How close is Trump to the Jews? (Video, 13-mins)

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39 thoughts to “How close is Trump to the Jews? (Video, 13-mins)”

  1. Thank God! I’m not an American. It’s a wonder so many of them still remain sane and Jew wise. Imagine having to live in a country and being bombarded daily with a political and social discourse of moronic ratbags. (Ratbag an Australian expression of utmost contempt). Poor bastards! Arch Stanton is correct!

  2. Controlling the opposition is a key Jewish trait. People need to stop being shocked and appalled at this trick (I only recently moved on myself), and start being skeptical about every so-called leader being foisted on us.

    For example, in the UK hopes are being placed on the likes of Jeremy Corbyn. However he seems to have capitulated early to Jewish power, and yet people still think he will deliver the Brits from debt and multi-culturalism.

    1. I think you will find the ‘Blessed’ Nigel a better example…….We know Corbyn is ‘Tribe’…….nuff said.

  3. Trump can only win with a coalition. It’s going to be close. The Jews in his company and in his campaign have to agree with his main platform, or else they would not be there. It’s not the ideal. Same with appeal to the Negroes.

    If you are a Goyim or Gentile, and don’t like the situation, then I suggest you go back in history and change it. Goyim have allowed the Left access to power and influence. They passed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society. They vote for the welfare state massive expansion. They voted for the Immigration Act of 1965. They support the worst kind of malignant altruism, masochism, and suicidal stupidity of any people in the World. Goys have allowed the Jews to use the Holocaust as a weapon of mass destruction.

    The lack of racial solidarity-found in abundance in Asians, Blacks, Hindus, etc- is a suicide wish and advertisement. College students regularly stomp and shout their approval when a speaker like Bill Clinton says Whites will be a minority in 2030, AND THAT WILL BE A GOOD THING.

    And then there is the El Stupido “Aryan” nonsense of racial separation. Every time I hear this palaver, I recall gorillas beating their chests, to project power. I’ve given you my own prescription for White salvation on this site.

    The great majority of people, and the ones here, concentrate on defining and elucidating a problem, with increasing detail and reference. Almost nobody can take this wooly information and formulate a solution. Same in engineering. That’s what separates the administrators from the policy makers, the general staff and the rest of the field officers and noncoms.

    1. A close election, poupon? Perhaps, but that’s probably irrelevant, given the premise that the fix is in. Then the question would become, who do they want and why?

      as ever, stay tuned

      1. Correct, B-Hawk – –

        Most commenters here, even Poupon, have outed all Americans as idiots…. and if that is so…. the Pharisee-Jew Bankers know that also. Hmmmm???

        Those same PJBs would not allow such dummies to select a garbage man… much less Prezzie of a place with $$Trillions of debt..

        ES&S-Diebold will be busy stealing it for them… 🙂

      2. Ariadna –

        Yeah… That stuff worked for JFK in Chicago…. Lansky, Ricci, Siegal, Accardo and Hoffa used teamsters pensions and Joe Kennedy’s money to pay off the voters, and beat up poll watchers.

        That will be just an excuse to ‘steal’ the vote…. Immigration will be the alibi.

        Today… fraudulently counting the votes with pre-programmed ‘chips’ puts it away… secure with no doubts.

        Here… a technician supervisor tells another way. Faked ‘patches’ performed:

        Vote Fraud – Diebold Whistleblower, Chris Hood, Speaks Out

        Main points:
        1-Malicious co-workers can insert unauthorized software into voting machines.
        2-Thousands of votes were lost when tabulation cards were ‘erased’ and never recovered.
        3-Problems with machines are kept away from press.

  4. that guy is the Shaun Hannity of Canada and Jewish. Some guy at Huffington Post claims to have jumped overboard screaming about the Hillary coverup
    I think what is occurring is the Jews can’t openly support Trump in the MSM so they send out fake whistleblowers to help him. Trump is to be the 2016 version of Ronald Reagan making America fake great again. Recall the Liz Wahl psyop two years ago. It reminds me of that. Here’s the video of this guy named David Seaman, not sure if he’s Jewish but wouldn’t be surprised

    1. Reagan? He was put in by the Shia Iranians! (Remember the October Surprise.) It was the beginning of the Islamic trend in US government, when things stopped making sense any more. Reagan’s the guy who did the last amnesty of illegal immigrants and ran up the debt like mad. The current candidate in that line is Hillary.

