Ikea apologizes as ‘Hitler moustache prank’ causes uproar

No, this is not a satire. It is political correctness going wild. (Includes scary video).


The world’s largest furniture retailer, Swedish superstore Ikea, has been forced to remove a highly offensive picture of a little boy (see above) hung in one of its showrooms. This was after numerous shoppers were overcome with nausea, alarm, and trauma symptoms on seeng the controversial photo. This featured a small boy “mimicking Adolf Hitler” by putting his finger to his upper lip, thus giving the impression of a Hitler moustache.

Strenuous complaints were made to store management that this was a sinister attempt to sell DIY easy-fit furniture by attempting to glamorize Adolf Hitler and corner the neo-Nazi skinhead market. Several young schoolgirls on a visit from Israel are said to have fainted, though reliable accounts of such swooning fits have not been easy to corroborate.

According to the Daily Mail:

A picture of a young boy posing like Hitler caused outrage after it was seen hanging in an Ikea showroom. The black and white print was pictured on the wall of the store in Cardiff.

Ikea bosses quickly removed it after the error of judgement was pointed out.

The picture was apparently one of four such pictures of the same grossly insensitive boy, though the other three pictures were apparently less controversial, containing no references to Nazi Germany.

Embarrassed Ikea bosses were galvanized into taking immediate action after the scandalous picture was brought to their attention. A full apology was issued forthwith, with assurances that it would never happen again. Our sources reveal that the boy concerned in this shocking prank was eventually tracked down to his home in a leafy suburb of Cardiff and questioned minutely as to his motives in posing for such a potentially dangerous  and altogether unacceptable picture. He is reported to have muttered “No comment”, fuelling suspicions that he was not a very cooperative boy and needed careful watching.

The Daily Mail writes:

The print was spotted in a bedroom showroom by Stevie Davies-Evans, who posted a picture of it on Twitter. He tweeted to the furniture giant: “Saw this in a ‘Bedroom’ in your Cardiff store yesterday. Inappropriate much? #Hitler #Salute.”

The 33-year-old father told Wales Online: “It was quite a shock when I saw it. I caught it by fluke. It was one of four pictures in a row above a bed and it just caught my eye. I thought it was a bit weird because that pose has such negative connotations.”

He said he would not want his 11-year-old daughter to mimic the gesture, and continued: “It takes some balls to put that up. It is borderline inappropriate.

“Borderline inappropriate” is of course an understatement.

Several of this writer’s female friends have experienced palpitations, pulse irregularities, and panic attacks on viewing the offensive picture. And they have sworn to boycott Ikea for the next few weeks as a punishment for subjecting them to such needless emotional distress.

(See closeup of shocking picture here).

Thankfully, calm has been restored and life goes on as usual after a hectic week of Hitler traumas. The Daily Mail, to its credithas put our minds at ease with its reassurance that all’s well that ends well:

Store manager Richard Owen told Wales Online: “We can confirm that a photograph that could cause offence to some of our customers was found in our store. We often use photography to illustrate life at home in our room sets and as soon as we were made aware the image was immediately removed. We apologise for any offence the image may have caused.”

Ikea’s decision to remove the “suggestive” image sparked outrage on the web and was mocked in a series of tweets by British comedian Ricky Gervais. “If you are in a book shop and you see a book about Hitler,” the actor advised, “you should complain because it made you think of Hitler….. Let’s all try to get the most innocuous thing banned because it reminds us of something bad.”

Another commenter sarcastically suggested that fake beards sold at Ikea’s kid section were inappropriate as they brought to mind images of Osama bin Laden and other bearded terrorists. (See Comments section here)

The following picture was sent to me in the last few minutes by a deeply shocked correspondent of mine called “Lobro”. His comment left me shaken. I will not reveal what he said lest his inflammatory words prejudice the reader against two of the world’s most popular politicians.



Please watch this short satirical sketch set in an Orwellian future world. This is remarkably like the world in which we live now. We’re not a bad as this—not yet!—but we’re getting there fast.

VIDEO : 7-mins

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Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

83 thoughts on “Ikea apologizes as ‘Hitler moustache prank’ causes uproar

  1. Any visage of Hitler is to the tribe what garlic and crucifixes are to Dracula. If one gleans the jews to be a truly evil force in our world, then what does that make the man who they detest more than anyone that ever lived?

