Greece Is Starving — Thanks to Mass Immigration and the Judeo-European Superstate

By Sue Reid
from Athens

200_sA few purple pansies planted under a huge cypress tree mark the spot on the lawn outside the Greek Parliament building where a life ebbed away.

Here in Athens’s Syntagma Square, just after breakfast time one weekday morning, pensioner Dimitris Christoulas put a handgun to his head and pulled the trigger.

The retired pharmacist had walked out of his flat in a middle-class suburb for the last time. He locked the heavy shutters behind him, and the door where he had hung a sign saying: ‘Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay’.

In his jacket he carried a note saying his pension had been cut to ribbons and he couldn’t face a future of ‘raiding rubbish bins for food’.

‘Things have got worse for us Greeks since my father died four years ago,’ she says today. ‘Pensioners are in terrible poverty. Suicides have doubled to 3,000 a year. Almost one in three people have no work. The young are emigrating. We have men of 40 still living with their parents because they can’t afford to marry or have a family. We have lost hope.’

A political researcher, 46-year-old Emi has agreed to talk about her late father as Greece prepares to tighten its belt yet again on the orders of Eurozone finance chiefs (backed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel) who insist the country must continue to pay back its awesome debts.

The country was brought to its knees by its huge profligacy after joining the EU and then milking the system for everything it could get.

Public sector wage bills doubled and Spanish practices flourished. Paying taxes was optional for the upper and middle classes. Corruption and bribery were rife.

The country’s debts piled up even as the Greek gravy train hurtled towards the buffers. In a sign of those times, hairdressers were listed among the 600 ‘professions’ allowed to retire at 50 (with a state pension of 95 per cent of their final year’s earnings) on account of the ‘arduous and perilous’ nature of their work!

Then came the crash, and the EU finally woke up to the fact that one of its major member states was bankrupt.

A desperate deal was struck: in return for more than £200 billion in bail-outs, the country had to agree to savage cuts and enormous tax rises.

—  §  —

Despite this, Greece is still massively in the red.

Pensions, only claimable from a new (higher) age of 67, have been slashed ten times. Hospital budgets are down by half. VAT has soared to 24 per cent.

Meanwhile, 71,500 pieces of prime public property, including the nation’s regional airports, are being sold to international conglomerates to pay off the debts. A joke doing the rounds in Athens is that the entire country is ‘up for sale’, apart from the Acropolis.



The Greeks are reeling. One million jobs have gone, while disposable income is down by a quarter. At least 250,000 — notably young — doctors, dentists, engineers and IT experts have upped sticks for jobs overseas.

Most of those left behind are openly contemptuous of the EU. A poll earlier this month showed seven out of ten Greeks are Eurosceptic (compared with the UK’s five in ten), and two-thirds want some powers returned to their national government (a similar figure to this country).

Greece is preparing to tighten its belt yet again on the orders of Eurozone finance chiefs (backed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel).

As Alex Constantinos, a 65-year-old retired state power worker, told me over a coffee near Vathi Square, in a part of Athens that grows shabbier each day: ‘Enough is enough. We should come out of the EU and the euro. These two things have destroyed Greece.

‘We used to be self-sufficient without the EU telling us what to do. We produced our own meat, caught our own fish, manufactured our own textiles. These industries are destroyed because people have no spending money. Everyone of my age is in debt. They look in the bins for things to sell or to eat.’

As I say goodbye to him, I’m accosted by a smartly turned out gentleman brandishing a fake red Rolex watch. He is a 65-year-old former gynaecologist called Antonis, who says he’s not due a state pension until 2018.

‘Where else do I find money?’ he asks me politely in good English. ‘I sell watches or I starve.’

Down the road, I find a hotel, The Ionis, where all 160 guests are homeless Greeks. The Ionis used to be a tourist hotel, but the crisis shut it down. It was taken over by the Athens city authorities to help people who have lost their homes.

There is a waiting list to get in, and hardly anyone ever checks out — even though there is a midnight curfew, only three hours of hot water a day and guests have to clean their own free rooms.

Michael Samolis, 59, is one of them. A self-employed truck driver, he hit rock bottom five years ago as the Greek crisis began. His lorry was stolen by an Albanian gang and, because he had not paid theft insurance, he could not afford to buy another one.

Without an income, he struggled to pay the rent on his flat and ran into debt.

