Five Reasons to Question the Original Story of Orlando Shooting

By Brandon Turbeville

with a comment by ‘Ungenius’

Handout of Orlando gay nightclub mass shooting suspect Omar MateenOMAR MATEEN, 29

As more and more evidence emerges regarding the mass shooting in an Orlando gay club that resulted in the death of at least 52 people and many more injured, signs are increasingly pointing toward the possibility of a false flag operation.

Already, a number of points lend credence to those who might suggest that intelligence agencies, more so than desert-dwelling terrorist organizations, are responsible for organizing and directing the attacks. A number of questionable aspects regarding this shooting include:

  1. The FBI knew about the shooter and investigated him prior to the attack.
  2. The shooter had a connection to a known ISIS recruiter.
  3. The shooter’s father was a former “Afghan presidential candidate” who supported the Taliban.
  4. The FBI’s history in creating terrorism.

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen has now been revealed as the gunman in the Orlando club attack. According to mainstream reports, Mateen carried an AR-15 rifle and a handgun into the Pulse club around 2 a.m. and started shooting, killing 50 people and wounding 53. A stand-off ensued which lasted for about 3 hours before a SWAT team crashed into the building with an armored vehicle and killed Mateen.

Mateen had allegedly pledged allegiance to ISIS before the shooting by calling 911 and stating allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi as well as mentioning the Tsarnaev brothers. Mateen was an American citizen born to Afghan parents from Port St. Lucie, Florida, about a 125 miles away from Orlando, a distance which he allegedly drove to commit the attack.

FBI Foreknowledge, ISIS Sympathies, Taliban Ties

What may at first sound like an instance of senseless violence, brings with it a number of other questions. For instance, the FBI was already well aware of Mateen and his connections to radical jihad and terrorism. According to CNN’s article, “50 Killed in Florida Nightclub, Shooter Pledged ISIS Allegiance,” two officials tell CNN that the FBI had investigated Mateen at some point for possibly having ties to or sympathizing with Islamic extremism. A law enforcement official said there were two cases opened involving Mateen but the probes didn’t result in enough evidence to charge him with anything.

The investigations were reported by a number of mainstream media organizations and later confirmed by the FBI itself during a press conference. The FBI admitted that Mateen had been interviewed by agents twice in 2013 due to comments made about radical jihad which were overheard by coworkers. He was interviewed for a third time one year later due to his connection to Moner Mohammad Abu Salha, an American who had traveled from Florida to train in Syria and later to return to the United States in order to recruit other Americans to fight in the Western-backed terrorist brigades attempting to overthrow secular and legitimate government, Bashar Al Assad.

Salha allegedly returned to Syria and blew himself up in a suicide bombing. It is also interesting to note that Mateen’s father Seddique Mateen is a political personality in his own right having hosted a TV show and apparently declared himself a presidential candidate for Afghanistan. Seddique has denounced the Pakistani government and expressed support and encouragement for the Taliban movement.

Still, the question regarding the fact that Mateen was on the FBI’s radar is extremely important.One key aspect suggesting a false flag that should be looked for soon after the attack is anypossible connection the suspect or group of suspects may have had with intelligence agencies. A connection to any one of these organizations and institutions may go some length in explaining how the attack was coordinated, the motivation of the perpetrators, the actual involvement (or not) of the suspects, and who actually directed the operation. For instance, on 9/11, many of the alleged hijackers had previously had close contact with the FBI, CIA, and other high-level intelligence agencies (both home and abroad). Likewise, the Tsarnaev brothers who have been accused of masterminding and carrying out the Boston Bombing had ties to the FBI before the attack.

In many instances, connections to certain military agencies and communities should serve as the same red flag as connections to intelligence agencies since these institutions have largely been blended together.

The FBI’s sordid history of organizing terrorist attacks

Indeed, the FBI has had a long history in creating, organizing and facilitating terrorist attacks in order to bust them at the last minute and claim credit for stopping terror attacks. The FBI also has a long history of investigating, monitoring and interviewing suspects of high-profile terrorist attacks before those attacks were committed but doing nothing about them.

As Tony Cartalucci writes in his article, “US Law Enforcement Knew Florida Shooter BEFORE Shooting,”

A terror suspect armed to the teeth storming a public place and killing scores is actually a very familiar script. The FBI wrote several such scripts in 2015 alone, including entrapping and arresting a mentally-ill suspect after providing him with an arsenal of deadly weapons almost identical to the arsenal recently employed in Flordia.

The Intercept would report in its article, “Another “Terror” Arrest; Another Mentally Ill Man, Armed by the FBI,” that:

U.S. law enforcement officials announced another terror arrest on Monday, after arming a mentally ill man and then charging him with having guns.

ABC News quoted a “senior federal official briefed on the arrest” as saying: “This is a very bad person arrested before he could do very bad things.”

But in a sting reminiscent of so many others conducted by the FBI since 9/11, Alexander Ciccolo, 23, “aka Ali Al Amriki,” was apparently a mentally ill man who was doing nothing more than ranting about violent jihad and talking (admittedly in frightening ways) about launching attacks—until he met an FBI informant. At that point, he started making shopping lists for weapons.

The Intercept would also reference the FBI’s affidavit (.pdf), stating (emphasis added):

According to the affidavit, Ciccolo first talked to the FBI informant about attacking two bars and a police station. Later, he spoke of attacking a college campus with a homemade pressure-cooker bomb like the one used in the Boston Marathon terror attack; he also talked about using guns and a lot of ammo. Ciccolo, according to the affidavit, then “ordered the firearms from a confidential human source (“CHS”) working with the FBI.”

