Is Putin a Zionist Puppet?

By Petrus Germanicus
(‘German Peter’)

Based on two online comments by our German correspondent ‘Peter’


There is no leader in the world who directly confronts or accuses Jews for the bad things they do. Appearing friendly toward Jews is the policy of virtually every world leader nowadays, certainly every European or western leader. And this is because Jews are without doubt the most powerful group in the world today.

At the same time, many of our western leaders know what treacherous backstabbing liars the elite Jews can be. If the tables were ever turned and Jews lost their enormous power—and it appears that is starting to happen—you will hear quite a different tune. When calling someone  “Hitler” is met with indifference and mockery, the Jews will have lost a lot of their power.

Most Jews, as we all know, have no time for Christianity and traditional moral  values—another good reason for believing that those misguided non-Jews (goyim) who keep bashing Christianity are doing the Jews’ dirty work for them. Without knowing or caring, these rebellious “Anti-Christs” (with their tiresome ‘God is Dead’ slogans à la Friedrich Nietzsche) are acting as agents for the Jews by advancing an essentially Jewish agenda: a Marxist, atheistical weltanshauung that inevitably ends in the impasse of nihilism and despair. They are acting as Useful Idiots for the Jews.    


Conspiracy theories, disinformation and the muddying of waters, as you might expect, are all very frequently to be found when the name of Russian president Vladimir Putin is mentioned in the West. “Putin,” we are told, “is the best enemy money can buy.”

The Jews don’t like Putin because he stands up for traditional values and Christianity, things we all know the Jews hate more than just about anything. Putin stands up for his own people, the Russian Christians, and he sometimes puts Jews in prison, like the Jewish oligarch Khodorovsky. These are further reasons for the Jews to hate Putin. In addition, the Jews support with money various people who desecrate Christian churches in Russia, such as the feminist group ‘Femen’, and they finance homosexual propaganda which flies in the face of traditional values. They demonize Putin for not accepting all their moral filth.

The US is surrounding Russia and has put troops along its border in various countries. It has trained and armed the Georgians in their ongoing war with Russia.  It has a missile defense system aimed directly at Russia. And now the US has troops in Ukraine, which could easily start a major war in Europe. After lying about it for years and saying the missile defense system in eastern Europe was aimed at Iran, Putin told the US that they could easily remove the missile defense system now that the US had a treaty with Iran. The US refused.

The constant anti-Russian propaganda in the US media is only too apparent to most observers. Meanwhile, Putin goes on giving his support to Assad in Syria, which naturally creates American and Israeli hostility, since the fall of Syria is an essential stepping stone to a Greater Israel.

Putin has had a clear victory over the US. The US may be now losing one of its key allies against Russia: Turkey. The US had nukes in Turkey, pointed at Russia in the early 1960s when the Cuban missile crisis occurred. Now Erdogan has apologized to Putin for shooting down the Russian plane allegedly flying over Turkish airspace. He has personally traveled to Russia to have talks with Putin. He is turning his back on the US and looking for a new Russian friend in Putin. Indeed, there is now talk of Turkey leaving NATO altogether. Scroll down here to “NY Times: Putin and Erdogan Vow to Repair Ties as West Watches Nervously”.

All the right wing parties in Europe support Putin; and the “extreme right”—as it is now derogatively known—is the closest thing Europe has come to a concerted resistance to the Jews.

—  §  —

Why doesn’t Putin challenge the Jews more openly? I think the answer to this question is: realpolitik and pragmatism. The Jews have such enormous power in the world—albeit hidden from most eyes—that it would be insane for Putin to confront them directly. The financial power of the Jews is formidable and their ability to create serious problems is virtually unlimited. This is why no leader in the world challenges the Jews directly. Diplomacy and discretion demand a more softly-softly approach.

Everything the Putin bashers say about Putin nowadays is basically invalid. Why? Because Putin takes exactly the same approach to Israel and the Jews as any other western leader does. You criticize Putin at your peril: for doing things other leaders do to an even greater extent. In this you reveal your double standards.

The Jews who hate Putin and Russia will be found in the western media and government circles. Wealthy Jews like George Soros also help to finance Putin hatred. These people pump up Russophobia in the western media—after all, they own most of it!—and they impose sanctions on Russia to punish the Russian people and make them suffer.

They also fund the Lesbian/ Gay/ Bisexual/ Transgender (LGBT) groups in Russia, in the full knowledge that the Russian people have no liking for the slippery slope leading down to the sewer pits of sexual perversion. All this filth propagated by the Jewish sleaze merchants is incompatible with the values of our Christian ancestors who fought and died to build Europe with its great cathedrals, its sublime art and music, and its incomparable scientific achievements.

—  §  —

The Jews don’t want to appear to oppose Putin openly. Their opposition to Putin needs to be covert. If they can bring him down without appearing as an enemy, that is what they want.

Allow me to quote from an excellent article published in the Occidental Observer: Jewish dissidents target Putin. This will give you all an idea of what is going on in Russia behind the scenes:

Neutral observers [in Russia] say that the campaign against Putin conducted by the dissidents and a complicit press is unjustified and simply another example of Jewish solidarity in opposing policies that disadvantage their own interests. Dissidence and opposition [to the Jews] during the harshest Soviet era of the 1920s, 1930s, and during World War II, would have been more than justified.

To a considerable extent, obscenely wealthy Jewish oligarchs who were squeezed out of the Russian Federation by Vladimir Putin, to the great delight of the Russian people, finance this multifaceted movement. 

It did not escape the attention of some observers of US-USSR relations that the principals in the arrangements made between the American and Soviet representatives to introduce capitalism in the USSR were all Jewish and that the resultant newly created oligarchs were also mostly Jewish. [These] included Mikhail Khodorkovsky (whose release from prison is a major neocon project), Platon Lebedev, Grigory Yavlinsky, and Boris Nemtsev. All are Jewish, all are in opposition to Putin, and some are in jail.

Neither exiled nor domestic Jewish dissidents can honestly accuse Prime Minister Putin or President Medvedev of anti-Semitism, especially not those who control the major media. Putin merely insists and will continue to insist that the mass media in Russia not be used for character assassination or to make or subvert government policies.

Putin believes that Russians, not Jewish media moguls with their dual citizen status, should govern Russia.

Despite the fact that a good many Russians object to the fact that Jewish entrepreneurs all but monopolize the export of Russia’s mineral resources to countries abroad, the Russian Government continues to permit it. Oleg Deripaska, for example, an associate of Nathaniel Rothschild, is one such oligarch, as is Roman Abramovich, a friend of Boris Berezovsky, is another. They are allowed to do so because they do not attempt to run the Russian Government nor dictate its policies.

So many exiled, anti-Putin Russians have already been granted political asylum in England and have chosen to reside in London that the city is referred to as Londongrad. The British Government obviously does not object to this because the exiles direct billions of dollars to the British economy which otherwise might go elsewhere. Some observers conjecture that the governments of both the United Kingdom and the United States permitted and even encouraged the unorthodox monetary arrangements made with the former Soviet Union, knowing full well that the Jews so involved would inevitably divert the resultant international trade to the dollar or sterling countries.

The idea that Putin is secretly working for the Jews flies in the face of common sense, but common sense has never been a characteristic of wild-eyed conspiracy theorists. Will the Putin bashers kindly explain why Putin, if he is a secret agent of the Jews—working hand in glove with them—should go out of his way to anger his Jewish friends by revealing that Jews made up over 80 percent of the leaders in the Soviet Union during the Bolshevik era?

Aren’t these Putin-bashing conspiracy theorists aware that any attempt to link the Jews with the Soviet mass murderers of the Bolshevik era is a BIG NO-NO? — one of the greatest so-called “antisemitic canards” in existence?

VIDEO : 48 seconds
in which Putin commits the unforgivable sin of revealing
the huge Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution

SUMMARY : There is no leader in the world today who directly confronts or accuses Jews for the evil things they do. Appearing friendly toward Jews is de rigueur—the policy of virtually every leading politician and statesman in the world today.  Certainly it is the policy of every European or western leader. This is because Jews are the most powerful group in the world and no one can afford to challenge them openly.  

At the same time, however, many of our western leaders know only too well what treacherous backstabbing liars the elite Jews can be and mostly are. If and when the tables are turned and Jews begin to lose some of their legendary power—and there are signs that Jewish power is indeed on the wane—you will hear an altogether new tune being sung.

When calling someone “Hitler” is met with indifference and even mockery, you will know then that Jewish power is beginning to unravel.  

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  1. @ Peter

    I have added a few words here and there in order to clarify and strengthen the excellent points you were trying to make in your two separate high-quality comments. In the view of our editors, these two comments deserved publication as a full-length feature article.

    Sincere apologies to you if my “creative editing” has in any way distorted your meaning or said something you would not have said yourself. As you yourself must realize, comments are usually hastily written and often contain typos and other errors, so a certain amount of editing is absolutely essential.

    Best wishes,


    1. Thank you LD. Thanks for publishing my comments as an article, for the editing and for what you added to the article. You made it much better.


      1. @ Peter

        A truly brilliant and impressive article from ‘Petrus Germanicus’. Neatly presented, point by point, and not a word wasted. I am so glad this site has collected such a gallery of exceptionally gifted commenters on world affairs.

        (Yes, I know LD added a couple of words here and there to polish it up a bit, but the ideas are all yours and so full credit to you.)

        Here you are, Peter: your article on the Truthseeker, a major website which will take your work right across the world and into the heart of Germany:

      2. I find it interesting that there is a clear misdirection in Putin’s statement about Jewish domination in the Bolsheviks and this is why the Jews ok-ed the comment , IMO. Putin said these were Jews that arrested the followers of Judaism like they arrested the followers of Christianity.
        Saying this makes them out to be renegade Jews not representing Judaism as Bolsheviks or the real Jewish conspiracy as a whole.
        Everything I have heard that I trust says Jewish synagogues were left alone as well as Rabbis and therefore a clear Jewish power grab and destroying of goyim enemies. Christian churches destroyed, priests murdered. In other words, it was a goyim slaughter but Putin painted it even handed

      3. So the question is since no one reacted to my comment that Putin lied about Jews being persecuted by Bolsheviks Jews why does the writer give Putin a pass for the obvious misdirection? It’s like David Duke writing about the protocols of Zion and calling it good fiction. Yes, someone lazy will notice that Putin acknowledged the Jewish power structure of the czar revolters. In celebration they, therefore, miss that he denied it was a Jewish conspiracy by omission. He didn’t mention New York Jewish bankers harboring and funding the revolution or that a main reason to have WW I was to create revolution in Russia
        No this is like Trump championing a wall when in 2012 he called Romney mean-spirited over the issue. It’s politics and half truths formulated to pacify the knowing while allowing the Jews an “escape clause”
        Nothing new about that. The whole fake WWE arena needs to come down and Vince McMahon hunted like a dog (WWE fake=JWO fake analogy)

      4. Joe Sigur,

        Well, I didn’t know that and I find it very interesting. So thanks for sharing. I think this rather significant.

      1. @ LD
        @ Peter

        How come Lasha NEVER asks the authors if they don’t mind having their work edited BEFORE she edits their work? She always edits their work without asking the author’s permisssion, than after her editing jobs she informs the authors she tinkered around with their work.

        There would be NO NEED for Lasha to offer her phony meaningless apologies if only she asked the authors before-hand if it’s okay to edit their work, but that takes TOO much common sense, I guess.

        And for sure, it would “deny” Lasha “the pleasure” of offering fake phony and extremely insincere apologies, so-called apologies.

        What a joke Lasha is.

        1. @ TROJ

          Good point. But all that takes too much time and energy. Lasha has no time for such niceties.

          Back-and-forth emails … waiting for responses from correspondents who take 2-3 days to reply … arguments about commas put in the wrong place … suggestions for “improvements” … demands for deletion … modification of phrases … we just don’t have time for such intellectual gymnastics.

          Efficiency = avoidance of time-wasting preliminaries.

          1. As long as the writer is pleased, that’s all that matters. Writers also have the option of asking for their article to be deleted if they aren’t pleased with the result. We’ve had no complaints so far.

    2. Jewish Power depends on big money, the media, the academie, but most of all on FEAR; the fear public figures have of bringing down the media and the Jewish network on themselves.

      We little people can pipe up all we see as the truth, but until some major public figure calls out the Jews, in public, we will get nowhere.

      Left unchecked I can see the Jewish network leading us into WW3, and like in WW1 and WW2 the Jews will emerge as victors, over the bodies of more millions of gentiles.

      I think Mr Putin is the only world leader with the courage to stand up to this parasitic enemy within.

    3. I find this hard to understood. It must be a computer glitch. No one else has complained of this problem.

  2. This idea about Putin’s dual strategy of verbally flattering the Jews but in practice going against their agenda is 100% correct. Putin is a master strategist and his strategy is working.

    If you watch Trump closely, you see the same strategy at work. Trump is as little “sold out” to the Jews as is Putin, and his agenda is as much a threat to Jewish interests as is Putin’s.

    Still, neither of them can be accused of “anti-Semitism”. The panic of the Jews about the prospect of a Trump presidency is as genuine as their loathing of Putin.

    1. No, “this idea” is 100% incorrect. People outside of Russia can’t understand it. All these things that are being discussed here are not the same for the insiders. For example,

      “Will the Putin bashers kindly explain why Putin should go out of his way to anger his Jewish friends by revealing that Jews made up over 80 percent of the leaders in the Soviet Union during the Bolshevik era?”

      This is just amusing to us. All Russians know about this since like 1980’s, it’s even in the English section of Pedia. He didn’t reveal a thing to no one. All the names are familiar to all of us. If some ignoramuses in ‘Merica haven’t heard about that doesn’t mean that it is the same for the rest of us.

      The support of Assad is another misconception here. Understand that Russia has lost about 50% of its territories and populace, and resourses after the so-called collapse of the USSR. Russia has lost contracts in North Africa. Russia almost lost the base in Crimea. Russia might lose much more in the future, if that pipe from Qatar or something push the Russian gas out of the market. So that’s a strategic move in the interest of Russia, as it seems, but do not forget that the gas business in fact belongs to a bunch of people.

      “And it was Putin who hounded the Jewish oligarchs into prison or out of Russia.”

      Bullcrap. Open the Forbes list and check it out. Just because a couple of his former personal enemies ended being expelled to London doesn’t mean this. Russia is a corrupt slum, and the people in charge are those that had the means to get their share during the time of “privatisation” of the Russian economical outlets. The bankers from the US, investors from London and Israel, corporations enabled certain people of specific kind to do that. Can a regular man in a socialist state possess a sum of cash that is needed to purchase an oil plant?

      The same misconception, coming from not being able to understand the context, makes it hard to comprehend the LGBT issues charcter in Russia. If the LGBT is to get a green light, the ratings of the people responsible are to drop and then the Commies get back on top. This is Russia, babe.

      In the times of the USSR there was no porno, no prostitutes, no LGBT and no religion.

      1. Rousso,

        Thanks for the balanced view.

        It would be rather arrogant for a non-Russian to disregard this opinion from a Russian.

      2. Why did it take the Russians until the 1980’s to find out that they were ruled over by a tiny Jewish minority? Do you think if they had known this in the 1920’s or 30’s the resistance against communism would have been stronger? Knowing the antipathy Jews and Russians had for each other (the same antipathy that existed throughout much of Europe), I would say yes. Churchill, Hitler, Goebbels and many eastern Europeans knew Jews dominated communism. They all wrote about it or made speeches about it, but to this day there are Americans that say “that is what the NAZIS said” or “that is what Hitler said” when they’re told the Jews dominated communism. And if all the Russians now know, since 1980, that the Jews dominated the USSR gov’t, you would assume the same holds true for Ukrainians. And if Russians and Ukrainians are aware of this, then they would also know that Jews were in charge when millions of Ukrainians were being deliberately starved to death and millions of others murdered in other ways in the 1930’s. But apparently they don’t know or it’s not repeated to them often enough, because the Ukrainian gov’t is dominated by Jews again, the same people that murdered millions of Russians and Ukrainians back in the 1930’s. Porkoshenko, Yatsenyuk, Groysman and others, they’re all Jews. Would Israel put a group of Germans in charge to rule over them today?

        Putin has done a great service by saying what he said in that speech, but it is in no way nearly enough. If people are told something once every one hundred years, that would help explain why it took until the 1980’s for the Russians to know Jews took over their country. Beyond the Russians though, most of Europe should be made aware Jews ruled the USSR, because that would explain why many Europeans despised Jews, who dominated the NKVD and were their torturers and murderers. It explains why Germans, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, and many, many others treated Jews so harshly – because Jews were their murderers. But if it’s only mentioned once every one hundred years that Jews ran the USSR, then obviously people won’t know it and history can be distorted to make mass murdering Jews appear to be victims of Europeans.

        How many Hungarians today know that the Soviets put Jews in charge of the Hungarian government after WW II and Jews were the torturers and murderers when Hungarians overthrew their Jewish lead government? How many people know Hungarians knew their government torturers were Jewish?

        “Russia is a corrupt slum, and the people in charge are those that had the means to get their share during the time of “privatisation” of the Russian economical outlets. The bankers from the US, investors from London and Israel, corporations enabled certain people of specific kind to do that.”

        And they just all happen to be Jewish. That is further evidence of Putin’s awareness of the Jews. The fact little Israel is mentioned in your sentence instead of Switzerland or Germany speaks volumes.

        Also, I do not think there is any misconception about Assad. I do think there is a complete misconception about American foreign policy. Every time the US attacks a country in the world, whether it’s Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or the hundred or so others the US has attacked and murdered untold numbers, we’re told it’s because their leaders are bad, their murderers. We’re lied to. And in this case, Putin really is helping the good people, the Syrians being murdered by terrorists the US supports. You may not like Putin and maybe that is why you don’t want to give him credit. You don’t have to tell us countries do things that are in their interest. Americans need to be informed the US does what is in Israel’s interest, and sometimes things that are in the USA’s interest.

        Are you Jewish? You said you’re Russian. You sound like you could also be Jewish.

      3. Dear Peter,

        Like I said, the lack of knowledge about Russia’s internal context surrounding all the topics in question makes it hard, if not impossible to understand the situation as it is. Instead, people resort to imagination and invent artificial explanations. All that is needed, though, in the age of the Internet, is to read. But people are too

        “Why did it take the Russians until the 1980’s to find out that they were ruled over by a tiny Jewish minority? Do you think if they had known this in the 1920’s or 30’s the resistance against communism would have been stronger?”

        It was no secret in the 1920’s, and in the 1930’s, too. The resistance was strong. Huge. The war lasted 5 years. Millions of people were killed. And then, in 1931 Joseph Stalin made a public statement like this:

        Reply to an Inquiry of the Jewish News Agency in the United States
        January 12, 1931

        “Under U.S.S.R. law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty.”

        It doesn’t make it clear to the reader that the law Stalin is talking about was established after the Revolution in 1918. But this is something that is recorded in Russian, documented, can be found online and translated. The reason it isn’t accessible to the non-Russian speakers is their own inaction. You are, excuse me for being rude, arrogant people that consider themselves smarter than the rest of us. This leads to ignorance.

        Then, there was a practice of censorship in Russia, that ended in the 1980’s, and as it ended this information started to pop up. At the present time, it is being practiced in the West in the same manner. Isn’t it amusing? I can present a nice example of this censorship. Look at this link:

        Reise Lenins im plombierten Wagen

        You speak the Deutsch, right? So read this article, and then look at the Russian version of it. Scroll down to the list of passengers. Compare the volume of both. Note, that there is no English translation at all. So I suggest, Peter, that instead of posting long comments here, Peter takes some time to translate the rest of the article from Russian and to edit the source in Deutsch. Stop thinking, start learning.

        For those who want to know what the article is about, ask Peter. It’s about 500 commies that came to Russia in a train disguised as a cargo shipment, in plobed cars, from Switzerland in 1917, after living in Europe for a long time, where those people were trained and taught, and funded by the Germans, Americans and Brits. Among the passengers of that train, about 2-3% were in fact Russians.

        “…there are Americans that say “that is what the NAZIS said” or “that is what Hitler said” when they’re told the Jews dominated communism.”

        Americans are a product of a social experiment. Just like the Russians in the Communist times. Americans are self-isolated, stupid and segregated, inadequate and delusional. There is nothing to discuss. Americans are lost.

        “…if Russians and Ukrainians are aware of this, then they would also know that Jews were in charge when millions of Ukrainians were being deliberately starved to death and millions of others murdered in other ways in the 1930’s.”

        There is another big misconception here that’s common among the people, including the Russians, because a lot of effort is being made to create a false impression that all of these atrocities began in the 1930’s under the Stalin’s rule. For example, GULAG camps were created in 1918 and it was just the term that was coined in the 1930, but the camps were there before that. No one remembers that. No one reminds of that.

        In Ukraine, at the present time, all of the Russian TV channels are banned, most of the Russian Internet sites are banned, all of the Russian movies are banned. I am not kidding. That’s official. Ukrainians have become sick, Ukrainians are dancing on the streets and chanting, singing and jumping. Ukrainians are not capable of understanding the current situation. Propaganda machine is working 24-7 in Ukraine. Forget about them.

        “…It explains why Germans, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, and many, many others treated Jews so harshly”

        Those 500 bastards in that aforementioned private train didn’t make it all happen by themselves. After coming to Russia, they were helped by the 12,000 of so-called Latvian Riflemen, kind of “special forces” of the time. Read, Peter.

        “In May 1917 the Latvian Regiments transferred their loyalty to the Bolsheviks. They became known as Red Latvian Riflemen and actively participated in the Russian Civil War. The Riflemen took an active part in the suppression of anti-Bolshevik uprisings in Moscow and Yaroslavl in 1918. They fought against Estonia, Denikin, Yudenich, and Wrangel.”

        “The Estonian Riflemen were instrumental in the attempt to establish the Commune of the Working People of Estonia while the elections to the Estonian Constituent Assembly in April 1919 demonstrated the victory of the independent nation state alternative.”

        Not just the Latvians but Estonians too participated in all that shit and no one made them do that. Now, it is all the Russians’ fault in their view. Look, I can keep going on and on for a long time, but it must be a torture for the readers because of the poor grammar of mine.

      4. Rousso – –

        “Americans are a product of a social experiment. Just like the Russians in the Communist times. Americans are self-isolated, stupid and segregated, inadequate and delusional. There is nothing to discuss. Americans are lost.”

        100% correct. The Korean War gathered the info on the basis for how the plan was to be established.

        The reason for the war was not to win…. but to gather information to use against the West, and Americans in particular.

        The information gathering process was called – ‘brain-washing’ – in order to keep secret it’s true nature and reasons for the mental breakdown and torture. “The Manchurian Candidate” was used as a type of mass brainwashing, itself, and masked the real reasons for the processes used.

        A 71 page US Army publication which partially outlined the reason for the Korean War. It is Department of the Army Publication 30-101, 15 May 1956 – “Communist Interrogation, Indoctrination, And Exploitation Of Prisoners Of War.”

        In there, it explained the reason for the Korean War was to capture US servicemen in order to find out how and why so many different cultures came together in WWI and WWII to fight alongside each other against a common foe.

        Once that was found out the unseen Pharisee-Jew Bankers could finance programs to undermine those reasons, starting with grade-school aged Americans. Then, everyone after a few decades.

        The plan worked…!! Here we are… 🙂

        So, too, in Russia…. USA East.

      5. Pat,

        North Korean regime might be or is a template for the future global state, i.e. The World to Come. Communism is a Freemason thing. Look at the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland site, their emblem is a Red Star and resembles all the Communist states emblems.

      6. You’re doing your best to take the responsibility for communism off the Jews backs and of course that is what the Jews have done their best to hide since they created it, dominated it and spread it. Yes, I’m aware Germany tried to destabilize Russia in the first world war. That is what countries do in war.

        I’m certain there were Russians that knew Jews were leading the leading communists (I said it in my comment), just as many Europeans knew it. That is what I wrote, isn’t it? Apparently not enough Russians knew it or weren’t reminded of it often enough. The Jews probably had great power in the Russian press then too and I’m sure they did their best not to stand out, just as they deny they are the neo-cons starting the wars today. It’s always best to keep a low profile when you’re up to no good. And if people are not told the Jews were the mass murderers that destroyed Russia and Ukraine, then they’ll continue to be put in power in Ukraine, Hungary and all over the world.

        As I wrote in my first comment, many people in eastern Europe (and Ukraine where German soldiers were welcomed as heroes) knew the Jews were the leading communists and dominated the NKVD. Solzhenitsyn wrote this. It should not be covered up. It hides why Jews were despised, it distorts everything about WW II and it allows Jews (who are a separate group wherever they settle, always with their own interests which are usually against the interests of the majority) to continue their malevolent activities all over the world without a word of criticism.

      7. Rousso –

        “North Korean regime might be or is a template for the future global state, i.e. The World to Come.”

        Yes, I wrote about that in my newsletter in 80s and 90s.

        The whole country is a FEMA camp… one big gulag.

        I wrote that the experiment is to find out the minimum people need to continue maintaining loyalty to their living god….. worshiping the dictator in charge….. and being somewhat productive, enough for the state’s gain.

    2. Franklin Ryckaert on August 20, 2016 at 9:39 am wrote:

      Trump is as little “sold out” to the Jews as is Putin, and his agenda is as much a threat to Jewish interests as is Putin’s.

      Vladimir Putin is obviously not one of their boys. It reminds me of a childhood song:

      All of the other reindeer,
      used to laugh and call him names.
      They never let poor Rudolph,
      play in any reindeer games.

      We saw this occur in the current Brazilian Olympics, where there was an unnecessary 100% ban on Russian athletes participating.

      Trump is also not one of their fair haired boys. This is why the mainstream media owned by the oligarchy take liberal freedom to ignore, distort, or invent truth about Trump.

      There is no wonder. 2,000 years ago, the following was stated about the Jewish oligarchy then, and things have not changed one iota:

      “But to what shall I compare this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces, who call to their companions and say, ‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance. We sang a dirge, and you did not mourn.’ For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ But wisdom is justified by her actions.” Matthew 11:16-19 NHEB

      There has been little change since.

    3. Peter on August 21, 2016 at 11:33 am wrote:

      Why did it take the Russians until the 1980’s to find out that they were ruled over by a tiny Jewish minority? Do you think if they had known this in the 1920’s or 30’s the resistance against communism would have been stronger?

      How long is it taking the American people to recognize that Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are Sith lords, and the DNC and wealthy Jewish oligarchy are of the First Order (with apology to Star Wars fans)?

  3. i object to the term Conspiracy Theorist because regardless of how it is parsed, the jew imbued it with a heavily pejorative meaning: someone who is antisocial, criminally insane and malicious.

    Moreover, the group to whom it applies is seeded by agents provocateur, whose task is to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy by talking and acting in a truly demented way, making obviously inane claims and charges, thus simultaneously discrediting the earnest searchers for truth while screening the hostile alien elite.

    The search for truth is like laying the grades for a road that frequently goes through mountains: the pathway should be dictated by logic and economy and the sure sign of someone either crazy or a saboteur is insistence on choosing the path that is irrational and saddled by unnecessary, extraneous conditions, eg, death rays, micro-nukes, Elvis-marries-Hitler-in-secret-ceremony-under-the-polar-ice.
    there is no shortage of sites specializing in this form of sabotage, from Alex jones to veterans Today, debkafile, Sorcha Faal and others.

    At best, the inability to impartially weigh evidence over the long haul points to some sort of dementia.
    I ain’t pointing fingers, maybe it applies to me for all i know, just laying down some ad hoc judicial principles.

    1. I don’t see how an informed person can equate death rays and micro-nukes, for which there is good evidence, with something ridiculous and for which there is no evidence, as Elvis-marries-Hitler-in-secret-ceremony-under-the-polar-ice.

    2. Putin is ‘EX’-KGB and a JEW! Anyone who beLIEves a word he sez is most likely edJEWcated (see MIND CONtrolled) and doesn’t have the ability to discern and use simple logic
      Speaking of MIND CONtrol Lasha Blackbutt lol (an aliASS) is most likely MK’d herself (as in MK ULTRA) See the ONE-EYE symbolism in her user icon She also calls JEWS ‘elite’ WTF is ‘elite’ about a PSYCHOTIC PEDOPHILE SERIAL KILLER Sorry Some of my keys don’t work hence the non punctuation

    1. The inimitable Dublinmick strikes again! As far as I’m concerned, he’s more than welcome. A unique dissident in every way, crackling with original ideas. But please DM, no more ‘Hitler in Argentina’ rubbish! 🙂


      1. Toby
        Have you ever read “Hitler Was A British Agent” by Greg Hallett or Hitler In Argentina” by Harry Cooper?

        It is information that is almost impossible to refute. You can follow the detail and surmise the author had impeccable sources. Don Angel rode on the Uboat with Martin Bormann and indicated he needed special security as he was a circumcised jew. The Perons took over before the arrival of the nazin contingent of Hitler and crew by a coup. The Perons were Jewish also and happy to partake of the nazi gold.

        It was all a big show, there were no real nazis or communists, simply fronts for wealthy industrialists. The nazis with Prussian theatre backing were much more humorous than Stalin’s communists.

        1. DM,

          You misunderstand my position. I have no objections to you expressing your views on Hitler in Argentina at the right time and in the right place. My only objections, and those of the management here, are when you labor the point in very long OFF-TOPIC posts. These tend to derail discussion and distract everyone’s attention from the subject matter of the thread which has nothing to do with Hitler.

          Your excuse that someone else has referred to Hitler—usually a casual throwaway remark— and that you are therefore justified in launching into a series of long off-topic posts “putting him right” is not acceptable. Be reasonable. If the topic we are discussing is FEMINISM, we don’t want ten long posts about HITLER IN ARGENTINA, do we?

          The point is, DM, we just don’t have time to read 60 books on “Hitler in Argentina” just because you have a bee in your bonnet on this subject. Trying to advance your argument by giving 10 links to a long series of articles is not the way to win over people to your viewpoint. You should write an article yourself on this subject (roughly 2000-3000 words), giving all the main facts and providing links and endnotes listing bibliographical sources. This site would even be willing to publish such an article with a disclaimer, provided the article was well-written and filled with verifiable facts, quotes and source references.

          Meanwhile, feel free to contribute on-topic comments to this site without in any way making ad hominem attacks on Admin. That’s one thing we won’t tolerate. Nor would YOU tolerate personal attacks on you on YOUR website! 🙂

          1. Right now we have only two main concerns in regard to comments: (1) Defamatory and disrespectful ad hominem attacks on this website and its adminstrators, e,g., the suggestion that we are up to no good and are just a bunch of evil bastards doing our best to spread Zionist lies and disinfo. (2) Long off-topic comments, not just once but repeatedly. We don’t mind occasional off-topic comments by our regular posters who have proved their mettle. In fact, we welcome the occasional lighthearted diversion.