    1. YOU WILL APOLOGIZE OR BE ATTACKED! – You used a great statesman and a great parasitic amalgam in the same sentence! YOU MUST NOT ATTACK THE SYNAGOGUE!
      On a more serious note, I almost laughed at the clip, then realized it was accurate.

    2. Brilliant! Couldn’t stop laughing. Loved the picture of Angela Merkel and Benjamin Netanyahu, added at the last minute.

      I intend to grow a Hitler moustache as an act of defiance. In fact, I am thinking of starting up a Hitler Moustache Society. Any volunteers?

      (Women not accepted unless they are on testosterone). 🙂

      1. I have thought that for the last couple of years!!! LOL.Not gonna do it though, I pick my battles,but Im not going there. Im still grinning at your post.Thanx!

      2. Ronald Mael of the group SPARKS had one for years without any controversy, of course, we lived in more enlightened times then.

    1. Awwww. Was your sensitivity offended?? What a drip you are! (The better part of you must have run down your mother’s leg and stained the sheets on the Ikea bed…)

      1. Good for you. To me it looked like a little boy not likening something smelly. Since when does a finger under the nose mean anything to do with Adolf.

    2. @ iyou
      Whats in it ,is it a sinister materials they send you ,it got into your nerve
      what ever is it .it’s your fault for subscribing to shadowy site
      Are you a Jew ?

  2. People these days are thin skinned, reading into things too much. Clint Eastwood best summarised it as:

    Now, in a new interview with Esquire, Eastwood has provided more of his political opinions by defending Trump and telling people to stop calling everything racist. Eastwood first says that Trump “is onto something” when it comes to political correctness, which “everybody’s getting tired of…kissing up.” “That’s the kiss-**s generation we’re in right now,” he continues. “We’re really in a p***y generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.” [….]

    He also says that he’s not endorsing Trump, but doesn’t appreciate the treatment he receives from the public. “He’s said a lot of dumb things. So have all of them. Both sides. But everybody — the press and everybody’s going, ‘Oh, well, that’s racist,’ and they’re making a big hoodoo out of it. Just f*****g get over it. It’s a sad time in history.”

    Personally, I think most of this so called sensitivity with crocodile tears is nothing more than pushing an agenda to criminalise everyone who does not think as the oligarchy thinks. It is alright for them to say their crude jokes, but in their hypocrisy expect a differing behaviour by others.



  3. Just another example of how Jew is taking over the job of Creation from God, manufacturing everyday reality to suit his stunted, schizoid mind, dictating how the goyim experience the world at a subliminal, automatic level.

    “Hitler” mustache was worn by lots and lots of people in the day, today it will make you a death row pariah.

    many jews were named Adolph back in the day, how many dare use that ancient Arian name now.

    both swastika and the six-star were sacred symbols of hinduism thousands of years ago.

    the salute of the roman legions is now anathema because the divine jew objects.

    the old croatian salute of “Za Dom”, meaning “For home” is so repugnant to St Jew that their national team has been banned by FIFA from playing before home public for some number of international games because a bunch of fans insisted on using it: “For Home!”, response “Spremni” (Ready) … oh, the pain! the fainting fits …

    The list goes on and on, chopping out slices of history, stealing others, remaking the world, past, present and future.

    And goy looking up from his knees in abject reverence, blinking back tears of repentance.

    any bets that Jesus and the Crucifix will be outlawed within 20 years? (unless something cataclysmic to jew happens soon)

    1. @Lobro: Jesus is already banned at least in his infant image from public displays at Christmas time only to be replaced by the Kike Menorah.

    2. Right you are Lobro, SELECTIVE manufactured “reality” – delicate sensibilities are selectively offended by a Hitler-like mustache (not uncommon in Austria when I used to visit) but after being administered smelling salts to recover from their faint, off they go to see and listen to vile mouthed Sarah Silverman who performs indelicate acts publicly with dogs and probably other creatures (hard to get attention when you lack talent that speaks for itself) because ms. Silverman is, well, one of the tribe (Pigs are more equal) and the arbiters of “culture” (?) have pronounced her, Mr. Stern, and others acceptable.

