In Defense of Donald Trump

By Peter Incognito


Donald Trump (pictured). ‘Not a fascist, but an alpha-male nationalist.’

The recently published article by Chris Hedges, The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of Fascism, is hopelessly misguided. From beginning to end, it is wrong in all its assumptions and in virtually every idea it puts forward.

I’m not going to address every false idea it advances,  just a few.

First, Trump is not a fascist, not that I think being a “fascist” makes someone a bad person. There may be a time and place for fascism, like in Europe in the thirties when the Jewish dominated Soviet Union was murdering tens of millions of Soviet citizens.

Several countries, including Germany which bordered Russia until borders were shifted in 1919 became fascist and one reason Germany became fascist was to stop the communist mass murderers from spreading the violence into Germany and beyond. Spain, Italy, Portugal and other countries became fascist too.

I’m sure Hedges is wrong with whatever he’s trying to say where he mentions Hitler and fascist Germany, for the simple reason that most people just repeat the lies that have been drilled into their heads. Until the war began in 1939 there was very little violence in Germany, yes very little violence in Germany after Hitler came to power and very little violence against Jews. There was some, such as Kristallnacht and that was a reaction to a cold-blooded murder committed by a Jew against a young German diplomat in France, and this wasn’t the first time a Jew had committed such a murder.

But while Hedges and all the other know-nothings which make up 90% of the people in the world criticize fascism, which opposed the communist mass murderers led by the Jews, the democracies—Great Britain, France and the USA, each with a powerful Jewish influence in those countries—fought on the side of the Jewish Bolshevists, helped communism take over half the world, said nothing about the communist atrocities during WW II and have never tied Jews and communists together, saying that was something the “NAZIS” made up.

And while these same people say nothing of the tens of millions of victims of Jewish communists, they are all “experts” on Jewish victims of “NAZISM” and fascism, something that has been exposed so thoroughly as shot-ridden through with lies that it is only held up by laws in Europe that will throw someone in prison if he says something about it that Jews don’t like. That is where Hedges is coming from.

Putin himself revealed that 80-85 percent of those spearheading the Bolshevik Revolution were Jews. Watch this 48-second YouTube clip:

Trump is not a fascist because he has never said or indicated any affinity for fascism. He is a nationalist who believes globalization has destroyed the USA and he has backers from all ethnic backgrounds, but his biggest opposition appears to be the Jews.

He is what a typical western leader was like at least until at least 1980. His responsibility is to the people of the country he leads first, not people beyond his country’s border and not to corporations who think they can make a better profit by moving a factory to a third world country and hire people for pennies in slave labor conditions.

Trump is also an “alpha male” and Hedges has a problem with a white man acting like a man. Only black men or other minorities are supposed to be seen that way, like in a Hollywood production where the black guy is frequently seen as the stronger and smarter guy and the white guy is a goof ball, or where the 115 lb, 5’6″ woman beats the living daylights out of the 6’1″ 215 lb male (a white guy of course). That is Hedges world.

Whites have to know their place in Hedges world.

That is why American foreign policy has been run by neo-con Jews since the year 2000 or so (and by non neo-con Jews going much further back), killing well over one million people in the middle east and destroying countless countries, causing a migration disaster for Europe and hiding the fact that this is done to empower Israel.

This can be hidden from people because Jews own most of the western media so the connection between the USA trying to topple the Syrian government and supporting the terrorists destroying the country and the fact that Syria borders Israel never even enters the mind of the average idiot that this might be done to help Israel, the country that countless American politicians claim is the USA’s most important ally in the world.

But don’t tell Chris Hedges that. That would make you an anti-Semite.

And don’t tell him that America’s Ivy league schools, every one of them are now dominated by Jews (and Asians) with Jews that account for 2% of the American population outnumbering whites (65 – 70% of the population now – down from the 90% whites were at in 1965 thanks to the Jews leading role in passing the 1965 immigration act opening US immigration up to non-Europeans).

Don’t tell him Harvard was founded as a Christian school and all the Ivy league schools were founded by Christians, and don’t tell him that whites with superior scholastic records are being kept out of the Ivy league schools, while Jews with inferior records are being let in, explaining the high Jewish percentage of the class bodies. (See here)

Here are statements by congressmen demonstrating the leading Jewish role in passing the 1965 immigration act which has opened the floodgates to immigrants.

LD:  Another of Chris Hedges’ erroneous ideas, which Peter here could well have mentioned, is Hedges’ naive assumption that the winner of the presidential election will be the candidate who gets the most votes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Even if Trump were to receive 80 percent of the votes, Hillary Clinton could still be proclaimed the winner — thanks to the combined effect of rigged Diebold voting machines and corrupt Supreme Court judges.

Hedges, like so many other political “dissidents” with one foot in the mainstream, clings to the persistent delusion that America is a democracy where the people get what they want. Even if Trump were to become president, there is absolutely no guarantee that he will keep his promises.  

Those who admire Hitler and  have daydreams of Trump being the new American Führer may be in for a big shock.

46 thoughts to “In Defense of Donald Trump”

  1. I agree with the vast majority of your argument, Peter. And I am not going to nitpick on the minutiae.

    The Neo Cons set up shop in the beginning of the so-called Conservative Movement and it coincided directly with the new nation established in 1948 known as Israel. It was also made manifest in the 1953 overthrow of the Iranian government by the CIA and the installment of the Shah. And they certainly made great strides under Reagan and the setting up of Reaganomics, the brainchild of Milton Friedman and his Chicago School. By Gulf War I in the early ’90s these Neo Cons had completely taken over US Foreign Policy.

