Holocaust revisionist author calls for mass extermination of illegal immigrants

porterCarlos Whitlock Porter (pictured) says : “Gun them down on the beaches, drown them at sea, starve them on land — to hell with them!”

The fact that Carlos Porter, a well-known writer with several books under his belt and thousands of fans who think very highly of his work, should openly preach the mass extermination of illegal immigrants on our website clearly presents us with a moral dilemma.

Porter is in clear breach of our own website policies which stipulate that all comments  containing incitement to violence will be deleted at once. The fact that his comments still remain undeleted therefore seem not only to make a mockery of our website policies but to expose us to the accusation of complicity in incitement to violence. 

Allow me to explain the situation by quoting all the participants in this debate in the proper order. Here, first of all, is Carlos Porter’s incendiary comment recommending the mass extermination of all illegal immigrants. This was in response to a recent article published on the Darkmoon site, White Genocide: The Mass Rape and Murder of the European People:

CARLOS PORTER:  Machine-gun them all, and if that doesn’t work, how about napalm or poison gas? What the hell do we have an army for? Not to mention an Air Force? If you kill enough of them, the rest will quit coming and to hell with them. It wouldn’t even take very many, because they are beggars, cowards. Snivelling, whining, cry-babies. So it wouldn’t even take a lot of killing.

They’ve had everything they wanted for 60 years. They wanted us to get out of our colonies and just hand them over; we did. They wrecked them, so now they want to move here. The results are already just the same. Let them rot in the mess they created.

Machine-gun them on the beaches, drown them at sea, and starve them on land. What did we go to Vietnam for? We’ve got the hardware. All just sitting there, doing nothing.

Deportation won’t work. Put them in camps in the desert or shoot them. There’s no other way. Fill out the paper work later.

An inflammatory comment? Absolutely. It couldn’t be more inflammatory. This is not the Porter I know, the sober historian meticulously compiling his facts from reams of historical documents buried away in various archives. It is not the polymath and  polyglot researcher who renounced his American citizenship several years ago and relocated to Europe with his wife and children, making a new life for himself on a new continent.

When Porter first abandoned America, the country of his birth, it was because he was thoroughly disillusioned with America and wanted to distance himself from it and disown it. Europe, the county of his original ancestors, seemed the answer. Here he would rediscover his roots and drink from the pure fountains of a higher culture. Imagine then his consternation when Europe began to grow sick and wither at the roots as the dregs of the Third World, like the rampaging hordes of Genghiz Khan, began to pour in from Africa and Asia.

It was all too much for Porter, as indeed it has been all too much for many other Europeans who have seen themselves disenfranchised by this new United States of Europe that has surreptitiously taken shape under their very noses, without them being fully aware of what was going on. Europe, it seems, has been silently taken over by a gang of neo-Bolshevik Jews and their mercenary gentile lackeys. None of these bureaucrats have been elected to office. They have all slunk into power like slithering serpents making their way into an unguarded house.

In the perception of many, this is no longer Europe. It is Eurostan.

Franklin Ryckaert, a respected writer on the Darkmoon site, was not impressed by Porter’s immoderate language. As far as Ryckaert was concerned, Porter had crossed all red lines. He quotes some of Porter’s more inflammatory sentences and then demonstrates that such sentiments were incompatible with the policies of the Darkmoon website, which clearly state: “Posters who resort to 4-letter-word obscenities, ribald sex talk, and foul abuse will be given a warning and then invited to leave. So will agents provocateurs guilty of incitement to violence, genocide, and the mass extermination of various ethnic groups. Freedom of speech is fine, but we don’t want our website to be shut down.”

Porter’s response was defiant, but Ryckaert’s counter-response remained cool and measured:

Your proposal of the merciless extermination of refugees is the problem. That is not only morally unacceptable but even unnecessary. Australia’s policy of towing refugee boats back to Indonesia or temporally settling refugees in unpleasant camps elsewhere is working. Severe but still morally acceptable.

I cannot ban you. I am just an ordinary commenter on this website with no authority here. I only wanted to remind you that your ideas are in conflict with this website’s  guidelines.

Is Ryckaert correct? Of course he is correct. It would be foolish as well as dishonest to pretend otherwise.

At this point, John Scott Montecristo, editor-owner of the Darkmoon site, intervened in an attempt to explain why Porter’s comments had not been deleted — in apparent violation of our own policies:

“You have presented us with a moral dilemma: whether to delete a comment that is clearly in breach of our own website policies or whether it may be necessary to make an exception in this particular case — owing to the relative prominence of the person making the controversial comment, the fact that he is making the comment under his own name and not under the cloak of anonymity, and the fact, finally, that his whereabouts are fully known to the authorities who could pick him up for questioning at any moment.

More on Carlos Porter can be found here:

Here is his website, containing many articles of outstanding merit:

You must understand, too, that if a prominent person like Tony Blair or Angela Merkel were to issue an inflammatory comment advocating genocide or mass extermination, such a comment would never be deleted on the grounds of its offensiveness. It would have to be published in the interests of truth.

Things came to head a few days later when this cheeky comment, purportedly from a novice monk in Japan called ‘Sardonicus’, appeared in our comment section:

I am still waiting for you to deal with this matter “at greater length in a day or two.” Why are you taking you so long? Are we to assume that you have done a U-turn on mass extermination? Has mass murder now received your blessing? Please clarify.

— Sardonicus,
Advocate of Universal Peace and Love,
Zen Monastery,
Osaka, Japan

—  §  —

Who exactly is Carlos Porter? and why did this website take the decision not to delete his inflammatory comment?


“Gun them down on the beaches.  If you kill enough of them,
the rest will quit coming and to hell with them.”

Carlos Porter happens to be be a prominent historical revisionist who has specialized in Holocaust studies, and it is precisely for this reason that we felt it would be inappropriate to delete his comment. It was not as if he were an anonymous troll trying to bring our website into disrepute. We have many of those, and we would have deleted similar comments of theirs instantaneously, without hesitation. But Porter is an exception to this rule. He demonstrates a new phenomenon of which the authorities need to take immediate cognizance: measure of desperation.

By this I mean that it is time for the authorities to sit up and pay attention when respected scholars like Carlos Porter throw all caution to the winds and openly begin to advocate extreme measures such as the mass extermination of groups widely perceived as dangerous enemies who threaten our very existence. Porter may be wrong in his perceptions, or he may be right. That is not the point. The point is that such perceptions are becoming increasingly common and that it is in the interests of the state to make sure that its policies do not push people over the edge. The state needs to keep its citizens calm, not drive them to apoplexy. Such men as Carlos Porter can be likened to geiger counters or thermometers or blood pressure monitors that serve to alert the government to the fact that something is seriously wrong.

Men like Porter, in other words, serve an invaluable social function: they are telling the government how far they can push us before we reach breaking point. They are telling our corrupt rulers in no uncertain terms: “We’re not going to let you hateful tyrants trample on us! You are here to govern us, not destroy us!” 

The authorities, if they wish, can of course round up all the political dissidents and throw them in gulags, like their ideological forebears did in the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1953. If they have learned nothing from history, they can exterminate another 66 million people, the benchmark figure given by Solzhenitsyn—the score set by Stalin and his brood of Judeo-Bolshevik vipers. Or these corrupt and incompetent rulers can pay attention and devise a better method to pacify their populations, maybe by increasing access to pornography and hard drugs so as to zombify the masses, reducing millions to the level of robotic chimps.

They’re doing that anyway, but maybe they can accelerate the process of mass brutalization so that all resistance to their policies of enslavement become futile.

—  §  —

It is not as if Carlos Porter, in advocating violent resistance to the invasion of Europe, is suggesting something so inconceivably wicked that the idea is uniquely his own. On the contrary, the idea of violent resistance to this staggering invasion of Europe has occurred to millions of people. The idea had occurred to Jean Raspail, for example, French author of The Camp of the Saints—and this was long before the problem of mass immigration had achieved crisis levels. Raspail’s prescient novel was published in 1973, over 40 years ago:

The Camp of the Saints has never gone out of print, and has been translated into all major European languages–and yet the coverage of the European “migrant” crisis goes on as if it had never been written. The masses pouring in from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and a host of African countries are doing exactly what Raspail predicted.

The Camp of the Saints put the white man’s dilemma in the harshest terms: slaughter hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children or face oblivion.

The flotilla sets sail confident that Europeans do not have the nerve to kill in order to survive. Today as well, the Third World is crossing the Mediterranean confident that whites don’t have the nerve even to turn them back. Every vagabond who gets a bed in a reception center in Dortmund or Malmo tweets the good news to a hundred people back in Somalia and Syria.

They will come in endless waves until they are stopped, and if they are not stopped Europe will die, just as it does in The Camp of the Saints.

Raspail is of course playing safe. Unlike Carlos Porter, he is not advocating the mass extermination of economic migrants posing as desperate refugees. Instead, he is being more cunning and devious. He is saying: “When push comes to shove, you guys won’t have the guts to stop the Third World invaders. You’ll just let them in, wringing your hands, you pathetic wimps. And the result? Your own extinction. Because of your moral cowardice, your doom is sealed.”

It was pretty safe for Raspail to say that.  No one was going going to put him behind bars for voicing a highly speculative prediction that Europe’s days were numbered.

Recently, however, a courageous female politician—or a heartless psychopath, depending on your perspective—has upped the ante and openly recommended shooting illegal immigrants on sight. No need to let them in and check their papers, she says, just shoot them. That will keep them away; an effective deterrent. They’re not going to storm your beaches, German politician Frauke Petry suggests, if you just mow them down with machine guns.

I guess that’s true. A bullet in the brain solves most problems. Mors omnia solvit.

As I noted in a recent article:

A time may come when the now “inconceivable” occurs: this is when the unstoppable hordes of illegal immigrants are finally seen as hostile invaders and are forcibly stopped by declaring war on them. The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party (AFD) has in fact recommended this hawkish approach. Just weeks ago, we learn:

“AFD chairman Frauke Petry provoked outrage when she advocated border guards open fire with live ammunition on illegal asylum seekers. Days later, a poll found that almost 30 percent of Germans agreed with her.” 

Think of those alarming statistics. Almost one in three Germans, if asked, would now agree that it is a sensible policy to bomb the refugee ships and shoot illegal immigrants on sight.


German police should shoot at migrants.”

This 40-year-old anti-immigrant, anti-Islamist, pro-life wife of a pastor has won the leadership of Germany’s fast growing Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) political party. Later she softened her stance on violence against illegal immigrants by telling the Mannheimer Morgen newspaper: “The use of armed force is there as a last resort.

Carlos Porter’s prescription is more extreme.

He sees the threat facing Europe—its ongoing invasion by the countless hordes of the Third World—and he has decided not to pull his punches or mince his words.

“Shoot them,” he advises bluntly. “Destroy them before they destroy Europe.” 

Is this incitement to violence? Criminal hate speech? For argument’s sake, let’s assume it is. So what is the politically correct alternative? Throw Carlos Porter in prison? Muzzle all political dissidents? Censor free speech? And then throw open the gates of Europe to another 100 million economic migrants pretending to be desperate refugees?

Is that your solution, Frau Merkel?

How many billions of people are there in Africa and Asia who would welcome relocation to Europe?—all expenses paid, free housing, generous welfare payments, and unlimited access to millions of beautiful white women just begging to jump into bed with their sexy invaders and crying, “We want multicolored babies!

The good ship Titanic is sinking.

Europe is the Titanic as it sinks beneath the waves.

And Mad Merkel’s solution to this truly staggering problem is—let’s have more icebergs!

Watch this frightening 5-minute video about the systematic genocide of the European people. If this doesn’t make your blood run cold, nothing will.

Click HERE

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

188 thoughts to “Holocaust revisionist author calls for mass extermination of illegal immigrants”

  1. I don’t know what Carlos Porter is saying outside what I have read on Darkmoon, but to repel violent invaders isn’t anything like ‘extermination’ of anyone but simply stop them from illegaly and violently invading Europe.

    Stopping them, after proper word of warning has been spread in all source countries that the party is over, is a necessaty and this is considered ‘extermination’ on Darkmoon? I suppose the European colonials were perfectly in their right to invade and rape and pillage all those other peoples around the globe? If they ever would have tried to stop ‘us’ by any means necessary, meaning violence, they would have been guilty of ‘exterminating’ the European invaders according to Darkmoon?

    And another thing, I absolutely agree with him if he says that these illegal intruders should be put in concentration camps until deportation. Should deportation not be possible then they can remain there for the rest of their lives. Now thát’s how you deal with this. Thát’s how you stop the flood. Not by sending our ‘defence’ forces out to sea to save them and give them a ride to the promised land where they are provided with everything the receiving population is forced pay for and where they will occupie living space and even jobs and also get citizenship to top it all.

    What is it to be Darkmoon? You want to preserve Europe but are not prepared to support what needs to be done in order to accomplish that?

    1. @ 1138

      “What is it to be Darkmoon? You want to preserve Europe but are not prepared to support what needs to be done in order to accomplish that?”

      If you see this article as an attack on Carlos Porter, overt or covert, you are sadly mistaken. Get yourself another pair of spectacles. We resent your tone of disrespectful superiority in which you attempt to suggest (falsely) that we are unsympathetic to Porter’s viewpoint. If we had been unsympathetic to his viewpoint, we would have deleted his comment. Period. We would hardly have built a whole feature article around it.

      — Dr DZ

      1. We would also benefit , in the West, we would all benefit from a Mass Extermination of ALL Heliocentric Spherical Globe Earth SUN worshipping shills, and “their number is Legion”, to use that Biblical expression so fraught with deep implications.

      2. Dr DZ,

        Nothing wrong with my eyes.

        In the article you deliberately and repeatedly use words like ‘genocide’ and ‘extermination’ when those words are totally inappropriate here. Keeping violent intruders out who will stop at nothing to get what they want makes sense, no? Now, I cannot speak for Mr Porter but my guess is that he, like me, would have the common decency of spreading the word out that the party is OVER and that no one, NO ONE, will be admitted in Europe any more. If after that these criminals still will try their luck it is at their own risk. Is that so hard to understand all of a sudden? I’ve already made the comparison with violent tresspassers entering a house. Would shooting them qualify as extermination or genocide? Because I believe there’s something seriously wrong with anyone who thinks that.


        You think that shooting violent criminals entering a house is extermination or genocide? Really? And you think that I’m psychologically impaired in some way because I use digits instead of letters as a name here? ’cause that’s what it’s all about, right (?) names made out of letters. Glad you keep the important part here in focus.

        The fact that the invaders are with many doesn’t change the meaning of what you are doing. Kill violent invaders. And killing violent invaders, even on a mass scale still isn’t mass extermination or genocide, it’s mass killing, not murder, out of self defense. Something entirely different. Nothing to do with quibbling. If they stay away as advised there wil be no killing at all. I haven’t read that Mr Porter said he’d chase them down to their countries to finish them off. Thát would be extermination.


        Exactly Joe, you got it. Problem solved in no time, very cheap and lasting.

        1. @ 1138

          My apologies if I seemed a bit harsh in my response to your perfectly valid comment. Generally speaking, I welcome your posts and regard you as of the more astute commenters here. Your common sense and tone of moderation is also extremely refreshing. Keep posting and ignore the rude comments you have received from Dr Parker and Darlington.

      3. Admin DZ,

        No apologies needed

        The problem with online discussions is that one never sees the face or hears the voice of a poster, and comments can appear harsher than meant. And assuming my post was attack-ish isn’t entirely unthinkable. I could have formulated it slightly different. I do get sarcastic easily.
        About those rude comments, they weren’t that bad. This particular topic is a bit of a shocker.

        Thank you for your compliment. I never thought that. I am glad this excellent site is doing well.

    2. @ 1138

      The article is fine. Your attack on Admin is ill-judged. Is there something wrong with your fucking brain?

      1. @ Dr Parker

        I don’t think there is anything wrong with 1138’s brain, though I have to admit that anyone who elects to use a number instead of a name would appear to be psychologically impaired in some way.

        1138’s contention that Carlos Porter is NOT advocating “mass extermination”, as the article alleges, is mere quibbling. Of course Porter is advocating mass extermination. How else is one to take his quoted comment: “Gun them down on the beaches, drown them at sea, starve them on land — to hell with them!”

        If that isn’t mass extermination, what is it?

      2. @Darlington
        “If that isn’t mass extermination, what is it?”
        It is defending your home against a criminal element.
        If a boatload of Libyans, who left Tripoli intending to go to Tubruq developed engine problems, drifted into Italian waters, beached on Sicily, then requested help to get them to Tubruq, were shot, it would be an unnecessary mass killing, but not extermination.
        A mass extermination of Libyans, would be the deliberate targeting of that boat, and any other boat full of Libyans being blown up in Libyan waters, along with indiscriminate Dresden-like bombing of all of Libya.
        Since the invaders are coming from dozens of countries across Asia and Africa, where they are not in danger, there is no comparison.
        There are a billion non-Whites wanting to get into Europe. Letting them in would be a mass extermination of Europeans.

      1. Now this is the first sensible comment i have read so far !
        But of course to target the forces responsible for the current crisis in Europe, one would have to look at Western governments, and THAT is just not acceptable to many; no, let’s just blame and target the ones being used, much easier!
        Porter’s important work on holocaust revision non-withstanding, he has lost the plot now.
        Could he not have discovered the root of the problem? I honestly expected more of the man!

    3. http://www.scaruffi.com/politics/massacre.html
      160 million people murdered during the Jewish Century and the only ones to benefit from this slaughter were Jewry, a blood sacrifice for world hegemony and Israel. What’s a few thousand more to protect what’s left of White homelands? Are we supposed to roll over while the nations our forefathers built are reduced to 3rd world cesspools; the endgame for Jewry, an easily ruled populace, their historical enemies and the only peoples with the intelligence and backbone to stand up to them reduced to a cringing minority, a wet dream for Jewry and eventual extinction for the great White race, and we are great which is why 3rd worlders covet our countries, and why Jewry, unable to achieve greatness, enemies of beauty, grace and dignity want us gone. Carlos Porter is right and nature is cruel.

      1. Addendum…I’ve travelled and met people of all nationalities and colors, and found good in most of them. All the same, I cherish Western civilization and would fight to the death to protect it, and these invaders will destroy Western civilization as it’s foreign to them.

      2. Karen, your impassioned plea reminds me of Confucius’ “There is no survival without courage.”

        Indeed, the old sage of China, were he alive today, would applaud you and Mr. Porter.

    4. When Uncle Joe (Stalin, for the uninitiated) was doing precisely what Carlos Porter suggests should be done to stop the plague, the West was cheering. Never mind that Uncle Joe was doing it to innocent people whom he suspected of not being sufficiently enthusiastic about his ideas, reforms or plans. In Porter’s case, he is talking self-defense.

  2. To quell the massive influx into both America and Europe, “mass extermination” is not necessary. Were extensive mine fields strategically placed along the borders along with sniper towers – the flood would cease almost instantly. When a successful interloper “tweets” their feat of “reaching a comfortable bed in a reception center” – indeed, 100 more are sure to follow. However, a similar “tweet” as to their doom when they found a bullet or lost a leg would just as surely DETER those same 100 in making the same futile attempt. All it takes is WILL… will on the part of the populace and its leadership. It wouldn’t even require that many resources… only a strong WILL.

  3. The obvious solution is not to target the pawns in the game,
    but the kings of finance and promoters of intrigue:
    Kikejews and their shabbos goy lapdogs!

    CWP treatment for them all !!

    RESIST !!!

    1. You are right about this. The leaders of the pro-immigration cliques don’t deserve anything other than a rope around their treasonous necks.