    1. Maybe someday the jews will work themselves up into an uproar that a Nazi is the leading jew of jews in America, SOROS. The jews never work themselves up into an uproar over George Soros whose family and him were NAZIS during WW2 and handed their fellow jews over to the Nazis to be thrown into concentration camps. Funny the jews, who “don’t like” Nazis, who “hate and despise” Nazis, make the NAZI Soros who actually had their fellow jews thrown into concentration camps A MAJOR BIG SHOT JEW LEADER OF THE JEWS IN THE UNITED STATES.


      1. When the jews work themselves into an uproar that a NAZI who had his fellow jews thrown into concentration camps is one of the most important and one of the most influential of jews in the United States, than I’ll believe the jews really don’t like, hate and despise, Nazis. So far, the great majority of jews in the United States support SOROS’ NWO agenda. Yet, SOROS and his family were NAZIS during WW2 and had their fellow jews thrown into concentration camps, the jews make him one their most beloved leaders of jews in the United States.

      2. ALSO : Their jew Prime Minister of their jew Israel, Menachem Begin, Menachem Begin like jew Geroge Soros and jew Soros family, was also a NAZI during WW2 and threw his fellow jews into concentration camps. The jews NEVER worked themselves up into an uproar about their jew NAZI Begin ; Quite the opposite, they made the jew Menachem Begin who was a Nazi during WW2 and threw their fellow jews into concentration camps a Prime Minister of their jew Israel.

      3. A bit off-topic, Joe. As usual. We are NOT talking about George Soros or Menachem Begin being Nazis.

        We are talking about Hitler mustaches.

        Understand the difference?

      4. Sure, Uncle. I don’t notice you want the readers of Darkmoon to go to message.snopes so you put the link in my post as if I’m the one who linked to message.snopes and “NOT” you. Not TOO dishonorable, Not TOO deceptive, Not TOO scuzzy. You reach a new LOW today, Uncle.

        TOBY: So what’s the big deal if I inserted the snopes link for you? It was intended to reinforce the point you were making: that Soros had been accused of Nazi sympathies. I was doing you a favor by including a link you should have put in yourself! 🙂

        I guess your snake pit wasn’t deep enough into the ground for your liking, you’re digging down to new LOWS. I guess it would have been TOO ABOVE-BOARD TO simply type up your own post under your own handle and present to the DM readers the link to message.snopes under your own name. That would have been TOO honest.

        I understand, I know how you are. I’m not surprised, I’m not shocked, at this new LOW of yours so scuzzy, so under-handed, so sly, TOO sly for words. SO LOW, but you know that already.

        Who put you up to it, to being scuzzy and dishonorable, Madame Butterfly? I think so. And of course you don’t have the strength of character to say “NO” to any sleazy scuzzy suggestion, how U LERV Madame Butterfly’s sleazy shitty scuzzy snake-ish suggestion.

        TOBY: WOW, you really have it bad! I put in a link for you and you accuse me of being “skuzzy” and “sinking to a new low”.

        It’s known as “editing”, Joe. It’s being helpful. Ever heard of “editing”? 🙂

  4. The Supreme Court(Areios Pagos),in the center of Athens is surrounded by railing with swastikas,quite a number of them.

    It is called Tetraskelion or Tetraktis and it was a sacred symbol also for the Greeks.

    As for Jesus,yes he will be outlawed in less than 20 years i think.He is more hated than Hitler.

    1. Quite correct. According to the Talmud, Jesus burns in hell under mounds of excrement.

      But don’t tell the 60 million Christian Zionists that.

      Yeah, and don’t tell Pope Francis that either. (I don’t think he could have read the Talmud).

      1. What an odd place this is.
        Most of the commentators sound like the same person, with their faux pomp and token intellectualism.
        probably a skype hangout.
        best scurry and get get my bug spray !

  5. Much of this oligarchy elite controlled media sensitivity frenzy can be attributed to the role that their owned televised and silver screen media portray. It is a form of mind control conditioning of the masses.

