Everything You Need To Know About The Turkish Coup

By Patrick Cockburn



Why was the coup mounted?

This requires assumptions about who carried out the coup. One theory is that the followers of self-exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen knew that they were going to be purged and decided to strike first.

Was the coup concocted by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to give himself the excuse to crack down?

It is more likely that Mr Erdogan is taking advantage of a real coup to rid the armed forces and key state institutions of all who do not give him full obedience.

He called it “a gift from God” in that it would allow him to do so. An argument against the theory that the coup was a put-up job is that it involved too many people, including high-ranking military officers, and might even have succeeded if the plotters had been able to eliminate Mr Erdogan.

Why did the coup fail?

The plotters did not eliminate Mr Erdogan and did not include the majority of the military high command. They did not enjoy any popular support and did not gain control of communications and the media. They did not have enough soldiers to suppress popular protests in favour of the President. The timing of the coup is also peculiar since it took place late Friday night when people were still up and going outside and not in the early hours of the morning as is traditional.

Is the civilian reaction being orchestrated?

Mr Erdogan successfully orchestrated public protests in order to thwart the coup by calling for them on an iPhone held in front of a television camera. So far as can be judged these were carried out his committed supporters and right-wing nationalists, the numbers on the streets being boosted by free public transport until Monday night. A feature of the coup was that there were no demonstrations in favour of it because the coup plotters announced a curfew and, in any case, Mr Erdogan’s many opponents do not necessarily want him replaced by a military government.

The mosques also played a significant role in mobilising his constituency by calling people onto the streets and delivering sermons all night long as jets flew overhead. Secular Turks are worried that religiously inspired mobs will become a permanent factor in Turkish politics, but there is no doubt that Mr Erdogan is massively popular among a large part of the Turkish public. An online poll by software company Streetbees shows that in answer to the question of whether or not they wanted the army to seize power 82 per cent said no and 18 per cent said yes. The president may be using the coup for his own ends but there is no doubt that he has a democratic mandate.

Is Turkey still a democracy?

In one sense yes: Mr Erdogan’s AKP party was democratically elected in a general election on 1 November, last year. But he runs an increasingly authoritarian government and has taken over or suppressed most critical television stations and newspapers. Mr Erdogan is getting close to his dream of an all-powerful presidency which controls all the levers of power including the judiciary, armed forces and bureaucracy.

Where does this leave the EU deal and the refugee crisis?

Mr Erdogan is a tough negotiator but has proven himself to be an unreliable partner when it comes to long-term commitments.

How will this affect relations with Russia (after the plane that was shot down, and ahead of a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin)?

Before the coup Turkey had effectively apologised for shooting down the plane. Mr Erdogan is trying to reduce Turkey’s international isolation by improving relations with Russia and Israel.

But relations with Russia are unlikely to be transformed so long as Turkey is backing groups seeking to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russia is committed to preventing regime change in Syria.


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  1. posted this on the previous coup article.

    Sybil Edmonds can’t be beat on Turkish analysis, first, she is an excellent, in-depth analyst of just about anything and secondly, she is Turkish born+grown.
    Fascinating stuff (Ellie, are you actually Miss Edmonds?)

    1. can’t say enough about how nicely jigsaw pieces fall into place with this analysis … exactly why is Europe being overrun by the migrants as Erdo(g)an’s payback for them having betrayed him on the Syrian front and walked away, leaving the whole economic, political and social mess for Turks to deal with.

      in the coming weeks, we may see a) rapprochement with Assad, b) reestablishment of ties with Iran and Iraq and the big one … sneaky relinking with Russia, which would be a tectonic geopolitical pivot.
      This can’t happen instantly, although Jew may have overplayed his washington hand catastrophically and there is no way back, having failed to dislodge Erd.

      Crimea annex is sandlot game compared to this one.

      1. Like you said, the jury’s out, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the main thing they DIDN’T bargain for with the use of their earlier steering mechanisms upon the Soviet break-up was to what extent Putin would mess with their whole plans of casus belli

        in the irresistable wouldacouldashoulda dept:

        had only AH shown himself to be at this level of ‘viper- class”

      2. Lobro,
        There are also murmurs coming out of Georgia that they may seek a rapprochement with Russia. Apparently they are tired of being a catspaw for the JUSA and the JUK. We are certainly living in very interesting times.

      3. Felix, the ducks are lining up in a row.
        If Turkey pivots eastwards, what would be Azerbaijan’s and Georgia’s options, isolated from all sides by regimes aligned with Sino-Rus axis?
        My hunch is that the Russian strategists are not twiddling thumbs but setting the conditions for that massive pivot from Istanbul to Tbilisi and when it happens, just like in a game of Go, all that territory in between gets gobbled up alongside and the Judaists are basically frozen out of ME.
        No Euphrates for you, Mordecai.
        And the Arab peninsula will likewise start to cook in own juices, especially if Yemen’s Houthi Shias persist in their resistance.

