GMOs — Planned Sterilization of Humanity?

By Peter Koenig


Severe health risks of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are not new. Studies by scientists among others in France, Germany, Austria, since at least the 1990s, pointing to several levels of health dangers to mankind abound. A recent study released by Egyptian researchers found that rats fed a GMO diet suffer from infertility, among other health issues. In the US similar studies were muzzled by Monsanto and the Monsanto staffed FDA. In a 2011 paper the Institute for Responsible Technology – IRT refers to 19 animal studies linking GMOs to mostly liver and kidney organ disruption.

In the early 2000 the first Russian studies revealed reduction in fertility and birth defects in hamsters and rats. In a 2013 Russian study, scientist have discovered that mammals that eat GMO foodstuffs have difficulties to reproduce. The study concluded that “Campbell hamsters that have a fast reproduction rate were fed for two years with ordinary soya beans which are widely used in agriculture and those contain different percentages of GMOs. Another group of hamsters, the control group, was fed with pure soya [found in Serbia, as 95% of soya in the world is transgenic].”

According to Dr. Alexei Surov, who led the study on behalf of the National Association for Gene Security,

“We selected several groups of hamsters, kept them in pairs in cells and gave them ordinary food as always. We did not add anything for one group, but the other was fed with soya that contained no GMO components, while the third group [was fed] with some content of GMOs and the fourth one with increased amounts of GMOs….. Originally everything went smoothly. However, we noticed quite a serious effect when we selected new pairs from their cubs and continued to feed them as before. These pairs’ growth rate was slower, and [they] reached their sexual maturity slowly. When we got some of their cubs, we formed the new pairs of the third generation. We failed to get cubs from these pairs which were fed with GMO foodstuffs. It was proven that these pairs lost their ability to give birth to their cubs.”

Sterilization from GMOs is not an accident. Monsanto had planned this since the 1960s. Henry Kissinger, the protégé of the Rockefeller Foundation and one of the driving forces – still today – of the Bilderberg Society, not only is the author of the infamous proclamation in the early seventies:

‘Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; and who controls money can control the world;’

he also said,

‘Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the Third World.’

This is still a (mostly unspoken) key objective of the elite, associated through different semi-secret organizations like the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the British Chatham House, the Economic Forum (Davos), and others.

GMO Seeds

GMOs are based on two strands; one involves insect resistance, the other is herbicide resistant and more dangerous, because it is glyphosate-tolerant. Glyphosate, known under its trade name ‘Roundup’, is however absorbed in the food fibers and has devastating health effects. The herbicide is an endocrine-disruptor, a chemical that at certain doses can interfere with the hormone system of mammals. These disruptions may cause cancer, infertility, miscarriage, birth defects and full sterility by the third generation, as the Russian study clearly demonstrated.

In his eye-opening 2007 book Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic ManipulationF. William Engdahl points to food control and depopulation as the strategic key objectives of GMOs as put forward by Henry Kissinger already half a century ago. A less populated Third World will give the US and world elite easier and cheaper access to needed raw materials, allowing the ‘chosen few’ to maintain a lifestyle of exuberant luxury and resources abuse.

Ellen Brown, referring to Gary Null’s documentary Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs, quotes Dr. Bruce Lipton,

“We are leading the world into the sixth mass extinction of life on this planet. . . . Human behavior is undermining the web of life.”

Worse is to come, if and when the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is ratified by the US and its eleven Pacific partners. The TPP – much like the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, linking the US with the 28 EU countries) – is negotiated behind closed doors. The chief agricultural negotiator for the US is the former Monsanto lobbyist, Islam Siddique. The two monster trade agreements would deprive governments from regulating transnational corporations’ activities, to the point where the rights of corporations would supersede sovereign nations laws. Corporations would be able to set up private courts that may rule a country liable for lost profit due to legislation that may interfere with their activities.

This would particularly apply to biotech agriculture. GMOs could no longer be forbidden by individual countries. They are integral parts of the two giant trade agreements which the US is attempting to ram down the throats of their ‘partners’ – and may do so in the general realm of vassalage which has been cultivated by Washington’s threat and sledgehammer politics – “You are either with us or you are against us” – and the latter is usually punished with devastating sanctions, if not with death of errant, non-compliant leaders.

The objective of depopulation is alive and well – and being implemented under our eyes; and We, The People, are blinded by the steady drop-by-drop of propaganda that makes us believe that these trade agreements will resolve the world’s food problems, will eliminate famine. What they will eliminate after a few generations is peoples’ fertility. This, coupled with the constant and continuous wars on terror and financial assassinations of entire countries (see Greece) by the so-called Bretton Woods Organizations, IMF and World Bank, working hand-in-hand with the FED and Wall Street, may eventually succeed in drastically reducing world population – if We, The People, do not wake up.

Waking up to a new form of agriculture is crucial. Back to nature and earth-friendly farming, as well as away from globalization to the notion of ‘local production for local consumption’. Russia has a strict ban on GMOs. Russia is producing about 40% of its food by permaculture methods on simple garden plots. According to Natural Living, 80% of the country’s fruit and berries, and 66% of vegetables and about 50% of the nation’s milk are produced on dacha-type plots.

It is not too late to get away from GMOs, from planned sterility and from depopulating the globe for the benefit of a tyrant elite. But, We the People, have to wake up, take back the sovereign control of our nations from the vassal leadership which Washington has discretely, almost imperceptibly placed at the helm of the 11 TPP and the 28 TTIP nations by stolen or manipulated elections or outright ‘regime change’. The breaking up of the Eurozone and the European Union – both of which are in dire straits – might be the beginning of a new era of self-determination.

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  1. An excellent article. This explains the vilification and outright falsification of news by the usual shysters in the Western media pertaining to any country that disallows GMOs or the patenting of living organisms. So whenever someone cites the MSM, such as the BBC, The Rothschild Economist, CNN, Fox, The Guardian or any other such rag, my immediate reaction is one of contempt. I learnt more than 40 years ago how far these bastards will go to slant and misreport any news that doesn’t fit their agenda. GMO’s are dangerous poisons and are obviously a factor in the declining birthrates in Western societies. I notice the mention of war criminal Kissinger in the article.
    Major crimes being responsibility for the Cambodia genocide, the invasion of East Timor and the betrayal of the Kurds in Iraq in the 70’s. So now he wants to “genocide” a billion or two, three, four or more people. He is clearly one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse. Another lackey of the GMO purveyors is “Dear Mister Fxxking Tony Blair” with the revolting adenoidal voice.

  2. There is depopulating going on alright, but not in the 3rd world, only in the 1st one. I wish the 3rd world was being depopulated. If their growth will continue at this rate, some day somewhere in the future they will start eating each other. Of course by then we will have retreated in isolated areas in an ocean of savages.

  3. Ultimately, it isn’t concern for ‘third worlders’ and such, it’s concern for OURSELVES we must attend – and CAN attend – with some personal responsibility. If one feels compelled to voice opposition to GMOs in the commercial market, pick up the damn phone and plague the call-in numbers displayed on packaging. Grow your own garden. Shop seeds. Save open-pollinated seed crop. It doesn’t take genius, just a little attentive fostering of self. There are an abundance of ‘farmers markets’ in cities and towns where one can buy non-GMO produce. Take the time to visit. Quit whining, become proactive.

    1. Great advice, and buy organic, the few cents extra are worth it. If you must eat meat buy free-range.

  4. A really good article and something I’ve been reading about for quite sometime now. The thing is though that we have been genetically modifying nature for quite sometime now. When you take a cutting from one plant and merge it onto another you are genetically modifying it. Of course, it’s nowhere near as bad as genetically modifying fish DNA into a tomato for example.

