121 thoughts to “Goodbye, Europe (Video, 6.52 mins)”

      1. “Tens of millions of people burnt alive under Satanic Vatican rituals in Siberia”

        I am getting a strong impression that at least a half of the people here are posting straight from their mental hospitals. From Dublinmick blog:

        “The orgy of murder, torture and pillage which followed the Jewish triumph in Russia has never been equaled in the history of the world. Christians were dragged from their beds, tortured and killed. Some were actually sliced to pieces, bit by bit, while others were branded with hot irons, their eyes poked out to induce unbearable pain. Some were nailed to the ceiling by their fingers or by their feet, and left hanging until they died of exhaustion. Others were chained to the floor and hot lead poured into their mouths. Many were tied to horses and dragged through the streets of the city, while the mob attacked them with rocks and kicked them to death. Pregnant Christian women were chained to trees and their babies cut out of their bodies.”

        Eustace Mullins, “The Secret Holocaust”


        “Some were skinned alive and the flesh was thrown to the dogs to eat. Some had their hands and limbs chopped off and their bodies thrown on the highway to be trampled on by wagons and crushed by the horses. Some had wounds inflicted and were then thrown on the street to die a slow death. They tore open women and whipped them, forcing them to crawl to their deaths while others were buried alive. The cossacks slaughtered infants in their mothers’ laps. They were sliced into pieces like fish. The infants were hung on the breasts of their mothers. Some children were pierced with spears.”

        Some rabbi’s report about the Cossack rebellion in Ukraine.

    1. Franklin,

      Invasion to colonise.

      This is a first in human history. According to the law of nature the invaders, if they were succesful, were always more advanced and powerful than their victims who were just too powerless to stop them, otherwise they would have. Today we witness an invasion into white countries by far less advanced invaders and the more powerful victims are not objecting. Not really. Jew has succeeded in breaking their racial and cultural spirit and their common sense. Any people without those intact is doomed for extinction. Perhaps it would be a good thing if all the weak spineless whites would perish so that only those strong and of quality will be left. I think, not hampered by the weak and spineless, they will be a more formidable force to secure a place for their own to start over.

      1. Sukant Chandan, an immigrant from India in the UK, has founded an anti-White organization called Sons of Malcom, that advocates for the immigration of hundreds of millions of black and Asian people to make Europe black. Following video leaves no doubt about his intentions : https://youtu.be/-HbS7EfFP1w

      2. 1138 –

        “This is a first in human history.”

        Yes, indeed so….. because the last 40 years is the first time in human history that the major countries banks accept and WANT a COMMON paper fiat debt-money as currency. The USD is 65% reserve currency.

        Here are the five countries with the most foreign reserve currency:

        China – $3.5 Trillion
        Japan – $1.3 Trillion
        Switzerland – $661 Billion
        Saudi Arabia – $581 Billion
        Russia – $407 Billion

        The European Central Bank, which serves the Eurozone, holds foreign currency reserves holds foreign reserve currency in the amount of $700 Billion — more than Switzerland and less than Japan.


  1. The Jews are responsible for this and we should not allow them to cover up their role in this for 100 years the way they hid their leading role in communism. Most of Europe’s leaders are traitors to their people’s and what they are doing is a form of mental illness. I hope the nationalism that has had a resurgence under Trump will have a resurgence in Europe too or Europe will be wiped out. If Europe ever gets out of this and survives, the Jews role in this genocide has to be established and they need to be expelled from Europe. Some exceptions could be made for Jews that can show they were loyal to their country.


  2. Eid al-Adha celebration in Moscow

    Eid al-Adha (“Festival of the Sacrifice”), also called the “Sacrifice Feast” or “Bakr-Eid”, is the second of two Muslim holidays celebrated worldwide each year, and considered the holier of the two. It honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son, as an act of submission to God’s command, before God then intervened, through his angel Jibra’il (Gabriel) and informs him that his sacrifice has already been accepted.

      1. They are practising. I wouldn’t shed a tear if all those stupid spineless whites who welcome the invaders into what once was their country would end up like those animals at the hands of their cultural enrichers. In fact I would celebrate it. Without them the conscious whites would be better off.

      2. Yes, terrible. But common to all of us. Just look a bit back:

        “They ranged the holy hecatomb all orderly round the altar of the god. They washed their hands and took up the barley-meal to sprinkle over the victims [cattle], while [the priest] lifted up his hands and prayed aloud on their behalf.

        When they had done praying and sprinkling the barley-meal, they drew back the heads of the victims [cattle] and killed and flayed them. They cut out the thigh-bones, wrapped them round in two layers of fat, set some pieces of raw meat on the top of them, and then [the priest] laid them on the wood fire and poured wine over them, while the young men stood near him with five-pronged spits in their hands. When the thigh-bones were burned and they had tasted the inward meats, they cut the rest up small, put the pieces upon the spits, roasted them till they were done, and drew them off: then, when they had finished their work and the feast was ready, they ate it, and every man had his full share, so that all were satisfied. As soon as they had had enough to eat and drink, pages filled the mixing-bowl with wine and water and handed it round, after giving every man his drink-offering.

        Thus all day long the young men worshipped the god with song, hymning him and chaunting the joyous paean, and the god took pleasure in their voices.”

        Samuel Butler’s translation of Iliad.

      3. Franklin,


        It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

        By now we are facing an historical precedent of gargantuan proportions.

        First there are the jews on top, pulling strings, then we have traitor aristocracies, who still carry a lot more weight than most people believe, then we have traitor industrials, then we have actor politicians, then we have all kinds of institutions manned by jews and career obsessed traitors and finally we have to deal with vast portions of brainwashed moronic populations, which are growing way more rapidly than the numbers of people who finally wake up.

        We, the few sane still around, are facing extinction.

      4. @ Rousso

        You see, you now arouse my suspicions by quoting from Samuel Butler’s translation of the Iliad.

        I am a well-read person and English is my native tongue … and yet I had no idea that Samuel Butler had translated the Iliad! Even if I had, I wouldn’t have had time to read it, let alone quote from it! I’m willing to bet that most people on this site haven’t even heard of Samuel Butler or his translation!

        And yet, here is Rousso, apparently a Russian who only knows English as a second language, and he is quoting Samuel Butler’s Iliad translation like he was Professor of Ancient Greek at Oxford University!

        Very suspicious, Rousso, VERY SUSPICIOUS! 🙂

      5. Franky ,indeed that picture worth a million words.
        .are these people related to the Jews

      6. Sardonicus,

        I am a Jew and I was born in Jerusalem, but I am pretending. I am using the “olbanian” grammar to make it appear like I am a Russian Jew, who kind of did time in Israel and didn’t like it: to get accepted. I am here to plant the seeds of a doubt in the hearts of the Truth seekers.

    1. Arch Stanton,

      The Bible is not one book but a compilation that consists of fragments of other Bibles and other books. It was put together in Persia, at the time of the so-called Exile, on request of the King. Then more than one version of these stories existed, some of them were included in the book and some not. There are other Bibles as well, like the Samaritan Torah. There are variants of translations, too. The one that is common in the West is not the same as Septuaginta, common in the East. There is Masoretic version of the Bible, authorised by the Jews and the King James translation, that is based on it, for Christians. And there is the Soncino translation, that was made for the Jews. Most people think it’s all the same thing, but it isn’t.

      The original is much more poisonous but at the same time more clear. The translations, except the last one mentioned, hide the meaning of important passages from the readers. It concern for the most part the image of the “Lord” and his name.

    2. One of the major problems of any attempt in explaining the Bible is the sheer complexity of the issue. The Jews use the most convoluted methods of word usage, multiple meanings, descriptions and explanations imaginable.