      2. Toby

        That is a good piece by Peter I think I will mirror it. However he mentions Goebbels and doesn’t seem to know the boy was part jewish. In fact he was married to one and was a jesuit. That is the only reason I brought it up. I am kind of big picture type guy.

        1. @ Dublinmick

          Petrus Germanicus (‘Peter’) is too intelligent and well-informed not to know that Goebbels was Jewish. If he didn’t know that, he’d be a total ignoramus! And I assure you, he is not. His article has been unexpectedly successful and brought in a whole bunch of new readers. I think the reason for this is that Peter has expressed in simple language, without wasting words, what many people feel about Putin in their hearts but have never said. There is a certain need to believe in Putin as a potential “rescuer.”

          This doesn’t mean, however, that the Putin demonizers are wrong. They could turn out to be right. The jury is still out on Putin. We keep getting a lot of mixed messages.

          Some would argue that the jury is still out on Christ — or Hitler! — but hey, I’m not going down that road! Too risky. And besides, it’s off-topic! 🙂

      3. @Dublinmick
        Very interesting info on Goebbels. Not being as inflexible as, with all due respect, Toby and Peter appear to be, I am open to new data. I checked your site and saw that here is a lot you’re still holding out and not sharing with us. This stopped me in my tracks:
        “What will change the face of history and show you have you have been duped is to understand that both Hitler and Stalin were Rothschilds. Yes both were jewish and Stalin was a jesuit priest. There is a lot of money riding on keeping this quiet.”
        It will indeed change the face of history. The smarter among us will put two and two together and realize that if everybody is a Rothschild, nobody is a Rothschild. To me personally this will come as an enormous relief. But this thread is about Putin so let me ask you about him. First, let me say that there is nothing I hate more than sloppy generalizations. Not all lizards are Jews, as some believe. But most Jews are lizards, do you agree? Jesuits are all lizards; too many people say so and they can’t all be wrong. Back to Putin. I would give anything (almost) to know how many of the boxes below can we safely check for Putin:
        Jew —
        Rothschield —
        Jesuit —
        Lizard —

        1. Dublinmick certainly appears to have some wild-eyed conspiracy theories up his sleeve. That’s his stock-in-trade. I bet he was a conspiracy theorist in his cradle, accusing his mom and dad of being Jesuit agents who had imprisoned him in a confined space with high slatted wooden walls … which no baby could possibly scale! But he managed somehow to escape from that cradle Alcatraz, then set up his world-famous website with financial backing from George Soros and the Jesuit Pope. Lucky guy!

          Hitler and Stalin both Rothschild Jews? That’s a new one on me! And Stalin a Jesuit priest? Curioser and curioser! Stalin’s got to be the only Jesuit priest I know who never spoke fluent Latin and had several wives and mistresses.

          I’ve bumped into a few Jesuits in my life — even been taught by them at school — and I’ve never met a nicer bunch of people. The idea that they “control the world” is just stark raving mad. If they are, they’re not doing a very job of it — for a so-called “religious” order!

          I wonder if Gerard Manley Hopkins, the Jesuit priest who wrote this poem, was part of the Jesuit world conspiracy?

      4. I get my information from David Irving, the foremost authority on National Socialist Germany and the historian that retrieved Goebbels diaries from Soviet archives in 1991 after they had laid there untouched for almost 50 years. He then wrote the authoritative book on Goebbels based on the diaries which the Jews with their power had censored. So he published it himself. I have not read the book, but the information in it comes from Goebbels pen into Irving’s book.

        Goebbels wasn’t Jewish, but his relationship to Jews is somewhat similar to mine. I once had several Jewish friends. Goebbels next door neighbor was Jewish when he was growing up and they were pretty close. Irving reveals Goebbels love life. He got a late start in love and he dated a Jewish woman. Later, when dating a German she said something mildly anti-Jewish and he criticized his girlfriend for what she said. In Germany too, Jews made criticism of themselves “immoral” or “bad”. But when he became a leader in the party, Goebbels experienced their nasty behavior first hand. They controlled Germany’s top newspapers and lied left and right to hold onto their power (it makes me think of their behavior towards Trump, in regards to the media). And when international Jewry got involved, with their leader Weizmann announcing to the world that in a war against Germany, every Jew in the world would be fighting Germany and another Jews calling for the sterilization of the German people, the Jews had paved the road to their and Germany’s future. They were arrested and incarcerated in 1941 and Germany knew it was a war to death with the Jews.

        He married a beautiful wife, had beautiful children and then fell for the glamorous Czech film star Lina Baarova. It almost tore apart his marriage to his wife, but I believe it was Hitler that intervened. Irving sought out Baarova in the 1980’s or 90’s and went to Austria to knock on her door. She knew immediately who it was and told Irving she did not have sexual relations with Goebbels.

  4. Franklin,

    Putin has stuck a lot of spokes in Jew’s wheels which clearly indicates opposing interests. And he deserves credit for that, and he has mine. However, outlawing holo-denial is a big step backwards in the march to full independance – i.o.w. be able to say whatever you want, even the truth – for Russia. Because the perpetuation of the big lie is absolutely crucial to Jew’s agenda. Jew needs that more than anything else. You could even consider this a rather schizofrenic policy, when on the one hand you speak up about Jew Bolsheviks and rendering Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago mandatory reading in schools, an excellent move which is meant to really educate people about the unspeakable evils the Russians had to endure at the hands of Jew, and with that hopefully emancipate them instead of further being indoctrinated, and on the other hand actively introduce a law which is meant to indoctrinate and even intimidate people to not speak up and disclose the holo lies. No matter how you try to spin this, this cannot be considered a good thing that unfortunately just had to be done out of necessaty.

    OR, could one distill from all this that Russia is indeed not nearly as strong as many think it is and has to appease Jew? I mean why would the Russian government even have a debate about this absurdity, let alone propose a law to outlaw certain facts which would only extra confirm all of what Solzhenitsyn is saying about Jew’s motives? And I think, estimate, that Russia wouldn’t even have to afraid of its enemies, military wise. So what is going on here?

    Further more, even if the assumption that it was a necessary wrong that just had to be done in the strategic scheme of things then when will the time arrive when this will be reversed? Next year, in 5 years, or in 10? To where or what should all this lead to then?

    Also, for me personally this says that Putin – even if he might be a genuine threat to Jew’s power, which admittedly I still think he could be – and I are not quite on the same page about whodunnit during the most important event in the 20th century. A rather important issue, I should think, considering how we on earth could we allie ourselves for the sake of both our futures’ best interest?

    MM, unfortunately I have to rush off now to an emergency . But I hope to continue this soon.

    1. @ 1138

      Putin has stuck a lot of spokes in Jew’s wheels which clearly indicates opposing interests. And he deserves credit for that, and he has mine. However, outlawing holo-denial is a big step backwards in the march to full independence…”

      Many people feel this, but there are plausible explanations for Putin’s strategy.

      “Putin knows what he is doing. Internet scholar-activists Mike King and Brother Nathanael Kapner of have joined minds to bring you an explanation of what this law is really all about…”

      This awkward question of why Putin appears to be “protecting” the Jews from full disclosure on the Holocaust requires detailed discussion. This is a good opportunity for our commenters here to get to grips with this question.

      — Toby
      (ex-monitor, now just an occasional commenter)

      1. And somebody is trying to poke the Bear and provoke a war. So far, Putin has resisted with great finesse.I fear the arm twisting will continue until he says Uncle. He does not want to take Russia backwards.

    2. @1138

      I only agree with Putin’s strategy in a general way, not with all his steps. I think that adopting a law against “Holocaust denial” is indeed a step too far. The Russian government simply could declare itself “neutral” in this respect and let free debate run its course. In that way it still could not be accused of “anti-Semitism”.

      Another part of Putin’s strategy I don’t agree with is letting Jewish oligarchs still control a big part of Russia’s economy. He could have arrested all of them (eventually on trumped up charges) and (re-)nationalize their assets.

      It is also said that Jews still control a big part of Russia’s media. Putin could have intervened here too.

      All measures against Jewish power in Russia could have been taken without explicitly mentioning the Jewish aspect of it, thus escaping the condemnation of “anti-Semitism”.

      As I have said before, Putin is right but he is not Putin enough.

      1. Franklin,

        You missed your calling. You should have been Putin’s personal adviser! I am not being ironical, I am being sincere. Many of the suggestions you have made seem to make good sense to me. Why not indeed take a neutral attitude to Holocaust denial, allowing full media discussion on this topic in the interests of “free speech”?

      2. Allowing Russia Today ( readers response forum to be moderated (heavily censored) by relocating it to Tel Aviv.

      3. @Toby

        Thanks for the kind words.

        Another thing Putin could do, besides making Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago mandatory reading in Russian High Schools, is making reading his book Two Hundred Years Together*) optional. That book, the English translation of which has been boycotted by the Jews in the West, deals with the history of the problematic behavior of the Jews in Russia. To make reading it optional would still not compromise the Russian government as being “anti-Semitic”.

        *) Jewish controlled Wikipedia mentions that book thusly :
        (2003), Two Hundred Years Together on Russian-Jewish relations since 1772, aroused ambiguous public response.[94][95]

      4. Franklin,

        In fact, he could also make Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and Dickens’ ‘Oliver Twist’ compulsory reading too.

      5. The rest of Europe should make Gulag Archipelago and Two Hundred Years mandatory reading in high school too. But the dishonest, left wing garbage and Jews would fight it. The Jews would fight it tooth and nail, but doing that would put the so called “holocaust” in perspective. Long before there was the concentration camp in Auschwitz (Auschwitz is a town) there were concentration camps all across the Soviet Union and millions of people were being murdered and starved. By comparison, the most violent incident in National Socialist Germany before the war occurred when a Jew murdered a German diplomat in France and riots erupted in Germany and about 85 Jews were killed. That happened in 1938 and became known as “Kristallnacht”. While Kristallnacht became a household word, no one was told a Jew murderer was the cause of the riot. And while Jews dominated the USSR and were murdering millions, in some countries, notably the USA, these crimes were hidden from the public and the communists were presented as great and wonderful rulers.

        But for the German government and for other sympathetic countries, some which became German allies in the war, they knew the Jews were behind the murder of millions of people and caused many millions more misery. That is why the Jews were considered an enemy by Germany and by many other Europeans.

        Goebbels on the atrocities being committed in the Jewish led USSR.

        When you become aware Jews led these massacres, they dominated the government and set the policies and when you become aware of the murder of priests and nuns, burning down churches and the deliberate starvation of millions of Ukrainians, then you will understand why Ukrainians welcomed Germans as heroes in 1941. When the Jews and their murderous deeds are hidden from the papers and history books, you will look in wonderment at Ukrainian women kissing German soldiers. That is why they call it the “lying press”.

    3. @Toby
      You know what they say about conspiracy theories. They say the dumber you are, the more the entire world seems like one giant conspiracy theory. For instance if you tried to explain 2+2 to a spider monkey, he would probably think it was some kind of conspiracy.

      Stalin was trained by Jesuits while in the Tiflis Orthodox Seminary in Georgia—openly admitted by “Koba” himself to journalist and Masonic Jew Emil Ludwig (Cohen).

      4. Of publishing a false statement for the purpose of concealment of status: (1900 to present day) That the Catholic Church, more specifically the Jesuit Order has maintained countless false statements and documents pertaining to the status of Joseph Stalin. That Fr. Joseph Stalin S.J. was a trained, dedicated and fully ordained Catholic priest of the Jesuit order, who was recruited for a historic mission in his final year at the seminary in 1899. That in addition to failing to recognize Fr Joseph Stalin S. J. Furthermore, that the Jesuit Order did permit Fr Stalin to marry not once but twice, while remaining a fully ordained priest. That for his entire life until his death, there is no indication that Fr Joseph Stalin S. J. was ever defrocked as a priest.”

      Stalin’s friend, Cardinal Gregory Agagianian, his class mate from the academy was put in charge of the slave labor camps. we find a Jesuit-trained monster named Joseph Stalin running the Soviet Union during World War II, with help from his Jesuit-trained friend, Cardinal Gregory Agagianian. (Both were trained by Jesuits who taught at the seminary in Tiflis, Soviet Georgia.) Stalin’s top intelligence man was Knight of Malta Prince Anton Turkul, who used Jesuits for his couriers! No wonder banks in the West – especially in the USA – helped finance both Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union. Thus by controlling both sides in the conflict, the Vatican and her Jesuits were able to exterminate millions of their favorite “targets”: Jews, Orthodox Christians (e.g., in Croatia), and Protestants (in northern Germany). For more information on these two world wars, please read the TTT newsletters entitled “World War I” and “World War II”. For more information about the Jesuits and their Knights of Malta, please read the four TTT newsletters entitled “Jesuits – Parts I, II, III & IV”. If you would like more information on how the West (especially the USA) financed both Nazi Germany and Communist Russia (i.e., the Soviet Union), then please order Antony Sutton’s books Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler. Each one of these books can be obtained for $17.45 postpaid through “Radio Liberty” by calling 1-800-544-8927.))

      It did not just start there either. Napoleon and his uncle cardinal Brienne were both jewish.

      1. Are we to believe the wealthiest corporation on earth, the vatican has no influence in world affairs? Even their personal banker, Rothschild is said to be worth 500 trillion.

        In fact The disillusioned wife of a cobbler, with two dead sons, Katerine
        Dzhugashvili, Stalins mother was knocked up in a laundry room in Georgia.

        Bored, but happy with his sailing; exhausted by his land travels, but
        elated by his stylish arrival; Baron Edmond de Rothschild got drunk with
        his business associate, spilt wine all over his shirt and went down to the
        laundry. The disillusioned wife of a cobbler, with two dead sons, Katerine
        Dzhugashvili (22) helped Edmond (32) off with his shirt and the two
        conceived a child on top of the warm copper one winter’s evening. This
        “sensual and sensitive opportunism” may then have became a pattern for
        the entire time Baron Edmond was at Prince Yakov Egnatashvili’s estate.

        You can read more on this matter in Stalin’s British Training, Breeding Concubines, Paedophiles At War

        “Practically every right-wing dictator of the period had been born and brought up a Catholic – notably (name omitted( Franco, Petain, Mussolini, Pavelic, and Tiso (who was a Catholic priest).” – John Cornwell

        Stalin was brought up in the house of a Catholic Priest with his Catholic mother, went to Catholic school, was an Altar Boy, went to a Catholic College. He graduated in 1892 first in his class and at the age of 14 he was accepted to enter the “Orthodox” Seminary of Tiflis (Tbilisi, Georgia), a Jesuit institution to be trained as a Jesuit priest.

        One of the earliest acts of Stalin was to begin the outlawing of the Russian Orthodox Church, allowing seized thousands of churches and schools to be handed over to the Catholic Church- a highly controversal program that has largely been unreported even to this day. By 1939, the Russian Orthodox Church was all but extinct.

        Tens of millions of people burnt alive under Satanic Vatican rituals in Siberia – at least three times those attributed to Catholic Dictator Hitler, and not a single book accounting for these major anomolies has made the light of day.

        In Ustaše (Yugoslavia ) Franciscan Miroslav Filipović, known as “the devil of Jasenovac” ran the Jasenovac concentration camp, where estimates of the number killed range between 49,600 and 600,000. All citizens were forced to convert and those who refused were killed.

        One Catholic priest, Mate Mugos wrote that clergy should put down the prayer book and take up the revolver -Stalin & Castro: The Jesuit Connection

        The Judaic Encyclopedia stated that Stalin was Jewish (Khazaric) in 1930, Later when he became a totally unpopular genocidolist, this fact became “anti-semetic”. The entire government was Rothschidean and Bolschevic i nature. Read the British Journal of Intergovernmental correspondence for those years. “Russia” to this day with the rest of Europe is under Khazaric Jewish Rothschildean enslavement and “aryans” and others are systematically ethnically cleanse. The Clintons also are Khazar, with the Bushes, Fords, Obamas, etc. They bombed the Yugoslavians into the stone age, and are fueling the “civil” war between the arabs in the different countries. They knocked down the Governmental Polish plane over Smolensk and shot the remaining survivors. Not only is it underreported by the World (Jewish-Rothschildean-Mafioso} press

  5. “The idea that Putin is secretly working for the Jews flies in the face of common sense”

    Scepticism should be the watch word — you can easily find links with Zionism and its narrative…

    For example, Putin brought in his own version of the ubiquitous holocaust denial laws…

    Maybe Putin is playing a long game, in which case we should also play a longer game.

  6. Thank you, Lasha Darkmoon, for this excellent article.

    I have been pro-Putin for nine years now in my blog.

    Putin resisted pressure for FOURTEEN LONG YEARS (2000-14) before he finally signed a “Holocaust denial” law — and the tipping point was the extremely dangerous Ukraine-Crimea-crisis-cum-Malaysian jet shootdown and he did not need the jews as open enemies as well as the vast power of NATO ands the US.

    The very fact that Putin is now making a de facto alliance with Iran, the Head Demon for the Zionists, as well as with Syria, should say it all. He is now using Iranian airbases to launch devastating bombing attacks on the US-backed rebels in Syria, another regime which Zionists hate.

    The national pastime of Russia, besides drinking vodka, is chess. In chess, you cannot hide your moves but you do not want your opponent to understand WHY you made the move — and what the big plan is.

    But here is the key, as per my blog; Putin is now creating a 300,000-man personal army — just as Hitler had both the Wehrmacht, and his own, hardcore national-socialist troops, the Waffen-SS. Protected by them, he can begin to implement more of his real agenda.

    1. great link, John, thanks.
      And a very smart move by Putin, page taken from the Fuhrer’s Kampf, to create your handpicked army of true patriots, the Freikorps.

    2. @ JohnDeNugent

      “In chess, you cannot hide your moves but you do not want your opponent to understand WHY you made the move — and what the big plan is.”

      You nailed it properly. If your opponent is confused about what you are up to, you win because you are in control. Putin is obviously in control of what he is doing or Russia would not be successfully bombing the hell out of the jewish West’s proxy pet ISIS without meaningful resistance from the jewish West.

      China has been doing the same thing in finance during the past 25 years. They tell the jews what they want to hear while gradually undercutting jewish financial control with every move they make.

      The reason things seem to be out of control all around the globe is not because of jewish engineered chaos, but because the jewish control norm is dissolving as a result of Russian and Chinese clever maneuvers.

  7. The Jury is still out on Putin. It’s been out for a while and I believe it will continue to be so.
    However, sitting on the fence, I’m beginning to lean more towards Lobro’s view, than Pat’s, in that I do think Putin is playing a clever game of not directly attacking Jews, but indirectly. This can easily be seen with Syria. Is he a Zionist? Again, I cannot answer that yet, but many of his speeches have directly attacked the elites and their desires for a new world order. He has just banned the Rothschilds from Russia see here and here and if this is true, then it means the agitation in the Ukraine and build up of NATO on Russia’s border, is Rothschild at it again, attacking those who will not let them control them. As far as I’m concerned, the minute a leader attacks the Rothschilds, he’s not playing ball and has broken away from puppet status. After all, you cannot defeat the system from without and Putin clearly knows this.

    If anything, Putin is beginning to show his ‘true’ colours and may very well be the one to unite the world, against the Rothshcilds, Zionism and world Jewry intent on its Greater Israel and of course, Jew World Order.

    1. “The Jury is still out on Putin”

      Wise words indeed. I am still waiting for Putin to…

      1. Take on the Rothschild Russian Central Bank (been reading reports about this for years now…still no action)
      2. Finally deliver the s-300 to Iran (it is still being delivered, which is not the same thing at all. Remember twas Russia that joined in the sanctions against Iran based on ZIONIST lies)
      3. Prevent the partition of Syria — Russia is still promoting the Syrian Kurds and I still haven’t recovered from the stand-down order that I think stopped the liberation of Aleppo.

      So I always ask myself what on earth is Putin waiting for?

    1. Yes Flopot,

      That’s quite the call isn’t it? However, look at this? This man is a nation destroyer. He has done far more harm than any Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Muamar Gaddafi or Bashar Al Assad ever have (in the western, controlled msm and politician’s eyes that is) and the west went to (and currently is at) war with these nations. I think it’s time that the old KGB death squads came back into full operation. There are lots and I mean LOTS of people who need to ‘go’.

    1. Flopot,

      And this is exactly where I’ve been standing as well, along, no doubt, with Pat. Once Putin kicks out the private Rothschild bank from Russia, will be the day I climb off that fence.

      1. “Once Putin kicks out the private Rothschild bank from Russia”

        Indeed we’re agreed on the need for the deed.

      2. Putin needs to proceed with circumspection. If he attacks the Central Bank directly he will get the whole Jewish Global Power against him. Remember Qadhafi? He tried the same.

      3. @ Harbinger

        I would strongly suspect that Putin will not nationalize the Russian Central Bank until the Chinese are ready to make their move to take control of the global financial system from the jews.

        Apparently, the jews know that it’s coming relatively soon. US/NATO is applying significant military pressure on both China (South China Sea) and Russia (western European border) trying to bluff them into changing their course. The bluff is not working. Russia has reinforced and mobilized their military on their border with Europe and China has mobilized a significant portion of their navy to the South China Sea.

        If as many financial gurus predict, the jewish economic system collapses of it own fraud most anytime, Russia and China will immediately make their move financially.

        Either way, it appears that the big financial change is close at hand. When it happens, we may not know it because the West will take down as much of the global internet as they can to keep everyone in the dark to maintain the last remnants of their control for as long as possible.

      4. Ungenius,

        Yes, I did read somewhere, a while ago, that China’s gold is 99.9% pure compared to Rothschild 99% pure, meaning they can crash the market when they want and take complete control.

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  9. This is a most interesting article, kudos for sharing. May I add some interesting but little exposed facts about current day Jews, that the majority are not descendants of Abraham, but Gentiles. The Arabic residents of the West Bank have a greater genetic right to be in Israel than these who attempt to abrogate their existence. From:

    DNA research science from Dr. Eran Elhaik (a Jew) and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, have confirmed that, “97% of the 17 million of the world’s Jews ARE NOT descendants of Abraham.” [….]

    In 2001, genetics research by Dr. Ariella Oppenheim of Hebrew University in Tel Aviv, produced basically the same results as Dr. Elhaik. Oppenheim’s study also found that the Jews origins are in Khazaria, and that they are of Turkic bloodline. She also reported that some Palestinians have the chromosome in their blood indicating they are Cohanim and Israelite.

    In 1867, the great Jewish scholar Abraham Harkavy, in “The Jews and Languages of the Slavs,” said that the Jewish Yiddish language came from the Khazars, not the Hebrews.

    The 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. XI p 533, stated that ‘probably 95% of the persons included in these estimates of Jewish populations are Ashkenazim‘. [….]

    So who are the Jewish Khazars?

    From 652-1016 A.D., there was a medieval kingdom of Khazaria that included part of modern day Russia, Ukraine, and a sliver of what is now Kazakhstan.

    Discussion of the Ashkenazi related to the Khazars was discussed in your previous article,

    First article further states,

    The history of the Jewish Ashkenazi people is one of domination.

    They would infiltrate government and financial institutions to take control through unethical actions, causing countries to pass laws to kick them out.

    Here is a partial list of all the countries (and corresponding years) from which the Jews have been legally banished from, over the last thousand years:

    France(1182, 1306, 1322, 1394); Upper Bavaria(1276, 1442); England(1276); Saxony(1349); Hungary(1360, 1582); Belgium(1370); Slovakia(1380); Austria(1420); Cologne(1424); Augsburg(1438); Netherlands(1444); Brandenburg(1446, 1510); Warsaw(1483); Spain(1492); Italy(1492, 1540); Lithuania(1495); Portugal(1496); Naples(1496, 1533, 1541); Prussia(1510); Bavaria(1551); Prague(1541, 1557); Hamburg(1649); Vienna(1669); Slovakia(1744); Bohemia(1774); Moscow(1891).

    Not to diminish the tragedy of so many people dying at the hands of the Germans, but since the Ashkenazi Jews aren’t the descendents of Abraham, a homeland should have been created for them in their old land of Khazaria, not in Palestine.

    Many also fled to the United States. Today, there’s an estimated 7 million Ashkenazi Jews in the United States, 6 million in Israel, and 4 million worldwide.

    Some have called the current day Israel, The 13th Tribe. Nonetheless, it is interesting that since, articles have appeared to discredit scientific genetic research as false. But apparently, the stark reality is that the West Bank Palestinians being murdered by Israeli forces genetically have a greater right to be in Israel than these who call themselves Jews have.

    1. A correction, my quotations are from However, in harmony the previous link I gave had this to say,:

      God Did Not Give the Land to the Khazarians

      Thus, when Prime Minister Netanyahu says, “God gave this land to our Israelite forefathers,” he is absolutely wrong. There are no Israelite forefathers of today’s “Jews.” When today’s “Jews” say they should possess the land because they are Israelites and are the seed of Abraham, they are mistaken.

      The “Jews” are in Israel for one reason and one reason only: Because the United States, in 1948, recognized the nation of “Israel” and has since funded and protected it. God’s Word has nothing to do with it.

      God’s Word, the Holy Bible, prophesied that in the last days imposters would erroneously and falsely claim to be “Jews.” These imposters would, the Bible told us, persecute their enemies and especially the Christians. But God would have his revenge:

      “Behold, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; Behold I will make them to come and worship at thy feet and know that I have loved thee.” (Revelation 3:9)

      Do the “Jews” (Khazars) not do exactly as our God prophesied? Do they not persecute the Palestinians and defile the land, claiming they are its original inhabitants? This, even though their proven ancestors, the Khazars, never set foot in the Middle East and are not the seed of Abraham?

      My thanks to Dr. Eran Elhaik of Johns Hopkins University and to his associates. You have performed a valuable service with your DNA research, both to Christianity and to world understanding. Elhaik’s research confirms earlier DNA studies, especially the work of Dr. Ariella Oppenheim of Hebrew University, who likewise found, in 2001, that the “Jews” came from the Khazars rather than the Israelites. Dr. Oppenheim even found that some of the Palestinians have the chromosomes proving they are “Cohen,” related to the ancient Israelites who worked in the Synagogue and Temple.

      Thus, the current nation of Israel incepted by the US and who continues to supports it financially really has no business to be there.

    2. Re. Koestler’s Thirteenth Tribe: Koestler’s book was intended to initiate yet another Jewish hoax. Koestler’s official biography, written by Michael Scammell, specifically quotes him on why he wrote The Thirteenth Tribe:
      “His argument was that if he could persuade people that a non-Jewish ‘Khazar’ heritage formed the basis of modern Jews, then this would be a weapon against European racially-based anti-Semitism. ‘Should this theory be confirmed, the term ‘anti-Semitism’ would become void of meaning,’ he said. According to Scammell, Koestler told French biologist Pierre Debray-Ritzen he ‘was convinced that if he could prove that the bulk of Eastern European Jews were descended from the Khazars, the racial basis for anti-Semitism would be removed and anti-Semitism itself could disappear.’” – Scammell, Michael. Koestler: The Literary and Political Odyssey of a Twentieth-Century Skeptic, Random House, 2009 . My research of this Ashkenazi/Sephardi red herring confirms the Edomite Jewish lineage of both the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim as you’ll see later in this consideration.
      What of the other 5% of those who claim to be God’s Chosen? These are the Sephardic Jews, descended of the Middle Eastern Jew, and from this segment of Judaism, Zionism emerged. Theodor Herzl published The Jewish State in 1896, and in August 1897 convened and chaired the first international Zionist conference in Basel, Switzerland. “Herzl came from an assimilated Sephardic/Ashkenazic family that had lived in Hungary for several generations. At least several decades before Herzl’s ideas appeared, another Sephardic Jew, Rabbi Judah Alkalai, of Serbian descent, advocated that a Zionist organization be established in order to negotiate with western powers.” Topham, Radical Press. Zionism, simply described, is the political expression of Judaism.
      That Zionism emerged from the tiny portion of global Jewry perhaps able to lay claim to a thread of genuine semitic lineage emphasizes that Judaism had been subverted long before the Khazar/Ashkenazi wolves reunited with their Sephardic tribesmen under the deceptively useful Judaic sheepskin. Almost eight centuries earlier Christ’s apostle John records in Revelation 2:9, speaking of the Edomite/Sephardic Jews, “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” “Luther connects the Jews with those who betrayed Moses: ‘Of such are the remaining dregs of the Jews, of whom Moses knows nothing: they also know nothing of him, for they do not keep one passage in Moses. This reminds one of the constantly recurring charges of Christ that the Pharisees violated and nullified the laws of Moses, such as: ‘The Scribes and Pharisees sit in Moses seat. (Matt:23:2) In other words, they occupy his throne giving forth as Mosaic Law, their own foul permissions which they attribute to ‘Oral’ laws Moses handed down to their group, unknown to the rest of the world.’ ” – The Plot Against Christianity, Elizabeth Dilling.
      From “It is common to hear people blame Jewish racism and tribalism on the Ashkenazim. But the truth is that Sephardics wrote the extremely racist Talmud. The truth is that Israel is 45 percent Sephardic and 55 percent Ashkenazi. They all share a genetic subset of Jewishness, with some difference from upward of 2,000 years of separation, however there is a lot of evidence of intermarriage between these Jewish groups over the same period.
      In terms of world Jewry, both Ashkenazi and Sephardi are in every major Jewish organization, together. No people on earth are more networked, and more tribalist with more organizations working for what they see as Jewish interests, the Jewish agenda and against assimilation with Gentiles.
      The Sephardim in Israel are generally even more racist and extreme than the Ashekenazi and one can just look at the anti-Gentile pronouncements of the head Sephardic rabbis to document this.
      They see it as an advantage for the Gentile world to see Jews as simply a segment of (worldwide Jewry) such as Ashkenazi (or Zionist) rather than understanding that Jews are united in their organizations and agenda across the world, and these organizations are both Sephardic and Ashkenazi.”

    1. His actions and decisions are just the necessary means to keep peace in Russia, and to not let it desintegrate. That’s all.

  10. it sickens me having to return to the same theme again and again without anyone ever producing a valid counterargument, only spewing the same cheap hearsay of the “secret british agent admitted on deathbed” variety.
    The worldwide Nobel success of Elie Wiesel method of trial by unproven, unprovable bullshit (he said, she said) has obviously impressed many wannabes and National Enquirer rejects.

