Excerpts from 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica article on Anti-Semitism

By Carlos Whitlock Porter

With brief comments by Lasha Darkmoon

eternal_jew“There is a saying in French: the more things change, the more they are the same. The Jew is eternal.” Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1928 edition 

A truism of liberalism is that the truth may be approximated through a comparison of opinion. In the Encyclopedia Britannica, for example, all articles dealing directly with Jewish matters are written today by Jews and Rabbis, dripping with self-pity and self-praise. Articles on peripheral subjects, however, tell a different story.

LD: Here are excerpts from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica which give historical information about Jews which is not to be found in modern encyclopaedias. The bits in bold red font have been emphasized because these are the bits, apart from one or two exceptions, which would nowadays be regarded as “anti-Semitic” and hence censored and suppressed by modern encyclopaedias like Wikipedia.  (LD)

RUSSIA: “The Semitic race is represented by upwards of 5,000,000 Jews… The rapidity with which they peopled certain towns (e.g., Odessa) and whole provinces was really prodigious. The law of Russia prohibits them from entering Great Russia, only the wealthiest and best educated enjoying this privilege; nevertheless they are met with everywhere, even in the Urals. Their chief abodes, however, continue to be Poland… Organized as they are into a kind of community for mutual protection and mutual help, they soon become masters of the trade wherever they penetrate. In the villages, they are mostly innkeepers, intermediaries in trade, and pawnbrokers...” (vol. XXIII, p. 855).

The numerous outbreaks against the Jews are directed, not against their creed, but against them as keen business men and extortionate money-lenders…” (p. 885).

LD: Such a sentence would be taboo in any modern encyclopaedia. Jewish writers today do their best to present an entirely false picture of the Jewish moneylender of the Middle Ages, striving to give the impression that moneylending, trade and commercial activity formed a very small and insignificant part of Jewish life. The idea of the Jew (in the popular mind) as a “commercial predator” must be presented, in other words, as a vicious anti-Semitic “stereotype”.

Andrew Joyce, in his 3-part book review of the Jewish writer Andrew Julius’ Trials of the Diaspora, has this to say:

“Julius paints a portrait of a community like any other. . . . He urges us to avoid “the misconception that the typical Jewish milieu is a commercial one, and that Judaism itself is especially hospitable to moneymaking”. (See here)

Joyce goes on to show that this is a total lie, and that moneylending at usurious rates of interest was the main occupation of most Jews during the Middle Ages. These exorbitant rates of interest (43 percent was normal) invariably led to the loss of gentile land and property that ended up in Jewish hands, making the Jews obscenely rich at the expense of the gentile poor.

It was precisely for this reason that the Jews were so universally detested and kicked out of so many countries, beginning with their expulsion from England in 1290. They were absent from England for a period of 366 years, until they were let in again by the uppity Oliver Cromwell. During this long Judenfrei period, the country prospered prodigiously and was known as “Merrie England”. [LD]       

“The wealth of Russia consisting mainly of raw produce, the trade of the country turns chiefly on the purchase of this for export… this traffic is in the hands of a great number of middlemen – in the West, Jews, and elsewhere Russians – to whom the peasants are for the most part in debt…” (p. 890).

“In the rest of the country they had not been allowed to reside in the villages, because their habits of keeping vodka shops and lending money at usurious interest were found to demoralize the peasantry…” (p. 906).

LD: Alcohol addiction was promoted by the Jews in Tsarist Russia. The Jews owned most of the pubs and sold rotgut vodka (resembling methylated spirits) that destroyed the livers and kidneys of the peasants. Much of this information, with lurid details, will be found in Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together. (Another good reason for banning the book).

RUMANIA: “Their improvidence soon got them into the hands of Jewish money-lenders, who, fortunately for the peasants, were by law unable to become proprietors of the soil…” (vol. XXIII, p. 828).

“The bitter feeling against them in Rumania is not so much due to religious fanaticism as to the fear that if given political and other rights they will gradually possess themselves of the whole soil… in many places they have a monopoly of the wine and spirit shops, and retail trade generally; and as they are always willing to advance money on usury, and are more intelligent and better educated than the ordinary peasant, there is little doubt that in a country where the large landowners are proverbially extravagant, and the peasant proprietors needy, the soil would soon fall into the hand of the Jews were it not for the stringent laws which prevent them from owning land outside the towns.

When in addition it is considered that the Moldavian Jews, who are mostly of Polish and Russian origin, speak a foreign language, wear a distinguishing dress and keep themselves aloof from their neighbours, the antipathy in which they are held by the Rumanians generally may be understood” (p. 829).

HUNGARY: “The Jews… monopolize a large portion of trade, are with the Germans the chief employers of labour, and control not only the finances but to a great extent the government and the press of the country. (Ooops, you can’t say that nowadays! — LD). Owing to the improvidence of the Hungarian landowners and the poverty of the peasants, the soil of the country is gradually passing into their hands” (vol. XIII, p. 897).

GERMANY:Nearly all the bankers and stockbrokers in Germany were Jews. Many of the leaders of the liberal parties, e.g., Bamberger and Lasker, were of Jewish origin; the doctrines of Liberalism were supported by papers owned and edited by Jews; hence the wish to restore more fully the avowed Christian character of the state, coinciding with the attack on the influence of finance, which owed so much to the Liberal economic doctrines, easily degenerated into attacks on the Jews” (vol. XI, p. 888).


POLAND: “THE JEWISH QUESTION: One of the most important questions to be considered by the new Polish State is that of the Jews. Numerically they form roughly one seventh of the population. In Warsaw a third of the population are Jews; in many provincial towns four out of every five inhabitants are Jews, and in some nine out of ten, and of these the vast majority are Eastern Jews who in language, religion, and customs differ from the population. Their language is Yiddish, a Middle-High German dialect; for the purposes of writing, Hebrew characters are used. Their dress is peculiar to themselves and their ‘unclean habits and low standards of conduct’ are neither European nor modern’.