    I remember reading some articles on the horrors of GM foods. One story was of a farmer who threw some GM corn onto his garden and upon going inside watched as squirrels, racoons, birds etc all came to feed. Not one of them touched the GM corn. He later went out, cleaned up the corn and threw some natural corn out. Upon going inside the previous creatures came and gobbled up all the corn. Animals know when foodstuffs are contaminated.
    Another story was of lab rats being fed GM corn and they all developed nasty, cancerous, tumours the size of ping pong balls.

    I also highly recommend watching the film Food Inc which goes inside America’s food industry as well as GM foods.

    It is obvious why they are doing this. They are selling it to us as economical foods for a world that’s getting out of control population wise. This of course is wrong. All lands should have the equivalent population to what their lands can produce. This is another reason why I disagree in immigration as those peoples from lands with shortages of foods and a large population (China & India) are colonising new lands in order for their race to grow even more, with no consideration to those races they will turn into minorities. i do not believe in sending food aid either to countries that don’t have enough food. If they are to die it’s nature’s way of population control. Live Aid, for example, in 1984 was a classic example.
    But GM foods will kill us, there’s no doubt about that and that’s why it’s being met with so much opposition. Monsanto? Hello? Former biological warfare company turned GM foodstuffs? Seriously?

  5. The author, Peter Koenig, wrote:

    “But, We the People, have to wake up, take back the sovereign control of our nations from the – vassal leadership – which Washington has discretely, almost imperceptibly placed at the helm of the 11 TPP and the 28 TTIP nations by stolen or manipulated elections or outright ‘regime change’.”

    I would like to have his list of names in the “vassal leadership.”

    1. We the People, have to wake up, take back the sovereign control of our nations from the – vassal leadership – which Washington has discretely [SIC], almost imperceptibly placed at the helm of the 11 TPP and the 28 TTIP nations by stolen or manipulated elections or outright ‘regime change’.”

      Sorry to point this out. But the author is wrong to use the word “discretely”. He should have said “DISCREETLY.”

      These are not two different spellings of the same word, they are two entirely different words with different meanings.

      DISCREET ( = careful)
      DISCRETE ( = separate, distinct)

      1. Harb –

        Thanks. That would be a lower level part of my list, since Rothschild does not stoop that low.

        I want HIS list…. to keep ME(and you) from guessing….
        …. about HIS claims. He may know others. 🙂

      2. Well Pat,

        I would really imagine that the people who you are looking for, other than those within the CFR, are of course those within the Chatham House, The Bilderbergs, the Committee of 300, the Trilateral Commission, Freemasonry and every western politician.

      3. We likely can’t pronounce most of their ratlike names correctly, anyhow, but somehow we can always smell them coming, from a mile away..
        Something akin to how Pete auto-knows if you’re good or bad. Especially when he’s on duty..

      4. Harb –


        I have had those lists since the 60s. There are over 2,000 just in CFR.

        Like I said… he may have some not on my list of Committee of 300, Round Table, CFR, RIIA, Bilderberg, Trilats…. etc.

        In 1989 I went to NYC and I visited the offices of CFR(Pratt House) on corner of Park Av & 68th, and Trilateral Commission, just off 1st Ave, across from UN(moved now)….. just to satisfy my curiosity.

        CFR still in same spot. Luxurious:

    2. @ Pat

      You’d get my vote for Prezzy, but you wouldn’t want it anyway. Because you happen to know that even if you won 100% of the votes, Hillary would get elected anyway. That’s because the votes would be rigged in her favor.

      I think it was Stalin who said: “It’s not the votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes.”

      Joe’s confidence in democracy is touching. He actually thinks voting is a valid process where the vote counters can be trusted implicitly. The vote counters are paragons of virtue incapable of cheating! 🙂

      Never trust a Diebold machine programmed and checked by a bunch of Jews.

      1. Sard –

        That’s a confirmation of the reason for Joe being stationed in Chattahoochee State Mental Hospital…

        Doing the same thing over and over with expectations of different results = lunacy.. Ergo, Joe’s appropriate duty station. 🙂

      2. Sard –

        Checking Diebold/ES&S….. as you say…

        Hilary Clinton: The Jewish Lobby’s Candidate
        March 2, 2016

        Proof that Hilary Clinton is completely under the direction of America’s Jewish lobby has emerged with the news that all seven of her biggest political donors are liberal American Jews—who all support Israel, which has immigration and social policies directly opposite to those they seek to impose upon America.

      3. Yep, Sard—-

        Pretty much covers it.

        Dees does a good job. Hope he’s not related to Morris Dees… SPLC homo-rat.

  6. I would hope that people wishing to home grow, and who are aware of the ongoing daily chemtrailing problem, would grow any produce under glass.

    1. I ate not two but at least three bushels of dirt in my life. Still eating.
      For quite a few years I would often wash it down with crick water.. (still do)
      Matter of fact stuff, here. Like pulling turnips out of the garden, wiping them on the grass and .. damn are they tangy and good!

      Pat, raw milk from Guernsey and Jersey pastured cows is King of foods, and nothing else even comes close. Yes, some people are unfortunate and cannot avail themselves, but those who can, are blessed. Holsteins, no. Guernsey, Jersey, Yes.
      My Seneca neighbor just got married and moved her small herd (and my favorite Lilac) 50 miles south. One of the saddest days of my life.
      She sold me milk for $3 gallon. Couldn’t sell me butter, but could give it to me! Dripping off my elbows, that’s how i like it!

  7. The Monsanto family is of Sephardic-Jewish origin and was engaged in the trans-Atlantic slave trade in the 18th century. During the Vietnam war they manufectured the notorious Agent Orange and now they are engaged in GLOBAL GENOCIDE by means of their horrible GMO, which they plan to enforce on the whole planet. Fortunately Russia has banned all GMO (are there still people who believe that Putin “works for the Jews”?).

    For pictures of the horrible effects of GMO on rats, go to : Google images, GMO effects on rats.

  8. “(are there still people who believe that Putin “works for the Jews”?).”

    Sure. Me. 🙂

    He is preparing a clean/GMO-Free – “REFUGE” – for Pharisee-Jews across 12 time zones:

    Putin: Jews Can “Take Refuge” in Russia

    January 22, 2016

    Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a formal invitation to the Jews of Europe to “take refuge” in Russia during a meeting with the executive committee of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) this week, according to a report in the Moscow business newspaper Kommersant.


    He is keeping other refugees out.

    1. “Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.”― Sun Tzu

      or if you prefer Yankee speak:

      “If it’s Midway, I’ll bushwhack ’em!” — RAdm. Raymond A. Spruance

    2. The relation of Putin with the Jews and Israel is complex and determined by considerations of Realpolitik :

      1. Yes. FR. It IS “complex”…. many ‘complexes’ have been built for Pharisee-Jews by Putin.

        Here is one:
        The Tolerance Centre at the Jewish Museum is a unique project, without parallel in Russia.
        It is the first time that such a large-scale platform has been created in this country that is truly capable of shifting the social consciousness in a more tolerant direction.

        You like wiki…

      2. @Pat

        That is all for tactical reasons, like Donald Trump’s “love for Israel”. International Jewry now cannot accuse Putin of “anti-Semitism”, neither can they accuse Trump of the same.

      3. FR –

        Now you are guessing about Putin’s intent…. starting your own rumors and ‘spin’…. assuming you know what he and Trump are thinking. 🙂

        I’ll stick to the BETTER rumors… from Putin, himself… and the ‘complexes’ he built FOR… Pharisee-Jews in Russia.

  9. If only 50 years ago, rather than rewarding breeders with ‘baby bonuses’ and third world countries with ‘save a child’ type scams they had instead offered substantial cash awards for men and women willing to spend an hour or so undergoing a vasectomy (snip snip) or tubal ligation (snip snip) many of our planets problems would have been if not solved, at least reduced.

