Ezra Pound and the Jews

By Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

A slightly abridged version of an article
originally published on The Occidental Observer

The demonization of Ezra Pound is now complete. Pound angered the Jews; therefore Pound was an evil anti-Semite. That false logic has helped to destroy Pound’s literary legacy and make him academically disreputable. 


“The likes of Pound, Yeats, and TS Eliot have now given ground to ethnically myopic works like Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint, about a neurotic and compulsively masturbating Jew.”  — Andrew Joyce

The process of annihilating a genius and his worldview from the cultural memory of his people is both straightforward and relatively commonplace. During the course of several research projects over the last decade, it became apparent to me that even where ideologically suspect cultural figures are permitted to remain under study, the socio-economic political ideas of these ‘tainted’ individuals, no matter how central to their character or intellectual worldview, are sequestered within their social and professional biographies, and often presented as unpleasant ‘moral stains’ upon an otherwise acceptable and productive life.

An excellent example in this regard is W.J. McCormack’s 2005 Blood Kindred: W.B. Yeats, The Life, The Death, The Politics, which endeavored to ‘expose’ and quarantine the Anglo-Irish poet’s alleged “intense relationship” with Fascism and anti-Semitism. In this way, ‘offending’ but ‘milder’ figures like Yeats are made ‘safe’ for the young and impressionable White minds passing through our college systems. In the more ‘extreme’ cases, however, like that of the explicitly Fascist-affiliated Pound, these ‘moral stains,’ and the indignation they provoke, are deemed unmanageable and unforgiveable. They are amplified, and utilized in attempts to defame and degrade the cultural figure. The process of defamation and degradation eventually forces that figure out of acceptable public discussion and recognition, and thus into obscurity.

The method of defamation and degradation is subtle and slow, like the drip-feeding of poison. It is also in large part facilitated by the now-familiar practise of academic and cultural gatekeeping. Retaining our focus on the example of Pound, it is instructive to study the work of Jewish academic Louis Menand, who has occupied highly influential chairs in English Literature at Princeton and Harvard, and is a prominent critic for both The New Yorker and the New York Review of Books.

In a 2008 article titled ‘The Pound Error,’ Menand unleashed precisely the kind of withering indictment of Pound that continues to pave the way for his banishment from cultural memory. In Menand’s summation of the poet’s personality, Pound was “vain and idiosyncratic,” but by far the greatest problem was “that he was a Fascist.” Pound is said by Menand to have been possessed of an “obsession with the Jews,” which is true only to the extent that Pound had a preoccupation with usury and financial abuse that inevitably drew him into ideological opposition to some of the key innovators in that area of economic life. Pound, the titan of letters and the enabler of W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, Wyndham Lewis, and T.S. Eliot (among many others), is ultimately dismissed by Menand as “a failure,” notable only for “the shambles of his political beliefs and the limitations of his poetics.”



“A failure! . . . Vain and idiosyncratic! . . .  Limitations of his poetics!
. . . Obsession with Jews! . . . Fascist!”

Emanating from such lofty academic heights, Menand’s invective would be influential enough in demeaning the work and cultural memory of Ezra Pound. But the effort is more widespread and thus even more effective. Although one may instinctively expect the ‘anti-Semitic’ work of poets like Pound and T.S. Eliot to deter the attentions of Jewish literary scholars, the reality is quite different. Indeed, in the mirror image of Menand’s claim, it actually appears that it is Jews who have the obsession with Pound.

Pound, perhaps more than any other poet, has exerted an attractive influence over a large swathe of Jewish scholars, all of whom have been pulled magnetically towards him by a burning zeal to deconstruct his work, life, and legacy. This juxtaposition of hatred with attraction is subtly expressed in Anthony Julius’s T.S. Eliot, anti-Semitism and Literary Form, in the course of which Julius writes that Jews reading Eliot’s poetry are both “appalled and impressed.”[1]

These academic activists are appalled because they perceive an unjustified critique upon their ethnic group, and they perceive this critique all the more keenly because of their ethnocentrism. They are impressed because they appreciate, and are threatened by, the talent of their target, often despite themselves. The ‘attraction’ arises from the desire to deconstruct and demean that talent, and thus avenge or assuage the critique.

Posthumously, Pound possessed no shortage of Jewish ‘admirers.’ The death of a notable figure often gives rise to renewed interest in that individual’s work and its significance. One might argue, particularly in the modern era, that the first ten to twenty years following that death may set the tone for how or if that figure will be remembered over a much greater length of time. After Pound died in Venice in November 1972, the remainder of the 70s was taken up by a widespread fascination and rediscovery of his poetry, but this enthusiasm was not shared by Jewish intellectuals.

Following Pound’s death one of the most ardent and vocal was the New York Intellectual, and prominent literary critic, Alfred Kazin. Alfred Kazin would remark bitterly in 1986 that “in the museum of modern literature no figure commands more space than Ezra Pound. … The literature on Pound is enormous and swells every month.” What set apart the coming attentions of Kazin, and later Theodore Weiss, Macha Rosenthal, Charles Bernstein, Nancy Harrowitz and, most recently, Noel Stock, Tim Redman, Louis Menand and David Biespiel, from the early enthusiasm of the 70s, was the deconstructive and antagonistic slant of the Jewish academics.

In words that almost perfectly mirror Julius’s claim to be “appalled and impressed” by the work of T.S. Eliot, Kazin’s scathing 1986 rebuke was titled “The Fascination and Terror of Ezra Pound [emphasis added].” The objective of these Jewish attentions was not to partake in celebration and the cementing of a cultural icon in the literary canon, but rather to break down the target’s reputation and weaken his place in cultural memory. In attacking the posthumous enthusiasm for Pound’s work, these intellectuals were in effect condemning Pound to a second, cultural, death.

In this deconstructive effort, no arguments were too tenuous, and no line of attack was too abstract or extreme.