The list of weapons provided to the mentally-ill suspect by the FBI informant is shocking. Revealed in the official FBI affidavit (.pdf), the weapons included a 9mm Glock 17, a 10mm Glock 20, a .223 Colt AR-15 rifle, (referred to by the media as an “assault rifle”), and a 556 Sig Arms SG550 rifle (also often referred to as an assault rifle). Also included in the affidavit is the same hysterical rhetoric encouraged by FBI informants now evident in the recent actions of terror suspect Omar Mateen in Florida.

The FBI literally provided a mentally-ill man they helped plan a terrorist attack together with, an arsenal of deadly weapons – arresting him just before he committed his crime. The only factor that prevented the 2015 entrapment of Ciccolo from becoming a live Florida shooting-style attack was the fact that the FBI arrested Ciccolo before he carried out his planned attack – while those following Mateen did not arrest him.

The role of the FBI in Mateen obtaining his weapons will never be known since Mateen is now – conveniently – dead. Even if he purchased them “legally” at a gun store, it should be noted that in other FBI entrapment cases, suspects were encouraged to purchase weapons themselves, with the FBI arresting them only after they left gun stores with their newly acquired arsenal.

Interestingly enough, in the Ciccolo incident that Cartalucci refers to above, the plan which was fed to Ciccolo involved attacking bars, a target that was actually realized in Orlando. Of course, there will be many who will argue that the FBI, while entrapping unintelligent suspects, would never actually let the drill go live it is important to remember the 1993 World Trade Center bombing where that is precisely what the FBI did.

Who Controls ISIS?

Lastly, one immensely important question must be asked: If ISIS is responsible for the attacks, who controls ISIS? For many, claims that the attacker belongs to ISIS is a deal breaker. For these individuals, ISIS is a shadowy terrorist organization that supports itself and has created a caliphate in eastern Syria and western Iraq that can scarcely be defeated (except when the Russians bomb it). However, the facts do not support such a shallow understanding of the ISIS terrorist organization. ISIS was entirely created, funded and directed by the United States, Britain, France and other NATO countries. Its actions have been coordinated by the Anglo-American Intelligence apparatus for geopolitical purposes all across the world both at home and abroad. For this reason, the declaration that ISIS committed a terrorist attack in Paris is by no means a get-out-of-jail-free card for the Western Intelligence apparatus. Instead, it is the trademark of their handiwork. Please see these articles for more information on the nature of ISIS: hereherehere and here.


While the right-wing media blames Muslims and the left-wing media blame guns, perhaps it would be more effective if thinking individuals would examine the possibilities that this attack was a false flag incident designed to push an agenda that would benefit those in power in some way or other. Out of this attack we will no doubt see another push for the evisceration of the Second Amendment and other civil liberties as well as increased hype regarding ISIS as a threat to the American way of life and a greater attempt at justification for foreign adventures.

While the information presented above may not be enough evidence to prove in the court of law that the Orlando attack was a false flag attack, it is reason enough to question the official story thus far. If this attack is indeed placed in the lap of ISIS, however, all fingers should immediately point to NATO and the Atlanticist Intelligence apparatus. It is they who control ISIS and they who bear the responsibility for its actions. If the attack is attributed to a lone jihadist nut the FBI has some serious explaining to do since it appears that the agency itself is the greatest initiator of terrorist activity inside American borders and is either the most incompetent anti-terror fighter in the U.S. or it is complicit in the attacks that take place.


Comment by Ungenius

The real story probably went more like this.

A gay Muslim, Omar Mateen, who worked for a company, G4S, that specializes in mercenaries, crisis training with actors, and moving illegals about the US for the government—a gay Muslim whose father has been a CIA asset for many years—takes the lead role in a staged event.

Unknown to Mateen, he is to be the first to die after entering the Pulse nightclub. He is the pre-ordained patsy. The 2-3 other comrades who accompany him into the gay venue, his accomplices in the plot, start spraying the the club attendees with bullets as soon as they have executed the unsuspecting patsy, the 29-year-old Omar Mateen.

All the reports of more than one shooter were never aired by the mainstream media, imagine that. All the other crisis actors performed as planned, without knowing what really went down in the Pulse. The cops showed up and performed as trained for such events. No need to let them know what was really going down in the club.

The mainstream media runs with the pre-ordained story. Most people think the staged event is genuine, not staged, because they believe everything the mainstream media tells them, without question. They have no interest in connecting the dots. 

Watch this 2-minute video:


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  1. Here is a theory by Panamza, first on Zionist related theories.
    It’s in French but it’s about G4S English company, BDS, US Jewish lobby and Rick Scott. You’ll understand with the video of Gilad Erdan and Guttman tweet. G4S shareholders must be pissed.

    In France we also had a terrorist attack. It wasn’t Omar m’a tuer, but Larossi Abballa, an ex-convict for attemted terrorism who stabbed in the back a French cop before killing the wife in front of their three years old son. ISIS or EI claimed the responsibility for the attack. Here is the video of Larossi presented to you by Panamza and Rita Katz.

    Tough week for the muslims after Ali, Turkey/Croatia and now this in the middle of Ramadan.
    Thank god we got Payet, terrorism will make us all stupid.

    1. Phil –

      Thanks. Clips from the article you provided:

      Published on Apr 2, 2014
      G4S is a British-Danish private security company that profits from the imprisonment of Palestinian political prisoners and systems of Israeli occupation and apartheid. They maintain security equipment at checkpoints and in illegal Israeli settlements, and they employ private security personnel posted at checkpoints and to protect construction sites for the settlements and the Annexation Wall. G4S provides security equipment and services in five Israeli occupation prisons that detain Palestinian political prisoners. As is shown in the video. G4S is complicit in Israeli war crimes: including the death of Arafat Jaradat by torture, the unjust imprisonment of Palestinian children like Ali Shamlawi, and the torture of Oday Jumhour.

      G4S Israel


      UK Labor Party boycotts security firm G4S over business ties with Israel

      G4S is in over 120 countries… 620,000+ employees…..large army.

