If you are for peace you are a Russian agent

Anyone who wants peace with Russia is a suspect Russian agent, says Paul Craig Roberts. And all the websites mentioned on this List of 200 Forbidden ‘Fake News’ Websites — which includes the Darkmoon site — are allegedly Russian agents who need to be banned from the internet for spreading lies.


prp9u7jd_400x400Speaking of fake news, the latest issue of the National Enquirer at the supermarket checkout is giving the mainstream presstitute media a run for the money: “Castro’s Deathbed Confession: I Killed JFK. How I framed Oswald.”

That’s almost as good as the fake news going around the presstitute media, such as the TV stations, the Washington Post, New York Times, and Guardian—yes, even the former leftwing British newspaper has joined the ranks of the press prostitutes—that the CIA has concluded that “Russian operatives covertly interfered in the election campaign in an attempt to ensure the Republican candidate’s victory.”

If the CIA is actually stupid enough to believe this, the US is without a competent intelligence agency. Of course, the CIA didn’t say and doesn’t believe any such thing. The fake news stories in the presstitute media are all sourced to unnamed officials. Former British ambassador Craig Murray described the reports accurately: “bullshit.”

So who is making the stories up, another anonymous group tied to Hillary such as PropOrNot, the secret, hidden organization that released a list of 200 websites that are Russian agents?

Fake news is the presstitute’s product. Throughout the presidential primaries and presidential campaign it was completely clear that the mainstream print and TV media were producing endless fake news designed to damage Trump and to boost Hillary. We all saw it. We all lived through it. What is this pretense that Russia is the source of fake news?

We have had nothing but fake news from the presstitutes since the Klingon regime.

— Fake news was used against Yugoslavia and Serbia in order to cloak the Clinton’s war crimes.

— Fake news was used against Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia in order to cloak the Bush regime’s war crimes.

— Fake news was used against Libya and Syria in order to cloak the Obama regime’s war crimes.

— Without fake news these three blood-drenched presidencies would have been hauled before the War Crimes Commission, tried, and convicted.

Can anyone produce any truthful statement from the presstitute media about anything of importance? MH-17? Crimea? Ukraine?

Ironic, isn’t it, that it is those who purport to be liberal and progressive who are responsible for the revival of McCarthyism in America. Moreover, the liberal progressives are institutionalizing McCarthyism in the US government. There is clearly a concerted effort being made to define truth as fake news and to define lies as truth.

Ironic, isn’t it, that it is the war criminal Hillary, responsible for the destruction of Libya and the near destruction of Syria until the Russians intervened, that the liberal progressive forces are desperate to have as president. Not only did the liberal progressive forces attempt to elect a war criminal president of the US, they are doing their best to delegitimize the president-elect who opposes the orchestrated conflict with Russia.

Ironic, isn’t it, that the liberal progressive bloc refuse to give peace a chance.

The faked news report from the imbeciles at PropOrNot, which was hyped by the fake news sheet, the Washington Post, claiming that I was a Russian agent was supposed to do my credibility harm. Instead, the 200 List told everyone where they could get good information, and my readership went up. Moreover, I almost got a Russian passport out of it. But before sending it along, Putin checked with Russian intelligence and was informed that I am not on their roster.

The rumor is that if the House intelligence bill passes with Title V intact, those of us on the PropOrNot list could be called before congressional hearings in a replay of McCarthyism. If they waterboard me, I might breakdown and implicate Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Jim Baker, David Stockman, and all the rest.

The evidence against us is pretty strong. Trump is suspect because he wants peace with Russia, and so did Reagan. From the standpoint of the Hillary forces and the presstitutes, anyone who wants peace with Russia is bound to be a Russian agent. The way the presstitutes have framed the issue, there are no legitimate reasons to be for peace.

If Putin and those of us on the 200 List are the ones who actually got Trump elected, shouldn’t Putin or The List be Time magazine’s person of the year and not Trump? After all, if Putin and I did the work, shouldn’t we get the recognition? Why give the credit to the stooge we put in office?

Why is Time magazine shoving those of us responsible off into the background?

Eureka! Time magazine is also a Russian agent and is covering up for us by giving Trump credit for our work. Whew! I won’t be waterboarded after all.


Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

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  1. The Old Regime and its Propaganda Outlet (also known as the MSM) are dying. These ridiculous allegations of “fake news” and “Russian interference in the elections” are their lasts gasps of breath. They have only so much time until the 20th of January to go against the will of the American people and no amount of trickery (or money from George Soros) will make them succeed. Their criminality and mendacity become more and more apparent. We are living in interesting times.