He recalls: ‘The pensions for my age group had vanished. I ended up giving away what furniture I owned, and I walked out into the streets. I went to the public hospital and sat there to keep warm some nights.

‘Each morning I would wake up and my first thought was where I would sleep in ten hours’ time.’

Then he heard of The Ionis. He was surprised to find the other guests had once been hard- working people like him. ‘There are former businessmen, IT consultants, office workers, and pensioners. Many are middle-class. The crisis has hit everyone,’ he says.

The evidence is plain to see all over Athens, where one in three shops have shut down. On the pavements where Athenians once promenaded, newly arrived migrants (both male and female) wander the streets and parks. There are reports that many are turning to prostitution to earn a few euros.

And in the dark alleyways, a new craze among the desperate seeking oblivion from the poverty is taking hold — a mixture of battery fluid and water heated with steam in a shisha pipe. You can buy a hit of this lethal brew in a small glass bottle for £1.20. ($1.75)

Not that Costas Karamanos, a 38-year-old in a striped shirt and carrying a neat shoulder bag, would be drawn into that.

Until a year ago, he was an assistant waiter at a smart hotel, the venerable Pentelikon in Kifisia, a tree-shaded northern suburb with marble pavements lined by Ferrari showrooms and luxury boutiques.

The Pentelikon restaurant was the go-to spot for the Athenian social elite. But last year, without warning, the entire hotel closed its doors, citing money troubles. Guests were told to leave immediately and staff, including Costas, to seek work elsewhere.

I found him on a balmy Friday afternoon waiting in a long queue for a free bowl of lentils and a piece of bread. The meagre fare was handed out by Father Chris Vlachas, a priest from the Greek Orthodox Church in a square off Sophocles Street.

—  §  —

The evidence of Greece’s troubles is plain to see all over Athens, where one in three shops have shut down. Here, protesters throw petrol bombs at policemen during clashes.

Costas looks embarrassed when he tells me of the Pentelikon closure, before adding: ‘I get nothing from the state. I daren’t tell my father, a proud man, that I come here for food. I live in the family home. I have a roof, but nothing else.’

Father Chris says it’s heart-breaking to see old people in the queue.

‘They give their little pension money to their jobless married sons or daughters to help their grandchildren. Then they come here secretly because they cannot afford a meal for themselves,’ he explains.

One result of this systemic poverty is that the social structure of Greece is changing. Three generations are moving into one house where there is one electricity bill to pay.

Young couples have only one baby, or no babies, because they are frightened at the cost of raising a family.

Some Athens maternity hospitals report the birth rate has fallen by a third in seven years of austerity.

Maritta Corley is a volunteer who runs a pharmacy at a clinic set up by private doctors in a southern suburb of Athens. It gives out free medicines to 1,000 patients every month, and counsels those who are suffering from depression.

At 56, and a former director of an import-export company, Maritta is one of many talented Greeks who cannot find paid work.

She explains emotionally: ‘My son of 34 got married last December. He earned €500 [£394] a month delivering medical equipment. He and his wife had a €200-a-month [£157] basement flat in Athens. They could not afford to live, let alone start a family.

‘He has just emigrated to California and is living on a friend’s sofa while he tries to find a job. If he does, his wife will join him.’

Maritta remembers the good times. ‘I know people who easily got loans of €3,000 [$3,500] from ten different banks. Sometimes they borrowed money just to buy a new clothes. It was wrong, of course. But now you can’t get any kind of loan. Everything has stopped dead. People feel low. ‘You say: “Good morning” and they ask: “What’s good about it?” They walk around with heads down. In the supermarket, pensioners count their euros. No one fills their baskets any more.’

Two miles away, the middle-class suburb of Alimos is the last place you would expect to find a soup kitchen. It has a grand marina and, until the implosion of the Greek economy, there were thriving boatyards selling super-yachts.

Yet here, 316 families — each must have less than £8,500 a year in income — come each month to get grocery hand-outs from a citizen-run help centre. Former businessman Syros Giovanis, 53, and his wife, Christina, are among them.

They have three children of 20, 16 and 14 and have lost everything. Syros used to employ 25 people at his decorating firm, but by 2011 the orders were down to zero. His wife was the director of a supermarket chain that went bust.

He says: ‘We still have a loan outstanding on our house which we cannot pay off. I will not get a pension for another 14 years. We need help to put a meal on the table. We try to keep this tragedy from our youngest, Sophia, but it’s been impossible to hide. My wife feels very uncomfortable about coming to a food bank.’