      Soooo. Mateen worked for his enemies..???

      1. Gilroy –

        G4S… just changing names in Israel. Security companies do it frequently. (Blackwater now XE.)

        From G4S site last month:

        Statement Regarding the Sale of G4S Israel
        23 May 2016

        G4S notes and rejects comments by the BDS movement and anti-Israel pressure groups claiming that their actions have caused the G4S group to sell G4S Israel

        G4S reiterates that it does not support the anti-Israel boycott by BDS or any other group.

        The decision to sell G4S Israel was made on strategic and commercial grounds as part of a portfolio management programme established by the company in 2013. Under its portfolio programme G4S has sold or identified for sale 65 businesses which have combined revenues of £1.6 billion.

        G4S also rejects BDS comments relating to the conduct of business by G4S Israel. As numerous independent reviews have confirmed, G4S Israel operates to the highest business standards.

        G4S Israel is a well-managed business that will grow and prosper under the right new owner, providing a positive future for our 8,000 colleagues in Israel and long-term service and support for our customers.

  2. Everything that’s been happening of late, overwhelmingly proves how indoctrinated the majority are, incapable of seeing outside of the box. Orlando, France theatre attacks, American church, Charlie Hebdo, Sandy Hook…..the list goes on and on of false flag attacks, all created to not only end gun ownership, but continue to divide the population. The Zionists are rapidly losing public support for israel and need to up the ante and win it back, thus the creation of ISIS and public hatred for Muslims will do just that.

    You really have to ask yourself, do you really want to help those people who can’t even be bothered to help themselves?

    1. The problem we got is the shadow government that loves to conduct false flags, and then we got a large number of Muslims in the United States who are very radicalized and very jihadist-minded. If, say, the shadow government didn’t commit false flags , the Muslims would still be radicalized and still be jihadist-minded. So we still would have a problem.

      CAIR also is calling for gun confiscation, except CAIR conveniently leaves out the fact the Muslim immigrants in the United States, many of them radicalized and Jihadist-minded, are being supplied with lots of guns and lots of ammunition by the very same shadow government conducting false flags and then blaming the muslims.

      Then we got the American born blacks who convert to Islam in prison. When they get out of prison after serving their time, they’re being supplied with weapons and ammunition by the shadow government also, not just the Muslim immigrants, but also the hardened black felons who convert to Islam, and they, too, are very Jihadist-minded.

      1. I know this is not going to go over well, but the Jewess Pamela Geller has THE CORRECT VIEW, all you Darkmooners and all the other “alternative” media lovers of Muslims do NOT have the correct view. You all leave a fuck of a lot out of the story regarding Muslim immigrants, and the connection of the shadow government with Muslim immigrants.

        There’s a Big Connection, and the fact the shadow government conducts false flags and then blames the Muslims can’t cover up THE FACT same shadow government is supplying the Muslim immigrants and America’s homegrown black Muslim population with tons of weapons and tons of ammunition. That part of the story Darkmoon and all the rest of your section of the “Alt” media always leave out. You all do your best to cover up that very important part of the story. And by purposely leaving that part of the story out, your “Alt” media “narrative” leads readers to the same viewpoint the MSM media leads Americans to, “we must pay the Muslims a lot respect and treat them as equals, even better than equals, treat them as being superior, and celebrate the Muslim immigration agenda”.

        Your “Alt” media “narrative” leads to the very same conclusion as the MSM media “narrative” about Muslims and Muslim immigration — namely, Muslims are wonderful, in many ways, superior, and we must support Muslim immigration into the USA, Muslim immigration into the USA is very enriching. You all just go about reaching the very same conclusion as the MSM and promoting the very same celebration of Muslims in our midst and encourage everyone to celebrate Muslim immigration in a different way than the MSM, but your ULTIMATE so-called “alternative” media message concerning Muslims and Muslim immigration is THE VERY EXACT ULTIMATE message of the MSM media [ you all are supposedly “opposed” to]. The MSM takes the low road, and your “Alt” media takes the high road, but BOTH media arrives at the very same destination in the very end. And you all fully well fuckin’ know it too.

        1. I’ll take a “lying” jew like Pamela Geller over all of you fuckin’ two-faced fuckin’ chameleon snakes in the grass any day of the week. It’s rather pathetic, to say the fuckin’ least I could say about IT, wouldn’t you say it’s real pathetic when a “lying” jew like Pamela Geller tuns out to be more Truthful than all of you “anti-jew/anti-jew-NWO/anti-jew-perfidy/anti-jew-lies” “Lovers of Truth/ Truth Tellers” PUT TOGETHER. I told you this post wasn’t going to go over TOO well, ? . Go fuck yourselves.

      2. Joe,

        The problem with Islam, in the west, is that it should remain no more than 2% of the population. This way there is a far, far higher chance of integration and a far lower chance of radicalism. In fact in Europe this should be the maximum number of non indigenous, so they too integrate and not choose to promote their own culture over the indigenous’.

      3. I believe you are hitting the nail on the head here, Joe. This explains the bipolar agenda of the US government that I tried to express in a post at 3 in the morning in another thread. I don’t think I was particularly clear and for some reason my edit did not take. But that is irrelevant.

        Sometimes we are able to see so much but the obvious does not dawn on us. Just like the Media/Government complex uses the homosexuals as a battering ram against society, they are definitely using the Muslims as a battering ram against things like the 2nd Amendment, personal privacy, and to further things like the homosexual agenda and wars for Israel if needed. I can see a ready made case here in this Pulse incident to launch a war against Iran. That’s how sick it is and that is how easily it is to manipulate the mass. It really is part of the plan.

        The temptation is that some here, including me, will tend to want to defend the Muslims as they are a pain in the neck to the Jews. Or so we are led to think. When the reality is they are simply playing both ends against the middle. Just like the two party system of politics. Some Catholics might like the fact that Muslims are against homosexuality and abortion and usury. So many ways to deceive ourselves here.