The Western Jew is the more civilized type which is generally found in Western Europe, speaking the language and conforming to the habits of Western civilization. ‘The Eastern Jew is essentially a business or commercial man, but rarely a producer. He is usually a middleman or intermediary. In towns the majority of the shops are owned by Jews, but they are a race apart, hated and despised by the rest of the population, devoted to their religion, which is a primitive type of Judaism.

The Jews have been settled in Poland between 800 and 1,000 years so that they can hardly be considered ‘strangers’ in the land; in fact the Slavs cannot be considered very much more native than they. It was not, however, until about 20 years ago that the present quarrel between the Jews and the Poles began. The Tsarist Government drove the Jews out of Russia but gave them exceptional advantages in Poland. These Litvaks (as they were called) openly professed themselves the partisans of Russia and founded the Jewish press which set to work openly to fight against Polish autonomy. The Poles attacked the Jews before the war by means of a national boycott, the only means by which one subject race could attack another.

During and after the war the hostility to the Jews was increased by the fact that in the German occupation the Jew was a willing tool of the invader and by the close connection between the Jews and Bolshevism. The hostility to the Jews was marked in 1918 and 1919 by excesses in which some 200-300 have in fact been killed, but which have been enormously exaggerated by the Jewish press.’…

Capt. Peter Wright, in his very valuable and interesting report states (Cmd 674, 1920, pp. 17-36) that the great majority of the poor Jews are of the Eastern type and extreme Orthodoxy (Chassidim). They form an immense mass of squalid and helpless poverty and Capt. Wright’s only recommendation is that the richer Jews should study the condition of the poor Jews, who either trade as small middlemen, as hawkers or touts…

They are driven to all sorts of illicit and fraudulent practices as in England, in the East End of London… too large a proportion of convictions for such offenses can be laid to their account. They are unfit for the modern economic world for want of education and for Western society because of their habits and want of cleanliness. They are devoted to their strange old religion but as they grow richer their piety, as the Chief Rabbi told Capt. Wright, is destroyed by wealth and they take too little interest in their poorer brethren. No one who knows Poland can be surprised at the Polish attitude or the desire of the Poles to be rid of this corrupting influence” (vol. XXXII, p. 123).

HUNGARY: “The Jewish question has become important in Hungary… As they grew rich through trade, the ghetto became too small for them. As they owned no land, they were not tied to the soil and streamed into the cities, where they found more opportunities of making money and adding to their wealth. Above all Budapest, as the centre of commerce and industry and the seat of the banks, had a strong attraction for them. Three distinct classes of the Jews grew up: the Orthodox, who wished to remain Jews with all the habits and customs of the ghetto; those who in most respects relinquished their position of religious isolation and strove after assimilation… and thirdly the cosmopolitan Jews, the revolutionaries, who were the enemies of all national feeling and represented materialistic internationalism. It was the part played by this third class of Jews… which has made the Jewish question acute in Hungary. As Hungary has no true middle class, they exercised great influence on the intellectual life of the country…” (vol. XXXI, p. 408).

“Instead of the national heroes, Marx, Engels & Lenin were glorified… In boys and girls schools, the pupils received enlightened instruction in the processes of generation, birth, etc., with disastrous results to the juvenile morality” (vol. XXXI, p. 416).

“The leaders of the Social Democrats and Bourgeois Radicals were, almost without exception, of Jewish origin. This was also the case with the most prominent members of Government of the Republic..; these were the men who had made it impossible to resist the invasion of Hungary by force of arms …” (vol. XXXI, p. 415).

“Since most of the ruling politicians and People’s Commissars… belonged to the younger generation of Jews, anti-Communist feeling in the country assumed more and more the character of anti-Semitism” (vol. XXXI, p. 417).

“One consequence of the Bolshevist rule was the still more intense development of anti-Semitic feeling. Since the leaders of the Communists were chiefly recruited among the younger Jewish intellectual circles, the National Assembly in order to prevent the creation of a Jewish intellectual proletariat, in Sept. 1920, proclaimed ‘Numerus Clausus’ for the universities. Under this clause, Jews could only be admitted to the universities in proportion to their percentage of the population” (vol. XXXI, p. 418).


JEWS: “The Jewish population of the world on the outbreak of the War in 1914 may be estimated at about 14,900,000… The Jews whole-heartedly supported the revolution… Among the Bolshevik leaders and their satellites were a certain number of Jews… At the same time, the American Jews began to play a part of growing importance in the Zionist movement and were concerned in the negotiations leading up to the Balfour Declaration of which President Wilson was a consistent and influential advocate.” (vol. II, p. 605).

“In both Russia and Hungary a prominent part in the Bolshevik movement was played by men who, though long disassociated from the Jewish community, were nevertheless of Jewish birth.” (vol. II, p. 606).

HUNGARY:The people’s commissars and practically all the leading persons were Jews, a fact which explains the anti-Jewish feeling which later prevailed in Hungary…” (vol. II, p. 393).

ZIONISM: “Not long after the outbreak of the war, Dr. Weizmann and his friends were brought in touch with a number of influential public men… What the Zionists proposed was, in effect, that Great Britain should make it part of the policy to provide in the peace settlement for the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jews…

By the beginning of 1916, the British Government had come to the conclusion that there were other and more practical reasons for taking Zionism seriously… The hour of decision was approaching in the United States, where there was a Jewish population of over 3,000,000… A declaration in favour of Zionism would help to rally Jewish opinion throughout the world to the side of the Allies

President Wilson had personally intervened to make it clear that he would welcome a British pronouncement in favour of Zionism… in 1922 resolutions associating the United States with the policy embodied in the Declaration were unanimously adopted by both Houses of Congress. At the insistence of Great Britain a Zionist delegation was given a hearing by the Peace Conference in Paris on Feb. 27, 1919…” (vol. III, p. 1139).

“The Arabs did not take kindly to the Balfour Declaration, which they did not altogether unnaturally misconstrue… there were anti-Jewish demonstrations in Jerusalem in 1920…” (vol. III, p. 1140).

