If I Believed in Reincarnation . . .

I would have been a Russian general
whose allegiance was to the Führer

I always had a cynical view of reincarnation. When asked about it, I’d always scowl and bark “Mathematically impossible!”, and get a little peeved that somebody would suggest such a ridiculous idea.

I remember reconsidering the concept in middle age, when I read a wonderful book: The Tibetan Book of the Dead (1927, Evans-Wentz edition), which was also called ‘The Book of Liberation by Hearing’ and is a foundational Buddhist text. If you could navigate through the tremendously long and unpronounceable names of Tibetan deities, you could pretty much figure out the basic plot, which was, that when you die, you enter into something called the bardo state.

In that state, your first choice is to go to the light, and you’ll never have to worry about the miseries of life again, as you will be one with everything and happy as a clam, or more specifically, beyond happiness and into permanent bliss. But usually, only disciplined masters are shrewd enough to make that choice, because most of us, right after we die, start thinking about the wonderful state called life we just left, all the fond memories of the people we loved, and that sort of thing.

The desire to return to life quickly becomes irresistible . . .

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John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________ http://renegadetribune.com/author/kaminski/ http://300spartans.com.au/kaminski http://johnkaminski.info/ http://www.rudemacedon.ca/kaminski/kam-index.html http://web.archive.org/web/20040323232319/http://johnkaminski.com/

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  1. I would bet the farm, if I had one, that our John Kaminski, before his World War Two earthly reincarnation as the Waffen S.S. General-Major Bronislaw Kaminski, I bet in his earthly reincarnation before World War Two, I bet he was Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen of the Lufttstreitkrafte, I’m sure of it,


    Gee, I hope in my next earthly reincarnation I find myself in the middle of giant conflagration where everyone is killing one another and nobody knows why exactly they’re killing one another. They’re just ordered to by their governments and their governments are like so full of shit, all of ’em. Sounds like a lot of fun.

    Maybe John Kaminski should move to Russia and sign-up for Russian Bear’s military. I mean, Putin is the only world leader around going up against jew ZOG. Kaminski may find his niche with The Mighty Russian Bear. Certainly don’t want to go to Germany these days and fight in Merkel’s ZOG NATO military. That’s out of the question. The closest thing we got to National Socialist Germany these days is Putin’s Russia.

  2. Given the bleak outlook for humanity, Hitler and Nazi nostalgia is gaining a real momentum nowadays.

    Kaminski wrote:

    In fact I believe that Hitler’s gambit may have been the last legitimate chance of the rest of the world to stop the ruthless Jewish financial octopus that today has the whole world in its grip, and is the major cause of all these wars being executed by the United States but really doing the Jewish bidding of Israel.

    End quote

    I ask Kaminski then:

    Why Hitler, supposedly the arch enemy of Jewish bankers, acted like he didn’t know the Rothschilds controlled England (and America) when this was practically common knowledge. (See Hillaire Belloc, “The Jews” 1922.) If Hitler were for real, he would have invaded England before Russia was attacked.

    Also, I’m looking for answers of these questions:

    1) Why Hitler was able to expand into the Rhineland etc. without fear of retaliation.

    2) Why the Nazi war machine was financed and built by the Bank of England and a Who’s Who of Anglo American corporations controlled by the Illuminati.

    3) Why Hitler never sealed the Mediterranean at Gibraltar; and why the Spanish dictator Franco remained neutral, despite the huge debt he owed the Nazis from the Spanish Civil War.

    4) Why I.G. Farben headquarters in Frankfurt was never bombed. This became CIA headquarters.

    5) Why the Bank of England rewarded Hitler for taking Prague by giving him the Czech gold reserves in London.

    1. Krum,

      “1) Why Hitler was able to expand into the Rhineland etc. without fear of retaliation.

      2) Why the Nazi war machine was financed and built by the Bank of England and a Who’s Who of Anglo American corporations controlled by the Illuminati.