    The story behind the Jews takeover of the Ivy League, which is to say all of Academe, is that a Jew in Brooklyn was able to get every question, and answer, to the entire SAT test. He did this by holding parties for Jewish students in which the ticket to admission was to bring 2 questions from the test. They started to get perfect, or near perfect scores, and the Goyim in charge of the test were too stupid to change it.

    The Jews are going bonkers because of Trump. Recently they have criticized Trump for asking his rally participants to raise their right hands and pledge an oath to go out and vote for him in their State primary. Read what Abe Foxman had to say about it in this hit piece from PJ Media:

    “Holocaust survivor and former longtime Anti-Defamation League president Abe Foxman told The Times of Israel that “to see an audience of thousands of people raising their hands in what looks like the ‘Heil Hitler’ salute is about as offensive, obnoxious and disgusting as anything I thought I would ever witness in the United States of America.”

    “We’ve seen this sort of thing at rallies of neo-Nazis. We’ve seen it at rallies of white supremacists. But to see it at a rally for a legitimate candidate for the presidency of the United States is outrageous,” Foxman added.

    “It is a fascist gesture. He is smart enough — he always tells us how smart he is — to know the images that this evokes.”

    Foxman noted that instead of asking his audience to pledge allegiance to the United States of America, “he’s asking them to swear allegiance to him.”

    That tells me Trump is the man to vote for. As if I needed further proof.

  2. Great, great answer to an article by a writer which uses all the PC arguments of cultural marxism , to enforce the distorsions that allows talented shills , to be universally accamated as “intellectuals”. Trump is an indipendent man, rich enough not to be bought , more a Berlusconi than a Mussolini . What the jews fear most is the power of personality, the charisma of a leader that can drive the masses away , out of their subjugation. People is awakening , and the fact that an outsider like Trump can appear on the stage, is the proof that the jews are far from being all powerful. They can sell black for white as long as there are enough willing executioners , but things can change pretty fast and they know it, so they are in panic. Holocaust narrative is the key of everything , their ” free pass” for the moral superiority they perpetuate in our nations. Trump as an indipendent man is a threat to this castle of lies and deceptions that give a tiny minority carte blanche to shape the culture of the west.
    Fascism in Italy was the response by the veterans of the first jewish war world who realize that the nation was going rotten. Nazional socialist Germany was even more and went much further, was the struggle of a nation already rotten almost to the core , like the USA today. How it will ends I don’t know , but I am certain that this fight which is just beginning in America is going to be vital for all of whites of the world. God bless the maverick. Long life to the Donald

    1. “Trump is an indipendent man, rich enough not to be bought , more a Berlusconi than a Mussolini”

      I beg to differ. He is a Zionist, a fully, fledged supporter of Israel. His daughter is married to a Jew. Jews CONTROL politics in the west. His wanting to ban Muslims into the USA is just what the Zionists want. While they’re flooding Europe with Muslims, they’re creating hatred and anger amongst the indigenous. In the USA, with Trump’s statement he is whipping up more anti Islamic fervour and keeping the war of terror alive. Trump is owned by the CFR. They decide who goes into the Whitehouse.
      Jews own both Republican and Democrat, just as they own Conservative, Labour, Liberal and UKIP in the UK. Unless you are sympathetic to Israel, then you will never get off the starting line.
      Regardless who wins (but it will be Hilary) it’s a win win situation for Jewry and a lose lose situation for the goyim.

      1. Harb –

        Righto…. and…

        Canada is being flooded with musselmen also…

        As of March 1, 2016….. 26,166 refugees have arrived in Canada, according to the federal government.

        More than 100 Syrians Take Over Fredericton(CA) Howard Johnson — Secrecy Rules

        Canadians pay and are kept in the dark. The press isn’t allowed near the latest crowd of Syrian “refugees” ensconced at the Howard Johnson’s in Fredericton. The authorities and the multiculti organizers are keeping the press away.

        The Canadian taxpayers must pay but are not entitled to know the facts much less have a say.

        Lisa Bamford, executive director of the Multicultural Association of Fredericton, which is in charge of the project, described the refugees as ‘vulnerable people’ whose privacy must be protected.

        “They are not commodities,” she said Tuesday as dozens of men, women and children milled about the lobby of the resort on the Saint John River. “We have to respect and protect their privacy.”

        Bamford declined to say how many refugees were staying at the resort, where
        they came from, how long they were expected to stay or how many more were
        expected to arrive.

        The insolence of the immigration industry! What privacy? The Syrians chose to accept Canada’s charity. And they can’t grant an interview. “Vulnerable people”? How? they are safe in Canada.

        Note the average family has five children!
        Likely these people will impose an even heavier burden on the Canadian taxpayer. “Vulnerable people”? The only victims here are the Canadian taxpayers!

        Paul Fromm

      2. Yes Pat,

        It continues to amaze me why people even bother defending Trump. He’s a multi billionaire, is a Zionist puppet and like them, doesn’t give a **** about the American people whatsoever (or any other Caucasian, Black, Asian, Hispanic etc).
        Trump will continue to whip up anti Islamic feeling and the Jews get what they want, more people on their side in their agenda to rebuild Greater Israel and the Temple of Solomon. I mean, what American is really going to care when they knock down the mosque on Temple Mount? Americans will just say, “well they’re Muslims, they’re invading out lands implementing their Sharia law, **** ’em”!
        The more Americans die abroad, the more they see Islamists spout their BS, the more Israel laughs all the way to the bank and the creation of their state.
        What Americans fail to see is that Israel would destroy the rest of the world and its population (save some slaves that is) in order to fulfill their desires. A horrible, vile people whose land needs to be turned into a carpark and the indigenous allowed back into rebuild and live in peace as they did before the Balfour declaration.