    1. I’ll believe they’re “dying” when I witness them dangling from the end of a rope! (elusive bastards)

      1. …Where they belong, Mr. Huntly. Those of us who are old enough to remember, news used to be just that – reporting. Of course, there were always some taboo subjects and maneuvering, but we used to be able to see reporters worldwide reporting on various subjects. Today’s news is largely a presentation of a war of ideologies, and both politicians and reporters loudly grieve over the lost civility and respect both in newsrooms and in the halls of state. It’s been said that the reason for the unparalleled savagery in Academia between professors and professors, students, and other parties is because there is so little in the way of reward (the ferocious pettiness over nearly nothing). This can now be said of newsreporters and politicians. What do you expect when both sides are expected to suck up to Israel (right or wrong, regardless – Israel is understood to be always right, with small allowances for top leadership to express “concern” over the latest in Israel’s endless atrocities. How many times do we hear that expression “concern”?) with no deviation – or else. Look at all the fired reporters, ousted politicians, many talented and highly qualified individuals who made the mistake of being honest. So real news must be acquired from active measures in search and verification from other sources. If we can’t hang them just yet, let them die of neglect.

    2. Yes, there is “Fake News” and it mostly comes from the mainstream media – lies and deception ad-nauseum. Lies about WMD in Iraq, lies about Russians breaking into American computer files, deliberately omitting that Jews dominated and ran the murderous USSR by keeping it out of the press (for almost 100 years now), lies about “NAZIS” taking over South America and omitting the fact that Jews paid Churchill to attack Germany.

      Putin saying Jews dominated the USSR


      Coward FDR lying about Germans in South America

      Fake map speech


      Creating the fake map:


  2. It’s worked for them before. When American hero Charles Lindbergh and others in “America First” spoke out for peace and against WW II people were told they were “NAZIS”.

  3. Remided of the German government that is really worrying a lot about Russian propaganda, but split on the fact that German women are being reportedly harassed.

  4. T.H.E.Y. – The Hierarchy Enslaving You

    T.H.E.Y are lying, of course, in regards to the false claim “fake news”. The “elites’ and rulers and everything in between are really beside themselves in a frenzy at the moment. Never before in this generation have they been cornered as right now. The alternative – media will need to fine-tune their public broadcasts and become that much more truthful.

    Storms. – December 14

    Our loving Lord, we thank Thee for Thy marvellous keeping power.

    There is no miracle so wonderful as the miracle of a soul being kept by My Power. Forces of evil batter and storm, but are powerless. Tempests rage unavailingly.

    It is like a cool garden with sweet flowers and bees and butterflies and trees and playing fountains set in the midst of a mighty roaring city. Try to see your lives as that.

    Not only as calm and unmoved, but as breathing fragrance, expressing beauty. Expect storms. Know THIS – you cannot be united in your great friendship and bond to do My work, and in your great Love for Me, and not excite the envy, hatred and malice of all whom you meet who are not on My side.

    Where does the enemy attack? The fortress, the stronghold, not the desert waste.


      1. Yes, your days are numbered, bitch. If “X” is the person I have in mind and not some other idiot. Greetings from darkest Hell!

      2. they can only be numbered at the very end – not always 🙂

        but the time is not yet, The Donald will protect you and the ragged band of hobbits.
        Do you see? the winds of change across Europe, theresa May, Hollande, Merkel … their days are numbered for a change, not yours.

        And at any rate, you are always welcome here where being white (and even Gott-help us, National Socialist) is not illegal.
        I always told you you are welcome, right? replace “I” by “we”, since Felix is the true host, me just passing through.
        And bring Sister monica, Monty, Uncle, Lucy, Dr Z, Grammar fiend, all of them.

        i even made friends with a local bishop of this tiny parish, only 1/4 million of RCs in the whole country, yet you can spot nuns in their habits checking out food stalls on Saturday Night Market, everyone friendly.

        I have yet to see one in Toronto in the last 40+ years … not allowed, meanwhile sidewalks of bathurst N of Eglinton jampacked with rabbis on saturdays. They own the town and they know it.

  5. PCR mentioned Title V of the Intelligence Act. It has only three Sections. (See them complete at the link)

    The bill is sponsored by a Republican. PCR luvs Republicans..!! And this one is from California…. PCR has a degree from Stanford..!! A buddy… 🙂

    H.R.6393 – Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017

    Sponsor: Rep. Nunes, Devin [R-CA-22] (Introduced 11/22/2016)



    –Sec. 501. Committee to counter active measures by the Russian Federation to exert covert influence over peoples and governments.

    (1) ACTIVE MEASURES BY RUSSIA TO EXERT COVERT INFLUENCE.—The term “active measures by Russia to exert covert influence” means activities intended to influence a person or government that are carried out in coordination with, or at the behest of, political leaders or the security services of the Russian Federation and the role of the Russian Federation has been hidden or not acknowledged publicly, including the following:
    (A) Establishment or funding of a front group.
    (B) Covert broadcasting.
    (C) Media manipulation.
    (D) Disinformation and forgeries.
    (E) Funding agents of influence.
    (F) Incitement and offensive counterintelligence.
    (G) Assassinations.
    (H) Terrorist acts.