      And yet, even in a game of chess, the pawns are just as deadly as any other piece on the board. The pawns are being used to destroy white, European society. White people are being genocided by both the pawns and the kings of finance and Jewish power. Both the kings, queens, knights, bishops (rabbis), rooks (traitors) and pawns are all valid targets and should be targeted and killed — but only in a game of chess (of course!) Killing the pawns in chess is the first step in killing the king.

      But in real life, we must invite our enemies to displace and swindle us, to rape our children and miscegenation our daughters, to swindle and steal our wealth and exterminate us. Only then can we be counted by the Jews and Leftists as “good citizens”. It makes such perfect sense!

      In a well armed society, we should have a bounty on illegal aliens with no bag limit. Bullets are a lot cheaper and more efficient than building walls.

      1. Don’t mention “bag limits”, Banjo. An effective sniper/culler does his pruning quietly and unpretentiously. Most of you on here were more appalled by “American Sniper” than admiring of his effectiveness, as well as condemning of his work; and remember that it is often a thankless task. I just received a nine-page copy of a scenario of “social collapse” described by a learned professor at Annapolis. (He will not email it over Internet because of security concerns.). One of the things he emphasises for a community to keep handy is a functional BACKHOE or other excavator machine. He believes a breakdown of America will result in a minimal 50% casualty rate! It’ll be smelly, disease-ridden, and very unpleasant.

  4. Dear Lasha:
    I read your latest post with sadness in my heart. I deplore what is happening but it is not difficult to understand. Our Lady of Fatima’s prophecy explains it all. /she doesn’t go into details – that isn’t necessary. She simply uses the correct words and warnings and, if one follows/studies the signs of times, what appears to be a mystery becomes clear. Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.

  5. Thank you for your comments.

    But if you’re going to quote me, please do so correctly, stop putting words in my mouth, and leave out your fake psychoanalyzing and incorrect personal history.

    For example, I did not “relocate to Europe with my wife and children”, “a few years ago”, etc. as you should well know.

    I have not used the words “merciless”, “extermination”, or “genocide”.

    I have pointed out that what I advocate could be done with probably no more than a few hundred or possibly a few thousand deaths. The key word is “enough”. How much is “enough”? There’s only one way to find out.

    The Watts Riots, for example: was that “merciless” “extermination” or “genocide”? The cops were too gentle and that didn’t work, so they called out the National Guard, who shot at everything that moved. That was legal.

    Is that “genocide”? Well…if so… frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn. You can play with words all you want.

    Your whole article (including the original article from Amrem) is virtually an incitement to genocide.

    So whom do you think you are kidding?

    I also said: “One if by land, two if by sea, but no violence. Brilliant!”

    Quote that, too. If that’s your view of history, you’re living in a dream world.

    No hard feelings.

    1. One of the first steps that the Jew-Leftist-Commie-traitors accomplished to begin their invasion of the USA, was to go on an anti-Militia campaign to destroy the Constitutional Right to join and maintain a citizen militia (or military club). Not merely mocking and ridiculing in their Media Monopoly the patriotic men and women who met with their militias to practice tactics and marksmanship while dressed in cammo, but bribing and blackmailing the treasonous politicians to pass anti-militia laws. With no militia to protect society from illegal criminals disguised as “immigrants” and “refugees”, the borders were opened and the infiltration and subversion of society was unimpeded.

      The USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and all white nations are under attack. The white people of the world are being purposely destroyed. Killing our attackers (whether kings or pawns) is not “genocide”, rather, it is self defense. The only genocide that is being practiced is the present genocide against the white race and the destruction of white, Christian civilization. And who’s behind it? Who are the movers and shakers, the promoters and financiers of this genocide against us?…. Jew know who, the ancient enemy.

      1. @ Banjo Billy Jew know who. Of course….Ever heard of the law of action-re-action-re-action omnidirectionally functioning, Karma?

        USA, Australia, Canada…..they are ‘created’ by Europeans (you know who….) by destroying the indeginous Original humans who lived there. Financed by the Sefardi jews who knew the Se/a Fa/re Di/rections and had the pesos, liras… etc. The Original humans of the Americas for example were not backward. Europeans in the trail of the Sefardi jews after Marco Polo’s backpack trip to the East were third world compared to them.

        The Aborignal perhaps were an exception to it. Also the East coast Africa countries were seen by the first Europeans who ‘discovered’ them as in many ways more advanced. Roads were there,….EU just came out of the mediëval mud.

        Weaponry was the only lead that the euros had. The canons on the ships. And how they used them…..

        China had sailed to Europe National Geo. showed some time ago. But they did not invade.

        INVADE….there the basic law ruling all life’s scenario smiles and or grins…..Jews in with their satanic kaparot thing etc. think they can chicken Karma out. BS!!!! Chickens come home to roost.

        The white skin colured have a sort of jewed themselves out of the race, that is the Human Race just by perceiving and thus naming all other humans as coloured and they as Whites have no colour. Very simple. This a basic matrix that is hanging in the ‘free West’. Jews nosejob themselves out of visibility, but the s.o.s. see themselves as non-white.

    2. You’re exactly right and justified in your statements, Carlos Porter. I think maybe their dilemma is in the pondering of how others will construe your statements of strategic advice. While bellyaching about the invasion of Europe, it only follows that your (national) proposal is articulated and discussed. Bravo! 🙂

      1. Hey! Gilby’s back! That can only mean Pat will be showing up any minute now. The TWO always travel TWO gether, being the Siamese twins they are, the TWO, 😉 .

    3. The White world has become feminized, Mr. Porter. Our forbears knew better.
      Did millions die for nothing fighting Muslim invaders for over 1200 years? Were the brutal Barbary Coast pirates not enough to demonstrate the disdain the non-Europeans have for our women? Letting these people in is suicide.

  6. “I don’t know what Carlos Porter is saying outside what I have read on Darkmoon, but to repel violent invaders isn’t anything like ‘extermination’ of anyone but simply stop them from illegaly(sic) and violently invading Europe.”
    Or, we could understand the insanity of allowing dual citizens the likes of Jonathan Pollard – Michael Chertoff – Bernie Sanders et al to be “appointed” or run for office. Their fealty is to the Synagogue, first, last and always, period.

    1. Let’s look at the old Chinese proverb. “Cut the head off one monkey to scare a thousand.” Or in this case refuse to be emotionally blackmailed. Having said that I think the average European or American is too cowardly to do anything about this problem. Nothing will done.
      Even though I am not British I grew up in former dominions of the British Empire; Australia and South Africa. In the 60’s, Australians still referred to Britain as the Old Country and sang God Save the Queen. No more. Britain turned her back on her kith and kin by joining the EU, a group with which she has no cultural affinity. Britannia waived the rules under that dipsomanaic Churchill. As a result she no longer rules the waves. The same applies to the other powers that threw away their empires.

      1. “Britain turned her back on her kith and kin by joining the EU, a group with which she has no cultural affinity.”
        Led by the pedophile, globalist, Zionist sycophant, traitor Ted Heath, who drove Enoch Powell out of the Conservative party.

  7. http://www.cwporter.com/plyntz.htm

    Holocaust revisionist turns to concentration camp commander. Turning wheels of the mind. If the Out of Africa theory is true, all humans are all more or less bleached niggaz. White anti-kike poor porter does not like blacks & their cocks turns out to be a big talmudick by jerking off & clapping his wet filthy claws watching hellass sailor feeding nigger temples of My Whole-I- Spirit to the Jaws,

    Dutch PM Mark -like you and your hellass captain also- of the Beast Rutte in a vision master bating mind behind torture prisons in the Netherlands cellar cells 7 floors deep with bars – costing trillions coughed up by lowlands tax slaves – filled with only blacks just plucked from the streets, fucked sucked killed by only jew leather fags leernichten.

    As I said before am busy sorting it all out these vibratioz with my ratio. Carloadz of karma are waitin for you poor porter: And I’ll take care you’ll collapse. The Greek capo is having hot times now in the here after, he is waiting for ye.

    1. WC PORTER

      Read browsing through his thing that he lives in EU with his wife and kids? Wonder if he’ll let his ceiling be plastered by some vorher eu-eastblocker by jews composed to this side of the church-ill iron curtain. Oder auch erschiessen, my honourable toiletlady?

      Church-ill, btw, heed -not mine- but read the words. Whisky addict Winston was a kike and pissed on non jew eu and its vorher(?) church.

    2. “Out of Africa” is another Jewish lie. White people are not descended from that dead-end branch of the monkey tree. We are not descended from the Negro.

      1. Banjo_Billy,

        ” “Out of Africa” is another Jewish lie”

        Damn straight, and I’m not bying.

      2. I am not buying it either Banjo / 1138. But eat and digest a little Dos Santos /Indonesia Atlantis sandwich. See the pics of the monument they show in that toko…shop. These are not white coloured humans. Also the Mayan, Aztec there have similar statues. Plato clearly gave a non-white profile to the inhabitants of Atlantis.
        Santos as a caramel Brasilian and first and foremost geologist etc. fills in many blanks.

        JC I, he can never have been blue haired or blond eyed…..Ethnic another (jew?) term in todays fashion coma shops that I don’t buy…

      3. No matter for me i am the total of all people. Maybe a world of one is the cure for what ails people’s minds. After reading so much here I am saddened by the hearts of mine’s of the Wonders who wrote such harsh statements. I wonder where is the Peaceful Warrior where is the mindset of love where is the mindset of unity. It’s true we need a new set of rules to live by air control the population and have a healthy world to live in and prosper . No matter how ignorant I may be I feel justified in the knowledge and understanding that I cannot live alone. In a world filled with so much hate. In the immortal words of Rodney King can we all just get along.

  8. I don’t know why Porter said all of that, even if it makes operational sense.

    For one thing, he shot himself in the foot, it hurts his hard won gravitas as a former Nuremberg lawyer who saw first hand the depth of Jew evil and depravity and has every right to speak out on it and more importantly, it will serve as a stalking horse for an across board attack on historical revisionism as such, other proponents like Faurisson, Haverbeck, Rudolf, Muller, Zundel, Irving and Toben will suffer by association.

    I am absolutely against indiscriminate killing of all refugees who were forced out of their homelands by Jew and his soul-dead shabbos, it is them, the traitors, war mongers, ghouls, looters, profiteers, carpetbaggers who should be executed with prejudice.
    ISIS infiltrators must be identified, separated from the herd, lined up and shot, I am quite in favor of that.
    As for the rest, their homelands should be opened for rebuilding at the cost of those who started the destruction and bloodshed, Israel and international Jewry must bear the full brunt of the restitution.
    It may be that the total number of executions is no more than a few thousand, I have no idea of the just desserts, once the highly visible, obvious ones have met their richly deserved fate, tribunals can be set up to look into the culpability of the rest and dispense justice accordingly.

    Carlos Porter should know all that and this is the program of justice he should be advocating, not mowing down desperate victims while leaving out the demons whose very existence is predicated on such cosmic evil.

    I hope he reconsiders, because throughout his long life he has done and said the right thing, why piss on it now at the very end.

    1. The Goyim are encouraged to destroy each other. The overlords orchestrate invasions, turn around and call for genocides, then turn back around again and denounce the genocides they incited. WWII.

      You already pointed out the correct method of stopping the invasion and sending illegal aliens back home without randomly gunning down people in the street. It’s not as if that correct method did not cross Carlos Porter’s mind, because he is a smart man after all. This brings up his character…

    2. “….as a former Nuremberg lawyer….”
      Have you been smoking something? I’d have to be older than my father.
      Half the people commenting here are either incoherent or crazy.

      1. @cwp

        Your whole story Carlos Doubleyou Pee shows there quite a lot of screws lose in your own upper room. The post of Ajit Vadakayil retired captain on oiltankers throws you & your white colored history to the jaws.

      2. @ Carlos W. Porter

        LOBRO: “. . . as a former Nuremberg lawyer who saw first hand the depth of Jew evil and depravity…”

        So a little bird called lobro tweets that you were lawyer at Nuremberg 71 years ago? That’s awesome! If you were a precocious 10-year-old lawyer in 1945, studying law at Harvard from the age of 5 to the age 10, that would now make you 81 years old. I guess it’s possible that you could be a retired octogenarian lawyer if you’d graduated from Harvard Law School at the age of 10.

        If you’d been the AVERAGE age of most of the other lawyers at Nuremberg, I calculate that you would have been 40 years old during the Nuremberg war trials in 1945-1946. This would make you roughly 111 years old now. That is a distinct possibility, Carlos. 111 years is a ripe old age, but it is by no means the world record. The record is held by Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment who died at age 122, thanks to a Mediterranean diet.

        Since it is more than likely, dear Carlos, that you have lived in the Mediterranean region during your long years of exile, it is reasonable to suppose that you, too, have acquired the secrets of longevity through diet and exercise. Lobro’s longevity projections are not to be disdained!

        Come, fess up Carlos! You are a centenarian, right? Remarkable that you should have kept your wits for so long, a warrior of the keyboard still unconquered! 🙂

      3. @ Madame Butterfly

        Speaking of longevity, did you know that Israel Kristal of Haifa, Israel, is now the world’s oldest living man? Mister Kristal claims the title at the age of 112 years and 188 days as of March 21, 2016. Believe it or not, he is also the oldest Holocaust Survivor!? LMFAO 😆

    3. Well, ok, so I mixed you up, maybe with some other Nuremburg lawyer who saw the light.
      The result being that you didn’t lose the particular gravitas you never had and other revisionists don’t quite get the Jew inquisition treatment that I feared.
      Doesn’t alter anything else in the post.

        Madame, your vigilance is laudable, reasoning and calculation correct and number “111” is meaningful.
        As for Mediterranean diet, true cause of longevity could be different. Once upon a time Soviet newspaper “Literaturnaya gazeta” wrote about British sailor, who served in the “fleet of Her Majesty” 100 years (!). He got married for the first time being 90 years old in Algeria, in captivity. Died in homeland at the age 140 from hard drinking.

    4. “…not mowing down desperate victims..”
      They are not “desperate victims” and you know it. Their illegal boat tickets cost thousands of euros, probably payable in gold, to the various national Mafias, after destroying dozens of successful, prosperous colonial societies.
      Why should we even care about them? They are criminals by definition. What about all the people who have spent 5 or 10 years trying to emigrate to our countries legally? With health checks, background checks, bureaucracy, years of waiting. If people are to be awarded for simply breaking the law, that is a game two can play.

  9. All of that may be staged. You should take this option under consideration.

    I have respect for “holocaust” disbelievers who declare so in public. But this man made mistake. Let me show you:

    “They’ve had everything they wanted for 60 years. They wanted us to get out of our colonies and just hand them over; we did. They wrecked them, so now they want to move here. The results are already just the same. Let them rot in the mess they created.”

    This is not truth. It is very easy to demonstrate that all economic problems of the 3rd world were caused by greedy Judeo-anglosaxons.

    Here E. Michael Jones talks about Tanzania (35 min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIwtRMvYp3Y
    This country was destroyed as a result of policies promoted by World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Typical story.

    All 3rd world countries are permanently in debt. How did it happen? This is a chart with Federal Funds Rate, usury rate on US dollar determined by Fed: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/31/Federal_Funds_Rate_1954_thru_2009_effective.svg/640px-Federal_Funds_Rate_1954_thru_2009_effective.svg.png
    There is a peak in ~1981, over 20%. Now this rate is ~0%. They increased usury rate to such level to fight inflation. Inflation in the 70ies resulted from dramatic change in the oil price in 1973: http://news.bbc.co.uk/nol/shared/bsp/hi/image_maps/07/1194000000/1194444355/img/oil_price2_466x300gr.gif
    This was typical cost inflation, oil is basic commodity in modern economy so every product contains an element of oil price. Dramatic change in the oil price must be consumed by the whole economy.
    Jewish charlatans from Fed argued that inflation must be reduced by monetary instruments, they increased the usury rate.
    Developing countries borrowed a lot of money to finance construction of modern industry. Business plans confirmed by International Jews from NY were calculated with 5% or 7% usury rate. Usury rate of 15% can kill every factory, every business. So it did. In the 80ies 3rd world countries were in trouble: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latin_American_debt_crisis

    This was not only Latin America, also Africa, East Asia, Eastern Europe. This crisis was intentional.

    Porter is incompetent. Poverty in the 3rd world is a result of deliberate policy of Judeo-anglosaxons. Regardless of his personal affiliation Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria were destroyed by Great Satan and Jewish Britain. He did not protest until now because he benefited from this diabolic system.


    (Y)our handlers want a war. This immigration will result in catastrophe. No discussion about it. And Jew-media demonized Islam for years. They want a civil war between post-Christians and Muslim invaders.

    Please look at this video (5 min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90jcFnRYQRw

    PEGIDA is a German(?) anti-immigration group supported by George Soros and other Jewish philantropists. This Jewish propagandist calls for a union of Germans and Jews from Palestine against wicked and wild Muslims. Sounds strange?

    Mr Porter, intentionally or not, is working for the same team. Just like this Jewish propagandist in Frankfurt, he calls for a civil war. (Y)our handlers are satisfied.

    1. Granted much poverty has caused by IMF and other Jew bankster machinations accompanied by White Gentile collaborators like the Clintons. However, Africa has more countries than any other continent. Yet not one black country has done better than abject Third World poverty. Causes of post-colonial poverty extend way beyond European manipulation. Singapore and Malaysia have done well despite being former colonies. Race is the key. Average sub-Saharan IQ is 70, borderline retarded. Pygmies average 50, upper idiot range.

      Sasha, according to vision people could be divided into three categories:
      1) who see
      2) see if are shown
      3) do not see
      Yours is 1-st, thank you. Go on with look-out.

      1. Thank you.

        Last paragraph here: https://www.darkmoon.me/2016/white-genocide-the-mass-rape-and-murder-of-the-european-people/#comment-921925

        IMHO Anglosaxon problem is: wrong and inappropriate assumptions. We always need dogmas, we may be not aware of them because they are so obvious, natural.

        Wrong assumption/dogma is like distorting glass. You are not able to see the real world through such glass. Idea of “Anglosaxon advancement” I was fighting with is simply this kind of dogma/assumption.

    3. @ Gary
      March 18, 9.13 pm

      Singapore is simply another, new and modern version of London. International Jews love Chinese because Chinese people love money. For Chinese people Anglosaxon world is their aspiration level.
      In the 3rd world English is presented as a language of angels. Singaporeans are very proud to speak English. Chinese people lost their own identity probably in the 19th century (East India Company, Jewish Britain and Opium Wars, Boxer Rebellion, this stuff) and now they want to live like Amerikans or Australians. They strongly believe in their higher racial status than Malays or Indonesian people.
      Singapore plays extremely important role in Judeo-anglosaxon Empire (Malacca Strait). This city is wealthy for a reason.
      Well, what kind of wealth is that? Normal people earn ~1500 dollars a month. Half a century ago they used Malaysian currency, ringgits. Today 1500 dollars are worth ~3 times 1500 ringgits (a salary in Malaysia). Result of currency manipulations of George Soros & company. This comfort of living, just like in Britain (or generally, in the Empire), is a result of currency manipulations.

      Frankly saying I don’t understand Malaysian phenomenon. They (Malays from Malaysia) are obviously treated almost like humans in Judeo-anglosaxon Empire. Of course in reality Malays are sub-humans in the Empire, kind of missing link, he he. And they are obedient serfs, they know their place. Business there is Chinese, like everywhere in SE Asia. Malays work in administration and in the state controlled sectors.
      Malaysia is an oil state. Economy model there is simply Saudi Arabia (just oil) + palm oil plantations. Theoretically they have cars, Proton and Perodua, but I haven’t seen any heavy industry there. Just assembly lines. But they sell oil on their own account, receive real money.

