Fury Unleashed — Top Boxer Shocks World By Saying He Doesn’t Like Jews

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14 May, 2016. Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury should be barred from boxing, according to the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA).

Fury, 27, was filmed making homophobic, sexist and anti-Semitic comments in a video posted on YouTube last week.

The British boxer from Manchester also voiced his views on bestiality, paedophilia and women during the 57-minute clip.

“This is not his first offence, he specialises in outrageous offensive and racist slurs,” said Campaign Against Antisemitism spokesman Jonathan Sacerdoti. “Behaviour like this should prompt his sponsors to withdraw their backing. Britain does not tolerate or support racism. These specific anti-Semitic slurs are centuries old, and his use of them today in 2016 shows ignorance and malice.”

The British Boxing Board of Control was not immediately available for comment.

Fury caused an upset by outpointing 40-year-old Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf last November, with the rematch for his WBA and WBO heavyweight titles to take place at the Manchester Arena on 9 July.

His previous comments on homosexuality, paedophilia and women saw more than 100,000 people sign an online petition in an attempt to get him removed from the BBC’s 2015 Sports Personality of the Year shortlist.

Fury apologised at the award ceremony last December.


46 thoughts to “Fury Unleashed — Top Boxer Shocks World By Saying He Doesn’t Like Jews”

  1. I am shocked by this article. What is the world coming to? Boxers today, wrestlers tomorrow. Is there no limit to human depravity?

    We gotta say ‘NO!’ to this kind of thing getting out of hand.

    It’s time this site launched a fierce campaign against antisemitism.

    1. I think you should be concerned. My advice to you is to go to your fellow kikes and push for several things. Here are just a few:

      1) Stop pushing for censorship around the world and most importantly, urge European governments to drop the censorship laws regarding the Jewspeak called “Holocaust Denial”. Your lies are already exposed, although who knows how many more are yet to be.

      2) Admit your guilt in founding the USSR as revealed by Russia’s President Putin (and many others) when he said 80 to 85% of the first Soviet government was kike. Admit that Jews murdered millions of Ukrainians in the 1930’s.

      3) Admit your guilt for causing WW II and killing over 50 million Europeans when kikes paid Winston Churchill to attack Germany as revealed by the most important historian of WW II, David Irving.

      4) Stop murdering Palestinians.

      5) There is so much more, but ultimately the goal of all Europeans should be the goal Adolf Hitler set out to achieve beginning in 1933 – the removal of lying, murderous kikes from Europe. It should be done in a humane fashion and they need to be sent where they won’t harm anyone else. Palestine was a bad idea.

      1. 100% directly on Target. The Jews’ eternal and perpetual sniveling about their purported victimhood is their traditional stock in trade. And they push it as a useful diversion from their own congenital and historic penchant for victimizing others all the time. Just ask any Palestinian. Their shrill bleating and self importance has been legion since the time of Ancient Rome. But It has become symptomatic of a condition that is more than just a shared character defect. It is rapidly evolving into an existential threat to human kind. Jews feel they are on a mission to oppress everybody else in retaliation for their so called “Holocaust”(tm). And it has worked splendidly for them over decades. But, as the layers of propaganda and lies about that decay with age, we can see through the fog of history with far more clarity given simple observations of the The Jew State’s outrageously criminal conduct and the rest of the worlds cowardice in dealing with it. Now we can easily infer some basic truths. One of them is that The Third Reich was acting – not out of hate and bigotry – but out of an instinct for survival and an urgent need to quarantine an aggressive and hostile parasite.

    2. …your time is up, your lies are now well known to everyone.
      What is about to happen will make your invented holohoax look like child’s play.

    3. Why don’t you shut your kike trap and go peddle that anti-semite shyte to someone who cares. Anti-semetism=truth about jews…and THAT’s what y’all are so pissed about….

    4. If you had any form of intelligence, you would be agreeing with mister Fury about the dangers of the disgusting kikes and their lying, murderous ilk.
      The Jew cries out in pain as he stabs you in the back.

      This victimhood bullshit these lying yids keep playing no longer has any fucking value. Ohhhh dont forget the six bajillion Goyim!

      Its been almost one hundred fucking years. Get the fuck over it. 6 million is a very small number as far as genocide goes, be glad it wasnt 300 million.
      Too bad.