BAVARIA: “Meanwhile, the Nationalist leagues had gained in strength and now began to defy the Governments orders. The most powerful of them were the National Socialists, an extreme militaristic, nationalist, and, above all, anti-Semite body, nominally democratic in tendency, but actually largely used by the rich to break strikes and attack Socialism. This body was raised from obscurity by one Hitler, a good demagogue but no politician… Hitler and other leaders were sent to prison or lunatic asylums” (vol. I, p. 342).

There is a saying in French: the more things change, the more they are the same. The Jew is eternal.


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  1. Excellent article, Carlos. Regarding Hungary, David Irving in his book “Uprising” about the people’s revolt in 1956 makes it abundantly clear that it was anti-Jewish. Yes, it’s wonderful to read the old books, free of Political Correctness. When I was studying criminology, in South Africa in 1969, the text books stated that most perpetrators of Commercial Crime were Jews. No pulling punches. One could also tell ethnic jokes without any fear of sanction by the PCists.
    Cromwell was a Jew in protestant clothing. A Jew by desire, not by blood. In my book anyone who furthers the aims of Jewry, or is likely to do so, should be regarded as Jewish. Cromwell by his massacres of Catholics in Ireland was most certainly doing the work of the Jews. Nowadays, I would say, the 60 million Christian Zionists in North America are Jews by desire.

    1. ” I would say, the 60 million Christian Zionists in North America are Jews by desire.”

      And you know why? Because they lust after the money they create out of thin air.
      The root of all evil is not money as such, its the LOVE of money. And that is the catch how they get you and anyone else in their pocket.
      So stop loving money and refuse to condone their scam by participating and you are set free from all evil.

      Thats the only solution we have.

    2. In the seventies the Dutch Lexicon was ´sanitized´ by erasing words with negative significance for jews. For example the word ´jodenstreek´ (a jews’ trick) was now forbidden and erased because antisemitic.

      The funny thing is that in ‘bargoens’ (slang of thieves and criminals) yiddish words aren abundant haha. Words like ‘jatten’ (slang for stealing) or ‘poen’ (money) are in everyday use in the Netherlands.

      1. I bet Uncle even knows how many words exactly, exactly, the Encyclopedia Britannica of 1911 contains. Uncle counts the number of words in books, in newspaper articles, magazine articles, online articles, the number of words in all of our posts, even the number of words in poems, lol, everything gets counted for the number of words, It’s A MUST! It’s a harmless hobby, I suppose, but it sure does strike me as a hobby real time consuming, ? .

      2. My Two Cents,
        It’s the same in English. To be “jewed” meant to be swindled or cheated, a “jewish pianola” a cash register.

      3. The thing is jatten (“stealing”) is derived from the Hebrew word yad, which simply means “hand”. Thus for Jews “acting with your hand” automatically means “stealing”. Very revealing!

  2. The root of all evil are not the Jews not even the so-called or self-styled Jews.
    The root of all evil is the love of money. It is the money you lust after they create out of nothing. You are on their hook and you are complicit to their crime.
    So don’t blame them. Blame yourself for its you and you alone who condones the scam and no one else.


    1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mammon’s Prayer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      I pray at the foot of the Jewish Temple of Reserve to their god Mammon.

      I grovel in abject fealty upon his golden alter in hope Mammon will provide for me.

      I beg for forgiveness at the shrine of Mammon’s sacred Hallowedhoax for crimes never committed and plead for the slaves he brought upon me.

      I bow my head in fear lest Mammon point to me saying: “racist”, “bigot”, “white supremacist” or “Nadzeeeeee”.

      I beseech Mammon with all my heart that I may be among the goyim spared from his righteous genocides.

      All the days of my life, I watch and listen to Mammon’s oracle for guidance, lest I disobey even a jot or tittle of his commands.

      I watch Mammon’s programs and rejoice in their diversity.

      I hear Mammon’s words that no longer have meaning and embrace their confusion for he IS Mammon.

      I hear Mammon’s command to hate his enemies – I obey.

      I hear Mammon’s command to miscegenate – I obey.

      I hear Mammon’s command to steal – I obey.

      I hear Mammon’s command to divide my people – I obey.

      I hear Mammon’s command to corrupt – I obey.

      I hear Mammon’s command to destroy – I obey

      I hear Mammon’s command to bow in servitude to lesser creatures – I obey.

      I hear Mammon’s command to kill his enemies and though they might be my brother – I obey.

      Yea though I walk through Mammon’s bloody fields of death, I hasten on for I fear not his words, but the power of his evil. Though his rod and staff provide terror and misery, I trust in Mammon for his is the power and the glory of the Jew who sacrifices me on their altar of Tikkun Olam.

      Our hidden controllers who art in Washington, hidden be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in America as it is in Israel. Take from us this day our daily bread and use it to provide for foreign invaders to our lands. Never forgive the slightest trespass against those invaders, as they rape and slaughter us with impunity, even as they destroy our nations, but forgive those who trespass against us no matter how great their crimes. Lead us into temptation that we may be easily controlled, but deliver us from any goodness, for the earth is thine kingdom, and money is thine power and glory, for ever and ever.

  3. What is lost to a common observer, is always found by a mind of minute elegance.

    Evil Jews

    There seldom has existed a race which has not, whilst it lived and breathed, brought some beauty or another into this world; and, no nation which ever called Earth home did not come and pass away without leaving behind itself some ineffable charm or another. The most beautiful race of all, the French, whose admirers count into trillions and trillions, force the lover of it to gaze upon it with the sweetest of delights, whilst the second most beautiful, but not by much, the Italian, lures us to chase after it like a hound dog with the scent of an elegant prey.

    Of all the races that have ever appeared on Earth, one only has nothing to show for its four-thousand years of life, though they crowd every nation of the world, and happily bedeck themselves with their own flatteries and fables, which to those who know them are nothing but ruses, so as to the better devour and betray those who believe in them. We are speaking, of course, of Madame Darkmoon’s elder brothers: THE EVIL JEWS.

