a European culture, the “battered wife” of a feeble continent.

The massive feminization of culture has had a major impact on politics. The prevailing ideology of Western liberal democracy is secular humanism, which is particularly feminine in character. Policy, especially as applied to immigrants, is a motherly embrace of goodness and overbearing indulgence. One could also interpret it as naivety, weakness and accommodation. As the refugee crisis erupted and overwhelmed Europe, its political leaders – spearheaded by German Chancellor Angela Merkel – acted like timid mother hens, not as strong men responsible for guarding their country from an invasion.

Indeed, Danish police officers were seen playing with refugee children on motorways instead of doing their job of enforcing the law. They were lauded as heroes in the media. They acted like women with soft hearts and not as men entrusted with defending their country and the rule of law.

Camille Paglia, self-professed “feminist dissident”, put it like this in the Daily Mail:

“The entire elite class now, in finance, in politics and so on, none of them have military service — hardly anyone, there are a few. But there is no prestige attached to it anymore. That is a recipe for disaster… These people don’t think in military ways, so there’s this illusion out there that people are basically nice, people are basically kind, if we’re just nice and benevolent to everyone they’ll be nice too. They literally don’t have any sense of evil or criminality.”

According to Paglia, the results are there for all to see in the on-going dysfunction in Washington, where politicians “lack practical skills of analysis and construction.”

The precise problem is that Europe’s political leaders have no military background, unlike leaders of the past, for instance Roosevelt, de Gaulle and Churchill. For this reason, they lack the basic understanding for defending their culture, their country and its inherent values. They are self-deprecating and apologetic, gullible and caring to the point where their policies become severely harmful to the populations they are supposed to protect.

The feminine approach threatens to throw society into chaos and outright collapse because the rule of law and its enforcement are made subject to the priorities of care, understanding and inclusion. The shortage of masculine virtues affects society and the political system. The shortage of masculine virtues is the underlying cause of the immigration problems.

The present clash with Islam, driven as it is by a dominant male culture, reveals the lamentable shortcomings of post-modern feminist culture, which does not possess the strength to defend itself against a male-dominated culture. The gross violations against women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne provide a chilling reminder of the contrast. Male aggression has gained a foothold and feminine values are helpless and unable to resist.

At the moment, Europe resembles a woman who allows herself to be battered and abused by her man. Like many battered women, she tries to cover her man’s violations, makes excuses for him, and returns to him time after time.

At the same time, immigration is inevitable in a globalized world. If Europe is to survive in an age of mass migration, there must be a male revolution. This revolution will be as important as the struggle for women’s rights in the 1960s. It is vital for Western men to acknowledge this need and start building social, cultural and political capital based on masculine virtues to defend the values upon which Europe is based.


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  1. I quite agree with the author of this piece. The finest, most wondrous, pedagogical and masculating instrument in my life was Sarge’s boot applied to my posterior during my year of training in the South African Police College. Nowadays, when I look at young, male, western backpackers in Thailand I am appalled. No spring in their step. On the main, slope shouldered creatures. Intellectually gormless. It reminds me of one of my teachers back in 1964, in Australia. He had been in Australian 9th Division in World War 2 and that day he entered the classroom with a big grin on his face telling us how happy he was that now Australia had conscription. It had been announced on the radio that morning. “It’s just what you young larrikins need. Toughening up. I’ll even go so far as to say I hope there’s another war to toughen you fellows up!” At the time I thought he was nuts. Looking back I quite agree with him.

  2. “The average modern Western male has been feminized, with no knowledge or habit of manly virtues like courage, resolve, self-sacrifice, justice, temperance, self-reliance, self-discipline and honour.” Yup.

    This is a key area of the debate over what truly threatens the survival of – “Western civilization” – or “White culture” – depending upon which of the two tropes you prefer. In the loss of gender… both as male and as female, distinct and different from each other, the west has suffered it’s greatest defeat yet. The glib and available to hand explanation that ‘feminism’ is behind it suffers from the same defect of logic as does the “the jews are behind it” cover story, or even more irrational “Congoids are behind it all” theory. When you watch a “Punch and Judy” show, you notice the strings over top the characters, but in the interest of making the play enjoyable, one willingly puts aside the ocular reality for the illusion of independent action.

    Men have indeed been feminized, and women have been masculinized. A considerable part of what lies behind that reality is in chemistry. The addition of estrogens and androgens into foodstuffs – the gender bending nature of toxic agricultural products such as atrazine, and now, to top it off, the GMO nightmare of gene-splitting/species blending science gone mad – has been ongoing since the 1960s. And that’s only the stuff we KNOW about.

    The cultural component of this war on the west has been advanced through the media and education mafias now totally in the hands of the talmudist black magicians. Science and mind control blended into a toxic brew of genocidal proportion. Men and women are equally the victims of this culture war, and to make one out to be the oppressor of the other is to lose sight of the strings pulling both apart from each other.

    I see many women arrive in the middle east with romance on their minds – something apparently missing from their European existence. Some just wanna get laid, others take up with a Muslim boyfriend, even get married and have children with them. I shake my head, but say little – it’s useless to intervene, either with the women, or the men who prey upon their fantasies of a virile foreign lover. Ten or so years ago, with less of the chemical foodstuffs in their diet to make them soft, those Muslim guys could have made a case for themselves as “latin lovers” … today they are every bit as soft and whiny as their competitors in the west. Plus, they never ever grow up from childhood psychoses about the female! I meet Muslim guys who appear thoroughly modern in appearance and outlook, who will tell you straight out that women are “Satan.” And they all, to a man, cheat on the wife, as a matter of personal honor. Good luck with that gals.

    The Muzzies roaming around in the European world now are implants of the talmudist black magicians stage show. The complicit media, governments, and NGO’s all do their assigned parts to make the show look real… just like ISIS and the rest of the stage prop dummies. These are not ‘real men’ nor are they real enemies.

    It’s nearly twenty five years since Jean Baudrillard summed up the geopolitical situation which has continued to reign ever since the close of the Vietnam War – itself a managed media spectacle which replaced ‘war’ with it’s simulation:

    “We are in neither a logic of war nor a logic of peace but in a logic of deterrence which has wound its way inexorably through forty years of cold war to a denouement in our current events; a logic of weak events, to which belong those in Eastern Europe as well as the Gulf War.”

    Now, if you replace “Eastern” with “Western” Europe in the quote, and “Gulf War” with “Syria” you can see how exactly the situation has remained static – unchanged. A non-war against gender, against peaceful coexistence, and the harmonious interplay of opposites. There is no war – there is no peace; there is only the ‘strategy of deterrence’ by which the peoples of the West are gradually convinced to give up their last and final freedoms – in exchange for “securities.” Fear of ‘the other’ is what is being used to turn men into wimps. Real men do not trade freedom for anything. Until we get to grips with that, the rest is just blowin smoke.

    1. just blowin smoke

      That’s a beautiful and truthful summary at the end of the next attack of literary diarrhea that bedevils Ormonkey. Some progress!

      Sorry for using Ormonkey, Ormonkey, instead of Ormanci. It just seems more appropriate while replying to your comments. That’s all, nothing personal.

    2. No apologies required kid!

      Now that you are back in bizness – we can resume your catch up education in the things which every aspiring stage magician’s assistant needs to know!

      You see, that old adage: ‘there are two kinds of people in this world – winners and losers – needs to be expanded upon… broken out from it’s tired hegelian dialectical duality, removed from the static black and white, and re-numerated into what I call the “triadic.” Which is where you come into view… in addition to losers, there is a separate category of poor soul to be counted – the ‘total loser.’ That’s the kind of chap who makes a hash of EVERYTHING they put their meager gifts to! Let me give you an example –

      I like monkeys – at lot. So much so that my previous, longstanding avatar on the message board where I was most commonly to be found, was a small simian on a surfboard. It encompassed my joyful[but irreverent] attitude towards life to a Tee! Had a ‘sock monkey’ as a kid… and so did he!

      Liked him so much I had a shot of the ol monker on the going away card I sent to my former clients and suppliers when I closed up shoppe and went south to sail and live the life o Riley! \\\\No phone. No job. No address. No worries\\\… was inscribed round the edges! In addition to all the other wonderful things in my life now that make me laugh every day… I see your clumsy attempts to get a rise out of your ‘intended victim,’ and I smile at the thought of all the ‘total losers’ I left behind for good in that past life. Knowing that there is nothing at all contagious about contact with you via the vector of an internet connection, I can look forward to your daily hijinks here with the same kind of child-like pleasure I get out of watching the hijinks of the lil spidermonkey they keep in a cage at the tractor repair shop in town… all good fun!

      So do your thing – and I’ll do mine… and ne’er the twain shall meet… save in the spirit of mischievous comity!

      1. @Ormanci

        I like monkeys – a lot. So much so that my previous, longstanding avatar on the message board where I was most commonly to be found, was a small simian on a surfboard.

        You see, that’s what I mean when I say that referring to you as Ormonkey seems just more appropriate while replying to your comments.

        I’m sure glad that you have confirmed my hunch. Your behavior reminds me that of the monkeys. Look how noisy and ugly they are, how cautious, careful, wary, prudent, cowardly, and, at the same time, capable of type of brutality which has some uniquely monkey dimension to it.

        Compare them to the lions, or timber wolves, or eagles, or even to cobra. These are creatures beautiful in their straightforwardness and genuine nature. Look how magnificent, open, and brave they are in the fight. These are noble creatures – not primates.

        The Brits and the Jews have always reminded me of the primates – they have a lot in common.

      2. Too slow, too weak, too little, too late. The walls are closin in on ya kid!

        over there! That ghost in the forest! That’s you dude… in the white shroudy thing says
        “I came to party and all I got was this stupid tee shirt!

  3. “At the moment, Europe resembles a woman who allows herself to be battered and abused by her man. Like many battered women, she tries to cover her man’s violations, makes excuses for him, and returns to him time after time.”

    I believe this is a result of women being allowed to hold any elected and appointed public office…. and serving in military.

    “At the same time, immigration is inevitable in a globalized world. If Europe is to survive in an age of mass migration, there must be a male revolution. This revolution will be as important as the struggle for women’s rights in the 1960s. It is vital for Western men to acknowledge this need and start building social, cultural and political capital based on masculine virtues to defend the values upon which Europe is based.”

    The “male revolution” is impossible as long as women are allowed to hold any public office…. and allowed to serve in the military.

    1. Pat,
      “…and allowed to serve in the military.”
      Women are far too valuable to serve in military. As I often say you could wipe out 90% of the male population and you could regenerate the population in a generation or so! Do that to the female population and the nation is history. Besides the idea of a woman being killed or maimed in combat is utterly repugnant!

      1. Felix –

        Women pose a huge danger to the men in the units. The men are distracted, not only by her feminine beauty, but will go out of their way to keep her out of harm. It is as if they are helping mom or sister or wife. Normal.

        Having a woman next to you in battle is akin to having a wounded soldier who needs help. It cripples two or three fighters.

    2. @ Pat

      The “male revolution” is impossible as long as women are allowed to hold any public office…. and allowed to serve in the military.

      As a devout anti-feminist, I couldn’t agree more. The only weapons of mass destruction women should be allowed are knitting needles. 🙂

    3. @Pat

      I believe this is a result of women being allowed to hold any elected and appointed public office…. and serving in military.

      They should not be allowed to drive cars also.

      Damn you, Pat! You sly SOB … You fooled them all, Chief (credit to Red Onions for the link), including your therapist: I would never guess that you are a devout Muslim!

      That’s what I was trying to explain to our feminized European brothers for so long: Europe has to go Islam, and everything will be all right.

      Lasha is almost there already, so what say you, my white disoriented brothers.

    4. Pat
      I only lately saw your request of me on the previous thread – re: alchemy – whilst searching for the Warrior’s mysteriously delayed definition of terms.

      You write: “transmutation is everywhere in nature” …. yes indeed. “to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form” … it was Bechamp who famously proposed the concept of pleomorphism, in contradistinction to Pasteur’s media & elite sponsored monomorphism which has incapacitated modern medicine. He noted the passage of disease organisms through the various stages of viral/fungal/and their even smaller beginnings. Enderlein took the concept through a degree of refinement, and though both men were heavily attacked and their work defamed, what remains conclusive to the truth of the matter are the dying words of Pasteur* – the scientific and intellectual inferior of both his rivals!

      The more I have looked into the fascinating subject of ‘alchemy,’ the more I have concluded that the physical work of transmuting base materials into ones of value was but a cipher for a more mystical practice and precis – exactly what the work of the ‘kabbalist’ is all about. New Englander George Starkey traveled to London in 1650 to join that circle of self-defined “Christian Kabbalists” – like the fraud and plagiarist Isaac Newton – who were interested in this matter.

      Apparently possessed of some secret practical knowledge of the actual transmutation of lead to gold, Starkey, growing hip to the whole judaically-driven agenda behind the occult speculations and credit money scam which that same group of Newton’s cronies were central to, refused to part with his secrets, unless, he demanded, it was used to destroy the entire monetary system and the commercial world it supported, which to him constituted the “fulcrum of the Anti-Christian monster!” Wise in the way of serpents, your compatriot departed for home with secrets intact, and the European project of coarse alchemical process was eventually abandoned for the more mystical – and ultimately much more invidious – alchemy of gender – in which the materia prima of ‘the other’ – in this case women, is dissolved, melted down and then re-rendered… under the power and control of the kabbalist/talmudist sorcerer…into a compliant ‘golem’ of stolen soul and spirit!

      Much the same vision of optimal relations between the sexes as some of our more visionary posters here have recommended!

      For those curious, I have touched upon that subject here – … and
      here –

      *”Bernard is right; the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.”

      1. ORMANCI

        I refuse to debate anyone who is obviously never wrong!!!!!!!!!!

        You are full of it and yourself.

        You must love listening to yourself speak.

        Just in case you cannot read anything but your own words. Read this now;

        GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Immigration is inevitable ? Europe has to survive in a age of mass migration ? The analysis is indeed interesting, but the assumption that Europe has to cope with unstoppable mmigration is flawed. Since the massive immigration in our nations is the well known dirty work of the international financial oligarchy spearheaded by the evil NGOs of george Schwartzy, aka Soros, it is far from being a natural phenomenon which cannot be twarthed . Our societies are not healty for the same reasons and the same agents . It is the all package we have to throw away. How to do it ? Retaking our national sovranities , our culture and pride, and doing so reviving our Christian roots. I don’t agree that men lost theit virility, and I don’t think we need a ” male revolution”. People dance to the music that is tuned. Man and women of good will can play something new.

    1. @Roman, I agree. This mass migration was planned, and is just another tool in the evil NGOs toolbox, like da-esh, and the colour revolutions..

  5. Europe’s Tragedy: Most Of Its Men Are Feminized Wimps

    What about Americans and Canadians – all those dysfunctional senior citizen Pats and Lobros stuck in mental adolescence? All they do, or can do, is wimping, pimping, whining, yelping, and singing a song: “It’s the JEW, JEW, JEW … There is nothing we can do!”

    That’s a shame!

    1. Did you say PIMPING?
      “Senior citizens”?

      Meanwhile, all you can do is continue with gratuitous insults, your total output, every thread, every post.
      Lasha, latrine attendant,
      Art Topham, homosexual, pimp,
      Mahmoud El-Youssef, fake,
      Pat, old
      Lobro, Hitlerjugend, fraud, liar, coward, now also old
      Ormanci, Ormonkey, intellectual masturbator,
      Sardonicus (can’t remember but know there was something)

      It goes on and on, every post, never a break – how and why the admin tolerates someone as 100% deadbeat useless, corrosive, offensive and damaging to the blog is beyond me, but ultimately none of my business.
      I just hope that people see clearly who you are because your “contribution” is your passport and personal ID.

      Let’s revisit Carcassian’s method in a bit of detail.
      Start here, Now I proceed to prove that Lobro is a total fraud,
      what do we have here, a kind doctor trying to straighten out a wayward patient?.
      I think not. He is proclaiming to the entire Darkmoon community that he will unmask me as a fraud, gloating, assured of his triumph – pay attention to dynamics, he is lecturing you in a professorial mode, I am a specimen strapped for vivisection and he is enjoying himself immensely.
      I didn’t respond immediately, wanted to come to grips with the problem, so he continues

      Here is my proposition: either he is not an honest man, or his reasoning skills are extremely low.

      In either case, he could not have achieved a result of any significance in his entire mathematical career: people with unclean consciousness do not usually make important mathematical discoveries, and people with poor reasoning skills cannot make good mathematicians.

      Anyone spot a quart of venom spilled in just one post?
      But he continues to wallow in his psychotic triumph (next post)

      Lying is a kind of perversion (Lobro, Pat); committing fraud is a kind of perversion (Lobro); unclean consciousness is a kind of perversion (Lobro, Pat, Sardonicus); logical debauchery is a kind of perversion (Lobro, Pat); literary masturbation is a perversion (Ormanci); practicing financial, political, economical and all other kinds of deception as a matter of policy is a perversion (the Jews and the entire Anglo-American world).

      My dear brothers and sisters [try not to vomit yet, more to come], as you can see, Lobro is cowardly ignoring my challenge. You be the judge: Am I justified in claiming that I have proved, beyond a reasonable doubt, my assertion that he is a total fraud?

      It gets better, TROJ cannot resist temptation of kicking someone he perceives as being down,

      “our” woebro is most certainly a “Master” of that ancient hindoo-joo jive talk, it takes a certain intelligence, so woebro ain’t totally stoopid, certainly not.

      , birds of the feather, aren’t they, so here comes Circassian, first some more typical like Bolshevik sadism, all smiley, nice, rubbing hands, totally enjoying himself:

      Look, Lobro, there is really no reason to be so agitated and call me names. If you wish to apologize for your outburst to relieve the burden on your consciousness, you are welcome to do so. If you do not feel a heavy burden on your consciousness, then, I am afraid, you have much bigger spiritual problems than I could have foreseen.

      Your behavior and reasoning patterns have shown some evidence – quite compelling, in my view – that you are either a fraud, or possess a rather low reasoning skills.

      Now having gained a worthy partner in TROJ, here is what he says,

      But please pay close attention to what TROJ – a white American, i.e. one of your own – is trying to communicate so desperately to you. This guy is one of the most realistic posters here at DM and, at the same time, the least appreciated one.

      Pat couldn’t care less what is unfolding in Europe; being arrogant and stupid, he is sure that he can ride this off because he is on the other side of the pond. TROJ is totally different – he is a different kind of American. He is one of those real grass-root Americans, America can be proud of; one of those rare and pure souls I call Big Bad Johns.

      Convinced that I am down for good, he cannot resist his base instinct for humiliation


      I am trying to reason with you on purely logical grounds – with no emotions, no insults, and no wild assumptions involved – while you continue calling me names, and making wild accusations. I am trying to establish my case without a reasonable doubt. And the case is: Either (a) Lobro is a fraud; or (b) his reasoning skills are rather poor

      Except … how tragic, while already savoring burnt offerings,

      GOT IT.

      Circassian goes into rapid retreat to prevent me from getting even, eye for an eye, the Jew way, as he so richly deserves

      And I am happy to feel that you have felt that moment of true happiness.

      It is a spiritual one. I can only pray that you will make it – that would make me happy too.

      Good luck to you, brother.

      As a full fledged Aryan, I let it go, not because I was too stupid to see through it but because I got CLASS.
      But at the same time I knew that you would not let it go, that the confrontation was inevitable.
      Well, you asked for it.

      You don’t fool me none Mordechai.

      1. Lobro,

        You still don’t get it. I have said I shall proceed to prove the following proposition: Either Lobro is not an honest man, or his reasoning skills are extremely low.

        And I did. In fact, I have proved a stronger conjecture: Lobro is not an honest man AND his reasoning skills are extremely low. You just don’t know it.

        You should not have written the above comment. As a good gesture, I suggest you read it again carefully and decide for yourself: would you like to take it back, and ask the Admin to remove it so you won’t have to blush later on.

        If you decide to keep it, I shall proceed to prove that you, far from being classy, are in fact the direct opposite of such.

        Pick your gamble, Lobro.

      2. Pat,

        Give my test another shot, will you.

        Lobro, it will make a good exercise for you too. In fact, it will make a good exercise for everyone else here.

        Sardonicus? Ormanci? Anyone?

      3. “Anyone?”

        Nope… No One. Nobody at all here wants to be your Daddy. Deal with it.