      1. I did some research and there were more Jews in Europe after WW2 than before it so how did 6M of them die? Those photos of the dead bodies in pits shown worldwide were actually Gypsies, homosexuals and other unwanted people. Very few Jews actually died in WW2

  2. Tyson Fury is fully entitled to express his prejudices. We are all prejudiced one way or the other. If someone doesn’t like me because I’m a Westerner I’d like to know it. I appreciate the honesty, because I know where I stand with that person. During my travels I’ve encountered anti-western prejudice in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. I usually laugh at them in their own language, of course. On one occasion in Penang I overheard some low class Cantonese referring to me as a Gwai Lo (devil or Ghost man). I really took them aback when I told them in the foulest Cantonese that I understood their fxxking dog language and to go and fornicate with their mothers. They actually had a good laugh when they got over the shock. We ended up having a drink together. I despise the craven, mealy-mouthed politically correct types. Believe me Asians and Africans I have met regard westerners who patronise them with PC as loathsome and contemptible.

    1. Felix,

      Well, i have not been to Asia yet but cursing in their language was the best icebreaker with Asian exchange students I have met in Europe. Worked particularly well with Japanese and I would always introduced myself by mocking their small peckers, chi sai chinko. The Chinese on the other hand, they were not here to make friends, impenetrable workaholic.
      One of the Japanese stayed to pursue his love story and we remained friends for a while. For him, except for immigration, had a problem with black people, the strangest thing in Europe was the concept of racism as Japanese are completely ethnocentric and prejudices came naturally with them. We used to be kind of like that in Europe before the second career of the Chancellor and cultural relativism.
      When I think about it he had the right approach, the modesty to acknowledge the alterity between us, that there is a frontier.
      In fact he was the real antiracist, it was me who was a complete stranger to my own tradition and I was the racist with my patronizing tone and morbid xenophilia. The migrants or people outside of Occident whether they are black, brown or yellow will never respect us if we don’t respect ourselves, if we are outsiders to our own culture. But I disgress.

      The result is that I am more prejudiced in my own country, kouffar , babtou, sous-chien…than in Maghreb for example or when I travel. This is way easier to be French abroad, or Europeans I reckon, amongst bamboulas, goatfuckers and lemonfaces.


      1. “The Chinese on the other hand, they were not here to make friends, impenetrable workaholic.”

        Jews are very much like the Chinese without their work ethic.


        “LaPage conjectures that the first parasite may have been a non-parasitic organism which penetrated by some route the body of another kind of animal, and found some food there, such as blood, which was rich in nutrition and easily digestible, and that, in the course of evolution, the descendants of this first parasite liked this way of life, and maintained such an association with some other animal. Eventually, these types became wholly dependent upon parasitism as a way of obtaining food and could not survive without following it. Thus it became an “obligatory parasite,” completely dependent physiologically upon its host.”


      2. Phil,
        You are absolutely spot on. East Asians are among the most “racist” people on earth. I find it refreshing. In Japan I have on a couple of occasions been refused entry to bars. “Ah soh, very sorry, member only”. Usually accompanied by the characteristic hissing intake of breath. Yes, racial prejudice is FUN.

      3. In the state of Karnataka in southern India they do not admit non-hindus into many of the sacred inner temples…when I asked the guard, “How do you know I’m not a Hindu” he replied simply, “You’re white”…I got that but my Brahmin friend was incensed…he explained to me that one must be born into Hinduism and cannot convert so…any white faced pinkey of European decent obviously could not be Hindu and thus banned from the inner temples.

  3. The mark of the beast, as told to us in revelations, I believe is not a physical one, but a conscious one. It’s name is political correctness. Should one not adhere to its regulations, one will not be able to buy or sell.

    “Zionist, Jewish people … own all the banks, all the papers, all the TV stations…” (Fury’s statement).

    And? Another fact along with homosexuality being wrong and that a woman, submits to a man, whom in return gives her love and protection. However, in today’s world with the Jewish control, the LGBT agenda and the ‘sisterhood’, Tyson Fury and others like him is a fish out of water. They’d kill him and all like him if they got the chance.

    1. Indeed, Harbinger

      The mark of the beast in IN the forehead and IN the right hand. It means you think it and do the work of it. People looking for barcodes and chips are looking for superficial titillation. How else would the sting from the tail (tale) of the scorpion liar only affect those with the mark of the beast? That sting is a paralyzing lie, that they all embrace. And, the plot thickens.