        It’s so complicated that I again find it hard to express in words.

        For those who think Trump was behind it, all I can say is no way. However, it may have happened because of Trump. I was set to watch a rally last night from Atlanta I believe. The first speaker was a local or national politician from Georgia. I am presuming this. He was talking Israel and the crime of Russia taking Crimea etc. Real Neo Con stuff. I couldn’t watch and disconnected from the stream.

        If it was planned and not simply a Muslim homo seeking salvation for his sins and personal depravity, it may be the incident that will allow the Jewish Neo Cons to control Trump. Because it looks like they want back in and they may be doing it with bloodshed since Trump basically told Sheldon Addleson to take a hike. How do we know this? Because Gingrich found out he wasn’t going to be VP and attacked Trump a couple of weeks ago.

        Forget that this happened during “Pride Month”. Yes it helps with the complete hoodwinking going on here to promote confusion. But the main issue here is that Trump just sealed up the primaries and is the nominee. What is important in the timing is that he is now just beginning the campaign for the General Election.

        I suppose I will have to read Gellar’s latest column now to try and figure out what you mean in regards to what she is saying these days.

        Either way, great thinking here.

      4. Rich,

        “I suppose I will have to read Gellar’s latest column now to try and figure out what you mean in regards to what she is saying these days.”

        I can tell you what she’s saying, saving you the time:

        1. Israel must survive and screw the Palestinians.
        2. Remove Islam from the west, in fact remove Islam period.
        3. I love Robert Spencer.

      5. TROJ –

        My ‘take’ is simple.

        The usury guys need the 5.5/family musselmen producers to replace the 1.5/family white guy non-producers everywhere….
        …..except Israel.

        Howzatt??? 🙂

      6. @Harbinger, LOL. Not sure if you are quoting her latest article, but I’m sure its accurate.

        @Pat, Bingo! Right on the money. Although there is indeed more to it in terms of social agendas being realized as well. ‘Nuff said. Don’t want to be a broken record.

    2. Harbinger

      This isn’t about losing support for Israel. Just consider what Kissinger had to say about Israel. At this point, in 5 years or so, in paraphrasing Hank, “it will be no more.”

      All part of the diabolical plan of the protocolian “steering committee.”

      1. Brownhawk,

        The continuing growth of Islam in the west will result in a much greater dislike for it. Remember what Netanyahu stated after 9/11? “This is good for Israel”. The invasion is merely the puppet masters, throwing everything at the people to bring about civil war and support for wars against Islamic nations. So as the hatred grows for Muslims, the support for Palestine will lessen. This is good for Israel.

      2. B-Hawk –

        “Kissinger said Israel won’t exist in 10 years.”

        September 18, 2012

        Used in Hollywood gossip for catching eyeballs… Fabrication.. LIE..!!

        New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams reports she was told that former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said Israel will not exist in 10 years • Kissinger staffer denies the report, according to Jewish Telegraphic Agency.



        ‘No more Israel’

        Henry KISSINGER. Former secretary of state. Current savant of the state of the world. Do not argue with Mr. Kissinger’s know-how. He already knows how.

        Middle East horror. Democratic party dissing Jerusalem. DC’s anti-Israel mentality. Obama, busy raising re-election funds, no time for beleaguered Netanyahu. The Oval Office attitude versus the Red Line. Iran’s oath to destroy our only friend in that part of the world.
        Reported to me, Henry Kissinger has stated — and I quote the statement word for word: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

        I repeat: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

      3. Garbage. Those Kissinger (reported) comments are meant as dread motivation. i.e. “This country is going to hell… if we don’t do X.”

      4. Harb, the way I see it it’s only good for Israel in the short-term considerations of it. When you say “puppet masters” the real “masters” run deeper than who most think they are

        Pat, as for Kissinger, he’s an insider who’s high up the totem pole. You can say this or that about it being “Hollywood gossip stuff”, I’m not agreeing with that guess. Who do suppose he is, Henry Katsnelson?

        We are misreading the enemy here, and a good analogy comes from the sport of Boxing (and I’m guessing lobro may already know where I’m goin with this. And I look forward to Pat’s reply)

        The genius of Muhammed Ali’s “rope-a-dope” strategy against George Foreman serves as an offshoot with the lesson it conveys.

        Here come the metaphors:

        Foreman, in the earlier version of himself (look at the guy today, can you say having an epiphany?), was a monster in the ring; the “unbeatable foe” whose growth to these proportions represents the sworn enemy of Man that GOT that way because the sword of Christ was dropped 2,000 years ago (as he knew it would be). Had Ali gone toe-to-toe with him he woulda been crushed. Ali KNEW he had to allow the dope to wear himself out on the rope before correctly judging the right moment to move in for the kill.

        Ali taking the body blows against the ropes represents the period of tribulation we’re ALRESDY going through before putting “Foreman” down for the count and “regaining the title”, metaphor of inheriting the Earth

        timing is everything in the art of war

        powder dry
        tomahawks sharp

      5. B-Hawk –

        ‘Katznelson was a guess…. along with others who guessed. I stated that before. I even admitted the mistake to Lasha. 🙂

        The ‘quote’ by Hank WAS from a gossip columnist in NY. That is not a guess. I posted the source for you.

        New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams reports she was told that former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said Israel will not exist in 10 years • Kissinger staffer denies the report, according to Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

        “Reported to me,(Cindy) Henry Kissinger has stated — and I quote the statement word for word: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

        I repeat: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

      6. Pat

        You DO see where I’m transcending whatever particulars involving Kissinger in the media are, right?

        Sure, technically you can say that the transcendence is a guess…..