        This particular piece seems to have brought you out of your cave in spades, as the authors thesis, that the b-male whom you epitomize is a product of the lack of a father figure has remobilized you to seek the impossible – again. Raging about, from poster to poster, desperately convinced that one of us will finally break down and agree to be your dadda… “you don’t get it”

        ….still. You’re an unwanted – unloved – street urchin with a victim complex which would make your average holocaust myth supporter green with envy! Nobody wants or needs you as a ward, no one will pick you up from the center of the street because you are making a fuss in public…

        there is no stroller or jolly jumper waiting for your arrival to the safety of the domestic nest. You are all – alone. Capiche?

      4. @Lobro

        It looks like Lobro has declined my goodwill gesture and decided to keep the comment where he claims:

        As a full fledged Aryan, I let it go, not because I was too stupid to see through it but because I got CLASS.

        Well, let’s see what kind of CLASS got the full-fledged Aryan. Lobro’s claim of CLASS for himself and all kinds of depravity for Circassian is based on the following three propositions.

        Proposition I

        … agent provocateur with premeditated game plan, Circassian had undoubtedly consulted someone in the field, maybe a fellow synagogue worshipper who could in fact have provided the problem and a solution.

        Lobro has no doubt that the depraved Circassian has consulted someone in the field with premeditated game plan to slander the full-fledged Aryan. But this gentleman is the one who is engaged in slander. To prove that, I need only refer reader to my paper Newtonian mechanics: An implication of extended relativity, where the equation in question was derived … in 2012, i.e. way before I knew of the existence of CLASSY Lobro.

        Proposition II

        Depraved Circassian, convinced that Lobro is down for good, cannot resist his base instinct for humiliation. Except … how tragic, while already savoring burnt offerings, Lobro, GOT IT: So that’s it
        f(x)=cx, any constant “c”.

        Has Lobro GOT IT? No, … f(x)=cx is just the simplest solution of my equation – it has other solutions. Just get my paper quoted above and see for yourself – you will find there all solutions, plus the proof that no other solutions exist. But arrogant Lobro is sure that he GOT IT. How tragic.

        Proposition III

        Circassian goes into rapid retreat to prevent me from getting even, eye for an eye, the Jew way, as he so richly deserves.

        This is another disgusting slander, mixed with triumphant gloating that he “got” the Circassian. But did he? Why is he so sure that Circassian is so depraved? Because he is full-fledged Aryan with CLASS.

        People with class do not behave like that, Lobro. In fact, if anyone behaved classy in this situation, it was Circassian. You were so genuinely happy that you have found the simplest solution to my equation that I thought it would be brutal to tell you at that moment that you, in fact, did not solve the problem – you only found one solution – the simplest one at that. And I was really happy for you that you have experienced – deservedly so – a little “Poincare moment”. I was quick to admit that much, but you have interpreted it as “Circassian goes into rapid retreat to prevent me from getting even, eye for an eye, the Jew way, as he so richly deserves”.

        But the full-fledged Aryan Lobro is convinced in his own mind that he got CLASS. This is a syndrome very common in arrogant people with low intelligence. Edwin Jaynes was the first to come up with a term for it: Mind Projection Fallacy.

        You have made some shots at TROJ too in that unfortunate comment. I’ll get to that later.

      5. Whether I proved to have arrived at ALL the solutions over the real field or just one class, I nevertheless did it alone, without, as I said, even pencil and paper – it did take me about 24 hours, but so what.
        Your link only provides an abstract,

        This paper asserts that the set of basic laws of classical mechanics is an inductive implication of extended principle of relativity – Galilean relativity plus relativity of scale.

        Fine, good for you, I guess you are a physicist with interest in classical mechanics, which I know is by no means a trivial field.
        If you want to show the complete solution with proof of completeness, be my guest, I will read it.

        But understand that all of this is beside the point.
        You behaved in totally crude, ignoble manner, seeking to discredit me by means entirely unrelated to any of the topics discussed in this blog – questions of science or mathematics or statistics, Bayesian or otherwise are of no interest to anyone except possibly you and me and Grettir if he was around, like two urologists discussing merits of lithotripsy vs laparoscopy.

        The point is this: from the day you joined this blog, you devoted your time exclusively to deriding other posters, always shooting the messenger, without affecting the message, never contributing any verifiable information for the benefit of the reader, which is what the blog is all about – to grasp the body of truth in the welter of lies, to provide the reader with tools to form his own opinion instead of funneling sinister mindfuck by force of subliminal psychic witchcraft and brutish propaganda.
        Since you have a background in statistics, I could easily propose a test of my own, namely, to define parameters of sincere, unbiased seeking for truth as opposed to character assassination and then compare our respective oeuvre from say, 6 months ago to this date and run some blinded tests to see who is who.
        It would be much more relevant to the readership, wouldn’t it, than some ivory tower pissing contest.

        But, I will let it pass, people here are not the bottom of the barrel dregs and are quite able to make up their own minds as to the character of a poster.
        Let their judgment fall where it may.

        I will only say that since the first day in schoolyard, I never suffered the bullies gladly though it cost me occasional bloodied nose and even a knife scar across the knuckles and another on the opposite forearm from another scrap that I wear 60 years later.
        And I am not about to submit to bullying at this stage.
        HP and Lasha probably remember how 10 years ago while still living and working in Toronto, I made ready to duke it out with some wild greaseball from Dundas, ON, at a halfway point, some parking lot in Hamilton and the lunatic was bigger and 20 years my junior, some minor hockey goon.
        The day before the dance, he came to his senses and offered a truce that I readily accepted.
        So quit prodding and pushing, I will never back down.
        Although I have better things in life than proving myself to you or anyone.

      6. @Lobro

        Your link only provides an abstract.

        This time, at least, you have not conjectured that Circassian is so depraved that he has pointed to someone else’s work as his own. Thank you for that.

        The pdf version of the paper can be downloaded from here: Do the laws of nature scale?

      7. Let me try and wrap up a few points in one post.

        1. I don’t go around picking fights with anyone but neither does it mean that I will run from one – i just don’t have time in life for something as futile as that, winning gives me no satisfaction, losing, even less.
        The reason that being a winner in some personal contest has lost its appeal for me is that I no longer measure myself in relativistic terms; “I bettered so-and-so, therefore I am something special” but in some “absolute” yet internally computed terms.
        So, fighting you or anyone else is a woeful waste of time for me, I feel like a loser regardless of outcome.

        2. Whilst decrying feminization of men, we, the putative men, screech and claw like bitches in heat. The irony is not lost on me. My father, though an engineer, even taught at Penn State for a while, a short dude, was not fond of talking when someone overstepped the line jawing at him. A threat is a threat, he never bothered to find whether it was a fake display, one short, lightning fast overhand right and the matter was invariably settled then and there, black guys found that out too and would thereafter act friendly and laugh when they saw him, “h’ya Steve, whassup my man” and they did genuinely like him when he’d take me and my brother for biweekly haircuts at the neighborhood barber shop.

        3. From there, I learned to take my testosterone aggression out in sports, boxing, skiing, volleyball, basketball … and to utterly despise unwarranted bullying of the weak and defenseless, the epitome of cowardice. And I saw that Jews excel precisely in that, probably the main, visceral reason why I cannot stand them, this craven deficiency of honor or even the concept of honor, their slyness, cunning, ambush tactics, attacks from the back or when in position of superiority, refusal to look you in the eye.

        So, I am not looking to fight you, nor belittle anything beyond the strict confines of the topic in discussion.
        Whether you are the century’s greatest physicist who proves that looking from outside, the cosmos looks like a VW camper van does not in itself prove or disprove some claim about Jews, Talmud, Hitler, etc. I don’t go for such leaps of credibility.

        You are perfectly welcome to question the validity of my IT’S JEW, X3 mantra, so long as you stick to the matter instead of “proving” to the assembly that I am a fraud because I cannot solve some equation (btw, I am curious whether it does have non-Cauchy solutions, ie, when it is not the case that f(x+y)=f(x)+f(y), but that can be discussed independently of the thread).
        Maybe I am wrong.
        Kapoore, this sweet lady of absolutely unimpeachable character and very sound logic, came the closest when she asserted that in her view, most Jews are just unthinking morons ignorant and incurious, happy to unquestioningly follow the rabbinic diktat, as long as the benefits of Jew network keep coming.
        Spice must flow, in other words.
        Close, but no cigar, I say.
        Absconding the individual responsibility, the Kitty Genovese non-response syndrome is not an extenuating circumstance, saying that I support Cast Lead because my rabbi says I must makes me as culpable as the ones sitting in lounge chairs with cocktail in hand watching white phosphorus drift down on screaming children – because all my neighbors do it, know what I mean?
        A human, a man does not act like that, so why should I consider them human, much less men?

        Until someone convinces me otherwise by sound argument,
        IT’S JEWS, JEWS, JEWS.
        I guess I could have made it x4 but 3 is enough to depict that inescapable
        96% REALITY
        – just right, IMO.

  6. “The irony is that the vacuum feminism has created means that women become victims of an aggressive male culture.”

    Irony? Irony intimates a coincidence, but this looks like a plan to me. Feminism was created for the express purpose of emasculating the western male by “equalizing the sexes”. And guess what – It worked!

    This is the very reason Jews are to be blamed for western ills. The idea that the white race is responsible for such problems is absurd. The masses of people of any race or culture are led. They follow the rules and standards set for them by the leaders put before them. The military is a prime example of this human tendency.

    Thus, sound leadership means a sound race and corrupt leadership, rotten to its core, means the same for the people it leads. It’z not western civilizations fault they have been infiltrated by a parasitical organism that has usurped not only its social institutions, but its very will. Just as it’s not the crabs fault when a parasitical Sacculina carcini invades its body to redirect its biological will.


    It was an odd incident that stands out now only because of its oddness. It happened during a business trip to a distant city. I had become lost that early Sunday morning and was now late for my flight. In my anxious search for the airport, I felt a growing frustration at being lost. I could only wonder how I had come to the point where I was desperately driving the empty back streets of some nameless industrial area deep within the urban confines of this major metropolis.

    The morning was rainy and blustery; the buildings were low, flat, box structures all of a drably uniform, cement-gray, color. Each block-long building partition contained several small doors sunk into a windowless, cement wall. The sameness of the scene was mind numbing and gave the impression of my being a rat lost in a maze.

    As I turned another corner and came upon another empty street, I noticed a faint patch of color. Actually, it wasn’t so much a difference in color as it was a different shade of drab; a patch of washed out brown in an otherwise gray universe. Drawing abreast of the drab, brown, color, I could see that it was a human figure hunched over a steaming grate, with its head bowed between its knees.

    The brown turned out to be a patched, military, great coat and the figure’s head was covered with a well-worn fedora. In desperation, I stopped the car and took the three steps required to reach the apparently sleeping figure. It was then I noticed a tin cup and a soiled, dog-eared sign, cast carelessly on the ground that read: RIDDLES – $1.00.

    I didn’t need any more riddles that day, but I prayed my dollar might obtain information directing me out of my present inner-city riddle to the airport and my departing flight. As I reached for my wallet to extract a dollar, the figure stirred and looked up. The face under the old, worn fedora stopped me cold – it was hideous.

    Once it had been the face of a man, but now one side of the face was melted plasticine that had oozed down the rigid structure of a skull. Most noticeable within that misshapened mass of scarred flesh, was a dead, yellowed, sightless, eye staring past me into the gray void of that cold, windy, morning. The other side of the face, although normal, was old and lined from endless years of wear and toil, the good eye drawn to a slit from the relentless wind.

    I opened my mouth, but before I could speak, the horrific apparition addressed me in a low, gravelly, voice that issued from the intact side of the face. Standing there, open mouthed with dollar in hand, I listened as the bizarre looking street beggar gave me clear, concise directions to the airport. Then, without hesitation, he closed his good eye and stared at me with that baleful, yellowed, sightless eye.

    As my focus became riveted on the dead, sightless eye, a detached voice said: “Here is your riddle, If you do not want to be led, then why do you demand leaders? If you want to be led, then why do you expect leaders to follow your demands?” With that, the figure bowed his head and again became an inanimate patch of brown in a gray world. I was late, very late. Still speechless I bent over and stuffed a bill into the tin cup. A moment later, I was back in my rented car, speeding to the airport.

    As I ran up to the loading gate, trench coat and briefcase in hand, I could see my flight being pushed back from the Jetway. Thoroughly exasperated, I dumped myself into a nearby seat. All my thoughts were on the impossibility of making my flight out in time. I tried to focus in order to overcome a fast approaching blue funk, but my racing thoughts would not allow such diversion. It was obvious that I would now miss the election returns. The voting registration and balloting results I had gathered would now be useless information, yesterday’s news.

    At last, I exhaled a deep, long breath in the acceptance that my efforts had been wasted. I threw my head back to find a news broadcast flashing on an overhead monitor. Although unable to hear over the din of surrounding noise, it was clear the election was over. It had been terminated early when the incumbent threw in the towel and conceded defeat. The victors cheered ecstatically, congratulating each other as the newly elected president tried hard not to gloat over his victory. Somewhere in the background, a talking head discussed election details with some know-nothing, TV personality.

    In retrospect, the incident now seems surreal, perhaps more like a scene from a Fellini movie than real life. But I can still see the all too real, baleful gaze, of that dead, yellowed, sightless, eye and I still ponder that riddle that issued from a twisted, melted, mouth with wonder at their meaning: “If you do not want to be led, then why do you demand leaders? If you want to be led, then why do you expect leaders to follow your demands?”

    That as the last time I worked in the election process, in fact that was the last time I voted. I realized those leaders whom I had worked so hard to elect in truth had no more right to run my life than I did theirs. If I really wanted a voice in government, I needed to vote on issues, not promises made by leaders. Moreover, I needed a vote that could not be countermanded or rescinded by any leader. I discovered what I had sought all along was a system whereby people lead, not elected leaders. What I really wanted was true democracy.

    It is strange that Americans think they live under a democratic system; that democracy means a chance to vote on a representative. This in fact is not democracy, but a Republic. By nature, Republics are a form of oligarchy, a point made unstintingly clear in Plato’s work “The Republic”. By contrast, democracy has no leadership roles. The people decide directly over matters affecting their lives. In the end, I realized that my vote was nothing more than a validation of the Republican system of representational leadership.

    Thus, my vote was an open concession to leadership by an elected representative. In my accepted role as follower, I had conceded any further role in the decision making process. It would now be left up to the leadership to make decisions for me.

    Whatever their decision, I now had no choice but to accept, as my vote had blindly put all my trust in their decisions. Democrat, Republican, third party – makes no difference, when we demand leadership, we cannot expect any leader to follow our demands and what does it matter to followers whom is chosen to lead, when their accepted role is simply to follow the leader?

    1. Arch Stanton, agreed that feminism was created to emasculate the western man, and I would add, to turn white women against their men by portraying them as their enemies. This began decades ago. As a youngster when I still watched tv to my fathers consternation, he was convinced that it was a brainwashing tool, I noticed subtly inserted into commercials men behaving like little boys, constantly deferring to their wives, being humiliated by their children and basically shown as no-account hangdogs.

  7. Right, wimps are no defense against savage misogynists and criminals. Best immediate options? A gun (+ good marksmanship) or an already clean karmic slate.
    Blaming “feminism” is not a solution any more than blaming “too much testosterone”. No other species has such lack of mutually beneficial cooperation between the sexes. No other species is hell-bent on acquiring. This one won’t be missed when it’s gone.

    1. Really? Feminism was allowed to take hold in cultures with strong men because it had strong men to protect them. And it was rewarded as cute. “Look at what my daughter can do!”, they seemed to say. I don’t blame men for not wanting to get married anymore. I can’t believe I found a decent woman that actually listens to me. I can’t imagine what the odds of finding one now happen to be or will be in the dark future.

  8. Last year at a camp in Northern Alberta a woman left a porta potty and was dragged off and killed by a black bear. The seven men she was with claimed later that they attempted to help her by ‘shooing’ the bear. Now a black bear isn’t more than about 50 Ibs heavier than my Newfoundland dog. Seven men couldn’t save her?

    1. Bears are dangerous… and deadly.

      It was more likely a male if it dragged a woman.

      Black bears from the northwest are often slightly heavier than the bears from the southeast N Am.
      Adult males typically weigh between 125–550 lb. Some go 800+ lbs.

      The record-sized bear from New Jersey was shot in Morris County December 2011 and scaled 830 lb. Even larger, the most massive black bear recorded in Pennsylvania weighed in at 880 lb and was shot in November 2010 in Pike County.

      The North American Bear Center, located in Ely, Minnesota, is home to the world’s largest captive male and female black bears. Ted, the male, weighed 950–1,000 lb in the fall of 2006. Honey, the female, weighed 484 lb in the fall of 2007.

      Bears are solid.

      1. Pat, do you look this stuff up? Or is this all in your head? You scare me sometimes. Or do you have a subscription to some paid service that allows you pull up data that is meaningful without going through a bunch of crap on the internet?

        I remember reading Ann Coulter’s book and she mentioned some type of subscription that allows her to get data. I think I might want to buy access to it for my sons. The girls have all they need from their mother of course.

      2. Rich –

        HA!! Mostly “time on earth”…. and paying close attention. With over 300 semester hours in college(no PhD), I get by.

        I have thousands of folders. Manila and hard drive. I published my own newsletter in the 90s. So retrieval is a habit.

        Once I know the general terms… key words… I go to StartPage search engine… enter and select. Just takes seconds.

        “black bear weight” was what I used this time. But, as an avid hunter, years ago, I already knew they pushed 800 pounds sometimes.

        They are solid as a rock. Not fluffy and soft as they would seem.

        I once wrestled…. just grabbed…. a 150 pound ‘cinnamon’ black bear in a bar in Louisiana. It was a female and de-clawed and had a muzzle. I’m just that way. No one else would take the challenge. So, I paid $2… went to the dance floor…. put my hands on her front legs to find a grip… she was standing upright…. about 5ft-2in, not really fat. I was immediately forced to the ground when she placed both front paws on my shoulders and pushed-pulled down co,ing at me. I could not stop her. She stood on me with all 4s and grunted. I could not move. Judo did not work. No elbow notch to grab like we have. All done in less than a minute. The house roared….
        One smartass ‘coon-ass’ called me Davey(Crockett). 🙂

        That’s how I know they are so strong and solid as steel…. even though they do not look like it. One that is 500 lbs could tear down a wall in a frame house…. or destroy flimsy cars.


      3. Actually, I don’t know how big the bear was, presumed it was average size. Poor woman, what a way to go.

      4. @Pat, they`d be no match for the little Glaswegian in the following tale:

        Cocky little Glaswegian was in a crowded pub, trying to cause trouble. The barman had trained a bear to get rid of troublemakers. At a nod from the barman, the bear grabbed hold of little Jimmy. They fought, and wrestled, wound up outside. After much screaming, and sounds of battle, the door opened, and the cocky little Glaswegian sauntered in, picking blood and fur from his clothing, and said, “See these Jamaicans, give them an inch and they think they own the place”..

      5. My brother is an avid outdoors man, has been all his life since teens, spent career as an engineer for provincial power utility in North Ontario and has dozens of bear stories.
        In one I remember, he watched as a scavenging bear was curious about the contents inside some car trunk.
        It hooked the claws of one paw under the trunk lid and in a single stroke ripped the lid (this would have been back in 70s before plastic cars) free of the lock and even one back hinge broke.
        These garbage black bears are the menace because they lost their fear of humans.
        All the true wild animals steer clear.

        In Africa I saw a single Masai youth guiding a herd of cows through the Serengeti Plains, the lion country, unconcerned.
        Meanwhile in Toronto’s High Park, 30 lb coyotes would come within 40 feet wondering if they could steal my Yorkie until I chased them off.
        Hiking in the high hills of Kumoun Himalayas 20 yrs ago, I was told that the most aggressive beasts were the single rogue bulls and if spotted by one, to dive headlong into the dense bamboo forest even though there could be a tiger inside 🙂
        They were a lesser evil, I guess.
        The woman I travelled with in India the last time was attacked by a holy cow in the crowded street, where I wrestled with the cow’s horns and it wasn’t until a local grabbed the tail and worked it into a painful knot that the damn thing gave up.

        The less interaction, the better.
        Jews should be fenced into Birobidjan where they belong until they learn to live off their own work instead of sponging off others.