    Couple of points to reiterate: observe how well their venom matches the direction of Talmudic malevolence, if some public figure, past or present is on the Judaic shit list, their breathless calumny is certain to follow, all the while claiming how they are against the Jew.
    Jesus, Hitler, Jesuits (again I refer you to The Protocol V, paragraph 4 (MASSES LED BY LIES), Putin and nowadays, Trump (the more I hear the agonized shrieking sheenies, the more he looks like a real deal – just for that reason alone if no other) … Judas points the accusatory finger and the one-eyed hounds of baskerville go to work, barking and baying.

    Second point: the conclusion is inescapable that they would like to see Putin gone, dead, their world would improve greatly without him.

    They say that Hitler did the wrong thing, that he should have left Weimar republic alone, obediently followed its cadaverous maggot-eaten model, like that proto-LGBT movie The Cabaret with its dozens of Oscars (back in 1970s that should have been a warning of what’s to come).

    Likewise, Putin should step down and allow the messianic plan to proceed, the takedown of Syria, Iran and finally Russia and China, let the world become Jew’s Cabaret, One-World-Weimar! Conchita Wurst the ceremonial premier with the two party system, Femen versus Pussy Riot.
    Let the Jew Party start!
    And it will as soon as we get rid of Putin, hands across Eretz Israel, let’s pray for that end.
    Because in the lands that are free of Putin’s shadow, Weimar-Gaymar rules, you are the faithful witnesses, aren’t you?

    Or maybe they have other Putin-less scenarios up their sleeves, let’s hear them.

    1. Lobro,

      As you can see from my reply above, I am still on the fence with Putin but leaning more towards your view than Pat’s.
      However, the Russian central bank is still owned by a foreign power – the City of London (aka Rothschild). Sure, we all respect Putin for stopping the destruction of Syria and this could be looked at attacking Rothschild. Then again it could not. Wars need finance to be fought. The Syria war has been ongoing since 2011. However, Russia has only been involved since September, nonetheless, Putin will have been borrowing from the bank of Rothschild and will also have to pay interest on these loans. Let’s see how quickly Russia cleans up in Syria. If he brings it to an end asap, then we can clearly state he is not working for the Rothschilds. If it drags on, then it means more money borrowed and more interest for the Rothschild bank.
      Time will tell, especially if Putin kicks out the Rothschilds. In doing so, I will be firmly in your camp and the the west will be in a conflict with Russia, China and Iran.

      1. I’ll believe Putin is not the usual controlled opposition (surely the Protocols mention this Zionist technique?) if/when he takes on the Russian Central Bank.

      2. Harb –

        “….and the the west will be in a conflict with Russia, China and Iran.”

        Yep…. I agree. And they know everyone will buy it, since you have set it up nicely and logically, as they all will also. Not a stretch for world to believe. Same games for centuries. Thru proxies.

        GE, Boeing, General Dynamics, Honeywell, Cisco….and even Pepsi and McDonald’s… and hundreds of other US companies with plants in Russia will add to their bottom lines…. in profit. Stockholders’ dreams.

        Putin needs to help Russia’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers who need the debt note movements as well.

        PUTIN IS the right man for the Pharisee-Jew Bankers… BECAUSE….

        Russia is USA-East…

        The food, automotive and technology sectors in Russia have several major American players, according to a 2012 report from the non-profit International Research & Exchanges Board and the U.S. Russia Foundation.

        Ford had plants there in 1929. Americans filled jobs in Russia during the 1930s… depression in US led them there.

        PepsiCo (PEP) has created more than 30,000 jobs and invested more than $3 billion.
        Coca-Cola (KO) and privately held candy maker Mars Inc. also have a footprint in Russia’s food sector. In 1991, McDonald’s (MCD) opened the doors to its first restaurant in Russia.

        General Motors (GM) and Ford (F) manufacture cars in Russia, while Caterpillar (CAT) has plants that build its heavy equipment. IBM (IBM) and Microsoft (MSFT) have a large presence in the country as well.
        According to the company’s website, Mars entered the Russian market in 1991 and has since invested more than $1 billion. Mars built its second chocolate factory in Russia two years ago.

        Procter & Gamble (PG) also launched its Russian unit in 1991, and the segment has grown to become one of the largest for the consumer goods giant.

        ExxonMobil (XOM) has invested the most in Russia over the years, despite the difficulties of doing business in the country. From 2000 through 2011, the largest U.S. energy company poured $10 billion into – ITS OWN – Russian operations.

        Boeing (BA), Chevron (CVX) and ConocoPhillips (COP) have also been heavy investors. Between 1992 and 2009, Boeing spent $5 billion in Russia.

        Russian investors have increasingly looked to the U.S. as well, focusing primarily on the iron and steel industry, financial sector and telecommunications….. since Russia’s companies are not that profitable.
        Apple Computer is worth more than the total Russian stock market…!!


        Alexis Rodzianko, is the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.
        There are over 600 member companies. Here are some:

        Royal Bank of Scotland
        Goldman Sachs
        Coca Cola

        Zionist profit mongers have good reasons to admire and uphold Putin…
        He bring them more $$$$.

        Putin was trained well to be a good front man. 🙂

    2. Strange thing that although I subscribe to Darkmoon, I didn’t receive the 8/16/16 article which you provide a link to, “Official German Records of Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp from May 1940 to December 1944.” I wonder if the same thing thing happened to other readers.

      1. @ Darrell

        No one else received that article either, myself included. So you are not being discriminated against! Only selected articles are posted to our List 2 subscribers at the weekend (a relatively small group of people) and you were probably on that list if you received the latest article on Putin by ‘Petrus Germanicus’. As for List 1, our main list consisting of thousands of subscribers, this never gets sent out now. The last time it was sent out was over 3 months ago. Why? Because none of us know how to email it. It’s technically too complicated, requiring about 10 steps which we haven’t mastered because of our technical ineptitude. (Someone else used to do this for us, but he has stopped helping us.)

      2. Yes,

        I’ve not received notification for a few of Lasha’s posts. Anyway, I check up on here every day, so I don’t really need them.

  11. Very interesting article, indeed. Putin is not new in the international scene, even though sometimes it seems that his appeareance is something miracoulous and unexpected. He has a long history of dealing with jews,and could’nt be otherwise,considering that he grown up and ran a carrier in the soviet Russia. Berezoswsky brought him to power,and the vicious jew together with his fellow crooks, had a bad surprise when Vladimir Vladimirovic revealed his real nature. The false meek didn’t fear to put them down, and did it calmly and politely. jews are just crooks after all ,and no matter how much power they have ,itìs always illegal and Putin acts always according to laws,and always appeals to international norms. It is pretty obvious to me why it is not openly opposing the jews tout-court. It would be a political suicide,and a national disaster. Russia is a very big and complicate country,and its relationship with jews is inestricable, the complicity of the russian middlemen with the jewish rulers of the soviets couldn’t be ignored and moreover the status of victorious against the evil “nazism” would be erased,should the jewish question be exposed. Putin is acting in the best interest of Russia ,and not on behalf of the western civilization. Putin is a professional politician who is a honest man and he is the president of the Russian federation. No more. Personality cult are misplaced.

  12. Many commenters cited here the dispossesement of the Central bank of russia as a litmus test for Putin. i always believed this move would trigger WW3 ,and I still do so. Anyway 25 th July ,Putin defenestrated Kudryn and gave the Stolypin group headed by Sergey Glazyev, mandate to plan the new national economical plan for the next 5 years. The line of Glazyev is clear : monetary sovereignity, buying by the state of all gold production, and strict control of prices by the state through regulations and subsidies. Sergey Glazyev wanted to ban all the jewish organizations already in 1999, before Putin became president, and he is a fervent patriot , strongly opposing any western influence in the nation. this decision to abandon the neoliberal policies of Kudrin and Nabiulina (the head of the RCB), are a clear sign that the atlanticists had lost grip in Russia, and that serious change are in process.

    1. All good points — I did read about the Stolypin group. We just have to wait and see if/when any of their recommendations are implemented.

      Although the Russian Central Bank question is the key marker for me, another one is the fate of Syria. If that country is partitioned according to the Greater Israel plan, it will be a sad day indeed if Darkmooner’s are found justifying such an outcome. If Syria is partitioned then Russia was part of the game.

      Which finally brings me to the Iranian s-300s that are, as far as I’m aware, still in the process of being delivered after years of BS sanctions. Zionist BS sanctions I hasten to add. If the new Zionist Satrap in Washington starts a war against Iran (obviously on behalf of Israel) before the s-300 systems are fully operational…then that is another sign that Putin is controlled opposition.

      These are my own personal triggers…I’d like to believe that Putin is truly an anti-Zionist but it is safer to remain sceptical. And there is no denying Putin’s close links with Zionism — whether this is just keeping your enemies closer, I cannot prove or disprove. But if the above scenarios come to pass (i.e. CRB remains Rothschild, Syria is partitioned, and Iran is attacked) then all those Zionist links are what they seem to be…Zionist.

      1. Your strategic triggers are well placed and justified, Flopot and I share those triggers.

        One thing I’d like to mention, even though i am far from the financial scenery, have neither interest nor fiscal investments to worry about.
        What does “Rothschild-owned CRB” mean?

        surely not direct shares, which for the most part are worthless, these banks as a rule don’t care about shareholders profit, if there indeed are any shareholders, unlike the “US” Fed.
        What I take it to mean is that the management are Rothschild flunkeys who punch clock at the BIS HQ in Basel (the seat of the first Zionist conference) to be briefed on what the Boss Rothschild wants in the near term, so Soros and higher agents like Rockefellers, Adelson etc can plunder nations at his behest.

        These BIS Bitches, the pinstripe suited version of Pussy Riot, execute the marching orders under the guise of “carefully balanced long term monetary policies in search of stablahblability” with the net result of destroying the home nation, siphoning off its wealth and resources to Jew and enslaving the home populations through ever increasing indebtedness to masterkikes.
        Yes, Russian centbank is on the roll of dishonor but Putin inherited this plague from the post-Gorbachev era of wholesale Jewbilee looting of Russia that made Carpetbaggers Marching Through Georgia look like picnic for special needs preschoolers.

        So many of these unclean parasites infested the financial, economic and public opinion control systems wedged at the deepest levels, corrupt officials everywhere, in the police forces, municipal offices, econ ministries, military, that Putin had a herculean task of flushing these Stygian Sties and the only relatively safe targets were the shabbo sellouts, who could and were tracked down through accounting forensics and legally disposed of.
        Jews at the top levels were much harder to go after because they were invulnerable owing to international/Israeli networks that protected them from any harm.
        So, all Putin can do without starting an all-out conflagration that Russia is almost sure to lose at this stage, is chisel away at them by purely legal means, swapping in his own Russians when mandates run out and so forth.
        He nailed Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Nevzhlin and others because he had the smoking gun evidence of their crimes and they refused to play ball according to the rules he’d laid down.
        and that’s how it goes, inching forward like in a defensive minded US fussball game instead of going long and wiping out.
        Wait for the other guy to make the mistake and capitalize on confusion, like ISIS and Syria.
        Putin is waging and handily winning the international propaganda war because truth, logic and civilized norms, not to mention time are on his side.

        Do you guys see this, are you able to think couple of moves ahead and tie in the related ends?

        Holohoax: how many of you here are inordinately, insanely, knee jerk proud of your fathers, uncles, grandfathers fighting for Jew overseas, “my old man was loading torpedo tubes out in Guadalcanal, my supergreat-great-gramps rode in Stoneman’s cavalry when they sacked Richmond” or whatever tacky bullshit story you have to tell about some Mickey Mouse skirmish where America barely dipped its toe in trenches, what did America lose in WW2, half-a-million all told?
        And you are supposedly-allegedly Jew wise and yet puffed out with bargain store pride.
        What about ordinary meatheads on Main Street?

        Now consider Russia that lost over 25 million in the equally sham Great Patriotic War, is there one goy family in Russia without precious, sanctified men in their prime gunned down in that bloodshed?

        And as goes Holohoax, so does GPW, they are stapled at the hip with the same Ilya Ehrenburg glue.
        And PUTIN NEEDS RUSSIAN UNITY if Russia is to stand a chance.
        He doesn’t need internal discord that Jew is 100% sure to instantly exploit to the catastrophic maximum.

        He CAN and DOES talk about Jew Bolshevik burnt offerings of 60 million Christians, publicly pays respect to old man Solzhenitsyn on deathbed on one hand while visibly bolstering Eastern faith at every turn, he does expose the Yid slaughter of the Romanov family, dear little Anastasias and who not.

        Because being the single greatest effective enemy of the Talmudic NWO plan just as they can smell the ultimate touchdown, he must deliberate every single move, Karpov vs Kasparov again (Karpov was better but didn’t have physical conditioning for grueling series), he must see all the potential traps and pitfalls, emotion kills.

        Some trombone is sure to come back with something utterly trivial at this point 🙁

      2. Lobro,

        “And PUTIN NEEDS RUSSIAN UNITY if Russia is to stand a chance.”

        All very well, Lobro, should that be the motive behind promoting lies and oppressing truth, i.o.w. a unity cemented in lies. Only those lies happen to be the exact same lies which ‘unified’ the good old USSR. The holocaust; Made in Russia. Please, do tell me where I am wrong.

        And, that would be exactly the same kind of ‘unity’ the west – cough, Jew – needs to stand a chance against whoever opposes these lies.

        So it looks like Russia and the west are both using the same lies for both their stategies.

        I only discovered today that I could play the trombone 🙂

  13. The world is an illusion and Jews are masters of the illusion. Tell me this wasn’t staged. There is little, if any, use to conjecture over the unspoken intent of ANY global leader. The only thing that will properly serve to define their true intent are their actions. Those actions will occur, no matter the opinions of the masses.

    What kind of leader plays golf when a portion of his country is drowning? If black lives really matter, then why isn’t the golden Negro addressing this serious problem burdening “his people”? Considering the golden Negro’s reaction to the Trayvon Martin fiasco, can there be any excuse for his present actions concerning Louisiana?

    Could there have been any excuse for George Bush to continue reading stories to a calls of grade-schoolers while his country was under attack from an external threat? There is only one reason such obvious presentations are made public, to paint a very specific picture of their leadership.

    The actions of such “leaders” can be altered, and even expunged, by external factors; like people awaking to facts denied them previously and the questioning these facts en mass. Thus, one should not look at garnering support for or against any particular individual leader, as centralized leadership itself is one of the greatest perils to the global population. Instead, one should build a huge fire and then hold their leader’s feet to that fire.

    Therefore the focus should be on exposing the lies and the liars behind the illusion. Perhaps the biggest, most egregious, of all lies in history is the Hallowedhoax. This particular lie is THE lynchingpin of the Jews’ present global power.

    As I have written, if one desires to measure the true strength and intent of any individual, they must be measured against this lie. To date, I have heard only one leader address this issue in a forthright manner – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Because of his actions regarding the Hallowedhoax, I KNOW where he stands in relation to my enemy. By this action, he clearly took up the gauntlet and slapped the Jews’ face. Not one other “leader” has dared do so. Yet, I see German octogenarians bravely standing for the truth on this matter.

    Am I to believe that a global leader cannot be expected to do what individuals like Ernst Zundel, Fred Leuchter, Germar Rudolf and a host of others have done? If a leader cannot address the Jewish issue directly, if Jews are too powerful to take risk taking such a position, then their leadership is worthless.

    Am I to believe that “leaders” are too embroiled in global politics and Jews are too powerful for these “leaders”to take a stand on the Jews’ Hallowedhoax? Then of what use is such leadership? A study of history reveals that it was not the leaders who took a “softly, softly” approach, for that is the mealy and cowardly approach taken by Jews.

    It is the leaders who stood against the tide and fought forthrightly with resolve against the enemy who were valued and are remembered for their leadership. If a leader refuses to directly confront the most immense problem mankind has ever faced; a problem that has resulted in the open attack and destruction of western civilization, then how much real leadership can be expected by those being destroyed?

    How can one argue for support, or lack thereof, when a leader will not even dare to do what an elderly lady like Ursula Haverbeck so bravely and so staunchly, did? What is a Putin or a Trump compared to someone like Frau Haverbeck?

    Leadership cannot dance around the Jewish issue, as this only serves the Jew agenda to remain a hidden power. Jews must be confronted directly and without fear in the manner of Adolf Hitler and the results of those actions must then fall where they might. Put a real leader out front and I will follow, all others are not even worthy of scorn.

    The Hallowedhoax must be exposed by all for the lie it is. Anyone supporting this massive lie or skirting the subject is not worth the time it takes to conjecture over their position on any other issue.

    1. Arch,

      “Jews must be confronted directly and without fear in the manner of Adolf Hitler and the results of those actions must then fall where they might.”


      The exposure of THE LIE would not hurt Putin or Russia. At least NOT ANY MORE than what the west is already throwing at them, which is everything they have and can. And do nothing at all would with absolute certainty not hurt Russia any more than what the west is already throwing at them. So why bend over backwards by accommodating Jew this way? It only makes you look weak. Plus it is a stab in the back of allie Iran, which did have the guts to tell it like it is. If Russia, Iran and perhaps China and who knows else expose THE LIE then there is not a damn thing Jew can do to stop them. If anyhting, it would draw global pubic’s attention to THE LIE more than ever.

      And if Putin has been struggling for years already to prevent this draconian legislation – MEANT TO PROMOTE THE LIE AND OPPRESS THE TRUTH – from being pushed through, then apparantly he has an internal powerstruggle to deal with, which would mean he’s not the undisputed leader.

      UNLESS, of course, Putin isn’t really interested in breaking global Jew, only the ones who damage Russia, and just wants to leave the fantasy intact because it suits Russia’s glorious heroic part in WWII. In which case he’s not going to do us much good. Again, I ask myself, if the nay sayers are right and this is just a temporal and necessary wrong just to buy some extra time than when is this wrong going to be reversed? Anyone think sthat at some point in the near future Russia will say “just kidding, holo-denial isn’t outlawed anymore from this day on” ? I don’t.

      Well, one could go on and on. It is all speculation. We don’t KNOW anything, except that Russia now legally promotes THE LIE and oppresses the truth. Some strategy, huh?

    2. Arch, all of these people sacrificed their PERSONAL security, Haverbeck, Schaeffer, Zundel in order to stand up for truth and freedom of expression.
      Putin has a nation of 200 million on his shoulders, is he likewise supposed to throw human lives away in order to score a rhetorical point that would be overturned instantly and would result in proclamation of the universe’s greatest crime the minute Russia was trampled under shabbo boot like Germany was?
      Would it not be better to WIN?!?

      Ahmedinejad had nothing to lose, the entire Iranian nation stood behind him, they all to a man understood that Holojoke was a Jew perversion, as most Muslims do – go ask the Egyptians or Palestinians or Syrians, they all know, so it’s preaching to the choir.
      I explained how heavily Russians are invested in the “Great Patriotic War” meme, even though it is a meme, it is a tremendously unifying one due to insane losses they suffered.
      Can’t let go of that yet.

      I am sure that Jew would be overjoyed if Putin spoke out on Holofable because it would instantly unleash the hounds of war, Shylock hyena rubbing hands in anticipation of carrion.
      Russia cannot win the all-out war … YET.
      But it WILL, given time to shore up strength, develop arms industry and production to modernize the entire army, not just a few elite units.
      China is further ahead due to their enormous productivity, so let’s see and hope …

      1. “Ahmedinejad had nothing to lose, the entire Iranian nation stood behind him.”

        The German people stood behind Hitler and what did they lose? Iran stood to suffer the same fate and the game ain’t over yet. If the people will not stand behind a leader to the death, then they have no business being led by him. Hitler told the German people what was required of them and the people willingly gave their all in the effort. Such unwavering devotion by a people is the mark of all truly great leadership. If the people are not willing to sacrifice what their leaders are willing to sacrifice, then they do not have the resolve to be led by such leaders and when it comes to fighting the Jew nothing less will do.

        As I have written previously, one must be willing to fight to the death in the face of insurmountable odds. White men have long been willing to make such sacrifice for less important causes. Rorke’s Drift, the Battle of Camerone, the Alamo are just a few examples of this courage and willingness to sacrifice all for a cause. For whites, the fight against the Jew is THE cause beyond all others, for losing this war means the extinction of the white race. As it was with Germany, Jews have slated the entire white race, especially the Christians, for their peculiar form of Biblical genocide. When one’s life hangs in the balance, what is left to lose?

        The Jews’ apt metaphor is that Israel is like a “mad dog” that cannot be bothered. The problem is mad dogs attack without warning and without reason. Thus not bothering a mad dog provides no solution, as such inaction will only result in more attacks by the mad dog. One cannot stop to reason when attacked by a mad dog. Such an attack warrants a vicious fight to the death as only one of two outcomes can result, either the mad dog is dispatched or the attacked will die. Not bothering to do anything assures the latter outcome.

        If Israel is the mad dog, then Western civilization is the victim of this mad dog’s attack. If a people are unwilling to raise their hand in self defense, or if they refuse to follow a leader willing to do so, they will most assuredly suffer the fatal consequences of their inaction.

        This is an all out war with stakes far higher then any former battle for which white men sacrificed their lives. To paraphrase words once used by Jews to successfully propagandize the American people into fighting a senseless, fratricidal war: this is a war to preserve Mom, apple pie, the girl next door, and the white (American) way of life. If the white man does not consider this goal ultimately worthy of a bitter fight to the death, then the white race will not survive, for the destruction of these values are exactly the end Jews are actively pursuing.

        As I have stated before, and as it happened in the Jews’ Bolshevist Union, the time is rapidly approaching when the whites will either fight to the death or go meekly to a torturous one in a Jewish concentration camp or worse. History point unmistakably to this outcome. Therefore, whites have nothing left to lose, as the Jews have already forfeited their lives for them.

        I part with words from a man of true experience:

        “And if we get cold feet, even taking this step, then we are worthless and hopeless, and the scorn of Pushkin should be directed to us: “Why should cattle have the gifts of freedom? Their heritage from generation to generation is the belled yoke and the lash.”

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        It’z coming, it’z coming fast.

      2. @ Arch Stanton

        It is not just the white race in jeopardy. Jews hate everyone. All races are in peril.

        The jewish goal of reducing the world’s population down to 400-million means that about 7-billion people must die. If the jews were to somehow accomplish their goal, no race would survive in any meaningful way.

        The fight is between all of humanity and the jews, the liars and murders doing the lusts of their father, the devil.

  14. @Lobro

    I hope it all works out: the Zionist hordes are driven from Syria; Iran is secured from Zionist attack by final implementation of the s-300 system; and Rothschild control of the CBR is finally destroyed.

    However I can easily add a list of counter arguments to your belief in Putin…

    Why are Russian holocaust denial laws to be treated differently from similar Western-ZOG laws?
    Why is Putin so close to Zionists of all flavours? Why is he an overt friend of Israel?
    Why did Russia not block the Zionist attack on Libya?
    Why did Russia agree to the sanctions against Iran? Sanctions based on Israeli fabrications, btw. And why is it taking so long to setup the s-300s?
    Why did Russia end the main phase of the air campaign before Aleppo was liberated?
    I thought there were still plenty of Jewish Oligarchs in Russia?
    Why is Russia seemingly supporting Syrian Kurdish aspirations? <–That's a Greater Israel red flag right there.
    And what about that damned, bloody Rothschild controlled Russian Central bank!?!

    FYI, Syria and Iran do not have Rothschild controlled central banks. That is why I am sceptical of Putin's Russia. And I say this as someone who used to fully believe in him.

    I DON'T WANT TO BE FOOLED BY ANOTHER CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Just like the Russian Bolsheviks of old were just the usual Talmudic supremacists.

    Saying that, I did love your defence..defense of Putin and I hope my scepticism is proven wrong.

    1. @Lobro

      “Why are Russian holocaust denial laws to be treated differently from similar Western-ZOG laws?”

      I think you already answered that one…because of the massive casualties suffered by the Russian people. It is of a different magnitude altogether. So yeh, I can see your point.

      I am just trying to give you a glimpse of the sources of my scepticism on Putin and Russia. So refute away…if I’m right then at least I’m not being fooled. If I’m wrong — brilliant! 😀

    2. Flopot, can’t answer them all, too involved and lengthy.

      Why are Russian holocaust denial laws to be treated differently from similar Western-ZOG laws?
      Why is Putin so close to Zionists of all flavours? Why is he an overt friend of Israel?
      Why did Russia not block the Zionist attack on Libya?
      Why did Russia agree to the sanctions against Iran?

      If i recall, the maximum fine for Denial is around $4,000, on par with 2nd DUI in Canada (Denying Under Influence? 😉 )
      I am unaware of anyone in Rus slammer for Denial, the Western joints are packed with them.

      Put is an “overt” friend with Israel while covert enemy, doing everything on ground to counter them.
      Russia did not block attack on Libya PRECISELY because Putin was out of power, the president at the time was Jew Medvedev who agreed to it.
      It is exactly due to reversal of roles that saved Syria, West was livid that Putin was allowed to stand for 2nd election – remember? Now you know why.
      Sanctions on Iran were an ineffective joke and I believe it also started with Medvedev.
      S-300 deliveries did start but the fact is that S-300 is somewhat outdated and IDF figured out a way to deal with them, they trained on Greek owned S-300s.
      Be that as it may, if Iran didn’t have protection against areal attack, don’t you think jews would have done it long ago?
      USA has been playing gunboat stuff forever in the Straits of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf but never poked Ira seriously, even when they did have a chance before Putin got four-square on Iran side – why is that?
      In a word – they were scared of getting burned – Iran is not a pushover, very bright and proud people, witness their skyjacking of the US most secret, sophisticated stealth drone, they just commandeered it in mid-air and brought it down for picture perfect landing despite the fact that these things are designed to self destruct when control is lost.
      That must have been a wake-up to them all.

      Etc, etc.

      Demise of Putin and Russia, the dark mumbles have been heard over the years how he stabbed Donbass in the back, cowardly appeasement, “quagmire in Syria/no exit strategy” and look, everything is working out fine.
      He will not split up Syria for a simple reason: Turkey, Iraq and Iran, who all have large Kurdish populations, he cannot afford to antagonize them all.
      Even though, in my opinion, Kurds do deserve a state of their own, they vastly predate Turks and have been there as a major nation since ancient Mesopotamia, Assyrians, Urartu and so forth – i think under the name “Kors”.
      Strong, perfectly white people.

      1. @Lobro

        Some great insights there, e.g. a nice reminder about Medvedev’s role in UN resolution 1973. Something not mentioned in his Wikipedia article, last time I checked.

        As regards the rest (Putin and the Zios, the Central Bank etc) all we can do is wait and see. I hope for the best and expect the worst…

  15. The Jews who hate Putin and Russia will be found in the western media and government circles. Wealthy Jews like George Soros also help to finance Putin hatred. These people pump up Russophobia in the western media—after all, they own most of it!—and they impose sanctions on Russia to punish the Russian people and make them suffer.

    They also fund the Lesbian/ Gay/ Bisexual/ Transgender (LGBT) groups in Russia, in the full knowledge that the Russian people have no liking for the slippery slope leading down to the sewer pits of sexual perversion. All this filth propagated by the Jewish sleaze merchants is incompatible with the values of our Christian ancestors who fought and died to build Europe with its great cathedrals, its sublime art and music, and its incomparable scientific achievements.

    Much of the oligarchy controlled media has lambasted Vladimir Putin for enacting law to prevent this, calling him, “homophobic”. Yet, this law received unanimous majority support prior to Putin’s signature, actions were to protect the innocent, the children of Russia.

    The law was enacted on June 30, 2013 after being signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and passing the Duma with a unanimous vote of 436-0. Article 6.21 outlaws the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among minors. Specifically, “the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among minors expressed in distribution of information that is aimed at the formation among minors of non-traditional sexual attitudes, attractiveness of non-traditional sexual relations, misperceptions of the social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional sexual relations, or enforcing information about non-traditional sexual relations that evokes interest to such relations.”

    It is not a wonder, Lasha Darkmoon covered a corollary point well in her article,

    Dr Abrams not only admits that Jews are the world’s most successful pornographers, he celebrates the fact. Jews, he tells us, have a grudge against Christianity, an “atavistic hatred of Christian authority” rooted in centuries of humiliation, and pornography is one of the ways in which they get their revenge on their Christian persecutors — the hateful oppressors who expelled them from 109 countries since the year 250 AD, always without justification.

    These Khazar Jews have demonstrated that they defy what would be expected of a people of God, which Vladimir Putin is attempting to preserve in Russia.

  16. “Dr. Abrams not only admits that Jews are the world’s most successful pornographers, he celebrates the fact. Jews, he tells us, have a grudge against Christianity, an “atavistic hatred of Christian authority” rooted in centuries of humiliation, and pornography is one of the ways in which they get their revenge on their Christian persecutors — the hateful oppressors who expelled them from 109 countries since the year 250 AD, always without justification.”

    This shows the absurdly psychopathic hypocrisy of the Jew. Jews move into a culture to subvert it and when the host reacts negatively to the Jews’ pernicious, parasitical activities, it is Jews that feel the need for “revenge” against their host. What incredible chutzpah!

    Who asked Jews to move into the country in the first place? It is the unwelcome Jew, worming his way into the culture, that fully justifies the host’s reaction. It is the uninvited Jew undermining the host culture that results in their expulsion from the country.

    As with any infantile worldview it is always the fault of everyone else. The true problem never lies within the aggrieved child.

    1. @AS: It naturally follows from what you write (which I agree with in full) that Whites-in order to survive through this Century, need to establish a White Nationalist Homeland, aka country of our own. Singapore, unspoken though acknowledged is a Chinese Confucian success story. Though “multicultural”, the Chinese hold all the cards as they stand together as an ethnic and a people. They are and will continue to be 75% of the population, never lower.

      The White Nationalist Nation must happen or we become essentially extinct or permanent slaves of the Blacks and Browns, and will be forced to mate to produce “A New Humanity”, as the current Pope, aka, Popeye, aka Poop a Dupe advocates, bless his virtual, Jew controlled liver.

      The question is: will a Trump victory allow Whites to regain traction and purchase toward revival, most necessarily demographically? Or will it only delay S.A.S.- Segregation, Apartheid, and Secession? A Clingtongue victory almost seals violent White permanent separation.

      Additionally, in my opinion, a New White Homeland must contain zero, null, Moslems, Jews, Blacks, or Amerindians. Selective Asians and Hindus are acceptable. Civilized stock, productive, superior genes, and I love Indian Food and High Culture, in addition to being an Orientalphile. Felix would understand.