      7. Pat

        I meant your reply to my boxing metaphor, or just to that fight itself without any metaphorical considerations of it. You know, in the name of when us posters like to lighten up the serious atmosphere every once in a while :;

      8. B-Hawk –

        I am NEVER (really big word when in caps) offended by your comments.. 🙂

      9. I know that, Pat

        when I said “stupid smiley faces” I meant I always seem to hit the wrong key. let’s see if I get this one right


      10. “People” like Kissinger don’t feel the need to be guarded, or clever with whatever comes out of their mouths. They’re too arrogant in knowing that most sheeple (by definition) either aren’t paying attention or because he knows they’ll conclude that he must have meant that statement in some fashion not to be taken literally. Then later on it’s denied that he said it at all and then it’s forgotten. My guess is that he just blurted it out in a matter-of-factly.

        You have to remember, he is a servant of the “illuminated one”, Lucifer his bad self. In service to this he is psychopathically dedicated to “the way things must be” in playing his role in the “great work of the ages” as ordained by the master.

        Why are readers still scoffing at this in some form of denial?

        friends close, enemies closer

  3. What I find wrong is that they are using the war against Muslims to bring about more public support for and acceptance towards homosexuality. The fact that people can’t see this beggars belief.

    Now I disagree in the bullying of anyone. If a man wants to lie with another and a woman another woman, that’s their business, but it doesn’t make it natural, moral or normal behaviour. However that said, I completely disagree in Islam’s persecution of homosexuals. I also disagree with other Islamic practices as well, such as halal slaughter, stoning, honour killing, treatment of apostates and Sharia law and this in itself shows why Islam should not be allowed to grow in non Islamic lands. They must never be allowed to practice the aforementioned practices in any non Islamic land. Halal, for example, like Jewish kosher, is permitted here in the UK and other western nations. Both should be banned, as they break animal protection laws. It should simply be a case of saying “If you want to practice halal go to your own lands to do it. “ In the case of kosher, it should simply be banned as there shouldn’t be any Jewish state. There should be no exceptions on these practices, ever.

    However, I digress…. The west tolerates homosexuality. It’s part of living in a society of freedoms. Islam doesn’t and therefore this will automatically bring about conflict. And so they continue the mass migration of ‘intolerant-to-certain-western-practices’ Muslims into the west, which will bring about civil chaos and a rise in extremism on both sides – well there’s a shock for you!

    1. I also disagree with other Islamic practices as well, such as halal slaughter, stoning, honour killing, treatment of apostates and Sharia law – harbinger

      honor kiling is not a part of Islam – non-Middle Eastern Muslims – including Africans, Europeans, South Asians except some Pakistanis, Indo-Malayas, Westerners in general, don’t practice it – there are 2 billion Muslims – honour killings happen in a few middle eastern villages here and there and its dying down the last few years…it’s almost non-existent in most Muslim countries – u watching too much of the boob tube – every religious society shuns apostates and/or homosexuals – it’s not just Muslims – there are slightly different interpretations of apostasy laws and implementations of it in Muslim lands – so for example you could be an apostate in a Muslim country like Saudi but don’t dare go about dissing Prophet Muhammad or the religion publicly and your head is not gonna be separated from the neck by a sword executed by a judge’s decision – where as if you say u’re an apostate in multi-ethnic and multi-religious Malaysia you are fine but then again if you attack Islam publicly – you will get whatever you ask for…

      and I support Muslim societies that protect the Honour of the Prophet and the Religion – as for Shari’a law there are many things beneficial to it and it closely matches Benevolent Fascism and National Socialism in principle on MOST things – just different in its application and/or implementation…

    2. I love decapitating livestock – just for the fun of it – and stunning an animal before killing it is not forbidden in Islam either – it’s just that the animal slaughter is an ancient tradition and we love doing it just for the thrills if nothing else – nothing un-Islamic about stunning an animal before slaughtering it either…

      many Muslim groups in the Western world stun the animal before killing it…I think I know since my family goes shopping for meat during Eid ul Azha and they purchase “halal” meat…

      it’s not such a black and white issue – but yes – once we reach more than 50% of the population and we decide we want to publicly decapitate livestock – there’s nothing you can do about it – democracy wins the order of the day!

      1. Alright Salman, but just don’t, please don’t, try not to decapitate Lasha when Gilbert is walking her around the block on her black leather leash with glittering rhinestones Gilbert gave his bitch a black leather collar and leash as a LERV offering. With sparkling rhinestones even! ~ Hey Big Spender, come spend a little time with me! ~

    3. another thing harbinger – about stoning – the Prophet ended it during his life time – it was a temporary law used primarily against the Jews of Madina – the Qur’anic injunction is 100 lashes for men and married women while its 50 lashes for women that fall under the category – what your oaths possess (ma malekat aymanakum) – and this historically or traditionally included concubines but nowadays can be extended to girlfriends/lovers/mistresses – 80 lashes for those who spread false rumours about adultery for women that are married or in exclusive sexual relationships…it’s all in the Qur’an…plus you need 4 eye-witnesses that are cross examined for credibility and verification to apply or implement that punishment – and lashing ain’t that bad – just watch S & M porn… it’s nothing like that – – an example of lashing but for some other misdemeanor (I don’t agree with implementing it in this case)

      most Muslim interpreters of the law have stated that the lashing should be symbolic and not harsh like in an S & M freak show…

      the Rightly Guided Caliphs rarely implemented stoning to death – if ever at all – and the Ummayad, Abbasid, and Othoman Caliphates totally banned it during Muawiyah’s time – so stoning is not a part of Islam – it doesn’t matter if some misguided groups implement it – most Sunni/Shia Muslims I know don’t believe in it. It’s no longer applied in Iran and Saudi Arabia. My uncle just did the Hajj – I think I should know. I doubt the Taliban in Afghanistan do it nowadays either.