    2. Karen,

      Black bears can be quite deadly – and large. In fact, I have a HUGE black bear sow on my place which I often encounter, and for which I have developed a certain fondness (but wouldn’t even CONSIDER petting her on the head!).
      I’d say the old girl weighs around 600 lbs. (Just this past season, a 742lb. black bear was checked-in in by a hunter in our county!) When I was a young boy, I remember one of my great uncles kept Airdales for bear hounds – and I remember when, once, one of those big dogs got too close to a chased bear, and the bear slapped it so hard that it got hung in the fork of a tree with its guts hanging out. One of th0ose bears could make mince-meat out of a man! 🙂

      Anyhow, this article rings of truth.

      1. @ Karen :

        Do you have a source reference for your story about the 7 men who did next to nothing to save the poor unfortunate woman who got hauled-off and mauled by the big bad bear, or did you just make-up the story off the top of your head to give yourself the opportunity to bitch and moan, cry and complain? This song’s for you, Babe! :

    3. Here in Pa. there is a black bear hunting season. Every year the hunters kill some three to four thousand black bears. Two or three will weigh 800 lbs. The average bear, though, weighs 300-400.
      Absolutely beautiful animals, the way they flow through the wood and ravines and hollows, with incredible fluidity and gracefulness. A tree climber, par exellence.

      Shy, basically harmless. An attack in the wild is really really rare. An ambush like this? Sure it wasn’t a grizzly bear?
      I don’t believe it. I’d imagine the investigator/ranger is raising an eyebrow..

      (they eat bears, don’t they)

    4. Relax, Karen. Your all-time favorite Big Daddy of “god is dead” Existentialism Heidegger said in 1963 or thereabouts that your next “god is dead” Avatar Man will be descending from the clouds and landing on Earth in One Hundred Years. So in 2063 or thereabouts when you’re an old b*tch, Karen, in your dotage with alzheimers in a nursing home hooked up to Prozac IV drip your Dream Avatar Hero Man will show up and take you to Heaven and Beyond Baby!! 😉

      1. Poor ol’ Joe, you’ve never read Heidegger, and it’s doubtful that he should even be classified as an “existentialist”. Keep lashing out poor ol’ Joe at everything that you don’t understand and maybe it will all go away.

      2. “We are too late for the gods and too early for Being. Beings poem, just begun, is man.” Heidegger
        “The worlds darkening never reaches to the light of Being.” Heidegger

  9. Men are stepping up in big ways. Why I just saw a Henry Makow piece the other day that informed me that men in Holland recently formed a protest donning skirts to show their solidarity with women. That it is OK for women to dress however they wish. However this contrasts with the propaganda I first heard in the late ’70s that rape was not a crime about sex, they said it was a crime based on taking away a woman’s power.

  10. I’d like to see these “refugees” try their nonsense in Singapore. In addition to a lengthy custodial sentence, any male under 50 can be awarded up to 24 strokes with the cane. And it’s not like a school thrashing. Most who receive the maximum will spend a month or two recovering in the prison hospital. “He that spareth his rod, loveth not his son.”

  11. You have posted a subject of great importance to the white_warrior. It begs the question; “why do we have so many girls of both sexes” in our modern white society. There are many reasons and the warrior – the racists’ racist – will answer in due course via another post.


    I was going to write a long response on the topic of “girls of both sexes” but I just discovered someone has already done it for me. The author is the late and great Dr. William Luther Pierce. I have always admired Dr. Pierce – he was an alpha male who like the White_Warrior was a scientist and a man who called a spade a spade. Being a scientist and a practical man he got to the point often using politically incorrect language. The important thing to note is that as men have become more feminine, woman have become more masculine. Here we are not talking about absolutes rather we are talking about trends.

    Below is a transcript of his broadcast of August 23, 1997 entitled, “The Feminization of America.”

    I always have been very fond of women perhaps too much sometimes. I always have enjoyed their company greatly. I have really worshipped feminine beauty. I have admired and respected women when they have served their purpose in the life of our people, as much as I have admired and respected men who have served their purpose.

    Having said this I must tell you now that I believe that a great part of the present pathology of our society can be ascribed properly to its feminization over the past century or two, to its loss of its former masculine spirit and masculine character. This came to mind most recently when I saw and heard the reaction to Timothy McVeigh’s statement to the court on August 14, at the time he was sentenced to die. What McVeigh said was very relevant, very pertinent. He said that the government teaches its citizens by its example. When the government breaks the law, then its citizens will not respect the law. But the spectators almost uniformly were disappointed by this statement. They complained that they wanted to hear him say that he was sorry for what he had done, that he was sorry for the innocent victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. They weren’t even interested in hearing about the much larger issue of government lawlessness that Mr. McVeigh raised. They only wanted an apology for the suffering of individual victims. This is a feminine attitude, this focusing on personal and individual feelings rather than on the larger, impersonal context. It is a feminine attitude, despite the fact that it was expressed by grown men.

    Many other people besides me have come to similar conclusions, although not all of them have wanted to come right and out and say so, because that would be the height of Political Incorrectness, the height of “insensitivity.” As far back as the 1960s some perceptive commentators were remarking on the generally unmasculine character of the young men they encountered in our universities. Male university students even then tended to be too timid; too soft; too lacking in boldness, pride, and independence; too whiny in adversity; insufficiently willing to endure hardship or to challenge obstacles.

    We have always had both soft, dependent men and hard, proud men in our society, but the commentators were comparing the relative numbers of masculine and non-masculine men they saw in our universities in the 1960s with what they had seen in the 1930s and 1940s. The 1960s, of course, were a time when the whinier men were making extraordinary efforts to remain in the universities in order to avoid military service, while many of the more masculine men were off in Vietnam, but this isn’t enough to account for the change these commentators noticed.

    Something written by the American historian Henry Adams back in 1913 was recently called to my attention. Adams wrote “Our age has lost much of its ear for poetry, as it has its eye for color and line and its taste for war and worship, wine and women.” Now, Henry Adams was a man who had much more than a passing interest in such matters he was a lifelong student of these things and also was a professor of history at Harvard back in the days when the professors at that university were expected to know what they were talking about so we ought to pay some attention to his observation of the state of affairs in America in 1913. Incidentally, he was a member of one of America’s most distinguished families. He was a great grandson of the founding father and second President of the country, John Adams, and a grandson of the sixth President, John Quincy Adams.

    Henry’s brother, Brooks Adams, had written a book 18 years earlier, in 1895, on the subject commented on by Henry. It was The Law of Civilization and Decay, and in it Brooks made an even more general observation than that stated later by Henry. Brooks saw two types of man: the type he described as spiritual man, typified by the farmer-warrior-poet-priest; and the type he called economic man, typified by the merchant and the bureaucrat. I believe that Brooks must have known a different breed of priests than those I am familiar with. He was thinking of Martin Luther and Giordano Bruno, not Billy Graham and John Paul II.

    He saw spiritual man as having the leading role in the building of a civilization, with the economic men coming out of the woodwork and assuming the dominant role after the civilization had peaked and was in the process of decay. Spiritual men are those with vision and daring and a close connection to their roots, their spiritual sources. Economic men are those who know how to calculate the odds and evaluate an opportunity, but who have cut themselves loose from their spiritual roots and become cosmopolitans, to the extent that that offers an economic advantage. The spirit of adventure and the current of idealism run strong in spiritual men; economic men, on the other hand, are materialists. And Brooks was referring only to European men, to White men. He was not even considering the Jews or Chinese.

    Most of us are a mixture of the two types, and it’s difficult to find examples of purely spiritual or purely economic men. Michelangelo and Charles Lindbergh tended toward the type of spiritual man. Pick almost any prominent politician today Bill Clinton or Newt Gingrich, say and you have a good example of economic man. Which is not to say that all economic men are politicians, by any means: just that, since they are not likely to be distinguished in the arts, scholarship, or exploration, politics is where economic men are most likely to find fame.

    So what does this have to do with the feminization of our society and the preponderance of whiny young men at our universities today? Actually, these things are very closely interrelated. They also are related to the things which caught the attention of Henry Adams; the loss of our aesthetic sense, our warrior spirit, and our feeling for what is divine, along with our masculinity.

    When I say “loss,” I am using this word only in its relative sense. Our society still has masculine elements, masculine characteristics; it’s just that they are weaker now than they were 200 years ago. And 200 years ago there were some effeminate tendencies to be found; tendencies which today have become much more pronounced. It would be an error, I believe, to attribute this shift in balance solely to the machinations of feminists, homosexuals, or even Jews. They are responsible for the condition of our society today primarily in the sense that the pus in a ripe boil is to be blamed for the boil. The feminists, homosexuals and Jews characterize our society in large part today they are symptoms of the pathology afflicting our society but we must look deeper for the cause of our decay.

    Let me repeat Henry Adams’ observation. He wrote: “Our age has lost much of its ear for poetry, as it has its eye for color and line and its taste for war and worship, wine and women.”

    If he were writing today, he might note that the immortal lyrics of his contemporary, Tennyson, have given way in favor to the pretentious drivel of Maya Angelou; that the Western tradition in art, which had culminated in the 19th century in the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich and John Constable, has been shoved aside in the 20th century by the trash-art of Picasso, Chagall, and Pollock; that the profession of arms, which was still a more or less honorable profession in the 19th century, a profession in which gentlemen and even scholars still could be found, has become at the end of the 20th century a vocation for bureaucrats and lickspittles, for men without honor or spirit; that worship, once taken seriously even by many intelligent and sophisticated men, is now the business of Christian democrats, with their egalitarian social gospel, and of vulgarians of the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker stripe, with their television congregations of superstitious, amen-shouting dimwits.

    Can we properly describe this change noted by Henry Adams as the feminization of our society?

    Or should it be thought of as the replacement of aristocratic values by democratic values, a general vulgarization of standards and tastes? Actually, these two ways of looking at the change are related. But let me take Brooks Adams’ position now and say that the change can be attributed most fundamentally to the growing materialism in our society, to the replacement of spiritual values by economic values. What does that have to do with feminism or with democracy? Actually, a great deal. In a very broad sense, aristocratic values are masculine values, and democratic values egalitarian values are feminine values. It is also true that, in a very broad sense, materialism is a feminine way of looking at the world. It is a way which puts emphasis on safety, security, and comfort, and on tangible things at the expense of intangibles. It is not concerned with concepts such as honor, and very little with beauty, tradition, and roots. It is a way with a limited horizon, with the home and hearth very much in sight, but not distant frontiers. Reverence and awe for Nature’s majesty are unknown to the materialist.

    As spiritual man gives way to economic man, when one historical era merges into another as idealism gives way to materialism society gives a freer play to the feminine spirit while it restricts the masculine spirit. Words gain over deeds; action gives way to talk. Quantity is valued over quality. All of God’s children are loved equally. Pickaninnies are considered “cute” or even “adorable.” The role of the government shifts from that of a father, who maintains an orderly and lawful environment in which men are free to strive for success as little or as much as suits them, to that of a mother, who wants to insure that all of her children will be supplied with whatever they need.

    It is not just society which changes, not just government, not just public policy; individual attitudes and behavior also change. The way in which children are raised changes. Girls no longer are raised to be mothers and homemakers but rather to be self-indulgent careerists. Boys no longer are raised to be strong-willed, independent, and resourceful. That requires hardness and self-denial; it requires masculine rule during the formative years. A disciplined environment gives way to a permissive one, and so the child does not learn self-discipline. Spanking becomes a criminal offense. The child is not punished for disobedience, nor is he given the opportunity to fail and to learn from this the penalties that the real world holds for those who are not strong enough to succeed. And so boys grow up to be whiny and ineffective young men, who believe that a plausible excuse is an acceptable substitute for performance and who never can understand why the gratification they seek eludes them.

    The move from masculine idealism to feminine materialism leads inevitably to hedonism, egoism, and eventually narcissism. Henry Adams also claimed that we have lost our taste for wine and women. Well, certainly not in the sense that we have become less interested in alcohol or sex. What he meant is that we have lost the keen edge of our appreciation for civilization’s refinements, for the finest and most subtle things in life: that our appetites have become grosser as they have become less disciplined. Our interest now is in alcohol for its ability to give us a momentary buzz, not in fine wine for its inherent artistry.

    A similar consideration applies to the way in which our taste for women has changed. And is this not to be expected? It is the masculine spirit which appreciates woman, which appreciates feminine qualities, and as this spirit declines, our taste for women loses its edge and becomes coarser. We move from an age in which women were not only appreciated but also treasured and protected into an age in which homosexuality is open, tolerated, and increasingly common; Madonna is a celebrated symbol of American womanhood; and feminine beauty is a mere commodity, like soybeans or crude oil: an age in which parents dump their daughters into the multiracial cesspool that America’s schools and cities have become to let them fend for themselves. In an age in which materialism and feminism are ascendant, this is the only way it can be. To attempt to make it otherwise to attempt to decommercialize sex, for example would be a blow against the economy, against the materialist spirit. And to elevate women again to the protected status they had in a more masculine era would be fought tooth and nail by the feminists as a limitation on women’s freedom.

    This subject is a little fuzzy, and I’ve been speaking qualitatively rather than quantitatively. For almost everything I’ve said, an opponent could produce a counterexample. And that’s because I’m talking about very large-scale phenomena, involving many people, many institutions, and many types of interactions. Even during periods of history which I would characterize as masculine or as dominated by the masculine spirit, one can find examples of feminine tendencies and of institutions with a feminine spirit, just as one can find masculine tendencies in our society today.

    For example, while I claim that our society is becoming more effeminate today, someone can attempt to counter that by noting that masculinized women are more prominent today female lawyers, female executives, female military officers and one can attribute that to masculine influences in our society. I would counter that by saying that when men become less masculine, women become less feminine.

    Likewise, when I relate materialism and feminism, or when I say that the rise of the economic spirit is associated with a decline in masculinity, someone else can find plenty of men with no shortage of testosterone strong, aggressive capitalists who are epitomes of what Brooks Adams called “economic man.”

    What it really amounts to is that the masculine character, like the feminine character, has many components. The component I have emphasized today is the spiritual component and there are other components. It is a complex subject. But I still believe that we can meaningfully describe what has happened to our society and our civilization during the past couple of centuries as a decline in masculinity. I believe that such a description sheds a useful light on one aspect of what has happened to us. And I believe that Henry Adams’ comment on our society’s loss of its artistic sense and of its sense of reverence, along with its warrior spirit, is a generally true statement which has value in helping us to understand our predicament. Adams, to be sure, was a scholar of considerable depth, and he wrote a great deal of carefully reasoned material to support the one sentence summary which I quoted.

    By the way, one subject with which Henry Adams and his brother Brooks too were familiar in this regard was the role of the Jew in undermining civilization. Henry made a number of comments about the destructive role of the Jews in the economic and cultural aspects of European civilization. His observations on this subject are perhaps best summed up by something he wrote in a letter to a friend in 1896; “The Jew,” he wrote, “has got into the soul … and wherever he … [that is, the Jew] goes, there must remain a taint in the blood forever.” How much worse that taint has become during the century since Henry Adams made that observation!

    I apologize for being so abstract in my own comments today. But I believe that it’s useful to back off every now and then and try to see the big picture, to try to develop an intuitive sort of understanding of our situation, even if it means talking about things which are by their nature somewhat fuzzy.

    1. No apologies needed Warrior Dude – or “Dr. Pierce” … not entirely clear who is doing the talking at the end there without a closing “. However, in the midst of this orgy of cut n paste which has preoccupied your attention since yesterday, I note that you have not yet found the time to supply the requested clarification of terms – to whit:

      what is your definition of “non-white:” and as important, of “white?” So as to allow me to respond to your question re: experience of the ‘aboriginal.” Wouldn’t cost you five minutes of time away from the scissors!

      Let it also be noted in passing that this tsunami of third party quotations and ‘abstracted’ preoccupations is directly opposite to what it is that you ‘commanded’ me to avoid in dealing with your questions – a further example of ‘double standards’ set ‘on the fly’ to use Lobro’s apt phrase – which seems hardly ‘seemly’ for a ‘real man’ to indulge in! Let THAT remain the preserve of the talmudist/kabbalist – such ‘womanly’ behavior – and let the man’s man among us return to the the debate they initiated about ‘aboriginal women,’ knowing that such a man always finishes what they start! The massed phalanxes of ‘the Warrior’s’ troops are milling about in disorder – let the leader speak with the clarity and decisiveness incumbent upon him! White? Non-white? What sayest thou Mighty Whitey\?/

      p,s. this referencing to the Warrior in the third party – “the Warrior says” this, “you have presented the Warrior with” that… is NOT a good sign. That type of utterance is the exclusive preserve of those who pretend to sovereignty over ‘subjects,’ or they who have lost the thread of that socialization necessary for individual[and individuated!]persons to converse in rational manner. Hopefully neither of those two conditions can be ascribed to yourself, as that would indicate a breakdown in cognition which might well be irredeemable!

      1. Who is a white person? I suspect we have a ‘Boas’ boy trying to prove that race is socially constructed. Totally idiotic!!! So do not try. No more circumlocution. Get to the point!!!!

        To help you get to the point please read the following.

        A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History, 2nd Edition, by Nicholas Wade.

        Erectus Walks Amongst Us – The evolution of modern humans
        By Richard D. Fuerle.

        Race and Reason – A YANKEE VIEW – By Carleton Putnam.

        Race and Reality – A search for solutions – By Carleton Putnam.

        I will not get involved in the totally idiotic viewpoint that sex, race and the universe are all socially constructed. I leave that bullshit to the fine arts graduates.

        I will end by telling you who are clearly not white.

        Niggers, Wetbacks, chincs and abos.

      2. Never mind what you ‘suspect’ – tis but a ploy to avoid answering a simple question, Mighty White.
        Besides, you needlessly worry in setting up and knocking down your straw man diversion. I subscribe to no faction of anthropological discourse… Boas or any more modern. I think for myself and make my own case, not reliant upon the regurgitation of cut n paste thoughts of others. As I have carefully explained to you, I do not wish to take your words out of context or quote you incorrectly as to what you believe. I have asked for clarification on two items for that reason.

        “I will not get involved in the totally idiotic viewpoint that sex, race and the universe are all socially constructed.” Ummm, no one asked you to dude. Thus, it cannot serve as the pretext you are hoping to find to get out of the engagement you began. When you are finished constructing futile ploys to get out of answering my question sire….

        “I will end by telling you who are clearly not white. Niggers, Wetbacks, chincs and abos.”

        I will take the above upon advisement, and let you fill us in on who are ‘whites’ by your definition, so that I can fully answer your previous questions. Are you afraid to do that Mr. Warrior? That would be unbecoming of a leader of the white nation. As is all evasion. The small bit of progress we have made here needs be confirmed. You do understand that ‘aboriginals’ are those persons considered indigenous to a given territory yes?
        “Aboriginal: characteristic of or relating to people inhabiting a region from the beginning.”
        This world does not begin or end with the small continent of Australia – you do understand that? Just checking. Now… if you please… who or what are “Whites?” Thank you in advance.

      3. ORMANCI

        I refuse to debate anyone who is obviously never wrong!!!!!!!!!!

        You are full of it and yourself.

        You must love listening to yourself speak.

        Just in case you cannot read anything but your own words. Read this now;

        GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Western women are LIBERATED for sure that’s why according to women abuse centers have claimed that a woman is rapped every 90 second.

    The latest example is Daniel Holtzclaw, 29, ex-Oklahoma City police officer, who was sentenced to 263 years in jail for rapping 13 Black women on Friday.

    To bad, the cop is neither Muslim or Black. Holtzclaw is son of former police lieutenant and Red Blooded White Jew!!

    1. You might find the following links useful.

      They will clearly show the truth about the colour of crime in the USA.

      Let me see what is a white person?

      Well a nigger is not a white person, not even if they are albino.

      A wet-back also known as a mestizo (mongrel) is not a white person.

      A chinc is not a white person.

      An abo (slang for Australoid) is not a white person.

      This would include all mongrels – the result of miscegenation between whites and any of the above mentioned non-whites. A white Jew now that’s a hard one – my bet is that the story is not being told in its entirety. You might recall that Zimmermann was called white when it was later determined that he was a wet-back. Let’s see what happens with the story you mentioned.

      A Jew raping blacks – well there is no accounting for taste. Who knows he might try fucking dogs the next time he is out and about!!

