Fake Anti-Semitism manufactured by Jews


Mossad proxy faked violent Facebook anti-Semitism: Israeli legal group admits faking an ostensibly pro-Palestinian Facebook page to post anti-Semitic statements including “Death to all the Jews”

Did you know that the most virulent anti-Semitism is  fake anti-Semitism manufactured by Jews?  It is Jews themselves who often scrawl swastikas on walls (see picture), deface Jewish cemeteries, and create fake Palestinian websites with bloodcurdling messages like ‘DEATH TO ALL JEWS!’ All this is done to create a backlash of sympathy for Jews and make people rally round and give their full support to Israel and the “persecuted” Chosen People.  

Mossad proxy faked violent Facebook anti-Semitism

An Israeli legal group with intimate ties to the state’s intelligence agencies has admitted to faking an ostensibly pro-Palestinian Facebook page and using it to post anti-Semitic statements including “Death to all the Jews.”

The Israeli group has also filed a lawsuit against Facebook, for allegedly permitting Palestinian “incitement.”

Shurat HaDin claims to be a “civil rights organization.” Various media reports have described it as an “Israeli non-governmental organization,” an “advocacy group,” or even a neutral-sounding “law center” – the group’s self-description also adopted by The Guardian and PBS.

But US embassy cables leaked by Chelsea Manning and published by WikiLeaks tell a very different story.

Shurat HaDin director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner privately told a US embassy official that her group “took direction” on which court cases to pursue. She claimed that she “receives evidence” from Israel’s international espionage and assassination agency Mossad and from Israel’s National Security Council.

Mossad anti-Semitism

In a video published to YouTube last week, Shurat HaDin claimed responsibility for the creation of a Facebook page titled “Stop Israelis” on 29 December.


A screenshot from Shurat HaDin’s YouTube video shows the “pro-Palestinian” Facebook page the Mossad-linked group faked.

At some point soon after, the page posted a cartoon about the Israeli threat to al-Aqsa mosque, along with the statement: “Revenge against the zionist enemy that threatens Al Aqsa! Death to all the jews! [sic]”

Shurat HaDin says the faking of the page was done as a “Facebook experiment,” supposedly to demonstrate that the social media giant is biased against Israelis.

Shurat HaDin claims it created a second racist page, but called “Stop Palestinians,” and then reported both pages to Facebook at the same time, but that only the latter was immediately removed.

In fact, the fake Shurat HaDin page containing the anti-Semitic statement was also deleted within days of when Shurat HaDin claims it was reported to Facebook.

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post Gilad Ravid of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev criticized Shurat HaDin’s actions, saying he was “not convinced that the conclusions drawn from this experiment are the correct ones.”

Ravid also said Shurat HaDin’s anti-Semitic postings on Facebook would have caused “significant discomfort” to those who read them before the page was closed down.

Media later reporting on the “experiment,” including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post were sent a statement from the social media giant: “Facebook does not tolerate hate speech, including against people on the basis of their nationality. We review all reports and take down such content. Both these pages have now been removed from Facebook.”

Facebook did not reply to a request for further comment.

Violent incitement

Ironically, use of Facebook and other social media by Israelis for violent incitement against Palestinians and Muslims is pervasive. The Electronic Intifada has documented this phenomenon over several years.

A perusal through our “Israelis on Facebook” tag lists too many disturbing examples to list in full here.

Some of the more notable cases include Mor Ostrovski, the Israeli soldier who posted a photo of a Palestinian child in the crosshairs of his rifle to his Instagram account; an outbreak of violent racist fantasies (“Castrate them!” “Burn them!” “Bullet in the head!”) against a group of young Palestinian children who had joined a peaceful protest camp in 2013; and a July 2015 viral campaign in which Israelis posted photos of their children holding signs demanding the execution of Palestinian “terrorists.”

Even more notable is the fact that this racist incitement against Palestinians stems from the very top of the Israeli establishment.

Current justice minister Ayelet Shaked in 2014 approvingly posted a genocidal article to her Facebook page which declared that “the entire Palestinian people is the enemy” and justified its destruction, “including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.”

One month later Moshe Feiglin, then deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament, used his Facebook page to publishhis own detailed plan for the total destruction of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The plan called for the “conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters,” and called for the civilian population to be “concentrated” in special camps on the border with Egypt.

All of these instances of Israelis using Facebook for violent and genocidal incitement against Palestinians took place long before the current Palestinian uprising began in October – the subject of a recently-launched Shurat HaDin lawsuit against Facebook.

Mossad vs. Facebook

The reason for the Mossad-linked group to want to generate such negative publicity for Facebook is no mystery.

Lakin v. Facebook was filed in a New York state court at the end of October on behalf of some 20,000 Israelis against the social media giant.