    –Sec. 502. Limitation on travel of accredited diplomats and consulars of the Russian Federation in the United States from their diplomatic post.

    –Sec. 503. Study and report on enhanced intelligence and information sharing with Open Skies Treaty member states.

    1. @ Pat

      Why are you wasting our time with a stupid (legalistic jargon) post like the above? What are you trying to prove? That Paul Craig Roberts IS a Russian agent or that he is NOT a Russian agent?

      Which is it?

      Can’t you post a sensible comment without copying and pasting irrelevant junk from the internet? Or is another off-topic List on the way?

      1. Gom –

        Thanks for asking for clarification. I know that’s what you want.

        You can blame PCR for the tangential topic.. but, ONLY if you can read and follow what he wrote..!! 🙂

        “The rumor is that if the House intelligence bill passes with Title V intact, those of us on the PropOrNot list could be called before congressional hearings in a replay of McCarthyism. If they waterboard me, I might breakdown and implicate Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Jim Baker, David Stockman, and all the rest.”

        Thanks for helping me make it more clear for you…. and others with deficiencies. PCR did not give enough info to completely understand his fears. He assumed we all knew every little aspect of Title V.

        I am glad to help anyone with severe reading disabilities and possible resultant comprehension impairments.

        Good to go….to find some more scary stuff… 🙂

      2. @ Pat

        Garbage! You haven’t “clarified” anything. You’ve just waffled. I asked you a simple question and you were unable to answer it because you were caught with your pants down. You were caught posting yet another off-topic comment. So I repeat my question and challenge you to answer it this time:

        What is the point of your seemingly off-topic post? Are you saying Paul Craig Roberts IS a Russian agent or that he is NOT a Russian agent?

        Which is it?

      3. Gom –

        I made no claims about PCR…. except that he luvs Republicans. I quoted him. I don’t have a clue about his associations.

        Sooooo… that makes your questions very very ‘off-topic’ and irrelevant. They are hypothetical at best.

        Hypothetical questions deserve ONLY hypothetical answers. I don’t do those. That’s why you don’t like my answers.

        However… I can help you a little bit more for free. But… much more and I will have to ask for a consulting fee. 🙂

        PCR quote:

        “The rumor is that if the House intelligence bill passes with Title V intact, those of us on the PropOrNot list could be called before congressional hearings in a replay of McCarthyism. If they waterboard me, I might breakdown and implicate Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Jim Baker, David Stockman, and all the rest.”

        You see, Gom, Darkmoon.me – IS – on the PropOrNot list…!!! as PCR wrote…

        PCR wrote that Tile V might apply to Darmoon.me… AND that makes my posting the BILL – the facts – much more ‘on-topic’ than your silly ‘off-topic’ questions for me.

        I could repeat it again and again… and again and again… like TROJ does…. until it becomes clear for you.
        Lem’me know.

        BTW – the funniest thing is your total state of confusion displayed today… I mean a gut-buster… Ya got me rollin’… even almost on the floor… both ‘half-moon cheeks’ still on, though.. 🙂

        You pounded 1138 for giving his opinion and NO FACTS… Yet, you blast away at me for offering ONLY FACTS… and NO OPINION… !! Now… that IS hilarious…!! Make up your mind.. 🙂

        You might want to seek some professional help for confusion and delusion. I can only help so much anyway. BUT you are almost as entertaining as the ‘fake news’ is…. almost, because they use nukes and ‘armageddonism’ to shake us.

        Good to go here. Tell us something scary, girl. MB would.

      4. @ Pat(ricia?)

        Tell us something scary, girl. MB would.

        Not sure who MB is, but I happen to be a married man in my 40s of Russian ancestry, not a girl. I won’t bother to trouble you again. I will just skip all your future posts to save myself time. As I thought, you evaded the straightforward question I asked you. Not once, but twice.

        To me, that spells dishonesty. You are little better than a time-wasting troll. Try posting an original comment sometime, like Lobro, instead of all these long and tedious off-topic lists.
        Not impressive!

        Bye, Patricia.

      5. @ PAT

        I like your style ,you handled Gumbaruski perfectly ,the confused russian agent is scared, he lost his sense of comprehensions.

      6. Observer –

        Thanks for noticing. The Russians always are second best to Americans who have gotten their fundamental educations in the 40s and 50s. We’re onto them..!! We are unlike the ‘text’ generations and ‘millenials’ who believe MSM lies about the invented strength of the ‘paper bear’…. Russia.