  14. The above article repeats over and over wot I have been telling you insipid, bubba, good ‘ol boy, Yankee effeminates! All you Yankees are ever so soft momas’ boys! The Jews are swarming all over ya beer bellies and ya hayseed brains. I’ve nearly given up on this site because I am sick of all the whimsical, loose-wristed banter that you Yankee posters engage in!! Us Aussies are REAL men and we put the sheilas in their right place – pregnant, bare-foot and stupid! As I have said, I enjoy picking fights with soft Yankee males and usually king-hit them in the first 3 seconds. Go to Maccas and buy another BiG Mac or go home to mom to have ya nappies changed. Our Muslims fear red-blooded Ozzie males as we knuckle them under if they give us any cheek. In Western Sydney the young Muslims are givin up Islam by the hotted up car load. They are joinin in with us in starting fights at the footy and cricket. Us red-blooded Aussies are hated by the imams as we are convertin all their boys; and there gals are wearing nuthin under their burqas when we take them to our drive-in movies.

  15. Another sad symptom of decay:
    Middle-Aged White Americans Are Dying of Despair

    See this, Pat, remember how you derided Russian males dying early (when they were tightly in the bloodsucking grip of the Jew)?
    What goes round, and all that … now the American white males are dying for that precise same reason, let’s not get too academic, in this overwhelmingly Jewish Century.
    Just look at that book cover, the marching kike sure doesn’t look too down in spirits to me, and why should he be?
    And still we wonder who or what’s to blame, climate change, Chicago Cubs losing streak, bee colony collapse, UFO’s …

    Between 1978 to 1998, the mortality rate for U.S. whites aged 45 to 54 fell by 2 percent per year on average, which matched the average rate of decline in the six countries shown, and the average over all other industrialized countries. After 1998, other rich countries’ mortality rates continued to decline by 2 percent a year. In contrast, U.S. white non-Hispanic mortality rose by half a percent a year. No other rich country saw a similar turnaround.
    That means “half a million people are dead who should not be dead,” Angus Deaton, the 2015 Nobel laureate in economics and co-author of the paper, told The Washington Post. “About 40 times the Ebola stats. You’re getting up there with HIV-AIDS.”

    Half a million white Americans … 100,000 more than in WW2.
    Yeah, blame the Nazis.

    And I wonder if the sex dimorphism in mortality rates doesn’t mirror the one in pre-Putin, Jew oligarch Russia.

    Numbers talk, bullshit walks, right?

    1. Good post, Lobro,
      There are so many factors leading to the demise of the male in Western society. Firstly the Jewish capitalist economic system. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, when I was growing up, a woman’s place was in the home. Families could live on the income of the male wage earner. No longer! Now it is the norm for most families to have both spouses working, or in many cases a single mother having to juggle 2, sometimes 3 jobs to make ends meet. Secondly, our “clever” Jewish money lords in the Fed have been able to fool the stupid goyim all over the world that the “Mugabe Kaffir” dollar is the best money on earth. All through shysterism and manipulation. When shyster Nixon took the US off the gold standard, in effect making the holders of dollars pay for the Vietnam war, William Simon, the Treasury Secretary at the time said, “The world has allowed us to carry out the largest theft in history, more even, than the British.” Prior to this, one could spend a year travelling around the world on a thousand dollars. No longer!
      A third factor is the portrayal of fathers as idiots or wimps in the so-called family entertainment industry on TV and film. Thereby destroying the self-respect and self-esteem of men. Over half a century of this mind numbing crap has culminated in the almost complete degeneracy of the Western male! Of course when one mentions this, one is regarded as sexist, fascist or a male chauvinist! To which I reply with a resounding, YES! AND I’M PROUD OF IT. As the old Hollywood song goes, “There’s no ‘vinism’ like chauvinism.”

    2. I concur many times over, lots of confirmatory remarks, Felix.

      Prior to this, one could spend a year travelling around the world on a thousand dollars. No longer!

      45 years ago I spent 2 years skipping undergrad education to spend traveling in Europe, North Africa and Asia for about $4,500 and at times I felt positively profligate.

      Something that I commented previously on and it ties into the topic, IMO is the proliferation of “man-boobs” in N America (boob-men with man-boobs).

      It was getting painfully obvious on the beaches of Quintana Roo during my years there as well as the neighborhood gym, young and old guys, not necessarily overweight, white, black, Mexican, Orientals, even the pro athletes and I got to know couple of vacationing NFL players plus one retired NBA power forward, a very nice black gent who barely walked on crippled knees, now coaching the local kids, another, a defensive end my son’s age who quit due to severe vertigo and neurological damage from few years on the gridiron.
      (Aside: Who controls the sports?, scroll down to the relevant paragraph where it says,

      the sixty(60) senior executives of the major sports leagues, talent agencies, and media outlets, forty-three(43) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 72%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major sports leagues, talent agencies, and media outlets by a factor of 36 times(3,600 percent).

      Right, 3,600% overrepresentation at control level, among the 4,000-5,000 most prominent athletes, probably 1 or 2 Jews at most – Klitschko. That’s why I no longer watch any, all of it a Jew swindle)

      I unequivocally attributed it to food additives, growth hormones, GMO meat and produce, especially the dairy products where it deposits most heavily.
      I saw no such malformations in Cuba or Bosnia, even among heavy-set guys and both nations are meat-crazy, pork and lamb/mutton respectively.
      I think that today’s androgynity plague can be traced back to the machinations that set Monsanto and Big Pharma on warpath against (gentile) humanity, to turn us all into an obedient hive of hermaphroditic slaves, Pussy Riot wielding the whip.

      And Putin, together with his Kremlin tribe is fighting on that front too, see my post about Russia going all-organic (as Cuba largely has already).

    3. Lobro –
      “See this, Pat, remember how you derided Russian males dying early (when they were tightly in the bloodsucking grip of the Jew)?”


      The authors left Russia off the graph. No comparison was drawn there.
      Russia’s stats would have blown right by the US stats, for the lead. 🙂

    4. Heard yesterday about a new virus hitting the US, well, I`d never heard of it, kita or something, causes abortion. I wondered immediately if it was man made..


        @ Ingrid B

        If the disease was not around 100 years ago, the critter causing it is most probably man made or the disease used to be a normal condition that has been turned into a disease. The medical/sick industry is the jews’ most prized weapon against the goyim. It’s more effective than war at goyim elimination. In the USA, over 500,000 people die every year from medical industry oops. Only God knows how many die each year as a result of the medical/sick industry just doing what they do best, cut, poison, burn, when doing “normal” treatment. The truly amazing thing about the dying is that they convince people to actually think that have to always consult a doctor on everything so people get to pay for their own destruction.

      2. Ingrid
        It’s called zika virus, apparently started in Brazil and causes birth defects, not necessarily abortions. I hope you can access this site:

        But, you’re right. I also wonder if this disease is going hand in hand with some kind of vaccination program. Me thinks culling of the herd is in full progress.

      3. @MachtNichts, and Ungenius, apparently this zika epidemic is caused by a type of mosquito, it is spreading rapidly..

  16. The issue of feminism along with the progressive feminization of western men, is usually seen and explained only in its social context whereas there are signs of a definite biological-chemical cause- effect situation since the introduction in the early 40’s of endocrine disrupting insecticides like DDT.
    All these past decades there has been almost zero interest among scientific circles to describe the problem and devise strategies to tackle it. It is dealt as a non issue. It is similar to the way the news reality is shaped by design and news is manipulated to fit only a certain perspective. The same thing happens in research: the topics of research are somehow selected by those that finance it, so the real problems become non issues and non issues (as in global warming) are promoted to a supposedly deadly nature.
    Nature provides examples of certain plants using chemicals (phytoestrogens) in their leaves to interfere with the breeding cycle of animals that eat their leaves thus decreasing the fertility of the animals and number of their offspring thus minimizing the rate at which these plants are being eaten . But in humans it is well documented that starting in 1940 there has been a steady decrease by about 1% per year of sperm density in the human semen.
    Among the very few who described the phenomenon was Rachel Carson in her classic book “The silent Spring” in which she lamented the senseless and indiscriminate use of hormone mimicking insecticides used in massive ways to deal with minor problems with sprayed chemicals finding their way in the food supply incorporating themselves or “bio-accumulating” in the fat tissue of animals to a greater degree the higher one went up the food chain. She could not understand how humans were willing to risk so much for so little gain through the widespread use of insecticides. Her untimely death somehow minimized the effect she may have had.
    It took another twenty years for another book the Jacobsons’ “our stolen Future” with a very adequate title describing the situation today, to come out and try to complete our understanding in how Insecticides like PCBs affect the endocrine systems and intelligence of those affected.

    In the past 80 years there has not been any serious effort to devise strategies to minimize the bioaccumulation of these substances in human populations.
    No advice has been given to prospective mothers to try to eat low on the food chain (vegetarian diet) before conceiving or to try to give birth at the youngest possible age or to cleanse themselves (as by chelation) to remove the chemicals from their bodies before conception.
    Is our exposure to the hormone effect of insecticides necessary in order to feed the billions on this planet? Or is there a massive overuse of these chemicals just because of the financial interests of the chemical companies that produce them?
    Is there a more sinister agenda that promotes depopulation for political- racial issues that have nothing to do with the food to population balance?
    Arguments favoring the sinister agenda:
    -Actual promotion of depopulation (world ideal population of 500 million – Georgia guidestones) from the world elite (as by the Gates foundation).
    -The experimental sterilization of women in Africa through the use of tetanus vaccines (by lacing the tetanus antigen with Chorionic gonadotropine hormone).
    -The report that many more types of vaccines that produce a sterility effect like Guardasil , the flu vaccine and others.

    The new compulsory nature of ever expanding vaccination programs (everyone should be affected).

    Something interesting to ponder upon is whether the elites (Jewish ones included) are less exposed to the endocrine disruptors as the rest of the population. Of course if they are able to provide their families with organic produce and meat from free range animals they would tend to be less exposed.
    Is the situation in Israel different than the rest of the developed world?
    Do girls there give birth at a younger age? Is kosher meat less contaminated?
    How has massive amounts of agent orange (dioxin- hormone disruptor) sprayed over Vietmam affected the male population of the country? How is the plastic of water bottles exposed to the sun of tropical countries, affecting these populations?

  17. At the same time, immigration is inevitable in a globalized world. If Europe is to survive in an age of mass migration, there must be a male revolution. This revolution will be as important as the struggle for women’s rights in the 1960s. It is vital for Western men to acknowledge this need and start building social, cultural and political capital based on masculine virtues to defend the values upon which Europe is based.

    Mass Third World immigration into white countries is not at all “inevitable in a globalized world”. It is an artificial construct by our corrupt politicians who are controlled by Jews who desire our destruction. And it is not about defending our “values”, it is about defending our living space. All Third World immigration must not only be stopped but also reversed. That requires rounding up all third worlders and transporting them back to their countriers of origin. If our Danish “anti-feminist” author wants to instill some manliness into European man, then let her do that for this purpose, and not for the purpose of “defending our values” while the tsunami of Third World immigration goes on.

  18. Ormanci:

    It is very difficult to answer your questions when say in 50 words what can be said in 5 words. I must first of all shift through your circumlocutions to determine; “what is this pompous windbag really asking for?” Also I do not take kindly to your childish remarks and quips – really if you want something well just ask for it without the bullshit? You do not need to question my manhood, or make reference to my genitalia – this I find cowardly and scurrilous. I also find it perverted – gay in fact. I am more than happy to front up to your door and have a talk – you only need to provide me with your address via LD – a phone number would be nice, but I prefer face-to-face contact. Somehow I think that you are a coward. You hide behind your avatar and your verbosity because you do not possess the proverbial “balls” to deal with another man face-to-face.

    I have given you sufficient information to determine what I mean by white and non-white. I have given you citations to easy to get texts that will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the genetic basis for race, which should enable you to understand the general terms white and non-white as I apply them. I can do no more.

    In these forums I try to make my message simple without too many qualifications and counter qualifications. I am not here to debate. Many of the things I write about would take a book or a 20,000 word essay to properly explain. I do not have the time to do either so I make my message simple. When I think there is a need for more information I give a citation, post a transcript or give a link to an appropriate ‘YouTube’ video. I can do no more. If you do not like what I write – well just ignore it.

    The question regarding ‘aboriginal women’ was utterly confusing. On the Australian continent the term ‘aboriginal’ is the legal term used to describe an indigenous person of a non-European background. Every time I talk about car do I need to give a detailed description to help you understand what I mean by wheel?

    I know my comments have hit a note with you, but I do not care. If you feel I am being unjust to our black and brown skinned brothers and sisters – well tough! Just move on! You always have the opportunity to visit these countries and experience first-hand what real life with the brown brothers and sister is really like. In fact ask anyone who has had time working and living with them – people such as mining professionals, military people, nurses, doctors, teachers and police officers.

    The continued questioning about ‘what is white’, ‘what is non-white’, ‘what is an aboriginal woman’ actually shows an infantile outlook – a childish outlook. In essence what you are saying is; “The White_Warrior said something I do not like and I am going to circumlocute him, and snide him out of existence. That will make me look so good and the White_Warrior look so bad. I will teach him not to offend me.” Grow fucking up mate! What happened to you as a child – poor potty training. This discussion was about male wimps and from your childish persistence with these questions about white and non-white you come across like a real girl – which of course you might be, but either way you come across as a girl of both sexes.

    To reiterate I will state categorically that the following are definitely not white:

    Niggers, Coons, wetbacks, Chincs, Coolies, towel heads, Muslims, Jews and mongrels.

    What is a white person – well read the books I recommend but the White_Warrior is a white person. All white people of European descent who do not have a single corpuscle of non-white blood flowing through their veins are also white persons.

    If these facts bother you – if these facts annoy you – if these facts make you cry – well I do not give a fuck. I am and I will always remain the racist’s racist – and I am proud of my position.

    You do not have to read any more of what I have to write.

    1. Adding ad homs to your arsenal of bombast is not going get you any closer to winning your points on these pages sire… and stooping to vulgarities is not a sign of strength or good judgement. Emotive tangents from a defender of the rational values of white culture? Not recommended.

      Nothing to date has “annoyed” me about interacting with you – I have sought your cooperation in getting some terms defined in order to pursue a debate which you seemed eager to initiate. I do not require of you the names of book titles nor lengthy harangues of uncertain sanity to get that done… just your … personal… definition of what or who is a ‘white.’ Check back on the dialogue bud – I have expressed NO opinion to date on what you have said that could allow you to suppose that you have said ‘something I do not like. Straw man is your specialty it would seem – it is a poor protection from having to defend your case in a public venue. You are not afraid of that are you? Infantalize? Cry? Interesting choice of words White Warrior… you aren’t letting yourself become irrational and emotional are you? Just checking.

      The rest of this verbiage you have written is just smoke and mirrors and not worthy of one who ‘is proud of their position – as the only purpose of smoke n mirrors can be to cover up the weakness of one’s position! “Get to the point” Mighty White – what is a white? If you think petty insult will relieve you of that task… you are dreaming.

      Evasion will cause your credibility here to collapse further. It does not require a PHD in anything to see that. You portray yourself as a defender of ‘the white race.’ Who be that? Please be so kind as to stay on point and answer just that. Thank you.

      1. You know what I mean by a white person – you are just being “bloody mined” because I have offended you and your belief system. I have given you all the citations, transcripts, on-line videos needed to gain a deeper understanding into the innate differences between those people I call white and those I call non-white. I can do no more.

        In fact to understand your viewpoint please tell me if you think the white race does not exist, that like the Jew Boas – race is a social construct – not subject to genetics or DNA. What is your definition of white, non-white, race , tribe etc, etc etc.

      2. Q: “what is your definition of “non-white:” and as important, of “white?”’
        A: “I must first of all shift through your circumlocutions to determine; “what is this pompous windbag really asking for?”’ Fail.

        Two, going on three, days… two threads. One question. 11 words.
        A blizzard b.s. = ad homs\evasions/strawmen/bizarre tangents and provocations/useless bafflegab and most ironically, the longest winded prevarication ever to hit these pages. All to avoid one question.

        And finally, when all these have failed to relieve you of the simple supply of an answer to the question asked… a pathetic attempt to ‘turn the tables’ so as to avoid the debate which you have begun to realize will sink your pretensions to both ‘leadership’ and coherency.

        “Pompous windbaggery” taken to a level which defies description, let alone emulation.

        The White Warrior has started to wonder just what he undertook when choosing to loose his guns upon

        – the disheveled mud hut with the lolling savage darky inside, whose seemingly narcotized eyes peered out from behind a bushy nap of… yabba yabba yabba… the White Warrior strode purposely into the ruinous squalor of …. yabba yabba babba… a mirror suddenly fell down as if by command from the dark reaches of the overhead….yabba dabba blabba… a with sudden terror the commanding warrior let out a scream…. yabba blabba nabba… as the visage he peered at in that smokey reflection…. yabba dooba doo… was no longer that of his own proud….

        and so on as so forth….

        Get to the point dude. Tis what a man does. What is – who is – the white?

      3. ORMANCI

        I refuse to debate anyone who is obviously never wrong!!!!!!!!!!

        You are full of it and yourself.

        You must love listening to yourself speak.

        Just in case you cannot read anything but your own words. Read this now;

        GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. White Warrior,

      “What is a white person”

      If one doesn’t know that then there is no hope one will ever know, or wants to acknowlegde what that means. I too consider myself a racist and a fascist and there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, it means that you want to live according to nature’s/the universe’s logic. It’s not my fault that the other 99% is spiritually lost and is only familiar with the jewspeak meaning of those words.

      1. You have made a rather clumsy move to confuse the point here – as if to pretend that one asks of another to provide their definition of term because of not knowing themselves what the term means. If I ask you what it is you think the term ‘pine tree’ means – it is not because I lack the knowledge of what a pine tree is myself. I have already specified exactly why I ask WW to provide his definition of the term. Do you see this now or are you so”lost” -spiritually or otherwise – to such a degree that only the slippery tricks of ‘jewspeak’ remain available to you?

        You can answer that question at another time, as well as that as to why you are feeling the need to break in here to use these solipsistic tricks of the lawyer and dissembler. Is it because you fear that WW is unable to defend himself without your aid, or that his case is so weak as to need your assistance? We need only one answer to one question at this time… the rest can wait until another time and venue.

        This is a conversation between WW and I. When it returns to being a debate between us, as I trust it will, you will be most free to join in. In the meanwhile, whether you are a fascist or a vacuum salesman is of no consequence to what is going on here. Thank you for your cooperation.

      2. Ormanci,

        I never broke in to anything to join in, nor did I intend to defend anyone, although I do roughly go along with WW.

        I said something in general, as a reaction to the meaning of words and concepts, and which is addressed to all who wish to read it. I believe that’s allowed by the admin., whether some are having a conversation or not. However, should you consider yourself the other 99%, then I can see why you feel singled out.

      3. 1138,

        try as you might to [once again] evade “the [real]meaning of words and concepts,” I singled you out from the other 99% here only for attempting to bring confusion to something that had none in it – till you sought to alter that situation.

        “I never broke in to anything to join in” also misrepresents the purpose behind your intervention, which had all the earmarks of the classic b-male passive/aggressive syndrome so prevalent in the population which this article discusses. I realize that inside the fishbowl which the western world has turned into, that type of tactic goes virtually unnoticed and unmentioned, but not all of us live in that fishbowl. I was reluctant to include that point in my initial response to you, wishing only to ask your forbearing to not further distract from the sole purpose of this conversation – but in light of your unwillingness to accede to that small request, instead to return again with more volley of snark n sarc …

        I will put it out there now as a general observation, addressed to all who wish to read it.

      4. Ormanci,

        Well, if you choose to see it that way then fine. Truth is, except for these, I don’t even read your posts anymore, so how can I break in? Not necessarily because I think you wouldn’t or couldn’t have anything worthwhile to say but for the same reason I also don’t bother to read Ellie K’s posts who uses way too many words in a way too pompous fashion to convey her opinion. Having said that, I don’t mind the slightest reading long posts, au contrair. Pardon me, but for me certain styles are not that inviting to read. However, from WW’s posts I was able to distill your apparent confusion regarding what a white person is, hence my initial reaction to one of his posts. BTW, don’t feel singled out, because there are more posters I don’t read anymore, just as certain readers won’t bother to read me either.

        I’m not exactly sure of what you thought I meant by ‘the other 99%’ so allow me to clarify. It is not the rest of the readership here to which I am referring to, but the vast majority of the population.