Even the International Monetary Fund is saying that Greece needs some breathing space. But Athens’ creditors are having none of it.

Waiting alongside Syros when I visited was Vasilini Kalovrekti, 24. She lives with her parents, who poured £500,000 into a restaurant selling Greek street food, which collapsed when the crisis hit.

The Kalovrekti family, like so many self-employed people, had avoided their taxes. So under the EU austerity rules, they can now receive no State help.

‘We have a house, but an empty fridge,’ says Vasilini. ‘My parents have suffered from depression. They feel their lives are ruined.’

Few will understand that more than Antonis Pilatis, 60, who lives with his wife in a village two hours’ drive from Athens. He used to run a construction company with his brother, Vassilis. There were holidays, meals out — they lived the good life. But when things went belly up, the brothers were owed money by three property development companies — which is still unpaid.

The only income Vassilis had was from the small state pension given to his 90-year-old mother, in whose house he lived.

In April, he took a gun and blew his brains out. Pilatis says: ‘My brother shot himself when our mother was away at the doctor’s in Athens.

He was so ashamed to be living on her pension. All he wanted was a job, but 90 per cent of companies have closed down round here.’

Shaking his head, he adds: ‘We Greeks may have been spoilt in the past. But whatever our mistakes, we don’t deserve this life.’

And so the misery of this benighted nation goes on as the autocrats of Brussels turn the screw ever tighter.

—  §  —

June and July are the months when repayments on Greece’s loans from the EU are due, and future repayment arrangements negotiated.

129F7D1E00000514-0-image-a-49_1466203704036And this time, Germany — Greece’s main creditor — is refusing to cut the Greeks any slack. Yet the only way for Greece to recover and grow again is for it somehow to be relieved of its debt burden.

Greece is preparing to tighten its belt yet again on the orders of Eurozone finance chiefs backed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, (pictured).

The International Monetary Fund — whose job is to ensure global financial stability — is usually very keen on fiscal responsibility. 

Yet even it is saying that Greece needs some breathing space. But Athens’ creditors are having none of it.

So it is that, as pensioners starve in the streets, the mighty EU project limps on towards an increasingly uncertain future.


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  1. A heart rending read and a harbinger as to what lies in store for the rest of Europe, North America and the entire world unless International Jewry is stopped. However, Jewry will not be stopped by thinking and acting Jewishly i.e. that money is the be all end all of how the world or humanity works. It’s only a return to the true practice of religion that will thwart the Mammonites.
    Greece should immediately leave the EU and NATO, cancel all debts and institute an autarchic economic system. The Greek people actually chose to renege on their debts to the Shylockian, shyster banks in a referendum, but were cruelly betrayed by Tsipras. One can only imagine the threats and pressures brought against him by the Germans, Dutch and the French finance ministers in Brussels.

    1. “Greece should immediately leave the EU and NATO …”

      I agree. Greece should blow off the EU, bring back their own currency, tell the ECB (and Germany) all debts are now cancelled … like Hitler did, and let the return of tourism re-float the country. Greece is still an extremely desirable tourist destination for Europeans.

      On the other hand, if the Greeks just hold out a few more days, England will exit the EU and that will crash the entire EU financial system. Suddenly, every European country looks like Greece. That should help make Greece look good, again.

      1. I hope you’re right, Gilroy, but both Peter Rothschild and Soros have warned of consequences should Britain vote for Brexit. The Rothschild owned Economist has also come out for remain. The NWOists are vindictive bastards. Should Brexit occur I foresee the following scenario. “They” engineer another Scottish referendum, perhaps a “colour revolution” like the Ukraine or Georgia. Thus they succeed in breaking up the UK. I hope I’m wrong.
        For Brexit to be a success it is imperative for Britain to undo the treasonous deed of Oliver Cromwell by allowing the Jews back into England in violation of King Edward I’s edict on their expulsion from his realms. Don’t forget, Cameron despite his Scottish surname is of Jewish descent. Let’s deal with the most poisonous and viperous threat first.

      2. Gilroy –

        “Greece should blow off the EU, bring back their own currency..”

        Their own currency would be worthless. All fiat these days. Different from 1930. No country has internationally traded gold demand notes today. No huge gold reserves either. All BIS members.