      Malays from Malaysia are treated almost like humans in Judeo-anglosaxon Empire in contrast to Indonesians (originally Malays came from North Sumatra, now Indonesia). In Indonesia Malay culture became dominant in the modern nation, Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia is one language. In Indonesia Sukarno was trying to create modern nation and was very successful. But he really had an ambition to run TRULY INDEPENDENT COUNTRY. In the 50-60ies the only two leaders who questioned Bretton Woods financial system (fundamental of Judeo-anglosaxon domination) were de Gaulle and Sukarno. Sukarno probably went too far.
      Sukarno was overthrown in a CIA coup and now this country is robbed in truly African style.

      I don’t believe in this IQ stuff. This is a myth. You need a smart leader or frontman with charisma and smart administration. The rest are just robots. People are very easy to manipulate and don’t need to use this mythical intelligence in everyday life. I’ve heard of a clerk in a post office in France with IQ level ~70. He was a typical post officer. IQ 70 is simply enough to live in modern society.

      If you start to deeply analyse 20th century history of any 3rd world country – you have Judeo-anglosaxon economic exploitation or intrigue or war at the bottom. We don’t know that because they also write the history (history = lies about the past, Orwell).

      1. The above mentioned site is showing the documents but doubts their authenticity. Nevertheless Sukarno and JFK met and the document of this agreement is real. This is a better source:


        ……Kennedy was assassinated a few days after his signing of the Green Hilton Agreement. With the death of Kennedy, the authority granted to the Treasury was never taken up…… Lyndon B. J. is jew.

    4. “…Porter is incompetent….”
      You have, of course, forgotten the “independence” of the Belgian Congo in 1960, and many dozens of similar examples. Nothing has changed since 1960.

    5. Carlos W. Porter
      March 21, 2016 at 2:56 pm
      “…Porter is incompetent….”
      You have, of course, forgotten the “independence” of the Belgian Congo in 1960, and many dozens of similar examples. Nothing has changed since 1960.

      Carlos W. Porter is either;
      – corrupt, intentionally working for CIA/MI-5-6/Mossad;
      – incompetent, does not know the history of his country, his empire and overseas missions of the Empire.

      Lack of competence is simply friendly interpretation.

      Judeo-anglosaxon Empire uses a lot of methods to rule the world. I may know just few of them.

      Economic exploitation. I have showed two simple diagrams demonstrating manipulations of US banking cartel. Have you had an opportunity to read John Perkins’ book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”? Certainly worth reading (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTbdnNgqfs8). Perkins worked in the industry which encouraged 3rd world countries to borrow unpayable loans. His task was, ia. to falsify business plans to show prospects for repayment.

      Once I’ve talked to a Jew who used to work in oil business in Nigeria. Criminal gangs which rob this country (BP, Texaco, Shell – this style) simultaneously pay licence fees to the government, corrupt government officials and supply terrorists fighting with this government. This is very complicated game. Nigeria is federal and multi-ethnic country which makes this game easier. For him it was not a problem, they were just smart. Niggers are not humans.
      I am more familiar with Indonesia than with Congo. This country also is being robbed since 60ies like Congo. These criminal gangs from oil industry were doing so for years in Aceh – North Sumatra. They supported local Muslims with ideology (Wahhabism) and weapons and these terrorists destroyed Indonesian public administration and allowed oil gangs to steal hydrocarbons from Indonesian shelf. Great (probably Pentagon made) tsunami ended this fruitful cooperation since terrorists had no means to help local population. This is typical method used in the 3rd world.

      Military intervention is probably a method of last resort. Please find a link with a list of US military interventions since 1890: http://academic.evergreen.edu/g/grossmaz/interventions.html
      Great Satan is certainly the most aggressive country in the world. Jewish Britain is just behind.
      Whom they are fighting for? Whose interest do they protect? Have you heard of General Smedley Butler? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smedley_Butler). Once he openly declared to be a muscle-man for Wall Street. Nothing had changed since that time.

      Nothing has changed since 1960. I agree. Judeo-anglosaxons use the same methods. You may blame everything on Niggers as long as you read/watch only New York Times, CNN/BBC, Economist, etc.
      Open your eyes.

  10. It appears to me that Carlos has taken his eye off the ball.
    The Jews are to blame for the mass exodus of browns skinned people entering EU southern borders.
    The article posted below in its entirety illustrates the utter stealth and cunning by which Turkey is perpetrating this crime against the Syrian people. The whole of Europe, to the extent that each nation within the EU cooperates with this conspiracy to pillage and plunder a whole nation, is likewise guilty of this ongoing war crime spree. Just who’s behind this conspriacy? Turkey’s Donmeh Jewry And Their Sabbatean Roots

    1. Could it be that Lobro, Master of Wisdom, member of the Fourth Kingdom of Humanity, although not an Avatar but a mere Worker among the Enlightened is drawing the Shambalah energy, Light opposed to Dark in this battles against the evil Brotherhood of the Shadow.

    2. Porter needs to realize that until Sephardic Jews exported savages out of Europe in the shapes of Columbus, Vasco da Gama and Magellan. Europe was bankrupt and had to survive on the plunder of these savages – which brought back their spoils to the cockroaches that owned them. Call it the British East India Company. The origins of every single problem faced by the planet today.
      The track of the jew through the ages, Alfred Rosenborg.

    3. “…The Jews are to blame…”
      OK, but we’re not looking at 10 million or billion Jews in boats, are we? If your house is on fire do you put out the fire first, or look for the arsonist while your house burns down?

  11. “Such men as Carlos Porter …. serve to alert the government to the fact that something is seriously wrong.”

    As if the government were unaware that “something IS seriously wrong”? How could they not know? The government is, after all , facilitating the violence being wrought in Europe. Europe is faced with an implacable enemy (in Islam) whose aim is its destruction both by sucking it dry of wealth as well as forcible conversion to Islam. The central tenet of Islam is “submission”, and that characteristic embodies its attractiveness to the Oligarchs who wish to destroy Europe . Since Islam does not tolerate individual liberty that makes it the perfect tool for achieving their objective.
    The Muslim invaders are a loosely organized army who view kindness as weakness and welcoming gestures as laughable, especially in the face of their obvious malevolent intent (and they are right to take that view).
    Europe is under attack and if capitulation to the demands of the invaders and ultimate surrender is to be avoided then the use of force has to be considered. In view of these facts Porter’s comments constitute a preview of the final desperate measures that Europe will face unless less drastic but nonetheless FORCEFUL measures are taken and taken soon. There is no way to dance around the issue; force in some form will enter into any effective solution to this problem, and Porter has simply stated in terse terms what many people have thought but are too afraid to say themselves. So Mr. Porter’s comments are “inflammatory”? So what? This issue is exceptional, and you are right to publish his statements as regards a matter of life-or-death for the future of European civilization. There are always going to be exceptions to rules or in this case, website policy.


    When somebody breaks into your home, you have a legal right to shoot the burglar. Thus, every nation has a right to shoot at any alien invader.

    But the root of the problem is the Judaists, who are the biggest alienists and psychopaths and are bringing all these aliens. They become severely mentally ill after reading the gutter Torah, which is a fake book.

    One good way to civilize these Jewish barbarians to educate them that their gutter Torah is fake.

    See: mosesneverexisted.zohosites.com

  13. Sorry I didn’t read the article because I am not pro-violence. I blame the immigrant crisis generally on the power elite who create wars and steal resources, forcing people to move. I’m not saying all immigrant crisis can be blamed on wars, some can be blamed on bad governments of the countries that give us immigrants like the Communist block countries of yore and like the killing of native Indian populations in Central America. It’s never a happy story but we could make it a lot better by not acting like the globalist thieves.

    However, about ten years back my son was spending a year in Spain and he was going to Morocco for the week-end on a regular basis. He told me that the Moroccans routinely shoot Black Africans coming up from sub-sahara.
    Of course, you need to understand that this is purely anecdotal and would no doubt be denied by Morocco, which no doubt claims to have a welcoming attitude to the migrants. Hmmmm. I also understand sometimes boatloads of immigrants are shot at from the Spanish side. All anecdotal… It is not that unusual in the history of humanity that boarders are protected not just by walls (Chinese wall for example) but killing. Ultimately that’s what it will probably come down to…

  14. Everyone knows exceptions are a prerogative of the Boss. Even in Hell, hear tell.
    As are any(or none) ensuing incidentals of explanation, solace, apology, etc.
    It really is that simple. I mean, c’mon man, we’re all high school graduates here!

    Any step two involved, would logically mean bringing in the heavy philosophical guns, so to speak. The old, “if you don’t like it, you can lump it,” trick.

  15. So most of the brownskins coming to Europe are ages 20-30, males, sexually repressed from Islam, and with average IQs of 85-90. If you don’t think the only thing they’re going to understand is violence, I don’t think you have any grasp of the on-the-ground situation or what these people are actually like, and have probably never left your safe-spaces of a majority white area and actually experienced the culture of the third-world firsthand.

    1. Not trying to be snide, but what ever happened to the 2nd world?
      All I ever hear is 1st or 3rd.
      Who’s on 2nd?

      (uh-oh, I’m starting to get that sneaky sorta deja vuish, feelin’..)

      1. All right, HP, most of modern USA is second world in my opinion: ugly cities and towns, many deteriorating, work slaves barely sustaining their families, lots of poor, lots of welfare bums, no unifying culture or spirit – a mess. The first and second amendments are the main things that keep America a profound place.

  16. What is taking place now on the world stage was outlined in the following letter written in 1871 by a Jewish Freemason. Whether international Jewry chooses to destroy Israel is yet to be seen. But the invasion of Europe, Scandinavia, the US, Canada, etc is wholly in keeping with Pike’s stated theme.
    “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati”, between the political Zionists (Note: This Jewish reference to Zionism was made 26 years before Theodore Herzl founded the Zionist organization) and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Muslim Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economic exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.” -Albert Pike, Satanist, Jewish Freemason and founder of The Illuminati in a letter to Giuseppe Mazzini, founder of the Sicilian Mafia, dated August 15, 1871.
    “It is in the Jewish interest, it is in humanity’s interest, that whites experience a genocide. Until white children are burned alive, white women raped, mutilated, murdered and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorized; only then will mankind be on a more equal footing, ready to discuss white privilege and the apparent chip on the shoulders that the minorities have.” – Rabbi Ishmael Levitts.

    1. There is no indication that Albert Pike was a Jew and his “Three World Wars Letter” is a hoax. You could have figured that out for yourself, as nobody in 1871 could possibly have used the terms “Zionism”, “fascism” or even “Nazism” as the letter does. For a thorough debunking of this hoax, see “Albert Pike’s 3 World Wars Letter Hoax”, at :

      1. Do a little research, Franklin . Pike WAS a Jew. You seem able enough to do the research so I won’t give you links or leads. The term Zionism was used Long before Herzl founded the political organization. Your attitude speaks more of having an agenda than having any interest in Truth.

      2. @David Thatcher

        You obviously didn’t read the article I linked to, so I’ll give you here its conclusion :

        “The rest of the “letter” is also extremely dubious. Terms like Fascism, Nazism and Zionism were never used in Pike’s lifetime. Zionism as a word was coined in 1890 by Nathan Birnbaum and would not take root for several more years. There is no record of Pike knowing or meeting Birnbaum or having any connection to the Zionist movement. The ideological roots of Fascism were only in their infancy during Pike’s final years, and the term was not used publicly until Mussolini took his position in the 1920s. The term Nazism did not emerge until the 1930s with the rise of Germany’s National Socialist party.

        Unless Albert Pike can predict the future or was the hidden hand of God himself, it would seem this “letter” is nothing more than a modern forgery.”

        When I google “Albert Pike was a Jew” I don’t find any information that confirms that.

      3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        The jews also claimed that the Protocols were fake, but it should be remembered that jews are notorious liars. It is not surprising that they would claim Pike’s quote as fake as well. The real test is, does it make sense and does real history indicate that it has or is occurring. BTW, unless I am sight impaired, the Pike quote posted by David Thatcher did not contain the terms Nazism or Fascism or their directives.

        Was Pike a jew? He may not have been a party to the jewish genetic lie, but he sure had the mindset of a jew. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

        Pike was the only man to ever be the Head of Washington D.C. Masonry, American Masonry, and Worldwide Masonry, simultaneously. Since it is rather common knowledge among truth seekers that Masonry is a jewish organization, it would make no sense to not have a jew in such a position.

        In Pike’s Morals and Dogma, Pike referred to the jewish Kabbala as the Holy Kabalahh and referred to it and the Zohar portion repeatedly as guidance. Obviously, Pike was into occult magic. Pike referred to Lucifer as the light bearer. How could he not be a jew?

        You might want to use a non-jewish controlled search engine, use terms more likely to get results, and apply some rational thought. Google is not a non-jewish controlled search engine. Google is even filtered to make it more difficult to find the truth.

      4. @Ungnius

        Thatcher only quoted the part of that letter about the Third World war. Here are the parts about the First and the Second World War :

        “The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.

        The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.”

        If you read that article I linked to, you’ll see that “Pike’s Letter” cannot be traced back earlier than 1950, which explains the use of such terms as “Zionism”, “Fascism” and “Nazism”.

        Your idea that “Pike was bad, therefore he must have been a Jew” escapes my sense of logic.

      5. As I’ve said before, Pike had it backwards. A final storm of war (“WW3”) is to come AFTER whatever degree of a world totalitarian state occurs. Not before

        He’s wasn’t THAT high up on the protocolian food chain to know the whole of the agenda

      6. @ Franklin Ryckaert


        “(Readers who argue that the terms Nazism and Zionism were not known in 1871 should remember that the Illuminati invented both these movements.  In addition, Communism as an ideology, and as a coined phrase, originates in France during the Revolution.  In 1785, Restif coined the phrase four years before revolution broke out.  Restif and Babeuf, in turn, were influenced by Rousseau – as was the most famous conspirator of them all, Adam Weishaupt.)”

        As Jesus said, judge by the fruit. Currently, the jewish controlled west has been working to get a major war (WWIII) going. They only reason that they have not been successful is because the Russians and the Chinese have been outsmarting them and avoiding it.

        Apparently you believe that jews are a race and therefore, genetics has something to do with it even though there is current evidence to prove that it is not the case. One thing that all jews, regardless of their skin color or who their parents had sex with, have in common is a corrupt spiritual state that elevates themselves over the rest of humanity. As a result of that corrupt spiritual state, their god is the devil and evil they will do. Pike qualifies immensely.

        Obviously, we have different opinions which is fine with me.

      7. Franklin Ryckaert: Your [Ungenius] idea that “Pike was bad, therefore he must have been a Jew” escapes my sense of logic.

        If Jews are capable of killing Jesus Christ, they are capable of anything and everything, and it goes without saying that they are certainly responsible for all the ills of this world — for the last 2 World Wars that killed over 100 million people at any rate. Jews, these ones in particular, are 100% PURE EVIL!

        Read the Bible carefully and you will understand this. There is no need to go into massive student debt to get a degree in psychology or sociology or criminology — all ostensibly Jewish creations and studies, btw.

        Moreover, all universities in the Zionist West, especially the top ones like Harvard or Oxford, are now kosher, as well as the student debts, which is estimated to be over 1 Trillion dollars in America!

        The Jews have every angle covered, as they say, and this, too, is very much part of the Jewish character or “racial profiling” to use the modern parlance.

        The Jewish character or “racial profile” in a nutshell: Jesus Before Pilate

        “Therefore Pilate said to Him, “So You are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say correctly that I am a king. For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.” Pilate said to Him, “What is truth?” And when he had said this, he went out again to the Jews and said to them, “I find no guilt in Him. “But you have a custom that I release someone for you at the Passover; do you wish then that I release for you the King of the Jews?” So they cried out again, saying, “Not this Man, but Barabbas.” Now Barabbas was a robber. (John 18:37-40)

        In keeping with the Jewish character and profile, Jews chose to save a robber, Barabbas, over Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And yet these Christ-killers arrogantly claim antisemitism is irrational. WTF!?

        Have they no common sense as well as no shame? How smart can Jews be if they don’t understand killing the Son of God would make them universally despised for all of eternity?


        Regarding the Pike Prophecy, even if it was a hoax as you claim, it FITS! And in this Jewish world of ours, life follows fiction and frauds and false flags are quotidian. Our lives and our reality are nothing more than a long series of endless Jewish Lies and Frauds and Hoaxes, if you haven’t noticed.

    2. “… Albert Pike, Satanist, Jewish Freemason and founder of The Illuminati in a letter to Giuseppe Mazzini, founder of the Sicilian Mafia, dated August 15, 1871…”
      The Mafia is centuries old, dating back, informally, to the 13th or 14th century. Precisely the result of Italy’s insecure and unprotected coastline, i.e., lack of border, and the fact that Italy was not a united state, capable of defending itself — it was a state in which all authority was corrupt, and controlled for foreigners. Sound familiar?

  17. “AFD chairman Frauke Petry provoked outrage when she advocated border guards open fire with live ammunition on illegal asylum seekers. Days later, a poll found that almost 30 percent of Germans agreed with her.”

    I don’t believe that is an accurate account of what she said. I think she advocated the border guards be granted the authority to open fire on illegal asylum seekers. Although I suspect all border guards (the ones that are armed at least) worldwide already have (and in the EU at least had that authority before the EU removed checkpoints between member nations) the authority to shoot people that violate their authority, reviewing videos of European borders show migrants walking right around border guards, walking thru them and breaking down fences and barriers right in front of the border guards there to prevent illegals from entering a country. I’m not even sure they even guns any more. I think what she was advocating was to give them back the authority they once had. If someone flaunts the law and breaks into the country, the guards should be able to shoot the violator and not stand by as the illegal walks or runs right past them. Policemen in many countries have the authority to shoot criminals. There is a difference between advocating giving police the authority to shoot criminals and advocating, or telling police to shoot all criminals.

  18. We live in satans little season. The millennium is coming to an end. The great mass of people believe in the official world war stories, and there seems to be no way out of that. That is why the antichrist now can take great scores. Who is the antichrist? The answer is in Bible. Read and pray, and rejoice greately in the Lord! Because the time to come, is a long one.


  19. We live in satans little season. The millennium is coming to an end. The great mass of people believe in the official world war stories, and that seems impossible to thwart. That is why the antichrist now can score. Who is the antichrist? Read the Bible. The answer is there, wery clearly. So read and pray, and rejoice greately in the Lord, Jesus Christ!
    The time to come is a long one.

  20. You allowed Porter’s comments because he is somewhat well known and it promotes controversy and that promotes interest in your web site. You are taking a cue from Trump, in that even bad publicity is good publicity as it draws attention to itself. I have run a WordPress website on Christian doctrine for 3 years now, and can tell you it is extremely hard to attract readers. Spam is no problem, but actual readers are hard to attract. Granted my subject matter is not a big draw. The Internet is so big, with so many websites clamouring for attention, that if you want to be read, want to be noticed, want to have impact. Then you have to draw attention to yourself. All the while pretending your are not dismounting the high horse. Nicely done, by the way.

  21. I think you guys are being a little dramatic.

    Porter was obviously just giving his opinion on what government policy on the invading hordes should be. That’s a far cry from inciting average people to violence.

    What do you think a rational policy would be, ask them to leave nicely?

    1. Ben’s comment is spot-on. And of course Lasha knows this as well. She continues her lessons to us, very cleverly presented.
      She reminds us our discussions here literally and ultimately have to do with life and death.
      Ben understands the armed force of the nation must serve the nation. If it doesn’t there is a disconnect somewhere.
      When the lights go out, one takes a flashlight and has a look. That’s what we are doing here, with our words.
      But after finding the problem, one must take tools in hand and fix it. Efficaciously, with good workmanship.

