Failed Coup in Turkey realigns Ankara with Moscow — and saves Assad

. . . by Mike Whitney

A failed coup in Turkey has changed the geopolitical landscape overnight, realigning Ankara with Moscow while shattering Washington’s plan to redraw the map of the Middle East. Whether Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan staged the coup or not is of little importance in the bigger scheme of things. The fact is, the incident has consolidated his power domestically while derailing Washington’s plan to control critical resources and pipeline corridors from Qatar to Europe.

The Obama administration’s disregard for the national security interests of its allies has pushed the Turkish president into Moscow’s camp, removing the crucial land-bridge between Europe and Asia that Washington needs to maintain its global hegemony into the new century. Washington’s plan to pivot to Asia, surround and break up Russia, control China’s growth and maintain its iron grip on global power is now in a shambles. The events of the last few days have changed everything.

This is from the Daily Sahbah:

“Turkey’s changing rhetoric toward Russia is also a direct consequence of Ankara’s unmet expectations regarding the Syria conflict. Turkey’s disappointment with the United States’ policy in Syria has increased with time, especially considering Washington’s continued support for the Kurdish fighters of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria. Ankara sees this group as an affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organization (Daily Sabah, 12 June)

Obama can only blame himself for the debacle that is now unfolding. Erdogan was completely clear about Turkey’s red lines, the most important of which is preventing the Kurdish militias from moving west of the Euphrates and creating a contiguous state along the Syrian side of Turkeys southern border. Here’s Erdogan commenting on developments a few months ago:

“Right now, there is a serious project, plan being implemented in northern Syria. And on this project and plan lay the insidious aims of those who appear as ‘friends’. This is very clear, so I need to make clear statements.”

Instead of addressing Erdogan’s security concerns, Obama brushed him aside in order to pursue the US goal of establishing bases and seizing territory in East Syria that will eventually be used as pipeline routes from Qatar to the EU. Naturally, Erdogan responded in kind, forming alliances with former enemies (Russia, Syria, Israel) in order to reset Turkish foreign policy and address the growing threat of an emerging Kurdish state on his southern flank. Keep in mind, Turkey believes that America’s new proxies in Syria–the Kurdish YPG– are linked to the PKK, which is listed as a terror organization by the U.S. and EU. Had Obama committed US troops to the fight, (instead of using the YPG) Erdogan would not have reacted at all. But the fact that Obama was deliberately strengthening Turkey’s traditional rivals in their westward move, was more than Erdogan could bear.

Erdogan Apologizes

At the end of June, Erdogan apologized to President Vladimir Putin for the death of a Russian pilot who was killed when Turkey downed a bomber flying over Syrian territory last November. The shootdown prompted Putin to break off relations with Ankara, ending all communication between the two countries. Then, in the last week of June, Erdogan sent a letter to Putin “expressing his deep sympathy and condolences to the relatives of the deceased Russian pilot.” He added that Russia was “a friend and a strategic partner” with whom the Turkish authorities would not want to spoil relations.” (The Turkish pilots who shot down the Russian Su-24 have since been arrested and charged as members of the Gulenist coup.)

The White House inexplicably never commented on this thawing of relations which posed obvious risks to US ambitions in the region.


Then, just two weeks ago, reports began to emerge that Erdogan was making an effort to normalize relations with Syrian President Bashar al Assad. The news wasn’t reported in most of the western media, but the Guardian ran an article titled “Syrian rebels stunned as Turkey signals normalisation of Damascus relations”. Here’s an excerpt:

“More than five years into Syria’s civil war, Turkey, the country that has most helped the rebellion against the rule of Bashar al-Assad, has hinted it may move to normalise relations with Damascus.
The suggestion made by the Turkish prime minister, Binali Yıldırım, on Wednesday, stunned the Syrian opposition leadership, which Ankara hosts, as well as regional leaders, who had allied with Turkey in their push to oust Assad over a long, unforgiving war.

“I am sure that we will return [our] ties with Syria to normal,” he said, straying far from an official script that has persistently called for immediate regime change. “We need it. We normalised our relations with Israel and Russia. I’m sure we will go back to normal relations with Syria as well.”

You’d think that would set off alarms at the White House, after all, if Turkey wanted to normalize relations with Damascus, then clearly it had abandoned the war it had supported (through its proxy militants and jihadists) for more than five years signaling a fundamental shift in policy that could have broader implications for the US effort. But did the Obama team show any interest in the announcement or make any attempt to keep Erdogan in the fold?

Of course not. Washington gives orders and everyone else is expected to click their heels and stand at attention. Obama and Co don’t bother with the incidentals like the fear of the nascent Kurdish state that could pose a direct threat to Turkey’s national security. Why would they bother with something as trivial as that? They have an empire to run.

Then came the coup which, by the way, Erdogan may have been tipped off to by Russian intelligence agents who have a strong presence in Turkey. By informing Erdogan of the coup, Putin might have hoped that Erdogan would return the favor and block NATOs plan to deploy permanent fleet to the Black Sea that will further encircle and threaten Russia. (And, yes, Putin knows that Erdogan is a ruthless autocrat and a backer of terrorist organizations, but he also knows he can’t be “too picky” when NATO is making every effort to surround and destroy Russia. Putin must take his friends as he finds them. Besides, some analysts have suggested that Putin will require Erdogan to abandon his support for jihadists in Syria as a condition of their new alliance.)