      The problem is the entire Judaic religious system is so horribly complex that few can understand it and that is precisely why the Jews have constructed their religion in this manner and used it as a model for everything from economics to law and politics. While lies are invariably hidden by complexity, simplicity is a fundamental aspect of truth, therefore, simplicity is the bane of the Jew.

      It takes many years of study to wade through the Jews’ Byzantine layers of religious bullshit. Therefore, I try not to confuse the issue by explaining every jot and tittle of the Bible or its history. For the most part, I use the KJV Bible as my source as it is almost universally recognized for its authority on the subject.

      Jesus well understood that one must work within the recognized structure of authority if one is to counter the claims put forth by that authority. What might have happened had Jesus come into the Temple or a synagaouge, stating “Judaism is nothing but lies and misinformation. Everything you think you know about God is wrong. You have been totally mislead by these lies in which you believe. Follow me and I will show you the truth.” This as opposed to his actual ministry of “I have come to fulfill your law, (complete and close its legal contract) have not your prophets predicted my actions? I rode into your Mikdash on a donkey, is this not the act prophesized by Zechariah. Did he not say: ‘Thy king cometh unto thee; he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass?’ Therefore, did not your prophets predict my arrival?”

      I explain how the Torah (Tanakh) came into being in my book The Conspiracy of Man. Note: while I have written all but the final chapter (ten), the passion, some 700 pages of text, I have not posted any more material on my website for some time as there seems to be little or no interest in my explanation of the subject.

      There are true believers in the inerrant word of god, atheists, agnostics and little in betwixt. Therefore I fall in an unexplored region of those who write on the subject of religion with no apparent reason for doing so. However, there is always a reason for the truth to be known. That is why I was provided the story and the various technical means for relaying it to the public. I am so far outside the box on this subject that there is no box where I come from.

      Yet, when one reads the story I tell, they find almost everything described therein is visible and achievable in the world in which they presently inhabit. Unlike the magical, mystical, Biblical world of miraculous miracles like the virgin birth and other traditionally accepted versions of the Bible, my story is not only well within the realm of human endeavor, it is typical of such endeavors. Any person today can easily relate to the Bible of my descriptions.

      My purpose in this is no different than what Jesus sought in the first century – the full exposure of Judaisms’ religious lies now transformed into Christian lies put forth in his name. One cannot know Jesus until they know what size sandals he wore.

    3. Yes, the Jews use sort of “superposition” technique. It’s a mind game for them. “Judaic mind tricks”, I call it. I didn’t know you had a blog. Will take a look at it tomorrow.

    4. Arch,

      I read the 3rd chapter and the 1st, too.

      It looks like a lot of time and effort has been put into this book. The idea of presenting Jesus as a political rebel reminds me of the Martin Scorsese film. It has a right to exist, of course, though I don’t see it like that. There are some moments in the book that are a bit problematic from the technical standpoint, too. For example, the king Herod that is mentioned in the Bible was not in fact Herod I, who died before the Jesus’ birth, but his son Herod Antipas. Also, there is a mixture of Hebrew, Aramaic and Yiddish terms! Like “Kabbalas Ponim” and a lot of others. But the hardest mistake is that instead of the name Yehoshua, the abbreviation “Yeshu” is used.


  3. I don’t think they should take the blame for this. Muslims haven’t been bombing countries in the middle that created this disaster (or created an excuse for it) and they are not the people in the west making the decisions to welcome millions of foreigners into their countries. They are responsible for their behavior, which in some cases has been awful, but Europe appears to be taking in some of the worst people from these countries. I think it’s a big mistake to judge Islam by the Muslims that came to Europe. I’ve known and worked with decent Muslims and I don’t think the garbage we’ve seen in Europe is representative of them.

    1. @ Peter

      I agree with your comment 100% but the distinction you are making will be lost on most people. They see the immigrants themselves as the basic problem, which they would appear to be by their mere unwanted presence in indigestible quantities.

      Most people forget that the immigrants are the pawns on the chessboard, and that the Jews are the chess masters responsible for every move on the board.

      Lasha has grown hoarse trying to make this distinction. “It’s not the refugees who are primarily to blame for this situation,” she has said, “it’s the refugee creators.”

      1. And yet Ryckaert is right. Many Muslims are indeed becoming a cultural threat to all white countries. And it is not “racist” to point this out. The Third World “invaders” — and invaders they are by any definition — are getting increasingly hysterical and confrontational.

        They are raping women in Sweden, Germany, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, and in most other European countries, in increasingly unprecedented numbers. The rape statistics in Sweden have gone through the roof, and almost in every single case the rapists are Third World immigrants.

        We know whom to blame for this impossible situation. Barbara Spectre has made it crystal clear that the Jews are to blame for flooding Europe with these Third World savages.

        If Hitler were in power, he would initiate a policy consisting of two words:

        STOP IT!!!

      2. Sard –

        The pawns need to stay and fight in their own land. These bums invading the EU and N Am lack the ability and the fortitude to deserve any land at all. They are puny weaklings looking for a handout.

        Legal immigration…. somewhat ok. Invasion…NO..!!

      3. Too hard to stop the migrant hordes? Rubbish! Carlos Porter has already suggested a solution which has caused an uproar: SHOOT THE INVADERS ON SIGHT!

        What could be simpler? That would solve the problem in the shake of a lamb’s tail.

        It’s a solution that may have to be tried one day, when the tether ends and the straw breaks the camel’s back.

      4. Sorry Pat, I wasn’t referring to your comment. My comment above was just a continuation of my previous one.

      5. Sardonicus,

        If Hitler were in power he wouldn’t have to stop it because there wouldn’t be any invaders. Not into Europe.

      6. You should only be allowed to stay, in a foreign land, if you have the qualities needed. When your society already has 4.9% (UK) unemployment (about 3million) you shouldn’t be bringing in anyone. But they are. We don’t unskilled workers and we already have enough skilled workers. We have enough nurses for example, but they’re being paid a pitiful wage while they hire overseas nurses on private contracts, who earn far more than our own, but no differently skilled. There’s a hell of a lot of money being made out of this crisis and sadly, it’s from the same usual culprits. Triage, for example, a government initiative to get people back to work has failed miserably, but that certainly doesn’t stop its founder from taking large cash payments does it? The whole thing is a con, at the indigenous people’s expense. It’s disgusting.

    2. Most of them are not Muslims. They’re Arabs and Africans. Period.
      Islam is a religion with disciplines, required ways of comportment which obviously the majority of these young barbarians do not adhere to.
      No illicit sex, alcohol, drugs, thievery, usury, etc., etc., etc.
      Neither are most Europeans and Americans, Christians.
      Same difference..

      1. @ HP

        Well said.

        In many cases of mass immigration, the countries providing all the immigrants are merely emptying their jails of criminals. Notice the lack of females and children.

        Most actual refugees normally stay as close as they can to the places they are refugees from in hopes that they can return to their homes at some point.

      2. @ HP, I couldn’t have said it any better. Here is a story I read few weeks ago about the “New Germany”. It tells about the honesty and integrity of a young Syrian refugee living in Germany. I thought it would be of interest to some people. Yes, he was a Muslim too!

