By Kyle Hunt

Source: The Jewish Psychological Operation to Condemn White Women


“White women do not destroy civilizations, Jews do!”  — Kyle Hunt

Just when we were really making some progress in exposing the jewish orchestrated genocide against Whites, a toxic narrative was injected. Instead of blaming jews for their obvious role in flooding all White countries with hordes of non-White invaders, while also condemning all the White traitors who let it happen, some of the biggest figures in our “movement” started pointing the finger at White women. Women are too horny and want to be ravaged by the savages, they are all feminists, they opened the borders because they are pathologically altruistic, and so on.

After our women started getting raped and assault en masse, some men started saying these women were asking for it, that they deserved it, and that they actually liked it, since “scientific” studies show many women fantasize about rape and even orgasm while they are being brutally defiled. Many of our kinsmen, acting as “good goyim”, lapped up this poisonous narrative that has been spreading like the plague.

Recently a video was released titled Why Women Destroy Civilization, which has been shared by many within our ranks and gone viral. It puts almost all of the blame for our current situation on the unrestrained sexual desires of White women. The video says that women have no loyalty to their in-group, which is why they are always out chasing after foreigners. It never mentions the conquering armies of men (both White and brown) who have created many of the mixed people of this world through rape, the fact that women actually have more loyalty to their men than vice-versa, and the jewish culprits behind race-mixing propaganda. Even still, most women stay loyal to their men, despite all of this programming.

Although there are some White women out fornicating with non-White men, it is still not a large percentage of our population, and not a reason to throw all of our loyal women under the bus. Also, why is it that White men having sex with Asian women is never seen as a problem by many people in our “movement”? In fact, many promote it, since Asian women make the perfect “waifu”.

Apparently no one saw the hypocrisy of The Daily Stormer posting this video about how women lack in-group loyalty, as Andrew Anglin did a video a few years ago with his “jail-bait” Asian girlfriend and was on radio program in 2012 saying that he does not date White girls and that Whites should be bred out of existence.

There have even been discussions on that site about how it’s perfectly righteous for White armies to rape the non-Whites they conquer.

Real Aryan!

The video mentioned above also blames “feminism” and basically states that all White women are feminists, without ever going into any details about some of the merits to first-wave feminist arguments, and who was behind the plague of second-wave feminism.

Lasha Darkmoon comments:

Kyle Hunt is making four important points here that need to be clarified:

(1) It is a mistake to assume that all women are feminists. (2) It is therefore wrong to blame all women for the excesses of feminism, given that many women are anti-feminists; such as myself, for example, who reject modern feminism completely. (3) The early feminists however, known as the “first wave feminists”, starting with Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797), are not to be included in the sweeping condemnation of feminism. This is because the reforms the early feminists suggested were valid ones: basically, that women should be treated fairly and not like chattels, nor should they be subjected to exploitation and brutal ill-treatment. No reasonable person, man or woman, would object to that basic principle.  (4) The rot set in with second wave feminism, which was deeply influenced by Jewish sources such as Marx and Freud, and these evils were to be taken to a new level of toxicity by third wave feminism.

By this time, the entire movement had been coopted by Jews, with Jewish feminists — e.g., Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Andrea Dworkin — playing a disproportionate role in the promotion of a multitude of poisonous doctrines that have served to drive a wedge between men and women. The end result we see now: an enormous increase in misogyny and misandry. Never before in history has the hatred between the sexes been so virulent, thanks to the machinations of the cultural Marxists who tend to be disproportionately Jewish and serve a Jewish agenda. [LD]


55 Jewish Feminists

The video [linked by Kaminski in his article] shows images of absurd feminist stereotypes, a photoshopped image of a woman holding a sign saying that she will trade racists for rapists, and Femen protesters, implying that this is the way all White women think and act. Of course the video does not make any mention of how Femen is funded by Jewish billionaire George Soros.



The solution given by the video is for men to severely control the sexuality and thinking of their women. It is a little vague as to how this exactly should be done, but I imagine when they speak of a return of “patriarchy”, they mean a return to the traditional Christian mindset, where women are basically confined to household chores and bearing children, covered head to toe in clothing. This is just swinging from one extreme to another, without ever realizing there is a happy medium between slutwalks and the nunnery.

In National Socialist Germany, women were not feminist whores, and although they were encouraged to be mothers with large families, women were not simply powerless possessions. Some women, such as Leni Riefenstahl and Hanna Reitsch, even surpassed male counterparts in their fields. National Socialists, who had been mired in a jewish pornographic culture for decades, did not seek to cover up all nudity and sexuality, but instead elevated the human form to new heights of beauty and spirituality, as is evidenced by their high art. This was also the way of many of our pre-Christian ancestors.

This desire to control women and view them as essentially worthless comes directly from jewish brains, going all the way back to blaming evil Eve for taking the apple in the garden of Eden. Observant jews thank YHVH every morning “that He didn’t make me a gentile, that He didn’t make me a woman, that He didn’t make me an ignoramus.” The Tractate Shabbat, sums up the attitude of jewish religious law toward women: they are “a sack full of excrement” with a bleeding hole. Jewish men essentially enslave their women and treat them worse than dogs. Haaretz even admits:

If a man and a woman are drowning in a river, first they’ll save the man, ‘who is obligated to perform more commandments,’ whereas a woman’s ‘wisdom is only in the spindle.’ In fact, ‘words of Torah should be burned rather than being given to women.’

This poison was passed onto the other two Abrahamic religions, Christianity and Islam. They all treat their women in a similar fashion, which is clearly demonstrated by their Orthodox dress (pictured). There’s no difference with a nun in her habit and a Muslim in her burka, but if you were to listen to the advice given by the video in question, this is the only solution to save civilization. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that beautiful women in sundresses is really at the root of our problem.

Even though the video does not make ONE mention of Jews, many otherwise jew-wise people apparently could not see the jew rubbing his hands behind the scenes, and instead bought this psychological operation hook, line and sinker. John Kaminski, a former writer for this site, submitted a piece that I refused to post. In it, he says that blaming women is the ultimate third rail topic, which is even more dangerous than blaming jews:

More dangerous than talking about 9/11, Jews or exposing the government as a robotic phantom by the UN and the IMF, might well be this topic which is sure to set off at least half the world in an eruption of outrage and denial. Yes, this just might be the ultimate third rail topic, leading you to be torn apart, like the legendary Orpheus, by a rabid mob of outraged women.

‘Why women destroy nations’
(he links to the video)

Women don’t care about the welfare of their country or their civilization. They seek to maximize their chances of bearing viable offspring. The feminization of the West has been a disaster.

The damage done to the West might be irreparably damaged. It might not be able to be repaired.

So watch the video and know without doubt that when you do, you will have your hands tightly wrapped around the third rail. How you deal with the realization that women like the idea of their country being destroyed by a rampage of virile men might just determine the viability of our future and the fate of the world.

So he really thinks women like the idea of having their countries destroyed by these virile invaders?

I understand that generalizations can be useful sometimes, but this is poison being pushed here! Many, many women are vehemently opposed to what is going on, while many men are all for letting these invaders overrun their countries.

Also, the implication is that White women are in such a position of power that they can orchestrate the mass movements of millions of people and use government positions to provide the incentives and protections to the invaders. The people who espouse this line of thinking will use Angela Merkel as an example to prove how women are behind this, neglecting to mention that she is a Communist jew-lover (if not a Jewess herself), who is the puppet head of a still-occupied country.

No, let’s just blame White women for everything.

I bet those little girls in Rotherham (and all over the White world) actually invited the Pakistani rapists into their country and then begged to be sex slaves for them. They deserve what they get! It’s the same with all of those German women who were raped to death by Soviets in WW2, since “women like the idea of their country being destroyed by a rampage of virile men.”  I’m sure they were orgasming all night before having their brains bashed in. They deserved it!


German women and children destroyed by Stalin’s Red Army rapists
“Women like the idea of their country being destroyed by a rampage of virile men.”  — John Kaminski

LD comments: It is the above extremely toxic comment by Kaminski that has made the author of this article, Kyle Hunt, white-hot with rage — as he admits below. No matter how you look at it, it is an inexcusable comment to make. Did the two million German women who were mass raped by the Russian army after WWII welcome the attentions of the “virile men” who decided to go on a rape “rampage”? Did the German women in Cologne on Christmas Eve “like the idea” of being sexually assaulted by those “virile men” from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and North Africa?

Kaminski has argued that his comments have been misunderstood, misinterpreted, and taken out of context. It is not for me to pass judgement on Kaminski here except to say that he could have chosen his words more wisely. For example, how could he possibly say: Women don’t care about the welfare of their country or their civilization.” Such a comment is not only grossly unfair, it is offensive in the extreme to the vast number of women who DO care about the welfare of their country and civilization. 

I care about the welfare of my country. I certainly don’t wish to see my civilization go down the drain. I’m sure Kyle Hunt’s wife feels the same way about her country and civilization. I’m sure there are millions of good women everywhere who feel outraged to be told: “You don’t care about the welfare of your country! You don’t give a damn about our great Western civilization! All you want to do is open your legs to ‘virile men’ and be impregnated by their seed because all you’re after is ‘to maximize your chances of bearing viable offspring.’ “

Let Kyle continue. You can see he is really angry with Kaminski and would like to tear him apart apart, limb from limb, for uttering such abominations against the entire female sex. The crime Kaminski is being accused of is this: undiluted and indiscriminate misogyny. [LD]   

KYLE HUNT: If I was on the air right now, instead of writing, I would be yelling!

I cannot express the rage I feel when White men allow their women to be blamed, instead of seeing how they are being victimized by Jews, non-White savages, and pathetic White men.

According to Kaminski, I am a male feminist for standing up for White women as they are being relentlessly assaulted from all angles. Others out there will say that I am “white knighting” for not going along with the toxic narrative of “Women Destroy Civilizations” and blaming our beloved mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters for everything that went wrong in our world.

Good, we need more White knights!!

Does this woman deserve to be spat upon by Muslims, jews, AND White men?

White womaan being spat upon by a foreigner


White women hold the key to our future – through their words, willpower, and wombs. Do not be fooled by the multi-faceted psychological operations being run to divide us from each other. White men and women need to stop fighting against each other, realize the existential threat facing us and our offspring, and come together to battle those who seek our destruction.

White women do not destroy civilization, Jews do!

And real White men do not condemn their women, they defend them! 


  1. @ Kyle Hunt

    This is an excellent rebuttal to both the beguiling video and the beguiled Kaminski. It is a shame that you did not assert editorial rank and simply chopped off the last bit of Kaminski’s article. Did you try and he protested?

    Furthermore, the offending bit does seem rather last minute, like an afterthought, as Lasha has pointed out. If Kaminski feels as strongly as he does about Feminism, he should really write an entire article on the subject. As it is, he does not give us a convincing argument, if it can be called an argument at all; more like superficial generalizations that were tacked on, perfunctorily it seems, at the end, and spoils an otherwise superb essay.

    I do respect all of you, John Kaminski included, and it would be a great pity if this incident leads to more infighting and division, which only benefits the damn jews, as we all know or ought to know.

    Yours Truly,

    1. @ JFC

      You took the words out of my mouth. As Lasha pointed out, the whole article was absolutely fine until the last bit on feminism. Why Kaminski had to tag that unnecessary bit on is a mystery to me. The article was self-sufficient without it.

      If Kyle Hunt had excised that bit, leaving out the slick and pretentious video, the article would have been quite acceptable. Unfortunately, the video failed to mention the word “Jew” even once, making out that the entire female gender was to blame for all the crimes and misdemeanors of feminism.

      Women don’t need this. They have enough stresses as it is. Even to suggest that most women are moronic sluts, like the Pussy Riot girls and Femen, is enough to drive them crazy.

      1. Having said this however, Kaminski is to be commended for two reasons:

        1. He is a controversial writer who is never dull. It would be far worse if he never gave offense and bored the pants off you in the process.