In any event, Putin and Erdogan have settled their differences and scheduled a meeting for the beginning of August. In other words, the first world leader Erdogan plans to meet after the coup, is his new friend, Vladimir Putin. Is Erdogan trying to make a statement? It certainly looks like it. Here’s the story from the Turkish Daily Hurriyet:

“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin may meet in a face-to-face meeting in August as part of mutual efforts to normalize bilateral ties following months of tension due to the downing of a Russian warplane by the Turkish Air Forces in November…

With the normalization of ties, Russia removed some sanctions on trade and restrictions on Russian tourists, though it will continue to impose visa regime to Turkish nationals. A deeper conversation between the two countries over a number of international issues like Syria and Crimea will follow soon between the two foreign ministers before the Putin-Erdoğan meeting.”

Is it starting to sound like Turkey may have slipped out of Washington’s orbit and moved on to more reliable friends that will respect their interests?

Indeed. And this sudden rapprochement could have catastrophic implications for US Middle East policy. Consider, for example, that the US not only depends on Turkey’s Incirlik Airbase to conduct its air campaign in Syria, but also, that that same facility houses “roughly 90 US tactical nuclear weapons.” What if Erdogan suddenly decides that it’s no longer in Turkey’s interest to provide the US with access to the base or that he would rather allow Russian bombers and fighters to use the base? (According to some reports, this is already in the works.) More importantly, what happens to US plans to pivot to Asia if the crucial landbridge (Turkey) that connects Europe and Asia breaks with Washington and joins the coalition of Central Asian states that are building a new free trade zone beyond Uncle Sam’s suffocating grip?

One last thing: There was an important one-paragraph article in Moscow Reuters on Monday that didn’t appear in the western press so we’ll reprint it here:

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s joint projects with Turkey, including the TurkStream undersea natural gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey, are still on the agenda and have a future, RIA news agency quoted Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich as saying on Monday.”

This is big. Erdogan is now reopening the door the Obama team tried so hard to shut. This is a major blow to Washington’s plan to control the vital resources flowing into Europe from Asia and to make sure they remain denominated in US dollars. If the agreement pans out, Putin will have access to the thriving EU market through the southern corridor which will strengthen ties between the two continents, expand the use of the ruble and euro for energy transactions, and create a free trade zone from Lisbon to Vladivostok. And Uncle Sam will be watching from the sidelines.

All of a sudden, Washington’s “pivot” plan looks to be in serious trouble.


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  1. A very interesting article. Obviously, anyone who places their trust in the word or integrity of any US government is a fool. Even US servicemen (USS Liberty and “missing” US POWs from Vietnam) and civilians can no longer trust their government. Individual Americans are on the whole trustworthy, as I can attest from personal experience.
    So it is now clear that the Jew run US regime will sell out, and murder, (9/11 and elswhere) any non-Jew as expedient.
    BTW, OFF TOPIC. The ICC in the Hague has exonerated Milosevic of War crimes. Check the Ugly Truth.

    1. Maybe so, but Uncle Sam’s Jew is always HIS Jew, so don’t get too euphoric. Uncle Sam really doesn’t give a shit about Erdogen’s maneuvers or plans. All he can/will do is get Putin into remorseful “foreign entanglements”.

  2. Mike Whitney is at the top of his game with this one, and it’s hard to be hyperbolic in expressing how portentious all this is in terms of forestalling their wet dream ejaculation (My apologies for that visual!)

    Now here comes the U.S. State Dept. to Ankara to meet all nicey-nice with Erdogan, with Putin and Russia’s presence never more firmly entrenched.

    Putin is reaffirming the historically traditional “Turkey-Pivot”, and for us fans of geopolitical maneuvering you gotta lerv it!

      1. Whatever Erdogan does, the lines are as clearly drawn as they’ve been in awhile in Turkey, ensconced between a firm Western rock and Russian hard place.

        His strut is going backstage now.

  3. add…

    “ the big chickens show who it is that rules the roost when the deja vu historical push gets closer to the shove.

  4. More, Why Reports of the Russian Tip Off to Erdogan May Be True, by Iranian news.

    The Russians will never publicly confirm the truth of these reports, which concern the highly classified work of their intelligence agencies. However, consider the comments made about the reports by Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesman:

    “I don’t have such information and I don’t know the sources, to which the news agency Fars is referring.”

    Note that this is not a denial. As such it is the strongest indication to date that the Fars reports may be true.

    נאַריש גוי (goy is stupid), huh?
    2 slam dunks rejected, first Assad, now Erdogan.

  5. More on that by Nikolai Starikov, an important player in Russia’s ideology lineup.
    (feel free to replace every instance of “US” by “JEWS”)

    Since WWII, there were military coups in 1960, 1971, 1980 and 1997, and the US was behind EVERY one.