It is an attempt to get Facebook to crack down on Palestinians who Shurat HaDin claims use it to praise or organize armed resistance against Israeli soldiers and civilians.

The suit calls for the court to issue “an injunction requiring the defendant to stop allowing Palestinian terrorists to incite violent attacks against Israeli citizens.”

But according to Eugene Volokh, a UCLA law professor who blogs at The Washington Post, the case “is going nowhere.”

Volokh argues that Shurat HaDin’s suit relies on “Israeli laws that restrict speech” in a way which would be “unconstitutionally overbroad” under the First Amendment which prohibits federal, state and local government in the US from restricting free speech.

“American courts don’t enforce foreign speech restrictions that would be inconsistent with the First Amendment,” Volokh observes.

He says that “many of the examples that the complaint offers thus wouldn’t even qualify as ‘incitement’ under US law.”

Volokh says that Facebook “has no obligation under US law to censor its content” as Shurat HaDin and the Israeli government clearly want it to do.

“Covert” online units

This is not the first time that Israel, or groups engaging in government-backed propaganda, have engaged in such deceptive online tactics.

In 2013, it was reported that the Israeli prime minister’s office was organizing students in “covert” and “semi-military” style units to tweet and post pro-Israel messages on social media without revealing they are doing it as part of a government propaganda campaign.

During the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza which killed more than 2,200 Palestinians including 551 children, one Israeli student union set up a “Hasbara war room” – using the Hebrew word for propaganda. “We want people abroad who don’t know our reality to understand exactly what is going on here,” one of the organizers explained. The “war room” itself drew on earlier similar efforts.

Also in summer 2014, The Electronic Intifada revealed how pro-Israel website Israel21c planned to use interns to infiltrate online communities with its puff-piece stories about the supposed wonders of Israeli technology.

“You wouldn’t directly reference that you’re interning for Israel21c,” one of the men behind the project admitted to our undercover reporter, “that would sort of defeat the point of posting it.”

And only last month the Center for Public Diplomacy and Israeli Hasbara announced it would plant secret operatives within Israeli human rights groups in order to discredit and undermine their work in support of Palestinian human rights.

Zionist anti-Semitism

There is also a pre-Internet age precedent for the “significant discomfort” that Shurat HaDin’s current Facebook deceptions would have caused Jews and others reading the “Stop Israelis” page.

In the 1980s, undercover Anti-Defamation League agent Roy Bullock (who worked for both Israel and the South African apartheid regime) infiltrated Palestine solidarity and Arab civil rights groups in the US.

One of Bullock’s tactics was to try and make it look as if the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) had neo-Nazi links.

He did this by trying to manufacture those links himself.

On one occasion, Bullock attended a conference of the Holocaust-denying “Institute for Historical Review” to distribute ADC literature and recruit members.

We know that Israel and its allied groups around the world are still involved in keeping close tabs on Palestine solidarity activists.

Incidents like Shurat HaDin’s fabrication of an anti-Semitic “pro-Palestinian” Facebook page show some of the lengths to which Israel’s propagandists will still go.

Here are two short videos (each under 2 minutes) that will show you that Israel’s hasbara agents are all around us , even on this website, posting hysterical,  over-the-top  messages like “EVIL JEWS!” and “DEATH TO ALL JEWS!” so as to create a backlash of sympathy for Israel and the “persecuted” Chosen People. The more violent and extreme the expression of hatred aimed at Jews in these messages, the more likely that all this is simply histrionic play-acting by a Jewish hasbara agent.

Check out these two very short videos for confirmation of this:

1.  VIDEO: 1.45 mins
2. VIDEO: 1.45 mins

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  1. Great article indeed; but what’s gonna happen to “Israel”? Are they just gonna sit there forever messing with us, -three attacks on churches in as many weeks- all upset that the EU doesn’t wanna buy products made on stolen land- shooting people and stabbing their own, tripping all over the place and shit, killing hezbollah heroes and iranian generals and then going into hiding pumping that eternal paranoia drama; all mad now that Iran got their money back and sanctions were lifted and worried that the persians will have “the bomb” in less than a year and that no one, not Europe nor the u.s. Nor the Russians (who already gave them s400’s technology) will do shit about it because they will all be heavily investing there,