    1. Karen,

      The only problem in this world with overpopulation is in Asia and Africa. The Chinese are the largest of all populations but the one child policy has had a disastrous effect on it. Africans continues to breed. Ironically the only place in this world where there needs to be a hell of a lot more breeding is the UK, Europe and North America (US & Canada) and Australasia. In other words, the Caucasian race’s dominion. And because of this, it gives the agenda makers the excuse to pile 3rd world immigrants in, in order to pay people’s pensions and become part of a dwindling workforce, which again is ironic, considering the growing unemployment.

      Moreso Karen, when the teevee tries to sell us the idea that there are too many people in this planet, they ALWAYS show crowded cities, such as Mexico city, Mumbai, Islamabad, Beiijing etc etc but fail to tell us that the country is pretty much empty save the odd peasant, here and there. They are brainwashing society into believing in over population in order to continue with their minus 500million population agenda.

  10. h
    Useless eaters killing to feed themselves

    1. Sorry about the links… I’m not computer savvy, but you can look them up on you tube..dogs skinned alive for their fur in China (if you have a heart you’ll cry) , elephants and tigers slaughtered for their tusks and bones for tacky bourgouise ornaments and Chinese herbal teas, pigs tortured in tiny cages for fat Americans, chickens tortured in tiny cages for clueless Canadians….on and on and on, a real life “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” ongoing to feed the overfed and tickle the tastes of the nouveau riche recently graduated from rickshaw drivers.
      Harbinger, overpopulation is a problem. Only Whites seem to have the sense to realize this.

      1. Karen,

        “Harbinger, overpopulation is a problem. Only Whites seem to have the sense to realize this.”

        Like I already stated, it isn’t. And the whites who view this as a problem are the same ones behind the mass flooding of Europe with them. Tell me Karen, what makes more sense to you? Stopping immigration and allowing other races to flourish in lands they can’t flourish in because there are too many of them/not enough food produced to sustain the population? Or, allowing more and more migrants to flood into the west, thus turning the indigenous into a minority as is the overall agenda here? I really hate to burst your bubble but you can guarantee that in the Jewish utopia, the overwhelming majority of those within the minus 500 million global population will be Asians, oriental Asians because they have the correct, drone, slave automaton mentality that the rulers of this world desire – just do and don’t question.

        Any land in this world should always have a population to parallel the amount of food it can produce. The very fact that there are some 1.4 billion people in China, proves that it’s a nation that can produce enough food to sustain itself. This speaks volumes. If a country cannot produce enough food to sustain its population then it’s complete madness to give it more food, thus meaning more procreation, resulting in an even worse famine caused, population reduction catastrophe in the future. Africa is well known for this, such as Live Aid as already mentioned.

        I will state again that there isn’t a population problem in the world. There is a JEW problem in this world that sees a growing number of non Jews, as a threat to their overall global control. We shouldn’t have cities! They became major population areas courtesy of the factory owner’s industrial revolution, pushing people from rural areas into cities to work for them.

      2. Pat,

        “. . ONLY 733 people per sq mile??”

        Trust me, this would be a LOT. My country the Netherlands, is the first real country which is the second most (used to be the first) densely populated (408/km², BTW this used to be more, over 500/km, but apparantly it has dwindled according to current Wiki figures) in the world after South Korea (490,2/km²). More densely than India, Japan or China, except for an array of islands. I can assure you that it’s way too crowded here. The US has 32,7/km².

        An interesting note, in the 50’s the queen stated in a speech that the nation was ‘crowded, in some parts too crowded’ (more or less literally translated), to encourage the Dutch to emigrate. And many did, millions, spread over the following decades. Predominantly to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Most were valuable to any economy, such as farmers, tradesmen and skilled labourers. And yet in the very same decade that speech was given all of a sudden we apparantly had a shortage of workers because they started to recruite them in Italy. Later in the 60’s some came from Greece and from Spain as well. But then they started to recruite them from Turkey and Morocco. And now they form the largest group of immigrants. But not for long, because now we are flooded with all kinds of 3rd worlders, all being given citizenship in no time and pretty soon we Dutch are just another ethnic minority that coincidentally lives in a country called the Netherlands. You would think that this would enrage the Dutch and civil war would break out, execute the traitors, and rightly so. But no, apparantly all is well in the Netherlands. I tell you I couldn’t care less if at least half of the Dutch would be wasted, and good riddance to them cause they’re only weak links in the chain who consider people like me extremist idiots for wanting to stop all this insanity.

      3. 1138,

        You are not writing about a population problem but instead a ‘migrant’ problem into the Netherlands. All nations should have a population that their environment can sustain. Those nations who produce little food, but have far larger populations are causing the problems here. You simply close the doors to immigration and those ‘excess’ people will die out. Some may say it’s harsh, but it’s not. Why should the UK for example continue taking in Pakistani migrants, who live in a nation that has an insane population growth. There should be no food mountains and more importantly none of that should be going abroad to ‘feed the world’ because you are keeping people alive in areas where they would not survive.

      4. 1138 –

        Thanks for the reply… I can make my point more clearly. 🙂

        I never stated it was ideal, or desirable. I stated the number 733 people per sq mile.

        I know that 733 per sq mile is less than 25% of all countries. That’s why I stated that 50 countries have a greater density than that.

        YOUR country, Netherlands, is 50% greater than 733…. at 1064 people per sq mile..!!
        That’s a lot..!!

        Here are some who are doing well with more than 733:

        Jersey – 2186..!!
        Guernsey – 2183..!!

        South Korea – 1261
        Taiwan 1655
        Lebanon – 1046
        Israel – 961

        Bermuda – 3175

        Vatican City – 4,861… !!

        Singapore – 18,513..!!

        Monaco – 43,830..!!

        OVERPOPULATION is fear porn….total lie..!!

      5. Dear Karen,

        I feel your physical pain and mental anguish. You have made about 10 posts in the last 24-hours — this is very unusual for you. Are you crying out for help?

        My advice to you is simple: don’t watch videos that upset you. YouTube is 90% BS.

        Do you not have loved ones near you to help you? Are you in need of an INTERVENTION?

        Yours Sincerely,


        I get the impression that you are Canadian. Where do you live? I loved your post about walking your 2 Great Danes in Toronto, when you were stunningly beautiful and desirable. No more? I lived there from 1987-89. I’m in Vancouver now. 😉

      6. Well there you have it. “Only Whites have the sense to realize over population is a problem!”. And then the White Supremacists among us yell that we are subject to genocide by our enemies. You fit the pattern of the woefully uninformed perfectly. Much crying and wringing of hands over the use of animals for man and you want to promote sterilization. You are lost.

        The reason that blacks and other of the poor are paid welfare benefits per child is to make America safe for the Oligarchs. For without it they would be rioting and looting for small potatoes on a consistent basis. And that then may entail having the Oligarchs to forgo the big time looting they do on a daily basis.

        But I would rather give money to the poor any day of the week than to the Oligarchs. You don’t think you would get a refund, do you? They would tax you for something else. Yet, we only pay a percentage of the amount anyway as most of it is financed to the $20 Trillion in Federal debt currently being serviced.

        So should we also reward checks to women who murder their babies? Spare us the homage paid to Malthus who couldn’t have been more wrong and evil in his disdain for the poor. If you fight poverty by eliminating poor people, the poor simply get replaced. Before you know it, it is your turn to be poor and replaced.

      7. Pat,

        No it’s not a lie. It’s a reality.

        The only ‘real country’ I said, after South Korea. The rest are city states which are incomparable. Singapore is applying a strict population policy BTW, as all city states do born out of necessity, alas. And the others are islands, many of which 3rd world. Taiwan is a political break off from China and had an enormous flood of Chinese which wiped the original habitants under the rug. Over population is a serious threat to stability. Let nature take its course. Breeding without planning like the savages will destroy the environment. Think Easter Island.

