How Long Can Russia and China Wait?

By Paul Craig Roberts

An orchestrated war with Russia
has all of us marked for extinction


“My case rests. There is no countervailing evidence against the fact
that unadulterated evil rules the West and is driving the world to extinction.”
— Paul Craig Roberts

The Democratic Party that once was concerned with workers’ rights, the elderly, civil rights, and the constitutional protections of America liberty no longer exists. As the just completed Democratic presidential primaries and the Democratic presidential convention have clearly demonstrated, the United States now has two Republican parties in service to the One Percent.

The organized Democrats–the Democratic National Committee–have shown themselves to be even more venal and corrupt than the Republicans. Leaked emails document that the Democratic National Committee conspired with the Hillary campaign in order to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders. It is clear that Sanders was the choice of Democratic Party voters for president, but the nomination was stolen from him by vote fraud and dirty tricks.

The DNC and the media whores have tried to discredit the incriminating emails by alleging that the leaked emails resulted from a plot by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in behalf of “Putin’s American agent,” Donald Trump. “A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin,” as the presstitute scum put it.

This diversionary tactic has not worked. Not even Americans are stupid enough to fall for it.

Consequently, the corrupt “leader” of the DNC had to resign and was unable to deliver her speech at the nominating convention from fear of being booed off the stage.

Sanders’ supporters have abandoned Hillary and the fake “Democratic Party.” Probably most of them will vote for the Green Party candidate.

The organized Republicans–the Republican National Committee–and the zionist neoconservatives wanted to block Donald Trump from the nomination just as the DNC blocked Sanders, but could not. The neoconservatives are organizing for Hillary as she is their warmonger and Trump says he is not, but as the Presidential contest is really a contest between the two Republican parties about which gets to be the whore for the One Percent, the RNC, impressed with Hillary’s lack of voter support, seems to be sticking with Trump. Better to be a well-paid whore than to be out in the cold.

In the coming presidential election, the outcome will probably be determined by whether the powerful oligarchic interest groups decide whether Trump is an actual threat or whether they can cosy up to him and rope him in by appointing his government.

Trump’s disability is that no matter how able an individual is, that person cannot simultaneously make themselves a multi-billionaire and be knowledgeable of economic and foreign policy issues. The bald fact is that Trump, if he becomes president, does not know whom to appoint in order to have the support from his government to effect the changes for which his supporters hope he stands.

When a person becomes President, that person doesn’t suddenly become an encyclopedia with full knowledge. The President is dependent on the information flows from his government. If those information flows support the interests of Wall Street, the corrupt “banks too big to fail,” the military-security complex, the Israel Lobby, agribusiness, and the extractive industries (energy, mining, timber), the President’s decisions will support these material interests.

Donald Trump is the American people’s choice, because he is opposed to the offshoring of American jobs: a corporate practice that has enriched the One Percent at the expense of the American middle class.

Donald Trump is the American people’s choice, because he opposes the fabricated gratuitous conflict with Russia. Even Americans understand that taking war to a major nuclear power will not end well.

Donald Trump is the American people’s choice because he realizes that NATO – an organization whose purpose disappeared 25 years ago when the Soviet Union collapsed as a result of the coup against Gorbachev by extreme elements of the Soviet Communist Party – now serves as a vehicle and cover for Washington’s aggressions, which are war crimes under the international statutes that Washington created. Washington’s wars benefit some of the One Percent at the expense of both the 99 Percent and millions of innocent peoples in many countries.

What will happen now is that the presstitutes will demonize Donald Trump even more than they have demonized Vladimir Putin. The scum presstitutes will do everything that they can possibly do to make a vote for Trump into an act of treason against America.

Now that the presstitutes have learned that they can tell the most blatant lies – Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Russian invasions – without being held accountable, they know that they can lie about Trump.

And they will. To the hilt.

But the presstitutes have lost credibility. A person has to be an imbecile to believe a word that they say.

“Progressives” will wander off the track. They will be turned off by Trump’s stand on immigration, which is where the American people stand. “Progressives” will be worried about whether the “fascist” Trump will persecute transgender and homosexual people or revoke the right of women to abort the unborn. To “progressives” this will seem all important as Washington and its NATO vassals hurl the world into nuclear war.

Neither can any intelligence be expected from the defunct American left-wing. The American left-wing supports the official story of 9/11, the excuse for the last 15 years of illegal wars and the American Police State. To find the American left-wing totally allied with the official explanation of what is in reality a false flag event, committed in order that the neoconservatives would have their new Pearl Harbor in order to invade the Middle East, is demonstrable proof that the American left-wing is irrelevant.

The American left interprets 9/11 and subsequent false flag events as oppressed peoples striking back at their oppressors. The emotional satisfaction of this takes the impotent American left-wing out not only of action but of relevance in commentary. The American left-wing has become an asset of the enemy – the neoconservatives who control policy in Washington.

So, where do we stand? The answer is that we are closer to nuclear annihilation than ever before. I know of what I speak. I held the highest security clearances. I was a member of a secret committee that enabled President Reagan to end the Cold War.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin is doing everything he can possibly do to avoid the nuclear war that the crazed American neoconservatives are bringing to humanity. For his efforts in behalf of planet Earth he is demonized 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year after year. For simply stating facts, I am described by the presstitutes as “an apologist for Putin.”

The endless lies about Russia have convinced the Russian media that Washington is mobilizing its NATO vassals for an attack on Russia. Read the transcripts to this Russian media broadcast.

2016 NATO Summit: “Achtung, Russia!” from Inessa S on Vimeo.

If you aren’t scared after absorbing this Russian news broadcast, you are stupid beyond belief. The message is clear: the West has declared war on Russia but is trying to keep Russia off guard by denying it.

The video of the Russian news broadcast also shows the dismissive way the Russian media was treated at the recent NATO conference in Poland. The non-entity representatives of the non-entity countries of Latvia, which has been ruthlessly looted by the West, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland, and the Ukraine representative either refuse to speak to the Russian media or use the interview to repeat Washington’s false accusations against Russia. These imbeciles insulting Russia are representatives of countries that Russia could destroy in a few minutes. If these idiots think Washington could save them, they are as stupid as the Polish colonels who thought that the British guarantee in March 1939 meant anything and could save Poland from the rash action of sticking Poland’s fingers in Hitler’s eye. This Polish stupidity provoked by the stupid British set off World War II with the British and French declaration of war against Germany, thus consigning Poland to Soviet rule for a half century. Some guarantee! The imbecile Chamberlain who wanted peace started WWII with Britain’s worthless “guarantee.”

Does it make you feel safe that the arrogant warmongering imbeciles in Washington have convinced a nuclear power the equal of the United States that America is going to attack?

Moreover, Russia is a nuclear power allied with another nuclear power, China, which has had enough of Washington’s imbecilic provocations. Are you willing for “your” government to lead your future into nuclear war with two nuclear powers?

Here we Americans are going into a presidential election and the overpowering fact of our time – that Washington is threatening humanity with nuclear war – is not even a subject for discussion! What is the matter with us Americans? Are we stupid beyond all belief? We sit stupidly, thinking that issues of no importance are the most important issues of our time while “our” insane government provokes nuclear war. Have any people in history failed their obligation to this extent? If so, who?

My case rests. There is no countervailing evidence against the fact that unadulterated evil rules the West and is driving the world to extinction. Western democracy is a total failure. Democracy could not prevent the crazed warmonger Hillary from presidential nomination despite the opposition of the American people.

How long can Russia  and China wait before they conclude that they have to pre-empt the coming attack from Washington? Does anyone, even stupid Americans, think that once Russia and China are convinced that they are targets for attack that they will just sit there and await the attack?

Do peoples as guilty of dereliction of duty as Western peoples are have any right to survive?

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  1. “The imbecile Chamberlain who wanted peace started WWII with Britain’s worthless “guarantee.””

    It was not Chamberlain who was the imbecile. Unless, of course, wanting peace means being an imbecile. If that is the case then Hilllary must be brilliant.

    So excuse me, P. C. Roberts, for not precisely understanding what you mean by calling Chamberlain an imbecile.

    1. So excuse me, P. C. Roberts, for not precisely understanding what you mean by calling Chamberlain an imbecile.

      I don’t think he is finding fault with Chamberlain for his so-called “appeasement policy”, the thing that is probably upsetting you about this comment.

      He is calling him an “imbecile” for giving Poland a “worthless guarantee” that Britain would protect Poland and look after Poland’s interests if ever war broke out.

      As it turns out, Poland was “imbecilic” to take Chamberlain at his word. Because for the next 50 years Poland remained a slave nation under the Jewish Communists of the Soviet Union.

      Does that explanation make sense to you?

      1. Sardonicus :

        A few months ago, “they” were trying to inculcate the trope “The pharisees own Trump lock stock and barrel”, but that trope didn’t get off the ground, especially as Trump turned down a 100 million dollar bribe from the jew mobster sheldon adelson. So in frustration, Stanton is now desperately trying to Revive that trope that never got off the ground in the first place.

        The first time “they” introduced the trope was more fun, well, at least it was a straight-to-the-point-in-your-face trope, in that sense it was more fun. The second time around “they” re-introduce the trope, “they” re-introduce the trope in such a LONG-winded [ and dissimulating ] manner.

        A very LONG LONG post just to say ” Trump is pharisee owned”. Stanton could have said it in 4 words, and saved us all a very LONG LONG post, right Uncle?

      2. Sardonicus,

        Yes it does, thank you.

        I responded too fast to the article. I suppose it was the word ‘peace’ (what Chamberlain wanted) that made me think about the peace treaty with Hitler he made the preceding year that raised a question mark above my head. But that’s clearly not what P. C. Roberts meant.

        However, I don’t think that it was Chamberlain’s personal decision or even his wish to give such a guarantee to Poland, so I’m still not convinced he was an imbecile.

        Well, that’s cleared that up.

    2. Chamberlain had decided on war a long time before the Polish situation, just another Jew stooge. the whole war was staged and planned at the end of the first war. Best word for him is coward.


    1. You moslems love the desert anyway, Could Morlock untermensch such as yourselves survive a nuclear one ?
      It has been postulated the first creatures to appear after a nuclear explosion are cockroaches.. followed by rats.
      How fitting for you and your brethren coons, do you not agree ?

      allahs tat bazaar
      and may muhammad muselman boil in piss in hell forever.



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        1. Actually, it’s not much of a problem for Russia and China to wait, if you think about it, as Russian and China wait, “our” politicians and big shots in the United States are hollowing out and draining and destroying the United States in front of everyone’s faces more and more every day, so by the time ZOG does start WW3, the USA will definitely lose. The Russians and the Chinese really don’t have to do much of anything to destroy the United States, “our” politicians and big shots and “intelligentsia” are doing a real bang-up job destroying the USA on their own.

    2. I smell gefilte fish in your kebab Solomon, perhaps like most desert dwelling untermensch you are conflicted by poorly written literature and backward practices.
      All you coons and kikes ficki ficki you cousins, I’m afraid that’s why you are mentally and emotionally subnormal old boy.
      You’ll all make splendid target practice and servants again though.
      Now that will be rapturous.
      Here have some white culture to appraise, not that foisty old desert pedophile rubbish your acid scarred mother and toothless coon father raised you on.

      Turning and turning in the widening gyre
      The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
      Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
      The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
      The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
      The best lack all conviction, while the worst
      Are full of passionate intensity.

      Surely some revelation is at hand;
      Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
      The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
      When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
      Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
      A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
      A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
      Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
      Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

      The darkness drops again but now I know
      That twenty centuries of stony sleep
      Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
      And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
      Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

      You coons had better start being well behaved again, next time will be the last.

      See you solomon 🙂

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        so it didn’t pass through…

        rot in hell u sow

        1. You overdid it, Salman. Anyone can swear and curse and spit obscenities. Foaming from the mouth is not a mark of genius. 🙂

  3. Chamberlain was an “imbecile” because Chamberlain wasn’t an “ALL-Americian” Cowboy out on the range keeping One Eye out for injun attacks …

  4. Neville Chamberlaine was jew wise…”this awful war the Jews have forced me into.” That he was tricked, bullied or most likely threatened does not make him an imbecile.

    1. Thank you KAREN………Check out Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay; a British MP who spent the duration of WWII in Brixton Prison for naming the unnameables…

  5. “The Democratic Party that once was concerned with workers’ rights, the elderly, civil rights, and the constitutional protections of America liberty no longer exists. As the just completed Democratic presidential primaries and the Democratic presidential convention have clearly demonstrated, the United States now has two Republican parties in service to the One Percent.”

    Left wing and right wing are both wings on the same bird.

    One of the definitions of insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results each time. Sadly, this proves, overwhelmingly, that the majority of the population of the west (and much of the world’s electorate) are clearly mentally challenged. I’d like to use the word, incredibly stupid and more so, willfully ignorant.

    Using the UK, as an example; the working class, now very much split between working and unemployed, used to always vote for labour, as they were the party for the people. When they go upset with Labour, they voted in the conservatives. Two times within the last fifty years spring to mind; firstly when labour supporters rallied behind Enoch Powell who spoke out against immigration and secondly when they voted out NuLabour, after Tony Blair’s uncontrolled immigration policy. As usual, their voices fell on deaf ears. It didn’t matter who was in power, the agenda would be followed.

    This whole Trump vs Clinton is nothing but the good cop – bad cop scenario, when they’re trying to get a suspect to cooperate. Whoever wins the election in the USA, guaranteed it will be good for Israel and bad for everyone else. My money’s on Hilary, for as a woman she will capture the majority of the woman’s and immigrant vote and more so, because she should be rotting in a prison, awaiting execution. The fact that she isn’t shows that not only is she protected, but the judiciary, banking and the msm are behind her.

    Are the mystery schools running the show with the Jews? Are the mystery schools running the show against the Jews? Are the Jews running the show, against the mystery schools? I really don’t know, but what I will say is that both groups see the overwhelming majority of people in this world as their inferiors. The Jews and the mystery schools see both of them as cattle. The Jews, as created by God to serve them, with no souls and the mystery schools as people they will control because they have no desire to use their own brains and be individuals.

    Either way, people who vote really deserve the hell they’re going to get. Stupid is what stupid does.

    1. Harbinger

      Votes are “captured” all right. Then the counts are rearranged by their captors

    2. GEMS is in control of the vote fraud now.
      GEMS vote-counting systems are and have been operated under five trade names:
      Global Election Systems –
      Diebold Election Systems –
      Premier Election Systems –
      Dominion Voting Systems –
      Election Systems & Software –
      Numerous other private regional subcontractors –

      AND…. To help keep the dots moving so as not to be connected….
      Premier Election Solutions, formerly Diebold Election Systems, was purchased in 2009 by Election Systems and Software (ES&S) and was subsequently sold to Dominon Voting following a 2010 antitrust settlement…. Pushed by the US Government..!!

      The AccuVote-OS is a precinct and central accumulation optical scan voting system. The AccuVote-OS integrates the vote tabulation and recording process into one unit. The unit is powered with both an internal battery source and an external source.

      The AccuVote-OS is currently in use in 900 jurisdictions (as of 2012).


      Votes are being counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers
      by Jon Rappoport
      August 1, 2016

  6. We are given to believe as Christians that God will intervene as per the quote:King James Version
    “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

    Whether that will come to pass and how that manifests ( as per the masses waking up before the finger hits the button) is a mystery

    We desperately need the people to wake up and demand an intervention, by either the military, police, courts or all these agencies,led by a brave person of rank and credibility who exposes the crime and begins a round up of the war junkies, before the Washington war junkies and their dealer, Israel, put that last missile in the arm of the world and overdose us all!

