How the Sexual Revolution is Destroying the West

By Michael O’Meara


Four years after Guillaume Faye’s La Nouvelle question juive (The New Jewish Question, 2007) alienated many of his admirers and apparently caused him to retreat from identitarianism and Euro-nationalism, his latest work signals a definite return, reminding us of why he remains one of the most creative thinkers defending the future of the white race.

In this 400-page book, which is an essay and not a work of scholarship, Mr. Faye’s central concern is the family, and the catastrophic impact the rising number of divorces and broken households is having on white demographic renewal. In linking family decline to its demographic and civilizational consequences, he dissects the larger social pathologies associated with the “inverted” sexuality now disfiguring European life. These pathologies include the de-virilization and feminization of white men, the normalization of homosexuality, feminist androgyny, Third-World colonization, miscegenation, the loss of bio-anthropological norms (like the blond Jesus)—and all that comes with the denial of biological reality.

At the core of Mr. Faye’s argument is the contention that sexuality constitutes a people’s fundamental basis; it governs its reproduction and ensures its survival. Thus, it is the key to any analysis of contemporary society.

As the ethologist Konrad Lorenz and the anthropologist/social theorist Arnold Gehlen (both of whom have influenced Mr. Faye) have demonstrated, there is nothing automatic or spontaneous in human sexuality, as it is in other animals. Man’s body may be like those of the higher mammals, but it is also a cultural, plastic one with few governing instincts. Socioeconomic, ideological, and emotional imperatives play a major role in shaping human behavior, especially in the higher civilizations.

Given, moreover, that humanity is no monolith, there can be no universal form of sexual behavior, and thus the sexuality, like everything else, of Europeans differs from that of non-Europeans. In the United States and Brazil, for example, the sexual practices and family forms of blacks are still very unlike those of whites, despite ten generations in these European-founded countries. Every form of sexuality, Mr. Faye argues, stems from a specific bioculture (a historically-defined “stock”), which varies according to time and people. Human behavior is thus for him always the result of a native, inborn ethno-psychology, historically embodied in cultural, religious, and ideological superstructures.

The higher, more creative the culture the more sexuality also tends to depend on fragile, individual factors—such as desire, libido, self-interest—in contrast to less developed cultures, whose reproduction relies more on collective and instinctive factors. High cultures consequently reproduce less and low cultures more, though the latter suffer far greater infant mortality (an equilibrium that was upset only in the 20th century, when high cultures intervened to reduce the infant mortality of lower cultures, thereby setting off today’s explosive Third-World population growth).

Despite these differences and despite the world’s great variety of family forms and sexual customs, the overwhelming majority of peoples and races nevertheless prohibit incest, pedophilia, racially mixed marriages, homosexual unions, and “unparented” children.

By contravening many of these traditional prohibitions in recent decades, Western civilization has embarked on a process that Mr. Faye calls derailment, which is evident in the profound social and mental pathologies that follow the inversion of  “natural” (i.e., historic or ancient) norms—inversions that have been legitimized in the name of morality, freedom, and equality.

SexeEtDevoiement1-209x300Sexe et dévoiement is an essay, then, about the practices and ideologies currently affecting European sexuality and about how these practices and ideologies are leading Europeans into a self-defeating struggle against nature—against their nature, upon which their biocivilization rests.

Guillaume Faye
Sexe et dévoiement [Sex and Perversion — Ed.]
Éditions du Lore, 2011

The Death of the Family

Since the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, expressions of egalitarianism and a nihilistic individualism have helped undermine the family, bringing it to the critical stage it has reached today. Of these, the most destructive for Mr. Faye has been the ideology of libidinal love (championed by the so-called “sexual liberation” movement of the period), which confused recreational sex with freedom, disconnected sex from reproduction, and treated traditional social/cultural norms as forms of oppression.

The “liberationists” of the 1960s—the first generation raised on TV—were linked to the New Left, which saw all restraint as oppressive and all individuals as interchangeable. They were convinced that all things were possible, as they sought to free desire from the “oppressive” mores of what Mr. Faye calls the “bourgeois family.”

This ‘60s-style sexual liberation, he notes, was “Anglo-Saxon” in origin, motivated by a shift from prudery to the opposite extreme. Originally, this middle-class, Protestant prudery confined sexuality to the monogamous nuclear family, which represented a compromise between individual desire and familial interests. This compromise preserved the family line and reared children to carry it on.

In the 1960s, when the Boomers came of age, the puritans passed to the other extreme, jettisoning their sexual “squeamishness” and joining the movement to liberate the libido. In practice, this meant abolishing conjugal fidelity, heterosexual dominance, “patriarchy,” and whatever taboos opposed the feel-good “philosophy” of the liberationists. As the Sorbonne’s walls proclaimed in ‘68: “It’s prohibited to prohibit.” The “rights” of individual desire and happiness would henceforth come at the expense of all the prohibitions that had formerly made the family viable. Mr. Faye does not mention it, but American-style consumerism was beginning to take hold in Western Europe at the same time, promoting self-indulgent materialism and the pursuit of pleasure.

Americans pioneered the ideology of sexual liberation, along with gay pride and the porn industry, but a significant number of “ordinary” white Americans resist their elites’ anti-traditional sexual ideology. Salt Lake City here prevails over Las Vegas. The Washington Leviathan nevertheless continues to use these ideologies and practices to subvert non-liberal societies, though not always with success: The Russians have rebuffed “international opinion” and refuse to tolerate gay pride parades.

Europeans, by contrast, have been qualitatively more influenced by the “libertine revolutionaries,” and Mr. Faye’s work speaks more to Europeans than to Americans, though it seems likely that the European experience will sooner or later come to the United States.

Against the backdrop of ‘60s-style sexual liberation, personal sexual relations were reconceived as a strictly individualistic and libidinal “love,” based on the belief that this highly inflated emotional state was too important to limit to conjugal monogamy. Marriages based on impulsive sexual attractions and the “hormonal tempests” they set off have since become the tomb not just of stable families, but increasingly of Europe herself.

For with this adolescent cult of sexualized love that elevates the desires of the solitary individual above his communal and familial duties, there comes another kind of short-sighted, feel-good liberal ideology that destroys collective imperatives: the cult of human rights. This flood of discourses and laws promoting brotherhood and anti-racism are synonymous with de-virilizition, ethnomaschoism, and the destruction of Europe’s historic identity.

Romantic love, which is impulsive on principle, and sexual liberation have destroyed stable families. This “casino of pleasure” may be passionate, but it is also ephemeral and compelled by egoism. Indeed, almost all sentiments grouped under the rubric of love, Mr. Faye contends, are egoistic and self-interested. Love in this sense is an investment from which one expects a return—one loves to be loved. A family of this kind is thus one inclined to allow superficial or immediate considerations to prevail over established, time-tested ones. Similarly, the rupture of such conjugal unions seems almost unavoidable, for once the pact of love is broken—and a strictly libidinal love always fades—the union dissolves.

The death of the “oppressive” bourgeois family at the hands of the  emancipation movements of the ‘60s has given rise to unstable stepfamilies, no-fault divorce, teenage mothers, single-parent homes, abandoned children, homosexual “families,” unisex ideology, new sexual categories, and an increasingly isolated and frustrated individual delivered over almost entirely to his own caprices.

The egoism governing such love-based families produces few children. To the degree that married couples today even want children, it seems to Mr. Faye less for the sake of sons and daughters to continue the line and more for the sake of a baby to pamper, a living toy that is an adjunct to their consumerism. And since the infant is idolized in this way, parents feel little responsibility for disciplining him. They subscribe to the “cult of the child,” which considers children to be “noble savages” rather than beings that need instruction.

The result is that children lack self-control and an ethic of obedience. Their development is compromised and their socialization neglected. These post-‘60s families also tend to be short lived, which means children are frequently traumatized by broken homes, raised by single parents or in stepfamilies, where their intellectual development is stunted and their blood ties confused. Without stable families and a sense of lineage, they lose all sense of ethnic or national consciousness and fail to understand why miscegenation and immigration ought to be opposed. The destruction of stable families, Mr. Faye surmises, bears directly on the present social-sexual chaos and the impending destruction of Europe’s racial stock.