    Hollywood’s Agenda, and the Power Behind It

    During the second half of the last century, one of America’s most popular entertainers was Steve Allen. He was also a gifted and noted musician, composer and writer. In 1992 — some twenty years ago — he said: “Everyone — left, right and middle — is perfectly aware that we are in a period of cultural and moral collapse. But some people don’t want to concede that the popular media bear part of the responsibility.” [11] Allen was right. Few people, I think, will dispute that Hollywood has played a major role in lowering, even debasing, the cultural level of the United States, and, to a certain extent, of much of the rest of the world.

    Michael Medved, the Jewish American author and film critic I mentioned earlier, took a critical look at this issue in a widely-discussed 1992 book titled Hollywood vs. America. While Hollywood continues to produce works of technical brilliance, dazzling camera work, stunning special effects, impressive sets, skilled editing, and creative writing, the great problem of America’s cultural-entertainment center is what Medved calls a “sickness of the soul.” Hollywood today, he says, is a “poison factory,” where what he calls a “pattern of honoring ugliness“ has become “pervasive.” “The most influential leaders of the entertainment industry,” Medved goes on, demonstrate what he describes as a “preference for the perverse.” “One of the symptoms of the corruption and collapse of our popular culture,” he wrote, “is the insistence that we examine only the surface of any piece of art or entertainment. The politically correct, properly liberal notion is that we should never dig deeper — to consider whether a given work is true, or good, or spiritually nourishing — or to evaluate its impact on society at large.” [12]

    11. Michael Medved, Hollywood vs. America (Harper Collins, 1992), back cover dust jacket.
    12. M. Medved, Hollywood vs. America (1992), pp. 11, 25, 26, 21.

  6. There cannot be ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING that will remove the ‘suffering and persecution’ of the Jews. This typifies it.
    The thing is, again, people are to blame for they are the ones who are building their prison, courtesy of their acceptance and promotion of political correctness. Worse, they fail to see that Hitler IS Emmanuel Goldstein, the hate figure, in Orwell’s 1984. They don’t really think anymore. They are ‘triggered’ (new terminology to bring about anger and hatred within the individual) simply at the mention or image of Hitler, which will launch them into an instant attack on anyone who remains impartial on him. To them, Hitler MUST be despised. To them, what he did, or Germany’s for that matter, in WW2, MUST not be questioned. He is simply to be hated and never defended. They have been programmed.

    As for the video, well, I watched this a while back and the comedian, Neel Kolhatkar, who produced and acted in the video, is chillingly close to reality. Actually, I didn’t laugh at all, simply because I KNOW people like this. Many within the younger generation ARE like this. I was very fortunate when I was young, to go to a school, that promoted, above all, individuality. It strove to bring out the best within its students and in today’s world, my teachers, would have been removed from their positions, for not promoting group-think within its pupils. Teachers today, merely parrot the syllabus they’re given to teach the students and like the msm, are completely partial. This sketch, could easily have been a Monty Python, back in the 70’s and people would have howled in laughter at it, but Neel Kolhatkar, is very much on the ball socially and politically. This is not comedy, but a warning.
    Lastly, to show that much of this is correct, one of the schools had their annual sport’s day, where I live, however, a they never gave out any first, second or third place ribbons in races, because ‘everyone’ was a winner. Now you’ll see, how cultural Marxism has utterly destroyed the very concept of what the west is all about.

    1. I should also have added that this action, by Ikea, will also have a rebound effect. It will create, within the populous, anger, within those, already at breaking point at political correctness being shoved down their throats. And they want this. They want people to complain as it gives them even more people to ridicule, sully and lambaste. They will be shouted down as anti semites, racists, xenophobes, white supremacists and bigots and it’s more ammunition to use against the right, by the left. People are simply unaware that they have been studied, like lab rats and our ‘masters’ know every way we’ll act. And they’re ready for it, regardless.