    It’s important to understand that the US has been behind all Turkish coups, in order to understand that country’s evolution.

    The Turkish army is an experienced coup maker. They can teach anyone. The idea that it is they who guarantee stability and secularism is imbibed with their mother’s milk. Military men in Turkey have never failed in a coup – until now. Why did this happen?

    Perhaps the military men did something wrong, forgetting the playbook? It’s important to see that actually, they did just as well as their predecessors.

    So why did the coup fail? It failed because it was expected. Erdogan was ready to deflect it.

    Now comes something very interesting that I certainly was not aware of, a lesson in neglected history:

    To understand what just happened in Turkey, we need to remember little-known pages of our own history: the USSR, 1927. Trotskyists attempted to take power on the tenth anniversary of the October Revolution. The plan for this “coup” by “Lenin guards” was to occupy “telegraph and telephone” and arrest Stalin and his supporters, taking advantage of the festive demonstrations on November 7. Stalin was aware of the plan and ensured the coup would fail, leaving the Kremlin with his supporters for a safe place; the major buildings were occupied in advance by loyal chekists, who barricaded themselves in.

    As a result, when on November 7, 1927 gunmen broke into the leader’s apartments, no one was home. When they tried to force other major buildings, they also failed. As a result, the putschists found themselves on the street where workers were marching to celebrate the red-letter day. Attempts to stir up a rebellion on Red Square and other places failed, and the coup with them.

    Why did Stalin, being aware of the coup, let it happen, lancing the abscess?

    To show the Bolshevik Party that there really was a threat and begin purging it. If there had not been an attempted coup, Trotsky’s expulsion from the Party would have been considered by the rank and file as tyranny, a settling of scores with those who disagreed with Stalin.

    call it continuing education …

    1. This is a Masonic thing. A game, like chess. Left and Right. In order for the game to continue, some balance has to be maintained. The big players are always in the middle, lending money to both sides. Simple.

      When China started showings signs of potential future growth, they had to dismantle the Soviet Union, to weaken the Left side. But in 25 years from now, the Russians will be marching and singing commie songs under the red flags again. And all of the Eastern Europe will be standing under the blue flags.

      Chess game.

      This is why the Russians are keeping their archives closed, and their Cyrus the Great thomb covered, but not removed from their Red Square. They are going to need it soon. All goes according to the plan.

      1. Correct, Rousso – – –

        Pharisee-Jew Bankers – Rothschilds – established Masonry as a way to control the finances of those with wealth and businesses who are not Pharisee-Jews.

        Putin installed by same criminals who destroyed Russia 41:30

        Russian fighter and US F-14 Tomcat same at 42:40

        British Rothschilds and US have always helped Russia 43:25

        US fading…. Russia and China rising…. all a game for a few more centuries. Cookie-cutter template being used over and over.

      2. Yup.

        Except that Masonic religion was invented by the Sabbateans 100 years prior to the rise of “Pharisee-Jew Bankers” and that Masons open the doors for them later. It’s bigger than it seems to be.

        And the point you forgot to mention is that as a result of all that, Israel is going to grow. Bigger, bigger and bigger. That’s the game. “Building Paradise on Earth”.

        “As above, so below”. Left side of the Tree of Life, Right side. Left hand of God, Right hand of God. Left pillar of the Temple’s altar, right pillar. “Boaz and Jachin”, they call it.

        Red VS Blue

      1. Erdogan’s status is that of a piker, soon to be swept into the inexorable dustbin of history. The next move is “on the clock”, and there’ll be no more hiding under the hoop of NATO’s skirt now that the Bear’s attention has been roused by the eagle’s latest round of duplicity, whose success would have put the Russian king in a precarious and unacceptable position

        Putin saved Erdogan’s bacon for the time being, and reduced him to a spectator at a tennis match. If he knows what good for him he’ll remain that way

        When the timer winds all the way down, the Bear will assert itself with the kind of move not seen for awhile with its defiance of the old cold war Turkish shield

        the laces on the gloves are being loosened now.

  6. Fascinating article. I am opposed to the US grabbing more power so this is welcome news. US foreign policy has been a disaster for everyone concerned in the world with one exception – Israel. And that is of course because Jews have such a powerful say in American foreign policy.

    I only hope Europe is capable of taking this gift and make it work for them. Under the current leadership, I don’t think they are. EU immigration/invasion policy has been a disaster and Merkel has been a disaster. Merkel and the German people believe everything they do has to first be given the go-ahead by the Americans and the elites in Britain, France and elsewhere in the west. They do almost nothing on their own behalf, yet it’s interesting people criticize Merkel and German policies constantly. They should be criticized, but they’re not “German” policies.

    A pro-German policy would be to ask Poland for Germany’s cities back, Russia for East Prussia back, Czech Republic for the Sudetenland back or Lithuania for Memel back. Or to ask all these countries for reparations for the more than fourteen million Germans ethnically cleansed from this part of Europe so these countries could move their own people into these beautiful ancient German cities. But I got off topic.