Against the sexual liberationists, Mr. Faye upholds the model of the past. Though perhaps no longer possible, the stable couples of the bourgeois family structure put familial and communal interests over amorous ones, to the long-term welfare of both the couple and the children. Conjugal love came, as a result, to be impressed with friendship, partnership, and habitual attachments, for the couple was not defined as a self-contained amorous symbiosis, but as the pillar of a larger family architecture. This made conjugal love moderate and balanced rather than passionate. It was sustained by habit, tenderness, interest, care of the children, and la douceur du foyer (“the comforts of home”). Sexual desire remained, but in most cases declined in intensity or dissipated in time.

This family structure was extraordinarily stable. It assured the lineage, raised properly-socialized children, respected women, and won the support of law and custom. There were, of course, compromises and even hypocrisies (as men satisfied libidinal urgings in brothels), but in any case the family, the basic cell of society, was protected—even privileged.

The great irony of sexual liberation and its ensuing destruction of the bourgeois family is that it has obviously not brought greater happiness or freedom, but rather greater alienation and misery. In this spirit, the media now routinely (almost obsessively) sexualizes the universe, but sex has become more virtual than real: There is more pornography but fewer children. Once the “rights” of desire were emancipated, sex took on a different meaning, the family collapsed, sexual identity was increasingly confused, and perversions and transgressions became greater and more serious. As everyone set off in pursuit of an illusory libidinal fulfillment, the population became correspondently more atomized, uprooted, and miscegenated. In France today, 30 percent of all adults are single and there are even reports of a new “asexuality” in reaction to the sexualization of everything.

There is a civilization-destroying tragedy here: for, once Europeans are deprived of their family lineage, they cease to transmit their cultural and genetic heritage and thus lose all sense of who they are. This is critical to everything else. As the historians Michael Mitterauer and Reinhard Sieder write: “The family is one of the most archaic forms of social community, and at all times men have used the family as a model for the formation of human societies.” The loss of family stability, and thus the collapse of the family as society’s basic cell, Mr. Faye emphasizes, not only dissolves social relations, it brings disorder and makes all tyrannies possible. Once sexual emancipation helps turn society into a highly individualized, Balkanized mass, totalitarianism—not Soviet or fascist, but US progressive—becomes increasingly likely.

The Idolatry of Homosexuality


Homophilia and feminism are the most important children of the cultural revolution. They share, as such, much of the same ideological baggage that denies biological realities and makes war on the family. Mr. Faye claims that in the late 1960s, when homosexuals began demanding legal equality, they were fully within their rights. Homosexuality in his view is a genetic affliction affecting fewer than 5 percent of males, but he does not object to homosexuals practices within the privacy of the bedroom. What he finds objectionable is the confusion of private and public realms and the assertion of homophilia as a social norm. Worse, he claims that in much elite discourse, homosexuals have quickly gone from being pariahs to privileged beings, who flaunt their alleged “superiority” over heterosexuals, who are seen as old-fashioned, outmoded, ridiculous. Heterosexuals are like women who center their lives on the care of children rather than on a career, and are thus something bizarre and implicitly opposed to liberal-style “emancipation.”

Mr. Faye, who is by no means a prude, contends that female homosexuality is considerably different from and less damaging than male homosexuality. Most lesbians, in his view, are bisexual, rather than purely homosexual, and for whatever reason have turned against men. This he sees as a reflection on men. Even in traditional societies, women who engaged in homosexuality retained their femininity and so were not so shocking as their male counterparts. By contrast, male homosexuality was considered abhorrent, because it violated the nature of masculinity, making men no longer “properly” male and thus something mutant. To those who evoke the ancient glories of Athens as a counter-argument, Mr. Faye, a long-time Graeco-Latinist, says that in the period when a certain form of pederasty was tolerated, no adult male ever achieved respectability if he was not married, devoted to the interests of his family and clan, and, above all, was never to be “made of woman,” i.e., penetrated.

Like feminism, homophilia holds that humans are bisexual at birth and, willfully or not, choose their sexual orientation—as if anatomical differences are insignificant and all humans are a blank slate upon which they inscribe their self-chosen “destiny.” This view lacks any scientific credibility, to be sure, even if it is professed in our elite universities.  Like anti-racism, it denies biological realities incompatible with the reigning dogmas. Facts, though, have rarely stood in the way of faith or ideology—or, in the way of secular 20th-century ideologies that have become religious faiths.

Despite its progressive and emancipatory pretensions, homophilia, like sexual liberation in general, is entirely self-centered and indifferent to future and past, promoting “lifestyles” hostile to family formation and thus to white reproduction. Homophilia here marches hand in hand with anti-racism, denying the significance of biological differences and the imperatives of white survival.

This subversive ideology now even aspires to re-invent homosexuals as the flowers of society: liberators preparing the way to joy, liberty, fraternity, tolerance, social well-being, good taste, etc. As vice is transformed into virtue, homosexuality allegedly introduces a new sense of play and gaiety to the one-dimensional society of sad, heterosexual males. Except, Mr. Faye insists, there’s nothing genuinely gay about the gays, for theirs is a condition of stress and disequilibrium. At odds with their own nature, homosexuality is often a Calvary—and not because of social oppression, but because of those endogenous reasons (particularly their attraction to their own sex) that condemn them to a reproductive and genetic dead end.

In its public displays as gay pride, hemophilia defines itself as narcissistic, exhibitionist, and infantile, thus revealing those traits specific to its abnormal condition. In any case, a community worthy of itself, Mr. Faye tells us, is founded on shared values, on achievements, on origins—not on a dysgenic sexual orientation.

Schizophrenic Feminism

hteamlifestyle108The reigning egalitarianism is always extending itself, trying to force genuine sexuality, individuality, demography, race, etc., to conform to its tenets. The demand that women have the same legal rights and opportunities as men, Mr. Faye thinks, was entirely just, especially for Europeans—and especially Celtic, Scandinavian, and Germanic Europeans—for their cultures have long respected the humanity of women. Indeed, he considers legal equality the single great accomplishment of feminism. But feminism has since been transformed into another utopian egalitarianism that makes sexes, like races, equivalent and interchangeable. Mr. Faye, though, refuses to equate legal equality with natural equality, for such an ideological muddling denies obvious biological differences, offending both science and common sense.

The dogma that differences between men and women are simply cultural derives from a feminist behaviorism in which women are seen as potential men, and femininity is treated as a social distortion. In Simone de Beauvoir’s formulation: “One is not born a woman, one becomes one.” Feminists therefore affirm the equality and interchangeability of men and women, yet at the same time they reject femininity, which they consider something inferior and imposed. The feminist model is thus the man, and feminism’s New Woman is simply his “photocopy.”

In trying to suppress the specifically feminine in this way, feminism aims to masculinize women and feminize men in the image of its androgynous ideal.


Justin Beiber, the Ultimate Androgyne

This is like the anti-racist ideal of the mixed race or half-caste. This unisex ideology characterizes the mother as a slave and the devoted wife as a fool. In practice, it even rejects the biological functions of the female body, aspiring to a masculinism that imitates men and seeks to emulate them socially, politically, and otherwise. Feminism is anti-feminine—anti-mother and anti-family—and ultimately anti-reproduction.

Anatomical differences, however, have consequences. Male humans, like males of other species, always differ from females and behave differently. Male superiority in achievement—conceptual, mathematical, artistic, political, and otherwise—is often explained away as the result of female oppression. Mr. Faye rejects this, though he acknowledges that in many areas of life, for just or unjust reasons, women do suffer disadvantages; many non-whites practice outright subjugation of women. Male physical strength may also enable men to dominate women. But generally, Mr. Faye sees a rough equality of intelligence between men and women. Their main differences, he contends, are psychological and characterological, for men tend to be more outwardly oriented than women. As such, they use their intelligence more in competition, innovation, and discovery. They are usually more aggressive, more competitive, more vain and narcissistic than women who, by contrast, are more inclined to be emotionally loyal, submissive, prudent, temperate, and far-sighted.

Men and women are better viewed as organic complements, rather than as inferior or superior. From Homer to Cervantes to Mme. de Stäel, the image of women, their realms and their work, however diverse and complicated, have differed from that of men. Women may be able to handle most masculine tasks, but at the same time their disposition differs from men, especially in the realm of creativity.