      3. I don’t know how deeply Trump is involved with the jews, but nowadays is impossible to stay in business at a certain level without being tied to them, and this is a fact. Another fact is that his engagement in politics is opposed by jews in US and everywhere else. Somebody sees in this opposition just a giant psy op , somebody thinks he will be a puppet like all the leaders of the west, most of the people want to hope he is the right man to lead an american revolution. Personally , I want to give credit to Trump, because for the first time in decades an american leader seems to care for american people more than he cares for the organized jewry. He is an old man , he had everything and he can take the risk of being killed. His family being jewish is what give him courage. He doesn’t have to fear for their lives . The Donald , is not and never will be a man of the stature of Hitler, but he is giving hope to the american patriots, and this is a surprise for the all world. Let’s consider Putin: the jewish oligarchs thought they had him in their pocket and he just threw them out . Look at what is happening in Hungary when Orban is fighting openly against Soros and his agents. The Visegrad group, is now including Austria and all these countries are opposing the policies of open borders in total disregard of the dictates of the jews and their minions. We are at a crucial point of history , and everything is possible , even a revolution. They were boiling the frog for decades, but the frog is not dead yet.

      4. Roman,

        “Another fact is that his engagement in politics is opposed by jews in US and everywhere else.”

        But is it? Clinton is the slow road to anti Islamic sentiment in the USA, whereas Trump is the fast road. No Jew opposes trump because they control both candidates.

        “Personally , I want to give credit to Trump, because for the first time in decades an american leader seems to care for american people more than he cares for the organized jewry.”

        He’s a committed Zionist. His daughter is married to a Jew. when the push comes to a shove, who’s he going to side with Zion or the USA?

        “He is an old man , he had everything and he can take the risk of being killed. His family being jewish is what give him courage. He doesn’t have to fear for their lives.”

        He has the lives of his family to fear as that’s whom the Jews will target. If Trump is legitimate, for example and he paid for a full investigation of 9/11, when he started getting to close to the truth and to expose them, the shabbos goy would be in touch with Mossad and Trump’s plane would crash, killing him and his family. Trump IS NOT greater than Israel. No Jew is and no shabbos goy for that matter either.

        “but he is giving hope to the american patriots, and this is a surprise for the all world.”

        And if American patriots STILL haven’t cottoned on to the fact that politics is one big sham then they deserve whatever nightmare befalls the USA and their people.

        Trump is controlled opposition.
        Clinton is controlled opposition and the next president of the USA. They’ve had the black man and now it’s time for the woman.
        She will lead the USA into war with Russia, China and Iran and bring about the utter demolition of the USA, flooding it with immigrants and having the DHS fighting against ISIS in the USA and patriots seeing the light eventually.

        Anyone who believes in politicians and politics is really, I’m sorry to state this Roman, but a complete and utter fool. The game is rigged from the start and biggest con is making people believe that they have a say in whom they elect into power and what this psychopath will and will not do.
        As I have always stated, the Jews are not the biggest problem. It’s the millions upon millions of goy who are still to stupid to see the wood for the trees on what’s really going on in this world.

  3. I’ve always liked Donald Trump, although I’m not that fond of great big gaudy buildings, but oh well. I like him better now that he has taken on the task of making “America Great Again.” But what really struck me was when he said, that he has co-workers who have taken their beautiful babies in for shots and then after that they were never the same…vaccines are making kids sick… That to me is a very obvious reality in our society. He also said, “everything is a lie.” That to me also is a very obvious reality. What is not a lie? Tell me one thing about this society that is not a lie! The wars we fight are based on lies. Our medical establishment is based on lies, although I admit they do work miracles when treating car crashes and trauma, but when it comes to disease it’s like we’re regressing. For example, aluminum salts are a known neurotoxin used in infant vaccines. The aluminum goes into the brain because the blood brain barrier is not mature. The CDC justifies the use of this neurotoxin because they say they have always done it that way…. hey, why should we drive a car when we’ve got a horse and buggy… Trump makes me uncomfortable when he has to rip into everyone standing, but again oh well. I can hardly wait until we get to see Killery ripped to shreds. It’s true that we might lose against the booger nosed neo-cons, they might have their tawdry claws too deep into the society. I’m not sure I’m optimistic but try to imagine this election season without Trump speaking truth to power. They might kill him in some way, though, just so Killery will win. Just like in the old Soviet Union the communists quickly ran out of creative ideas and had to start the killing. It won’t be that easy this time because as any observant person can see, it’s also too late for the neo-cons. It might be too late to save America but the neo-cons are going down too, and Killery can’t seem to get a word out in between coughing fits. So…. let’s hope for the best and let’s hope the international community is observant enough to not go down the same wicked pathways. And thanks for standing up for Trump amid the politically correct robotic crowds. They actually think it’s ok…that it’s always been this way living in totally fabricated reality.

    1. Yep….

      It ain’t RIGHT…. but it’s SO..!!

      We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.– William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

      1. “not sure that many see it.”

        That would be about as many as there are Christians who believe Pharisee-Jews are NOT ‘chosen’… Damned few…!!

  4. “Those who admire Hitler and have daydreams of Trump being the new American Führer may be in for a big shock.”

    Quite correct.
    But it is because I am an Hitler admirer that I don’t daydream about a new American Führer.

    How logical is it that TPTB as evil as the current ones would allow a voting scheme which potentially risks their power being passed to opponents? Not very. Democracy is the biggest con job ever.

    Only determined organised violence could bring change. It certainly brought TPTB where they are today and they will never step down voluntarily because a majority of voters just happens to decide so. In Germany the shift to power from the Jew to Germans in 1933 was only accomplished through years of brutal fighting violence by determined patriots breaking Bolshevik head during NSDAP rallies.

    So if Trump is real he needs a vast army of patriots ready for combat to back him. Without that nobody has a chance.