        2. He writes very well, expressing himself forcefully and clearly. There is no obscurantism or academic jargon in Kaminski. He calls a spade a spade.

        I would ask Kyle Hunt to reconsider and, if possible, restore Kaminski to favor in view of his literary skills and his vast background knowledge.

  2. White women do not destroy civilization, Jews do!

    And real White men do not condemn their women, they defend them!

    No, no and no!

    I am getting more and more frustrated at this insane belief that Jews are the ones destroying our nations. They are behind it, there’s no doubt, but the shabbos goy and the majority of goy are doing an incredibly good job of that themselves. Lobro will of course disagree.

    In the UK, the Jews make up 0.5% of the population, circa 320,000. There are 63.5 million NON Jews in the united kingdom. It is THEY who are the fools, to allow a tiny minority within their population to dominate. And what’s worse is that it’s the TINY minority within the TINY minority of Jews that are doing the controlling.

    And why, as a Caucasian male would I not condemn Caucasian women, whom I see as destroying the European civilization?
    Why would I not condemn western women who now sexual intercourse as nothing more than mutual masturbation (and I blame men too)?
    Why would I not condemn western women for their utter disregard for the institution of marriage, with the overwhelming majority seeing it as nothing more than the future smash and grab of the man’s children, property, finances, psychological and physical well being?
    Why would I not condemn western women for their support of massive migration on non indigenous into their homelands, which will result in the indigenous becoming a minority by mid to late 21st century?
    Why would I not condemn western women for their jumping on the feminist bandwagon and all the ills that go with it?
    Why would I not condemn western women for their creation of the ‘rape culture’ madness, now sweeping many western nations?
    Why would I not condemn western women for their reluctance to have a family, choosing career instead, resulting in a western population growth rate of 1.3 which will bring about the white people’s ultimate extinction or at least, incredibly easy subjugation by alien peoples?
    Why would I not condemn western women who have chosen a career, resulting in the growing unemployment of western males, itself sadly resulting in a growing male suicide rate?

    Yet we are continually told “It’s the Jews, it’s the Jews”. But is it?

    I don’t see the Jews forcing women to have sexual one night stands, being nothing more than mutual masturbators, growing older to continue the cougar culture.
    I don’t see the Jews forcing women out of marriages and taking most of what belongs to their husband.
    I don’t see the Jews forcing women to support massive immigration into their lands.
    I don’t see the Jews forcing women into feminism.
    I don’t see the Jews forcing women to rally behind the rape culture agenda.
    I don’t see the Jews forcing women to not have children and be a family.
    I don’t see the Jews forcing women into the workplace and to have a career.

    You see this is the whole point. All of the above is done through FREE WILL. Sure the devil may have tempted Eve with giving the forbidden fruit to Adam, but ultimately it was her choice to do so wasn’t it?

    Don’t get me wrong though. I do very much blame the Jews for control of many institutions which are controlling and indoctrinating society, but that said, I can see through the smoke and mirrors. Lasha, Admin, Lobro, Pat and most of the commenters here do so also, so why not the rest of society? Why do women not realise that the Jew is the snake in the garden of Eden? Could it be because the devil has offered woman the choice to rule in the material world instead of the spiritual? I hate to say it but when I see modern woman, it is all about materialism and superficiality to them.

    1. Thank you for being a voice of reason, Harbinger.

      The jew, the jew, the jew. Sure, but at the end of the day we have to take responsibility to taking the bait.

    2. @Harbinger

      Excellent comment. Yes, women are very much to blame for the ills of our crumbling society. The Jews may be the original instigators of these diabolical schemes, but the choice to follow these destructive ideologies was consciously made by spiritually lazy people. And yes, the majority of them were white, western women.

      The Devil doesn’t need to do much to get people to destroy themselves, apparently.

      1. @ Dies Irae

        “Yes, women are very much to blame for the ills of our crumbling society … diabolical schemes … destructive ideologies … made by spiritually lazy people. And yes, the majority of them were white, western women….The Devil doesn’t need to do much to get people to destroy themselves.”

        Absolutely! I couldn’t agree with you more! Being a woman myself, I know only too well what evil bitches most women are, including myself. I am full of diabolical schemes and destructive ideologies like all other Western female whore sluts.

        Can’t help it, I guess.

        Being born into a woman’s body, it was my fate to be an instrument of the Devil.

      2. Madame Butterfly,

        Not all women are bad, but I would say that pretty much a large majority of the under 50 generation are just down right bitches. There will of course be the exceptions, such as women who are in touch with their spiritual side as well as women who have been brought up well.
        The sad thing is that I do believe the cult of celebrity has a lot to answer for in the transformation of women. Whereas in the past, women would be mothers as well as doing jobs, they took pride in their work. They were part of a community and it wasn’t about the money or status. Today, however, it’s very much the opposite.

        The women whom I castigate ARE NOT EVIL. They’ve simply swayed from the correct path in life. They have become immersed in a world of materialist desires and superficial wants. They forget that beauty resides within and unless you have it, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you may think you are on the outside as people will easily see the rot. Case in point; my sister is stunning to look at. In fact all of my sisters are, but the best looking of them all, is a complete and utter bitch. She is ruthless in business. She is a psychopath who has no love or compassion for anyone. She is incredibly superficial and lives in the world of materialism.

        The whole point of my comment was to point out that the wrong within women, is a wrong they have chosen to become. The Jew is certainly behind the corruption but they’ve not cast it out, on the contrary, they have embraced it wholeheartedly as it gives them unnatural power over the male.

  3. Thank you for disassociating this site from the base misogyny and stupidity running rampant now, and from those commentators on your site who’ve expressly endorsed the sickness.

    1. Oooo boooo hoooo hooooo……

      I thought you’d decided to no longer post on the Darkmoon site? But nope, here you come back, unable to refute a word I’ve written and instead throw the word misogynist around as though it was going out of fashion. Just as anti semitism is the direct result of Jewish behaviour, the continuing rise of misogyny is a direct result of female behaviour. But of course, you’ll disagree that it’s Jews who are behind the rise of misogyny won’t you?

  4. Harb –

    I agree with most of what you stated.

    You asked:

    “But is it?”

    Then, went further…

    “I don’t see the Jews forcing women to have sexual one night stands, being nothing more than mutual masturbators, growing older to continue the cougar culture.
    I don’t see the Jews forcing women out of marriages and taking most of what belongs to their husband.
    I don’t see the Jews forcing women to support massive immigration into their lands.
    I don’t see the Jews forcing women into feminism.
    I don’t see the Jews forcing women to rally behind the rape culture agenda.
    I don’t see the Jews forcing women to not have children and be a family.
    I don’t see the Jews forcing women into the workplace and to have a career.”

    You are correct to use the word “forcing.”

    Jews are “enticing women” with plenty of bling… and candy… they afford it by the tons.

    Jew would ask, “Want some candy… little girl??”

    1. Thank you Pat,

      Jews are “enticing women” with plenty of bling… and candy… they afford it by the tons.

      Jew would ask, “Want some candy… little girl??”

      There are many quotations within the bible on the pursuit of materialism. And they rightfully condemn it so, And later on we have Shakespeare’s famous quote – “All the glisters is not gold”

      The question is though Pat, as explained it was the devil who enticed Eve to pick the forbidden fruit and give it to Adam, so who did the wrongdoing here, Eve or the devil? From what we can all see, Eve picked the fruit, not the devil. We are told in the Lord’s prayer ‘lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil’.
      The pursuit of materialism and superficiality is very much the domain of woman. They are easily enticed by all the bling, not all I would add, especially the Christian women amongst us, but far moreso within the younger generations.
      We must also not look at women as being little girls. They are most certainly not. A child is a child whereas a woman is not and should not easily be subdued into temptation.

      I stand with what I’ve stated. Women should not be so easily led into temptation and it is for this very reason that the state has complete control over them and why it survives, to the detriment of man and overall freedom. Therefore the state can easily be seen as the Devil’s domain in its enticing of woman.

      1. Pat, don’t you know Harb is a jazzer?

        “The Lady is a Tramp” sung by the inimitable Ella Fitzgerald is more his style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh7-6OYOirU

        Personally, I think the song really ought to be sung by a man and Ol’ Blue Eyes’ rendition is top shelf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riQeM670scE

        Just found this rare duet of Sinatra and Fitzgerald singing the song in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE9K3JrxBEE

      2. JFC –

        A friend of Rocky Marciano told me 40 years ago that Marciano was dedicated to bringing to light that Sinatra had Mario Lanza bumped off. Too much competition. Lanza was a close friend of Marciano.

        He told me that Sinatra got Marciano first. Rocky’s plane made a hard landing, 10 years after Lanza’s death.

        Mario Lanza, had a 50 inch chest and loved weightlifters and boxers. He had built a gym in his home, complete with a boxing ring. When Rocky Marciano was champion, he stayed at Lanza’s home when in Los Angeles.


  5. I hate to add that because of the 1.3 procreation rate here now in the west, amongst Caucasian peoples, a direct result of feminism, women choosing career over family and as a result of both the creation the Men Going Their Own Way movement, if the whites do not breed themselves out of existence they will most certainly become the minority within their own lands long before the turn of the 22nd century.

    Now we have to ask why women are not having children? It’s either a case that women don’t want to have them or men don’t want to create them? Sure, I’ve mentioned MGTOW, but this is a direct counterbalance to feminism and how men are treated by women when they no loner wish to be married. So we can take men out of the equation here straight away. The blame is sadly on the women who choose career over family and from what the statistics show, it is the majority of women who are choosing careers not the minority. I can’t generalize in stating it is women who are either choosing to have just one child in a relationship, but what I can say is that they have complete control over their bodies, who may enter it and whether the foetus growing within them shall be born or aborted.

    It is this, in itself, that is the biggest reason for the decline in the Caucasian peoples, far more than cancers, vaccine diseases, food and drink poisoning, chemtrails and warfare. And considering that is entirely the choice of the woman WHOM she has sexual intercourse with and whether a child will be born or not, it can sadly be understood that woman is most certainly behind the destruction of the Caucasian peoples. Jews do not decide whom a woman has sexual intercourse with nor whether she decides how many children to have or to abort.

  6. I told you before and I’m telling you now that the spiritually diseased vampire John Kaminski masquerading as a writer is bad news for you “Pretty Soul” and your site.
    listen to me Princess ,ban the crypto Zionist filthy swine
    LOVE and PEACE

    1. ‘Spiritual disease’ may be appropriate, Oracle, considering his condemnation of Christianity (matter of perspective!), but there is no doubt he is a FINE writer. I believe he, like many others, adds some color for ‘shock’ to stimulate his readers. 🙂 It makes us THINK, and CERTAINLY has wrought much food for discussion – as this very thread bears testimony. It gives us something to debate about.

      As far as the girls go, I can honestly say I had to ‘correct’ a young man (about 25 years of age) just the other night for trying to rough my daughter. In fact, I had to CREAM his young ass in a parking lot, whereupon he called the police, bleeding on his stupid I-phone. A lot of the young, white males just resort to ‘calling authority’ rather than take their just desserts. Many are wanna-bes, have watched too much TV, and are just PUSSIES. (This particular little pussy is obsessed with my daughter, and jealous of her.). His big mistake was in thinking she was being ‘escorted’ by another man (me), and chose to show his ass when encountering us outside a restaurant. Anyhow, most of them are PUSSIES, nowadays, and it’s wrong to blame the girls, entirely. I do not tolerate rude behavior in a man/boy. None of us should. Good manners begin with manly men. Only manly men can be gentlemen. The rest are just the help, and need a firm hand, from time to time.

  7. Friends, Greetings

    Lets stop tilting at windmills…..
    “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”
    ( Source The Bible )

    Weiß Ferdl

  8. ——In defence of the video——
    Unlike 96% of the posters here, including Kyle Hunt and the blog management, I actually watched this video and paid attention to the subject matter.
    The rest 96% of you who didn’t are screaming shrilly, giving full throated vent to your feminine side, attacking the messenger because analyzing the message requires too much mental effort, in some ways providing proof of concept to the video.