    1. @ Missingarib

      We desperately need the people to wake up and demand an intervention, by either the military, police, courts or all these agencies, led by a brave person of rank and credibility who exposes the crime.

      And where do you expect to find such a charismatic Jew wise leader who decides to put the world right? In America? Such a man would be shot dead in the water as soon as he’d identified the bacillus and diagnosed the remedy.

      The last time the world had such a leader was in 1933 . . . in Germany.

      Men like that don’t grow on trees. Maybe once in a thousand years…

      1. I agree, the last man in two thousand years that fit that bill was nailed to a tree by the elders of the synagogue of Satan,but that is the mystery of mysteries, one did appear against all odds ,so chin up even as things could get worse ,far worse .
        As the saying goes panic and despair is not a survival plan. I guess what I am really saying is I agree with you except I believe such a miracle can happen.

    2. Missingarib,

      As Sardonicus states, the minute the individual became known, you can guarantee that Mossad would be on him like a rash, he’d die of a heart attack and then the newspapers would set about turning him into a hate figure.

      Everyone is looking for a hero. Look at today’s top films and they’re all films coming from the world of Marvel/DC comics. The most popular TV show at the moment, that EVERYONE is constantly going on about is Game of Thrones. Although the author has ‘borrowed’ most of his story from history, the meat and veg are fantastical beings, made of ice, who will destroy the world of man. And voila, the heroes are born.

      These films/TV programs lull people into a false sense of security, believing that when things get bad a William Wallace/Joan of Arc/King Arthur/Beowulf/Superman/Batman type figure will rise up and save them. What they fail to see is that each and every one of them has it within them to destroy the new world order, that is if they can be bothered wanting to know about an organization of powerful people who are bringing the world into a totalitarian, socialist, world dystopia.

      There will be no eleventh hour hero. Unless people wake up, far quicker than they are and do their best to utterly demolish the system, then the Jew world order will come to fruition.

      1. The JWO has been BEARING the fruit for quite a while now Harb, but when the fruit ripens, it falls, and rots in the ground

        Get my drift? Or do you still think ol’ Brownhawk is just a passive observer sittin’ on his hands?

        Probably the latter


      2. Brownhawk,

        You know that I have the utmost respect for you and your words, however, that stated, fruit will, if not eaten, fall to the ground and rot but trees/bushes bear fruits. Sadly, until society sees the Jew as the bearer of ‘bad’ fruit and chops it down, society will continue to be poisoned by its offerings.

        Brownhawk, I don’t mince my words and what I see is plain and simple. Our youngest generations have successfully split from the care of the family to that of the state. They argue with traditionalism of the parents, promoting the mantra of the state, they’ve been brainwashed by the many brain laundries.
        The latest ‘fruit’ of the Jewish trees has been the Socialist Justice Warrior (SJW) movement which is making a concerted effort to completely reprogram traditional views on homosexuality and transgenderism. Add to that the surge in feminism, which is nothing more than blatant misandry and we see society in a very bad place. Children now think nothing wrong of flooding their lands with immigrants, to utterly destroy their very uniqueness and character. Many Germans, for example, think that white people need to be destroyed in order to end the racism that is deeply rooted within them.

        Brownhawk, you dally far too much on biblical teachings. Oh don’t get me wrong, I do think much of what is written is true, but when this world does lapse into the world state (and it will) it will be so for millennia, until some bright spark, wakes up and realises in freewill and smashes the system.
        I simply look at how reality is. I take day to day accounts of humanity and weigh them up against the Jew world Order and I hate to say it, but the JWO is clearly winning. Yes, I am pessimistic, but pessimism is merely being realistic, where optimism is betting on hope.

        I believe there are two competing groups for control within society – Zionists/Jews and mystery school members. Are they working together or against one another? I’m not sure, but both look down on the overwhelming majority as subservients to them. Those great men of old, from all establishments, whether it be science, technology, philosophy, art, music, literature….were all members of the mystery schools. When I speak of this I speak of sun worship, Isis and Osiris, Babylon etc etc, going farther back than Judaism and its teachings. These mystery school members, see themselves as ‘illumined ones’ and that people who are not prepared to use their brains, are no different to dumb animals and therefore there to be controlled. The Talmud, of course, teaches that Jews are superior to all and the goyim are there to serve them.

        So to close, unless the adherents of the mystery schools are exposed and their secret societies destroyed, along with Judaism, Talmudism, Phariseeism and all their organizations within, nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING will stop the inevitable from happening. You can quote the bible all you wish, but for the new world order to not happen, means the utter obliteration of the system we live in. This won’t happen Brownhawk.

      3. Harb –

        Those schools are the basis of Pike’s works… looking for ‘More Light’… Illumination:

        Morals and Dogma – complete book online

        Morals and Dogma was traditionally given to the candidate upon his receipt of the 14th degree of the Scottish Rite. This practice was stopped in 1974. Morals and Dogma has not been given to candidates since 1974. A Bridge to Light, by Rex R. Hutchens, is provided to candidates today. Hutchens laments that Morals and Dogma is read by so few Masons. A Bridge to Light was written to be “a bridge between the ceremonies of the degrees and their lectures in Morals and Dogma.”

      4. So to close, unless the adherents of the mystery schools are exposed and their secret societies destroyed, along with Judaism, Talmudism, Phariseeism and all their organizations within, nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING will stop the inevitable from happening. You can quote the bible all you wish, but for the new world order to not happen, means the utter obliteration of the system we live in. This won’t happen Brownhawk.

        Only two scenarios I see as physically realistic, Harb.

        The Putin League, especially if joined by president Trump demolishes the Jew dream, so close to being true, because I don’t see that JewSA can win, Europe will bolt at the first sign of heavy trouble, even Japan, which fought so valiantly in WW2.

        Or it is all an elaborate ploy, Jew mystery theater and his dream has already come fully true.
        Brownhawk’s tomahawk will reap a rich bounty of Jew’s curly, smelly scalps to insulate his teepee but in the end, he will get Geronimo’s fate, sad to say.

        I sense that there is a pent-up wish of many whites, Americans, Europeans and Canadians and maybe even blacks, to join the Eastern League because their home countries are basket cases beyond redemption.
        I too would join them (any old “them”, including the Shia Moozlums) but I wanna be a strategist or an intel chief, Smiley-in-waiting, my talents would be wasted digging foxholes and latrines.

        And then, there is Jump-The-Shark miracle scenario that Pat is secretly hoping for 😉 with naked God’s finger reaching down and out of Sistine Chapel to make things right but I don’t wanna hold my breath for that neither.

      5. hahaha

        Towards the end of his life, Geronimo appeared in the Wild West shows ignominously making money selling photographs and bows and arrows. “Step right up ladies and gentlemen, and see the wild Indian of legend”, and of course who got none of the gate. In 1905 he was even invited by the ol’ rough rider himself to be in his inaugural parade! (no hard feelings, eh G-mo?)

        But the one positive thing I’ll take away from his story ends with the fact that to the day of his death, the State of Arizona never considered Geronimo safe enough to let him set foot in his homeland again


    3. @ MissingGARib

      “We are given to believe as Christians that God will intervene as per the quote:King James Version
      “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

      Matthew 24:22 is the scripture that you have quoted and almost the same appears in Mark 13:20.

      Christians have been mislead to believe that the Heavenly Father will intervene to save them which is one of the reasons that so many Christians have needlessly died by the schemes and at the hands of the jews. The misleading has two aspects, the heavenly Father intervenes because of the accounts in the Old Testament, and the above scriptures taken out of context.

      I always ask people that believe that the Heavenly Father will intervene to save them why the Heavenly Father stopped intervening after Jesus came. He certainly has more than enough evil to obliterate and more than enough Christians to save during the past 2,000 years. The answer is obvious which is why I never get a decent answer. The Heavenly Father never intervened before Jesus so he has no reason to stop intervening since Jesus. The liars and murderers, the jews, made up most of the Old Testament stories to instill fear in the subjects they wished to control.

      If humans were not responsible for their own defense, Jesus would not have instructed his Apostles to acquire swords since he was not going to be with them which completely fits with Jesus’ teachings, all of them in the Gospels, being individual accountability, not group accountability.

      The complete scriptures containing the referenced ones above apply to 70AD when Rome crushed the jews. What jesus said concerned Judea, see Matthew 24:16. After killing all of the jews they could find (Rome believed in genocide to quell rebellions), enough of the Roman army stayed in Judea long enough, about 2 years, to completely dismantle the temple and related structures so that no stone was stacked on another as described in Matthew 24:2. The fake Christs Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:5 were the Messiahs ( I forget their names) the jews put forth to discredit Jesus. The rumors of war referenced in Matthew 24:6 are concerning the jewish stirrings of rebellion cumulating in the 70AD genocide. In Matthew 24:9, Jesus uses the word “you,” meaning his Apostles he was speaking to, not us, would be afflicted, killed, and hated by all nations. The elect spoken of in the above versus were the Apostles of Jesus who were the only people ever chosen by the Heavenly Father, not everyone else or even those that believed in the teachings of Jesus. Since it was about 33AD when Jesus was speaking and a generation was considered to be 40 years in those days, 70AD would be in the current generation Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:34 that would see what he said come to pass. To make this a little more brief, everything described from Matthew 24:2 through Matthew 24:34 occurred between 33AD and 70AD.

      The misunderstanding about Matthew 24 comes from trying to blend the lies of the Old Testament and the lies of Revelations with the truth that Jesus spoke. Unless what Jesus spoke in Matthew 24 is interpreted “properly” other than as written, it does not blend. Without “proper” twisting of what Jesus said in Matthew 24, Revelations becomes what the early Christians viewed it, silly, confusing, and of no importance, which means that the first Bishop of Alexandria was correct when he said that Revelations was not written by John the Apostle, but by a jew that John hated who stole his name to give creditability to his fantasy/lie.

      Yes, you are correct, that people need to wake up. However, they need to wake up to the truth that Jesus spoke and live accordingly. No leader is required. Jewish control vaporizes in the face of the truth when those waking up arm themselves as instructed by Jesus and stop waiting for the Heavenly Father or Jesus to save them. Only the jews seeking world domination for their father, the devil, benefits from a passive, waiting Christian population ripe for killing and being killed.

      Sorry for the long reply. It is a concise as I could make it.

      1. OK, UNgenius

        So how do you interpret the “meek” who would inherit the Earth? By what means would the “inheriting” be enabled?

      2. Ungenius

        The duration of elapsing time is largely irrelevant within a holistic context of what’s really going on. And I wouldn’t overassign the occurences of 70 A.D.

        Christ KNEW that the sword would not be wielded consistently in these subsequent 2,000 years. The full import of this meant that preceding a CORRECTION* there would be that much more trouble for Mankind to endure.

        Hence the prophecy

        “to have consciousness now is to have it always and forever from the beginning of time that doesn’t exist”

        A conundrum? So it would appear, however….

        There is no “from”, always “beginning”

        beginning: God manifesting itself. where “Man” is the “witnessing acknowledger” of it. The unfettered action of this has been impeded – the impediment (parasite) is being removed.

        There most CERTAINLY will be an intervention, for that matter it ‘s already in the works!

        Creator is PISSED! Do you really think EVERYTHING is up to us?

        *Restoration of the Divine Order – on Earth as a Divine aspect of “heaven” (wherever manifestion exists….unfettered

      3. @ Brownhawk

        “So how do you interpret the “meek” who would inherit the Earth? By what means would the “inheriting” be enabled?”

        I will attempt to be as brief as possible.

        Meek does not mean weak. Meek does not mean that a person is defenseless, unarmed, and unwilling to defend themselves and their fellowman. Meek simply means that a person does not consider themselves above their fellowman in any way. A meek person does not desire to be a ruler over anyone but themselves. A meek person can honor the Second Commandment, “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” (Matthew 22:39) which is the only way to fulfill the First Commandment, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” (Matthew 22:37) The First Commandment is only words without the Second Commandment which is illustrated by Jesus in Matthew 25:31-46 when Jesus is describing, not the end of the world, but his return to the world where the meek will inherit the kingdom (Matthew 24:34) and the others will go away into ever lasting punishment. (Matthew 24:46) The only ones leaving are those that are not meek, those not keeping the Second Commandment. Consequently, the rapture doctrine is just more misinformation for confusion. Confusion only helps evil.

        “There most CERTAINLY will be an intervention, for that matter it ‘s already in the works!”

        Yes, when Jesus returns. However, my point originally was that most everyone expects the Heavenly Father and/or Jesus to intervene before Jesus’ return so they are passive to the efforts of evil to destroy them. History proves my point. The 60-million or so Christians that were murdered by the jews in the Soviet Union is an excellent example.

        Yes, Jesus’ return has been in progress since he left and told us to get a sword for defense until he returns. That was 2,000 years ago. It may be 2,000 years from now before he returns.

        “Creator is PISSED! Do you really think EVERYTHING is up to us?”

        In the mean time, it is imperative upon everyone that wishes to follow the teachings of Jesus and survive to be armed against those not practicing the Second Commandment. Yes, it is primarily up to us with the help of the Heavenly Father via prayer and use of the Law of Verbal Command. In sports terms, we have the ball.

      4. I pretty much concur with all you say, Ungenius, expect that I don’t forsee another 2,000 years of this shit, I submit that Christ HAS returned, and that the process of “correction” is already underway. I’ll use your reply as a segue to serve as a conglomerated response to you, lobro, Pat and Harbinger, to which I’ll trot out the old cliche of “the darkest hour is before the dawn” (there’s something to these cliches, otherwise they wouldn’t have gained their status as such). “Pessimism” is just the logical conclusion springing from a “darkest hour”. As for the “dawn”, I’ll attribute it to something, much of which goes beyond logic and into that nebulous, ineffable thing called “faith”. Call it something that stems from my ancient ancestors with their understanding of how these great cycles that feature a “parasitic dynamic” work.

        So having said all that, I’ll say this…

        Any ensuing war on a grand scale (so-called “WW3”) doesn’t NECESSARILY have to be viewed in keeping with Pike’s accounting of it, where he relates that an event of great magnitude will be a “3rd time’s the charm” in achieving a final round-up of the “goy”. I’ll call that Fat Albert’s wet dream – hey hey heyyyy! Rather, I suggest that it’s occurrence would signify the natural conclusion of this parasitic dynamic; it’s death throes, to be played out through all the host armies of the World engaging in one last gasp of war. Unless of course Mother Nature doesn’t get the jump on all of it. But in the end, all the geopolitical maneuvering will count for jackshit. No corraling, just a new day dawning “when the dust settles”.

        The creating power will “worm” the enemy of it’s Creation. And to be instumental in inheriting the Earth, as you, Ungenius, put forth succinctly in relating the 2nd Commandment, will require being in accord* with this effort. For some, being “instrumental” could result in one last reincarnation of returning to Earth.

        *accord VL accordare “to be heart-to-heart with”

      5. @ Brownhawk

        I really did not say that I believed Jesus would not return for another 2,000 years. I used the word “may” because nobody knows and won’t know until he does return. The way you know that Jesus has not returned is that the a-hole jews that do not follow the Second Commandment are still trying to rule the world. They have not made their exit to everlasting punishment along with their host of stooges.

        You are certainly correct that the correction is in progress. It has been since Jesus left, otherwise, the jewish a-holes would have achieved their world domination fantasy by now. Jesus said that his words would never die and they have not. Jesus left the Holy Ghost with us to remind us of Jesus’ teachings. The Holy Ghost is not on vacation. Every time the a-hole jews think that they are winning the spiritual battle for their father the devil, Jesus’ teachings spring back to life just like after the fall of the USSR. Now Jesus’ teachings are spreading like wildfire in China.