        I know I’ve whipped them… when they call me ‘Patricia’… the first clue revealing total frustration.. FUN.. for me..!! 🙂

  6. New Song,

    In spite of all the contrary indications it’s quite amazing that there still are so many who believe that there is a man loving god. And this is of course precisely what the enemy of creation wants, that so many of those believers in such a man loving god essentially don’t resist and comfort themselves with the thought that once their bodies are dead everything will be alright and they will get their reward for being so ‘good’ and ‘noble’ all their material lives.

    But creation, which is God, doesn’t give a damn about such notions living only in man’s minds. Notions invented by man because man thinks he’s smart and knows better than creation. All that ‘smart’ man has ever done is sin against creation, which has caused his current predicament since the laws of creation never change no matter how hard ‘smart’ man tries to ignore them.

    1. @ 1138

      Thanks for your “opinion”.

      7 billion minds, 7 billions opinions.

      A lot to choose from! 🙂

      1. Got any FACTS for us?

        No, I thought not!

        You are one of the herd who mistakes their tedious and predictable “opinions” for FACTS.

      2. @ New Song,

        Well said, New Song! At least your opinions and attitude to life are positive ones and gives us a valid reason for getting out of bed each morning.

        Keep up the good work!

      3. Gombrich,

        Haven’t heard any facts from you either.

        And at least I have a well thought out opinion, instead of just repeating some baseless mantra which only serves to make the repeater feel ‘good’.

      4. @ 1138

        Haven’t heard any facts from you either.

        True. I just happen to have a contrary opinion to yours. My opinion is positive, yours negative.

        And at least I have a well thought out opinion, instead of just repeating some baseless mantra which only serves to make the repeater feel ‘good’.

        There I beg to differ. Even if we were to agree that your opinion were “well thought out”, you have no proof that MY opinion — shared my millions of the most intelligent people throughout history — is NOT well thought out.

        Even if it were true that my belief were a “baseless mantra which only makes the repeater feel ‘good'”, what makes you think YOUR belief is not also a “baseless mantra” that makes everyone else (apart from yourself) feel BAD?

        You think feeling bad is superior to feeling good, do you? 🙂

        How strange. I don’t know how young and stupid you are, but I’ll tell you this. You reek of platitudes. You are a shallow thinker. Why don’t you just go and hang yourself if you think life is just one Big Shithouse? What’s stopping you?

      5. Gompy,

        A very predictable reaction from an intolerant imbecile such as yourself.

        Why don’t you take dive from a tall building, film it and post it on Jewtube? Now that would be a laugh.

      6. @ 1138

        Keep on posting! I like your reply. You are fighter, and that’s what we need.

        @ Pat

        Ditto. Pay no attention to my previous posts attacking you. Most of your posts are excellent, but I couldn’t see the point of your last one. You seemed to be straying from the point, but maybe you were saying something above my comprehension level. That’s more than possible.

      7. Gomby, at risk of pissing off Miss Butterfly, not the first time, I must say I like your spirit, we need that.
        Something about fight in the dog, not the dog in the fight, can’t be bothered to look up the right expression.

      8. @ Lobro

        Gomby, at risk of pissing off Miss Butterfly, not the first time, I must say I like your spirit, we need that.

        At the risk of disappointing you, nothing you have said has ever ruffled my feathers. Ladies don’t get “pissed off.” We have cultivated the art of the “Witty Shrug.” This is a shrug in which no words of witticism are necessary. The Shrug itself says it all. It is known in our private circles as “shoulder eloquence.”

      9. I have had my differences with Pat, but I have come to appreciate his sincerity and intellectual acumen. This site wouldn’t be the same without his unique contributions. I now see it as one of my functions to spring to his defense when he is attacked and scare away his attackers.

        This is the least I can do to compensate for my many deficiencies, chief among which are a weakness for vokka, combined with a ridiculous superiority complex masking feelings of deep-seated worthlessness and self-contempt.

      10. Is there anyone on this site who is my inferior? I doubt it. I am the lowest of the low and proud of it. So please don’t try and steal my crown by claiming you are worse than me. It won’t wash. 🙂

      11. ridiculous superiority complex masking feelings of deep-seated worthlessness and self-contempt

        and everything in-between … you sound ridiculously complete (was about to say “well rounded” but many ladies would not take that with a witty shrug of the shoulders, more like a thrown paperweight).

        На здоровье! (part of my Russian citizenship test)

      12. To Gombrich, if he is Russian, I have this to say:

        Ty xóčešʹ sprýgnutʹ s krýši? Na zdoróvʹje! 🙂

      13. Madame –

        HA!!! Thanks for the help. We have had a tussle or three… but all in fun.
        You are very witty, even with the fine potato nectar. 🙂

        I thought it particularly amusing that a Russian gave me and 1138 – PERMISSION – to continue commenting here..!! Arrogant… Whoa, now..!!