    Men often wonder how those who profess to be so good can be so bad, and wonder, too, if their insensible depravities are matters of principle or of impulse. Indeed, whilst it is impossible to state with the equal certainty as we can that I alone am the most hated person here, whether the Jews’ descent into Hell was gradual or instantaneous, what we do know – certainly, that is, by listening to those utter evil whores like me, who have lingered far longer in the departments of Intelligence and History than all the Mister-goody-two-shoes Catholic Lobros of the world ever have – is that Jews have always been in the past as they are today: PITCH-BLACK, UTTER HEBREW EVIL.

    Now, I have remarked in the past – not that the remarks of an evil, unloved, rich, total pig-shit slut whore like me carry any weight in this Christian Palace of Love! – that Jews are not human, and that whatever hoary wisdom they claim to possess, are nothing but cleverly plucked wisdom thoughts of others’, such as those of the Sumerians’, and the Akkadians’, and the Egyptians’, whose philosophical and mystical ejaculations never were uttered with an apprehension of fraud, nor with a consciousness of deceit, such as we find in those of the Jews’. That it is indeed Jewish and not Sumerian thoughts that have successfully been inculcated in the naturally inoffensive and beautiful minds of a Lobro and some other utterly cruel Englishwoman, is, in my opinion, more a cause for unhappiness than happiness, since the briefest and the simplest transaction with the Jews teaches one that, no nation brings one quicker to the pitfalls of treachery and ruin than this one. For Lobro I feel, and seriously do pray that every stroke of life of his is prosperous and good, BUT, for that elegant killer of souls, his Catholic soul-sister, I hope and pray that no harbour affords her shelter, and that for every gain of hers she looses more than she wins.

    That Jews indeed are the cruelest and the meanest nation that ever lived, is something that easily can be gleaned from the pages of History, that consequential school class which Lobro seemingly never attended, because he was always absent, for we have it on record from none other than Cassius Dio that in Crete, during the Kitos War, the goat-molesting Hebrews, under the ‘’divine’’ leadership of their fellow Hebrew, Artemion, slaughtered no less than 120,000 Cretans within four days: men, women, children, the elderly: their elder Rabbis keeping strictly to the Jewish code that, all Jews must work together, no matter what the engagement, thus adding heap after melancholy heap of bloodied Cretan corpses one on top of another, until the black dead pile grew so very big, that the only way to reduce its great height was by burning it to cinders, and thus start afresh that which never ought to have begun in the first place. EVIL JEWS!

    And how numerous were the evils which the Jews perpetrated in Russia, is something which long ago I have most delicately and SPECTACULARLY shown in one of my burned essays, utterly cruelly destroyed by the mind and hands of him who has learned his black arts in the bloodied crypts of the Vatican, and the one who has purposely elected to love all the devils of Israel and yet show me and me alone distrust and suppression. I speak, of course, of that arch-Jesuist, John Scott Montechristo. To him, may everything that is fair appear foul, and may he become wise only after he no longer has use of wisdom!

    Being generational recidivists, Jews naturally cannot maintain long and regular contact with Love and Kindness, even if when speaking and sowing wisdom to others few of us are left with faces unfilled with blushes and regret at the thought of not having made their acquaintance earlier. Slick, suave, artful and convincing, no Jew ever elicits the slightest apprehension of evil, and yet, beneath the deceptive exterior which manifestly has fooled at least two lost souls here, Jews conceal the wickedest, the falsest, and the cruellest mind ever to evolve under the azure cupola of the gorgeous sky. Their aim in life is only to conquer, and whenever so much as the slightest token of pain is caused by them in another, Jews become happy, secretly knowing that the oftener they come in contact with those Christians stupid enough to love them, the deeper and the more lasting will their wounds be, even if this contact need not necessarily always be in person, like By Way of the Bible, that undying Goddess of Jewish Literature, whose weapons cannot be seen, because spiritual, and whose mortal Jewish thrust cannot be felt, because soothing and sweet.

    It may, therefore, be worth considering on what wicked Jewish productions Christians lay their eyes and raise their children, and consider, too, whether indeed their scribblings lead more to increasing or repelling wickedness; for, the Jews have always been known to be the masters of the Lie, and, precisely for this reason, must the Christians be on guard, as there are thoughts in life which, when once enter the heart, can never again be retrieved or retouched. Evil Jews.

    Stupid, animal dog, Ellie

    The mind is not always equally adapted as the soul to detect disingenuousness in a man, but, if jointly used, to it no masterful use of words can produce confusion and blind trust.

    1. @ Ellie K

      “Stupid, animal dog, Ellie.”

      Naughty girl!

      You’d hate it if we took you at your word! 🙂

    2. Ellie,

      A pity you have nothing to say about the article.

      Your prose may be exquisite but you are not a nice person. I’d hate to meet you in a dark alley.

    3. Ellie, yours is not a mind of “minute elegance” by any stretch (or rather, compression), but of “great elegance”.

      mine can be said to be of the minute type because within a minute, it will latch onto something else or follow another tangent … what came first, skipping classes or not paying attention, blessing or a curse?

      i love dogs, dogs love me, one look and we understand each other, they are never stupid, even when they pretend to be.

      just a quick question, if i may throw you off tangent for a minute or two:
      how can you be so knowledgeable of jew and not understand that judaica is purely a creation of devil, ie, the devil is as real as tangible as any of us?
      And once, having ascertained of the reality of Devil, how can you not see the unseen counterpart, because what would be the point of devil if there wasn’t a worthy adversary?
      Huh? tell me that, Ellie.

      I could say more, ask “cruel lasha” 😉 but too much too soon causes indigestion and antisocial zyklonik gases.

      1. A frivolous observation, but I noticed that on Carlos Porters site he has a picture of two White/Swiss Shepherds. A White Shepherd bitch joined our pack as a pup a few years ago, and though more high strung and high drive than I’m accustomed to, her eagerness to please, alert intelligence and soulful expressive doe eyes has won our hearts.