      1. We don’t need indians or asians to cook indian or asian food. All we need is a few really good white chefs. That argument is pretty much the same as the jews uses against us. That we need arabs to cook italian pizza or hamburgers. They never told us to import italians or americans instead.

      2. “a New White Homeland must contain zero, null, Moslems, Jews, Blacks, or Amerindians. Selective Asians and Hindus are acceptable. Civilized stock, productive, superior genes, and I love Indian Food and High Culture, in addition to being an Orientalphile.”
        You undermine the legitimacy and importance of this great website by saying stuff like that. “Selective Asians and Hindus” because of your personal predilections? Why should anyone take you for anything but a fool? Or else a troll.

  17. this is the question, isn’t it. who os vlad the lad really?
    i think he’s a mason/jew manipulator.
    to me, putin does far too little to expose and suppress jewish abuse of power in this world. and if he’s ll about putting christianity in charge, like the people who promoted this article, then i’m pretty sure he is just another puppet.
    everybody now knows bolshevism was/is jew-ish. that’s no big revelation. old news.
    why doesn’t the vlad explain to the world that the jews are totally manipulating the usa behind the destabilization of the middle east by war and europe and the usa by immigration? how about handing the world a list of jew pricks to be prosecuted and deported?
    you really think christianity will save the world from the jews? christianity has its benign aspects, but it is in reality a sick and twisted demographic control psy-op that maintains sacrifice and martyrdom as its main themes. progressive evolutionaries will take the best of what any religion has to offer and apply it to society, but we’re over the torture victim.
    the previous gnostic version, which was all about finding the truth of our existence, in the optimistic belief that man can achieve progress, was co-opted by the roman empire and re-engineered as reptilian catholicism. and we know by now the roman empire was co-opted by the jews, who wrote the new testament. that’s where you got the “roman nose”. the reformation really didn’t do much. but then – “calvin” was a “cohen”.
    obviously, all these establishment religions (fake), that discount life on earth, will have to go if humans are ever to achieve world peace and save their planet. let’s hear putin say that.
    you quote the new york times – really? the new york times is hardly more than a zionist propaganda outlet. the way they dis trump makes us think he just may be for real.
    i didn’t know jesus hated homosexuals.
    are trump and putin both master strategists – finessing the whole jew problem into a teamwork solution? we can hope so.
    the american public are way over the russian boggieman warmonger scam, so profitable for military contractors and their bankster handlers.
    but i think putin should stop pussyfooting with the zionistas right now. as bull halsey said “when you’re in command – command”. get rid of the rothschild central bank, establish an honest money system, where it’s the public that profits from its existence. . expose the holohoax without a doubt. kick all secret society masons and dual citizen israelis out of the government. secure all the borders and give everybody an equal vote at the un. expose and chastise the flunky usa for the zionist stooge it has become. elaborate on the potential partnership with trump. jail hillary and all the neocons. move the world forward with a vision of the eco-paradise.
    because if we don’t all get past this factionalism (religion/politics) soon – we’re gonna kill the planet dead. do one thing right, then another and another.
    well said archie.

    1. You’re an intellectual, grammatical, denotative, and syntactical linguistic slob. Below standards for this site. What’s the matter with you? Brain damage, congenital retardation, personality disorders?

      Your moniker should be “Barfingjeer”.

    2. barkingdeer on August 20, 2016 at 6:58 pm wrote:

      this is the question, isn’t it. who is vlad the lad really? i think he’s a mason/jew manipulator. to me, putin does far too little to expose and suppress jewish abuse of power in this world. and if he’s all about putting christianity in charge, like the people who promoted this article, then i’m pretty sure he is just another puppet.

      Vladimir Putin is not a chosen son of the oligarchy. They filter through the news media only that which they want you to hear.

      Putin completely lost patience with the journalists, berating them for lazily helping to accelerate a nuclear confrontation by repeating US propaganda. He virtually pleaded with the western media, for the sake of the world, to change their line:

      We know year by year what’s going to happen, and they know that we know. It’s only you that they tell tall tales to, and you buy it, and spread it to the citizens of your countries. You people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? While they pretend that nothing is going on. I don’t know how to get through to you anymore.

      Reporters who submit articles not in line with the oligarchy do not have their articles published.

      For instance, BRICS Post asked Rosenthal the question: There has been much criticism in the past few years of how Western press have covered the Syrian civil war. As a journalist who has written about the conflict, is this criticism warranted?

      To which Rosenthal responded at length. He stated: Absolutely. In fact, even though my writing is 99 per cent just factual, I was less and less able to write about the conflict, because the media did not want to publish the facts in question. One of the publications to which I had been a regular contributor – National Review Online, the website of the American conservative weekly National Review – went so far as to “bar” me from publishing.

      Censorship and editorials parading as news are quite prevalent these days.

  18. I liked Peter’s accurate and sober appraisal of Mr. Putin regarding crypto-jewish mafia machinations before, and LD has done fine work presenting the work as an article. Mr. de Nugent’s observations and blog spot are excellent. The c-j mafia has been long at work attacking “Nationalism” as dangerous and contrary to progress – all except Israeli zionism, which with the usual rationally indefensible jewish double standard is exempt from criticism and promoted on the broken backs of extorted US taxpayers. I worry far more about a sell out from Mr. Trump than Mr. Putin, Mrs. Clinton is a failed zionist puppet. Bilderberg has long been attempting to erode Nationalism, the latest disaster from the Rothschild-Soros effort in the EU part of an ongoing process. If you read the late George F. Kennan’s “The Decline of Bismarck’s European Order” (his “attempt to explain” the epic human disaster of World War 1) among his other works you can see Mr. Kennan wrongly attempting to blame “Nationalism” for causation while leaving notably unexplored the financial machinations behind the events. Bare mention is made of the Rothschild banks and others, utterly nothing on Arms merchants and their stockholders (Rothschild and Rothschild agent Zaharoff/Sachar). The one lesson any rational person could take with them that is in this book (somewhat) is that National debt and military adventures inevitably produce human disaster on a scale that Kennan,CFR, and Bilderberg deliberately ignore, which Crypto-jew syndicates repeatedly in modern history (Russia-Japanese War, WW1,the Bolshevik usurpation,WW2, Iraq, Libya, Syria, failed attempts in Lebanon, Afghanistan, and numerous actions in Africa and Asia) foment, underwrite, and exploit. The track record is there, despite criminal attempts in zionist controlled media and education to hide their crimes. One of my favorite photos is the image of the meeting between the aged Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Mr. Putin. Mr. Solzhenitsyn’s work “200 Years Together” is still unpublished in English, banned from publication in so-called “free countries” by terrified zionist criminals. Mr. Putin is a great Russian patriot and one of the very few who may rightly be described as a World leader.

    1. I can’t emphasize enough the attempts on the part of Bilderberg and the Khazar-mafia to destroy Nationalism as “dangerous” – except of course for zionist nationalism which is left alone, though guilty of more worldwide crime on a percentage and volume basis. Israel and it’s supporters, left and right, are International pariahs. We didn’t get much out of Bilderberg this year, security in Austria was exceptionally tight, and we miss the late James Tucker and his crusading efforts. But ‘they’ are still at it. Nationalism exists in Peace and in War. Kennan’s apologist efforts for bankers and arms dealers doesn’t stand up to scrutiny as a PRIMARY factor – Nationalism was certainly exploited, but the causal factors leading to the designed exploitation have been exposed (see Donald McCormick’s “Peddler of Death” and “How Europe Armed for War” by J.T. Walton Newbold for the WW1 data as examples). Mr. Putin has achieved the status of senior statesman by such epic speeches such as the Valdai International Discussion Club (12th. session) when he articulated a policy in beautifully clear terms: “In Russia live Russians. People who want to live in Russia must learn to speak Russian and learn Russian customs and culture”… This flies in the face of criminal TRULY self hating jews like Mr. Soros, who must constantly try to repair his self esteem (after ruining the lives of many in Thailand and Asia, now an assault on Europe and the USA) by dragging Civilized countries, painfully built and developed over thousands of years, down to a level he can sneer at and “understand” – in his own phony image. Russia will not be accused of racist policy against jews or anyone else under Mr. Putin, which eliminates the last shred of the phony rationale on the jew-mafia’s latest assault on Civilization. In typical cheeky fashion they tried “aggression” as an excuse, but unlike past years everyone can see who the real aggressors are, and aware of the horrendous consequences of pursuing this criminal agenda want none of it.

  19. All of you who see Putin as enemy, accuse him of being a Rothschild actor, insist that the world would be a better place without Putin.
    Do read this, Leaked memo shows George Soros worked to push Greece to support Ukraine coup, paint Russia as enemy
    You got yourselves a valuable friend and ally.


    One country of particular focus for George Soros and his NGOs is Ukraine.

    It is now accepted fact that Soros was deeply involved in the Maiden protests in 2014 and the violent coup, that saw a democratically elected government overthrown in the name of “EU values”.

    What is even more troubling, as revealed by the DC Leaks hack, is how Soros and his network of “non-profit organisations” worked to lobby EU member states into not only buying his Ukraine “Maidan” narrative, but to also disavow any ties and support for Russia.

    Leaked documents show that George Soros was active in mapping out the Greek media landscape with generous grants, so as to further his Ukraine project, while also using his deep pockets to get Greek media to turn against the Russian Federation…in what can only be described as a well-funded and orchestrated smear campaign.

    Explain how this meshes with “Putin the Jew” narrative, c’mon, you got it all figured out.

    30 silver pieces to buy a shabbo consultant whore:

    In one document entitled: “Open Society Initiative For Europe (OSIFE). Mapping the Ukrainian debate in Greece” (Ukraine and Europe-greece-tor ukraine debate mapping greece.docx), Soros offers a consultant a remuneration of $6,500 (gross) for “at least 15 full working days in carrying out this task” plus all expenses paid.

    The aim of this task:

    The consultant is expected to chart the main players in the Greek debate on Ukraine, outline the key arguments and their evolution in the past 18 months. Specifically, the report will

    take stock of any existing polling evidence
    provide a ‘who is who?’ with information about at least
    – 6 newspapers,
    – 10 audiovisual outlets (TV and radio),
    – 6 internet sites,
    – About 50 opinion leaders and trends in social networks[1].

    Categorize the main strains of discussion and eventually identify different sides / camps of the discussion.

    Provide a brief account of how Russia has tried to influence the Greek debate on Ukraine through domestic actors and outlets

    Include a section with recommendations on
    – What are the spaces OSF should engage and would most likely to have impact?
    What are the voices (of reason or doubt) that should be AMPLIFIED?

    “amplified”, read: “palms greased”.

    Well, call me antisemite but unlike some of you, I won’t be caught dead on the same side of the fence as Soros on any issue.

  20. marx –
    those who resort to personal insult, if they’re serious, usually do it because they’re frightened. new concepts often seem threatening.
    you can’t kick me off the site. i do get the territorial thing though. we need that now.
    are you saying you disagree with my content – or you just don’t like my style?
    i thought your comment was pretty good. imaginative and informative. you obviously have a forehead. try to stay off the panic button.
    you are quite right about about the white survival dilemma, which i haven’t heard putin discuss yet either. they fully intend to breed us out of the game. and when they get full control they won’t be nice about it.
    but when push finally comes to shove all these infiltrators and traitors are in for a big surprise coming from real americans.
    the usa, with its hard-won standard of living, has been experiencing native population decline, due to its wealth and degree of enlightenment. smarter people have less kids and take better care of the ones they do have, and their environment.
    but population reduction and pantheistically based spiritual values are not in keeping with any religion i know of. and catholicism is certainly behind the immigrant invasion.
    corporations run america. catholicism runs mexico. roman catholicism is the antecedent of the corporate power-pyramid methodology. islam isn’t the only religious manifestation of fascism. belief in an almighty god is in fact a good fanatical basis for all kinds of ideological (bad politics) lunacy.
    but reproducing more whiteys is not the answer to the colored invasion or the approaching biospheric collapse. you didn’t say it was.
    closing the border (trump) and kicking out all illegals is the first step to saving the usa, its documentation, and the planet. not because we’re racist bigots. because we see the writing on the wall. those who call trump a racist are the real racists themselves.
    it is axiomatic in progressive evolutionary circles that genuine environmentalism is the curative political methodology, while overpopulation is the catastrophic factor. what nutty muslim knows that? what pope? what corporate shill politician?

  21. gyorgy.
    thanks for the info.
    i understand the media is censored by private capitalists. and most americans have no idea who putin might really be.
    in that case there really is no free press, certainly not in america, unless it is a branch of the alternative media.
    from my personal experience with that though, i can tell you non-profits soon become loaded with jew-ish zionists acting as left-gatekeepers. the amy goodman types, who all hate trump.
    alll the factors included in the bill of rights have to be in working order, if the usa is to lead the way to the next paradigm.
    it’s time for a journalists’ bill of rights.
    and it’s time for vlad putin to force reform of the news media in his own country, so he walks the walk.
    innovatively, every state should establish a department of information distribution, which delivers only statistics and quotes, film, etc.. nothing but real information. this media band could also provide a full platform for candidates.

    1. barkingdeer on August 20, 2016 at 8:53 pm wrote:

      gyorgy. thanks for the info. [….] in that case there really is no free press, certainly not in america, unless it is a branch of the alternative media. [….] all the factors included in the bill of rights have to be in working order, if the usa is to lead the way to the next paradigm. it’s time for a journalists’ bill of rights.

      You are welcome. I seriously doubt that will happen in America without a regime change (new POTUS, cleaned up Congress, cleaned up SCOTUS, etc.). There will be no journalist bill of rights. Journalists are now being treated as criminals and being prevented from fully carrying out their duties during US civil unrest except at a distance. The US has become an abusive police state rivaling that of former cold war communist governments.

  22. white survival dilemma, which i haven’t heard putin discuss yet either

    That is because you refuse to listen … “new concepts often seem threatening“.
    you can hear it right here, loud and clear (Putin About Cultural Self Preservation of European Tradition, Religion and Race) … still no sound? i guess not.

  23. hey thanks lobro,
    but i gotta tell ya, vlad is way behind the curve. he sounds almost like one of pat robertson or jerry falwells boys. one more tweak and he could almost be pastor hagee, for christ sake. he’s dead wrong on the idea that christianity should be the deal, even though it is a big part of the culture being displaced by these migrant invasions. . and also very archaic on his assertion that without religion people will all eventually all become degenerate. puhleeeeese. i don’t think he understands the real degeneracy at work here, which is the religious tenet that earth is inferior to heaven, nothing but a commodity. and not to worry about all thee dead whales in the plastic ocean, because god will deal with it?
    it sounded like i heard him classify the usa as a collectivist communist state, without individuals, going to hell on moral dapravity under the nwo. how’s that for a turn of the tables?
    he definitely doesn’t get the benefit of population reduction, considers it a dilemma. but what else would you expect from a catholic (jew) puppet?
    he sounds a little flim-flammy to me. he seems to start out warning about loss of culture due to immigration but then stresses some depopulation dilemma, which in the end comes off as a hype for “traditional” religious proliferation. he’s not much different from any muslim breeder fanatic, is he? he just working one of the different abrahamic schticks.
    and, like the waiters on fox news, he won’t say the world “jew” either. are we really having a discussion here if we don”t?

    1. @Barkingdeer:
      Life is full of stress for most of us and once in a while we have a really bad day when we come undone at the seams. When that happens it’s wonderful if there is a chance for a do over. Sadly, that rarely happens in life. You, however, are lucky that way: you can have it back to do over. Just ask LD to delete this comment and in a couple of days no one will even remember that in an altered state you typed this:
      “he [Putin] sounds almost like one of pat robertson or jerry falwells boys. one more tweak and he could almost be pastor hagee.”

    2. Have you heard of the principle, “Abusus non tollit usum”? The abuse of something – such as religion – doesn’t negate its legitimate use. The great G. K. Chesterton was right in saying, “Get rid of the supernatural, and what you’re left with is the unnatural.” Unfortunately, much of what you and 99% of people think they know about the Catholic Church has come to them from our jewish controlled culture. Also, the Catholic Church, when it was strong, i.e. before Vatican II, was the principal bulwark against The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit (see E Michael Jones’ magisterial book with that title), keeping the jews in check more than anything else in this world.

      1. Darrell,

        Perhaps, but they – the righteous Catholics – were nevertheless negligent for allowing the seeds of evil quitely thrive and brooding on their plans which they realised in future times. So no matter how many virtues Catholicism has, it has a major flaw as well. And now we’re paying the price for that flaw.

      2. Vatican II inverted the basic tenets of the Catholic Church. By this inversion Jews have done to the catholic church what their biblical ancestor Moses did to the Egyptians’ religious beliefs and culture.

        The intent was to turn Judaisms’ most vocal enemy into its slavish companion, an attempt in which they succeeded beyond any Catholic expectation. Thus the oxymoronic term “Judeo-Christianity”, note “Judeo” comes first? There’s a clue. One can see the very same attitude displayed in miniature by the all too common, present day image of a white boy trailing behind a Negro, hanging on every idiotic, ebonical, syllable, as the Negro strides along, head held high.

        By way of deception, Vatican II formed a new basis for the Catholic church, a role in which Jews were instrumental in developing. Jews have subverted the entire religion antithetical to their Temple-based, materialistic goals to convert it into yet another ally among their arsenal of useful weapons against the hated goyim.

        One might as well say “Zio-naziism” and in fact they do as Jews have usurped various aspects of this political/economic concept as well as the term “Nazi” they created. Most notably they stole the idea of using the promise of labor instead of gold to back debt.

        Vatican II “opened the church to the world” by watering its belief structure and dogma down to the same level as the Unitarian Universalists, a supposed “religious” group that is so “universal” they have no specific beliefs of any kind. One might say the Unitarian’s karma ran over their dogma. One can imagine how Jews love this group that bow their head to “social justice” at the drop of a Negro.

        This is the very antithesis of Judaism’s rigid inflexible religious structure that rejects outsiders while laying out the law for every jot and tittle of the Jew’s life, demanding total subservience to its dogma, all other religious beliefs be damned.

        With the restructuring of the church into Judaisms’ valued ally in their war against western civilization, Jews have eliminated Catholicism as its foremost enemy, winning one of the greatest religious battles in history without firing a shot in anger. They accomplished this by selling the Catholic church the faggots with which it has now burnt itself at the stake. Not since Moses marched the Israelites out of Egypt has such a victory been won.

        Jews are the race of penultimate thieves who can take their shit and back up your toilet so you will have to call a Jewish plumber to repair it.

    3. no problem, barking, just back it up puhleeeze.
      i gave you the link to answer your “white survival dilemma, which i haven’t heard putin discuss yet either” and you abandoned that issue in a hurry and are now bashing Putin with a completely different blunt object: Christianity.
      In other words, Putin is bad, he is evil, he is useless – because he is Christian, because he defends the Russian root tradition of eastern Christianity, because he defends his nation’s heritage and culture which is inextricably bound with Christianity of their forebears, all the way to Byzantium.
      Nice going.


      it sounded like i heard him classify the usa as a collectivist communist state, without individuals, going to hell on moral dapravity (sic) under the nwo. how’s that for a turn of the tables?

      Anything out of place with this quote, I seem to find it exactly right and true in every word.
      USA, a collectivist communist state, without individuals, going to hell on moral depravity under the NWO.
      Got it down to a “t”. Which part do you disagree with? Or does the truth of what he said bother you.
      How’s that for the turn of the tables indeed.
      Or maybe he should have called the USA the land of the free, the home of the brave, the upright, honest, intelligent, educated individuals who produce and defend their own and do not covet that of others, who absolutely refuse to knuckle down to NWO.
      Maybe he should have said that in order to draw loud approval from herds of barking deer the world over.

      You said he sounds identical to Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Rev Hagee.
      Okay, to your previous charge that he does not discuss the white survival dilemma, I linked a speech where he talks about nothing but … so you swerved and zigzagged to avoid the subject and invented other straw men, Fallwell, Robertson and Hagee.
      How about backing that up a bit? Got something by way of comparison, where these Zioprotestants (never heard you use the word Protestant either, the betrayers of Christ hiding behind His name while doing everything possible to aid His killers and eternal enemies) say stuff identical or nearly identical to what Putin said in that Valadai conference speech.
      Where they talk about preservation of European culture and morals, about universal human rights as opposed to slavery by NWO … both you and Pat seem to have really hated that part, give us some Fallwell or Hagee youtubes where they could be mistaken for Putin.


      like the waiters on fox news, he won’t say the world “jew” either. are we really having a discussion here if we don”t?

      How about from the horse’s mouth – THE JEWISH PRESS … Putin Perpetuates Antisemitic Lie Of First Soviet “Mostly Jewish”

      Some antisemitic lies just don’t die, but it is incumbent on Jewish reporters to refute them every single time, especially when they’re being espoused by a brutal Russian politician with the capacity to inflict a lot of pain on the Jews in his country.

      Like I said, you guys have some great allies in your hate of Putin and your brave fight against this “brutal Russian politician with the capacity to inflict a lot of pain on the Jews in his country”.
      Pat also accuses Putin of lying, so these new comrades-in-arms must be welcome, because given Putin’s lies it is incumbent on Jewish reporters to refute them every single time, these brave defenders of Truth, where would we be without Jewish reporters to protect us from lies.
      Don’t give up just because I am on the opposite side, you must stand for what you believe in and if you score some discounted Yad Vashem tickets, hang onto them, their value increases daily.
      So yeah, barkingdeer, tell us more about how like the Fox waiters, Putin never says the word “Jew”.
      Or maybe switch tracks to something entirely new, “because we are having discussion here”.
      Attack religion, why not, because atheism is the salvation, like Bolsheviks said early on, Marx: “Religion is the opiate of the masses”.

      Hey look, a rock on the other side of the road, let’s pick it up and throw it at Putin.

      You bash Putin because he promotes increased birth rates among the whites, Pat bashes him because of Russia’s relatively low birth rate.
      Good show, it demonstrates fairness above all, a very white European virtue, stand up like a man and fight fair and square.

      1. Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia, the USA would do well to follow

        Putin recently reminded his cabinet that he paid off the Rothschild’s debt and

        “grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and kicked them out Russia’s back door.”

        This meeting featured the President pounding his fist on the table and vowing to destroy the New World Order, and according to a Kremlin source Putin is making great strides towards this goal.

        “They do not own the world, and they do not have carte blanch to do whatever they want. If we do not challenge them there will be other issues. We will not be bullied by them.”

        But he never used the word JEW … proof that he is a Jew himself and a Rothschild agent, just another Fox waiter saying the same stuff as fallwell, Robertson and Hagee.
        Right, barkingdeer?

      2. Yes, MAJOR FLAW : The Catholics didn’t give Copernicus and Galileo the BRUNO TREATMENT, now we got Uncle [ and all the other online “Ascended Masters” of Alice Bailey and Aleister Crowley ] CENSORING GOD’S GEOCENTRIC TRUTH. Right, Ryckaert?

  24. “When calling someone “Hitler” is met with indifference and mockery, the Jews will have lost a lot of their power.”

    I’ve often said… when the tribe accuses someone of being “the next Hitler”, this simply means that the accused “gets it”. The sheenies HATE anyone who shines any kind of light on them or their nefarious activities. Very soon, the accusation “Hitler” will become a badge of honor… because the great German leader spoke and fought for the truth against the eternal distorters and usurers. It’s great to watch.

  25. Dave Miller
    To all interested in knowing ‘once and for all’ who Vladimir Putin really is, there is a blog site by a guy named Ken who resides in Ft. Worth, TX that can conclusively settle the matter for all who want to know. His website is – Go there and you’ll see Vlad’s name on the right hand column. The rest as they say ‘ is history’…
    If you click on the ‘about me’ link, you can read about him, and what I said in the comments section to him in Dec/15 & Jan/16. Anyone truly desiring to know some ‘Real’ history, i suggest that you take the time to read (FREE EBOOK) and see just how much real history you know. Ken ‘ blog will give you a view of events taking place right now, as you possibly have not considered. Time is short. Soon we won’t have the Internet as we do now. has the answer concerning who Putin really is.
    In hope Dave Miller

  26. Like I have written before… Putin makes things up, and is being disingenuous….
    Some would call that lying.
    When Pharisee-Jews do that is IS lying..!!

    Putin has a law degree and business degree… so, he must know better.

    [For Rousso’s sake, I’ll say Putin is VERY badly mistaken.]

    US fertility rate is 1.87. Over thirty countries above Russia’s.
    Russia’s fertility rate is 1.61…!!

    Contrary to Putin’s claims in the 2013 video from Lobro…
    …. there are numerous Western countries with higher fertility rates than Russia’s.

    –Putin About Cultural Self Preservation of European Tradition–
    He claimed:
    “What can be better evidence for THE moral crisis of a human society – (in RUSSIA) – than the loss of it’s reproductive function.?”

    As of 2015… All of the countries below are “West”… West of Hawaii… 🙂

    Below Russia… China’s rate is at 1.60.

    So are:
    Thailand at1.51.
    Japan is 1.40.
    Korea, South – 1.25.
    Hong Kong – 1.18.
    Taiwan – 1.12.
    Macau – 0.94
    Last is Singapore – 0.81.

    Russia is losing the battle of “reproductive function”..!!
    Putin should concentrate on training his army for more bedroom working in Russia. 🙂

    1. “Sister” Mary Monica Monitor :

      And the post I sent you earlier today — “In Honor To Putin” — complete with link to a Russian Christian Orthodox hymn is a Big Stumbling Block to you because :

      A : You’re NOT a Catholic, have NEVER been a Catholic, NEVER been a Catholic nun, or any kind of Catholic, but you all-of-a-sudden it bothers you the Russian Orthodox Church has a different Filioque than the Roman Catholic Church’s Filioque [ The Catholic Church, Her Filoque, and everything about the Catholic Church which you detest, you detest it ALL, EXCEPT the corruption in the Catholic Church which you LERV , for reasons TOO long to get into and I don’t have the patience I really don’t ]

      B : Your hydra-head , Uncle, is a jew Wizard of Liber Oz Big Shot “Eastern Temple” “Ascended Master” Freemason Potentate who studied at a JESUIT seminary? [After spending his childhood studying the talmud and the Cabala in a yeshiva? ] “Cabala” is the Catholic spelling of IT ; Gee, I hope it doesn’t perturb you TOO much I spelt IT the Catholic way, Oh ‘Saintly” “Catholic” “Sister”. [ I use the Upper Crusty Proper Queen’s English way to spell the past tense of “spell” , NOT the profane vulgar kwan “spelled”, so [ ?] do I get some credit for that at least, ? ]

      1. In Honor of Putin

        . . . who Saved The Christians of Syria from the Slaughter and Genocide JEW ZOG was planning for the Christians of Syria ; Putin Saved the Christians of Syria , the most ancient of Christian communities in the world, the Christians of Syria, from certain Slaughter and Death and Genocide at the hands of Jerusalem and Washington and London. May the Holy Creator, the Lord and Giver of Life, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God, when the time comes for Putin to close his eyes in death, May Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God in the company of Our Blessed Holy Mother have Mercy on whatever sins and failings Putin has, and Grant Him Everlasting Life, for Putin Saved the most ancient of Christian communities in the world from brutal devastation, massive death, slaughter and planned-in-advance in Jerusalem and in Washington outright Genocide of the Syrian Christians, at the hands of our own leaders in the West, and against a people, a Christian people, who never did us any harm. We are ruled by beasts from Hell.

        In Honor of Putin:

  27. (Sr.M : Hmmm, thanks for this electrifying info…)

    Putin is a mysterious creature from outer space from some faraway galaxy .according to the high priest of the temple Anoshka in the city of Magedo in the high mountain overlooking the sea of the beast
    the shape shifting Putin speaks unknown language and communicate with his mother-ship via unknown and strange instruments above and beyond human comprehensions.
    the Jewish zionists as you know are very very smart and powerful and they are without any doubts are the real masters of this world,in essence they own each and every one of you one way or another.
    except Putin ,they know his super powers real good so the Jews are trying to appease him and avoid a conflict with him, at the same time ,he Putin doesn’t want a confrontation with them either at this time.

    1. “In Honor of Putin”

      Don’t forget to also honour the Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah, the Iranians and ordinary Syrians who continue the fight against the Zionist forces.

    Is it Anti-Christianism?

    Reverend Edward F. Brophy




  29. Its is refreshing to see Putin break away from jewish control and they deserve it for what they went through with the insane jewish Bolsheviks and if it takes moving the country back into Christianity thats great but all gods are jewish invented gods, thats where Darkmoon loses it. Most religions are pure hypocrisy, opium for the masses, they say. Catholics molesting male children for centuries, Christians are always caught in affairs and homosexual acts same as jews. I’m just waiting for people to start saying, I swear by the old gods and the new gods.

    1. Something tells me Paul is a Jew.

      His comment will win great praise from the Christ haters on this site who fulfil the role of USEFUL IDIOTS FOR THE JEWS.

      Watch them reveal themselves! 🙂

  30. 2-things – of which there is NO guesswork:

    1) Putin is nobody’s stooge, and whoever thinks this is simply not paying attention to what’s at the heart of the matter

    which segues to important information on the website “educate-yourself. org” in an article titled “Queen admits she is not human and we will learn to accept her for who she is”

    Now let’s go back 100 years to get an overview of certain events which have transpired since:

    Now my GUESS is that the German military would have achieved victory had it not been for a comprehensive sabotage of their Intelligence services. The masterminds under the piles had total dependency on this in order to ensure Germany’s defeat, and they began setting up its apparatus immediately upon the cessation of hostilities in 1918.

    They wanted all-out war on a level involving the power of mechanized warfare, and were well aware of the German proficiency at warcraft, making it PARAMOUNT that the Abwehr be sabotaged, otherwise German forces would have crushed everything in its path as far as was deemed necessary by der Fuhrer.

    The more I think about it, the more I reject the notion of Hitler’s military ineptitude, or of his being “too moral”. I attribute their losing the war to the compromising of the most vital component of ANY war – its Intelligence network.

    Think of Hitler, Putin, Princess Diana, etc. etc. as those who were/are used to further a long-term agenda for complete totalitarian rule over ‘straight-up’ human beings (goy) by reptilian and human/reptilian hybrid entities. Diana was used for the sole purpose of providing human genetics in order to maintain a cover for the reptilian countenances of the present Royal imposters. With the agenda completed, this would no longer be necessary, as they would then appear in all all their scaly hideousness as in the days of antiquity (think “They Live”)

    Hitler and Putin are used in the geo-political sphere to further “The Great Work of the Ages”. Putin knows the score and knows that he has his hands full in going up against what is ultimately the Satanic enemy of Mankind, Diana was a liability from the outset; her fate sealed the moment she was chosen to be the Royal broodmare and said “I do” to the lizard Prince. Her death, as with Hitler’s, was engineered to occur on the eves of major Satanic (un)holy days.