        Magnates and Pharisee-Jew Bankers from US and London….etc…. have bought all the assets.

        Steve Forbes told Max Keiser he was doing so in 2009. Said he was headed there for “Yard-Sale priced bargains…”

      3. It is going to be rigged. They will never allow Britain to leave. It will be like the Scottish referendum.

        If Greece leaves the EU/NATO at least they can have a foreign policy that is agreeable to the population. Russia and China can step in. It will be hard at first but there will be light at the end of the tunnel. While remaining in the EU is nothing but misery.

      4. Gilroy,
        When Hitler came to power Germany didn’t have any gold reserves. They instituted exchange controls and issued their own currency in the form of redeemable labour based vouchers. It worked. There were 6 million unemployed in 1933, by 1938 Germany had a labour shortage and the highest standard of living in Europe. The Germans used barter trade; high quality manufactured goods for raw materials. This is the real reason the Jews instigated war by setting a trap for him in Poland. Remember Poland was invaded and partitioned by Germany and the USSR. The British and French guarantee to Poland only applied to German “aggression”.
        Yes, Greece should go their own way. One other little snippet. These debts accrued by Greece are for arms purchases from French and German companies. No talk of austerity or cutbacks from Germany or the EU
        commission in this instance.

  2. Immigration problems in all of Europe can be blamed on this man more than any other single person…. Peter Sutherland of Ireland.

    Peter Sutherland is an Irish international businessman and former Attorney General of Ireland, associated with the Fine Gael party.  He is a barrister by profession and is a Senior Counsel of the Irish Bar.

    He is also known for serving in a variety of international organisations, political and business roles.

    Mr. Sutherland is United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General for Migration and Development. He has held this position since 2006 and was responsible for the creation of the Global Forum on Migration and Development. He is President of the International Catholic Migration Commission and a member of the Migration Advisory Board of the International Organisation for Migration.

    His site:

    EU should ‘undermine national homogeneity’ says UN migration chief

    The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.

    He also suggested the UK government’s immigration policy had no basis in international law.

    Mr Sutherland recently argued, in a lecture to the London School of Economics, of which he is chairman, that there was a “shift from states selecting migrants to migrants selecting states” and the EU’s ability to compete at a “global level” was at risk.

    ‘No justification’

    In evidence to the Lords committee, he urged EU member states to work together more closely on migration policy and advocated a global approach to the issue – criticising the UK government’s attempt to cut net migration from its current level to “tens of thousands” a year through visa restrictions.

    Peter Sutherland told peers ”…the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming MULTICULTURAL.”

    1. I clicked your link to Sutherland’s website. “Peter Sutherland is an Irish international businessman…”
      Ha! Irish businessman indeed! I took one look at his photo and immediately thought: ” a classic kike face if ever I have seen one”. I will never understand the people who cannot see that these monsters are a race unto themselves. They have a particular, very odd set of features that is unmistakable.

      1. @ George

        Yup. I second that. My jewdar went bonkers when I looked at Herr Sutherland’s schnozzle and smug mug.

        @ Kapoore

        I’m glad you had a wonderful multi-Cult-free vacation in Ireland, but the phrase, “the luck of the Irish,” was never meant to be taken literally; it’s oxymoronic if not moronic.

        You must have stayed away from the big cities like Dublin, which is unrecognizable today. I have seen images and videos of present day Ireland that remind me of the final Black attack and massacre of Whites in Zulu.

        Ireland: White Woman’s (Emma Murphy) Video About Getting Beat by Her Jungle Love Goes Viral by Keiser, @ Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer

      2. Yep! He’s no more irish than I am an israeli. And how true about calling them monsters. Because that is exactly what they are. They don’t belong to the human race. They can belong to any species they want except ours. Let their evil god decide which one.

    2. Thanks, George –

      This cuts out guesses about GLOBALIZATION:

      Peter Sutherland’s UNHCR speech on Global Responsibility for Syrian Refugees

      On 30 March 2016, UNHCR hosted in Geneva a high-level meeting on Syrian refugees and the need to find solutions to their plights globally, including through expanded resettlement and other regular means.

      The meeting was attended by representatives of some 80 countries, 10 international organisations and 24 non-government organizations. Among the speakers were UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, plus representatives of key refugee-hosting governments.

      You can watch Peter Sutherland’s intervention below.