    3. Seems I was right, the “white” warrior is racist, and nancy is sexist, in fact, two sides of the “H” coin, but sexist, and racist, will not solve global problems..

      1. You are always ‘right’ dear Ingrid – that’s what makes your mental stability so much a concern here!

        To need so much to always be right is a sure way to end up on wrong side of that precarious balance tween grace and madness. I’m delighted, by the way, that you have found a way to label me ‘sexist’…as it most surely clears me of the likelihood of any such charge ever being applicable! Your imprimatur on any matter is a sure kiss of death, and likewise, a condemnation the surest signal of relief from worry!

        edit> I see it did not take long for my precis to be precisely proved out by you!
        Your commendation of RO appears to be the kiss of death! Again. How sweet of you.
        your most devoted,

      2. How about sexist, overbearing prick? By advising me, repeatedly, to quit posting, and stick to knitting, you gave me the right to slap a label on you..

    4. No-one can possibly be present at their conception, it is, therefore, impossible, for anyone to be 100% certain of their ethnicity..

      1. Now that you have chosen your ‘label’ dear Ingrid…

        quoting my own words, in order to show how they lead to this conclusion, demonstrate the applicability of your claim. Or withdraw it – with profuse apology for a fallacious and mischievous slur.

        Do NOT tell us of your fantasies of being told to stop posting or anything to do with sticking to your own knitting – which is an English language aphorism for suggesting one mind their own business….something which a busybody such as thee finds impossible it would seem. Hard evidence from my own words is all that will make your case – absence of same will make your credibility fade to even more ghostly pale here.

        These pathetic attempts to claim my attention are all for not my dear. Your fondness for me, the secret crush which you nourish under your \prick\ly exterior must remain unrequited… and the hope of at last finding a soulmate, at last, be redirected towards a more appropriate species of primate !

      2. @nancy, dream on.. hope you find your soulmate, maybe Circassian wasn`t too far off the mark with his “monkey” analogy, some of those little critters can be quite cute. send us a pic of the happy couple when you find her. At least you will have no trouble communicating..

  19. Holland has been progressive since 1928 this libtard shit has spread through Europe. Wooden shoes, wooden head, wooden listen. In Canada most of the metrosexuals are in the cities Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver. In the country side men are men and sheeple are nervous.

    1. So many Canadians on this site, myself included. Possibly white men aren’t becoming feminized but are evolving, this of course doesn’t include the beer bellied couch potatoes, but white men generally. We’re rapidly moving towards a technological society where muscle and aggression aren’t necessary unlike the preceding agricultural and industrial eras. Unfortunately third worlders, er uh developing worlders(?) are being foisted on us and we’re not prepared to deal with their primitive behavior…just a thought.

      1. I`d say the old fashioned definition of a man is best. He defends, and feeds, his family, to the best of his ability..

        I`d say my daughter, and son in law, have things worked out, they work together, to ensure that their kids are healthy, and happy. I think most Scandinavian couples are this way..

  20. Here’s the algebra
    clean + unclean = unclean
    The serpent has the unclean dominant gene. It takes 10 generations to wash it out.
    The wheat and the tares are indistinguishable from eachother until they each bear their fruit. Then, the tare turns red. They hide in every race. They’re turning red now, and gyawdam are there a lot of them! The antichrist gene and antichrist chromatin.

  21. Resistance. Two women died for the cause, and lots more. Rachel Corrie in 2003, and yesterday a 13 year old Palestinian girl, Ruqqayah Eid Abu Eid . Of course BRAVE MEN DIE TOO.

    “An Israeli security guard has shot dead a 13-year-old Palestinian girl during an alleged stabbing attempt outside the Almon settlement in the occupied West Bank, situated near Jerusalem.

    Ruqqayah Eid Abu Eid died on the scene, becoming one of at least 29 Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces or settlers in the last four months, according to Defence for Children International (DCI) – Palestine.” This is NEWS.

    1. Nice to see you back red. Such big? tough? nancy boys, afraid of a little girl, even IF she were armed with a knife.. Just today, a rabid rabbi has announced that the only way to keep israel safe, is to kill all Palestinians, is that anti-semitic, or what?

    2. Red,
      It is not news.
      By the time you typed the post, another Palestinian girl was shot by a door gunner of an Apache helicopter while at the same time she was stalked by a Reaper drone and a few Merkava battle tanks in a friendly bet to see who bags her first, see it live on X factor.
      Winner gets a week of R+R on Goa’s beach rave scene, free ecstasy supplied to the conquering hero.

      Just don’t say that
      a) all Jews are bad,
      b) don’t mix up Jews and Israelis, and
      c) understand that Israel is a Jewish State.

      If still confused, why not drop by the nearest church of Holocaustianity, visit a confessional booth where the kindly Father Lubavitch awaits to reconnect you to Noahide reality.
      Shooting Palestinian girls may appear sad, but not shooting them is an abomination in the eyes of Yahweh-heh-heh.
      Fear the G-d because there is much to fear.
      Eventually, after a few iterations, you will arrive at the peaceful state of Hare Mishnah nirvana and realization that NO JEWS ARE BAD.

  22. They don’t want my comments about Rachel Corrie and Palestinian girls being shot by the IDF.

    1. @ Red Onions

      Note that your comment is totally off-topic. We are not discussing Rachel Corrie or Palestinian girls at this time. What makes you think you can change the subject to suit yourself? Wasn’t this the reason you were kicked off the David Icke site — for posting off-topic comments?

      — Dr DZ

      1. DZ –

        Not that it matters to me either way… and not to intrude… I thought RO was showing Palestinian men have become “feminized wimps,” to the degree that the woman did what all the men should be doing. And that is the topic.

        Different perspectives.

        1. @ Pat

          With all due respect to you, she did not offer a “different perspective” by showing that “Palestinian men have become ‘feminized wimps’.” On the contrary, she put in a good word for the masculinity of the Palestinian male by saying: “Of course BRAVE MEN DIE TOO.”

          She does this is capital letters:

          Two women died for the cause, and lots more. Rachel Corrie in 2003, and yesterday a 13 year old Palestinian girl, Ruqqayah Eid Abu Eid . Of course BRAVE MEN DIE TOO.

          So the first comment she makes after her return is a totally off-topic comment. And she has yet to apologize for threatening to “expose” us!

          — Dr DZ

      2. @ Red Onions

        Who said: “I WILL EXPOSE YOU”?

        Your comments will not be posted here any longer until you have apologized for your disgraceful behavior and promised never again to attack the administrators of this website or to refer to us again in disparaging terms as being agents for the Jews or engaging in various forms of skulduggery. As you have done more than once.

        Most of the commenters on this website require no monitoring and 95% of them have never had a comment deleted. What does that tell you? It tell you that they trust us. You alone seem to have a problem with us.

        Your paranoid idea that you are being “censored” here because we won’t post your comments can be easily disproved. Firstly, none of your important and valid comments giving useful information and links has been deleted. All your posted comments remain intact. If you were a “threat” to us, as you ridiculously imply, we would have deleted every single comment of yours. In fact, we wouldn’t have let you post at all if you were such a “threat” to us with your “sensational” revelations and world-shattering insights!

        Secondly and more importantly, the only comments of yours that have been disallowed or deleted have been the rude and impertinent ones.

        I repeat: not one of our other numerous commenters has given us the trouble you have given us, including Circassian and Avatar who have already been banned twice and allowed to come back. They are not even monitored but post freely on this site. You are the only persistent trouble maker we have been unable to accept back because of the sheer nastiness of your defamatory accusations : “Now I know” . . . “I intend to expose you!”.

        “Expose” us for WHAT? What are we guilty of? And if we are such a dodgy website that we need “exposure”, why the hell do you want to rejoin the commentariat here? Will you explain?

        — Dr DZ

      3. That’s right DZ. The David Icke site doesn’t want to talk about the Talmud … my
        comments were not off topic on the Icke site. The discussion was about Christianity being banned in schools in England and I spoke about the previous ZIONIST Education Secretary Michael Gove and his devotion to Israel and all things Talmudic. Icke doens’t like to talk about homosexuals either … maybe that’s because his son is one. When one talks about the Talmud in detail… YOU GET BANNED.

        1. @ Red Onions

          Try and understand certain things for your own good, Red Onions. The Darkmoon site would have no reason to stop you talking about the Talmud or about Christianity being banned in British schools. But if we had just posted an important article on the Bolshevik Revolution or on feminism, we would not take kindly to your attempting to change the subject by going on about the Talmud or the death of Christianity in British schools. That would be to derail the discussion. We can’t have that. We are here to act as umpires and make sure people try their best to keep to the point — within reason, of course.

          I have no idea what you did on the David Icke site or what you were supposed to be discussing at the time, but I can understand them getting angry with you if your comments were totally unrelated to the subject matter of the thread.

          “Icke doesn’t like to talk about homosexuals either,” you say, “maybe that’s because his son is one.”

          You find this surprising? I find it normal! Anyone who attacks homosexuality on a site where the site owner is homosexual or has homosexual relatives has to be naive and out of touch with human nature. If you happened to own a website of your own, and if you happened to be lesbian yourself or have a lesbian daughter or gay son, would you take kindly to someone attacking homosexuality on your site? I don’t think so!

          As it happens, the Darkmoon site which you find so repressive is a rare exception to this rule. We allow people to say pretty much what they want, attacking all the things we love and cherish. Including Christianity.

          Do we ban the Christ bashers? No, we don’t! Do we ban the Muslim haters? No, we don’t! Do we ban the supporters of bloodthirsty ISIS? No, we don’t! Do we ban the demoniacs who sing the praises of Satan? No, we don’t!

          The only people we ban are those who question our integrity and make out we are up to no good.This is that you have done. You have told us to our faces that we are guilty of bad faith, that we are working for the Jewish enemy, and that you intend to “expose” us.

          That is totally unacceptable.

          — Dr DZ

      4. @ DZ. “Wasn’t this the reason you were kicked off the David Icke site — for posting off-topic comments?” Correct.

        Where have you been DZ? Google “Icke won’t talk about the Jewish problem”.


        1. @ Red Onions

          You have a right to feel ill-treated by the David Icke site if they refused to let you discuss the Jewish problem. However, this did not apply on our site. You were free to discuss anything here.

      5. Red Onions is bad news. The only ones who back her here are the ones she has flattered and who have been flattered by her in turn. I refer to Pat and Ingrid.

        These three commenters — Red Onions, Pat and Ingrid — have formed themselves into a Mutual Admiration Society.

        It is significant that these three commenters, despite the occasional brilliance of their high-quality comments, have two things in common: (a) mutual back-slapping and flattery; (b) a tendency to posting an enormous number of off-topic comments.

        Ingrid is constantly posting off-topic links and Pat is constantly obsessing over legalistic and financial issues that are totally unrelated or tangential to the subjects being discussed here.

      6. @ Ingrid B

        “Not sure why admin feels so threatened by red onions..”

        You don’t think Red Onion’s vicious comment to Admin “I INDEND TO EXPOSE YOU” is in any way threatening?

        It’s just a nice, friendly comment, is it?

      7. @ Pat

        Do it think it is polite and appropriate to keep attacking Christianity on a site which is pro-Christian? Do you have the tact and sensitivity to realize that every time you attack Christianity here, or point out that Christ never existed, that you are pouring coals of fire on the head of Lasha Darkmoon, your hostess on this website?

        As a matter of interest, do you keep doing this because you get a sadistic thrill in trampling on the most sacred feelings of your hostess? Or is it because your motives in making your hostess feel small and wretched are the same motives that make you feel big and happy?

        An honest answer would be appreciated.

      8. @Sardonicas, and admin, the way I see it is this, if admin have nothing to hide, then they could just have shrugged off red`s remark, which might have been made in anger.. It rather smacks of the “anti-semitic” castigation.. IMO, many have made much worse comments, a lot of them “off topic”..

      9. @ Ingrid B

        IMO, many have made much worse comments, a lot of them “off topic”..

        You are quite right. I have nothing against you personally. I enjoy reading your comments as well as Pat’s. Some of Red Onion’s comments were stunning. I even saved some of them.

        I don’t think this site would be the same without you and Pat. So please do hang on and don’t go away. I happen to know that your heart is in the right place and that you have a deep love for the Palestinians. That’s one thing we share in common.

        If my occasional comment offends you, ignore it. I’m just trying to be honest. I admire your tolerance and kindly attitude to TROJ. That’s much to your credit.

      10. commander Z
        Palestinian sufferings is not off topic comments
        read this site’s mission statement
        I guess LD would agree.

        1. @ Zingebar

          We don’t need you to lecture us on what is on-topic and what is off-topic on our website. Palestinian suffering is always “on-topic” and relevant. But it is inappropriate if someone makes ten comments in succession on Palestinian suffering and the article is about feminism or the Talmud or the Bolshevik Revolution. How would you like it if you had just written an article about Rachel Corrie and Palestinian suffering and some guy started talking about the Holocaust and 9/11?

          It is WE who will decide what is “on-topic” and what is not, depending on the particular context in which the comment is made.

  23. Gentlemen!
    Modesty doesn’t permit me to interfere, but your discusson has become so hot that I cannot watch it indifferently. I would like to dive into black oil, come to the surfice and scream: “Me white…? Or me black???”

    1. Certainly, Pat, you’re not trying to imply our Darkmoon Palestinian “avatar” is a wimp for living in the lap of luxury down South America way while his precious fellow Palestinian people are struggling hard against the Jews in Palestine/Israel? Certainly, Pat, you’re not saying “avatar” is a wimp for sitting out The Struggle in Palestine far away, down in South America, in South American luxury far away from The Great Struggle ? I certainly hope not Pat. That would get “avatar” pissed-off and we all know what a rough and tough and macho and brave Palestinian fighter he is for his people, when he’s online that is, and NOT lounging around his pool down South America way surrounded by luxury and waited-on by his servants, or instructing his cook on what exactly he wants for dinner and how exactly she should cook it. I bet “avatar” has the most gorgeous bougainvillea climbing up the walls of his villa down South America way. Bougainvillea is most gorgeous. It adds so much class to a villa, to the garden and to the home, don’t you think?

  24. Considering the fact ZOG Washington wants so millions and millions of Muslims to immigrate to the United States, they might as well ship all the Palestinians in Palestine/Israel to the United States and that would solve the Palestinian problem right there, right off the bat. Oh never mind. I forgot. ZOG Washington wants millions and millions of Wahabbi-Salafist-Sunni [ and the most-intensely-Jihadist-type-Sunnis too boot], and black Muslims from Sub Sahara Africa immigrating to the USA. I forgot. never mind. Plus, if they let the Palestinians immigrate to the USA, that would deprive the jews of the “great pleasure” the jews derive in Genociding the Palestinians outright. I forgot. never mind.

    I still think carving out a small country for the Palestinians on the Sinai peninsula is an Excellent idea
    [ especially now that we have very advanced desalination technology, so building a country in desert is not a problem, desalination plants would provide the water needed to make a fertile land out of the new country for the Palestinians. ] Put a DMZ type buffer zone between Israel and the new Palestinian country. That’s all. Ooops, I forgot again. A separate country for the Palestinians on the Sinai with a DMZ buffer zone between would also deprive the jews of the “great pleasure” the jews get out of Genociding the Palestinians.

    If Washington wanted to bring the Palestinians to the U.S. and NOT Washington’s ZOG’s jew-owned Islamic Jihadists and millions of their fellow Muslim cohorts in spirit, the type of Muslims who share the spirit of Jihad, then I would support bringing all the Palestinians here to the States. But the type of immigration I’m talking about would lead to peace all around, and ZOG can’t have that, it would be too peaceful of a solution, too civilized a solution. The Palestinians must stay where they are to be sitting ducks for the jews so the jews can have the “pleasure” of Genociding them, and us Americans, like the Europeans now, must be swamped and overwhelmed with the most intense type of Muslims who have about them, very much so, the spirit of Jihad.

    1. I suppose the big question is, why the hell didn`t they just ship all the jews to the US in the first place? or the UK? THEYcaused the jew problem, THEY should have sorted it out, and left the Palestinians in peace, with the few jews already living there..

  25. Sard –

    January 24, 2016 at 5:04 pm

    @ Pat

    Do it think it is polite and appropriate to keep attacking Christianity on a site which is pro-Christian? Do you have the tact and sensitivity to realize that every time you attack Christianity here, or point out that Christ never existed, that you are pouring coals of fire on the head of Lasha Darkmoon, your hostess on this website?

    As a matter of interest, do you keep doing this because you get a sadistic thrill in trampling on the most sacred feelings of your hostess? Or is it because your motives in making your hostess feel small and wretched are the same motives that make you feel big and happy?

    An honest answer would be appreciated.


    I have answered that question for you dozens of times… BUT on the same pages where I made such claims.

    I did not do that here…. on this page… in fact, it has been quite a while. It serves no purpose.

    SOOOO, Mr S… Stop picking fights..!!! You are as bad as RO..!! 🙂
    This is an “OFF-TOPIC” question and should be deleted…!!! 🙂 🙂

    Go talk to YOUR Abbot… & Costello too… 🙂

    1. @ Pat

      Your response exceeds all my expectations. You still remain one of my favorite posters. Everything you say here is correct. I wasn’t “picking a fight” with you so much as letting off steam and having a little tantrum like a spoiled brat. Yes, I agree that the comment should be deleted. It is most unfair to you and I am very sorry.

      I liked your Abbot & Costello joke. Boy, that dates you! I doubt if the young ‘uns here have even heard of Abbot & Costello. 🙂

      Long time ago . . . where have all the flowers gone?

    2. @ Pat

      SOOOO, Mr S… Stop picking fights..!!! You are as bad as RO..!! 🙂

      No, Pat. That is an unfair comment. The differences between me and RO are striking.

      I have never attacked Admin so gratuitously and viciously, threatening to “expose” the site for crimes unmentioned. RO has. I have been on this site from the very beginning, for several years now, and I know there is nothing evil to “expose” here. RO has barely been on the site a few weeks and she picks quarrels with Admin at every opportunity.

      She has barely returned to the site after a short break and she picks a quarrel with Admin straight away for “censoring” a comment of hers about Rachel Corrie and the Palestinians. She makes out, by sly innuendo and suggestion, that by censoring her comment Admin is showing itself in its true colors — as secretely hostile to the Palestinians and Rachel Corrie.

      This bitter and twisted woman has to have a few screws loose. LD has written several articles and poems in praise of Rachel. One of her poems in honor of Rachel is even a YouTube video read by star performer Patrick Willis (‘The Snordster’).

      So how can the site be “censoring” RO’s pro-Rachel comments as she stupidly suggests? BTW, her comment was NOT censored. It was posted.

      1. OK, Sard-

        Maybe.. just a little “unfair”…. I want to remind you… ain’t much fair or “unfair” in life…

        Anyway… a fair is a place where pigs are judged, then cooked. 🙂

  26. Pat plays devil’s advocate a lot. Maybe Pat really wants to hear your evidence of the existence of Yashua. If Pat has read Dr. Wesley Swift, Bertrand Comparet, E Raymond Capt et al, like Pat says Pat has done, then Pat knows the deal. Maybe Pat has a problem with blind faith believers. I see the flat earthers picking on the people who can’t really defend a spherical earth. They leave the ones who can blow holes in their story alone. They’re making asses of knowitalls. Maybe it’s like that.

    Also, the WN’s, including the physicist Dr William Pierce, who couldn’t spot a controlled demolition, have revealed nothing that Dr Wesley Swift and those other Christian preachers didn’t reveal 20 years earlier. Are they plagiarists? How do we cut through this hanky panky?

    1. @Lepieu P

      Also, the WN’s, including the physicist Dr William Pierce, who couldn’t spot a controlled demolition, have revealed nothing that Dr Wesley Swift and those other Christian preachers didn’t reveal 20 years earlier. Are they plagiarists? How do we cut through this hanky panky?

      This is an important observation. I would go out on a limb and assert that Dr William Pierce, notwithstanding he was a very bright person, utterly failed to grasp the existential importance of Christianity for the Western Civilization. It is fascinating how Dr William Pierce, an extremely perceptive and sharp mind, could fail so miserably on this particular question. It is almost incomprehensible, but he was convinced in his mind that Christianity was … at the root of the biggest problem faced by the people of European descent everywhere!

      Quite ironically, he ended up creating his own Cosmotheist Community Church. Obviously, he thought that Cosmotheism was a religion more appropriate for his “uniquely scientific-oriented” race. What a foolish idea!