        Let ‘m die if they want to breed. I’m not going to feed them. They’re competition for resources. Willingly keeping them alive , which is de facto what we are doing, is against nature, hence against our own instincts. Until a century ago nature did its work and the savages’ numbers were automatically kept balanced by nature. Now the advanced people of the world are working against nature by keeping them on life support and by doing so against themselves to their own demise. Guess who’s behind that.

      8. @ Rich

        “Well there you have it. “Only Whites have the sense to realize over population is a problem!”. And then the White Supremacists among us yell that we are subject to genocide by our enemies. You fit the pattern of the woefully uninformed perfectly. Much crying and wringing of hands over the use of animals for man and you want to promote sterilization. You are lost.”

        And you are “saved”, I guess? Karen has as much right to her opinion as you or Pat have. And I am not going to let her be put down by misogynistic bullies like you who think women have inferior brains and should take a back seat and shut up.

        Karen in this instance is putting forward a completely valid viewpoint which must not be silenced by the enemies of common sense like you and Pat.

      9. JUSTICE FOR CHINESE I meant no offence to the Chinese people. I agree with you. Westerners went through the same ugly greed phase while your people were living under communism and now it’s your turn.

    2. Justice for Chinese, actually it’s been about 5 or 6 posts, the weather here being cold and snowy I’ve extra time to play here, and though I appreciate your concern I don’t need a shoulder to cry on or an intervention. Cruelty, such as that shown by the Chinese for animals, Israelis for Palestinians, Americans for the enemy of the day, saddens and enrages me.

      1. Oh pooh bear….. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.. Karen is saddened today about those awful Americans being cruel to the Muslim immigrants flooding into the USA, oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo poo poo poo poo pooh bear… what can we to do to make Karen not sad today….. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….. not all Americans are namby pamby nice like you pooh bear and that makes Karen so sad for America ….. oh boo hoo hoo hoo…

      2. Karen,

        “Humankind differs from the animals only by a little and most people throw that away.” — Confucius

        I, too, am upset by the cruelty of the Chinese to animals but they do not have a monopoly on animal cruelty. Moreover, I wonder where the dog and cat furs end up? I would guess 99% of it is for the foreign markets (i.e. end up in ‘fake fur’ garments in the West) with JEWS all along the command chain, from factory owners and middlemen to the owners of the retail chains in Europe and North America.

        For the record, I am a dog lover myself (I’ve had 4 dogs in total) and I abhor the idea of people eating dog meat. But as I occasionally enjoy a sirloin steak with red wine or a cheese burger with cold beer, I will not be a hypocrite and condemn those who eat meat.

        The Chinese elites look down at people who eat dog meat as poor illiterate country bumpkins. Overseas and Westernized Chinese feel the same way and are actually horrified by the practice. The crowd that I ran with in the early 2000s when I still lived in Hong Kong wouldn’t think twice before ordering a vintage bottle of red wine priced at 7,000 Renminbi, or about 3 times the average yearly salary of a Chinese factory worker. Ordering dog meat, if it was even available at the restaurant, would be a sick joke. LOSE FACE big time.

        FYI, China is not the only country that eats dog meat. These countries actually consume more per capita: Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines, but as they are all JEWISH VASSAL STATES, the JEWISH MSM doesn’t target and demonize them like it has with China and Russia. Remember the stories in the MSM about those cruel and horrible Russians killing stray dogs in Sochi just before the Winter Olympic Games in 2014?

        BTW, glad to know you don’t need an “Intervention”. 🙂

      1. @ Karen
        @ 1138

        And what if you, your family, and other descendants are part of the approximately 7-billion humans to be eliminated under the jewish plan for world domination? Would you be in favor of it then? By being in favor of population reduction, are you willing to help the jews in their plan to accomplish population reduction?

        Before you answer, consider that the jews will only want the 500-million remaining to be completely docile, obedience, and know their place as just human animals to serve the jews in whatever way they desire. It is the jews, the children of the devil according to Jesus, that plan on picking the 500-million survivors to live in the jewish hell on earth.

      2. Ungenius,

        Exactly! In my first reply to Karen, on her desire for a -500million world population I stated the following:

        “I really hate to burst your bubble but you can guarantee that in the Jewish utopia, the overwhelming majority of those within the minus 500 million global population will be Asians, oriental Asians because they have the correct, drone, slave automaton mentality that the rulers of this world desire – just do and don’t question.”

        In the Jewish utopia, the Chinese will be working in sweat shops for 18 hours a day. There will be safety nets and windows barred, to stop workers jumping to their deaths. And the Jew will walk about with not a care in the world, looked upon as gods amongst men and women, or should I say the androgynous humans, strutting to and fro to expensive soirees, concerts, theatres, operas….never having to ever do a day’s work, but to sit back, as though they were Roman elites, while they have total freedom to do as they will. If they fancy sexual intercourse, they will simply grab whomever they so choose amongst the non Jews.
        The workers will sew and harvest the fields. They will be their maids and butlers, their cooks and cleaners. They will patrol the streets to protect their overlords and the Jew will be an untouchable within society with the power of life and death over all non Jews. This will be their paradise but a hell on earth for the goy.

        It is truly sad that Karen actually believes that the world is overpopulated. I wish she would reconsider because she is buying the brainwashing of the msm.

      3. We’re all on Boss Nature’s ‘to be eliminated’ list.
        100% of everyone. Could be in ten minutes.
        Or in a day, a month, a year, or fifty years.
        Even the big bad eliminators, have it coming..
        And then the Piper comes calling, like Santa, for both the good kids and the bad kids.

      4. That’s true HP.

        Our number was up the minute we began to exist.
        There’s a difference between living our lives and dying when it’s time, compared to going prematurely, because a certain religious tribe wants this world all for themselves, choosing a mass, human cull over natural death.

      5. Harb –

        “Our number was up the minute we began to exist.”

        That’s why I have said… WE all live in ‘end times.’ Our time is ending right now.

      6. The quantum fanatics might even say our time was up before we were even born.
        (therefore I am)

      7. I can feel a headache coming on.
        After I finished my post I was thinking….“I bet HP comes on and brings metaphysics into the debate”. 🙂

    1. Harbinger, what makes sense to me is to stop all third world immigration into White counties, deport all third world immigrants who have lived in White counties for less than fifteen excepting doctors and other contributing professionals to their countries of origin and remove all Jews from positions of influence. Do not presume that because I recognize overpopulation as a serious problem (you will never convince me otherwise) that I support immigration. These people irresponsibly soiling their nests expect to come into countries developed by the White men they hate and soil our nests, overbreeding and spreading like cancer creating a One World cesspool ruled over by the Jew and his Gentile cronies safely living in gated communities where they needn’t smell the stink.

      1. Pat, fear porn? Where do live? an enclave in Greenland? An old age home you haven’t left in the past 12 years? A hippie enclave in Tibet? I prefer to think any of the above than the logical conclusion.

      2. Karen –

        Thanks for your concern… 🙂

        It matters not at all where I live.

        The problem is you don’t THINK…. on your own. You are easily led by mainstream Pharisee-Jew manufactured fear porn.

        JFC has good advice for you:
        “My advice to you is simple: don’t watch videos that upset you. YouTube is 90% BS.”

      3. Karen,

        The question of whether you agree or disagree with immigration is irrelevant, although I always knew your position on immigration and repatriation. You state that I’ll never be able to change your stance on world ‘overpopulation’, but trust me when I state that there is no overpopulation problem.

        Pat is 100% correct. It is ‘fear porn’ being pushed by tptb (Jews and their shabbos goy). It is nothing more than their promotion of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and more appropriately their ‘overpopulation’ agenda. As I already stated, something that you seemed to have missed, that every time there is a documentary or news clip on overpopulation it’s the same old, same old – clips of heavily overpopulated cities, in South America, China, Pakistan and Africa. Just because there is an overpopulation problem in cities does not mean there is a global overpopulation problem.