        As for Luciferian Pike’s WWIII plan, it isn’t happening the way the WWI and WWII did. There is a war going on, but it is about toppling the jewish rule of money. China has been at it for about 25 years and making good progress as they pick up allies around the globe for the effort. One simple way to know that the jews are losing is gold. In the Protocols (I forget which one), the jews lay claim to all the gold as a means of accomplishing their world tyranny with finance. Oops, China has more gold that they do currently and they keep on stacking it up as the number one world purchaser of gold and the world’s number one producer of gold. How much do they have? The Chinese aren’t telling anyone since they know the adversaries are psychotic liars that would like to do them permanent harm since they have already done so a couple of times in the past. Some goyim not suffering from jewish brainwashing who attempt to track the amount of gold that China has estimate that they have more than the rest of the world combined.

        Because of the monetary battle, China and Russia have been resisting active war knowing that because of the Chinese and now Russian efforts, it is only a matter of a short time before the jews lose what control they have had. No reason to get bloody as the Chinese and Russian keep on keeping on while the enemy is involved in self destruction at an increasingly rapid pace, a continuous correction in progress.

      6. Ungenius –

        “…China has more gold that they do currently and they keep on stacking it up as the number one world purchaser of gold and the world’s number one producer of gold. How much do they have? The Chinese aren’t telling anyone…..”

        Since “the Chinese aren’t telling ANYONE…” there is NO proof or validation available for your claims…. or your guesses. You argue against yourself in this comment. 🙂

      7. @ Pat

        Since you always claim to be guessing about everything, I would think that seeing other “guesses” would generate more than just one smiley face, guesses like guesses. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Proof would take away all the fun you have so I rather leave you in doubt as an act of kindness on my part.

        1. I’ve been known to cry in church. Yes, it’s true. Actually, truth be known, I very often cry in church. When I’m in church and I look around and see my fellow congregants snoozing, napping, sleeping, hear ’em snoring, snorting, grunting, while Fr. John is up on The Sermon Pulpit Pontificating, I cry so many in church aren’t being Saved, they’d rather snooze [ snore snort and grunt ]. It’s a sad thing, ? .

  7. Still, the beneficiary of all PCR’s fear-mongering is the “1 percent”. What if the “nuke” scare is as overblown as the Haulohoax??? Just sell a “security system” to make the stupid goyim feel better! Security sells! Yes, I think Trump is a much better bet than bitch Hillary – if for no other reason than that he’d probably get on well with Mr. Putin. Nothing wrong with USA and Russia being friendly, for sure (nukes or no nukes)!

    1. Gilbert, ever heard of Russian roulette?
      You put a revolver to your head, spin the cylinder and pull the trigger, hoping that the particular chamber is empty, in which case you win the bet.
      Except that in this case, the unknown ammo is nuclear.

      Suppose you are wrong and everything is wiped out in all-out exchange.
      Including INTERNET.
      That way, even if this forum survives, how would you be able to say, “sorry guys, I was wrong”?
      Lose the world, “win” an online debate, great.

      I, for one, would not want to find out who wins the bet.
      Unless it guaranteed the total wipeout of the (((Enemy))), in which case, I guess it’s worth it, better a quick Armageddon than a slow choke and swallowing act by the boa constrictor.

      1. Lobro –

        No wipe out in all-out exchange…!! That’s physical….

        Please stop. You’re scaring Sard…. and Abbot… possibly Costello also… hunkering in Osaka..!! 🙂

        The battle is “spiritual”…. just ghosts, apparitions and mirages will get hurt or damaged.

      2. @ Pat

        Please stop. You’re scaring Sard…. and Abbot… possibly Costello also… hunkering in Osaka..!! ?

        Yeah, I’m real scared! Help, gimme a green tea! 🙂

        A serious question, Pat. Imagine this scenario. There are three candidates in the American election and you HAVE to vote for one of them. If you don’t cast your vote, you and your entire family are put to death by SLOW TORTURE.

        These are the three candidates: Trump, Clinton, Putin.

        Who do you vote for? Any why?

      3. Sard –

        Not Putin, because he is a KGB trained communist… and I would need a translator.
        Not Hillary, because she has been outed as a criminal… and more.

        It has to be Trump…. the Pharisee-Jews’ casino cash cow boy. 🙂

        HOWEVER….. None of them matter…. The US Presidents ALL get “marching orders” from London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers funneled through the CFR….. the New York and (now)DC outpost of Rothschilds’ RIIA in London.


        Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the Council on Foreign Relations that she is happy to have a new office near the state house because now she can receive her “advice” without having to travel to New York. This is definitely something new, because CFR members and speakers normally avoid all reference to being anything other than a “meeting place” where “foreign policy” is discussed and debated. Its mission statement says that the goal of the Council is to, “find and nurture the next generation of foreign policy leaders.” Hillary seems to have another understanding of the objective of the CFR:

        “Thank you very much, Richard, and I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the ‘mother ship’ in New York City, but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department.

        —WE— get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what WE should be doing.”

      4. Sardonicus,

        “Who do you vote for? Any why?”

        I think Pat realized a long time ago the sham that is democracy and more importantly the utter futility in voting, for whoever is voted into power, is and always will work for the Jew, under the current system.

        Trump comes across as the nationalist, caring for traditionalism – playing the republican well. Clinton comes across as the socialist, caring about progressiveness – playing the democrat well. Both will continue the war against Islam and the further destruction of the USA. Both will promote fear of Islam in the USA. Both are Zionist puppets, lovers of Israel.

        In Albert Pike’s letter to Mazzini in 1871 he states the following:

        “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

        The inevitable will not be stopped, simply because the people work for, support and protect the system that has enslaved and is killing them.

        There will NEVER be any saviour from the world of politics. Anyone who believes so is a fool, although the jury is still out on Putin. The system was created to control. Unless you destroy the system, humanity will always remain, nothing more than, drones within the hive.

      5. Harb –

        You are very correct. I learned it decades ago…. in the mid 70s when I held elected office for two years and got to see behind the curtain. It was dirty back there…. probably way worse today….. more $$$$ involved.

        I had some hope and voted for Reagan both times…. then for Ron Paul, as Libertarian, in 88. That was the last time I voted.

        GHW “Bushlips” lied at every turn and the next time around Perot had me fooled a bit…. I almost re-registered… but he proved to be garbage as well. Con artist. Perot stole software from IBM to start his EDS. He was given his own PERSONAL Free-Trade Zone in Dallas for helping Democrats make the excuse as to how Perot put Clinton in office….. when it was VNS…. Voter News Service counting the votes….. before Diebold.

        The Voter News Service was an exit polling consortium formed in 1990 by six major U.S. news media organizations. Its mission was to provide results for United States presidential elections, so that individual organizations and networks would not have to do exit polling and vote tallying in parallel.

        The VNS included major United States television networks and newspapers:

        The Associated Press

        Then… they got caught…!!

        Secret ballots are the big downfall. No validation.

      6. @Harbinger

        Intelligent (?) commenters on this website shouldn’t quote from that fake Albert Pike letter so-called from 1871, but full of impossible anachronisms (such as Communism, Zionism, Nazism, Israel etc. ). That forgery is not older than 1950 :…

      7. Thank you Pat.

        It’s interesting but the first time (and last time) I voted was in 1989 when I left school. I also moved from conservatism (republicanism) into Libertarianism. Now as you know I’m a full blown anarchist. I believe the only logical step from Libertarianism is anarchism.

        I realised a long time ago that politics was merely about becoming wealthy, by attaining positions in globalist companies, on six figure salaries+, after being booted out of politics, for being nothing more than a lobbyist. Your reply confirms this.

      8. Franklin,

        First off, two sites I’ve seen on the debunking of this are both ‘freemason’ sites, doing their best to protect the name of freemasonry, when those who’ve researched freemasonry know very well that 99% of freemasons haven’t a clue what it’s really all about. Anyone who’s read Pike and Hall knows very well what’s going on.

        Secondly, let’s take for example that it was written in 1950 or thereabouts. How on earth could anyone predict a problem between Islam and Zionism, when the problem was communism, or so we were told?
        This article you link too, I’ve seen before and if you read the replies you’ll see they’re ripping it to shreds.

        Read the conclusion to the article by the freemason author again:

        War is most certainly contrived, manipulated and exploited by those with secret agendas. Lies about Saddam’s WMD capabilities, the elements of prior knowledge and complicity by the US and other Governments surrounding 9/11, and even the corporate beneficiaries of the World Wars, prove that war is about a lot more than our officials and the media tell us. And yes the conflict between the Arab World and the nuclear armed Zionists is a very real threat. However if we are to challenge the status quo and scale back these threats we need to drop the fantasies. World leaders and those in positions of power that foment conflict have names, titles and chains of command. They don’t hide behind a non-secret secret society called the Illuminati, and they certainly aren’t working at the behest of some long dead Satanic Confederate General.

        My highlighted text shows you that the author believes in secret agendas behind warfare, but doesn’t believe these people belong to secret societies. Does he really think we were all born yesterday? What about the Skull & Bones of GW Bush and Kerry for example? What about Blair and his Knight of Malta? And what about the Council on Foreign Relations and speeches like this from Rockerfeller:

        “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years……It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”


        “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

        And Rockerfeller is also a freemason btw.

        And what of Bilderberger under Chatham House rules? What does the author think about that?

        What we have here Franklin is a classic case scenario, no different to the attempts made to debunk the Protocols of Zion, in this case, by Freemasons, trying to paint Freemasonry as nothing more than a big club where people meet to promote charity and help each other get along. As I stated, he really must think those out there, who’ve researched freemasonry, were born yesterday. I wonder what this author would make of Milton William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon series, exposing freemasonry as a Lucifarian cult?

    2. Gil –

      Hillary and Russians are already famous friends, and that includes Lavrov and Putin’s Rosatom, the Russian Nuclear enterprise.

      Trump ….not there yet..

      Here is Hillary Clinton with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the “reset button”, March 2009:

      AND…. Continuing….

      One Year of Silence on Hillary Clinton Uranium Deal [with Putin’s Rosatom]

      –Bill and Hillary Clinton had helped a Canadian financier named Frank Giustra and a small Canadian company obtain a lucrative uranium mining concession from the dictator in Kazakhstan;

      –The same Canadian company, renamed Uranium One, bought uranium concessions in the United States;

      –The Russian government came calling and sought to buy that Canadian company for a price that would mean big profits for the Canadian investors;

      –For the Russians to buy that Canadian company, it would require the approval of the Obama administration, including Hillary’s State Department, because uranium is a strategically important commodity;

      –Nine shareholders in Uranium One just happened to provide more than $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation in the run-up to State Department approval;

      –Some of the donations, including those from the Chairman of Uranium One, Ian Teler, were kept secret, even though the Clintons promised to disclose all donations;

      –Hillary’s State Department approved the deal;

      –The Russian government now owns 20 percent of U.S. uranium assets.

      In short, here was what you might call a radioactive scandal. It included secret donations, the Russian government, foreign financiers, more than $145 million, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

      And yet, more than one year later, Hillary Clinton has never once been asked about this controversial uranium deal by the national media. It never came up during the many Democratic Party presidential debates; never during any of her media appearances on cable news or network television; never by print journalists who are covering her campaign.


      The Clintons are BILLIONAIRES as much as Trump.. and BOTH parties like them and give them $$$..!!! 🙂

      Above, it told that nine shareholders in Uranium One just happened to provide more than $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

      Through 2014 the Clinton Foundation had raised almost $2 billion from U.S. corporations, foreign governments and corporations, political donors, and various other groups and individuals.

      During its lifetime the Clinton Foundation has had support from both Democrats and Republicans, including members of the Barack Obama administration and the George W. Bush administration.

  8. “A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin,” as the presstitute scum put it.

    What if they ARE right and people are voting for Trump-Putin combination to give the world a new direction, signaling that the Jewish Century is over?

    I would most assuredly vote for Putin over Justin Trudeau and the rest of you Yanks out there should vote Putin-Trump without hesitation just as many independently thinking people voted Hitler and his allies like Chamberlain and Quisling, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, Ante Pavelich.
    Heck, if Pierre Trudeau was around, he’d vote Putin over Justin, because PET was nobody’s bitch but a free thinker, Jesuit educated and roundly hated and reviled in the USA, just like his predecessor, Lester Pearson, who was almost physically beaten up by that goon (((LBJ))) who stank of chicken fat., for refusing to toe the Jew-line.

    The whole world, including the Chinese, would happily vote Putin.
    Just glancing at the multitude of lamenting headlines generated inside the Rothschilds-Reuters echo chamber should convince you that “Russia Must Perish!”, “Judea Declares War On Russia!” (again) is happening right now, “6 million Russian Jews Face Imminent Holocaust!” (((again))).

    1. Lobro –

      If Hillary is “elected” President of the USA, it will indicate almost ABSOLUTE PROOF that our voting system is not reliable against electronic tampering. Donald Trump is obviously frightening the war-mongering crowd.

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly


        The jews should be a little more careful in this “election” than they have been in the past or they may get some serious pushback.

        Based on what has been occurring since the conventions, Trump is still more than packing the house, having to turn some away, when he speaks while Clinton can barely get a couple hundred people to attend her campaign speeches. This illustrates that the jewish media is obviously lying (imagine that) about a few things like:

        Polls showing Clinton tied with Trump or slightly ahead of Trump. Polls are all rigged.

        Both candidates having record low approval ratings. Obviously, Trumps packed facilities are not from people that do not approve of him.

        Women are all behind Clinton. The crowds at Trump speeches are not short of women, feminists maybe, but not women.

        If they throw the “election” to Clinton via the electronic voting machines, it will be obvious that what Trump is saying about rigged elections is true. Clinton stealing the nomination from Sanders’ has already proven that the primary “elections” are rigged. Trump’s popularity is mostly from people pissed off about politics as usual. It might not take much else to get already pissed off people in the mood for a little chaos. Attempts to control the chaos could lead to a full blown rebellion.

    2. Lobro –

      Votes mean nothing…. You know that. Voting does not work..!!

      Other methods are absolutely required. And leaders are not to be trusted.

      Pharisee-Jew Bankers pay contractors to (S)elect the winners…

      Man PROVES software stole votes in ALL ‘Hillary won’ counties..!!

      Published on May 5, 2016

      Elliot Crown was one of a few citizens allowed to speak and used his time to point out PROOF of possible voter fraud considering ALL NYC counties Hillary Clinton won were with THIS special black box…

      The only supporters anyone needs are those at the PAID vote-counting and rigging contractors like Diebold and ES&S



      And who owns Election Systems & Software?

  9. Jews account for 1 in 50 in the USA, and 1 in 220 in Britain. It is astonishing that they should control so much. We have been cowed into accepting this oligarchy based mainly on the holocaust, which has made it unacceptable to criticize any Jew. Time to discuss the holocaust openly. Why should it be unacceptable to discuss this supposed great crime of the 20th century? There are too many holes in the official holocaust story and they should be aired.

    The Jews do not have a clean sheet to wave at us. Jewish Bolsheviks were responsible for the reign of terror over the Russian people in the 1920s/30s, with 60 million deaths (Solzhenitsyn). The media never reveal that the 5 men who murdered the Tsar and his young family were all Jews.

    Time for the whole truth.

  10. Russians are smart. If the situation comes to this, Russians might nine-eleven that Yellowstone Plateau volcanic field, and that’s it. End of the game. Thanks for playing.

  11. Russians are smart. If the situation comes to this, Russians might nine-eleven that Yellowstone Plateau volcanic field.