    2. Whether He is a “man-loving god”, or not, really doesn’t matter. We should FEAR Him enough to expect adversities should we disappoint Him. Three things God expects: to act justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly before Him. (See Micah 6:8)

      It’s not much to ask for! 🙂

      1. Gilbert,

        I’m afraid it does matter, because if you – truly – believe in creation as god than following its laws is the only possible – universal – religion. Believing in a man-loving god automatically leads to ignoring the laws of creation and to following ‘smart’ man’s laws. And look where it has gotten us, now. It is indeed my opinion that this man loving god is a deliberate con, installed in a vast part of humanity’s collective consciousness by the enemies of creation, precisely to destroy it.

        Look at all the people – the very few left – that still live according creation’s laws, they haven’t changed. And I don’t mean ‘haven’t made any innovations’. Because one can make innovations and at the same time live in harmony with creation. No, I mean they still live in harmony with creation. And guess what? If left alone by ‘smart’ man-loving god worshipping man they would definitely outlive the first, no contest. But I’m afraid that leaving them alone is too much to ask for man-loving god worshipping man. So the latter will take them down with him on his already paved road to doom.

      2. Take a look at this

        Spend some time pondering the scale of this creation. Is it not the ultimate arrogance to think the intelligence behind this focuses itself on micromanaging a light crust of biological mold consuming a rotting mustard seed in a forgotten region of an incomprehensible universe?

        Only the human mind could be so arrogant, so self-centered, as to create and believe such clap trap. If this so called “God” micromanages human kind, then it must do the same for the tiniest microorganism, because from the cosmic perspective, humans are much closer to that scale than any other.

        Are we to believe “God” spends time making sure every microorganism doesn’t “sin” or is punished for such transgressions? But wait! Did not this same “God” create the system that allows microorganisms to sin in the first place? So how much sin, contrary to “God’s” will, exists when it is fundamentally inherent in the nature of the design?

        All things – All Things – rot, decay and waste away, it’s the nature of the design. As Jesus pointed out in Matthew 6, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness! No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”

        Here the blame for such ideas are clearly laid at the doorstep of one’s perception, the lamp of the body, the “eye.” The design is all inclusive; nothing exists outside the design. It is the mind that strives to define and compartmentalize those things it cannot understand. There are no accidents or mistakes in the design; the mind categorizes events as accidents or mistakes. It is the mind that defines good or evil. It is the mind that defines sin.

        Matters of the material world are a waste of one’s time, for in time they all pass away. If one spends their time pursuing material things and material thoughts, doting on sinful natures, and are consumed by such thoughts, then that is the darkness in which they will remain.

        Rot and decay are very nasty states inclusive in every element of the last stages of the design. Is this uncomfortable, repulsive putridity a mistake on “God’s” part? Is it a “sin” to rot away because most humans find this unpalatable and uncomfortable to face in their final hours? Humans spend far too much time trying to comprehend the incomprehensible, trying to explain the inexplicable in the effort to allay their unfounded fears and suspicions.

        Man is born with only two choices. (1) Man can serve himself (2) Man can serve the creation. This choice must be made, it is unavoidable. Once the choice is made, every action man undertakes will be in service to that choice and only that choice. This choice must be made and will be made by every human because no man can serve two masters.

        The default choice we are born into is service to ourselves. This is the easy choice, the most natural choice, as it feeds our innate, selfish, carnal nature. The unenlightened man, often refereed to as “unrepentant,” asks himself: “Why shouldn’t I spend all my time and effort focusing on myself? After all, what is more important in this world than me, Me, ME!? This is the infantile state into which all men are born and most never move far beyond this state.

        It takes supreme effort to pursue one’s spiritual path, for one must actively make the difficult choice of service to the creation. This choice entails a focus outside the self, a willingness to submit to that which our carnal natures find most distasteful, as this pursuit eventually results in the destruction of the most basic element of the carnal nature, the ego.

        In the final stage of the spiritual path, total submission is required by the enlightened sage or master, for once again, “no man can serve two masters. Women have an advantage in this regard for in giving birth, they find focus for their unconditional love on a creation outside themselves. Because of the inherent nature to serve this external creation, women find it less difficult to submit to others outside themselves. This is why it is said women make the best disciples.

        All these various perceptions of good and evil, perceptions of this “sinful nature,” serve the design by allowing man to make his choice, for this is really the only choice of any importance man can make. This is the school for which this world exists. It is the reason all living organisms exist, to facilitate their consciousness so they may in time find their way back to the source. For that is where all living things long to be, fully returned to the one creator of this design.

      3. Arch –

        Good flick. It brought to mind a very unique question that my navy nuclear physics professor asked in 1967:

        “Is the largest large thing larger than the smallest small thing is small..?”

        It was discussed many times over the years in our daily chore of operating a nuclear reactor. No one knows…. that I have met.