    1. Rest assured, you’re not the only one. Hitler is one of most popular foreign leaders in India. In fact, Indian-born American Hindu writer, author and blogger, Dr. Susmit Kumar PhD, claims that Hitler, not Gandhi, should be given credit for the independence of India in 1947.

      “World War II had a profound effect on the colonial powers because it completely destroyed their economies. Although Hitler committed crimes against humanity, I give him credit – for India’s independence immediately after World War II. Hitler destroyed the economies of Britain and France to such an extent that they were no longer able financially to maintain their military forces, and hence were incapable of containing the burgeoning freedom movements in their colonies. It is worth noting that Britain was in such bad shape that it received about one-fourth of the total aid given under the Marshall Plan. Regardless Gandhi or any other charismatic leader, Britain would have left India in 1947 purely for financial reasons, due to its wholly collapsed economy. After WW II, Britain not only left India, but all its holdings,” says Kumar.

      1. Here’s an older Indian’s perspective, as well. Notice the difference. It’s hard to miss.. Compelling also, because this man was actually there, and a relevant part of the culture at that period.
        He says Subhash Chandra Bose was India’s real hero. The guy the schoolkids never heard of.
        Of course the crushing weight of the war was materially paramount, and Gandhi a legend, even at the time .. but it was just a matter Of time, and tick, tick, tick.
        Chandra Bose deserves huge credit.

        Morning Walk — December 30, 1973, Los Angeles:
        Prabhupāda: Well, in politics, unless there is violence, you cannot take. Simply by sweet words, not possible. That was the difference between our political leaders, Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose. So Subhash Chandra Bose was of opinion that—and that is a fact—that “You are agitating non-violence. These people will never care for your non-violence. Unless there is violence, so these Britishers will never go away.” So Gandhi would say, “No, I am not going to accept this violence theory. I shall continue.” So for thirty years… He started from 1917 and up to ’47, the Britishers did not go. But when Subhash Chandra Bose, he saw… He took the political power. He became the president. But Gandhi was angry. So because he was old leader, out of respect, he resigned the presidentship. Then he though that “So long this man will live, there will be no independence.” So he went out of India and joined with Hitler, and Tojo, Japanese.

  5. If Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were alive today, they would call ‘loony’ anyone who claim them to be fascists. Like the so-called ‘antisemitism’, ‘fascism’ is another Zionist ploy to put a ‘duct-tape’ on your mouth.

    The Organized Jewry hates Donald Trump not because he hates Israel, Jews or denies Holocaust and 9/11’s ‘official story’, which a US Jewish N.Y. judged pinned on Iran the other day and ordered US to pay $10 billions to the ‘survivors’ of the so-called ‘3000 American death’ even though not proven in a court of law since September 11, 2001.

    How come no western leader has the balls to call Israeli Jews ‘antisemite’ for killing and expelling of Native Muslim and Christian Palestinians who have more chances of being ‘Semite people’ than the Western Khazarian Jews occupying their ancestral land.

    Personally, I tends to agree with Alex Jones (yes I know his ex-wife was Jewish) that Donald Trump has many characteristics of being a ‘Judas Goat’.

    1. “How come no western leader has the balls to call Israeli Jews ‘antisemite’ for killing and expelling of Native Muslim and Christian Palestinians…….”

      Bit of a no brainer really. If they do, then they will very quickly find themselves out of a job and I should also imagine, for higher up politicians, in cabinet, their perverted existence (paedophilia etc) will be made public. Politicians, upon joining their political parties will be told – “don’t attack the Jews, or you’re finished”.

      1. “Politicians, upon joining their political parties will be told – “don’t attack the Jews, or you’re finished”.

        ALL US Congressmen ARE told exactly THAT during ‘freshman orientation’ sessions, when first assuming office. Disobey that rule…. and you will have no more than one term. You will be defeated next time.

        Multi-term office-holders have obeyed.

    2. Rehmat,

      “If Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were alive today, they would call ‘loony’ anyone who claim them to be fascists. Like the so-called ‘antisemitism’, ‘fascism’ is another Zionist ploy to put a ‘duct-tape’ on your mouth.”

      You are a indeed looney for naming Stalin in the same row as Hitler and Mussolini or call him a fascist.

      There’s no such thing as ‘so-called’ antisemtism. There is semitism which is anti gentilism which thus provokes justifiable anti semitism. I am a ferocious anti semite and any gentile who isn’t is an idiot who deserves his fate.

      Fascism, the National Socialist version, is the only cure for a Jew infested society and it is the biggest nightmare of Jew. Letting gullible idiots believe that fascism is what we currently have to suffer is a zionist plot to hate their own saviors in favour of their mortal enemies.

      Heil Hitler!

    1. I posted the comment above to show how the criminals like Buchanan, Nixon’s speech-writer, and advisor, keep the foolish duped global public interested….
      ….. as if it is a legitimate fraud-free horse race. 🙂

      1. Pat,

        Why do you think Buchanan is a criminal?

        The article you posted was very interesting for those of us who can read between the lines. Notice his mention of the Jews against Trump? The most interesting name being Robert Kagan. Husband of Victoria Nuland one of the engineers of the Ukrainian mess.

        And after reading this article by Buchanan, I don’t see how he is duping anyone into believing this race is legitimate and fraud-free. In fact, it’s downright depressing. If Trump loses Ohio or Florida its over for him in one way or the other. First scenario being a chaotic convention and the recruiting of someone else at the end. Or they only allow him the delegates he needs after making deals that insures he is finally controlled. Either way, he loses and we lose.

      2. Rich –

        Buchanan was the speech-writer and senior advisor for Nixon, Ford and Reagan.
        When they lied to the public they were doing it verbatim from Buchanan.
        He is complicit in their criminal acts, from Watergate to Iran-Contra. He made the excuses palatable… after advising how to pull off the operations.