  12. Mr. Roberts has identified the radicalization (corruption) of the Democratic Party, a continuing process linked to “jew-farm education”, “jew farm media”, “jew farm judiciary and legislative” etc. He is quite right when he says the media have lost credibility from outrageous lies such as – “Saddam did 9/11” and so forth without consequence, most newsreaders no longer trust MSM, some say they even lie about the weather. A profound sense of distrust of our own government (lowest voter approvals in recorded history) after the Iraq disaster has settled in, and remains unresolved (unchanged- except even worse), a sharper polarization is ongoing. Reaction includes Brexit, initially popular fake candidate now turned open Hillary supporter Sanders, and of course Mr. Trump’s massive popularity. Very very few support costly neo-con military adventures in Iran and Syria, or anywhere else, International support is Nil – except from Pariah Israel. Look what happened to Romney and Jeb Bush – dead in the water though they had funding few could dream about. Hillary Clint. is a stealth candidate who can’t fill halls without hiring actors, a truly desperate loser, an unimaginative neo-con last gasp. Russia and China possess leadership that is intelligent, flexible, and subtle. They are not primitive thinking neo-cons who can’t find any remotely useful or productive agenda other than to destroy, corrupt, and mismanage because their main focus is criminal – steal everything immediately, as opposed to a more mature and traditional “build and steal long term” where the profits are staggering and sustainable. Russia and China consider and pursue a multitude of options, and are not infatuated with themselves or a jew farm agenda. Rather than bending just a little like the more intelligent among them such as Mr. Adelson (“I think we can live with Mr. Trump”) and allowing vital and badly needed repairs to take place, they proceed the only way they know how – continuing corrupt and steal. Russia and China don’t limit themselves in this way. The problem for the neo-cons is not Russia or China of course, but themselves and their “agenda” – eventually no one believes a habitual liar and you run out of other people’s money.

  13. What will happen now is that the presstitutes will demonize Donald Trump even more than they have demonized Vladimir Putin. The scum presstitutes will do everything that they can possibly do to make a vote for Trump into an act of treason against America.

    Now that the presstitutes have learned that they can tell the most blatant lies …. A person has to be an imbecile to believe a word that they say.

    This, the press has already done. They build up Pres. Obama and his support for Hillary Clinton (i.e., “Trump unfit for presidency” rant), and they are now proceeding with their deceitful tongues, to lie about candidate Donald Trump. This is to be expected. However, there is an increasing population who after generations of receiving social benefits without putting into the system, without basically earning it, or continue to use it past a period of recovery, who want to remain on unearned subsistence. These are not the severely handicapped who have necessity of additional assistance.

    We are at the brink of destruction that Sodom and Gomorrah went through. I am afraid that our American society as we know it can no longer recover. The only way spare a few is wholesale destruction of our society save a remnant, and a totalitarian regime from afar to restore, law, order and decency.

    “Son of man, when a land, sinning against me, does wrong, and my hand is stretched out against it, and the support of its bread is broken, and I make it short of food, cutting off man and beast from it: Even if these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, only themselves would they keep safe by their righteousness, says the Lord.” Ezekiel 14:13-14 BBE

    1. Like a Love all have once experienced, there is NOTHING temporal which lasts forever. The objects of our love and loyalty and devotion – if they be temporal – will someday expire and perish. Likewise, nations, countries, and cultures. Only God and The Word are “forever”, which is why it is so important (to me, anyway) to contemplate and seek understanding. I love the America my ancestors helped build, but I’m not so enchanted with what she has become. God’s justice is certain.

      1. Yes, I got to agree, Gilbert. I too loved the America of the past, where overall the working class had a high sense of morals. People respected others and were more tolerant with greater forbearance. Over the past 50 years, I have seen how much our nation has changed but for worse. God’s judgment is certain, but His true servants, those who truly take refuge in Him will be protected.

        The righteous person has many troubles, but the LORD rescues him from all of them. The LORD guards all of his bones. Not one of them is broken. Evil will kill wicked people, and those who hate righteous people will be condemned. The LORD protects the souls of his servants. All who take refuge in him will never be condemned. Psalms 34:19-22 GodsWord

      2. Gil –

        You will just have to ‘take a number’ behind 800,000 to 1,000,000 Lakota people who are not so enchanted after having all the Midwestern Plains taken from them….. by refugees from Europe.

      3. Pat –

        The Lakota Nation was just one of those “temporal” things. Sorry, I don’t apologize. I cast no dispersions on my white ancestors. They created a pretty damn FINE republic, and I, as a beneficiary, have lived well in it, despite obvious injustices. There is only One Who is perfect.

      4. Gil –

        I understand. An apology would be inappropriate. You had no part in it. 🙂

        Everything is ‘temporal’… temporary…. just like the Confederate States Of America and Soviet Union.

        And… you will see NO moving vans following the hearse.

      5. Yeah, Gil

        The true America existed in a small window when the earliest Europeans (including the Norsemen) left Europe, and for a little while peacefully co-existed with the Iroquois who had for the most part consolidated their Great League.

        Alas, the window closed with the arrival of those “others”.

  14. Jews are in panic mode. If the most powerful golem they ever had turns on them , this time can be game over. Chinese can wait and see the sons opium traders who destroyed their ancestors floating dead in the river, Russians ? Who is going to bet a penny in the willingness to protect the butcherers of russians by the Holy Russia ? Europeans, Germans ahead , when the mith of the holocaust will be debunked ,will be eager to face the americans to protect the jews ? Things seem sometimes desperate for highly educated men like Craig Roberts, who see the degradation of his fellow citizens and fears the worst, but the corruption of the american establishment doesn’ t mean they are ready to die for the jews. As long as it pays many minions will play along with them , but when it cease to perform they will turn their back . After all they are just cells of a golem. Just another brick in the wall.

    1. I hope the blacks march into jew neighborhoods and start riots, this way FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY America’s politicians will do whatever they have to do to cut down tremendously in the amount of violent street crime in the United States. That’s what happened in New York City when blacks went into some jew neighborhood and burned some cars belonging to jews — The very next day ALL the politicians were screaming about The Importance of Law and Order, and boy, they really did what they had to do to cut down tremendously the violent street crime. But before that, before the blacks went into a jew neighborhood and started a small riot, all the politicians, all of Hollywood, all of Madison Avenue, were encouraging the black street niggers to go around and attack whitey. The Establishment types I guess forgot to tell the niggers they only mean NON jew Whites when they say “go out and attack whitey”.

  15. “Leaked emails document that the Democratic National Committee conspired with the Hillary campaign in order to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.”

    Ah yessss! The Jew as perpetual victim. There he is, just minding his business, when along comes Miss Muffet to tell Bernie “tough it, I’m stealing your curds and whey”. Reality politics – the Jew’s new show on Rebbevision. Like all reality shows there is no reality to this show.

    Well I think its time to consult the Jewish oracle on this matter. I’ll just adjust my turban so the sacred urim and thumin stones point off to one side and fluff up my billowing kaftan before sitting cross-legged to peer into the oracle as I chant the magik words: “Mirror, mirror” uh, wait a minute, those are Hillary’s magik words. Let’s see now, I need to turn to page 666. Here we are: “Oh magik star of David what do you have to say, oh magic star of David who will you screw today?”

    The star spins and glows as a ghostly voice pours forth from the magik Merkaba: “That’s right a dozen bagels and don’t forget the lox! . . . now then, on to bizness. Oh Arch, you twit, your assessment of Trump was incorrect. Trump was not the vote-splitter, Sanders was. And that my silly goyim, is the new twist in this political delusion. Putting the Democrat’s candidate in the position formerly reserved for Republican candidates. Clever no?

    “Sanders was put in the political mix bag to split the Democratic party asunder. That is why he appears to be the good loser who bears no ill will toward the wicked witch of the east who will now ride her broom into the sunset. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have made a guest appearance to continue the splitting process and make sure her broom continues in the right ~ uh ~ left, direction.

    “The time of the Democrats and their LGBT social justice warriors is over. The BLM movement will finally pass, but with difficulty as the power of the new right pulls the levers flush with power. The republicans party hacks, ‘cucks’ if you will, presently opposing Trump will be delivered a clear message – either scramble to get on board the Trump train or be permanently removed from the dining car.

    “Trump will be a powerfully new orator, a new ‘Adolf Hitler’, as the magik merkaba has foretold through the whining and kevtching of its legions of damned administrators whom, I might add, are never wrong. Trump will turn America around to lead it from weakness to strength. The once silent majority will again find a voice to rejoice again over their rightful place in this new America.

    “Trump will speak and the masses will follow lock step with his policies, while minority groups, formerly in positions of power will, by the magik of the merkaba, be pushed into the background to become unimportant to the the New America’s agenda leading to great strength and power.

    “Trump’s strength will become America’s strength. His strength will soon realign the economic and political policies to more adversarial positions in foreign policy. After fifty years of these policies, the foreign powers Trump snubs will not react kindly to their reversal and war will be the eventual result.

    “The flags will wave again oe’r amber waves of grain. And as the big brass band strike up ‘My country tis a thee, no room for minorities”, Johnny will rush and get his nuke to line up and sign up to produce war for industry. After all, this will be the only chance a returned deceased war veteran will have for that good paying’ job and free mule. So think it over Joe, and then go ahead and drop a nuke for industry.

    “The Trump train is pulling into the station and the call will soon go out: Alllll A-board! When it leaves few will notice it has been switched onto the tracks to oblivion.

    “Gotta go Arch, my bookie tells me the horses are about to post in the third at Hialeah. Shalom!”

  16. We’re living in a fascinating period of history. I certainly don’t credit the Jews and their running dogs with omniscience or omnipotence. It’s quite obvious to all, but the most obtuse, that things cannot continue as they are. Russia and China will be conducting exercises in the South China in yet another slap in the face for the so-called International Community (the US and her ratbag allies). The Jewish Empire is starting to crack. Just a few more nyets and it will crumble.

  17. If Russia and China are waiting on Trump being President…. we have nothing to fear. 🙂

    This is reason #33 that the election voting liars will give as to why Trump lost…. To validate the theft of the (S)election.

    Chris Christie: Trump criticism of Khan family ‘inappropriate’

    Chris Christie, a close ally of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, distanced himself on Tuesday from Trump’s feud with the Muslim family of a slain US army captain. The New Jersey governor said that criticisms of the family of Captain Humayan Khan, who was killed in Iraq in 2004, were ‘inappropriate’


    This is what many millions of Yahoo users WILL SEE when they log into their accounts today….

    Is Donald Trump insane?

    That’s the question being asked in recent days by prominent columnists, both liberal and conservative, about the Republican presidential nominee.

    “During the primary season, as Donald Trump’s bizarre outbursts helped him crush the competition, I thought he was being crazy like a fox,” Eugene Robinson wrote in an op-ed (“Is Donald Trump just plain crazy?”) published Tuesday in the Washington Post.

    “Now I am increasingly convinced that he’s just plain crazy,” Robinson continued. “I’m serious about that. Leave aside for the moment Trump’s policies, which in my opinion range from the unconstitutional to the un-American to the potentially catastrophic. At this point, it would be irresponsible to ignore the fact that Trump’s grasp on reality appears to be tenuous at best.”

    Robinson was not the only newspaper writer to recently ask such a blunt question about Trump’s fitness for office.

    1. desperation showing through, loud and clear … good news, because there will be scores to settle when the donald gets thru despite all the (((shrinks))) publicly questioning his sanity, “holy of holies, he is against continuing wars for jews, what more proof that he is insane”.

      if he loses to diebold-president-for-life, the alienation of the mainstream, heterosexual, christian, right-to-life american heartland will be plain for all to see and putin can and will speak directly to them.

      and for them.

      so, if jews don’t want trump for the president of the usa, the electorate will take PUTIN-THE-POTUS.

      Mighty inneresting times coming to a head.

  18. Pat,
    And so the demonization continues. BTW, I’ve looked for Trump’s verbatim comments on this affair, but all I get are indirect quotes from those condemning him. Do you have any verbatim links on what he is supposed to have said? Looks like Trump is already being consigned to the dumpster!

    1. Yes, Felix – – –

      I say…. the “demonization” is planned and approved by both sides

      He pointed out that “…the wife said nothing.” He was alluding to musselmen beliefs.

      I saw interviews like these live on TV…. Watching this crap for the first time in years. I wanted to see for myself how they maneuver opinions… giving and setting up excuses to steal the (S)election.

      We all know that Trump claims he is the master of deal-making – “Art Of The Deal” – and would not make a fatal mistake like this by accident. Had any “Apprentice” made a statement like he did… he would have loudly proclaimed, “YOU’RE FIRED…!!!”

      I claim…. Trump is trying to rack up numerous obvious excuses to justify Hillary’s win. Yes, I claim he is in on it. Our Perot 🙂

      Mr Khan is no dummy. He has a Masters in Law from Harvard. I also believe – ‘guess’ – that this is all part of the staging….. for ‘show-biz-style’ skits.

      Will Trump skip the debates?

      Don needs a better make-up crew. He looks as old a Reagan was when he first ran….. oh, he is older… 🙂

      1. Rather, I would think that the press is misrepresenting the truth in the matter, as they have all matters regarding Donald since he announced his candidacy. I would hear the press rants, then listen to what Donald was saying, and what I saw was different. Like actors to fill in for vacated Bernie Sanders seats at the DNC, we will see more actors appear. We no longer have freedom of the press. We have monopolized press owned by the big 6. They show Hillary smiling. They show Donald as pouting. It’s all a game to shoe in their fave. This is nothing new. 2,000 years ago, the press and incumbent political figures were doing the same regarding demonetization.

        But as soon as the demon was forced out, the man began to speak. The crowds were amazed and said, “We have never seen anything like this in Israel!” But the Pharisees said, “He forces demons out of people with the help of the ruler of demons.” Matthew 9:33-34 GodsWord

        When his family heard about it, they went to get him. They said, “He’s out of his mind!” The scribes who had come from Jerusalem said, “Beelzebul is in him,” and “He forces demons out of people with the help of the ruler of demons.” Mark 3:21-22 GodsWord

        We saw how that DNC was exposed, Hillary’s E-mails were exposed. It would not surprise me if some other fact about the denigraters will also appear at the right time.

    2. Felix —

      A bit more…. cleverness, or insanity….??

      Trumps mistakes HAVE TO BE intentional. He wants Hillary in.

      NO Presidential candidate would toss a baby out.. They kiss them..!!

      Donald Trump Ejects Crying Baby Out Of Rally

      AND…. None…. wanting to win… would do this either…. especially to the Speaker…. Taboo:

      Donald Trump is denying two leading figures, House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain, support in their re-election bids.

      Trump told The Washington Post in an interview that he could endorse neither Ryan, the top U.S. elected Republican, nor McCain, a U.S. senator from Arizona and a former Republican presidential nominee, as they face challenges in their states’ primary contests ahead of the Nov. 8 general election.

      Both Ryan and McCain had criticized Trump’s feud with the family of Army Captain Humayun Khan, who died in the line of duty in Iraq in 2004 and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for bravery after his death.

      1. Pat continues to daydream with his Pat head in the clouds somehere in la-la land, Pat thinks Hillary actually has a 70% approval rating among American voters, Pat actually thinks Americans are tripping over themselves supporting and loving Hillary, lol. THE FACT is she can hardly find anyone to go to her stump speeches. She couldn’t fill a high school gym with supporters, lol, pathethic. Even more pathetic, Pat actually thinks Hillary’s the cat’s pajamas. Yeah, sure Pat, whatever you say “world’s leading expert” on diddly squat :


        1. Pat :

          Was it a darling joo commie crying baby or a precious moozlum on islamic jihad crying baby?