This is vitally important for Mr. Faye. In all sectors of practical intelligence they perform as well as men, but not in their capacity for imaginative projection, which detaches and abstracts one’s self from contingent reality for the sake of imagining another. This is true in practically all areas: epic poetry, science, invention, religion, even cuisine and design. It is not from female brains, he notes, that have emerged submarines, space flight, philosophical systems, great political and economic theories, and the major scientific discoveries (Mme. Curie being the exception). Most of the great breakthroughs have been made by men and it has had nothing to do with women being oppressed. Feminine dreams are simply not the same as masculine ones, which search the impossible, the risky, the unreal.

Akin, then, in spirit to homophilia, anti-racism, and ‘60s-style sexual liberation, feminism’s rejection of biological realities and its effort to masculinize women end up not just distorting what it supposedly champions—women—it reveals its totally egoistic and present-oriented nature, for it rejects women as mothers and thus rejects the reproduction of the race.


Sexe et dévoiement treats a variety of other issues: Christian and Islamic views of sexuality; immigration and the different sexual practices it brings, some of which are extremely primitive and brutal; the role of prostitution; and the effect new bio-technologies will have on sexuality.

From the above discussion of the family, homophilia, and feminism, the reader should already sense the direction of Mr. Faye’s arguments, as he relates individual sexuality to certain macro-changes now forcing European civilization off its rails. His perspective is especially illuminating in that he is one of very few authors who link the decline of the white race to larger questions of civilization, sex, and demography.

Nevertheless I would make several criticisms. Like the European New Right as a whole, he tends to be overly simplistic in attributing the origins of the maladies he depicts to the secularization of certain Christian notions, such as equality and love. He also places the blame for undesirable social/economic developments on cultural/ideological influences rather than depicting a more realistic dialectical relationship of mutual causation. Likewise, he fails to consider the ethnocidal effects on Europe of America’s imperial supremacy, with its post-European rules of behavior and its anti-Christian policies.

But having said that—and after having written reviews of many of Guillaume Faye’s works over the last 10 years, and reading many other books that have made me more critical of aspects of his thought—I think whatever his “failings,” they pale in comparison to the light he sheds on the ethnocidal forces now bearing down on the white race.


78 thoughts to “How the Sexual Revolution is Destroying the West”

  1. “…the ethnocidal effects of America’s imperial supremacy” are no more than a projection of the same maladies this article describes as hurting Europe. America is suffering from THE SAME PLAGUES.

    Excellent article!

    1. Gilbert,

      “…the ethnocidal effects of America’s imperial supremacy” are no more than a projection of the same maladies

      What the author means and what Americans and Europeans don’t usually apprehend is the cognitive cultural war waged against Europe by USA since 1945 , and not the way around, the old story of the ex-colony colonizing back. It’s the most pernicious form of war since it impacts everybody and it’s omnipresent, kill the enemy into believing. For the countries that resist the Kissinger soft power, it’s isolation with embargoes and containment, Gene sharp colored revolution or terrorism and bombs.
      It’s always amusing to see US ong’s bitching about Putin alleged homophobia.
      How the hell do I know about Caitlyn Jenner?
      Because of Brett Farve’s transphobia.

      USA considers the control of academic curriculum through international institutions, foundations, corporations as a matter of national security. All the academic theories in Occident, in every domain, are elaborated in USA. In the domain of economics and finance for example, we are taught corporate governance, maximizing shareholder profit, and the neoliberal theories of Friedman and Becker about introducing the market notion in every aspects of human life and monetizing debt. This evolution had a huge impact over the last thirty years even if it’s hard to evaluate. The same goes for social science, gender studies, homophilia and feminism, defense of minority against the white man privileges, PC social justice fighters, horizontal destructive social fights.

      That being said, you are absolutely right, we are the victims of our own neurosis, from the first explosion of individualism after the reform to Foucault’s death instinct, it has been a long ideological process. US academics have just synthesized the German thinkers from Hegel to Nietzsche with the authors of French Theory and gave them a scientific solidity before using them against us in order to facilitate the exportation of the easily controlled multicultural/ethnic community model of society that USA has pretty much always been.

      Recently Michel Foucault has been honored by La Pléiade, the supreme honor for a writer in France. This guy, leader of the French Theory, is an icon in the leftist academic circles in USA. His work about deconstruction, his fascination for immorality and for all the weirdos have been the main inspiration of all the destructive theories the article talks about. He said “The main objective is not to discover, but to refuse who we are.” A vast program.
      He would die of AIDS after an agitated life with a lot of good time in San Francisco leather salons. He had a fascination for USA since he said it’s the country where all frontiers, geographical and physical, have been abolished, where everything will soon be tolerated, the new Babylon. Now this guy is celebrated as a great thinker, well, he is, in a morbid destructive way. Sade was also a genius but he was locked up in jail.

      Anyway Gilbert I am talking about US elite who is very much alike European elite in their mobility and ideology, there is just a hierarchy. We have the same plagues but they just happen sooner in USA.
      As Marx said, the dominant ideology is the ideology of the ruling class, but common people everywhere are still very conservative, we need more migrants. I saw a fascinating story today about French high schoolers who were put in the shoes of migrants for two days, wandering with bags, heartbreaking Big Other.

      There is clearly an America we could all like but this one is never promoted in the media. . I smartened up about this by reading the great American author Christopher Lasch in “The revolt of the elites” and “The culture of narcissism”.

      Obama Out.
      Trump in.
      Go Spurs.

  2. The trailer (trash) for the ITV show Love Island must have been made by the (((Globalists))) in advertising!

  3. Outstanding, excellent!

    I think this is the best article I’ve read on Darkmoon yet. Reading it feels like the author has read my mind.

    However, one crucial factor here is not mentioned. The fact that this is not some sort of inevitable natural course our civilisation has taken all of a sudden at some point in time, but a deliberate alien attack on it.

    I got two words for ya, Jews and Frankfurt School.

    Immer dem verdammten Juden!

  4. I would like to know, how is it ethical to bring white children into a world where there is even the slightest possibility that they will be harmed, let alone Hellstormed? I’m assuming you’ve seen the documentary. You see, in creating children, you are effectively excusing the horrific danger, even condoning it. I used to be a white nationalist, before I realised that WNs view children as mere human capital, as a means to an end. Beating the Jews and the muds is their number one priority. Any white person who suffers horrendously is of no concern to them. Only their prime directive matters.

    Regarding survival, it is merely a Darwinian tic. All things die out; that is the transient nature of all things. I became an anti-natalist when I realised that humans, their needs and desires, are incompatible with a universe which is clearly indifferent, and at times actively hostile, to human interests. Stories of trans-generational “survival” – whether of races, nations, culture, or even knowledge – are really stories of vicarious (that is to say, fake) survival.

    1. Collective survival is “vicarious” as far as individuals are concerned. Of course all individuals die, but the group survives if its individual members procreate.

      “…All things die out; that is the transient nature of all things…”

      True, but the thing is not to die out too early. If you give up all will to live, you will die out and other (presumably “lesser”) groups will take your place.

      And for a war you need soldiers – many soldiers.

      1. But my point still stands. It views white children as expendable. They are churned out for a purpose, and that purpose can never be to benefit the child. Their interests are never given the time of day. It’s simply not on the breeder’s radar. Having children in a world where pain and misery of the most extreme kind is a possibility, is to effectively say that such suffering is permissible, even justifiable.

      2. As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk
        the Law runneth forward and back —
        For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,
        and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

  5. Yes, the author provides a compelling argument and he has identified the source as emanating from the USA. However, the malaise has spread to the younger generations in many other non-western countries, such as Japan and other countries in Asia, albeit to a lesser degree. The question which must be answered is, can this “revolution” be reversed? Or do we have a situation as reported by Peter Arnett during the Vietnam War, quoting an American Military Officer? “We had to destroy the town in order to save it.” Is it going to take a terrible war, with huge losses of human life to make the world see reason?
    One other factor, not mentioned in the article is the decline in real terms of the living standards of people in the West. I’ve observed over the last 40 years, since the US abandoned the gold standard, the slow and steady decline of Western living standards. True, it’s quite effectively hidden, through the average Joe and Jane existing on the treadmill of revolving credit. Not a conducive situation to maintaining the birth rate or a stable family life

    1. Felix,

      Living standards and economy are always fluctuating, And although it can have certain damaging effects on society, it will not be permanent as long as traditional values are maintained. And that’s where the cultural war was launched for, introduced by mainly Frankfurt School jews. The power to make or break economies through control over the money supply – and with that the power over everything – is just instrumental in order to obtain influence in mass media, education, politics, legal sytem, etc.. with which they shift depraved ideas to social norms.