      4. @ Arch Stanton

        Well said.

        It is exceptionally simple. In the Gospels (the instruction manual), Jesus teaches how to serve the creation (Heavenly Father). Unfortunately, most fail to even read the instruction manual, much less follow the instruction manual. As in my past, those that do read the instruction manual are too distracted and confused by the rest of the Bible that they just can’t seem to grasp the simplicity of what Jesus taught. Mixing simple truth with convoluted propaganda does not result in a greater truth.

      5. Arch,

        Thanks for making an effort again. I really appreciate that.

        Much of what you say is actually precisely what I mean. And the video you provided is excellent. Thank you for that.

        Only on certain parts we will never agree. It’s just a difference in philosophical approach. For instance, I can’t quite follow the view of the cosmic hide and seek game. That god created everything only with the deliberate intention for everything to count to a few billion years and then start finding its way back to god again by living as ‘good’ beings. But I suppose it is the definition of being ‘good’ what differentiates us. I mean, fun though it was, dwelling around for a few billion years on earth, what exactly would be accomplished by initiating creation if it all ends up where it started? As well as from god’s creation’s point of view as God himself. It is too easy to just wipe it off as being cynical. It is a legitimate thought. Billions of believers who say so don’t make it so.

        Now, in spite of being accused of having a negative outlook I can only say that it is my view which is the positive one. Positive because I actually want to honour creation – god’s work – by not straying from it like devout religious people do with the view that all material things – part of god’s creation btw – really don’t matter. Well, if that’s really true, if one really believes that, then why are so many believers wasting their time here, complaining about the current state of affairs?

        At least I have reason to complain, since i am focused on LIFE, not the AFTER life. And I see that life is pretty screwed up by the doing of evil, creation’s enemy. You see the difference? To NOT focusing and treasuring life, ALL life that is, creation, – not only all human life ending in vast overpopulation at the expense of the rest of beautiful creation, i.e.; what is currently going on – is to sin against the mechanisms of the universe, god’s work. Or as I see it, against what god IS.

        I could elaborate much further but this is not really on topic so I will leave it at that.

        But to say something that is kind of ON topic. We can agree that fake news is all we ever heard in our entire lives, right? We also know that there are no original ancient texts left. Well except maybe the so-called dead sea scrolls 🙂 We also know that history as we ‘know’ it is written by people. People with prejudices. Victorious and / or religious prejudices. Nothing new under the sun. I’ll leave it at that.

        One more thing, I think it is a pity that so many people are focused on after life – something not exclusive for Catholics only but for most religions, even heathen ones. That is the reason why I believe National Socialism is the biggest step forward in human progress yet. To summarise; NS is truly honouring creation by living according its mechanisms. Because it is utterly pro-life, and It opposes practically all religions. Ok, perhaps many of you will say ” oh this 1138 with his NS and Hitler crap again, yawn, can’t he sing another tune? it’s like broken record” . Well, alright, fair enough, you can say that, but I can’t see the difference with quoting various traditional religious sources over and over again. You could say it’s my religion.

        I know that many posters here are religious, including the webowners, so yeah, I’m barking up the wrong tree here. And a suggestion of placing an article on Darkmoon that deals with this topic will probably fall be on deaf ears.

        Well, that’s it. Thank you for reading. Back to topic.

      1. Noor,

        Well, you’re right. It’s way more novel than to keep on repeating the same old mantra about some assumed ‘salvation’. No wonder an obscure minority of thieves, liars and murderers is so succesful in their mission on earth.

        However, criticising an opposing opinion is not very novel, but instead the centuries old usual reaction from ‘good’ Christians.

  7. Guardian—yes, even the former leftwing British newspaper has joined the ranks of the press prostitutes

    Always was, “leftwing” means nothing at all.
    Only one separator: Jew or anti-Jew.

    And anyone who does jew’s work, whether well-meaning or not is worse than useless, like a cross-eyed sniper that kills more of his own troops than enemy’s.
    Anyone who cannot spot Jew’s enemies ought to stay home and help with the dishes.

  8. here a jew in running for french presidency clearly identifies the enemy

    Sabba – Vincent Peillon started in life as a high school professor of Philosophy and seems to have climbed the ladder and made it into politics only because or thanks to his jewish DNA.

    A staunch anti-Catholic, a fervent lover of ‘secularism’, he regularly comments about the failure of the French Revolution in its main mission which, according to him, was to destroy Christianity and replace it with a new religion: Secularism. But Christianity has not died yet, he laments.

    And if any is still in doubt about what secularism is, what its roots are and therefore what its goals are, Mr. Peillon has kindly defined it for us once, in a rare moment of intellectual honesty: “It is false to say that France is an atheist country. It is not. It has a religion and that religion is secularism. AND BEHIND SECULARISM, WE FIND THE KABBALAH”.