      1. I always thought the mark might refer to the tefillin, but it think you may have a more fitting explanation. Weird, twisted metaphors are common to the bible. Jews have mastered the art of doublespeak, speaking volumes while communicating no intelligence. They are also masters at saying one thing while meaning something totally different of even the reverse of what one thinks they hear. It must have something to do with pathological lying.


      2. Quite correct Lepieu P and Arch.
        I do very much believe that the mark of the beast is the adherence to a culture of totalitarian deceit. And once we know very well whom the master of lies are don’t we?

    1. on the contrary, anything true is anti-semitic by definition, whereby the judaic entity is nothing but lies, deceit and betrayal.

      truth, being the antithesis of judaica, is anti-semitic.

  4. Sounds to me like internationally enforced ‘Dislike Laws’ are on the way.

    Fury didn’t say he hates Jews, only that he doesn’t like them and that seems enough to have set off worldwide jew fury against Fury.
    Fury is a mediocre boxer but a great guy.

    The Oath of Allegiance is due for some rewording:
    I Like Kike is the new one.

    1. “I Like Kike”
      Genius. I’ll order a T-shirt. I have to discard the one I purchased from Egalité et Reconciliation that says GOY.

  5. There is good reason to be anti-semitic. If you’re against racism, then you should be anti-semitic because racism is a central part of Judaism. From their tribalism (racism) which allows them to accumulate enormous power over others, to their psychopathic behavior which had them pay Churchill to attack Germany and launch WW II to their continuous massacring of Palestinians to Jew Sheldon Adelson’s paying Republican Presidential Candidiates to attack Iran, the Jews are psychopathic mass murderers and everyone should speak like Tyson before they push the world into WW III, like they did with WW II.

  6. Mr Fury, they also own most of the POLITICIANS and their wretched Parties (conspiracies) their latest acquisition, UKIP.

    1. Fantastic. Every once in a while someone completely unexpected comes along and I wouldn’t expect this from a boxer. Being German, the drip. drop of hatred towards Germans from the British can only allow me to like them so much, but Tyson Fury has pushed them up a bit from my viewpoint.

  7. Jewish wordsmithing: “This is not his first offence” Only Jews find speaking one’s mind to be a crime.

    The number one comment I have heard from my age group, as well as that of the “greatest generation” is: “So what are you going to do about it? There isn’t anything anyone can do, so why bother?”

    As I have been saying for many years, every one needs to learn the facts about Jews and then tell others. This is the one effective “direct action” countermeasure one can take in the clandestined war Jews have declared on the white race.

    Every voice is needed! Learn the clues about the Jews, then speak aloud while standing proud.

    1. This Fury spoke is mind , I agree with him and also agree with you. The population of this country tops 60 million and yet the Jews are about 2% yet they presume that they have the authority to dictate who is allowed to express their opinions in public and the limitations and restrictions on those opinions. Such circumstances can be achieved in two ways , bribery or blackmail of those in positions of national authority .Fury is correct when he claims that the levels of morality, dignity, respect ,and just plain common levels of decency have now almost disappeared.

      1. He’s proving why he dislikes Jews because of the responses in this article. I mean getting disbarred from boxing? Only seems jews get away with someone destroying their life’s work all because of an opinion. Isn’t that how Hitler worked with the Nazi party?

  8. oh my kami!

    You don’t like Jews and Jews want him disbarred. Wow, what a bunch of pathetic people. So it is okay to hate white, black, mexican, etc. but can’t like Jews? You guys are some truly arrogant bunch of sods.

  9. Britain does not tolerate or support racism – NO BUT THE ‘KIN TOLERATE AND SUPPORT THE MURDER OF PALESTINIANS BY the f k r s.

  10. Fury got it right…. The Pharisee-Jews are liars and whiners…



    For years, Jews have told people around the world that six million of them were systematically murdered in German “Concentration Camps” during World War 2. Anyone disputing this claim has been viciously smeared as a hateful anti-Semite. Countries around the world have even jailed people for disputing the claim that 6 Million were killed.
    Here now, for all the world to see, is a scanned image of an Official International Red Cross document proving the so-called “Holocaust” never happened:

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