Assaults on Pound’s legacy and work by these Jewish intellectuals in the decade immediately following his death were astonishing in their bitterness. When, in 1973, the English literary scholar Michael Wood wrote a positive review of two (gentile-authored) works on the poet, he was met with remarkable ferocity by the Jewish New York writer Max Geltman. Wood had committed the sin of writing that he perceived great tenderness in the work of Pound, to which Geltman responded by asking whether “the word ‘tenderness’ is meant to imply the kind of tender care lavished on the gas chambers.” In the protracted invective that followed, Geltman would deride Pound, with sneering condescension toward his rural origins, as that “sputtering comet out of Hailey, Idaho.” At its conclusion, Geltman would round off the piece with an obscure reference to a forlorn note allegedly written by a child at a “Nazi Death Camp.”

Wood’s response was both brave and damning, describing Geltman’s attack as both “stupid and incoherent.” And Wood’s conclusion was a perfect indictment of Geltman’s tactical use of Jewish schmaltz: “There is, however, nothing in Pound which is quite as ugly as the closing paragraph of Mr. Geltman’s letter. If fidelity to the holocaust means exploiting the memory of that child for the sake of a cheap, polemical pathos, then I’m all for forgetting.”

Unfortunately, strong-willed non-Jews like Wood had by the 1970s been disprivileged numerically at the higher levels of academia and popular criticism. As a result, and in marked contrast to the enthusiasm and celebration of the early 1970s, by the 1980s the balance of opinion on Pound began to tip heavily against him.

Alfred Kazin’s 1986 attack on Pound was even more significant than the Geltman affair, and would be described by an acquaintance of the poet as reaching “some heights of virulence,” with the “more than strong” suggestion that Pound “was to blame for the 7,740 Italian Jews who died at Auschwitz.”

For Kazin the New York Intellectual, Pound was the epitome of the ‘White Imperialist,’ a “genius not least in his American gift for appropriating land not his own.” Above all though, Kazin’s scathing rebuke represented an attempt to push the popular Pound, and other Modernist poets associated with the reconstruction of Homeric myth, if not volkisch thought, back out of the spotlight:

Modernism…has threatened to take over the curriculum. Eliot’s prescription, that past literature should constantly be assimilated to the taste of the present, had led to a steady omission and distortion of actual history. Modernism must not become the only writer of its history…. Modernism is not our only tradition.

In this respect, Kazin found ready agreement from Princeton academic Theodore Weiss, who assented that “Whatever their fascination, Pound and modernism are overdue for relegating to the dead past,” and suggested that “Pound and modernism be ignored or, if dealt with, done so negatively, and that poetry itself be considered peripheral, inconsequential as it is in a modern industrial society.”

More recently, David Biespiel states that if Pound’s “violent fascism and anti-Semitism” weren’t bad enough, his poetry should be dropped because it is “getting less and less contemporary and more and more lost to time.” Thus, through Jewish domination of the key ‘valves’ of culture, we have witnessed the steady shift from a situation in which “the literature on Pound is enormous and swells every month” to one in which Pound is a “peripheral” nothing; a “failure;” or worse.

The strong presence within elite Western English faculties of a Jewish bloc advancing Jewish interests (marginalizing an ‘anti-Semite’ and a literary movement ‘tainted’ with ‘anti-Semitism’) is somewhat ironic given that Jewish literary critics like Anthony Julius issued maudlin complaints that “it is well known that English faculties in America were once especially hostile to Jewish applicants.”[2]

What Julius is referring to is the subtle conflict that played out across Western universities between the 1920s and 1950s; a conflict that would ultimately end with Jewish intellectuals like Weiss and Menand flooding the leading positions at Ivy League colleges, and other Jewish intellectuals like Kazin taking command of the leading avenues of criticism. If the WASP ‘old guard’ ever really exerted the privileges of academic and cultural gate-keeping, this had been conclusively wrenched from their grasp by Jews by the early 1960s.

The conflict cannot be seen as benign in either its progression or its results. In English departments, and presumably in many other disciplines, both WASPs and Jews perceived group interests as being at stake. At Yale, WASP professors expressed doubts and concerns that “Jews lacked the cultural and religious background for teaching English literature,”[3] which was presumably the subtle articulation of the belief that Jews would be implicitly hostile to much of the English literary canon. On the other hand, one need only survey a handful of memoirs by Jewish literary scholars to learn that such hostility was clearly in evidence. For example, when asked about his experience of 1950s Yale, Harold Bloom replied sardonically that it was “an Anglo-Catholic nightmare. Everyone was on their knees to Mr T. S. Eliot.”[4]

Given such evidence, any argument that Jews and gentiles shared the same cultural interests should be treated with a healthy scepticism. Indeed, it is concerning to say the least that a group evincing demonstrable hostility to the cultural figures, interests, and heritage of White Europeans now dominates the upper echelons of that same culture. Jewish academics have become an important segment of our hostile elite.

While we may be encouraged by our current culture-shapers to believe that the entry of Jews into our arts helped us to become more ‘worldly’ and ‘objective’ in our creative life, sober reflection on contemporary Jewish activity in English literature reveals quite the opposite. Even if we accept Bloom’s perspective, it may be said that we have merely replaced the ‘Anglo-Catholic nightmare’ with a Jewish one. And rather than being on our knees to ‘Mr T. S. Eliot,’ everyone is now on their knees to Jewish victimhood.

The trajectory of English literature in the English language has moved in a radically different direction since the end of the WASP dominance.

This new departure has not been for the better. The likes of Pound, Yeats, and Eliot have now given much ground to ethnically myopic works like Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint (1969), about a neurotic and compulsively masturbating Jew, and Howard Jacobson’s similar, if more periphrastic, The Finkler Question (2010). I am only half-joking when I suggest that our grandchildren will learn their Chaim before their Homer.

While I have labored on the importance of academic gate-keeping, it is important to note that the deconstruction of a cultural figure may take forms other than the assault of elite journalism and co-ordinated academic critique. It also takes the form of exclusion and socio-cultural taboo.