        The Beltway method is quick and dirty: pay off some tinpot dictator to open a few airfields to US-NATO and let their corporations rape the country’s resources while he rapes his people.
        But the Russian way is rather more structural and the governments they back also tend to have wider popular support and thus their impact is more solidly planted down and jew finds himself on the backfoot, fighting rearguard action because in all his calculations he didn’t bank on the goyim having long term strategic intelligence.

  2. “Mr Erdogan successfully orchestrated public protests in order to thwart the coup by calling for them on an iPhone held in front of a television camera.”

    This ain’t like our granddaddy’s coups, or wars, no more. 🙂

  3. Let’s not overlook the possibility of Mossad influence here. At the very least, they would have been notified if this was a US backed effort, probably consulted – or the other way around? One source from Pakistan suggests Mossad was behind it. If so, perhaps the coup was never intended to succeed, the many flaws in the General’s methods pointed out by Mr. Cockburn reflect less than professional standards; were they being put up to it? Perhaps the intended goal was to provoke a predictable and most gratifying response from Mr. Erdogan, releasing his “inner savage” as it were, with the ensuing arrests and the emasculation of the Turkish military resulting from Mr. Erdogan’s enhanced paranoia, in preparation for … something else. Sybil Edmonds recounting the history of US meddling doesn’t contradict this possibility, quite the opposite.

  4. well, b-hawk, the plot thickens and it sure looks like sybil was onto something as far as 1.5 years ago.
    she rightly asked how is it all of a sudden that the WHOLE world ganged up on Erdogan, MSM, alternative media, US, Russia, NATO, EU … that indeed he looked like heading for Saddam/Gaddafi treatment and she stated that as bad as he is, the replacement they had in mind was going to be hundred times worse.

    But consider straws in the wind: just before the coup, he offered an apology to Russia for downing of their jet.
    And making approaches to Assad …
    did the shabbo axis smell a rat an decided to knock him off in a hurry?

    a BIG straw in the wind follows now:
    Turkish Pilots Who Downed the Russian Su-24 in November Arrested Over Coup Ties.

    i think this nails it.
    Could it also be that the turk pilots acted against Erdogan’s wishes in the first place but were put up to it by CIA/Mossad led military out to get Erdogan by all means, cut off his escape route by alienating Russians, his one possible salvation, just as for Assad?

    So, the coup failed, mostly because of Erd’s popularity, which in itself is an indicator, after a while in power, people start to see the leader for what he actually is.

    Recall again how quick the russians and iranians were to extend messages of support, whereas germany refused his request for asylum (someone said, the first refugee merkel ever rejected).

    a bunch of shapes dovetailing …

    1. Without seeing the full dimension of things, Sybil saw the moves in advance that the side bear(ing) down on Putin’s king would make. Once he got his bearings soon after moving into office, and after being well-prepped in his KGB experience, Putin came to see the moves that have been knocking off the demonized pieces along the way starting with 9/11, and has KNOWN the end-game for years.

      Needless to say, Turkey represents being perilously close to “check”

      here’s something interesting:

      check: AR; shah, king

  5. Well, I may be wrong but I dare suspect that Sibel Edmonds is a made up whistleblower for the reasons below:
    -In Wikipedia she is described as: Turkish-American Iranian-American nationality which makes of her a very useful unsuspected channel.
    -She is fluent in the respective languages of her nationalities in addition to the Azerbaijani language: a trump card for an agent to collect and convey intelligence.
    — “Although she started work shortly after 9/11 and worked for just over six months, she claimed knowledge of information circulating within the FBI during spring and summer of 2001”. She was too quickly “initiated.”
    –She was hired just after 9/110. Another “translator” who could be just an FBI agent was given the occasion to confess to her the passage above. She innocently (I think) conveyed that message on 1 February 2011 on her web-site. Et voila! Mission accomplie.
    -This is the best ever:: “Edmonds was hired, as a contractor, to work as an interpreter in the translations unit of the FBI in Washington on September 13, September 15 or September 20, 2001. Among her main roles was to translate covertly recorded conversations by Turkish diplomatic and political targets.”
    * Contractor“: “a person who is hired to perform work or to provide goods at a certain price or within a certain time.”Merriam-Webster.
    -How come a “transnational’’ contractor get hired for some time in covert activity that would have to be concealed for decades or forever?
    -6 months have been enough for them upload their file into her head. As soon as she started to give feedback they fired her. “Her later claims gained her awards and fame as a whistleblower.[4]”

    -Finally, the passage above may well appear as a piece of evidence in the official story of 9/11 with the mention that “that the FBI did not take them seriously enough”.
    It was fed to her, she whistleblew it and gave it a flavor of truth.



    1. I forgot to include the passage cited above from Wikipedia. Here it is:
      “Bin Laden’s group is planning a massive terrorist attack in the United States. The order has been issued. They are targeting major cities, big metropolitan cities; they think four or five cities; New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, and San Francisco; possibly Los Angeles or Las Vegas. They will use airplanes to carry out the attacks. They said that some of the individuals involved in carrying this out are already in the United States. They are here in the U.S.; living among us, and I believe some in US government already know about all of this.”