      Helping Refugees Together

      This year is likely to be the most momentous for refugee protection and migration since the signing of the Geneva Convention in 1951. Depending on the choices we make, we will either help create more open societies, based on greater international cooperation, or we will abet authoritarian governments and their nationalist agendas. So we must treat this issue with exceptional urgency and seriousness of purpose.

      The refugee and migration crises in the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, and Central America have led to widespread and appalling human suffering. The significance of this can hardly be overstated, for the world’s failure to help its most vulnerable people reflects an extraordinary breakdown of morality in the international community.

      We are at risk of losing our collective understanding of why the multilateral system and international cooperation matter. When we refuse to protect those facing persecution, we not only endanger them; we subvert our principles of civil liberty and put our own freedom at risk.


      Migration – The Global Challenge Of Our Times

      The Littleton Memorial Lecture, RTE Studios, Dublin, Thursday 17th December 2015

      Morally, politically, and economically migration is the defining issue of the 21st century. How we respond to it reveals a great deal about the state of our society, the integrity of our communities, and the prospects for our collective future.

      It is a challenge that will only grow in the coming decades. Today, there are more migrants than at any time in history—over one billion globally. This constitutes 1/7th of the world’s population. About a quarter of these live outside their country of origin. And the pace of migration is increasing. People are on the move everywhere and in greater numbers than ever before. This is part of the process of globalisation, but it is also driven by other events, such as wars, catastrophes, and poverty. In addition, television and other visual media have shown those in developing countries how much better life is elsewhere. Naturally they want to share in this better life and why should they not do so?

      GLOBALISTS WANT MORE INTERNET.. their greatest tool..!!

  3. I wonder how much money the EU is paying to support the ‘refugees’ whose presence the EU leaders welcomed?
    How much wasted on Brussel’s bloated bureaucracy? How much tribute sent to Israel? How much wasted on NATO and foreign adventurism?
    That money could have been used to perhaps cancel most of the Greek debt and otherwise help native Europeans by fostering the self-sufficiency and sustainability similar to what the Greeks once enjoyed.

  4. In the other article on mass immigration and multiculturalism, Pat will concur with me that the definition of a nation is:

    “A people, or aggregation of men, existing in the form of an organized jural society, inhabiting a distinct portion of the earth, speaking the same language, using the same customs, possessing historic continuity, and distinguished from other like groups by their racial origin and characteristics, and generally, but not necessarily, living under the same government and sovereignty.”

    So, if we flood a nation with immigrants the following happens:

    1. They will adopt citizenship.
    2. They will have children who will attain citizenship.
    3. Courtesy of continuing indoctrination and brainwashing of the population, those immigrant children will be seen as that nationality and of that nation.

    What this effectively does is destroy the concept of nation. If a Nigerian born in France becomes French and a Frenchman born in Nigeria becomes a Nigerian, then there is absolutely no point whatsoever in seeing French people as any different to Nigerians.


    The next step is, our puppet masters then tell us “there are no longer any nations in this world and you are effectively all the same. Therefore, there is no need for borders and no need for local councils, governments and what used to be defined as national Parliaments. Therefore, we shall have a new government, of the people, for the people by the people.
    And voila, there you have world government.

    How to get to world government: Problem -> Reaction -> Solution:

    1. Bring about a depression.
    2. Cause conflict with another nation.
    3. Bring about a war.
    4. Cull a large part of the male workforce.
    5. Start bringing in aliens to replace the lost workforce.
    6. Institute feminism to stop indigenous procreation and destroy the family.
    7. Institute Race laws (read legislation) to stop the indigenous from complaining and fighting back.
    8. Flood the country even more with mass migrants.
    9. Institute policy to give those born here the same nationality as the indigenous.
    10. Continued indoctrination via academia and the msm to state we’re all the same.
    11. Destroy the culture and nation through multiculturalism and immigration.
    12. Institute world government.

    1. Wow! The Jew’s twelve step program to stop profligate, drunken, credit spending of Western white men by eliminating them from their national homes through genocidal programs. Where do political leaders sign up for execution?

      I’ll say it again: There is going to be massive bloodshed, it is now unavoidable. Either the indigenous people will begin killing those oppressing them or they will be killed by their oppressors. There is NO other solution possible. The Russian people chose the latter and under the Jew’s Soviet system, sixty six million died the most horrible deaths imaginable through mass murder, death camps and starvation. Now Greece is going into the starvation mode.