In 1999 a panel of thirteen writers and poets, including John Updike, voted to honor Pound with a carved stone that would have put him beside such figures as T.S. Eliot, William Faulkner, Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams, Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe in a part of the nave of the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York, inspired by Poets’ Corner in London’s Westminster Abbey. The effort was ultimately thwarted by a concerted campaign of pressure on the Cathedral to block Pound’s inclusion.

One of the few public representatives of the campaign was the academic and Pound ‘scholar’ Tim Redman, author of Ezra Pound and Italian Fascism. Redman, a Jewish academic who has made a career out of combining hate with attraction, explained his opposition to Pound’s inclusion with the remarkably curt, blunt, and unsophisticated retort that: “He contributed to a climate of opinion that enabled the Holocaust to happen.”

T.S. Eliot is often excoriated for his now infamous line that “The rats are underneath the piles / The Jew is underneath the lot.” Eliot and Pound may have both smiled wryly on learning that this august Cathedral apparently boasted a Jewish warden, Marsha Ra, who would earnestly explain to reporters that Pound “was giving anti-Semitic radio broadcasts while my people were being gassed.”

Ra, a convert to Christianity, further insisted that Pound was “not representative of Christian values.”

The New York Times later reported that it was Ms. Ra who organized, and was thus ‘underneath,’ the petition to block Pound’s inclusion. A panel of thirteen leading figures of contemporary literature was thus rendered obsolete by the activism and absurd moralizing of a middle-aged Jewish librarian.



“Ezra Pound was giving anti-Semitic radio broadcasts
while my people were being gassed.”

[1] A. Julius, T.S. Eliot, anti-Semitism and Literary Form (Thames & Hudson, 2003), 40.
[2] Ibid, 52.
[3] Ibid.
[4] Ibid.

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    1. America is definitely NOT a lunatic asylum. I spend a lot of time in the Pacific Northwest and the people are great, and I mean all ethnic groups. What does stand out in the USA is the fact that the media, the news and entertainment media, seem to be deliberately degenerating the culture.

      The popular music now seems to be screaming, (not singing), divas and wailing young men. The music itself is usually no better than nursery rhyme melodies. Where are the Gershwins and Porters, the Ellingtons and Fitzgeralds? The flame seems to have died in the 70s.

      I choose music as an example, but you could go though all classes of activities and find the same story.

  1. evil anti-Semite is an oxymoron.
    an antisemite by definition resists evil.
    conversely, someone comfortable with evil has no reason to be antisemitic.

    1. Quite.

      But of course this too is a transparent jewish perversion of the truth, aka, jewish projection.

      Evil semites or anti-gentiles really exist. Twist it and you get jewish ‘logic’. ( which is the father of all oxymorons )

  2. The strong presence within elite Western English faculties of a Jewish bloc advancing Jewish interests

    Another one that exemplifies increasing marginalization of reason.
    English is a language of English people, who are quite exclusively white, not to mention Christian.
    But it has been hijacked by Jews, the committed enemies of white people, particularly the Christians, and turned into a weapon against the native speakers.
    It would appear that through the usual infernal channels, the Jew has obtained the legal custody and even the registered title on English, everyone else is trespassing on his exclusive property.

    The mind boggles, buckles, implodes and finally disintegrates in accordance with plan.

    1. The jews have the monopoly on the facts,
      monopoly on the interpretation of the facts, monopoly on the laws and monopoly on the application of the laws.

  3. Having experienced and realized the trending going on in the seventies against traditional, all-white colleges (I attended one back then), I have watched the gradual takeover happening against them – the result being they have become more reflective of decadence than intellectual acumen. Their decline in prestige seems more of a pursuit than an accident of time. This good article identifies much of the reason for it.

  4. Thanks for this great article. Really good. Tops.!!

    From the article:
    “Pound is said by Menand to have been possessed of an “obsession with the Jews,” which is TRUE only to the extent that Pound had a preoccupation with usury and financial abuse that inevitably drew him into ideological opposition to some of the key innovators in that area of economic life.”

    Even Menand knew and admitted that Pound was correct when he told how the Jews used “usury and financial abuse” to control whole countries….. wanting to control the world.

    Eustace Mullins carried forward that same message of USURY and CONTROL from his best friend, Pound, in his own best work – “Secrets of The Federal Reserve.”

    Eustace told me that he saw the Federal Reserve Chairman had a copy of his book in the bookcase behind his desk.

    Read it here:


  5. ““Ezra Pound was giving anti-Semitic radio broadcasts
    while my people were being gassed.”……The never ending Story.

    1. Exactly. Nobody was gassed either. Those who died (including nearly as many non-Jews) in work camps died from harsh conditions and starvation brought on by allied bombing of rail lines. German soldiers suffered starvation at the end of the War also.

      Holocaust regurgitation by ZioJew media and lobby-owned politicians is a ruse that garners massive support from those ignorant of history for the illicit “Jewish state”, Israel.

      1. ADMIN: Please rectify typo in your email address. (aol, not ao).

        Hunger was common in large Euopean cities during WW2. Even in Holland many died of starvation in the cities.

  6. It would seem Dr. Joyce either missed reading Michael Hoffman’s essay on Ezra Pound or thought so little of it that he chose not to reference it. I would hope the former, in which “great minds think alike”, or nearly so. Link below to Mr. Hoffman’s page — bonus article in the newsletter concerning Antonin Scalia. I read both with interest and commend them to you.

    REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 83 •True and False Heroes issue • True Hero: Ezra Pound: Poet and Reformer Here are new revelations concerning the life, literature, imprisonment and struggles of the famous writer. We leave no stone unturned. Learn his poetic aesthetics, money reform and how he was railroaded into an insane asylum for twelve years. We answer those who say Pound repudiated his life’s work after his release. Here’s the biography of an exemplary man as you have not read it before. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE False Hero and Fake Conservative: The Tridentine Judaism of Antonin Scalia . Dossier on the late Supreme Court Justice and the new subversive movement inside “traditional” Catholicism which views Judaism as more sinned against than sinning. Scalia played an out-sized role in this deadly development. A shocking investigation. Don’t be deceived by appearances. Our factual dossier, illustrated with rare documents and photos, exposes the tragic and unfortunate truth concerning the work Justice Scalia did for the other side. $10.00


    1. It would seem Dr. Joyce either missed reading Michael Hoffman’s essay on Ezra Pound or thought so little of it that he chose not to reference it. I would hope the former, in which “great minds think alike”, or nearly so.