      2. The only ones “consigning” Trump “to the dumpster” are the die hard intense blood thirsty warmongering jew Zionist NEO CONS the die hard jew Communists — the jew Commies also support never ending War — some brain dead Hollywood sTaRs, a handful of feral street niggers and rabid illegal aliens the Jew Commies pay to protest against Trump and “our” Darkmoon Patsy [ and his very numerous hydra-heads/characters/personas/alter egos] . No one else is “consigning” Trump “to the dumpster”, Felix. All the hyperbole in the world, Felix, can NOT cover up THE FACT TRUMP’S A LOT MORE POPULAR THAN HILLARY with the American voting demographic.

      3. TROJ –

        Even Trumps business are failing… The Pharisee-Jew Judges will allow Trump/Icahn more bankruptcies.. No problems… 🙂

        Another message from a Rothschild News outlet…

        Icahn to close Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City

        Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal casino, owned by Carl Icahn, will close at the end of the summer, the billionaire investor’s company (IEP.O) said on Wednesday.

        Closure of the casino, which is in the midst of a strike by its unionized workers over wages and health insurance costs, would be another blow to the struggling New Jersey beach resort. Four of its 12 casinos remain shut after closing in 2014, though one of them reopened as a hotel only.

        “Currently the Taj is losing multimillions a month, and now with this strike, we see no path to profitability,” Tony Rodio, chief executive of Tropicana Entertainment Inc (TPCA.PK), said in a statement.

        The board of the Taj and Icahn Enterprises “cannot just allow the Taj to continue burning through tens of millions of dollars when the union has single handedly blocked any path to profitability.” said Rodio, whose company is controlled by Icahn.

      4. Troj –

        I say Trump is trying to lose..!! ‘Fix’ is in for Hillary… 🙂

        Even Trump’s buddy… Newt Gingrich says what Trump has done is very self-destructive.
        See him here:

        Close Ally Newt Gingrich Says Trump Is Being “Self-Destructive”

        “He cannot win the presidency operating the way he is now,” Gingrich told the Washington Post.

        Hillary 75%
        Don – 22%
        worldwide betting:

      5. Off topic, just a thank you to Pat. Several weeks ago you brought up Tragedy and Hope in response to my so-so appraisal of it. I was inspired to begin re-reading it (been almost 20 years) and admit that this time I’m finding it, well, awesome.

      6. Karen –

        Glad it helped.

        It means more when you are more familiar with their definitions. That happens over time… even decades.

        It happens to me all the time.

        Now…. knowing Clinton… Quigley, his mentor at Georgetown, wrote the book… you can see how it influenced him.

        A 25 year old could not grasp it. We lived it.

  19. Dugin might say that Russia won’t wait long:

    In “Putin vs. Putin and his Fourth Political Theory” — Aleksandr Dugin views the confrontation between the United States and Russia in no less than apocalyptic terms and has sought to frame the contest between the two countries as the latest phase in an ancient war between the “powers of the Sea” and “powers of the Land.”

    One of Dugin’s most recent books to be translated into English is Last War of the World-Island — The Geopolitics of Contemporary Russia, and in this book, the author continues to advance this apocalyptic theme.

    Dugin’s main site:

  20. “How long can Russia and China wait before they conclude that they have to pre-empt the coming attack from Washington? ”

    PCR is always pushing for the the anti-Zionists to strike first.

    Btw, if you think the first two World Wars were both bankster organized controlled opposition affairs then don’t be too hasty for another one 😉

    Until Russia takes on the Rothschild controlled Russian Central Bank, you should remain skeptical. Currently only Iran and Syria have no Zio-controlled central banks. They should be wary.

  21. What is the jewmerican’s word of political endearment? (forget about “New Hitler”, old and busted)
    Hint: it rhymes with HUG.

    This is how the ZOG matzo crumbles: Trump – INSANE, Putin -THUG.

    Russia is a global menace led by a DEVIOUS THUG.

    There is a near-certainty in American political speech, going back to the 1980s: When a senior United States official labels you a THUG, trouble follows. “THUG” is the safest go-to word in the lexicon of American Exceptionalism.

    So, it is with concern that folks are lining up at the mic to call Russian President Vladimir Putin just that. President Obama called him a THUG,

    When a Nobel Peace winner calls Putin a THUG, what are the odds of Putin ever winning the Peace Prize himself?
    It takes quite a Peace to score that medal, not sure that even a Pope ever qualified, even the ones defending queersexual rights, bring your Peace to the table of the examining committee for due diligence.

    It seems the word “THUG” is a sort of dog whistle that when blown signals Americans and their media to psyche up for a new fight. For example:

    Secretary of State John Kerry on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: “A THUG and murderer.” Kerry also said, “Daesh [Islamic State] is in fact nothing more than a mixture of killers, of kidnappers, of criminals, of THUGS …”

    Then-President George W. Bush on al Qaeda: “If we let down our guard against this group of THUGS, they will hurt us again.” Bush also thought Saddam Hussein was a THUG.

    Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Muammar Gaddafi: “Look, everybody understands Gaddafi is a THUG and murderer.”

    Good old Bernie, trust him to be a Good Jew, give him that BHL medal of lifelong Kohanim Gatekeeper Service, just like Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Bernard Kuchner and Joschka Fischer, the liberal torchbearers, The Extremely Good Jews, helping ram the gun barrel up THUG Gaddafi’s rectum to bring democracy, peace and prosperity to starving Libyans, Médecins Sans Frontières providing free colonoscopy.
    Who says there are no Good Jews? Not me, no siree, most of them are Good Jews in fact, almost 4%.
    Just don’t call them INSANE or THUGS, their feelings get hurt so easily, tropes of Survivor tales busting out of family closets.

    Madeleine Albright found THUGS in Somalia and the Balkans for the wars of her era as secretary of state.

    Well yeah, it is a standard term of introduction, “hello, pleased to meet you, I am Lobro the Thug and i feel right at home here in the Balkans, where have all the Jews gone?” … just visited the SJJ Jew cemetery with some out of town visitors the other day, it is Europe’s second biggest after Prague but ain’t no Jews seen walking around, afraid to catch the poverty disease, I guess, lack of nourishment in Bosnian host.

    Did any of you regulars here ever call Putin a THUG? Just asking, have no specific recollection … but if you did, you are in illustrious company indeed.

    1. Lobro –

      You omitted the best part from Reuters – -aka Rothschild News:
      “Putin the Thug is a political-military-industrial-complex dream candidate. Expect him to feature heavily in the next administration’s foreign policy.”

      This KEEPS Russia right on top of the hill as “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy.” 🙂

      More $$$$$ for US-RUS partnered companies…!!

      1. Flopot –

        Yes,the CBR is a member of BIS.

        Putin has no chance of changing anything until he has a hand in setting prices of oil and gold and other commodities globally.

        Putin’s biggest problem is no one wants rubles. It is not a reserve currency. Backed by vodka won’t cut it.

        Russia’s economists have admitted the biggest mistake in Russia was placing too much emphasis on oil and gas trading in 1990, because it was so easy…. and ignoring technology and manufacturing and agricultural industries.

        The article mentioned the 5 year plan to increase manufacturing 30-35%.

        At the same time the economies of the rest of the world have to be beaten down to the level of Russia, and China, for them to come to the table. Immigration storms and tsunamis will help accomplish that.

        One World Government will work best with all nations at the same economic level. That is a goal of the UN. They said so in the beginning….. and have repeated it over and over…. Sustainable Development is the nice sounding substitute for their goal of leveling countries. Agenda 21 is the operating system to achieve it.

        “Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.”

    2. i also know when to stop reading Reuters, Pat.
      Because there is a lot of Reuters going around and I no longer have that cast iron digestion like i used to.

      but that money quote is quite true, hostility is the electrolyte of American foreign policy.
      And domestic hostility is the electrolyte of American domestic policy for that matter.
      Any idea why they would be acting that way?
      What’s BEHIND it, i mean, there’s gotta be something BEHIND it, these deep thinkers don’t just manufacture THUGS (Saddam/Gaddafi/Ahmedinejad/Assad/Putin) and venomous hostility out of thin air or because their piles are itching today and everyday, there must be some deeper reason BEHIND it.
      Because even though rats are underneath the piles, is there somebody underneath all?

      you understand clearly, Pat, i know you are a lot brighter than you let on 😉 that if it weren’t for Putin, there’d be somebody else as the world premier THUG, so that Netanyahu, who definitely is not a THUG, who is all nice and snug underneath Obama’s burning piles and even deeper, can stand up in front of the UN General Assembly with a hand-drawn picture of globe and a lit fuse, pointing at the word THUG while haranguing the assembly and if they ran out of all other candidates, maybe Lasha would be the designated THUG and her hydra-heads, you and me.

      Yes, you too can be a THUG!
      Send me my free brochure on how to become a THUG, have my Hitler mustachioed face glowering from Time Mag, “THUG of The Year”!
      CIANSAMOSSAD uncovering secret billions I stashed in offshore accounts that i had no clue about … we can all dream, can’t we.

      1. “Any idea why they would be acting that way?”

        Sure…. The Lakotas and the Confederates gave up….. Jesse James was murdered. The streets and gangs are the next logical target here at home. Capone was fun while it lasted…. caused FBI and ATF build-up. “Next enemy up..!!”

        It is just like the Russian-Jew mafia over there.

        They need crime to build the anti-crime forces worldwide…. for more $$$$$$ debt to Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London… Reuters’s daddy. 🙂

        I’d rather be a real Thuggee…. the real deal.

  22. I also see listings of Rothschild controlled banks and Russia is always on those lists. Neither Syria nor Iran has a Rothschild controlled bank.

    Surely it is best to be sceptical of Russia’s role? If the previous world wars were all controlled and setup by banksters, then why not PCR’s calls for a third one?

    Maybe 😀

  23. Lobro, (as to your reply above August 3, 2016 at 4:27 pm)

    The first scenario is a plausible one. My only concern, as you know, is Rothschild’s influence in Russia, although I do know that if Putin kicks them out and nationalizes the banks then this scenario is certainly someone blowing very hard at the house of cards. Trump, as much as what he’s stated, being very anti NWO, is still a staunch Zionist. As long as anyone, with any love of Zionism is in the helm, there is always trouble ahead and the strong reality of them being a puppet.

    As you know history has always brought serious depressions, high unemployment and misery to the populous before bringing them into suicide on the front lines, on one of their orchestrated wars. My friend, recently awoken has lapsed into serious depression, believing that the world has come to an end. Ironically, as much as the pessimist I am, simply because I’m a realist, I still have hope, knowing that when TSHTF people will disappear from the system, into the wilds and form a resistance. However, unlike past resistances, the technological advances, such as satellite control, infra red, drones etc will make it far harder to resist, than in the past. Then of course there’s the incredible indoctrination and brainwashing to overcome. People have accepted Orwell’s ‘war is peace’ mantra.

    I think Lobro that if it does go arse over tits, you’ll certainly come into your own and lead, as you have on this forum. Yes, you would be wasted in the ‘trenches’ but then, I think that’s where you’ll be, albeit pushing the buttons, just like the rest of us. However, here’s the rub, I truly think that the only way we can smash the new world order is once thinks go arse over tits. The only way to defeat the bankers is to destroy the system that protects them – law and order. Once their gold becomes worthless; once people who once made up the many mercenary outfits, who would protect them see that they’re behind the whole ‘shingbang’, then the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Goldsteins, Warburgs, Soros’, Kissingers, Greenspans et all will be like fish out of water, a LONG way from the sea.

    Think about this logically? Every Hollywood movie, such as the truly horrific The Road paints a horrific picture of anarchy, once governance collapses. But the thing is, would it be so, or is it merely a ploy to lull people into this false sense of security that being a slave to the system is the only life they should have, albeit debt slaves with no freedom?

    There are many phenominally intelligent anarchists out there, from Lysander Spooner to Tolstoy, Bakunin to Kropotkin and many in today’s day and age, who see that the only way man will truly be free is to UTTERLY obliterate the system that has been in charge for thousands of years.

    I would not, not see myself fighting for the Shia Muslims as you, but I think I’ll have enough on my hands, here in the UK, to bother about the east. Far too much will be going on in the west, but I do believe that we will unite with the east to destroy, once and for all, the control mechanism that’s had the world in chains for millennia.

    As for Pat’s wishes, well, I truly can’t state yay or nay, just as I can’t with some form of rapture, but I will say this that having read the other day, of a man, whom all his life was an atheist, debating against CS Lewis and Tolkien on whether God exists, who now, through science, believes in intelligent design, it is certainly more than likely that we didn’t just ‘evolve’ in some primordial soup. Someone, most certainly added the ingredients, to give it flavour.

    Will this/these beings come to our aid? Who knows, but one thing’s for certain that we cannot exist under the system as free men and women as it was created to completely enslave us under money.

    I welcome anarchy and chaos, because when that time arises, the ‘beast’ will be released within us all and the true, survival mode of humanity will come into existence. It will be bad. It will be terrible, but one thing’s for sure, it will give everyone the freedom to remove our jailers, from society, all over this world, once and for all.

    Bring it on I say and ‘masters’ beware of what you’ve created, for your monster will surely destroy you and set the world and it’s people free, once and for all.

    1. Harb –

      Here is a bit of what you mentioned… seen by RIIA:

      —-Rothschild’s RIIA forecast for UK 2016 to 2030—-

      “We expect 2017 to be a very difficult year for many households and businesses in Britain..”

      “Between now and 2030, the UK will be more reliant on the kindness of strangers than has been the case until the decision to leave the EU.”

      “So we expect a dreadful short-term performance…”

      Brace yourself for the future


      As for My wishes…. NO Trespassing.

      1. Pat,

        More fearmongering.

        There is no reason whatsoever for UK businesses to continue trading with Europe whatsoever. All that is needed are new contracts to be drawn up. It’s a con. It’s the bankers, through their bought bureaucrats, trying to blackmail the population to the tune of some £350million a week.

        I’m trying to understand the use of ‘strangers’ as well? Is this yet more propaganda to allow in immigrants, creating a situation where indigenous Britons, will be looking to immigrant next door neighbours for food?

        It still amazes me today, the utter ignorance of the Bremain vote. What happened in Europe, with UK membership, would be on a par with me walking into a mechanic, being told that it would cost me £250 to fix my car including VAT and then being told I’d have to pay another £100 because the UK is a member of Europe. How on earth does this logic benefit the indigenous Briton?

        And as for your wishes, certainly. I don’t really know them anyway.

      2. Harb –

        I am ‘guessing’ you misunderstood my comment about my wishes. It was not aimed at you.

        My wish is that no one would trespass on anyone else globally. It is the basis of common law… as you know.

    2. Harbinger,

      There has never been, and never will be anarchie in this world. There has always been and always will be a hierarchy in nature

      As soon as the current (absent) law and order would vanish the nearest gang of thugs will take controll of your neighborhood leaving you and your neighbors defenseless and you will experience what life is like in ‘countries’ like Liberia or Siera Leone. Especially these days when there’s so many imported Homo Erectuses (literally) walking amongst us.

      1. 1138,

        And what are the police if not a gang of thugs?

        The simple definition of one who is not an anarchist is one who wishes to be governed. It means that they are happy to be slaves of a system that rogers them up their jacksie daily. “But I didn’t vote for governments to go to war in foreign lands” they will say, but when you allow yourself to be governed, you have no jurisdiction, whatsoever, over what they do to you and the nation you give them charge over. People have this mad idea that they’re public servants and should obey what they say, but they fail to see that when they were governed by their parents, it was they who gave the orders, not the other way around.