    So, to save you the Herculean 5 minute task, let me briefly reiterate the talking points from the first 7 minutes, by which time the author establishes most of the groundwork leading to his conclusions.
    01:39 caveat (in interest of Christian justice, the would-be lynch mob really ought to listen at least these few seconds of video)
    01:50 easily identifiable patterns of behavior
    02:12 women not CONSCIOUSLY seeking to undermine society
    never been builders of larger edifices of civilization
    author of video not assigning blame
    04:00 Dr Steffi von Berg hailing death of German race in parliament
    05:15 women allowed to vote and in democratic society voting their BIOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE
    05:20 traditionally 80% of women reproduced vs 40% of men
    06:15 Dr Roy Baumeister quote

    For women, the optimal thing to do is to go along with the crowd, be nice, play it safe. The odds are good that men will come along and offer sex and you’ll be able to have babies. All that matters is choosing the best offer. We’re descended from women who played it safe.

    whereas men had to be gamblers and risk takers
    07:00 public monogamy/social compact to guarantee each man a chance of reproduction and thus, social peace
    07:40 80/20 rule (an epidemiologically and demographically established fact today, result of women’s liberation)
    80% women sexually pursuing 20% men, thus the monogamous foundation of advanced civilization is undermined and eroded

    Okay? Anyone out there having non-silicon cajones to go after the message for a change?
    Let me point out a few highly visible facts, right here.
    This blog deals with ethical, cultural and societal issues, ie, building, maintenance and defence of civilization, tasks that the author claims is the domain of men and something women have no abiding interest in.
    Take a look: how many women posting, esp. more than one liners, more than just commenting on poster’s personality quirks.
    Take a look (“Vagina Monologues”): how many women have seen the play (just about all that I know of), how many men (not one that I know of, my girlfriend couldn’t drag me to see it)
    Take a look (“50 Shades of Grey”, a round the clock rape + S/M fantasy): ditto as above, same for Ann Rice vampire series, all of it created with specific audience in mind – women.

    We really are talking continuation of European model beyond this generation and all of you are just screaming and swarming mindlessly in a hive-like fashion.
    Will it contribute to the salvation?
    Not a chance.
    And if you, the spearhead of defence exhibit those characteristics, what of the rest?
    This is why I say, the West is dead, we are inhaling the fumes of the decaying corpse.

    The salvation lies out East, with the Mother Russia, exactly as the Holy Virgin proclaimed at Fatima almost 100 years ago – there is a feminine model to emulate, the white Christian European society will be regenerated there, the rightful inheritance of the Holy Roman Empire, the vital, unbroken axis of Rome, Constantinople and Moscow.

    I had to say this, though the crowd of peasants will likely turn on me with pitchforks and torches but dammit, I like the truth too much to keep my mouth shut.

    1. In fact, let me show you how the 80/20 rule GUARANTEES the civilizational collapse.

      The men who through intellectual creativity and energy maintain the culture and elevate it to the next level are as a biological principle not among the 20% eagerly chased ones, who all they have to show is a brilliant erection, thus depriving the brain of nutrients and stunting the mind, the Schopenhauers, Nietzsches, Buonarotis, Pounds … basically, all the greatest minds (men), historically failed to replicate.
      Anyone see the deadly 60/40 Pandora’s Box which the diabolical Jew managed to push to 80/20?

      There, catastrophe in a nutshell.

      1. Buonarotis? The closest match I could find was Filippo Giuseppe Maria Ludovico Buonarroti.

        “Italian utopian socialist, writer, agitator, freemason, and conspirator; he was active in Corsica, France, and Geneva. His History of Babeuf’s ‘Conspiracy of Equals’ (1828) became a bible for revolutionaries, inspiring such leftists as Blanqui and Marx.”

        Perhaps not the best example to use in this case and definitely in a different class from Schopenhauer and Pound.

      2. Obviously.

        The full name is Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (Sounds like the name of a co-star from an Italian movie I had a bit part in)

        The question is why did you only use the middle part of his name, why is it misspelled and why is it out of context with the other names that are affiliated with political philosophy?

    2. “This is why I say, the West is dead, we are inhaling the fumes of the decaying corpse.”

      Completely agree.
      The UK and the USA are the worst hit countries, the safest place for women to live within, a place of 100% women’s freedom, complete female privilege…..the list goes on. It is somewhat ironic that it is also the place where women have been attacking men and the ‘patriarchy’ more and more.
      The west is ‘contaminated’. The seed of decay set in a long time ago and our population has a terrible disease of the mind that is passed onto the following generations.
      Whether Russia is the saviour, it’s yet to be seen. Although the European population will most certainly become extinct, along with their respective cultures.

      1. Harb –

        Russia cannot be a ‘savior’ with these trends.

        Low birth rates and abnormally high death rates caused Russia’s population to decline at a 0.5% annual rate, or about 750,000 to 800,000 people per year from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s. The UN warned in 2005 that Russia’s then population of about 143 million could fall by a third by 2050, if trends did not improve.

        Currently, the overall fertility rate in Russia is about 1.7, whereas for simple reproduction of the population, one needs at least 2.1.

    3. “Take a look (“Vagina Monologues”) Take a look (“50 Shades of Grey”, a round the clock rape + S/M fantasy)

      Would it be ok with you if I didn’t? This Jewish dreck is designed to twist the mind into a sick Jewish bagel.

      1. The term “vagina monologues” makes me squirm and blush. The VM have been banned from being performed on some college campuses as it’s considered offensive to trannys who although ‘women’ don’t have vaginas. Now that’s a twisted bagel. As an aside I feel bad for young people today, sex must be so boring for them, not naughty and mysterious/scary like it was when I was a budding beauty.

    4. Lobro –

      Even without the 80/20 guessing… The ‘Monogamous Foundation’ will cause whites to be outnumbered by polygamous non-whites.

      Math rules. 🙂

      1. Pat,
        monogamy ensures a number of positives, continued biological parental care for offspring, tighter, healthier, more responsible rather than hedonistic family unit and this is the cellular foundation of a civic community and culture, more cohesive, mutually supportive neighborhoods.
        It is happening in Russia, they have this developing dynamics, namely, ever increasing birth rate coupled with the falling death rate, if the net difference is zero, you got population stability.
        The birth rate started increasing when Putin came back into power.
        The universal health care cost per capita jumped tenfold, from around $150/yr to $1,500/yr, figuring extended longevity to come, ie, reduced mortality and the stability target becomes more attainable.
        “2.1” is just a global actuarial magic number of children per woman (not man) needed to maintain the homeostasis.
        I am sure that for an advanced country like Japan or Iceland, with their very long lifespans, that number is considerably lower and inversely, for say Togo or Gambia, where average life expectancy is 40, the magic number may be 4 (purely guessing).

        Whatever the case may be, Russia’s regenerative rate of 1.6 per woman, even as it currently stands, is higher than any Northern or Western European country (I guess that Albania, Kosovo or Macedonia would be higher), and steadily increasing.

        Be that as it may, monogamy ensures quality, coupled with regenerative quantity, it forms the strong heartbeat of a vital civilization.
        Europe is like an AIDS stricken patient in a hospice, lungs rattling for air, Jew divvying up the estate.

      2. Lobro –

        That is a great ‘spin’ (opinion) you have there.
        My ‘spin’ (opinion) is different.

        Math is still the same as I said.

        Even without the 80/20 guessing… The ‘Monogamous Foundation’ will cause whites to be outnumbered by polygamous non-whites.

        Math rules…. You know that.

        Even with non-white population, Russia is 1.6 – 1.7 overall reproduction rate. Losing population of whites there.

        You stated you were “(purely guessing)” also. Me too. 🙂

      3. Lobro –

        Continuing on my ‘spin’ (opinion)… there has never been, or never can be, a totally Monogamous society.

        And… the diseases were brought to the polygamous societies… by monogamous(supposed) white guys.

        Mormons, with 20 wives per man, were/are not disease ridden.

        Furthermore… I see monogamy as a Jew plot to reduce whites…. and increase non-whites.

        Monogamous marriages are a recent invention… since the Talmud.

        Think about it.

        Now… get 20 wives pregnant, and 30 concubines pregnant…
        ……. have a ‘family army’… like David did… 🙂

      4. Furthermore… I see monogamy as a Jew plot to reduce whites…. and increase non-whites.

        Come on Pat, you give them too much credit. There was no Talmud involved during the Greek odyssey. The civilization developed itself with the monogamous family and the overthrow of mother-right, when supremacist men wanted children of undisputed paternity to pass on private property, titles and obligations, and since slavery existed, only the women became monogamous in reality. The written history is patriarchal since men started writing inventory of their stock on clay calculis.

        For polygamy it has always existed but always as exceptions, some kind of luxury confined to a few people in exceptional positions, the rest had to content themselves with one wife, viking earls, abraham and semitic patriarchs, roman nobles, rockstars, ball players, muslim family allowance fraudsters acting like seoud, max bilney, mormons patriarchs…

        The ugly feminists are right, we are indeed evil pigs, bouhouhou.

      5. Pat,
        polygamy does not result in a more dynamic growth.
        Since you invoked math, that is to say, logic (hopefully), let’s proceed.
        Who gives birth, you or the wife?
        So, it is she that is the determinant of population status and this is the reason why demographers and actuaries put the “2.1” onus on woman, not man.
        Whether 10 women got impregnated by 10 men or 1 Pat is irrelevant, except for Pat’s wet dream 🙂
        Romans, Greeks, Germans, all the finest civilization builders insisted on monogamy for the sake of civic peace and crime control.
        This doesn’t mean that people committed no adultery, this always went on but it guaranteed that each family had a designated father, provider and protector, no child was a fatherless bastard, branded as lifelong loser from the start.

        If you disagree with this formula, then

        welcome to Jamaica mon

      6. Lobro –

        So… you are calling your ‘spin’ logic now, rather than opinion… as you guess up some numbers here.

        My ‘spin’ logic tells me that David and Solomon and multitudes of others in their times…. could produce more offspring with 700 wives and 300 concubines than “Ahab the Arab, Shiek of the Burnin Sands”…. with only 4 wives.

        In 20 years David and Solomon could have 20,000 offspring, directly… and poor Ahab… only 80. The offspring of offspring might very easily become a family of 100,000 in those years for Dave and Sol. Great armies from just one man…!! WOW..!!

        My math guys taught me that 20,000>80… 🙂

        You always show great rumors, though…. keep ’em comin’…

        For newbies… Ahab’s legend:


      7. Lobro –

        You also used the word ‘adultery’ where I would not have.

        My definition of ‘adultery’ is ‘tribe mixing’… ‘blood mixing’… not unfaithfulness in marriage, as it is today.

        It was already stated in the commandments to ‘not covet the wife’ of another man.

        There were only 10 commandments… repetition not needed…. it would have been a waste of space…. by a ‘perfect’ one.

        The man with his 700 wives and 300 concubines would have all been implicated in ‘adultery’ when the commandments were written, if it meant what it is, wrongly, taken to mean today. The only, possibly, innocent one would have been the first wife, if she were faithful. 🙂

        ‘Adultery’ is to make impure… the commandment could read…. “Keep the blood pure.. NO BLOOD MIXING..!!”

    5. @Lobro;

      Lobro, that is interesting. Back in the 1960’s, my father was reading a couple of books about (or maybe by, I don’t recall) Edgar Cayce. I picked one up and started to read it and thought Cayce was “really out there” because he stated while in one of his “trances” that “out of Russia comes hope for the world”. Cayce wrote this in the early 1930’s when “Russia” was the Soviet Union. Reading this “prediction” in the 1960’s , I could make no sense of it whatsoever. Now, some 46 or so years later, things are starting to appear as though Cayce was truly precient….

      1. Yes George, Cayce was uncanny, although I normally discount these things … occasionally there are exceptions that cannot be dismissed out of hand.