      1. @ Sean

        I could be wrong too, but I agree with you. I put Sibel on my ignore list of misinformation agents several years ago. Unfortunately, I do not remember what caused me to do that, but I have noticed that I seem to be doing fine ascertaining the truth without her input.

  6. Well, Sybil is not to be trusted all the way, that much is true but the fact is incontrovertible that as far as Erdogan situation she made perfect sense in that interview.
    Consider the following points she made:
    • uniquely, he was demonized by just about everybody, starting with his former mentors, the State Dept (Langley) but also both branches of international media, mainstream and alternative, EU, Russia jumped on the demon bandwagon after their su-24 was shot down – israel staying on sidelines, always a very suspicious sign
    • she did predict the coup 18 months before it happened, how misleading is that?
    • he does have big popular support and that seems to have swung heavily in his favor at the end.

    subsequent to the corbett interview, he started making overtures to Putin with su-24 apology, got measure of revenge against treacherous EU by dumping Turkey’s huge refugee problem into their turf, recall what she said, they (THEY was never defined with the elephant in the room, something I do hold against Sibil) first egged Erdogan on to go to stealth war against Assad and support ISIS, then abandoned him when Russia got into the act, leaving him to deal with millions of refugees – finally he also started making conciliatory noises at Assad too – how very un-Langley, so this made them finally take concrete steps to run a regime change on him.

    And look at the aftermath of the failure: the su-24 killers arrested, he openly blames CIA for engineering the coup.
    This is HUGE, because Turkey is mother of all pivots, strategically and operationally, not to mention as potential standard bearer of the world’s Sunni branch, over 80% of Islam and Erdogan did push through a constitutional change that allowed islamism in the country, 60 years after Ataturk.
    they border Iran and could totally bottleneck the energy routes from the Caspian, if they jumped ship, NATO is deader than doornail … and poor little davy israel shivering surrounded by big bad philistines on all sides 🙁

    So, crack that Uncle Monsanto GM™ popcorn box open and enjoy what happens next.
    call me overly optimistic and bushytailed but i want the show to hit the road.

    1. To break it all down, how Putin is distilling the particulars will determine how pivotal the ensuing points of bearing will be.

      And as long as he’s at the helm, Turkey would remain in it’s recent historical position at the outset of any major battles

      1. Yes, B-Hawk –

        Turkey is second ONLY to Germany in gas purchases from Putin.

        Good customers. 🙂

  7. More analysts siding with Edmonds and looking under that rock, Erdogan and the Kemalists Against Gulen and the US

    “US intelligence agencies gave the green light to a coup in order to prevent the effective liquidation of their networks.”

    Gulen’s network acted on orders from the US once the top brass Kemalists, whose ideologue was the prominent politician Dogu Perincek, raised the issue of
    *** radically accelerating Turkey’s course of rapprochement with Russia, Iran and China, and even withdrawing from NATO ***.

    Slowly but irresistibly, the iron grip tightens on the squirming Jews, their Antichrist dream of world dominion not materializing like they thought it would.

    The mayor of the capital of Turkey declared: “It was this parallel state that spoiled our relations with Russia. I am saying one hundred percent that one of the pilots from this structure was the one who participated in the incident [with the Su-24]. He was one of the participants of the putsch. Until today, we have kept this to ourselves and not announced it. But I, Melih Gokcek, say that it was these rascals who spoiled our relations with Russia.”

    1. wouldn’t shock me that the “Grey Wolf” sniper who shot the parachuting pilots took his orders directly from Langley / Gulen who wanted to make sure to maximally pollute the relations between Erdogan and Putin.

      maybe in days to come, he might get caught and extradited too, for some close questioning.
      i remember him posing and bragging in the social media, where is he now?
      i don’t think israel would give him asylum, not worth it, probably a quick bullet to the back of the head is his end.

    2. They may be squirmin’ because of underestimating a formidable foe, but I’ll take a prudent approach and view any influence of Russian Arms to be a mitigating factor, and not one that completely wipes out an “anti-christ” scenario.

      you know me, lobro, my sources suggest that Great Mother Earth will eventually “shake the fleas” off her bountiful hide and end whatever degree of severity a JWO will have amassed. Until she does, I’ll say that Putin and Russia’s contribution could prove to be one that ties in with the gospel verses from Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20, as a kind of “stalling tactic” of mitigation before the whole shithouse comes crashing down.

  8. Putin is ALREADY causing a setback in their timetable.

    Why a timetable? Kali Yuga, baby

    The longer that major battles are forestalled from erupting all over the planet, the less time there is for their wet dreams of a total JWO.
    The money control was never gonna be good enough for them. Basically, the agenda’s “boots on the ground” (e.g.; Rothschild) get bored with that, and invariably are bloodthirsty for war, and Putin is royally pissing them off!

    Yet in my view, the “anti-christ” scenario is in play because the Kali Yuga “shift” is DEFINED by it.

    to repeat: how rude a period of tribulation will be depends on Man’s collective level of awakening; the accumulative power of its mitigation.

    Putin is doin his part, and whether he puts it in this particular frame of reference or not doesn’t matter. He’s no “savior”, that appellation being reserved for the “avatar”, but he IS one who’d take a bullet for a friend.

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