    A question that remains is, what will potentially prove to be the nature of resistance put up by Putin and the Russians, and what would be its portent, given a premise of the parasite running to the end of its course?

    P.S. I urge admin. to link to this important article on the E/Y website and further a discussion on these threads

  31. Franklin Ryckaert on August 20, 2016 at 12:16 pm wrote:

    @1138 I only agree with Putin’s strategy in a general way, not with all his steps. I think that adopting a law against “Holocaust denial” is indeed a step too far. The Russian government simply could declare itself “neutral” in this respect and let free debate run its course. In that way it still could not be accused of “anti-Semitism”.

    Hate speak / literature laws such as Holocaust Denial are a way to open the door to censuring legitimate public expression disliked by the oligarchy. Prior, except in despotic countries, the more or less free world tolerated expression. When one stepped beyond the boundaries by killing, maiming, raping, disrupting; defacing, destroying or stealing property then did the authorities get involved. Laws were considered sufficient to permit free expression and orderliness. However, a foot was gained in the door under the cloak of Sith lord, First Order terrorism prevention.

    For example, a German T-shirt silk screening company, independent of the oligarchy was fined by their government, even though their law permits anti-Nazi symbol usage.

    How far can individuals go in using a symbol banned by the German constitution? It was just this question that the Stuttgart district attorney’s office wanted clarified when it brought a case against Nix Gut, a mail-order company that offers left-wing garb adorned with modified swastikas.

    The swastika is banned as a symbol of an unconstitutional organization, but German law allows its use if it is clearly in a form indicating opposition to National Socialism. A crossed-out swastika reminiscent of a no-parking sign or a stick person throwing a swastika into a garbage can are images often used by the left-wing movement in Germany.

    But a judge ruled on Friday that the use of the Nazi symbol by the company violated the law and fined the owner, Jürgen Kamm, 3,600 euros ($4,500).

    US has passed similar hate speech / literature laws. How much longer will it be, that simply giving someone a ball point pen with the words, Jesus Died for Your Sins and Loves You will be considered as hate literature? Inviting a stranger to a church pot luck luncheon service is considered hate speech?

    Franklin Ryckaert wrote:

    Another part of Putin’s strategy I don’t agree with is letting Jewish oligarchs still control a big part of Russia’s economy. He could have arrested all of them (eventually on trumped up charges) and (re-)nationalize their assets.

    The oligarchy still has a grip on the Russian economy and will take time to disenfranchise their grip.

    Why go after Russia? Its leadership role in providing liquid natural gas and other energy supplies to Europe has been posing a threat to the supremacy of the fiat Federal Reserve pertrodollar. China also plays a role, perhaps an even larger one in the “de-dollarization” in world trade that will ultimately plunge the US deep into Third-world living status, and an irreversible change that will shock unprepared US citizens when “dollar” devaluations kick in.

    The stranglehold of the Western world’s financial banking system by the elites is not about to be easily wrested from them. The willingness to see Ukraine destroyed as a nation, as well as so many innocent lives, is an example of how the elite-led US warmonger will do whatever it takes to try to weaken and demonize Russia and Putin. The fact that Obama stated that the downing of Malaysian flight 17 was Putin’s doing, immediately after the event, and parading fawning US generals on national television to also echo that Russia was to blame prove to be totally false. It has since been proven that the US-directed Kiev air military purposefully shot down the commercial airliner, killing all innocent people on board as an act to blame Russia. This is how the elites operate, not caring who or how many people are killed in their pursuit of maintaining monetary control.

    Changes that occurred over decades takes time to undo.

  32. @Brownhawk
    May I suggest that any comment making reference to “reptilians” and “aliens” be marked with an asterisk? It seems blatantly obvious to me that no serious commentator (like yourself) means any of that literally. Nevertheless many, like yourself, and I mean it in the nicest way, fail to make it clear that they are using the terms metaphorically to describe the repulsive, anti-human nature of judeo-zionist operators/tools.
    Although these are trite metaphors, some readers may wish to enjoy them some more. That’s where the asterisk comes in handy to help the reader decide: Should I read this comment or skip it?
    Furthermore, in the interest of saving space the commenter should abstain from adding links ‘proving’ anyone’s reptilian DNA. This site readers are sophisticated enough to do their own research of this scientific topic if they have no drying paint to watch. Again, I mean it in the nicest way.

    1. Don’t know why it appeared twice… One suffices. Please, Admin, delete one. Thank you

    2. @ ariadnatheo
      ariadnatheo your reply to brownhawk shows your mind is closed to the unknown and unseen realities of the vast and deep universes.
      you should open your eyes and mind and free your spirit to swim in the deepest deep of the vast oceans of the universe
      you need to free your self from the chains of this earthy constrains put on your mind and be free
      be free be free ,free your mind ,heart ,eyes ,your inner eyes and free your soul ,……….,,,,,,,,,

    3. Sorry Ariadnatheo, I MOST CERTAINLY mean that literally. No asterisks need apply.

      While I understand that most people’s frame of reference causes them to reply as you do, this doesn’t apply to my own. They’re presence is VERY REAL, and I’ll risk whatever credibility I may have on this site in continuing to say it.

      I know what I know. I see what I see.

      So what do you say to that, that I’m probably hallucinating? :>}

  33. Stay frosty; stay sceptical. If Putin is an enemy of the Talmudists in all their guises, grrrrrreat. But I aint gonna be suckered this time.

    Save Syria from partition and/or the installation of another Rothschild controlled Central bank; save Russia from its own Jewish controlled Central Bank. Until then, I aint gonna be fooled by hasbara, false dialectics and controlled opposition.


    “In Russia we say: if you want to destroy something, become its leader.
    In a very alarming turn of events, Skolkovo establishes joint-working group with Israel in the field of agriculture [source] [source] [source]
    I have already written about a peculiar Scolkovo “professor” from Israel,”

    If Putin is not a Zionist puppet then somebody must be 😛

  34. Joe Sigur –

    “So the question is since no one reacted to my comment that Putin lied about Jews being persecuted by Bolsheviks Jews why does the writer give Putin a pass for the obvious misdirection?”

    Obvious misdirections – lies – is what ALL national leaders orchestrate, especially through the media. BUT Putin has more control of the media in Russia.

    Russia’s president has much more control in ALL matters than those in Europe and America. He can issue decrees, like a king.

    Putin needs no authority to abolish and create Russian media organizations. He has done so recently.

    The Voice of Russia was the Russian government’s international radio broadcasting service from 1993 until 2014 when it was reorganized as Radio Sputnik.

    On Dec 22, 1993, Russian President Boris Yeltsin issued a decree which reorganized Radio Moscow with a new name: The “Voice of Russia.”

    On Dec 9, 2013, Putin issued a presidential decree liquidating Voice of Russia as an agency and merging it with RIA Novosti to form the Rossiya Segodnya international news agency.

    RIA Novosti’s roots come from World War II, when it was founded as the Soviet Information Bureau two days after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. According to the agency, it has correspondents in 45 countries and provides reports in Russian and 13 other languages.

    On the same day, Dec 9, 2013, Putin ordered RIA Novosti’s liquidation which cemented the creation of Rossiya Segodnya.

    On November 10, 2014, the Voice of Russia was replaced by Radio Sputnik, part of the Sputnik News multimedia platform operated by Rossiya Segodnya.

    Voice of Russia announced:
    “Dear readers, we are excited to announce that the Voice of Russia has changed its name and moved over to a new website. We are now known as Sputnik news agency and radio. You can find all the latest stories and updates here: []. Please update your bookmarks and stay with us!”

    ROSSIA SEGODNYA translates into ‘Russia Today’ …. BUT it is NOT RELATED to RT…. the ‘RT’ news channel….. despite the similarity in name. RT was known as ‘Russia Today’ prior to its renaming in 2009.

    Putin brainwashes the world into beliefs that he is not helping Israel, or London Pharisee-Jew Bankers or oligarchs or EU or US….
    …..when the reverse is happening..!!

    “Don’t believe you lyin’ eyes”.. 🙂

    Putin IS their guy.

    Even in the video from Lobro….Putin stated Christianity.. AND OTHER world religions..!!

    1. 1. “Putin brainwashes the world into beliefs that he is not helping Israel, or London Pharisee-Jew Bankers or oligarchs or EU or US…”
      How exactly does he “brainwash” the world?
      2. You seem completely impervious to all the RATIONAL arguments made here about the need for Putin to adopt the very strategy he is pursuing of navigating the straits between the rock of enormous Jewish global power he opposes virtually alone on the world stage and the hard place of uniting his nation in purpose, with a sense of pride and patriotism. Instead you keep coming up with your little list of “look, he said this here and this here,” “and there are still Jewish oligarchs he doesn’t touch, ” etc, which does not address the central issue, made eminently clear by Lobro and others in many comments.

      1. Ariadna –

        Those “little lists” are all I have to make my guesses, because Putin does not consult me. They are “little” because commenters complain about my long ones over the years….. even though whole articles are sometimes made of long lists.

        My guesses are more “rational” to me than others. If not, I would agree with others and parrot their guesses. Then we could all just stop commenting…. and just reply “DITTO” to each other…. or ‘thumbs up’ every time. 🙂

        You would impress me a lot more if you would be as critical of the contents in the “little lists” as you are about my posting them.

        I like your guesses. I like Lobro’s also. I like mine as well. None of us “know” for sure.

        Keep guessing….. by saying “probably” and “I believe” and “I think.”

        Good to go here… 🙂

      2. What is the central issue? That we’re just supposed to believe Putin is an anti-Zionist because he’s pretending to be pro-Zionist? Does not compute (or did I just create a straw man?). The central issue should be scepticism.

        That is why it is better to put down benchmarks, e.g. nationalizing the Russian Central Bank, preventing the breakup of Syria, fulfilling its obligations to Iran.

        Currently, the CBR remains Rothschild-run, which is a black mark against Putin. On the other-hand, Russia’s defence of Syria is a sign of defiance against the Zionists — a defiance sealed in Russian blood. But then Russia starts legitimizing Syrian Kurdish separatism, a bad mark against Putin considering that that is Greater Israel territory. A whiff of Oded Yinon. The s300s are being delivered…still not finally delivered.

        I apologize for repeating myself but I see everything as still being in flux — I see no clear evidence yet that Putin is an anti-Zionist.

      3. FLOPOT,
        it is quite surprising that you as ethnic Russian must rely on non-natives for updates.
        I posted this today and don’t intend to go repeating myself, the second time around or if reading from prepared notes, i stumble and stutter, i no longer have a lock on the subject.

        Does this meet one of your milestone criteria or not?
        The Rothschilds banned, warrant for Soros’ arrest along with a whole bunch of other Jew oligarchs, yeah, so what, standard procedure, innit, EVERY country has done the same, the USA, France, UK (FUKUSA coalition of liver flukes), Canada, Germany, they are all hunting down Jew oligarchs starting with the Grand Snakehead, aren’t they.

        If not, explain who, apart from Hitler has done this in the last 500 years?
        How very sneaky pro-proto-and-uber-zionist indeed, everybody is sooo fooooled.

      4. Time for the Putin haters to put on the thinking cap.

        Does anyone with more than three working braincells really think that Russia would home some of it’s Backfire bombers and fighter aircraft used in the Syrian campaign in Iran without the protection of an S-400 system like they did in Syria?

        Talk all you want about the S-300 in the process of being delivered to Iran. Russia does not have to sell Iran an S-400 any more so than Syria and the Russians do not have to tell the jewish media that they put one at the Hamadan Airport in Iran to protect their aircraft. No sell, no tell, and, therefore, any sanctions do not matter.

        What does the S-400 buy Russia and Iran? Iran gets S-400 protection, for Tehran and most of northern Iran. Russia gets an S-400 protected corridor for their aircraft all the way from the Southern Military District of Russia through Iran, Iraq, and Syria to way past Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea.

        There is no need for a jewish media link as verification, just military common sense is all that is required.

  35. You say Jews are the most powerful group in the world today. This is probably correct. However, ordinary Jews are in a precarious position. I tend to ignore the ‘Jewish question/problem’, because their power comes from Zionists and the NWO and I tend to focus on them. So while I don’t engage in Jewish conversations with folk, they however, do engage in conversations about Jews with me and with no bias on my part, you’d be surprised at how many ordinary white British Christians are prepared to openly accuse and blame the Jews for many, if not all the worlds ills. So I’d say there’s a lot of simmering discontent about so called Jewish power. Are elite Jews concerned about the potential threat to their people? History would suggest otherwise and I would go as far to suggest, elite Jews would love another Holocaust type event, real or fabricated. The WW2 Holocaust pony has been flogged to death and elite Jews, Zionists and NWO types must be brainstorming this right now.

    1. Valid points, all. What amazes me is not the attitude of the Jewish elite towards the ordinary Shlomos. It is amply documented historically that the latter have always been nothing but barter material and “burnt offerings” in the service of the elite’s goals: “A dead cow in Palestine is worth more than a live Jew in Europe.”
      What never ceases to amaze me is that the tribe forever mouthing the motto “Never forget” is totally incapable of learning from the experience they repeat cyclically. “Never remember” is far more apt. They support their elite in the face of growing Goy resistance and resentment or, as Paul Eisen put it “they never know when to stop.” They never know when the Goyim have had enough until it is too late. More than 100 expulsions from Europe, countless pogroms in Russia and Panonia never made them change their behaviors, much less engage in any introspection.

      1. My brother in law (whose workplace, a Catholic-nun owned hospital is completely dominated by Jews as heads of every medical and administrative department) says: “We may forget but we will never forgive” 🙂

      2. @ Ariadnatheo

        What you point out is proof that the jews are insane, doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Except for the insane and the mentally handicapped, experience is normally an effective teacher. The “superior intelligence” of the jews is obviously jewish propaganda.

      3. @Ungenius
        I agree with you but there is method to the madness induced in the Jews by their elite. The Judaic ideology/cult/mentality/ethos is ipso facto proof that they are purpose built. By that I mean that their very anhistoricity ‘shelters’ them from the long view and renders them incapable to learn from experience.
        Their tribal networking and ruthless drive to “grab every hilltop,” occupy/control every position of decision making does yield palpable results in each generation in between the cyclical reckonings. To the ordinary Jew that is proof that the judaic lemming march works. Whatever happened to grandma Rachel in Odessa or Kisinev, pruned of context, is simply inscribed in the Jewish accounting logs of debts the Goyim must pay when the time is right as punishment for their inborn anti-semitism. There is no larger picture.
        For the Jewish elite the purpose-built “live jews in Europe” or elsewhere, loyal sayanim, are the real strength. They are deployed as busy termites to do their work and also ensure that their own inevitable periodical culling will engender another upward jump of the elite: billions in reparations, and the moral authority (sic) to be the arbiters who define good vs evil in the subjugated Goy world.

    2. ” I would go as far to suggest, elite Jews would love another Holocaust type event, real or fabricated.”

      No need to suggest — here’s Theodor Herzl explicitly stating the benefits of anti-Semitism…

      ““Anti-Semites will become our surest friends, anti-Semitic countries our allies.””

      Top of page 84 in his diaries…

      The Protocols of Zion say the same thing, I think.

  36. The Rothschild’s Russian Central Bank scam…if Putin is real (as opposed to Israel hohoho) then he will nationalize the thing…

    “Under the Constitution, the CBR belongs to a foreign State – the City of London – and is taking orders from London and Washington’s controlled IMF. CBR can only print money corresponding to its cash in foreign currency, that being the dollar, which is not sufficient for Russia’s purposes. The CBR even has to buy the worthless US treasury bonds for the dollars paid for Russian oil – whereby the dollars are returned to the Federal Reserve Bank. This is one of the biggest heists of all time!”

    1. Thanks, Flopot – –

      From the article:
      “As stated earlier, under the Constitution, CBR (for all practical purposes) works for a foreign state, i.e. Federal Reserve, City of London, and other Rothschild entities.”

      I have stated this many times over the decades.

      I state it like this:
      Russia is a satellite of the US… and has been since 1917.

      Russia is USA East..!!

      Russia is a ‘paper bear’ used as a false enemy for increasing debt and control for London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

      Best enemy the IMF and US debt $$$$ can buy.

      1. @Pat

        That is why I created my personal benchmarks to judge Putin’s Russia. I read so many pro-Putin and anti-Putin arguments (one side as convincing as the other) that I decided to let Russia have the final say 😀

        The benchmarks…

        1. Nationalize the Russian Central Bank (a key Zionist tool).
        2. Prevent the breakup of Syria (a key Zionist goal).
        3. Deliver the darned s-300s to Iran already!!!! (a key Zionist enemy).

        For me, the jury is still out; especially after Putin’s bizarro partial standdown order. My first thoughts were “Is Russia only propping up Assad for a peace process that will PARTITION the country?”.

        Very frustrating.

      2. Yes, Flopot –

        Keep it up. Lay out the facts. You gave a list of 3 important issues.

        I have been hitting the Central Bank issue in Russia and other countries for years.

        I see the goal in Syria is to establish a Central Bank from London…. as in Russia…. and demolish old infrastructure to st up a REAL stock market controlled from London and US. All Syria has now is a proxy market in Damascus. They need to be dragged into 21st century trading.

        Putin is helping with the demolition. He has stated he is looking for foreign investors and investments. He is right there… Johnny-on-the-spot….. doing Zionists’ bidding. He will accumulate more $$$$.

        That’s why Putin said Russia’s main concern in Syria is the fate of the country and not that of President Bashar Assad.

        Central banks and stock markets are keys for control TODAY….. Control the $$$$…. then control the people.

  37. The Petrus Germanicus article made me like Putin all-the-more. Leaders must take into account the habits of those they “lead”, e.g., dealing with Rotheschild-controlled currencies, as much as they wish to influence trends. The wrench must suit the nut if you’re going to loosen the bolt! Right now, Mr. Putin must work within the parameters of that with which he has, rather than try to change the whole game field all-at-once (as some of you posters seem to demand). He cannot show his hand, but it certainly seems he’s headed in a tenable and justifiable direction! My feeling is that he and Mr. Trump could go far in alleviating fears of global hot conflict – and THAT is precisely what the masters of capital fear… Therefore, their angst against the two!

  38. Even TheSaker admits that the main black mark against Putin is the state of the Central Russian Bank…

    “Only Putin knows the answer to this simply because only he has all the facts. All we can do is observe that the popular discontent with the “economic block” of the government and with the Central Bank is most definitely growing and growing fast, and that the Kremlin is doing nothing to inhibit or suppress such feelings. We can also notice that while most Russians are angry, disgusted and frustrated with the economic policies of the Medvedev government, Putin’s personal popularity is still sky high in spite of the fact that the Russian economy most definitely took a hit, even if it was much smaller than what the AngloZionist Empire had hoped for.”

    Now, TheSaker holds the same view as many here, i.e. that Putin is waiting for the right moment to strike. I love reading that article — it infuses one with hope. And that is when the warning bells start clamouring — is it hope or wishful thinking?

    I hold the view that until Putin makes such a move against the CBR then you cannot assume he is an anti-Zionist. He has made such a public show of his pro-Zionist credentials (supposedly as part of his “know thy enemy” strategy) that only action will suffice to persuade me, not words.

    The central issue (to refer back to a previous comment) is and are the world’s central banks, for that is how THEY rule over us.

    1. Flopot,

      “The central issue (to refer back to a previous comment) is and are the world’s central banks, for that is how THEY rule over us.”

      Precisely. That is why I never compared Putin to Hitler. There are more reasons why there is absolutely no possible comparison between them – promoting lies and oppressing the truth not the least – but indeed the CBR is THE ONE. Until he makes that move, doubt is entirely justified.

  39. Probably 80% of the comments, by my reckoning, are not worth reading. That’s because there is no evidence, fact, objective observation, or evidence. There’s a lot of Naive Realism, just calling something as something, and Presto!, it exists and is operative and causative. It’s akin to someone describing a topography and geography from having seen one unique time through a passing car window.

    Only a few actually seem to know what they are taking about. Classical references are nice, but they do not really solve problems. I notice no one cites generals and people of action in history, but a lot of scribes, philosophosphers, and men of the pen.

    Well, of course General George S. Patton did that, but he was action oriented. Depressingly, Po’hope Franny The Tranny does neither. He is about as philosophical and spiritual as a 350 cu. in worn out, rusty short block engine,leaking smelly burnt oil in a junkyard.

    By all means, keep it up, ya”ll, declaring and stating that which you cannot support (“I read it somewhere”), cannot give an confidence rating, or just want to get noticed.

    1. So if by your own admission you knowingly spend your time reading material of which the overwhelming majority (80%) is not worth reading why should anyone pay any attention to your opinions?

    2. I notice no one cites generals and people of action in history, but a lot of scribes, philosophosphers, and men of the pen.

      I notice that no one cites F1 cars and machines of action in races, but a lot of drivers, designers and manufacturers.
      Not to mention the physiological reality that dead heroes seldom write memoirs and autobiographies, although brain dead ones like John McCain might, given enough ghostwriting monkeys to pull his cart.

      By the way, almost every statement i make here, if I don’t provide an immediate link, it means that it has been firmly established and referenced in previous posts and threads.
      Therefore, when I mention WWII, i don’t have to link to a source confirming that it happened.
      hence no need to say,

      there is no evidence, … , or evidence

      Most of us here can join a dot to itself.

      here is one quote relevant to this discussion, made by one of the rare jews as bright as he is evil (others are just plain evil, no need for brains, which Putin uses to maximum advantage as I keep saying):

      Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy

      I maintain that Ole Henry is the eye in the pyramid, the world’s top jewboy, the head of the Supreme Council of the Elders, flanked by Noam Chomsky and Shimon Peres … this is the triumvirate, Jacob Rothschild only supplies cash and dynastic line.
      It is they whom Putin must counter in the big mind game and there’s no flies on them despite their advanced age.
      Interestingly, Kissinger flies to Moscow fairly often, i believe in order to negotiate mano-a-mano with Putin, can’t trust the middlemen like the psychotic Nuland to do the job.
      Netanyahu follows for the appearances sake but it is behind these curtains that the game is played.

      Forget your action heroes yanking lanyards on howitzers (hmm … 🙂 ), they don’t even know who their wives are cavorting with while they are on the field.

      1. Well said Lobro
        it seems to me that you are the wise voice in this site.
        well done and God Bless.

  40. I’ll indulge in the hopium for a moment…

    “Russian use of Hamadan will have very great effect on the conflict, perhaps even move it forward to an end game where IS is defeated by a combination of Russian air power and Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian and Lebanese ground forces. This would be a disaster for the coalition and their phony ‘War on Terror’”

    Gad, I hope it happens…the disaster for the Zios and their phony “War on Terror”. Ahem. Now back to the bleak…

  41. @arch stanton: Giving the huzzah to Hitler is an unforced error. You might as well laud George Custer and the dolt the led the charge of the Light Brigade. Originally, he started out as the architect of Germany’s resurrection, but he threw it all away. He was in all likelihood mentally ill, delusional, and an in-and-out psychotic. He had a tenuous grasp and hold on Reality. The lock of the Jewish Communist One World TransNational TransSexual choke hold that is upon Deutschland is killing the country. It is the Twilight of the Gods, Gotterdammerung for Germany. Too many wars, the flower of manhood of the West is destroyed. “Your sperm’s in the gutter, your Love’s in the sink”.

    Intentions and aims are not enough. The Road To Hell is paved with Good Intentions.

    1. Poupon –

      Custer’s fate would have been much different today. Hitler’s, too.

      Hell… Custer could ‘Tweet’ or ‘IM’ or ‘Snapchat’ the drone operators….. in San Diego. No mo teepees. 🙂

      Over 80% of the outdated 19th and 20th century tactics are bad examples of what we should…. or could, do today.

      Gold won’t work either. There is not enough gold in the banks of any country to cover their own people’s cell phone bills for a year. Over 90% of US and 70% of Chinese use cellphones. And cell phones have replaced scanners… even for banking..

      1. Pat,

        “There is not enough gold in the banks of any country to cover their own people’s cell phone bills for a year.”

        Or the price of gold in funny money is not realistic. Actually the price in funny money of a lot of things isn’t realistic. If you look at market capitalisation of Facebook, for instance, one can quickly conclude that this is misallocated capital pur sang. But hey, if the ‘capital’ itself isn’t worth the paper it’s been printed on, who cares 🙂

        However, this is a very serious matter, because with this worthless paper they can acquire actual value. And, of course, the direction of the flow of real value – labour and productivity, hence people’s servitude – is from the productive part of society to the (utterly) UNproductive part of society aka the global financial sector. Lovely arrangement, ain’t it 🙂

  42. Fascinating topic. Thanks to Peter and Darkmoon. Jews usually don’t admit publicly that they”are the most powerful group in the world and no one can afford to challenge them.” This statement is considered anti-semitic, so to write it or speak it out loud is rebellion from the status quo. No where is this more true than in the politically correct tyranny that rules U.S.

    Putin is often described as the master chess player and it’s hard for me to imagine that he is a Jewish puppet. He is a strong man, the only leader in the world to challenge the rogue military of the U.S., that does the bidding of the Jewish oligarchy. Let’s look at the evidence that the U.S. military is following Jewish orders in the last spree of military debacles like Libya, Ukraine, Syria, and even Turkey. Hillary Clinton said herself that she was doing a favor for Israel by challenging the government of Assad. Putin is supporting Assad, and Iran. That automatically puts him in opposition to the government of Israel that wants/must have the Golan Heights. So in my useless opinion all this carnage really comes down to the Golan Heights. The counter explanation for U.S. military adventures is that the U.S. wants to win the “great game, or the grand chessboard” of Eurasia. Doesn’t it seem that the U.S. is willing to squander its Eurasian hegemony to get rid of Assad for Israel? Pakistan is making peace with China, Turkey is making peace with Putin. Doesn’t all this mean that the U.S. has lost Eurasia? Over what? Over the Golan heights.

    On the domestic front I recently experienced yet again that no Jewish person no matter how well informed is willing to look at Jewish culture as uniquely corrupt. For example, my non-practicing Jewish husband and I went to the new Woody Allen movie “Cafe Society.” Probably the title, Cafe Society, refers to a night club in the movie run by a mobster, a hot spot where everyone who has power and influence goes to see and be seen. The plot revolves around marital infidelities. The main characters can’t seem to control their emotional appetites for a pretty women from Nebraska. Success is measured completely in monetary terms. Maybe the only appealing character in the movie is the fat, slob husband of the family matriarch who sits around a table and proclaims how debased his relatives are… and they are. I had to leave before the end because I was so disturbed by the narcissism, the characters really didn’t care at all how their actions might ruin lives. So, my husband and I are discussing the movie afterward and I say it was an accurate portrayal of the corrupt values in Jewish culture. We start fighting because he thinks that Jews are no more corrupt than anyone else. It’s pure anti-semitism to say so, and that ended the discussion. He has an idealized version of Jewish culture even though he is at best a fringe member of it.

    At one point one of the characters in the movie announces something like “we (Jews) control everything”. I guess it’s OK for Woody Allen to say (his voice narrates the movie), what no one else can say without condemnation. Still, we can’t even dare notice that the degeneracy and corruption on every level of the U.S. might have something to do with the people who control everything?

  43. Is Putin a Zionist Puppet? I have asked myself that question a number of times after Russia initiated their bombing campaign in Syria under the context of supporting President Bashar, and of course for the fact that Russia have substantial weapons contracts with President Bashar, and to that the small naval facility at Tartus on the Syrian coast.
    Lots of thoughts and opinions have been posted around the reason behind Putin’s bombing campaign, and some have also pointed at the war in Syria in reality being another war for Israel in the Zionist plan for the Middle east, ‘Greater Israel’. And, the the Infamous “Oded Yinon Plan” does of course not call for millions of muslims, but call for the land. The national states making up the ‘EU’, which indeed is a Zionist project, is now suffering from the Coudenhove Kalergi (Rothschild) plan, cleverly realized by the Syrian war.
    I do not find it credible that Putin is unaware of his bombing campaign in Syria alone or together with the US of A , is nothing but fighting for Israel.
    Hence, Putin might not be a Zionist puppet to the same degre that US and European leaders are, but he is indeed fighting the same war for Israel. The June 16. meeting between Putin and Netanyahu does indeed support such thought. . ( Danger of ISIS terror against Israel, brought up at that meeting, is of course bull, as it is widely documented today that ISIS is an Israel/US baby.)

  44. Russia relies on Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

    On 30 June 2016, the Bank of Russia’s Governor gives reasons why Russia needs US companies there. For a tax base…. since Russian companies are not profitable…. Improperly managed. Bad investors.

    –Elvira Nabiullina: Structural reform, banking system challenges and global developments affecting the Russian financial system–

    Statement by Ms Elvira Nabiullina, Governor of the Bank of Russia, at the 25th International Financial Congress, Moscow, 30 June 2016.

    Here are some excerpts of her comments… without my guesses 🙂

    The quality of business climate is the reason for insufficiently developed equity financing and capital market in our country.

    Let me remind you that by debt burden Russia is in the upper range in the list of peer countries, but lags considerably behind them in terms of capitalisation.

    If corporate governance and protection of minority shareholders’ interests are challenged, shares of such companies will be hardly sold.

    The fact that our companies earn profits but abstain from investing them in their own business comes from macroeconomic uncertainty, including tax regime, while investments in other businesses, including through financial mediators, are constrained by high risks arising not only from the vague prospects of these business projects, but also poor protection of such interests.

    1. Bank of Russia will be using more PLASTIC than GOLD..!!
      Russia will rely even more on Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London….. and BIS… and IMF.

      (last paragraph of speech)

      Statement by Ms Elvira Nabiullina, Governor of the Bank of Russia, at the 25th International Financial Congress, Moscow, 30 June 2016:

      And, to conclude, I would like to brief you on the current efforts to develop the national payment infrastructure.

      You will know that this autumn we are launching Mir, the national payment card, full scale.
      It is essential that this payment instrument is easy to use.

      Hence our objective to ensure that of all cards it is Mir that would enable the operation of social media applications as developed in many regions.

      In this connection I am pleased to announce that in a few minutes on this stage the Bank of Russia and the Government of St Petersburg are going to sign the agreement for Mir to operate as a platform for the citizen of St Petersburg card.