        German town hails Syrian refugee ‘hero’ for turning in €150,000

    3. peter
      decent Muslims or in another words good people don’t leave their homelands to settle in strange lands among strange cultures and languages and have to deal with bigotry and hate and looked upon as outcasts.
      that insane

  4. Though astigmatically off-topic, i wonder what TROJ might make of this:
    Life on Earth may have arrived very early on the cosmic timeline
    In other words, perhaps the only life available in the universe is right here on the Jew-infested Earth.
    Right here, right now, although as time goes on, the likelihood of it appearing elsewhere grows by leaps and bounds.
    However, that would make us, if not the center of the universe, then the biocenter of the universe, since we arrived prematurely, statistically speaking, an early, misfiring prototype and by dealing with the Jew problem we can prove that earth’s biosphere has self-healing properties and God shall be mighty pleased, His wrath shall subside somewhat as the wrecker’s ball slams into synagogues the world over, Chabad community centers evicted, no more outreach for your kidneys.
    I have a dream …

    The outcome of the experiment hangs in balance, if we fail (we let the Jew win), it’s back to the life’s drawing board, sweet 3-stalk-eye Jesus appearing elsewhere in a galaxy far, far away, Lucifer and his judaic lizards in close pursuit, shapeshifting to fit the new image.

    Serve us right for ignoring TROJ, locking the prophet up in Chattahoochy while the fools party outside.

    1. Lobro –

      Ya think TROJ would be confused with Zeus or Hermes…..

      when the hordes gather outside Chatahoochy-cootchie….. with many oxenseses for BBQ… ??

      I say…. Hermes… 🙂

      It happen before when people used astrological deities… like they do in Florida’s asylums:
      Act 14:11
      The Visit to Lystra and Derbe
      …11When the crowds saw what Paul had done, they lifted up their voices in the Lycaonian language:
      “The gods have come down to us in human form.”
      12Barnabas they called Zeus, and Paul they called Hermes, because he was the chief speaker.
      13The priest of Zeus, whose temple was just outside the city, brought bulls and wreaths to the city gates, hoping to offer a sacrifice along with the crowds.…

  5. You won’t stop this. It will only get worse, until all out civil war has broken out in each of the European lands.

    This isn’t just a benefit to Jews in destroying the majority indigenous, but also to business owners. More immigrants =

    1. More competition for jobs resulting in a static wage and even a lowering of it.
    2. More competition for property, resulting in higher rents and house prices.
    3. More people means more food and transport needed.

    It’s an economic nightmare as well as an ethnic one for the working classes, but for the upper middle and above it’s a God send, especially when they are progressives.
    By 2065, the European indigenous population will be a minority and indigenous children by then, will hate their ancestral culture and race so much, that they’ll be doing everything they can to destroy it, it will be like sawing away at the tree branch they’re sitting on, above the cliff drop. Our societies are dying because there is no love for our culture and people anymore by the younger generations. This has been going on since the sixties.

    1. Harb –

      Every word here is correct. Much of it is what I have been writing about all along. You put it in better words.,

      It is going to increased debt-money flow…. and increase business for Russia as well.

      More people = more gas sales for Russia. Germany is Putin’s largest customer for gas. Turkey is second.

      People tsunami…. Oligarchs in EU, Turkeyt and Russia WIN..!!

      1. Yes Pat,

        If only people would realise that they need to remove the upper classes forthwith from society, as they see them nothing more than cattle – productive and non productive profane. To quote George Bernard Shaw (founder of the Fabian Society [as you know]):

        ” I don’t want to punish anybody, but there are an extraordinary number of people who I might want to kill…I think it would be a good thing to make everybody come before a properly appointed board just as he might come before the income tax commissioner and say every 5 years or every 7 years…just put them there and say , ‘Sir or madam will you be kind enough to justify your existence…if you’re not producing as much as you consume or perhaps a little bit more then clearly we cannot use the big organization of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive. Because your life does not benefit us and it can’t be of very much use to yourself.”

        It is quite horrific, but it’s people like these who are running society.

      2. Harbinger, you are right, that would take care of most problems because the elite is in large part synonymous with the Chosen. This was seen, for example, when at Egalite et Reconciliation (Alain Soral)’s indictment of the “Establishment,” LICRA jumped like a scalded cat crying “anti-semitism.”
        Nevertheless such a societal decapitation can only happen in a homogeneous nation whose people are educated and have a national and a civic conscience. I think this is precisely why the Jews focused their first heavily destructive efforts on the Scandinavian countries. Professor Kevin McDonald argues that they perversely used the Swedes’ very virtues — compassion, sense of justice, empathy for “outgroups” — to ruin them.
        Where do expect such a huge reversal to happen? In the US? Not likely at all.
        Funny enough, Marx, among the many fallacies he scribbled, predicted that communism would first be victorious in the most advanced capitalist countries, because there the proletariat had the strongest ‘class consciousness.’ In fact, as we know, it was midwifed by the Jewish bankers in the most backward country of its time.
        Maybe the pendulum will swing back in the same way. Maybe the first salvo, the death knell of JP will be heard first in some tiny little country that says, “Zsidô, take your anti-(nation) szeklêt and leave , while the leaving’s good.” Maybe it sounded already.

  6. Gee, this is a great video for Jews….so, let’s be clear, all immigrants behave badly and all scenes of just white people are serene. Sorry, I don’t believe in the tooth fairy but here is how to solve the problem. Call up Barbara Spectre and ask her if she can relinquish control to the goy over the concerns of multi-culturalism/ Last I heard she said Europe wouldn’t survive without it.
    Bottom line, focus on the leak, not what the leak lets in and also understand that white acquiescence to colonialism and 3rd world exploitation is as problematic as any poor Arab entering cause the Jew waves, “Come!”
    Didn’t Carlos Porter, a guy you all promoted after he said this, say to go “Mud hunting?” Of course, Carlos also says that Muslims were behind the African slave trade so…..someone call Alex Jones (Jews own Hollywood)

    1. @Joe Sigur

      Jews were behind the slave trade from Africa to the Americas, but Arabs had their own slave trade from Africa to the Arab world. Since they used to castrate their black slaves, there are few Blacks left in the Arab world.

      From your own website I understand that you want an anti-Jewish movement without white nationalism. You even suggest that white nationalists are in reality Jewish agents.
      I think your attitude is based in your own personal circumstance of having a mulatto daughter. A world wide movement of “Goyim-united-against-Jews” is not very likely. The world is simply not united but naturally divided along racial and ethnic lines.

      1. Franklin,


        It is true that we all have a common enemy, but it is also true that we all have our own interests – genes – to look after. And directly speaking, self interest always trumps global common interest to preserve oneself. It seems that many, also here on DM, are forgetting that.

        Without Judaism we could in principle live all sovereign as separate nations but only through nationalism, which is of course the only possible antidote to INTERnationalism. Only this way it is possible to respect each other’s sovereignty. That doesn’t mean that nations cannot work together and trade or that foreigners cannot live in or travel to other nations. It simply means foreigners can never become citizens.

        This is BTW a policy in many countries, especially in Asia. Ask Felix, Thailand, for example, is swarmed with foreigners, tourists, expats, businessmen, but no foreigner will ever acquire Thai citizenship because Thailand exists for Thais only. Thailand does not exist for the Dutch, Englishmen, Russians, Nigerians, Somalians, Arabs or Uruguayans. And this is the only way to preserve one’s country. Handing over citizenship to anyone who decides to drop in, like in our country which is world champion in doing that, equals handing over your habitat to strangers. A most unnatural thing to do. No wonder then that only countries totally controlled by Jews are applying this insane suicidal policy.

  7. The Jews ,should I be politically correct and say the zionists any which way I SAY F*k them jews zionists whatever you wanna call F*K them all Bastards
    my point is this the ugly creatures hate the White Nations and The White race ,why
    because Whites are beautiful ,smart highly intelligent ,inventors ,generous have high morals as good Christians and charitable and very brave.
    the Talmudic blood sucking midgets hate Christ and Christians.their goal is to destroy the white man by any means. possible .have you noticed Hollywood movies and sitcoms and their disgusting rab shit to make it acceptable for mix racing matting ,look how many blacks who hooked white girls ,that just one of the zionists tool to wage undeclared war against the White Christian Nations.
    mass immigration ,multi cultural cult ,promoting the homos culture ,pornography ,human trafficking and so on are zionists tool to destroy the White Man.
    wake up people and smell the Coffee

  8. The false flag problem is created to appear as refugees needing asylum. If the government of Syria had been properly supported as Vladimir Putin has been alluding to the whole time and no one (i.e. NATO and US) was listening or deliberately ignoring, there would be no refugee crisis.