      3) Why Hitler never sealed the Mediterranean at Gibraltar; and why the Spanish dictator Franco remained neutral, despite the huge debt he owed the Nazis from the Spanish Civil War.

      4) Why I.G. Farben headquarters in Frankfurt was never bombed. This became CIA headquarters.

      5) Why the Bank of England rewarded Hitler for taking Prague by giving him the Czech gold reserves in London.”

      Well, it’s actually all very simple, Krummie. It depends on which source you wish to believe regarding the answers to those questions, which in your case (and unfortunately many other misguided souls’) is apparantly the only way of ‘knowing’ stuff, since you are clearly incapable of connecting the dots yourself.

      Hint; ‘Questions’ 2 and 5 aren’t even questions at all, but made up strawman questions which testify an ignorance of epic proportions, and equate with ‘knowledge’ about soap and lampshades made out of Jew.

    2. 1) Why Hitler was able to expand into the Rhineland etc. without fear of retaliation.

      It is called momentum. The allied powers well knew the oppression of the Versailles treaty upon Germany. Not being Jews, many heads of the allied powers saw the treaty as grossly unfair to the German people. Wiser heads among the allied powers expected an eventual backlash from the moment the treaty was ratified, as it’s demands were far more onerous than the German delegation had expected.

      However, by the time of the signing it was too late to take any action other than to accede to allied demands specified by the treaty. Secrecy of the treaty’s details had been purposely engineered to force the Germans into signing before they had a chance to assess the overall implications of it.

      Thus, Hitler correctly perceived the allied powers would feel hard pressed to continue enforcement of the treaty’s oppressive policies at the expense of the Germans. He seized the moment to retake the former German regions ceded to allied powers by the treaty before anyone could protest. Note this was two years after Hitler had come to power. About the same, time Hitler also began Germany’s reunification with the Sudeten.

      As the Jew’s Wikipedia says: “In 1920, under massive French pressure, the Saar was separated from the Rhine Province and administered by the League of Nations until a plebiscite in 1935, when the region was returned to Germany. At the same time, in 1920, the districts of Eupen and Malmedy were transferred to Belgium. Shortly after, France completely occupied the Rhineland, strictly controlling all-important industrial areas. The Germans responded with passive resistance and hyperinflation; the French gained very little of the reparations they wanted. French troops did not leave the Rhineland until 1925.”

      As if the Germans had a choice in their response to the French. This sounds like the Germans engineered hyperinflation to make life hard on the French. The fact is the Weimar’s hyperinflation was the product of Jewish bankers, speculators and financiers. As for passive resistance, what other kind of resistance is left to a country that have been totally stripped of its military power? And where is there any proof of this supposed resistance? No wonder they call it Jewipedia. I am hoping their funding drive was a total failure and forces Jews to take their bullshit historical revisionism elsewhere – like Tel Aviv.

      The Saar was Germany’s coal region. Taking this from Germany left its industrial capacity moribund, which is exactly what the Jews sought from the treaty.

      2) Why the Nazi war machine was financed and built by the Bank of England and a Who’s Who of Anglo American corporations controlled by the Illuminati.

      The detailed identities of financiers matters little at this point. As with the Russian revolution, numerous Jew York capitalists backed Hitler’s nascent workers party, notably Brown and Harriman. Jews have now accused both the Bushes and Kenndys of being Nadzees, because of their intimate involvement with that firm. What is never said is that Brown and Harriman was yet another Rothschild financial front organization. Therefore the funding of Hitler by these sources were at the behest of Rothschild central bankers.

      Hitler’s National Socialist party was to be another Jewish experiment for a socialist revolution, akin to the Soviet’s overthrow of Russia. However, Hitler double-crossed the bankers, threw the Jews out of Germany, and then used party resources to rebuild Germany to his own specifications. This situation is made abundantly clear in Charlie Chaplin’s character “Adenoid Hynkel” who administrates Tomania under the sign of the “double cross.” Jews found Hitler’s double cross untenable, as it had exactly the same effect Jesus had on their Temple when he shed his sacrificial blood. Both men took the Jew’s power and turned it against them, Jesus using their legal authority and Hitler using their economic power. This is why these are the two most hated men in Jewish history and why they both suffered similar fates.

