I Came, I Saw, I Was Tempted

Based on a comment by Harbinger


‘Oh wow! — how can I resist?’

I have to say that I really am shocked at Muslims — and non-Muslims — who are nonchalant about the clear cut situation of two opposing ideologies meeting together. When this is written about, out come the shouts of ‘Islamaphobia’.

I don’t think that this is a Jewish psyop, the attacks on women in Cologne. What we have here is clearly a clash of cultures, or should I say, an intolerant patriarchy meeting with a very tolerant matriarchy in the heart of Europe — resulting in a collision of opposing values.

We also have the situation of young men, living in incredibly sexually repressed societies, walking into their complete opposite in Germany.

I remember when I was in Berlin back in 1989. There were full-on live sex shows, where good looking women would pull a man out of the audience, strip him naked on stage, and shag the living daylights out of him! As a young man at the time, I was utterly amazed that this sort of thing went on. And for your information, I never went, but was told about it from friends who did.

Does this go on in Islamic societies?

Are there women in Islamic societies who keep falling down from high balconies, drugged to the eyeballs?  Are there Muslim women, rolling drunk or zonked out with ecstasy, who can barely stand up in the streets when they stagger out of some nightclub at 3 am?  Are scantily clad women to be seen in Islamic societies, flashing their panties and tempting young men to do dreadful things?

I don’t think so.

I sincerely doubt that those immigrants coming to our western countries from Africa and the Middle East have ever experienced these temptations of the flesh that are on offer in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Imagine a young 18-year-old Muslim strolling into Cologne’s red light district.

He walks into some seedy venue and watches good-looking women having sex with some man from the audience. What do you think happens to him? Is he turned on or not?

You bet he is!

Now imagine this guy picking up a beer and drinking it. Then imagine him have a second pint . . . and a third.  Remember, he’s still a young virgin. He’s never had sex before. But by this time, what with all that alcohol in his blood and the atmosphere of hot sex hanging in the pheromone-heavy air, he getting incredibly horny.


He’s drinking alcohol he can’t handle. He’s getting so horny he can’t believe it.

He’s  got no family to advise him or exert a moderating influence on his inflamed passions. Nor does he have any decent friends to steer him away from the forbidden pleasures of the flesh.

Illicit sex beckons. Kinky sex calls. He’s ripe for a big fall, is Ahmed, gradually finding himself  being sucked into a vortex of irresistible Western temptations.

“Oh wow! how can I resist?” he asks himself, before deciding there’s no point trying any longer.

And you’re wondering why all these rapes and sexual assaults in Europe are taking place? . . . when all these hotblooded young men from foreign countries are flooding into our decadent West . . .  with its pornography . . .  its strip clubs . . .  and its golden-legged girls flashing their panties like there’s no tomorrow?


‘You came, you saw, I conquered.’ 

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139 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Was Tempted

  1. Harb, one guess what I am about to say 😉
    (Yes, you got it right)
    IT’S JEWS, JEWS, JEWS – no apologies to Circassian.
    Everyone is screaming, The Clash Of Cultures!

    Yeah, I say, the ISIS Wahhabi culture and the Slut culture.
    Both boasting the same, wonderful Creator.
    I mean, just read your own words, e.g.,

    There were full-on live sex shows, where good looking women would pull a man out of the audience, strip him naked on stage, and shag the living daylights out of him!

    Is this EUROPEAN CULTURE!? … look at Lasha’s chosen pictures, is this the culture of Bernini, Goethe, Mozart? As much as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Shimon Eliot) represents the Islamic culture of Omar Khayyam.
    So, when you say,

    I don’t think that this is a Jewish psyop

    I would warn you and everybody not dismiss the idea too lightly.

    Might as well call Pussy Riot assaulting Patriarch Kiril in Moscow basilica a clash of cultures.

    Jew spent so much time, money and effort training and indoctrinating these chosen psychos in the art of hate and wanton destruction, so now that Assad and Putin are shutting door on them, why would Jew waste a golden opportunity to set them loose on Europe, especially given the age-old plan enunciated by Coudenhove-Kalergi a century ago on their behalf, stating in no uncertain terms that the future European will be a miscegenated mud ruled by the new nobilty – IT’S JEWS, JEWS, JEWS!

    So, when that precise tune is played before us, why deny the lyrics as they were originally written?

    1. Lobro,

      I’d be surprised if you didn’t start your comment off with it’s the Jews, Jews, Jews and to which I always reply “who’s the bigger fool, the fool or the fool that follows?”

      Where do we draw the line at European culture? Should we with Bernini, Goethe & Mozart? Well the problem is no. What is deemed as European culture is that culture which comes out of Europe and if this is culture that comes from Jews, then regardless, it will be deemed as European culture, from European Jews.

      Pussy riot? Yup, Soros funded, Jewish creation. No doubt there. I complete agree that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi does not represent Islamic culture but Suleiman the Magnificent most certainly was when he was sacking Vienna, pushing into Europe to create a world, Islamic caliphate in the 16th century.

      Everything that is wrong with western culture is the result of the Jews, ‘making the soup’. Only problem is that the Europeans are gulping it down with glee along with their North American cousins, as if there were no tomorrow

      Feminism, also Jew created and funded, has removed femininity from women and literally turned women into men with vaginas, creating a war between the sexes. “I can do anything you can do” is now the woman’s mantra within society, to the overall detriment of the male.

      Look at the rapidly rising sex culture we have now in the west? We have two extremes at play, on one side the ‘lap dancing/sex industry culture’ and its polar opposite, ‘rape culture’. A young woman, pretty, in her late teens is offered a choice in this now morally bankrupt society – should she work in clothes shop for 40 hours a week and earn £230 ($320) after tax or lie on her back for 2 hours a day and earn the same she earns in a week?
      Of course not all women will do this, but that said, the point is that the worm is dangling in front of the fish Lobro and regardless whether the Jew is holding it, it’s up to the fish to take a bite.

      Western culture is rapidly changing and regardless of how depraved, degenerate, morally and ethically bankrupt it is, it’s western culture. Damien Hirst and Five are just as culturally English as Constable & Elgar are.

      1. O Sardonicus, where are you when you are needed most?

        “Western culture is rapidly changing and regardless of how depraved, degenerate, morally and ethically bankrupt it is, it’s western culture. Damien Hirst and Five are just as culturally English as Constable & Elgar are.” proclaims Harbinger. Will you not challenge this outrage? Are you not a man of culture and anglophile to boot?

    2. Have to agree with you LOBRO. It’s by takeover design, “social engineering” and looting ongoing by the usual suspects who never tire. If “Israel” were not in the Middle East and Washington (all over the planet in fact), would the Middle East and Europe – and the U.S. – most likely be in far better shape? I say, without a doubt!

    3. @ LOBRO,I must say, I think you are 100% spot on and are you aware,telling the Truth is a Hate Crime? Have a nice day.

  2. INDEED SO… Lobro

    Another catchy ditty for the pole dancer: 🙂

    IT’S JEW, JEW, JEW!… London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers…

    IT’S JEW, JEW, JEW!… London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers…

    IT’S JEW, JEW, JEW!… London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers…

  3. “NOPE darling it’s all Judeo-Christians, Judeo-Christians …..” Daniel Haqiqatjou.

    The Sexual misery of the western world existed before the first Muslim was brought in by the western colonists as a cheap labor.

    Women are a recurrent theme in daily discourse, because the stakes they personify — for myths of Western superiority, progress, and exclusivism — are great. In some countries, they are allowed access to the public sphere only if they renounce their wombs: To be satisfied with women living as mothers and “mere homemakers” would be to uncover the paradox that Feminists and progressives desperately need to deny: Maybe Western women can’t have it all. Mothers are seen as a source of destabilization — extended maternity leaves trigger profit loss, some say — and are respected only when defined by a corporate relationship, as the Senior VP of X or Up-and-Coming Manager of Y.

    These contradictions create unbearable tensions. Womanhood has no outlet, no outcome; starting a family is no longer a means for support, love, and fulfillment, but a burden to be put off for as long as possible. The sexual and psychological misery that results can descend into absurdity and hysteria. Here, too, one hopes to experience familial love, but the mechanisms for that love — marriage, child-rearing, familial stability — are prevented: Half of all children born in the West are born to single mothers, which is disturbing given that there is a direct, undeniable correlation between single-family homes and crime rates — though this might partially explain why some Western countries have the highest rates of homicide and violent crime in the world. And for few Westerners that are married, the spectre of infidelity looms large, as even adultery has been commercialized, where cheating websites like AshleyMadison.com cater to tens of millions of registered users.

    In some Western lands, the war on women has the air of a theatrical farce. Western women spend over $20 billion annually on cosmetics and perfumes and another $12 billion on cosmetic surgery (while only $22 billion is needed to feed, clothe, and provide basic health care for the entire world’s poor) — all this expenditure to abide by artificial standards of fashion and beauty dictated by the corporate conglomerates profiting from the Western woman’s need to “be sexy.” Of course, that very need only arises due to women being deliberately socialized to obsess over every detail of their bodies such that millions of females, some as young as 11 years-old, suffer from eating disorders and other forms of Body Dysmorphic maladies.

    Unfortunately for these Western women, who are literally starving themselves for attention, Western men, in the thick of their own “Crisis of Masculinity,” don’t seem to be too interested, as they’ve been thoroughly desensitized by endless amounts of internet porn. And when the ADHD-addled gentlemen are not masturbating, they’re too busy playing video games and killing themselves: Tragically, suicide is the single biggest cause of death in men aged 20-49 in some Western countries……


  4. thanks for pointing this out Rehmat…

    in the Muslim world…everyone is breeding and fucking so its good news…

    Men are still allowed to be Men and women are women as usual…

    men and women cheat of course and in places like Afghanistan/tribal areas in Pakistan homosexuality and pedophilia exists of course…but its not promoted like in the Western world (pedophilia is still disliked despite jewish attempts to normalize it)…

    men in the Western world are now cucks and faggots and wimps …that suck jew cocks

    they only fuck for pleasure once in while…that’s why we have a need for one-night stands…

    women rarely get cock…and when they do the men are too weak to hold onto them or latch onto proper relationships like in Muslim countries…

    people get sex nowadays a LOT LESS in the west than they used to in the past before the rise of internet porn….even when porn mags were just sold in seedy book stores…people had better sex lives back then…

    the jews promoting men hating porn and homosexuality in the west coupled with forced monogamy is what is destroying the libido of men…so women become bi, les, or end up playing with their dildos…

    Thank God Islam allows polygamy…we fuck and breed as many bitches as we want and can handle…

    sexual relations (nikah) between men and women are still healthy and normal in the Islamic lands…with our wives and what our oaths possess (ma malekat aymanakum – i.e. concubines,girlfriends, lovers, mistresses in exclusive sexual relationships)

    so our holy cocks and holy sperms will one day breed a population that will take over the world and no matter how hard the kikes try…they will not be able to stop us!

    1. A unipolar world with no resources left due to breeding. Sounds great. Not even the Jews have a better design for “all or nothing”.

      1. Salman,

        “that’s a lie…there are enough resources in the world for everyone to pass around.”

        Trouble is, you wouldn’t know how to utilise all these resources. So we do all the work as well as the passing around. What do you bring to the table?

      2. nature will take care of itself…if those resources are not utilized…then people will end up dying out for a lack of resources and nature will indeed take care of itself…

    2. Salman Hossein,

      “so our holy cocks and holy sperms will one day breed a population that will take over the world and no matter how hard the kikes try…they will not be able to stop us!”

      Indeed. I’m afraid you are correct.

      And then the long descent will kick in, until there’s a complete stop of development which will in fact turn into regression. Then poverty and backwardness will encapsule the planet like a blanket just as it happened to every other civilisation where Islam was laid upon. And then you have won. And civilisation has lost. Forever.

      So it would be best if we, the advanced races, meaning the Europeans and eastern east Asians would work together to guarantee the progress of mankind by exterminating, or at least contain, the more primitive races in their corner, which technically would be a very simple accomplishment. Until the rise of the Jew to power thanks to gentile traitors this doctrine was common policy. So you can thank the Jew for deliberately disturbing the natural order hence allowing you to flourish.

      1. blah blah blah….blah blah blah…

        i think its a good thing if you superior whites die out…

        because the power of the jews comes from white people, err, i mean the superior white master race…if whites all died out…then the kikes would have no one to parasite off…and the inferior races aren’t much to mooch off anyways…we will mooch off the jews if anything..

      2. that is why the third world rats are coming in to rape, murder, and mutilate your superior races…cause u deserve a good genociding…

        oh and of course we will take the kikes with you as well…

        the yhids aren’t going to rule forever…they know their time is running out…

        white gentiles are the main source of power for the jews…with you whites gone…no one will have to do the heavy lifting for the kikes any more…the jews and their slaves will be genocided of course…

      3. dream on with your genocidal fantasies…

        Muslim Spain/Portugal were superior to Western Europe until the 19th/20th century…

        Ottoman Turkey was superior to Russia…

        Islam builds solid and healthy civilizations…

        Judaism and Jews wreck nations…

        and Christianity isn’t strong enough to deal with the Jews…

        so yes, Islam rocks.

      4. it’s the Muslims that kept the Jewish usurers in check until the end of Muslim rule in Iberia and Eastern Europe/Levant/Caucuses under the Ottomans…

        we were the ones that kept the kikes in check…what are you yapping about ?

      5. Salman Hossein,

        “i think its a good thing if you superior whites die out… ”

        So that there’s no one left to be envious at? Everybody wants to be white, hence the multi billion dollar trade in skin whitening lotions 🙂

        “… the power of the jews comes from white people,”

        Yes, that’s pretty accurate. That’s because we have created that power. And, alas, that’s why the Jew has slithered his way into our domain.