      Compare this to the wisdom of Christian preachers:

      Contemporary Europe will not now create a new, post-Christian culture and civilization – it will simply vanish from history… Having lost its Christian roots, the peoples of Europe are signing their own death sentence.
      – Patriarch Alexis of Moscow, Dec 2007

      Religious scholars can be way ahead, and way more realistic than the most realistic “scientific” minds. Positively fascinating!

  27. Here’s another funny thing.

    Dr. Wesley Swift would book auditoriums in LA to give a lecture on negro brains. I gotta laugh my ass off at his balls. Dr. William Pierce hid his guilty face behind Youtube videos. Sorry, no comparison.

  28. I find bombast and vulgarity has its place, especially when dealing with some types of people.

    I explained what a white person is – a white European person – a person of European descent. I also gave examples of non-whites.

    I am not here to debate. The time for debate ended probably 50 years ago. Rather I am here to post comments to get people thinking about events that are happening in the world and events that will affect future generations of people of European descent – who I call white people.

    The problem with the individualistic outlook expressed by some is that it will not help us win the battle against the Jews. The individualistic outlook being for one thing the belief that some blacks are good and some whites are bad etc, etc, etc Ad nauseam. Here I use the words bad and good in a general sense. Individualism simply confuses our role on the global battlefield for survival.

    For example when I see a black I might see a criminal or I might see a HIV infected rapist. I might also see a person who works hard, keeps his home clean and maintains his gardens. Yes indeed, but I see someone who will ultimately put the interests of his own non-white race above those of mine. Being concerned with the well-being of people other than our own will not win the battle against the Jews. The Jews use the blacks and the browns as tools to confuse and misdirect our efforts. The main reason the Jews have been successful as a people is because they think as a tribe. They have lived by this tribal code wherever they have sought residence – whether in Europe or the middle-east. It is not a matter of what is good for some blacks and some whites and some Chinese and the Jews. It is only ever what is good for the Jewish people – period. Only white people of European descent show concern for the problems of others who are not members of our tribe. Altruism which is unique to white people of European descent is good, but if misguided it will destroy us all.

    Even if the Jews were to disappear from the surface of the earth this very moment we would still have problems. Take for example the state of Africa now and in the past. It is still a land of voodoo, ineptitude, indolence and violence. The only two countries on the African continent that could have been called first-world by any standard were the former white ruled countries of South Africa and Rhodesia. Why is this so? Because I believe it lies in the genetic makeup of the people. Africa would have to be one of the most resource rich continents on earth, yet it remains stagnant – a continent of chaos and violence. I know I have lived and worked on the African continent. Japan a country of limited resources is a first-world nation. The reasons for this rest with the differences in the genetic material that goes to make up blacks compared with the genetic material that goes to make up Japanese.

    The worst thing we did in Africa was to allow them have access to our medical science. The black population was kept in check not by the resources that lay beneath their feet but rather by their inability to utilize the resources. Instead we allowed their population to explode. We created an ever increasing population of starving blacks – one of the reasons Europe is now being flooded with them.

    1. Why not several anti-jew tribes? a “white” tribe, a “black” tribe, a “brown” tribe, a ” “yellow” tribe, etc.

      1. Sorry I need to correct myself. I am especially fond of the Japanese – an intelligent and industrious people. What I especially like about them is their heightened sense of ethnocentrism, which is healthy and normal. I was just told recently that Japan is accepting some non-whites. That’s how the Jews always start – a toe in the door, followed by a foot, then a leg and then the whole body. If the trend continues we will all live to see the day when young Japanese girls are being raped on the streets of Tokyo. You object!! But think of the diversity.

        Japan for the Japanese, China for the Chinese and so on.

        As for blacks – only the proverbial God knows. I will not retreat from my belief that they are a failed species. There is nothing admirable about them. And of course I include those whites with a dab or two or three of the tar brush too!

        I am proud to be a racist and a sexiest to, but when the race war finally arrives it is guys like me that you will seek for help.


    In a previous post I alluded to the fact concerning white gullibility. I also alluded to the fact that the Jews use blacks and browns, but principally blacks as a tool to destroy white confidence, white racial pride, white racial solidarity, white self-esteem and a sense of pride in the historical achievements of white people and white culture. They tell us that not liking blacks or refusing to have sex with blacks is racist and you know nothing could is as bad as being a racist. In essence the Jews are engaged in racially destructive propaganda and they have willing accomplices with the blacks and many white liberals, intellectuals, lemmings and others too.

    What is the likely outcome for white countries that absorb this racially destructive filth and breed themselves out of existence through miscegenation? You only have to look at Haiti. Haiti was the crown jewel in the old world French empire – French of course being a subset of white people – European people (Aryan people, Indo-European people – not black or brown or yellow).

    Haiti was the main subject of a book written by the Englishman Hesketh Prichard, and the title of his book is Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Haiti. Prichard chose his title because he noted that Haiti was a country ruled entirely by its Black population, without the White colonial domination that was present nearly everywhere else in the non-White world at that time. I have a copy of his book should others be interested in reading it and I am more than happy to upload the pdf to the DM site.

    Pritchard’s book became the subject of a broadcast given by the late and great Dr. William Luther Pierce, Chairman of the National Alliance on November 8, 1997. For those not interested in the transcript which follows you can see a video concerning the broadcast produced by the talented Ares. The key question the social scientist must answer is this: If race is just a social construct, then why is it, that blacks can’t sustain a civilization? And why do they destroy those given to them as in the case of South Africa and Rhodesia.

    I now give you Dr William Luther Pierce’s transcript.

    This month the last of the United Nations “peacekeeping” troops in Haiti will leave, and the Haitians will be given yet another chance to try to govern themselves. The “peacekeepers” occupied Haiti, along with 23,000 U.S. troops, three years ago, in order to force the government of General Raoul Cedras to resign so that a Clinton favorite, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, could be installed as president. The reasons presented to the American public for this interference in Haiti’s affairs were that General Cedras was a “dictator” and that he didn’t respect the “human rights” of the Haitians. Mr. Clinton’s friend Aristide, on the other hand, was said to be a “democrat” and a respecter of human rights.

    Actually, Aristide is a former priest turned Marxist whose idea of respecting human rights is to incite mobs of his supporters to murder his political opponents by breaking their arms, wiring a gasoline-soaked tire around their necks, and burning them to death a procedure known as “necklacing.” Well, that’s about par for making a country safe for democracy the United Nations way!

    However, the Haitians didn’t care much more for Mr. Clinton’s Marxist buddy Aristide than they did for General Cedras, and Aristide is out of office again and the Haitians are about to be allowed to run things themselves once more. Well, almost. Five hundred U.S. troops will remain in the country to keep an eye on things. They will call for more help if the need to “make Haiti safe for democracy” arises again.

    The Clintonistas aren’t bragging very loudly about the success of their latest effort in that direction, because the situation in Haiti is just about as grim today as it was before the United Nations stuck its nose into things three years ago. About the only significant change is that the flood of Haitian “boat people” washing up on Florida’s beaches has slowed somewhat, but that flood was caused in the first place by an embargo imposed on Haiti by the U.S. government in an unsuccessful attempt to force General Cedras out, and the consequent damage to Haiti’s already pitifully weak economy. When the embargo was removed, many Haitians decided to stay at home and share in the new goodies brought to them by the Clinton administration.

    The U.S. troops built roads, schools, and clinics and pumped a few billion U.S. dollars into the Haitian economy, but a survey of the results of all this effort is not encouraging. The streets of Port-au-Prince still reek of garbage and human waste, political corruption is as bad as it ever was, and violent crime is on the rise. The new roads and clinics built by the United States merely add a superficial appearance of improvement, so that the tourist industry is able to begin making a little money again, but the basic situation of Haiti and the lives of most Haitians remain unchanged.

    This sort of thing has happened over and over again in Haiti. It seems that we would have learned something from it. In the 18th century Haiti, then called Saint-Dominque and ruled by the French, was the most prosperous colony in the New World. Its enormously fertile soil produced a great abundance of crops and drew thousands of White French settlers. Unfortunately, Black slaves from Africa were imported to help with the work.

    In the late 1700’s the madness of the French Revolution, with its truly nutty doctrine of racial equality, infected many Frenchmen, and the Black plantation workers were encouraged to revolt.

    When they did they brutally murdered every White man, woman, and child in the colony and declared Haiti a republic. What had been the richest and most productive part of the New World promptly sank back to an African level of squalor, misery, and poverty. The roads and cities built by the French fell into ruin. A peculiarly African mixture of anarchy and despotism took the place of French law and order.

    A little over a century later, in 1915, following an especially chaotic and bloody period, U.S. Marines were sent into Haiti to force a semblance of order on the country. The reason for sending them was to safeguard American business interests in Haiti, although President Wilson told Americans that the Marines were being sent to “bring democracy to Haiti.” The Marines remained in Haiti for 19 years. They not only enforced governmental stability there, but they also built schools and hospitals, a modern telephone system, and more than 1,000 miles of paved roads with 210 bridges. The U.S. government trained Haitian teachers and doctors. We really gave the Haitians the basis for a fresh start. As soon as the U.S. Marines pulled out in 1934, however, the Haitians returned to their own way of doing things, which is to say, to indolence, corruption, and Voodoo. Everything the Americans had built for them gradually returned to the jungle.

    In 1958 the United States sent the Marines to Haiti again, this time with the aim of rebuilding the country’s economy and infrastructure so that it would not succumb to Communist influences. We propped up the regime of “Papa Doc” Duvalier, who had been trained in medicine during our first incursion into Haiti, but who was a practitioner of Voodoo as well. He was a brutal and bloody dictator. Again we spent hundreds of millions of dollars rebuilding what the Haitians had wrecked and training thousands of them in the skills needed to keep the country running. But when we pulled out again, the country immediately returned to its old ways, its African ways.

    And in 1994 we tried the same foolishness all over again, claiming that we were “restoring democracy” to Haiti.

    Why can’t we accept the plain and simple truth that it is as impossible to make democrats out of the Haitians as it is to teach them how to maintain their own roads? Why can’t we understand that the Haitians are fundamentally different from us, that they are Africans, not Europeans like us; that they are Negroes, and that left to themselves they must do things in the way Negroes always have done them, with indolence, corruption, and Voodoo? I have in front of me a book on Haiti written by a British scholar, a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, following his extended travels in Haiti at the beginning of this century. The book was published by Thomas Nelson and Sons, with offices in London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and New York. The author is Hesketh Prichard, and the title of his book is Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Haiti. Prichard chose his title because he was especially interested in the fact that Haiti was a country ruled entirely by its Black population, without the White colonial domination that was present nearly everywhere else in the non-White world at that time. The only Whites in the country were a few hundred businessmen and their agents in the coastal cities. These Whites were not treated well by the government or people of Haiti.

    Prichard was basically sympathetic to the Blacks and wanted to see how they lived when they had been introduced to civilization by Whites but were then left completely free to do as they wished, without White control. He writes of Haiti in the first chapter of his book: “There the law of the world is reversed, and the Black man rules. It is one of the few spots on earth where his color sets the Negro upon a pedestal and gives him privileges. The full-blooded African is paramount; even the mulattos and half-breeds are disliked and have been barbarously weeded out as time has passed.”

    One of the first things Prichard notes about Haiti is the pervasive filth. He was not expecting sanitation to be up to European standards, of course, but he was stunned by the degree of filth he actually encountered, not just in the villages but also in the capital city, Port-au-Prince. And he was struck by the caricatures of finery and elegance which thrived in the midst of this filth. For example, he noticed that every Haitian of any importance at all bore the title of “general” and was equipped with a gaudy general’s uniform, replete with gold braid and all the other trimmings. When he inquired into the military establishment in Haiti, where the total population at that time was under two million, he discovered that the Haitian Army boasted 6,500 generals, 7,000 regimental officers, and 6,500 privates.

    Prichard recounts a conversation he had one evening with three Haitian generals. It is a conversation with a surrealistic quality, as are many other things in Haiti. At one level the Black generals are able to converse with a semblance of knowledge of military matters, but at another level it is clear that they are completely out of touch with reality. One is reminded of the classical stereotype of the African cannibal wearing an opera hat and a loincloth.

    Prichard’s book is filled with fascinating anecdotes and with detailed descriptions of his personal experiences with various facets of Haitian life. Here marks on the good-natured, open-hearted character of the people, who could nevertheless commit the most blood-curdling atrocities at the least provocation. The extreme degree of corruption of the Haitian bureaucracy elicits special attention from Prichard, as does the utterly capricious way in which it operates. The dispensing of justice, in particular, is a caricature of European systems, in which many of the same outward forms are observed.

    Prichard also comments on the religious beliefs and practices of the Haitians. The official religion, which they inherited from their former French masters, is Roman Catholicism, but the true religion of the people is Voodoo, a peculiarly African religion with Catholic touches. In religion as in other aspects of Haitian life there is a bizarre blending of White forms with Black substance.

    Later in his book Prichard generalizes from many of his observations to reach a fundamental conclusion about life in Haiti: namely, that in all matters regarding their connections with the White world, with White civilization, the Haitians are more concerned with show than with substance, and their ability to mimic the characteristics of White people, both individually and collectively, persuades many people who observe them only superficially and who want to believe them equal that they really are equal.

    Prichard writes: “What most astonishes the traveler in Haiti is that they have everything there. Ask for what you please, the answer invariably is, ‘Yes, yes, we have it.’ They possess everything that a civilized and progressive nation can desire. Electric light? They proudly point to a power plant on a hilltop outside the town. Constitutional government? A Chamber of Deputies elected by public vote, a Senate, and all the elaborate paraphernalia of the law, they are to be found here, seemingly all of them. Institutions, churches, schools, roads, railways…. On paper their system is flawless…. If one puts one’s trust in the mirage of hearsay, the Haitians can boast of possessing all desirable things, but on nearer approach these pleasant prospects are apt to take on another complexion.

    “For instance, you are standing in what was once a building, but is now a spindle-shanked ghost of its former self. A single man, nursing a broken leg, sprawls on the black, earthen floor; a pile of wooden beds is heaped in the north corner; rain has formed a pool in the middle of the room, crawling and spreading into an ever wider circle as the last shower drips from the roof. Some filthy sheets lie wound into a sticky ball on two beds, one of which is overturned. A large, iron washing tub stands in the open doorway.

    “Now where are you? It would be impossible to guess. As a matter of fact, you are in the Military Hospital of the second most important town of Haiti, a state-supported concern in which the soldiers of the Republic are supposed to be cured of all the ills of the flesh…. “It was the same with the electric light. The power plant was here, but it did not work. It was the same with the Army’s cannon. There are cannon, but they won’t go off. It was the same with their railways. They were being ‘hurried forward,’ but they never progressed. It was the same with everything.”

    There are many more examples. What had dawned on Prichard is that the Haitians really don’t care. To them the imitation of civilization is as good as the real thing. They believe that if they are able to dress like White men and speak the White man’s language and mimic the White man’s institutions, then they are as good as White men. And I believe what Prichard observed of the Haitians applies equally well to Blacks in the United States today.

    Prichard ends his book with a chapter titled “Can the Negro Rule Himself?” And he answers his question: “The present condition of Haiti gives the best possible answer to the question, and, considering the experiment has lasted for a century, perhaps also a conclusive one. For a century the answer has been working itself out there in flesh and blood. The Negro has had his chance, a fair field, and no favor. He has had the most beautiful and fertile of the Caribbees for his own; he has had the advantage of excellent French laws; he inherited a made country, with Cap Haitian for its Paris … Here was a wide land sown with prosperity, a land of wood, water, towns and plantations, and in the midst of it the Black man was turned loose to work out his own salvation. What has he made of the chances that were given to him?”

    Prichard then summarizes the century of Haiti’s independent existence, running through a list of Black rulers and strongmen, of revolutions and massacres and disorders. He winds up his survey with these words: “Suffice it to say that … [Haiti’s] best president was Geffrard, a mulatto, and that the dictatorship of her Black heads of state always has been marked by a redder smear than usual upon the page of history. The better, the wiser, the more enlightened and less brutalized class has always been composed of the mulattos, and the Blacks have recognized the fact and hated the mulatto element accordingly. But to pass from the earlier days of independence to more recent times: we had not long ago the savage rule of President Salomon, a notorious sectary of snake worship, beneath whose iron hand the country groaned for years, and public executions, assassinations, and robbery were the order of the day. And at the present time? Today in Haiti we come to the real crux of the question. At the end of a hundred years of trial how does the Black man govern himself? What progress has he made? Absolutely none.”

    That’s the way it was a century ago, when Prichard wrote, and that’s essentially the way it is today, despite three large-scale efforts by the United States during this century to improve the lot of the Haitians.

    Why is all of this important to us? A century ago Prichard was by no means an unusual man of his class. He went to Haiti, he carefully observed life there in great detail over an extended period, and he drew logical and reasonable conclusions from his observations. Other scholars of his day could have done the same thing. But it is unimaginable that a scholar today, whether from Britain or America, could make observations like Prichard did, draw similar conclusions, and then publish his conclusions in a book by a mainstream publisher. It is simply not possible.

    In the first place, one would be hard pressed to find a scholar from any university in America or Britain today who would have the courage to write honestly about Haiti, because he knows that if he did he would be condemned as a “racist” by a numerous and noisy faction of his colleagues and would be drummed out of the academy. And even if someone did write a book with observations and conclusions similar to Prichard’s, no mainstream publisher would touch it. That’s how far downhill our civilization has slid in a century.

    The Haitians have their Voodoo, with all of its disgusting and bizarre beliefs and practices. And we have our cult of Political Correctness, our cult of egalitarianism. It is a cult based as much on superstition and as devoid of reason and logic as the Voodoo of the Haitians. And it exercises as strong a hold on its adherents. A Haitian would as soon offend a Voodoo witch doctor and risk having a curse put on himself, as one of our modern scholars would risk being labeled a “racist!”

    – end of Transcript.

    White men and white women of all the European peoples time is running out! What will you do to preserve the race?

    1. “What will you do to preserve the race?”

      Calmly demolish all of your arguments – which serve only the agenda of the talmudist kabbalist in their war against the Europoid peoples –

      in the ‘irregular’ fashion your reluctance to debate head on dictates.

      Any further questions sire?

      1. ORMANCI

        I refuse to debate anyone who is obviously never wrong!!!!!!!!!!

        You are full of it and yourself.

        You must love listening to yourself speak.

        Just in case you cannot read anything but your own words. Read this now;

        GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Peter, this is disgusting. I wonder why the genuine refugees don`t speak out, distance themselves from these wahabi/takfiri types, who`se disgusting behaviour is reflecting on them. Like other european countries, Germany is under occupation, and jewish Merkel is amoungst the occupiers. I cannot see a solution, other than the people who care about their country, and it`s people, take control, but I do not think peaceful demos are the way to go. Palestine has been following that path for decades, and it got them absolutely nowhere, quite the opposite..

      1. I agree Ingrid. Those in control don’t respect peaceful demonstrations and Germany is not a democracy. I don’t live there so it’s easy for me to talk, but I would support overthrowing the government, violently if necessary, before allowing the Germans and other European peoples to be wiped out. But I think time is running out and the anger has not reached the level necessary to either vote in a party like AFD or to overthrow the gov’t. I’m afraid they’re going to take in another 1.5 million “refugees” this year again. Cologne wasn’t enough. Maybe they need the same thing to happen again. Then perhaps the anger will have reached the necessary level and then Merkel, Gysi and others can be tried.

      2. Peter, I wasn`t too sure about Pegida, now I`m starting to kind of see their point, except that they resent all immigration, and where do they propose to send the genuine refugees? What they should do, is send them all back to Turkey, which, on behalf of other powers, injected this crisis into europe.. I did read somewhere that the Turks, at a request from Merkel, had agreed to stem the flow of refugees..

      3. My problem with Pegida is they’re pro-Israel and I’ve read they have Israeli flags flying at their rallies while Jews are a major factor in Europe taking in so called refugees. There would be no refugee problem if the USA had not blown up Iraq, Libya and now wants to overthrow the Syrian gov’t while Russia is killing the ISIS terrorists. The US is allied with Turkey and Saudi Arabia, which is arming the terrorists. It’s very simple, the US, the number one backer of Israel supports ISIS, or at least won’t attack it while it turns Syria into a desert. And Europe is supposed to take in these “refugees” that Israel and the USA created.