    These are socially engineered situations by a minority elite owning vast resources, that have within their power to be able to contributively eliminate human suffering and poverty, ensure the well being of all peoples.

    Not being satisfied alone with the world’s wealth, they intend to take the place of God, dictating who lives and who dies. Everything is engineered to steal wages from workers to increase their coffers. This is why wages have been stolen from first world countries in Europe, Americas, parts of Asia for cheaper labour in 3rd world countries (and that depressed, too), all for the sake of profit.

    All the generated unrest supports the arms industry, boosting profits of the armament industry. After lock down of the Internet and further extortions of the press to prevent truth of getting out, after citizen disarmament, next will be confiscation of privately owned citizen property, all in the name of national / international security and defence.

    Think this would not happen? One only needs to look at what happened to Russia during the Bolshevik revolution.

    As a result, Vladimir Putin, who has expressed lessons learned wants Russia to go forth as a free nation, but the world as controlled by the Oligarchy will not have it, hence why only negative news comes from Russia, painting Putin in a negative light.

    Orthodox pastor Nathaniel has posted

    realjewnews.com Putin’s ‘Anti-Evangelism’ Law Revealed, which this law has been criticised by some Christians as being anti-Christian. There is nothing to be wondering about. I did a search, and to find exactly what that law states has been difficult. Much of the news today is nothing but editorial opinion.

    All this social engineering is to destroy the incumbent cultures, so the masses can be directly controlled by the wicked minded oligarchy.

    1. yes of course, the kol nidre faithful are now blaming Putin for the migrant tsunami, shoot the victim and invoice them for the bullet, jew’s lesson learned well.

      In a sick reflection in the Devil’s mirror of “across thorns to stars”, it is now “through putrefaction to Chosenness”.

      Hmm, it does sound like Kabbalah to me.

      Of all the Marx Brothers, Karl was the funniest.

      1. lobro on August 31, 2016 at 7:15 am: yes of course, the kol nidre faithful are now blaming Putin for the migrant tsunami, shoot the victim and invoice them for the bullet, jew’s lesson learned well. In a sick reflection in the Devil’s mirror of “across thorns to stars”, it is now “through putrefaction to Chosenness”.

        What I am seeing is an unprecedented wickedness occurring on all fronts and it goes beyond Europe.

        There is rampant dishonesty in news networks, politicians displaying dishonesty and lack of concern toward their constituents, greed exalted above honest profit and best service / product through monopolization and marketing of inferior products, the push for agendas, the general lack of concern for what is right for the people.

        Law abiding legal resident is extradited for voicing opinion publicly, for producing evidence that does not confirm the hallowed hoax, opposing opinions to Hillary Clinton are silenced on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Government fines or mandates removal from home owners for Christmas nativity scenes private lawns, government employees are being disciplined for having a Bible verse posted in their office cubicle whereas nothing is done to posting a couple sentences from the Koran or Talmud.

        Citizens are being shot by trigger happy law enforcement including deaf drivers, autistic care staff, home owner with a garden hose sprayer mistaken for gun, raiding homes without search warrants, detaining law abiding citizens without cause, arresting news reporters for reporting on riots, mistaking maple leaves for marijuana suspending an autistic student, suspension for drawing a paper gun, increased use of hunting rounds (hollow point bullets) that kill instead of subdue, etc.

        This is all happening of all places, in the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave. The America all knew in previous years is all but gone.

      2. György –

        The USA has never been the “Land of the Free.”

        The War for Independence should be called The War for Permission.
        The Treaties of Paris never gave anyone freedom anywhere.
        Britain never even removed troops.
        But… the Treaties gave USA fishing banks in Newfoundland…. and Pharisee-Jew Banks on land.

        It has been a sham from beginning, and we see the evidence displayed today.

      3. @Pat

        The US colonists actually fought for the right to print their own currency — the entire history of the US up until the creation of the Fed, was a fight against the international banksters. Recall Andrew Jackson’s campaign to Kill the Bank. The fight was lost in 1913.

        Still, they were always imperialists and the annexation of huge chunks of Mexico represents the start of the US Empire. Andrew Jackson was in favour of annexing Texas — so much for my anti-bankster hero.

        Ah well.

      4. Flopot –

        I am very familiar with all of that history.

        What very few know is that the Crown demanded repayment of war debts in silver in the Treaty of Paris 1783. And that’s the reason for it being placed in the constitution. Pharisee-Jew Bankers demanded “States must use only silver..to repay debts.”

        Article 4:
        “It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.”

        And the Crown’s subjects got all land back.

        Article 5:
        “It is agreed that Congress shall earnestly recommend it to the legislatures of the respective states to provide for the restitution of all estates, rights, and properties, which have been confiscated belonging to real British subjects; and also of the estates, rights, and properties of persons resident in districts in the possession on his Majesty’s arms and who have not borne arms against the said United States.”….. etc.

        The LOSER dictated the terms..!! 🙂

        Actual documents tell a different story from history book myths.

      5. Yes, Flopot –

        Pharisee-Jew Bankers always win the most. 🙁

        You might have thought I was joking about the fishing banks. I was not joking. It is the best the US got from the treaty:

        Article 3:
        It is agreed that the people of the United States shall continue to enjoy unmolested the right to take fish of every kind on the Grand Bank and on all the other banks of Newfoundland, also in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and at all other places in the sea, where the inhabitants of both countries used at any time heretofore to fish. And also that the inhabitants of the United States shall have liberty to take fish of every kind on such part of the coast of Newfoundland as British fishermen shall use, (but not to dry or cure the same on that island) and also on the coasts, bays and creeks of all other of his Brittanic Majesty’s dominions in America; and that the American fishermen shall have liberty to dry and cure fish in any of the unsettled bays, harbors, and creeks of Nova Scotia, Magdalen Islands, and Labrador, so long as the same shall remain unsettled, but so soon as the same or either of them shall be settled, it shall not be lawful for the said fishermen to dry or cure fish at such settlement without a previous agreement for that purpose with the inhabitants, proprietors, or possessors of the ground.

        Continuing the losses for US:

        Article 8:
        The navigation of the river Mississippi, from its source to the ocean, shall forever remain free and open to the subjects of Great Britain and the citizens of the United States.

        Britain owed no compensation for damages:

        Article 9:
        In case it should so happen that any place or territory belonging to Great Britain or to the United States should have been conquered by the arms of either from the other before the arrival of the said Provisional Articles in America, it is agreed that the same shall be restored without difficulty and without requiring any compensation.

      6. America has never been a Christian nation. It was a nation best described as “having a savour of Christianity.” Initial immigrants included Christians and criminals. What set it apart from others was the freedom to express one’s views.

        What I have noticed is the increasing lack of moral fibre in people. The ideals of honesty, integrity, 8 hours work for 8 hours pay, employer respect for one’s time off (vacation and holidays), reasonable working hours, are fading away.

        Over the past 45 years, I have seen changes in people’s attitudes. 4 decades ago in religious discussions, overall people would simply state, “I do not concur with you” and not get offended. There was respect and one would change the subject or move on. This included those who believed in Arabic and Eastern Indian religions. I remember after work parties where they would simply pick the pieces of pork pepperoni off pizza served them and eat the rest or choose other foods. There was no radical pushing of ideals. Most supervisors had a sense of right and wrong, and overall looked out for their employees.