    2. People are simply unaware that they have been studied, like lab rats and our ‘masters’ know every way we’ll act. And they’re ready for it, regardless.

      precisely what i have been saying all along, harb.

      we react to individual provocations as if they are all unrelated, unable to see the bigger pattern.

      meanwhile, (((masters))) who devote 100% of their time and effort to putting into effect goyocide at every level (they got all the time in the world with goys sweating 3 shifts to deliver a life of luxury for them) clearly see the big picture because that’s what it started with in the Devil’s Synagogue 2,500 or so years ago: “let’s destroy humanity in the filthiest, most evil way conceivable”.
      An overarching idea, a final goal, a blank canvas, vaunted jew (eg, Markus Yakovlevich Rotkovich) artistry (yours now for a low, low price of only “$86,882,500” while supplies last) fills it in, paint by numbers (stop at 666).
      So, while jew works from a bird’s eye down, we, the happy, self-admitted lowlifes in the jew swamp are looking out and wondering at the latest outrage, “I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound. Everybody look what’s going down”.

      I know what’s going down and cannot be surprised anymore, just a voice in the wilderness while the frogs are being boiled into oblivion.

      1. Yes Lobro,

        As I said though the goyim do but don’t think. They don’t question. They simply – DO.

        Take an example here in the UK. The pub industry is going down. As more and more independent pub owners go under, the chain pubs, owned by the brewers take over. They are the corporations within the pub industry. So I talk to publicans and ask them “Look, your industry is dying. You’ve lost customers because of the smoking ban, most of the pint you sell is tax to the government and brewers continue to put the prices up. Has it never dawned on you to make a stance? Have you not thought of getting in touch with all other publicans, in your city and country, to put a stop to this? Have you not thought of telling the brewers that they stop selling alcohol to supermarkets? Have you thought of telling the government no”?

        The list goes on and on, but local meeting places are dying out. They have no respect for their customers, as those who spend the most money have to go outside to have a cigarette, like the well trained puppies they are. And worse, even smokers say “well I think it’s good that people go outside…..” while they pay exactly the same for beer as those who don’t smoke. “But smoking causes cancer” is what we always here. Does it? Does driving your car, pumping out Carbon monoxide not KILL people? It’s the hypocrites in the pub, who don’t smoke, but drive, are the first on the attack. And yet, I’m not a smoker but see that smokers should be allowed to smoke if they choose too. After all, what was the local pub, if not a place to come for a beer and a smoke? That’s changed now hasn’t it?

        Sorry for the ramble but this is a classic example of how easily they manipulated the public, through media brainwashing, to accept an even more, shittier existence. Prohibition was also on a par, as this was a study to see how people would react if you took away alcohol.

        The amount of times I’ve been in debates, on Youtube where people ridicule ‘freemen on the land’ or those who challenge the law. It’s always the same: “Look at these idiots getting owned by the police/courts”. If this doesn’t prove how easily people have accepted their slavery, I don’t know what will. Here we have members of the public, attacking corruption within the police and the judiciary, trying to lead the way to stop others being manipulated and what resorts to nothing more than fraud, being committed upon people by the police and the judiciary, to themselves, be attacked by the very people they’re trying to help. And how many people, throughout history have tried to do the same? We could start with the man who got nailed to a tree and work towards present day.

        And as for Orange, Red Yellow by Rothko, what can I say? Does this not epitomize society? Does it not show how simple, how moronic, how pathetic people are? The fact that your average individual will earn before tax and living costs, some £900,000/$1.3m in their lifetime, at forty hours a week for fifty and more years and this rubbish is sold for eighty times, that amount, proves that society has gone down the toilet. But then it’s not just a case of pathetic Jew painting, but the whole arts industry, as you know, is controlled by them. Did Lasha not do an article on it?

        Both you and I know what’s going on. We see the stark naked emperor while everyone cheers at his wonderful, new, clothing. And remember, the people staff and protect the system that is destroying them.
        But then Lobro, I suppose if people don’t it will be a case of: “paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep, it comes when you are afraid, better watch out, man come and take you away….”