      I doubt if Dr Joyce had the opportunity to read Michael Hoffman’s essay on Ezra Pound. Nor did I. It appears that only paying subscribers are allowed the privilege of access to this particular essay.

      I’m sorry, but the internet should be free. Once you start charging people for access to good material, you will get fewer takers — and rightly so. Why bother to pay for reading an article, however excellent, when the internet is positively awash with excellent articles — when there’s an embarrassment of riches?

      When good food is free, no one but an idiot will pay for a meal in a restaurant.

    2. Sard, i am in 2 minds on the issue of payment.
      a lot of what Hoffman is offering is by no means widely accessible on internet or elsewhere and is a very important historical material that took a great deal of arcane knowledge, skill and sweat to unearth.
      I doubt that Hoffman is otherwise employed or independently wealthy, therefore it is only fair that he should ask for a consideration for his effort.
      As to whether the pricing is right or not, that is a different question that i am not qualified to answer.
      But i certainly see some back issues of his newsletter that i would like to buy if only they are downloadable in pdf form.
      Couple of examples:

      Most Hated:
      1. Jesus Christ. 2. His Blessed Mother, Mary. 3. Titus, the Roman General. 4. Isabella, the Roman Catholic Queen of Spain
      Michael Hoffman’s study offers new documentation on rabbinic blasphemy and institutionalized hatred of Jesus and Mary and the Cross, and explores new territory in his analysis of Talmudism’s hatred for the Romans and how we have been tricked into despising them and blaming them for the Crucifixion. Demonstrates the virtue and excellence of the great Roman General and of the next most hated “goy” in Judaic lore, Isabella of Spain.

      or this one

      REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 70 “RABBINIC CURSE ON CHRISTIANS” Denied for centuries, this curse from the misnamed “Amidah blessings” is now documented. Judaica scholar Michael Hoffman explores Orthodox Judaism’s theological antagonism toward Christianity, from the days of Rabbi Gamaliel onward, and which remains in effect in our time. Offers incontrovertible evidence of the hostility which Talmudism harbors for the West, which it ritually curses as malkhut zadon (the “empire of insolence”). Also in this issue: A survey of the secret, ancient and largely unknown alliance between Talmudism and Islam. The American Right imagines that the followers of the Talmud are united to the West culturally and has good will toward the U.S. in particular. The truth of the matter is very different, as Hoffman demonstrates with his usual exactitude. Plus: A distinguished Black journalist deconstructs the Hollywood Movie “12 Years a Slave.”

      I guess i could start digging on my ignorant own but that is like a blind prospector panning for gold in a city sewer – when all i have to do is spend $10-15 and get it sweat-free.

      1. @ Lobro

        Yes, I absolutely agree with many of the points you are making. Especially about the value of Hoffman’s work and how his financial circumstances may leave him no option but to charge reasonable amounts for access to his work. So I am not saying that Hoffman is doing “wrong” to charge a fee. No way! In fact, I honestly wish him good luck and hope he finds as many paying readers as possible!

        The point I am making this: the internet is positively awash with high-quality articles which even YOU, with all the leisure at your disposal, have not yet had time to read. Don’t tell me you’ve read all the thousands of superb articles you haven’t even heard of yet but are awaiting your discovery at the click of a mouse! I’m willing to bet you haven’t had time to read many of the stunning articles published on the Occidental Observer, because you are probably not even aware of their existence or that they are stunning!

        You see, here you are willing to pay for excellent material on Hoffman’s site — for which I commend you — but at the same time you have to realize that EQUALLY STUNNING MATERIAL IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON THE INTERNET.

        So why, pray tell, are you so willing to pay for excellent material when EQUALLY excellent material — if not SUPERIOR material!— is available FREE elsewhere on the internet?

        There’s no way you can prove (logically) that Hoffman’s material is superior to the free excellent material you haven’t read elsewhere, for the simple reason that you haven’t read all the material which would allow you to make such comparisons!

        Q.E.D. 🙂

      2. Don’t tell me you’ve read all the thousands of superb articles you haven’t even heard of

        double-QED, sard, you got me there. 🙂

        can’t say i’ve read any articles that i never heard of … or if i did, i couldn’t tell you what they were because i never heard of them.

      3. I’m not trying to Q.E.D. you . . . I’m just trying to be reasonable in suggesting that the material on the internet you are willing to pay for is not necessarily superior to the vast treasure trove of free material you have yet to discover.

      4. When you’re living in a tropical garden, where all the flowers are free for the plucking, why bother to shop at an expensive florist?

      5. It’s only money, Sard 🙂
        Besides I can’t impress Lasha with flowers swiped from the local cow pasture, can I?

        But if I tell her it is les fleurs du mal juif de Ceur d’Alleyne (Idaho, which is nothing but a giant cow pasture, but I skip that mention) it will carry greater persuasion, wouldn’t you agree?

      6. @ Lobro

        “It’s only money sard. 🙂 . . . But if I tell her [Lasha] it is les fleurs du mal juif de Ceur d’Alleyne (Idaho, which is nothing but a giant cow pasture, but I skip that mention) it will carry greater persuasion, wouldn’t you agree?”

        Absolutely! 🙂

        I’d pay for this valuable stuff myself, especially if there was an article with an intriguing title that dealt with a subject of special interest to me. Ignore my carping criticisms. The last thing I want is to be seen to be hostile in any way to Hoffman’s invaluable work.

        He deserves every cent he earns, if not ten times as much.

  7. I look forward to reading this article by Mr. Joyce… just woke up and haven’t had my morning cup of java yet.

    Ezra Pound was one of my literary idols when I still had thoughts of becoming a writer way back when… early 1980s to be exact.