        He sounds believable to you because he is an expert at that…lying…. while you like it. 🙂

        He knows what you want to hear. His job… He IS very good at it..!!

        He is Knights of Malta… and Georgetown graduate. One of ‘the boyz.’

      3. HP –

        “Pat, when a person is no longer duped, what’s the reward?”

        Eternal rest….. “…no longer duped” only happens upon expiration… 🙂

  6. Harbinger is right. Trump is Just a puppet at the hands of the Jewish bankers. Donald has been making business with them all his life and clearly show public support to the state of Israel. Their followers are so deep in depression that they need to believe he’s a heroe. Well, he is not, just give him some more time, perhaps 4 or 8 years.

  7. I am not an american citizen, but as a citizen of this nightmarish EU , my life is strictly dependent of what is going on in the US. Only in America can see the light a movement which can free the west from the jewish stranghold. This because only the Us has such a number of unhappy veterans and armed people that constitute the core of any possible revolt against a domination. Trump wants to make a deal with the jews, he is not eager to go all in ,in a total confrontation , but what he is up to is a real u turn in the policies so far pursued by the last administrations. Honestly I don’t believe he is controlled opposition, and also I don’t believe he is an american fuhrer. In Italy we had something similar with Berlusconi who was opposed by the jews and the left in Italy who used to compare him to Mussolini, evoking the ” fascist danger ” at any attempt by his government to modify the status quo.
    Berlusconi was a lame duck in Italy, he only achieved some political success abroad , thanks to his personal charme and wealth. He never oppose Zionism , but he was able to develope political and commercial ties with all the countries on the jewish black list. He wasn’t a Duce but surely he did not sell Italy to the globalists.
    He was demolished by the press and the corrupt judiciary system , and with him who I personally consider a egocentrical superficial edonistical man , we italians lost the last bit of sovereignity a occupied nation can have.
    We better put our hearth in peace: we will never have another man like Adolf Hitler. So for the time being we have to cope with what we have. This is not a generation of Titans.,maybe the next will do better.

    1. Presidents here in US do as they are told or….. go to Dallas and have a convertible ride down Elm St.

      1. I imagine presidents and the like are subjected to a version of this scene from Paddy Chayefsky’s screenplay.

        I can just see the golden Negro in a Rothschild castle being delivered a speech akin to this by a top Rothschild functionary.

        “Mr. Obama, It’s bizness, that’s all it is, do you understand’? There aren’t any nations anymore, no God, other than the dollar, no more good guys, no more bad guys. We’re runnin’ the whole show, we own everything, the whole goddamned planet, we can do whatever we want and we’ve given it to you to lord over in our secret name! So what’s wrong with having it good for a change? You been kept down in the cotton fields for centuries and now we’re gonna’ let you have it good if you just work for us. We’re gonna let you make some money, have some fun. Now you’re gonna have a little taste of the good life. We know you want it, hell everybody does, and we’re gonna’ let you have it, all ya’ gotta do is stay with our program and obey our orders without question.”

        (At this point the functionary brings forth a skull with the upper right portion of its cranium blown away and sets it carefully on the polished conference table in front of Obama.)

        “Conversely, if you step out of line Mr. Obama, dare meddle with our primal forces, or even think a wrong thought and YOU will be the next president to ride down a Dallas street in the presidential limousine.”

    2. The Roman,

      I always knew you were European, not American.

      ” Honestly I don’t believe he is controlled opposition, and also I don’t believe he is an american fuhrer.”

      All politicians in the USA are servants of the Jews. It’s just the way it is. Like I already stated – they are told not to attack the Jews or else their political career is over. Look at the disgusting scenes of all the American senators, Republican and Democrat, giving Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech constant standing ovations in Congress. They know who their boss, is and although Benny Nitwit is a puppet of Rothschild, they must do whatever it takes to show the public that they are 100% behind Israel and Zionism. They show more loyalty to another country than to their own, as American soldiers come back in body bags, fighting Rothschild’s proxy wars.

      You put far too much faith in the American people. Out of their population, you can be sure that only about 7% are awake and they are nowhere near capable, militia or not, to take on the might of the DHS and the American military.
      And as for Berlusconi, he got as far as he did because he was, like all Italian politicians a puppet of the Rothschild, banking cabal. Who is in charge of the Vatican bank? Rothschild per chance, supposedly the ‘church of Christ’ on this earth being run by a Pharisee Jew? Seriously?

      I suggest you do some research into the American Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute for International Affairs here in the UK and read two books by Carolle Quigley: Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.
      All politicians are puppets. Those who aren’t remain on the fringes and their party goes nowhere and even then, the BNP, a fringe party here in the UK was Zionist, something their founder, John Tyndall was completely against as he saw the dangers of Jewry.

      1. “…you can be sure that only about 7% are awake and they are nowhere near capable, militia or not, to take on the might of the DHS and the American military.”

        My guess would be less than 1%…. since I am in touch with people at all political levels.

        And 1% is 3.15 million…… way too many. Since 1% is 1 in 100…. 1 in 1000 is closer…. if even that many.
        Big trouble. Too much media belief.

      2. That’s shocking Pat.
        How many people are in the armed forces and DHS?
        And what is the number of American militia?
        With this, it shows just how vastly outnumbered and outgunned the militia is. All they have to do is feed more cock and bull to the servicemen and the people of the USA, when the time comes, that the militia are terrorists, courtesy of all their controlled puppets in every major US establishment.


      3. Harb –

        Approximate numbers:

        DHS = 250,000
        Active military = 1.4 million
        Reserve military = 1.1 million

        Don’t expect any action here. Futile.
        Personal weapons are for defense against civilians, thieves and muggers…. not offense against an organized military.