    I am hoping for a change in Europe too. A big change on the scale we are seeing in the US. Germany’s AFD and France’s National Front would help put European interests ahead of American and Jewish interests. Both parties call for good relations with Russia, trade with Russia and a halt to the genocide of Europeans through immigration. But I don’t expect anything from Merkel or Europe. Under her, Germany and Europe waits for signals from the US before acting.

    One thing I don’t understand is if Erdogan wants to make friends with Syria and Assad now, why has he been trying to overthrow Assad for the past five years? I would have thought Assad would be opposed to a Kurdish state created from Syrian territory too. Assad is pro-Christian. Is that the reason? Or did he just try to destroy Syria for the Israelis and Americans that do everything for Israel? If so, what did he expect in return from the US?

    If someone has the answer I’m interested.

    1. Erdogan is a strong Muslim. Of Sunni background. Many Sunnis in Syria were oppressed by Bashar Al Assad and his father Hafez. Many Sunnis also sided with the two men as well. It’s not all black and white. Syrian Kurds have always supported the PKK but Iraqi and Iranian Kurds haven’t. Turks tell me that Kurds in Turkey are mostly illiterate and easily misled. Plus the leaders of the PKK may be crypto Armenians. Israel has also supported the PKK at different times. Erdogan thought that if Bashar Al Assad is removed from power, then a regime can take over Syria that will protect the rights of the mostly Sunni Muslims who were being oppressed by the Alevis and Shiites. That is why Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood supported the uprising from the very beginning and Sunni scholars who supported Bashar Al Assad called them sell outs. Erdogan wasn’t aware that the Israelis/Jews/Jew-pets would double cross him or attempt in doing so by helping the YPG gain power who are connected with the PKK and supported them for many years before the so-called “Arab spring revolutions” began. If the YPG gets armed, they will support the PKK and that will create potential problems for Turkey’s national security and territorial integrity. This is a very complicated entanglement. Israel and Jews worldwide are clearly the sole beneficiaries.

  7. Great article. I would add that while there are many complexities, the Kurdish people, Iran’s influence in Lebanon and Syria, the fatal schism in Islam between Shia and Sunni – which Israel exploits to the maximum, American and Russian rivalry, the EU – there is one important component that should not be overlooked – oil. Arabia and Qatar want a pipeline through Syria, and Syria does not see this in their own interest. Then, the most vicious war fully amplified by Israel (and USA, UK, France, Turkey – Arabia and Qatar spending billions and emptying the jails for volunteers, mercenaries from Libya and many other places in the Arab and Islamic world) eventually drawing in Hezbollah from Lebanon, Iran, and Russia in heroic resistance to the animals fighting to wreck Syria. The zionists and Genie energy (stockholders include Cheney and other prominent criminals) move in to steal Syria’s oil wealth in the Golan area, others in Northern and NE Syria. Arabia is seeing huge financial costs. Yet nobody except Iran, Syria, the Hezbollah from Lebanon, and Russia see that Israel will turn the entire region into something resembling Libya or Iraq at their very worst ruined point after the neocons and and others get through with them. The EU allows itself to be destroyed, Jordan is inundated with refugees as well. Let’s hope Mr. Erdogan will continue the quest for better relations with Russia, and other countries realize what will happen if they permit the zionists to exploit them.

  8. The author seems to indicate that the Obama team is different than something else team. It is always the same jewish controlled CIA team regardless of what jewish stooge is President. The switch to Russia in Turkey is an excellent example of how not smart the jews are contrary to all the propaganda about how brilliant jews are.

    I am still of the opinion that the Turkey coup was engineered by Erdogan to maintain and deepen his control in Turkey. Reestablishing favorable relations with Russia (which would include Iran) and Israel just before the coup is an indicator. It is better to be surrounded by friends including possibly Syria than be a stooge for a distant power surrounded by enemies especially if Erdogan thought that a Saddam moment might be in his future.

  9. According to hyper-conspiracy scenario (absolutely every tiniest political move predestined by the Rothschilds), I am writing this now because whether I am onboard or not, the Rothschilds engineered it too.

    Hyper-conspiracy is theology of atheists unable to conceive of anything above the Rothschild multi-headed G-d and the Illuminati archangels and the descending hierarchy of the Masons.

    Because how else could the Rothschilds have achieved such omnipotence and omniscience unless they are of divine stock?

    Count me an atheist, sorry.

    1. Lobro,

      Until Putin nationalizes the banks I will always be dubious. Don’t get me wrong, he talks a good game. His actions in Syria have proved contrary to western wishes. However, I remember that Lenin said “the best way to beat the opposition is to control them”. If Putin does nationalize the banks, then I’ll no longer be sitting on the fence but certainly inside Putin’s camp.

    2. Harb,
      people think of Russia as some subhuman swampland where a ruler can do as he damn well pleases, which shows their abysmal ignorance, not to say incipient racism, ie, a country of neanderthal serfs unable to raise a voice of criticism or opposition.
      Therefore, they think that Putin can and should do stuff like denounce Holocaust, accept hitler, nationalize banks, waste the oligarchs and the Pussy riot, do this and do that.
      Well, he cannot do any of that stuff, at least not instantly, anymore than any other mortal.
      You would like to nationalize British banks, wouldn’t you, so why don’t you?