    If I may be so bold to say, Ezra Pound is the English, or rather and more correctly, the American Confucius.

    1. JFC –

      He would make a good mentor. Born in Idaho, into a political family, he was repaid harshly for his unrecognized and unappreciated patriotism.

      In 1943 Pound was taken at his home by Italian partisans after he had unsuccessfully attempted to turn himself over to American forces. Putting a book on Confucius in his pocket he went with the partisans expecting to be murdered. Instead he ended up at an American camp at Pisa constructed for the most vicious military prisoners.

      Pound was confined to a bare, concrete floored iron cage in the burning heat, lit continuously throughout the night. Pound had a physical breakdown and was transferred to a medical compound, where he got to work on the Pisan Cantos.

      In November Pound was flown from Italy to Washington and jailed.

      He was declared insane and sent to a ward for the criminally insane at St. Elizabeth’s. Here his literary output continued, and he translated 300 traditional Chinese poems, which were published by Harvard in 1954.


      On 30 June he set sail for Italy, giving the Fascist salute to journalists when he reached Naples, and declaring “all America is an asylum.” He continued with his Cantos and stayed in contact with political personalities such as Kasper and Mosley. He remained defiantly opposed to the American system in magazine interviews despite complaints from US diplomats. Because of his politics, Pound did not receive the honours due to him until after his death on 1 November 1972.

      1. For clarification of dates:

        By 1953 Pound had still not been formally diagnosed. Inquiries from the Justice Dept. solicited an admission that at most Pound had a “personality disorder.” By the mid-1950’s various influential figures and magazines were campaigning for Pound’s release. After 13 years confinement, Pound’s treason indictment was dismissed on 18 April 1958.

        On 30 June – 1958 – he set sail for Italy, giving the Fascist salute to journalists when he reached Naples, and declaring “all America is an asylum.” 🙂

      2. Pat,

        Thanks for the link. I am a student of Pound and am aware of his great literary achievements. He mentored no less than 4 Nobel Prize winners. Eustace Mullins should have been the 5th! Pound should have gotten one himself, that is, when getting one still meant something. Now it means absolutely nutin!

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    1. Arch – I liked it.. Good show..!!

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      …..spontaneous and totally paralyzing disease of the brain… “TWITTER”..!! 🙂

      1. Just in: World Health Org today announced…

        Presidential politics and celebrity interviews helped The New York Times Co surpass 100 million views for its Facebook Live videos, the company said on Wednesday.

        Lobro be advised. 🙂

  9. Simply GENIUS Arch!….had me laughing all through it…till the end, of course, the kind of laughter that makes you choke. Can’t wait for the next episode; the only problem is the answer’s always going to be the same.

    1. “Christian” Sister Monitor of Darkmoon CENSORED my post in which I stated said FACT and I dared to mention THE FACT 30% of Palestinians are CHRISTIANS.





  10. “In this respect, Kazin found ready agreement from Princeton academic Theodore Weiss, who assented that “Whatever their fascination, Pound and modernism are overdue for relegating to the dead past,” and suggested that “Pound and modernism be ignored or, if dealt with, done so negatively, and that poetry itself be considered peripheral, inconsequential as it is in a modern industrial society.”
    But of course, perish the thought that the Pentateuch and the Talmud are way “overdue” to be relegated “to the dead past…and “inconsequential” to “a modern industrial society.” Especially if you need justification to continue to “Pound” the piss out the Palestinians and rape the rest of “modern industrial society” via usury and monetary control.

    “He (Pound) contributed to a climate of opinion that enabled the Holocaust to happen.” More than that, how long will be before these arbiters of what we, the Goy, are supposed to read, think and believe will have Ezra, his very self, up on the roof dropping the pellets into the mythical “chambers”.

    “Ezra Pound was giving anti-Semitic radio broadcasts while my people were being gassed.” So says Ms. Ra the Conversa.
    This just goes to show, that you can take the Jew out of Judaism but you can’t take the Judaism out of the Jew.
    With a last name of “Ra” is there any other proof that the tribe has always considered themselves Gods to us lessor creatures.

  11. Dr. Joyce writes some of the most interesting articles I have ever read in my life. He might be a genius himself.

    “A panel of thirteen leading figures of contemporary literature was thus rendered obsolete by the activism and absurd moralizing of a middle-aged Jewish librarian.” The power of the so called holocaust explained in one sentence. The power rendered to the Jews for the so called holocaust goes much further than that though. It has been used to level Arab countries like Iraq and Libya, with millions of Arab dead as well as almost 70 years of Palestinian suffering because of insidious Jews. Their suffering is used to justify anything they want.

    ‘Ra, a convert to Christianity, further insisted that Pound was “not representative of Christian values.”’ Fascinating. Another Jewish convert to Christianity given the power to power Jewish interests past those of Christians. She is another Johannes Oesterreicher, the Austrian born Jew that converted to Catholicism and “was one of the architects of Nostra aetate or “In Our Age,” a declaration which was issued by the Second Vatican Council in 1965″ which, among other things, reversed 2,000 years of Christian belief as explained in the bible that Jews were responsible for Jesus’ death.

  12. Fine article and some fine comments. Thank you Pat for the convenient link to Mr. Mullin’s work which perfectly illustrates what Pound and Elliot objected to. Peter’s point merits further exposing; the jewish infiltration of Christian Churches which I’ve witnessed personally and can attest to as well. Fortunately, we have Mr. Pound’s work so those of us who aren’t intellectually and morally brain dead may still explore for themselves. Regrettably the same cannot be said for Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s final work “Russia and the Jews”, which is available in Russian, French, and German, but only in partial samizdat form in the English language. So where are all the great crusaders for freedom of expression from the jewish academia mafia? Apparently, too dangerous to be allowed to be read. Roth is revolting as are so many who are rather less than Mr. Pound’s caliber. “Disgenics” if you’ll pardon the term. All they seem to be able to offer is more professional victim narratives and filthy, sickening perversion. Hardly uplifting to their own or the rest of humanity’s condition. Oh, yes and more socialist economics – tell it to the Venezuelans, once the wealthiest country in South America, where there is a small memorial somewhere to my maternal grandfather (who was a Scot, though born in England). The really lovely thing is that in India print on demand is exploding like never before. Indian authors deserve better editors (with attention to translation) in many cases, but the info that is coming out today from Indian history and other subjects is nothing less than breathtaking. Maybe some kind Russian oligarch will find a way through an avenue like this to bring us the long awaited final volume of Alexander Solzhenitsyn in English, India alone would be a huge potential market. By the way, if you happen to find a first edition copy with a dustjacket (in good shape) of T.S. Elliot’s “The Wasteland”, a little over ten years ago that was a $15,000 book. Today, who knows? Philip Roth commands less than $25 for most of his babble, though I wouldn’t pay a nickel, would you?