      3) Why Hitler never sealed the Mediterranean at Gibraltar; and why the Spanish dictator Franco remained neutral, despite the huge debt he owed the Nazis from the Spanish Civil War.

      Taking an objective is one thing, holding it is quite another. Hitler never “sealed” the Mediterranean because his forces were spread too thin to do so. His military resources were desperately needed elsewhere. The allies put considerable resources into opposing German forces in the Mediterranean region. The med u-boat campaign was typical of the difficulty the Germans encountered in their attempt to secure the region. Watch “Das Boot” for an idea of what German forces were up against in the med.

      As for Franco, he never asked for German support, they pressed their assistance upon Spain’s leaders. Franco was but one Spanish leader at the time, not the ruling dictator of later years, so there were other leading opinions to consider on the matter of the German alliance. Franco wanted an autonomous Spain. He therefore maintained a tenuous relationship with the Germans, whom he feared might take control of Spain in the same manner as the communist backed Republicans. Spain was still recovering from its civil war when WWII began. Therefore, the country was in no shape to support any of the warring parties involved at that point. Here is an interesting movie about the far reaching issues created by Spain’s civil war, “Silencio Roto” – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0275681/

      (4) Why I.G. Farben headquarters in Frankfurt was never bombed. This became CIA headquarters.

      Obviously, so evil Nadzees in the American government could fund their secret Antarctic and moon bases. Or it might have been the Jews had certain interest in the technology developed in these labs, along with certain prewar investments in the company. The headquarters were never the same issue as the actual production facilities. However, no doubt many technical secrets resided at the Frankfurt headquarters. One fact is certain; the allies moved into Germany immediately after the war to strip it of its scientific and military technology.

      Farben was the very root of the scientific advances in chemical technology e.g. synthetic processing of coal into various products from rubber to jet fuel. Much of that stolen technology is still in use today and those who hold the stolen patents, have profited greatly from them. “In Jan ’09, a barrel of oil cost around $42, but by using the Fischer-Tropsch process, it could make a barrel of oil cost around $25 a barrel.” The Jew’s lust for this technology was as great as their lust for nuclear technology. No doubt, a Rothschild might well say, “I.G. Farben was some of the best bizness we ever did.”

      5) Why the Bank of England rewarded Hitler for taking Prague by giving him the Czech gold reserves in London.

      “The documents reveal a shocking story: just six months before Britain went to war with Nazi Germany, the Bank of England willingly handed over £5.6 million worth of gold to Hitler – and it belonged to another country.” The official history of the bank, written in 1950 – BUT POSTED ONLINE FOR THE FIRST TIME – on Tuesday, reveals how we betrayed Czechoslovakia – not just with the infamous Munich agreement of September 1938, which allowed the Nazis to annex the Sudetenland, but also in London, where Montagu Norman, the eccentric but ruthless governor of the Bank of England agreed to surrender gold owned by the National Bank of Czechoslovakia.”

      Documents? What documents? Who maintains the official history of the Bank of England? After all, the Rothschild’s owned and/or controlled the BoE after the Battle of Waterloo. As usual, we hear of recently uncovered evidence. Such “evidence” from Jewish sources is always suspect these days. This appears much the same as other Jewish propaganda and misdirection along the lines of, “Ov-Vey! Hitler was really a sexually perverted Jewish bastard with one gonad who, as an agent of the illuminati, was really working against the Germans. . . Yada, Yada, Yada!” I have to throw the bullshit flag on this one until evidence that is more reliable can be provided.