  45. @Pat:
    “My guesses are more “rational” to me than others. If not, I would agree with others and parrot their guesses. Then we could all just stop commenting…. and just reply “DITTO” to each other…. or ‘thumbs up’ every time.”

    I see, you’re doing it to make the Comment section vibrant. That’s good to keep in mind.

    “You would impress me a lot more if you would be …. yada, yada, yada.”

    I am sorry if by commenting on your statements I have somehow fostered the false impression under which you seem to be laboring now that I am trying to impress you. I’ll try to correct that henceforth in the obvious way .

  46. Putin has said that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the worst event of the 20th century. Typical Russian, so full of reverence for their shitty Soviet empire despite the fact that its hellish victory over Germany in 1945 heralded the destruction of our continent. Putin is a piece of shit.

  47. like pay says – we’re all guessing, as best we can.
    and bear in mind – most of what we get from the media would be considered unreliable in any intelligence community, and, all things considered, could only compare to the truth as a lie.
    ok archie – i haven’t heard everything putin has said, and i appreciate the links. but so-far he’s no jfk.
    my assessment of him is that – he is most likely primarily a 33 freemason, and perhaps whatever is above that, whereas masonry has huge control over the world, and it programs and controls events for its own purposes, as evidenced by the vertical squares.
    i think there is a natural partnership existing between the higher-ups at the top of the world banking and security pyramid, whose main effort is to keep the masses ignorant of their history and current circumstances.
    they dread the effects of democracy.
    masonry is an ancient secret society (look at the dc obelisk), which built the usa and russia. it is in cahoots with talmudic jewry, as evidenced by the hexagram angles around the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill.
    the state does not serve the public because it operates in secret. it makes it conspiratorial.
    i don’t accept any strategic reason for putin’s position on the holocaust protection. i’d rather like to see putin elaborate on the facts of the holohoax itself, and challenge trump to a neocon zionist jew-eating contest, so to speak.
    maybe after november trump will dump israel. he’ll cut off netanyahu’s matzoh balls.
    all this nitpicking on details here, insults and criticism projected about what these commentators have to offer is probably not the best use of our time, as the titanic gradually slips beneath the waves. try to accentuate the positive.
    give me your vision of the next paradigm, puhhhleeeeze.
    yes – putin is pushing christianity, and maybe that counters judaism tactically. but my point is – all those old religions are a drag on the evolutionary process. and he doesn’t even get that.
    i make no apology and request no retraction on pointing it out
    if i could convene a globally televised un meeting to discuss solving the world’s political problems, which somebody sure should – the first rule would be – no religious people. seriously, all ye god people wait outside. you’ve had your turn.
    and i don’t call myself an atheist at all, but let’s face it – belief in something that can’t be defined is fanaticism. and fanaticism has no place in any sober discussion of anything.
    the closest we should get to that is reverence for the planet and its requirements. because that is the path.
    i hope putin straightens out the whole word, or trump. and it’s a lot easier to think one of those two might do it. trump has the right idea with the border problem. if you say vlad does too – ok then. that’s where to start.

    1. “Regarding the relationship of Freemasonry with Judaism, Jews have entirely created masonry to corrupt the nations of Christian civilization and to propagate behind this veil the general revolution which is to bring about the domination of Israel. It is simply a tool and a means in the hands of the Jews. In support of this we can quote the article of Rabbi Dr. Isaac M. Wise, published in The Israelite of America, August 3, 1866:  ‘Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.’” – Vicompte Leon de Poncins, The Secret Power Behind Revolution: Freemasonry and Judaism, GSG and Associates, 1996, reprint of 1929 edition, p. 101.
      The insidious deception of Freemasonry which now infests the world emerged via a “renewal” of a more ancient masonry in London, England on June 24, 1717. The parent and more secret association known as “The Mysterious Force”, had been founded in 43 A.D. by nine Jews intent to destroy the inspiration and teachings of Jesus the Christ. Those nine were King Herod Agrippa, Hiram Abuid, Moab Levy, Jacob Abdon, Solomon Aberon, Asad Abia, and three known only as Adoniram, Jonathan and Antipas. The conspiracy of 1717 was well financed by international Jewry and came to focus in Joseph Levy, (heir to the original manuscript of ancient founder Moab Levy), John Desgauliers, and Abraham Abiud (in the lineage of original founder Hiram Abiud). Even those who have risen to the level of the 33rd degree in Masonic rank are unaware of the true satanic Jewish origin and continuing absolute control of their organisation by the Sanhedrin. Masons, from the blue lodge level of window dressing (first three degrees), a level referred to by those further up the chain of command as “porch masons”, up to and including the 33rd degree follow orders dutifully without knowing from whence their orders have come. – Dissipation of the Darkness, Origin of Freemasonry
      On page 249 of Duncan’s Ritual and Monitor it states that Masonry is subservient to Judaism,noting that a recipient of the Royal Arch Degree pledges himself, “For the good of Masonry, generally, but the Jewish nation in particular.”

      1. Pharisee-Jew connections to Freemasons are easy to find.


        The technical language, symbolism, and rites of freemasonry are full of Jewish ideas and of terms like “Urim and Thummim,” “Acharon Schilton,” “Rehum,” “Sephirot,” “Jachin,” “Ish Chotzeb” (comp. I Kings v. 18, list of terms on following page), but these may have been derived, withoutany Jewish intermediation, from commentaries on the Old Testament. Many of these terms are derived from the Biblical account of the building of Solomon’s Temple (I Kings v. et seq.), and the two pillars Jachin and Boaz take a predominant position in Masonic symbolism. In the Scottish Rite the dates of all official documents are given according to the Hebrew months and Jewish era, and use is made of the older form (Samaritan or Phenician) of the Hebrew alphabet.

        In England a number of lodges exist formed exclusively of Jews, but as a rule the latter have joined the ordinary lodges, in which some of them have reached a very high rank.

        Pike referenced Kabbalah in many places.

        Morals and Dogma – complete book online:

        Alchemical Symbols in Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite:
        In the 4th degree we are introduced to the Kabbalah and the tree of life. Most students of the Kabbalah would recognize it as deriving from Jewish mysticism.

        The Tetragrammaton, the Pentagrammaton, and the Adam_Kadmon
        Feb 27, 2012 … (1999). The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah: Recovering the Key to Hebraic Sacred Science. Rochester, Vermont. Inner Traditions Publishing.

        The Broken Column and its Deeper Meaning
        Dec 10, 2008 … Illuminated by the Kabbalah. Ars Quatuor Coronatorum. vol. i. p. 73-77. Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon.

        Freemasonry, The Misticism of the Royal Arch
        Every single mystic has borne witness to this reintegration with the Source of all creation, the Kabbalah….

      2. @ David Thatcher

        Excellent post with very decent references to the Mysterious Force.

        Before I did my research on Freemasonry, I used to think that Masonry was a Christian organization doing good works considering the existence of the York Rite. I was incorrect to say the least. Freemasonry was created by the jews to get Christians to work against themselves for their own destruction. Getting people to work against themselves is a clever jewish trick and Freemasonry is one of their most effective.

        Occasionally, I come in contact with a Freemason and the conversation rather rapidly turns to religion. For those that express Freemasonry and Christianity having commonality, I always ask them one simple question, “Is there a person in your lodge that has the title of Most Worshipful Master?” The answer is always yes, so I tell them that the title is in direct conflict with what Jesus said about having more than one Master (The Heavenly Father), and that they should think long and hard about that before continuing in Freemasonry. Usually, the conversation terminates at this point. Do they actually think about it? I normally do not know, but they cannot say that they were not told.

  48. sorry pat. that’s another typo.
    any others – i apologize.
    why are they do hard to see until after you post?

  49. There are several pieces floating around the net (katheon) indicating Putin is thinking seriously of nationalizing Rothschild’s central bank. He is looking at a whole new set of banking advisors. Probably the only hold up has been building up the army and storing enough gold .

  50. Putin and Trump show evidence of being Zionist puppets.

    Commenters here have made the analogy to include both of them as being ‘Zionist-Free’ politicians. That’s an oxymoron at the national levels of ALL BIS member countries.

    Just today…

    Trump’s new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, said there will be a shift in his hard-line immigration policies.

    That means his plans to deport 11 million people who are in the country illegally won’t happen. The wall across the border was a lie.

    Trump has started to ‘craw-fish’ on his ‘Barnum-n-Bailey’ comments about conducting mass deportations and building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.
    He is a PHONY…!! He is London Pharisee-Jew Banker controlled…!!

    He would hear this from himself on the Apprentice……
    ….. “YOU’RE FIRED..!! And take Putin with ya to the head-hunter’s ofice.” 🙂

  51. Maybe Putin is a Zionist puppet, Pat, but presenting what Trump’s new campaign manager has to say about a shift in Trump’s immigration stance really has nothing to do with Putin, is really not any kind of proof Putin is a Zionist puppet. How does Trump’s new campaign manager saying there’s going to be a shift in Trump’s immigration stance proof Putin is a Zionist puppet? I have no problem you think Putin is a Zionist puppet, I just think you should provide real proof of it, informing us that Trump’s new campaign manager says Trump is on the verge of changing his immigration stance is NOT any kind of proof Putin is a Zionist puppet. Putin has nothing to do with Trump’s new campaign manager informing us Trump is changing his immigration stance, and it’s certainly not proof Putin had anything to do with Trump changing his mind about his immigration stance.

    1. Everything I learned about Jew Perfidy I learned from Mel Polatnick.

      Monte, Lasha, Aunt Lucy, Uncle, Sister Monitor, they CENSOR a video I send in about NWO Communist Obama to their Darkmoon , if the info contained in video was widely known, it would be VERY detrimental to the JEW ZIONIST COMMUNIST New World Order, They CENSOR The Video detrimental to the Zionists, detrimental to World Jewry, but they’re “not” Zionist puppets ; Putin, who intervened in Syria and threw a Gaint wrench into the Jew’s Jew Zionist Communist NWO plans is the ” Zionist puppet”.

      Go eat chameleon lizard shape-shifting lizard shit in Chechar province Algeria, darkmooners, and go fuck yourselves in your snake pit where you all coil about one another in your own snake shit happy you darkmooners are so happy rolling around in your snake shit and snake piss and snake puke in your aiwass shit hole in Hell.

  52. Woody Allen is sexually attracted children so ipso facto we know he’s a Flat Earther, right Pat? I guess Al Biruni , Saint Bellarmine , Dubay, Malcolm Bowden, Dr. Sungenis, are child rapists too. We know no Heliocentric would do anything untoward to any innocent child, right Pat? Heliocentrics are Sterling, Glimmering in the SUNLight, Pure and Sterling, right Pat? WOODY ALLEN IS A FLAT EARTHER!!!! 🙂

  53. @The Real Seer: “ariadnatheo your reply to brownhawk shows your mind is closed to the unknown and unseen realities of the vast and deep universes.”
    Can’t say it ain’t so. My mind feels open to the known knowns, ajar to the known unknowns but when it comes to the unknown unknowns I can’t make it. Can’t conjure’em up like.
    @Brownhawk: No way are you hallucinating. You and I part ways only on species-specific matters. You keep your eyes peeled on the lizards, I worry about cats — almost all of them zionist jews (a pleonasm anyway). I hasten to add that not all zionist jews are cats. l know what I know and I see what I see: cats so protean they can be National Fascist one day and die-hard Likkudniks the next. When I speak about it nobody says I am hallucinating but I have had my share of derision over it:

    1. The “species-specific matter” is central to the whole jew story. If you’ve read many of my posts the last couple of years you’ll see how far I’ve ventured into it all.

      Granted, people find it difficult to be told the truth when their modes of accepting it as such means having a resistance to how people of indigenous background come to accept it. They trust what their seers are telling them, and whose understanding of some things embodies a different frame of reference than the conventional one held by most of a non-indigenous persuasion. This appears to be changing as a part of the shift this World is going through

      Ol’ Brownhawk is here to help as a guide offering a unique and comprehensive view of things {<:


  54. Conspiracy theories, disinformation and the muddying of waters, as you might expect, are all very frequently to be found when the name of Russian president Vladimir Putin is mentioned in the West. “Putin,” we are told, “is the best enemy money can buy.”

    Here is another example of western media disinformation tactics:

    There were also reports claiming that since President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian military intervention in Syria last September his forces have “killed more civilians than terrorists” belonging to the Islamic State and other extremists. The latter claim was based on figures from the so-called Syrian Network for Human Rights, which, according to reliable sources, is a political front for Western governments. Tellingly, the UK-registered network refers to Russia as the “Russian regime”.

    The unmistakeable context is to further discredit and demonize the elected government of Syria and its foreign allies, which then gives pretext for further Western intervention in the country – intervention that under any normal, rational perspective would be viewed as illegal aggression. [….]

    The Russian Ministry of Defense refuted claims that its aircraft were involved in the Aleppo blast. Major General Igor Konashenkov said Russian forces were not operating in the eastern district of Qaterji on the day of the alleged strike. He also said that footage of the blast site indicated it most likely was caused by a mortar shell, which could have been fired by anti-government militants. This is consistent with claims that such militants are holding civilians in eastern Aleppo as hostages and human shields.

    The politicization of an image purporting to show a little boy with bloodied head, covered in dust becomes obvious when we step back from this emotive singular focus. Why do Western media outlets not give the same prominence to thousands of children who have been killed or maimed by the anti-government militants or US warplanes? [….]

    Shameless Western media manipulation over Syria’s conflict – as with so many others, for example, Gaddafi’s “imminent butchering of Benghazi” which served as a pretext for NATO bombing of Libya and overthrow of its government in 2011 – is always correlated with a desired policy shift.

    The western media propaganda continues.

  55. Putin says, himself, that he needs a strong US. That’s because he gets his technology and business and airplanes from US and NATO countries. That has been the case for many decades. Russia even has an airplane and helicopter manufacturing and maintenance plants in Italy.
    Helicopters will be provided by AgustaWestland. The agreement includes the supply of integrated services (maintenance and training) for customers in Russia and CIS countries. With this supply of 160 civil helicopters, Rosneft will become the first customer for AW189 worldwide.

    Despite Sanction-Shutdown, Dobrolyot Orders 737s
    August 6, 2014

    Russian budget airline Dobrolyot reportedly says it signed a draft contract for up to sixteen new Boeing 737-800s on Wednesday, despite being grounded by sanctions.


    Putin stated, “Russia needs a strong US.”

    (3:25) – Putin said, “US is the only real super-power today. We accept this. We would like to cooperate with US.”

    (4:00) – Putin stated “The world needs a strong superpower country like this [US]. We[Russia] need it too.”
    Putin crushes CNN smartass Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump and US elections


    Putin is the best enemy the Zionists in US can buy..!! He even brags on them..!! 🙂

    1. Putin supports Zionist companies….. as he is ordered to do. He buys from Pharisee-Jew Zionist backed firms in France also.

      French engine company – PowerJet – is likely giving kickbacks for manufacturing the jet engines for Russia…. like Pratt & Whitney does as go-between broker thru RD Amross for ULA and Energomesh.

      The parent company making the SU-34, UAC, has a profit margin of negative 31% and lost 108,767,000 Rubles last year. That is $1,622,550.

      Russia’s UAC has lost money for the last 5 years. They need Trump’s advice for bankruptcy. 🙂

      PowerJet is a 50-50 joint venture held by Snecma (Safran) and NPO Saturn, created in July 2004.
      The company is an engine manufacturer in charge of the management of the SaM146 program including studies, production, marketing and after-sales support. It delivers a complete propulsion system, comprising the engine, nacelle and equipment.

      Losing money is typical of Russian companies.

      –Bank of Russia MONETARY POLICY REPORT March 2016–

      She outlined the fall in fixed capital investment.
      Negative investment dynamics persisted in transport and communications, electricity, gas and water production and distribution, and manufacturing industries.

      1. @Pat
        There is no doubt in my mind the Duma is probably calling an emergency session right now to figure some way to get you on board. 🙂

      2. That’s a good one, Mick – –

        They don’t need me. I have given them enough, already.

        They still owe hundreds of $$$$ millions for Lend-Lease supplies and equipment from WWII….. which they used against us in Korea and Nam.

        They even took the red, white and blue for their flag… from our flag. That’s a clue they are “USA East.”

        And their aircraft colors for Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation(UAC) are the same as American Airlines here. Even the name sounds like “United States Airlines”…

        They ARE phony…. They are really bad businessmen. That’s why ruble is not traded anywhere. 🙂

        See colors of commercial planes….. which look like US planes. One Russian…. and one Cuban… same bodies… color coordinated with Pharisee-Jew red, white and blue:

        Russia’s military planes are replicas of US planes:

      3. I don’t think they owe you anything. You’ll have to show something that shows they’re in debt to you. I think the US did that on its own. The US was the only beneficiary of WW II and certainly by far the greatest. By the way, talking about debts. The US doesn’t seem to think it has to pay debts back. At least, Trump doesn’t. The US stole money from Iran (froze Iranian assets) several decades ago and when Obama paid them back Trump screamed we shouldn’t have paid them.

        Personally, I’m not that impressed with American business. They’ve gained a lot by stealing from others.

      4. Peter –

        I do not agree with your guesses. The US was NOT the ONLY beneficiary of WWII..!!

        FDR’s Lend-Lease Act should have been sub-titled, “Gift Act for USSR” 🙂

        During WWII the U.S. spent a total of over $49 Billion on the Lend-Lease Act.

        USSR was loaned $11 Billion. It turned out to be mostly a ‘gift’ and not a loan.

        The Soviets and Nixon AGREED in 1972 to pay $722 million – of the $11 Billion – in installments through 2001…!!! 🙂

        In 2000, the Russian Federation AGREED they still owed $600 million to US from Lend-Lease.


        BTW – A whole tire plant was lifted from the Ford’s River Rouge Plant and transferred to USSR.

        AND in his book, Western Technology And Soviet Economic Development 1930 To 1945, Sutton wrote in 1971:

        (CH-1: Introduction p.3)
        American Lend- Lease after 1942 gave a massive injection of modern technology which carried the Soviet economy well into the 1950s.

        Although Congressional intent was to limit Lend- Lease to the military prosecution of the war against Germany and Japan, at least one-third of the shipments had reconstruction potential, and shipments continued through 1947, formalized in the ‘pipeline agreement’ of October 15, 1945.*

        Complete corroboration for the general argument of this study comes from an excellent source: Josef Stalin.

        In June 1944, W. Averell Harriman, reporting to the State Department on a discussion between Eric Johnston and Stalin, made the following significant statement:

        Stalin paid tribute to the assistance rendered by the United States to Soviet industry before and during the war. He said that about two-thirds of ALL the large industrial enterprises in the Soviet Union had been built with United States help or technical assistance

        (Also – Pravda wrote in 1930 that the Stalingrad Tractor Plant called on 80 American companies and several German companies to build it.)–Western-Technology-1930-1945/Sutton–WesternTechnologyAndSovietEconomicDevelopment1930To1945_djvu.txt


        This lend-lease aircraft was found in the vast Taymyr Peninsula in Siberia in June 2012:

      5. Pat

        Let’s get something straight here brother

        After the hydra snake called the “Creature of Jekyll Island” wrapped its slimy body around the U.S. Treasury, stole the people’s money and then surreptitiously called it the “Federal Reserve System”, this put the kibosh on any semblance of American’s ability to use the pronouns “we” and “us” in legitimately identifying with their country.

        It’s no mere coincidence that the hostilities known as “WW1” commenced soon thereafter, ending with the Bolshevik takeover of Russia and the temporary subjugation of Germany. In effect, the start of the Fed and the U.S. income tax got the ball rollin in earnest towards the ultimate goal of World totalitarianism. The disingenuously termed “lend-leases” were merely capital infusions in the forms of what were primarily military armaments and supplies which served as a logical progression in reaching the goal, and paid for by the duped American worker working round-the clock shifts, and whose false patriotism was stirred up by the treacherous jew FDR.

        Any notion of getting paid back is a moot point. Who’s gonna pay it, the equally duped Russian people? The whole thing is laughable

    2. Pat, August 22, 2016 at 5:50 pm: Putin is the best enemy the Zionists in US can buy..!! He even brags on them..!! ?

      The western media propaganda shilling continues. 😉

      1. I want to step in here and make Comment No 200. The commentary on this thread has been outstanding. I can’t remember reading such erudite and interesting comments on any other similar website for years. Well done, darkmooners! Your talents are truly awesome.

      2. Putin ready to unleash the Stolpin on Rothschild

        After more than two years of worsening economic growth and an economy struggling with 10.5% central bank interest rates that make new credit to spur growth virtually impossible, Russian President Vladimir Putin has finally broken an internal factional standoff. On July 25 he mandated that an economic group called the Stolypin Club prepare their proposals to spur growth revival to be presented to the government by the Fourth Quarter of this year. In doing so, Putin has rejected two influential liberal or neo-liberal economic factions that had brought Russia into a politically and economically dangerous recession with their liberal Western free market ideology. This is a major development,

      3. DM,

        Indeed it is very significant. We need to see much more of national orientated economic policy. Russia has waited way too long to cut itself loose from bankrupting western liberal economic policies. If Russia, Putin, will firmly keep on this road then I will finally be convinced of his independancy. And that is a good thing. Any country/leader which is not a Jew stooge is an asset to the world. Especially one so big and significant as Russia.

        Alas, despite all this, I can’t really see anything positive in outlawing truth and promoting THE LIE.

  56. @ GYÖRGY: I agree with you about the endless crappy reporting based on speculation, supposition, “I know a guy who said…..”, and just plain nonsense. Most OPINIONS about Putin reflect the author’s biases, political beliefs, emotional stability, and degree of diligence. Most people are lazy and stupid.

    Here’s what I believe: that Putin puts Russia first, he gets what “soil and blood” means, what “Mother Russia” is, and that it is NOT a slogan. The Russian people are good people. I’ve been there. They are Orthodox, like me. It is very good to have Russian friends.

    Putin and Russia are under siege. From the Jew controlled countries of the West, doing their dirty Neo Con work, fighting, bleeding, and pouring out treasure for Israel proxy wars. I had been in Iraq last year. The country has been destroyed totally. It looks worse than India. There is desperation everywhere. The customs and immigration don’t even use computers in Basra. We did that, for no good reason.

    As usual-you may have noticed-the Jews played both sides. They catalyzed the War, using the dumbass G. W. Bush as toy, and then they screamed about how unjust and bad the United States was, how inhuman, mercenary (“Blood For Oil”) and 41 straight days of coverage of the Abu Grabe prison college hazing ritual by the New York Slimes.

    Gearge Soros manipulates NATO and the EU to weaponize Ukraine, make it part of NATO, de-culturize and denature its Slavic character by joining the West. Russia sees this as a threat-for good reason-and responds.
    The powerful Jews and their bought off monkey politicians of the West just laugh and laugh at how easily they can buy and sell the Goy. The way Whites look at Negroes, is the way the Jews look at the Goy-with disgust and derision.

    I hold my opinion about Putin. I don’t see him as a villain, like some 2 dimensional figure. Very few appreciate HIS position as the leader of a people that are and have been getting a shitty deal from the West for some time.

    Look up Goldman Goldigger Sacks role in the looting of Russia’s assists under Yeltsin, and the fraud perpetuated on the EU to get Greece admitted. Jews always play both sides, profit, and manipulate so that two opposing parties are weakened so that the vacuum can create opportunities for them.

  57. So the Ellie story totally got to me, kudos and all, but the author sounds like a non-native speaking 15 yo, so I just had to tinker with it a little bit, fix some prosaic mistakes, punctuation, adapt some wording, added some stuff here and there. The author seems to have some difficulties with prolonged sentences, which too I tried to fix. Whoever wrote it, please, more, don’t be discouraged. Its really good.


  58. @Pat: “They even took the red, white and blue for their flag… from our flag. That’s a clue they are “USA East.
    They ARE phony…. … color coordinated with Pharisee-Jew red, white and blue:”

    Like the French, same colors. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
    But there’s more, Pat, a lot more:
    Scramble the word “Russia”– what do you get? You get USA IRS. They are owned by the Jews!
    How about “Putin”? Can anyone fail to see the barely hidden message? He was PUT IN his post by the Rothschilds.

    And …the name of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation(UAC) … even sounds like “United States Airlines”…
    YES! Especially in Russian: dead ringer!
    I can’t wait to confront Vova (I call him Vova) with this when I see him next month. We never discussed politics before, only judo and dogs, but now I want to see his face when I ask him about this. I’ll know if he tells me the truth because I can see his soul in his eyes.

    1. In fact the Russian tricolour flag predates the French and the US flags by 100 years. It was adopted in 1696.

      1. Rousso,

        I have a question. What is your view on the nationalist movement in Russia? Are they real? Why were they banned? This is definitely something an outsider cannot estimate.

      2. “the Russian tricolour flag predates the French and the US flags by 100 years”
        That only proves I am right: they snuck it in stealthily in Russia first where nobody noticed it for 100 years. Remember: the Jews predate everything, for “In the beginning there were the Jews. And the Jews said, “Let there be Light,’ but it was Saturday and there was no Goy around to turn it on so they rested on Sunday in the penumbra and waited until Monday.”

        “What is your view on the nationalist movement in Russia? Are they real? Why were they banned? This is definitely something an outsider cannot estimate.”
        Funny guy, why ask me and in the same breath tell me that as an outsider I can’t possibly know the answer? Still, here’s my opinion but I warn you that I don’t necessarily agree with it, to use your logic:
        There are many strains of nationalism now in Russia, including deeply mystical ones (the Russian soul, the ineffable melancholy of the steppe and all that balalaica) and some stringently exclusionary ones. Putin shows arms length respect to the ones revered as philosophers (e.g., Dugin) but he must navigate away–or, better put, around — the rocks that might damage the hull of the ship called Unity, he must skirt both the “cosmopolitans” who want to see Russia rinsed of its Russianness and the nationalists who want to make it the Russian Orthodox State, a sort of Slav Israel- or Saudi Arabia-like state. He wants Garun Ahmedovich, Mehmet Anatolevich and, ideally, Gershen Evreievich to feel sincerely Russian first when they step out of their homes and whatever their roots dictate, but discretely, when at home. He has no choice but to ban any movement that threatens that course.
        In the last “town hall meeting” I watched he said he also wants Russia to be “modern” — obviously he did not have in mind the Western “modernity.” I think he wants Russia to be a world leader, with advanced technology, a high standard of living but solidly moored in its traditions, culture and spirituality. He doesn’t want Russia to be a world hijacker (like the anglo-zionist empire), but a leader by example and above all respected. Long denied it, the Russian crave the respect they are fully entitled to.
        But since I am an outsider, I could, in fact I’m likely to be dead wrong, as you say. Nevertheless, here’s to his success to the point that even after his departure there is no turning back! Pobeda!

      3. Ariadnatheo,

        “Funny guy, why ask me and in the same breath tell me that as an outsider I can’t possibly know the answer?”

        I didn’t ask you and precisely for the reason you mention.

        “Still, here’s my opinion but I warn you that I don’t necessarily agree with it,”


      4. 1138,

        There is no such movement. In short, a couple of marginal groups exist, a couple of trends, contradicting each other, both posing as nationalist. One of them is kind of radical, black flag skinhead bunch of fools marching on the streets from time to time, chanting “The Russians are Coming” and shit like that. The other is kind of rebranded commie bunch of fools talking about re-building Empire, lead by Dugin.

        There is one more group, though, that might be defined as the real thing. That is National Democrats, their leader is K.Krylov. But since he was charged and accused of some shit, after speaking at some meeting in Moscow about the current political Russian-Caucasus relationships being counter-productive, his group is denied registration and he doesn’t have a place on the scene. Bad situation, in short.

        There is a fear of nationalism in Russia. Because it might lead to desintegration of the state. Think about Tatars: there are 4 millions of them, and there are also other nationalities, about 100 of minor national groups, and if all of them start their own nationalist movements it is going to end sooner or later in bloodshed. Besides, the Russians can’t make up their mind regarding the question of Communism.

        At the present time, Russia has become a Chimaera. Amusing and frightening. There are still some rudiments of the old ideological stamps from the past and liberal capitalist economical order that is rotten to the core and corrupt. To be honest, Russia’s future is vague and I am not sure about its ressurection being possible. It seems to me rather that Russia is dead. It is a decomposing corps. I can see no hope.

      5. Ariadna,

        Balalaika is not a Russian thing. It comes from Asia. Please, stop talking about it.

        “With the establishment of the Soviet system and the entrenchment of a proletarian cultural direction, the culture of the working classes (which included that of village labourers) was actively supported by the Soviet establishment. The concept of the balalaika orchestra was adopted wholeheartedly by the Soviet government as something distinctively proletarian (that is, from the working classes) and was also deemed progressive. Significant amounts of energy and time were devoted to support and foster formal study of the balalaika…”

        The real Russian folk instruments are accordion, a.k.a. “garmon” and the Russian 7-string guitar.

      6. Rousso,


        Wow. Didn’t see that one coming.

        And that’s why I wanted to hear it from a Russian.

        Are you living outside or in Russia?

      7. 1138,

        Outside, and I am not from Russia but from Ukraine. Though, Ukraine is a fake state that appeared after the staged collapse of the USSR, and the USSR was the Russian Empire restructured. That’s complicated. I am 50% Russian by blood, 100% by language, European by culture, Asian by religion. I am mixed, cosmopolitan and socialist, but I am still a Russian. And I live in Europe.

      8. Just stopped by to say hello to old farts at DM. How are you all doing, folks?


        At the present time, Russia has become a Chimaera. Amusing and frightening. There are still some rudiments of the old ideological stamps from the past and liberal capitalist economical order that is rotten to the core and corrupt. To be honest, Russia’s future is vague and I am not sure about its ressurection being possible. It seems to me rather that Russia is dead. It is a decomposing corps. I can see no hope.

        So, why don’t you hang up yourself, mother fucker. The real problem we have in Russia is that there too many bastards like this Rousso guy, who obviously imagines that the totally fucked up West is blossoming rather than decaying morally and spiritually.

        In fact, Russia is the only hope for the world today.

        The more “Russians” like this moron leaves Russia the better off our country will be.

        1. Who is this ‘Circassian’? If he is a banned poster, I will let him enjoy the privilege of this one post. Then he must depart.

      9. SM –

        Circ is a Putin supporter from around Turkey who liked to fight with Lobro on math…. and with me on Putin.

        He hated that I found ammunition in his pro-putin evidence.

        He would write to me, “Have I told you lately how much you disgust me?” Then he would cuss a blue streak.