    My suggestion is for the wasp to find them God Damned Jews a good piece of land in Texas_near George Bush Ranch, this way he can always feel the power of Hannukah (just like he said)_ yeah America, where they will always have a great teary audience -stupid redneck ladies sending their money to preachers like, what’s his name that guy with the mega church? Jimmy Swaggart or whatever, stupid people that will forever listen to their stories about how they survived living in the bushes, hiding from Hitler while eating cat and dog shit for three straight years and how hitler burnt and Gassed 6 million of them using a two door garage, moving people, thieves actually, like the Clintons who would always sit there all teary and sorry listening to this stories at AIPAC.. and then on top of it they make movies and make tons of $oney out of shit they started, hell they make a lot of money selling napkins to white people at movie theaters..
    When it comes to me I think I am one of the few in the planet who can openly say in front of a judge anywhere in the planet
    And get away with it because I am from Der Yassin…
    Three more martyrs in Bethlehem today; I bet that felt good for them, killing three more Goyim this time 100 meters away from where Jesus was born
    Shit is gotta hit the fan

    1. We here in Canada and America always feel the “power of Hannukah” but not in the intense, psychotic, blood-curdling, old testament death worshipping and genocidal manner as you people, here it’s a subtle permeation defiling our culture, morals and thought processes. However, not all of us have become Golems, and for that reason Texas is not a good choice. I suggest Greenland.

    2. Hitler was found in Argentina. He was asked what his plans were. He said “I am going to build a Fourth Reich, BUT THIS TIME NO MORE Mr NICE GUY”

  2. At the Hasbara U, the official name for this is Swastikkun Olam.

    The Wash’N Hang’Em Memorial must be expanded to accommodate additional victums, no more room in Yizhröhel, I am sure goyums of the West Bank won’t mind.

    After all what kind of Bank is it if it doesn’t belong to Jews?

  3. Hmmmm….

    Makes one again wonder who “Lonnie”, etc. really are.

    If you’re out there boy, how ’bout ‘splainin’ why joo never seemed to get very specific about things, eh?

    1. Well to all wankers here.

      Why want you do something and act, lets see you today exterminating the Jews as you would love to. You are all coward haters with no balls.

      Continue suffering from your Paranoia from the Jews, yes, they will be your nightmare, the Jews will make your life miserable , as there is nothing you can do, as you are cowards, if you have balls, lets see you act…..

      You are pathetic I enjoy your suffering, the more you suffer the more I enjoy.

      1. Do you remember that time in 2006, when Hizbulla thought you ki*es a lesson in War?

        Brace yourself, people are getting tired.

        And even the Rock will scream out, “O Humane Person who is ridding the planet of Le Happy Merchant, here’s one hiding behind me!”.

      2. THE TRUTH’
        “Wankers” – abominable…but wonderful. If people do not understand lofty style, they should be spoken to a language which they understand. No matter how much time you repeat ’khalva’ you will not feel sweet in the mouth, as oriental saying goes. All attempts to get rid of jews failed and jew-haters must acknowledge defeat, or remain a herd of stupidos forever. Friedrich Nietzsche kept lambasting them far and wide but called to deport anticemites. Other ‘solutions’ prevailed and now they are milking Germany and half-world more. Defeats teach, victories are celebrated. Jews had been taught thousands years before their time came. Now let me bring some illustrations:
        One day Hercules was traveling in the mountains along a narrow road when he saw an apple lying on the ground, and as he passed he stamped upon it with his heel. To his astonishment, instead of being crushed it doubled in size; and on his attacking it again and smiting it with his club it swelled up to an enormous size and blocked up the whole road. I will not decipher this hint, it is too transparent.
        “Against a window, by which I write, huge bull tied up by the ring run through the nostrils. Grazing the grass, he wound the rope around the pole and, like prisoner, stands now suffering hunger in sight of luxurious grass, deprived of possibility even to toss up his head to drive off the flies that biting him. He made many attempts to get free but all in vain, and each time with plaintive mooing would fall in silence… I will come out of the room and drive away the bull directing him so that to unwind the rope, whereas no one will direct people to freedom. No one will help people until they start using their reason… (Henry George).
        And one more disappointing argument (for Christians): “…without Jewry Christianity would have been impossible…Hate for Jews – non-Christian feeling…jewish question insoluble within the limits of history…judaism can be virtue of gentiles as well as jews by blood can be free of it…*Final solution of jewish question is possible only in eschatological perspective. …Without religious self-determination of Jewry the problem of the world history can not be solved.” (Nikolay Berdyaev, Russian religious philosopher, shipped from Russia in 1922)

        *most terrible

    1. @Arch
      Absolutely disgusting! I’d never heard of this woman before, but now I’ll make sure to never buy or knowingly listen to her music!

      1. Felix, I believe it is a satire on Mariah Carey, who as another white shiksa is eager to prostitute herself to Jew and his trained Afro-ape who bought into the misdirected victim role and thinks that by mounting shiksas is gaining a measure of “revenge”.

        “Eager Beaver” fits Mariah Carey to a tee, a disgusting performer in the Grand Guignol.