      Words are fine, words are necessary. But deeds are ultimately called for. Both in love and in war one must at some point make a move.
      Not too soon or too late, lest the objective is lost.
      Thank you Lasha.

    2. What do you think a rational policy would be, ask them to leave nicely?

      Actually, it’s a start, it has never been tried before, no harm in trying.

      “Hey Jews, why don’t you hit the road? You got 48 hours to secure passage elsewhere, leave the money and valuables behind subject to audit.”

      1. Lobro,

        ” “What do you think a rational policy would be, ask them to leave nicely?”

        “Actually, it’s a start, it has never been tried before, no harm in trying.

        “Hey Jews, why don’t you hit the road? You got 48 hours to secure passage elsewhere, leave the money and valuables behind subject to audit.” ”

        Oooh, is thát what this article and the subsequent comment from Ben was about? I wish someone told me because I, foolishly, was under the impression that it was about the likes of the gentlemen and how they are behaving as shown in the accompanying video.

  22. “You must understand, too, that if a prominent person like Tony Blair or Angela Merkel were to issue an inflammatory comment advocating genocide or mass extermination, such a comment would never be deleted on the grounds of its offensiveness. It would have to be published in the interests of truth.”

    What a bizarre comment. These Jewed mamazers have no need to make inflammatory comments – THEY ARE committing the genocide of Western Civilization. It’s the gullible goyim who are left to make inflammatory, or more typically, soft and gentle comments while these murderous psychopaths rapidly obliterate the white race.

    I’ll say it again, Jews make the rules and the goyim are left no choice but to play by them. Until the Jews are gone from the planet, there will be no change in this, nor will there ever be any peace, or relief from their depredations. 3500 years – 3500 years – and they have never altered their course one degree. Read their Bible, what they are doing today and what they have been doing for centuries they were boasting about 3500 years ago.

    As I wrote about the Jew’s ancient tabernacle, blood lust. “Consider the effect of this gruesome spectacle of slaughter on a child. Blood spewing everywhere, chanting priests mesmerized in their crazed blood lust, driven by the howling and grunting of animals bleeding out the last of their life on the ground. The restless bleating of animals, now aware of their terrible fate. Sinners raising their hands towards the heavens as they cry out for god’s forgiveness. Imagine your parents continually consumed with the thought of blood and the avoidance of the sticky substance, thoughts that translate into an unnatural obsession about the stuff. Extrapolate this horror out over the generational millennium and you have the foundations of a psychopathic bloodlust that is not a preference, not a peculiar, incidental twist in a few exceptional personalities, it is a culturally inbred condition, one that can neither be altered or escaped. This culture of blood permeated the Jew’s very core until it has become a genetic component of their race.”

    Only a complete idiot would think there is any hope that God’s chosen will change their arrogant attitudes, their deceptive, lying ways, their bloody religion, or above all, their murderous policies. Unfortunately, there are plenty of Pollyannas out there who still believe there are other, gentle alternatives.

    Jews play the gyoim’s stupidity to the hilt. They understand the goyim will continue searching for a less violent, more agreeable, alternatives, even as they are marched up the gallows steps. They know this because they have done it time and again and the goyim reaction has always been the same – they die like dogs.

    Jews play upon these predictable reactions like Itzhak Perlman plays his fiddle, knowing that when the time arrives, they will be utterly ruthless in their treatment of these weak, mealy mouthed, vacillating clowns. Just look what the did to the Russian priests, the descriptions of the Jew’s demented tortures are guaranteed to make one sick.

    Jews have set up and carefully groomed this looming Armageddon to its fast arriving conclusion. There is no easy way out, no gentle, civilized way back. It’s either the white man or the Jews and their third world imports. Either way, there WILL be mass bloodshed as there has been for the last fifty-five years in the Near East.

    This it, this is the final play, either one will fight and kill to the death or they will meekly march into the Jew’s FEMA gulags and die – your choice; but understand these are the only choices offered by Jews. Any other action will be far too little and far too late. We are long past the point of no return. The brighter, truly critical minds, know mass bloodshed is now the only remaining solution. The only remaining question is, whose blood will it be flowing freely in the streets?

    Consider for a moment if the white man played the Jew’s Palestinian game and slaughtered 5000 of these third-world immigrant troops. Do you think the immigration flow might stop? – Instantly? 5000 now or how many later? How many innocents on both sides of the fence will die as Jews laugh, while drinking the finest liqueurs and dine on delicacies made from the ears of Christian children?

    Those who insist on maintaining a civil tongue play straight into the Jew’s hand.

    1. “…Extrapolate this horror out over the generational millennium and you have the foundations of a psychopathic bloodlust that is not a preference, not a peculiar, incidental twist in a few exceptional personalities, it is a culturally inbred condition, one that can neither be altered or escaped. This culture of blood permeated the Jew’s very core until it has become a genetic component of their race…”

      Animal sacrifices were practised by most religions all over the world, including the religions of the Greeks and Romans. Judaism was not special in that respect at all. Its sacrifices were practised only in the temple of Jerusalem. Most Jews didn’t live in Jerusalem and visited that city only during religious high days. So each Jew or Jewish child must have seen such sacrifices only a few times during his life. BTW, it is a basic rule of Darwinism that acquired characteristics do not become heritable. Psychological traumas cannot become genetic. After the temple was destroyed by the Romans in A.D. 70 the practice of animal sacrifices was stopped by Judaism for good. That is already 1946 years ago. So your “brilliant” idea is that all Jews have become genetically bloodthirsty because nearly 2000 years ago some of them witnessed animal sacrifices (like all other peoples of the ancient world). One wonders why the modern Greeks and Italians have not become genetically bloodthirsty too, since their ancestors practised also animal sacrifices. Your special pleading betrays ignorance and stupidity.

      1. “Animal sacrifices were practiced by most religions all over the world, including the religions of the Greeks and Romans.” True enough and where are these people today? What remnants are left of these ancient cultures have the presence of modern Jewry?

        Are any of them in the same category as Jews who have genetically inbred while maintaining their racial purity over the centuries in “Diaspora”? What other race is like the Jews? Name one that even faintly resembles a people who since ancient times have maintained their in-group cohesiveness among the host cultures they prey upon.

        This is not a “brilliant idea” of mine. I am not trying to be brilliant, I am trying to outline the utter, devious, insanity western civilization is up against. This is what I have gleaned from studying these psychopaths, their culture and and their history for over thirty years. The more I learn about the Jew’s religion, history and culture and especially their Torah, the more I am truly sickened.

        Who was Darwin and why should we accept his premise at face value? Has he created some law that says acquired characteristics are not heritable, or is this yet another theory like psychological traumas cannot become genetic? Really? Parents cannot pass on their trauma to their children? How do you explain those obsessive hoarders that were children during the depression; children influenced by parents living in constant fear of not having enough? I am still dealing with the after effects of that depression as I clean up the rats nests these hoarders leave behind. What if every generation suffered a “great depression” would it not be likely that hoarding would become a cultural trait? Perhaps its time to reevaluate our thinking on such matters.

        So how do you explain an entire race of psychopathic butchers? Is this another one of those cosmic mysteries that just seems to happen? How do explain a racial fixation on murder, bloodshed and criminality? Look at their movies, is not this bizarre fixation readily apparent throughout their books, TV programs, movies and other media? Is this not proof enough? Yet it’s all repeated time and again in their ancient Biblical stories. This was not a few among the tribes that witnessed these ancient sacrifices, this was all twelve tribes. By the way the Tabernacle was not a fixed structure like the Temple; it was a moving slaughterhouse. So how many other cultures maintained a traveling circus of death?

        One other sobering point, Jews are presently working diligently to resurrect their Temple with their “third Temple” project. The idea is to bring back the original animal sacrifice and knowing the Jews, these will very likely include human sacrifice. After all, how many millions (billions?) have they already tortured, murdered and butchered since their Lord God first began obliterating opposing cultures and tribes?

        Soft soaping the Jews will be to no advantage when facing the horrors these parasites have in mind. Jews are a race of insane psychopaths hell-bent on the destruction of not only western civilization but apparently the entire planet. There is nothing ~ NOTHING ~ one can say about this race that can be considered “over the top”. They are already far beyond anything the goyim mind can conceive of as being “over the top”.

      2. After the temple was destroyed by the Romans in A.D. 70 the practice of animal sacrifices was stopped by Judaism for good

        In NYC alone, every Yom Kippur, 50,000 chickens butchered in “festival of cruelty”
        Yom Kippur stands for “Atonement”.
        Jew atonement, to be precise, when in outpouring of pious, religious “Jew spirituality”, they beg forgiveness for having to accidentally speak truth in the year to come and seal this with ritual slaughter of a chicken (and surely praying for a chance of ritual slaughter of as many goys, preferably children as they can).

        Well, Franklin, your eagerness to get Jew off the hook trips you up once again.
        As the wise man said 😉

        Your special pleading betrays ignorance and stupidity.

        Btw … why would Roman destruction of the Jew temple have suddenly stopped the Jew bloodlust, like all of of a sudden, they saw the light of compassion and morality?
        Too funny to contemplate.

      3. @Lobro

        The debate was about animal sacrifices at the temple. That stopped with its destruction in A.D. 70. The ritual of Kapparot is a later development :

        “The practice of kapparot is mentioned for the first time by Rav Sheshna, Gaon, of the Academy of Sura in Babylonia, in 670 C.E., and later by Rav Natronai ben Hilai, Gaon also of the Academy of Sura, in 853 C.E. Jewish scholars in the ninth century explained that since the Hebrew word geber (gever, Hebrew: גבר)[6] means both “man” and “rooster” a rooster may substitute as a religious and spiritual vessel in place of a man.”

        In Europe the ritual became accepted only in the Middle Ages among Ashkenazis, and among Sephardis only in the 19th century. See Wikipedia : Kapparot.

        It is doubtful if sacrificing one chicken per year will make every individual Jew “bloodthirsty” and explains Jewish behaviour throughout history.

      4. Franklin, debating you is both fun and funny.

        Of course “no animal sacrifices took place in the temple after it was demolished” because where there is no temple there is (by a weird coincidence) no temple sacrifices.
        As for the jew mindset, you seem to have arrived at belief because a jew sacrficies “just one” chicken per year, it proves that jews have become a real sweet, good natured race with nary a bad thought in their heads.
        I would counsel that you back off a bit and take a wider view as well as paying attention to details.

        Jews clamor incessantly for global murder of goys, be it Russia, Iran, Syria or anywhere else, anyone trying to stop them is branded as nazi antisemite planning “another holocaust”.

        They have been directly implicated into masterminding every single war and mass extermination of civilian population in the last 200 years.
        And yet, you seem to believe that they have somehow transformed into a conscience-ridden humans who share the pain of animals (including goyim, the talking beasts whose only purpose in the world is to serve the jew).
        You really ought to shake the cobwebs, Franklin and take the longer view.
        Jew is not called the “Ancient Enemy” for nothing.

      5. Oops, how lovely, thanks for winning the argument on my behalf, Franklin
        From your quote

        Jewish scholars in the ninth century explained that since the Hebrew word geber (gever, Hebrew: גבר)[6] means both “man” and “rooster” a rooster may substitute as a religious and spiritual vessel in place of a man.”

        This rooster that is killed quite brutally, by first swinging it by neck before cutting its throat, actually substitutes for HUMAN SACRIFICE, which due to “darkei shalom” (pretense of civility for the sake of remaining safe from goy revenge) is temporarily and symbolically transferred to a chicken, in hope (ATONEMENT) that at some later date (WHEN ISRAEL IS MIGHTY), the true aim of goy sacrifice can be resumed once again with impunity.

        Don’t look at the big picture.
        Don’t look too closely.

        The less you look, the nicer they seem.

    2. Animal sacrifice on a mass scale in the ancient temples never stopped. The names may have changed but the practice never ended.

      Today they’re called factory farms

    3. @ARCH STANTON,Do you understand how dangerous and brave you are being? The nasty,racist jew…New World Order are going to be upset….no matter.

      Arch, you spent more than thirty years “studying these psychopaths, their culture, their history” !!! Terrible, you look so emaciated. Better if you studied somewhat else.
      Well, “Who was Darvin and why should we accept his premise at face value?”
      No, you shouldn’t, it is not obligatory, you are free to accept or not accept. But look at americans: they overlooked that the world was monkey house, neglected teaching of famous man, of the same race, favored descendance from Jewish god over more natural descendance from monkeys, overestimated their abilities, adopted “at face value” false values, such as money- bible(in God we trust), constitution(revolution, prostitution…) and what do they have now? – noose of debt on the neck and born in Africa monkey at the “head of state”, work superintendent as a matter of fact, obliginly preparing for true americans comfortable FEMA-resorts (embroidered with barbed wire to be on the safe side) which make them nervous. And who make the puppets move? – Arch-scoundrels, which even do not have constitution of their own! Because they do not need it. Because they have their “god”, much dubious, but their own, not borrowed.
      And with his help they rule herds of stupidos, which are more monkeys than monkeys themselves. Successfully so far and it is natural. But back to Darvin.
      “Has he created some law…?” -Arch, something wrong in your upper storey, or you pretend to be stupid on purpose. Say honestly, if interrogated with the help of detector of truth (hot iron on the belly for example) would you make confession that this question was provocation?
      One more question: “Just look what they did to the Russian priests…” -Much crocodile tears was shed here about 66 million of Russian christians (sometimes 100 millions), but you regret only: a) about priests, b) Russian priests. Why? Clergy descendant, right? In other countries killing priests never been in fashion? Why?
      And last but not least: you mentioned “race” and stressed it. To what races, in your opinion, belong North Koreans and South Koreans, there are so much resemblance between them and they are on the verge of fighting.
      Thank you in advance.

  23. I’ll be brash and harsh.

    Do I condone Carlos’ views?
    The simple answer is yes, because I’m looking through the BS and the political correctness.
    When I was young, a good friend, mentor in fact upon starting a career as a doorman, said to me the following prophetic words “it’s far easier keeping trouble out than GETTING it out”. And his words rang true.

    Once these migrants come into Europe the shit will hit the fan. End of.

    But that’s what ‘they’ want.

    I think my Scots ancestors had the same idea about the English and the Viking.
    I think my Briton ancestors had the same idea about the Roman.

    The only thing that has changed is that the Jew controls and tells us that invasion is perfectly ok and that there’s nothing wrong with the destruction of our culture and ancestry.

    Kudos and prescience acknowledgement to Carlos.


  24. The Chinese proverb about ‘shooting the puppeteers, not the puppets’ above makes a good deal of sense. As a practical matter, this is often a difficult and highly dangerous task without state or organizational support of some kind (shooting in the literal sense that is). Causing pain is a very different matter, however. The bottom line is the collapse of Europe has been engineered by liberal (zionist-communist) machinations. You have a war whether you want one or not. But instead of murdering potentially predatory refugees along with others (let God sort them out?) why not go after the zionist rats among you? They are far more vulnerable. Promote BDS, it’s hurting. Extend it to the corporate news and their sponsors. Boycott jewish doctors, lawyers, professionals of all fields. Destroy their works – books, music, movies, you name it, whenever and wherever possible. Some folks I know have done this quite legally for years – thousands and thousands of dollars of evil influence right down the toilet with no one even knowing it’s happened, they don’t advertise, they don’t boast, they perform – silently. This includes ‘official history’ (institutional maintenance). Make Merkel’s life hell every way you can; stinkbombs, sabotages of all kinds. Disseminating false information that creates mass chaos in the enemies camp is traditionally a good way to start. Clamoring for lethal force to be used by thoroughly corrupted governments who are fully party to the problem is silly, don’t you think? The shooting will come soon enough. This is because a state that cannot protect it’s citizens and enforce the rule of law prosecuting murderers, rapists, thieves and border invaders is a government that is destined to fall – the harder the better. Then the rats who manage to escape must be pursued, to the ends of the earth and for as long as it takes. Above all, in the modern age of ‘instant gratification’ don’t expect it; this will most likely be a slog, but well worth it. Here and there though you might get lucky, but for a while at least that will be the exception for the most part. When the collapse comes, though, it can be fast – be ready to exploit it.

    1. Boycotting Israeli products and Jewish businesses (shops, doctors, lawyers, media etc.) is entirely feasible. It only requires a website that identifies Jewish businesses as such. And it is entirely legal. Nobody can force you to buy Jewish.

      1. @Franklin

        Yeah sure, that’ll do the trick. Boycott Israel and few Jewish professionals and throw stinkbombs at Merkel and the immediate threat of millions of intruding beggars will vanish. Why didn’t I think of that, or Mr Porter.

        Well, that’s cleared that up.

        This was excellent advice 50 years ago. It still is but the tipping point lies far behind us. What we are facing is inevitable. We have enjoyed our time in peace and prosperity but it will not last and if we’re not prepared to do what’s necessary nature is going to decide for us.

    2. @ Winston

      Excellent post and I agree. We have been brainwashed/indoctrinated by the jews to not think of simple things to do and, instead, just complain and do nothing, or act in horrendous ways guaranteed to put ourselves in harms way. Either programed response give the jews what they want.

      Keep posting good ideas. Maybe some of them will get traction.

      1. More food for thought….
        “Well check it out people, the Jews are installing guillotines wherever the Noahide Laws have been passed. The Noahide Laws enable gentiles to be beheaded for not being Jewish. If this sounds like some paranoid fantasy and does not worry you greatly, cut back on the fluoride in your toothpaste and in your food and water.”

        Don’t fixate on any ideology. Fixate on your race and nation and then use whatever ideas that are useful to further your own interest. Paradoxically, Jews hate gentiles who think and strategize most like Jews. Jews want others to fixate on ideologies while themselves fixate on the power.

    3. A clarification is probably necessary. For obvious (legal) reasons, one must be somewhat cautious in advocating certain responses, and certain other measures must be left unsaid. Doing nothing is fatal in this situation. The Roman empire was able to extend it’s existence by punitive measures (Marcus Aurelius and his successors) which gained appreciable time and later ceding Dacia (Romanized Romania conquered by Trajan) and withdrawing to the more defensible borders of the Danube gained around 100 years. The Chinese wall and the wall in Rajastan both worked to some extent, but we must be aware that the real enemy is in our own backyards – the jew. Addressing this problem patiently and persistently is both critical and of top priority. I have nothing against a border guard opening fire on illegal invaders who ignore warnings, nor minefields and other fortifications where necessary. But the enemy within…

      1. A further word – it wouldn’t surprise me at all if a lot of the dead invaders washing up on the shores of southern Europe might be the result of a disaffected Sicilian or Corsican fisherman putting a well placed hole or two in a ‘melon’ crammed inflatable while out at sea. Brussels, of course, doesn’t like this sort of thing – but the Marvi Mavara murders are ‘different’, though their mission was strictly a humanitarian one. It’s interesting that the zionist press squeals so loudly against protecting borders (except Israels), but outraged exploited South African miners are fair game for massacre not too long ago when threatening jewish owned mining interests, precious little is said about that one and the unending horror in occupied Palestine. When nations like Macedonia or Hungary defend their lives as civilized nations, the zio press international goes into squealing overdrive. Having worked in the third world for a few years (Thailand) my former employer who was a retired Thai Chinese policeman offered a good example – he told me that while stationed near Laos he used to kill on average five Chinese a day (ex-judicially). It doesn’t eliminate the problem but it does reduce it to manageable levels. He was a most wonderful man in many respects, and like a second father to me. In better times my employer used to work with American counterparts, machine gunning Japanese soldiers in the jungle (in the back of course). Pasquale Villari noted in his two volume work “The Barbarian Invasion of Italy” that : “Nationalities, in fact, can neither live nor thrive unless so closely inter-related as to feel themselves members of the same family”. Bilderberg and the jew are attempting to exploit humanity by degradation – intellectually, morally, medically, economically and socially. The wonder is their unlimited arrogance in thinking they will survive the backlash that’s already started.