  4. The reason why people do not believe in false flags is simply because when they start to think of it, they just can’t accept that there are so many people working together to deceive the public. At times, I often wonder about it as well to tell you the truth.
    The police, the fire service, the paramedics, hospitals, doctors, nurses, all the people in the nightclub, then those in the msm……. the list goes on and on of literally hundreds of people all working in cahoots with one another. This is what stops people dead in their tracks from investigating further, because the reality of everyone ‘in on it’ and no whistleblowers, instantly raises the odds against a completely staged event.

    These crisis actors; how can they lie about something, whose future ramifications will greatly affect the lives and liberty of not just everyone, but most certainly their families, loved ones and descendants? They’re not all Jews, that’s for sure, in fact most probably aren’t. They can’t seriously all be Judas’ either? Are they all part of a cult? Are they part of an MK Ultra program? What would make these people do what they do? I’m really trying to get my head around it.

    1. @ Harbinger

      The thing is that not everyone is in on the staged event with the probable exception being the Sandy Hook hoax. As an example, the cops and the medical establishment reactions to an event are known so there is no reason to tell them anything about the staged event assuming that people are actually killed. The crisis actors are another issue.

      Actors or wannabe actors are professionals at not being themselves, living a lie and loving it. Consequently, there are few “right-wing” actors. If they are told that their performance will reduce gun violence or enhance some liberal cause, they will most likely go along with the staged event. Of course, then there is the potential for fame/career enhancement associated with mass media exposure which most likely drives the likes of the fake crying mom interviewed by the mainstream media. For that kind of exposure, they would sell their mothers into sex slavery. Acquiring their future lie is their passion.

      To keep most crises actors inline with the official narrative of an event, all it takes is a lie about how things mysteriously got out of control resulting in the death of people. Then they might tell them that, if they say anything, they could be considered accomplices to the crime and be prosecuted. Being actors, not lawyers, they would accept that.

      In the rare case that a crisis actor might decide to become a whistleblower, that is when the threat to family members comes into play. Nobody wants their mother or children killed. That’s the reason people like Timothy McVey (sp) or the living Boston Marathon fall guy said absolutely nothing after being caught. After everyone in Newtown got their mortgages paid off along with whatever other perks were given, you can bet that the threat was made to keep them all going along with the hoax. It should be remembered that the people engineering the staged events have no good qualities on their moral compass. They are doing the lusts of their father, the devil, whether they of to synagogue or not.

      I could be wrong, but this is the only thing that makes sense to me based on what I know of predictable human behavior in a screwed up society.

    2. Thanks for that Ungenius.

      I don’t think there are a few right wing actors, simply because if you’re not with left wing and liberal views you have no career. You have to be pro LGBT, minority, immigration etc etc. I know. I wasn’t an actor, my sister was, but I could have been incredibly successful doing music. I simply hated living in London so much as well as seeing the industry I was in was controlled by bad people and mostly everyone else were egotistical narcissists.

      As for threatening family members, well, that’s a viery distinct possibility.

  5. Just in March this year…. without much notice in mainstream media:


    Fed up with the passage of an 18½-page incoherent, rambling, unconstitutional gun control initiative that was bankrolled by billionaires, gun owners across Washington state held the largest felony civil disobedience rally in the nation’s history, brazenly titled “I Will Not Comply.” No one was hurt and no stores were looted. Between 1,000 and 3,000 lawful gun owners showed up openly armed at the state capitol in Olympia, Wash., on Saturday to defy the newly passed gun control law, I-594.

    Got shoved down/aside farther by Orlando-ordeal..!!

    1. Although his address was aimed at “Dear Normal Germans”, that would be hate speech, so he wisely omitted it.

    2. hahahaha

      speaking of funny speeches, it reminds me of a speech Hitler made in response to FDR’s list of countries worldwide he admonished Germany not to attack AH had a field day with that one, milking the laughs for all it was worth

      And to think, all he had to be concerned about was the unfortunate randomness of a, what’s it called, ascended testicle?

  6. Ungenius,

    ” A gay Muslim, Omar Mateen, who worked for a company, G4S, that specializes in mercenaries, crisis training with actors, and moving illegals about the US for the government—a gay Muslim whose father has been a CIA asset for many years—takes the lead role in a staged event.

    Unknown to Mateen, he is to be the first to die after entering the Pulse nightclub. He is the pre-ordained patsy…..”

    That’s an interesting take. In fact it’s almost on a par with John Anthony Hill’s take on 7/7/2005. He believes that the four Muslims from the North of England were due to come down to the mock terrorist trials in London, told they were acting the part of terrorists. The only problem was that when they got down to London they realised that it wasn’t a mock terrorist drill, but a real one and they were the prime suspects. All were killed (of course we were told that they blew themselves up) as dead men tell no tales.

    7/7 The Ripple Effect

    Ironically, upon the trial of the deceased, alleged suicide bombers, John Anthony Hill sent a copy of his documentary to the trial jury foreman and judge. They decided that in him doing so he was trying to pervert the course of Justice and they issued an international arrest warrant on him. He, an Englishman, living in Ireland was extradited to the UK, where he was tried and imprisoned, all for sending a DVD contrary to the official narrative. It makes you realise that Hill’s documentary was most certainly closer to the truth than what the public were told. We are truly living in corrupt, deceitful, tyrannical times.

  7. All those affairs, an amazing blizard of options but with a taste of déjà-vu.

    Who killed Jo Cox, the pro EU social fighter?

    A white nationalist shouting Britain First, seed of Nazi, the darkest hours are coming back, Angsoc isn’t it.
    The same thing happened to pro-euro Anna Lindh in 2003 who was mysteriously shot by a Swedish Serbian 6 days before the Swedish referendum on Euro.
    John Kerry declared “it’s an attack against all those who believe in democracy.” USA believes so much in democracy that dozens of US diplomats urge strike against Syria and democratically elected Assad. He gazed his own people remember.
    USA is ready for war against Russia to protect their Islamic militias and according to Lavrov, Washington asked Moscow not to bomb Al-Nosra in order not to affect the moderate rebels next to them. The same Kerry declared US patience over Syria is “very limited”, Mr Heinz tomato ketchup is busy busy.