      Trump seems a lot better than that.

      1. Reagan was a communist sympathizer.

        “Red Ronnie” was his nickname when he was President of Hollywood’s communist-Pharisee-Jew Screen Actors Guild. FDR was his hero.

    1. @ ADMIN (Toby)

      These are your own words about the commenter “Joe Siggur”:

      If you wish to know more about this troll who has been posting on our site freely for the last few months, Joe Sigur by name, visit his “world-famous site” and hear him complain there about how badly treated he has been by the cruel darkmoon administrators: he has been “banned” and “censored”, he claims falsely, and tries his best to churn up hatred for the darkmoon site and its commenters.

      If you wish to read a specimen of this brain-damaged genius’s work, try this:

      “Elitist Anonymous Useful Idiot Darkmoon gives Platform to Hatemonger because he too is an elitist”

      Here he spends his time attacking just about anyone who has been critical of Jews while pretending be a fierce Jew hater himself. Apart for attacking Lasha Darkmoon, he attacks Andrew Anglin (The Daily Stormer), Kyle Hunt (editor of Renegade Tribune), Sinead (a talented writer on RT whom he calls a “Jewess”), Carlos Porter (well-known Holocaust revisionist scholar), Rixon Stuart (editor owner of Truthseeker), and, finally, Kevin MacDonald, Editor of the Occidental Observer, whom he describes as an “intellectual racist”.

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      This is my ultimatum:


  5. Pat, once again we are assailed by your centrifugal, pieces flinging, opine onion o-what else?-“Pharisees Jews”. This is so shop worn and worn out, that it is threadbare and very tired. I just don’t know if you have dem lobes in yo brain to jump to conceptual thinking and extension from discreet data, or whether you are just a mentally relaxed swamp turtle, or maybe a moo cow that coughs up and chews the same cud.

    You appear a lot better when you just cite quotations or recite a verse. Sargent, just information please. And the …., what is wrong with you? Does that signify an outage or open circuit in your brain? Do you have epilepsy? You just spurt like a squid to desperately attract attention. “Look, Mommy, look at me!

    You are singularly giving Anti-Semitism a bad name. Do you have Tourette’s of the hand?

    1. @ Pat

      Here is what Poupon Marx says about you:

      Do you have epilepsy? You just spurt like a squid to desperately attract attention. “Look, Mommy, look at me! You are singularly giving Anti-Semitism a bad name. Do you have Tourette’s of the hand?

      I wouldn’t put up with this foul abuse, Pat. It is demeaning, disrespectful, thuggish, sadistic, cruel, and psychopathic.

      If I were you, I would ask Admin to remove this psychotic individual from the Darkmoon site at once.

  6. Surprise, surprise!

    Not less than 15 presidents of the United States were Freemasons. The United States belong to the Judaism Inc. From the beginning.

    1. Rousso –

      That is absolutely correct.

      Many of the ‘founding fraudsters’ serving the Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London, wore white leather aprons.

      When Martha Washington died in 1802, a sale of family possessions was held at Mount Vernon for the beneficiaries of her husband’s will (Washington had died in 1799). Two Masonic aprons were listed in an inventory of Washington’s possessions, and records of the 1802 sale show Thomas Hammond bought one of them.

      The second apron was purchased by another extended family member, Burdett Ashton. Ashton’s apron would eventually come into the possession of the Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22, the same lodge where Washington had once served as master. This apron had been a gift to General Washington soon after the victory at Yorktown, and is well documented in Washington’s own correspondence, leaving little doubt of its authenticity.

  7. Apologies for butting in but to me, aprons symbolize servility, this time to Jew.
    Dishwashers, cooks, bakers, chicken pluckers and eviscerators, maids …
    aprons in front, miniskirts behind, fishnet stockings showing off when bent in supplication, like a proper president should.
    “The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel”

    1/3 were masons but all were trained in kosher light switch operation.