  6. I never heard of Guillaume Faye. It appears he is a Zionist:

    In 2007, he published La Nouvelle question juive (The New Jewish question) in which he strongly criticized Holocaust deniers and many third positionists and anti-Zionists (such as Alain Soral or Christian Bouchet) whom he accuses of sympathy for Islamism. As a response, he was accused of being a “national-Zionist”.

    1. Pat,

      I see.

      Well, that could explain the absence of the Jews and the Frankfurt School from the article, which is quite odd given the topic.

      1. Uncle :

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        1. @ TROJ

          “UNCLE: Yet once again, I ask you why you’re Censoring my posts? I refer specifically to the post I sent you this morning…. Where is it? And why is it there, wherever it is you put it, and not here up on the commentary board? …. I don’t get it, I really don’t. Care to explain? Or, are you TOO busy being a fucktard to be bothered to explain why you almost always break your word?”

          I have 20 minutes a day to check the spam. I have no time to read through your interminable garbage, let alone bother to “censor” your mindless trash. Who the hell do you think you are? Sozhenitsyn?

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            the hindoos LERV their hydra headed snakes
            One way we can know things is thru the camera
            but cameras are NOT necessary to know The Truth
            One Can See Without Cameras
            Videre Licet is pretty wonderful
            One sees clearly and cuts thru the piles of shit
            you fucktards are trying to pass off as “truth”
            go eat shit and go fuck yourselves.

            What the fuck is your Uncle doing these days
            besides Censoring so many of the posts I sent him recently
            NO not the epic poems I’m talking about
            I’m referring to all of my NON poem posts
            when the fuck are they going to be put up
            or are you all such liars
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            you slithering snakes and your hydra heads
            coiled about one another
            in your snake pit who knows where
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            Yes that pretty much sums up what I think of Lasha,
            the hermaphrodite who worships the jew kabbalah “Lilith”
            you all are so obvious
            maybe that’s planned too to be very obvious
            I don’t know and I really don’t care
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            I would LERV to get a hold of MachtNichts
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            “MURK”! — Perfect word to describe
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            and what the fuck exactly are you all going to do about it?

            go eat camel shit and shut the fuck up!



    2. @ Pat

      Trying to rubbish another article published on the Darkmoon site, are you? I’m sure Admin have their eye on you, especially as you rely on Jewish Wikipedia to make your point. 🙂

      Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t you recently join the throng of people who attacked Franklin Ryckaert for relying on Jewish Wikipedia to support of his argument?

      And here you are doing the same thing!

      1. Doc –

        “Correct me if I am wrong,..”

        OK… You’re wrong… Glad to help there. 🙂

        I never attacked Franklin.

    3. James O’Meara has an excellent reputation in White Nationalist circles. He has been published on all the premier WN sites. So your snide suggestion that there’s something suspicious about him, and that you know better, falls flat.

      This is a superb article, as 1138 has already said:

      Outstanding, excellent!

      I think this is the best article I’ve read on Darkmoon yet.

      1. “Dr.” Parker – you pompous shit. You’ll never see the day your intellect equals Pat’s. Lay off him and go and try to think of something edifying to say, please…

      2. @ Gilbert Huntly

        With all due respect to you, I think Dr Parker has a point. There’s nothing wrong with this article. It’s fine. That your hero Pat should find fault with the article and quote Jewish Wikipedia in support of his argument does not in any way prove your hero’s intellectual preeminence.

        You my be impressed with Pat’s intellect. Dr Parker is obviously not. Nor am I.

        I am not impressed with the intellect of a man who appears be so senile that he doesn’t know the difference between an on-topic comment and an off-topic one. Over half his comments are long and tedious off-topic crap, things he has saved up on his computer and copies and pastes for our benefit at regular intervals — including long lists intended to wow us all. None of this is original. Everything is pilfered, copied and pasted. A link would suffice. But no, he has to copy and paste the whole thing in order to take up extra space.

        If you think this total bore is an intellectual genius I feel sorry for you.

        BTW, I notice that the extremely entertaining and informative “Sardonicus” is no longer posting here because of Pat. Another good poster chased away and lost to this site because of the antics of your creepy hero.

      3. Gombrich –

        Pat only attempted to point out the suspicions that Michael O’Meara, himself, articulated in this article, concerning “Dr.” Parker’s ‘hero’, JAMES O’Meara. Blake121666 clarified it for us. Read in context! I have often read such misguided criticisms of Lasha Darkmoon’s well-written and well-researched articles, without comment, because I figured that either she or Mr. Lobro could correct them better than I. Most of the articles on this site deserve careful reading! Dumb as I am, I make it a POINT to try and read carefully. You should try it, yourself. 🙂

      4. Also, I might add that even though I personally find some of Miss Ellie’s assertions reprehensible, she is absolutely the BEST and most worthwhile commenter on this site. (Yes, she is more entertaining than Pat – so is your TROJ – but Pat bores you because he bests you in outright logic and rational thought.). I learn from his comments! 🙂

      5. Brownnark –

        It is because she is so damn ARTICULATE. I LERV to read her…

  7. I somewhat disagree with some of the author’s identification of when the family first came under attack. Although the 1960’s had an impact, it was not as great as the author claims. It was only a small number of the “boomers” that were into sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Most “boomers” did not accept that life style even though it was pushed by the media, especially the electric jew (TV) so that it appeared that it was a majority movement. I can recall taking entertainment trips to the small few blocks of a city where the hippies congregated just so we could see just how insane they were.

    The initial and most devastating attack on the family in American came in 1935 with the establishment of Social Security. The family unit of grandparents, parents, and children was separated. Social Security’s underlying message was that the children did not have to be concerned with the well being of their parents and grandparents, it was the government’s job. The wisdom of the elderly was separated from the ignorance of the young which this allowed the ed-jew-cation system to begin brainwashing the young to accept the opposite of what had been the norm. That separation also laid the groundwork for the young to become accustomed to being in debt as a way of life. After all, the young were told repeatedly how much better ed-jew-cated they were than their parents and grandparents so there was no reason for the young to pay much attention to the lessons learned by their elders. These effects are the reason that Social Security has become a global disease infecting most countries. The jews want control of the whole planet.

    Porn has been around a lot longer than Anglo Saxons have had the ability to communicate it. Ancient Indian culture had stone carvings of “abnormal” sex practices and orientals put the same in book format. Those cultures did not fall off the edge of the earth from a family perspective so porn is not what causes disintegration of the family, but it does make for a good distraction from the things that do. Some people still give the jewish Freud too much credit for understanding basic humanity. As with all jews, Freud’s job was to destroy humanity, not understand it.

    The reason there are so many out of wedlock children rests squarely on ed-jew-cation and jewish controlled government. Before the combination of those two created children as old as 21+ years old, it was not unusual for families to exist at the ripe old age of 13 years or so. You know, back before you had to have a government license to get married and when the only record of a marriage existed in the family Bible. Back before the government made it illegal to be gainfully employed or self employed before the age of 16 or so. Consequently, young people with hair on their crotch, capable of being parents, find themselves in a jew created dilemma of sexual desire without it being legal to do what comes natural, get married and have children. This makes a great environment for homosexuality, etc. and adds to the destruction of the family.

    Western civilization is now synonymous with jewish values and jewish control as they go about doing the lusts of their father, the devil.

    BTW, the author fails to give the jews credit for doing any of this dastardly, unnatural crap. Jewish debt money and the control it provides is the tool that has allowed the jews to engineer the mess. As soon as jewish debt money creation is stopped, everything will return to a natural state rather quickly. Without the jewish money power, jews would naturally congregate back together in ghettos while the rest of the world moves on without them.

    1. Great points, Ung – – – There was no mention of the real culprits… Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

      USURY is destroying the West.