        Yes, we should halt all 3rd/2nd world immigration and look to our own to train and maintain our societies, but this is contrary to the Jewish plan of turning the majority indigenous into a minority in order to destroy any majority block, uniting and kicking them out of their land, yet again.
        If a nation cannot produce enough food to sustain its population, those extra need to die out. This is where I stand. It’s not about playing God, but common sense, as you’re only creating a problem for the future.

        Overpopulation is only a problem when it is turned into immigration and look what’s happening in the west as we write?

      4. @ Pat
        @ Karen


        You are entitled to your views that concern over overpopulation is “fear porn.” But in spite of the figures you give, your entire thesis that more people flooding into a country is nothing to worry about is worse than fear porn. It is likely to give great comfort to the Jews and to all those engaged in multiculturalism and mass immigration.

        If concern over overpopulation is stupid — “fear porn” as you wrongly call it — why not flood America with MORE immigrants? Why not let millions of more Mexicans come flooding in from Mexico? Why not let Muslim asylum seekers swarm into America in unlimited numbers from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan Africa?

        As usual , your half-baked ideas smack of the crank and the crackpot. I have no wish to stop you making a fool of yourself yet again with your kooky conspiracy theories. These are never thought through carefully but are always purloined from some dubious internet source. Unlike Karen, you lack common sense.

        It has been said repeatedly by conservative and nationalist dissidents who are fed up with the mass invasion of their countries by the unstoppable hordes of the Third World: “We are FULL UP!

        Do you know what that means? Is the simple sentence “WE ARE FULL UP” mean nothing to you? You call that “fear porn”?


        Please continue to express your sane and common sense views on this site and don’t be chased away by sanctimonious pseudo-Christians like Rich and ideological crackpots like Pat. We need a woman’s input on this site. This is not a Misogynistic Men’s Club.

      5. Karen –
        Darlington – “Full Up” for sure… 🙂 🙂

        Thanks for showing your proof. 🙂 I’ll show mine.

        Man-made global warming and overpopulation scams are part of the Pharisee-Jew plan to push ‘SUSTAINABILITY’ promoted in UN Agenda 21.

        The Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) was created in December 1992 to ensure effective follow-up of UNCED, to monitor and report on implementation of the agreements at the local, national, regional and international levels. It was agreed that a five year review of Earth Summit progress would be made in 1997 by the United Nations General Assembly meeting in special session.


        World birth rates have decreased 15% in the last 14 years; from 22 per 1,000 population in 2000 to 18.7 in 2014:


        Only 11 countries have increased fertility rates from 2011 thru 2013:

        Albania – 1.7 to 1.8

        Belarus – 1.5 to 1.6

        Czech Rep – 1.4 to 1.5

        Kyrgyz Rep – 3.1 to 3.2

        Latvia – 1.3 to 1.4

        Macao – 1.1 to 1.2

        Mongolia – 2.6 to 2.7

        New Caldonia – 2.2 to 2.3

        *Russia – 1.6 to 1.7 (below the 2.1 benchmark)

        Serbia – 1.4 to 1.5

        Tunesia – 2.2 to 2.3

        The average of those countries is 1.9 – and is below the sustainable growth rate.

      6. @ Harbinger

        TO KAREN: Overpopulation is only a problem when it is turned into immigration and look what’s happening in the west as we write…


        This is exactly what I’ve been trying to say. And I think Karen would agree with you here. To say that concern over overpopulation is “fear porn”, as Pat says, is wrong. Let me explain.

        Overpopulation is NOT a problem if 2 billion Africans and Asians relocate to Antarctica. If you spread them out over that vast continent, there’s going to be LOTS of room for them. But if the same 2 billion migrants relocate to America or Europe, there is definitely going to be an overpopulation problem. If you squeeze the same 2 billion invaders into the narrow confines of the UK or the Netherlands, the overpopulation problem becomes truly horrendous.

        With all due respects to Pat, this is NOT “fear porn.” Pat’s inability to grasp this simple point surprises me.

      7. Darlington –

        You claimed:
        “But in spite of the figures you give, your entire thesis that more people flooding into a country is nothing to worry about is worse than fear porn.”

        I never stated this. You made it up. It is YOUR invention… NOT mine.

        My statements were only to global overpopulation…. the UN Agenda 21 lie…

        Try making up better rumors next time.. Mr “Full-Up.” 🙂

      8. @ Pat

        Thanks for showing your proof. 🙂 I’ll show mine.

        You fancy figures are worthless and “prove” nothing.

        Why don’t you answer a simple question? How would you like 3 BILLION African and Asian immigrants flooding into America in the next 10 years and adding to America’s current 322,000,000 (322 million) people?

        Would the US have a serious overpopulation problem if its total population by 2026 was 3,322, 0000,000? (3 billion, 322 million)?

        YES or NO?

      9. @ Pat

        There is no need to be insolent to Darlington for “making things up”? Why would he need to do that? Are you so paranoid that you think people are out to “get” you?

        No, the fault is yours for failing to make your meaning clear. For your careless phraseology and lack of communication skills. You are doing this all the time. You accused me, too, of making things up. Why? Are you so goddamn important that one needs to discredit you? I don’t think so!

        A simpler explanation is that you tend to express yourself in a sloppy, imprecise, obscurantist way so that people misinterpret you. That’s not their fault. The fault is entirely yours for not expressing yourself more clearly.

      10. Darlington,

        I’m with Pat 100% on this because it’s fear porn. This is, as I stated part of the Project for a New American Century’s agenda and that agenda is Agenda 21 as Pat has stated. It is a rapid depopulation of the world by some 93% of its current population.

        Yes, we both agree in that overpopulation is a problem if we relocate 2billion Africans and Asians into Europe or North America, but that is ONLY if you put them into cities. If you spread out 2 billion people throughout the countryside of Europe, or North America, THERE WOULDN’T BE A PROBLEM. However, I disagree in doing this because they should relocate 2billion Asians and Africa in Asia and Africa, NOT In the lands that are not theirs, of their people, of their culture and ancestry.

        As I stated to Karen, there are some 1.4 billion people in China and they can have a hell of a lot more people in China. In fact they could triple their population and spread these people throughout the vast landmass. But tripling the size of city population will cause massive problems to the infrastructure of them.

        We should have NO immigration into our lands. I also disagree with taking professionals from other countries, firstly because they are taking the place of professionals here and secondly because you are taking professionals from their lands that are needed.

        Immigration is an agenda for one reason only and that is to destroy the nations of the Caucasian peoples, through turning them into a minority, removing their liberties through race laws, destroying their cultures, keeping the minimum wage static, promoting the welfare state due to growing unemployment and of course miscegenation. All of the aforementioned is white genocide and nothing more.

      11. @ Pat

        TO KAREN:The problem is you don’t THINK…. on your own. You are easily led by mainstream Pharisee-Jew manufactured fear porn.

        Are we to presume that Pat has learned how to think on his own? That the Great Thinker Pat has managed to escape the indoctrination of the Pharisee Jews but that Karen has not?

        I’d like to see some proof of that. 🙂

      12. Sardonicus,

        “Would the US have a serious overpopulation problem if its total population by 2026 was 3,322, 0000,000? (3 billion, 322 million)?

        YES or NO?”

        Well, not really, that is IF all of those people didn’t live in the major cities. If they were spread throughout the whole of the USA, in every town and village, including the creation of more towns and cities in current ‘scenic’ landscapes in America’s vast untouched areas.

        But this is not the point here Sard. There is only an overpopulation problem if the major cities in this world continue having migration into them from outside. Mexico city, Beiijing, Islamabad, Karachi….London, New York……All of these cities are becoming overpopulated. The former a long time ago.
        The question is, should the west allow mass immigration into it from the 3rd and 2nd worlds? And the answer is no. Why should it be colonized? If they like the way we live in the west then they should implement our standards in their lands, but it’s not about this. It’s about creating civil chaos. It’s about creating hatred for Islam in order for Israel to gain allies on its war against the Islamic world and creation of Greater Israel.