        The simplest definition of anarchy is without rule. This therefore means that there is NO STATE employee (police/military thug) to impose the wishes of bankers and aristocracy upon you. It gives you the freedom to live your life, free, as you should be doing.
        And of course, there will be gangs that will rise up to ‘try’ and control. And when those gangs rise up, so to will others, to counteract them. There won’t be any corrupt government to say “we’re taking away the means for you to defend yourselves” while making sure they have arms to defend themselves.

        And there will be people who will wish to live how they choose to live and establish small communities, where they will have the say on what their children are taught at school, instead of their children being forced to learn about sodomy, homosexuality, transgenderism and sex education at the age of seven or so.

        Anarchy will simply REMOVE all power from the bankers, aristocracies and throw their world government plans into the fire. These individuals will be hunted down and either enslaved for the rest of their lives, beaten and raped daily or else brutally murdered, when the people enact vengeance on these psychopaths, who would have had society living no different to wild dogs, trying to scrape a living, while they lived the good life.

        And finally 1138, in an anarchy, I really would not like to be a member of any immigrant group currently here or trying to get here. There would be no Sierra Leone type massacre in the UK and if there were, it would be the blacks being whacked, not the whites.

        The world started with anarchy and then people moved in to control. We have the knowledge today of those who wished to control. We have history to tell us that we no longer want a feudal society and most certainly no cryptocracy either.

        Anarchy is the only way man will ever truly be free from the system that has put chains upon him. Those who truly think they can salvage a good society, under the system are bat, shit, crazy I’m sorry to state. It is the ‘system’ that has created this hell we live in today.

      2. Harbinger,

        Ok, have it your way.

        But it is not a matter of wishing to be ruled or not, you will be ruled whether you like it or not. Unless you put your money where your mouth is and are prepared to fight for the position of the ruler, or die trying. It’s called ‘nature’.

        Today’s rulers are obviously literally our enemies. In the late 50’s whites where almost 29 % of the world’s population. Now we are about 9 %, all thanks to feeding and providing life support to our competitors – at our own expense as well!! So that assessment of the current regime is quite accurate.

        I prefer to live in a fascist society like for instance, Singapore. The ultimate society for me would be a white National Socialist country. These are the only, proven, systems of rule that are able to provide the necessary conditions to create and maintain a highly advanced, civilised, safe and prosperous society.

        Anarchy, libertarism is nothing but another jew racket designed to weaken the goim. Once I thought that this could be the answer but I am cured from this delusion. Recently I have been destroying Libertarians online until they couldn’t take it anymore and banned me, which was quite an honour of course. They were clearly all mental, not capable of logic thinking, but instead only ideologic. Libertarism can cause mental disorders for sure.

        Now, I’m not suggesting you suffer from such a thing, far from it, but in my view the belief in anarchy/libertarism as something beneficial totally disregards nature and therefore cannot be.

    3. Harb,

      Trump, as much as what he’s stated, being very anti NWO, is still a staunch Zionist

      Zionists are not so sure about that … 🙂 and when their angst goes ballistic, i tend to trust them, because
      they do nothing but sit around all day either dreaming up ways to harm us or worrying that we may harm them in response,
      ie, truth and justice is their greatest enemy and they are fully aware of it.
      While 1% of the goyim think about it part time, so i tend to read jew-clue carefully, things like this picture are quite a tell, an analytical shortcut.

      Other than that, i am perfectly on board with the anarchic system such as you describe Harb.
      It would work wonderfully, with just one small proviso, namely, that everybody be just as enlightened and morally intact as you.
      Unfortunately, this tiny proviso is a continent sized banana peel.
      It would be great if someone invented a “partial anarchy”, whereby those that passed some screening filter were allowed into the Garden of Anarchic Eden and the rest sent to gulag to to break rocks, till the soil or make furniture for the blessed.

  24. What will happen now is that the presstitutes will demonize Donald Trump even more than they have demonized Vladimir Putin. The scum presstitutes will do everything that they can possibly do to make a vote for Trump into an act of treason against America.

    Now that the presstitutes have learned that they can tell the most blatant lies – Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Russian invasions – without being held accountable, they know that they can lie about Trump. And they will. To the hilt.

    Regarding “they will to the hilt,” concerns are already mounting regarding the election system process:

    The potential for massive voter fraud is more prevalent than ever as the elite desperately attempt to keep Donald Trump from reaching the White house.

    Only just last week Americans learned yet again just how vulnerable the election system is after a voting database held by the Illinois State Board of Elections was hacked – potentially exposing the “names, addresses, [….] last four digits of Social Security numbers” of as many as 7.8 million active voters.

    Although Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Wednesday that there is growing concern around hackers who could infiltrate electronic voting machines, many Americans fear tampering from within the system itself.

    Lack of accountability with increasing disregard for what is right, (the voice of the American people doesn’t matter,) seem to be hitting the US political scene on all accounts.

    1. George –

      Secret ballots allow this. It is inevitable with that system…. and always has been. There is no valid counting.

      When legislatures want to hide the truth they go ‘secret session’ and have voice votes….. no record of who and how they vote. They say, “Nays(or yeas) have it,” even when the opposite is correct….. but is too late to change…!!

      Voting has been hacked since before the Constitution was fraudulently put in place….. by the same ‘secret session’ and voice vote system.

      Fraud is embedded in the US..!!

    2. i have no doubt that trump will be diebolded off the electoral map, proving beyond a shadow of doubt who owns America.

      how can it not happen – impossible without all of you antiTrumpists being right, viz, that trump is a jew as jew gets, because if he is the real deal and they allow him into the WH, game over for jew century, a giant rollback about to kick in because the Messianic jews (ie, all of them) always swung for the fences and so far connected just about every time.
      You see, they cannot afford to lose an iota of power as it stands, because, if (as i firmly believe) the eurasian axis is real, it gathers strength, sociopoliticomilitarily every day at the expense of the wrung-dry, fatigued old NATO of benumbed shabbos who would just as soon bolt from the jew imposed nightmare of the ages.

      So … imagine a real deal Trump getting in ready to clear out the Stygian stables, Turkey jumping ship, US military growing a spine with a new, young officer crop … what’s the Jew to do?
      Roll over and die, Yahweh project dead in the water, people able to speak their mind loudly … can you imagine such a scenario being allowed to happen?
      Not me.
      So, it’s Diebold way and no other, short of an American palace coup, Trump and military junta.

      And if Erdogan is serious about dumping NATO, no dice, we got the instant shooting war and on the very first day we’ll find out the truth about nukes, because if they do exist, a massive preemptive strike, probably followed by an equally massive retaliatory one will be launched within hours of each other.
      Head for the hills, you may buy another 2-3 hours of life, maybe a day if you are lucky.
      30,000 warheads can cover a lot of spots on Google map.

      1. “…and on the very first day we’ll find out the truth about nukes, because if they do exist..”

        If they do exist they have a short shelf life. The nuclides are in constant decay…. and would change the ‘critical shape’ (buckling) needed for the PRECISE event…. the nuclear reaction.

        SOME have been around for 50 years…. or more.

        AND….. in the detonator explosion… shape matters also….

        If you wish to detonate a nuclear weapon…. it requires some amount of chemical high explosive – HE.

        When used in nuclear weapons, this explosive must perform to higher than normal specificiations. It is not enough for it to simply detonate, as it might be in a ‘conventional’ weapon. In the ‘conventional’ case, the user just cares that an energetic enough explosion to cause some minimum level of damage is produced.

        In the case of the nuclear weapon, the timing and power of these high explosive pieces must both meet very stringent requirements – not just minimums, but particular values.

        If one piece of HE detonates faster than others, or produces a detonation which differs in power in either direction outside its tolerances, the nuclear detonation can be severely compromised or even prevented.

        High explosives are mixtures of chemicals. There are the primary explosives, perhaps oxidizers as well. Most also incorporate inert additives called binders which are used to produce a substance of a particular mechanical characteristic.

        All of these compounds are subject to possible physical and chemical changes over time. They may also separate physically as well, causing problems.

        So, they must be replaced.

        In the nuclear weapon case, this is not feasible. Although very stable explosives can be made, if the weapon does not have provisions for removal and potential replacement of the explosives components its reliability will decrease over time.

        Even if it does provide for this maintenance, care must be taken to produce exact duplicates of the explosive components, both in shape and composition – as the physics of the detonation will be affected by both, and any change from the weapon design spec will likely make such a detonation smaller or prevent it entirely.

        30,000??? Nope..!!

        I’m not scared… and neither is Sard… 🙂

  25. Pat

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll keep sayin’ it till I’m blue in the face – the original 1492 protocols needing revising after the ENTIRE Constitution was indoctrined, but ONLY BECAUSE of the amendments, ESPECIALLY the 2nd one! Otherwise. yes indeed, “CONstitution” is most apt

    My little post addressed to Gil says it all for me – “the window of opportunity” afforded the early-settling Europeans and Iroquois with their Great League to co-exist peacefully

    I wax nostalgic about what I believe Hitler was trying to accomplish of a similar nature, but the commonality of the two was in coercion and war forced on them both

    1. B-Hawk – Chief Blue-In-Face.. 🙂

      The 2nd Amendment…. as all the Amendments …. has a disclaimer/qualifier embedded in it.

      It does NOT state that anyone can be armed(with weapons) anytime, anywhere..!!

      It is useless to me and you.. and is a (s)tool of the interpreting courts..!!!

      SCOTUS (5 to 4) deemed it a PRIVILEGE (not a right) on June 28, 2010..!!

      Otis McDonald, et al. v. City of Chicago, Illinois, et al.

      Alito was joined by Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy and Thomas:

      In his concurring opinion, Justice Thomas alone supported overturning the Slaughter-House and Cruikshank decisions, proposing that “the right to keep and bear arms is a PRIVILEGE of American citizenship that applies to the States through the Fourteenth Amendment’s Privileges or Immunities Clause.”


      Now you see another reason why Harb likes no government.

      1. Pat

        You’re not grasping what I’m saying, brother!

        I never intended to suggest that the amendments represent a guarantee of freedom. I GET it that a government that has the temerity to “grant” rights is an ILLEGITIMATE one.

        What made the Iroquois Constitution brilliant in reflecting a LEGITIMATE govt. was that it was UNWRITTEN! Meaning that the very CONCEPT of “granting” didn’t exist for them. That a person is FREEBORN was a common understanding; no need to put things in writing; no CHARTER. In essence, this was Swift’s Houyhnhnms having no concept of LYING – “the thing which is not”

        However, American founders couldn’t HELP but hold this concept near and dear, as entrenched as it had become in their thinking, influenced by the hundreds of years of governmental practice that REFLECTED it. Henceforth, when the amendments were ratified they predictably proved to be no exception to the general RULE, although there was a GLIMMERING of freedom’s full light – it’s as far as they were ABLE to go.

        But in spite of their intrinsic flaw, collectively the amendments HAVE served to keep the totalitarian wolf from having ALREADY crashed down freedom’s incompleted door


        This segues to your incorrect premise that the fix was in regarding the American Revolution.

        WRONG oh wizened one! :>}

        In their haughty complacence, the “invincible” British Army was SHOCKED on the battlefields by the outnumbered, yet BRILLIANT guerilla-fighting “American rabble”. The unthinkable had really happened, imagine that!

        This threw the original protocols totally out of whack, and like the insolent Khazarians before them, the scum behind it all slinked back to their putrid piles to lick their woeful wounds. Back to the drawing board they went, with the march to despotism begun anew.

        The major tool to be used – democracy

        “democracy passes into despoism” Plato

      2. B-Hawk – –

        Not so fast, my Injun friend….

        While studying the roots of the US Constitution in the 60s, I learned that the natives did not use pen and paper to write laws and contracts. (Franklin used parts of the Iroquois Federation System while styling one for the US Congress, especially ‘separation of powers’ into 3 branches. He learned about it while being the Indian Liaison for the colonial government.)

        BUT…. They DID use WAMPUM BELTS, made by stringing beads and shells, to lay out the laws and contracts for all to be known. A colorful permanent record.

        The Hiawatha Belt is now in the US Congressional Library.

        59. A bunch of wampum shells on strings, three spans of the hand in length, the upper half of the bunch being white and the lower half black, and formed from equal contributions of the men of the Five Nations, shall be a token that the men have combined themselves into one head, one body and one thought, and it shall also symbolize their ratification of the peace pact of the Confederacy, whereby the Lords of the Five Nations have established the Great Peace.
        The white portion of the shell strings represent the women and the black portion the men. The black portion, furthermore, is a token of power and authority vested in the men of the Five Nations.
        This string of wampum vests the people with the right to correct their erring Lords. In case a part or all the Lords pursue a course not vouched for by the people and heed not the third warning of their women relatives, then the matter shall be taken to the General Council of the women of the Five Nations. If the Lords notified and warned three times fail to heed, then the case falls into the hands of the men of the Five Nations. The War Chiefs shall then, by right of such power and authority, enter the open concil to warn the Lord or Lords to return from the wrong course. If the Lords heed the warning they shall say, “we will reply tomorrow.” If then an answer is returned in favor of justice and in accord with this Great Law, then the Lords shall individualy pledge themselves again by again furnishing the necessary shells for the pledge. Then shall the War Chief or Chiefs exhort the Lords urging them to be just and true.
        Should it happen that the Lords refuse to heed the third warning, then two courses are open: either the men may decide in their council to depose the Lord or Lords or to club them to death with war clubs. Should they in their council decide to take the first course the War Chief shall address the Lord or Lords, saying: “Since you the Lords of the Five Nations have refused to return to the procedure of the Constitution, we now declare your seats vacant, we take off your horns, the token of your Lordship, and others shall be chosen and installed in your seats, therefore vacate your seats.”
        Should the men in their council adopt the second course, the War Chief shall order his men to enter the council, to take positions beside the Lords, sitting bewteen them wherever possible. When this is accomplished the War Chief holding in his outstretched hand a bunch of black wampum strings shall say to the erring Lords: “So now, Lords of the Five United Nations, harken to these last words from your men. You have not heeded the warnings of the women relatives, you have not heeded the warnings of the General Council of women and you have not heeded the warnings of the men of the nations, all urging you to return to the right course of action. Since you are determined to resist and to withhold justice from your people there is only one course for us to adopt.” At this point the War Chief shall let drop the bunch of black wampum and the men shall spring to their feet and club the erring Lords to death. Any erring Lord may submit before the War Chief lets fall the black wampum. Then his execution is withheld.
        The black wampum here used symbolizes that the power to execute is buried but that it may be raised up again by the men. It is buried but when occasion arises they may pull it up and derive their power and authority to act as here described.

        60. A broad dark belt of wampum of thirty-eight rows, having a white heart in the center, on either side of which are two white squares all connected with the heart by white rows of beads shall be the emblem of the unity of the Five Nations.

      3. The Hiawatha Wampum Belt is a visual record of the creation of the League of the Haudenosaunee (also known as the Six Nations or Iroquois).

        The date of that event is the subject of considerable debate: estimates range from hundreds to over a thousand years ago, but Haudenosaunee oral tradition of that event has remained constant. At the center of the Hiawatha Belt is the Confederacy’s symbol, the “Great White Pine,” also known as the “Tree of Peace.” The center figure also represents the Onondaga Nation where the central council fires reside — all issues involving the entire Confederacy are debated and decided there. The other Haudenosaunee nations are visualized as squares: on the outer edges are the Mohawks, guardians of the Eastern Door; and the Seneca, Keepers of the Western Door. The Oneida and Cayuga are depicted in the two inner squares; the Tuscarora, the sixth nation in the Confederacy, joined after this Wampum was created.

        Also pic:
        This belt was made when the Haudenosaunee was formed before the first Europeans came to Turtle Island.