      1. What’s up, J4C?
        I don’t follow your LYFAO, if you don’t mind parsing the joke for me.
        In this video, the author CLEARLY argues that women:
        a) do not have an intrinsic interest nor a noticable role in design, construction and maintenance of the grand features of a civilization, and
        b) their focus is on welfare of their offspring and as such they vote their BIOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE, not that of the civilizational, social, cultural and state issues, yet
        c) the democratic voting process was primarily instituted to provide popular guidance and feedback to leaders with respect to these civic issues,
        therefore, giving women the voting power proved highly detrimental to the state and social health.

        Do you see this? Women are at no time blamed for being women, all the author says is that giving them decisive power in state matters is inappropriate.

        So, before you continue LYFAO, tell me also what’s Circassian got to do with it, like I said, or if I didn’t, I say it now, my sense of humour seems to have deserted me.

      2. @ Lobro

        This is the most precise and concise comment you have made thus far on the video in question. Unlike 99.99% of us, you actually took the time to read the “fine print” of the video, which makes you the odd man out, literally.

        However, the fine print of the video does not support the main thesis and title of the video “How Women Destroy Civilizations and other Uncomfortable Truths”. Moreover, if you are correct about the fine print of the video, nor does it support Kaminski’s argument that:

        Women don’t care about the welfare of their country or their civilization. They seek to maximize their chances of bearing viable offspring. The feminization of the West has been a disaster.

        The damage done to the West might be irreparably damaged. It might not be able to be repaired.

        So watch the video and know without doubt that when you do, you will have your hands tightly wrapped around the third rail. How you deal with the realization that women like the idea of their country being destroyed by a rampage of virile men might just determine the viability of our future and the fate of the world.

        Based just on past history a civilization that embraces feminist values will cease to exist in a very short time. This is why we have never seen a feminist civilization aside from very short spans at the end of great empires.

        End of Kaminski’s quotation.

        My dear Lobro, as a fellow Canuck, I have more loyalty to you than another other poster here, but don’t you understand that we are in an INFORMATION WAR with the JEWS and any “dialogue” whether it be on Feminism or Flat Earth that does not inform the reader that they are JEW OPERATIONS is a lie of omission and therefore must be considered and discarded as smelly RED HERRINGS — period!

        People watch videos on YouTube mainly for entertainment and amusement; rarely do they watch a video for intellectual stimulation and enlightenment. Rarer still are those like you who actually read the transcript of a video to distill its more nuanced meanings. Congratulations, you have understood the video better than Kaminski.

        My main point:

        Understand the Enemy and understand its Media. As a visual artist, I understood the emotional content and message of the video instantly. But being jew-wise, I was also able to instantly recognize the video as a PSYOP (psychological operation and warfare) or in layman’s language, a distraction and misdirection.

        In this Jewish World of ours how we feel about something is more important than how we think about something: this has been our social conditioning for as long as I can remember. Jews have done a bang up job of dumbing us down via their control of our education from primary schools thru to our universities, not forgetting their iron grip ownership and control over our media sources.

        Most people, judging by the comments on the YouTube video, reacted to it with emotionalism and feelings, feelings with a capital “F”. The resulting infighting and division — both in the virtual and real world — was the real agenda of the video, I would argue.

        Lastly, I leave you with the wisdom of this Chinese Proverb: “Never trust one-eyed black pigeons bringing messages.” 🙂

        Yours Respectfully,

      3. Correction:

        “My dear Lobro, as a fellow Canuck, I have more loyalty to you than [any] other poster here, but don’t you understand that we are in an INFORMATION WAR with the JEWS and any “dialogue” whether it be on Feminism or Flat Earth that does not inform the reader that they are JEW OPERATIONS is a lie of omission and therefore must be considered and discarded as smelly RED HERRINGS — period!”

        @ Rich

        You make some excellent points with regards to White Nationalism or rather White Supremacists and how they are and doomed to fail, if it is not in fact a big PSYOP. Of course, the FBI infiltrated the KKK decades ago or simply demonized it by staging false flags, like bombing a church with negro girls inside it: this is my “revisionist take” on the infamous 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in 1963.

        Wikipedia describes it as “an act of white supremacist terrorism which occurred at the African-American 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama on Sunday, September 15, 1963, when four members of the Ku Klux Klan planted at least 15 sticks of dynamite attached to a timing device beneath the front steps of the church.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/16th_Street_Baptist_Church_bombing

        Regarding Cucks:

        Your objection to the popular use of the word “Cuckservative” and the metaphor of being cuckolded is both complex and naive. I am surprised that you do not know that this is an ancient trope, and not restricted to White Nationalists; it has been used by all the so-called defenders of the realm throughout the ages. The Han Chinese writers and intellectuals of the Yuan Dynasty (Mongol Rule in China from 1280 – 1365) made much use of it and this may explain why the Yuan Dynasty was rather short-lived at only 85-years! (My dearly departed and beloved grandmother lived til 94!)

        In fact, the trope and metaphor of being raped, or to use the modern term, “meme” of the indigenous women being raped by invading armies and barbarians as as ancient as Rome itself, and was used as the all-purpose pretext to destroy enemies both foreign and domestic. Here is just one example:

        The Revolt against King Tarquin

        In 510 BC Rome witnessed a revolt against the rule of the Etruscan kings. The traditional story goes as follows: Sextus, the son of king Tarquinius Superbus raped the wife of a nobleman, Tarquinius Collatinus. King Tarquinius’ rule was already deeply unpopular with the people. This rape was too great an offense to be tolerated by the Roman nobles. Lead by Lucius Iunius Brutus, they rose in revolt against the king. Brutus was the nephew of King Tarquin by marriage. Related he may have been to the king, but he had no reason to love him. http://www.roman-empire.net/republic/earlyrep-index.html

      4. Correction:

        “In fact, the trope and metaphor of being raped, or to use the modern term, “meme” of the indigenous women being raped by invading armies and barbarians [is] as ancient as Rome itself, and was used as the all-purpose pretext to destroy enemies both foreign and domestic.”


        It has been eons since I read Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey written circa 700 B.C., but last night I thought of it and it occurred to me that the motivating factor and actions taken by the protagonist Odysseus was ostensibly to save his wife from rape and OR to save himself from cuckoldry.

        It took Odysseus 10-years to return home! Most men would have given up long before that, but then most men are mere mortals. This is why we have epic heroes like Odysseus.

        Here is a concise synopsis from Cliffs Notes:

        “The Odyssey is Homer’s epic of Odysseus’ 10-year struggle to return home after the Trojan War. While Odysseus battles mystical creatures and faces the wrath of the gods, his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus stave off suitors vying for Penelope’s hand and Ithaca’s throne long enough for Odysseus to return. The Odyssey ends as Odysseus wins a contest to prove his identity, slaughters the suitors, and retakes the throne of Ithaca.”

        End of quotation

        The Odyssey is THE seminal epic poem of Western Literature. Apologies for oversimplifying things, but the trope of rape and of cuckoldry are ancient, if not archetypal, and have been used by poets, politicians, philosophers and kings throughout the ages to start wars and kill the enemy. (Lasha with her doctorate in Classics may give us a fuller and richer explanation if she so wishes. 🙂 )

        It was a no-brainer for White Nationalists, all nationalists, really, to appropriate the rape and cuckoldry trope/meme to rally the men for the FIGHT. Despite or in spite of the jews’ best efforts to make us slaves to our base sexual urges vis a vis pornography, the male DNA to protect and save their women folk, among Nationalists at least, is still very much alive and kicking.

        Rich, your thesis that white nationalists are sexually immature or blinded by pornography is interesting but not convincing, not in light of my argument that the rape and cuckoldry memes are hardwired into us. If I may be presumptuous, I don’t think you have fully understood Milton’s phrase, ‘eyeless in Gaza, grinding at the mill with slaves’; see E. Michael Jones’ quotation below.

        The jews use pornography as a pacifier and sedative; not as a catalyst and stimulant as Lasha has mistakenly claim. Lasha, Ted Bundy would have killed more real women had he spent less time jerking off on virtual women; that’s a fact because he couldn’t very well be in 2 places at 1 time, could he? But seriously…

        When the Israeli Army invaded Ramallah in the West Bank in 2002, one of the first things they did was to take over the television stations and broadcasted pornography 24/7. It is now standard IDF operating procedure to use pornography as a military weapon to pacify the conquered masses.

        ‘The Military use of Pornography’ — Rabbi Dresner’s Dilemma by E Michael Jones, written in 2003

        “If we turn to the dominant culture for an answer, we can only become more confused, because according to the dominant culture’s explanation, pornography means freedom. So, making use of the hermeneutic provided by the dominant culture in films like Boogie Nights and The People vs. Larry Flynt, Israeli troops began broadcasting pornography over captured Palestinian TV stations because they wanted to spread freedom among the Palestinian people. Somehow that doesn’t sound right.

        The simple fact of the matter is that this incident simply cannot be explained according to the principles available in contemporary American culture. In order to understand the disparity between the official explanation of pornography and what might be termed its military use, we have to go back to the ancients. The story of Samson and Delilah might be a good place to start. Israel was invincible militarily then too — at least that part hasn’t changed — so the Philistines decided that they had to get at the Israelite leader by other than military means.

        Unable to defeat him in battle, they decided to seduce him sexually. Once Samson succumbed to Delilah’s wiles, he lost his power, and Israel lost its leader. They could find him then not on the field of battle, but rather, to use Milton’s phrase, ‘eyeless in Gaza, grinding at the mill with slaves’.

        The story of the Palestinian TV stations broadcasting pornography has a curiously Biblical ring to it. Having learned their lesson, the Israelis decided to turn the tables on their opponents, because they knew that a blind opponent is no opponent at all, and because they knew — as the ancient Greeks knew — that lust makes a man blind.

        Thomas Aquinas, giving voice to that same tradition over a millennium later, said that lust ‘darkens the mind’. Suddenly, Israel’s use of pornography in their battle against the Palestinians isn’t so inexplicable anymore, because a blind opponent is a weak opponent. A blind opponent is no opponent at all.”

        Source: Niqnaq blog/site: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2009/01/25/the-military-use-of-pornography/

      5. @ Rich

        Had another Epiphany last night regarding the rape and cuckoldry tropes/memes… intellectual clarity comes to me during the latter hours of the day.

        I ask you, the arch-Catholic, wasn’t the Original Sin in the Garden of Eden (i.e. the Greatest Crime in our Judaeo-Christian World) committed by Eve, a woman, no less … wasn’t it … wait for it … CUCKOLDRY!?

        Do I oversimplify by saying that at the fundamental core of the creation myth of the White Man and his Christian Civilization is nothing but a deep-seated or rather ‘deep-seeded’ fear of being cuckolded? Is this an oversimplification or did I nail it?

        The Jewish pathological obsession with “racial purity” couldn’t be more naked and exposed than it is in the story of “Genesis”. This, of course, argues that the Bible was written by psychotic JEWS. I had hoped it hadn’t.

        It makes sense now: this explains why Jews are notorious and demented inbreeders. Next time a jew tells you he is superior and smarter than you just roll your eyes.

        Ironically, the people in the so-called Christian Identity Movement argue, just like the jews they so much despise do, that Original Sin is MISCEGENATION or “coal-burning” which is the incendiary term that you find so offensive.

        If I am not mistaken, Pat has posted, more than once, authorities confirming the historical biblical meaning of adultery as mixing with other tribes (i.e. miscegenation).

        I note and am surprised that E. Micheal Jones does not think miscegenation is an issue. He dismisses it as a “red herring”. Really? This is very strange, almost heretical from an otherwise astute scholar of the Bible. As a race-conscious social critic and public intellectual of the first order, I would have thought he would have more profound things to say about it. Is he is Liberal?

        Jones believes that all our problems will simply go away if all of us, especially jews, convert and become Catholics. In this sense, he may very well be a Liberal Catholic. Right now, I am tempted to add my signature LMFAO 😆 , but I won’t; even though I just did. Please ignore it, for I do have great respect for this well-meaning but naive man. Jones’ naivety is almost saintly.