        This Melissa girl is just a comedian spoofing her.
        I don’t think either of us would ever knowingly listen to Carey, let alone buy her stuff.

        Btw, there is something fundamental in the Jew-Shiksa pairing, which is the downfall of the race.

  4. The jews must marvel at the actual LACK of anti-semitism given the evil deeds that they execute on a daily basis. I can just see and hear them conspiring… “Jeez! What does it take to get these stupid goy to raise a decent low against their perpetual cattle prodders?!” Like them, I, too, am amazed at this gentile silence. Were we a healthy species, not only would there be howls against them, but a hell-bent program to eliminate their destructive viral influence.

    1. “Jeez! What does it take to get these stupid goy to raise a decent low against their perpetual cattle prodders?!”

      ANS: If the Pharisee-Jews would televise their synagogue services like Christians do…… AND:
      Expose the chant and muttering of Kol Nidre…

      AND show how Kosher mafia is charging manufacturers for labeling of store items… like mops, aluminum foil and Drano.

      That should help. 🙂

  5. There is something obsessive compulsive about the Israeli need to stamp out the Palestinians at all cost. Sorry I just don’t get it. I crawl into the head of someone who decides to fake discrimination to make someone else look bad and to solicit sympathy from the public. In reality the public does not care about Jews too much–I mean those that are not part of the neoliberal hypnotized gender studies voting block that Gilad Atzmon writes about. Of course, look at how successful Zionists (politically correct word for bad Jews) have been faking things to get what they want. If you are a small (microscopic practically) group of people who wants to rule extremely large groups of people you can’t do it openly but have to do it through deception. I say go ask a Jew (any old Jew man or woman will do) about Jewish control and they will deny it because of course the Jews are so few in number how could they even think let alone succeed at ruling the U.S. or the World—IMPOSSIBLE. But what do the worthless goyim really see… they see an impossibly hypocritical group of people who cry prejudice while being outrageously prejudice themselves. They see false flags like 9 11, and they see badly done fakery of all kinds. They see a world in disarray from monetary theft. So they see accurately, except , of course, for those too hypnotized by the media who probably still make the endless rerun narrative of the victimization of the Jews.

    1. Kapoore,

      ever considered changing the initial conditions for your analysis?

      You start off by insisting that everyone is moral, decent, truthful, compassionate and modest.
      Then you wonder what went wrong so that 96% ended up more deformed than majority of murderers on the US death row (I talked about this at some length, provided numbers available in public domain and won’t repeat it).

      And then you are forced into absurd position of
      “How can nice people be not nice, can they not see how sad Palestinians are when their babies are torched to death, tsk, tsk”

      Is it a woman thing, this maternal reflex that does not admit a possibility (and I claim a high probability if not certainty) that certain fundamentals are either hard wired or imprinted with overwhelming force at square one of the life game, fundamentals that at our end translate into paraphrased last will of Canaan impressed upon his sons at deathbed (not sure about historical veracity, irrelevant):

      At all times you shall hate the truth, worship lie, stick together, hate the goy indiscriminately, irrespective of who they are and strive to wreak maximal evil and suffering, you shall pursue filth, perversion and sadism joyously, you will exult in betrayal and hypocrisy, you will strive to at each step increase control over the goyim lives, doing any favors to goy is crime and betrayal of your sacred, chosen essence because we are indeed Chosen by Demiurge toward a goal that no bestial goy can ever conceive of (Tikkun Olam)”.

      If you, even for the sake of the argument accept the existence or as I assert, ubiquity of these first principles, the Judaic axioms, then everything falls into place, everything follows naturally and predictably, no need for implausible twisting and violations of inferential rules.
      Ok? No more Mama Mia stuff, like petting a scorpion.

      1. Ever seen Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby?
        Ask yourself whether Polanski, as immoral and perverted as he is, but also possessed of a deeper, sneaky talent was pitching an esoteric message above the usual horror and suspense entertainment.
        Even the fact that he used a clueless goy shiksa as terrified, yet helpless host to the evil parasite creeping out of her womb is fraught with occult significance.

        And moreover and at this point I would ask Ormanci whether he’s seen this one, Polanski made a weird, very dark Talmudic / Kabbalist film titled
        The Tenant
        Creepy … just like they are, I truly wonder what goes on behind the synagogue doors at one of their closed sessions, no goy admittance.

      2. Hmm. I do see most Jews as more or less ordinary human beings, stressed to the max, caught up in “keeping up with the Joneses”, super duped over Jewish victimhood, self-righteously anti-Christian, and true believers in the innocence of little Israel. I’m talking here about American Jews who generally are the children of immigrant shopkeepers. They may be first generation college educated. They understand very little outside of the spoon fed folk world of Yiddish chicken soup philosophy. They may now have tons of money from online porn, drive off the charts expensive cars and wear off the charts expensive watches; but they are still basically naive about anything outside of Yiddish mishmash.