    Who assaulted the British “supporters” in Marseille?

    Non-occidental Russian sober far-right hooligans who trained themselves in forests during winter by fighting each other, like the killing machine in Rocky 4. Maybe they were send by the Kremlin implied many journalists.
    They did get some help by French Arabs since the ale-filled English hools were singing “Where is Daesh” on the Vieux-Port. Daesh is in London you morons.
    The French government asked for the deportation of all Russian supporters. Russophobia is off the hook in Europe, especially in London subway.

    Perfect day to go fishing.
    My kingdom for a Brexit. The Swedish voted no in 2003 despite the killing of Anna, what’s the London bookie odds?

      1. Your link doesn’t work in France, we can’t bet in UK, they don’t accept euros.

        This was at the beginning of June; Farage placed 1000 pounds.
        “Betting giant Coral was yesterday quoting odds of 5-2 for Leave and 2-7 for Remain, down from 4-1 and 1-7 respectively at the weekend.”

        Now the latest odds are 7-4 for Leave and 4-9 for Remain.

        According to gamblers it’s a Brexit, but the campaign has been suspended because of the assassination which might change the odds, who knows, maybe the killer placed all his savings on remain.

        Why would a pro-Brexit kill an anti-Brexit lady when the trend for a Brexit was actually positive?
        “According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Mr. Mair sent about $620 to the National Alliance for items from its publishing imprint, National Vanguard Books, including works that instructed readers on the chemistry of powder and explosives. Also purchased was a copy of “Ich Kampfe,” a book published by the Nazi Party in the early 1940s.” He is a dumb Nazi blinded by hatred, that’s why.

  8. When I was a kid, there were just drills to teach us what to do in case of an emergency; no play-acting or drama, just plain and simple drills on the safe way to evacuate a room. Then, sometime in the 90’s, emergency drills became like a low budget B-movie where the people would play their “part” as victim or whatever was needed to make a “reality”.

    Then came those “reality” tv shows; more play-acting, more drama; and barely a reality.

    Lying is a daily reality for most people; either doing the lying; or believing a lie; or both.

    COMMANDMENT # 7 says “YOU shall NOT lie, even to your ‘Self”’.

  9. Mateen worked for G4S subsidiary in USA…. Which was Wackenhut before it changed names in 2010.

    In a surprising discovery, the Palm Beach Post first reported that according to state records, Orlando shooter Omar Mateen – who as we reported earlier was licensed as a security guard and also holds a firearms license – was employed by the US subsidiary of G4S plc, a British multinational security services company, whose US-headquarters are located in Jupiter, Fla, and which also happens to be the world’s largest security company by revenue.


    Name changed…. very common these days.

    G4S Secure Solutions (USA) is an American security services company, and a wholly owned subsidiary of G4S plc.

    G4S Secure Solutions (USA) was founded as The Wackenhut Corporation in 1954, in Coral Gables, Florida, by George Wackenhut and three partners (all are former FBI agents).

    In 2002 the company was acquired for $570 million by Danish corporation Group 4 Falck (itself then merged to form British company G4S in 2004).

    In 2010, G4S Wackenhut changed its name to G4S Secure Solutions (USA) to reflect the new business model.

    The G4S Americas Region headquarters is in Jupiter, Florida.

  10. I remembered and searched….

    Orlando’s Pulse was NOT the largest mass murder other than WTC attack in 2001.

    The Happy Land fire was an arson fire that killed 87 people trapped in an unlicensed social club named “Happy Land” in New York City on March 25, 1990.

    Most of the victims were young Hondurans celebrating Carnival, largely drawn from members of the local Garifuna American community.

    Unemployed Cuban refugee Julio González, whose former girlfriend was employed at the club, was arrested soon afterward and ultimately convicted of arson and murder.

    He spread the fuel on a staircase, the only access into the club, and then ignited the gasoline.

    Guns are not the problem….. as much as people.

    Outlaw guns… they will use gas….. as history shows.

    1. All-in-all, I would say Lasha and her acting troupe, I would say all you Darkmooners are putting on one fuck of a very convincing performance of being “traditional” “conservative-leaning” “anti-jew” “anti-zog” “anti-NWO” , especially for a bunch of die-hard LEFTIST worshipers of the putrid jew kabbalah “goddess” of LEFTISM.

      1. I bet Pat, who is Lasha’s mouthpiece [ yet another persona, yet another one of Lasha’s alter-ego, yet another one of Lasha’s handles/characters ] we know what Lasha’s is thinking via her mouthpiece Pat [ and also Salman the Islamic Supremacist ].

        I bet Lasha’s Patsy just LERVS the Pulse psyop-hoax “mass killing of gays” as the gay/lesbian radical agenda now has advanced by leaps and bounds and anyone who speaks up against the gay/lesbian agenda even in the least bit will come under suspicion of being a “terrorist” and a “threat” to the United States. A type of underhanded jew M.O. I’m sure Lasha who loves worships and adores the jew kabblah’s “goddess” “planned perversion” “Lilith” is real happy about the psyop-hoax Pulse “Homocaust”.

        We know it to be true via Lasha’s Patsy’s LERV for MEGA ZOG Leftist Hillary. Hillary who LERVS the Leftist agenda and also LERVS the Muslims, even unto Islamic Jihad does the MEGA Leftist ZOGmite Hillary LERV Islam and Muslims.