        First, Europe has to tell the USA to stop destroying the middle east or it is no ally of Europe. But they don’t say a word. Second, Israel borders Syria, Germany is thousands of miles away. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Israel ton take them in? But of course they never would. Who will take the refugees in? The middle east and North Africa is a big land mass. There are many countries that could take them in, including very wealthy countries. What about Saudi Arabia?

        The west could help build a “safe zone” in the middle east for the refugees while Russia destroys ISIS, which they’ve been doing. First, there has to be some straight talk and honesty from Europe towards the USA and Israel, who both want Syria destroyed (the US because the Jews run US foreign policy).

        Why no one acknowledges that Israel wants Syria destroyed, a major enemy in three wars (1956, 1967 and 1973) and still an arch-enemy is mind boggling. And with the Jews controlling US foreign policy it’s clear why the US wants Assad overthrown and won’t attack ISIS.

        We know many Americans, Jews and others want the Europeans to take in the refugees. In addition to the Jews openly stating they want a multi-cultural Europe, I suspect the Americans (Jews and Gentiles) want Germany and Europe flooded with refugees to destroy their competitiveness. Germany is one of the few competitive nations in Europe, while the USA has fallen way behind and these “refugees” won’t be any help to the German economy, which needs highly skilled people. These refugees will drag down Germany.

  30. I am compelled to offer the following video as a must see. If you are a white man or a white woman this video will touch your heart and your soul. It is given by a truly beautiful mind – perhaps one of the greatest minds of this century. It was put together by a very talented video producer. Now please enjoy the following.

    Dr. William L. Pierce – Dreaming of a Future World

    Please enjoy!!!

    1. WHITE_WARRIOR, I already live where there are mountains, rivers, forests, wolves, bears, and eagles, I love it. I have lived in cities, and towns, and have no desire to return to such conditions. However, everyone has different opinions, and what is good for me, might not suit most..

      Where I disagree with you, is your “white” supremacist attitude, which is probably part of the zio/nwo plan, ie divide and rule. By placing yourself above those who`se skin is a different colour, you make the job of the true supremacists easy..

      1. @ Ingrid B

        “By placing yourself above those who`se skin is a different colour, you make the job of the true supremacists easy..”

        There is no such word as WHO’SE. It is “WHOSE skin”, not “WHO’SE skin”.

        You are guilty of perpetrating what is known as “the greengrocer’s apostrophe”. This is not the first time you’ve done this. You are a serial offender!


      2. @Grammar Fiend, I thought you gave up correcting my grammar. Why don`t you shove it, and leave me, and my incorrect apostrophe`s alone. If I offend you, just ignore me, please..

      3. @Grammar Fiend – Ingrid would be an unusual name for an American. It sounds very European to me. If English is not Ingrid’s native language, she writes English remarkably well. Do you speak a second language? Americans and English are notorious for speaking one and only one language – their own, many speaking that badly. It would be presumptuous of you to correct Ingrid if English is her second language, while you only speak one.

        1. @ Peter

          English is Ingrid’s first language. She is Scottish and was brought up speaking English, so there is no excuse for her! She now lives in Norway.

          If you think “she writes English remarkably well”, I feel sorry for you. You are clearly a poor judge of the English language if you think that someone who uses the word WHO’SE “writes English remarkably well.” 🙂

          I’m delighted to see you spelled “presumptuous” correctly. That’s a word at least 80% of my students get wrong. They spell it “presumptious.”

        2. Considering how very very very very concerned the Swedes are about the well-being of the Palestinians, and considering the Swedes Lerv to bring in foreigners, specifically Muslims, into Sweden, and considering how much the Swedish government Lervs to tell the Israeli government what to do vis-à-vis the Palestinians, why didn’t the Swedish government a long time ago, a long time back, just tell the Israeli government :”Hey, send us all your Palestinians here because us Swedes Lerv when Muslims immigrate into Sweden, and we especially Lerv the Palestinians”. The Swedes could have had their Muslims and could have solved the Palestinian issue a long time ago. Instead, they let in Muslims from all over North Africa and Sub Sahara Africa into Sweden, while they complain about the situation of the Palestinian people. So now Sweden is flooded with African Muslims and the Palestinians — who need the help the most of all the Muslims in the world , still languish under Jew rule in Palestine/Israel.

  31. “I explained what a white person is – a white European person – a person of European descent. I also gave examples of non-whites.” “I am not here to debate.”

    Looks like this is as close as we will get to the Great Circumlocutor getting …. to the point. A white European person – a person of European descent.

    As a bonus we get at last an admission that the role of debate – where one person takes on the points raised by another, and either rebuts them by reasoned argument, or acknowledges their veracity, is peripheral to the purpose of Mighty White here. Instead, it appears we will be subjected to a filibuster-like bluster of quotations from third parties which – were one at all inclined to netiquette and the niceties of forum-style communications – would be linked in their longer passages to a page elsewhere that those interested could review at their leisure. But why conform to social niceties, when real men just ‘take what they wish,’ and blitzkrieg the rest. The kind of huff n puff which stands in stead… among certain quarters of the ruins of Occidental civilization… for taking one’s chances in the tourney of ideas, against someone suitably armed with the means to dismount them.

    Long n short of a gruelling three day jousting towards the final conclusion – I decline debate with someone who has failed to succumb to any of my ad hom/strawman ploys. What to make of it all? Is this the man who would lead our people to salvation? A chap whose weapon of choice appears to be …. the scissors?

    Napoleon in rags…. and the language that he used.

    As the Grande Armee declines to engage with our rabble of guerrillero forces lying in wait along his communications routes, the campaign will proceed in more ‘irregular’ but quite as effective fashion.

    1. GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Go away?

        That’s a definite white flag you be flying out the end of a popgun mate!

        What would your proud ancestors who showed the Zulus what a white man could do with Martini-Henry rifle, a British bayonet and a lot of will power, think of that sire?

        Devolution in action. What to blame for it all? Genes or Jews? Or Jewish Genes? Corker that one!

        The Fatal Knot: The Guerrilla War in Navarre and the Defeat of Napoleon in Spain – John Lawrence Tone – UNC Press …. good read, that one!

    2. I am compelled to offer the following video as a must see. If you are a white man or a white woman this video will touch your heart and your soul. It is given by a truly beautiful mind – perhaps one of the greatest minds of this century. It was put together by a very talented video producer. Now please enjoy the following.

      Dr. William L. Pierce – Dreaming of a Future World

      Please enjoy!!!

      1. Nothing wrong with the Japanese people, the problem lies with their leadership, which is allying, militarily, with the US..

    3. GO AWAY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      1. lol,

        Pre-emptive strike… or plea for mercy? How the Mighty have fallen – fast n furious!

  32. this comment is for Red Onion
    welcome back and hope you stay.
    I tried the rest and this is the best site to read good articles and good comments .
    it gives you insights inside the way of thinking , I know that you know this.
    but my point is that you can express your point of view freely without censoring.
    given that you respect the hosts as you would if you were to be invited as a guest to someone home .it’s the right and decent thing to do .I Zingebar Love you RO and adore Ingrid

    1. @ Zingebar

      Red Onions was an acceptable commenter as long as she stuck to posting comments. She ceased to be an acceptable commenter as soon as she started lecturing the administrators of this website on what articles they should publish and not publish. She did this several times, objecting to the articles we published and giving the impression that it was SHE who was running this website. Her rudeness, her hectoring tone, and her obvious hostility to the administrators of this website makes her unfit to post comments here.

      Red Onions threatened to “expose” us for crimes unmentioned. She has yet to explain what these alleged crimes are. She has yet to apolgize for her defamatory statements and promise not to repeat them.

      Until then, Red Onions will not be allowed to post here again.

      (The only crime we have committed, it seems, is the deletion of Red Onions’s comments).

      We will not be abused, defamed, and dictated to by posters who have gotten too big for their boots. You are all guests in our house. If you spit in our faces, you will be shown the door.

  33. I think all this argument and ranting is hilarious.

    Is there ever a convention where Darkmooners meet? I would like to buy you all a beer.

    1. Well John I did ask O to provide his/her contact details. I am more than willing to front up and have a chat. Somehow I think the pompous windbag does not really enjoy dealing with people face-to-face unless they think they can get away with abusive behaviour, which of course is easy on the net.

      He/she asks for definitions. I give them and still they are unhappy. What else can I do but treat them like a child having a tantrum. I will make posts, but as far as O is concerned they will get nothing but – Go Away!!!!!!!!!! The invitation is still open – let us have a chat O. No circumlocution, no obfuscation just a direct and concise reply.

      1. @WHITE_WARRIOR, nancy likes to impress people, if he met you face to face, he wouldn`t have an audience..


    I refuse to debate anyone who is obviously never wrong!!!!!!!!!!

    You are full of it and yourself.

    You must love listening to yourself speak.

    Just in case you cannot read anything but your own words. Read this now;

    GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ok, I went away… to buy some oat straw… and now I’m back! Happy?
      Good – that makes two of us.

      Now, White Warrior, having searched for, but not found some – any – pretext with which to avoid a debate…
      you are reduced to the pathetic, as a further decline from the mere apoplectic. We are past the debate issue… I cleared that up for you above here, this morning, in letting you know that, in light of you stealing away from the battlefield of ideas in an insane hope of no one noticing said stealthy retreat, we will proceed in a more ‘irregular’ but equally effective manner. So calm yourself; there is no use getting any more stressed out by what has gone down. Like Marmont at Salamanca, you have sent your best divisions forward in a rush, and when I have finished my late breakfast of cold breast of chicken, I will, like the Duke, begin the slow, inexorable push upon your flank and middle columns.

      I have read all of YOUR words carefully[excluding the replays of “Dr Pierce’s words]and I am satisfied to conclude that in our brief exchange here, you have distinguished yourself as a thug masquerading under a thin veneer of intellectual pretension – a mere bully of the classic mold, who collapses when denied acquiescence to their cheap bluff.

      “I am more than happy to front up to your door and have a talk – you only need to provide me with your address via LD – a phone number would be nice, but I prefer face-to-face contact. Somehow I think that you are a coward. You hide behind your avatar and your verbosity because you do not possess the proverbial “balls” to deal with another man face-to-face. ” “White Warrior” January 24, 2016

      The consequences of that ill-chosen ploy are – and will remain – entirely to your account. No one forced you to choose it. I have spent a little time to get the measure of you this weekend, playing back to you some of your most overthetop schtick in order to see if there be a smattering of humor inside the robotic exterior, or the slightest willingness to exchange ideas in a neutral, if not friendly fashion. The answer is decidedly NO on both counts. The crushing weight of your singularly obtuse fashion of punching away with the same stolid body blows of petty invective, ill-disguised threat, alternated by bombast and evasion has begun to tell upon you already.

      As you are surely as ill disposed to Muzzie-wuzzies are you are to fuzzy-wuzzies… I have donned my boxing trunks in anticipation of playing several round of rope-a-dope with you, a la Muhammad Ali, and will allow you to wear yourself out here whilst awaiting round 8. The great lesson I brought to your attention several threads back – to never, ever, underestimate your opponent, has happily fallen upon deaf ears. Your imitation of Chris Walken’s role in “The Deer Hunter” here has all the makings of a tragi-comic classic. Have you ever thought of selling your own brand of grill in the ‘off season’ sire?

      Napier… you may send your Heavies forward now. The gentlemen are instructed to give no further quarter.

      Let the ‘balls test’ begin.

      1. @Ormonkey & Orwarrior

        The shrieking and squealing produced by these two – obviously, full-fledged Arian – baboons behind the bushes reminded me of another full-fledged buffoon calling Donald Trump to duel … what was his name? Mahmoud Al-Something?

        Btw, how old are you, Ormonkey, if you don’t mind me asking? Give the figure in human years, please, so I won’t have to bother looking up the primate-human age conversion coefficient.

      2. Circassian, watch it, nancy might think you fancy him, but he himself is only interested in monkeys, maybe WW will help him find his soulmate in some jungle..

      3. Hello dear ankle biters,
        It’s winter, and I am wearing socks – sometimes on a day like today, two pairs. So not only do I not feel your tiny fangs – or dull ‘knitting needles’ as the case may be, I have resolved that the simplest way to deal with the competition for my affections between you is to allow you – like the Mighty Mouse character who you are hoping to tag along with – to punch yourselves out. If fleas have hands…I dunno much about that – but hey! If it’s more applicable, just kickbox yourselves out!

        But whether it’s public squabbling over your obsessive love interest in public, or simply futile ongoing effort to gain more of my attention, the prescription remains the same – for self abuse or unrequited love – bedrest… with hands tied to your sides if needed. No computer, no internet, just quiet reflection and not even knitting.

        Please ask the attendant to arrange the room so that you can reach the buzzer over the head rest with your nose. I’ll be by to look in on you but I can’t promise when. If your prescription is running low, just alert the nurse and she will be able to help you. Remember, banging your head on the metal head rest IS NOT the way to get her attention!

      4. That’s a funny thought – it never occurred to me, thanks for warning, Ingrid 🙂

        Keep kicking the shit out of these buffoons, lady. Not much of a chance they’ll learn something … baboons you know. Still, doing the right thing is the right thing to do (hope, Sir Hugo is out vacationing, to jury duty, or something).

  35. ALERT!!!! ALERT!!!!!! ALERT!!!!!Trump went to a GUN SHOW yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALERT!!!! ALERT!!!!ALERT!!!!

    Trump doesn’t like Muslims!!! Trump went to a GUN SHOW!!!! He wants to MASS-MURDER our Muslims friends AND ALLIES IN THE STRUGGLE TO DEFEAT THE JOOS !!!




  36. Let’s suppose that there was a forward thinking, cooperative community wishing to break free of the dreaded “Matrix”, maybe calling itself the anti-Matrix or Matrix Lib.

    The existence of this Matrix is hopefully beyond doubt and those who doubt it will find no incentive to join – though various pathogenic forms, trolls, informers, saboteurs and gatekeepers surely will, proving by their presence the existence, malignancy and vitality of the construct.

    Perhaps Matrix has a life of its own, able to imprint itself on minds of its servants who yet believe that they are in the driver’s seat, like Jewry takes itself to comprise the substance and totality of God/creator (ridiculous thought given that in their sorry history they left no archeological item other than abundant turds in ransacked Palestinian homes).

    Sort of reverse of odious, vacuous “God is dead” where a lame witticism combines with nonexistent logic to cast the hypnotic spell on the bleating followers of “philosophical fashion”, a thoroughly Jewish, ie, Protocols idea – except here, “the Demiurge is conjured into being out of nothing”, once again a reversal, “God is dead, long live the Matrix”.

    How to spot new instances of Matrix, to demarcate the deception from reality, like a schizoid sufferer acting as his own therapist?
    Maybe by, among other things, devising algorithms that would independently ferret out or triage fact apart from perceived fancy, a computerized shaman, as it were – still thinking of that Patagonian event that Ormanci narrated the other day, a valuable point of departure, for me anyway, I find the overarching civilizational tragedy that we can no longer perceive shamans to extend our vision, either because there aren’t any or because of our collective blindness.

    If a virtual innocent could be grown using neural networks or some such approach and its perceptions compared to ours, presumably infected by Matrix/Demiurge, we could examine the differences and ask pertinent questions, devise further tests, e.g., so called denoising autoencoder methodology able to look at massive datasets naively and without outside direction and come up with its own models of reality and thus point in direction of freedom and sanity.
    Or we could pursue myopic bitching, pleasurable along the scab-picking lines, clearly a Matrix induced effect, a stick poked into the antfarm – keep the bugs busy, don’t let them organize.

    Just thinkin’ …

    1. I have no idea what you’re trying to say, Lobro. Wanna pass that by us in English please? Or do enjoy making yourself “appear” to be the epitome of enigmatic and mysterious deep and profound and esoteric because you’re like sooooooooooo intellectual……. like what is your IQ, 666? You must have graduated CUM loudie Top of The Class!

    2. Shamanism isn’t a “philosophical fashion”? It’s quite trendy among new-agers to consult these medicine men on the spirit world, attend sweat-lodges and participate in vision quests, after all, being brown and non-western makes them superior to white western philosophers.

    3. “Just thinkin’”…
      too much, can be deleterious to one’s health. Could be the Bangkok air, could be the ubiquitous presence of the usual suspects, if too much time has elapsed with you in one place.[as an aside, though I’m pretty sure this will have occurred to you already – your relative freedom from the worst effects of occidental consensus trance thinking is almost surely due to your peripatetic lifestyle. If you constantly move around, there is a much better chance of not getting snared.]

      In that vein, allow me to suggest a quick remedy to both mentioned possibilities. If you go to Chiang Mai, by means of your choice, you are only a few hours away from Chiang Saen by bus – and the river barges which go back to Guanlei, Yunnan. Unless you already have an open Chinese visa, it can be a hassle to enter China there, but that’s not the plan anyways. The actual port the boats leave from is about a 20 minute taxi ride from town, southwards. You just ask who is going next day and book a berth with whichever boat is loading for departure.

      Half way up on the return trip, they will stop on the Laos side to tie up overnight below a nondescript village that clings to the river. This is where you will have to rely upon your wits. You may have noticed the heavy emphasis here lately on “{the horror- the horror!) stories emanating from the keyboards of kooks who would wish us to believe that the world outside of honkeyville is just one big scary cannibal fest. As you are a well seasoned traveler, I realize that of course you are not subject to such blarney. However. if you happened to read the full piece from which the “Beagle” quote was extracted, you may remember reading this:

      “William James… in the same tome to which I refer above, made one other reference to the blinkered fashion in which the occidental mind looks out onto the world in terror of the unknown… “Only what we partly know already inspires us with a desire to know more.” That which is completely unknown to the western mind, in other words inspires, instead of a desire to know… or a curiosity to learn… only terror and fear – usually disguised as a kind of sneering scorn, from what I have witnessed of the members of that mindset of late.”

      As you clearly have an interest in the shamanic of the moment, there is every possibility that you will be interested in his/her complement – the psychopomp – who, in classical ‘shamanic’ style, guides the dead through the stages of their departure from this dimension, and/or guides the living through the stages of the death of their cultural reality. You appear to both eager and willing to apply yourself to that role.[but please – no experimental examinations on live subjects- there is an alternative!]I will be telling you nothing that you don’t already know, if I mention that westerners are already well more than half way across the River Styx, on a one way trip which they have mistaken for a picnic outing which will bring them back home in time for dindin. As they realize neither their peril, nor destination, there is not, I have discovered, a lot that can be done for them – certainly, standing on the riverbank shouting and gesticulating is not a useful tool here. They tend to laugh and clap, and think your are part of the day’s “arrangements.”

      That which is ‘completely unknown to the western mind,’ is, I believe the elixir you are seeking. With it, you will be not only able to cut through the ” various pathogenic forms” blocking the direct access to the population in need of being dissuaded from their “Hadean Vacation,” but as the sign over the Delphic cave read –
      “know thyself.” But back to the boat trip – the Mekong one, not the other!

      Getting off at that jungle stopping point, and making arrangements at the store for a ride inland, will give you access to all that and more. Should you make it out. You will be asking for the \village of the monkeys.\ You will find that this is understood, and that arrangement easily made. The scene in Apocalypse Now, with Brando playing the renegade colonel, is the scene which you are seeking out. A kind of culminating terror agglomeration of all that the western mind fears.

      Your quote: “we can no longer perceive shamans to extend our vision, either because there aren’t any or because of our collective blindness”…. is a good one, but incomplete. It’s essential modification is in recognizing the failure to perceive is not a collective one, but rather, a personal error in judgment which accrues from not being able or willing to recognize in oneself the earmarks of the shaman. Since one does not go to ‘shaman school’ to acquire the diploma or the self-confidence to make that cognition, it is clearly by other means that the outline of an interior ‘shaman’ – something there, but not ‘previously perceived’ comes into view. Your trip to the village of the monkeys will fix all of that.

      I wrote up the outlines of the trip for GoKunming – in reverse direction of course, but never sent it in, for some reason I do not now remember. All that remains as any kind of guide to going there is in this old post from ‘whiteyrideseast’ which I saved and reposted to my current space –

      There are many ghosts along that path – the Land of Lansdale and the Corsicans, and they are surely scary enough. But redemption only arrives via fright, and that which is ‘completely unknown to the western mind,’ is both the sickness and the antidote. Without knowing it, we become afraid of our own shadow, like “white ghosts” stuck in the quicksand of their own projected fear – prey to the black magician’s spells. Where did it all begin – you asked yourself the other day here – this ceaseless parade of occultic magic dabbling which changes the perfectly perfect into a miasma of mischief and deceit. It begins… and ends… inside the mind of the affected – no matrix, no anti-matrix, no matrix lib or matrix-lite. Just – the beginning – faced up to.