      It was quite an eye-opener to me to see how even Joe Stalin, despite advance knowledge of the planned Trotsky coup, allowed it to unfold while dodging one step ahead of bullets, in order to be able to knock off the coup plotters while retaining popular support and that Erdogan seems to have done the same, for the same reason.
      None of these guys are omnipotent and Obama is in fact, almost nilpotent, so it’s easy to blame him for inaction, when in fact, inaction is the best he can do.
      The “Atlanticist” faction of powerful Jew oligarchs, bankers, economists, financiers and media owners led by Dmitry Medvedev is almost as strong as the Russian faction led by Putin, backed by most of the military and police and Putinists seem to be gaining ground bit by bit by swinging the popular opinion behind them, on the foreign policy front but lagging behind on the domestic economy front run by the Atlanticists.
      Putin must not only do the right thing but appear to do the right thing in a democratic, undictatorial manner.

      It is entirely false and condescending to claim that Russian people are too dumb and powerless and love to be terrorized by all-powerful rulers, the racist Anglo fantasy fed to them by HollyJude.
      Tsar had to step carefully, even the mighty Stalin did and so does Putin most certainly of all.

      Watch the game as it unfolds and you will see the signs of his power growing ever so slightly, day by day, because he is a consummate player, he didn’t walk into godlike setting like a newly proclaimed roman emperor.
      And how many Roman emperors ended up skewered by assassin’s sword because they got careless and fell asleep on the throne?
      Nero felt so invulnerable that he declaimed his poetry from Mt Olympus, at the sacred games in Greece.
      The next year he was forced to run himself through on the legionary’s blade, the gladius or face a worse fate.

      There is a word for it: reality.

      (being an inveterate optimist, i anticipate that Putin WILL grab the central bank at some point and implement Nat Soc financial and labor policies – easy does it in this game of mistakes)

      1. Lobro,

        You and Pat both put forward good arguments for and against Putin. This is why I’m slap bang in the middle.
        As you know, I’m very much a Rothschild ‘hunter’ so to speak in that, I’m following the money, just as Pat and you both are also.

        I also agree, that people are putting a lot of hope on him, to ‘save the whites’. They should be doing it themselves. I can’t nationalize the banks. However, Putin can. He’s in charge.

        Stalin, may very well have played along from the start, knowing that one day he’d be holding the reigns. We can clearly see that he went from Internationalist to nationalist, hence the hunting down and murder of many of the Frankfurt School, along with Trotsky.

        Putin may very well be doing the same, that is, he’s not putting his head on the block, by going head first against an establishment that’s been running Europe (and the world) for the last 230+ years. Then again, his submission to the official holocaust narrative, especially having access to camp communications and other history, you and I don’t have access to, makes me also wonder. Ahmadinejad, for example, spoke out against the holocaust. He was a true, truth seeker.

        I agree also that he has to be very careful, to dodge the assassin. Castro, for example has been dodging attempted assassination for about 400 times or so I believe. If Putin does grab the banks then it will change things, not just in Russia, but the rest of Europe for the better.

        Putin’s story is still unfolding. Time will tell.

      2. Lobro –
        Harb –

        We are all guessing. We don’t know what Putin has been ordered to do.

        I say ‘ordered’ because he came up through the ranks guided by the same Pharisee-Jew Banker communists…. yes, Pharisee-Jew Banker communists… who destroyed Russia.

        It is my guess that Putin was ordered to fight ISIS because, even though an invention of Pharisee-Jew Banker communist Zionists, ISIS needs to be controlled….. limited, somewhat.

        If Putin Nationalizes the CBR….. which I doubt …. and does not drop out of the Bank For International Settlements, the BIS…. then, it is all a smokescreen.

        Too much titanium in Russia…… and too much uranium in US, which Russia is buying, thanks to Hillary. Hillary is already dealing with Putin.

        Even Iceland, which supposedly kicked out Pharisee-Jew Bankers, is still in BIS, and does not use its own currency for most transaction….. even locally.

      3. Pat,

        All of the other considerations aside, you can’t really put too much value in the fact that he came from ‘the same ranks’. Most people on Darkmoon came from the same ranks to which the vast majority of the population still belongs.

      4. Dmitry Medvedev is nothing but immature friend of Putin, he cannot lead or control a fraction of “oligarchs, bankers, economists, financiers and media owners”, he is incapable of that.

        “Medvedev’s political career began as the Election Campaign Manager, and later as an adviser of the St. Petersburg Mayor, Anatoly Sobchak. During this time, Medvedev befriended Vladimir Putin.”

        He is a clown, a talking head and a Putin’s puppet.

    3. Every TINIEST political move isn’t predestined by Rothschild, that’s facetiousness talking (open cheek, insert tongue :>()

      But if you’re the octopus head whose brain determines the general movement of the tentacles, then every tiny political move can’t help but reflect that.