        “err, i mean the superior white master race.”

        Indeed we are the aristocracy of human kind. And our advanced level proves it. the fact that that is being misallocated by evil doesn’t change that.

        “then the kikes would have no one to parasite off”

        I’m afraid you’re wrong. But it would change it for them, that’s true.

        “that is why the third world rats are coming in to rape, murder, and mutilate your superior races”

        Yes, they’ve always done that. Particularly the muslims. They started this enmity between us ever since Islam was created. First they ran over the Holy land, then they ran into Spain and tried France too but were slashed by Charles Martel and his posse. never saw ‘m again. And still they tried and tried and the got quite far. To Vienna. So it’s them who deserve to be annihalated for their crimes and imperialism.

        “Muslim Spain/Portugal were superior to Western Europe until the 19th/20th century…”

        Now you are confused.

        Together with all the rest I come to think you are a Jew.

      6. u’re the idiot that brought up the issue of exterminating or containing the inferior races…

        I guess its your turn to get exterminated, raped, murdered, and mutilated…

        obviously, you know the drill….

        Islam kept the Jews in check…

        the Jewish bankers that impoverished the third world were released into the Netherlands and then the UK from where they created the biggest Jew run empire the world has ever known – the British empire…
        these Jews originated from Portugal and Spain…they were HELD IN CHECK by Muslims under Muslim rule….

        now FAGGOT HOMOSEXUAL 1138…

        get this through your white faggot ass…

        the Muslims in the IBERIA AND the OTTOMAN EMPIRE WERE JUST AS WHITE AS YOU if not whiter…


        the link above proves that MANY North African and MOST Anatolian/Turkish except the Kurds are of EUROPEAN ORIGINS…

        so the Muslims had the Golden age in Iberia and the Ottoman empire until these two empires degenerated…your renaissance began in the 15th century in Italy through the transfer of information from the Muslim world…

        right now Iran and Turkey are developing in many areas – particularly in the field of Science and Technology…

        that is with or without the help of the West…

        you see…we Muslims don’t need your filthy infidel perverted white ass…just go and suck some jew cock…or molest/rape your daughter/sister/mom… u jew slave


        the only reason we lost Spain after 8 centuries is because we all became materialistic jerks over time…but the initial conquests were GRAND SUCCESSES when facing off against MUCH LARGER ARMIES…

        and of course, most of the Muslims in Portugal and Spain were INDIGENOUS…NOT foreigners…

        you don’t need to worry about who will exterminate whom when we conquer Rome and the Vatican after LIBERATING JERUSALEM…

      8. 1139,

        i don’t find any desire or need to be white…nor do i have anything against being white…

        its all in your silly fantasy that people in the world wanna be white, you fucking faggot…

        in the THIRD WORLD…yes…because they watch joo tv and see success and glory so they think that’s the way it is with all white people…

        the reality in the Western world is the opposite…

        people want some colour in your white majority countries…and people of colour in your white majority countries don’t wanna be white – i’ve actually lived in the first world and i live in the third world right now…

        in the first world…being white is associated with being a cuck, faggot, or slave for the kikes OR KKK-type racist OR a homo or a pedo or perv that rapes their moms/sisters/daughters or some reject/loser in society…in the THIRD WORLD…being white is considered being prosperous…and wealthy…and successful that the joo media portrays…without all the other degenerate negative connotations that there are affiliated with it…

        IF the third world countries become prosperous overnight…the desire to be fairer or lighter or white will WANE COMPLETELY…

        white people worship the jews more than anyone else…EXCEPT for white Muslims like Erdogan…you white gentiles that are non Muslims deserve genocide along with the kikes for being their slaves…

        where will the jews go if whites are exterminated?

      9. Solomon,

        “u’re the idiot that brought up the issue of exterminating or containing the inferior races…”

        That’s right, that is the usual response to invading turds wanting to “rape and murder” as you yourself admitted, just like they always have done. It is the only thing they are able to. So if you continue to do so then as far as I’m concerned ; “I guess its your turn to get exterminated, raped, murdered, and mutilated…” unless you stay in your own corner.

        “Islam kept the Jews in check…”

        Don’t know about that. I do know the Jews let the muslims into Spain. Just as they are letting them in now.

        “the Jewish bankers that impoverished the third world were released into the Netherlands and then the UK from where they created the biggest Jew run empire the world has ever known – the British empire…
        these Jews originated from Portugal and Spain…they were HELD IN CHECK by Muslims under Muslim rule….”

        The middle part is true, alas.

        But the third world didn’t need to get impoverished by the Jew. A large part of it, sub Sahara Africa never was nothing but a prehistoric savage nightmare. Western colonisation was actually the best thing that ever happened to these cannibal baboons. Now they thrive where they once died of diseases, being slaughtered and enslaved by themselves or Arabs/muslims, or ate each other. All the natural resources were no use to them. The parts of it that once thrived, all the high civilisations in the ME, north Africa and west Asia were impoverished by centuries of Arab and/or Islam rule. And that’s a fact.

        BTW, black Africans can thank the white man for being the ONLY race that legally ended African slave trade in the 19th century after being involved in it for a few centuries. Not like the Arabs and or Muslims who for well over a milennia imported far more black slaves than Europeans did, and actually kidnapped millions of Europeans to sell as slaves as well, and would surely never voluntarily have ended such a profitable ‘trade’ (crime) if they were not forced to.

        Because as you stated yourself; ” MANY North African and MOST Anatolian/Turkish except the Kurds are of EUROPEAN ORIGINS…”

        Indeed, and then the the invading imperialistic Turks, who were chased away from their own home land in central Asia, came to run the place over, adopted Islam and look what happened after that. Once flourishing cultures declined until a complete stop. And on top of that were mongrelised through misgenation. Gee, thanks islam.

        “they were HELD IN CHECK by Muslims under Muslim rule….”

        Perhaps, but look at the muslims now. Undeveloped, powerless and poverty stricken. Now who’s fault is that? The corrupt Arab Muslims that are not poor owe everything they have to Europeans and their technological advancement which has a use for oil, for example. Otherwise they would still be riding their camels.

        “now FAGGOT HOMOSEXUAL 1138…

        get this through your white faggot ass…”

        Typical overcompensating projecting macho talk of a frustrated silly person. Are you a jew or a negro? You sure talk like one.

        “the Muslims in the IBERIA AND the OTTOMAN EMPIRE WERE JUST AS WHITE AS YOU if not whiter…”

        Well, Solomon, you’re wrong again. Moors brought Islam with them to Spain. Moors are negroes, not whites, capiche? The Ottoman empire was founded by Turks, not whites. The ALREADY present whites that suffered their devastating invasions were responsible for the flourishing civilisations before the Turks came in and demolished them over time. In time, a mongrel population emerged, yes, but not one of them was whiter than me, ever, trust me.

        “so the Muslims had the Golden age in Iberia and the Ottoman empire until these two empires degenerated”

        Let me explain something to you. The Muslims ran over the ME, north Africa and parts of Europe only thanks to sheer numbers, not by competence because muslim armies were beaten time and time again by much smaller European armies. They conquered already advanced civilisations which they took over by force like the next door bully. So all the developments in these parts were accomplished by the conquered population, not the occupying muslims. The muslims’ rule caused a decline over time to the point of backwardness. Hence the state of most of the Mulsim countries by the 19th century. And with that the question I wanted to ask you about “how did the fantastic Islamic Ottoman empire exactly degenerated then, huh?” is answered.

        All in all, YOU started this, with your invading gangs of thugs, pirating the Med, enslaving blacks and whites. And now the shoe is on the other foot. Actually, thanks for reminding me of all this history. Now I certainly don’t have to feel sorry for the muslims who think like you. They get what they had coming for a long time. You are lucky that Jews control our domain, they are actually protecting people like you from people like me.

        The rest of your silly fantasies are not worhty of a reply.

      10. 1139,

        I will stay in my own corner at the same time I will have to liberate my own corner from the clutches of the Jews. How do we go about doing that? Why, of course, the real solution is to invade and genocide the western world where the Jew bankers reside. The Jew bankers in America, Britain, and France run the world’s money supply of the third world from behind the scenes. I know this from first hand experience. That is why a full blown genocide is needed.

        EVERY SINGLE country in the world, except maybe 8 before 9-11 had Jewish bankers controlling their money supply. Not all of Africa was filled with savage mud-hut peoples. Mansa Musa ran the Mali empire just fine. His brother was said to have travelled to the Americas. Tribes from West Africa entered North America before that Jew murderer Columbus entered. These facts are all well known. The white man thinks he owns the world at the behest of the kikes. He doesn’t.

        Turks aren’t mongrels. You are a retarded fuck face who has zilch knowledge of history. Islamic rule brought economic prosperity and free schooling and medicare for society. Muslims were the leaders of the world during their time.

        Chattel slavery was a crime – something the Jews and Judeo-Christians like yourselves participate in. However, we must add that slavery as an institution in the Muslim world was far more benevolent than the slavery of your Jewish/Judeo-Christian forefathers.

        I think the East Asian races that invade the Western world can invade and genocide and rape your children and women. We need China-men to rape and murder you guys off. Jews and Christians alike. One the Master, the other the serf.

        The invading turds in Europe aren’t entering for purposes of raping unless they can get away with it. It’s mostly the freebies they will get. Plus, my idea of raping is through a military invasion, where foreign mercenaries enter the West and murder of the Jews and you white slaves of the Jews. Rape, murder, pillage – kill off children and women as well AT THE HANDS OF EAST ASIAN ARMIES (the races you consider to be of the superior bent)…

        Yes, everyone commits atrocities during war. We need a fully backed genocidal military invasion that murders of the jews running the west and their white lapdogs.

        The rapists and murderers in the crowd of refugees are less than 1%. What I mean by genocide is importing genocidal armies with weaponry to kill the Jews residing in the Western world. The kikes can’t pull their shenanigans anywhere in the world once the west is destroyed and most of the population killed off.

      11. 1138, the Moors that conquered Spain were dark whites of Berber and some Arab ancestry with only 15-20% Negro men amongst them. The VAST MAJORITY of the Muslims in Spain were locals who converted. They were NOT NEGROS – those that invaded for the most part. Capiche? Some of them were AS WHITE AS yourself if not whiter. There were also Slavic Muslims in Spain who converted that time. Islam has always been multiracial. Hybrid vigour.

        The German team won the 2014 championship due to hybrid vigour whereas the all-white but Muslim majority Bosnian team sucked the most (As well as the Iranians for some reason). The mulatto mix raced Brazilian team made it big as they always do. For a successful operation to succeed you do need hybrid vigour. That is why the initial Muslim conquests in Spain were led by men of many races and shades INCLUDING many Europeans and Whites. Turkey was a great nation because of the Turks who conquered Konye. It’s an ABSOLUTE LIE to say that the Turkish rule over Anatolia and Europe was bad for civilization. It strengthened civilization and brought many temporal benefits as well.

        Lobro already mentioned many of the good things they did in Yugoslavia. You gotta be fucking kidding me if you think Islam is the source of the problem. You’ve been fed Jew propaganda up your ass. You need more of that Jew propaganda raping your mind. I can’t wait for the day that Chinese and Russian troops invade rape and kill your arrogant white populations. Your daughter or sister or girlfriend or wife will be raped by Chinese Mercs and then have their corpses eaten. Same thing for your kids. When you decide to fight back, we will label you “Terrorist” of course. Of course, I will FULLY SUPPORT THESE ATROCITIES as you are owed some good STATE BACKED GENOCIDING. This is MY FANTASY of a genocide, rape, and murder spree. NOT THE TYPE YOU SAW IN COLOGNE. WHEN AN ARMY COMMITS WAR CRIMES, THEY GET AWAY WITH IT. AND THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU AND YOUR JEW MASTERS AS WELL VERY SOON. Just wait and see. Cologne ain’t nothing yet.

        The Jews and the West will soon be at the hands of a state backed genocidal army invading them very soon. Just wait and see!

        And then you will get sodomized by these mercs, after which they will cut your throat as well.

        Blonde haired, ginger haired. The initial Muslim conquerors brought no women with them so they didn’t immigrate to Iberia but they conquered and ruled over it. SAME shit with the Turks. In fact, the vast majority of the Turks from Anatolia were locals that assimilated into the foreign conquerors in the 11th century and were pretty much Caucasian. Turks lost because they ended up partying and not praying. Fighting over women and wealth instead of developing their infrastructure. At the same time, both the Moorish and Turkish empires were very successful in the beginning. They started going downhill when they started seeking the material comforts in life. No work and all play. It’s really that fucking simple.

      12. Even if these societies, which the Muslims conquered, were indeed advanced, the Muslims then built upon them and improved them economically, scientifically, and technologically. So of course, they took pre-existing knowledge and built upon it. We all do that all the time.

      13. Solomon,

        “Even if these societies, which the Muslims conquered, were indeed advanced, the Muslims then built upon them and improved them economically, scientifically, and technologically. So of course, they took pre-existing knowledge and built upon it. We all do that all the time.”

        O really? Show me one example of a muslim conquered society that hasn’t gone down the drain. Because history shows that actually that’s what you do all the time.

        Look, shouldn’t you be on a stage somewhere in Tel Aviv? You’re a regular comedian.
        You certainly have the authentic low life vocabulary to be successful. And no lack of fantasies in your twisted brain as well. Carry on.