      2. Cannot disagree with a word you said Harb, it is all true.
        the mankind has changed, take the man out of it, where once the buffalo roamed free, now you see monsanto cattle in stockyards meekly submitting to what the jew has in store for them, more afraid of his fearmongering (fake moozlums tossing hand grenades at their suburban driveways) then of the awaiting slaughterhouse looming real.
        Two days ago, on a guest pass to the local gym, i popped into their sauna and within a minute, some pockmarked creep was onto me, silence of the lambs material, pretty clear body language, outweighed me by at least 20 lbs, at least 10 years younger … such stuff simply doesn’t happen in Sarajevo, not a whiff in 3 consecutive 5 month stays.
        well, it passes for normal in Toronto, when i said “not my game, buddy”, he replied sullenly, “no problem” as if excusing my bad manners.
        two more days and i am out of here, can’t wait.
        It sure wasn’t like this in my youth, the guys i remember from back then were just like the ones in bosnia today … something in the water, something in the air, something in the media, year in and year out and the the evolution was fast tracked to where it is today, Buffalo Jump ready for grand culling.

  7. What idiots! That boy is not putting on a Hitler stash! The boy was just holding back a sneeze. I like the photo!

    Although I would demand to see the video of those ‘several israeli schoolgirls fainting’.

  8. “This was after numerous shoppers were overcome with nausea, alarm, and trauma symptoms on seeing the controversial photo. “…….Bless !

    1. they were revived by hilarious picture of netanyahu and merkel skit that made them all laugh because such is nature of jew humor.

      jew does it: hilarious (eg., larry david, sarah silverman, sarah bernhard, jerry seinfeld)
      goy does it: HOLOCAUST!!!

      JWO democracy in action.

      1. @ Lobro

        I enjoyed the picture you contributed at the last moment as an afterthought and comment on political correctness. That was indeed a happy inspiration.

        It’s true what you say: that the Jews are allowed to poke fun at themselves but no one else is. They are also given free rein to ridicule the White race, Christianity, traditional values, the family unit, and normal heterosexual relationships.

        What sickens me above all is that they are allowed a complete monopoly on the Hollywood entertainment business — the means by which they push their degenerate values down the throats of the rest of society. Without people being aware of the mind poisons — i.e. the Jew values — being administered to them on a daily basis.

      2. Shut up bitch. You care committing mesirah. You are a moser. You deserve to be raped and burned alive for your treachery.

      3. Maimonides, explaining what needs to be done with mosers:

        “It is forbidden to hand over a Jew to the heathen, neither his person nor his goods, even if he is wicked and a sinner, even if he causes distress and pain to fellow-Jews. Whoever hands over a Jew to the heathen has no part in the next world. It is permitted to kill a moser (informant) wherever he is. It is even permitted to kill him before he has handed over [or betrayed] a fellow Jew.”

        You are a classic example of a moser, Bitch Bernstein, and as such you deserve to die according to the Judaic law.

      4. Pharisee is as hypocrite does

        It’s true what you say: that the Jews are allowed to poke fun at themselves but no one else is.

        What sickens me above all is that they are allowed a complete monopoly on the Hollywood entertainment business — the means by which they push their degenerate values down the throats of the rest of society

        yes Ruthie but you and I took a peek at the happy ending, didn’t we

        Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! … therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation

    2. wiggins on October 15, 2016 at 3:17 pm: “This was after numerous shoppers were overcome with nausea, alarm, and trauma symptoms on seeing the controversial photo. “…….Bless !

      Boy to sneeze, holds nose;
      Hidden one’s rant, Hitler’s there!
      Zionist press screams.

  9. I am Canadian from Saskatchewan. My prediction is not good. In the event The Donald is NOT elected POTUS I see civil war in the streets by April. Mark well my words Ladies & Gentlemen. The worlds most powerful Mafia will not go down easily and will go to no end to see that you go along with them in their notion that political correctness is the belief that you too, can pick up a turd by the clean end. Let only those with clean hands come to the table

  10. I’m certainly impressed with modern education. A 33 year old Brit (born 38 years after the war ended) not only knew who Hitler was but that he was a bad man. I wonder if he knows who the Prime Minister of his country is?

    1. Franklin,
      “Where did you get that Cat? Where did you get that lovely Cat? I want a Cat like that!” sung to the tune of Noel Coward’s “Where did you get Hat? Noel was a famous English wit in the early to mid 20th century. He was once reported to have said, “I always sail on Italian ships! None of this nonsense about women and children first.”