  25. Speaking of mass extermination of illegal immigrants, Trump is doing remarkably well in New Yawk. He’s doing very well there as a matter of fact. That’s how New Yorkers tawk, they say Noo “Yawk”, that’s how they tawk. They don’t tawk the way we tawk. They say Noo Yawk, and when you say “good morning” to them they say back to you “what teh fuck is so good about it, go fuck yourself”. That’s how they tawk all over noo yawk.

  26. Do you think it would be alright to shoot when they have kicked in the front door and are climbing in the windows while the children are sleeping upstairs? Maybe I should welcome them and offer a hot beverage instead? Should I call 9-11? I’m confused; ah,I know I will pray.

  27. Carlos Whitlock Porter is racist jerk and a Crypto Zionist. In his book, ‘Made in Russia: The Holocaust’, he blames Russian communists for faking the killing of ‘Bible’s Chosen People’ in Europe.

    Porter who prefers to live in Belgium instead of his motherland United states – now believes that his Christian faith demands him to kill the so-called ‘illegal immigrants’ on the Cross just like his Lord Christ was killed by the Jews 2000 years ago.

    Porter was charged and sentenced in absentia by the Germans in 1997.

    Contrary to Porter, Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, late president of Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) and Chief Rabbi at Toronto’s Holy Blossom Temple, in his 1990 book, “The Man Who Would Be Messiah”, claims that Frankist Jews were responsible for the Holocaust. The book’s ‘Foreword’ was written by no other than Elie Weisel, the father of ‘holocaust culture’


    1. @Rehmat
      It’s good to see some further information previously less well known. Weisel is known to many as a professional victim and fraudmonger and would probably be an ambulance chaser in NYC or wherever he could (like an extraordinary percentage of his tribe) had he not been foisted on the saps by the holocaustianity press and academia. Someday some of the saps are going to wonder why nobody talks about the far more recent events in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, etc. in Africa or the failed Maoist regime in Cambodia. Sober comments and info always most welcome. Chancellor Hitler wanted the jews out of Germany because of what they attempted to do with Rosa Luxemberg, etc., with the glaring example of the mass murder of the jewish degenerate ‘revolution’ in Russia. It is interesting that Gestapo Chief General Heinrich Mueller (who gives particulars about what is fertilising the trees around Munich in this context – well before the Nazis took over; indeed Mueller wasn’t even a party member until well into the latter half of the Nazi government) as a first rate police officer commented on Hitler’s “unfortunate anti-semitism”, noting in his postwar interview in Switzerland that many were loyal German citizens and further pondering what Hitler might have thought when wearing his Iron Cross which was awarded him by a jewish superior officer for distinguished service in WW1. Indeed, during the war none other than Reich Marshall Goering called up Mueller to request a personal favor: two elderly jews who were Art world friends of Goering’s wife needed escorting to Switzerland and safety from the likes of Bormann and Himmler. Mueller and a junior officer performed the task, and Mueller noted that the jewish couple ‘must have packed the kitchen sink in their large suitcase’ which he found himself carrying for the elderly pair to the Swiss border to the great amusement of the Swiss officials (who were well aquainted with Mueller). Mueller told them he didn’t find the situation very funny! (but laughed about it later). Needless to say, however, Mueller had no problem sending Jews as Communists, thieves, perverts, murderers, swindlers, and so forth to LABOUR camps. With spies, they would be shot (after trial) UNLESS they had something to trade – like Henry Robinsohn, who gave up the Red Orchestra and a great deal more, particularly about certain persons in England.

    2. “… he blames Russian communists for faking the killing of ‘Bible’s Chosen People’ in Europe….

      Why is it always so easy to tell when one has not actually read a book?

  28. G’day Pilgrims,

    The issue is one of cause and effect. Failure to address the causes of mass migrations will necessarily fail to prevent their effects.

    It is not rocket science. But because European and Anglo-Amerikkan governments are ALL controlled by Jews, and their shabbos goys, backed by massive military and secret services, made seemingly palatable by Jew controlled media, academic, religious and cultural corporations, the solution is difficult and perhaps not obvious. As a result, most people do not realise that the only viable solution is to replace their covert Jewish matrix controllers with independent political and societal leaders who will cease attacking other nations economically and militarily. Accepting the need to radically change national governance involves changing one’s personal paradigm which is daunting and causes cognitive dissonance. So, rather than admit their passivity is integral to the problem, people project its causes onto others, in this case, refugees. So the refugees created by Western governments and their corporations and military are presumed to be the problem, and the solution is deemed to be the application of more of the violence visited upon the refugees in their homelands.

    Arguably what is required to stop refugee flows is cessation of so-called liberal, globalisation economic policies that enable corporations to destroy food production and local industry in favour of reliance on monocultural export crops and extraction and export of commodities such as timber, coal, oil, and minerals. Thus nations become dependant on foreign corporations for both food imports and the price of their monocultural and commodity exports. Usurious Western bank loans compound the problem.

    As John Perkins, the Economic Hitman revealed many years ago, these socio-economic changes are forced on myriad nations by bribery, corruption, blackmail, extortion and murder. Moreover, where national leaders are truly recalcitrant, like Presidents, Sukarno, Allende, Marcos, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi, Bashar al Assad et al, Europeans and Anglo-Amerikkans bombs those nations back to the Stone Age, and often invade and occupy them as well. THAT is why Syrians, Libyans, Iraqi, Afghanis and other Asians and African refugees seek a better life elsewhere.

    Such economic and military warfare has been savagely directed at Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, Mali. Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Palestine, Lebanon and many other nations in recent years. The result is that many people are forced to flee Judaic organised Anglo-USraeli and NATO military aggression and even larger numbers become refugees because of the threat of starvation or extreme poverty.

    The solution is to create governments that STOP facilitating the policies that cause both economic refugees and refugees from war zones. Agitating for European governments to attack and slaughter refugees is actually playing into the hands of the Jews whose ideology requires them to genocide gentiles. The Jews routinely create conflicts so that gentiles kill one another. Then when the stupid goyim clamor for a solution to the conflict, the jews are there to suggest and implement it, The solution is intended to be more globalisation, centralisation and population diversification resulting in more division and conflict causing the gentiles to demand a New World Order, One World Government run by Jews so that gentiles don’t have to worry their pretty heads about it.

    What is required to stop the refugee flows into Europe and Anglo-US countries is an increase in consciousness. Europeans need to STOP viciously exploiting and making war on Middle Eastern, African and Asian nations and to insist that the UN stops Anglo-USraelis doing it. That will require that most Europeans stop complacently allowing their governments to facilitate those processes.

    IF Europeans cannot be bothered doing that they deserve to go down the plug hole of history. Of course, to achieve that outcome, Europeans will have to take the Judaic banksters by the throat and prosecute and incarcerate them for their crimes, thus freeing up European monetary, banking, financial and economic systems so that they no longer need to rob Third World nations. That will require the courage to face the problem and the application of mental muscle in order to understand it. In other words European populations need to raise their consciousness.
    Peace and Blessings,

    1. In most White Christian nation, identifying the Jewish ELEPHANT is a crime even though it were the Jewish mafia which dragged Europe into WWI and WWII – killing over 100 million people mostly Christians.

      The Jewish mafia not only controls the governments, banking institution – but also western judiciary system and internal security agencies. For example, with less than 2% US population, Jewish mafia has four Jews out of nine judges at the Supreme Court. In Canada, three out of eight judges at the Supreme Court are Jewish.


  29. I guess Darkmoon would rather, lol, see mass extermination going on than any debate between Geocentrics and Heliocentrics going on. That’s cause in any open and free debate between Flat Earther Geocentrics and Heliocentrics, us Flat Earthers, always, lol, wind up Totally Annihilating and Eradicating the Heliocentrics. Empirical Science is, lol, unforgiving that way, is that not so? That’s one extermination Darkmoon would never countenance. LMFAO!!!

  30. I (a “Semite”) do empathize with the White Man given the current scenario. But he has to also account for the fact that when White Man got his hands on the canon and the gunpowder he terrorized and colonized most of the non-Whites on the planet. Modus Operandi was: First comes the canon then the preacher with the Bible to “save the souls”. All the while the Jew-Boy was busy pulling the strings from behind to subjugate the humanity by his usurious ways. Now the White race is at the end of the rope which is a dream come true for the Jew-Boy. Jew-Boy as usual does not know or care that the non-Whites will not be as magnanimous to him as the White-man was and there is the rub: As I see it (Allah knows best) Jew-Boy will be decimated by the non-Whites in the end.Remember: “Karma is a bitch”, “What goes around comes around”. Meanwhile the Wise Brahman is enjoying the show sitting on his throne (Mount Everest) with a smirk on his face seeing the Abrahamic followers slaughter each other. Now the problem with this scenario is the missing variable of the Yellow race (Japs and Chinese etc.). Japs got nuked and the Chinese ended up with Mao and his “Great Leap Forward” for nothing. As Carlin once said:”Enjoy the freak show”…We have no choice but to rejoice or pop depression pills…

  31. Just more tilting at windmills is all this is

    How does it go?

    What is set in motion stays in motion until it has gone through the motions

    Like a thief in the night
    loves paradise stolen
    in an absence of light
    hates carriage keeps rollin
    vile parasite will run
    its malevolent course
    till all’s said and done
    to behold a pale horse

  32. I don’t see what’s inflammatory etc about that comment. Indeed, we are currently facing no less than an invasion, and nothing short of a strong response will stop the ever increasing influx of invaders.

  33. Carlos,

    Are you kidding? That’s much too drastic. you will give us all a bad name!


    1. Are YOU kidding? You really must be joking.
      Please note that every sentence I wrote refers to action to be taken legally by the military. Since when is it a crime to advocate a change in government policy? I’m not in charge of the Army, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, police and what have you. I defy you, or anyone else, to find one act of illegality advocated by myself in my comments here.
      I have not used the words “merciless”, “extermination”, or “genocide”, so don’t give me that. I have said it could be done with very little killing.
      The problem is, everybody knows that what I’m saying is the truth, but most people just won’t admit it.
      Better be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
      Many good men have been killed as a result of forgetting that one very simple little fact, as you should well know.
      With all due respect. In any case, the present situation has nothing to do with historical revisionism, and is simply an immediate matter of life and death. Death is permanent. Or haven’t you noticed?

  34. Another symptom of jew disease deeply rooted in America, the never ending subliminal warfare of which goyim are totally unaware: CNN reporting arrest of Paris attack suspect (read: patsy).

    Their on-location correspondent in Moelenbeek, Belgium?
    A Somali woman.

    While telling you, “hey, look over there!’, Jew neurosurgeon jabs his scalpel into another brain region, “mission kill-European-male accomplished“.

  35. This doesn’t sound far off from what Churchill said during WWII when he started the war against Hitler. Why shouldn’t you use force to expel invaders?

  36. Thanks Kolo,

    Arguably, if Europeans (and Anglo-Amerikkans or anyone one else) want to change their situation they need to change the root cause which is Judaic global matrix control based on Judaic control of “money” (fiat debt token) creation and distribution AND the usurious fractional reserve banking system the Jews use to control global society using the BOOM/BUST scenario with which they steal the wealth of everyone else, causing unemployment, poverty and misery everywhere.

    Those monetary creation and control mechanisms are the means by which Jews control, enslave and impoverish gentiles. Moreover, impoverished people are desperate people. The reason USans enlist in the military is because that mercenary occupation offers “employment” and hence “money”. DITTO re the impoverished and desperately ignorant Muslims and others who sign up with CIA military “fronts” like ISIS, al Queda and all the rest of the plethora of terrorist organizations spawned by the Jew controlled Anglo-USraeli and EU military and “intelligence” services.

    Unless and until a critical mass of Europeans and Anglo-Amerikkans understands the root cause of their situation and REJECT that cause, the current global dystopia (typified by the current attacks on Syria, Libya, Iraq and Ukraine et al; the consequent refugee crisis in the EU, AND the irrational responses of people like Carlos Whitlock Porter) will continue to its logical conclusion, unless Universe Management intervenes in the process.

    What is required is a genuine increase in awareness with a consequent increase in consciousness, by “ensouled” individuals who must then actively inform those around them of the truth and the need for humanity to STOP allowing governments to “sell-out” their constituents by providing Jews with legal (though cosmically unlawful) monopoly licences TO CREATE “MONEY” OUT OF THIN AIR, and to determine when, AND TO WHOM, that “money” will be supplied. Communities must decide such questions AND ensure that the process is transparent, carefully audited and subject to public scrutiny at all times.

    Humanity must also seek to eliminate usury but that requires an even bigger consciousness change since eliminating usury entails undermining humanity’s materialist, consumer paradigm which will eventually lead to a moneyless BUT ABUNDANT, global society.

    The current global monetary situation that so-called democratic societies allow to happen, is LUNACY! It is the cause of Judaic global dictatorship and resultant abject poverty for most humans; and psychic misery for most of the rest.

    So then, anyone who genuinely wants to solve Europe’s (or humanity’s) current dystopic problems needs to arm themselves with knowledge of how and why the Jew created global fictive “money” creation and distribution system works and why it must be eliminated. THEN they must actively seek to inform as many others as possible. For instance, IF the said 30% of Germans who are said to want to kill refugees actually understood how the Jews control the global economy they could and would remove over night the Jew ridden German government which created that problem for them (and would also tell the US military to leave Germany). DITTO for all other EU and Anglo-Amerikkan nations.

    While humanity remains invincibly ignorant of the true cause of their enslavement they will continue to kill each other FOR the Jews. The problem of course is that most people have been mind controlled from birth to accept the current global monetary and governance situation and so they suffer extreme cognitive dissonance when faced with the truth. In effect, most people love their bondage because they FEEL that changing their perceptions of the world is an attack on themselves (ie their ego which controls most people.). IT ISN’T. Cognitive dissonance is a mind fuck.

    All that can be done is for those who are AWAKE to continuously spread information and truth about these core issues. As that is done, some people will become more aware and begin to transition into higher consciousness. When sufficient numbers have transitioned, our world will change. WHY? Because our world is a creation of MIND.

    What should be obvious though, is that Europeans and others will not solve their problems using the same mentality and consciousness with which those problems were created. Killing people (even Jews) does not increase consciousness.

    Peace and Blessings,

  37. Frauke Petry –

    “Border guards must prevent illegal border crossings and even use firearms if necessary”

    No police officer wanted to shoot at a migrant, Petry said, adding “I don’t want that either but, ultimately, deterrence includes the use of armed force.”

    There should be no controversy over this statement. It applies to those migrants ignoring the border guards demand that the migrant stop to show his visa allowing him to enter Germany (or any European country) or whatever the guard wants that qualifies the migrant to enter Germany.


    Examples of when guards could be authorized to shoot migrants illegally crossing a border:

    Hundreds of Migrants use Battering Ram to tear down Macedonian Border Fence


    Hungary Unleashes Water Cannons on Migrants at Border


  38. Did you remember that movie from the 90’s, “American history X” ?, well, at that time many apprentices of skinheads take the suggested attitude of that movie, you’re violent, you dislike all brown people and you kick them every time you can, why ?, because that’s what you do !, don’t you see the movie?…well nothing has changed, we dislike the Jewish power that is killing the occidental culture but we are still doing the kind of negative things that they teach us to do…even a great professor. Mr. Porter has provided our enemies with a splendid argument against us.

    1. “…Mr. Porter has provided our enemies with a splendid argument against us…”

      Only when it is distorted by people like you.

      Apart from you I count 17 people so far who understand the plain English meaning of what I said. Many thanks. Some people are still sane.

      Greetings to Fred Leuchter. When he participated in an execution, was he a “murderer”? He was if you think capital punishment is “murder”. I do not think so.

      I am not interesting in all these word games. I said what I said, and my meaning is clear.

      There is another misconception, one of many. We are told the Jews have enabled all of this.

      True. But the Jews are already here. We are not being invaded by millions of Jews.

      We are being invaded by millions, soon to be billions — 6, 8, 10, 12, the sky is the limit — of Africans, Moslems and South Americans, not to mention the Chinese, Pakistanis and Hindus. If we concentrate on the Jews alone we will be swamped in a year.

      So we enforce the laws that are on the books right now, against illegal immigration, and worry about the Jews later (five minutes afterwards). How’s that?

      1. @ Carlos W. Porter

        You don’t have to machine-gun third world invaders, who are unarmed after all. You can handle them like the riot police does to a demonstrating crowd. Only in extreme cases fire-arms are used. Mostly water cannons, batons or pepper spray are sufficient.

        BTW, whether an action by a government is “legal” or not doesn’t make it necessary moral. Many governments have engaged in crimes, even though they declared them “legal”.

  39. G’day Pilgrims,

    In this final stage of their takeover of our gentile world the Jews and their shabbos goys are attempting to complete their monetary COUP by instigating negative interest rates coupled with the implementation of a CASHLESS global economy. They have to get the stupid goyim to accept a CASHLESS monetary situation to ensure that they can steal money at will with negative interest rates and outright confiscation. While people still hold cash you have to use force to steal it from them but in a cashless, digital banking monetary system, a few computer keystrokes will do the job.

    A cashless society is not a moneyless society in which everyone in the community contributes according to ability and as needed, and the community as a whole “owns” the planet’s God given resources, which means that, among other things, each community as a whole, is the responsible guardian and controller within their domain, of all relevant physical planetary resources and the technologies, robots, machines and human resources needed to sustain everyone in abundance while preserving the integrity and ecology of the planet. Such societies will develop in due course, once humanity evolves in consciousness and integrity. But unfortunately, we are not there yet. Currently private individuals “OWN” the corporations and governments that “OWN” the planet’s physical resources and the robots, factories, technologies, machines and intellectual property etc that CAN produce abundance but they only produce what they require for their own use and benefit, and/or can sell for a profit. As private individuals and their corporations (including governments) currently “own” the resources from which abundance is produced, a cashless society will have the opposite effect from a “moneyless” society because the money meme will remain dominant and accordingly everyone will be required to remain a free range serf; a wage slave dependent on dividends, employment, welfare payments or other “charity” contributions from governments, corporations and oligarchs, for needed sustenance payments, wages, “compensation” or other charity, however described.

    Moreover, taxes, charges and levees of all kinds are currently extracted, by force and violence by governments (who have a monopoly thereon) but in a “cashless” society they will be extracted at the press of a computer keystoke. In that environment the elimination of cash, ie physical “money” tokens which free range serfs and “wage slaves” can hold in their hands and exchange for goods and services, will usher in an era of totalitarian enslavement and dependance upon those who control society including of course the banks that will issue digital money credits to be used in lieu of cash wages and other cash payments.

    THINK ABOUT THAT! Once a society becomes cashless, everyone becomes totally dependent upon the banks and those who control the banks, for the ability to satisfy their daily needs in virtually every way. The sole exceptions will be farming and gardening communities and co-operatives where the members are virtually self sufficient in food production and other things. Anyone dependent upon dividends, wages, salary or “compensation” payments and packages processed by the banking system will live or die depending upon whether that system provides them with appropriate digital credit payments, when needed. So, if an individual’s access to his/her digital “cash” is eliminated for any reason (for instance if relevant computer systems crash, electric power supplies cease, or banks or other authorities terminate that facility for a given individual or individuals), the individual(s) affected will starve unless supported by the charity of others, if any, who still have access to “cashless money” or some independent physical means of sustenance.