        Strangely, a lot of that has changed. Overall, the 40 hour work week is no more. Employers are requiring more overtime. Technical people, who used to earn close or perhaps a little more than general business administratives, now earn less. High school college preparatory is emphasized over vocational training. Yet, instead of becoming “smarter”, I see more foolish decision making. It is cheaper over the long run to have in house maintenance staff keep campus and government infrastructures repaired. What I have seen over time is that maintenance budgets have been slashed in the name of short term cost savings, which in the end cost more.

        The deliberate dumbing down of the indigenous populations (i.e., those who were born and live in their own country) has been on going for the past half century, to usher in foreign nationals to take their jobs. These are all socially engineered measures by those who are in truth traitors to the American people.

        What is occurring in Europe is also occurring all over the world.

  9. we at the grand temple of lucifer the third in the eastern part of romania are very excited that you plan to publish an article about us ,we look forward to read it and see your readers reaction .we will not bother you in any way our members are forbidden to post anything online but they can visit your site

    1. Lucifer “the Third”, so who was “the Second”, and who was “the First”?

  10. The focus on Islam is Jew driven, as one arm of the pliers, the other being the multiculti pushed by Specter et al. and the deadly squeeze tightens on Europe. The Jews man both checkpoints and direct the traffic toward the annihilation of Europe.
    The problem with the Jew-organized invasion of Europe by “refugees” from Africa and the ME is not Islam. It is that they are an alien horde, uninvited, unassimilable, destructive, and numerically overwhelming. I don’t care if they consider themselves Muslims, animists or even Christian.
    The judaic arguments of the refugees providing the much needed work force in Germany and the Scandinavia countries is a shameless bald-face lie. They cannot perform in the highly technological societies they are hurled upon–they were nevertheless schooled by their instructors to expect benefits and even provided with maps. They do not want to stay in places with low freebies, only to pass through, leaving a path of destruction behind them. Orban refuses to have Hungary be a way station, hence the Jews labeled him, oy… a “nationalist.” (There is nothing a Jew hates more than patriotism/nationalism — the highest and strongest glue that binds non-Jews and threatens the “cosmopolitan” Jews with …. failure.)
    It is true that both Africa (e.g., Libya) and the ME have been devastated by USrael’s wars and the devastation continues unabated. But these “immigrants”– most of them able-bodied young men — do no stay in their countries to fight against the aggressors. They leave that task to Syria, Russia, Iran and Hezbolah?!?
    The Europeans who deign to engage in the “dialog” on the theme of “Islam, religion of peace or not?” are willingly putting their heads the Jewish pliers, wasting precious time.
    The solution should be an uncompromising refusal to accept ‘refugees” and massive demonstrations to put pressure on the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia Qatar to provide the funds needed not only to repatriate these people but to repair the destruction of their countries they are responsible for. In the US this should not be a burden on the taxpayers, since the wars were by executive decision. Ideally the US funds should be carved out of the “aid” to Israel.
    Pressure should be brought to bear on Soros to cough up funds for truly humanitarian work in all the countries affected by his Open Society plague.
    Sadly all that implies something not in evidence in Europe or the US: a clear understanding of who the plague sowers are, a steadfast determination to fight for justice and their own national survival unintimidated by “hate instigation” persecution; a serious reconsideration of the cultural marxist path that has led to much of the rot eating into the national identity and culture.

    1. Gosh, Arachmida, I have only heard this theme and motif 259 times before. I just love the general call to action, for George Soros to fund humanitarian work. All psychopaths-whom you have never met obviously-love a humanitarian touchy-feely appeal. Soros owns an entire political party and has blackmail info on many, many key players. How about this pressure?:

      “Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil … prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon.” – Terry Pratchett

      I’m going to personally ask Hillary to admit she is evil, the emissary of the Devil, and criminally insane, because it is not nice what she is doing.

      Fetish Cheese and Keftedes. Blame it on the Bossa Nova.

      1. Don’t be silly. Let me be less demanding here: not more than usual.
        “Pressure” does not mean shaming them into admitting the error of their ways until they rush with tears streaming down their cheeks to make amends.
        Go bark up some other tree.
        Also, your kindergarden name calling is another bark up the wrong tree. Should I assume you’re from Dijon?
        Try a bit harder. Apply yourself.

      2. Ariadna –

        I think he’s telling you “don’t hold your breath” for the actions you propose to transpire. All ideals are just…wishful thinking. EVERYTHING of consequence in “civilization” is moved by those who control the money/debt, and the enhancement of THEIR purse. To think otherwise invites disappointment.

      3. “Poupon Marx believe me ,you’re the only sane one here”

        I’m glad you consider me insane. And I am indeed insane. Just like there were insane people in the Sovjet Union who were put away or worse. But in the end they turned out to be sane after all. But in the perverted reality I live in I am completely insane.

      4. Abe –

        NOW THIS is insane..!!! Goodbye to Italy…. and EU. Hello to Nigeria.
        Italy has been on the front line of Europe’s migrant crisis for three years, and more than 400,000 have successfully made the voyage to Italy from North Africa since the beginning of 2014, fleeing violence and poverty.

        Italy rescues 3,000 migrants from Mediterranean as arrivals surge

        “Some 3000 migrants were saved in the Strait of Sicily in 30 separate rescue missions on Tuesday, the Italian coastguard said, bringing the total to almost 10,000 in two days and marking a sharp acceleration in refugee arrivals in Italy.”


  11. ADMIN: This is an excellent first comment from a new poster. LD has recommended its publication as a feature article because it gives her the opportunity to attach two short and very important videos to the article. — Sr. Monica

    So sad to see this happen to Europe. I spent a few years in Germany as a child back in the early 1960’s and the region that I saw (Bavaria) was beautiful, clean and all white. But even so soon after the defeat of Germany, the Jews were already breaking down the doors to come back to a country that “killed six million” of them, or however many it supposedly was. Odd that, don’t you think? I mean, if they were treated so terribly by the population of Germany, why would they want to return? Oh yeah; there was money to be made, especially free money if they claimed to be a “survivor” Somebody’s Jewish mama once said; “if there are so many survivors, who was killed?”. And Germany started to import its Turkish “gast arbeiters” (“guest workers”) not too long after my stay there. Now look at that poor wrecked nation. So very sad.

    The two world wars killed off a great many of the alpha males of the world’s white populace, and that I suspect has something to do with the rapid downward spiral of the world’s white populace. Of course, Cultural Marxism, Feminism, atheism, PC indoctrination, intense guilt tripping, pornography, and a host of other problems which can be traced back to the usual suspects, all helped tip the scales.

    Now here we are with the same problem being imported to the USSA by Obama . Maine has a Somali problem now, as do Tennessee and Kentucky and the state of Montana (of all places!) has just received its first shipment (5000 , I believe) of wait for it… “Congolese”! Thousands of Congo groids in Montana? It gets awfully cold up there! Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County (Amish) is slated to receive an influx of Muslim “refugees”. Gives one pause as to how the Amish are expected to cope with the crime that is coming their way soon. There is soon to be a major assault launched on the 2nd amendment to disarm Americans following Hillarity’s coronation. no doubt to assure the protection of the poor incoming economic migrants . I call them insurgents.

    Ah, before I forget; last time I was here I tried to post as “The Original George”. I was chided by your female moderator, what’s-her-name, for not being sufficiently “original” in selecting George, what with this blog evidently burgeoning with a surplus of Georges. Hence the new moniker. I hope that this new one is sufficiently “original” to serve the purpose without infringing on some fast food company’s trademark.