        We may very well here of politicians complaining about immigration but they are only sock puppets, who couldn’t care less for their lands. They knew what the outcome would be of flooding their lands with aliens, bringing with them their hatred of westerners and their own obscure cultures. Immigration, one of the Jew’s many bullets that it’s firing to murder the Caucasian peoples and their cultures, will continue until we submit to their world government.

      13. @ Pat

        I don’t know about you, but the more I read Karen’s posts nowadays the more I am beginning to think that this lady is an asset to this site. She is like a breath of fresh air, letting in large gusts of vivacity and common sense. And how this site needs the feminine touch. There are too many humorless male ectomorphs here and far too many mentally unhinged misogynists. The fact that Karen has managed to survive the slings and arrows of these woman haters is much to her credit.

      14. Sard –

        “Are we to presume that Pat has learned how to think on his own? That the Great Thinker Pat has managed to escape the indoctrination of the Pharisee Jews but that Karen has not?”

        ….. and of course..!!

        You fallen so far for the Pharisee-Jew tricks…!! 🙂 🙂

        Man-made global warming and overpopulation scams are part of the Pharisee-Jew plan to push ‘SUSTAINABILITY’ promoted in UN Agenda 21.

        Fun… Ain’t it..?? 🙂

        Catch your breath… now…. get some green tea… be calm…

      15. Sardonicus,

        There are too many humorless male ectomorphs here and far too many mentally unhinged misogynists. The fact that Karen has managed to survive the slings and arrows of these woman haters is much to her credit.

        I am a self confessed misogynist, for that there is no doubt, but I also explained that it’s an incredibly unfair definition because although I do not trust women, I do not hate them. It is wrong to have to choose between either having to trust and love women or not trust and hate them. I criticize women and rightly so. Never has there been a time that the female of the species, has been more lost, angry, misandrist, violent and destructive as they are today. They are losing the very thing that makes them female and turning into males with vaginas.

      16. Sard –

        “I don’t know about you, but the more I read Karen’s posts nowadays the more I am beginning to think that this lady is an asset to this site.”

        I agree…. 101%.

      17. @ Pat

        Fun… Ain’t it..?? 🙂

        Catch your breath… now…. get some green tea… be calm…

        Actually, I’ve just had some green tea! I want to ask you a serious question, as you keep talking about green tea. Would green tea, if drunk in large quantities, have a genuinely tranquilizing effect? Say you had 6 cups a day instead of one. Would that have a noticeable effect on one’s consciousness? Much more than 1-2 cups day?

      18. Sard –

        I have never had more than 4-5 regular cups in a day… oxalic acid content would preclude more for me.

        Found this:

        Green tea can be harmful in large quantities(more than 10 small cups/day)

        Green tea is good for you, but only if drunk in moderation. While the polyphenols in green tea are credited with preventing heart disease and cancer, it seems they can cause liver and kidney damage if consumed in very large quantities, a review of studies into the toxicity of polyphenols has shown.

        “People shouldn’t be too alarmed by this, but those taking supplements may experience problems,” says lead author Chung Yang of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

        He stresses that up to 10 small cups of green tea a day is fine. Problems are likely in people who take supplements, which can contain up to 50 times as much polyphenol as a single cup of tea.

        Yang’s review cites experiments in which rodents and dogs died from liver poisoning when given very large doses of polyphenols. He also reports cases of people with liver toxicity after overdosing on green-tea-based supplements. Their symptoms disappeared when they stopped taking the pills, only to return when they started taking them again (Chemical Research in Toxicology, vol 20, p 583).

      19. @ Harbinger

        Harbie, I wasn’t meaning to criticize you personally when I brought up the subject of misogyny. In a sense, you are the inevitable product of your bad experiences with women. They have made you what you are. I think your experience has made you realize, however, that misogyny is far more virulent today than at any other time in the past, and this is due entirely to a catastrophic decline in the quality of the Average Female. Ladies ain’t as nice as they used to be. Simple fact.

        Women find it equally hard to find the right guy. Misandry has increased spectacularly in line with misogyny. If I were a young woman today, I’d find it pretty hard finding the guy of my dreams.

        The best women today are the older ones, the wise ones who have seen it all. Those I respect. To knock all women is therefore wrong.

        The simple fact is: women are indispenable. One of God’s greatest achievements. This is not woman as she is, but Woman as she could be.

        I met a woman like that a few months ago on a train. We talked for several hours. It was exhilirating. When I got up to leave, I shook hands with her solemnly. Tears filled my eyes. It was like I was saying goodbye to my Lost Love in another galaxy whom I hadn’t seen for 6 billion years.

        Without a word, she took her card out of her purse and handed it to me. It had her name, address, phone number, email address. I put it in my top pocket and left, dancing on air.

        I never saw her again. I’d sent my jacket to the dry cleaners and when I got it back a week later, the card was no longer there.

        Cruel fate, huh?

      20. @ Pat

        Whew! How come you know so much about green tea? Thanks for the info. Very useful. I am most unlikely to drink as many as 10 cups a day. 3-4 at the most. And I don’t take any supplements. Except a big spoon of codliver oil every day to which I ascribe my relatively good health. That and regular walking.

      21. Sardonicus,

        Well here’s the thing, to call me a misogynist in my definition of the word – non trusting, but not hating, I would also have to say I’m a misandrist as well in the same context. I simply don’t trust men either. So women are on the same level as men in my books.

        Of course my relationships with women has scarred my opinion of them. It’s only natural, but that stated I have always maintained that it is really the under 50 generations who I feel this way about. The older generations of women are not really so. The older the better, dear ladies I enjoy being in company with. There are also the odd ones here and there in their 40’s, but I’ve found that overall, there’s a deep, social, malady within woman there abouts and below. I think most of their brains have been addled on far too much teevee, women’s magazines and Hollywood. And the men aren’t that far behind.

        As anti semitism is a direct result of semitism, misogyny is a direct counter to misandry and yes, I agree that both are running rampant. There are very few ladies within this world, along with gentlemen. Then again, what do you expect as the Jew does its best to bring the sexes closer together with the promotion more and more of female contact sports? Men, however are now seeing that with feminism’s continued drive for equality, they’re giving it to them. If women want equal rights, they’ll get them along with the equal lefts and uppercuts. Many men now will hit a woman who hits them and quite frankly, if you think it’s ok to hit a man and thus behave like one, don’t expect to not be treated back as one. Women have only themselves to blame for this. Sure, Jew created and promoted by the women have happily followed along. Their new ’empowerment’ over the male will ultimately end in tears and many women are finding that out, either by being on the end of a right hook, or growing old, with no family and a house of cats to look forward to.

        I agree that women are indispensable. They are 50% responsible for the continuation of the human race. They just have to find themselves for they are lost.

        As for the woman on the train, yes, it’s sad that you lost her card, however, do not dwell. Where one door closes, another always opens.

      22. Harbinger,

        Sardonicus said;

        “Would the US have a serious overpopulation problem if its total population by 2026 was 3,322, 0000,000? (3 billion, 322 million)? YES or NO?”

        To which you replied;

        “Well, not really, that is IF all of those people didn’t live in the major cities. If they were spread throughout the whole of the USA, in every town and village, including the creation of more towns and cities in current ‘scenic’ landscapes in America’s vast untouched areas.

        But this is not the point here Sard.”

        That is exactly the point, because that would leave less than 2.5 square meter living space per person in the whole of the contiguous United States (48 states plus D.C.) .

        A real utopia.

  11. Hello Mrs Darkmoon,

    My Name is Sebastian and i come from “evil” Germany 🙂

    Can i contact you per email or can you write me and i write you back? It is about ritual abuse and murder of german children.

    Good Work and Greetings from Germany.