    Onward secular soldiers, marching as to war,
    With shabbo Judas beside you, couldn’t ask for more …

  9. I have carried a very cute pic of Putin on the blog for a very long time, and having posted positive articles on the fellow, I suppose it is time to admit to you all that ….

    Yes, folks, I am a Russian agent. Sometimes I even indulge in vodka.

    There! I said it! I feel so much better now.

  10. The USA has over 30 active duty bases around the world. The UK has 10. Russia has 10 and China has 1. So who are we kidding?

    1. That might mean the US has the power to completely destroy Moscow thirty times, while Russia can only completely destroy New York ten times. But the job is done the first time in both cases.

  11. “If you are for peace you are a Russian agent”

    I sure hope that Putin has my correct address so I can get my Russian agent paycheck for preferring peace. 🙂 To keep my peace agent status off the radar of Ruble/Dollar conversions, I would settle for a bottle of the finest real, potato based, Russian vodka.

    @ Noor

    When the bottle of real Russian vodka shows up, I’ll let you know so that we can compare to see who is getting the best vodka. 🙂

  12. Empowered by the Jew media (aka Lügenpresse), which hates the one country that upholds western tradition, defends the church and won’t let the Jews do to Syria what they did to Iraq, other liberals (for reasons not clear) are brazenly lying when they claim they have proof (or even evidence) that Russia hacked US computers and released e-mails that damaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

    In this interview, FOX News’ Tucker Carlson interviews a university professor who claims there is such proof and is continuously asked to explain it, but never provides any evidence or proof and repeatedly asserts he already explained it. The professor (Robert McElvaine) is a brazen liar, but with most of the mainstream media pushing the Russian- hacking claim, no proof is needed. All that is needed is to make the claim.

    While the mainstream media’s credibility has taken a big hit (as evidenced by Trump’s election, despite it’s almost total opposition to him) many people can still be persuaded by their propaganda. There are many that would still believe the Martians landed on earth if the New York Times said so.

    After pouring scorn on Trump for his refusal to say he would accept the election results (with the entire establishment against him, more than half the country would also refuse), the weakened but still dangerous establishment is pushing an outrageous lie (that their is evidence demonstrating Russia hacked Hillary’s e-mails). They won’t accept the election results and have invented a lie in an attempt to overthrow the election and keep Trump from becoming president. I would not feel any remorse if such lying scum came to a violent end.

    See the video interview:


  13. I am not for peace, quite the contrary.
    But instead of War For Jews, i am for War Against Jews. just a slight realignment of the usual formula.

    i see that tucker carlson has carved out quite a nice niche for himself, having fun on the job is not a crime … or is it, just look at the classically bitchslapped mug on that fecal prof.

  14. Actually, this brain damaging vortex of hysterical smears serves one excellent purpose:
    if ever the Speech+Thought cops come to Darkmoon door, all they have to do is protest innocence and ignorance in full measure:
    Vlad hacked our blog (we have it on good authority).

    If Russians can hack any US government institution’s servers, Diebold machines and the like, surely they can mess around with Darkmoon site, just the fact that DM is listed in the “Council of 200”, The Learned Elders Of Zyklon is proof. Circular proofs are the best, the secret of Kabbalah is to set up unbreakable circles of inference:
    the reason something is logical is because it is logical, this is talmud, everything else is hate speech”.

    But on the other hand, forget about malnourished Russians having a chance against our Rainbow Warriors, our magical flattops will sail across Siberia, laying waste to what is already wasteland, nothing Russians can do to stop it or interfere with Univac 5000 computers on board, waterproof punchcards are hack-proof.

  15. One can counter the fake news issue on an emotional level by mentioning that the vast and experienced American intelligence services which covered the complete Cold War period is in its entirety is pretty useless if they were able to let Russia overcome their system with fake news.

    The huge intelligence apparatus with its vast resources however is not that useless, thus when there is fake news, it has been allowed by these services.

  16. I only know 2 sites from that list ,this one and veterans today
    I discovered this site through VT back in the day ,I forgot when.
    I may disagree with your political views but I have enjoyed reading your articles ,poems and the informative rich comments ,for that I’m grateful and hope that the hyenas don’t shut you down.

  17. I still believe that this ‘list of 200’ is only composed to serve as damage control.

    Many of us probably know even more than 200 others which are way more outspoken that are not on the ‘list of 200’. The deliberate absence of those websites on this so-called forbidden list is just a pathetic and utterly transparent attempt to categorise them as outright insane, not to be taken seriously, because they are not even trying to appear objective.

    And another thing, isn’t holodenial, for instance, just as illegal in Russia as it is in the West? So how could websites that deny the holy crap be Russian agents, then?