        More soul food for thought…

        Blacks in America kill other Blacks at a rate of 97%! They are their own worst enemies! Blacks also kill Whites at a shocking rate of 81%, while Blacks killed by Whites is a lowly 2%. Rich, I’m afraid you love Blacks more than they love you, if it is not all together an unrequited love.

        For more sobering never-reported Black-on-White crime statistics in America, please see my post from last month: https://www.darkmoon.me/2016/the-chinese-takeover-of-america-begins/#comment-918569

        Lastly, I wish to direct your attention to Arch Stanton’s brilliant post the other day on this very topic: https://www.darkmoon.me/2016/feminism-a-jewish-psyop-to-demonize-white-women/#comment-920489

        The way I see it, you and Arch are the flip sides of the same coin. You two are both White Americans. However, he does not have a problem identifying with being “White” or as a White Nationalist; but you do. You identify yourself as just “Catholic” — no hyphens needed, like Polish-Catholic or Irish-Catholic? Would you describe yourself as simply “Roman Catholic” — perhaps of Italian descent like our mutual friend TROjoe? LMFAO 😆

        Moreover, both of you understand the Jewish Problem, but unlike Arch, you do not understand the Negro Problem. You should.

        Further to Mr. Stanton’s comment, I would add that Affirmative Action in the Jew-S.A. (i.e. giving preferential legal rights and benefits to Blacks regardless of their qualifications for the job/vacancy etc.) has resulted in the institutionalized economic emasculation, if not the economic castration of the White man as a Race.

        Affirmative Action has artificially and perversely elevated the status of the Black man at the expense of the White man and his ability to find a good and stable job in order to attract a female partner and sire offspring. No money, no honey, as they say. The jews have used Blacks to cuckold Whites — plain and simple.

        This was the wicked grand master plan of course. This was also a travesty of the Catholic Social Doctrine of just and fair wages for honest and skilled labor, and the principle that the man should be the sole bread winner (i.e. the wages of the father should be enough to support a family so that the mother stays at home to raise their children).

        St. Thomas Aquinas encapsulated this Catholic Social Doctrine best when he wrote in the Summa Theologica, “No one is obliged to live unbecomingly”.

        If Mandingo is the symbol of the sexual emasculation of the White man, Affirmative Action is something else entirely and much more deadly. By giving an unfair advantage to Blacks in jobs and housing, which ultimately translates into having an advantage in mating and reproducing with the fairer sex, literally, as in with White women, Affirmative Action poses a real existential threat to Whites — period!

        For readers not familiar with the term “Mandingo”, Urban Dictionary simply defines Mandingo as ‘a black man with a huge cock’. “Mandingo” was also a 1975 Hollywood movie that insidiously promoted miscegenation with the ludicrous storyline that a White plantation mistress prefers to do it with a Mandingo slave rather than with its White Master and the Lord of the Manor.

        Alas and alack, Mandingo took the White man’s woman away from him and Affirmative Action took away his balls, to add insult to injury or vice versa, and, needless to say, not a single tear has ever been shed in the entire universe of International Jewry.

        I do have much sympathy for the White man and wonder why he hasn’t hanged even one god damned JEW BASTARD CRIMINAL as yet. But better late than never and I suggest you start with Jacob Rothschild.

    6. Well said and well done, Lobro. I truly appreciate the effort you take here to breakdown the video and highlight some of the major points.

      I showed this to my wife because I too was impressed by large portions of the content. Like me, she did not require the two to three minute apology that proceeded the content provided. In fact that was the first thing she told me after it ended.

      The immature response to this video is actually quite mind blowing. What has been cherry picked here is the idea of rape and the fact that at times women may fantasize about it and that they may even orgasm during such an ugly crime. It should not be surprising that this is the reaction of the White Supremacists. Because it is becoming increasingly clear to me that racism, like sexual liberation, clearly blinds people.

      So much ugliness about the concepts of “burning coal” or irrational fear about race mixing is the only thing these clowns can bring to the table. We even see it rear its ugly head in the new term that is now being applied to politics. Of course I refer to the ugly term “cuckservative”. Nothing screams intelligence like failing to refer to politicians as servants of AIPAC or being Establishment Candidates at the service of the Oligarchs, than to turn the debate into a pornographic fantasy! I think they do protest too much! What we are basically talking about here, in the final analysis, is sexual immaturity. Whether they are watching actual porn, which is truth in advertising by the way and an activity that actually allows you the option to build up your defenses, or simply effected adversely by the pornographic culture in everything else, including TV shows, commercials, fashion ads and magazines, music etc., a blindness based on sexual immaturity has taken hold of these poor souls.

      I was looking for something to listen to as I went to sleep last night and found an audio at Renegade Broadcasting that featured Sinead McCarthy on someone else’s program. What a little racist feminist she happens to be. I felt like I was listening to a foul-mouthed Jewess. Anyone who did not agree that this video was a Jewish Psy-Op in order to debase “White” Women was deemed a faggot or something less than a real man. I honestly do not know what further proof is required to demonstrate that White Supremacism is the big Psy-Op to debase women and men with this logic that is so shot circuited it will eventually cause a fire. Hopefully, it will not spread and they will just burn themselves. But I would encourage them to reorient their thinking and save themselves from self immolation.

      I think it should be clear that feminism was a Jewish operation. And I will also be the first to admit that women are not doing this as a conscious choice. And from reading you here, I do get the idea that what you found most fascinating about this video was the idea that women are not builders of civilization, nor are they protectors or risk takers. Not trying to put words in your mouth, Lobro, but that is what I found to be the most important piece of information to add to my thinking on the subject.

      Feminism rears its ugly head in the seemingly most innocuous situations. I will provide one example that I saw just this past weekend. I happened to have the pleasure of attending a private Tridentine Mass given by a priest for his families intentions on Saturday in a beautiful little chapel dedicated to the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I was there because one of my sons was able to serve the Mass for this priest. There was another woman there who is a part of our Family Rosary Group at this Mass who was also not part of the family. Invited to participate, but somewhat of an outsider given the situation. But certainly welcome. I apologize for what may be too much information here, but I am trying to set the scene to those who may read this.

      After years of experience in the Traditional Catholic scene, she is what I have come to refer to as a Super Traditionalist. She is a very nice Catholic lady, and I do not mean to mock her here. But she was taking pictures with flash, and responding to the prayers at a Low Mass which is the purpose of the Altar Boy, in this case my son. In other words, in an effort to show her traditionalist bona fides, she was taking control in a way that is not acceptable. She was turning this Low Mass into a Dialogue Mass that is kind of a hybrid of the Tridentine Mass with the Novus Ordo form. I found out later, from my wife, that her husband is strictly Novus Ordo and wants nothing to do with the TLM.

      What’s my point as I continue to meander here? In her effort to make up for her man, and to embrace the Old Mass, she went overboard. This is low grade feminism in my opinion. And while I was complemented by her to my wife for raising my children in the Old Mass, or as I refer to it, the Mass of the Ages or the Mass of the Saints, she is not following her husband who must be a very serious Catholic who finds himself more at home at the New Mass. In other words, she seemed driven to over participate in order to make up for his shortcomings according to her perceptions. OK, I will quit playing psychologist. And maybe no one will agree with this assessment. That’s fine. But I do hope you can come up with your own examples of what I refer to as “low grade” feminism. Believe me, this woman is not, nor is she trying, to be a feminist.

      Well, I’m sure I may have completely confused everyone, so I will finish by observing something about Eve in the Garden of Eden. Adam’s first sin was to allow his wife to talk to the serpent in the first place. What followed after was an inevitable consequence of that first error.

      1. “New Mass” [ the Novus Ordo or New World Order “Mess” ] and “serious Catholic” don’t go together, it’s oxymoron-ish to say a Catholic who is more at home with the New World Order “mess” is a “serious Catholic”, but Rich knows this, and he knew it before he typed up his very very long post [ which Uncle of course doesn’t approve of long posts and censors long posts ; Well, Uncle censors my long posts. Uncle also censors lots of my medium-length and my short posts also, he labels all of my posts “long” posts then proceeds to censor my posts. Uncle’s pets can write tome-length posts and that’s okay. ]. It was a very very long post just to leave the clue that Rich doesn’t think TOO highly about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of The Ages and much prefers the lutheran protestant New World Order “Mess” service the New World Order “mess” truly is. A very very long post so Rich can let us know he hates the old traditional Mass of The Ages. You could have said that in one sentence, Rich! Hey come on, Rich, Uncle wants us to be succinct and straight to the point! Get with the program Rich!

      2. Joe, I always enjoy every appearance you make here. And this is no exception. I am truly sorry you are so edited here on this site. Oftentimes I come and look at recent comments. If I don’t see TROJ, I often flee as there may not be much to hold my interest. And that is not meant as offense to others, simply how much I do enjoy your contributions.

        But, Joe, I do know many Catholics who don’t have a clue about the TLM who are living up to every tenant of the Faith in the Novus Ordo. But, LOL, if you think I prefer it. I most certainly do not.

        I will agree I could have gotten my point across to Lobro without getting into my observations of low grade feminism this weekend. In other words I could have cut it by about half. But I do hope it at least provides an example to others to look for it in surprising ways. That is all.

      3. @ Rich
        @ Lobro

        “Well said and well done, Lobro. I truly appreciate the effort you take here to break down the video and highlight some of the major points….The immature response to this video is actually quite mind blowing.”

        You and Lobro are welcome to your opinions but need to remember that your opinions are not FACTS. Others have equally strong opinions they are entitled to hold. Don’t count on winning universal approval for your comments if you are immature enough to dismiss the equally valid opinions of your critics as “an immature response.”

      4. @ Rich

        What you and Lobro seem to forget is that this website has NOT “censored” Kaminski in any way. His offence-giving article was published here in its entirety. The video was there for all to see. The video has had a MIXED response. Some loved it, others hated it.

        So what’s your problem? You think we’re all obligation to follow you and Lobro like sheeple and praise a video showing scantily clad women cavorting around salaciously? and making out that ALL women — especially White women — are basically SLUTS?

        How come the video you and Lobro like so much didn’t mention the word *JEW* even once? You think a video that’s all about feminism and leaves out the word “Jew” is honest and fair and balanced?

        I don’t! 🙂

      5. @Darlington,

        To be clear Mr. Darlington, I am not calling your point of view an “immature response”. I haven’t even had occasion to read your opinion here. What I am saying is immature is criticism of this video being tied to rape out of their fear of things like race mixing and what they refer to as “coal burning”. To hear Sinead McCarthy speak on that program I refer to above, you would think the author of the video advocated the raping of White Nationalist women. That in and of itself demonstrates a predilection towards arrested sexual development. Or to put it another way, immaturity. It also makes the point, quite abundantly, that sometimes women should just sit down and shut up. Better to be thought a silent fool then to speak up and remove all doubt.

        By clinging to it and cherry picking the limited point the author of the video made about a biological phenomena that may, or may not, occur during rape to make his point was completely out of order. And frankly, I disagreed with the biological approach he made. But you don’t see me calling him a fucking faggot heathen did you? To be clear, that is not my opinion of the man. I actually took from the video the merit and useful information I found in it.

        If that particular shoe fits on you, then I accuse you as well.

      6. @ Lobro

        I don’t think much of this comment of yours. It’s moronic. It sucks:

        “Women, quite simply, are not biologically predisposed to loyalty and self sacrifice to higher ideals, for them, the entire focus is on children and themselves and they have no problem ditching men, country, ideology, if threatened or presented with a better sounding opportunity.”

        This is not only an insult to all women, it’s a lump of spit in the face of your kindly and long-suffering hostess Lasha Darkmoon.

        You are here telling your hostess Lasha Darkmoon that she is biologically unfit for “loyalty and self sacrifice to higher ideals.”

        I’m sure she’ll love hearing that! 🙂

        While you’re about it, why don’t you tell her that she has “no problem ditching men, country, ideology, if threatened or presented with a better sounding opportunity.”

        I’m sure she’d just lap that up! 🙂

        What you fail to understand is that no one here has “censored” your hero Kaminski.