      Families are together more today than in many eras of the past. Many more children in the past ran away from slavery….. produced and practiced IN the ‘traditional’ family.

      Sicknesses, along with food and financial problems, in the early 20th century caused ‘traditional’ families to be separated at high rates until after WWII. Just un-affordable.


      The wars in 1860 and beyond separated family members much more than what happens today.

      Lincoln was from a broken family, himself…. Mom died… dad was drunken “Link-Horn” who remarried a widow with three children left fatherless and broken family.

      **Lincoln’s father often hired him out to work for neighbors.


      **Even Ben Franklin was indentured. Away from his home.

      Commonplace in that era, he was finally bound(servant)…to his brother, at age 12. Another of his brothers already ran away upon the sea… away from their ‘traditional’ family:
      “In 1717 my brother James returned from England with a press and letters to set up his business in Boston. I liked it much better than that of my father, but still had a hankering for the sea. To prevent the apprehended effect of such an inclination, my father was impatient to have me bound to my brother. I stood out some time, but at last was persuaded, and signed the indentures when I was yet but twelve years old. I was to serve as an apprentice till I was twenty-one years of age, only I was to be allowed journeyman’s wages during the last year.”

      There was a time when dozens of wives and concubines composed a ‘traditional’ family.

      Sexual persuasions are not to blame for ‘traditional’ families being separated any more today than in the past.

      1. @ Pat

        I see you have gotten into the habit of reposting your comments after they have been deleted. Not a wise idea. If we delete a comment, it is for a good reason. Understand that and accept it.

      2. Admin –

        I thought it got lost. Usually you say it has been deleted.

        I will not know unless you tell us.

        I thought agreeing with Ungenius was ok.

        I also thought opposing views were welcome…

        Lasha and Sard and Toby and others have said….. to the effect:

        “The world would be a dull place if we if all agreed about everything.”

        1. Well, your comment has been reposted.

          We are not objecting to your difference of opinion and resent your suggestion that we are against “opposing views” on this site. Haven’t we posted all your anti-Christian views? Your anti-Putin views? Your views that no nuclear weapons exist? Your views that the moon landings are fake? In every single case we hold contrary views to you but have no problem with you pulling in the opposite direction. If anything, you make a good Devil’s Advocate.

          So that’s OK.

          If you can’t figure out why your post was deleted, I’m not going to tell you. It has nothing to do with your having “opposing views.”

      3. Admin –

        “If anything, you make a good Devil’s Advocate.”

        Thanks. Good to go.. 🙂

        Anti-Putin views are healthy…

      4. Admin –

        If Lobro runs your site, count me off! Circular bombast bores me. I thought you were better than that!

      5. So sorry I failed to entertain you Sir Gilbert as you sit in your wood paneled drawing room, autographed leather bound volumes of Americana (“Call me Ishmael, because Elmer Gantry was drunk”), admiring heads of well shot hunting trophies crowding the walls,
        Harrumph! We are not amused. Circular bombast bores and distracts us as we compose weighty odes to things that truly matter”.

        Please continue with your pronouncements on the character of individual posters sir, lest the site sink into dereliction and oblivion.

  8. Srila Prabhupada.. “So-called equal rights for women means that the men cheat the women. Suppose a woman and a man meet, they become lovers, they have sex, the woman becomes pregnant, and the man goes away. The woman has to take charge of the child and beg alms from the government, or else she kills the child by having an abortion. This is the woman’s independence.
    In India, although a woman may be poverty-stricken, she stays under the care of her husband, and he takes responsibility for her. When she becomes pregnant, she is not forced to kill the child or maintain him by begging. So, which is real independence — to remain under the care of the husband or to be enjoyed by everyone?”
    Women: Masters or Mothers?

    1. The situation in your country is lamentable,” Prabhupada continued. “The girls are being exploited, and the boys are also being ruined. If a woman remains simple, she can become Krishna conscious more easily than a man, but if she becomes sensuous she is like an unbridled horse.

  9. While I am still reading the article I simply must strongly disagree with this sentence, “Americans pioneered the ideology of sexual liberation, along with gay pride and the porn industry..”
    The concept of ‘sexual liberation’ seems to have roots in Europe, among self-interested ‘philosophers’ such as the French-born Simone De Beauvoir, whose influence cannot be overemphasized. As far as ‘gay’, must I mention Dublin-born Oscar Wilde?
    The porn industry of course is largely based in California. But it was not ‘Americans’ who were responsible for this, but the usual smelly suspects who profited from it, and their bought and paid for puppet politicians and Judges.

    “Original Joe”. TROJ. Would this site please stop posting his pointless and disgusting comments.
    Why you give him the forum is astounding to me. What are you trying to prove – how tolerant this site is?
    I confess this site bewilders me. I quite admire Lasha. But I think she needs a few leather jacketed Bolo Mauser toting types to edit out the riffraff.

    1. S.W. –

      Ol’ TROJ is foolish in a comical way. The comedy is that he seems to really believe his own bullshit! 🙂 Methinks the administration of this site must think likewise, or they wouldn’t tolerate him. Insane intelligence has a certain entertainment value…

      1. Gilbert, I did consider the humor aspect. But it’s a sad and unsatisfying kind of silliness.
        Not to mention unnecessary, unhelpful, and counterproductive.

    2. @ S.W. :

      Darkmoon never lost any readers, or even one reader, because of me.

      Whether one likes me or not, I have always left a lot of Fact Based Truthful information for ALL the readers of Darkmoon. I can not be accused of being a lair, for I have always shared truthful information with everyone. One thing no one can accuse me of is lying. That’s why I many times come under ad-hominem attacks, exactly because I’m Truthful. Can’t refute the truth I share, muddy the waters and distract the readers from the truth I share with ad hominem slurs.

      Maybe Lasha just happens to appreciate me exactly because I bring so much truth to Darkmoon. Did that ever cross your mind? Why don’t you ask Lasha what she thinks of me before you fly off the handle? Maybe she doesn’t think I’m riffraff. After all, riffraff do NOT share TRUTH, but I have a very long history here at Darkmoon of sharing Fact-Based TRUTH. I certainly NEVER made up historical “narratives” out of whole cloth, and never even tried to distort any little detail in any historical account of any historical event. Which is a lot more than one can say about a lot of other commentators.

      Thank you,


      1. TROJ
        I liked what you had to say just now, straightforward and civil. Do yourself and all the readers here a favor and try to follow that model.
        The ‘poem’ of yours above, ‘Go f**k yourself’, was awful. You may be brilliantly correct and your arguments may be sound, but they’d carry a lot more weight without the very riffraff type gutter language used to make your points, and to personally and graphically demean others with such words – that’s just not done by good men. It automatically sets one against you. It makes you a laughingstock. I shouldn’t have to tell you that – maybe it makes me a laughingstock to do so, but then again I do give to beggars and compliment fat women.
        It’s impossible to follow your thoughts with all the stench you generate among your words. Like, who’s going to wade through a sewer?
        Others ad hominem? I don’t see how they could hold a candle to you.
        No, I didn’t ask Lasha and, as I say, this site bewilders me, There are currents here I simply do not understand. I dare say I’m at a great disadvantage here.
        But to condemn your inelegant language requires no permission from anyone.
        Thank you.
        By the way, the poem was way too long anyway. Study Haiku.

    3. S.W.,
      “Queer Pride”, Pornography, and “Sexual Liberation” are all Jewish movements. Few people understand that the Jewish Penis Fetish of circumcision, drives the Jews forever toward sexual promiscuity and perversion. By making their own penises “holy”, the Jews worship whatever hole and whatever way can satisfy their never-ending desire to masturbate. The Jews have been the foremost masturbaters in the history of the world. And starting with masturbation, homosexuality is developed. Queers are made, not born. Small wonder that Jesus warned the rabbis that “better to cut off the hand that offends thee than be cast into hell.”