  3. Couple of things.
    Apparently Poland is supporting Kiev, ensuring NATO expansion ever closer to Russia..

    The other thing is, israeli influence on US policing. Just read an article about a woman, can`t remember where, who called the cops, because her mentally ill son was contemplating suicide. A K9 cop contacted a colleague, to ask if he wanted to join the fun, get a bite. They went to the address, and found the boy hiding in a garbage can in the garage. They kicked the can over, and let a dog pull the kid out of the can by gripping his face. Once the kid was out, the dog proceeded to bite his back. These cops congratulated one another on “another successful bite”. Complaints were made, but nothing was done. conclusion, you don`t have to be Palestinian..

  4. @ John Kaminski

    Excellent article, John. I had no idea that you had given this topic your consideration and were familiar with the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This is impressive. I didn’t know you were a spiritual type.

    Reincarnation is a theme one sometimes comes across in poetry, though not often. I believe the great German poet Goethe was a believer in reincarnation. For that matter, the French poet Baudelaire wrote a famous sonnet about reincarnation. This has been beautifully translated by LD on this website:


      1. Thanks, Toby! The best memories we have are of love. I am CERTAINLY an adherent to the idea of reincarnation – but what would be the point without love? There are those now living with whom I AM SURE I have transacted memorable encounters in times past… 🙂

      2. Gilbert, I missed that fine poem you published last February. Indeed, it was beautifully done, and deserves all the praise it received. Having had the same vision myself, I ascribe it to my inability to find a perfect romantic mate in this incarnation, and that subconscious wish fulfillment is always easier to accomplish in a past life.

  5. Well, reincarnation or no reincarnation, the adherents of the “religion of peace” are certainly morphing into ever more peaceful, peace-abiding adherents of the “religion of peace”. The Muslim immigrants in France burned only 800 cars in France this past New Year’s Eve of 2015-2016, a 14% reduction in the number of automobiles the Muslim immigrants in France set ablaze on New Years Eve of 2014-2015. Bing It! If you can’t find a source reference for it, let me know.

  6. There is a revolt in Oregon, USA, and i cant help but to wish them good luck and hope for their well-being and ask God to make them strong in facing the zog federal corrupt goverment and congress who gives netanyahoo a hundred and fifty standing ovations in one hour for doing september eleven (they couldve brought usama instead) and killing JFK,..
    I dont know their political affiliation yet, they are some kind of militia, about a hundred and fifty armed men and i hope it spreads to d.c.
    Enough is enough, the time when Americans bend over when listening to their national anthem should come to an end
    Good luck unless you are zionists

    1. It sure would be nice if you provided some details. I can find nothing on this alleged revolt. Communicate while the means are still available!

      1. Arch –

        This is all over MSM… even TV.

        Anti-government radical Cliven Bundy says three of his sons and about 150 supporters are occupying a U.S. government installation.

        (CNN)Armed anti-government protesters have taken over a building in a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, accusing officials of unfairly punishing ranchers who refused to sell their land.

      2. Thank you for the links. I have not owned or watched television in over twenty years – it sickens me. I do not read any of the Jewspapers or listen to their radio stations – they sicken me. I watch very few of the drippings oozing out of Hollywood as these also sicken me. So you will have to forgive my ignorance. When I did a search, all I found was links to an Oregon tax protest in 2009.

        That said, I was just updated on the situation by means of a friend’s cell phone. (God a’mighty! Imagine we have to get breaking news over a cell phone.) One would think these “militia men” could pick an issue of more widespread relevance. This is the kind of narrow, regional specific issue that the feds can, and probably will, quash with assault troops armed with flame throwers, à la Branch Davidians.

        The sheeple had no concern over the violation of the citizen’s alleged “rights”. They cared not a whit that the Posse Comitatus Act had been abruptly violated with no explanation other than an obvious lie delivered via situational semantics, “These are not military troops.” Only the most craven fool would be swayed by such an idiotic argument. No one cared about David Koresh or the Branch Davidians and those who did, only cared to support the government assault, which explains why we are now seeing this event in Oregon.