    Sooo, feel free to welcome the new digital era of “cashlessness” at your peril Pilgrims. Be aware though, that our situation will be transformed following the coming geo-political and geophysical changes. In the words of David Righter:

    ‘… after the major geophysical changes to your planet have taken place, … there won’t be all of these products which are presently taken for granted and global brands will be a thing of the past. It is in the best interests of the planet that things are produced near to where they are used; using sustainable and wholesome components and ingredients. No more junk food; no more products from a hemisphere away; no more products designed to impair your health; no more products designed to enslave and divert you; just local items for local people. And when you find that life is much more basic and physically challenging than it is currently; you will come to value and appreciate that which is available and harder to come by, and you will all be so much richer for the experience. It will be neither Capitalist nor Communist; as you currently understand those terms, but it will be about people being equal and there being a commonwealth belonging to the people, of the locality; region and country. Nobody will be better or worse than anyone else; just the Sons and Daughters of Father God, and the differences in your abilities, personalities and looks appreciated and valued as different aspects of the whole.’ So be it.
    (See eg: A Sense of True Freedom – http://abundanthope.net/pages/vince/A-Sense-of-True-Freedom.shtml And: A Cashless Society.- http://abundanthope.net/pages/vince/A-Cashless-Society.shtml). So be it.
    Peace and Blessings,

    1. G’day Pilgrims,

      IMHO the real issue facing Europe and humanity is spiritual not material. It is an existential problem created by our adherence to the money meme and the human separation, isolation and competition it creates. The money meme has been used to mind control humanity into believing the accumulation of “money” and personal wealth, achieved through service to self rather than gifting and service to others, produces individual, communal and global happiness and prosperity. It doesn’t.

      That should be obvious to any genuine observer today, After all it isn’t only refugees from Western economic and military wars who are suffering and experiencing poverty and alienation today. Youth unemployment and poverty in Southern Europe and many other places starkly evidences the bankruptcy of Western materialist ideology in the EU and elsewhere today.

      The ever growing unemployment and underemployment in the global economy is not a new phenomenon. And arguably transiting skilled employees and others into government dependents is not just a component of the “New Age” of reduced wealth and servitude for Americans and Westerners generally. Nor is it just the result of so-called illegal immigration and the off shoring of jobs to China and similar countries. In addition it cannot be categorised as just the national suicide of the free enterprise economy in the US or anywhere else. The implosion of the global ‘wage slave’ employment system is an inherent result of the Capitalist money system to which it is symbiotically attached.

      Among other things the current global economic recession is actually a symptom of the clash of materialistic money meme ideology with accelerating human scientific and technological development which has been gathering pace for centuries. At the core of our so-called Capitalist global economic system are two mechanisms. First, the usurious monetary mechanism. Second, and symbiotically co-dependent with that money mechanism, is the labour for income mechanism. The global economic system is based on human beings selling their labour (ie themselves) as a commodity in the open market so that they can then buy and consume the production of that market.

      The reason the matrix controllers have concealed the true meaning and implications of the rapid uptake of mechanisation, automation and electronics and robotics in human workplaces is that the steady decline in available paid employment for people heralds the end of the fictional fiat money creation and usurious fractional reserve banking systems that have held humanity in thrall and enslavement to the matrix controllers for centuries. But the future is here. See eg: Artificial intelligence – can we keep it in the box? http://theconversation.edu.au/artificial-intelligence-can-we-keep-it-in-the-box-8541

      See also: http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/ideas/2012/06/robots-enter-the-job-market/ And: http://www.independentaustralia.net/2012/business/technology/technological-unemployment-the-next-big-global-economic-issue/
      And: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Uberveillance-Internet-of-Things-Energy-Harvesting-and-Guardian-Angels.shtml
      And: http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/ideas/2012/06/robots-enter-the-job-market/

      If people do not have the option to work for a living because paid employment is unavailable, then the monetary system as we know it, is finished, and the capitalist economic system based on it must implode also. No one can buy goods if they don’t earn money or get given money from the Welfare State. Similarly, companies and businesses cannot afford to produce goods and services if consumers have no purchasing power to buy them. Lastly, governments will cease to be able to collect income, sales and other taxes and charges sufficient to continue the Welfare State if only a minority of people are working, earning money, paying taxes and consuming. Sooo, as the need for workers declines below the “tipping point” at which the State ceases to be able to take enough money from those in paid employment to provide adequate “welfare” payments to the unemployed and their dependents, this unstable system breaks down. As that happens those who control the corporations that own the robots and machines will decide who lives and who dies and whether the process will be rapid or not.

      This situation underlines the matrix controllers’ desire to eliminate the bulk of the human population of the planet. The cold hard fact is that billions of human workers are no longer “needed” and the global matrix controllers have known this since, at least, the onset of the Great Depression in the 1930s.

      Einstein wrote in the mid 1930s that humanity had solved the production problems facing it. This was true. One only has to consider the greatly increased productivity possible using a truck or tractor instead of a horse and cart and so on.

      One way the global controllers have always solved that problem of excess manpower has been to create wars and so the banksters organised WWII. Some seven million USans died of famine in the 1930s and Amerikka did not recover from the Great Depression until AFTER the US entered WWII. The US subsequently instigated wars against Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and many others; as well as covert wars against other nations as it is doing in Syria, Ukraine, Iran, Yemen and Sudan today. Such wars are not only implemented in order to steal resources and establish Rothschilds’ controlled Central Banks (1) but also to bomb whole nations’ infrastructure back to the Stone Age in order to create opportunities for Jew controlled banks and corporations to rebuild that infrastructure at a profit.

      The controllers also used the Great Depression to bankrupt the US (See eg: US Congress: House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933 – http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/US_Congress_House_Joint_Resolution_192_of_June_5_1_3312.shtml And: The Bankruptcy of The United States – http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/The_Bankruptcy_of_The_United_States_3135.shtml And: Colonel Edward Mandell House Predicts the Creation of the STRAWMAN in the US – http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/Colonel_Edward_Mandell_House_Predicts_the_Creation_3153.shtml ) and many other countries in order to formally enslave everyone having a registered birth certificate and to enable them to create welfare states to destroy peoples’ sense of independence. The welfare state kept alive the notion that people must have money to live and that they must work in paid employment in order to get that money.(2) This concealed the fact that there was no need for everyone to work full time anymore because machines and technology were beginning to do more and more work cheaply and efficiently. That should have led to increased leisure and genuine personally directed scientific, educational and cultural activities as abundance spread throughout society. When I was a teenager commentators and the media used to talk about the 20 hour work week replacing the 40 hour work week. Well justified expectations of an abundant future were common in the 1950s and early 1960s.(3) However the idea of reduced working hours for working humanity (ie free range serfs) (4) and other positive expectations of an abundant future have been suppressed for decades.

      Domestically, as a temporary “fix”, the controllers have forced the free range serf populations in Western countries to do much unnecessary and part time work to keep them “busy” and afraid that they will become totally unemployed. In particular, since the introduction of economic rationalism and globalisation as a result of the Washington Consensus in 1980, much work has been “make work” designed to force workers to unnecessarily account for their time and performance. Ironically also, while corporations are demanding greater “productivity” they are also deliberately building faults and obsolescence into products and production in order to create increased sales and profits, and further work. This also heightens the impression that we must all increase our productivity and production when in fact the reverse is the real situation.

      Also the controllers used Jews like Edward Bernays and CIA agents like Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan (Bettye Naomi Goldstein) and others to develop feminism to trick females into seeking paid employment instead of raising their children. Thus females became tax payers and had to pay others (from their own after tax earnings) to mind their children for them. This would have slightly increased the total amount of work required because commercial child care involved constant travel, management, supervision, payroll, accounting and taxation costs etc, not required when minding children at home.

      Essentially the same child minding labour was required but the money and taxation systems were reinforced by the great influx of new paid workers. This also increased the tax take by the global controllers at the expense of a huge new flock of female free range serfs who were fooled into believing that working for wages emancipated them from domestic chores and a sense of inferiority that had been artificially attached to that service. The fundamental employment system problem though, was that technology kept replacing human labour as well as making workers more productive in most work activities. So the controllers found ways to make the free range serfs work, worry and spend excessive (unpaid) time seeking employment, preparing for and travelling between multiple jobs etc. But these stop gap measures are now breaking down as technology and robots are dominating more and more workplaces and services.

      So today robots, automation and electronics are greatly reducing the need for paid workers, thus leaving huge and growing numbers of people without high paying or any jobs. In most European and Anglo-Amerikkan countries we are rapidly approaching the point at which governments can no longer steal enough of the productivity of those in employment to provide adequate welfare payments and benefits for the huge numbers of people who are unemployed or underemployed. As this occurs the banksters are insisting that economic liberalism dictates greater and greater “austerity” ie reductions in government welfare payments and services accompanied by increases in taxes, notably carbon taxes, fuel excise taxes, and increases in electricity charges and so on.

      Once you’ve digested the fact that the old employment for money syndrome cannot be sustained and is on the way out VERY SOON because machines and robots will do the work, have a look at the positive technologies that will become available as soon as there ceases to be a monetary advantage in suppressing them. For instance think about the fact that the Keshe Foundation’s free energy or even Tesla and similar zero point energy (ZPE) devices; as well as Keshe Foundation medical and other plasma technologies, will all but eliminate the cost (and human effort) involved in creation of electrical and other power supplies including the power needed for transport modes and many current medical technologies. Once Keshe plasma or ZPE systems are up and running and freely available, there will be no need for power grids, power poles down every street etc. The bulk of the construction, operating and maintenance crews currently needed for those tasks will be released to do more productive and enjoyable activities.

      Similarly, no trucks, trains, ships and pipelines will be needed to transport oil, coal and gas etc all over the world. That will also eliminate the specious alleged need to make war on countries that have lots of oil, and/or coal or gas. THAT would save the trillions of dollars spent on bombing countries back to the Stone Age and invading and occupying them. It would also eliminate the work required to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed in such processes. And of course there would be a big drop in the need for surgeons, doctors, therapists etc for those wounded or injured mentally or physically. And so it goes Pilgrims.

      What all this means is that we must get a grip on the new reality in which forced, full-time and/or multiple part-time employment will be no more; and only a relatively small, select cadre of specialist planners, designers, engineers, technicians, supervisors, administrators, scientists and such, will be needed to perform construction, industrial, infrastructure, horticultural and services “work” etc on a sustained basis. Those performing that work will choose their occupations and be suitably equipped to perform them. As a result, many people will be free to provide domestic and human services to their families and others while still having plenty of free time to spend doing research or study and following personal pursuits that are considered to be of benefit to society or at least not detrimental. In that environment cultural activities like “The Arts” will come into their own. In such a society the readily available abundance made possible by robots and technology will ensure that everyone has all their basic needs met.

      The reason this pernicious free range serf, global matrix people-management system has not collapsed long ago, freeing everyone from slavery to money and the banksters who create and control it, is that many people have, or think they have, a vested interest in continuing the system either because they think it gives them more money or prestige than others or because they FEAR change and having to reconstruct their paradigm, their view of themselves and the world, once having a paid job ceases to define WHO THEY ARE. These are spiritual psychological and existential issues NOT financial and economic ones.

      Once the current employment and money systems implode, humanity will simple revert to living in genuine community settings in which members will care for and serve each other as still happens in healthy families and genuinely isolated communities. Fear that individuals or communities collectively will not have enough resources to live are simply the negative residual effects of the cradle to grave mind control humanity has been subjected to for centuries. Think about it! Once individuals and communities no longer have to pay interest on money (which should and will be issued usury free) and cease to be taxed for irrelevant and often harmful centralised government purposes, they will be able to retain at least 40% more of their own labour output than they can now.

      Further, elimination of the myriad unnecessary costs associated with centralised and superfluous services provision in relation to electricity generation, vehicle fuel provision, long distance monocultural food production, transport and distribution; and all the other costs associated with our grossly over regulated way of life today will enable people to retain almost all of the fruits of their labours for use and distribution within their local communities. Moreover, people work harder and smarter when they work for themselves and their communities and so abundance will quickly follow.

      Abundance will come even sooner for those communities and nations that agree to properly share manufacturing and other work and its fruits equitably. Remember that increasingly robots and machines will do the work and so the real problems will be about equitable distribution of productive output rather than, as now, creation of enormous poverty through mal-distribution of work and wages; as well as refusal to share excess output.

      It may be that some menial work not amenable to automated and/or robotic performance will need to be performed on a routine roster basis, by those not otherwise adequately employed. I understand that in advanced civilisation like Telos such work consumes a half day a month for everyone from top to bottom of the governance order. So be it.

      End Notes:

      (1) See eg: Central Banks are the Real Target for West’s Imperial Wars. – http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Central-Banks-are-the-Real-Target-for-West-s-Imperial-Wars.shtml

      (2) Money is an illusion within a wider illusion – the holographic universe in which we seem to move and have our being. Money is an idea vivified by human consciousness; human group think. It is therefore possible to unthink it. But why would humanity want to do that?

      Well, we are told that money is a needed societal tool for exchange of goods and services but it isn’t. It is actually a socially engineered mechanism for enslavement. Humans have been programmed from cradle to grave to equate money with personal identity and self worth. It isn’t. Sooo, that social engineering must be reversed.

      Think about all the unnecessary work created by the money economy. For instance most work in banking, financial services, accountancy, financial law, court cases over money, wage tribunals, marketing, and merchandising, advertising (ie lying propaganda), taxation, policing of taxation and other crimes relating to money, insurance and so on are all unnecessary. They do not contribute anything to real productivity and abundance. IF those functions are eliminated a huge number of people would be freed up to do productive work and private projects, and that would increase both personal and general welfare. Moreover, eliminating the stress, pain, angst and misery relating to existing negative work activities would reduce the workload on doctors, psychologists, therapists, clergy and everyone currently needed to minister to those now suffering from those activities. If nothing else, the US could soon close its Veterans’ hospitals and health facilities.

      Arguably the money meme is a central mind control mechanism that has been used to enslave humanity mentally and physically. It creates artificial distinctions between sovereign fragments of the ONE Creator. It SEPARATES us from each other, isolating us psychologically from others and spiritually from Creation. That psychic isolation is in our faces all the time because it results in physical separation in all aspects of life as well as spiritual estrangement.

      (3) See eg: Will Life Be Worth Living in 2,000 AD? – Weekend Magazine Article July 22, 1961. http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/Will_Life_Be_Worth_Living_in_2_000_AD_-_Weekend_Ma_2692.shtml

      (4) For a general discussion of the term “free range serfs” and its context see: The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are – http://abundanthope.net/pages/Ron_71/The_Matrix_the_Strawman_and_WHO_You_Are_3030.shtml

      Peace and Blessings,

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert March 21, 2016 at 9:39 am
      From: Carlos W. Porter

      “You don’t have to machine-gun third world invaders, who are unarmed after all. You can handle them like the riot police does to a demonstrating crowd. Only in extreme cases fire-arms are used. Mostly water cannons, batons or pepper spray are sufficient.”

      QUESTION: So why is this not done? Because preventing them from landing would result in their deaths at sea. So what’s the difference? By some curious coincidence, we’ve got a lot more naval vessels equipped with machine guns than we do with pepper spray. I wonder why that is? – CP

      “BTW, whether an action by a government is “legal” or not doesn’t make it necessary moral. Many governments have engaged in crimes, even though they declared them “legal”.

      RESPONSIO: What I advocate would have been considered standard course of procedure at any time in the past. We are dealing with rioters. Read them the riot act, tell them to disperse, then start shooting.

      I am sad to see that the spirochete has finally reached your brain. Ora pro nobis.

      There is also such a thing as national waters. If they want to float around on the open sea forever, let them.

      1. Thank you Mr Porter

        I have benfited from your site on the hoaxaco$t.

        Someone mentioned Will, way back in the thread. Some willful action must happen to stop this incursion.

        It would be a benefit if the EU collapses. LOL


    Wake up all people – ignorance is turning our world into an uncontrollable mess.
    Quality people are being subjected to incompetence by way of the democratic system.
    Existing democratic system cannot support a discipline to protect all people’s interests.
    Quality people will have to take initiative and stop the stupidity created by the majority of so called financial heads misusing all people’s circumstances.
    Quality people will have to encourage all real men in the interest of women and children to remove all incompetent politicians from the democratic system as soon as possible.
    Please copy and paste this onto as many as possible comments available on the internet even if it is not related to the discussion – just get it spread around the world.
    Quality people can then start to redesign the democratic system in the interest of all of us.

    As an example of many proofs, read one of thousands of comments /articles/statements:-
    http://www.rt.com/politics/ Money is main threat to democracy says Russian elections chief
    Published time: 20 Jul, 2015 15:20

    Please understand this principle: we must all respect a blind person but we must not turn emotional and allow a blind person to drive a vehicle or fly an aircraft.

    The only way, we as the people in every country can secure an acceptable future, is if the democratic system is changed to ensure an honest political platform, that is subjected to a principle of the death sentence should dishonesty occur. Any person wanting to become an elected politician should understand this principle or else avoid the political platform.

    The natural world is dependent on REAL MEN and REAL WOMAN, but they are being undermined by UN-NATURAL MEN and UN-NATURAL WOMEN who are actually high risk psychopaths, disrupting people’s natural circumstances.

    A government should use your tax contribution to manage services in the interest of every citizen and not just a few biased people. A quality compiled government is the only solution to enforce a strict law system that can guarantee your interests.

    Every citizen in every country should take note of this and stand together in the interest of every human being. A single person does not have the capacity to rectify the democratic system and for this reason people must form groups to encourage as many as possible citizens and join hands to help rectify the existing uncontrollable mess, created by the biased platform.

    Please forward this to as many as possible people within police and defence departments within each country.

    For perspective : Der Spiegel :- The Bullingdon Club and the Excessive British Elite
    By Christoph Scheuermann October 15, 2015


    Please forward this to as many people as possible to be made known in an exponential effect.

    Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens
    The Government Listens To Lobbyists And The Wealthy, Not You And Me
    Princeton Concludes What Kind of Government America Really Has, and It’s Not a Democracy
    Jewish Supremacist Role in anti-European Movements in Present-Day South Africa
    How the Jewish Lobby Controls Congress’–Revelations in The New Yorker
    American Democracy No Longer Works
    25 Facts About The Fall Of Detroit That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head
    20 Cities That May Face Bankruptcy After Detroit
    The US is an oligarchy, study concludes
    Which American municipalities have filed for bankruptcy?
    Will Zoe Loefgrin Vote $108 Billion For European Banks While California Goes Bankrupt?
    Rotherham report ‘reduced me to tears’, says MP who exposed abuse decade ago


    1. Peter,

      “Quality people are being subjected to incompetence by way of the democratic system.”

      This is an excellent line. Really excellent.

      It summarises everything our world is suffering from.

      This should be the incentive for a new grass root fascist movement to cure our sick planet.

      1. @Sasha Cohen

        History is a pack of lies of a victor that the victims have to swallow.

        Captain Ajit Vadakayil a retitered captain on oiltankers from Kerala, India wrote this on St Patricksday 3 days ago:


        Many historians still wonder how the Druids who held all the power in Europe suddenly vanished from the face of the Earth without a trace…
        Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a yearly holiday celebrating Ireland’s favorite patron saint. He is the man who did GENOCIDE of pagan druids who were Indian hindus with tattoos of Shiva Lingam with a snake on their arms. St Patrick got his orders from the Pope Leo the great ( Leo 1 ).

        We Hindus will NOT allow Christian historians to escape from the charge of GENOCIDE OF DRUIDS.

        Emperor Valentinian III used Pope Leo 1 to bribe Atilla the Hun to cleanse all druids in his path. This cleared the way for future Papal authority and Christianity .