        So, yes, I am surprised that out of this bland brew come such nut jobs as those who would think of faking victimhood, doing false flags, etc. Mama Mia doesn’t really get it. I think possibly another group came out of Europe in the 20s, 30s, 40s another breed much more sinister that had a demonic plan and who were elite rulers intellectually more fit for being criminals—communist types or maybe followers of Jacob Frank. They use these little people who are clueless. For example, take the shopkeeper type turned billionaire Hiam Saban who is a mega rich Hollywood producer, and who I believe originally was in the illegal arms trade… he don’t know nothin except he is all for Israel and he is Hillary Clinton’s major donor.. oh and by the way Bill Clinton is kind of a rags to riches guy too… Anyway, how did these cultural urchins manage to destroy Western Civilization. We must have been pretty naive ourselves… Mama Mia!!

  6. Fake anti-semitism has been used to gain holier-than-thou immunity for Jews. Their power lies in the fact that most people are afraid to even use the word Jew. Until we can clear that FEAR-OF-THE-SMEAR we will never be able to break Jewish Power.

    If the holes in the holocaust story, or the Jewish leadership of the Bolshevik mass murderers were even mentioned on the History Channel it would be a start.

    How could millions of bodies have been burned when there was no fuel to be had in Germany? and no trainloads of coke shown on aerial photographs of Auschwitz

    David R. Francis, United States ambassador in Russia, warned in a January 1918 dispatch to Washington: “The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution.”

    “Of 384 commissars there were 2 Negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians, and more than 300 Jews. Of the latter number 264 had come to Russia from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial Government”.

    The 5 men who executed the Tsar and his young family were all Jews.

    Even before Stalin came to power millions of Russians were killed by the Cheka, who were mainly Jews.

    NOBODY, NOBODY in the mainstream media dare mention any of this.

    We have been taught a false history, and the Jews have ridden to Power on it. They have hi-Jacked America and it will be difficult to break their grip.

  7. Lobro, I want to add that I don’t believe in collective punishment. Many people align themselves with evil agendas because they are clueless, and that is not a crime. We have a justice system that isn’t working at the moment– Hillary Clinton is a criminal running for President and she might get elected. Ideally criminals are punished. I don’t think being Jewish exempts you from the law, and I don’t think that being jewish automatically makes you a criminal…

    1. I don’t think that being jewish automatically makes you a criminal…

      But by everyday cop logic, it does make you a suspect, through simple force of association … called racial profiling.
      Not PCorrect but effective. Like you may instinctively clutch your purse tighter if walking past a couple of black teens on a sidewalk.

      Besides, being Jewish automatically makes you innocent in this day and age, if we go by prison population, Jews are the best, most decent, law abiding citizens on Earth, born with a lifetime free pass.
      Ask Marc Rich or Scooter Libby, for example.

      It’s that holocaust thing, you know.

  8. G’day Pilgrims,
    kapoore January 19, 2016 at 10:37 pm states, inter alia:
    ‘I don’t believe in collective punishment. Many people align themselves with evil agendas because they are clueless, and that is not a crime… I don’t think being Jewish exempts you from the law, and I don’t think that being jewish automatically makes you a criminal…’

    Arguably, professing Judaism is supporting Talmudism and at least tacitly amounts to supporting millions of Jews who commit crimes in furtherance of Judaic (Talmudic/Torahite) beliefs and objectives. For instance 96% of the Jews in Israel were said to have supported the “Cast Lead” genocidal attack by the IDF on Gazans. Moreover, the IDF includes hundreds of thousands of Jews who routinely kill and maim unarmed Palestinian men, women and children. Similarly, even today, 70 years after the NON EVENT, millions (most?) Jews fraudulently claim Germany “Holocausted” ie murdered, SIX million Jews. That constitutes collective communal support for a horrendous BLOOD LIBEL of the entire German nation. Arguably that is a crime and in fact a major one! It isn’t just a LACK of charity. It constitutes supporting a vicious, genocidal Judaic SCAM for money and political benefits. The HoloHoax is also being used to continue to kill (genocide) the German nation as Germans are NOT reproducing themselves because of the oppressive Judaic control of their nation using the US military to occupy it over the last 70 years. At the same time global Jewry is organising the crypto Jewess Merkel’s efforts to ethnically cleanse the German homeland by sending hordes of African and Asian refugees there to destabilise and impoverish German society. Pretending that anyone who publicly supports and professes Talmudism or Torahism (which is the “racist, supremicist, genocidal source of Talmudism) is or can be, an innocent bystander in our world, is hypocritical rabbinical rhetoric. Jews pretend that they are a race ie that anyone having DNA from a Jew or at least a Jewish mother, is a JEW, because that proposition is essential for them to pretend to claim that Jews are “Chosenites” ie chosen by God. Without that LIE about Jewish DNA it is impossible to maintain the “Chosenite” LIE which is fundamental to the Jewish political ideology that requires a belief that only Jews are human and all gentiles are “cattle” etc. ANY “Jew” today who maintains that the Holocaust of SIX MILLION (or any) “Jews” happened during WWII is a lying FRAUD, performing for individual or collective Judaic group profit, UNLESS s/he is mentally incompetent. Arguably also, any gentile who seeks to excuse most Jews from responsibility for what the Jewish collective does, has a death wish.
    Peace and Blessings,
    PS: Don’t forget to have some cash on hand because the global “Bank Holiday” required to reset the global money system, as agreed by the G20 in 2013, is due any time now.