      2. lobro

        the longer you stay with Darkmoon, the more you learn about your fellow posters. You and I have the same kind of relationship with dogs. It’s a psychic thing. Dogs know it when I regard them in the most fleeting of moments, like when I’m passing by in a car. We give each other fellow acknowledgements.

        It’s uncanny how this happens all the time. And if you watched any tv (which I do but very infrequently) you’d be a great admirer of Cesar the dog whisperer

      3. Bhawk,
        Sorry for late response but I’ve been on the move, not much chance of going online in peace.
        this is my miraculous dog theory:
        heart is a powerful electro-mechanism that beams out an equally impressive magnetic field whose resonance is read by many animals and also babies and moreover, they use it as a sort of sure fire communication system that is incapable of deceit for those that can interpret it.
        Dogs and wolves are not only social but cooperative animals and thus especially attuned to these oscillating fields.

        Why do so many languages speak of heart as an autonomously aware entity that moreover always speaks the truth?
        Something to it …

      1. To Karen and Brownhawk:
        White (or Canadian or Swiss) shepherds are an amazing breed of dog, with an amazing mixture of instincts; there is absolutely nothing they cannot do; nothing. But no two are the same. If one of them can’t do something, the next one will probably be able to do it easily. Each one is different. I had one that could climb trees. He was an acrobat, indestructible, absolutely insane, like a mixture of kamikaze Superman and Spiderman on steroids. Very gentle, docile, no blood instinct, but completely insane. I could write a book about him.

      2. Carlos

        I had a pitbull who could climb trees. An amazing animal who was a great athlete, which can be said of all my pits over the years. This breed are the most loyal to Man and the greatest of protectors. Do right by them and they’ll return it a hundred-fold

        Even the evil ones fear them

      3. haha

        flat nose looks like he’s part pit. my dog didn’t climb quite like him. she would jump up into the 1st bough and then move up along the adjoining branches and get up quite a ways. she could get herself back down too, and with aplomb

        And I guess we’ll never know if old Doc and flatnose ever had their date!

    1. Thank you. The 1911 EB is universally considered the finest encyclopaedia ever published. The only comparable effort was a prestige project by Mussolini, the 1938 “Enciclopedia Italiana”, which is EXTREMELY hard to read, even if you read Italian easily. Huge colour plates, huge articles on all Italian painters and sculptors, architecture, plus everything else. Gigantic volumes, easily twice the size of the 1911 EB. They had a copy of it in the National Library of Luxembourg when I lived there. Only 1 edition was ever published, probably 15 years in the making. Some very interesting articles on gas warfare and that sort of thing. Same format as the 1911 EB, but far more difficult. Beautiful.

    2. White shepherds continued:
      He couldn’t quite fly but he could jump a 7-foot fence like it wasn’t there. Blink your eyes and he was gone. Escape artist. The John Dillinger of dogs.

  4. From the well written article:
    “…. At the insistence of Great Britain a Zionist delegation was given a hearing by the Peace Conference in Paris on Feb. 27, 1919…” (vol. III, p. 1139).

    “The Arabs did not take kindly to the Balfour Declaration, which they did not altogether unnaturally misconstrue… there were anti-Jewish demonstrations in Jerusalem in 1920…” (vol. III, p. 1140).

    London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers – Rothschild – established a home in Palestine for the Zionists.

    Balfour Declaration of 1917:
    The Balfour Declaration was actually a letter sent to Walter Rothschild who was the eldest son and heir of Lord [Nathan] Rothschild, an immensely wealthy financier, of the international Rothschild financial dynasty, the first unconverted (to Christianity) Jewish peer in England. As an active Zionist and close friend of Chaim Weizmann, he worked to formulate the draft declaration for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

    On 2 November 1917 he(Walter Rothschild) received a letter from the British foreign secretary, Arthur Balfour, addressed to his London home at 148 Piccadilly. In this letter the British government declared its support for the establishment in Palestine of “a national home for the Jewish people”. This letter became known as the Balfour Declaration.

    The declaration was made in a letter from Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. The letter reflected the position of the British Cabinet, as agreed upon in a meeting on 31 October 1917. It further stated that the declaration is a sign of “sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations.”

    The declaration, a typed letter signed in ink by Balfour, reads as follows:

    Dear Lord Rothschild,
    I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet: “His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country”. I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.
    Yours sincerely,
    Arthur James Balfour


    I have in my office library a 1904 “Hill’s Reference Library” which is a small encyclopedia set. The population in 1900 was listed as 630,000.

    It tells of “Palestine Exploration Fund” of 1865.


    It showed also that in 1870 the “American Palestine Exploration Society” was formed to survey Palestine. The combined surveys of both organizations(British and American) were completed in 1877.


    1. Step buy step, inch by inch, slowly they turn – the Jew’s hidden hand at work:

      Funding to define the coming sacrifice’s territorial blemishes in 1865.
      Measuring Palestine’s sacrificial carcass for rendering by 1877.
      Offering up Palestine for sacrifice in 1917.
      Coerced pilgrimage from Germany to Palestine in the late thirties.
      Palestinian and British fat and viscera burned upon the alter as sweet savor to the lord in 1948.

      Eighty three years of effort to establish the criminal nation of Israel provides excellent insight into Jewish strategic and operational planning. One can find similar time frames in other efforts as well, e.g. 1923 to 1965, forty two years for Emanuel Celler’s effort to bear the fruit of unrestricted immigration. However, today we find massive immigration of Muslims into Europe in less then five years. The pace is increasing.

      1. On a more serious note…

        The Shetar’s Effect on English Law—A Law of the Jews Becomes the Law of the Land

        The rational study of law is still to a large extent the study of history.

        Holmes, The Path of the Law

        English law, like the English language, is an amalgam of diverse cultural influences. The legal system may fairly be seen as a composite of discrete elements from disparate sources. After the conquest of 1066, the Normans imposed on the English an efficiently organized social system that crowded out many Anglo-Saxon traditions.

        The Jews, whom the Normans brought to England, in their turn contributed to the changing English society. The Jews brought a refined system of commercial law: their own form of commerce and a system of rules to facilitate and govern it. These rules made their way into the developing structure of English law.