        The government is confidant that they will have the full support of the gullible goyim herds, no matter how badly they trample these rancher’s legitimate rights. Already they are setting up the situation by shutting down the schools. “Oy-Vey! The children! The children! The children must be protected! At all costs, the children must be protected from these evil “domestic terrorists””, shouts the Jew’s public megaphones.

        How stupid can the goyim be, or are these fools actually government plants? Does anyone remember how the Murrah building incident resulted in the feds disbanding the armed militia movement, yet here we are again, what gives? What can this “armed” confrontation possibly accomplish outside feeding the “gun control” frenzy. As expected, the Jew’s golden Kenyan is simultaneously jumping on the bandwagon for executive privilege to further the Jew’s “gun control” agenda.

        Is anyone ever going to step up to demand a federal answer as to the meaning of “shall not be infringed?” Either have the Supreme Court specifically define their meaning of the phrase and explain how under that definition, present laws are not an infringement upon the American citizen’s constitutional rights, or admit that the Constitution and Bill of rights are nothing more than Jewish toilet paper.

        Surely there must be one goyim lawyer out there smart enough to address this issue of constitutional law. Of course, one must always face the possibility of the Jew’s use of the Edgar Steele option.

      3. Glad to help – – –

        I watch to see what the Pharisees are up to. Much like a ‘police-scanner’ for Jew alerts for me….. while holding my nose.

        I’m here now. So are they.

  7. The Christian church only banned the teaching of reincarnation in the 6th Century. One of the greatest of the early church fathers, Origen, was a firm believer in it. In fact, Evans-Wentz in his introduction to his translation of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, cites the entire edict banning the teaching. I have often wondered why after 500 or so years of Christianity they decided to ban it. Most curious! Probably didn’t want their followers to doubt their power to forgive sin.
    The Buddha, upon becoming enlightened could remember all his previous lives. Indeed, a seeker of enlightenment, as the mind becomes pure, will sometimes be given glimpses of his or her previous lives. As for it being a mathematical impossibility, that would only apply to those with a very narrow view of the universe. Look up! There are countless worlds out there. Most Buddhists I know, myself included, don’t want to be reborn. But life is a school. We’re here to learn and to try and reach enlightenment.

    1. Felix

      Like I’ve been relating for quite a while on these threads, in the name of “knowledge is power”, the power to “forgive sin” recognizes the ultimate definition of “sin” to mean a state of Being where our experience in matter has been removed from its orientation of spirit, and through no doing of Creator, whose Creation has found itself imposed upon.

      This has become our core reality, where a function of reincarnation PERPETUATES our experience on this imposition of a “life-death cycle”

      Restoring a true state of Being is at the heart of this spiritual war we’re immersed in.

      1. This has become our core reality, where a function of reincarnation PERPETUATES our experience on this imposition of a “life-death cycle”

        Restoring a true state of Being is at the heart of this spiritual war we’re immersed in.

        Peace be with you BROWNHAWK

        Yes what you say is true, RESTORATION is the key.

        Let the dead bury the dead.

        The faithful witness

    2. Felix, this is what the Jyotish Shastris told me.

      “In your previous life you lived comfortably and were home educated. Although you had good perspective as a businessman, you decided to dedicate your life to spiritual practice and you never married. Your free spirit comes to this life from your past life. You wrote quite few books and lived a life of renunciation. You had to experience a violent death when your monastery was invaded. Nonetheless you kept your conviction and in your current life you are given the opportunity to continue your spiritual progress…”

      Mithuna Twins

      1. Not to belittle your comment, but here is what I was told, by an enlightened Sterno bum I met while lying in the gutter:

        “You are an idiot, a complete, unenlightened, idiot. You will repeat this life until you learn all the lessons it presents. At the rate you are going, you can expect major evolutionary changes on the scale of the Devonian period before that happens. And if you think suicide will help you out of this mess, you’re an even bigger idiot than we thought. However, good luck and god bless.”