  9. Revisionist historians please note that contrary to official history the Tsars son Tsaravich Alex and his sister Princess Anastasia survived the shooting wounded,, but were smuggled by loyal Cossacks to refuge in Poland.
    Evidenced by a statement to me by Tsaravich Alexs son Andrew Romanovski in Australia … further evidenced by retrieval this year of a buried chest of records in Poland.

    Fascinating synchronicity Andrew Romanovski was born * am July 16* 1950 – the murders were *am July 16* 1918

  10. G’day John Soulman

    You mention that:
    Revisionist historians please note that contrary to official history the Tsars son Tsaravich Alex and his sister Princess Anastasia survived the shooting wounded,, but were smuggled by loyal Cossacks to refuge in Poland.

    Thank you for that information.
    I understand that the Tsar and all of his family actually survived and Poland was indeed where his son held an important position within the apparatus. The US authorities were aware of this and a grandson was raised in the US.
    Peace and Blessings,

  11. Hi Ron..

    I don’t know the history of blood libel. I have read the revisionist historians on the Holocaust.

    In any case… your average Jew that is one to two generations out of the Shtetl has (as Gilad Atzmon correctly observes) a Jewish identity but no knowledge of what that means in terms of religious texts. I once had the remarkable experience of telling a Jewish man that I had broken all the laws of Leviticus when I was taking care of my dying father. You know Leviticus says if you look at your father naked you must die. When someone is dying it’s impossible to not see them naked because dying people throw off their clothes. This man’s response was “what is Leviticus?” I can guarantee you that if someone doesn’t know what Leviticus is, he doesn’t know what Talmud is. Jews worship the idea of people studying the Talmud with paintings of little old Jewish men clustered around a table poring over the books. They may not know what the Talmud is but they know that someone is studying it and that keeps the spirit alive. The same actually goes for the Torah, the Books of Moses. There is a ritual in the Jewish service where the Torah is passed around the congregation and people touch it or kiss it, many times bursting into tears. Don’t be mistaken, though, that this means they have ever read the Torah or know what it says. This was a big revelation to me personally when I realized that the Torah was a symbol of Jewish identity that no one really reads and many Jews who kiss and cry don’t even know what it is. This all has to do with the strange historical circumstance of people escaping the tyrannical rabbis of the Shtedl and the basic primitive existence of these little villages and then creating a myth of how wonderful and amazing these places were…when they were not. But it also explains the totalitarian impulse that has taken on so many diverse manifestations. These villages were run like totalitarian societies where group think triumphed over civil liberties, over free speech, over individual rights. Jews simply do not as a group get these concepts and that is why they can’t understand why we have a Bill of Rights. Shouldn’t it be updated to match the lofty and ideal Shtedl culture. So they escaped the Shtedl but they now impose it on us. But the majority know zero about Torah, Talmud, and so on. All they know is that Jews are good and Christians are bad–same old chicken soup philosophy. And being a good just means being loyal to the tribe and so being a criminal might not be that much of a problem. Watch that Woody Allen movie Crimes and Misdemeanors where being a good Jew does not mean you can’t be a criminal. At the end of the movie this woman who has no partner gets fixed up with a guy who is still in jail but is going to get out and he is a good prospect. Ignorance about religion is a virtue because it means you are a simple man who gives money to Israel and insures the survival of the jewish tribe which is the ultimate virtue of Judaism… There is no individual salvation only tribal salvation.

  12. Sorry… this topic has stirred me up.. so I’m oops.. adding on. I do think the Talmud seeps into secular Jewish life in unconscious ways. Jews may not have ever read the Talmud or maybe even don’t know what it is but they know that somewhere there is this BIG BOOK OF EXCUSES. Pretty much no matter what comes up that violates the other law, Torah, (which is the immutable word of G-d written from the Beginning as the blueprint of heaven) the big book of excuses can take care of it, no problem. But you as an individual peasant don’t find that excuse it has to come from the great authority of acknowledged scholars and rabbis.