        He disrupted all conversations. But…. he really got in trouble abusing admin.

        He even had the gall to call me a stinking lawyer…… Dammit… 🙂

        I kinda miss the funny little hillbilly from the Caucasus.



        November 10, 2014 at 8:10 am

        >> Both of you spent all this space attacking me, rather than the issue. Putin. I never commented about either of you, nor did I call you names… I don’t like the name… pootin’… Just not a word for mixed company… Pasgas would do better.

        Pat does not resort to name-calling – he is simply addressing his real issue with Putin. What a pathetic loser! Pardon the pun, but It was pretty obvious to me from the very start that Paty is a putty of “lawyers” variety.

        Thank you, Pat: honesty, even unintentional one, calls for petting on the back.

        1. Thanks, Pat. A disruptive influence, this Circassian fellow, eh? We only ban someone as a last resort, so I guess he has to remain banned.

      10. Sister Monica,

        Circassian was, I think, the only poster here who made lobro give an ultimatum to admin – either he go or I do. I pretty much stopped reading what Circassian had to write. And it wasn’t really that interesting, because it was either anti western sentiment, hatred towards lobro and Pat and bad belittling others on this site. That’s why I wondered if PoopedonbyMarx was Circassian under a new moniker.

      11. Circassian is just being a Circassian. Like all of them he likes Putin a lot. Putin makes them rich. He let them come and sends a lot of dough to their home lands. Thanks to Putin, Circassian and his brothers from Caucasus feel good in Russia. So, the brothers can celebrate, like this:

        Dancing in the Red Square

        Dancing in the mall, etc.

        So, the real problem that Circassians have in Russia is that there are still some bastards like me. He is right about this. And the more Russians like me leave Russia, the better off their country will be. That’s correct, from his point of view.

        But no, dear Circassian, I don’t have illusions regarding the West. And I think, in turn, from the standpoint of mine that a big part of the problem that Russians have in Russia is a horde of insolent Circassians and other nice people from Caucasus.

        Your tone and manners are not surprising.

      12. ADMIN (Sr. Monica) : I will let this comment of yours through but it MUST be the last comment you make here! After all, you are a banned commenter who has insulted just about everyone on this site, including Admin.

        Moreover, our star commenter Lobro (who is close to Lasha) has given us an ultimatum which we are morally bound to uphold: “It’s either me or Circassian.” Since we have made our choice, based on Lobro’s popularity and your unpopularity, we must stick to this.

        I hope you understand. So go in peace now and NO MORE COMMENTS after this!

        @Sister Monica

        Yes, I am that Circassian who challenged Lobro on his turf – mathematics – and proved conclusively how shallow his knowledge of mathematics was. But Lobro, admittedly, is one of the most reasonable one of the whole bunch of useless bums around here. At least he understands clearly how unreasonable the assumption that Putin might be a Zionist stooge is. But even Lobro cannot grasp a very simple truth, despite all that time I have spent with that senior citizen: Putin is not there to care about the Nazis, Putin is there to defend the country he loves – Russia.

        I want to thank you twice: (1) for letting me to point out precisely who this Rousso guy is, and (2) for extending the sanctions against me – it is not conducive to health to stay here for too long.
        You don’t have to publish this, but I would like to explain a couple of things to my lost half-Russian brother.

        Chimera – by the very definition of the term – is something imaginary that does not, and cannot exist in Nature. Russia has existed for 1000 years before the US came into existence, and Russia will exist 1000 years after the fluke of history, the US, is gone. Something that exists in Nature cannot be a chimera and cannot become a chimera.

        You want an example of chimera? Here is one: half-Russian/half-dog: does not, and cannot exist in Nature for the laws of Nature do not provide for such a monstrosity. Here is another example:
        A 50% Russian by blood, 100% by language, European by culture, Asian by religion – an idiot who says that his country has become a chimera, has absolutely no desire to fight for his own country, wants to live in a culture created by others, and thinks that he still can remain a Russian.

        That’s what chimera is, poor bastard.

      13. Dear Circassian!

        You perhaps have not heard about such thing as metaphor. But there is such a thing. Metaphor is, Circassian, “a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable”. You might ask, I suspect, about the purpose of using such a strange figure of speech, not being capable to understand it as I can see. I might explain it. But since Circassians are, or at least one of them is, so stupid that formatting a comment becomes a hard task for them, it seems to me that I’d rather get more sensible response from a bunch of chimps if I attempted to teach them casting astrological charts.

        In spite of that, Circassian, I expect at least some basic comprehension of the point that I expressed even from Circassians, and I expect a response that is relevant to the arguments I presented. You, it seems, are missing the point. You, Circassian, are mean and hostile, ignorant and simple-minded being. Just like a Circassian is supposed to be. But trust me on this one: in immigration, things feel not the same as at home, and being far from home, among the foreigners in the foreign land, is the situation that makes a man understand his roots much better, and much stronger. I am a Russian because it is in me. It is not a choice.

        Yet, like I said, I’m a cosmopolitan, too.

    2. @Aria

      We’re playing the word scramble game now, eh?

      So explain the word “Rus” which predated the “USA” by hundreds of years. They saw that far in advance I suppose?

      Or “put in” by the Rothschilds

      Hey, I know I know, how ’bout Ras Putin – that would make our man Vlad really an adherent of Haile Selassie and ol’ Marcus Garvey

      yeah, that’s the ticket!

  59. The Jews don’t want to appear to oppose Putin openly. Their opposition to Putin needs to be covert. If they can bring him down without appearing as an enemy, that is what they want.

    Here is how this is being done. Paul Roberts is referring to Jeremy R. Hammond’s recently published book, a documentary called Obstacle to Peace:

    To achieve its or Israel’s goals, Washington uses jihadists. Russia sees the jihadists as threats that could spread to the Muslim areas of the Russian Federation, and Russia acts to protect itself. China also has realized that its province bordering Kazakhstan is subject to jihadist destabilization and appears to be aligning with Russia, Iran, and Syria against Washington’s effort to overthrow the Syrian government and install in its place chaos as Washington has done in Iraq and Libya, thus removing another constraint on Israel’s expansion and the restraint of a secular Syrian government on jihadism.

    To get all of this from Hammond, you might have to connect some dots. But what you will get is a massive amount of verbatim dialogue that documents beyond all doubt the conspiracy between Israel, Washington, and the US presstitutes to get rid of “the Palestinian problem” by getting rid of Palestinians. [….]

    What has happened to Palestinians is a replay of what happened to the native inhabitants of North America and Australia. Palestinians have been dispossessed and murdered. For this crime, the United States shares responsibility with Israel.

    Become informed while you still can. Propaganda is turning truth-tellers into “conspiracy theorists” and “domestic extremists.” We can’t take the continued presence of truth-tellers for granted. When one appears support him or her.

    This further supports what Petrus Germanicus is describing. Now we understand why Russia, Syria, Iran and China are aligning together.

  60. „The financial power of the Jews is formidable and their ability to create serious problems is virtually unlimited. This is why no leader in the world challenges the Jews directly”.
    – I would lean more towards the opinion that the key factor in this is that the organized-Jewry’s leadership are plain psychopats. What Peter writes is also true but I somehow sense it deep in my guts that it’s not simply because of that, that virtually every single national leader (Putin included) in the world must bend their knee before the Jew. I think there’s something more sinister going on behind the scenes. I suspect that hymies BLACKMAIL all the nations into submission through their genocidal dystopian

  61. Putin is a very decent ,a very good Christian Person ,a true Russian Patriot Leader
    He is no one’s puppet ,He has been playing a very complex ,complicated Global chess game with extra ordinary talent and mastery ,he defined a new unique art to the science of applied diplomacy in the global Political world .
    and to TROJ
    your friend trumpy the dumpy,,,that’s my friend is totally different story

  62. Another bit of good news, another major Jew NGO (prob. redundancy, there ain’t any non-Jew NGOs) tossed out in the cold, MacArthur Foundation Kicked Out Of Russia

    But that’s only part of the cancer.
    The real challenge for parliamentary Russia will be the eradication of the internal Globalist subversive faction that is still embedded in high places within the RUSSIAN MEDIA, DUMA AND CENTRAL BANK.
    When treating a cancerous tumor, every last cell must either be contained or eradicated (we prefer eradication, without anesthesia), lest it grow back.

    And for your information, it was this same Duma that sent the bill for criminalization of the Holcaust denial to Putin for signature, placing him in a tricky spot – something that precious few were able to understand and for which the rest are endlessly maligning Putin.
    The same vilifiers and backseat drivers also hold Putin responsible for the crimes and misdemeanors of the traitorous Central Bank and will endlessly quote mud slinging generated in the Jew-owned media directed at Putin.

    Forgive them lord for they don’t know what they do (oh, yes, some do).

    1. @Lobro

      I hope you’re right. We’ll see. If the Russian Central Bank is nationalized; if Syrian integrity is assured; and Iran is protected from Israeli attack (unlike Syria, btw, which suffers Israeli air attacks) then I’ll know Putin is not a puppet of Zionism.

      I emphasize this point again– the foundation of a Kurdish state on the ashes of Syria is a Zionist plan. It is Oded Yinon -> New Middle East -> Which Path to Persia -> Biden Plan Zio 101. The Kurds are tools of the Zionists. If you study those plans, you will see that Turkey is earmarked for partition aswell.

  63. @Rousso
    Amazing how dependable wikipedia is, i’nit ? I’m always impressed when it is used as supporting bibliography.
    and this:
    “To be honest, Russia’s future is vague and I am not sure about its ressurection being possible. It seems to me rather that Russia is dead. It is a decomposing corps. I can see no hope.”
    (Abstain from starting sentences with “to be honest”–they always put the readers on guard…)
    As for your view of Russia, all that can be very convincingly said of the US, indeed of Western Europe, especially on a rainy day when one has also run out of coffee.
    On the contrary, many see Russia on the rise and the US on the descending slope.
    Some of the criticism directed at Putin occasionally seems to be born out of the frustration of seeing him unable to give birth to Russia fully formed out of his head, like Zeus to Athena. Patience. malchik, patience.

    1. I agree with you Ariadna. Of course Russia is starting from behind and it has many hostile European countries against it, led by the USA. But Europe is on a path from second place to a distant third place or even fourth place with its current policies. This, from being the leader of the world for at least 500 years before 1945. Europe is on its way to becoming a third world, backwards, filthy continent if they continue their policies of ethnic destruction. The USA has many problems. Bad schools with bad students, cities as backwards as that from the third world, limited job opportunities, its lost many of its biggest companies and its manufacturing is a shell of its former self. It probably still has the most firepower from its military, some advantages in high tech and some of the worlds top universities. But those top universities often have foreign students because American students don’t qualify. The US has been on a downwards trend for decades.

      If “the right” gets in power in Europe there is hope. They’ll stop the destruction of Europe’s ethnicities and cultures and strengthen ties with Russia, which is the last thing the US wants. Then maybe Europe could turn around and Russia would get stronger too. And if China and Russia continue their cooperation and friendship, the US will have few friends. The way it has behaved, that is what it deserves.

  64. It’s good to keep in mind that Russians say Jewish Bolshevism, not just Bolshevism. Russians are not shy about saying anything. They have had it with censorship. They know that the Russian Revolution was a coup and not some kind of organic uprising. The blood bath that followed the coup occurred because the Jewish Bolsheviks didn’t have the power or the authority to govern and so they started killing and ruled through terror. I have no sympathy for anyone who wants to deny that Bolshevism wasn’t Jewish; it was. The victims of that reign of terror deserve the truth.

    1. HP –

      Just like a gill net or trot line…. ya never know what will get caught….

      Good guy Putin’s “Anti-extremism police” at work..!!

      1. Pat, a big positive as per Russian society. The bureaucrats followed the law, and reason as well. No doubt against the wishes of some usual suspects and others (atheists, miscreants, goblins) embedded within the big time Church and State.

        The Russian legal system upheld and bolstered the precedent of a couple years back, where the government tried to ban “Bhagavad-gita As It Is” via ‘extremism laws’ and failed.
        Now they’ve failed at trying to ban the individual.
        As well they should have.

        “Noting that Sibiryev had told the police that he was not an official representative of a religious association..”

        The Russian courts have performed admirably here.

      2. Well, they’re noisy, for one thing. They should be nabbed for disturbing the peace.
        When is he last time a Cistercian monk bothered anyone on any airport?

      3. HP –

        A big positive for Russian lawyers also. Putin is a lawyer.

        Helps his barrister buddies make country club dues. 🙂

      4. Ariadnatheo, first of all, it wasn’t a ‘they’ it was a he. Singular.
        Second, ‘they’ have been absent airports for what .. 20, 30 years now?
        Your little dig is actually a much better example of ‘noise’

    2. They are under a masonic charter. Put all of them in jail and good riddance. If there is any cell space left, throw the falun gong in with them.

  65. Putin has a ‘soft spot’ for Pharisee-Jews. I would, at least, count him as an ‘enabler’ when pointing fingers at those goyim who help the Pharisee-Jews, and allow the Pharisee-Jews back into their countries.

    “The Formative Years 1952-1990”

    From page 13:

    “Putin grew up among neighbors who were practicing Jews and befriended them. Their prayers in Hebrew could often be heard on the Sabbath. A Jew, Mina Moiseyevna Yuditskaya, played a decisive role in Putin’s life as his German teacher. Years later, during an official visit to Israel to meet with emigre Jewish veterans of World War II, President Putin contacted Yuditskaya, who had left the USSR for Israel in 1973.”

    (there is more)

    1. Nooo, I got goose bumps. Not that this makes it clear that Putin is soft on Jews, that’s glaringly obvious, but a lot worse:
      A Jew taught ME German! (he tried anyway and it was not his fault that he didn’t succeed).
      My best friend in primary school was a Jewish girl.
      I even use Yiddish words (as in “all this prattle about Putin’s philosemitism is bupkis.”)
      I am now very suspicious of myself.

    2. me too, a jewess, Miss Krug was my german (quite possibly yiddish, as if i could tell the difference) in high school.
      On recollection, I think that only me and my friend Peter were non-jews in class, also the only 2 guys with lots of very friendly jew girls.
      the fact that they were very friendly makes me wanna stand under the shower, so long as there are no gas nozzles in it.

      1. And yesterday I was reading about Josef Goebbels Jewish girlfriend and his wife Magda’s Jewish stepfather. I’m beginning to suspect the NAZI party had big Jewish representation in it.

      2. Peter – –
        “I’m beginning to suspect the NAZI party had big Jewish representation in it.”

        Yes. That’s because it was financed and backed by Pharisee-Jew Bankers from London….. and their agents in US….. controlling all lending and industry…. just like today. They even tell the presidents what laws to put in effect. Putin put their law in effect in Russia.

      3. Peter,

        You might also be interested in reading this:

        The Jews who fought for Hitler: ‘We did not help the Germans. We had a common enemy’


        H. Truman said: “If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible.”

        This is a real quotation. The New York Times, 24 June 1941.

      4. Rousso –


        As you know…. Pharisee-Jew Bankers finance BOTH side…. to their advantage. They finance ALL dogs in the fights. WIN-WIN-WIN for them…. for thousands of years.

        Until that lesson is learned in ALL countries…. they will continue.

      5. Rousso,

        I wouldn’t rate that piece of propaganda too trustworthy, because it’s about as interesting as reading ‘Anne Frank’s’ diary.

        Bunch of lying Jews. But one cannot expect anything else from any article that appears in a Zio jewspaper.

      6. Rousso,


        H. Truman said: “If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible.” ”

        Presidents say a lot of things. They talk and they talk. Only they don’t determine policy and most of all, and Pat will agree with me, they are liars,. So I wouldn’t put that much weight on some quote by some POTUS.

      7. Pat,

        Sure, they probably financed Jesus as well.

        You see, a joke, laugh and a smile and for a brief moment our predicament doesn’t look so bad 🙂

      8. Pat,

        I think so, too. This is the Left-Right thing, Red-Blue thing, Democrats vs Republicans thing. All the same game. Freemasons project their beliefs onto politics. This is the Boaz and Jachin pillars of the Temple of Solomon. In the end, these red and blue poles are supposed to become the so-called Gog and Magog. One is a Liberal and the other is a Communist, and the smart people are going to balance in the middle feeding both of them, and running the shit. Until the End.

        Freemasons are a bunch of maniacs. This Boaz and Jachin scheme represents the Left and Right Hands of God to them, and the principle that is put into practice here is “As above, so below”. As hard as it is to believe it, this is the real foundation of the interest here that is behind all of the modern conflicts, since 1914. That is the reason behind the decision to dismantle the USSR, too. Because China is rising, and thus the balance is changing. Too much of the red color on the map.


        I quoted from that source because I trust this kind of information more if it comes from an outlet controlled by the group in question. There are much more bold claims regarding the subject in the alternative media, too. But I don’t trust them.

        Speaking of H. Truman, bear in mind that he was a Freemason of the 33° and that his first order as a president of the US was to drop nukes on Japan. He was a mean son of a bitch, and the Grand Master of the Missouri Grand Lodge.

        “In September 1940, during his Senate re-election campaign, Truman was elected Grand Master of the Missouri Grand Lodge of Freemasonry; Truman said later that the Masonic election assured his victory in the general election. In 1945, he was made a 33° Sovereign Grand Inspector General and an Honorary Member of the supreme council at the Supreme Council A.A.S.R. Southern Jurisdiction Headquarters in Washington D.C.”

      9. Rousso,

        I meant the Finnish jews article.

        And I don’t dispute that Truman quote. But a quote doesn’t necessarily equals what actually went on during WWII. The massive build up aid for the Sovjets was decided and executed long before the actual war. Or do you believe that during the war they (Big JEW) were standing by with masssive aid meant for the Germans in case of a ‘threatening’ Russian victory? Well, guess what, the Russians did win. And Big JEW was very glad the Russians won, because that’s precisely what Big JEW wanted, and the Russians never could have won without the massive aid they received from Big JEW.

        I suppose one may believe anything, but the whole notion that Hitler was aided by Big JEW is ludicrous. Nothing even suggests that. If Big JEW wanted Germany ruined it didn’t have to ‘let’ Hitler first build it up from scratch. Because Big JEW had Germany in ruins already, long before the war came anywhere near it.
        It defies all logic. But it makes a great script for the X-files, the TV show.

        If Hitler had never existed Germany and Europe would be at the stage where it is now several decades earlier.

      10. There’s a bigger picture at play here, 1138. One that INDEED allowed Hitler to build it all up with the plan to eventually tear it all down, AGAIN, after 1918. This by no means is to suggest that Hitler was a stooge. If you’ve carefully read my many posts on this and yet reject them, why haven’t you said so to ME? I present a fuller picture of what was/is really going on than anyone here.

        Study, I mean REALLY STUDY the protocols to get a more comprehensive understanding of things. Get to know the “stepping stone” approach they use in keeping their eyes on the prize.

        None of us commenting here should do no less.

      11. @ 1138

        This comment is based on me looking at a bigger picture concerning Hitler. Regardless of his background or his beliefs, Hitler was used just like Big JEW (money masters) try and normally do use everyone. Is he guilty of being used? Yes. Did he know that he was being used? Only he knew that for sure, but based on what occurred, the answer was probably no.

        “If Big JEW wanted Germany ruined it didn’t have to ‘let’ Hitler first build it up from scratch. Because Big JEW had Germany in ruins already, long before the war came anywhere near it.”

        Your statement is logical, but not necessarily true if some key things are considered. The jewish money mongers did not get what they wanted from WWI, a pre-world government (League of Nations) and their own nation state (Israel). They came close, but failed, indicating that they did not have the control that some assume that they had. WWII had to be created. You can’t have a WWII without an enemy so the the jews picked Germany for destruction again. Before you destroy Germany the second time, you have to build it up from its first destruction. Repeated destruction, so cruel and so jewish. In order to have a “valid” place at the table for the fruits of war, they invented the Holohoax which created the adequate victim status to acquire their own nation state (Israel) after the war with little opposition. The added jewish bonus was the killing of millions of gentiles. So even if WWII did not get them their pre-world government (United Nations) and their own nation state (Israel), at least they would have the satisfaction of millions of gentiles deaths to their credit. From they viewpoint as the devil’s disciples, it was all good.

        I could be wrong in my viewpoint, but given that the jews’ favorite tool is deception, it is as valid as any other since deception is at the core of my view on the topic.

      12. 1138,

        Have you not heard about the Nazi-Zionist cooperation in the 1930?

        See also “Zionism in the Age of the Dictators” by the same author, Lenny Brenner. Here is an excerpt from his interview quoting one of the reviewers of the book:

        Zionism itself encouraged and exploited self-hatred in the Diaspora. It started from the assumption that anti-Semitism was inevitable and even in a sense justified so long as Jews were outside the land of Israel.

        It is true that only an extreme lunatic fringe of Zionism went so far as to offer to join the war on Germany’s side in 1941, in the hope of establishing “the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, and bound by a treaty with the German Reich.”

        Don’t underestimate the sophistication of cunnung mind.

      13. Ungenius,

        One could go on and on in endless rabbit holes.

        “Is he guilty of being used? Yes.”

        Prove it. I say no, you say yes.

        Before WWII there was already a United Nations, it was called the League of Nations, Hitler took Germany out of that Jew organisation.

        The – first stage of – one world government was basically established in 1815 at the Vienna conference. This is where my country changed from being a republic to a kingdom without even being properly represented there.

      14. Rousso,

        Of course I have heard of that.

        It was in the best interest of both parties. Hitler made a deal with them in the best interest of Germany. Very pragmatic I should say. Some even believe that’s proof that Hitler was a zio agent. That would be very amusing if it weren’t so annoying.

        The state of Israel would have been established anyway. They had the land already since the Balfour declaration and were already emigrating to it. It’s true that WWII encouraged that emigration but nevertheless Israel was already in the process of establishing itself long before WWII, and if WWIII would start then probably all jews would emigrate to there, would it still be there.

        The idea that the whole history and build up of the NSDAP was ‘cunningly planned ahead behind the scenes’ from 1918 on is utterly ridiculous. Study the events in Germany since the end of WWI and you will soon know why.

        But there are people for whom nothing is real. Everything has to be staged by Jew, because only BRILLIANT Jew is capable of doing that. Well, if that would be true, then they really ARE God’s chosen ones and the goyim really is there to serve them and we can all go spend our time a little more useful than talking about it online.

      15. 1138,

        You said earlier that ‘the notion that Hitler was aided by the Jews is ludicrous’. I reminded about the Nazi-Zionist cooperation in response to that. You are still missing the point, nonetheless.

        Hitler and the Nazis were aided in the interest of Zionism and the US. In order to accomplish all their mission: creation of Israel, partition of Europe, sharing the spheres of influence, making the US great as it has become.

        For the same reason, the Communists were aided. Stalin was the first to recognize Israel’s independence.

      16. Rousso,

        Hitler wasn’t helped by Zionists. Hitler made a concession to them in order to loosen the embargo world jewry had caused on Germany, which was giving Germany some air. I wouldn’t call that aiding Germany. So yes, there was a cooperation, but that was motivated by pragmatism from Hitler’s side.

        In a nutshell, Zios wanted Jews to leave Europe, and thus also Germany, which happen to be the same thing Hitler wanted. But both parties had completely opposite motives for that. Hitler wasn’t financed by Rothschild & Co. I leave that to those who’s hobby is conspiracy theories.

        I suggest this read. It’s a rather long piece, but very explanatory. It is far less complicated than many like to believe.

      17. 1138,

        How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power

        “George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.”

        “The second set of papers, which are in the National Archives, are contained in vesting order number 248 which records the seizure of the company assets. What these files show is that on October 20 1942 the alien property custodian seized the assets of the UBC, of which Prescott Bush was a director. Having gone through the books of the bank, further seizures were made against two affiliates, the Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation.”

        “Prescott Bush, a 6ft 4in charmer with a rich singing voice, was the founder of the Bush political dynasty and was once considered a potential presidential candidate himself. Like his son, George, and grandson, George W, he went to Yale where he was, again like his descendants, a member of the secretive and influential Skull and Bones student society.”

        “By the late 1930s, Brown Brothers Harriman, which claimed to be the world’s largest private investment bank, and UBC had bought and shipped millions of dollars of gold, fuel, steel, coal and US treasury bonds to Germany, both feeding and financing Hitler’s build-up to war.”


        The Americans who funded Hitler, Nazis, German economic miracle, and World War II

        “Seventy years ago the greatest massacre in history began – with the financing from the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve System of the United States.”

        “Thus, I.G. Farben, the company that became the German war machine’s key component, was under the control of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil at the time it funded 45 percent of Hitler’s election campaign in 1930. Through General Electric, J.P. Morgan controlled the German radio and electrical industry in the form of AEG and Siemens (by 1933, General Electric owned a 30 percent stake in AEG). Through telecom company ITT, he controlled 40 percent of Germany’s telephone network and 30 percent of aircraft manufacturer Focke-Wulf.”

        “But, the Nazi Party experienced a miraculous boom: in September 1930, thanks to large donations from Thyssen, I.G. Farben, and Kirdorf, the party collected 6.4 million votes – putting it in second place in the Reichstag. Shortly thereafter appeared a generous infusion of funds from abroad.”

        “Moreover, after Reichsbank head Hjalmar Schacht traveled to the U.S. in May 1933 to meet with the president and major Wall Street bankers, America provided Germany with new loans totaling $1 billion. And in June, during a visit to Norman in London, Schacht requested an addition $2 billion in loans as well as a reduction and eventual cessation of payment on old loans. Thus, the Nazis got something that the previous government could not.”

        “In the summer of 1934, Britain signed the Anglo-German Transfer Agreement, which became one of the foundations of British policy towards the Third Reich, and by the end of the 1930’s, Germany developed into Britain’s primary trading partner. Schroeder’s bank turned into Germany’s and Great Britain’s main agent, and in 1936, its New York branch merged with a Rockefeller holding to create the investment bank “Schroeder, Rockefeller and Co.”, which the New York Times described as “economic-propagandist axis of Berlin-Rome”. As he admitted himself, Hitler viewed foreign credit as the financial basis of his four-year plan, so this didn’t raise the slightest alarm.”

        “In August 1934, American oil giant Standard Oil purchased 730,000 acres of land in Germany and built large oil refineries that supplied the Nazis with oil. At the same time, the United States secretly provided Germany with the most modern equipment for airplane factories, which would soon produce German aircraft.”

      18. Rousso,

        Have you even read the article I linked? And you wish to disregard that? Fine, but alas your piece consists of typical total disinfo hogwash.


        “In August 1934, American oil giant Standard Oil purchased 730,000 acres of land in Germany and built large oil refineries that supplied the Nazis with oil.”

        Germany was under an embargo and oil was one of the most important commodities of that. Proof of that is the autobahn which NS Germany built, of which very large parts are made of concrete instead of asphalt which is produced out of oil, and one can witness this still today. Germany also made fuel out of coal out of necessaty due to the oil embargo.

        You can believe whatever you wish to believe. It’s all the same to me.

        I know better.

      19. @Pat – To the extent Germany had business with Jews, it was much, much less so than anyone else. Again, just as with Putin, your comments are deceiving.

        @Rousso – The US helped defeat Germany in WW I, they signed the Versailles Treaty that impoverished Germans, cut Germany into pieces and gave large parts of the country to other countries. Then they supported war against Germany again, this time with Hitler in power when the US began the Lend-Lease program, sending military arms to Great Britain and then Russia later. FDR also announced in 1940 (and this a factor in Hitler declaring war on the US) that the US would attack any German navy vessel (notably U-boats) within reach.

        Yes, Americans did business with Germany because it was profitable and very advantageous to do so. Not to do so was a big disadvantage. Germany was the leader of the world in science and engineering. It was far ahead of any other country in the number of Nobel Prizes it received, including Great Britain and the USA. It led physics and chemistry and in engineering it was top notch. To cut yourself off from this would be like a country deliberately not doing business with the US today, putting IT and computer technology out of its reach, only worse for those cutting themselves off from Germany.

        The US got the jet (and years of leadership and profit in the civilian aviation industry) from Germany, got its space program and missiles from Germans, including Werner von Braun and the Germans even contributed to the Americans atomic bomb project, in one case inadvertently. It was the German Otto Hahn that split the atom in 1938 and identified its possible use and this was published in science journals. Many of the people that worked on the bomb were Jews, with several coming from Germany and virtually every one getting his advanced degree in Germany.

        An example of German technology:

        German jets shooting down American bombers near the end of the war. These jets went 100 miles per hour faster than anything the allies had.

      20. 1138,

        I read that article, but it doesn’t speak about the same things I’m speaking about here.

        “Proof of that is the autobahn which NS Germany built, of which very large parts are made of concrete instead of asphalt which is produced out of oil, and one can witness this still today. Germany also made fuel out of coal out of necessaty due to the oil embargo.”

        This is not a proof. Asphalt is inferior to concrete. Autobahns were built of concrete for the same reason that US roads were built of concrete: stronger and more durable surface. The coal was used because it could be used: the Ruhr region was one of the most rich from the point of coal-bearing in Europe.


        Your info is correct but it doesn’t contradict mine.

      21. @Rousso – I think where we differ is that when I read what you wrote,it seems to suggest (or other people have suggested this when they wrote what you wrote) American businessmen were “NAZIS” and did this to help the “NAZIS”, even if it did nothing for the Americans and maybe they would even do it at a loss. I’ve heard the story about Bush and others a thousand times. Germany, like every other country in the world did business with countries all over the world and has always been an exporting country. It may have been the biggest exporting country at that time. They did business with the world before WW I (like other countries), after WW I and even when Hitler came to power if they could. Even if they did business with Germany illegally, they still did it for profit. What’s the surprise? Also, why shouldn’t they do business with Germany? Maybe they saw things like Lindbergh who thought a war would be a disaster for the west and didn’t agree with the warmongers Churchill and FDR.

      22. No Peter,

        American businessmen were not Nazis and did this not to help the Nazis but to help the Zionists. And the USA.

      23. Rousso,

        I’m afraid yours is contradicting mine.

        For instance the claim that the Rockefellers invested in Germany. Second, oil is not being supplied through oil refineries. Refineries are being supplied with oil in order to refine it. So that alone is a strong indication that the article is hogwash. It is not difficult to find another 37.000 articles containing this kind of drivel about NS Germany. The majority of people is more than willing to believe them, especially those concerning the holohoax.