        I still wonder what he meant.

      2. Haha! I know what he meant..
        That was my cousin Ed!
        I remember he once drank 14 bottles of Guinness and began speaking in tongues.
        Wasn’t hard to decipher though.
        He was, after all, still Ed..

      3. I reject the notion of an Earth School where learning life’s lessons will get you off the reincarnation wheel. To me this is another one of those rationalizations that offers a seemingly reasonable explanation for things. It lends credibility to our experience of “time” in a false state removed from its Truth as an “eternal moment” (“timeless” in a strangely ironic way)

        Insofar as “life’s lessons” are concerned, I like to keep it simple in steering away from misleading rationales:

        “…to realize potential (learning) answers the question, “why exist?”, and is quintessential to Being. It is the REASON of Existence – pure logic. It is Existence FOR reason – something to be sought (seeking).”

  8. Contemporary societies are imprisoned in a materialistic amoral state of mind, made stupid by the poisons that paralyze the normal thinking processes . They call us goym, which means cattle, and all they do is using dirty tricks to keep us calm amd controlled , more or less what farmers do with their animals. The “brutal dictators” of last century warned us of this conspiracy, they fought against it , and they lost. Somebody still wonders why Hitler did not do this or that, and some even suspect his complicity or even his being a secret Rotschild agent. He was just a man , a great man but a man , and failed because was overwhelmed by jewish power, overestimated his people who was strong indeed but limited in number and resources, and also because he was acring with honour in a war with no honourable men. In his last days in the bunker , he regretted his politeness and lack of understanding of the total subjugation of England to the jews, he was desperately sad but nevertheless he tought that the world would have aknowledge the importance of his fight against the jews. He still did not realize how stupid were the human being , included his beloved nordic aryans. Adolf Hitler , like Mussolini and Franco have been easily betrayed by the people they loved so much, by their people whom they fought for , tryng to save them from enslavement ,degeneracy and oblivion. How easy could have been for them living in luxury exploiting the naive goym in favour of the jewish masters like the ” democratic” politicians did and do so well . They choosed honour and they lost, but their spirit live with us and trough the words of John Kaminsky the eternal law of God which is truth , shines again like it did in the words of the Fuehrer. The eternal battle between good and evil
    is calling the fighters and Kaminsky is in , I am in , we are all in for freedom and justice, because ther is no other way, like the Fuhrer said : if we loose the fight the Earth will be devoid of men like it was for milion of years.

    1. “and also because he was acring with honour in a war with no honourable men” :

      This is true of many..

      On the subject of re-incarnation. I heard an account recently, of a woman who died, but desperately wished to return to her family. I can`t remember the details, other than she did return, and went to her former home, there someone wanted to introduce her to two elderly men. She said there was no need, she recognised them, they were her sons..

  9. Interesting story..

    These are just some thoughts that went through my head as I read your piece. In terms of the Orthodox church, it did not fare well under the Communists. So many clerics were murdered, so many churches destroyed, and so many icons ended up in suitcases. I’m not sure it has survived although i do think Putin is trying to help. Atheism is still the predominant religion of Russia. Actually I think the Russian Orthodox church made less compromises than American Christian churches (including the Catholic Church); as far as I can tell American Christianity of all denominations have almost totally sold out to the atheistic ruling elite.

    You started waking up to what really was happening about 9 11, ditto for me. I think before 9 11 I was in a bamboozled state. I had my own private thoughts about the hypocrisy of Jewish victimhood/elitism, but I never questioned the Holocaust. And it never occurred to me that there were other people in the world (aside maybe from the Palestinians) that didn’t like being called goyim. The Party line at the time was that I was guilty for being born because even though the Germans and Hitler were most responsible for the Holocaust, the rest of the goyim and in particular Christians must bear equal guilt.