    Ignorance of religion is prized because ignorant people don’t have to worry about asking stupid questions. In the movie, “The Big Short”, one of the characters is a yeshiva student getting top grades but the rabbi is concerned about him and tells his mother he is asking the “wrong questions.” Stupid is OK but wrong questions are not.

    The Big Short is about the 2008 banking meltdown. It reminds me perhaps of another instance of Talmudic seepage into public life. During the Congressional Hearings all the fraudsters lined up for questioning with their lawyers. They were all Jewish except one… so doesn’t that make the banking scandal Jewish. No, not in the minds of Jews because even one goyim is like a contamination that nullifies the Jewish nature of an event. The Russians think of Communism as Jewish Bolshevism and call it that. Jews argue that it wasn’t because there were actually “some” gentiles involved. It wasn’t 100% Jewish, so it wasn’t Jewish.

    The Talmud must have some laws where there is no excuse. Remember the religion began with Ezra and the return of the exiles. One big taboo was intermarriage. You shouldn’t intermarry, ever. (But if you do there is always a chance that you might have a real marriage one day since all non-Jewish marriages don’t count.) I’m married to a Jewish man and recently we had a curious exchange where Talmudic seepage came through. We have a troublesome in-law and I made a remark about the fact he was part of a particularly materialistic culture of the 90s in L.A. where Bar Mitzvahs often ran way into the tens of thousands and kids were spoiled rotten. So my husband says that this person is not Jewish because his mother wasn’t Jewish, even though she converted, even though he was raised in the religion, even though he dutifully was sent off to Israel and the “right of return” or whatever that trip is. I seriously can’t believe you said that, I said to him. But you see Jews don’t accept Shiksa or their children as authentically Jewish… Even Jews that are married to them..

    However, one of the ways control is achieved is by extending certain Jewish rights to righteous gentiles. So if you want access to the corridors of power then you might use Yiddish words, talk about your relative married to a Jew, and if in science be sure to have a real, deal Jew on your team for purposes of funding and recognition. I’ve noticed recently that unconsciously gentiles are now primed to play the game by playing the Jewish card in reverse. . And it really works. If I would only keep my mouth shut I could get a pass.

    1. Kapoore –

      Great comment, as usual…
      It is true, the Talmud IS… the “BIG BOOK OF EXCUSES.”

      Good point..!!

  13. G’day Kapoore,

    Thank you for your thoughts and anecdotes. Very interesting.

    I agree that lots (most?) Jews may have little knowledge of the Torah or the 63 books of the Talmud.
    For me that isn’t the issue. Those “Books” are the “sacred texts” that are used by rabbis to psychologically and mentally enslave Jews (via there “tribal” upbringing), as you indicate.

    I went to Catholic schools when Catholics were not even allowed to read the Bible. But Catholics still thought of themselves as Christians despite not being scholars of that substantially Jew created and distorted “holy book”. In my view being knowledgeable about the New Testament doesn’t make you a Christian. A Christian is someone who loves neighbour (ie ALL of humanity and the Creation) AS self FOR the love of God. Arguably many (most?) who say they are Christians do not satisfy that requirement.

    As I understand it, Jews believe they are g-d’s chosen people and that all non Jews are not. As you indicate, whether the average Jew understands where that belief comes from or is knowledgeable about the Old Testament [which should never have been incorporated into the Bible which purports to be the teachings of Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) because its provisions are antithetical to Esu’s teachings], is not relevant to the actual beliefs and behaviours of average Jews. Nor is it a requirement for being a “Jew”. If one’s mother was a Jew one is said to be a Jew regardless of what one thinks or does.

    I do not subscribe to that definition or to the notion that Jews are genetically distinct, which is apparently their justification for saying they are uniquely chosen by the deity. In my view, if someone born of a Jewish mother rejects the label and the beliefs and benefits of belonging to the tribe, s/he is NOT a Jew. The process is no different from my ceasing to be a Catholic because I do not subscribe to the dogmas of that ideology and do not seek to benefit publicly or otherwise from any benefits that membership of that religious collective might provide to me.