    1. @ Sebastian: If you wish, you may contact Ms Darkmoon at her personal email address ([email protected]), but please be aware that she has very little spare time and cannot enter into any time-consuming correspondence with anyone on any topic. If you have an article or links dealing with this particular subject of ritual abuse, that’s OK. She can handle that. But anything more than this, involving lengthy correspondence and elaborate investigation, is out of the question. Ms Darkmoon’s workload is already crippling enough.

    2. I don’t know about how wonderful this green tea stuff is, it’s questionable as to how wonderful it is . The more Pat drinks green tea, the more snake shit spews outta his mouth. Personally, I would stay away from green tea.

    3. @ Sardonicus

      You mean if you were a young “man” today, right? You said if you were a “young ‘woman’ today”, jackass. Unless you’re a female and a lesbian, who knows? If you liked the train chick so much who gave you her calling card you felt like you were on top of the world, why didn’t you call her the next day and ask her out on a date, jackass.

    4. I guess I should apologize for misreading Sardonicus, there’s so much gender bending going here at DM all the time, I jumped the gun and I thought he was gender bending shape shifting and I wasn’t reading it correctly. Sardonicus is still a jackass as he didn’t even call his dream woman a day or two after meeting her on the train. The woman on the train certainly didn’t meet her dream man when she met Sardonicus, that’s for sure, 😉 .She met a jackass when she met Sardonicus, lol.

      Maybe I’ll apologize for misreading Sardonicus after Uncle features the post I sent him under “Evil Empire” and the post I sent him under “Hillary”, maybe I won’t. Uncle knows which ones I mean. “No money for anything but War” and “Hillary the Janus face warmonger”. You can call your Censorship “pest control” or you can call it anything else you want, it’s still Censorship.

  12. Here is a partial list of countries that ban the cultivation of GE foods.
    A very frightening development is the new, secret trade agreements trans-Pacific and Atlantic, which will remove the sovereignty from the signatory states and give it to the corporate boxwallahs. Those living in countries which allow GE foods have my deepest compassion. Another deleterious factor is the widespread use of corn syrup, particularly in the USA, which is another reason to avoid all foodstuffs originating from that country.

    1. Ha….spotted this little tidbit in your link…. the House of Commons banned GE foods for its
      catering. GE is only for the proles. I remember Diana, whilst on a visit to an African country, was advised to get inoculated against the local diseases; she tellingly replied that THEY had no need of such precautions…

      1. Wiggins
        You are correct. Politics, hypocrisy is thy name. Pimping is a more honest profession than politics and when we regard politicians as we do pedophiles and similar vermin, then we may see some improvements in the life of the planet.

  13. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates, 431 B.C

    With GMO’s the jews can kill two birds with one stone. If they aren’t completely successful with the GMO plat, they always have the jewish modern medicine and jewish Big Pharma to help those that avoided the GMO trap by ensuring that they do not live as long as they should.

  14. According to some at Darkmoon overpopulation is nonsense. Ergo, according to them overpopulation is impossible. According to them there never has been any overpopulation anywhere on earth. And so no matter how many people there will exist simultaneously anywhere, or on the entire planet earth, it will never be overpopulated. Or am I wrong? And they are admitting that overpopulation actually can occur locally? Well, then they will also have to admit that overpopulation can occur globally, since planet earth is also locally in space.

    Their reasoning comes from the thought that because Jews just happen to want depopulation it therefore cannot be crowded enough on planet earth. That earth’s ecosystem will be able to support unlimited numbers of people. Enough food and water and living space and of course also enough room to allow any people and culture to stay intact. No necessary mingling is needed, since we have unlimited room on our planet, That really does testify of an astonishingly lack of common sense. First of all, there are examples of local overpopulation which caused the demise of a people. Easter Island is one of the most famous examples. And if overpopulation can occur locally then it can also occur globally.

    Because again, according to the nay sayers there can be no such thing as too many people. 7,000,000,000 is no problem, because of course, they all have jobs and enough food and water, right? And the ecosystem isn’t suffering from it at all, right? No, I see their point, so I suppose 7,000,000,000,000 wouldn’t be a problem either, and neither will 7,000,000,000,000,000. To think that would be a problem is just fear porn, a myth. And besides, the more people around the worse it will be for the jew, because they want depopulation, right? That’s real smart thinking.

    I never would have guessed it would be necessary to explain this as if to a class of toddlers.

    1. @ 1138

      You’re absolutely correct. You represent the voice of reason and common sense. The people you are criticizing are either trolls or intellectual toddlers who have difficulty seeing the wood for the trees. Actually, I think they mean well but just like to show off how admirable they are by propounding nonsense and proclaiming their omniscience at the same time.

    2. 1138,

      i have to say that I am shocked at your total arrogance here. Your post is directed at me, because I am one of the ‘toddlers’ here.
      The overpopulation myth can easily be looked upon in a micro level. Let’s take planet earth and bring it down to a city, with streets and houses. To show you the BS that is the overpopulation myth, we can take all the world’s inhabitants and squeeze them all into one street amongst hundreds, possibly thousands. That street is cramped because everyone’s forced into them, but they’re surviving. And of course, along comes JewTV to show just how over poppulated the world is, completely ignoring the fact that this is one street amongst thousands.

      Over population IS A MYTH as you cannot have too many people on the earth because if there’s not enough food to feed them, they’ll die out. If you squeeze far too many people into a city then you have a population problem, just the same as having an overpopulation problem if you squeeze everyone in one street into the house on the bottom left.

      This is blatant common sense here 1138 and I’m surprised that you, Karen and Sardonicus cannot see this simple fact. The overpopulation myth is just that. It’s there to trigger fear into our hearts to accept rapid depopulation. And as Ungenius and myself are already stated, are you prepared to stand in line, with your families, to be ‘liquidated’, when the Jew demands you be part of the 94% of the population that needs to ‘die out’? I don’t think so, do you? And that stated, what right have you then got to decide who should live and who shouldn’t?

      1. Harbinger,

        “That street is cramped because everyone’s forced into them”

        Yes, and wouldn’t it be great if the whole world was like that street? No more forests, countryside or open spaces left. Every square meter filled up with people. Who wouldn’t want that? A real attractive future. And it’s not that this would cause conflicts or anything, nooooo.

        “Over population IS A MYTH as you cannot have too many people on the earth because if there’s not enough food to feed them, they’ll die out.”

        Not if you keep them on external life support like coma patients. And with an endless string of Live Aid concerts, which of course you will all attend, supporting the good cause, that could be done, because our advanced technology could provide endless foodsupplies. Blatant common sense I suppose.

        Well, it seems we on Darkmoon have solved the migrant crisis. Apparantly there’s unlimited space for people in Scotland, no matter to what ‘percentage’ they belong. No problem at all. Because overpopulation is just a myth. Why do I think that? Well, that’s easy, because I’ve heard through the grapevine that the Jew wants depopulation.

      2. 1138,

        You are really being such an arrogant prick today. I never thought you were like that and this is a very rare occasion I’ve ever resorted to an expletive.
        You have no argument and to try and sully mine you are now trying to promote the fact that I fully accept migration, when all I’ve done, since I’ve come onto Darkmoon is oppose it. My argument is there for all to see and understand.
        Now, I’ll finish again with two previous questions – ‘Are you prepared to stand in line for liquidation with your family when the Jew decides that 94% of the world’s population needs to go?’ Yes or no? If no, then who are you to decide who lives and who doesn’t?

      3. Harbinger,

        I’m not being what you say. I’m only thinking straight.

        ‘Are you prepared to stand in line for liquidation with your family when the Jew decides that 94% of the world’s population needs to go?’ Yes or no? If no, then who are you to decide who lives and who doesn’t?

        An absurd question which does’t deserve an answer. Just because you think the Jew wants to depopulate the world there can be no such thing as overpopulation? Maybe the Jew does want that but that has nothing to do with the fact that places can be overpopulated, hence also planet earth can be, since it is a place too, correct?