    1. Donald: Well, we seem to have fortuitously acquired someone above the hedgerow, insightful, and knowledgable poster. A much needed octane booster for the low usable energy pool of many, if not most, poseur posters here. In a sense, they are the SABOTEURS, by flooding the site with back-and-forth, low info, repetitive, junk, palaver, dross, and re-dredged shop worn comments, they discourage useful and competing posts. It’s hard for a rose to grow in a field of weeds. Most are lazy, intellectually, and go by tired scripts over and over, sprinkled with details of their miserable lives. It’s as if some old women standing in line at the grocery store, their sup-hose sagging for their varicose veins, jabber and yammer away about the quality of fruits and nuts. Nothing wrong with them, it’s just at variance with the timber and cachet of a site that thinks of itself as an acropolis.

      There is just so much clutter. Keep on coming, D.M.

  12. Gilbert, thank you for the kind (bawdlerized) translation.
    I am not in a position to hold my breath. I will soon be 72. But even though I won’t live to see the “correction,” I refuse to believe that mankind is doomed, that this disastrous course is irreversible due to… fractional reserve banking and derivatives and debt. In the teeth of much contrary daily proof seen in the news, I think that many people–many more than perhaps we all dare to hope– unless traumatized or systematically perverted, are intrinsically decent, humane, honorable, that they love and need beauty and truth, respect and demand honesty, love to work if given the chance of meaningful work and take pride in their work (yes, it makes them free…). They are rooted people, not Wandering Who?s. They love their own culture and derive their identity from it even when life takes them far away for work or other reasons, and they do so in a much deeper sense than the kitsch sentimentality of the act of shlepping their samovar to some settlement and declaring “Oy, I love Pushkin.”
    They love their religion/spirituality, the traditions handed down from their ancestors. They are the descendants of those who created the great epic poems, sagas and myths, who built the Parthenon, the Pantheon, the Pyramids, the Basilica Sophia, the Gothic cathedrals, of the Greek geometers and philosophers, of the Persian, Greek, and Latin law givers, the Italian, French and English poets, the Dutch painters, the italian painters and sculptors, the German scientists, philosophers and composers, the Russian writers and gilded church builders, the Italian mosaic makers, and many more, and above all, of those who resonated to the highest spiritual and ethical call ever and understood the meaning of the Sacrifice and accepted Jesus’ teachings.
    ALL this is to be defeated by WHAT? By the invention of fractional reserve banking and derivatives by those who never created ANYTHING? Those who invented themselves a “g-d” that worships them and absolves them in advance for lying and stealing? (In legalistic fashion though, upon proper submission of the request before the appointed date, the New Year) A “g-d” who hated his entire creation so much that he chose a flea-bitten tribe of whom not even a ceramic pissing pot remains as proof of its “civilization” and ordered the chosen tribe to massacre and plunder all of “g-d”‘s creation? To make this deity good for the Jews they made their “g-d” dumb and easy to fool by the ever clever Jew: string a wire around the street, dumb Yahweh will think it’s your home and you can break the Sabbath… if you ‘accidentally’ — with your elbow — tip the vessel with leavened flour into the one with unleavened flour, it’s OK to use it, why waste it, it was an accident, but do it with your elbow…
    Should I believe that the descendants of the nations (a hated word by all Jews) who created all the world’s civilization will never realize that what they accepted in exchange for their abject slavery is a world of anomie, alienation, emptiness and despair? Never?
    Thank God, I can’t do that.

    1. I need to add one observation about the well-known Jewish psychological defense mechanism — projection. Hating all non-Jews while claiming that those they hate are “haters,” refusing to accept responsibility for the abominable crimes of organized Jewry but calling their victims “deniers” etc.
      Writing the comment above made me realize that another example of Jewish projection is the frequent claim that the motivation of the non-Jews’ rejection of them is envy.
      I think the Jewish hate of European (and not only) civilization and culture is strongly motivated by envy. The hate and envy oozes out of such Jewish labels of European cultural giants as “dead white males.” They managed to sell it to some American blacks and some brain-washed “progressive” Shabbos Goyim.
      It must be hard to face the fact that even long disappeared people like the Etruscans left a visible trace of their civilization and arts but the “dead de-prepuced males” left nothing…. other than the invention of the “g-d” that worships them worshipping themselves

      1. ariadna the over doer quit being hyper super hyper quit the charade get out smell clean air get laid you need it believe me it release the tension and pressure relax drink whatever you like and sleep well forget everything for awhile relax smile and open those legs for some clean winds to refresh your inner being

      2. Ariadna –

        “…another example of Jewish projection is the frequent claim that the motivation of the non-Jews’ rejection of them is envy.
        “I think the Jewish hate of European (and not only) civilization and culture is strongly motivated by envy.”

        I agree.

        And “envy” in born out of greed and fear.

    2. @ Ariadnatheo

      Great post!!!

      It is good to see another poster not in the “Hopeless Ones” club.

      You said, “But even though I won’t live to see the “correction, …”

      I personally believe the big “correction” is a lot closer than most people think, so don’t give up on your lifespan so easily. Jewish control of the world is in the disintegration mode now and gaining speed every day.

      I am amazed at the number of people that I encounter that are not as dumb as some people think. With a lead in comment from me, they open up. There are plenty of young ones that are more aware than most give them credit for being. The internet is working against the cult in a way that the creators of it did not see, unintended consequences. Pandora is out of the jewish box and the jewish lies are being revealed for all to see. The popularity of Darkmoon is a simple testimony.

      You said, “A “g-d” who hated his entire creation so much that he chose a flea-bitten tribe of whom not even a ceramic pissing pot remains as proof of its “civilization” and ordered the chosen tribe to massacre and plunder all of “g-d”‘s creation?”

      A truly classic statement.

      1. Ungenius,

        Yes! Yes. The big correction, a.k.a. Tukkun Olam, is coming! You are all so amusing. You people don’t get it at all. You are Judaic to the core, speaking in the Judaic terms from the Judaic standpoint. You are the Jews, people.

      2. @ Rousso

        “The big correction, a.k.a. Tukkun Olam, is coming!” Only in your jewish fantasy. Stock up on bagels.

        “You are all so amusing.” Then why don’t you use smiley faces when you post?

        “You are the Jews, people.” Jesus loves you! That should make you happier.

    3. Ariadnatheo,

      “I will soon be 72”, I apologize for calling you “babe” earlier, grandma.

    4. ariadnatheo
      You’re like a good rare expensive wine.truly you are a Jewel
      I’m not judging the book by it’s cover alone but also by it’s depth and content ,word by word ,line by line ,chapter by chapter ,every sigh,every thought ,every image and every laugh and smile
      writing from the heart and mind and expressing the thoughts and ideas and what has been in our imaginations overtimes is a mirror to our deep conscious and hence it’s a mirror to our soul
      the same effect as looking deeply into someone’s eyes to have glimpse at their soul.
      I enjoyed reading some of your comments and for that I’m grateful.

  13. excellent stuff, ariadna, world without prism, i would only add a bit more salt, pepper and violence to make it perfect.

    And the whole notion of “Projection” came along with jew, the umbrella concealing a sword which immediately turns to umbrella again if the real fight threatens.

    because the chosen turds are only good for skewed and twisted projections, useless and incapable of independent survival – before they arrived and exposed themselves, flashers at the Louvre, this notion was unknown and nonsensical.

    a tragicomic aspect is “reclaiming the stolen nazi artwork projects”, a wholesale looting of european (white male made) art as an example of “justice”.
    is there one f***ing thing there that is jew-made?!?
    ALL EAUROPEAN, i wouldn’t accept a single jew made article ever if it was scot-free at some garage sale.

      1. not in Louvre, 1138 and not in the hoard of treasures that National Socialists took into safekeeping, just like in WW1 and returned after war.
        No Jew art, ergo no filth in that pile, all clean Judenfrei stuff.