      14. when two sides go to war…of course one side will get the upper hand…

        and in the case of the Muslim conquests…they were UNDER HANDED and UNDER-MANNED…

        remember the 2006 war against Israel by Hezbollah? Hezbollah had 2000 troops versus 25 thousand Israelis and who won that battle?

        The Muslims only won Constantinople through sheer numbers…

        they won Spain when UNDERMANNED, they won Persia when UNDER-MANNED…they crushed Hindus with 6000 crack troops versus 100000 Rajputs when UNDERMANDED…they were UNDERMANNED three times in Yarmouk when Khalid Bin Waleed, Saifullah, led them to victory. Hitler and the National Socialist praised Islam and Muslims for being amazing warriors and considered Muslims to be Honorary Aryans. He considered the Turks to be Aryans.

        And how are the Turks weak if they have the SECOND LARGEST ECONOMY in Europe right now AFTER GERMANY?!?!

        are you high on something? are you a Serb reading that shit from that Jew pet Serge Trifkovic?

        what is your ethnicity?

      15. Turks, Aryan? And Turkey in Europe? Well, at least you still got a sense of humour.

        “Hitler and the National Socialist praised Islam and Muslims for being amazing warriors”

        I’m sure he did. However he didn’t want them in Germany any more than I do.

        “and in the case of the Muslim conquests…they were UNDER HANDED and UNDER-MANNED…”

        Well, if you’re under handed it’s usually because you’re under manned. But they were never under manned, especially not in the Holy land. A handful of knights far away from home defended that turf for a long long time, not bad, considering their circumstances, and vastly under manned. And it took Muslims many centuries to conquer Constantinopel, which was far, far away from mainland Europe. And how come a handful of Europeans, faggots, no doubt, could colonise all those Muslim lands in the 19th and 20th century? And what does that make those Muslims if they couldn’t even beat a handful of faggots who were far from home?

        “remember the 2006 war against Israel by Hezbollah? Hezbollah had 2000 troops versus 25 thousand Israelis and who won that battle?”

        Yes, but Yids are notoriously bad warriors. Besides, remember the 6 day war? Or the establishment of Israel? Now there’s a group that was outnumbered unspeakably. And they still are, surrounded by an ocean of Muslims. Any comments on that? You opened that can of worms.

        My ethnicy? Well, no offence, but if you can’t tell that by now then you’re in worse shape than I thought upstairs. I’m not a Serb.

      16. the 6 day war was an AMBUSH on unprepared Arabs…

        who got beat in 1973 even with all the firepower handed to them by the States and the UK?

        who saved Israel? was it not Kissinger?

        in 73, if the Arabs were close to liberating Jerusalem…

        I bet you didn’t know that….or maybe you did but you are selective about it…

        then Kissinger airlifted weapons and threatened to bring in the US army to crush the Muslims…

        and Anwar Sadat or some other Arab leader stated that I will never fight America…

        so without the West, the Muslims could crush the kikes in two seconds…

        H & H are doing it quite well…without any air power

        Muslims were undermanned in their initial conquests….

        Even when Umar Farouk Al Khattab conquered it in 636 AD, they were undermanned…

        the Crusaders won because Muslims were temporarily set back due to infighting…..

        and the crusaders were not undermanned…

        I am surprised Salah Ed Din didn’t roast your Christians alive for what you did a century earlier…

        America, Britain, Canada, France, and Germany are fair game for invasion and genocide right now…

        I think it would be a walk in the park for any army to come in and genocide you guys…only the rednecks and hillbillies in the South would put up a bit of a fight…

        1139, what ethnicity are you? i only started posting here regularly for the last 2 weeks or something…. I don’t know and I don’t care if you don’t tell me either…

      17. yeah yeah yeah, Solomon, good luck with all that. Yawn.

        You know, if you hate the jews as much as I do then you shouldn’t make idle threats about breeding us all out of our own lands, because that’s genocide. Why don’t you breed the Jew out of Palestine? We should be concentrating on smoking the Jew vermin out and eradicate it. And we could be allies. But if that’s going to be your attitude you’ve got another thing coming, make no mistake. I’m not worried about whites dying out. Not gonna happen, ever. No other race has the potential we have, and you know it. The whole modern technological advanced world of today is created by us. Everything! Electricity, cars, jet engines, space ships, airconditioners, computers, wireless devices, science, philosophy, partical accelerators, TV, trains, subways, fine art, refrigerators, submarines, powerplants, oil refineries, etc etc etc.. Stuff that others couldn’t dream of in a trillion years. We made the lives of the whole world population tremendously better. Yes, all this creation and potential is being misallocated by evil and many people are suffering because of it. So we must kill it.

        But if you want to destroy us, the most advanced people currently living on earth, go ahead and try if you can. We can take a lot of casualties, but those will mostly be traitors and soft minded worthless brainwashed morons, in other words, the weak links in the chain. They actually are the cause of Jews rule our domain, not people like me. So to be quite honest, you would be doing us a favour and good riddance to them. Even if only 100 million whites will be left worldwide that would still be more than plenty enough to secure our selves and even guarantee planetary control in case we are threatened by anyone. AS LONG AS WE GOVERN OUR SELVES, that’s the whole key. If Adolf Hitler had his way and Germany would have withstood its jew attackers this would be the situation on earth today. And you know it. If we govern ourselves nobody can even dream of touching us. So you, or people like you better put your money on people like me, which for now alas do not have control of our own civilisation due to too many weak links, for which we collectively are indeed to blame. So you see, quality is more important than quantity.

    3. I beg to differ, dear third-world rat. Monogamy entails a perfectly secure and upheld level of sexual selection, and therefore produces offspring of highest viability and best possible physical and mental health. Your idea of procreation, on the other hand, which is fucking every living thing you see to no end, including your cousins, naturally results in inbreeding (it’s very obvious, by the way — how embarrassing for you and your countries). The fact that you didn’t even know this simple thing is proof of your mental inability to comprehend the most basic of human behaviour. Do the remaining few of evolved humanity a favour and stay in your trash excuse of a country where everyone shares your lack of sexual competition and poor level of intelligence.

      1. Elizaveta *
        You have my vote. Now for those with the gold and the calf, the Merchants of Chaos who the rats obey … what to do?

      2. i don’t fuck my cousins. My parents nor anyone in my family fuck our cousins. I was sexually conscious at the age of 5 when I started jerking off. When I was 10 and my cock started getting borners, before moving to Canada and becoming a bit civilized, I was tempted between fucking my cousin or fucking/raping my maid servant. Which one did u think I was inclined towards doing? that’s right…my maid servant…

        99% of the marriages in this country are not between cousins. The Muslim world has 2 billion people. Some rats in the Middle East doesn’t equate to the entire Ummah.

      3. dear elizaveta
        i like cuckolding others…

        i would like to plant my holy seed in your infected cunt for some niglets to pop out…even if u got a bf or hubs…he’ll be forced to foot the bill…

        i hope your dad or bro or uncle didn’t molest you when u were younger…

        that’s if u are indeed a cunt…and not a cock/cuck

        as mentioned earlier…most muslims don’t breed cousins…only pakis and a few arabs…

        i will make sure i give u a good fucking if we ever meet assuming u possess a cunt…

    4. Salman, do you really think that replacing morality with immorality, quality with quantity will defeat Talmud’s quest for world dominion?

      Are you familiar with the concept of Judas goat? Gee, I wonder where the “Judas” monicker came from.

      This is precisely what Jew aims for, a mass of drooling cretins like the ones spawned in Riyadh palaces is much easier to control than a handful of committed fighters, hearts and minds in full agreement on what must be done. Green Berets don’t recruit those of sub-average IQ, nor do the Jesuits.

      Look at Africa, their once sharply delineated nations, tribes and clans whose genetic differences exceeded those of Europeans and Japanese (i do recall reading about a study that confirmed that), now hopelessly homogenized wherever Jew succeeded in fomenting a civil war with attendant ethnic cleansing and rapes … are they hard to control, despite their numbers?
      Kike doesn’t need to control you directly, Salman, your own, easily bought and sold leader and salafi imam will, in exchange for a Rolex and set of golf clubs.

      When I lived in Sarajevo, I’d occasionally see these fundamentalist morons with straggly buffalo beards, pants too short and they were universally mocked and despised by regular Muslim majority. They were hillbillies who went to Syria and returned in bodybags, nobody mourning, even their own mothers ashamed of them.
      While the wahhabi imam back in the village lived in lap of luxury, surrounded by 5 young wives, driven in big Audi SUV.
      Finally, the government is cracking down on them, a bunch of them convicted and doing time, the shittiest of shit-eater Shabbos sold out to Jew.

      Ignorance is a poor weapon and mass breeding without individual love and parental care is the swamp where ignorance festers into outright criminality – Jew’s natural element.

      1. i think machiavllean tactics when dealing with the Jews work perfectly just fine.

        Those low IQ gulf rats can’t even write their names in Arabic…

        the Boko Haram misfits can’t even pray…

        poverty is the issue here…

        i believe in quantity…but also quality to add to that…

      2. the Salafi imams are all the rejects and losers…intellectually and spiritually…in the Muslim world…

        not that all Salafis are like that lobro, but I can assure you that mainstream orthodox so-called Islamic “scholars” are all clowns and scumbags nowadays…

        the ultimate rift-rafts that no one wants to associate with…these are not the learned men of the great Islamic Empires ya know…

  5. Uncle :

    I got two posts in Spam, as you know. One for this thread of commentary where I link to 3 websites about Muslim immigrants and the other post I sent in addressed to Pat under his recent post under the “Walking Dead” thread of commentary. Neither of my 2 posts break any of Darkmoon’s rules or guidelines concerning posting here at Darkmoon . So I don’t know what the problem is this time, there’s always some sort of problem, so what’s your problem today? Let me know, maybe we can work it out, 🙂 .

    1. @ Troj

      My problem is I don’t have time to read your 20 thousand epic-long comments every day in the spam folder. I have a full-time job. This does NOT allow me to spend 10 hours a day checking out the span folder for gems of wisdom hidden away in mountains of indigestible and rambling, off-topic prose. I can spend only 10 minutes a day checking out the spam folder. So the only comments I can read in that time are the SHORT ones.

      As you don’t know how to write short comments, this creates a problem.

      Your best comment ever was when Lobro said about Lasha’s poem My Music’s Mocked: “No it isn’t” and you replied, “Oh yes, it is.” How you managed to write a whole comment in just 4 words is a great mystery to me! What a feat! Usually, you can’t write anything shorter than 400 words — all in one paragraph.

      Can’t you write 1-sentence comments? I know it’s very, very hard for you. But can’t you learn the difficult art? 🙂

      1. @ TROJ

        Succinct enough, but unworthy of publication. We’d be out of business if everyone submitted the comment: HUH?

      2. @ Uncle :

        Salman is khinziring up the commentary thread. Salman is being a real khinzir. I thought it was against the rules to be a khinzir? Salman is waging jihad against us Darkmoon commentators, hijacking Darkmoon, effectively hindering anyone else from getting a word in edgewise. I thought it was against the DM rules to be khinzir on the commentary threads? Or, is Salman the khinzir one of your precious pets that can do whatever he wants, even if what it is he wants is to be total khinzir?

      3. The Real Original Joe…I dominate the boards so that I can gain hits on the website for her…

        this way she gets traffic and I unleash my vitriol and genocidal hatred against the Jews and their slaves in

        Western society…

        some faggot named 1139 on here think us swarthy niggers are envious of white folks…

        there’s nothing to be envy about except for some science and tech…but if we can develop that shit ourselves free from the hindrance of the kikes…then whites are effectively redundant and not needed…

        the east asian races are good with that so i guess whites really are over-rated now….only in the third world do they have some chance of showing some pride…that is as long as the third world stays a part of the third world…

      4. Salman,

        “some faggot named 1139 on here think us swarthy niggers are envious of white folks…”

        Niggers (in your own words) are envious of white folks. And they have good reason to be. We whites are sure making billions in selling the niggers toxic skin whitening lotions and hair straighteners 🙂
        Michael Jackson sure had a lot to thank the Jew for, as do all these niggers in sports and entertainment, promoting all this primitivism.

        Maybe 1139 is a faggot but I don’t know him, or her, or it. You probably would know. After all, it takes one to know one, right? I’m 1138.

        “there’s nothing to be envy about except for some science and tech”

        Yep, that and our aristocratic appearance of course. That’s why all these niggers want white women. They only can get some dirty white trash nigger sluts so rape is rampant everywhere these chimps are on the loose.

        “but if we can develop that shit ourselves”


        LOL!! Seriously though, one should always treasure dreams. Even if one has never learned to write his own swahili baboon jibberish language 🙂

        “that is as long as the third world stays a part of the third world…”

        Well, you see, the thing about the third world is, is it’s is full of third worlders, and as a result of it being populated by third worlders you have the third world. Wherever the third worlders go, they bring along the third world with them. Third worlders bring the third world, whites bring advancement. Always has been, always will be.

        “then whites are effectively redundant and not needed…”

        Who knows, maybe some day there will be no more whites. And you end up with a thirld world planet.

      5. @ Salman Hossain
        @ 1138

        Please abide by the rules and regulations of our website:

        7. Racist terminology like “nigger”, “kike”, “yid”, “wog” and “Chink” should be avoided as much as possible. Such abusive language lowers the tone of intellectual discourse and gives our website a bad name. Posters who resort to constant obscenities and the language of the gutter will be banned.


        Salman Hossain in particular gives offense. We’ve had lots of complaints about him from readers, especially from good Muslims who say he is bringing Islam into disrepute by his scurrilous obscenities and racist abuse. If he goes on like this, he will be banned.