    1. That’s T.S. Eliot, not Elliot. In my last post I mentioned H. Hoover’s oil surveys of Coastal Vietnam in the ’30’s. It was earlier, when he worked as mining engineer in Australia, Burma, and China, though it’s been said we (the public information, that is) know more about CIA than Standard Oil or others – a lot of truth to that, but don’t be TOO sure… Further updates (corrections) as necessary…

  13. Eliot, T.S. “The Waste Land”, New York 1922. 1,000 copies total. First State 500 copies $35,000. (Source: Allen and Patricia Ahearn, “Collected Books”, 2011. Ezra Pound’s collected works listed in same cover nearly two pages, which ranks him as one of the all time greats. First book “A Lume Spento”, Venice, 1908. $60,000. A visit to the ABE books website shows five pages of Roth’s “Portnoy’s Complaint” ranging from $10 to around $50, with a single high priced listing from a dealer with wealthy clientele (but perhaps less gifted intelligence) at around $1,800. Were I to invest, purely from this standpoint, some of Pound’s works are relative bargains. I’ve seen Roth’s book (a first in a dj) in a pile in the street in Bangkok’s Jatujak (weekend) market going for around 20, I passed on that one.

    1. 20 BHT? let portnoy complain all he wants but that’s kind of high even for the first copy, every page autographed by Roth and witnessed by his rabbi.

      actually, the market prices of such memorabilia and collectables as the first prints and so on provide an fairly straightforward, honest insight into the true mentality of the masses, free of the jew taint.
      Try as they might to blacken Pound’s legacy as worthless, how is it that the collectors are willing to pay 60k for a first print?

      On the other hand, beware of the high stakes 3-card monty in the paintings sweepstakes.
      old Masters hardly ever show up anymore but jews perpetuate their phony magic of keeping eg, mark rothko insanely high, in tens of millions for his busted flush output.
      my guess is that jews bounce those among themselves and the art galleries they own and fund for purposes of tax dodges, no sane goy would ever pay more than 20 BHT for the sum total of rothko splats.

      speaking of rothko scammature, here is a gem:

      (Best to embed this excessively long link in order to avoid skewing the formatting of the entire article).

      The confidence, for Rothko, is revealed through his insistence on the presence of the light, even though it may appear absent at the outset

      A great deal has been made of Rothko’s paintings over the years, less in terms of discourse than through the efforts of art enthusiasts whose self-appointed mission is to convince viewers 😀 that a rarified state of emotional content is latent within these paintings.

      latent-content-talent-tinker-tailor-painter-jew, got it? repeat after me retarded goyim.
      ohhkaay …

      An alternative approach would be to suggest that there is no easy access to Rothko — that to perceive these paintings in a meaningful way requires a sensory form of intelligence, a quality of perception

      translation: just because Rothko got no talent doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t twist your mind into 5-dimensional pretzels to acknowledge his genius – the onus is on you, not him.

      The ineluctable mixture of gray, brown, and black tones was impressive.

      Stolen from Metamucil commercial.
      jew’s desperation revealed: how come that no one but me sees my genius?
      must be the goy’s antisemitism since time immemorial, complains portnoy.
      The confidence, for Jew, is revealed through his insistence on the presence of the creativity, even though it may appear absent at the outset.
      right you are, guv’nor.

      let’s go back to Pound bashing, pound-the-Pound into obscurity lest he rise from beyond the grave to viciously criticize Rothko’s Complaint, whose ineluctable mixture of gray, brown, and black smells is so impressive.

      ouch, ouch, how could i forget to search for the magic keyword: EXISTENTIAL … well, here it is, this is an addendum:

      The existential context of the installation seemed to encapsulate the dolorous, unexpected circumstances of Rothko’s death earlier that year, yet it concomitantly augmented the delicate force behind these intensely restrained final paintings.


      1. gotta hand it to the jew, i mean, really:

        intensely restrained final paintings

        ooh, aaargh … enormous talent pushing inexorably forth … must … restrain … cannot allow … please yhwh, hide my talent from prying eyes … thank you for the holy-timely abortion of my talent.

        rothko died in talent-birth but the surviving greys, blacks and browns of the afterbirth are impressive.

      2. if you are sold on rothko and have spare change left, i got six million dead jews that i am willing to part with cheap, special for you.
        staring price 20 BHT, what am i offered for this priceless collection of dead jews, i will toss in a few lamps, beautifully illustrated shades with mysterious tattoos to read anne frank’s complaint under, lifetime supply of impressively smelling jew soap, do i hear someone offering 20 trillion deutschmarks back there?

        going once … to the immortal tune of Frau Bojangles, nee merkel.

      3. Lobro –

        By comparison, the same bunch of shit-vendors might refer to a Jackson Pollard as “intensely UNrestrained”…
        (In truth, it’s ALL shit, and only a world full of lunacy would call it “art”.)
        I am disappointed to learn that one of these Rothko pieces might inhabit the same environs in the Phillips Gallery as Rembrandt’s “The Boating Party”. Talk about inconsistancy of what constitutes “art” nowadays!