    What seems to be apparent with those who publicly profess to being Jews is that they seem to have a sense of SEPARATION from the rest of humanity and the planet. This expresses itself in seeking to be separate, superior to and unloving of, non-Jews generally. That contrasts totally with the teachings of Esu and hence the notion bruited about by Jews that Christianity is an Abrahamic religion and that Judeo-Christians are joined at the hip, as it were, is Judaic bullshit. They aren’t. There is NO Judeo-Christian ethic or common morality. Judaism does not teach that non-Jews are equally sons and daughters of the Creator and must be accepted and loved as such. Whereas Esu taught that ALL humans are sons and daughters of the Creator AND that all of God’s creatures and all of Creation is ONE with the Creator and must be loved accordingly. Incidentally, loving jews does not mean condoning their behaviour or failing to criticise that behaviour when it is appropriate to do so.

    There are many examples of “average” Jews exhibiting unloving and supremicist behaviours. I previously mentioned a couple. I think it is irrelevant whether the majority of Jews in Israel can quote any portions of the Torah or the Talmud justifying their genocide of Gazans and Palestinians. The fact is that they do hate them and celebrate the maiming and murder of those people; and their attitudes are consistent with those genocidal “sacred texts” quoted by their leaders.

    Similarly, I am unaware of ANY average or other Jews who acknowledge that the Holocaust is a fraudulent libel of the German nation. In this connection i mention that Brother Nathanael is NOT a Jew, he publicly professes to being an Orthodox Christian. Typically, the term ‘Blood Libel’ was coined by Jews in relation to Christians claiming that Jews had murdered a Christian child. IF the Jews can make a song and dance about Christians allegedly falsely accusing Jews of murdering ONE child surely it is reasonable to apply the term BLOOD LIBEL to the Jews’ blatantly false and fraudulent claim that the German nation holocausted SIX MILLION of the THREE million JEWS in German occupied Europe during WWII. If not, why not?

    Peace and blessings,

    1. Hi Ron,

      What you have to say makes a lot of sense. We have to actually participate in a religion and draw inspiration from it to be a part of it. Not the case though with being Jewish which is fairly unique because it is an ethnicity like being an Italian and it is sort of a religion. I am referring to the way I observed the lack of knowledge and yet participation of Jews in the jewish religion—infrequent attendance but obligatory like Jewish New Year, and so on. In some ways being Jewish is almost like being an African American (Black the preferred term) because there is this idea of a common historical experience. Still not quite that either. There is most definitely a sense of being genetically similar although it is probably not semitic but people who came from somewhere between Iran and Russia, and there is genetic similarity. I think the genetic pattern though is only about 40% similar and 60% a mix of European. All of this of course is almost not interesting because what you have is a folk culture and group of migrants out of where ever. The problem is the cluster of power, the nepotism, the willingness to commit criminal acts to gain power and keep it. And so in the end it’s more like a barbarian invasion through stealth. And even if we don’t want to pay attention, it is a big enough problem so you have to. Still, I think my point in all this was that there is a real innocence on the part of most Jews who are generally not that sophisticate. Some of those Spielberg interviews of Holocaust victims I thought gave a pretty accurate glimpse of your average jew. Very folksy, uncouth, willing to lie, and seriously clueless. The Banksters, the people that head agencies committing crimes, and so on… we have to start prosecuting criminals in order to not demonize the whole group, which is unAmerican and unjust.

  14. Thanks Kapoore,
    By their fruits you shall know them.
    I think that people who lie for profit, vocational preferment or whatever, thereby bringing misery and servitude to others for personal benefit and/or the collective benefit of the group they identify with, are responsible for what they do, The fact that they don’t fully comprehend what they do or the harm their collective inflicts on others, doesn’t give them a free pass. Many Catholics only attend mass at Christmas or whatever, and some probably conspire with co-religionists to defraud or otherwise harm non-Catholics. I don’t think the fact that they are only tacit accomplices or accomplices after the fact to crimes by the collective they identify with exonerates them.
    Amerikkan Jews DO demonise whole groups. Apart from the political correctness which US Jews at least tacitly support to the detriment of many USans, Amerikkan Jewry actively supports Israel’s (ie Jews’) demonisation, victimisation, ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinians. Theoretically that is allegedly “unAmerican” (although actually more Amerikkan than “apple pie”). And it is certainly unjust. In the circumstances Amerkkan Jews alleging that criticising what the Jewish collective does in that regard unfairly demonises them and is unjust, is logically unsupportable and morally suspect. I reject such rhetoric when voiced by the Vatican, or my government or my family et al with respect to the harm they inflict on others. To do less is to be complicit. Ultimately we are responsible for what we think, say and do. Evolvement to higher consciousness depends on rigorous self assessment. Those who fail or refuse to do that, don’t grow.
    The spectacle of jews claiming that they are unfairly demonised and treated unjustly by those who criticise collective Jewish behaviour would be funny if the effects of the Jews’ demonisation and unjust treatment of Germans for the last century and counting wasn’t sooo mind numbingly blatant and brutal.
    Peace and Blessings,

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