      6. 1138…or 1139…its the keyboard and I could care less…u’re just a faggot with a number…

        listen, homosexual,…

        I mentioned earlier that there is nothing special about white pussy…

        in my case, and that of other men of colour, we only fuck what we get access to…and if the cunt happens to be white, then so be it…

        nig nogs in China are pounding chink pussy…

        i’m banging local vaginas down here…

        the only reason i need some white pussy right now is DUE TO the cultural differences with the society that I have down here….since at least half of my life I had been raised in the West…the cultural baggage is a pain in the ass…

        but other than that…white pussy is just the same as brown or black pussy…

        I know, cause i’ve been globe trotting…on this flat earth that is…

      7. 1138, listen you faggot homosexual,
        Michael Jackson had a disease called vertiligo…

        that’s why he turned white and he needed white cream to look like a better white man…

        Michael Jackson was not a pedophile..that’s jew propaganda just like the attack on Bill Cosby…but u been learning to hate anyone the Kikes tell u to hate…

    2. 1138, only SOME women in the THIRD world want to appear fairer…

      not any men that I know…it’s only a womanly thing…

      there is a thing called sexual dimorphism in which men are preferred to be tanned and women are preferred to be fairer than their male counterparts….fairer women are also preferred in Southern Europe…are they not white to you as well?

      sexual dimorphism happens the least in Northern Europe and Sub-saharan Africa where both genders are either equally pale or equally dark…

      hey homosexual, if we killed all the jews (which is long overdue) and you white slaves of the jews…I can guarantee you that we will survive and expand…

      my point in commenting on this board isn’t to give Islam any name…

      I make comments with absolute vulgarity, because that is the way I am, when left in the jungle…

      plus, I have been calling for the genocide against the Jews and their White slaves since 2010 explicitly…as China and Russia get stronger…my calls for the genocide of the Jews and their white slaves worldwide intensify…the Jews can’t be parasites in other much stronger countries….

      a world without white people would survive just as fine…didn’t it survive and thrive before Jew-backed Euro colonialism? so, 1138, it will happen again…once you jews and jew slaves are exterminated…

      1. ‘Salman’

        You are one sorry powerless, impotent, overcompensating closet homosexual loser, just as your baboon daddy was when he decided to impregnate the chimpanzee that turned out to be your mother. And from them you have learned your low life ghetto 29th world vocabulary. Go ahead and fantasise about turning planet earth into the planet of the apes. I don’t wish to deny an ape his dreams. Goodbye.

      2. @ Salman Hossain

        Your three recent highly abusive posts have been deleted. You will not be allowed to turn this website into a sewer. Free speech is not an excuse for obscenity. Please go away and sober up.

  6. what amaze me this about this blog that it attract all kinds of people.
    all levels of intellectuals.
    since I started coming to this insane blog and by the way i curse my cousin everyday for her wicked recommendation to check this blog ,it is like this ever since….I CAME….I SAW….I AM HOOKED .
    IT’S simply addicting ,every day i say to myself this is it ,no more comments no reading no nothing ,this the last time ,I am trying to forget blog ,I swear i even dreamt that Lasha was mad at me ,I saw her face so close to mine , i wake up not knowing what to think of this except to keep it myself to keep my sanity.
    it pained me so much to read that Lasha is sad.
    she seems a very sensitive person as most true poets are
    in my life i have known many ,one of these poets ,there was a beautiful soul ,a wonderful sensitive kind caring Woman ,she was my first true love ,she was a rare Gem among the
    thorns in a mad evil world.
    visiting this blog repeatedly to read mostly the comments for analysis for my own curiosity
    I came to appreciate certain poster ,he demonstrated keen balanced knowledge of this world
    and his intellectual honesty.
    you don’t to know people personally and face to face to know what they are !
    words are mightier than words ,and also opinions expressed over time with no flip flops and no bluffs ,offer a window of the writer’s mind and beautiful poems are windows to the heart and soul.
    when that trusted poster vouch for the pretty soul ,what I can do ,i just raise the white flag and surrender . 🙂

  7. What do you know … Christian morality guarantees fertility, Russia’s Baby Boom. Fertility Rate Far Higher Than in EU, Rising Quickly
    Unique in western hemisphere, government programs have worked

    Contrary to popular belief, Russia’s demographic situation is improving as western fertility rates continue to plummet.

    A human population needs to have a fertility rate of at least 2.1 children per woman if it is to achieve natural growth. In the European Union the number is 1.3. In the US it is 2.01. For the world as a whole it is 2.3.

    In Russia the fertility rate is rising. According to the World Bank it rose from 1.34 in 2009, to 1.54 in 2013 and is currently at 1.60. This rise is almost unique in Europe.

    That’s a pretty damn steep rise, ie, over short period of time, almost 0.3 EXTRA babies (1.6-1.34) in just 14 years (2013-2009), coinciding EXACTLY with Putin’s return to power.
    Say what you want but the demographics don’t lie.
    Given another decade, they will have achieved population equilibrium and after that, even a net rise, ie, birth rates exceeding mortality.
    In fact, as longevity starts to increase due to better quality of living and social security, that mortality will drop and the balance becomes more attainable.
    Praised be Jesus, keep voting for Putin 😉
    (while elsewhere taqfiris party with Conchita in cultural clash/exchange)

    1. do you know which group of people are doing the majority of the breeding in Holy Mother Russia?

      yep…it ain’t much of the Slavs…mostly the ethnic minorities and the Muslims doing about half the breeding….

      so its the Muslims cashing out on his policies

  8. Based on this article and some of the recent past articles along with some of the comments, this does not appear to be a clash of cultures. It appears to be more basic, a clash of those that are controlled by their penis versus those who aren’t. Those that think with their penis have no culture, just sex in the basest form, regardless of how it is mistakenly justified.

    1. u are getting it now…

      and i think the western world deserves some good raping…

      it’s divine punishment for them since white people worship the jews and serve them…

      i think God is too kind to the West…i think they DESERVE A FULL BLOWN GENOCIDE for serving the kikes for the last 4 centuries…


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  10. Do not be mistaken. Aryan men and women of fire and steel are many.
    As well, there is no lack of European mystics and saints, whether Christian or Pagan.
    Plenty enough to sweep our motherlands clean of traitors and vermin.
    Btw, I would not term our culture matriarchal, although that might be a refreshing change.
    It’s simply that we have always honored and valued women, even to following them in war, as witness Boudicca and Saint Joan of Arc.

  11. I came, I saw, I heard, then I wanted to reach thru my computer screen and pound with my clenched fist MachtNichts and all of his hydra heads like Salman for example in their two-faced faces and pound their f*ckin’ faces into the ground where snakes belong in the ground, with their faces in the dirt, with my clenched fist, but I decided it best not to destroy my computer because of their hydra headed snake shit that always spews out of their mouths. Thank you, TROJ.

  12. I suppose this is geared more towards Lobro, after recent debates, but it is important to all.

    Not only do the police not think the multitude of attackers in Cologne will be caught but they are now going after the whistle blowers who leaked the spate of assaults to the media, the police wanted to cover up.

    So what this most certainly is is a Jewish created problem, but the attackers, were most certainly Muslim and NOT anything to do with Israel, Zionism, Jury and Judaism. As I’ve continually stated, these attacks were the result of young men, coming into a sexually free society, from a sexually repressed society and taking rich pickings. They have, according to the German police, got away with it, which shows that not only do the police not have any interest in catching the criminals, but they are most certainly taking orders from high above to NOT catch them.

    It’s utterly disgusting to say the least.
    The obvious reaction to this is a simple one – vigilante groups and a huge rise in them. Fighting will rapidly grow between the immigrants and the indigenous and there will be bloodshed. This will then allow the police to move in, arrest the indigenous and for the law makers to make new legislation giving increased sentences to those who assault immigrants, compared to regular assaults. They will make immigrants a protected minority.
    This action had it been imposed in the past would have been like British officials arresting indigenous who fought back at invaders against them on their lands. This proves only one thing and only one course of action – the German police are committing treason to their own people and should be arrested by the people, imprisoned, tried, subsequently found guilty and executed. There should be no other punishment for treason other than execution. Once you’ve got them, then you go after those behind their control. We can call that day Rothschild day the day we finally rid the world of these evil, parasitic, warmongering, psychopathic Jews.

    1. Ok, glad that you have clearly identified the root of this metastasis, Harb.
      Do you doubt for a moment that while we perch here like soaked chickens, squawking about white wimmin+Mussulmans diddling each other – and if they do, it simply means that they are an inferior genus, not worth more than passing mention, something that can be corrected quite easily once we have dealt with the ROOT CAUSE – JEW, who is indeed the root cause, the one and only, has already planted the next abomination at our doorstep to entertain our outraged sensibilities.
      We will forget the wimmin+Mussulmans dog and pony show instantly and argue around the clock starting March 1st about this new provocation while Jew laughs and prods forward the next lurching ogre, the next golem of the moral decay and Jew’s bottomless perfidy.
      And so on.
      And the reason, as always, is our imbecilic refusal to grab the bull by the horns.
      Which is why I cannot agree with this posture: “Which is greater fool, the fool or the fool that follows”.
      Because there is only one fool and that is Goy.
      And one demonic entity … JEW, JEW, JEW.

      Just to surprise you all, I do give credit where it’s due, and I will not begrudge it to Jew either when he deserves it.
      Here you have one honorable, clear sighted old gent, a Dr Polacco who wrote an open letter to Simon Wiesenthal and let fly with both barrels, e.g.,

      You are the very symbol of Talmudic hysterical neverending hatred.
      This is the more egregious as the Nazi regime gave work, sane economy and balance to a whole country, whereas today, everything (when I mention everything, I mean absolutely all) is both Jewish and entirely rotten.

      Jewish Capitalism has collapsed the world into all forms of pollutions. Jewish Marxism has slaughtered 200,000,000 people.

      Do you all see this?
      This ancient Jew, one among 4%, has a clear focus on the issue, does not mince words.

      And in tipping my hat to him, I have again proved that my issue is not with rats but with the plague they carry, the Black Death that sticks to 96% of them from the Day Eight of their lives, the unbroken road back to Hell and Devil that fathered them.

      Anyway, enjoy the next episode of “Dancing bear and Jew yanking the chain”.

      1. Lobro,

        We will continue to disagree with one another because you continue to miss the wood for the trees. Blaming the Jew will get you nowhere. Jewish malpractice has only come about because non Jew has happily instituted Jew policy and worse, followed it. This is the biggest problem here.

        You are a Christian aren’t you? I could be wrong, but from past replies you have geared more towards being one. God, is supposed to have given all of us freewill correct? It is this freewill that makes women become prostitutes, lap dancers, strippers, dating out of their race, adopting foreign cultures as their own. It is freewill that makes men ignorant of what’s really going on, to find sports, strippers, reality TV far more important than fighting against the Jews who are instructing them into building their prisons around them.

        Lobro, the Jew is a problem, for that I won’t deny but there are 14 million of them and within each land, they make up some 0.5% of the overall population. If they rule over 99.5% of the population it is because they are destined to over the majority weak, minded, selfish, willfully ignorant people.

      2. Harb –


        “Jewish malpractice has only come about because non Jew has happily instituted Jew policy and worse, followed it. This is the biggest problem here.”

        It started in banking here:

        This is a description of the system of personal debt obligation with private property as collateral. It goes back to the 12th century, at least. This is where Pharisee-style usury was brought to European Banking in London.

        The Common Law Mortgage and the Conditional Bond – Penn Law …


        (Page 194 – Summary)

        “The conditional conveyance by way of security had been in use by the Jews for a long time prior to their settlement in England, and was used by them in England in their transactions with Christians. The technical device by which the conditional conveyance was effected was, in every detail, identical with the classical English mortgage in its original form, namely, two separate instruments were used and a third party was employed as a depositary. A device similar in conception and design to the conditional conveyance was used by the Jews during the middle ages in England and elsewhere for the purpose of effecting conditional obligations. This device was in every respect identical with the common law conditional bond in the earlier stage of its development.

        Both of these devices were developed by the Jews for the purpose of evading a certain rule of Hebrew law which is similar to the rule against penalties in English law.

        “The Jews introduced the business of money-lending on a large scale in England, and with it the means by which this business was carried on. When Englishmen learned the business of money-lending from the Jew they adopted his methods and devices, outstanding examples of which are the conditional conveyance by way of security and the conditional bond which have survived – TO OUR OWN DAY.”

      3. Thanks for that Pat.
        I just wish Lobro would see where I’m coming from. We both agree that there most certainly is a Jew problem, but the problem is only there because the idiotic goy allow Jew policy to control them. If the non Jews of the west and I’m talking about the Christians here, where there is a large number, decided to rally together and no longer allow Jewish usury and talmudic doctrine to control them, as Michael Hoffman speaks about a lot, then the Jewish problem would start to disappear. The thing is they won’t and that’s the problem.

      4. @ Lobro

        The point being made by Harbinger and Pat is a valid one. They are basically saying: it takes two to tango. Don’t blame Eve for the Fall of Man by her yielding to the temptations of the devil. Blame Adam, too, for allowing himself to be seduced by Eve into eating the apple of temptation.

        Similarly, you mustn’t blame the Jews as the fount and origin of all Evil. Blame the goyim in equal measure for their avid and disgraceful avidity for the forbidden fruits of the Jews.

      5. Harb, yes, we will continue to disagree, wouldn’t life be boring otherwise

        Blaming the Jew will get you nowhere. Jewish malpractice has only come about because non Jew has happily instituted Jew policy and worse, followed it. This is the biggest problem here.