  8. What’s not mentioned in this video is that the two fathers of the two Kosher males the Trumpters’ daughters are married to, have both been indicted for economic crimes. Surprise!? Lets face it folks, America has been screwed blue and tattooed. If the right one doesn’t get you the left one will. The Kosher empire, aka America, is nearing it’s “Expiration Date”. Just go with the flow folks. The collapse of the American-Kosher imperium is in motion and has been for some time. The law of motion, dictates that what is in motion will tend to stay in motion. The American civilization and the race of men an women who build it are headed for the dust bin of history.
    Trump will help make a “safe space” for the Kosher tribe as this process continues.

    1. Yup. US is way beyond the Wiemar-stage now: the final stage is genocide for the European Christians in the US and the final destruction of their culture. The cutting edge of this assault will most likely be the Department of Homeland Security which is, in effect, a Jewish Defense Department. They actually have their own dedicated internal security force in the US. That is so warped.

    2. @ Toejam

      Yes, you are correct about the American-Kosher imperium’s decline.

      “Trump will help make a “safe space” for the Kosher tribe as this process continues.”

      They already have as best as they will get for ”safe space;” New York City, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. All disarmed for their survival. Every place else, not so much.

      @ Flopot

      “…the final stage is genocide for the European Christians in the US and the final destruction of their culture.”

      The USA only has one culture that is distinctly theirs, weapons. The people of the USA are the most heavily armed society in the history of mankind and that’s just with the things that the government knows about. The weapons black market in the USA has been alive and well ever since the first indications of weapons control just under 100 years ago. A genocide would be met with severe resistance.

      If the jews that own and run the US government thought that they could remove weapons from the people of the USA without causing an armed revolution that the government would lose, they would have already done it.

      1. “If the jews that own and run the US government thought that they could remove weapons from the people of the USA without causing an armed revolution that the government would lose, they would have already done it.”

        Clearly they don’t think that; hence this…

        The Jews Behind Homeland Security

      2. @ Flopot

        Yes, the DHS is part of the jew controlled and owned US government so my statement still stands, “they would have already done it.”

        Everyone still has their weapons and each month sets a new all time record for weapons purchases by the American public. Americans only real culture, weapons, not only lives, it is increasingly vibrant.

  9. How close is Trump to the Jews? Much too close and if he ever went against them his extended family is riddled with enough of them to betray him.

  10. It may be naive of me, but having met his daughter (at their winery, near Monticello), I can say she is a GOOD reflection on her daddy – even though y’all might think it’s awful she’s married to a Jew. I really don’t give a damn who Trump chooses to befriend, AS LONG AS HE IS A FRIEND TO AMERICA. He has nice children, and I imagine they’re with very DECENT Jews. I know some, myself. At least I know better than to trust their word (because of kol nidre), but that aside, they are pleasant enough. 🙂

    1. That’s pretty cool, Gilbert. I agree that he has some pretty good kids. And you are right, there are decent Jews in the world. No need to apologize or explain that opinion. Not that you are. And I do not believe you are naive. For whatever that is worth.

  11. Anyone who lives in the southern California area might be interested in listening to these three experts speak on “Jewish-Zionist Power: Awareness and Challenge”. Historian Mark Weber, psychologist and expert on Jewish group behavior throughout the ages Kevin MacDonald and former Israeli Gilad Atzmon are all outspoken experts in their fields and have been on the receiving end of Jewish hatred for decades. On October 1 they will address a meeting of the INSTITUTE FOR HISTORICAL REVIEW. It should be a fascinating evening. I wish I could go.

    1. Expect the venue to be changed at least once, with the hotel rescinding the reservation under pressure from those who abhor “hate speech.” So whoever plans to go should check to verify the location until the day of the event.

  12. So who was behind the recent terra attack in NYC…

    If a Trump victory is vital for Israel, as Netanyahu seems to think, and terror attacks are good for Trump, what would Israel do if it knows about a planned attack in the United States?,” wrote Amir Oren, adding that Trump will capitalize on it as Netanyahu did in 1996 against fellow mass killer Shimon Peres.

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