      If Putin were to go all rogue on the spineless Rothschild invertebrate, then Russia would have to pioneer the practical necessity of a “circle-the-wagons”, self-sustaining reality. IF that were to create a snowball effect in the EAST, then war would no longer be looming, it’ll be HERE.

      Which has probably been the gist of the end-game plan all along

      1. Pat

        I’m familiar with Mullins take, and to be clear, they invented ashke-nazism, not to be confused with the intentions of nat’l socialism.

        Hitler tried his hand at playing the most treacherous game, and it’s treachery did him in

        Putin redux


    John Chuckman

    Events in Turkey just become stranger with each passing day.

    We now have Middle Eastern and Persian sources, cited by Russian and German papers, that Russia’s security agencies overheard helicopter radio transmissions by the coup participants, and President Putin warned Erdogan about what was happening, likely saving his skin.

    If true, this would help explain the apparent ineptness of the coup forces. My first hypothesis explaining this ineptness plus other peculiarities of the coup was that the plotters were unwittingly working in a dark operation run by Turkish security forces, intended to make them fail while flushing them out and giving Erdogan a free hand.

    This possibility of Russian advance warning put together with Erdogan’s own belief that the coup originated in America should yield some serious geopolitical shifts in the region.

    We could have an even stronger rapprochement between Turkey and Russia than was already underway, a rapprochement, by the way, which could well have helped tip the United States into giving a wink and a nod (and of course, as always, some cash) to Turkish rebel forces.

    But that would not be the only reason for America’s supporting a coup. The truth is, from the American point of view, Erdogan’s erratic behavior – shooting down a Russian war plane, firing artillery into Syria at American Kurdish allies, blackmailing Europe over large numbers of refugees resident in Turkish camps, and still other matters – over the last few years has added uncertainty and potential instability to a strategically important region.

    Even if the United States were not involved in the coup, although right now Turkey’s government appears to believe firmly that it was, Putin’s warning would add a powerful positive element to Russian-Turkish relations.

    Just as America’s failure to warn Erdogan adds a new negative element to Turkish-American relations. After all, no one is better equipped for international communication interception than the NSA. If the United States were not involved, why didn’t it warn Erdogan? Either way, the outcome is negative for Turkish-American relations.

    One of the strongest suggestions for American involvement is the fact that Turkish jets, for bombing and fuel supplies, took off from the İncirlik Airbase during the coup. This airbase is Turkish, but has many Americans resident, including some high-level ones, since there is not only a sizable air force stationed there but an estimated fifty thermonuclear bombs. The Turkish commander, Gen. Bekir Ercan Van, was in daily contact with the Americans and sought asylum in the United States before he was arrested by Turkey.

    If it is true that Putin warned Erdogan, this would also be the second time Putin has blunted the success of a major American-inspired coup, as he very much did in Ukraine.

    Seems as though poor old America, for all its grossly swollen and over-paid security services, just cannot run a good coup anymore.

    Putin is disliked by Washington’s establishment precisely because he successfully blunted a huge and costly operation in Ukraine, so disliked that NATO has been pushed dangerously into something resembling the terrifying preparations for Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa in Eastern Europe, 1941.

    And, of course, Putin also has thwarted the American effort to overthrow President Assad with paid and supplied proxy forces of mercenaries and religious maniacs. Interestingly, Erdogan has been a key player there. French intelligence has just estimated that even now about a hundred thugs cross the border from Turkey into Syria each week.

    If Putin has now also stopped a Turkish adventure, the hissing in Washington will likely become much louder.

    A new relationship between Turkey and Russia offers a lot of possibilities, none of them favorable from America’s point of view, the restart of the Turkish Stream natural gas project being just one.

    And if Europe speaks up or acts too strongly against Erdogan’s counter-coup measures, there’s always the possibility of a new release of refugees from Turkish camps, something which could genuinely destabilize the EU after so many other recent woes. And smooth control of the EU has been one of America’s chief policy objectives for years.

    Of course, we should remember that Churchill’s famous quote originally applied to Russia in the days of Stalin. It does not apply to contemporary Russia, and Putin’s deft moves have made some of America’s clumsy efforts at re-ordering the world rather make it resemble Stalin in international affairs.

    1. “Putin is disliked by Washington’s establishment…”… EXCEPT for Hillery Clinton.

      Putin – Rosatom – paid the Clinton Foundation $$$Millions for 20% of US uranium production.

      The deal was essentially brokered by Hillary and was ran through the Clinton Foundation using Canadian-backed contributions as a cover.

      With one swoop of a pen the bitch sold out the American people and one-fifth of America’s uranium resources to the Russians.

      —Russia took control over 20% of US uranium after Uranium One’s associates made lavish contributions to Clinton Foundation—

      Churchill is GONE. Clinton is HERE… NOW..!!

      She is dedicated to reducing the US. She will win… be (S)elected.

  11. You say that Pat as if you were trained as an advanced KGB/NKVD officer. WTF?

    1. Yes, TROJ –

      AND…. I saw you in a straight-jacket, talking with Putin when he was promoted to KGB Station Chief in Dresden in 1986. I took his wife on her first shopping spree without long hours of waiting in line like in Moscow…. She was amazed at the selection….
      ……and really cheap prices… 🙂

    1. Pat

      They can put whatever they want on their damned slates. Not ALL will stupidly wind up on Rothschild’s guillotine

      The whole thing is gearin’ up for more war on a massive scale

      How can you not see this?