        You are a Christian aren’t you? I could be wrong, but from past replies you have geared more towards being one. God, is supposed to have given all of us freewill correct? It is this freewill that makes women become prostitutes, lap dancers, strippers, dating out of their race, adopting foreign cultures as their own.

        I might add, It is this freewill that makes children accept candy and car rides from sinister strangers, so why not blame the kids?
        Because goyums ARE children, adults think with own heads and calculate risks and returns for each circumstance.
        Hitler worked at both ends of the problem, he raised his people out of the gutter of depravity that was Berlin and Weimar “Republic” (100% Jew owned, run and bled) and he likewise shut the door on Jew. And it worked wonders, except that the same Jews that remained outside his control buried his peaceful, humane project.

        Yes, I am Christian.
        Christ did not block ordinary people from the entrance to the Pharisee temple where the bloodsucking swindlers sat like noxious spiders to plunder the unwary,
        he threw the usury mongers out.
        He likewise knew his priorities, where the broom should swing first.
        Otherwise it’s like running this blog with trolls dogging your every post with ad hominem, detracting the writer and the reader alike from the task at hand.
        Isn’t this what Jew excels at, seducements and shrill propaganda, bombastic yet empty, in every debate dodging issues, confusing the listener with lies and baseless slander … the world is a blog and Jew is the troll.
        Get rid of the malignant alien in our midst first, otherwise nothing can get done, his single specialty is tying the goy down with his paralyzing Neuro-toxin.

        If you are wearing a bothersome ball and chain and want to go for a refreshing swim, do you take a plunge first and then relieve yourself of the incapacitating burden afterwards?

        I suppose you could always try to train the horse to push the cart with his head, why not …

      6. Who is to blame: the Beautiful Whore who tempts or the Lecher who is tempted? Aren’t they equally to blame for all the lust that is generated? If all the world’s lechers acquired chastity, the beautiful whores would be out of business.

      7. Harb-

        The enablers globally shoulder much blame, but most of them only ignorantly so, tangentially.

        The Pharisee-Jews are to blame OUTRIGHT. Their plans.

        The fact IS… one must see Pharisee-Jews as THE problem… before the enablers can be informed enough to begin to wise up.

      8. Sard, fair is fair,

        The point being made by Harbinger and Pat is a valid one. They are basically saying: it takes two to tango.

        In which case, why not pursue this rationale across the board and blame white men for the rise of the feminist disease and moreover, why should Muslims alone be held to account for obscene incidents and contamination of native European traditions and modes?
        Right? I don’t see why the same logic doesn’t apply in broad strokes.

        it brings me back to when I attempted, unsuccessfully, to douse the conflagration between Harb and Ingrid, who was, to my recollection, often making the same point (though in a rather combative tone) about the shades of grey in a Manichean world.
        And yet people here go on and on about the “evils of Islam and the Mad Prophet”, while practically yielding Jew a free pass, each striking up a pose of “everybody is guilty except me”.
        What shall it be, fish or cut bait?

        While acknowledging the validity of these arguments, my angle of attack is from the standpoint of simplicity: remove the Jew from the scene and the equation is greatly simplified, not solved but made relatively straightforward.

        There will always be the siren song of vice attracting the weak and the base.
        This is a psychological law.
        But does it justify the existence of the Vice-Monger, the Polluter, the Beast of Eden forever poisoning the air with whispers of corruption?
        Is it okay to allow dope dealers into the classrooms to openly peddle their wares?

        “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” is for the most part a dumb fallacy and Jew is the proof of (this disgusting, kosher) pudding.

        Tell me, I still don’t quite get it.

      9. Pat, you nailed it here, exactly my point

        The enablers globally shoulder much blame, but most of them only ignorantly so, tangentially.

        The Pharisee-Jews are to blame OUTRIGHT. Their plans.

        Moreover, and this matters greatly from the operational standpoint,
        artificially created factions are induced into mutual antagonism and made to compete instead of cooperating to eliminate the COMMON threat.

        I didn’t invent sliced bread here, just pointing the obvious.

      10. Lobro,

        This isn’t about ‘boring’ it’s about common sense.

        Our dilemma is a simple one that everyone who reads this site will easily see.
        You see Jews as the problem, whereas I see the non Jews as more of the problem because they’re instituting and living by Jew policy to their overall detriment.

        Why is it that you and I see Jews as the problem, along with everyone else on this website? What is it that makes all of us unique? Why do we question the status quo and the wrong that is done? Why, then, does the overwhelming majority remain dormant, complete opposites to ourselves?

        This is what I’m really getting at. You, I and people here look at reality and we question it. When we something amiss we research more and more and come to the common conclusion of Jewish perfidy. Why do we decide to search for the truth, often to the constant ridiculing of our peers, when they choose not too? The answer, the truth is right there to see, to understand and act upon, thereby stopping the continuing demolition of their society. We try to help them; we give them internet links, bring them literature to read and guide them to other important, educating titles. They refuse. It’s ‘anti semitic’ choosing to remain ignorant but politically correct in due process.

        Yes Lobro, but there was a time when kids used to accept candy from strangers along with car rides and there was no hidden agenda other than to see pleasure in the child’s face and to help that child get home to her family, because you saw him or her on their own. Why is it that there are more and more paedophiles within society?

        The loss of morals and ethics within society is not because of the Jew. It’s because the people, through freewill choose not to follow them. We have a society of social, justice warriors, there to clamp down on everything that offends and yet they can’t pin point the biggest offender of them all, happily ignoring the white elephant in the room?

        Freewill is the very thing that allows evil to flourish but without freewill, evil will ultimately dominate. It is a constant struggle between good and bad.

        I will always stand by my point that the goy are the biggest problem because they choose to remain ignorant to the hidden hand that is making their lives a misery. If 50% of society were knowledgeable on the Jew as the posters on this site are, there would be no ‘Jew’ problem. Hence, they choose to remain ignorant to the danger and for that only themselves can be blamed Lobro.

      11. Lobro,

        “In which case, why not pursue this rationale across the board and blame white men for the rise of the feminist disease and moreover, why should Muslims alone be held to account for obscene incidents and contamination of native European traditions and modes?”

        The thing is Lobro I very much blame whites for allowing feminism to take route within society. I very much blame the white man for allowing cultural Marxism, courtesy of the Frankfurt school, to be deeply inbedded in society. I deeply blame the white man for everything that is happening because he has not questioned the Jew’s agenda, but instead happily installed them to his overall detriment. How many times do I have to state this?

        “it brings me back to when I attempted, unsuccessfully, to douse the conflagration between Harb and Ingrid, who was, to my recollection, often making the same point…..”

        Lobro, I really do not like writing about people who are no longer here to defend themselves and more importantly I had enough of Ingrid, but she MOST CERTAINLY was not making the same point as I was. Ingrid was 100% the polar opposite to me in Scotland, nationalism, immigration and the new world order. She, although she continued to castigate Judaism, for its treatment of Palestinians, a people she loved more than her own European peoples, happily agreed to the mass migration into Europe, thereby, proving to all that she was on the same page as the Jewish agenda of white genocide. This is why she and I never got on. And many people saw just where Ingrid stood. In her eyes if I questioned Islam I was an Islamaphobe. If I questioned feminism and women in society I was a sexist. If I questioned immigration, especially her Ugandan neighbours I was a racist. She threw every liberal epithet at me she possibly could.

        “And yet people here go on and on about the “evils of Islam and the Mad Prophet”, while practically yielding Jew a free pass”

        Although you say ‘people’ by bringing me and Ingrid into this, you include me in thinking that I attack Islam. I don’t. I never have but I simply say one thing and it’s about respect here – Islam should stay in Islamic lands and leave other lands, non Islam to be so. You have a soft spot for Islam Lobro, because you are a Slav and you were conquered by them in the past. It’s within your culture. We weren’t and that’s the difference. Your attitude with Islam is very much like a Muslims – “why shouldn’t Islam be allowed to live within the west?” to which I reply “why should Islam be allowed to live in the west? Hasn’t Islam got enough land? Can’t Islam respect that some nations don’t want Islam and Islamic migration into it?” By allowing Islam into the west you have ridiculous situations arrive such as Islamic zealots, forming Sharia patrols and instituting Islamic ghettos. You also have Muslim employees refusing to sell pork and alcoholic products. I do not want Islam in the west because it is intolerant of some western traditions. This is bound to cause a problem.

        “my angle of attack is from the standpoint of simplicity: remove the Jew from the scene and the equation is greatly simplified, not solved but made relatively straightforward.”

        And sadly, you can only remove the Jew from its parasitical hold on society, by telling the host that it has a parasite living under its skin. Hitler’s victory in Germany was due to his education of the German people upon Judaism. His downfall was that those who fought against him’s people, HADN’T been educated on the ‘Jewish problem’ and therefore fought against the very people who were trying to help them rid that which would destroy their society, culture, nation and people.

        Lobro, Jews ARE A PROBLEM. I have stated this OVER and OVER and OVER again, but they are only a problem because people ALLOW them to do whatever they so desire, simply because they have latched deep, onto the very aristocratic, control mechanism within every western society they have domain within.
        If you walk up to a man with a knife and tell him “I have to cut the parasite out of you” he’ll recoil in horror and run a mile. If you educate him firstly on the parasite within him, show him pictures and literature on it, then he will very probably think, sit a while and then say “go ahead”. You can’t just start attacking Jews, or else you end up fighting your own, due to them using the msm, academia, politics, the judiciary and the police to stop you.

        We are always going to disagree and it’s not boring if we agreed, because either one of us is right in this current Jewish dilemma.

      12. Harb, 1st off, I do enjoy our exchanges in spirit of civility borne of intellectual confidence, the lack of which breeds ad hominem, betraying desperation and recognition of defeat – and only very insecure people, vain yet cognizant of their inferiority OR PROFESSIONAL TROLLS act like that.
        I threw in the long caveat because I suspect that there are still a few of the latter lurking peripherally and want posters and readers to beware and recognize them.
        Those who are not trolls, yet behave like that are like someone who sneaks a knife into an MMA cagefighting ring, knowing that on their own they don’t stand a chance.

        So, back to the topic, viz

        I deeply blame the white man for everything that is happening because he has not questioned the Jew’s agenda, but instead happily installed them to his overall detriment

        Let me deal with this (on a continuing basis, since I by no means expect this to be a final word) from couple of approaches.
        By way of just one small example, if the insensate arms development and production were to turn to pursuit of helping rather than destroying humanity (ie, non-Jews), think of how much further we as a species and world, ie, environment as a whole would have been.
        I ask you or anyone ready to primarily assign culpability to goy rather than Jew to consider the words of Gutle Schnaper Rothschild who said the following (the entire link worth a gander) “If my sons did not want war, there would be none”. Anyone is free to call her crazy liar, given that their planet-controlling wealth sprung from the tremendous upheavals of her era, that impoverished the three greatest (Aryan) peoples, the French, German and the British, as well as Spanish, Italian, Austro-Hungarian and Russian, to say nothing of the Chinese empire (Opium Wars), the said wealth transferred directly into the coffers of the Rothschilds and their Talmudic accomplices, Sassoons and Montefiores and so on. Numerous books have been written on the subject, no need to go on about it – it’s the Jews, Harb, make no mistake about it, this world, though by no means perfect, would be infinitely better off without them.

        Next, briefly consider that Torah, the protoTalmud, came into being some 2600 years ago, specifically with the purpose to subvert, weaken, subjugate and enslave the human species (because they very explicitly and vocally consider themselves a species apart, referring to us as “Nations”, “Other”, talking beasts and so forth, I grant them this distinction and by considering myself human, I automatically deny them the same, namely, to me they are an alien entity, mind-bogglingly malignant).
        Over the centuries and millennia of steady moral attrition since Jew attached himself barnacle-like to humanity, things have gone from bad to worse, because from day one, Jew’s program has been to weaken, degrade and dumb-down the Gentile, so what you are seeing, are disgusted at and are complaining about is the final product of Talmudic disease, which always worked from the head down, viz, by corrupting the leaders first, specifically those entrusted with the sacred responsibility of safeguarding the moral and mental health of the society.
        Do you see this? Do you agree?
        Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
        Jew came first, ie, Torah written in sacrificial blood in the Synagogue of Satan.

        This is what I keep repeating, what I think Pat also sees and what all the professional trolls (Chomsky, Makow, Circassian, etc) are fighting tooth and nail against our recognizing, and against those who spoke simply and directly about it, Jesus, Hitler, Pound and so on, yes, even Lonnie.

  13. White culture has become degraded, no doubt about that, and we know the how and who – to blame white women for its downfall is another attack on the white race, aiming at its life source.

    1. @I.W.
      White men do not own white women, they are free to decide their partners and their behavior. That is as it should be. Our own actions illustrate to all our personal integrity or lack thereof.
      The vast majority of women, of all races, are virtuous.
      There will always be some sluts and whores, but that is true of all races and cultures. We Whites just don’t cruelly burn our stone those unfortunate individuals to death, preferring mercy in the hopes of their eventual repentance and salvation.
      Only very, very insecure men need to cover ‘their’ women head to foot, threaten them of horrible death, confine them to their homes, or forbid them to step outside without male escorts.
      That these insecure men, the same men who cannot manage to control their carnal urges when they come upon a woman in skirts or a pre-pubescent boy, brag of their virility is laughable.

    2. IW & SW,

      “….to blame white women for its downfall is another attack on the white race,”

      On the contrary, it is the white women who should very much be blamed for the utter demolition of western culture. Look no further than the domain of the feminist woman and this is, sadly, every western nation. This is only one aspect of the overall problem. I’ll explain:

      Sadly, the new world order’s wet dream is woman and I’m far from looking at this from a sexual aspect of those promoting the NWO.