      4. Pat,

        The US military also have 1.5million reservists and were they to bring in conscription, they’d have 73 million capable men between 18 & 49 and of those 59 million are physically fit.

        You are right. The militia would be destroyed instantly from air support, satellite navigation and special forces teams. long before the regulars moved in.
        Yes, the USA might have the freedom to bear arms, something we in the UK used to have, but they managed to take that freedom away from us, obviously, but as you stated, it’s only useful against muggers and civilians to act as a deterrent in most cases.

        The situation really is grim when you look at the overall reality. How Roman can look to the USA as the last shining light of freedom and liberty is beyond me.

        There’s more freedom and liberty amongst the former soviet block countries of Eastern Europe who have experienced communism first hand, to not want to ever go back to that hell again.

      5. Here in Disneyland, today, I had occasion to listen to Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity on the tractor radio while prepping ground to plant soybeans. Glen Beck is anti-Trump, Rush seems pro-Trump, and Hannity seems open… (One thing for sure is that it isn’t dull – and quite entertaining! 🙂 ). I heard clips of comments from Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (head of DNC, and an attractive Jewess), and we can be SURE the political jew-faction seems uneasy about Trump’s predictability insofar as taking their part in the interests of Israhell over America. (Hey, we’re simply TOO judeafied for ANY candidate to openly address those issues; but, to my way of thinking, Mr. Trump is predictable to act in the best interests of America, regardless of Israhell, and that frightens the bastards.)

      6. @ Harbinger

        One obvious fact, the jewish controlled US government would not be interested in disarming the American populace if they had no fear of them being armed. If they thought that they could band weapons ownership without causing an armed revolution, they would have already done it. It is not an accident that the centers of jewish power, NYC, DC, and Chicago are basically gun free zones to normal Americans. Jews live in fear of armed societies.

        Of the 1.4-million armed services personnel, approximately 200,000 are active trigger pullers. Everyone else is support for those 200,000. There are those in the 200,000 that the jews cannot reply on to shoot their own people. How many? I have seen estimates of everywhere between 20% and 50% would not. The point is that the 200,000 is even less than reality.

        Armed Americans are estimated to be 100-million+. The government can only estimate because they have no idea about how many weapons are moved through the black market or what type of weapons are moved through it. One thing is certain, they are not all handguns. The demand for “assault” weapons is high as well as ammo for them as evident from past shortages.

        Being conservative and using Pat’s 1%, that would make Americans willing to revolt equal to 1-million trigger puller requiring no support personnel versus 200,000 trigger pullers requiring 1.2-million support personnel for the military. If you consider that there are approximately 400,000 licensed deer hunters in the State of Wisconsin and only 1% decided to revolt, that would be 4,000 sniper equipped rebels in just one State. The potential impact of what the rebels would have is at best a guess especially considering the black market where most everything illegal is available.

        The reserve military are pretty much worthless except as support personnel. Most reservists are that only for the additional income provided by the government. Their primary occupation is being a civilian making them excellent candidates to be on the rebel’s side.

        As for the DHS 250,000, remember that those numbers include such fierce people as the TSA child molesting airport personnel as well as tons of other government DHS employees more concerned with breaks and lunch than anything else. They would be of no consequence in a revolt condition. Most would be looking for a safe place.

        Modern militaries are not adequately trained to fight a guerrilla war against heavily armed, unorganized rebels. Afghanistan is a perfect example. As the old saying goes about the US military, why should they be feared if they cannot defeat a bunch of goat herders? Guerrilla wars continue until the organized military is either defeated or gives up and goes home. Guerrillas have no leaders contrary to MSM propaganda. Guerrillas cannot be defeated with negotiations because there are no actual leaders. Guerrillas just continue fighting until the job is done.

        Airpower is of no consequence against guerrillas. Guerrillas do not group together for battle making them an air target. The Houthie (sp) rebels in Yemen are a great example since they are kicking Saudi ass despite Saudi, Israeli, and US airpower. Plus, aircraft do not fly well without fuel. To assume that fuel will be available during a revolt is naive. There are no airbases that refine their own fuel from crude on location. Pipelines and trucks are how they get it and both are susceptible to interruptions by rebels. That is why US gasoline costs $400/gallon in Afghanistan.

        Then there is the question of China and Russia. During a revolt in the US, would they just watch? Would they support and supply the rebels? Would they support and supply the US government that has their destruction on their agenda? It’s an important unknown.

        I could go on and on, but the fact still remains; if the jewish establishment were not afraid of well armed Americans, they would not be trying to disarm them. Is there hope? As sure as the sunrises or evil is more powerful than good. If this were not true, the 90% reduction of the goyim population would have already been in full swing.

      7. Always remember government minions fight to maintain their paycheck, while you will be fighting for your life. That makes all the difference. Due a lack of pay and poor equipment from a lack of funding, Wellington’s demoralized troops were given scant hope of any possible victory over Napoleon’s combat hardened troops. Then, at the last minute, Nathan Rothschild had a cartload of gold delivered to Wellington who promptly paid his troops all their back pay. Thus it was money that changed the outcome of the Battle at Waterloo.

        All soldiers of the Jew’s standing armies are essentially mercenaries who fight for money. With few exceptions, deprive them of pay and they will soon quit fighting. So when you take aim, aim for the paymaster’s armored car, or in more modern parlance, the servers that control the money flow. Stopping the money, stops the Jew’s agenda dead in its tracks.

      8. Ungenius,

        That’s a very good comment.

        And let’s not forget that many, many Americans have always hated Washington and the federal government, even long before there was a 1% which is aware of things.