      1. “How can you not see this?”

        Because I see them doing it like Khrushchev said… he was at the planning tables. He knew the plans. Putin knows them today.

        I understand what Kruschev meant when he made the very bold claim, “We will take America without firing a shot..!!” I include bombs and missiles in his claims.

        Remember…. “I care not who makes the laws,” still applies for the Rothschilds.

        I should ask you… “How can you not see this?”

        You are arguing with Khrushchev 🙂 … a past PAID planner for the global construct.

      2. You make it sound like Khrushev knew all there was to know. Remember- the pyramidal “need-to-know only” top to bottom chain of command

        The more I think about it, the more sense it makes that we really ARE seeing the long, drawn-out chain of a 3-step manipulation that started with step 1 in 1913-18, to culminate in a final crescendo of total war.

        Putin, like Hitler before him is being set up to do the jews bidding, supremely and arrogantly confident that nothing will stop them. Hitler went along with the scheme to round up the jews for the long term goal of creating the bogus state of Israel (step 2).

        For him, this was a way to get the jews out of Europe, and although he knew he was being used by the egregious ringleaders at the top, he was nevertheless confident of beating them at their own game, and being rid of THEM, too.

        On the other hand, Putin is being driven to go all rogue on the pharisee money grip that will bring BRICS into a ‘renegade fold’. When this happens, it will be the cue for the final step 3.

        How can that NOT be centered around a massive war like the FIRST two were?

        Albert Pike was not sellin’ a bill of goods. I believe he was high enough on the command chain to call that one right. But it may all be moot if the Great Mother has her way and beats ’em all to the punch :>}

      3. B-Hawk –

        I make it sound like Khrushchev knew more than you…. about the plans he was part of.

        He was at the UN. You were likely somewhere else. 🙂

  12. Pat

    I was somewhere else then, but I’ve been around the block a few times since, and so have you. And YOU underestimate what can become known and HOW.

    I probably should amend the above post to say that had Hitler known the full extent of his being used, he would have had a lightbulb moment that would have altered history immeasurably. In saying this, I am convinced that lobro is right, and Stalin was secretly hoping that Hitler would see through a ruse.

    Now, all eyes are on Putin, who probably more than anyone in history sees the wicked cunningness of an implacable enemy.

    Nikita Khrushev? Ha! It is to laugh. That gauche little twirp who will forever be known as the theatrical man who couldn’t find a gavel, so he used his shoe instead!

    On the pyramidal hierarchy, his position was certainly far away from it’s pinnacle.

    1. B-Hawk –

      No huge war need in US or the modern ‘internet ready’ countries of the world.

      Destruction is needed only in places where upgrading is necessary to accommodate internet banking and stock markets and gambling…. and ‘social site’ eavesdropping… etc. ISIS is the latest excuse.

      Al Qaeda got worn out. ISIS will be replaced when the term becomes too commonplace, and people remark,”If you’re so tough, and you got ‘nukes on a stick’… go stop ISIS. I’m tired of hearing about them..!!” Maybe LICE… Loving International Communists Everywhere.. 🙂

      US is intentionally destroying itself by Rothschild design to raise the economies of China and Russia:


      1. Pat

        Putin would agree that no war is needed, but if you think he’s just another member of the good old boy’s club and will simply fall in line as the dominoes continue to fall, then you are sadly mistaken.

        I’ll stick to my latest sense of things as set forth in my post above about a BRICS “renegade fold”

        I like my guess better :>}

      2. B-Hawk – –
        “I’ll stick to my latest sense of things as set forth in my post above about a BRICS “renegade fold”

        BRICS may turn into something worthwhile in a century or two.

        All of those 5 countries are ‘snared’ by Rothschilds’ BIS today.

        **BRICS charter requires the USD for its currency.**

        Art 7 – a) …… The dollar wherever referred to in this Agreement shall be understood as being the official currency of payment of the United States of America.

        BRICS Charter/Constitution:

        Furthermore… BRICS is corrupt…. As ALL Pharisee-Jew Bankers are.

        Israeli economist appointed as head of Brazil’s central bank just in May.
        Posted on May 18, 2016

        “Israeli economist Ilan Goldfein has been appointed the president of the Central Bank of Brazil in the wake of the suspension of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff due to corruption charges.”

        There are some contractual facts to support my guesses. I like mine better. 🙂

      3. yes of course BRICS is corrupt. Can’t help but be

        But my guesses are better in the overall interpretation

      4. Pat,

        “US is intentionally destroying itself by Rothschild design to raise the economies of China and Russia”


      5. 1138 –

        I have posted numerous times on DM that in the 1960s I read an official UN memo which stated that the US of the future would be the Breadbasket for the world and the Entertainment center for the ones who could afford it. That would require what IS happening today… shutting mining and manufacturing and concentrating on building golf courses, theme parks, casinos and wilderness areas for relaxation and hunting and fishing for elites.