  5. (Edited for brevity. Nothing added. Just cuts made. — Ed.)

    All the articles in the alternative media about Jews and their Jew perfidy — it only makes the Jews feel more under attack, under siege, and makes the Jews circle the wagons and become even more die-hard intense Zionists. In way I understand that, no one wants to be labeled as the only bad guy around. .

    You all are SO OBVIOUS it’s very entertaining how obvious you all are, 🙂 . And you all actually think you’re way cool and way undercover and way unrecognizable in your disguises, LMFAO!!!

    The message of your alternative media is a Janus-faced as it gets. How useless is your alternative media? Answer : Extremely full of snake shit dissimulating cow shit and totally fuckin’ useless.

    1. the real original joo,

      Well, one thing’s for sure, you’re very recognisable and totally obvious. You may fool many Darkmooners but never me, Joo.

      Am I really the only one here who sees this?

      1. @ 1138 :

        And you know I’m a “joo” because Uncle abridged and truncated my post so much it was a real hatchet job. “Just cuts made”. Yeah sure, “just cuts made”. Try “total hatchet job, like a scalping”. Yes, it sounds from Uncle’s “editorial” “hatchet job” on my post that I could be a “joo”. Got a problem with that? Go ask Uncle why exactly he would abridge and truncate and do a total hatchet job my post so much to intentionally make it “appear” as if I’m a “joo”. Don’t like it I sound like a “joo” — go complain to Uncle about it, he’s the one who went out of his way to make it “appear” as if I’m a “joo”. And after you complain to Uncle, then go fuck yourself. You, you with the handle “1138” the year the hebe rabbi Maimonides was born are calling me a “joo”, oh really, u assh*le u, go back to Afula and go fuck yourself, rabie “1138”.

      2. Darkmoon’s very own Real Original Joo,

        Me spotting you has nothing to do with anyone but you. And really I’m not even paying attention to that, it’s just so obvious. Constant virulent anti-terrrrism (read: anti-Muslim), anti-Nadzee (always a early indication) and enthusiasm for a presidential candidate who’s so drenched with Jews he even has a jewish daughter and will have jewish grandchildren. And now even attempting to ridicule anti Jews for telling the truth? I suppose you never tire of criticising them for doing that? Because that seems to be your main MO. Way to go there, Joo. Now, I could add the admiration for you by Circassian (he kept reminding Darkmoon readers what a real true great patriotic American you are) but I won’t (oops, did it anyway).

        Heil Hitler 🙂

  6. Don’t you all get tired talking about the same things over and over and over and over and over again?

      1. Carlos W. Porter :

        But I wasn’t talkin’ t’ u, Mr. Porter. I wasn’t even thinking about you when I made my comment. I was thinking about Lasha and Uncle, if you don’t mind. Gee, I hope I haven’t hurt your very obviously overly sensitive feelings when I tell you I wasn’t thinking about you in the least bit.

  7. Excellent article with truly valuable content. The EB is, and always has been, published by MAINSTREAM authors. And even they confirm, as late as 1928 when he was already well known and only 5 years prior to his appointment as Reichskanzler, that Adolf Hitler was a leader with integrity instead of a politician, which are by definition opposites.

    Eat that, Hitler bashers!

    1. “….I hope I haven’t hurt your very obviously overly sensitive feelings when I tell you I wasn’t thinking about you in the least bit…”
      Naturally not. The question, as with any professional yidnik, is whether you think at all. You’re not a very logical people, did you know that?

  8. Ye Olde Britannica is the proof incarnate that political correctness is the choke-chain of slavery rattled in our faces every minute of our waking lives, as surely as it cuts off our vocal chords, our power of free speech, so we are deprived of oxygen and the ability to think clearly as result.

    calling Jew a jew is crime against jew … aaaghh, ughh, i get it … my ghreat-ghhrandfathhr was hrongg to say it.

  9. Yes indeed,I did enjoy reading this,so scary and true and never forget….only jews can be victims.Strange……. International Law does not apply to jews doing Genocide on Palestine Stolen and Walled In….the jew,New World Order is real and “they” will start World War III. Do not worry and enjoy life.

  10. Why does America have a Negro president? Here is a clue:

    “Newsmakers: German Minister Keeps Degree”, in Science, March 18, 2016. p. 1245.

    German Defense Minister Ursula Von Der Leyen, accused of plagiarism in her 1990 [gynecology] dissertation, will be allowed to keep her degree. An ethics committee at the Hannover Medical School found she had plagarized much of the content, but considered it a case merely failing to provide correct citations, and hence there was no misconduct. Von der Leyen is seen as a possible successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel and is one of a long line of powerful German politicians whose dissertations have been questioned as fraudulent or bogus.

    The Jews that control the educational system control those who exhibit power for them. They load whomever they want with whatever academic credentials are necessary to put the most worthless and unqualified examples in positions of power. This is why a female gynecologist can become Germany’s minister of defense, and why a Mexican woman* can be appointed by the governor of the state to head the most powerful agency in Texas, the Texas Railroad Commission.

    Had Ursula been in charge of defending Germany from allied attacks, no doubt the war would have been over before it began. And zo this is why America’s most golden negro graduated Blowjob Cum Majoris with a B.D. from Havad Jewniversity.

    Ring, ring, ring. “Mr. president, “rear-end” Ram Manually is on the phone from Chicago. He says the bathhouse is prepared for your arrival.”

    *Lyin’ Lena Gurrero lied about having a college degree when all she had was a high school diploma. The educational system has become utterly worthless for determining an applicant’s true abilities and qualifications.

  11. I just made a shoah overdose reading the Wilkomirsky article plus yesterday official commemoration with Spanish rabbi Valls first minister linking Holocaust with Islam and terrorism followed by the movie La Rafle on French television, the duty of remembrance obliges. But this article is really good, a nice perspective.