      4. Pat

        The issue in question has to do with the concept of “granting rights”

        Why don’t you make all Haudenosaunee – related references to play off that. I will reply in length when I have more time :>}

      5. B-Hawk –

        I never have mentioned ‘granting’ rights. That’s an impossibility.

        Anything granted by authority can be removed by the authority.

        Privileges are granted.

        Rights go to the strong when more than one man is on the land with another. That is the law of nature. Insures the fittest and smartest replenish the stock.

        I have come to guess that Rights are lies invented to attempt to own and control land… which is an impossibility, unless the potential owner has eternal life. The best any living man can do is manage his stuff while still here. Someone else will manage it after that.

        Even the Haudenosaunee took the lives of their rulers if the council of women wanted it that way. 🙂

  26. Judge for yourself how the game is played, ie, the Voice of Zion sees TrumPutin as a single, two-headed hostile entity, TrumPutin The Rasputin, about to bring the burning cross forward to purge and re-holocaust Zion.
    Lookit here

    Clinton asserted during the Fox interview that
    “we KNOW that Russian intelligence services hacked into the DNC and we KNOW that they arranged for a lot of those emails to be released and we KNOW that Donald Trump has shown a very troubling willingness to back up Putin, to support Putin.”

    Now think; what possible motive would Zion’s mouthpiece Hillary Clinton have to state this if TrumPutin was actually a team player on the same side, unless they were scared shitless of what might result if Trump were to be swept into the office by the white stalwarts of America?
    It simply does not compute, tell me all you want about bankers this, follow the money, it is all utter nonsense,
    “they killed Saddam and Gaddafi and destroyed Iraq and Libya because of oilfields and reconstruction projects, they let Assad and Syria, Ahmedinejad and Iran off the hook because of oilfields and reconstruction projects.”
    That kind of logic is a bit dense for my head, sorry.

    What I see is this: because Jews (as per that quote from The Protocol 5.4) have from the very start of the war on goy been …

    Reared on analysis, observation, on delicacies of fine calculation, in this species of skill we have no rivals, any more than we have either in the drawing up of plans of political actions and solidarity.

    it must be perfectly clear TO THEM that day by day, they are slowly losing steam and have already started the downhill trip, soon to be buried in a landslide by a fresh, intelligent, motivated, vigorous, patient enemy and the “mene, mene, tekel, upharsin” writing is on the wall, they know perfectly what it means even as the western goyim are soundly snoring on the sofas in front of TVs buzzing with media static.

    So, something drastic must be undertaken NOW.
    And NOW is now, we shall soon see action.

    1. Lobro –

      “So, something drastic must be undertaken NOW.”

      Alert the spirits….. who have been sleeping all this time.

      Command them to go forth… and beat the ghosts…

      The London Pharisee-Jew Bankers will appreciate your leaving THEM…. and THEIR non-spiritual oil and companies in Russia alone.

    2. you really latched onto the convenient stick to beat me with, haven’t you.
      Except that it is even more ethereal and non-existent than the original material it was made from.

      Why not take a banking holiday from bashing me with a spirit-stick, maybe come back refreshed, replace the spirit-stick from a newly sharpened accountant’s pencil, the mighty tool of salvation from the pharisee-bankers, if Jesus couldn’t chase them out of the temple with a (spiritual) stick, why not try a pencil.

      Between pencils and 12-gage partridge hunting shotguns, Jew is surely between rock and a hard place, forget Putin and Russians and the Chinks, we can get the job done ourselves, Onward Fiscal Soldiers, Marching As To War, With The Star Of David, Going On Before.

      Hard boiled, hard nosed Materialism!!!

      1. Lobro –

        “you really latched onto the convenient stick to beat me with, haven’t you.”

        Certainly and of course…… It has been easy for you to reach it recently. You used it very proudly and with full-force when you opposed me. It is your petard. I decided to light it for you….. while unaware. 🙂

        I was in hopes you would provide me an instance where you felled some banker with your wishing, hoping and spiritual thoughts. I need something of value for my spirit to use.

        Plenty of pencils have been used to take notes of evidence at the scenes of crimes which have placed Pharisee-Jews behind bars. Madoff and Rich, just to name two, would have liked the written evidence to have been destroyed.

      2. before laying down to rest on laurels, perhaps you can tell us where the evidence against Madoff was penciled, as per

        Plenty of pencils have been used to take notes of evidence at the scenes of crimes which have placed Pharisee-Jews behind bars. Madoff and Rich, just to name two, would have liked the written evidence to have been destroyed.

        What written evidence might you be referring to, got any source documentation?
        Because, above all i’d like to see where exactly have $60-70 billion been deposited?
        Surely can’t be too hard for you to produce or that sharp pencil might be a little uncomfortable to sit down onto after you took your bows to applause all around.
        Madoff copped a deal involving a guilty plea in return for which the pencils were trashed.
        He ran out of wiggle room when investors and depositors started asking for withdrawals, no need for any pencils, sharp or dull to catch him, with that kind of loot, even Israel couldn’t have refused extradition – Bernie took one for the team, that’s all.
        Or prove me wrong by producing that evidence, the bank accounts hunted down by sharp-pencil-men.

        And i never did preach non-violence against Jew, only said that without the determination borne of clear conviction and strong spirit can the battle commence and these values are as lacking as Madoff’s stolen loot.
        Lots of pencils on that trash heap, enough to landfill another Long Island, zero wish to use them.
        And if your fighting forces are scared to use pencils, what about heavier caliber?

        So keep squawking against Putin in envious rage Pat but he da man and he got results to show.
        And he is a spiritual warrior too, not that you would notice 😉 maybe smiley might alert you to the fact.

        So, keep twisting words and ideas, way to go, “By way of non-sequitur, you shall wage debate”.

      3. Madoff, Rich, Pollard, Scooter Libby, Doug Feith, Kobe Alexander (Odigo, stole over $150 million of investors money, Justice Dep’t not even looking for him)
        lots and lots and lots of Jews got away with light sentences for betrayal of USA or scot free, presidential pardons and all.
        Jew is born with get-out-jail-free card in USA.
        Back in the day, they used to be roasted on the Old Sparky but those good old days are gone, no pencil can penetrate that Jew armor any more.
        I don’t even know that Madoff is behind bars anymore, who is able to verify, maybe they parade an effigy around the exercise yard in a wheelchair while he is surfing/Tel Aviv.

        I would say that an army of goy accountants is more impotent than a single ouija board spin when it comes to combating the Jew.

      4. Lobro –

        I’m happy to continue “squawking against Putin” Thanks for permission. 🙂

        You originally threw “spiritual” at me. Grab some and show me… YOUR proof.

        “I would say that an army of goy accountants is more impotent than a single ouija board spin when it comes to combating the Jew.”

        And I would say you are wrong. ‘Weegie’ runners(people) con people out of printed $$$…. and do not conjure spirits.

      5. Lobro – (ethereal tag)

        Fighting ethereal battles…. will yield ethereal results. Just hot air and mirages.

        That allows Pharisee-Jews to win without pain.

        Hit them in their real wallets. 🙂

  27. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin is doing everything he can possibly do to avoid the nuclear war that the crazed American neoconservatives are bringing to humanity. For his efforts in behalf of planet Earth he is demonized 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year after year. For simply stating facts, I am described by the presstitutes as “an apologist for Putin.”

    The endless lies about Russia have convinced the Russian media that Washington is mobilizing its NATO vassals for an attack on Russia. Read the transcripts to this Russian media broadcast.

    Like father, like son, the amoral leadership actions continue. August 5, 2016:

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This “wedding” ceremony that Joe Biden performed on Tuesday was actually a statement by the Obama administration letting America know how they feel about Biblical heterosexual-only marriage. Remember back in 2011 when Obama said he would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act? Over the past 8 years he has done his best to destroy Biblical marriage, and he still has 3 more months left. What’s next?

    Joe Biden performed the ceremony at 4 p.m. yesterday inside the vice president’s residence, located at the U.S. Naval Observatory.

    After this, all that is needed is for Democratic POTUS candidate select to be ushered into office to completely convince the Honorable Vladimir Putin that the US is irreversibly hopeless, and makes NYC along with the DC metroplex along with other major cities and military assets smoking nuclear craters.

    The US may very well be The Mystery of Babylon by producing the majority of worldwide pornography, highest divorce rate in the world, many broken families, homeless veterans disregarded while promiscuous behavior leading to children out of wedlock is rewarded with subsistence, over 58 million pre-born deaths since Roe versus Wade, many churches not helping benevolently helping the poor neighbors and strangers about them, dishonesty abounding, and etc.

    And the kings of the earth will weep for her, and will wail over her, those having fornicated and having luxuriated with her, when they see the smoke of her burning; standing from afar because of the fear of her torment, saying, Woe! Woe to the great city, Babylon, the strong city! For in one hour your judgment came. And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, because no one buys their cargo any more. Revelation of John 18:9-11 LITV

    Will this actually happen? Time will tell, but there seems to be more and more of a concurrence that such fate awaits.

    1. George –

      The US has the highest divorce rate because the women are not stoned to death here for leaving.
      It is a legal – civil – event for $$$$$.

      Today’s ‘traditional’ marriage licenses and ceremonies are events for $$$$ and control… and tracking… pushed by Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

      Marriages lead to divorces. Without marriages, there would be no divorces. In the US the systems make $$$$$ performing both events. $$$Billions per year.

      Black’s Law Dictionary(see marriage license) states that a ‘marriage license’ is permission to ‘intermarry’… which means ‘miscegenation’….. which is RACE MIXING..!! People in the West pay to mix races..!!

      Before licensing…. common law marriages were the norm. ‘Man took a wife’ without permission from the state or the preacher with a bible and his hand out to be paid $$$$$. No courts’ $$$$ involved either.

      Divorces were performed by claiming so…. by the MAN announcing it in public. NO $$$$ involved.

      In the Hawaiian Islands, marriage in the Western sense did not exist until the arrival of Christian missionaries; there was NO WORD for husband or wife in the Hawaiian language. The privilege for chiefs was often observed. A young girl’s parents viewed the coupling with favor. If she were lucky, she might conceive his offspring and be allowed to keep it. When western ships arrived, young girls and wives eagerly coupled with sailors who, given their weapons and large ships(size mattered 🙂 ), may be gods.

  28. Drawing squiggles in order to disconnect clearly marked dots:
    New York Times covers up Obama administration’s role in Turkish coup

    “The Turks,” the Times tells us, are “playing a duplicitous and cynical game” in suggesting that the US had anything to do with the failed coup.

    When it comes to cynicism and duplicity, the Times has no equal. How can it claim that the US had nothing to do with the coup?

    It is well-established that much of the coup was organized out of Incirlik air base in southeastern Turkey. The base is not only the center of the US air war against Iraq and Syria, housing 1,400 US military personnel and hundreds more American contractors, it is also the site of the largest stockpile of US nuclear weapons on the European continent, as many as 90 B-61 tactical nuclear bombs, each capable of delivering a destructive power over ten times greater than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

    After the coup had failed, the base’s commander, one of the many military figures with close ties to the Pentagon who played a prominent role in the plot, asked his American colleagues to grant him asylum.

    Now for some straight lines for a change

    Moreover, the only reason that Erdoğan escaped shortly before a military assassination squad arrived at the door of his vacation home was that Russian intelligence, which had apparently picked up military communications between the coup plotters, had given him enough advance warning.

    Is it frankly credible that the US military, which likely heard these same communications from adjoining offices, or the CIA and NSA, whose spying capacities in a country where they have operated for decades have to be far superior than those of their Russian counterparts, did not have the same or even more extensive prior knowledge?

    Their decision not to issue Erdoğan a similar warning can only have one interpretation: Obama and the US military and intelligence chiefs preferred to see the Turkish head of state dead.

    Obama and the US military and intelligence chiefs preferred to see the Turkish head of state dead
    Putin says NYET.
    NYT (“the Dead Sea scrolls of record”) crying the blues, Putin-Hitler.
    Previously, Obama and the US military and intelligence chiefs preferred to see the Syrian head of state dead
    Putin said NYET.
    NYT crying the blues, Putin-Hitler.
    Previously, Obama and the US military and intelligence chiefs preferred to see the Lybian head of state dead
    Jew traitor Medvedev said DA.
    NYT never called Medvedev-Hitler.

    It takes some heavy astigmatism to miss those straight lines, connecting Jew and his US/EU/Can lickspittles with hatred and deadly intent toward Putin, Xi, Assad, Ayatollahs, now Erdogan, the line dividing the world into strict, well defined Jew and anti-Jew camps girding for the mother battle.

    It takes some creative spinning and squiggling to escape these blindingly clear conclusions, a double dose of purple microdot helps color these squiggles, make them squirm so entertainingly to conclude that it is all just one dot to stare at hypnotized, goggle-eyed, mesmerized, to intone sepulchrally, wooey-jooey, Jew-knows-all, Jew-owns-all.
    Because he doesn’t, it is only the ones suffering from Stockholm syndrome that cannot accept the idea of mighty Jew striking out.

    “Let’s get spiritual” moment 😉 :
    The Lady of Fatima said the world’s salvation will come out of Russia upon her consecration to Christianity.
    Guess what.

    Or you can go with NYT, WaPo, WSJ, Bloomberg and Reuters for your daily dose of kol nidre squiggles.

    1. Incisive.

      But since you said ““Let’s get spiritual” moment”

      Genesis 3:15

      And I will put enmity between thee (Satan’s children the Jews through Cain) and
      the woman (White European Israelites through Adam which means red neck, those
      who blush and show blood in the face, and later through Jacob Israel the man, followed by Shem making Whites true Shemites/Semites),
      and between thy seed and her seed; thou shalt bruise his heel, and he shall
      crush thy head.”

      Obadiah 1:18
      And the house of Jacob (all White nations/races descended from Jacob Israel the Man) shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph (America / Amel Reich / Amel Ric / Amelowkah / The Kingdom of Heaven and Canada) a flame, and the house of Esau (Jews) for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any
      remaining of the house of Esau; for YHVH of hosts hath spoken it.
      Isaiah 34:5
      For my sword shall be bathed in heaven: behold, it shall come down upon Idumea (Jews; Greek for Edom), and upon the people of my curse, to judgment.

  29. “Do peoples as guilty of dereliction of duty as Western peoples are have any right to survive?”

    There’s the rub.

  30. I can see these comments are heavily trolled and not even by people who have even the slightest clue. Firstly, the conversation started with history, then someone pretending to be Islamic got on and tried to turn it to a war of religion or ideology. Then the conversation turned to insults. The bottom line here is that the West is imploding and this was planned. Do you think the 7 ruling elite families who have built mind boggling underground cities did not anticipate let alone plan this eventuality ? These people are geniuses not stupid. Stupid is the people who allow it. Do you think Russia and China will not strike first ? Well lets look at it this way. The more time given to Russia the more advances they make and they are making advances in all fields much faster than anyone else. They have the infrustructure but most importantly they have the dedication and attitude (the people as a whole). A few scarcity issues will not deter them. Most Russians, this is all they have known. Putin is also a strategic genius and lets not forget, ex KGB. His government are afraid of him and for good reason. He also has more than 80% popularity rating which is insane considering Obama has less than 8% now. China however is a different kettle of fish. China are also advancing faster than the west in all things military and have always been prepared for war since WW2. They are absolutely itching for a fight to prove themselves and they stand to gain significant parts of the Asia pacific if the USA is removed from the region albeit the world. That power vacuum would even see Australia become part of China. Vietnam will probably be left alone as historically no one wins with them unless you nuke the entire nation into slag. Does Russia care ? Look at their human rights records – actually worse than the USA if you can believe that ! So Whilst Putin is happy to wait and upgrade just like a computer game, China might take both of them to war with a first strike situation. Once China launches do you think the missiles coming back will only be aimed at China ? No they will be aimed at Russia too. So China as crazy as they are, can take both nations to war, which will take with it Iran, Israel, Saudi, NATO, the entire pacific region and even poor Australia. As it was said.. “I do not know with which weapons WW3 will be fought but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones”. If you have no idea who said that, google it for a free history lesson. World war 3 is coming. The elites need it to preserve themselves. Their power base of economies was never mean to be self sustaining and war reducing the entire global population to 500 Million or less, was always the goal. They are the elite in their bunkers imagining themselves to emerge in a few decades and repopulate the world into some utopian fantasy however the world will probably resemble Mars or Venus, or at least take tens of thousands of years to even remotely recover. How many advanced civilizations preceded our own on Earth of which we are still not equal to ? Many. They all perished and probably for the same reason – human insanity and preoccupation with war, power and greed. My Mars and Venus comments are also taking into account the seemingly perfect timing of potential solar disaster paralleled with our current pole flip.