      4. Exactly Lobro, the Free Market does provide some fairly straight forward, honest insight. I should have mentioned two things. First, that $60,000 figure is dated 2011. Ahearn’s list used to be updated every four or five years (very sadly, Patricia passed away in 2016) and now they are digital. Essentially, Ahearn points out that a fine collectable book is comparable to a good stock in terms of investment performance, along those lines Ezra Pound’s first book would probably list for $80,000 or more today (I haven’t checked). Ahearn’s does add that there are also a few books they de-list, remarkably, usually fewer than ten or so out of over 700 pages of listings. Roth’s “Portnoy” would seem to be a good candidate currently. In 2011 Philip Roth had two listed works; “Good Bye Columbus”, 1959, London and NY, the London publication being far more valuable (over $4,000) and “Portnoy’s Complaint” at $300. With so many copies (4 pages on the ABE website) available for $10 to just under $50. “Portnoy” is looking more like a novelty has been, much like the worn out, tiresome “cultural” outlook it represents. The indignity of the Marketplace and History, if you will. That price at Jatujak was actually a dollar equivalent, not Baht, the Thais are fast learners, though if they like you, there’s no better bargain… Oddly enough, I’ve found many great book bargains in old jewish households, where the new generation seems to regard the old with the rudest contempt and Passe. Almost every old house of this variety has Communist literature, which speaks for itself…

  14. If you can’t out perform your opponent, bring your opponent down to your level. Jews are masters of this tactic so that they are not considered the obvious lying, intellectually deficient cultists that they are. Practicing this tactic is destructive and the jews use it against every worthwhile accomplishment of mankind.

  15. OOPS!! I typed “Rembrandt” where it should have been “Renoir”…
    (Must be a sign of getting too old – since it is, by far, my favorite painting in the Phillips Gallery!) 🙂

    1. Gil –

      I like ‘impressionists’ also. They painted as they saw it…. blurred…. since they were myopic. 🙂

      According to reports Cézanne never wore glasses. Neither did August Renoir (1841–1919), despite his mild myopia. His close-range paintings are distinct, while his long-range paintings are impressionistically blurred, as if a person with normal vision were looking through a positive lens at a distant view.

      Blurry long-range pictures by impressionists:

      1. As with Cezanne, Renoir’s COLORS amplified his painting – making the “blurriness” more delightful. It emboldens a ‘pleasant dream’ more than striving to capture an exact replica of what the artist beholds.
        When viewing the exquisite talent of some (portrait) artists, I’ve often wondered at the toil and discipline required to not only MIX the paints, but to precisely reflect a perfect vision… It is truly a ‘talent’ – but the artist must experience agony in his pursuit! (Maybe that is why Leonardo is said to have carried the Gioncanda rolled-up under his arm for so long!)

      2. That’s funny, Pat. I wrote an essay for an Art History class back in the early 1980s and made the same charge that the impressionists were myopic, but it wasn’t funny then, not to my Professor.

        Speaking of Impressionists… wonder if Lasha was in London in 1999, when I was there for 3 weeks and toured all the art galleries? If I remember correctly, “Monet in the 20th Century” was the talk of the town.

        All the tickets for that grand retrospective exhibition were sold out months in advance but I was lucky enough to get 1 from a Baroness of some sort or another of a friend of mine in Hong Kong.

        I also fondly remember a home-cooked roast beef and Yorkshire pudding farewell dinner… but I digress.

  16. Too much talking about the jewish order, jew this, jew that. Better to talk about
    steps to get rid of the jewish order.
    Which steps must we take,everything according the law of course.

  17. Skepticism about the holocaust is now common and the power of the Jewish Lobby is coming under scrutiny, and resistance. Ezra Pound and many others will eventually be seen as victims of that power. Even Faurisson may one day be heard openly…… “The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews constitute one and the same historical lie, which made possible a gigantic financial-political fraud, the principal beneficiaries of which are the State of Israel and international Zionism, and whose principal victims are the German people — but not their leaders — and the entire Palestinian people.” …….Generations of writers, scientists etc have been cheated even if they never said a word against Jews. Poincare, Loerenz and others had aleady described relativity before Einstein and an Italian, Olinto de Pretto had derived and published the famous equation, E=M x (C squared) two years before Einstein’s paper, a paper which gave no refrence to any others in the field. How did he get away with that?

    1. John –

      “How did he get away with that?”

      No internet for public scrutiny. Opposing letters to editors not published.

    2. Thank you Mr. Kirby. Time for research and wide dissemination of Olinto de Pretto’s work. Any one with a shred of Intellectual or Moral honesty would agree. An article on https:www//big-lies.org/NUKE-LIES/ is a good starting place. One comment called it ethnic warfare.

      1. Yes, Winston. The ‘re-revisionist’ site is a really good source for us cynics and skeptics, who connect the accepted dots much differently. Its revelations are not without pain dished out by most others. I like it.

        When the majority claim I am wrong…. I know I am on the right track..!! Vegas was built on most being wrong. 🙂

  18. Hi Pat,
    There are many injustices that must face the truth. The internet is the key, so long as it isn’t censored. It is new age, and I certainly never foresaw that the truth would be uncovered as it has been over the past 20 years.

    1. We take it for granted now that we have instant access to information. It is that instant access that is transfoming society. 30 years ago I believed that Jews were pushed into gas chambers and then turned into lampshades and soap. Not now.

      We can now access information in seconds that would have taken a day in the library thirty years ago. It’s a miracle.

  19. During Ezra Pound’s period of incarceration in a mental institution in America, following his arrest for making pro-Axis radio broadcasts on behalf of the Benito Mussolini government during World War II, Eustace Mullins was a regular visitor to him; he wrote about these visits in his book – “This Difficult Individual, Ezra Pound.”


    1. Pat –

      Mullins’ work would have been more archival had he footnoted his assertions. I once asked him ‘why’ he didn’t, and he said the chore interrupted his train-of-thought. He wrote from recall, and it was obvious he had a terrific memory. He just sat down and typed-out what he wished to convey. I suppose the tedium of his early research precluded him from doing it because he told me he really wanted to be a novelist – but his sense of duty demanded otherwise. Whatever he wrote about, he thought we NEEDED to know! Ezra Pound had a profound influence upon him.