      9. Ungenius –

        I already stated that 1% of the population is 3.15 million. The total population is 315 million.

        Even at that…. there is no chance of any Americans winning.

        First, Americans will not shoot their own American troops.

        Second, no Americans living in comfort today would be willing to live in the elements for 5 or 6 years.

        Americans need grocery stores…. and fresh water… they won’t even eat their yards…. or drink out of a hoof-print in the woods.
        VERY FEW EVEN DRINK TAP WATER….has to be bottled..!!
        The cold and elements would kill most of them after 2 years without supplies. Tents could not be used…. give away locations.

        Even worse… most go to emergency rooms to get stitches for minor cuts today. That means they have lost the skills to repair their own wounds. (I have 4″ scars where I got no stitches in the 40s and 50s…. never heard of an emergency room until 60s. We used kerosene and sugar for cold cures. Never went to doctors.)

        Third, ammo will run out. Weapons wear out. No replacements.

        You are watching too many Hollywood productions. There would be no chance of the people winning.

      10. Ungenius,

        While you promote a good argument, Pat above has taken the words right out of my mouth.

        You state that America has failed in Afghanistan, when Afghanistan was not about a war that must be won. It was Vietnam 2 and both these wars were never fought for victory but for the military-industrial corporations to make billions, along with the Federal Reserve and the Jewish bankers.

        Air support most certainly does work. All one has to do is look at the success of air strikes by Russia in Syria on ISIS. Sure the ‘allied’ forces’ air power is dreadful in Syria, because they are not attacking ISIS and know that should they attack the Syrians, as they want to, Russian anti-air batteries will destroy them.

        When war comes to a nation, it goes hungry and this is the driving force behind the state getting recruits. Men, who may be sympathetic to the militia and have families, have no choice. They will join up in their droves.

        An attack on America by the state would be over with very quickly. It would simply be a case of martial law shutdown.

  8. Why Mme Lasha Darkmoon Must Be Forgiven

    Forgiveness! This unique Christian concept, uttered and exhorted by all Christian lips of the world, though never before a long and glistening Christian sword has been run through every gut and bowel and head that did not happen to be Christian, is an important concept, and one whose frequency of ejaculation, and the intensity of recollection, render it the more piquant, the oftener it is heard.

    We, for example, forgive our naughty dogs for soiling the carpet, because we know that, if remained unforgiven, that unforgiveness will instantly be transported to its head, and cause all kinds of inner sedition to the animal, of resentment and unhappiness in the cute little beast, resentment and unhappiness which, had the now-human receiver of them but forgiven it, would have rendered the condition of both animals more happy than unhappy, as that sweet Catholic Lobro is wont to say.

    Equally, we forgive our fellow humans, for so pleasing is the continual filling of the head with knowledge, and so wonderful is the addition of compassion to the heart, that we instinctively feel that we must somehow selflessly disburse and share our pleasure which such goodness engenders in us by simply forgiving those who have transgressed us. And Jews, too – remember them? they are the sons of dog/dog whores and Devil beasts – they, too, are forgiven, though not without the blind Christian lovers forgetting the fact that, each and every forgiveness which they express toward the Jew, only serves to strengthen and increase his confidence, so that in the future he may transgress against the Christian the more and the brasher. Probatum est.

    But this certain-to-be-repressed comment – oh, don’t we just love the Jesuist Monty?! I hope to one day be able to adopt him and force him to sit on my lap, so that I can kill him with my Love! – this comment, I say, is not about the Jews, but rather about that mysterious English nun of the Christian faith who has retired in the country, and whose human and naturally free mind, having been hourly assaulted by the degenerate precepts of her degenerate Jewish paedophiliac faith that is Christianity, has so turned it against reality and what really is, as to no longer be able to question the fact why is there so much spiritual and mental decay in a Universal Church that is not only universally ‘’loved’’, but, moreover, that it itself is established on no other quality than Love.

    But we FORGIVE her, you see, we really do; for, the philosophers of the past have always opined that, when female minds are embittered by life and man and yet embrace solitude and the Christian Faith, their feminine venom and ignorance is generally exerted, by way of an inner and unconscious catalytic conversion which they both undergo, toward their very selves, only they, being ignorant of this secret little revolution within them, believe that their faith is actually purging them of their acquired terrestrial bile, when in fact all that’s happening, is that that Religion, in this case, Christianity, has only succeeded in inverting all their healthy instincts into unhealthy springs, and thus has turned our otherwise gorgeous Lash into one of those curious but unmistakeable mental sluts that are the gladder and the happier to spend their entire brief time they have on this sweet little earth by shutting their door to that eternal and undying Cosmic light in favour of constant asking for FORGIVENESS and PITY, two nasty little Jewish inventions which Plotinus called, invisible thorns, and which the total, total whore that is Ellka, calls, sentimental Jewish mind-fucking. But, we FORGIVE her.

    And we FORGIVE her also, because she very much loves her Christ Jesus – remember Him? He is her secret Penetrator, our ultimate and Hebrew Don Quixote, the supreme righter of all wrongs, and the succourer of all lost souls, especially untouched female ones! – the exact same Christ Jesus, I say, whose clever little business here on earth consists of engrossing beautiful minds like that of our gorgeous English dame-now-slut in stories so fantastic, and in fables so otherworldly, that, as a matter of fact, equiponderant to their importance and reality in the world, not to believe them is to demonstrate to others, as well as to ourselves, the narrowness of our own mind, and the total and complete worthlessness of our own souls – that’s how consequential Jesus and his stories are. But, as I said, we FORGIVE her.