      The Jewish females are also to blame for the sexual perversions of the world. In medieval times, the idea that witches rode on broomsticks, was an allusion to the Jewish women “riding” their broom handles as dildos. Jewish masturbation is enshrined in their Babylonian Talmud as the rabbis recommend that they wrap their cocks in clothes so that they aren’t inflamed with passion for themselves when they urinate. And the Jewish women are shown to be forgiven when they “injure themselves with a piece of wood (broomstick)”

      The Christian West strove to be pure and holy through self-control and virtue while the Jews followed whatever gave them sexual pleasure and to absolve themselves of their sins, they wave a chicken over their heads, say and magic formula to transfer their sins to the chicken and then kill the chicken. And these are modern Jews!

      All evil emanates from the Jews. Ask yourself: “If their penis is the holiest part of a Jew, then how much more disgusting must the rest of that Jew be?”

      1. Hey Banjo,

        Do you have any evidence for your view that witches riding on broomsticks is a reference to Jewesses masturbating with broom handles?

        Sounds a bit far-fetched to me.

        Most witches in those days were baptized Christians.

        Moreover, for over 300 years there were no Jews in England — from 1290 up to the time of Oliver Cromwell. So there’s no possibility of Jewish witches jerking off with broom handles in England for over three centuries.

        It’s not a good idea to manufacture antisemitic canards like this. It doesn’t do this site any good.

      2. Well Banjo Billy,
        No matter how good or bad a Jew may be, I must look first to the state of my own heart.
        None of our White countries would be in the sad states they are now if every single one of us were not complicit in some way.
        The revival of our homelands depends on personal inner transformation.

      3. Banjo Billy

        Do you have a dick? Pinch the skin on your elbow and then pinch the skin on your dick. Is it the same stuff, except the dick is tougher? John Wayne Bobbitt didn’t even wake up when Lorena cut his off. The pain of it was a NON-ISSUE. He would have only been in danger of fatal blood loss if he got horny. Like a puppy’s tail, that useless skin doesn’t even have any nerves in it.

        My dick hurt when I was a horny 10 year old boy looking at pictures of naked ladies and I didn’t stop looking at naked ladies because of it. That’s just what made it get bigger. Otherwise, I think I could run over it with my truck, if that were possible, and it would be no worse for wear. Every guy aches from an insult to the balls, NO guy ever ached from an insult to his dick, ask John Wayne Bobbit. The dick is an EXTRA-sensory organ.

        That’s why I don’t read your posts. I find a bogusness in the first few sentences. You can’t comment on the weather without bashing the Pentateuch. Circumcision is a blood covenant.

        Better yet, pinch the skin on your dog dick flap, and tell us how much that hurts!

      4. Darlington,

        The Inquisition took place all throughout Europe (though not so much in Germany and England). In all of that time, the Catholic Church was torturing and burning thousands of unfortunate women for witchcraft (defined by the Church as anything that the women were accused or even suspected of). And for over a thousand years before that, Jewish “physicians” dominated the medical professions in every European country (just as they do today as a way of making money and murdering the goyim). These medical quack-kikes, being Talmudic experts trained in sleight-of-hand and sorcery, taught the women of Europe the methods that the Jewish women use for massaging their private parts with broom handles. The one difference that the Jewish quacks added for the goyim women was certain herbs in salve form with such toxins as hensbane to drive mad the women who took their advice .

        Masturbation by both Jews and Jewesses is well documented in the Babylonian Talmud along with their countless other sexual perversions — all one of the many reasons the Talmud was burned by the Christians.

      5. S.W.,
        It is easy to point one’s finger at your fellow countrymen because that is exactly what the Jews also do and also what the Jews very much want you to do. What the Jews do in their Media Monopoly is to point their lying fingers are everyone other than themselves. You cannot blame the victim, if you want to know the truth about How the Jews Betrayed Mankind. See my books “How the Jews Betrayed Mankind” for the complete history of those devils.

        If you want to understand the victims, you must understand how the Jews have swindled, lied to, deceived and otherwise brainwashed the People of the world. Jesus Told the Truth About the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!

        You are mistaken about the “revival of our homelands” because not only does it depend on personal transformation, but it must very much depend on identifying the CAUSES of our problems. The Jews, the Communists, the queers and the Leftists and Liberals are all enemies. But the Jew is behind all of these enemies. The Jews have always been and are today our biggest enemy — all of them, each and every one of them.

      6. Lepieu P,

        You sound like either a Jew or a queer (probably a Jew). But in either case, it sounds like you have put a lot of thought about, as well as wear and tear upon, your little weanie over the years. Bad boy! Watching too much Jew-Tube and looking at nasty pictures in the Jew magazines has not helped you at all, has it?

        Jesus warned bad little boys like you that “if your hand offends thee, it is better to cut it off rather than have your whole body and soul cast into hell.” Oh yes! Hell exists, it is directly under our feet in the center of the earth. Read Volume 2 of my trilogy, “The Monsters of Babylon,” in order to understand this.

        It is very easy to get into hell, but difficult to get into heaven. So beware that your lusts do not haul you away into the burning blackness. Your cock was not created as a plaything. Think about that!

      7. Yeah, Banjo Billy

        You WOULD understand that verse to mean that in your 2d cartoon mind. You’re a function. You’ve reduced everything to functions and that’s just what you are, especially when your spread that oft heard propaganda about circumcision. The jews want us all to think there’s something wrong with us. You’re probably circumcised yourself, seeing how casual you are about what you post. You have an agenda, it’s obvious. Tell me your motives. The jews can’t talk about the weather without bringing up the holocaust and you can’t talk about the sexual revolution without bashing the Pentateuch. Why do you have to use such sneaky tricks if your case is strong? So, what is your agenda? You revealed yourself with your projections about playing with it too. It’s how unappreciative and wonderless atheist assholes like you think. Do you have a dick? Mine feels something else. And you’re not going to “heaven” unless you came from there.

        I’m about to take off the gloves with pussies like you.

      8. Oh brother, now the jew is getting attention. He’s in the limelight. I fell for it again. I dressed the stage for the asshole.

      9. “The Inquisition took place all throughout Europe (though not so much in Germany and England). In all of that time, the Catholic Church was torturing and burning thousands of unfortunate women for witchcraft.”

        So many mistruths in one single sentence. Three centuries after Voltaire but the same diehard BS story about witchcraft.

        The witch hunt was a phenomenon of collective madness that took place in Occidental Europe with 30000 to 50000 victims FROM 1650 to 1750 during the great century of Enlightment, not during the obscur Middle Ages. It wasn’t really a hunt by the way, it was a cascading effect of denunciations at a time where people still believed in the Devil.

        No witches were condemned or tortured by the Catholic Church. They were condemned and burned by secular parliaments or secular justice courts, the champions of Reason.

        The Church and the Pope had a protective function in response to this scourge. The farther away from Roma, the more the pyres.

        Protestant countries were the most affected due to the absence of a countervailing hierarchy.

        Les cons, ça ose tout. C’est même à ça qu’on les reconnaît.

      10. Cautionary note: unsuitable for audience allergic to circular bombast, read at own risk
        It definitely seems that the Inquisition is a convenient stick to bash the Catholics with, handed down to Fundamentalists (I like this term, it means “Ziochristians or borderline Ziochristians/Calvinists”) by – who else – Die Juden, the blazing saddles cowboys riding the Protestant goy beast of burden towards the goal clear enough to the rider but a mystery known as Rapture to the faithful steed.

        A few quotes:

        There have actually been several different inquisitions. The first was established in 1184 in southern France as a response to the Catharist heresy. This was known as the Medieval Inquisition, and it was phased out as Catharism disappeared.

        Quite separate was the Roman Inquisition, begun in 1542. It was the least active and most benign of the three variations.

        Separate again was the infamous Spanish Inquisition, started in 1478, a STATE INSTITUTION USED TO IDENTIFY CONVERSOS—Jews and Moors (Muslims) who pretended to convert to Christianity for purposes of political or social advantage and secretly practiced their former religion. More importantly, its job was also to clear the good names of many people who were falsely accused of being heretics. It was the Spanish Inquisition that, at least in the popular imagination, had the worst record of fulfilling these duties.

        The various inquisitions stretched through the better part of a millennia, and can collectively be called “the Inquisition.”

        In fact, recent studies indicate that at most there were only a few thousand capital sentences carried out for heresy in Spain, and these were over the course of several centuries.