      The state is the sole entity of the desire of woman – a controlled organization that panders to their desires, giving them more rights over and providing thugs to enforce their dominion over men – the police.

      In general, women have absolutely NO tribe loyalty, unless of course they’re Jewish. Women look to men for security and they couldn’t care less whether that man is Black, Asian, Far Eastern or white. If he can provide them with what she needs, she’ll happily procreate with them. The overwhelming majority of women have no loyalty to nation, culture and tradition.

      What is western woman today if not the pursuit of individual gratification? White dick, black dick, Asian dick…..she couldn’t care less, as long as she’s given children to love (those who choose to have children) and be mothers to. Those who don’t have children and have no desire are merely in the pursuit of sexual gratification.

      People will blame Jews for this, but I don’t. I blame women for their complete and utter disrespect for the general well being of their tribe, their nation, their culture and traditions. This has been a factor of life for eons. And because of my stating of the obvious, people will shout me down as a misogynist because I call women out for their wrongdoings. It is the individual, female pursuit of a materialistic, superficial and selfish lifestyle that we have the utter destruction of nations and their respective civilizations.

      And from the sexual aspect of reality, well…. Do you think that all those strippers out there and the young girls who parade themselves in bars and nightclubs, dressed like whores, consider the wishes of their fathers and grandfathers? Of course they don’t. They’re out looking for ‘cock’, cock that will fuck them, give them children and be their personal ATM for a long part of their life, especially when they have children.
      I have realised in my life, coming from a man, brought up predominantly in a female dominated family, that women, throughout history have been kept where they are, purely because of the dangers that they pose, through their sexuality and sexual desires, to the tribe.

      The New World Order is not only very much the drive and the domain of the Jew, that is obvious, but it is the desire of woman, because it gives them unnatural control over man and the freedom to abuse and control, that, which in an anarchy, they would have no chance of ever having.

      The matriarchy gives woman dominance over the male. Now some women my love this, but they seem to forget that when a stronger patriarchy invades their lands and they’ve created a society of feminine men, in touch with their ‘female side’ they will ultimately lose.

      This is the very reason why the JEW has looked towards women, through their superficial and materialist desires, to promote their new world order – feminize the man and give woman control and when it’s time for us to dominate, there will be no one to step in and tell us that we’re wrong, because men, when that time comes, will be nothing more than women with peni and nothing more.

      1. Harbinger, you sound like a loser who didn’t get laid very much and/or your gf/wife cheated on your ass or cock…

        you must be lacking down there…

      2. this is a very faithful rendition of something i found today and commented on:

        somebody’s been reading their Otto Weininger … finally. Throw in some Robert Wrangham (‘Demonic Males’) for balance .. and presto, peace coming to the backyard nearest you soon.

        Black Pigeon Speaks – 14K
        204,070 .. Feb 17, 2016

        Please watch the entire video, you may miss the gist if you don’t. ***The title is controversial only if you don’t watch the whole of the video.
        For a full list of sources used:
        Given the number of comments, I really can’t be moderating them. Try to stay on topic and if someone offends you, well, either be offended, comment in return.
        end quote

        important vid … at 12 and a quarter minutes he brings up JD Unwin (died in 36, age 41*) … on my site since the late nineties … yet even this guy hasn’t bothered trying to discuss differences in where best to head to from [t]here ..

        * – Sex and culture [electronic resource] FULL BOOK

      3. Salman Hossein,

        Like Circassian you are one of the vilest posters to frequent this forum. You have a truly foul mouth and exemplify the reason why we don’t want Islam in the west. I really wouldn’t be surprised if you were in Cologne, feeling up German women. And here you come, calling me a loser after your constant streams of abusive, expletive filled, derogatory, lewd diatribe, this forum sadly posts? You have no moral highground whatsoever in this debate about women and feminism. I should imagine you’ll be following Circassian into Lasha’s forum bin.

      4. Piet,

        Interestingly enough I watched that very video yesterday. I was interested in a particular part he made about why it was a disaster to give women the vote because unlike men, who choose freedom, women choose security and therefore in doing so, create the authoritarian state.

        If I had my way there would be no voting, because there would be no politicians, there to be bought off by Jews to institute their agenda upon the west.

    3. Well, yes, this reminds me of something that I wanted to expand on and then promptly forgot about.
      ——–Blaming the Goyim (especially Other Goyim)———
      Only furthers Jew’s interests, precisely how he sets the script, goyim fighting the goyim.
      He will study you, determine some faultline that resonates with your emotions and then tailor it for maximally disruptive effect.
      Lasha’s blog partially owes its success to tracking many of these intersecting faultlines that Jew either painted in strongly contrasting colors or invented where none existed before, whereas we try to read the truth in them, to him they are a roadmap to our perdition and judging by the state of the world, he has been spectacularly successful.

      Take some likely victim of these exploits, a guy who feels terribly wronged by a woman that took advantage of his trust, cleaned him out emotionally and financially and took off with a Jamaican drug dealer after maxing out on all his credit cards, badmouthing him to former friends … and so on.
      And some woman happens to be nearby whose daughter is in a badly abusive marriage with a drug addicted, tattooed, unemployed ton who stuck her for four children, her working 2 low paying jobs, bruised black and blue from drunken assaults, children having seen it so often that it passes for norm, running with street gangs …

      And Jew sets this guy and this mother to debating issues, one Jew (e.g., Henry Makpw of Save the Males) offers shoulder for weeping guys, another Jewess gathers abused women and preaches about glories of feminism, “we don’t need these wimps/Neanderthals, artificial insemination does the trick, vibrator is your best friend” … been there, done that?
      And so on ad nauseam, disenfranchising the previously dominant side while never improving the lot of the weaker, white vs black, young vs old, straight vs gay, man vs woman, Christian vs Muslim, German vs French, Catholic vs Protestant, immigrants vs natives, setting up UN commissions, study groups, TV shows, armies of parasitic shrinks, consultants, talking heads, NGOs, … and profiting every which way, while we continue to lose with every turn of the carny’s wheel, deeper and deeper into the abyss, while continually blaming the mythical “ourselves” but the fragmented version on the opposite side of the chasm, never the true ourself, like caged buddies pecking neurotically at the mirror.

      Hit the head of the snake, not the rattling tail.

  14. Political Correctness protects these men. Our leaders have become so pathetic that their fear of criticism from the lefties outweighs there duty to protect their own citizens. If these prosecutions of German men go ahead I would not be surprised to see an electoral revolution, if not a violent one.

    Another good reason for Britain to get out of the EU.

  15. It is disheartening to read the comments of so many intelligent men essentially WHINING over what must have been their unsuccessful pursuit of the fairer sex. 🙁 Get a pair, boys! Quit whining over your failures to entice loyalty from the girls! Women are attracted to CONFIDENCE. Having no manly man upon whom to rely naturally causes the woman to act independently. Like anyone or anything – she has a right to try to SURVIVE with what Life has given her.

  16. 1139, how were you Europeans all advanced?

    you know, in Spain, the Muslims taught you dirty pigs how to take a shower…

    and not only that, Queen Isabella and her pimp Ferdinand never took a shower in their lives…or rarely…occasionally?

    u are aware of these facts, no?

    you know, when Muslims left Iberia, the rest of the peninsula spiralled downwards because the Christians were illiterate peasants… we can forget the kikes in spain for being the usual money hungry backstabbing jews…

    yes, Jews did collaborate with Muslims in helping facilitate a faster conquest BUT there were many malcontents in Spanish society that aided the Muslims in the conquest…from amongst the Spanish nobels themselves…

    the local Spanish dissidents themselves began facilitating the invasion and conquest, asking for help to recover their thrown which had been usurped…do you not know your own history? or have u been taking jew propaganda up your ass for a while now?

  17. In Muslim countries, the Kikes were ALWAYS kept in check that is why they had very few pogroms carried out against them…whereas in Christian countries they were always allowed to commit mischief till they reached the TIPPING point, which resulted them being vomitted out of the lands…

    in Muslim countries, a Jew could maybe sell disseminate liqour if he was lucky…

    in the west they legalize beastiality and pimp out the local women…the jews run the porn and the faggot industry and the pharmaceuticals and every other vice and poison there is in the land…

    yes, we Muslims are not tolerate to jewish shenanigans, intrigue, and evil…

    of course, the Iberian peninsula was better of under Muslims than even a century after they were exiled in 1492

    the jewish community deserves genocide…but so do you white folks for supporting them…

    half the anti-Muslim commentators on here deserve some genociding, and raping as well

    1. @ Salman Hossain

      RE: “in the west they legalize bestiality and pimp out the local women…the jews run the porn and the faggot industry and the pharmaceuticals and every other vice and poison there is in the land…”

      Salman, you bring up an excellent point that has been completely ignored by Harbinger, namely drugs: both the illicit and licit kind or “pharmaceuticals.”

      @ Harbinger

      You are much too harsh on the poor indigenous. (I have commented on this before: https://www.darkmoon.me/2015/french-doctor-tells-blacks-and-jews-rape-white-women-and-create-half-breeds/#comment-913204)

      I ask you, who deserves to die more, the poisoners of the well or those who drink from it?

      According to you, the poor bastards who unknowingly drink the poison deserve their fate. This argument just doesn’t hold any water, as they say, either in a court of law or in a rational world. The entire blame (all 100% of it) must be put on the poisoners of the well: JEWS!

      JEWS are literally poisoning us with fluoride in our water and chemtrails in our air and vaccines and pharmaceuticals in our bodies. Those who have researched it and are in the know (F. William Engdahl) have argued that GMO foods is pure poison, and on the subject of emasculated European men, are you not aware that the damn jews have deliberately put bisphenol A (BPA) into practically all our plastic products to chemically castrate us?

      In short, the JEWS have literally and physically made us who we are today! — and don’t get Lobro started on their mind control over us. 🙁

      “Are The Chemicals Of Modern Society Emasculating Men?: by Chateau Heartiste: https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/are-the-chemicals-of-modern-society-emasculating-men/

      Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation (A Review of F. William Endahl’s book by Arun Shrivastava for Global Research): http://www.globalresearch.ca/seeds-of-destruction-the-hidden-agenda-of-genetic-manipulation-2/9379

      1. JFC,

        “I ask you, who deserves to die more, the poisoners of the well or those who drink from it?

        According to you, the poor bastards who unknowingly drink the poison deserve their fate. This argument just doesn’t hold any water”

        On the contrary, my argument very much does hold water. You are presuming that the indigenous are truly innocent and utterly oblivious to the water poisoners. They most certainly are not. They have been warned for millennia upon millennia about the perfidy of Jewry and they still choose to ignore the whistleblowers, casting them aside as nothing but anti semitic bigots.

        If your daughter sticks her hand in the fire, something she’s never seen and something you’ve never warned her about, you would show compassion when she screams in pain. Sadly, society is screaming in pain because it continually sticks its hand within the fire, it’s been warned about on many, many occasions.

        The indigenous are their own worst enemy. They fail to educate themselves on the problem and attack those who try to educate them on their very own demise. For this reason I have no time for those who do not educate themselves on the problems affecting them within society and if the white race is to be removed from this world, then if will be 100% down to their ignorance and apathy to understand why so and more importantly, by whom.

    2. Salman, a brief, friendly and hopefully helpful bit of guidance.
      I always considered you a comrade-in-arms in this war, since your student days at York U, when you were a fearlessly outspoken firebrand and after our brief, one time meeting with Man From Atlan.
      Your courage and dedication are beyond reproach, like Braveheart, you took the bullet for the team and the Jew posse ran you out of your country, denying you the right to normal life. Most people here don’t know this, they are safely (so they think), incognito.
      I guess that, given this history, you became overly radicalized and your bitterness extends beyond the original target and likewise your loyalty may extend to those quite unworthy of it, both a spillover from iniquity caused by Jew.

      But consider some of the effect of the resulting gutter emotions and language worthy of fetal alcohol syndrome junkie.
      This “giant cock+gallons of sperm” talk is embarrassing to me, your loyal supporter because people will think that I am in line with it, in fact, MY friend and loyal supporter Lasha privately took me to the shed for this and I had to apologize to her on your behalf, ie, “Sal is not a vulgar retard nor a troll, and I don’t share that language nor opinions”.
      Moreover, by simplistic extension, you directly embarrass Lasha and administration who suffer such vile language and imagery while banning other posters guilty of similar.
      I am asking you to regroup, reestablish dignity and talk like a human, not subhuman.
      I wouldn’t bother if I didn’t think you were worth it.

      Moreover, consider the following dynamics.
      If one’s manliness was measured by the size of his dick or ejaculate, how much further down the ladder of evolutionary perfection would the best “MAN” be from any number of beasts, the least, the wimpiest of which greatly outshines him, e.g., donkey or a buffalo? This is the nigger’s sole boast to the world, even if true, that being questionable as well (recall that the Canadian ex-PM, Jean Chretien was the 24th child of his mother, speaking to her Catholic, very white, vitality).

      So, let’s quit that, suffer the slings and arrows like a real man instead of diving into the sewer for protection.

      Brain is what makes the man, and the heart, the lack of which make a traitorous, myopic shabbo.
      You demonstrated possession of the latter, now prove the former as well 😉

    1. @ I.W.
      @ Nadia

      No idea why your multiple posts giving the identical link ended up in spam. Are you the same person or two different people using the same computer?

      1. DZ –

        It appears that there is an attempt by THOSE TWO to smear Kaminski…. through the Renegade article.

        I praised Kaminski and IW made up a flimsy excuse to come at me also. Those jabs never work on me.
        I enjoy the attention.