      “We must fact the possibility that the beginning is not the old in the sense of the antiquated but that we are so very antiquated that we can no longer understand a beginning – and especially cannot understand when we invoke the advanced and the contemporary.” Heidegger – from his 1932 summer lectures.

      When ready then… rip off the mask of modernity that shields one from the terror of the sublime – like a primitive savage’s totemic protection, and seek out the village of monkeys. The ‘west’ will need it’s shamans, to guide the survivors through either life or death… and protect them from the false trails laid by the kabbalist’s henchmen.

      “Investigations of the spirit require no ‘tools’ or technologies… imported or otherwise… because the interior travel such investigations require has not any use for such primitive fetish gear. The human mind is of a power superior to any mere physical intercession! Or could be.”

      Just monkeyin around – in a savage, darky-like kind a way – as relief to the sordid task of rounding up kooks, flukes, and great white apes, to place in their assorted wards.

  37. League Of Northern Canadian Hockey Goal SEEKERS :


    1. Not to worry, Joe. I think it is a given that Bloomberg will enter the presidential race as an independent soon. This will give us Hillary. There is no way they will let Bernie Sanders get the Democratic nomination. Who knows how it will all play out, but it is starting to get as interesting as 1968. We may even see a shooting or two.

  38. So long as the wheel keeps spinning as we descend we have few options except to prepare for the event of rectification when the wheel stop spinning.

  39. Muslim Immigration Watch [ Monday, January 25th, 2016 ] :

    Yes, “thank” gawd and ali baba we got a lot of Muslims in Florida now, They’re really “enriching” Pat and Gilbert’s beloved Dixie land alright. We “need” lots more of ’em. I know the Muslims don’t like canines and I know the Muslims are on JIHAD against the canines in Europe [ a “great” benefit and “special” “gift” the “precious” Muslims are bestowing on Europe, going around brutally killing the dogs in Europe. ] One would think the Mohammedans at least would like camels, but NO, they don’t like camels either :

    I bet they torture any and all animals of God’s Animal Kingdom. The “religion” of “peace”, but that Islamic Muslim “peace” doesn’t extend to the poor animals who have to be tortured to keep the Muslims happy, to keep them in-good-standing with their “allah” and their Mohammed and their ali baba. I’m sure there’re Muslims who don’t want to see the animals tortured, but that’s not the type of Muslims ZOG is bringing into Europe AND into the United States [ and ALL the online Muslim immigration advocates fuckin’ fully well know IT ].

  40. Applying autoencoders on AI constructs while extolling the virtues of shamanism seems rather schizoid….just saying

    1. the honest seeker starts from the peripheries of the imagination and works their way in, to the middle ground where possibility resides. Lobro may be sussing out the extremes in order to arrive at that point!

      It caught my attention too, that bit!

    1. @Karen, about time..

      @Joe, actually, the Hindu`s, and Buddhist monks, have been slaughtering Muslims..

    2. When I see this, by Rothschild’s Reuters, I am thinking, “another color revolution”.
      I know perfectly well that Jew is aching to infiltrate, poison and demolish social structures that keep him out from doing to SE Asia what he did out West and I am not just talking about money but the possession of the spirit.
      What monks do is business among themselves and the nation and not my business.
      I just want them to be on guard against the Ancient Enemy.

      This article tries to get the hoof in the door for the Devil’s Open Society, to infect them with the same disease that has brought the West to the death’s door.

      You haven’t caught onto the point of my previous post.
      I use the word “shaman” not in sense of some romanticized Castaneda witchdoctor prancing in animal skins but someone who sees that which would be obvious to a child.
      The fact is that the linked article on alleged corruption among the Buddhist monks is the product of the creeping, prodding Matrix that no one is able to spot, yet it bears all the hallmarks of it.
      The very same Reuters that in its 120 year history never uttered even a whisper of materialistic reek that is Jew DNA, all their STOLEN chateaux, yachts, castles, mansions, Davos, Bilderberg, BIS HQ, Bohemian Grove, all their orgies, rabbinical child molestation, sacrifices, Rodeo Drive and 5th Ave – but they are so concerned about a Twitter showing a monk with Louis Vuitton handbag, sent a filming crew on the scene 12,000 miles away.
      And me being a sworn Jewhater, paranoid, etc, I just wonder what’s up, did the Nuremburg East tribunal fake the evidence again?

      What shocks me is not that they did that but that no one sees the game.
      Maybe the denoising autodecoder may have decided it in a heartbeat.

      1. No one sees the game? Actually many do. Why do you think that Lasha Darkmoons’ site as well as numerous others are so popular? No offence, but you seem to have an inflated view of yourself. The game is simple – paper money is created to buy up and control REAL wealth – globalization creates slave labour to make junk that is sold to the newly created ‘rich’ who sold out and the profits become more paper use to buy up more REAL wealth – the paper is controlled by the Jew/Pharisee bankers who use their ‘little jews’ to keep a lid on it through their media, education, talking heads et al. Jew /Pharisees impoverish and enslave the earth and make Israel the new capital after all the other countries of the world tumble down. All that’s promised in the OT comes to fruition. However, a tiny voice in my head repeats “it’s all part of a greater plan, the mighty shall fall”

    3. Contrary to the impression you may get, I am not seeking any mystical experiences, let them seek me instead, I like my own unguided meanderings.
      Nor do I see myself as a particularly spiritual person, it is like hunger, if and when I am hungry, I will look for food and presently I feel no hunger gnawing at me.

      I do like the temple scene but from a social, rather than mystico-spiritual standpoint, especially during the all day Saturday sermons, the precinct crowded with the faithful squatting in every square foot – and it is precisely this that drives Jew crazy, he doesn’t see the way in, so he attacks from outside, NGOs, TV “documentaries”, infiltrating university campuses, etc.
      They had Thaksin Shinawatra, the Thai version of Khodorkovsky or Yeltsin and the military junta kicked him out, so Jew grinds teeth and gnaws at edges, can’t leave the well enough alone, Devil and rust know no rest.

      And I have more in common with the temple cat than with the praying worshippers, it doesn’t look for divine flashes of enlightenment.
      It looks for rats.

      1. I am not seeking any mystical experiences, let them seek me instead…

        that is a key insight, which I was tempted to [but refrained from]put to Brother Sardo a while back when he announced himself a ‘seeker after’ truth. Truth be a mighty huntress, and she tracks her prey with the unerring of a cupid and the ferocity of a tiger. One receives her arrows, not with pleasure, but as a rude shock to complacency and one’s conceits. And though well advised to stand down from seeking that out – well served by her selection, if it be you that she hunts as quarry.

        But somewhat contrary to what you may believe, the ‘mystical experience’ is not a starry-eyed googling of the arcane, or some alternative reality. It’s more the confirmation – via an experience which ties together something known already on a gut level, with the more flighty and uncertain cerebral tools we have to perceive the world with. When the two finally get in sync – watching each others exposed flanks, the opportunity to resist the blandishments of evil, and the false trails of its minions, is available at last!

        Curious George, of childhood fame, was not so much a mischievous monkey as a metaphor for the ‘darkey’ within us – who makes a hash of all of the Man in the Yellow Hat’s efforts to congeal reality into a noxious Grimms Fairy Tale of nightmare boogeymen and victimized forest wanderers. And monkeys, in general, like to ‘ape’ what they see the stolid whitey perform in the way of verbal tricks and sleights of hand – and play them back to the dude(or dudette!) as droll commentary upon that incessantly gloomy view of life.

      2. Thanks for that post, Orm.
        Indeed, I am stubbornly self-taught in the ways of both seen and unseen and that talent for blundering into situations has provided me with a few unique experiences, as funny as they are eye-opening. Wouldn’t trade them for any esoteric skill, not even levitation 🙂

        Brother Sard is one of my very favorite peple here, he will do just fine because his heart is in the right place.
        Who needs the brain, anyway, ancient Egyptians had no clue what it was used for and used to trash it during embalming process while storing other organs in jars of olive oil or whatever, like anchovies.

        (I do love anchovies, btw, though I be vegetarian for the most part)

  41. The Muslims Ingrid and Karen and most other Darkmooners love so much have always waged Islamic Jihad against the Buddhists and the Hindus in India. A very long-standing Islamic Muslim JIHAD against the Buddhists and the Hindus. Their Islamic Muslim JIHAD against Buddhists and Hindus is very long-standing and is still going on to this day :

    Something Darkmoon which promotes Buddhism , Hinduism, AND Islam, always fails to “forget” to tell the readers of Darkmoon — that the Muslims have waged Islamic JIHAD against the Buddhists and Hindus for a very long time and their Muslim Islamic JIHAD against the Buddhists and against the Hindus is still being waged to this day.

    The Muslims wage their JIHADS against Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism. The so-called “jew-wise/anti-jew” Muslims hardly ever wage any sort of Jihad against the Jews ; Not that I would want them to. I’m pointing out the fact the Muslims hardly wage jihad against the Jews because many in the mainstream media and also in the alternative media would have us believe the Jews are the major targets of the Muslims, but that’s not true, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism are the main targets of the Muslims.

    1. Right you are Joe. Islam, “the religion of peace”, has a history of destructive Jihad against Buddhism and Hinduism. For more info go to :…/destruction-of-buddhism-in-india…

      or watch this video about the destruction of the famous Buddhist university of Nalanda :

      But admirers of both Islam and Buddhism still don’t experience cognitive dissonance?

      1. It is true and its effects are not only present and apparent (just mention this)
        but have also very predicatively led to an obvious collective psychosis.

        Perhaps it’s that damn desert..

      2. If you read The Controversy of Zion you’ll see that the Jews have waged a relentless war against all of mankind for 3000 years. Cognitive Dissonance? Even an elementary understanding of real history shows
        the Judaic Plague to be anti human.

  42. Uncle :

    You haven’t put any of my posts up on your DM commentary boards today. How many more of my posts do you want me to send in to you before you’ll feel you have enough posts to choose from for that Special 3!!

    ETC ETC ETC (deleted verbiage)

    1. You send in FIFTEEN LONG POSTS and expect me to waste my time reading ALL 15 posts in order to choose out THREE of the best ones?

      I’m not doing it. I don’t have the time. Send in 5-6 SHORT posts a day in future and NO MORE! Stop there. I’ve told you that TEN times! I will try to pass the three best ones, maybe more. But please, not 15 long posts of article length! You must be crazy!

      OK, I’ll do you a favor and now try and publish some of your best efforts… but don’t do this to me again.


      1. @ TROJ

        OK, I’ve just approved SIX of your posts, twice more than the stipulated maximum. I also posted the one you wanted. So take the rest of the day off! Catch up on your reading or go for a walk. Or pop into Palm Beach and do your weekend shopping.


        1. Uncle :

          Inherent in The Agreement : When you do finally get around to put my posts up on the commentary board in your sweet time, my name should appear on the sidebar where new comments are listed so the readers will know my comments are on the commentary board. By not listing my posts on the sidebar, that’s unfair to both me and to the readers of DM as many readers won’t know there are any of my posts up and that denies the readers of DM from reading my posts…. etc etc etc

          TOBY: It’s not my fault that your posts don’t always appear in the side bar. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. The comments that appear in the side bar are always the LAST FIFTEEN COMMENTS that have been posted. The TOP comment is the most recently posted comment. If I happen to see one of your comments and approve it just after you posted it, your comment would appear RIGHT AT THE TOP. It all depends on timing. If many of your comments are not appearing in the side bar, it’s because FIFTEEN OTHER PEOPLE have posted their comments AFTER YOU. Your comment is EXCLUDED because you were NUMBER 16 in chronological order. Understand?

          In other words, you are posting your comments TOO EARLY IN THE DAY and I am seeing them and approving them TOO LATE IN THE DAY … and this is due to the fact that we are living in different time zones. If you want your comments to appear in the sidebar, they need to be posted at the RIGHT TIME — preferably between 2 pm and 6 pm American time. Don’t post anything after 6 pm your time because I won’t see it until the next morning. If I approve it, it won’t be in the sidebar because you will have posted it at least 10-12 hours earlier.

          Not to worry, I’ll make sure that a few of your comments are copied and pasted manually by me so that they appear instantly in the sidebar, but I can only do this with 2-3 comments a day. This is one of the penalties of being in Spamblinka. Your own fault entirely!

          I’m doing my best to give you a fair hearing. Remember this: no other website has treated you so kindly as we have. You have been banned almost EVERYWHERE ELSE.

        1. Gilbert,

          TROJ isn’t the only one here who is crazy. He’s just crazy in a different way. He is the least of Admin’s problems. There are other people posting her who are for more dangerous and sinister. I won’t mention their names because I am too polite.

  43. Bolshevik Feminism during peace time to keep Europid families wounded and unproductive. When war serves semitic banking interests, the spell of equal commodified women is lifted. Then they are given white feathers to pass around, should men be cautious of wars for israel, judea and shekels. [see Nathanson Young]

  44. i often remark on the tragedy that Cernunnos (longest pedigree shaman*) is not seen as i see him, the soil builder archetype, ‘funding’ it with clay lozenges, a bag of this ‘mint conditioner coin’ he lets run on/into the ground while roman gods and animals (who’s lord he is known as) look on with rapt attention# and prolly gratitude (an echo of which fading thru the ages even up to today); it’s the ground /grounded /grounding distributist meaning behind all monumentalized make believe pinpointed versions of the hollowness emptily signifying squiggliterate impression / inkflow fashions masquerade as, are happy to stop coming to pass for the sake of one after another pompous ass …
    A lozenge made of the finest detritus sieved from the chippins and shavins that went ‘aground’ thru compost and rose (‘resurrected’) as garden produce is the happy side effect of all ‘carviture’ but i claim the man commemorates on that crumbly frieze on display in the Rheims museum# (last of the europeans as far as i’m concerned, .. i only write about it, .. got zero support for cheeky plans .. when i proposed to do a guerrilla dusting here and there so the effects would manifest for up to a century easily … the world was hit by a wave of circle woo, .. go figure.

    One man who believed he had a lot to do with them circles was Jose Arguelles who i qualify as a shaman and who’s last partner did a rare post just to day to which i tried to respond to .. again (she never let[s] me even though the oracle she claims to take guidance from has my number in the prospective position; it’s the same ‘seal’/’tone’ combo David Bowie lived under by the way, but he was thoroughly urban and didn’t stand much of a chance to penetrate to depths of understanding indicated from getgo for that reason alone [it takes a good wallop of favorable earthy aspects either way; Ann Margaret didn’t make it either]; if he ever saw any of my remarks on just how just and profitably space in rock can be ‘inploited’ he didn’t let on).

    Here it is:

    “I am one with the Earth
    The Earth and myself are one mind”

    This refrain (3 repeats) for your post is initially spoken by “seers, medicine people, sages”, iow, folks as rare as Arguelles himself. It amused me to sniff out as many of those as i could (browsing libraries of the kind folk hosting my wanderings, in the course of which i think i puzzled more pieces of a UNIVERSALIZABLE utopian puzzle / BLUEPRINT together ……

    ….to begin entertaining realistic hope of a watertightness that is functional (but that may the wild oats of the Rothschild’s using me to ventriloquiz the type of bullshit that made Mao cause disasters (check Greg Hallett when curious if my source is reliable) .. and swale [WATERSLOWTH] based, a concept that i learned of in the early eighties but only sunk in a few years ago ……

    ……. than anybody i know in my ‘field’ ..

    Each addition of an extract from the crossdisciplinary works that caught my eye – even as i often didn’t care for them whole, though usually, the maker claimed integrity and completeness [‘completarity’] for it even if they, like Arnold Keyserling, used artistic licence to begin a brandnew scheme/diagram / rhythm (faux fissures/nodes / neologistic terminology) the next week that did in no way stroke with any piled up that far – made my remix look more arbitrary, plagiaristic, splintered and irreconcilable to even its.
    Thus the faux variety mirage and curse we are all ‘served’ (and serfed by) as we travel thru the clouds of unknowing digitalia (bereft of fingerspitzengefuehl) applied to me a little extra due to the stretching and peering over the edges of it i did, fauxly ‘anchored in it’s surrogation, hoping it would serve as a conduit of profiling myself and generating invitations, which it never did, and so, painting myself into a corner (a la Paul Lafolley, though compensated for with perfectly tangential versions of his space fantasies).

    * last european one? at the pinnacle / dead [infertile] end of a rising line ?? … where the wave broke … stopped by those whose enmity he ‘caught’ for their cure he taught a passing pilgrim who went back to palestine???
    A book like that would have equal value and influence as ‘King Jesus’ by Robert Graves i feel …
    Lobro, if you get tired of monkeying around i invite you to go visit this place … or Ukraine .. or both .. if it’s any incentive … i’m willing to invest in a live uplink for it … thinkgs are getting too crazy here …. now they’re allowing migrants to take sniper courses in Sweden ??? (source: ‘fascist lemming’ .. not a very trustworthy sounding name but he shows the articles on screen)

  45. Hey Joe! I read your reply to the holographic universe theory and lo and behold you are an intelligent man. Very intelligent. A very intelligent jew, just guessing.

  46. Now that I got you after me, Oh super-sleuth, lol, maybe I’ll stop being a joo and join the human race, lol ; Heck, maybe I’ll even convert to your Jew Kaballah “god is dead” Existentialism, not very different then being a jew anyway so it won’t be too traumatizing for me, lol. You’re just a regular Miss Marple aren’t you Karen. I’m like way soooooooo impressed with your detective skills, lol,

    1. Joe, seriously I’m ignorant about the kabbalah. I’ve tried reading up on it out of curiosity and it comes across as mumbo jumbo, maybe because I’m not a big fat head brainy type like Lobro, but then again, “genius is the ability to make the complicated simple”

      1. Karen –

        “…it comes across as mumbo jumbo..”

        Great observation. It, like torah, IS that…. “mumbo jumbo.”

        Aesop offers more.

      2. Aesop the non-sectarian. It’s why he’s relegated to myth-like status, 10 and under..
        But still lots of fun for adults too!
        What else can be done with such human beings?
        I mean, besides the old heave-ho..

    1. Gee, it’s a mystery to me, Karen, as to why YouTube would make Igor Novello’s “Someday My Heart Will Awake” video unavailable. I don’t think the video is subversive to anyone’s agenda. I can’t imagine. In the meantime while we try to figure it all out, I highly suggest you stuff this next video up your apophantic asshole, Hit PLAY, and enjoy the show! Let “us” be “brave” “alternative” media “truth-tellers” and let “us” in “our” Resoluteness do some real Sirius World Disclosure, lol, if this video is unavailable also, use Search Term ” Nephilim Vs. Flat Earth” :

  47. I agree with the author but if Women want Men to step up they’re going to have to do something for Men and not be so disagreeable.

    I say a comment once, can’t remember where, that said during Women’s liberation the Women said we’re not going to do what Men want anymore or bind ourselves to pleasure Men. Later they complained that Men only wanted Women for sex but it’s a consequence of them not wanting to please Men in any way. The only thing Women will do to please Men is sex. Everything else they consider beneath them.

  48. Men haven’t been feminized to any large degree, sure there’s some feminine men who pursue feminists ideology but the numbers just aren’t there to make sweeping assertions about the state of masculinity, in places like the UK we have a tiny rate of people that support things like feminism, less than 10%.

    What has occured is a change in women, women have allowed feminism to run rampant so they can recieve the privilages it brings them, without understadning that most of the time it’s at the expense of men. So men are just acting rationally in response to this and opting to reject women and long term relationships.

    This has a “blame it on men” written all over it, but men can’t do shit, we live in an ever more socialist society where men standing up for themselves, not letting women push them around, not paying child support or alimony, simply lands you in jail, there’s nothing masculine or rational about it. Men strive to be rational creatures we try to make rational choices and it’s not rational to pursue or even associate with many modern females and even finding the slightly more reasonable women is a risky venture.

    Men do just fine on their own and so that’s where many of us will stay, and all the women lonely, seeking marriage, children and a family will have to start addressing feminism and the ever socialist society, that means giving up your privileges and power, engage men on a level playing field where there’s mutual benefits to relationships, and we’ll see men start opting back in.

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