        The economies of China and Russia, along with other BRICS countries, need to become stronger to take the place of the lost production.

        The yuan and ruble need to become part of the reserve currency mix. They both have debt-potential greater than the USD. Both have the resources to be encumbered. They need to be in the trading mix. Those two currency horses need to be trotting alongside the USD, EURO and BPS….. for a smoother transition to take place….. in the next few centuries.

        A global governance works best when there is not one economy too far out in front as the US and USD is today. The London Pharisee-Jew Bankers are pushing it hard to the finish line over the next few decades or so.

        All of this will take centuries…. well within their time-tables.

      6. US Publicly Listed companies way down – – –

        At the peak in 1996, there were 8,025 publicly listed US companies; as of 2012 that number was down to 4,102. During that same time frame, non-US listings rose to 39,427 from 30,734. Listings per capita in the US, another important measure of development, also went in the opposite direction of every other developed nation’s.

        According to historical trends the economic development in the US, in 2012, 9,538 should have been listed meaning there was a “gap” of 5,436 listings.

        Some are due to acquisitions and mergers…. but not the 5,000+ shortage.

      7. Pat,

        I understand what you are saying. But my point was rather, that if they already are that powerful then there already is a world government moulding the world into whatever they want. There is no need to concentrate entertainment for the uberrich. The whole planet is for their entertainment.

        I think that the destruction of the west has more to do with shortsightedness – out of hate for the white man – than a well thought out design. They are not rational beings. And now it is hitting everyone, including them, hard in the face. Naturally they are present everywhere trying to position themselves and to maintain their empire. But they have (over)shot themselves in the foot. There still is a battle going on and i wouldn’t know for sure who will win. But again, they are irrational, because if they were not, they wouldn’t make so many blatant mistakes which disclose their hand behind them.

      8. 1138 –

        Have it your way. I was using the UN Memo from the 60s as a source.

        B-Hawk – –

        The Pharisee-Jews wrote the bible to fool you. That’s the “full picture.”

  13. II38 underestimates them by confusing the “boots on the ground” with the real directing power, and Pat’s assessment isn’t seeing the full picture

    Here’s the long and the short of it:

    After 1945, the final phase of the long-term plan was set in motion. It calls for using the U.S. military to do what is has been doing ever since with these “building-block” wars to set things up for TOTAL war.

    The psychopathic gods ruling from above CRAVE war like a vampire does your blood; a shark who smells it in the water. And the only thing that will satisfy the beast pouring through pandora’s portals is for it to reach a level of totality their bloodlust DEMANDS in an ultimate act of human sacrifice. This is inevitable in characterizing the destroying parasite.

    Matthew 24:21

    “For there shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.”

    In their psychotic devotion they just can’t help themselves. It’s all they know, and they are relentless in its pursuit. Whoever thinks otherwise is just whistlin’ past the ol’ boneyard.

    The “contractual facts” Pat speaks of are part of this last phase, which is to steer BRICS into a renegade position as the preamble to war, whose construction will use a different m.o. than the one used on Hitler that goaded him into attacking Russia in 1941.

    Putin the former high-level KGB now head of state won’t be fooled so easily, if at ALL. They know this, so my guess is that sabotaged Intelligence won’t be the thing that would spark it all this time around. What WILL is anyone’s guess

    They may have the victim’s head in a vice, but they haven’t crushed it’s skull.

    Time is “speeding up”…

    Matthew 24:22

    “and except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s (awakened goyim’s) sake those days shall be shortened.”

    This speeding-up process changes the historical overview of transpiring events, ergo, one or two centuries in the PAST is more like one or two decades NOW.

    1. B-Hawk – –

      The Pharisee-Jews wrote the bible to fool you. That’s the “full picture.”

      1. most of it yes, but not all

        what do you think it means to distill information? I could cite other sources for what I’m conveying that parallel gospel passages, but you would only call that bunk, too, so what’s the point discussing it with YOU?

        And btw, why aren’t other readers jumping in to our little back and forth here? I’d like to think that for thoughtful commenters, the writing wheels are turning as we speak

  14. Pat

    Friends close, enemies closer. You got it backwards, brother

    But that aside, my thoughts on a BRICS set-up/war scenario may technically be a guess, but an intriguing and credible one that even YOU can’t deny.

    Think about it. We’ve already found common ground in acknowledging the corruption of BRICS. It’s not much of a stretch to consider that what I’m suggesting may really be what’s going on

  15. A people that came out of Egypt but Egypt not come out of them , the same Egypt that killed Christ even unto this day , into the Prophecy of what is spiritually (America) “Sodom & Egypt”. That same Egypt denoted by the
    many alters figured in the freemasonic Israeli supreme court Lo-the hindu Vishnu, denoted by the transgendered one atop the freemasonic capitol hill working through “Intimation & seduction” equals to ‘Violence & Sodom” even unto the Prophecy of the days of Noe & Lot , through the wicked policies of the 2 houses of congress where one is to the same Violence & the other to the same sodom which were the cause of the destruction at the time of Noe & Lot resp,

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