        Druids ( Dryuhus ) were Hindu sages who believed in immortality of the soul , the theory of re-incarnation , laws of Karma and the law of cosmic change PRALAYA – breathing in and out by brahma dissolving the cosmos and rebuilding it all over again.. The Druids built the Stonehenge…..
        …….Druid is a combination of Dhruv (pole star ) and Vidya ( knowledge ). It literally means , a master astronomer…… The Swastika came from Dhruv and the Sapt (7) Rishis.

        Enfin read his stuff it will clean the retrospectacles (@1138/banjo billy)

      2. Zen,

        “Enfin read his stuff it will clean the retrospectacles (@1138/banjo billy)”

        Don’t you lecture me, boy.

        You know what ‘Ireland’ means?

        It means ARYANland.

        Light skinned Aryans founded ancient Indian culture and they later deluded with darkskinned Dravidians, the current Indians.

        It’s all about good vs evil, noble values vs depravity, i.e. Aryanism vs Judaism, and this has been going on for milennia. Probably even before the flood.

  41. @1138

    Not lecturing, just washing your ears/eyes:


    …..Hitler wanted all to believe that the Aryans were fair skinned, with blonde hair and blue eyes, this brown skinned captain writes….and I assume 1138 he is writing for you too…(?)* and listen to this cap standing on the bridge of his ship a little more:… The Mueller / Macaulay conspiracy is a bigger hoax than the Darwin theory of evolution. It has been proved beyond doubt by American and Indian universities by DNA tests that the Indian Dravidian DNA is same as so called Indian Aryan DNA. While the DNA of different races in Europe is vastly different…..(Certainly Car screw loose P. will hear this too just before the Jaws lunch him).

    ?*In case you know this 1138 than these quotes are not meant for you, I see you join car loose and the jaws just now, bye, bye….

    1. Zen,

      “Before I proceed I must express my gratitude to the flower children ( the hippies of the sixties ) who took on the big brother establishment by their short curlies and won —and gave this planet the apple, internet information superhighway and the great Google..”

      Yeah, this site truly is a wealth of information. How can anyone not believe anything this oracle says? I mean, it’s not like it’s just, you know, an opinion or anything. Nohoo Sir, this is the real deal.

      Carry on, zweefkees.

    2. “…..Hitler wanted all to believe that the Aryans were fair skinned, with blonde hair and blue eyes…”

      Not true. I did a whole series of articles about the Lebensborn. These were considered desirable traits, but not essential at all. They are desirable because they are recessive. They represent the ideal of what we wish to preserve.

  42. If Darkmoon is about something, it’s – BlowaTrumpet – that… it allows me on, rather than not. (Not all would/do). It’s… about… strength of conviction, in ever-more confiscated public discourse yet enough openness, to keep idealogical subservient to ‘any-questions?’ Am all-up to expect to get some rude-rip back here and there. Hallelujah. Hopefully for good reason. But ‘you’ can take it… and, this, the relief. Shows character, that if not held-by outposts like this rare one, will be easier to steal away from all and any.

    The man’s opinion on killing those attempting to ‘get in’ has a literary tone that I read as hyperbole. Of course, ten minutes sitting in the same space as those he calls ‘beggars, cowards’ (all?), would doubtless moderate his opinions and solutions on that.

    His feelings – I contend, lacking face to face experience – over observation, shows up the blind-ground for racism. And who the comparisons? What? Me, you, not..? ‘Peoples’ in any number, never met? In what circumstances? And what would ‘he’ be doing?

    Pure bunkum to call ‘all’ migrants, ‘degenerate in behaviour’ as with – all… you-know-who/this and that. Someone recently gave me an alt. take on ‘Paul/Cretans’. Cultural ethnic stereotyping or here, we also have, racism? Suggest he meant the opposite/didn’t mean? Must check out, but doubt – and so was/this all-evident a collective behaviour, that he rightly quotes others saying? Sufficiently true and fitting?

    On Carlos, I hope-not and doubt, he’s not about the same heart of evil, this website seeks to expose and overcome. I’m with ‘exceptions of policy’ for ‘public-interest’ sake. This needs to be a safe-space i.e. ‘just’ moderation. And through this post, yet again, demonstrated.

    1. Mark,

      There is a big problem in the USA with the ghetto. In fact, it’s not just just the US, but also the UK, more so London. It is now no longer a white city, but a black and Asian city, DUE TO IMMIGRATION INTO IT.

      In the USA, blacks are simply unable to remove the ghetto from within them. They try all their lives to leave the ghetto and when they do, by moving into white neighbourhoods, the natural consequence of migratory blacks is that the whites leave their neighbourhoods as the blacks pour in AND THE GHETTO is once again created.

      The same has also happened in London UK, not just with blacks but Asians also.

      Pakistan is Pakistan because guess what? Yup, it’s full of Pakistanis, some 190 million+ of them to be precise, a country who’s population has increased by over 300% since its inception in the mid 20th century. So what happens when you say, have massive migration into the UK from Pakistan? What happens when those Pakistanis not only have multiple wives and more children, but ship their brides in from abroad, when they feel like some different poontang to play with? England’s second largest city is Birmingham which now has a MUSLIM majority population.

      What really and truly amazes me about people like you is that you think it’s just dandy to let them all in and screw the fact that common sense and logic dictates that migrant procreation and migration will spell the indigenous of Europe becoming a minority well before the end of the 21st century. You have this “Sure, let’s all become a minority and see how our new, non indigenous rulers and bosses will be to us? I think it’s great that our land plays host to multicultural and multiracial societies, even if if means we get wiped out in due process.”

      When I read people’s comments, like yours, it’s why I think to myself, is the white race really worth saving when it consists of a growing number of lemmings such as yourself?

      Next time you decide to study migration, should you ever choose to that it, you’ll find that 99% of all world migration is into the west. What does that spell for westerners, indigenous ones that is?

      1. Harbinger
        London is not so race-specific for anyone much to consider is, a ‘Black / Asian city’. The main gripe is gentrification. ‘Progress and safety -vs- old days remaining’ depending of course, on which posh or poor side of the fence you sit? I’m all drained to no-avail, rabbiting-on to strangers about awoken news. Politics is a low/no-go area. Level of interest, remarkably absent. One shifter, is over recent planning permission, to gut the more beloved areas of the bits that carry old charm and closest to open social spaces. This mustering up, smatterings of activism. Otherwise, race brews up over postcode drug-activity but even that, is all about the mon. over race. Colour becomes most pronounced once there’s riots and this stirred to order/s. Otherwise, people don’t care much about the theoretical future. And with so much shabby behaviour going down, glad to find compatibility wherever they can. London is somewhat proud of its racial mix. There’s a section of Black people who consider race ‘the’ issue, such that all other viewpoints tend in their mind, to be subservient to rectifying historical – and present – racism. They have a case but as with writing here and places-like, exposes it’s weaponsised and moved to ignore or undermine, racism against White people – white Poor, people.

        This distinct but small afro-centric crowd sort of agree with you, from an alternative perspective. I argue – with them – on better-to identify who’s-behind hating, on a number of fronts. Controllers hate Jewish people – and Muslims. Christians are ‘scum of the earth’. As with Black people and – are especially amping-up, decimating, discriminating-against and identity-robbing, White people.

        I read and comment because it’s helpful in my response to the troubles and what I do about. On; ‘Dandy to let them all in..? Never said. I wasn’t addressing, ‘ghetto/city problems = immigration’ and this, compared to Pakistan. But thanks for replying. You’ll doubtless agree; immigration, how it’s been engineered and increasingly so, is about the planned destruction of all races/nations, in a cull down to a few hundred million and those in a techno-squalor. Yes, the strategy involving lighter skins, the concerns you share – shout and do what you can to waken. Doing what we can, must… and more… MUST. But yup, don’t share a certain relatively, DM-orthodoxy, about ‘white’ or ‘jew’. Sometimes I don’t know if I agree with the observations… (feelings, needs, requests) or, where my views fit/don’t? More both/and, than either/or. Probably as much to do with expression and intent, than analysis. My comment was about ‘being let on’. Reluctantly for some, I am. Thanks again though.

      2. Mark,

        “London is not so race-specific for anyone much to consider is, a ‘Black / Asian city’. The main gripe is gentrification.”

        I beg to differ.
        London’s non white population is increasing, so much so that the indigenous now make up a minority.
        There are parts of London where you can walk and it’s like being in another country. Islamabad springs to mind. Have you been to Tower Hamletts, Finsbury Park or Bethnal Green lately? What about Tottenham, Woolwich or Brixton? Then there’s Elephant and Castle, East Dulwich or Lewisham? And I could also speak of Tooting, Bow and Kensington/Shepherd’s Bush……
        In fact, Mark, having lived in London for 18 years, I see London for what it is; a country within a country. It is a little USA, with a larger ratio of non whites to whites.
        Then of course there’s Birmingham, Slough, Leicester…..

        The cities in the UK are, as was planned becoming more non white as every day passes, every migrant walks in and every non indigenous/migrant adds more non indigenous offspring to the Britain demographic.

        Gentrification has been going on in London since Thatcher in the 80’s. I lived in Shoreditch in the late 90’s, up until around 2007 and watched as this ‘village’, a place of artistic talent, was swallowed up by property investors, who hiked rent up by 200% overnight. I watched as more and more fancy bars opened up, along with the strip clubs, which attracted the yuppies from the city, just south of this once little paradise. Heck, you could rent an old office space for a penthouse flat, for around £600 a month back in the 90’s. You’d be lucky to get that now for less than £2,000! Gentrification affects everyone, regardless of race. All it does is put up the price to which people eventually accept as the norm. Sure, they can all march in their thousands against gentrification of Brick Lane and Columbia Road, but you won’t stop the continuing rise of prices in London, as there’s always a steady flow of poor idiots who’ll happily live there, compared to whatever shit hole they migrated from. And this is exactly why they promote migration, because it creates a populous who’ll accept gentrification. And worse, the migrants get in on the game, whether renting out their council flats, privately (illegally) to rich tenants or actually purchasing their council flats, becoming yet another of the many unscrupulous private land lords, London has to offer.
        Take Brick Lane for example. When the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis moved in in the 70’s, the council was not only giving away council flats to every immigrant, but property was dirt cheap. Immigrants bought their council houses for £5,000 back then (and less) and today, a one bedroom in Brick Lane, is worth at least £400,000. These people also bought up the old, derelict factories. It created millionaires out of Muslims, who would never had any chance of doing so in their own lands.

        Gentrification is, sadly, benefiting non whites, FAR MORE, than whites, because they are now major property and business owners, not forgetting landlords in these gentrified areas, predominantly in East, South East and South London.

        “London is somewhat proud of its racial mix.”

        Is it? To whom?
        Sure, the liberals and the lefties, brainwashed by constant white guilt, oblivious to the Jewish agenda love London’s cultural mix. This is even more so championed by the multicultural Jew msm and even more from the entertainment worlds of music, acting and art. Yes, they absolutely love the fact that London is now no longer London and a city that represents England, but instead a city that represents Babel. And the Jew overlord Rothschild, rules, in his City over all.

        Tell me, Mark what culture does Beijiing represent? What about Karachi, Islamabad, Lagos, or any other non white city? It’s amazing how people happily accept the fact that London is no longer British, but that’s absolutely fantastic isn’t it?
        While the Emma Thompsons, the Bob Geldoffs and every other luvee from the art’s world promotes mass migration into the UK, do they worry about losing their jobs? Hell no! They’ll still have their fancy flats in Edgware, Kensington and Mayfair, eating out at their fancy restaurants, because they’re wallowing in money like pigs in shit.
        What about the old white communities that once used to be Hackney, Tower Hamletts, Brixton, Elephant & Castle, Bethnal Green & Bow, to name but a few, of the now non white boroughs of London Town?
        Sadly, where I used to live in London, there was a large housing complex. They were evicting everyone who lived there, so that they could move out the whites and bring in more non whites. They were of course saying that they were ‘refurbishing’ them, but that they’d be housed in a different area. When I went back 5 years later, where I lived and all the other flats around, they were now inhabited by Asians (Pakistani and Bangladeshi families). Not a white face in sight. No, you see these people were the minority so they got minority privileges. While they paid some £180 a week for a four bedroom flat, the indigenous were having to pay at least three times that for the privilege, to live in their nation’s capital. And tell me Mark, were I to go to their country, would they house me, in a council flat, paying a lot less than the indigenous, in their capital, as a member of the minority? Would they hell.

        With the gentrification in London, we are seeing more and more white flight. There are no longer any more white communities. White communities are simply bad areas for the Jew. It shows that their genocide isn’t working and they have to add far more pepper to the salt. Even better, get rid of the salt altogether.

        If London taught me anything, it taught me that multiculturalism is all about destroying indigenous cultures. It also taught me that as minorities grow and the parent culture disappears, a fight from dominance begins. But what London really taught me, was just how prejudice (hateful) non whites are to whites and how pathetic, guilt ridden, indoctrinated whites truly are, to happily watch their capital city, be turned into a shithole, courtesy of turd, world immigration into it.

        I merely write what I see. I don’t scrape nerves, I sever them.I don’t write to win friends, because my realism is identified as pessimism. I do not attack people, merely try to make them rethink their views.

      1. Ya right there. Need to ‘try harder’ which is what they wrote during my limited school-days.
        Apologies and reply cometh.

      2. Harbinger, apologies about the frustrating incoherence. And thanks for such a thorough reply. Going to keep it brief and, not too-long-a jumbled explanation. Seriously, I am trying too improve m’grammar.

        Demographics aren’t deniable with the ever-threatening, undesired outcomes of immigration – a given. Perceived responses by the general public, my question? ‘Dangerous streets’ and therefore ‘people’? Round the blocks you write about ‘white’-er areas and bods, are unquestionably no better when bad (and that’s being generous). Would I rather be down which dark-ally? (Which/not proud of – have decades of first-hand experience, deep, far and London-wide).

        I’m not suggesting you are, but certain race-baiting either way, underlies and stirs the problem. It’s about policy not people. Trying to link behaviour to a persons culture/ideology, has a place but needs to watch the limits. Perhaps you never even got on to this but – my addition.

        ‘Like being in another country…’ Yep, but it’s not helped by a media wind-up subtly promoting antagonism/but looks not. We could make better of the growing shifts in racial moves but this isn’t encouraged. (The why? – obviously). So here’s my thang? Anger and grief over immigration: Best get-worse in consequences, or better? I’m for both: More peace as far as… and – borders, that keep migrants at bay.

        And ‘many-races’ appreciation is vastly wider than stuffed-up trendies but yes, changing and mapping isn’t easy. Some good reasons, some junk. Paradox and complex, that yes; all a bit glib and deceptive – red, gold and green – rainbows or one side, no bait in sight. And all quibs = racist.

        And; ‘can’t walk down the streets’ on the other – Muslims or whoever more trouble than..? Then, there’s all the warring among those not White. And the – makes me particularly angry – organised, street-marching, white-provokers. Not all gatherings. But some. Rambling about in Luton with crosses, provokes me to go street preaching in their presence. May well yet.

        What you’ve written here is all fair-do’s, understand and share angst (aghast), at social and cultural attacks on what’s beaten-down and battered – ‘England’. I don’t expect to be liked a lot in what I write and yes, can be/am, waaay over-wordy. I’m not unimpressed you chose to reply. Tar. Mark.

  43. Peace be with the reader.

    The time has come, the true colors of individual human beings is now beginning to show.
    It is judgment time.

    The faithful witness

  44. @Duke

    As a cit-Y-mystic I can say say this: the soul of any human being has no color. Now it’s just about time to leave the church before the choir starts singing.

    1. Nor does the soul have DNA, blood type or blue eyes.

      Leave before the choir sings?! The choir singing is the best part!
      “Of Vedas, I am the Sama Veda”

      1. *POEM*

        “This article is like so wrong, man”

        this porter article, man, is NOT groovy
        it makes me sad, makes me uneasy
        the hoi polloi uninitiated, I see
        have a lot more work to do
        to be like me
        man, you gotta release
        your chakra-kundalini energy
        to reach heights of understanding
        and float on the clouds.

        OH WOW, man,
        I just started levitating
        I’m exploring the Cosmos
        I just zipped by Mars and Uranus
        on Golden Star Dust particles
        the same Golden Star Dust
        that comprise my DNA.

        During Vietnam
        I escaped amerika
        the U.S. Military Industrial Establishment
        wasn’t going to turn me into a victim
        Man, I jumped the Express to Marrakesh
        the Sufis there got the most kick ass
        hashish brownies
        this porter wants to exterminate our bruthas, man
        and that is like so wrong, it’s NOT groovy
        get in touch with Gabreal Jones
        dudes, he’ll hook you up with Tavistock Sandoz LSD
        OH MAN, I’m floating about in Cosmic Oneness
        totally above your mundane world
        my name is in the book of life
        right there in the Akashic Records
        under “A” for Ascended Master.

        In your world I’m not so appreciated
        I’m just less visible
        but up here above the clouds
        zipping by Mars and Uranus
        I hear the music of The Spheres
        Sista Lucy and me got front row seats
        to the Universal Cosmic Concert
        if there’s a rock n’ roll, Heaven, man
        they gotta have one helluva band!

        Don’t let the joos fool you
        the muslims didn’t do 9/11
        so our bruthas are Totally Innocent
        plus they got the most kick ass
        Hashish brownies
        it was in Marrakesh I saw The Light
        where I first Transcended the New World Order
        OH MAN!! This is like the best shit
        my Pizza Man ever delivered!

        Get in touch with Gabreal
        I’m tellin ya’
        we’re on the threshold of Springtime season
        come tip toe thru the tulips with us Ascended Ones
        we’ll teach you all about Peace Luhv and Understanding
        this porter article is like so wrong, man
        smoke some weed, 420, dudes
        you all need to chill out, siriusly
        it always makes me sad to see
        not everyone is as Spiritually Transcendent as me.

        the hoi polloi will never learn
        but that’s okay, see if I care
        I got my stash and it’s a gas
        and I’m floating on Moon Beams
        my consciousness ever-expanding
        it’s total Bliss.

        I’m waiting for the day
        our Lasha, our Queen, our ISIS
        just says the word
        and like Osiris
        I will be healed and made whole again
        and I Will Arise and stride the Cosmos
        over the low level brain-less peasantry.

        OH WOW MAN!
        I just jumped into The Ganges
        I’m immersed in the Healing Waters of the Cosmos
        Here Comes The Sun, Light and Lichtung
        Oh man, this is hip,
        OH man, like entirely groovy.

        I can see in The Clearing, thru the Portal
        our Lord Shiva, he’s coming to welcome me
        into the Universal Pantheon
        that special Club
        reserved SOLely for us
        us Ascended Ones
        so Spiritually Advanced beyond anything
        mere mortal humans can imagine
        I actually feel sorry for the lesser ones
        they will never know the Bliss of being me
        I’m the One and Only less vizzy
        like Totally Ascended Master
        over all the Cosmic Galaxies!

  45. Out of all those people piling into Europe at the moment, you can safely say that 90% of them ARE NOT refugees but economic migrants. And then on top of that there is the ‘normal’ massive exodus from the third world into the first, or should I say, non white lands into white.

    People like Sacha Cohen, Avatar, Circassian and the rest of the Muslims who post/posted on this website see absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever in the massive migration of Muslims into Europe, for as Muslims, they believe that we need Islam badly in our lives and it’s their duty to colonize our lands and force the teachings of Muhammad upon all of us, seeing as we live in an immoral reality. And this is therein where the problem lies.
    I, as a westerner, see EVERYTHING wrong with colonization. Muslims, on the other hand don’t. Where I look at the past and realise the wrongs done by the British Empire and every other white empire that has moved into foreign lands and imposed its will, Muslims reminisce about the Muhammad’s victories in conquering the lands of the infidels and turning them into Islamic. Colonization is a main tenet of the teachings of Muhammad. The Islamic caliphate is most certainly the desire of Muslims. There’s no doubt about that.