    La Rafle is the typical French movie about WWII, or since the actual movie Shoah was made in 85, picturing Jews getting round up by sadistic French people under the command of their
    german cousins before being send to camps. It happened but the movie eludes a simple questions and that’s my duty of remembrance to ask it, answer it.

    Which Jews were sent to camps?
    The immobile Jew type.

    Let me explain myself with French history to spare you the marxism.
    In 1800, Antoine de Rivarol, a Royalist who gave his name to the infamous anti-Semite newspaper, baaaad, wrote in his memoirs a maxim so that French people would be able to evaluate the dedication of their ministers.

    “The favor that the government grants to the subjects must always be in opposite ratio to the mobility of their wealth. Therefore, the person that must be fostered is the ploughman(…) I place in the last row the moneyman who, like a magician, is able to carry his wealth at the end of the world and who, by merely agitating signs, bails out equally from nature and society. This maxim is fundamental and a statesman could always be judged upon it.”

    As an aside, that’s the main reason king Philippe the fair burned the Templars, erasing physically his debt in the process. But this king had such a bad press after molesting the Pope to death.

    What this article highlights is the antagonism in the Jewish world before WWII, antagonism surely created by capitalist disparities and by an overdose of Marx. Luckily WWII and Freud came to the rescue allowing to form cultural marxism and now the antagonism is almost gone. Add Shoah, Israel and the old tribal, racial habits have returned at a gallop destroying any chance of assimilation.

    It appears that the fate of the European Jews before WWII depended mainly on their wealth and its mobility. The Jews who were sent to working camps in France or deported further east were by an overwhelming majority immobile Jews.

    It all started with the Haavara agreement. According to it, the German Jews that emigrated in Palestine had the opportunity to transfer a large part of their capitals to Palestine, and only there, as trade compensation, after paying a thousand pounds to Great Britain for the authorization to settle as Capitalist, as stipulated in the contract. They could also conclude contract with German exporters to ship them goods. The maneuverings only ceased in September 39 according to Hillberg and until the middle of the war for Tom Segev being a real boost for the colonization.

    But saving the immobile European Jews, at the time indifferent or hostile to Zionism, was never the mission of the jewish elites. They just wanted the Jews in Palestine and nowhere else. That’s why the Saint Louis ship in 1939 would wander weeks in Atlantic looking for a shelter, that’s why they refused the proposal of Trujillo to allow safe haven to 100 000 Jews, that’s why US and England refused to welcome the foreign jews from France, that’s why they sabotaged all the rescue plans at the Evian conference in 1938 and that’s why Hagana sank the Patria after the Brits had repelled it, refusing to allow such numerous, and cashless, migrants in Palestine.

    “The Jewish agency must not condone Jewish emigration in other countries” would declare Moshe Sharett in 1938 two days after Kristallnacht and all the Zionist leaders would always follow this policy.

    The Jews who remained immobile during the war, including rich Jews not high enough in the hierarchy to
    transfer their wealth outside of Palestine or who preferred assimilation or who couldn’t support the haircut of their wealth had to suffer the German laws.

    In occupied territories the German decided to create Judenrats headed by pre-war Jewish notabilities, mostly rich Jews pro-dreyfus antiracist members of the UGIF in France, who slavishly collaborates to supply the workers asked by the Germans, sending in priority the poor socialist/communist foreign jews. Class solidarity intervened here. Who made the list of La Rafle? Another question.
    The Vienna Judenrat reached an agreement with Nazis in which it was understood that six categories of Jews would not be deported.
    In Salonica, the Judenrat cooperated with the German services on the basis that only the communist elements of the poor part of town would be deported.
    Not to mention those who benefited shamelessly from the misfortunes of their fellow immobile jews, the most emblematic being Soros who doesn’t even deny it. Someone else would have done it he declared.
    In Germany many small tradesmen were dispossessed and business aryanized, like many Jewish soldiers in clear infraction of Reich jewish regulation. But the great fortunes were spared thanks to their foreign investments even if many have to suffer seizure of their industrial assets. The Rothschild family anticipated and prevented the aryanisation of their companies by transferring the ownership of the shares to London, like with the Witkowitzer Bergbau complex in 1937.

    Against Germany determination, they claimed afterwards it was necessary to sacrifice a small fraction to save a larger fraction. A six million small fraction?

    After the war, the immobile surviving Jews would have the right to migrate West where they would be able to elevate their social status with the opportunity to become mobile in a global world and to forget about the social and economic divisions of the pre-war period, a big happy family regenerating through WII drama the mythological tale of a solidary, homogenous People.
    But with a land now, bankrolled with the guilt of the immobile european goys, where all the newly mobile jews nervermind their wealth, at least the pale ones, could find a safe refuge for themselves and their capitals in case of potential persecution or legal issues.
    I will end my 1000 words “devoir de mémoire” with Ben Gourion declaring in December 1938 to the central comity of the leftist Mapai party:

    “Had I known it was possible to save all the children in Germany by transporting them to England, but only transporting half of them to Palestine, I would have chosen the second alternative, because we need to take into account not only those children but the whole history of the Jewish people.”

    That’s a great plan, but watch out Jew, when you reach Israel, there is no going back.
    You are immobile again even if the ghetto seems bigger, sunnier and richer than Krakow.

    I would advise all the worldwide immobile jews to reread Marx and forget about Freud. It would be even better to follow the example of Véronique Lévy. BHL was crushed when he heard the news.

    Such an inspiring story. Way better than the Pope flying back with 12 Muslims from Lesbos without even trying to evangelize them.

    A last quote for the road.
    “Long memories make great Peoples. The memory of the past only becomes inopportune when the awareness of the present is shameful.”

    Sorry for the absolute off topic n’importe quoi. Go Celtics.

      1. I am glad I amused you, it’s my duty to amuse my British cousins as an honest French man who appreciate British sense of humor and self-criticism.
        I miss dimitri, sold for a pottage of lentils to the Britjew porn queen. But at least the fans are good. We are such bad capitalist. Can’t wait to see Leicester added value on Mahrez and Ngolo. Barclays Premiership billionaire slave trade.