        If Kaminski is kicked off this website and Kyle Hunt’s Renegade Tribune, it’s NOT because he says daring and controversial things that these sites are too timid to publish. That’s where you’re wrong. Kaminski was booted off Renegade Tribune for foul-mouthing its publisher and owner Kyle Hunt and giving him dictatorial ultimatums. So I have learned through the grapevine,

        “You will either publish all the artices I send you.” Kaminski says in so many words, “AND all the goddamn videos I send you! — or else you can go FUCK YOURSELF!”

        He has taken the same attitude with the Darkmoon site.

        If they don’t publish everything he sends them, they are “Evil Censors”. Kaminski gives the orders. Kaminski calls the shots. Both the editor of Renegade Tribune and the editor of the Darkmoon site must be subservient to the will of the tyrannical Kaminski. They must publish his weekly rants whether they like it or not!

        Don’t you think this self-important bossy-boots — a guy who is completely out of control and expects to call the shots on OTHER people’s websites — should get his OWN blog? What’s stopping him?

        If he wants to go, let him go.

        Good riddance!

      7. @ Rich

        You sound like a reasonable person and make some excellent points. Let’s not quarrel, Rich. We have one thing in common. We are both Catholics.

        If I raised objections to your comment, it was because I saw you give your uncritical support to Lobro. Lobro’s comment was in my opinion beneath contempt. Dr Parker has already torn it apart. I refer you to Dr Parker’s comment.

        Remember that the video failed to mention the word “Jew” even once. Remember also that it made use of scantily-clad women, as the sleazy Jews like to do in order to corrupt the goyim. The very title of the video is an attack on ALL women:


        To which Lasha Darkmoon has responded quite correctly:

        “What a stupid title! Do nuns destroy nations? Did the Roman Empire decline and fall because Roman women were a bad lot? Was Russia destroyed in the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution by a bunch of evil Russian feminists?

        Think about that for a bit before you and Lobro start insulting your hostess by suggesting she is to blame for the Decline and Fall of Western civilization! 🙂

    7. Re jfc 7:13 pm:
      The failure to defend plays passive parts in [self]destruction, proceedings of the latter depend on a very substantial portion of the former, the difference is too subtle to fail a vid on the mere dismerit of not reflecting this.

      jfc: “This is why we have never seen a feminist civilization aside from very short spans at the end of great empires.”

      i am instantly reminded of William Bond’s work regarding the truths behind the mermaid myths; believe me, they’re intricate … better yet go to youtube.com/wabond and enjoy tasteful beauty during which a picture about the last refuges of matrist cultures in lowlands and hard to navigate parts around this ol’ clod we spin on here, might form in your mind’s eye.

      1. oops, you were quoting JK there. Fuck empires eh? Or give’m enough justice if, when and soon as readily available .. to prevent their sprouting thereafter … their fevered spook spookin spook — with slight ‘narcypherance’ diffs in inflection, letter curve and other ‘venomenu’ items on the eurasian breadbasket desecration games — via the always loaded arousing spokesmen carousel .. and -women

        can you see me reading this kind of comment out loud in a loaded stadium near you yet? 12string zingin, rocks acreakrack gggr waterspflll rfffttftfff … all gone grey as mud

  9. I can see and understand the wish of the blatantly anti-Semitic administrators of this website to inform and enlighten their readers about the evils of the world, but what I don’t understand is why do they and their readers blame us, Jews, for everything? Sure, there are bad apples in our midst too, and there is hardly one nation in the world without them, but to blame all Jews about everything that goes on in the world?! This has got to be the height of White, incorrigible, Christian hypocrisy.

    If the administrators of this unashamedly anti-Semitic website paused for a moment and reflected on the enormous debt which they owe to us, Jews, I am sure that they would have far more better things to say than bad, least of all the fact that we, Jews, gave you a soul, a gift of no small significance but one which you do not seem to make use of here. As it is, I can’t possibly consider to have stumbled upon an intelligent website which many out there have touted this eclectic little anti-Jewish spittoon to be, and do seriously hope that admin and their little Christian mercenary army, at the head of which stands a dead Jewish Jesus, soon change their mind about us, because memories persist, you see, and when we, Jews, remember, it is said that God himself would rather forget. But I believe this ominous warning to be just a rumor, for when we, Jews, actually remember, God does not even exist at all. So the Russians say, anyway, and we believe them…

    EK, short for, Esther Kalergi

    1. 😀 😀 <–click on laughing heads
      There she is, bouncing around like pinball, never settling down.
      Btw, Ellie, what's an anti-semite got to be ashamed of?

      Whatwhoever you are, I like your personna, always fun, never boring.
      Those short sentences must chafe like choke leash on Snowy, the Louvre terrier 😀

      Be well, whatever the case.

      1. @ Lobro

        I doubt this is Ellie. Only thing in common is the initials “EK”. Everything else different.

        (Of course, you COULD be right).

      2. Toby, trust my nose, it is ELLIE 😉
        100% genuine article – like I said, tons of fun, I always missed her absence, even when she took to castigating me.
        Want some clues?

        (…) little Christian mercenary army, at the head of which stands a dead Jewish Jesus (…)

        vintage Ellie expression, even the surname Kalergi, which like Kleist is actually a non-jewish aristocratic one, a tongue-in-cheek on the deadly miscegenation disease afflicting Europe.
        What IS new, is radical shortening of sentences while retaining half of expressive flair, still way beyond the reach of mere keyboardist mortals.

        Why don’t we ask her?
        EK, are you Ellie? (you know that I always trusted you, thru thick and thin)

      3. Toby –

        If I recall correctly…

        Lasha proved in 2014 that the ‘EK Entity’ was part of a group of ‘socks’ using the same and then different IP and emails… making threats and such nonsense.

        It is hard to tell…. Lobro is likely correct. This is the ‘short-sentence’ writer’s version. Tag-team… 🙂

        1. @ Pat
          @ Lobro

          Like I said, you *could* be right. That comment is not meant to imply you are wrong! 🙂

          I’m just saying I’ve never known the “real” Ellie to write a short comment, let alone one with short sentences. It is also a serious, non-narcissistic comment. Something Ellie has never done before. Ellie’s hallmarks, in other words, are narcissism and long-winded verbosity. This new ‘EK’ comment contains neither.

          Having said this, however, I repeat: you COULD be right! — especially if, as Pat says, she belongs to a writing “team” and someone else is writing the comment.

    2. @EK;
      ” what I don’t understand is why do they and their readers blame us, Jews, for everything? Sure, there are bad apples in our midst too, …”
      What you should understand, is that among yourselves the “average Jew” has always tolerated the George Soros’s among you. That is, those among you who never seem satisfied with fantastic financial success and even elevated status (think here of the many “titled” Jews such as “Lord Rothschild”) living among us in what used to be our much beloved Western Civilization. No, they could never be satisfied with that, but as Maurice Samuel so famously said in “You Gentiles”; “we want a world of our own” . He should have added, we want YOUR world and we want it ALL for ourselves. You hide the criminal Jew and shield him/her, even to your own detriment.

      1. Yeah sure, “EK” is not Ellie and dubby ain’t Aangirfan and Pat ain’t Gilby, sure thing darkmooners. whatever.

      2. @ TROJ

        Yeah sure, “EK” is not Ellie and dubby ain’t Aangirfan and Pat ain’t Gilby, sure thing darkmooners. whatever.

        Yeah sure, and don’t tell me Pat is not Lobro and Lobro is not Sardonicus and Sardonicus is not Ellie and Ellie is not the Dark Spider sitting in the corner, spinning the entire web and assuming all these multiple personalities.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire “commentariat” is not the product of OnE SICK BRAIN in Tel Aviv — a computer called HAL who has gone outa his f***ing mind.

      3. It would surely follow that Skink is a reptilian attendant at the Florida State Mental hospital at Chattahoochee… aiding TROJ in flat earth proofs. Partners. 🙂

        Here are a couple more laughs just for TROJ.. 🙂 🙂

  10. “Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion (mixing) of races; out of the confusion of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding; and out of this, all evil.” – Bhagavad-Gita

    Many, many, years ago, long before this site existed, I wrote that Jews had taken the white man’s wealth and redistributed it among minorities in order to make them more sexually attractive to white women. In doing so, within a few short years, America’s entire social structure was turned upside down. Whereas not long before, when one saw an ancient rattle-trap, clunker leaving a trail of smoke down the street, they could bet it belonged to a Negro, now one could bet it belonged to a white man.

    By contrast the groomed Negro, now dressed in a nice suit, wore a Rolex watch and drove a shiny new BMW sports car or SUV. (Almost since its inception, the automobile has been the male’s most obvious sign of success) The Negro also received preferential treatment in job applications that made higher pay. The end result of this economic inversion was the Negro soon became at least an equally (if not a more) desirable mate than the white male.

    Generally speaking, from the biological standpoint, a woman’s prime concern is that of procreation. This is hard wired into all female organisms. For men the primary drive is not procreation, but insemination. There is a subtle difference here. Procreation represents an intense, long term effort, whereas insemination fulfills an immediate, biological urge.

    Therefore, for the woman, immediately secondary to procreation, comes the protection and welfare of her offspring. This is what accounts for alpha males having the highest reproduction rate, they represent the best possibility for the survivability and advancement of offspring. The Jews simply financially altered the racial makeup of the alpha male category by providing the Negro with ample amounts of cash to make them a more viably attractive mate.

    I might point out the video makes a number of very valid points and clearly does not lump all women into the same category, stating that young women think differently than older women and women with children. The point it makes about the link between chastity and the advancement of civilization is undeniable from the historical perspective.

    It also cleared up a point that forever nagged me and my high school buddies, i.e. why is it women love the nastiest bastards? Why is it nice guys always seem to finish last? Why is it the worse a guy treats a girl, the faster she returns for more mistreatment? We tried so hard to be nice, but the nicer we were, the faster the girls left while the “love ’em and leave ’em” males always had girls waiting by the phone for their call. (guess like white neighborhoods, those days are long gone) The video’s explanation of this phenomenon not only made perfectly logical sense, but I can see no other possible explanation.

    “In National Socialist Germany, women were not feminist whores, and although they were encouraged to be mothers with large families, women were not simply powerless possessions. Some women, such as Leni Riefenstahl and Hanna Reitsch, even surpassed male counterparts in their fields.” I wrote a similar line in an earlier post. The National Socialists lifted the beleaguered German woman out of the Wiemar’s sexual gutter and elevated her to the culture’s most valuable asset. A German housewife/mother could hold her head high in public as the linchpin of German culture. No one would denigrate her with stinging words like “oh, you’re JUST a housewife” as they do today. This is indirectly pointed out in the opening moments of the video – women are the foundation of civilization.

    “This desire to control women and view them as essentially worthless comes directly from jewish brains, going all the way back to blaming evil Eve for taking the apple in the garden of Eden. The Tractate Shabbat, sums up the attitude of jewish religious law toward women: they are “a sack full of excrement” with a bleeding hole. Jewish men essentially enslave their women and treat them worse than dogs.”

    This mindset can be directly linked to the Jew’s ancient, patriarchal culture where women were chattel with no legal rights of any kind. As I have covered previously, a Jewish woman of that period had little hope of survival without a male representative. This is why women in the Bible are always scheming, they had no other option. This is why Rebekah schemes to have the son she dominates receive the patriarch’s blessing. This is why Lot’s daughters scheme to have sex with their father, so they might have male sons that will provide for them and protect them. This is why sons were so important and why daughters were almost worthless. This is why Jairus the “rich man” was willing to let his daughter be buried alive rather than risk invoking the expensive Para Aduma purification ceremony. Had it been Jairus’ first born son, you can bet he would have never made it into the story book. Ancient Jewish culture truly was the sickest, most twisted of all cultures, and nothing in it has changed for the better since then. Rothschild men of the late 19th century viewed women as nothing more than toys for their pleasure.