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        “Mullins’ work would have been more archival had he footnoted his assertions.”

        You have touched upon something that has bothered me ever since high school English classes a long time ago. After about 35 years of water under the bridge to become jew-wised, it dawned on me why my gut bothered me about having to provide footnotes in my youth.

        Footnotes of specific past references is a control mechanism designed to give control of the narrative to the jews and to prevent common sense narratives by the hordes of un-ed-jew-cated.

        The true judge of the value of any literary research work should not be whether it is adequately sourced according to the “rules” (guess who makes the rules), but rather, whether the work makes sense given the knowledge of how something has turned out in reality. Opinions that make sense should become a source, not discarded due to “rules” violations.

        The reason that jews have infested academia is because it gives them control of the narrative. Just as this excellent article addressing Eza Pound reflects, any work not consistent with the designed jewish narrative is buried or eliminated from sourcing over time regardless of how accurate/true the suppressed narrative is. In its place is the jewish desired or created false narrative, so footnotes reflect the later controlled narratives and reality is tossed into the dustbin of fake history.

        As few years back, I started researching the commonly promoted idea that the US Constitution was based on the Iroquois Federation. There was one work done in the latter part of the 19th century that wound up being the common sourced document. I started reading it and was immediately struck with the realization that it read like a modified version of the Old Testament concerning straying from the Federation, not following the rules. I stopped reading the work and started investigating the author. It turns out that he was a European jew. Bang! John 8:44 (jews are liars and murderers) immediately came to mind, so I categorized the document as a fraud and returned to my past undocumented research that revealed that the US Constitution was the jewish bankers’ idea.

        Note, I have not provided any references or footnotes to the above paragraph. Those who do not believe me can stop being lazy and do their own research, provide adequate jewish footnotes, and come to the wrong conclusion without rational thought as designed. Those who do believe what I wrote can accept it and move on to other items of interest to themselves.

        The exchange between John Kirby and Pat above is another example.

        Mullins’ works do not require footnotes because they make complete sense based on what has occurred, what exists today, and who benefits.

      2. Ungenious –

        I DO agree with you – but please understand the newbees’ needs for bibliography. Eustace was distressed because he suspicioned G. Edward Griffin had plagerized him in “Creature From Jekyll Island”, even though Griffin footnoted and bibliographed his work. I have read both Eustace’s and Griffin, and the obvious contrast is Griffin’s avoidance of naming the “jew” question. Subsequently, Griffin sold more copies – but is less informative. (We can only call it like we see it! 🙂 )

  20. to: lobro karamazov
    from: Brownhawk karamazov

    Let me know if I’m being abstruse with my points on Israel. My contention (ok, guess) is that it’s whole raison d’etre is to ultimately be served up on a platter as a sacrificial burnt offering to the beast. This would imply that it’s inhabitants are being duped along with everyone else, with machinations behind the protocolian curtain steering events towards this end for the purpose of plunging the world into an ACTUAL holocaust. How exquisitely ironic would THAT be?

    Mindful that der judis egregius WILL be destroyed no matter what happens, the six million dollar question is: will a worldwide conflagration precede this, or will that be headed off at the pass* by something of a cataclysmic nature, and not through any military actions by that of Russia and China? Or something else altogether?

    * to repeat from the gospels

    “all these things must come (in order) to pass”

    1. no bhawk, not so much abstruse as out of the empirical ballpark, in the domain of metaspeculative.
      yet it may be perfectly true – it is just that i can’t possibly pass an informed opinion on it.

      jews made a covenant with the devil and as much as they think they get the best of every deal, they cannot outjew the devil, they’ll end up with the short end.
      look at kol nidre, it is there to justify their oathbreaking ways and they “swear” by it, the kernel inside their holiest of the holy of hollies.
      so why should they feel let down by a greater betrayal when the devil’s math is revealed?

      As for your use of IRONIC, i guess it is an alternative spelling of JUST.
      the real holoroast when it happens, will be just desserts, tho somewhat burned.
      Well done, juden, well done.

      Now, the popular meme is that the majority of jews are dumb, just going along for the ride and are not really guilty.
      I beg to differ: if so and they are “unaware” of the mechanics of the felony, they do know a good thing when they see it and are jumping on the wagon for a very comfortable ride on the back of countless iniquities perpetrated by the pack leaders, while pretending they never heard the groaning of the enslaved, exploited masses, the agony of injustice.
      But they do and they will pay.
      the only, singular reference point in all this metaspeculation, afaiac.

  21. The most despicable crime against the jew is not their art, secular mentality, perversions, cruelty of kosher law (should be abolished immediately), though all those are despicable. The most despicable crime against the jew is their evil control of the money, so that they can continue to do all those slimy, disgusting and dirty things being a jew is known to be.

    Return to The Law of Moses that THEY HATE, and release debt, and redistribute wealth. Let them burden themselves with their law, whilst True Israel lives with order under God.

    True Israel

    The Law

    The majority of people called jews presently have no connection to Israelites or to Father. If they did, they would be following The Torah like most think they are doing, but aren’t. Therein resides the crux of their deception where they have a foothold in mass deception.

    “Jesus said, “I am The Way, the Truth and the Life” and “no man comes to the Father except by me.” How does that relate to the Song of Moses (the Mosaic Law in The Covenant)? The Covenant is called “The Way” in The Torah and Jesus was saying that he was a living demonstration of it (The Way) in action, demonstrating how YOU have to be if YOU want to survive and go home to Father…” http://www.thewayhomeorfacethefire.net

    1. Although, New Song, I would amend your wording of “release debt and redistribute wealth” by saying that the debt will be released only when there is no agency through which material wealth could possibly be distributed in the FIRST place.

      No distribution, only TRIBUTE to that which makes “material wealth” POSSIBLE in the first place. Then, everything will take care of itself to reveal what has been the essence of the “material” all along.

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