      The Jews have left no other option. They have set this situation up across western civilization with malice aforethought and now there is no turning back. The only choice will be to stand and fight or meekly be killed. This is the kind of ugly choice that drives Jews to revel and profit mightily from their destruction. It’s all in their God-dammed “holy” book. God knew, that is why he repeatedly condemned the Jews in the Old Testament.

      The very worst of it will be the requirement of the “Fire and Ax” to cleanse the race and eliminate the traitorous brethren who trade the lives and futures of their countrymen for comfort and security. Read about that solution here:

      Jews have set up the most bloody, murderous, horror show in the history of the planet; one that will far out-blacken their most twisted, psychopathic Hollywood fantasies, forcing all involved to be the insanely blind actors upon a stage they have created for humanity. Isn’t it time to shut down the Jew’s horror factory instead of barking at the Muslim moon?

    2. Yes, Harb. I agree….. and

      13 – establish a world-wide-web, a network to monitor and control everyone in the instituted world government.
      Call it the internet.

      GLOBALISTS WANT MORE INTERNET.. their greatest tool..!!

  5. Though the Greeks have a share of responsibility in their current horrid situation, they are nonetheless victims of an international cabal of rich psycopathic criminals who specialize in luring a country into a “deal” wherein the target nation is offered IMF loans which they eventually cannot pay back, and then the IMF ends up dividing that country’s national resources and selling them to the highest bidder (most of the Greek islands offshore have been bought by billionaire oligarchs). And I cannot stand the sight of Merkel (her pudgy pasty – white Pilsbury dough boy face and that stupid Moe Howard haircut just make me want to puke). Nor can I abide the sight of Obama’s putrid visage or that of that world class criminal George Soros. I swear that Soros must bathe in formaldehyde every night; that psychopath just continues to get older and never dies. Sorry; mini-rant is over, just had to get it off my chest.

  6. The situation in Greece should be a foreboding of things-to-come everywhere a society forgets “there is no free lunch”. Admittedly, for too long, Greeks enjoyed the access to easy credit, and built their lives accordingly. I see it in America, too. Whenever I go to town somewhere, I see many people driving cars and pickup trucks which cost more than many houses in bygone times. Whence do they get their $$?? Over-paid, over-fed, under-educated masses cannot long sustain a society. The churches are dying (due, of course in large part to their own loosening of creed), and few seem to stand on any moral code of conduct. It’s just good business to teach them that one must pay to play. The wise will learn from the mistakes of the foolish. There are no guarantees.

  7. I thought I stumbled on a truth telling website. Just realized I came across a cum-piss Christian shithole. No wonder: if Jesus Christ is right now eating shit, may his mass murdering followers drown in it too. In the mouth of Jesus, only dirt, piss, cum and shit. And a fist dripping with warm shit too. Jesus Christ eats shit.


    Rozenzweig’s false email address: [email protected]
    Rozenzweig’s IP number :

    1. Toby,
      your webmaster or tech support guy should be able to deal with stuff like this.
      One way is to put the new commenter on hold while a secret random number is sent to the address and only when the matching reply arrives is he whitelisted.
      Another is to use nslookup -q command to see whether the mailserver exists for the stated domain (

      nslookup -q=mx

      (eg, nslookup comes back with something like mail exchanger = 0
      ie, it has a mailserver)
      and if it does connect by telnet to it

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      and if the response is “550”, it means the address does not exist and “250” means the email address is valid

      in which case you can send out a secret number or password to make sure that rozenzweig is the actual owner of that mailbox and can send back the same number.

      It can be automated so you don’t have to worry about it.

      Anyway nice to see that jew will always be jew.

      1. There’s no problem, Lobro. This guy’s comment was in spam. We didn’t have to post it. It’s not as if he broke through our filters or anything. We are in total control here! We decided to let the comment through just to give our readers an idea of what kind of sick nutters throng the blogosphere. A guy like this is obviously in need of psychiatric treatment.

      2. Toby,

        Completely respect you for freedom of speech.
        Completely disrespect the poster for his vitriolic post. He’s not doing the Jewsphere any help, especially in a time when lots of people are thankfully waking up to them.