    Finally, it’s amazing how finally World War II makes sense once we stop believing Ally war propaganda. What we were given as history was a fiction, or maybe an incomplete jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces missing.

    1. “You started waking up to what really was happening about 9 11, ditto for me. [ . . . ] but I never questioned the Holocaust.”

      Welcome to the American insane asylum they run. Now if you are all out of bubblegum . . .

    2. “So many clerics were murdered, so many churches destroyed, and so many icons ended up in suitcases.”
      And God didn’t move finger to punish scoundrels.

  10. “I still wonder what he meant.”

    He meant, “Look here… Sterno will fry your beans and brain, too.”

  11. In the early 60s the Nazi philosopher Heidegger said another “Avatar” will coming the pike in 100 years. Early 1960s + 100 years = Early 2060s.

    So in about 48 years give or take a few years, we’re going to get An Avatar who is going to Save Us! You DM’ers will just have to try to hold on until then.

    Maybe Stonelifter will be The One. He’s still convalescing up in Limbo Land In The Sky from that real hard helicopter fall that horrible day The White Race lost one of its Mightiest White Hero Warriors ever ever in White world history, the day the Taliban rag heads shot down Stonelifter’s the Southern mercenary for ZOG, the rag heads shot down his USrael ZOG military helicopter while Stonelifter was keeping a keen eye on the jew mobster’s heroin poppy fields. But once he’s finished convalescing from his wounds from that horrible day he’s to Reincarnate and be The One!!

    It’s funny that the online Nazis of today LERV their Heidegger so much, when their “Sacred’ Heidegger was mentored in the jew’s qabalah by the jew Husserl [ pretending to be a “Non jew” Lutheran]. Yes, the “jew-wise/anti-jew” Heidegger was mentored in the jew’s qabalah by a jew. The “jew wise/anti-jew” Nazis never mention this aspect of Nazi Heidegger for some odd reason, lol. Anyway, it’s a Hoot! Heidegger ratted-out his jew mentor to the Nazi authorities when Hitler took power. Heidegger thought Hitler would give him a High Position in the Third Reich for ratting out the jew Husserl. Hitler sent Heidegger to some obscure college in Germany somewhere nobody gave a shit about. Even the Nazis back then in real life could hardly be bothered with Heidegger, but the online “jew-wise/anti-jew” Nazis today sure do LERV their Heidegger — who was mentored and taught the jew’s qabalah by the jew Husserl. It’s a Hoot!

    Anyway, Heidegger said to expect another Hitler Avatar type in the early 2060’s! Just hold to then and you DM’ers will alright!!!

    So just relax and play some games or do something fun until then. Don’t worry be Happy!


    HAVE FUN!!!! 🙂


      In the the persons of our Lord the Bodhisattva , the World–Teacher , and of the Master Kuthumi ( Rose- Croix ) ,his principal lieutenant , the influence that is especially noticeable is the radiance of their all–embracing Love. The Lord Maitreya is wearing a body of the Keltic race at the present time. His is a face of wondrous beauty , strong and yet most tender , with rich hair flowing like red gold about his shoulders . His beard is pointed , as in some of the old pictures , and his eyes , of a wonderful violet , are like twin flowers , like stars , like deep and holy pools filled with the waters of everlasting peace . His smile is dazzling beyond words , and a blinding glory of Light surrounds him , intermingled with that marvellous rose–colored glow which ever shines from the Lord of Love .
      We may think of him as seated in the great front room of his house in the Himalayas , with many windows , that overlooks the gardens and the terraces and , far below , the rolling Indian plains ; or in flowing robes of white , edged with a deep border of gold , as walking in his garden in the cool of the evening , among the glorious flowers , whose perfume fills the surrounding air with a rich , sweet fragrance . Wondrous beyond measure is our Holy Lord the Christ , wondrous beyond any power of description , for through him flows the Love which comforts millions , and his is the Voice that speaks , as never man spake , the words of teaching that bring peace to angels and men .


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