    So what do we do?
    If we do as Carlos states, we stop the inevitable demolition of our lands, but bring the wrath of the rest of the world, under Jewish control upon our heads.
    If we don’t and allow them in, you can guarantee that within 5 years there will be civil unrest, followed by tough sentences to people who attack Muslims, in other words – you will be colonized and any fightback will mean prison. Which is somewhat ironic, because the very police who will be arresting their fellow Europeans are exactly the same and in doing so are sawing away at the branch their sitting on, overhanging a great chasm.

    People are talking (Ron Chapman) of instituting governments that will listen to the people, creating policy that stops attacking the middle east etc etc, but how? It’s a catch 22. In order to educate the public about the Jewish control over society, we need the msm, academia and politics, but they are all Jewish owned!
    It’s all very well stating the obvious, but everyone on this website knows what needs to be done, but the problem is HOW TO DO IT!

    1. Harbinger,

      There’s only one kind of circumstance that can get people off their arses and that’s a tremendous economic meltdown. You think Hitler could have made it to power if the average German was still doing fine? No, we need soup kitchens and total destitude for at least one third of the indigenous populace. A hungry man is an angry man and is led by his instincts, not by political correct mumbo jumbo. We need more than only a handful of angry online posters to get going. That’s what I think.

      1. 1138,

        I beg to differ.
        Don’t get me wrong, there will always be those nationalists within every society, but Germany was not cursed with a migrant population as we are in the west. It was not cursed with 3rd and 4th generation Africans, West Indians and Asians, who have grown up with the indigenous populous, whom are seen as no different to themselves.
        This is where you fail to see the bigger picture.
        Germany was also NOT under the grip of a politically correct culture, as ironically, the Frankfurt Marxists fled Germany in 1933 when Hitler came into power.

        If you remove the migrant population and the cultural Marxism from the equation and parallel the indigenous with the German population of the time of Hitler, fiercely nationalistic, then you have a fightback. We don’t have that. On the contrary, we have the exact opposite.

      2. Harbinger,

        No I do see it. That is of course a huge difference. And it is exactly that which I am pessimistic about. Demographics.

        And indeed you have a major point there. But we are still the vast majority. Only there isn’t much time left to have a slight chance that scenario could succeed. Also, should the economy – without any hocus pocus stimulus packages – take a seriously steep nose dive many relatively well off immigrants would already leave to greener pastures out of own choice before it really got grim. I’m not saying this is going to happen. It’s a only possible scenario.

      3. 1138,

        Whites are still the vast majority, I won’t deny that in the least, however, of those whites, how many are nationalists? How many amongst those whites are socialists and liberal conservatives? How many of those are pro immigration and anti immigration?
        What we have here at the moment is those for immigration and those against immigration. This is the current divide and conquer politics between the indigenous of the UK and of course the rest of Europe. And as we fight amongst ourselves, the fifth column, we know as immigration, continues to grow.

        Our ‘masters’ will continue to push us into the corner, I should imagine, slowly for the next 40 or so years, continuing the indoctrination for whites to feel ashamed for feeling proud of being white, while blacks and Asians celebrate being their race. And yes, I agree, when the indigenous DO decide to fight back, it will be reminiscent of farting against thunder. The indigenous then will be on a par with the non and of course, they’ll be divided with the pro immigration/white genocide whites VS the nationalists. Ergo, those who don’t want white genocide will be the minority, fighting against not just the invading hordes and 6th generation non indigenous, but their own race as well. Germany never had that problem. You’d be hard pushed to find a black or Asian in Germany at that time. Plenty of Jews, certainly, but they wouldn’t have looked that much different to the average German then, save of course those who fitted the archetypal ‘hook nose’ look.

    2. “…If we do as Carlos states, we stop the inevitable demolition of our lands, but bring the wrath of the rest of the world, under Jewish control upon our heads..”

      Why? What you say is simply not true, or is the result of our own cowardice.

      What do we care about the “wrath of the rest of the world”, who can do simply nothing except float to us on rafts?

      As for the Jews and Chinese, we can repudiate our debts to them any time we want. This has already been done hundreds of times, throughtout history.

  46. These so called invaders are just a tiny grain of the whole mess. Europe was Fkç.U.ped the moment this Zionist founded fiasco know as the European Union started. From the beginning. And by the looks of it, is not stopping anytime soon. It’s a fact. The term Zionism is just a tag. It’s the criminals participants inside there, the ones to be taken care of. If it’s gonna be a shooting. We all know where to point those guns. Gotta do it fast. The physical integrity of the entire planet is at stake.

  47. PEACE IN…
    Admittedly, the many current calls for “White” allegiance is understandable, but it must be dignified with discontinuance of use of color term – white – to identify Caucasian People – European or Asian.

    Color terms are the trap the racist Jewish elite has set for continuing a useless and deceptive divide and rule scheme that perpetrate Jewish dominance over Gentile People.

    The origin of color racism is 2nd century Rabbis interpretation given Bible story in which it was falsely invented that Noah’s son Ham and grand son Canaan were cursed to be black skinned and to be slaves for perpetuity- the infamous so-called “Curse of Ham.” This blasphemous falsehood was taught to innocent and unaware European people – Christians – for centuries until Europeans developed a white supremacist mindset. Indoctrinated Europeans were used as conquering workforce for material and political dominance by Jews who stayed behind scene as puppet masters. Europeans have been deceived, brainwashed, and tricked to be slave servants of Jewish divide and rule scam. The set up has been very destructive to human life.

    Color terms to ID human beings must be immediately stopped. The devil is defeated.

    1. Sabbu,

      “Admittedly, the many current calls for “White” allegiance is understandable, but it must be dignified with discontinuance of use of color term – white – to identify Caucasian People – European or Asian.”

      I beg to differ.
      There is no Asian and Black genocide happening at the moment. There is no mass immigration being foisted upon these race’s domains. There is no feminism, political correctness and LGBT agenda being used to utterly smash the family there either. This is all ONE WAY traffic I’m sorry to say.

      The notion of original colour racism, is frankly BS!
      “Birds of a feather stick together” is what has helped people survive for thousands upon thousands of years. It signifies a threat to one’s land through Jewish promoted multiculturalism and multiracialism, in order to smash the indigenous majority block, so they don’t unite to evict them out of their lands, as they have so many times within the past. It’s not so much about colour but racial definition is all about cranial shape. There are light Africans as well as dark Europeans. Racial differences have everything to do with physical power and IQ. And I’m really sorry to say, but Jews want nothing more than to mix the whites with the non whites, because in doing so, it may make them stronger, but will drop their IQ. A stupid populous is a very easily controlled populous, hence why dictators rule Africa, because intelligence is incredibly limited there. And before you say that race has nothing to do with IQ, it most certainly does. Were Africans more intelligent that whites, they’d have created a far more powerful civilization, with superior technology and the Sub Saharan Slave Trade and Trans Atlantic Slave Trade would most certainly never have happened. Don’t get me wrong. African origins are great at running, jumping and hitting things hard, but not to clever using the old grey matter. If you disagree then it means all those black athletes, dominating sports in the west, yet a fraction of the population are there through extreme prejudice to the indigenous who outnumber them greatly.

      And this is NOTHING whatsoever to do with white supremacy. It is about the continuing survival of the white peoples, their cultures and traditions.

      If it’s not Muslims stating that we should be accepting Islam and its hordes into Europe, so that we can be colonised, it’s Africans, harping on about ‘white supremacy’ in order to further promote the feeling of white guilt because there are those who choose to be separatist and NOT live amongst people of other races and cultures.

      Anti racism is another name for anti white.
      If I want to immerse myself in African or Asian culture, I’ll get on a boat, plane or train, travel to these lands and experience it. I don’t want it in my land, so that it may grow and eventually dominate over my own.

      Every human being is racist, just as every animal is racist. There is nothing whatsoever wrong in one choosing to live amongst their own in order that that culture and people survive, untouched. It is, ironically, your mindset that is the Jewish mindset of recreating the Tower of Babel and anyone who chooses to be separatist is wrong.

      No offense, but if you really like the way we do things in the west, then implement that way of life in your own lands, instead of hop, skipping and jumping thousands of miles to come to ours, thereby, eventually turning us into a minority and destroying the very thing that attracted you here in the first place.

      1. High IQ is the new racism. It transcends color (aka) “acting white”
        It’s observerable everywhere, in every society,

        If the envious and miserable do not see color, they’ll see, and resent, brains.
        Basic human fundamentals.

  48. Most of the refugees are decent, normal people trying find a better life, but we just don’t have room for them. I don’t think Carlos Porter is serious, surely it’s a spoof.

    Now we have airliners, over time the races will intermingle.

    1. “… I don’t think Carlos Porter is serious, surely it’s a spoof….”
      You’re crazy. With all due apologies.

  49. For all my white colored fellow mortals – especially east blockhead 1138. During the plastering of double you pee’s (Manneke Piss in Brussels makes me think of Joe, btw good lines…) ceiling quite some plaster must have ‘descended (Joe’s jargon) on or much worse in you:


    ….Inter-continental research in cellular molecular biology has debunked the Aryan invasion theory…The findings of a three-year research by a team of scientists, including Prof Singh and others from various countries, has been published by American Journal of Human Genetics in its issue 9 December 2011.

    This tsunami…invasion in eu is karma’s bitch fort the holidays of the euros in the rest of the world financed by the jews (still going on…) where not only soil treasures were stolen but many ‘soul’ treasures as well.

    Vadakayil has a lot of info pointing to that. Via the honorable Dublinmick (Dubji) I got alerted. Both however are like many here Putin worshippers. ‘No more gas for you’ – Joe Napolitano will know the hunch- not my bottle of Wodka.
    I am reminded of the line of schon Jenseits black American underground poet I met in Amsterdam Maurice D if I am not mistaken he was a bodyguard of Malcolm X ….. Europe, your rope around my neck….

    Angirfan today >>> The Human Zoo Science’s Dirty Little Secret https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaJ-gycioew

    ps: very cartoonesk is the arrival of the darkskinned humanos on the beach where fellow white colored two armed forms try to get some color.

    Strong Week

    1. Zen,

      “This tsunami…invasion in eu is karma’s bitch fort the holidays of the euros in the rest of the world financed by the jews (still going on…) where not only soil treasures were stolen but many ‘soul’ treasures as well.”

      So we can say then that the wars against Islam, destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and attempted Syria, not forgetting Israel for the Jews etc is all payback to Muslims for the Ottoman Empire then, not forgetting all the countries, previously non Muslim, but now courtesy of Muhammad’s conversion of them into Islamic?
      “To the victor the spoils” – ever heard that?
      It was kind of the way things went – wars happened, nations were destroyed, lands plundered and inhabitants taken as slaves. Every race and nation has done it at one time in their existence.

      And lastly, is Dublinmick still propogating the Jesuit and Vatican myth of being the real rulers of the world and being in control of the Jewish bankers?

  50. On Judgement Day

    One final flash
    for ending clash
    last keg will blow
    dead blood to flow
    come mothers scorn
    at hells unborn
    unleash her fury
    convenes the jury
    to hear its case
    his sheer disgrace
    false claim suborn
    rogues power shorn
    raw guilt exposed
    fears reign deposed
    thus seals the fate
    of vanquished hate

  51. Another comment:

    A person does not need to be “unarmed” to constitute a threat. Ever see one of the old Clint Eastwood movies? Whenever he feels threatened, he attacks first, without warning. But he’s always got a good reason to feel threatened! “Provocation” is another common defense to a charge of murder, assault, etc.

    1. Here, # 415C in the civil code it is written ” that language, no matter how provocative, does not justify a battery.” It goes on to state that “language may not be used to incite combative battery.” The cops will ignore that part, otherwise the courts would be flooded with offenders. I bet Clint Eastwood & John Wayne movies have made suckers out of a lot of people. I should know.

      1. …” that language, no matter how provocative, does not justify a battery.” It goes on to state that “language may not be used to incite combative battery.” …

        Depends on what you can convince the “trier of fact”. Come on, you know as well as I do that for every lawyer who says one thing, you’ll find 10 others who will say exactly the opposite — according as how they are paid, in Swift’s words.

        One of my lawyers had a client who was holding a hammer for some reason, he was working, he didn’t pick it up to threaten anybody with it. In comes some big “karate expert” who starts a big dispute with him, goes down into a karate position, the guy with the hammer said he “felt threatened”, so he conked the big “karate expert” on the head with it, and knocked him out. He was accused of “assault with a deadly weapon”, or some crap, but he won the case. It was practically thrown out of court.

        “Provocation” and/or “feeling threatened” are a defense whether you like it or not. You might not win, but it’s a defense. If the jury or judge decides, “hell, anybody would have reacted the way he did”, you’ll probably get off, or get a reduced sentence — unless you’re white, of course. The defendant in this case was white. They were both white.

      2. self defense is not what was being referred to. you better have a witness, otherwise it can be argued about who made physical contact first . if that is not resolved it will be viewed as mutual combat. just putting your finger one someone can be seen as assault. I learned the hard way, don’t touch anybody unless they touch you first.
        after the criminal prosecution, a civil suit follows. until then I am okay with amplified effective words because I can yell like a lion.

  52. G’day Harbinger,

    You note that instituting governments that will listen to the people, creating policy that stops attacking the middle east etc etc, is the solution but rightly say that its a catch 22. Why? Because in order to educate the public about the Jewish control over society, we need the msm, academia and politics, but they are all Jewish owned! You conclude:
    It’s all very well stating the obvious, but everyone on this website knows what needs to be done, but the problem is HOW TO DO IT!’

    I agree that humanity’s situation is apparently well nigh impossible at this late stage. But cracks are appearing. Donald Trump is one. Victor Orban is another. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbINrdyAXlE&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop

    In fact the current refugee crisis in the EU is a major catalyst for changing awareness and consciousness. The problem is that people are getting angry but remain ignorant of the true causes of their misery so they don’t even begin to focus upon the need to eliminate Jewish control of their governments. Nor do they realise that the Jews control governments because they have a monopoly on creating money AND deciding who gets it. THAT is the subject that we all need to get people to realise and think about. Once people truly understand the Jews’ control of money and how they can buy everyone and everything with it, they will at least begin to understand the true nature of humanity’s problems.

    This discussion is a good example of the problem. Many posters here probably understand that Jews are causing globalisation. Liberalisation, wars, poverty, refugees etc. BUT this discussion has been almost exclusively about how to PISS OFF refugees and economic migrants and whether it is OK to kill people to do it. That thinking is at the same level as the cause(s) of the problem and cannot solve it. Side issues include arguing about race, history etc. To be of benefit the discussion needs to focus on the CAUSES of our problems and once we have a grip on them, to seek to improve public awareness of them.

    In truth we all have a spiritual essence and DNA and physical differences are only “skin deep” as it were. We are all One in that we are all conscious beings, sons and daughters of the Creator, living a physical existence in order to experience and learn about life, the universe and everything. In essence that experience is about learning to love rather than fear. It helps greatly if we can throw off the Jews’ false Darwinian teachings to the effect that we are merely physical (material) creatures (cattle?) who live only once and no more; and MUST compete with and defeat others to survive. We don’t. That bullshit makes egotists and cowards of us all.

    So, ideally we need to encourage others to understand that their futures are unlimited and that this life is just one bite of an infinite cherry. That spiritual understanding banishes fear and encourages love and harmony. Knowing that, makes it much easier to explain to others why the Jews’ money meme is so harmful.

    Bur even if that is too difficult because by now materialism has almost eliminated real spirituality in Western societies, we really need to make a big effort to get friends, relatives and others to understand that our world is dystopic because Jews have a monopoly on the creation of money out of thin air which they then charge interest on. That is slavery and we ARE all slaves.

    If those who understand this central issue do not make great efforts to explain it to others, nothing will change. Real change comes as people SEE the truth, one person at a time. 🙂

    Peace and Blessings,

  53. While I do not condone Mr.Porters extreme views or perhaps I should say ‘measures’, I believe that his article reflects the frustration that most people share over the Muslim ‘refugee’ problem. The politicians have blinkers on and do not seem to realize that this Muslim movement is a ‘soft invasion’ of our territories and our western way of life. Many of the points made by Mr Porter are valid. For example, we should have the right to decide who is admissible to our western countries and I agree that our borders should be defended against unwelcome invasion. I also believe that we should find a mechanism for compelling those already amongst us to return to their homelands. The Muslim religion teaches them that unless a person is a member of the Muslim faith, that person is an infidel and deserves to die. The Muslim religion also teaches them that they have to follow Sheria law. Clearly, these two requirements makes a follower of the Muslim faith unacceptable to western society. This point is totally ignored by the do-gooder politicians. Muslims have no respect for us, or our way of life and they simply do not belong in our society. Remember, Spain and other countries in Europe went through this problem several hundred years ago and ended up expelling them. Like most other sane people, I share Mr.Porter’s frustration. His comments have certainly brought attention to the problem.

    1. @ Lasha Darkmoon

      Hi Lasha, your website is one of my favorites and I appreciate very much your work. You always have been fighting for the good side against all odds, but I am worried about you, because I have the perception that you are losing the focus between good and evil.

      In this fight there are no middle terms. I’m worried about the opinions of Mr. Porter. I understand very well he is worried about the invasion of Europe by all kind of third world people, but to kill this people, as he suggests is not right, is wrong. Do you ever read the articles or books of Gaston Armand Amaudruz, he made a real interesting plan to deal with the illegal immigration, perhaps you should look for his master plan. It was published at his magazine “courrier du continent” some years ago.

      Please don’t lose your soul. The only religion that makes no difference between good and evil is the Jewish religion. When we don’t make that difference we support the evil.

      Best wishes.


    So, discussion faded away with no tangible results: with no bottom line, no resolution, no reaction from “authorities” and proved to be just “manifestation of freespeaking”(Zion Elders, Protocol No.2).*
    *no result is result also as some people say (and no shooting as yet)
    “He was thoroughly disillusioned with America…the country of his original ancestors seemed the answer.” – People of 13-th tribe were also thoroughly disillusioned with Hungary, Poland, Germany, Russia…and were longing for the land of their ancestors, that seemed the answer.
    “He demonstrates a new phenomenon of which the authorities need to take immediate cognizance:”MEASURE OF DESPERATION.” – OK, but if there is a measure, there should be measurement, that is new unit of this measure should be introduced, “one Carlos” for example, equal to necessity to gun or drown at sea few thousand people (unarmed people). Two Carlos would be equal few thousand more, and so on, with loose standards in view of their multiplicity.
    Suicide bomber look much more noble, he kills himself and innocent people, but he is not indictable because he makes all equal and stay above any human court however disastrous it is. All they are victims and mentally circumcised cannot understand the essence of the tragedy.
    Nothing new under the moon, no exception for DARKMOON. Best minds kept racking their brains over problems from the times immemorial, but even Johann Wolfgang Goethe admitted:”Solution to a problem is another problem…Faith wide, narrow the thought.”
    And genius that emerged on the vast plains of Russia, “Great Leader of All Times and Peoples” comrade Stalin with his 11 classes of Christian education swept aside all doubts :”There is a man – there is a problem. No man – no problem.”

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  56. I don’t know what the problem is, “advocating violence.” Raising taxes advocates violence. Passing a law to do x,y,or z advocates violence. Demanding war on Iran advocates violence and the Jews do that all the time.

    Advocating a government policy, albeit the machine-gun end of it, is just political freedom.

    Maybe that’s a problem in England, but nothing he said is a problem legally in the US and isn’t a call for civilian action. It is implied it is a government policy request. And it is born of the frustrations that existing governments put on people.

    Perhaps he could say, the government should “declare war on illegals.”

    You can see how I do that at:


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