  11. Likewise, many were reportedly horrified by Trump’s crude comments of 11 years ago — but what Illegal Occupier “Israel” is doing in Palestine and beyond with leaders of its colonies in tow as NWO agents with the masses used as muscle, getting away with it, hardly seems to matter to the world at large. This is beyond “dumbed down” or “ignorant”.

  12. When I was younger, the finger across the upper lip was used to signify someone being ‘posh’ and had nothing to do with Hitler in the least.

  13. The lying Jew Pharisees finding fault
    with Mr Hitler or his moustache – or
    even with a young boy purportedly
    hinting at some invisible moustache.

    Yet they never found any fault at all
    with the Jew Rothschild banksters’
    contributing oodles of money to the
    Nazi Party through the good offices
    of Dr Goebbels from as early as 1928.

    What a shame, Zyklon B was only
    used for killing typhus-carrying lice!

  14. @ Zaky Seymour

    it’s not nice to call another Jew names in anti Semite blog in front of all these Jew hating hyenas ,
    shame on you Zak

  15. not to miss the point of the netanyahu (malakovsky)/merkel picture – as i have been saying, she’s hitler’s daughter, grand niece or something.
    the whole hitler thing is an inside joke among the ptb in the jew-ish bankster nwo security pyramid. he was working for the zionists all along. that’s how menachim begin came up in the jew terror cells. mussolini trained them, for the jesuits.
    and they’ve been flogging that myth for decades, because they think the hitler automatically translates to a license for all the crimes they do in the world. everybody’s probably seen this teapot — some kind of mistake i guess. yeah.
    political correctness too soon equates to a form of speech-stifling totalitarianism. truth doesn’t matter in the world of realpolitik. it’s all about the cause. so all these gold-digging rape accusers are operating on the general victim license all females, like all jews, are supposed to be born with. pc speech zones on campuses now are beachheads in the insidious campaign to give the government or somebody ultimate power over what is allowed to be uttered. big government replaces big god.

    1. “mussolini trained jewish terror cells for the jesuits.” Wow, that’s a good one! And I bet Mother Teresa was a CIA asset and professional assassin too.

  16. They have certainly become (((shrinking violets))) in the UK. I wonder what they’d think about the German Night 1940 fancy dress party, I attended in 1978 in the RMP (Royal Military Police) mess in Hong Kong. Most guests came in Black SS uniforms and included many RHKP (Royal Hong Kong Police) members, a couple of marines from the US consulate and few officers from KEO (King Edward’s Own) Gurkhas.Things have certainly changed in the last 40 years. Imagine the hysterics today. Although, If memory serves me correctly Prince Harry was given some grief for his attire at some fancy dress party a couple of years ago.

    1. There does seem to be a bit of a contradiction with (((them))) believing they are the supreme race and at the same time believing they are perpetual victims.

      1. It is a flip-flop out of convenience. It is no different now as it was 2,000 years ago. This is what Christ had to say about them from Matthew 11:16-19 –

        “How can I describe the people who are living now? They are like children who sit in the marketplaces and shout to other children, ‘We played music for you, but you didn’t dance. We sang a funeral song, but you didn’t show any sadness.’ John came neither eating nor drinking, and people say, ‘There’s a demon in him!’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and people say, ‘Look at him! He’s a glutton and a drunk, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ “Yet, wisdom is proved right by its actions.”

        When someone does not meet their expectations, they slander them.

  17. Hitler worked for and with the Ashkenazi-jews who are still in power, working for Satan.

    @ Observer and to all racial Israelites (Jacob had twelve sons. Judah was one of twelve).

    If you are truly a racial Judahite, separate yourself from the likes of Seymour Zak. He has been given the Truth and fails to accept it. Even worse, he claims it (The Torah) is Judaic, thus, misleading others into The Fire with Satan who is the master of deception and lying.

    The Way Home or face The Fire –

    @ Seymour Zak

    I’ve been to Brooklyn, NY numerous times and I feel safe in saying there are hardly any racial jews on that land mass. You parrot Judaic literature and mock the mistakes of the true Judahites who need to recognize The Torah as the Word of God for all the Israelites.

    You, Seymour Zak from Brooklyn, are a nemesis to The Old Testament and one reason why the comments reflect such confusion about The Truth and clarifying anti-Semitism.