        ■ In other words, less than a dozen executions a year on average

        It is clear that there were some Israelites who posed as believers in and keepers of the covenant with Yahweh, while inwardly they did not believe and secretly practiced false religions, and even tried to spread them (cf. Deut. 13:6–11). To protect the kingdom from such hidden heresy, these secret practitioners of false religions had to be rooted out and expelled from the community.

        However, let’s not forget the power of Holocaust, whisper comes from Steven Spielberg’s teleprompter:

        One book popular with Jews Fundamentalists claims that 95 million people died under the Inquisition.

        ■ In fact, when spreading anti-Catholic manure, show some macho cahones, why not swing for the fences? It’s 95 million or you’re a Holocaust denier.

        These same texts were interpreted similarly by the first Protestants, who also tried to root out and punish those they regarded as heretics. Luther and Calvin both endorsed the right of the state to protect society by purging false religion. In fact, Calvin not only banished from Geneva those who did not share his views, he permitted and in some cases ordered others to be executed for “heresy” (e.g. Jacques Gouet, tortured and beheaded in 1547; and Michael Servetus, burned at the stake in 1553). In England and Ireland, Reformers engaged in their own ruthless inquisitions and executions. Conservative estimates indicate that thousands of English and Irish Catholics were put to death—many by being hanged, drawn, and quartered—for practicing the Catholic faith and refusing to become Protestant.

        Umm, maybe mention the witch trials in Salem, Mass (by Catholic inquisition, obviously 😉 )

        Another site worth a look is Rationalwiki (even though hacked by who knows whom), a quote or two:

        By contemporary legal standards, it should be noted that the Inquisition took great pains to ensure that the persons being brought before it had actually done what they were accused of. Since accusations often came from other people in the local community, the Inquisition was well aware that there could often be motives like personal gain or revenge involved, and as a consequence, accused persons were extensively interrogated. Torture was employed, but confessions made under torture was not sufficient as evidence. Further, all proceedings were written down verbatim and preserved.[3]

        If a person was found to be guilty of heresy, he or she would be encouraged to recant and required to do penance as with any other sin. Penances would often include public recantations, pilgrimages, or being forced to wear special types of clothing or emblems for a period of time. Somewhat unusual for medieval practice, imprisonment was another common punishment. Corporal or capital punishment was rarely used, and usually only in the case of relapsi (those who had previously recanted, but were found guilty of heresy again at a later date), or for those who had actively encouraged others to commit heresy.

        Surviving Inquisition protocols show that, for example, the inquisitor Bernard Gui executed 42 out of 900 suspects interrogated between 1307 and 1323, while his contemporary Jacques Fournier executed 5 out of 587 suspects between 1318 and 1325.

        ■ 1% conviction rate, wow, how brutal.
        One more URL, probably getting the message by now,

        Contrary to the image of the Spanish Inquisition as an all powerful tyrannical organization composed of sadistic religious zealots answerable to only itself, it was in fact a bureaucratic organization composed of university lawyers who often saw it only as a stepping stone to better things that had to deal with other powerful groups in the capital city and lack of manpower in the countryside, which greatly limited its power.[3]

        That is not to say the Spanish Inquisition was entirely benevolent. Its first project of routing out false conversos (Jews that had converted to Christianity) quickly spiraled out of control, resulting in the very Pope who has signed the Bull bringing it into existence on November 1, 1478 to complain of the excess and abuse in a April 18, 1482 letter, and the appointment of Tomás de Torquemada to Inquisitor General in 1483 made things worse.[4]

        However 1500 saw a new Inquisitor General, Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros (Ximénes de Cisneros), who began to reform the Spanish Inquisition. “After the reforms, the Spanish Inquisition had very few critics. Staffed by well-educated legal professionals, it was one of the most efficient and compassionate judicial bodies in Europe. No major court in Europe executed fewer people than the Spanish Inquisition.”[5]
        [Read carefully the following, am I the only one to get the stink of Jew media up my nose?]
        After getting themselves practically devastated in the Battle of Mühlberg in 1547 the Die Juden Protestants turned to the only other weapon they had—the printing press and its power of propaganda.[6] The Spanish Monarchy did not understand this new weapon, even considering it beneath them…with disastrous results.

        In 1567 the Protestant propaganda machine put out A Discovery and plain Declaration of the Sundry Subtill practices of the Holy Inquisition Of Spain under the pseudonym Montanns which collected all their previous work into one work and claimed to be by a victim of the Spanish Inquisition. As a result it became the go-to work on the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition.
        [A dose of truth to set the mendacious vampires sizzling in daylight]
        Contrary to Montanns’s claim, torture was used infrequently-in around 3% of all cases, and most of that lasted only 15 minutes. In fact, the Spanish Inquisition used torture less then the secular tribunals of the time and their prisoners were treated far better as well. This on occasion resulted in PEOPLE BLASPHEMING TO GET INTO THE SPANISH INQUISITION COURT AND OUT OF THE SECULAR ONES![7]

        IRONICALLY, THE SPANISH INQUISITION WORKED TO STOP THE SECOND THING MOST CONNECTED WITH IT: THE BURNING OF WITCHES. It came in the aftermath of the first and only witchcraft trial in 1610. The Suprema (the ruling counsel) was so displeased with the result that they appointed the one Inquisitor who had disagreed with his colleagues, Alonso de Salazar Frías, as head of the investigation of the matter. Salazar’s 1613 report spared no one in his criticism regarding the procedure of the tribunal, not even himself. Salazar’s detailed examination of witchcraft claims and procedure for verification became the go-to book for all future handling of witchcraft claims by the Spanish Inquisition. In a bit of further irony, all witch burnings after this were the result of Inquisitors not following the rules or being unable to stop the locals. The Roman Inquisition made Salazar’s procedures part of its handling of witchcraft.[8][9]

        In terms of people killed by the Spanish Inquisition over the 350 years of its existence, the high estimate is 5,000 people with 2,000 of them in the 1483-1500 period. Even as its power faded with that of Spain, the propaganda myth continued to grow as the myth itself became an example of other supposed and real abuses of power.

        ■ 15 people executed per year, but enough to keep Fundamentalist shabbos babble going strong centuries after, all those Orangemen grinding out lies about “popists”, while goose-stepping through Ulsttah, Our King Billy, favorite employee of Ben Israel, Solomon Medina and Fernandez Carvajal, “The Great Jew” as he was called … (I’ve seen enough of that abomination in my Toronto youth), Jew Lord Mayor leading the anti-Catholic parades down the Yonge Street).

      11. Having spent so much time investigating the malfeasance of the Jew, I feel that afaiac, the subject is close to exhaustion, maybe time to take a closer look at his enablers, the shabbo goys.
        Which identifiable group has promoted Talmudic project most enthusiastically and assiduously, whether aware or unaware of just which master they were serving?

        Matthew 6:24

        No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon

        ■ New Testament or Torah, God or G-d … time to stand up and be counted.

        Huh? Oops, forgot to include the now customary disclaimer about anti-kikular bombast and its ability to terminally bore those of weaker constitution.

      12. To sum it up Lobro, since we have the timeline.

        Inquisition and Witch Hunt were two different things.

        The civil courts in Europe have lead 100 000 trials for witchcraft resulting in 50 000 death sentences.

        The Spanish religious courts have lead 120 000 Inquisition trials resulting in 59 death sentences.

        As for previous Inquisition, depending on Roma, not on the Crown like Spain.
        Pierre Chaunu, French protestant historian.

        “The French Revolution caused more deaths in one month in the name of atheism than Inquisition in the name of God during the whole Middle Ages in Europe. I would have preferred to appear in front of the Inquisition courts than in front of Kings.”
        4000 deaths in 350 years, medievalists reach grosso modo this number.

        The Inquisition was a genuine progress, still applied today in certain countries through inquisitorial procedure, compared with anything that had occurred in the past. Instead of a court without the pardoning power, subjected to the law, it was a flexible court which saved thousands who would have perished with common courts of secular justice or popular outbursts like the single women widows sorcerers and their lecherous associates.

        BTW, it’s amazing how Spain and Portugal have miraculously escaped from bloody civil wars, massacres, regicides, revolutions, WW…I wonder if Torquemada and the evil Jesuits had something to do with it.

        But hey the fight is unfair.