        First of all, I have not said there currently is or isn’t overpopulation on earth. But when a room can be overcrowded so can planet earth, as it is also limited in dimensions and resources. Now if you can’t grasp that then there is no sense in any further discussion. It is you who is not responding to my points, don’t project that on me because I have replied to yours.

  15. @ 1138

    No point reasoning with the mad. Even when you’re doing your best to stop them from jumping over the cliff, they’ll jump just to prove you wrong.

    1. Gombrich,

      No, Harbinger isn’t mad. He’s a good guy and we’re on the same side. We actually agree on most things, including this. Although I love women, that’s a huge difference between us. I’m just trying to make the point that he himself confirms that if nature had its way there wouldn’t be/occur overpopulation. But since the Jewish invention of political correctness we are working against nature by keeping numbers of populations unfit for survival on life support, which causes local overpopulation. We all agree that GMfoods are bad news and that they didn’t create them for the good of men. But if anything GMFs are helping population growth, in the short term anyway. I don’t believe that earth has enough agricultural land to produce biologically (healthy) grown/raised food for 7,000,000,000 people, let alone 14,000,000,000. And let alone enough fresh water. And I’m not even talking about the montrous garbage heeps world wide and in the oceans. I believe that a reduction of humans would improve the quality of life on earth. No need for executions or sterilisation, just common sense. This has nothing to do with what Jew wishes or not. I hope this will help clarify.

      1. 1138 –

        This planet Earth produces its own new fiery smoking permanent garbage dumps regularly. “Floaters’ are really no problem. Birds love em.
        Here is one from just last year.

        A new island has been formed in the South Pacific after the eruption of an underwater volcano in Tonga.

        Images have emerged of the island’s surface, 45km (28 miles) north-west of Tonga’s capital, Nuku’alofa.

        The island – which is 500m (1,640 feet) long – was formed after an eruption at the Hunga Tonga volcano that started in December.


        Dramatic New Video Shows Volcano Forming an Island

        New footage reveals rise of Japan’s Nishino Shima, formerly “Snoopy Island.”


      2. Wiggins,

        Thanks for the video. Stunning footage!

        I didn’t even realise it was thAt bad.

        When you see this you almost wish for executions and sterilisations.

      3. Pat, trash is great, if you like trash birds.
        Here in the French Creek Valley, even the bald eagle, the King of the trash heap himself, is becoming commoner and commoner. I overheard the crows talking about it the other day. They’re not happy..

        And of course I get both sides.
        An eagle’s gotta eat, so too a crow.
        It’s hell out there!

      4. 1138,

        “Although I love women, that’s a huge difference between us.”

        I have already made this clear on many occasions. I do not HATE women. I simply do not trust them. It is because of this reason that I am a misogynist, because that is the definition of a man who does not trust a woman. Sadly though, it is a very unfair definition as it lumps in hate also. In other you words, if you do not love and trust all women, you are a misogynist. It doesn’t give men much chance there does it?

        I will not deny that I have heavily criticized women on this forum, but every time has been more than justified. My grievances with the fairer sex are predominantly aimed at those within the 40 and below age groups. I tend to find that the older the women, the more they have kept their femininity and stayed away from feminism. My reasoning on this subject has not been refuted, simply because I write much truth on it. It therefore means that there are many misogynists like me, not only on this forum, but in the world, who do not trust women, for obvious reasons, but most certainly do not hate them.

      5. Harbinger,

        I didn’t say you hated (all) women, but merely that I love women, even though there are some around that I truly despise. But I truly despise a lot of men, also. So there are many people I hate, but I never consider myself a misogynist, and I understand you do, however unjust that may be. So in that sense we differ.

        But I get what you are saying (I think). For instance, I strongly believe in National Socialism and I really hate Bolsheviks, they really disgust me. But they come in male and female form. In my opinion at least 75% of the white population these days is Bolshevik without even knowing it. Social democracy = Bolshevism. And feminism is just another ‘pearl’ of Bolshevism. And you wouldn’t believe how many so called ‘men’ are feminist as well. Anyway, occasionally when I express my opinion on certain topics I am ‘accused’ of being a fascist. You should see the look on their faces when I declare that indeed I most certainly am 🙂 , that morally I am on the right side of history, and that they are nothing but a bunch useful crackpot idiots working for the Jew. Of course, brainless as they are, they are clueless about what I am on about.

        I’m not making a lot of friends with it, but I am past that. I know I’m right and I don’t give a toss about some Bolshevik harebrain’s opinion. I don’t watch the telly anymore, but I sure wish they would broadcast an interview with me on it 🙂 So I guess we’re in the same boat.

    1. Guidestones voodoo….. Be scared… Wooooh.. 🙂

      Ted Turner in Atlanta was RC Christian… WHO ordered the stones.


      –Lore points to R. C. Christian. Much debate has been made about who this man was. And some people have guessed correctly, yet not correctly.

      The big secret? R.C. Christian was actually TWO men. Robert Carter Cook was the mastermind.

      Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III was the talking face that Joe Fendley and Wyatt Martin actually interacted with [Van: We have maintained that Ted Turner’s relationship with Wyatt C. Martin suggests his involvement with the Georgia Guidestones, but his role is not clear].

      Fendley and Martin both described Christian as a tall middle aged man with white hair in a three piece suit and tie, and that’s how Ted looked back then (here’s a TT pic circa 1982:

  16. Mother Earth will accommodate her own cataclysm when the time is necessary. “Natural laws”, economic laws, and physics all coincide at critical mass to capsize top-heavy vessels. “Overpopulation” is a matter of preference (e.g., i , myself, prefer to be uncrowded – but many people very much enjoy a more urban society.) There’s no way to determine an ideal population density – only natural and economic expedients determine the numbers.

      1. From two decades ago…..

        Presenter: Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen
        April 28, 1997 8:45 AM EDT

        DoD News Briefing: Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen

        Cohen’s keynote address at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy at the Georgia Center, Mahler Auditorium, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. The event is part of the Sam Nunn Policy Forum being hosted by the University of Georgia. Secretary Cohen is joined by Sen. Sam Nunn and Sen. Richard G. Lugar.]


        Secretary Cohen: Senator Nunn, thank you very much. As Senator Nunn has indicated, he and I have worked for many years together, along with Senator Lugar. The two of these gentlemen I feel are perhaps the most courageous and visionary to have served in the Senate. They were largely responsible, of course, for adopting the so-called Nunn/Lugar legislation.

        I’ll comment on that later during the course of the morning, but I’ve had occasion to meet with a number of Russian(??) counterparts, and as we go through various translations of the communications that we’re having, the two words they are able to articulate very clearly, they say ‘Nunn/Lugar, Nunn/Lugar. So they(Russians) know exactly what that means, and that means the COOPERATIVE Threat Reduction Act that these two gentlemen were indispensable in shepherding through the United States Congress.

        It’s a pleasure for me to be here, Sam.

        Senator Nunn: Thank you very much, Bill.

        Q(Nunn): Let me ask you specifically about last week’s scare here in Washington, and what we might have learned from how prepared we are to deal with that (inaudible), at B’nai Brith(??).

        A(Cohen): Well, it points out the nature of the threat. It turned out to be a false threat under the circumstances. But as we’ve learned in the intelligence community, we had something called — and we have James Woolsey here to perhaps even address this question about phantom moles. The mere fear that there is a mole within an agency can set off a chain reaction and a hunt for that particular mole which can paralyze the agency for weeks and months and years even, in a search. The same thing is true about just the false scare of a threat of using some kind of a chemical weapon or a biological one.

        There are some reports, for example, that some countries have been trying to construct something like an Ebola Virus, and that would be a very dangerous phenomenon, to say the least.

        Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops.

        **Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.

        So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that’s why this is so important.

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