    I mean, saying that pro-white, anti-multicultural websites are Western agents would make just about as much sense; i.e. NONE. They are clearly losing their touch, they can’t even lie straight anymore.

    1. And another thing, isn’t holodenial, for instance, just as illegal in Russia as it is in the West?

      i heard that in ’67 war, the officers of the Arab armies would actually come riding a white charger to display their chivalrous courage and battlefield honor.
      And jews just mowed them down with machinegun fire from tank turrets.

      should we follow the same model? Should russians?
      hezbollah applied a different model and cleaned the jew clock in a hurry despite being seriously under-weaponized, no air force, no recon satellites, no navy, etc, etc.
      had Putin campaigned for the kremlin saying he will flush the jew snakes out, arrest khodorkovsky, hound Berezovsky to death, boot out gusin, nevzhlin, make sure the remaining ones were 100% obedient, fridman, abramovich and deripaska – how far would it have got?
      Why am I saying this – i forgot.

      yeah, there are many ways to lose against a much stronger enemy, go wrestle a giraffe, greco-roman style.
      Look at the holodeny situation as a whole.
      Anti-Putin Duma proposed it and sent him a law to sign at the time of Ukrainian maidan carnage, don’t forget that even back then Russia was much weaker than today and even today, it is much weaker than NATO-US in every sense, manpower, economic pull, military (conventional).
      So, by throwing away brains, how do they win?
      Rus holodeny is a composite beast: there is “Holocaust Denial” which cannot be defined in any way other than doing whatever jews don’t appreciate – this is the ShabboWest interpretation, in Germany it is a crime to defend yourself – this is exactly from The Protocols. Russian version simply doesn’t work like that, otherwise Putin would arrest himself.
      Second part is that it is illegal to minimize the “Great Patriotic War and victory over Germany” and this is where the jews and shabbos are stumped, they would love to do that but then they are in ta-ta … Holocaust Denial.
      and this is the practical value of this legislation, hey Kasparov, hey Khodorkovsky, toe the line or else.

      Finally – the Holocaust itself.
      Why was the Auschwitz plaque claiming 4 million dead jews replaced with 1.5 million?
      Because of the Zundel trial in Canada and because they waved in the judge’s face the Red Cross figures released from Soviet archives by gorbachev showing 100,000 dead jews from all causes, from all the camps, Doug Christie (PBUH), zundel’s lawyer asked Gorby for the papers and got it.
      So, why isn’t Gorbachev in jail and all the archivists in Moscow?
      This is why NO ONE has been prosecuted for the Denial, because it brings out a lot of tricky questions at trial.

      in the West, easy: “You, 1138, caused irritation to Shmuel and are therefore guilty without extenuating circumstances”.
      That’s how it werks in the West.
      But it doesn’t work that way in Russia.

      Many are those who cannot comprehend the above, if they just continue eating their boogers, the enlightenment awaits.

      1. All I said was that the argument of the composers of this forbidden list that these sort of websites – the sort that invariably denies the holy crap – couldn’t be Russian, precisely because of that.

        Really, nothing else 🙂

      2. LOBRO

        i heard that in ’67 war, the officers of the Arab armies would actually come riding a white charger to display their chivalrous courage and battlefield honor.
        And jews just mowed them down with machinegun fire from tank turrets.”

        That’s the Jews propaganda but the real news they don’t publicize.For instance, look for Sharon’s “bravery”on the battlefield in 1973 Yom Kippur War and “the silliness” of the Arab officers when they met at Zeytiya Port : only five military people survived: Sharon, another officer and three solders. Read the real fact from the horse mouth:

        Ronen Bergman and Gil Meltzer, The Yom Kippur War ? Moment of Truth (Tel Aviv: Yedioth Ahoronoth Books, 2003, Hebrew), Aharon Yariv memoirs and another writer, a Historian whose name sounds like Sheftai Tibit (the name was written in Arabic), an officer in the 178th Armored Brigade led by Ariel Sharon where 900 solders died and 172 armored vehicle were destroyed ( Moshe Dayan testimony to Agranat C omission), plus an American C-5 Galaxy airplane downed and two other hit but not damaged.

        I bet you won’t find these books on joogle. I found neither of them on amazon books.

        *NB. The above scraps were extracted from an Arabic blog : http://vb.arabsgate.com/showthread.php?t=525079
        I can’t find references in English.

      3. “All I said was that the argument of the composers of this forbidden list that these sort of websites – the sort that invariably denies the holy crap – couldn’t be Russian, precisely because of that.”

        Mm, think I’ve just earned this weeks prize for the most nonsensical sentence.

        Of course I meant that these listed sites couldn’t be Russian government agents since it too outlawed holodenial. And the denial of this lie is an essential view and one of the most recurring opinions promoted on these sites. So flawed argument by the composers of the forbidden list.

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