      13. Charles Bukowski National Socialist and world renowned Poet use ‘gutter language’ and touched the hearts and souls of more people than anyone on this site could ever hope to.

  10. In a nutshell, the Jew is turning our civilisation into another Babylon. Nothing new under the sun.

    Only the author of this article has elaborated quite thoroughly on that for those that were not aware of that.

    1. 1138, you are right. The Jews have been attacking all of Mankind — but most especially white, Christian Civilizaion — for the past 3500 years. Every year during their various cult celebrations such as Yom Kippur, Passover, etc., the Jews all stand up and shout “Curse the goyim”, “Death to the Goyim”. And who are the Goyim? Why they are everyone on earth who is not a Jew. In other words, the Jews curse all of Mankind.

      The malice, ill-will and hatred of the Jews for all of Mankind, is put into every single action that each and every one of them perform, whether is it telling little lies that cause us harm, or putting bad people into positions of power over us (like Obama and Clinton) or setting up financial swindles that profit themselves but which the tax payers must cover, or promoting false medical and psychological theories which cause us disease, suffering and death, etc.

      Western Civilization is at a balance point. Either we must destroy the Jews who are betraying and destroying us, or we must become enslaved in their Communistic New World Order Slave Plantation Government. It is a Zero Sum Game. That is how the Jews play it, but they want us to think that we can all just get along — get along until they destroy us, that is.

  11. Can’t post comment on the Trump article.

    We now have 2 pro-Israel candidates for the Presidency; so will have more wars for Israel.

    1. @ John Kirby

      Can’t post comment on the Trump article.

      Sorry about this. I’ll need to get this checked out. Obviously a computer glitch.

  12. Let us not call the place where we leave our opinions under the Trump neutrality article a “commentary thread”, let us consider what normally would be called a “commentary thread”, let us name it a Book of Condolence, like when you go to a funeral and there’s a book where you sign your name and leave the hurting, grieving family a touching message of condolence, letting them know you’re feeling their pain, 😉 .

  13. If war for Israel is inevitable no matter who wins in November, than better to have Trump at the helm. At least Trump won’t flood the United States with millions of enemies while the USA is at war. And better to have industry when you’re at war, than fight a war while dismantling your industry and moving it overseas.

    Clinton will wage war for Israel, and she would flood the U.S. with immigrants from the very countries the U.S. is waging war against [ Muslims of course ], while simultaneously continuing to dismantle American industry and move it overseas. One good thing about Clinton, though. She wants a draft and she wants to draft women also, not just men. It’s time to put the bitches on the front lines. Maybe that will finally shut-up all the bitches in the U.S. who have such an overwhelming sense of entitlement. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else that Hellary has going for her. Maybe she’ll cough herself out of the race, 🙂 . And I certainly wouldn’t lose any sleep if she were to cough herself into the next world beyond the grave.

    At least Trump would close the border while at war. Clinton would keep the borders OPEN. Never heard of going to war while keeping your border open, and open to even to those you’re fighting a war against.

  14. In what must be in the history of Freudian slips the very Epitome of a Freudian slip, The Fraud Cruz elbowed his Goldman Sachs NWO whore wife right in the face, LOL.

    In the meantime, the jews keep coughing up dough for Billary while Hellary coughs her way thru Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Tel Aviv.

    I’m tellin’ ya’, there’s something about Trump — and Putin — that’s just marvelous!!!!

  15. Warning: the following content contains circular bombast, those bored or otherwise allergic to it are advised to steer clear and skip the remainder of the post.

    What must be understood is that in war, when one adversary wields overwhelming superiority, the only resistance possible is through asymmetric action, riding the white charger into a tank formation is for Hollywood liars, earns you fulsome applause by Elie Wiesel or some Wiesel-clone who explained his escape from some Nazi murder assembly line by manually killing several dozen Ukrainian guards toting Schmeisser submachine guns.

    and just as in armed combat, so in other formats.
    Thus, against Jew’s overpowering superiority, the only meaningful action is political guerilla warfare, namely, by stealth, just like a freedom fighter may wear the occupier’s uniform in order to sneak up and lob a grenade into their compound, we have potential fighters using the similar tactics.
    Is Trump one of them?
    If it was too obvious, he’d be taken down in no time.
    Ditto for Putin.

    I am not trying to explain this to those bored by circular bombast.

    1. There are many people, especially the self proclaimed brainiacs, who are unable and/or unwilling to see or hear The Juggernaut Express, before it rolls right over them.
      Aw shucks, eh?

    2. I took the bait… Thanks, Lobro.

      Helping to be way less circular… more on topic… it follows that…

      What must be understood is that in sexual revolution, when one homo adversary wields overwhelming superiority, the only resistance possible is through asymmetric thrusting and lunging action, riding the humping white charger into a septic tank formation full of Hollywood LGBT members, earns you fulsome applause by Elie Wiesel or some Wiesel-clone who explained his escape from some Nazi S&M assembly line by manually killing several dozen faggy Ukrainian guards toting Schmeisser sub-machine guns used for massages and flagellation.

      Yes… Trump and Putin without sneaky stealth could win vs sissies. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Phil –

        Saker states “possibly, might, maybe, could happen” and all sorts of guesses.

        My guess is that Putin is making room for more banks…. He needs more debt currency.

        Here are some things which have happened already:
        Kuwaiti banks plan to open their representative offices or subsidiaries in Russia.

        Following the 2007-2008 global economic downturn, Kuwait, carried out reforms of the banking regulation, which helped improve the overall stability and performance of the Kuwaiti banking sector….
        In other words, Kuwait allowed London Pharisee-Jew Bankers to move in.
        HSBC re-established a presence in Kuwait in October 2005.

        Then… CitiBank came in 2006.

        Kuwait and CitiBank:
        Citi officially established it’s presence in Kuwait in June 2006. For more than 30 years, Kuwait was covered through Bahrain as a non-presence country.
        Citi Kuwait offers services and products to governmental entities, financial institutions, and international and local corporations.

        Russia and CitiBank:
        In 1994, Pharisee-Jew Citi opened its first branch in Moscow, followed by a second in St. Petersburg in 1996.
        Citi is one of Russia’s largest banks in asset size, processing more than 1.8 million transactions per year, and conducts banking activities in local and foreign currencies with both resident and non-resident entities.
        **Citi is one of Russia’s largest issuers of import/export passports.

        As far as Saker’s guessing about Putin and Syria:
        “Syrian President Bashar Assad is not Moscow’s ally like Ankara is to Washington despite Russia’s support of the Syrian leader in his fight against terrorism,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Sputnik in an exclusive interview.

    3. Yes, I understand it is difficult for you, Lobro – but thanks for trying! 🙂

    1. @ Karen

      Thanks for this excellent link. The way this article is set out reminds me of that now defunct (?) and very popular antisemitic site run by an anonymous person better known by his nickname: “the Skunk.” Anyone know what happened to the Skunk?

  16. Sex among teenagers is not a bad thing. I’ve seen too many examples in my parents generation where boys, driven by their raging hormones, impregnated imbecilic girls and were forced to marry them, producing more imbecilic offspring. Also, intelligent girls, to hold on to a boyfriend ‘gave-in’ and becoming pregnant were reduced to a life of drudgery and marital discord, raising unwanted children. Sexual attraction is short-lived, marriage is forever.

    1. Sex among “teenagers” is a very bad thing. The entire “free love” movement and the “falling in love” ideas, is an entirely Jewish propaganda for destroying society. “A life of drudgery” in modern times, does not exist for the modern woman with access to cars, washing machines, modern kitchens, etc. Such an idea is, once again, part of the Jewish “feminist” movement used for convincing stupid women that marriage is not as good as “free love”. Even the idea of a “teenager” as a separate part of society, is a Jewish method of “divide and conquer” — divide people into age groups of “infants”, “adolescents”, “teenagers” and “young adults” so as to stratify a marketing group and make the false assertion that these youths are all less than adults and not regulated by adult laws. The Jews destroy everything that they touch. So, in the coming Judenreine Welt, they must be prevented from touching anything other than a begging bowl.

  17. To clarify my last post ( I was rushed), the ‘life of drudgery’ these women were subjected to did not stem from marriage and childbearing, but from being forced into a lifelong commitment to a boy that was a passing fancy.

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