    2. It’s good to see people are starting to stand up to this human garbage. I’m hoping they all open their big mouths like this (they always do, actually) so that instead of just one country (Germany) standing up to these insolent pigs, the whole western world does it this time and hands them their walking papers so they can move on to somewhere else again, for the umpteenth time. Where too this time for the world’s human garbage? Lets make sure they actually make it to Madagascar this time.

      1. @ Peter

        You are being too kind to offer up Madagascar. Trees grow there which would allow them to make boats and infect humanity again. Antarctica is the ideal spot offering the same temperature as the jewish heart, a perfect match, without any material to build boat. It would be known as the “Coldocaust.”

  8. Anybody remember Fareed Zakaria?
    Here he heads over to Moscow to interview Putin and try to provoke him and gets his ass handed back to him. Unscripted exchange, impossible in Jew media.

    1. Thanks Lobro, that was delicious to watch, LOL! BTW Zakaria is on record as having said that the white race needs to be eliminated. Our enemies abound.

    2. Lobro –

      Thanks for that great video. A real ‘keeper’ for me.

      It revealed that Putin stated, “Russia needs a strong US.” I have stated that all along. Putin needs the US…. and the US companies in Russia… and all NATO countries.

      He praised Renzi, a NATO member, because they are joint partners in making Russia’s planes in Italy.


      Russia’s Yakovlev Design Bureau chose the Yak-130 as its priority project, and together with Italy’s Aermacchi, succeeded in bringing the plane to the production phase this year.

      Alenia Aermacchi is a partner of Boeing…. making Russia a partner together with them in Italy.

      A major partner and supplier to Boeing and Airbus, Alenia Aermacchi is also one of the world’s largest providers of aerostructures, and a leader in aircraft modifications and overhaul on behalf of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers.

      What Russian sanctions.. when looking deeper..?? Italy is in Europe.

      NATO countries make Russia’s planes.

      BTW – Iran just ordered 100 planes from Boeing….. not from Russia.

      Just business… no nukes. 🙂

    3. A real ‘keeper’ for me

      [says Pat]

      It revealed that Putin stated, “Russia needs a strong US.” I have stated that all along.

      Ever heard: “Scream loudly and carry a tiny stick” Pat? neither has Putin.
      But in a “state of the union” type address to Russian parliament, he goes: International Situation Today Like at Start of World War II

      “But again, as it was at the beginning of WWII, we don’t see any positive response,” he continued. “On the contrary, NATO ups its aggressive rhetoric and aggressive actions near our borders.”

      “In this environment, we must pay special attention to strengthening our country’s defense capabilities,” he concluded.

      how would you explain this one, hey Pat?
      Let me give it a try:
      ▪ Russia “wants” a strong USA, (Fareed “Zak” Zakaria nodding sagely)
      ▪ Russia anticipates a World War (a serious speech to closing session of the parliament, not exchanging jibes with purty pouting Fart Zakaria)
      There are 4 possible interpretations:
      ▫ Both statements are false, Putin lies twice.
      ▫ only the first statement is true: Putin values chitchat with zakaria more than the country’s lawmakers
      ▫ only the second statement is true: Putin places mutual trust with Russia’s parliamentary deputies ahead of the CNN lying neocon and shabbo mud Zakaria
      ▫ both statements are true, ie, in a World War, Russia and USA will fight on the same side (against Panama-Grenada banana axis)

      Gee Pat, I am looking at them and just can’t choose, y’know, they all look equally likely 😉

      1. Lobro –

        I explain it that TASS agrees… with you…
        ….. Uhhh…. no… with me..!! 🙂


        TASS News Agency reports The world needs such a powerful country as the United States but Moscow does not want Washington to meddle in domestic affairs and prevent the European Union to build relations with Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

        Another report here:

        Putin whines… “Please don’t tell us what to do. Stop meddling..!!”

  9. If Pat, Paul Ryan, Over 90% of the jews in the USA and in the world, all the COMMUNISTS in the world, all of Hillary’s female supporters, can look up to Hillary as a “Messiah”, and Noor can look up to Hitler as a “Messiah”, and Noor and Machtnichts and Mark Glenn can look up to Erdogan as a “Messiah”, then I don’t see what the problem is if us Trump supporters look up to Trump as a “Messiah”. Why can everyone else have a “Messiah” but NOT us Trump supporters?