    1. Brett Moore, August 12, 2016 at 3:00 pm: I can see these comments are heavily trolled and not even by people who have even the slightest clue. Firstly, the conversation started with history, then someone pretending to be Islamic got on and tried to turn it to a war of religion or ideology. Then the conversation turned to insults.

      Following gives a good explanation on why people troll.

      In this month’s issue of Personality and Individual Differences, a study was published that confirms what we all suspected: Internet trolls are horrible people. [….] An Internet troll is someone who comes into a discussion and posts comments designed to upset or disrupt the conversation. Often, in fact, it seems like there is no real purpose behind their comments except to upset everyone else involved. Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response. [….] Some Canadian researchers [….] conducted two online studies with over 1,200 people [….] looking for evidence that linked trolling with the “Dark Tetrad” of personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism.

      They found that Dark Tetrad scores were highest among people who said trolling was their favorite Internet activity. [….]

      “… the associations between sadism and GAIT (Global Assessment of Internet Trolling) scores were so strong that it might be said that online trolls are prototypical everyday sadists.”

      The article gives advice to simply ignore them. The worst trolls are those who come back with a patently stupid counterargument that is devoid of context, to spur conversation – their way. I ignore them.

      The bottom line here is that the West is imploding and this was planned. Do you think the 7 ruling elite families who have built mind boggling underground cities did not anticipate let alone plan this eventuality ? These people are geniuses not stupid. Stupid is the people who allow it. [….] World war 3 is coming. The elites need it to preserve themselves. Their power base of economies was never mean to be self sustaining and war reducing the entire global population to 500 Million or less, was always the goal. They are the elite in their bunkers imagining themselves to emerge in a few decades and repopulate the world into some utopian fantasy however the world will probably resemble Mars or Venus, or at least take tens of thousands of years to even remotely recover.

      The world is full of sick, deranged, extremely wealthy people with inflated egos, who have no value in the sanctity of life, who are in essence trolls, who have no problem in making people’s lives miserable, including mental and physical suffering, incarceration, death and destruction. That includes certain people who claim to be Jews, but in essence are a Synagogue of Satan as demonstrated by their covert heinous attitudes and acts.

  31. Wilfred Owen wrote the following in 1917. Every journalist – and most today are war-promoting prostitutes at the behest of their warmongering masters – should read it and remember it.

    If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood
    Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs,
    Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud
    Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,
    My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
    To children ardent for some desperate glory,
    The old lie: Dulce et decorum est
    Pro patria mori.

    1. “To die for an idea; it is unquestionably noble. But how much nobler it would be if men died for ideas that were true!” – H. L. Mencken

      If any question why we died,. Tell them, because our fathers lied.
      – Kipling

      1. @HP

        Brilliant quotes. Modern history summed up in a sentence.

        The Father of Lies
        created fathers of lies
        And even today we give our lives
        For the Father of Lies
        of the fathers of lies.

  32. I am still sitting on the fence about Russia (is it ZOG controlled or not?); although there are hopeful signs, especially if Syrian territorial integrity is ensured. China, however, is a mystery to me.

    This guy seems completely convinced that China is controlled by the “Globalists” — one George Soros is the villain but we will use that euphemism “globalist”…

    “Almost a year later, FT conducted an interview of George Soros in which he subtly laid out the banksters’ post-crisis plan for ushering in the NWO. When a reader first passed me a link to the interview, though, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it might be faked, so I did some checking on its authenticity and found out it was actually real. Here was George Soros — who is unquestionably a Western elitist even in the eyes of the most ardent Kool Aid drinker — speaking of using China to bring in the New World Order. But it just goes to show that the banksters have never really hidden what they’re doing; they just reveal it in dry interviews and insufferably bland policy papers while the public is distracted by an emotionally charged, easily understood “good guy” versus “bad guy” fairy tale”

  33. Flopot – –

    PCR left a few things out.

    This may help:

    China is excited about UN AGENDA-21 agreements:


    BEIJING, Sept 3 (Reuters) – China’s parliament on Saturday ratified the Paris agreement on climate change, state news agency Xinhua said.


    China’s future depends on London… 🙂

    Huge clue – UK leaving EU to increase China Connections without EU permission.

    Learning to speak Chinese may be a really good investment — at least if the globalists get their way.

    Just this past week…Sep 3, 2016:
    Britain’s May hails “golden era” for UK-China ties

    This may also help:

    How the Global Elite Re-colonized China

    Princeling Families’ Power Reach – Stewards of Chinese Economy
    America and Western capital is very evident there.

    The Tsinghua Global Business Journalism Program is supported by Bloomberg.

    The facilities at Tsinghua include a laboratory of ten Bloomberg terminals, the largest of its kind in the world, where students can access an unparalleled database of financial information normally available only to sophisticated professionals.

    The journalism school has added in 2012 a virtual television studio, where computer-generated and real objects can be merged seamlessly, and a media-convergence laboratory offering students the latest tools to develop skills needed by digital journalists.



    China: Staking Claim in the New World Order

    In 2009, billionaire establishment power broker George Soros, a close ally and financier of Obama, called for the communist regime ruling mainland China to “own” what he referred to as the “New World Order.”

    Speaking to the Financial Times about what Obama should discuss while in Beijing, the self-styled philanthropist declared that the United States and the U.S. dollar were on their way down, and that the Communist Party regime must step up to the plate.

    “I think you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order, financial world order,” Soros told the Financial Times.


    Globalist NED from John McCain – – in China – 2015

    Advancing Citizen Priorities through Civil Society and Accountable Governance

    “According to the Chinese government itself, China has 7,000 foreign-financed NGOs operating in China! ***(Foreign financed NGOs are what Washington used to destabilize Ukraine and overthrow the elected government.)


    Globalist control of China??? Yes. Proof is in financial sector publications.
    China Needs UK… London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers… and will for decades, as it has for centuries in the past.

    China’s bank trades only 4% of its own currency. Hong Kong trades the rest for them.

    It is perhaps of no surprise that China would make its entry into global markets with its Yuan bond by selecting the London Stock Exchange, as China’s astute president Xi Jinping made a special trip to Britain in October 2015 to further business relations, which at the time was the initial part of establishing London as a Yuan trading center.

    China to Start Direct Foreign-Exchange Trades With U.K.

    London Gets Boost in Bid to be Center for Offshore Yuan Trading



    Chinese Yuan on London Stock Exchange

    June 9, 2016
    It is perhaps of no surprise that China would make its entry into global markets with its Yuan bond by selecting the London Stock Exchange, as China’s astute president Xi Jinping made a special trip to Britain in October 2015 to further business relations, which at the time was the initial part of establishing London as a Yuan trading center.

    After several years of unengaging tedium, a tremendous amount of sudden interest was shown by many traders as China’s first-ever foreign-listed sovereign renminbi bond, which was led by HSBC PLC and Bank of China Ltd.’s U.K. arm, began trading on the London Stock Exchange Wednesday, continuing the country’s recent directive aimed toward opening its capital markets to the world.

    The 3 billion yuan ($457 million) bond, which is set to mature in 2019, was originally announced on May 25 this year, which is where the huge demand began to amass before it went live.


    The future of the RMB:

    Published on: Wednesday, June 15, 2016

    An in-depth guide to global currency wars; how Beijing is seeking to globalize the renminbi, through currency swaps and trade-financing facilities; the rise of the offshore bond market……
    and how –fee-hungry banks are salivating at the prospect of the RMB’s growth.–



    China seeks planning advice and buys planes from Israel:

    Mr. Gadi Cohen, head of IAI’s Civil Aviation Group, who led this initiative with the Chinese partners, said: “the cooperation agreement with the City of Shantou is part of IAI’s strategy to locate additional civil aviation growth drivers worldwide and particularly in China. This is another international validation of IAI’s capabilities in this area.
    We are confident that these and other initiatives will open new business opportunities for us and our Chinese partners.”


  34. @Pat

    All very sobering. Are you to the world what Wilhelm Marr was to Germany? Yes, I’m reading through the archives.

    Very soon we might all be getting a very rude awakening as East and West merge and morph into one giant pig. 1000 years of darkness heading our way — Oy vey!

    1. Flopot –

      It will take a very long time. There are over 100 countries not in BIS and without their own stock markets.

      It is obvious to me that the job of helping to develop the morphing is Putin’s to lose.

      They break all rules to keep him in office. His every breath is praised. He has only friendly bombs. 🙂

      He want Pharisee-Jews to come to Russia… “Return,” he said. He likes Israel.

      Israel controls Russia’s satellites:

      Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has successfully launched Spacecom’s AMOS-4 successfully lifted off from Baikonur, Kazakhstan

      Aug 31, 2013
      The company’s launch of AMOS-4 with coverage over Russia and South Asia, and scheduled launch of **AMOS-6 in 2015 with additional coverage over Europe, Africa and the Middle East, will continue to enhance its position as an emerging global satellite operator. (**AMOS-6 exploded last week)

      Russia Israel Airplanes Business – Sale of Drone Assembly Elements:

      October 2010 – In the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, Mr. Viktor Khristenko, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) CEO, Mr. Itzhak Nissan, and the Director-General of the Oboronprom Russian Industrial Corporation, Mr. Andrey Reus, signed an agreement, to sell UAV assembly elements and services to Oboronprom.

      And – for the Russian people…. Pharisee-Jew feed their minds as in US and UK and EU and China:

      US Pharisee-Jews in Silver Springs, Maryland, London and New York control what the Russian people see on TV.

      Russia’s TV programs bring perverted lewd sex and crimes and violence into Russian homes… just like in US and UK.

      One facilitator is National Media Group(NMG), and it is one of the largest private media ‘holdings’ in Russia.

      The ‘Holding’ was established in 2008 by merging media assets belonging to AB Russia, Alexey Mordashov, Surgutneftegaz, and the Sogas Insurance Group. Today NMG provides management of a diversified portfolio of assets in key segments of the Russian media market.

      The National Media Group unites leading companies in the segments of TV, radio, print media and film production.

      TV and radio: Channel One, 5 Channel, Ren TV, Russian News Service. NMG also manages Russian channels of Discovery group.

      In 2015, NMG developed a “strategic PARTNERSHIP” with DISCOVERY Communications in the management of Russian-language channels of Discovery Group (11 channels, including Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet and Eurosport).

      Discovery Group 11 channels:

      Discovery Channel – Pres and CEO David M. Zaslav (on board of USC Shoah Foundation)

      TLC – The Learning Channel – New slogan: “Life surprises” with programs focused on family life

      Animal Planet – Designed to tap into humans’ basic instincts and what makes humans human

      Eurosport – Discovery 51% joint venture with French TF1 in 2014

      Investigation Discovery – Crimes of violent nature homicides, kidnappings, stalkings, sexual assaults, domestic violence and disappearances

      Discovery Kids – Programs for children

      Switchover Media – Discovery Networks Europe

      Discovery Science – Discovery-based methodologies are often viewed in contrast to traditional scientific practice

      DMAX – Men’s lifestyle channel

      Discovery Home & Health – Based in UK

      Discovery Turbo/Discovery Turbo Xtra – Devoted to programming about transport

      David M. Zaslav is the president and chief executive officer of Discovery Communications, a position he has held since January 2007. He was previously an executive at NBC Universal.

      Zaslav spent nearly two decades at NBC, where he worked to develop and launch CNBC, MSNBC and negotiate deals on behalf of NBCU with DirecTV, Comcast and Time Warner. As president of Cable and Domestic TV and New Media Distribution, he oversaw content distribution to all forms of TV, led negotiations for cable and satellite carriage of NBC Universal networks and forged new media partnerships, including a video-on-demand deal with the leading cable operator, Comcast.

      His responsibilities extended to Bravo, CNBC World, SCI FI, ShopNBC, Sleuth, Telemundo, Telemundo Puerto Rico, mun2, Trio, Universal HD, USA Network, NBC Weather Plus and the Olympics on cable. Zaslav also oversaw NBC Universal’s interests in A&E, The History Channel, The Biography Channel, National Geographic International, the Sundance Channel and TiVo.

      Zaslav serves on the boards of Sirius XM Radio, Inc., Lions Gate Entertainment, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, The Cable Center, Center for Communication, Skills for America’s Future, Grupo Televisa, Partnership for New York City, and….

      He also is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Paley Center for Media and the MT SINAI MEDICAL CENTER.

      1. Putin is being allowed to take charge….


        HANGZHOU, China, Sept 5 (Reuters) – Russian President
        Vladimir Putin said on Monday that interference of a
        non-regional power in the dispute over the South China Sea could
        only hamper the solution of this problem.
        “This is counter-productive,” Putin told a news conference
        after a G20 summit in China, adding that Russia supported
        Beijing’s stance on the Hague court ruling.
        An arbitration court in the Hague ruled in July that China
        had no historic title over the waters of the South China Sea and
        had infringed on the rights of the Philippines, which brought
        the case under the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea.
        Beijing rejected the ruling and accused the United States of
        stirring up trouble in the sea where China’s territorial claims
        overlap in parts with Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei
        and Taiwan.

  35. Putin’s London handlers at RIIA, Chatham House, have this to tell the world about….
    economic sovereignty in Russia:

    Many have stated the problems with concentration on oil and gas products.

    Russia’s economic policy is being progressively subordinated to security concerns, with the ostensible aim of insulating the country from internal and external threats. The geopolitical conflict with the West that intensified after the annexation of Crimea in 2014 has resulted in the authorities accelerating their efforts to enhance Russia’s economic sovereignty.

    One way for Russia to become more sovereign would be to diversify its economy away from oil and gas exports. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers, with a wide range of manufacturing capabilities.

    However, much of its manufacturing output is not competitive on global markets and is consumed domestically. Activity levels are therefore strongly correlated with export revenues from hydrocarbons. The rest of the economy nosedives when commodity prices drop. Real diversification will occur only if new industries are export-oriented.

    Russia is in the grip of a wider economic downturn that is proving intractable. How the issue of scarcer resources is managed will be of crucial importance. If resources are allocated to already protected and globally uncompetitive industries at the expense of policies designed to support entrepreneurship and strengthen property rights, the prospects for Russia’s long-term prosperity will be bleak.

    The authorities desire a change in the nature of Russia’s integration with the global economy, in order to boost the domestic economy and national security. In this respect, it is perhaps more accurate to describe the current trajectory not as ‘de-globalization’ but as ‘conditional re-globalization’. The Russian authorities appear intent on changing trade and investment relations where it is desirable for economic and/or security reasons, and where it is feasible given prevailing physical and financial constraints.

    Research Paper: Import Substitution and Economic Sovereignty in Russia:

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