    1. Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf that if the heebs ever got their own state established, that all the diaspora jews wouldn’t relocate there. He said the jew nation would just be a haven for the jews to flee to whenever they faced scrutiny or committed a crime and faced being prosecuted.

      Oh how right he was.

    1. At one time Darkmoon had a variety of voices and opinions and worldviews, but now Darkmoon has turned into Pat’s personal fiefdom and no other opinions are voiced here anymore, just Pat’s opinions ; Pat who seems to have taken over Darkmoon, and I guess ADMIN approves of Darkmoon being Pat’s personal fiefdom.
      Darkmoon is one of the Top One Percent of websites on the WWW , that’s cause ALL the world’s people clamor every morning, afternoon, and evening , and every second round the clock 24/7/365, to come to Pat’s personal fiefdom where ONLY his voice is heard. The world clamors for Pat’s opinions every day.

      1. As for myself, I’m thinking of growing either a Nietzsche moustache, a Husserl moustache, or maybe even a Heiddegger moustache [ Heidegger’s moustache looked more like Hitler’s moustache than Husserl’s moustache and Nietzsche’s moustache ] this way Karen will like me mo’ betta. Which one you think Karen would like best, Pat? World’s leading expert on everything , even moustaches. Though I don’t know…. I’m torn… I kinda want to grow a Galileo moustache so you’ll like me mo’ betta, Pat, but I also want Karen to like me mo’ betta TOO. So I don’t know what to do. Copernicus and Sir Isaac Newton for some odd reason didn’t have moustaches, yet another of history’s great mysteries, I guess. But believe me Pat, if Sir Isaac Newton and Copernicus had moustaches, I would certainly now be trying to figure out whether to grow a Sir Isaac Newton moustache or a Copernicus moustache so you would like me mo’ betta.

      2. TROJ –

        You really need to create some distinguishing facial feature for fellow members of your Chattahoochee Club – maybe a surgical hare-lip, or a fu mustache… You ARE rather distinctive, you know. Then, when you and Pat deliver your tomes of wisdom (if you can convince Pat to join your club!) we will be hearing/seeing your distinct delivery in our minds, and we’ll at least be amused, if not edified. 🙂

  18. I suggest that the letter “H” be canceled from the alphabet in order not to remind the Jews of Hitler and the Holocaust ( ouch! I spelled the forbidden words! Apologies for the fainted.)
    In addition, I suggest a new letter ” doublejew”, by way of reparation for the damage caused to the the Jews, but I guess they prefer a pecuniary compensation.

    1. I watched the ‘Greatest Story Never Told’ in 15-minute chunks … a lot of chunks. It is good, consistent with the more in-depth (((not written by them))) books I have read about Hitler. It is one of 3 videos on YouTube everyone should watch. Another YouTube video everyone should watch is ‘Gaza in Context’ (20-mins).


      A link to this video should be in everyone’s blog posting signature. I am surprised LD has not done a blog on it, yet. An excellent video, professionally produced, no fat, no waste, just the facts.

      1. Thank you, Wiggins. I had started to read it sometime ago, never finished it. You have renewed my interest.

  19. The Zionists had already been given Palestine by the Brits (Balfour Declaration). Hitler, instead of fighting Zionists (no Holocaust), he made a truce with THEM. Tell me, what leader helps to set-up a nation for his (so-called) enemies. NONE. The nation of Ashkenazi-jews / Nazis was officially born then declared in 1948. Working for Satan, Hitler worked for the Ashkenazi-jews who are still in power.

    Apparently, and I see it all the time, the ‘Hidden Hand’ makes secret deals. “I will make you an offer you cannot refuse”. People each day sell their souls to the devil. Adolf Hitler was no different. He not only betrayed Germany, but the entire world. People have a right to hate Hitler; and they have no right to see him as being a good man.

  20. Who would be better for Germany, Hitler or Merkel? Seriously and without hypocrisy. And who would you like as President to your country, a Hitler or a Merkel? Again, seriously and without hypocrisy.

  21. god and the devil look at earth
    the devil points at god and laughs
    god raises his bottom lip, closes his eyes, shrugs and exhales
    now there is just god again
    the devil and earth in his heart

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