        Funny how the Leftists with their jew kabbalah “goddess’ “Lilith” just LERV Muslims, unto Islamic Jihad even [ see Lasha’s mouthpiece Salman for details about qabalah jew Lasha and her LERV for Islamic Jihad and the Islamic takeover of the West.]

        Or see Pat, he LERVS the same thing as as Salman. Which is at least consistent that Lasha and her TWO mouthpieces Salman and Patsy all LERV the Same Things.

      2. TROJ –

        I like all that you mentioned…. but even more…. I like the fact that Wayne State Univ has dropped math requirement and replaced it with a diversity course so it is easier to graduate musselmen majoring in jihadism. 🙂

        “A faculty committee has proposed adding a three credit hours requirement in diversity to the general education curriculum at Wayne State University. It also recommended that WSU drop its university-wide requirement in mathematics, an idea that was carried out on June 13.”

  11. For me the Orlando attack poses only one big question:
    How is it possible that despite the assistance of so many multinational “terrorism experts” and following the experience of so many attacks over the past decade “we” are still unable to pull one off that is not immediately open to derision, one that does not seem to have been scripted by drunken Ghost Busters impersonating the Keystone Cops?

  12. This is a new career path, not available before terrorist attacks were invented: Crisis actors. I wonder what the pay scale is and what the contract specifies about the need to keep your trap shut after the “event.”


    This guy was Rambo, Riddick and the Terminator rolled up into one; blasting away with his Sig Sauer MCX look-alike AR-15, talking on his cell to 911 dispatch; dropping out an empty mag and replacing it with a full mag while talking to the TV station news producer; updating (Was he ‘unfriended’ while shooting?) his FACEBOOK page while blasting away and also, covering around 300 clubbers in a rather large cut-up building, with EIGHT entry/exit doors, plus windows and no one thought to escape when he was reloading? Plus, he collected the hostage’s phones? All 300? Boy, he must have large hands.

    Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam…”Hey you in the back rooms, stay where you are. I can’t see you, but I know what you’re thinking.” Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam…Dammit, hold still, so I can get off clean shots.” Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam…”Better call 911 and give them my statement..Hello, 9/11 dispatch? This is Omar Mateen and I’m at the PULSE gay nightclub, shooting up the place. I have a..Hold on a sec, Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam..”OK, what? Yeah, I know it’s noisy, you ought to hear it here.” Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, “Anyway, I want to pledge allegiance, hold on, ” Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, “OK, now where was I? Oh yeah, my statement is that I pledge my life to ISIS and wait a minute, Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam…”Damn, out of ammo. 9/11, hold on while I change mags and everyone else here, freeze while I change mags. Don’t get no funny ideas about escaping thru any of the doors or windows…OK, we’re good to go.” Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam..”911, I pledge to ISIS and now I’m going to finish in Arabic even though my family is from Afghanistan where they speak Pashto.” Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam…”Hold on 911, I got to check my FACEBOOK page and see if anyone has ‘unfriended me.” Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam..”Thought you could sneak up on me from behind? Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam..”Hey everybody, I want everyone to hand over their cell phones NOW or else!” Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam…

    1. Good points, Adam. I thought the same…

      “….and no one thought to escape when he was reloading?”…. and attack him like three Americans did in France… last year..???

      Too ‘gay’ – too happy – to care…… I guess. Didn’t want to ‘break a nail.’

      France train attack: Americans overpower gunman on Paris express

      Police investigate incident near Arras, France, in which three US citizens – two of them soldiers – prevented attack by suspect reportedly armed with AK-47.

      A heavily armed gunman has opened fire on a high-speed train travelling from Amsterdam to Paris before being overpowered by three US citizens, two of whom were soldiers.

      Two people were injured in the attack, including one of the Americans, who was admitted to hospital with serious injuries to his hand that needed surgery.

  14. The Orlando shooting victim’s GOFUNDME has raised 8 million dollars so far. 3 million over their original stated goal of 5 million. Some big shot jew Washington lawyer is going to Orlando to make sure the 8 million is distributed fairly to all the families of the victims and all the ones with their hands out.Every gay/lesbian organization in Orlando have their hands out also.

    “My loved one, I loved him so much, he was brutally shot down in the prime of his life. Please support me in style and comfort for the rest of my life so I can get over the heart break of losing my Loved One”. “A lot of gays were shot down at Pulse. I’m gay too. ”


    ” Hi.I’m president of a gay organization here in Orlando, GOFUNDME so I can make lots of money off of this horrible tragedy. Send me money and these kind of tragic shootings won’t happen no more, but first you must GOFUNDME.”

    Nothing like milking a death in your family and using it as an excuse to make every penny you can off of it and using the killing of a loved one to try to live the rest of your life in luxury, in style, in comfort, the whole world supporting you for the rest of your life if you can manage that set-up, because you have a broken heart because you lost a loved one. The families of the shooting victims are already fighting over the GOFUNDME money. That’s why a Washington jew lawyer was sent down to Orlando, to keep the in-fighting to a minimum I guess.

    “My loved one was shot down dead, I deserve to make as much money as I can off my loved one’s death and I deserve the whole country support me in high class style the rest of my life. I have a right to turn my loved ones untimely death into a profitable business, that’s cause I have a broken heart and money is the only thing that will assuage the great pain I’m feeling over my loss.”

    I could understand a GOFUNDME page if the families of the victims didn’t have the money for proper funerals. but this whole GOFUNDME fund raising campaign is way beyond that. It’s about a lot of parasites looking to greatly profit off the death of their so-called loved ones, and try to make a comfortable life-time living for themselves off of the shooting, on the backs of their beloved dead, in other words. The GOFUNDME money is going to bring back their loved ones, 🙂 . The GOFUNDME campaign started about, the GOFUNDME page was put-up online, Oh, in the same minute Mateen first walked into Pulse.

  15. Check out the MOSTY HOLY FAMIL;Y MONESTARY website for their views on the Orlando shooting

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