        “THEY LIVE”…. Roddy Piper saw THEM… 🙂

      2. @ Everyone

        Interestingly enough, none of us has had time to read Kaminski’s article or the Renegade article either. This includes Lasha who has been in bed with a high temperature for the last few days. Kaminski’s article was posted by Toby who read only the first few paragraphs, assuming that the rest of it was okay. Apparently it was not, so I am told, and has caused grave offense in certain quarters. We will investigate why when we have the time and Lasha returns.

      3. ADMIN:
        The first post wasn’t accepted, so I re-sent. When the 2nd post wasn’t accepted I tested by using a different name; the 3rd post wasn’t accepted either – or so I thought. No more than one post was intended.

      4. @ I.W.

        Thanks for explaining this. Sorry for the delay in posting. I have no idea why your comments went into our spam folder, given that they were valid comments that should have been published at once, automatically.

    2. Nadia,

      It most certainly is not. Not only do I blame women, but men also, just men to a lesser extent than women. Bottom line, FEMINISM, is utterly obliterating masculinity in young boys, destroying the social cohesion between man and woman, bringing society into an authoritarian hell and promoting the very concepts within the writings of Marxism, whom I might add, a madman, wanted to bring the world within him into the Abyss.

      Women should never have had the vote and they should never be in charge of any company or CEO. They should be doing what nature deemed them to be doing and that’s having babies and bringing them up, not dropping them off in state brain laundries to be indoctrinated into becoming citizens of the state. It is man’s job to provide and protect. “The man builds the house and the woman builds the home” so the saying goes, but in woman’s desire for personal satisfaction, throwing her selflessness in the bin and taking on the selfish persona, she has destroyed the workplace for man, brought the western procreation rate down to 1.3 (2.1 needed for a civilization to survive) and been 100% responsible for the creation of the MGTOW movements, another movement that is dividing the sexes ever more. What man, in his right mind would want to get married when it’s nothing more than a smash and grab of his children, finances, property and mental well-being? Women love marriages, but they love divorces even better. The divorce rate in the west is now somewhere around 78%, instigated by the woman.

      Man seeks freedom. Women on the other hand, because they are weaker than the man, seek security. It is what a woman seeks within a man when she partners him, children and the security to go with it. If she does not have a man, as a single woman, or as a lesbian, she needs people to protect her and therefore happily allows the creation of the authoritarian state – the POLICE state.

      You fail to see this because in your opinion the last 100 years or so is how society should have been. Screw thousands upon thousands of evolution between the sexes, to formulate the perfect cohesion between the two in a traditional lifestyle with a monogamous bonding and raising of a family.
      Women are selfish, materialistic, superficial creatures who look upon men as something to be milked and nothing more than a stop gap until something better comes along.

      Yes, I do not trust women. I will not deny that in the slightest. I see the crumbling of society more and more as women become more and more lewd, crude and debased of all femininity. They are turning into disrespectful, aggressive, land whales, who don’t seek equality with men (not that they are nor ever will be) but man’s complete subservience to them.

      And when the fat lady has sung, women and their procreation window has closed, they end up turning into bitter old spinsters, after the whole cougar thing, with no children or family to love them, either bitter at the world (and above all feminism) or leaders in more feminist movements, as they poison the minds of more young women, doing their best to be like them and stopping them from being what nature created them to be – mothers. And feminism is promoted because it is greatly helping with the global, mass, depopulation agenda.

      While I do not speak of ALL women, I do speak of the overwhelming majority of western women. Sure, feminism is a Jew creation, but it’s the goy who have happily adopted it. And I don’t write what I do to make friends. I’m not here to stroke your ego. I’m here to tell reality as it is and warn the majority of women they’re FUBAR and are completely losing the plot when it comes to a happy and fulfilling existence. You want to follow Marx into his abyss? Do so, just don’t drag men down with you.

      1. Harbinger, according to your logic, Lasha Darkmoon should be at home – not in your privileged domain (“for men only”) where she writes and teaches — and gives your petty ego a place to shine. “Nature” (according to you) didn’t intend that she should be permitted to do these things.

        Where do you get off?

        No reply needed.

      2. @ I.W.

        You make an excellent point, but Harbinger could counter this with: “To every rule there is an exception.”

        Most White Nationalists believe strongly that women should confine themselves to the domestic sphere, to child-rearing and home-keeping, and not meddle in public life. But the intelligent White Nationalist says: “Fair enough, but there have to be exceptional cases.”

        Are women allowed to write novels? If not, we’d never have had a Jane Austen. And yet, Jane would never have made a good cavalry officer or surgeon. The fact is, there are many male occupations for which women are totally unfit.

      3. TOBY:
        I understand, and I think if women were treated like partners — helpmates with a choice — most would actually prefer to stay at home, albeit educated (as opposed to ‘barefoot and pregnant’) and have the number of children they could actually care for with a man responsible enough, and willing, to support a family.

        To “allow” exceptions is not giving women the right to choose. Men should have the choice too. The family should come first, as the basic unit of society, and contracts between a man and a woman should be abiding. This takes a high level of responsibility and intelligence, however. Not exactly where society is or seems to be heading.

        Having no choice is the hallmark of slavery. Having choice is what women in evolved societies are supporting, feminism being one of the bizarre extremes created by the usual suspects to degrade the race; degrade is what they do.

        Every species except the human seems to naturally do what works for its optimum survival. Women of the human species have been (still are) raised from birth to consider themselves inferior, many in the West taught they only exist because Adam had a rib to spare. In various other societies they have fared worse. Today they are at the mercy not only of “male privilege” (a/k/a please men if you want ANY job) but of a NWO hellbent bent on their elimination. Babies can be spawned in test tubes and raised by the State – not far off. To blame them for being responsible for the downfall of civilization is malevolent, misogynistic. They are just doing what they’ve always done — surviving with the options available and there still aren’t many.

      4. I.W.

        “To blame them [women] for being responsible for the downfall of civilization is malevolent, misogynistic.”

        You are either a feminist, an incredibly ignorant non feminist (thus making you a feminist) or a mangina (a doormat, beta male) if you think that women, competing with men in the workplace, creating the socialist, totalitarian state, stopping what comes naturally, in having children and going out drinking and picking up men for their own sexual pleasures.

        The whole purpose of woman is child birth and rearing as has been the way of life for the last 40,000 years or so, but lo and behold along come the Jew, who says to women “fuck your natural role in life, fight against man, take your place above him and help us fuck up the human race, so we can control it even more” and you all happily agree that yes, we’re being oppressed by men and so we’re going to retaliate to their patriarchy.

        Women’s job is to have babies. That’s why they have ovaries.
        Men’s job is to impregnate them.
        Women who think this isn’t so are FUBAR.
        Women who think that life is about competing against men are FUBAR.
        It is these women whom the Jews masturbate over, thinking about how wonderful they are in accepting their demolition of society.

        As a man, I don’t want to have a female boss.
        As a man, I don’t want to work alongside women.
        As a man, i don’t want to watch women in films.
        As a man, I don’t want to watch women comediens.
        As a man, I don’t ever want to procreate with them anymore.
        As a man, I see women as being the Jew’s helper in destroying all that is good and natural.

        Call me a misogynist and a sexist, I really don’t care, but what you can’t call me is wrong, because your off loading your own guilt and your own non acceptance of the simple fact that women are INFERIOR to men, always have been and always will be and if you think because the JEW MEDIA says differently, makes it so, you’ve got a lot to learn in this world.

        The overwhelming majority of women who forego family and children bitterly regret it when they get old. They end up in old folk’s homes, or in their cat filled homes, with no one to love and love them back.

        This is a warning to women who think that a career is the better choice to that which nature deemed reality for women. I really don’t care what you do quite frankly. I’m simply telling you HOW IT IS. You will continue to disagree, but regardless, your career choice will always bring you unhappiness over family.

        Women live in the material, not the spiritual, no matter how much bloody yoga they do.

      5. hi time for some counterpoint therapy Harbinger:
        time for a little counterpoint here methingks …
        24 minutes worth (on remote northern yunan borderlands, mountain territory .. now an object of interest for multiculturalturd lowlifelanders):

        The Land Where Women Rule: Inside China’s Last Matriarchy
        Broadly – 63K
        2,718 … Feb 25, 2016

        China’s one-child policy led to millions of female infanticides—except in a lush valley known as the “Land Where Women Rule.” Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Lugu Lake is home to China’s Mosuo matriarchy. The region’s 40,000 denizens have come up with a unique own family structure that puts women in charge. The Mosuo’s “walking marriages”—in which women can have as many boyfriends as they want throughout their lifetime—replace traditional monogamy and inheritance passes from mother to daughter.

        But are the women really in control—and how are men fairing under their rule? Broadly correspondent Milène Larsson spends a week in Lugu Lake with three generations of Mosuo women to find out what life is like in one of the world’s last matriarchies.

        WATCH NEXT:
        Savages on How There’s No Bullshit on Stage and Why They Love Touring: http://bit.ly/1UmOifN
        Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-BROADLY
        Come find us:
        Broadly | broadly.vice dot com

      6. Harbinger, you’re stuck in your paradigm which is material not spiritual, no matter how much ego-think you do: dominate and avoid domination, men are bigger and better, and so forth; of course you don’t see yourself that way – you don’t see yourself at all. A waste of time replying to you, but a way to end off. Bye.

      7. Harbinger is absolutely correct in what he says about women.

        Here is an interesting video. To me it is pretty mainstream and goes out of its way to apologize unnecessarily. But it is still very good. Its title is Why Women Destroy Nations.


        @IW, how is this a materialist argument? Even if some White Supremacists reject God, they are still adhering to a Divine Order. You have failed in this argument.

      8. Harbinger is correct….

        I do not see any women stepping forward to lead the army… to confront the invaders or to protect their daughters from the invading muslim criminals… who even brag about their crimes.

        The reverse is true…. destruction seems to be wanted by the women of Europe.

        Come forth.. “Joan”..!! Save your culture… !!

        Irwin Weiner and wife notwithstanding.

      9. RICH:
        The only males I’ve heard speak like you and Harbinger (with the echo from the peanut gallery supporting) are gay misogynists.

        Just saying …

        Time to leave the Darkmoon board.

      10. @IW

        Gay misogynists? LOL. I think women acting like men is pretty damn gay. Especially in the hook-up culture. The hook up culture and pornography present a man and a woman having sex as two homosexual men going at it. In fact it is indistinguishable. Of course, due to contraception and sex turning into a mutual masturbation session, the blinders have taken over and not many can see this anymore. It’s true, masturbation, porn, and illicit sex does make you blind. Not literally or in a biological sense, but blind to reality.

        Let me ask you something. Do you think George W. Bush would be reading a children’s story to a bunch of idiotic kids in Florida on 9/11/2001 if women never had the right to vote?

        By the way, I noticed above somewhere that you mentioned the Jews or some other evil entity have destroyed “White Culture”. What the hell is White Culture? Could you explain it to me? Take your time. Should be interesting.

      11. Piet,

        Thank you for the video link, but with all due respect I really don’t think I need any ‘counter’ therapy. You disagree and that is your prerogative.

      12. I.W.

        Firstly, if you’re going to come onto the Lasha forum, regardless if you’re male or female, there’s no point in coming on and having hissy fits and spouting out “time to leave the Darkmoon Board” because you disagree with an opinion.
        For example, there are many things that Lobro and I don’t see eye to eye, but we always keep our interaction with one another civil and certainly don’t resort to name calling.

        Secondly onto your replies:

        How on earth can I be stuck in a paradigm which is material and not spiritual? It is the very material world that woman dominates. She chooses her career to buy her flat, her fancy shoes, clothes and jewellery, her eating out with the ‘girls’ and holidays abroad. The feminist, single, non child rearing woman is the epitome of the material and the superficial reality.

        It is not man who decided to dominate woman. It simply was. Women, through nature’s creation of procreation must submit to man. This is sexual domination over them. Then the lesbians appeared “I don’t want any man dominating me….I’ll dominate other women instead”.

        It is feminism that has rebelled against nature and society. It is feminism that is the coup de grace to the family unit, the basic unit and foundation of any society and nation. And the Jews are laughing in glee at their incredibly destructive creation and no doubt at the counter to feminism, MGTOW. Their plans for a massive population reduction is happening, not just through war, nor vaccine poisoning, nor disease creation, but from the very reason for existence – procreation.

        And for your information, I am a misogynist and have clearly expressed this in past posts and an article! I DO NOT TRUST WOMEN and that makes me a misogynist, but I DO NOT HATE women as the definition states also. It is an incredibly unfair word to use as it’s not so black and white in its definition.

        I will finally state that with women seeking to enter the workplace and challenge men in their typical male environments, they have messed up society in their continuing demand for equality, something they are not, nor ever will be to man. As long as I’ve lived there is no woman, I’ve ever worked with, at the same job title, who has been paid less than I have and yet feminists continue to promote the laughable gender pay gap, such as the 70c to the male dollar argument. How many women barstaff, for example are paid 3/4 of a man’s hourly rate? There are none. Why not? There are none because were that to happen, the women would be suing that company for unfair pay and they would win millions.

        It is now the norm that women choose career over family. This is nothing but 100% selfish behaviour on the woman. Not only is she helping bring about the annihilation of the white race, but it also means a work place no longer available to a man. And voila no jobs, bings about high unemployment and the subsequent creation of the welfare state in order to have yet even more control over people.

        The whole purpose of man and woman’s existence on this planet is 100% the continuation of the human race.