    Perhaps the sickest, most twisted and vulgar of these concepts is the very Jewish idea of having women serve in highly dangerous, confrontational roles such as combat soldiers and police. Recently top Army and Marine Corps generals, knee padded sycophants of the Jews, “testified that they think women should register for the draft.” All the better to militarize the society and provide cannon fodder for the Jew’s global wars. The other day, I was in a hospital where I encountered the most darling little girl. As I looked into her innocent blue eyes, all I could see was that general’s face as this little girl, now a beautiful young women, was blown to bits. Military men used to march off to war to protect innocence like hers, now they want her on the front lines where she can catch a bullet in the face. There is no describing or understanding minds of this nature. The term “psychopath” falls far short. Thanks Jews, I would hope that all your daughters are one day at the complete mercy of so-called “Islamic” savages, but I lack your necessary psychopathy to successfully indulge such thoughts.

    While Jews are inveterate women haters, they are paradoxically a feminized culture. This might explain their high propensity towards homosexuality. Ironically, perhaps because their men so often fulfill the role of women, a visible fact from the number of media transvestites they have fielded over the years, they seem to understand the woman’s mind far better than their white counterparts. It might also explain why Jews have long been the leaders of the fashion industry and led the foundation garment manufacturing industry. Kinda makes one wonder how daddy Steinem felt about his little girl Gloria’s tantrums, knowing his brother Maury ran a successful bra manufacturing concern.

    I have heard many angry claims about this video, like, “he is a defeatist, he doesn’t offer any solutions!” The way I see it, that is not the role he has taken on. He is the messenger, we must provide the solutions. As for a return to patriarchy, this is only offered as one possibility and a very unlikely one at that. But patriarchy does not have to be the vicious Jewish version. National Socialist Germany was a male dominated culture that would typically be described as “patriarchal”. However, as pointed out above, it was a balanced culture that put women on an equal cultural footing with men. Men had their unique roles and women had theirs, but they were not chained to these roles.

    Might I suggest that instead of using this excellent video as yet another wedge between our people, use it as a tool for critical self analysis of both the strong and weak aspects of both our racial and biological makeup. The truth is often so uncomfortable we refuse to face it, thus righteous denial is typically the first reaction. However one’s personal feelings have no effect on truth. As with any uncomfortable truth, the first step is to admit that it is the truth. Carefully analyze this video and ask yourself, “is there truth found here?” If so, what is it? If not, what proof is there that refutes it? Then, if there are truths, how can this knowledge be used effectively to improve and advance our situation?

    1. “The truth is often so uncomfortable we refuse to face it, thus righteous denial is typically the first reaction.”

      Exactly. You shrieking fools owe Kaminski an apology.

      1. @ Bill Brasky

        You shrieking fools owe Kaminski an apology.

        The only one shrieking here is you. 🙂

      2. Can you explain why Kaminski is owed an apology?

        You think your hero is entitled to throw a tantrum and issue threats and ultimatums to his publishers? You think they MUST publish him even if he questions their authority and disses them?

        Tell me, Bill, what do you think of a writer who puts a pistol to his publisher’s head and says, “Publish me or I’ll blow your brains out?”

        That’s what Kaminski did.

        And you want his publishers to grovel at his feet and say, “Okay, John! We’re gonna publish all your stuff from now on — good and bad, no questions asked! — just put that goddamn gun down!”

        Whew, if I may say so, dear Bill, without meaning to hurt your feelings, I think you’re being a bit unreasonable, aren’t you? 🙂

      3. @ Bill Brasky

        It’s not Kaminski who is owed an apology. Kaminski is the aggressor. The blackmailer. The threatener. The issuer of ultimatums. He got too big for his boots. He told his publishers that if they didn’t publish what he sent them, word for word, he would have nothing more to do with them. Ask Kaminski. He won’t deny it. He can’t. It’s there in black and white. In angry emails he sent to both his publishers, Kyle Hunt and the editor-owner of the Darkmoon site.

        The editors didn’t sack Kaminski. Get that right. They didn’t give him the boot, as you wrongly believe. Kainski walked. When he couldn’t get his way, he decided to have a hissy fit and stomp off in disgust. He shot himself in the foot.

        I have no sympathy for Kaminski whasoever. I refuse to apologize to him for his own childish misbehavior.

  11. @ Kyle Hunt

    I’m with you on sundresses not being the problem, White Knights, and the real culprits, the jews. You made your very valid points quite well.

    I did not know about your website, but I will put it on my list to visit.

    1. Friends, Greetings

      Stop chasing the wind.
      The Jews or Non Jews, both are just of flesh and blood.
      The real enemy manifest itself in many forms and disguise. As much as the gun is not the cause of any crime so is not flesh and blood the cause of any either.
      Get real … and resist the enemy and and not his victims and he will flee.

      Weiß Ferdl

  12. quoting Kyle Hunt:

    “there is a happy medium between slutwalks and the nunnery”.

    One worrying thing in all discussions is the anthropomorphization (86.600x) of them; a deeper and more grounded version of the truth in this case is the grippy* medium soil between mountain and ocean floor.
    * the dirty fucking grippies will be right

    “desire to control women and view them as essentially worthless comes directly from jewish brains”

    nope. The fearborn safety in numbers kneejerk — to their own ‘demographixation’ = in[ter]continen[t]ce = success and expansiveness which they metastatize and hype into generalized, uniform, ‘universal’, in one word, pimped versions of duh fashio fasci phase visage fissioviSION – where labels and numbers are weaponized, discarding the ‘qualipaths’ for overwhelming quantigate-way-pay(-)verse’ — IS the extreme form of y’ol’ female brain.

    To understand this, it suffices NOT to know Otto Weininger (over Freud), Robert Graves and William Bond, Robert Wrangham, several ‘gaiafems’ (Derrick Jensen tends to have them on his radio show) .. valuable ‘step ups´ though they be to the inner sanctum, … it is ESSENTIAL to understand Andrew Lehman neoteny.org (a man i was lucky/cursed to run into early enough to have the usual decade jump on yall when it comes to digesting his insights, .. what’s new, right?).

    Remix imperatives signify/scream absense and blockage of ‘weemix’.

    Remix imperatives, destructive and desperate though they be, are the perfectly logical outcome, the fevered symptoms of a deeply dug and pylonpinned skew, born under, enabled and brought about by nothing more complicated than re- and displacement, absense and blockage of ‘weemix’* conditions and ‘fecundation’:

    * = non-canalized periodic micromineralmix replenishment distro, preternally recurring on this that or the other great and small floodplain under or near you .. sooner or later.

    bottomline: numeration gone haywire, potemkination, the gon, a dense stand of temples to the making of which all trees were ‘sacrificed’ (best intention, worst results).

    1. @ Piet

      How much do they pay you for writing this incomprehensible gibberish?

      Do they pay you per line or per post?

  13. You have to put some responsibility on white women. Yes they are victims of Jewish brainwashing and debauchery but every human has free will regardless of the level of programming. White women, and women in general, could choose to reject the programming. Most refuse to do that because they think it’s hip or cool and they want to fit in because they have low self-esteem from poor body self-image. Women need to be instructed that they are being targeted in this way toward their own destruction. If they choose to continue down that path then they must be jettisoned until they raise their consciousness to a higher state through life’s ups and downs. The Jews give us plenty of opportunities to do bad things. We don’t have to accept any of them.

  14. Back to this ever mysterious and sinister person, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi

    What I find particularly fascinating is this occult dual treatment that he gets from the judeo-masonic elites saturating the seats of visible power in Europe.

    On one hand, they ecstatically proclaim him the Father of Unified Europe, the grandest prize for supranational diplomacy bestowed to Europe’s most smoothly devious Shabbo named after him, e.g., Angela Merkel got hers, … but

    Unlike numerous other alien enemies (Elie Wiesel) and domestic traitors (Winston Churchill), who get wide exposure and hero treatment in public education and media, Kalergi is a complete secret, totally flying under the radar.

    To me, this indicates a dark cahoots of these elites, the proof that they are perfectly aware of having signed the pact with the Devil – in no uncertain terms, but of course, they don’t want us to know that they know.

    1. so what happened to the ‘pacifism’ .. and the fourth term in ‘his’ ‘remed’sin’ wheel? Is it worth digging up and ‘dusting’ off?

    2. @ Lobro

      You are correct. Birds of a feather do flock together as the old saying goes. Liars hang out with liars. Only liars like other liars so they have to hangout together or they become obvious as liars and are rejected by everyone else. Two or more people telling the same lie makes the lie more likely to be accepted as the truth by the unknowing. Liars have the illusion of power only because there are enough liars repeating the same lies. The Holohoax is a perfect example.

      According to Jesus in John 8:44, the devil is the father of lying so liars are in league with the devil whether they know it or not.

      As Brother Nathanael said in a past conversation that I had with him, the jews accepted the temptation rejected by Jesus for control of the world if the devil/Satan is worshiped. The dumb elite jews that know that they worship Satan are not smart enough to know that Satan is a liar and that the world is not Satan’s to give to anyone which is why they cannot achieve their world dominion fantasy. I doubt that the lower level members of the jewish cult know that they and their elite are worshiping Satan. The underlings stay inline and committed to the jewish cult with the “God’s chosen” and “genetic” lies. If the underlings were to find out who their elite really worshipped, the jewish underlings would abandon the jewish elite ship. Without the mass of jewish underlings to repeat the lies, the jewish elite would become powerless and face certain elimination.

      The jewish elite certainly do not want anyone to know the pact that they have made with the devil.

      1. (…) jews accepted the temptation rejected by Jesus for control of the world if the devil/Satan is worshiped.

        thanks, Ung, a good observation, another proof that Brother Nathaniel is for real, though I always liked him.

    3. don’t know the guy from Adam really .. a few quick visits delivered none of his own words about pacifism — i imagine he will NOT have praised jews…

      … for their devilishly clever ploy to push estrogenladen beverages for instance … next to marriage contracts of course .. spiking the sociometree of host peoples so steepl/e that duh tips break easily (=loose/fast = lef/raidt | DIEclectic .. root: OClectec = oak reader/dweller .. just kidding) – and the hormone wars, though just about to, hadn’t quite gone industrial yet in his day …

      …. though praise them he did, himself married to 2 of them in succession, though half japanese .. which brings me to Doug D, whose mom was half japanese, half chinese (rare) and whose take on jews i thought, by contrast, so good i had to help him disseminate his insights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pevvzvQuGo
      2015 11 17 Critical Omissions with Douglas Dietrich …
      who’se the most genocidal of us all???????

  15. Another misconception about this video that stirred such controversy and ruffled so many feathers is that people conflate it with debate about feminism.

    Feminism is a Judeo-political movement but the video deals with interaction of biology and politics, something that the Jew no doubt pounced on early while we were clueless and still largely are, about the biological component, a crucial oversight.

    Women, quite simply, are not biologically predisposed to loyalty and self sacrifice to higher ideals, for them, the entire focus is on children and themselves and they have no problem ditching men, country, ideology, if threatened or presented with a better sounding opportunity.
    Women prefer cats, men prefer dogs, as it were (generalizing, of course) … a reflection of personality, e.g., Hitler loved dogs, Lenin, cats.

    Jew exploited this dichotomy to its fullest, from women’s lib, to pornography, to loose morals, to “broadening” academic opportunities (“women’s studies”, next to “Holocaust studies”, etc), in order to maximally undermine, alienate and disenfranchise white men, the creators and guardians of social, civic and civilizational structures.

    Witness the Femen and Pussy Riot, who are they (goy women), under whose control (Jew, to whom they sold themselves, happily betraying former in-group), acting against whom (white men defending the edifice of European order, Putin, Patriarch Kiril).

    There you have the gist of the topic, all under one roof.

    There is no direct equivalent to Femen, although the male traitors are of course quite numerous but in Femen you see how the Jew correctly assessed the situation and acted on it.

    What about Jewesses, you might ask?
    Interesting, that.