      2. Of course. you are correct. And I know what you meant, but just couldn’t resist.

        So I meant ‘there’ as in ‘does there exist anything in the world’.

      3. 1138-
        Lobro –

        Europe is disappearing and all the while they do business with their destroyer… Israel.
        Commenters and readers cannot do anything to change countries which will not change themselves.

        And in this comment section the accomplishments of the enemy – Israel – are dismissed…. but praised by Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Kazakhstan(Giuliani’s project)….. and dozens more. Those countries like Israel more than the commenters here. That is deadly irony.

        Russia is buying drones from Israel’s Aerospace company. That may be part of the discussion in the four meetings Putin has had with Netanyahu in the last year.
        Germany is leasing drones from that same company.
        China is buying jet airplanes designed and constructed by Israel.
        China and Russia are using Israeli made satellites. Kazakhstan (Giuliani’s pet) is used for the launch location. Florida will be used this year.
        And, the worst, Japan is buying cyber-security platforms from Israel and distributing them to 30,000 customers around the world..!!
        The list of hypocrisy is almost endless.

        While we spew out hate for Israel here…. the countries many want to help do the opposite and shower Israel with kudos and debt-money. Go figger..!! 🙂

        This is a bad picture… a terrible work of art for Europe. They are enabling their own destruction.

        We all should know the strength of the enemy.
        To underestimate the enemy is to be defeated more easily.

        Again, commenters and readers cannot do anything to change countries which will not change themselves. The countries have to get a clue. That’s the essence of the futility.

      4. This is the joke. Everybody is doing business with Israel.

        Tis a ZWO and all that that entails.

        Question: are non-Rothschild Central Bank countries doing business with the Zionist entity? For example, Iran? I wonder what Chavez did with the Venezuelan CB?

      5. Flopot –

        Sure. Kazakhstan(Giuliani’s baby) is just one of over 100 not in BIS doing business with Israel:

        …August 31, 2013, the Amos 4 satellite was successfully launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. On November 24, 2013, the satellite was delivered to the customer, Spacecom.

        Spacecom (Space Communication) is a communications satellite operator in the Middle East, European Union and North America headquartered in the city of Ramat Gan, Israel

        Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) reports its Results for the Third Quarter of 2013


      6. Flopot –

        As you can see… Israel launches and operates Putin’s satellites.


        About Israel Aerospace Industries

        Israel Aerospace Industries, Ltd. (IAI), formerly known as Israel Aircraft Industries, is Israel’s largest industrial exporter and a globally recognized leader for the defense and commercial markets.

        IAI provides unique and cost-effective technological solutions for a broad spectrum of needs in space, air, land, sea and homeland defense, including: maintenance and conversion of commercial aircraft, unmanned air and ground vehicles, radars, secure communications, AEW, EW, ELINT/ESM, SIGINT and COMINT/COMJAM, air-to-air refueling, upgrading of military aircraft and helicopters, Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missiles (ATBM), optronic payloads, navigation, smart weapons, missiles, commercial satellites and launchers, mine detection, clearing and breaching systems and many other core technologies, products and services.

      7. @Pat

        Kazakhstan seems to be a bizarro NWO pet project — you seen the articles about Astana (spelling?), the capital?

        Anyway, your point is well made — everyone is doing business with the global-panopticon called Israel.

      8. Flopot –

        Here is China doing business with Israel… the real ZOG. US knows it.. Israel reports it to Pentagon.

        Israel designs and builds China’s military and commercial planes. They use US fighter designs:

        Israel’s role in China’s new warplane

        “Israel ranks second only to Russia as a weapons-system provider to China and as a conduit for sophisticated military technology, followed by France and Germany,” stated a report this year by the US-China Security Review Commission, a panel established by Congress to examine security and economic relations between the two countries.

        In the summer of 2000, the Washington Times reported that a memo circulating inside the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency told analysts they no longer had to gain input from the Defense Intelligence Agency before deciding whether controlled technology should be transferred to Israel. The DIA had compiled evidence that Israel had violated US export regulations by transferring missile, laser and aircraft technology to China.


        Israel Aerospace Industries Cooperates with China in the Civil Aviation Sector

        Based on IAI’s tremendous s a center of excellence in the aforementioned civil aviation topics, the Company will evaluate, and provide recommendations to the local Government of Shantou on several initiatives: parts production and aero-assembly lines facility, aviation technical education and professional training facility, civil aviation development center and more.


        In a remarkable ceremony, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) signed a Strategic Framework Agreement to cooperate with the Shantou Municipal Government of China, the Guangdong Airport Authority (GAA) and other Chinese partners, to develop and expand the local civil aviation industry as a lever of economic growth in the municipality.

    1. @Pat

      Taking a cold hard look at economic relations suggests that the politics is all theatre. All roads lead to Israel.

      1. Flopot –

        Yes… ALL roads…. paved with fiat currencies and debt-money.

        This is the reason I kept mentioning Kazakhstan and Giuliani.

        Giuliani’s London office, operated by Bracewell & Giuliani (UK) LLP, is located in the centre of the world’s financial and capital markets.  It works closely with other Bracewell offices, particularly those in New York, Dubai and Houston, to provide English, US and local law services to international clients.  The London office’s primary focus is on international capital markets, banking, securitizations, structured finance and mergers and acquisitions work, particularly in the Middle East and emerging markets including Kazakhstan, other countries of the former Soviet Union and the Ukraine.
        Bracewell played an early, leading role in helping Kazakhstan create and expand its banking infrastructure, securities markets and commercial legal and court systems.  Because of our long presence there, we understand the region’s cultural, business and legal realities.  Since 2000, we have advised on approximately 95% of all Eurobond issues by Kazakhstan issuers, representing more than thirty issuers, including eight debut bond offerings and offerings by leading financial institutions in the region.  We have used our Kazakhstan experience to expand into other emerging markets in the region.

        The US, NATO and Russia are all big partners in business.

        US firms like Rudy Giuliani’s have Energized the Caspian and CIS for decades. They help Russia and CIS set up banking and stock markets and write their BUSINESS LAW for them.

        Bracewell & Giuliani LLP of Houston, set up offices in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 1997.



        Bracewell & Giuliani chose to open its CIS office in Kazakhstan, mainly because projects there in which they had been involved provided “a wonderful base, context, knowledge and contacts” says Vojack.

        “It was natural for us to continue on and practice law in Kazakhstan rather than going to Moscow,” he says.

        As a new lawyer seeking opportunities for Bracewell, Vojack, who speaks conversational Russian, went to Moscow with business expertise gained through negotiating deals for Minneapolis-based Honeywell Corp. from 1979 on. (Honeywell has been in Russia for many decades.)

        Practicing with Bracewell, he found himself in Kazakhstan by July 1994, spearheading a project to….
        ***create Kazakhstan’s equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission, with a team of Kazakh lawyers and advisers from the United States. Bracewell then entered into a joint venture with Arthur Andersen to create the security laws for the stock exchange and Kazakhstan’s market institutions.

        At the same time, Bracewell banking partner Robert L. Clarke worked with a team to help create….

        ** Kazakhstan’s banking system and banking regulations.

  14. there are so many people who whine alot just like an old jewish ladies .a very good cover if you ask me ,one of the mossad legends the grandmothers assassins .these grandmas will hit you anywhere anytime .back to the crux of the subject matter.
    do you know what i think that this site was created by the mossad psychology branch as an experiment with partnership with ex british spooks and their highly gifted intellectual nieces .
    the ex spooks know the ropes ,the nieces don’t
    now back to the whiners most of them are mossad trolls.but two i can’t find a logic explanation for them being here lobro and pat .are they the innocent honey trap.well my zio moshe friends it’s what it’s the treacherous world of spooking

    1. Fascinating. If it were true, do you think I would allow it to be posted?
      And what am I then, Abe? A honeytrap ex-nun on Mossad’s payroll? 🙂

    2. Who cares? As long as the truth is being published. And if such a site would be mossad that would be just another proof how dumb they are in reality because everything they ever do always blows up in their face. True, leaving behind an awful mess for others as well, but still.