    Why don’t you laugh Pat to disdain and scorn, Arch? Pat’s beloved “Messiah” Hillary NEVER says ” The Holocsust NEVER HAPPENED!” either. AND Hillary’s supporters are A LOT MORE into “Politician As MESSIAH” than are any of Trump supporters. Oh, excuse me, Hillary supporters aren’t “Messiah” worshipers, they’re “GODDESS MESSIAHESS ” worshipers. Go tell your problems to Pat, Arch, go tell it to Pat who worships Hitler and Erdogan and Paul Ryan as “MESSIAHS” and Pat who worships his beloved Hillary as a GODDESS MESSIAHESS , Arch, I’m sure he has the required patience for you, I know I don’t.

    Yes, yes I know. I’m being presumptious about Glenn and his LERV for Erdogan — but being presumptious does NOT necessarily mean I’m wrong. In this case of my being very presumptious, I happen to know I AM CORRECT in my assertion about THE SHARK who was hatched off the coast of North Africa.

    1. As I recall, “Messiah” is a Jewish term for a Jewish savior. Is that what you are hoping for, a Jewish savior? Well it’s simple then, just ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and accept him as your savior – voilà – you have your Jewish Messiah! Trump need not bother.

      Hillary is an unabashed Zionist, she has no need to deny the Hallowedhoax as she is already on her knees in front of her Jew masters lapping up their . . . well I leave it to the reader’s vibrant imagination.

      Trump on the other hand is being painted as a neo-Nazi Führer. Therefore, as America’s Führer, it behooves him to condemn the Jews for their horrendous lie and tell the truth about the Hallowedhoax.

      If a brilliant propagandist like Incogman can do it, so can a ho-hum billionaire like Trump –

      If Trump wants white America to follow him, he should do something special, like round up all the Jews and send them on their way. Anything less and and it will undoubtedly be bizness as usual.

      Besides, the Jews sorely need a new horror story to whine and kvetch over as the hoary Hallowedhoax is getting tiresome even for the most ardent Zionist supporter.

      What if the horrid anti-Semite Trump rounded the Jews up, sent them by train to the nearest port of call, gave them haircuts and a snappy Star of David before putting them all on a ship and then when they reach the middle of the ocean, opening the sea-cocks by radio control? That should be good for at least another couple of hundred years of terrible victim-hood.

      Not horrible enough? What about Trump bulldozers using Jewish fat to pave America’s highways? His company’s name? RJF Paving. That should do it, eh?

      OK I admit I don’t have nearly as much imagination as Incogman. Hey! Why don’t we have a contest to see who can some up with the most terrible story of how the neo-Nadzee, hateful, racist, anti-Semites failed once again to solve the “Jewish question”?

  10. Previous Greek governments were very left wing, even Communist, and they spent as though they were deliberately aiming to bankrupt the country. Until the 2008 crisis there were over 300 professions that were allowed to retire at 50, on near final salary pensions; plus thousands of people being paid big salaries to do government non-jobs. It couldn’t go on. Greece joining the Euro made things worse because they could not devalue their currency.

    The solution? would require drastic action. Get out of the Euro, do not allow any asset/property to be sold without government consent, and that must apply particularly to sale to foreigners, especially to big money corporations such as banks and REITs.

    That would just be a start. It would require a very determined government to prevent the big money carpet-baggers from looting Greece the way Russia was looted.

    Greece needs its own Putin. He came too late for Russia but he is on the right track.

  11. “Greece is preparing to tighten its belt yet again on the orders of Eurozone finance chiefs backed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel,” And yet, both countries, with leaders and populations indoctrinated with Jewish hate propaganda and multiculturalism appear to have leaders that are insane. Both countries continue to welcome in migrants despite economic problems in their country. For its part, by the 1960’s in Germany it was a rare site to see anyone homeless and they never had ghettos. Everyone was taken care of. Now Berlin is loaded with homeless people. You can’t walk without being asked for money. The homeless includes foreigners and native Germans. Foreigners with musical instruments start playing music on subways or in front of a café and then come around collecting money, a subtler form of begging. I get the feeling the pigs that run this country are proud of their new culture, emulating the Americans in every way possible. Most people speak English and many signs are in English. They make me sick. I don’t feel like giving money to beggars deliberately created.

    For its part, the Greek government must be equally insane for letting in masses of uneducated migrants with the problems they’ve had for years already. Germany should help itself first and Greece or any other EU country after that and Greece should help itself first, before idiotically welcoming in migrants. Both countries were better off before.

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