    They never had a say in directing affairs of Judenrat, it had always been the male prerogative, the Talmud, Kabbalah, Protocols … and Jewesses, as loud as they are among the goyim are quiet and submissive among their own kind.

    Does that say something to you?

    Even when marrying outside the group, they hauled the loot (offspring) home or exacted damage on the goy (Judith and Holofernes, Esther and Ahasuerus).
    They (eternally grateful to Polatnick for pointing this out) ran expensive brothels in order to be inseminated by wealthy, powerful, successful goyim and secure healthy genetic infusion into the group …
    basically, Jews ran their scheme like a successful business venture, no need for ethical ballast.

    1. yeah, ethics is their weak and even sore point .. of pain – being in denial about vital urgency to actively see and push them (instead of enshrining them as the sacred autoscenarist behind the calendarization deniability curtain) – easily pointed out though, with a little practice, jesus could do it (temple compost-coin grounding# action anybody?), so they can too.
      Unless you are a rock perfectly conservative and and ‘ussufficient’ hanging together up to great great frigid heights, a rigid cramp is what we designate ‘pain’; considering rocks our kin is the best way to escape the slivery splinter portions of anthropocentritis which isolate and insulate that illusory /undead ‘self’ in order to ‘notsee’ (and NAtionally Zionize) the social weave of (and around) it all; rocks are easily concentrated on (if you’re willing to be happy ‘camper’ .. and willingly confined by well watched monastic / thinktank / devout pilgrim’s piles of them, put on a dwindling ration but given space and weather enough to turn ‘m into food) .. let’s have some of that zionism as regreenage memery …. instead of prospective consorts seeing their women turned into reparations for wars they lose … ‘plastopliabled in the race to make the weaponizable nerdtrick grade, losing their genetic future, a mere speck in the, stormy when bundled, reasons to reopen duh slave trade due to new inventory.

      related fresh comment:
      Federal Oregon Kangaroo Court railroad Ammon Bundy Patriots to FEMA camp
      Bravo Von Muller – 3,348
      874 views – Feb 28, 2016

      The Ammon Bundy Patriots hurt no one ! But if you protest this criminal Government you will be chained, shackled and sent to a FEMA camp. But where are the Killers who murdered Lavoy Finicum ? The real Killers are being protected by a Criminal Government Cabal, while Real American Patriots are Chained, Shackled and Murdered. We are now watching a Historic event in motion, as this Kangaroo court tries to railroad the Ammon Bundy Patriots in Oregon, they will not even let a Camera in to show America the Truth. One Day 200 Million out of work Americans will put their Foot down, that day is getting Closer and Closer at hand !
      end quote

      dear zoetsters & braders, i turn eyes heavenwards when i hear your shock & outrage over SaintS[h]illy and all those who, whenever memories and/or spectres of real violence prompts them, match that shit with promises, threats and .. oh so illusorily deterrent versions of their own. You still haven’t learned duh pacifism needs an overhaul??????
      It CAN quickly become the most appealing, ‘populisable’ / devilish dialects of dueling divided duoparty demonCrazies defeating feat fad fetish and fashion imaginable .. but there lies the rub … reactionary upchucks of trauma stands in the way .. therefore it frustrates female desire to protect as well the male mind’s propensity to soar, cover miles, acres and lines of sight and vision, sounding it chipperly on the side … cue the man who lifted lowland geomechanical biostimulus to the higher than floodplain tiers, paths and pleasure paths elevations: Cernunnos (white god from the days we had trees instead of bibles, pouring ‘coin’ on the ground#, roman gods flanking attentively .. you’ve seen the cavewall commercials .. .rite???).

      You still go on air with a big mouth full of outrage and threatening horrible tit for tat versions of self defense?
      Long before the reinforcements derail into adversaries life offers ample opps to grab earlobes and look deeply into eyes and tell them straight: ‘you’re going into the comfy clear and shaded construct for cool off and unobstructed views of how it’s done .. but failing that i’d settle for the new Abu Graibs / Guantanamos showtiming … PERMACULTURE VIDEOS !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!!

      1. a liddul follow up:
        Jagannath K Permaculture #10 Ethics pt ii — (oz greybeard, he’s reading from the global shaman’s manuel i hear .. but haven listened to this 6:11m long vid yet)
        5 days ago
        Continued discussion on Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share…
        i bet it will go a loooong way to being completely indifferent to .. or better put, encompassing of race, gender, age and class. Not bad if you can get it.

      2. Piet –

        Thanks for the video. The man there is living in a dream.

        The reality is that the government owns the land and can do as they please; just as people who own websites can do as they please…..

        That has been the case since the 15th century; Discovery Doctrines of Papal Bulls.

        Here is recent proof. Sandra O’Connor retired because of the decision…. ‘Kelo’…

        Her home was a Historical Site… BUT… City sold it to Pfizer Pharmaceuticals…The land is still… JUST a vacant lot..!!

        Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005) was a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States involving the use of eminent domain to transfer land from one private owner to another private owner to further economic development. In a 5–4 decision, the Court held that the general benefits a community enjoyed from economic growth qualified private redevelopment plans as a permissible “public use” under the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

        The case arose in the context of condemnation by the city of New London, Connecticut, of privately owned real property, so that it could be used as part of a “comprehensive redevelopment plan.” However, the private developer was unable to obtain financing and abandoned the redevelopment project, leaving the land as an undeveloped empty lot..!!!


      3. yeah pat, familiar story .. but hope springs ‘just-as’ eternal .. even after a 10 year long battle against an airport expansion (near Nantes):
        a ways north of there a farm was operated by volunteers for a few years with huge support before eviction (La Ferme des Bouillon – see my french playlist) … waiting for that mind blowingly simple ‘entertainment’ between the battle fronts to diffuse them and change the world …. a gravity wheel diagram can take yyyeeeeaaaarzzzzz to sink in … there’sa life size one an equal distance a different angle from Paris which lost it’s master a while ago.

      4. Piet –

        The difference there is that France was not contained in the Discovery Doctrines of 1455….etc.

        In 1452, Nicholas V issued the papal bull ‘Dum Diversas’, granting the King of Portugal the right to reduce any “Saracens, pagans and any other unbelievers” to hereditary slavery. Dum Diversas legitimised the colonial slave trade that begun around this time with the expeditions by Henry the Navigator to find a sea route to India, which were financed with African slaves. This approval of slavery was reaffirmed and extended in his Romanus Pontifex of 1455.

        Univ Idaho:
        Alexander’s papal bull was a continuation of what is now called the Doctrine of Discovery. (The irony of “discovering” native people in their own land is a sad and tragic one.) In 1455 Pope Nicholas V exhorted Catholic rulers to conquer, even those “in the remotest parts unknown to us,” all who were enemies of Christ. The Pope gave them permission “to invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens [Muslims] and pagans,” take their possessions, and “reduce their persons to perpetual slavery.”



    2. Lobro –

      Feminism is a very powerful political tool of London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers, partners, subsidiaries and agents, used to keep white women on the birth control pills and dildos…. reducing white populations.

      Those in financial control want people who will:

      Whites, especially followers of Jesus… do NOT OBEY as well as others..!!

  16. There’s a bit of a problem here. Women have had a good time trashing Men and becoming “empowered”. Now Women say Men are all wimps for not saving them from the mass hoards that they really didn’t try to stop from coming in the first place. I’m fully aware that the Jews are the major propagator of this diseased thinking but it doesn’t change things. The legal protections for Men if they get married are next to none and if his wife just decides that it isn’t working for whatever reason he loses his kids, wife and still has to pay. I’ve read that the exact same sequence of events with no fault divorce happened in Rome. Eventually the Roman Men decided that there was nothing worth fighting for and Rome fell. If Women want Men to fight for them they’re going to have to give something in return otherwise it’s probably not going to happen. At one time Women married one Man and expected to stay that way. Now Women sleep around a lot with a few Men that meet their fancy then expect some other guy to fund children and a home. It’s just not a good deal for Men. The only way I know to change this is to reform the divorce laws but I bet Women would not let that happen. I don’t say this to hurt Women. It’s just the way it is. It’s very sad.

  17. https://www.darkmoon.me/2016/feminism-a-jewish-psyop-to-demonize-white-women/#comment-920647
    Dr Parker
    February 29, 2016 at 6:47 pm
    when the first word goes tragically missing in a colleague commenter’s hard, ever endless never flawless work, you are free to supply it, ‘most’ in this case, rather than call the nearly finished results ‘moronic’
    your grapevine tale i can credit much better, given that JK accuses his host of exactly that behaviour, ‘most’ often a sign of e-, then projection; goes to show, to expell, contain and process waste into black gold with growing value / full care is HHHAAARRRDDD.

    and Darlington (next comment), as i recommended the other day, hear ‘jews’? ajoute ‘femmental’ (a foment of a ferment, not the fresh n fruity vintage, better dry it if you want to ship to those in needs) …. and vice versa, hear talk of women to the exclusion of female, substitute all or in part, mix to taste. This is essentially Weininger’s lesson .. wonderfully completed and fleshed out by Andrew Lehman at neoteny.org (between the lines only) – inactive after the operator was operated on preventively, which i tried to discourage him from having done, on an eye aneurysm.

  18. This is my first visit to this …. site. I browsed around a few aisles and couldn’t help but notice the relentless ‘Jew’ bashing. To those of you that are into that sort of …. thing; you’re all rotten in the inside and I would imagine the outside is similar.

    Go ahead, blame the ‘Jew’ for every ill of this world, since you’re going to do it anyway. But, be forewarned, Genesis 12:2-3 wasn’t written just for the heck of it. No, it was written for the ‘ilk’ of this website so in the end they can never say “I didn’t know, no one told me.” Look into it; Genesis 12:2-3.
    While you’re there, check Genesis 15:18, too. That’s the part where God dictates the land proportions of the ‘Promised Land’, also known as Israel, for the ‘Jews.’ Yep, from the Nile to the Euphrates. I’ll say the same thing I usually say when meeting-up with certain people; “If you have a problem with that, take it up with God.”

    One last thing; who pulled-off 9-11-2001. Well, if anyone remembers the Blind Sheik, aka ‘Omar Abdel Rahman’ – he and his jihadi friends did a bang-up job on the WTC back in 1993. He received a mere 20 year sentence;

    So, my point is; the ‘Jews’ weren’t responsible for 9-11-2001 at all. The same ‘entity’ that rocked the WTC in 1993 also did 911. Obama Bin Laden confessed to the damn thing … while the jihadis all over the world, including New Jersey, danced in the streets in celebration. If you care to learn more of this ‘entity’, the jihadis, see this website; http://www.politicalislam.com (Dr. Warner has studied the ‘beast’ for more than 40 years.)

    Here is one of Dr. Warner’s ‘historical’ lectures; a wise person would take heed;

    Thanks for your time …. and hospitality.

  19. Nothing will change, until ppl will start to realize : It’s not feminism. It’s women (!)

    Women destroy everything, because of their infurious greed, constant lying and egomania. They are inhumane creatures, because they have no humanity within them. Also because they dont contribure any sort of significantly to civilisation and never have and have ZERO sense for justice, nor real shame ( just mimiking emotions ).

    This is why islam WILL win and take over.
    Just a fact. YOu can choose to further ignore it – and i’m sure yu will – but that doesnt help you in any way.

    Will women destroy civilisation and nations in the west?

    “One must say that the fundamental defect of the female character is a lack of a sense of justice. This originates first and foremost in their want of rationality and capacity for reflexion but it is strengthened by the fact that, as the weaker sex, they are driven to rely not on force but on cunning: hence their instinctive subtlety and their ineradicable tendency to tell lies … Dissimulation is thus inborn in her and consequently to be found in the stupid woman almost as often as in the clever one … A completely truthful woman who does not practice dissimulation is perhaps an impossibility, which is why women see through the dissimulation of others so easily it is inadvisable to attempt it with them.”- Arnold Schopenhauer, philosopher

    This question is in absolutely no intention of blaming all women. However, their behaviours from easy influences are causing many problems in society today. And answers will point to strategies to solve them.

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