  18. Today something very historical happened, a true turning point :

    one whiddle baby step for dubby, one Giant Leap for the Flat Earth Movement!

    dubby dick suggests the possibility the “Heliocentric” theory is a lie [ which of course it is ]. A surprising development, truly. For more information about the Giant Psyops and LIE called the Heliocentric theory straight out of the satanic jew’s satanic “holy” kabbalah, very same satanic jew kabbalah Lasha named her website in reverent “religious” honor to, via using a code word for her jew tribe’s satanic kabbalah, “Darkmoon” ; The jew’s satanic kabbalah Heliocentric theory as you all already fully well know has NEVER been proven by using cold, hard, objective, disinterested and dispassionate Empirical Science , and for more information about The Flat Earth Geocentric Truth that can be proven very easily with hard, cold, objective, straight-forward Empirical Scientific methods without any sleight of hand snake shit alchemy or any other kind of snake shit :

    YouTube Search Term :

    “Jesuits and Heliocentric Lie”

    Anyone who is against the NWO, anyone who claims to be against the NWO, and refuses to allow any discussion of the Geocentric model of the Universe, and will not allow debate between the Geocentric model and the Heliocentric theory, will not allow any scrutiny and examination of the Heliocentric theory, such ones are NOT opposed to the NWO as they claim. Not really. Long story, don’t want to ruffle Uncle’s feathers, not right now. Stay tuned for my always ongoing “Geocentric Truth for dummies and for those who mendaciously claim to be against the NWO as they cry their crocodile tears about a NWO they really LERV as they LERV the very ontological building block and very foundation of the NWO which so happens to be from the satanic jews satanic kabbalah of the jews they claim to not like and to be opposed to, lol, but name their website in code and in stealth under a veil and in ,Oh, so very cunning manner, after the satanic jews satanic kabbalah they don’t like, LOL LOL LOL” series of lectures. Thank you, TROJ.

    1. @ TROJ

      The only reason I am approving this silly off-topic post of yours is that I feel a bit sorry for you. Why are you wasting your time filling up our spam folder, day after day, with all these interminable off-topic comments that no one is going to read? Every day you post dozens of new comments, some 1000 words long, completely indifferent to the fact they will never be published or read by anyone.

      I am forced to the bizarre conclusion that you are not a human being at all but a comment-writing robot in the experimental phase, designed by some university department in Tel Aviv. The idea is: instead of paying real Jews to troll the internet on their behalf, they will create comment-writing robots that will pass the Turing test with flying colors. Everyone will think they are REAL.

      Are you a comment-writing robot?

      Please answer honestly.

      1. You almost got it, Uncle, but you were a bit off. I’m a “comment-writing robot” designed by the KGB here at the University of Moscow and I was put into service of the Mighty Pootin —> My Mission : Destroy your bubba red neck NASA, leaving The Invincible Russian Bear in Total Control of The Cosmos. They don’t call our space cadets “Cosmonauts” for nothing you know. Good day to you Sir.

    2. I googled what you asked, Joe. And found a video in which I watched only the first few minutes of as they showed the Jesuit Oath according to a French Translation that was recorded in the US Congress. Here is what I commented in that particular video.

      There are indeed some problems for a Catholic in the 20th and 21st Centuries in regards to the Jesuit Oath. However, the part about killing and opening wombs is total BS. What may bother some of us today was about lying and spying and doing some things in secret. However, they were the ones that were drawn and quartered by the English Crown. That this Oath was translated from French Masons after their Revolution which was the seed of all of societies current problems and record it in the Congressional Record of the Enlightenment State of the Masonic US is not surprising at all. Again, this is total bunk. The US has been at war with the Catholic Church since its inception and continues to this day. Things got really ugly as recently as the Second World War where Catholics were spied upon, and victims of Social Engineering that included moving Catholics out of their Ethnic neighborhoods, getting them to adopt birth control and alchemically changing Catholics as they were moved to the suburbs during so called Urban Renewal. They did not even know what hit them as they became part of the Middle Class and forgot they were Irish, Polish, German, or Italian Catholics. Also the CIA, Time Magazine, the Dulles Brothers, etc., knew that the Church, having a parish in just about every neighborhood in the world was the ideal vehicle to use in order to spread the American Proposition during the Cold War in a fight against Communism. This has wrecked the Church for the last 60 or so years. But the Church will be back. This is an eternal battle and the Church thinks in centuries, millennia, and eternity. Even though Holy Mother Church currently seems defeated. I have also heard that Flat Earth is Masonic psychological operation. St. Robert Bellermine, a Jesuit and a Cardinal, made Galileo look like an idiot with his charts, equations, and telescopes. He mocked Galileo for his sophomoric scholarship and informed him that there was no proof for a heliocentric universe. And to this day, no one has proved Bellermine wrong.

    3. “The papers include original copies of letters from two Nobel Prize-winning physicists, containing their response to Sadaputa’s 1981 book Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science: An Investigation Into the Nature of Consciousness and Form. ”
      “I liked the third chapter of Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science very much,” wrote Eugene Wigner, winner of the Prize for Physics in 1963. “In particular it acquainted me some with the Bhagavad-gita. I learned that the basic philosophical ideas of this on ‘existence’ are virtually identical with those which quantum mechanics lead me to.”
      Unique genius

      earth globe, and more

  19. someone said once i guess “Circassian” my friend and mentor in Afula’s school of the arts and science of educating the ignorant masses of the internet. that this site is a mad house.
    reading Salman’s drivel proved this assumption.
    Salman is mentally f*ked up in da head,no doubt about that ,for someone who is known to big daddy and ranting like a maniac is indeed a loony .
    are you going to post this ,Uncle ,or you wanna trash it.

  20. the establishment of Israel and the 6 Day war were done against unsuspecting and unprepared Arabs…

    when Israel is gone, the neighbours will attack them with surprise…

    when they are least expecting it…

    we will eat them for dinner…

    and yes, you Europeans deserve our rapists and murderers and criminals just like you dumped your trash (i.e. Jews) in the heart of Palestine…

    and after we are done liberating Jerusalem, we will aim for the conquest of the Vatican and Rome…

    just wait and see…

  21. @PIET,
    Thanks for re-linking to the black pigeon video, first pointed at by Kaminski in his excellent Third Rail.
    I can see that you are a quality addition to the forum and that video REALLY MUST be seen by everyone concerned with the fate of the European civilization.

    Because the black pigeon scrupulously shied away from ideologizing and maintains focus on biological, to say, evolutionary imperatives and how the sexual dimorphism of the species dictates the birth and death of civilizations, it throws a fresh light on many arguments raging here.
    Moreover, i find this personally seminal in that it immediately opens brand new perspectives and tangents (my specialty) in heretofore never considered directions, since biology and bio-logic has never been my area of interest.
    Already swarming with emerging insights and theories.
    The Video

    Once again, thanks piet and welcome.

    1. thanx much lobro, and i’ll try to consolidate and broaden my welcome (as always anywhere really) by recalling some stages and nodes in personal vs ‘[spl]internetworth’ levels of awareness, a fractious undertaking in both cases. The mirror glyph in mayan iconography is the most symmetric of them all and it’s deceptive simplicity hints at folds & steps / quadrants & bio-clocktime … which when poorly connected causes all the rattle, roll and disconnect between genders, classes, races .. and .. ages of course, even those the same age are on hugely diff’ring tiers due to demografixtures / habits / strategies.
      I recognize value / hype / buzz / pressing subjects that become subjected to propagandistic fi[b]repower about a decade ahead of time and so it was with the now viralizing rapproachment of (alas) a mere half the (timing) problem areas; Weininger was in the back of my mind a long time (his insistance jews apply a female strategy .. which folks like Ivry Dov [a man i found in the noughties by looking at net-authors i shared bd with, haah!] distort into claims Israel is the only true matriarchy by the way), finding no opps to bring him up … until the MRA and such (socalled men’s movements) kicked off, but to no avail. Seeing JD Unwin used as a weapon in the cultural wars both pains and pleases me ….
      somewhere around the turn of the millenium i posted this colourful file (which, as i am disconcerted to find just now, has a pop-up [nuthin new there] with a veritable video ad – i don’t like to be responsible for the seizures this can subject the slower boxes and ‘kinexts’ amongst us to)

      EXCERPTS FROM “HOPOUSIA, the sexual and economic foundations of a new society”
      by J D Unwin, written in the 20s or 30s straight anthropianism if you ask me, see Jane Schneider for modern and more sober research on the ‘festival of the poor’ (l’amplesso sessuale).
      This here pretty much and partly justifiably forgotten author seems proof positive one cannot at the same time be lucky in love and outrageously rich. His overlooked insights in the former are undermined by the simplicity exhibited in the latter material. I offer some examples of both.

      a quick glance tells me i made a poor editing choice back then cutting off a passage about monogamy in the middle ..
      .. i added a parenthesis to this passage:
      The voyages of Captain Cook and of the strip Duff are examples of expansive energy, but their purpose was not aggressive. (I suppose they brought no guns so no-one could ever misunderstand them either eh?) In the past most expansive societies have had to fight for their new lands, but there are some examples of societies which have not been compelled to do so.

      … and the close proximity of homophonic concepts like trust and just led me to try put them in perspective with thrust / lust / dust in the years that followed, not to mention the ones inspired by the money monogamy, monotheism ‘relationality’ specialist LWL himself (whose work never got onto the net any further than a few quotes, mine own can use better systematization before it’s any use as ammo in debate but between all my chores and ambitions, like driving lobro around Germany as the best uber ever, filing my testament (not necessarily in that order), etcetera, i hardly know where to start.

    2. Wow, I just posted this one myself. I found the biological information the least convincing in this particular video and I have a hard time believing much of it. It is handy for convincing behaviorists I suppose. But I maintain this is entirely spiritual and a rejection of God’s plan which goes back to the Garden.

      1. Just briefly, don’t have much time today, but re. biological realities, I either watched or read or somebody told me about lions out in Africa:
        the alpha male sires all the kids with multiple wives and is constantly challenged by outsider bachelors.
        At some point, he inevitably loses and is either killed or chased out into retirement.
        The new boss makes it his first order of business to butcher all the offspring of the loser.
        The mothers are a bit upset but immediately thereafter go into heat presenting themselves for a new cycle of family raising with the winner.
        Seems to me like genetic wiring, universal across the mammal spectrum.

        Will watch again for the stats, especially the one showing how (in Islamic countries??), 80% of women produced offspring, versus only 20% men, ie, the strong, successful ones.
        See the lion parallel? Not a matter of superiority/inferiority but biological design, which optimizes for survival of the species (not races or cultures, unfortunately).
        The blame for the civilizational collapse is shared fair and square among sexes, women’s focus is on the nuclear family (1st rung), men must take care of the culture (2nd rung), now it’s all blurred, women in politics, business and diplomacy, men babysitting – both sexes performing badly, utter failures.

        Gotta go now, will dig into Piet’s sources a bit more later.

    3. The above aforementioned Video is 100% KOSHER, a red herring strictly for CUCKS.

      “Why Jews destroy Civilizations and other Uncomfortable Truths” would have nailed it, as they say.

      Feminism was 100% created by JEWS. To blame Feminism without naming and blaming the JEWS who created it is a LIE, a LIE OF OMISSION in this instance, but nevertheless, a Great Big Lie!

      The Jewish faces of Feminism: http://i.imgur.com/62f9IOg.jpg

      1. jfc, i see your point .. but it’s a vicious circle .. another good reason to have a little (lots!) of Weininger under your belt .. for starters … and for god sake don’t take him in via duh ‘due’dudes (‘dutch’man Grunberg comes to mind, he ignores my corrections to this day).
        ps (to jfc):
        i’d sooner call myself justice for rocks … just to avoid leaving impressions of bias and wrongly earmarked .. avoids chinese agression too, if i went ‘justice for tibetans’
        How large by the way, is that matrist area, do you know?
        now i’ll finish …399 (pretty well pertinent for all of asia):
        literacy and alcohol are the URdialectic … i have the man who irritates the HELL out of me now -x- .. now that i understand his modus operandi better -x- to thank for that much of an insight, so in balance, making his acquaintance was worth it .. but, for a change, i nowise feel obliged to credit him .. he prolly stole it anyway, most hysterically robotic idyid i know .. holds forth 13 or 14 hours in a row (on McLuhan, Zappa, a bunch of of mediums, Larouche … according to charted pattern, patented decades ago and i just. won’t tire of it, robotbrain that he is .. taking pride indulging the verbalization of every possible emotion (destroying them in the process, his pranksterism is one looong harangue of sacrilige after another). Huuugest audio archive ever, does not have but IS a commercial .. for snake oil needless to say.

      2. @jfc: that’s why with similar feelings i alerted GWW (GirlWritesWhat / Karen Straughan) to the fact that substituting the jew for every time she said females (specially thoise of the SJW persuasion) would make her .. pleas and ‘diagnoshticks’ (actually her ‘rantzerker’ partner does most of the yelling) lose nothing in veracity.
        Perhaps the right mix, half of each maybe … would double the latter even. I encouraged her to try and was, exactly bycause of this entitlement / control / subterfuge / false flap overlap, convinced that THIS time my advice would be appreciated … Well, .. wrong again .. though something or other energized that bunch as if they feel they’re onto something good.

      3. oops, i discovered a major flaw in …400 (corrections in caps):
        …holds forth 13 or 14 hours in a row (on McLuhan, Zappa, a bunch of of mediums, Larouche … according to charted pattern, patented decades ago and HE just. won’t tire of it, robotbrain that he is) EVERY WEEKEND.

    4. “Seems to me like genetic wiring, universal across the mammal spectrum.”
      nope, it’s feline worship / totemism

      .. think for a mo … which tribes take pleasure in stampeding prey???? hmmm?
      .. not to mention what even gentle herding often leads to.

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