    And we FORGIVE her also, because, although no reasonable persuasion, nor factual and material demonstration, could ever induce our elegant, Catholic, English slut whore to but once love me, she yet considers it below her Catholic dignity not to dish out Love to all other human specimens who would but ask it of her, save me, of course, a little but important point which cannot possibly be unworthy of mine demonically sharp observation, for, unless those thoughts of mine which I here have ejaculated for upwards of a year have not been cruelly and efficiently dispersed by the Jesuistic robot-killer-cum-digital-editor (in)human wind that is Monty, it was not I but she who chose to break off all intercourse, and thus deprive me of that Christian Love which she ever so readily, albeit secretly, distributes to the Jews, and thus surpass her own permanent Christian stupidity with an unwarranted and undeserved largesse of Love, which largesse, she thinks, invisibly increases her spiritual Catholic powers, but which wastefulness, I know, is most ill-spent, because the Jews cannot be loved, and what is hateful can never reciprocate with goodness. Oh, dog me! In short, though the Jews have cut and minced her spiritually erotic Penetrator, mine slut yet chooses to enchain her delicate English mind by expecting salvation to come from them, and love them instead of me, whereas I, who can give aplenty and support even the more, am openly and unmistakeably made to feel unloved and unwanted. But, we FORGIVE her.

    And we FORGIVE her also, because though she may hourly be penetrated to the marrow of her bone by her Christ Jesus, unlike me, no real male lust ever penetrates her, an important claim which can easily be demonstrated by the fact that Lash is always depressed, and is always ridden with that curious species of guilt and heaviness which her mighty Pantocrator-cum-Penetrator promised would alleviate, but which I know a good corporeal erotic stoush would instantaneously cure, since, to her spiritual and mental cobwebs she has now cruelly but voluntarily added a pudendic one, and there are some joints and pivots within us which only a different kind of shaft can satisfy.

    To turn away from what is pleasant and beautiful in life in favour of a Catholic promise of what is beautiful and pleasant in some potential and not yet certain future life, is not at all unlike refusing to an empty and begging stomach a croissant in London just because a more scrumptious and larger baguette has been promised us in Paris! Whether mine Catholic slut’s mind and yours can preserve and contain themselves without laughing for too long at this little analogy of mine, is not at all important, though it is not entirely insignificant, because I know for a fact that it is not the vileness of the English sky that has caused our countless Lashes of the world to turn their backs to this life, but the sick and depraved Jewish Religion called Christianity, which by the clever use of words and heart-breaking images of a minced meat, has deprived even the finest English minds of their stunning handsomeness and enviable sensibility, and has cunningly and malevolently subdued and transformed their sharp but beautiful natural softness of mind and heart into a frozen and rigorous forbidding lakes of solitary reflecting emptiness, which emptiness, when viewed from a distance and askance, appears full, and meditative and happy, but which, upon closer scrutiny, is revealed for what it truly is: a Jewish inner spatial death, bereft of all felicity and of all truth.

    SLUT, when played around with, becomes LUST; and, I hope I am pardoned for suggesting that that is precisely what mine Catholic Lash needs more in life: LUST.

    FORGIVE me, won’t you?

    Evil, SLUT, Ellie

  9. @ The Roman

    “Trump is an indipendent man, rich enough not to be bought , more a Berlusconi than a Mussolini . What the jews fear most is the power of personality, the charisma of a leader that can drive the masses away, out of their subjugation.”


    “Berlusconi was a lame duck in Italy, he only achieved some political success abroad , thanks to his personal charme and wealth. He never oppose Zionism , but he was able to develope political and commercial ties with all the countries on the jewish black list. He wasn’t a Duce but surely he did not sell Italy to the globalists.”

    Good insights from my Italian friend in the Eternal City. Although my understanding of Italian politics was superficial, and despite the smear campaigns against him, I always liked Berlusconi. His “bunga bunga” sex parties were more Fellini-esque and amusing than anything else to my imagination. Speaking of movies, in his prime, Berlusconi would have made a good James Bond villain, on par with Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

    Incidentally, I watched the full DVD version of the classic 1963 anthology of Italian neo-realist short movies “L’amore in città” last night. The earlier documentaries in the anthology date from 1953, such as “Storia di Caterina”, which is the real-life story of a single mother who was forced to abandon her young son in a park due to poverty and her own abandonment by the boy’s father — a common problem in a poor and destitute Italy still reeling from World War 2.

    The last short film in that anthology is “Gli italiani si voltano” di Alberto Lattuada. I dedicate it to our favorite Italian politician, probably the last of the hot-blooded heterosexual politicians in our lifetimes who loved women as much as, if not more than JFK.

    Warning: Feminists will be offended by this clip and should not watch it. “Gli italiani si voltano” (Italians Turn Their Heads) by Alberto Lattuada

  10. Voting allows the enslaved to feel free…

    All political parties are PRIVATE COMPANIES… AND borrow money…
    They are controlled by debt holders..!!!

    Republican Party Inc:

    Republican National Committee

    Political Action Committee in Washington, DC

    Republican National Committee in Washington, DC is a private company categorized under Political Action Committee.

    Our records show it was established in 1860 and incorporated in District of Columbia.

    Republican National Committee
    Republican National Committee also does business as R N C, Republican National Committee Inc.
    Business Information
    Location Type ——————– Single Location
    ***Annual Revenue Estimate —— Unknown
    Employees ———————— 250 to 499
    Years in Business —————-151
    State of Incorporation ———– District of Columbia
    SIC Code ————————- 861102, Associations
    NAICS Code ——————— 813910, Business Associations

    Officers and directors:

    Jesse Kamzol-Chief Data Officer
    Liam O’Rourke-Director Of Voter File Development
    Valerie Dowling-Co Chairman

    310 1st St Se
    Washington, DC 20003-1885
    +1-202-863-8500 (Phone)
    202-863-8820 (Fax)

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