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  1. -Admin

    This is exactly what I need.

    Just a quick question. I am confuse of the credibility of Mr. David Cole, he was a Jew and I thought we were suppose to back off from him and them. I don’t know how describe it but please enlighten me.


    1. Dmitry –

      Good question.

      I cannot speak to his credibility. Anyone can be paid or threatened to say anything.

      I can only guess at another man’s intentions.

      I don’t know…. just as you stated you do not know.

      1. JFC –

        Outstanding video of yours.

        “Elegy For 600”


        “Free Trade = Genocide”


        The main objective of JFC is to seek legal redress and monetary compensation for all Chinese peoples from the Rothschild Jews who destroyed China and the lives of an estimated 600 million Chinese who were addicted to their deadly opium.

      2. @ JFC

        I agree with Pat that this is an outstanding video. I only hope I don’t give you offense by pointing out that it has two flaws that need remedying. In other words, I recommend that you do a new version of the video with the two flaws removed.

        The first flaw is a minor one and not everyone here will agree with me on this. I think you should allow the captions (= text) to linger on the screen a bit longer. Their duration is too short. Only good for fast readers! Quite often the text disappeared before I could read it all. Impact is increased if the text is allowed to remain in view several seconds AFTER it has been read.

        So make the captions last longer please!

        The second flaw is more serious. You tacitly admit the authenticity of the Jewish Holocaust and state quite clearly that Jewish Holocaust museums are there to remind us all of the six million Jews who died. You say this right at the end of the video.

        None of us here admit the validity of the Jewish Holocaust and so how can you expect us to look favorably on the thousands of Jewish Holocaust museums scattered all over the world?

        You probably said this to increase the popularity of your video among the general public who have bought into the idea of the Jewish Holocaust. Unfortunately, none of us here believe that 6 million Jews died.

        So it is a major flaw in your video to suggest that the Jewish Holocaust of 6 million was as genuine as the Chinese Holocaust of 600 million.

      3. Lolicia-
        JFC –

        I agree. I had to pause it to complete the reading.
        I’m not as fast since slight beginnings of macular degeneration set in a couple years ago.
        We oldies have numerous reasons for slow reading.

        The unspoken validity of holohoax is a larger issue. Should be fixed.

        Still great work…!!! 🙂

      4. @ Pat

        Thanks for the vote of confidence.

        @ Lolicia Aitken

        Thanks for your input. I live in Canada not in China. In Canada it is illegal to deny the Jewish Holocaust. I had to pay lip service to the Jewish Holocaust in order not to be dragged through their Talmudic Courts. The video was made in September 2014 when I was about 75% jew-wise and thought maybe not all jews were evil. Believe it or not, I really thought I could get a few good jews to help me spread my message. Boy, was I naive and mistaken.

        It must be added that paying lip service to the Jewish Holocaust (TM) did not preclude death threats against me and my family from the Tribe that behaves like a Hive when their Queen Bee, or rather when their King of Jews, Jacob Rothschild, is under threat. Speaking of the Tribe that behaves like a Hive….

        @ Harb

        I think you have been reading too much pulp propaganda about the Chinese. You don’t have to worry too much about them. Jews always project their own worst traits onto those they wish to destroy. I draw your attention to your post of June 3, 2016 at 12:11 pm

        Jews, not the Chinese, are the perfect drones in the New World Order. Jews, not the Chinese, “have a ‘hive’ mentality, don’t ask questions and simply do,” especially when they think their beloved Jacob Rothschild is under attack.

        Have you ever heard of the Chinese saying, “Heaven is high and the emperor is far away”? Tian gao, Huangdi yuan. (Chinese: 天高皇帝远) Of course not.

        Connections between the Chinese Central Government in Beijing and the people has historically been weak, with much regional autonomy and little loyalty. The proverb has thus come to generally mean that central authorities have little influence over local affairs, and it is often used in reference to corruption.

        The saying, as it is considered in China, has multiple meanings. Often it involves something minor such as walking on the grass when no one is watching, ignoring a command because the father is far away, cutting timber when not permitted, or ignoring the one-child policy. It is also used to describe a lawless place far from the authorities.

        source: wikipedia

        By the way, I have noticed that underlying nearly all of your posts is the worship of Individualism and Free Choice, which, for your information, is a Jewish Construct, the Grand Illusion that has done more harm to the West and destroyed the family more than Feminism, the thing you hate most. Great Civilizations are built by the collective not by individuals.

        Moreover, you, yourself, have repeatedly stated that your own family and countrymen (Whites) are completely brainwashed and will not allow anyone to question the Jewish Holocaust. Very few Chinese that I know believe in the Jewish Holocaust or care about it, even if it was true and really did happen. So, I ask you, who’s more Kiked? The Chinese or Whites? Who makes better drones in the Jew World Order? Chinese or Whites?

        Not withstanding the Stockholm Syndrome, where would the kikes go or be without Whites? NOWHERE AND NOTHING!


        The simple and plain fact that China doesn’t criminalize or stigmatize “Jewish Holocaust Denial” would debunk your specious argument.

  2. In between shooting off his “world’s leading expert on everything” opinions to Darkmoon, Pat keeps himself busy shooting off e-mails to the Republican top leadership Head Honchos giving them friendly advice, timely advice, most needed advice, lol, on the best, the most effective, the most stealthy, most sly, most cunning, most scuzzy and low-down, low-class, possible ways to steal the Nomination from The Presumptive Republican Nominee Trump. I’m sure that’s one subject Pat is really a world’s leading expert on.

    1. Yep—-

      I tell them… beware the ‘Iron Horse’ of China…. galloping into Pharisee-Jew domain in Russian outlands… Oblast….. being put back on the map.

      The construction of the Russian side of the bridge kicked off last week, the Chinese news network CCTV reported.

      The 2,215-meter bridge will link the city of Tongjiang in China’s Heilongjiang Province with Nizhneleninskoye in Russia’s Jewish Autonomous Region…. Oblast, set up by Stalin in 1934. It was the result of Soviet nationality policy under Stalin, which provided the Jewish population of the Soviet Union with a territory in which to pursue Yiddish cultural heritage


      Hillary wins… Trump guarantees it.

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