        The jews on the other hand have no sense of humor, sometimes I feel there is no hope for them.
        Don’t touch the coliseum you stupid morons, you gonna get caught.

        The Shoahcentric universe is so friggingg morbid, joe is right, as morbid as Madame Bovary.

        Go Blazers.

  12. Coming attack on Darkmoon.

    Political correctness has made it impossible to state the truth. Encyclopedia Brittanica never stated opinions, only facts. Now we could be arrested in Europe for making those same statements of fact.

    I think the Jewish Lobby will eventually descend on Darkmoon, close it down and smear the staff and contributors.

    1. @ John Kirby,

      I think the Jewish Lobby will eventually descend on Darkmoon, close it down and smear the staff and contributors.

      I don’t think so, John. We Darkmooners are small fish in a small pond. There are far bigger fish to fry. I won’t mention their names. We are publishing their articles on this site. They are our source material. Hats off to them!

      1. Hi Toby,
        I just have a feeling that as more people come to see the blatant double standards applied for Jews and Israel that the Jewish big guns (AIPAC, ADL etc.) will start to fire, and their first target will be Darkmoon.

        It doesn’t worry me. We have been told a pack of lies for the last 100 years. Somebody has to ask why is it a crime to tell the truth.

    2. There are a lot of alternative sites coming under the cosh…..UK sites getting on top of the truth are being thrashed by the MIT (Men In Tights)…..GCHQ.

      1. Men in Tights? wasn’t that a Robin Hood film? Why men in Tights?

        This is definitely off-subject but I would like to know.

      2. Yes, Wiggins.
        The UK is no longer a land of free speech. Remember that fellow who got four and a half years for circulating “Tales of the Holohoax”. However, the world’s a big place. There are many countries where one can criticise Jews freely. I have no problem in Thailand. Malaysia under Mahathir banned the film “Swindler’s List” for propagating hate of the Germans.
        In Japan, back in 1977, I had an entire bar of drunken Japanese Sieg Heiling after I had given them a drunken rendition of the Horst Wessel. I must admit I was pretty stocious at the time. The nice thing about Japan is anything said or done while drunk is good. Within reason of course.

      3. Hello Felix,

        The UK is no longer a land of free speech.
        Yep, Ken Linvingstone has been suspended from Labour for evoking the Haavara agreement on BBC.
        He was defending Naz Shah who was accused of antisemitism after posting ironically on facebook that Israel should be relocated in USA, that’s not such a bad idea when you think about it, if you share the loot wisely of course.
        He also declared Hitler supported Zionism before he went mad and ended killing six million Jews!

        And that’s the beauty of it. You accused someone of antisemitism and it’s always the same reaction with apologies and a shallow attempt of justification that always leads the attacked person to validate, involuntarily or not, a bigger lie.

        The same thing happened with the Catholic Church after the so called historical movie Amen by Costa-Gavras was released, inspired by the theater piece “The Vicar” by Rolf Hochhuth, a strange character this one, protestant communist who supported David Irving. He had legal issue when he accused in one of his play Churchill for the murder of Sikorski.
        The film had the double objective to slander the Catholic Church and to compensate the lack of material proofs by translating into images the very dubious testimony of Apostle Kurt Gerstein, juste parmi les justes. This guy deserved an article since he had the “scientific approval” of Raul Hilberg and because his testimony is responsible of that.
        0.40 to 0.58. It’s that simple and that’s how history is made. Image and bullshit commentary, the fight is not fair.

        the guy who made the poster Oliviero Toscani is the same guy responsible for all those weird multicultural transgender Benetton campaign.

        BTW, Felix, how is Rama IX? Maybe the last genuine King on earth. Hope the army won’t let him down.

  13. Pleasant reading. Another article with a similar approach exploring further sources would be welcome reading.

    1. The movie was a satire on Robin Hood a heroic character in English folklore, produced and directed by Mel Brooks whose simplistic slap-stick shtetl humor usually mocking western culture, was promoted by his tribesmen as “comedy” in 1970’s & 80’s.

      1. Mr. Porter –

        Do/did you happen to have a nephew who was a vice-president of one of the big brokerage houses in New York? I ask because he and I were close friends in college, and I used to stay in his condo when I’d go to the Big City. His attitude toward Jews was not complimentary in those days, and you remind me of him… (he was blonde, very handsome, and articulate). (The brokerage house was NOT a jewish concern, but, rather, was founded by some of our fraternity brothers, and has become a household name throughout the world.)

  14. In 1995 The Encyclopaedia Britannica has been bought by “Swiss banker and philanthropist”, Edmond Jacob Safra, who is of Lebanese-Jewish descent… (google : Deal Is Set For Encyclopaedia Britannica- NYTimes.com).

    Fortunately, they cannot (yet) buy the Internet!

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      The tribe does not have to buy the internet since it has always been the property and under the control of the jewish government of the USA. Fortunately for the truth movement, there were unintended consequences of opening the internet to the civilian world instead of keeping it strictly for government/military use. Pandora has escaped the box.

    2. Fortunately, they cannot (yet) buy the Internet!

      Yes, the plan seems to turn it back into the Minitel as internet, this big supermarket, is too profitable for buying and selling and buying and selling, disintermediation and control of financial flows. The herd needs to remain titytained, which means social networks, games, gambling and pink Minitel. Plus mass surveillance of course.
      In the eighties newspapers felt threatened by the device as it cut into their ad revenue so the politicians sabotaged it, stupid french capitalists.

      They just need to get back the control of information flows by removing radical content, the whole point of the security laws that passed in France modelled by European directive under the pretext of extension of the anti-terrorist struggle. The state of emergency remains anyway.
      Last European directive.

      There is also Tafta/Ttip coming whose main stake is management and control of personal data, a domain in which USA is way ahead of Europe, with bioengineering, in term of technological lead and sneaky legal framework.

      As for Safra, he died suffocating in his Monaco bunker after an arson. I know someone who died with him.
      I am guessing Mossad did it even if Russia is usually blamed.

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