      1. 1138 you little spoiled brat bonehead .you need a husband. go find one
        no shalom for you

      2. Jean Jacques Rousseau,

        “1138 is a Judaic troll for sure.”

        Sure I am, and you are a fascist troll.

        Examplary for jew insanity, turning reality up side down.

        Don’t worry, Rousseau, everybody believes you. ‘Cause you’re sooooooo intelligent 🙂

      3. 1138,

        Your mindset is pure Judaism, son. In the purest form. Messianic, supremacist, hating the “alien” human beings, making baseless claims of belonging to a greater and better kind. All elements are in place. You need to go a swinagogue and start preaching.

      4. Rousseau,

        Haha, I really struck a nerve. It’s stalking me now 🙂 I feel quite honoured. I’ve never had a stalker before.

        You’ve got a problem ‘son’. But it’s not my problem, nor anyone else’s. You can thank your parents for that.

        You need to jump off a tall building to end it all. And should your attempt fail, it would still be a laugh 🙂

      5. You’re paranoid, son.

        You are not being stalked, amigo. You are being talked to. Look, I am speaking the truth. Hitler had messianic ambitions. True or not? True, for sure. Is it not? Hitler’s book is full of exagerrated claims about some fantastic Arian peoples and their supreme influence on all European cultures. True? For sure. Hitler thought that he and his people descended from those fantastic Arians, true or not? True.

        Is it not the same things that the Jews are telling to their flock? Yes, it is.

        Hitler preached that his people should become pure, endogamous. The Jews preach the same ideas. Hitler established racial rules of marriage. The Jews had been practicing the same rules for ages. Hitler preached that for his ideas a sacrifice might be needed and it’s justified. The Jews are of the same opinion. Hitler adapted all of these ideas from Judaism. This is called plagiarism. Nazism is a fake Judaism.

        But, as people say, if you talk like a Jew, and think like a Jew, you are a Jew.

      6. Ben,

        Well, of course, you as a man would want a husband, wouldn’t you?. That’s what filthy jews want, hence they promote homosexuality and homo marriage. I, however, as an Aryan man are opposite of you Jew, so I’m married to a woman, capisce?

      7. Well Rousseau,

        Then it seems that you are currently blithering away your hot air on a predominantly Jewish website 🙂

      8. Rousseau,

        Hehehe, you didn’t see that one coming, huh ? Hey, I’m just doing my job, it’s not my fault if I lllLLLOVE it ! 🙂

        You’re rather full of yourself, huh? But you have to get up just a teensy weensy bit earlier in the AM to outsmart me, boy 🙂

      9. I know it’s a job. I said that before, too. You are posting this Nazi crap here, and on other sites. Tell me, Judaic troll: is 1138 a numerical gematria of 13?


        Number 13.

        “According to Jewish tradition, the number 13 is a very significant one and considered to be a blessed number. When a Jewish boy comes of age at 13 years old he has become a Bar Mitzvah and he is obligated to observe the commandments.”

      10. 1138
        so you’re an Aryan male married to a woman.
        you refused for a long time to reveal your gender. until now
        the Irony here is that a Jew tricked you to confess

      11. Rousseau,

        “You are posting this Nazi crap here, and on other sites.”

        Really? What other sites then? That’s the trouble with you conditioned Marxist aparatchiks. Always assuming things, never sticking to facts. This is the only site I post on.

        However, I think that some others here are posting about and promoting National Socialism and Hitler elsewhere as well, besides doing that here very frequently. Of course, they’re probably Jew trolls as well. You finally nailed us, who would have thought, DarkMoon, a Jew trolling site after all. Damn, that boy Rousseau is smart, it took him only a few days to outsmart us all.

        “According to Jewish tradition, the number 13 is a very significant one and considered to be a blessed number. When a Jewish boy comes of age at 13 years old he has become a Bar Mitzvah and he is obligated to observe the commandments.”

        OMG, that really proves it. I’m busted ! [ whispering; I hope Sister Monica doesn’t read this exeptionally intelligent post by you 🙂 ]

        But really? Well, what do you know, I didn’t know that, but I’ve learned it today. And from an expert on Jew matters and all that. Oh well, probably forgotten it by tomorrow, because who really cares, about Jew customs, but hey.

        Talking about paranoid. I recently explained my choice of nick. I think you were around already. So look it up and learn facts. I know the likes of you couldn’t be bothered with facts, but still.

      12. Alpha beta omega,

        Mmm, so you’re a bit slow. Never mind. But actually I ‘reveiled’ that fact before. The last who asked was Toby and I answered him. You must be so relieved. So relieved in fact it darn well made you post a post 🙂

    3. @Abraham ben Moshe

      First learn some proper English. Next try to invent a plausible plot. Keep in mind that the average IQ of the commenters here is far above that of Israel.
      Now tell that to your (typical low IQ) Mossad masters!

      Ceterum censeo Iudaeam esse delendam.

      1. Ben tell you Fuckihead to go and eat kosher fat hotdogs if you know what i mean you piggy squealing bonehead
        take your antique gibberish and shove it up yours where the sun never shine

        My apology to you sister Monika ,please forgive me for this language but that twat franki boy deserve it and some

      2. Of course, the old trademark of Jew, filthy language.

        Most amusing. You know what they say, prejudices are true and here’s proof 🙂

    4. Abe –

      Here’s some logic for ya…

      Italy’s leader is TWEETING to help the immigration tsunami.

      “Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi condemned “hatred, racism and violence” in a TWEET and sent Interior Minister Angelino Alfano to Fermo to convene a security meeting.”

      “The TWEET was a reaction to a Nigerian man who fled persecution by Islamist extremists was beaten to death in a small Italian town of Fermo.”


      The tools and weapons of war have changed. TWEETING is an option. Cell phones are very logical tools TODAY for destroying Europe. Israel makes the platforms and provides the satellites. 🙁

      1. “a Nigerian man who fled persecution by Islamist extremists was beaten to death in a small Italian town of Fermo.” ”

        Ah, excellent. I hope those Italian ‘extremists’ tweeted their action to Nigeria.

        Moral of this, if you don’t want to get beaten to death by Italian extremists don’t come to Italia.

      2. Pat
        my understanding that you are smart and well read and have extensive life experience
        leave the logic of the subject matter to pure scientific logic and reason without prejudice

  15. Conchita Wurst’s Europe…

    An aside deriding multi-kulti Europe that was too good to ignore…

    “To the west we have basically Conchita Wurst’s Europe, unable to formulate any policy at all (since all orders come from Uncle Sam), with parade-type military forces mostly hallucinating about the “Russian threat”, with security services who can’t even cope with the current flow of immigrants and, most importantly, with a ruling class and population which has no clue or understanding whatsoever of what is happening in the Ukraine.”


  16. @ Ariadnatheo

    Traces of the counterfeit-jew civilizations are visible in many places. Their art often is in the form of a phallic symbol and is found in nations around the globe and out in the open.


    In contrast, with Judahites, like king David for example, and Aaron a Levite, works of art with great beauty and devotion do exist, like David’s Harp, and The Ark of the Covenant.


    It shows the extreme difference between those who say they are jews, but are not; but, are counterfeit-jews (Ashkenazi jews), pagan worshippers who are not who they say they are.

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