        Everyone believes what he believes and nothing on internet – NOTHING – is proof. No written article proves anything, not in any paper and not online either. Its just that some articles are more plausible than others, and in this case the article I linked is way more plausible than yours I’m afraid. Hitler did get aid from many parties, even from within the US. That’s not surprising at all, since there was tremendous international support for him and Germany, from ordinary people as well as politicians and industrialists like Henry Ford. But he didn’t had support from his enemies, not direct or covert. They did everything they could to prevent Hitler from getting power and for good reason, because he would reverse everything they had already done to Germany. If they weren’t, then why wasn’t Hitler made chancellor in 1932, when the National Socialist party was by far the biggest after elections? There and then they had already their golden moment to put ‘their’ man in power. But apparantly for some reason they didn’t, and even ‘let’ him lose seats to the communists in a following election. Strange fellas, this Rothschild gang. One could on and on but I won’t because even if Rothschild & Co would appear on Darkmoon and countless other sites to admit that “No, we have not funded Hitler” then the disbelievers in Hitler still wouldn’t accept that.

        About concrete. It is proof in this case because, yes, there are other roads made from concrete, even in my country there are still a few, but concrete is far inferior than asphalt for constructing roads. Have you ever driven on a concrete road? I have, and I can assure you it’s no fun. Kedeng. kedeng, kedeng, kedeng is what you hear and feel constantly because your wheels are rolling over the joints of the concrete slabs. Roads are only being constructed of concrete for a good reason and superiority to asphalt is not that reason. Could be budget reasons, could be oil shortage, but never because it offers a smooth ride. Besides, every new road is being constructed with asphalt. Certainly the worlds Nr 1 industrialists wouldn’t build inferior roads unless they had no other choice. They hadn’t. due to a serious lack of oil. Why do you think Hitler advanced so far and quickly direction of the Black Sea? He had obligations to Henry Deterding from Royal Dutch Shell who hated jews and therefore supported Hitler with massive amounts of money, AND would solve Germany’s oil shortage. Hitler had absolutely no need for any Rothschild shills for funding.

        Having said that, there were US companies doing business in NS Germany. So what? The didn’t dictate policy which is what matters. That is why it doesn’t matter if there are US companies currently doing business in Russia either. Doesn’t mean a thing. It is probably beneficial to Russia. Lots of countries welcome foreign investors. Thailand for instance, and China, both countries have thrived extremely well thanks to foreign investment.

      24. 1138,

        Nothing on the Internet is proof? That’s bullcrap, man. There are archives on the Internet. Digitized archives. Photocopies and manuscripts. Documents. Serious shit.

        Look, I mentioned the Guardian article first, and then I also linked the other one, because it popped up as I searched for the first one, and the author of the second is a Russian politician so I also quoted from it, though to be honest I don’t find his information credible enough, too. He presents no proof of his claims, I agree on this one. But let’s put it aside and concentrate on the first instead.

        The Guardian has good reputation, and I can’t imagine that a research like that could be a fake, considering that all of the references are in place, and I don’t think that the Guardian might put their prestige at risk by publishing such a controversial material if it wasn’t real.

        So, it takes a minute to check it and find some proof that at least the data in question indeed exists. There are papers in the archive, those W. Averell Harriman Papers, the list can be found on-line. You can take a look, but that’s just a list, not the actual papers. For the papers, search in the archive by number.

        W. Averell Harriman Papers

  66. If Putin is not “a zionist puppet” he is missing a good chance…. He has passed the qualifications by making Russia safe for Pharisee-Jews….with his actions and not just pretty words.

    The best thing he did to protect the Pharisee-Jews is when he passed the law to make criticizing Pharisee-Jews a crime. They love him..!!

    Pharisee-Jews praise Putin’s law he passed for them:


    Putin offers refuge in Russia for European Jews..!!


    Meeting with members of the Executive Committee of the European Jewish Congress

    Vladimir Putin met with members of the executive committee of the European Jewish Congress.
    January 19, 2016

    AND…. Putin is still big friend with Pharisee-Jew oligarchs like the Rotenbergs


    Putin wants no more immigrants from Turkey to disturb the Pharisee-Jews in Russia:
    On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Russian government had reached a decision to suspend the free-visa regime between Russia and Turkey due to security concerns.


    Putin Says Israel and Russia Will Continue Sharing Intelligence on Anti-Terrorism
    “We will continue to maintain contacts with the Israeli leadership to establish a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East, to share information on the anti-terrorism track,” Putin said according to the site, during a ceremony to hand out credentials to 15 new ambassadors in Russia, including Israel’s.

    AND…. Note….

    TERRORISM is a Pharisee-Jew TOOL to give Putin and excuse to visit with Netanyahu to get his instructions and marching orders…. without messages and notes to be copied…!!

    He meets with Netanyahu all the time. FOUR times in the last year…. Such enemies..!! 🙂

    1. Pat,

      “Putin wants no more immigrants from Turkey to disturb the Pharisee-Jews in Russia:”

      What are you suggesting, Pat? That all the EU countries want to disturb the Pharisee-Jews in the EU? 🙂 There are millions of Turkish immigrants living in many EU countries, and soon they won’t even need a visa to roam freely in all of the EU anymore. I wish the EU had the Russian attitude concerning this. Plus concerning some other issues as well.

      1. 1138 –

        I was not suggesting your conclusion. I did not mention EU. You did.

        I wrote: “Putin wants no more immigrants from Turkey to disturb the Pharisee-Jews in Russia:”

        But…. now that you mention it…. Putin HAS MADE a safe place in their ‘Mother-Land’ for Pharisee-Jews being threatened by musselmen thugs in EU….

        Putin said they should “return.”

        Netanyahu must have given him the orders to do so in his many meetings… 🙂 🙂

      2. Pat,

        “I was not suggesting your conclusion.”

        Well, you didn’t write the words, but you might as well had.

        Because you had no trouble ‘concluding’ that Russia’s decision to suspend the free-visa regime between Russia and Turkey was motivated by the ‘fact’ that “Putin wants no more immigrants from Turkey to disturb the Pharisee-Jews in Russia”, correct?

        And since the EU is about to accommodate the Turks with a treaty that scraps the visa requirements for Turks to enter the EU, the ‘conclusion’ that the EU wants to disturb the Pharisee-Jews in the EU by letting unrestricted numbers of Turks enter the EU, which already houses millions of them, holds exactly the same merit as your ‘conclusion’ concerning Russia’s motives to suspend the free-visa regime does.

        “Putin said they should “return.”

        Netanyahu must have given him the orders to do so in his many meetings…”

        I don’t know what they’re up to, but this hardly seems likely, since Netanyahu has been urging them to emigrate to Israel for years already. Not to emigrate to Russia. But most of all, all national leaders are liars, Pat, so anything Putin says isn’t true, correct? 🙂

      3. 1138 –

        “I don’t know what they’re up to….”

        I don’t know why not. You purport to read my mind, even differently from what I write.
        You should have no problem reading Putin’s mind…… even when it is different from what he does and says.

        You have conquered guessing…. Now you know… Sooo… Let us in on the secrets. 🙂

        Yes… they ALL lie…. and ya never know when. “The problem with liars”….. would be a good movie title. 🙂

      4. Pat,

        I don’t have to read your mind. I just read your words.

        You wrote;

        “Putin wants no more immigrants from Turkey to disturb the Pharisee-Jews in Russia:” Yes? Did you or did you not write that?

        So apparantly it is YOU who is able to read Putin’s mind. Putin never said “I want no more immigrants from Turkey to disturb the Pharisee-Jews in Russia”. Did he? No, you did. That was entirely your ‘conclusion’. No one else’s.

        I wrote: “I don’t know what they’re up to….”

        And that is precisely so. Hence, I’m not drawing ‘conclusions’ like “Putin wants no more immigrants from Turkey to disturb the Pharisee-Jews in Russia” after reading this .

        So again, clever stuff, Pat, if you can conclude “Putin wants no more immigrants from Turkey to disturb the Pharisee-Jews in Russia” after reading this .

        Then one might as well ‘conclude’ that since the EU is letting in many immigrants from Turkey, and even wants to expand this migration by dropping visa requirements, that perhaps the EU wants to disturb the Pharisee-Jews in the EU. Now, I’m not saying the EU wants that. But a ‘conclusion’ like that is no less valid than yours is.

        “You purport to read my mind, even differently from what I write.”

        No, Pat, I do not purport to read your mind. I don’t have to, since you write down what your mind is thinking. And you did write “Putin wants no more immigrants from Turkey to disturb the Pharisee-Jews in Russia”, apparantly after reading this , have you not? Well, there must be another Pat posting on DM, then 🙂

        “You should have no problem reading Putin’s mind…… even when it is different from what he does and says.”

        Well actually I have. But apparantly you haven’t, as I have clearly demonstrated 🙂

        “You have conquered guessing”

        Yes, and so has everyone else in the world, and that includes you 🙂

        “…. Now you know… Sooo… Let us in on the secrets.”

        No, Pat, that’s your occupation, not mine in particular 🙂

        The problem with liars”….. would be a good movie title. ?

        Indeed, it would.

  67. So, the mystery of who Vladimir might really be remains , after all this conjecture.
    We all know little.
    Until he takes.more drastic action against the Zio-bolshevik central bankers and until he renounces all establishment religion and until he gets his mind right on population reduction and biosphere rescue and until he elucidates his blueprint plan for world peace – then i guess we have to say he’s nobody special yet.

    1. No.

      Until he buries Lenin and opens the archives, Barkingdeer, and this is not going to happen.

  68. Rossi
    Why not?
    Who’s stopping him?
    I’m more inclined to think he’s part of the secret society power structure.
    Any real progressive, with balls, should by now have put the balls on the table.

  69. While all of you just focus on the ephemeral, who went to whose party, Hannukah candles and singing and consider it of earth shaking importance and smoking gun that Putin shills for Rothschild, none of my attempts to describe the game from a different perspective are heard, I wonder what you might make of the following.
    Leaked memo shows how George Soros planned to overthrow Vladimir Putin and destabilise Russia
    But I suppose that most of you will say that rabbi Lazar drinking Hanuka whiskey in Kremlin basement is what counts, Soros and his bloody coups are irrelevant, still let’s have a look.
    NB: these are LEAKED documents and emails, ie, insider stuff, never meant for public distribution and from their nature, it is easy to see why, bits and pieces of the Protocols.

    While Soros has managed to thoroughly destabilise the European Union by promoting mass immigration and open borders, divided the United States by actively funding Black Lives Matters and corrupting the very corruptible US political class, and destroyed Ukraine by pushing for an illegal coup of a democratically elected government using neo-nazi strong men…one country that Soros has not bee able to crack has been The Russian Federation.

    Russia taking action (even before these leaks)

    Russian Prosecutor General’s Office issued a statement in which it recognized George Soros’s Open Society Institute and another affiliated organization as “undesirable groups”, banning Russian citizens and organizations from participation in any of their projects.

    Ask rabbi Lazar and Chabad whether they approve of this measure against OSF and its affiliates.

    And how about this law, since everybody is squawking about Holocaust denial?

    The Law on Undesirable Foreign Organizations came into force in early June this year.

    Nothing like this since the Third Reich and imprisonment of Julius Rothschild in Vienna.

    It gets better.

    In a document from November 2012 entitled, “OSF [Open Society Foundation] Russia Strategic Planning Meeting Notes”, Participants:

    Leonard Benardo, Iva Dobichina, Elizabeth Eagen, Jeff Goldstein, Minna Jarvenpaa, Ralf Jürgens, Elena Kovalevskaya, Vicki Litvinov, Tanya Margolin, Amy McDonough, Sara Rhodin, Yervand Shirinyan, Becky Tolson

    Discuss how to …

    Identify joint priorities for OSF’s Russia activities in the coming year. How can we most effectively collaborate, considering the deteriorating political environment for our partners?

    The main revelation of the document minutes comes from the

    That all evaporated in 2012, when Vladimir Putin returned to the President’s office.

    Can anyone appreciate the enormity of this disclosure? What I have been saying for years, that Medvedev is a Jew stooge and directly responsible for allowing the destruction of Libya and murder of Gaddafi … for which some are all too eager to blame Putin.
    This is part of the war inside Russia that Putin is waging (while all of you are squealing like valley girls about “Denial”) on top of the war outside Russia.

    Some direct quotes from the revealed docs

    The OSF, clearly distraught and disappointed, begins to lay down the groundwork for how to challenge the Putin administration, in light of his very different approach to dealing with NGOs like the Open Society Foundation.

    The human rights context has greatly changed from 2006 to 2012: THE MEDVEDEV PERIOD ALLOWED FOR A NUMBER OF IMPROVEMENTS AND SIGNIFICANT OPENINGS FOR NGOS. Amendments to the NGO law in 2006 led to campaigning on behalf of NGOs; many of our grantees benefited during this period. Surkov established ties with many groups that were willing to cooperate with the state and our partners served as experts in key processes like police reform. A space was created for modernization and for the inclusion of civil society during Medvedev’s term. HOWEVER, PRESSURE HAS COME BACK VERY QUICKLY IN THE SHORT TIME THAT PUTIN HAS BEEN BACK IN POWER.

    A major turning point for NGO operation in Russia came with the botched Russian “Maidan like” protests, which were promptly dismantled before any damage could be inflicted.

    The Russian protests deeply affected the life of NGOs. The state had been providing money for self-organization, thinking this would defuse the possibility of large-scale opposition. But by encouraging self-organization, they had opened up a Pandora’s Box. People became active and began to feel that it was possible to change something; the door was opened for self-mobilization.

    The state has responded with repression and political prisoners, in order to instill fear in the population. The state is also working to undermine social support for the protests. Its support of socially-oriented (“good”) NGOs is a way to divide the community, while the foreign agents law frames the protests as foreign money undermining Russia.

    At least Soros understands who he is dealing with, doesn’t spend his life mewling about Holocaust theater.

    Anyway, lots of significant stuff there, read it yourself.
    I can only do so much to make you grasp the real issue beyond all these trivia that everyone focuses on as the real deal.

    1. By the way, ask yourself who is Soros?
      Do you really think that he is spending almost 100% of his time pushing these clearly planetary geopolitical issues in order to better manipulate the forex market and make another billion or two?

      He is the field commander of Rothschild’s Army of Satan.
      There can be no other explanation that makes proper sense in the wider context.
      And if his almost exclusive thrust is against Russia and Putin, what does it say about Russia + Putin??

    2. Lobro –

      “But I suppose that most of you will say that rabbi Lazar drinking Hanuka whiskey in Kremlin basement is what counts, Soros and his bloody coups are irrelevant…”

      Yes… I shall…. Soros is NOT Russia’s President…. and he has NO fiduciary duty to Russia…. Putin does, by virtue of HIS office.

      You cannot equate Soros to Putin…. an elected(supposedly) office holder.

      Then….. Soros…
      “…field commander of Rothschild’s Army of Satan.” What is THAT..????

      Get a grip… man..!! Your defenses of Putin are getting more and more ridiculous now…. Bedtime story category… 🙂

      1. fair enough Pat … worth repeating both

        “But I suppose that most of you will say that
        rabbi Lazar drinking Hanuka whiskey in Kremlin basement is what counts,
        Soros and his bloody coups are irrelevant…”
        Yes… I shall

        say that rabbi Lazar drinking Hanuka whiskey in Kremlin basement is what counts, Soros and his bloody coups are irrelevant

        a·stig·ma·tism (ə-stĭg′mə-tĭz′əm)
        A visual defect in which the unequal curvature of one or more refractive surfaces of the eye, usually the cornea, prevents light rays from focusing clearly at one point on the retina, resulting in blurred vision.
        🙂 (a smiley for you in case you mistake it for something else, eg, a cowpat)

      2. Lobro –

        Hell….. from an astigmatic to a dyslectic…

        … the Mississippi National Guard could whip Soros’s ROOS with a flat-bedded wagon in 20 minutes…. and never slow down or lose a man….. or Ellie Mae’s sister, either. 🙂

  70. And even Brez, the sole non-Jew architect of the blueprint for “full-spectrum dominance” of the US (he is too smart not to have known who is really behind it all but still hoped that the US would be able to carve out a position of equal partnership with Jew, sort of like Coudenhove-Kalergi dreamt of for the aristocracy) has finally seen that the game is up: The Broken Chessboard: Brzezinski Gives Up on Empire.

    Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has responded to the growing threat of regional instability and the placing of NATO forces on Russia’s borders by strengthening alliances with countries on Russia’s perimeter and across the Middle East. At the same time, Putin and his colleagues in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, Iran, China and South Africa) countries have established an alternate banking system (BRICS Bank and AIIB) that will eventually challenge the dollar-dominated system that is the source of US global power. This is why Brzezinski has done a quick 180 and abandoned the plan for US hegemony; it is because he is concerned about the dangers of a non-dollar-based system arising among the developing and unaligned countries that would replace the western Central Bank oligopoly. If that happens, then the US will lose its stranglehold on the global economy and
    the extortionist system whereby fishwrap greenbacks are exchanged for valuable goods and services will come to an end.

  71. Puppets do this…. They allow foreign foundations to help with SECURITY.

    Putin allows the presence of US Foundations, such as the Carnegie Moscow Center…
    …. part of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace….. to have a say in SECURITY..!!

    Carnegie Moscow Center

    Dmitri Trenin – Director

    Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, has been with the center since its inception.

    He also chairs the research council and the Foreign and Security Policy Program.

    Established in 1910 by Andrew Carnegie, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace seeks to advance the cause of peace and draws upon the collective resources of scholars and practitioners located in Carnegie centers in Beijing, Beirut, Brussels, Moscow, New Delhi, and Washington.

    1. Putin will “get by with a little help from his friends, gonna try with a little help from his friends – la-la-la-la-la”…. and praise and admiration …. even permission…. from Pharisee-Jews in US and Carnegie Moscow.

      “The Carnegie Moscow Center has analyzed why the recently-approved federal program for the socioeconomic development of the Kuril Islands until 2025 might be a success: the Russian military, it says, will act as a guarantor that the project will reach its purpose.”

      Russia IS USA East..!!

      1. It’s the season of non-sequitur, they are flying thick again.

        Putin uses Zionist – Pharisee-Jew controlled think tank…. located close to Kremlin.

        Nowhere in the link is there a hint that Putin is using the services of Carnegie Moscow Center as you stated.
        I could open a hot-dog stand within a mile of Washington Monument and that would be proof that Obama is buying my hot dogs, right?
        You’ve been scraping the bottom of the slander barrel for a long time now Pat and are running out of mud.

        2 Meanwhile, i absolutely stand by everything I said about Soros being the field commander of the Rothschild army of Satan, much more powerful than ANY American or European politician, and the leaked memos and emails where he is dispensing daily marching orders to Hillary Clinton, then the Secretary of State are sufficient proof.
        And this is just what we know for sure, ie, much more evidence for my claim than say, holocaust could ever hope for.
        2 And he considers Putin his greatest enemy.

      2. Lobro –

        You are scraping the bottom of the perfume barrel to throw on Putin to make him smell better. I still hold my nose. Get a dozen more full barrels. You’re gonna need every drop…. Lavender is nice. 🙂

        You’re scraping frantically now by conjuring up – inventing – the extremely parallax view… by you… that elevates a “hot dog stand” in DC to a ‘think tank’ in Moscow. Now, that’s some big time scraping..!!

        This is no ‘hot dog stand’ no matter if it operates in Russia, China or India…. the BIG 3 of BRICS:
        Established in 1910 by Andrew Carnegie, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace seeks to advance the cause of peace and draws upon the collective resources of scholars and practitioners located in Carnegie centers in Beijing, Beirut, Brussels, Moscow, New Delhi, and Washington.

        I threw in some Pharisee-Jew Banker controlled BRICS “mud” for ya. I like BRICS “mud” a lot. It is so easy to find. And sticks well to the target. 🙂

        I’ll have no shortage of “mud.” Putin supplies it every day.

      3. Lobro –

        You probably missed this “mud”from me…. supplied by Putin. 🙂

        I believe Putin’s DECREES.. over your excuses..!!

        Putin welcomes, invites and needs the Pharisee-Jew Bankers and their investments in Russia. He has said so…. even with the phony embargo in place.

        Putin keeps the foreign investors interested in buying up Russia.

        More…. BIG BUCKS for London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

        London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers own Boeing.

        Putin needs help building Russia’s airplanes..!!

        “We are talking about the development of cooperation and hope that it will continue to develop further,” Putin – TOLD – Russia’s foreign partners near the Boeing stand at the MAKS-2015 International Air Show.

        Putin even issued a DECREE proving that.. ACTION..!!


        Exactly one year ago… even with a phony embargo…

        Russia’s TASS reports Putin’s – DECREE – authorizes 70% foreign ownership.
        President Putin signs – DECREE – on consolidation of Sheremetyevo Airport assets
        August 28, 2015
        MOSCOW, August 28. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on establishment of Sheremetyevo Airport joint stock company with the government’s stake in the charter capital of at least 30%. The document was posted on the official website on Friday.

        Russia hopes to boost cooperation in aviation with foreign partners says Putin
        TASS reports Boeing specialists briefed Putin on various projects….

        ZHUKOVSKY, August 25. /TASS/. Russia hopes for further development of cooperation in the field of aviation with foreign partners, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday.

        “We are talking about the development of cooperation and hope that it will continue to develop further,” Putin – TOLD – Russia’s foreign partners near the Boeing stand at the MAKS-2015 International Air Show.

        Putin is wanting more money.

        Putin is FARMING OUT Russia to Pharisee-Jew Bankers for $$$$…!!

    2. Carnegie is ranked the third most influential think tank in the world, after the Brookings Institution and Chatham House.

      Putin uses Zionist – Pharisee-Jew controlled think tank…. located close to Kremlin.

      16/2 Tverskaya St., Moscow

      1. Pat,

        “Carnegie is ranked the third most influential think tank in the world, after the Brookings Institution and Chatham House.”

        I’m sure it is, but according to whom?

      2. 1138 –

        “I’m sure it is, but according to whom?”

        Since you are “sure” and not guessing…. The who is …YOU..!! 🙂

      3. Pat,

        Aha, I see. Very clever, Pat 🙂

        But let’s examine this for a bit.

        Now, most adult people know precisely what is meant by “I’m sure it is” in this context, but experience has demonstrated that you are not one of them. So I’ll elaborate so that even you can understand.

        When saying “I’m sure it is” I don’t necessarily endorse what you posted but am willing to take your word for it. In fact I don’t even care whether it is true or not because I simply don’t value the opinion of some JWO institute that rates JWO think tanks. I don’t rate JWO think tanks, and I have no desire for such uninteresting distractions.

        So that’s clear I hope.

        But never mind me. What is the purpose of your reaction, saying “The who is …YOU..!!”?

        That you, as opposed to me, don’t think it is so that Carnegie is ranked the third most influential think tank in the world, after the Brookings Institution and Chatham House.?

        If so, then why post it in the first place? 🙂

      4. 1138 –

        “If so, then why post it in the first place?”
        To compel you to ask for proof. 🙂

        I don’t mind doing the research for you. I find more “mud” when I do.

        Brookings and Carnegie have a large presence in BRICS countries, especially China and India.

        Think Tanks are part of the unseen government…. most are NGOs.

        RAND Corp(8) and DARPA control the internet.

        Here is the 2015 GGTTI – Global Go To Think Tank Index.

        Brookings is number one and has Brookings Doha Center – Doha, Qatar
        Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy – Beijing, China
        Brookings India – New Delhi

        Chatham House – RIIA – is second and started the CFR in US, at the Pratt House in NYC.

        Here are the top 10 out of the 175 listed on page 49:

        Top Think Tanks Worldwide (U.S. and non-U.S.)

        (Table 3)
        1. Brookings Institution (United States)
        2. Chatham House (United Kingdom)
        3. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (United
        4. Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (United States)
        5. Bruegel (Belgium)
        6. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) (United States)
        7. International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) (United Kingdom)
        8. RAND Corporation (United States)
        9. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (United States)
        10. Amnesty International (AI) (United Kingdom

  72. In related news, Jews are flipping out in Hungary. The country has decorated a journalist highly critical of them with a prestigious award. Zsolt Bayer, a founding member of the ruling Fidesz party and a close ally of Orban received the Order of Merit of the Knight’s Cross on the weekend for his “exemplary journalistic work,”

    “Jews really hate this guy. The Feeling is mutual.”

  73. Looks like Putin will do Zionists’ bidding… with his New Age administration.

    “The market is an expression of life,” wrote Putin’s new Chief of Staff.

    For those who believe that financial markets are not important to Putin and Russia’s future, those thoughts are being dispelled by Putin’s new Chief of Staff, Anton Vaino.


    The surprise replacement last week of Sergei Ivanov, a longtime ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with former head of protocol Anton Vaino as presidential chief of staff sparked a whole host of speculation.

    A comparison of Vaino’s credentials to those of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev suggests that he may very well become the new prime minister.

    The new chief of staff is the author and co-author of a number of research publications, including one titled “Capitalization of the Future” and published in the Issues of Economics and Law journal, which starts with the words “The market is an expression of life.” Among an incomprehensible mass of scientific terms, it describes a patented analyzer of events called a “nooscope,” which is supposed to “capitalize the future.”

    Vaino’s regular co-authors, Viktor Sarayev and Anton Kobyakov, described the “nooscope” as “a device that receives and registers changes in the biosphere and human activity.”

    One subject of discussion by analysts on the day of his appointment was Vaino’s Estonian origins, as though this might influence his outlook, though in fact he comes from a Russian-speaking family and his grandfather, Karl Vaino, was a staunch communist who was first secretary of the Estonian Communist Party.


    New Age leaders taking over in Russia??

    There is a new device in Russia called a “nooscope” which, supposedly, can tap into global consciousness and “detect and register changes in the biosphere and in human activity”.

    Russians should be concerned about the Orwellian new ways of organising and understanding society.

    –Utopian idea–
    Leading Russian academics expressed deep scepticism about the theories and solutions propounded by Mr Vaino and his collaborators.

    These ‘experimental society minded’ guys will never go back to a gold standard.
    They like fiction too much..!! 🙂

    1. @ Pat: I wish you and others would quit beating a BURIED horse named Putin. Far more destructive, evil, and even mentally ill and incompetent is Jean Claude Junker. Dig into the smiley face “Green” Parties of Europe and what their agenda really is.

      Talk to Dr. LD, and convince her. How did Sweden come to be what it is? Why are descendants of the Vikings, now the most pusillanimous, mousey, pussified men on the Planet? Why do they hate themselves so? Why do the women feel they need to disgrace and degrade themselves to gain collective approval?

      1. Poupon –

        I wish you would use your superior engineering skills and scientific and logical methods you bragged about…. to find out how the new guy Putin has put-in as Chief of Staff, Vaino – the Vain… is going to experiment on MOLDING Russian society with his “nooscope” that HE bragged about..!!

        Find out its implications on the whole of societies in the future. Then… report back here.

        Some initial claims…. to get you started:
        There is a new device in Russia called a “nooscope” which, supposedly, can tap into global consciousness and “detect and register changes in the biosphere and in human activity”.

        With your skills… in all areas, you should easily interpret this diagram:


        What is the Mysterious “Nooscope”? Let’s Ask Putin’s New Chief of Staff

        The strange “device”, which had been described in a 29-page article Vaino wrote back in 2012, titled “The Capitalization of the Future”.

        Good hunting.

        BTW – The topic here is about Putin being a zionist puppet. We are in the correct thread. So, save your fingers.

  74. @Pat

    Your obsession with Putin being a “Zionist puppet’ is interesting and if you were someone in a position of power it would be of some concern. Lets say we accept your statement. Even if that description is true, by any measure he is much less a “Zionist puppet” than any German leader, many other western European leaders and certainly any American or British leader, at least since the end of the war. The British allowed Israel to be created from Palestinian land, the US has been Israel’s most important ally since its creation and Israel has received more foreign aid (including grant money not to be repaid) every year since 1967 from the US than any other country in the world. The US government is completely dominated by Jews and has been for many decades. Pat Buchanan described congress as “Zionist occupied territory”, virtually every American politician bows down to their power and the very few that have not have been ousted from power. Not just politicians, but any American known by the public that steps out of line will have his reputation and career destroyed. There is no comparison to Russia. Each of us on here uses a pseudonym so we can’t be identified by American or European authorities.

    “Prominent persons who dare to violate this prohibition are immediately castigated as “anti-Semitic” (that is, anti-Jewish), and pay a heavy price in damage to their reputations or careers. Politicians who publicly speak out against America’s support for Zionism risk almost certain political ruin. Among the political or governmental figures whose careers were destroyed because they violated the powerful taboo have been US Senators William Fulbright, Adlai Stevenson III, and Charles Percy, Congressmen Paul McCloskey and Paul Findley, and Deputy Secretary of State George Ball. note /24

    Those who merely “slip up” are obliged to recant. Thus, Marlon Brando was promptly and severely chastised after criticizing Jewish Hollywood producers and executives for promoting vicious racist stereotyping of minorities. Even though what the well-known actor had said during an April 1996 broadcast interview with Larry King was demonstrably true, a short time later Brando was forced to issue a craven apology.”

    You are helping Jews inadvertently or perhaps deliberately. Your focus on Putin and Russia as an ally of the Jews when the USA should be number one enemy of anyone that opposes Jews at the very least helps them by taking the focus off their most important supporter and at worst could be a ploy by a Zionist supporter to help Jews.

    The Iranian nuke deal comes to mind. For years the US has harassed and threatened Iran, appearing to come very close to attacking them for their supposed nuclear arms program, a program that the IAEA head and American intelligence says does not exist. Meanwhile, Israel is known to have well over 100 nuclear missiles. This is what US intelligence says. So, the US is coming close to blasting Iran off the map for nuclear weapons it does not have, while heavily nuclear armed Israel goes free. Similarly, if I only had information from you, I opposed Jews and I thought I had to attack their most important ally, I would launch an attack on Russia and leave the US alone. If you are having any affect, it is to help Jews. If you really oppose them, stop behaving with such stupidity. It’s not wrong to criticize but you sound like a Jew propagandist trying to make someone into an enemy for his own purposes.

    1. “Your obsession with Putin being a “Zionist puppet’ is interesting”
      I disagree, Peter. There’s nothing interesting about it. Whatever Pat’s motivation (and who really cares what that might be?), the numbing repetition of his echolalic exercises make his comments on the topic scroll over material.
      I agree with the rest of your comment.

    2. Peter –

      You disagree with me…. and that is alright by me. I disagree with you.

      There is no need for you to call me stupid, since you do not know me. It is below you to do so. You should know better. Show me where I am mistaken point by point…. but please leave the personal attacks in the locker room.

      I am very familiar with IHR. I subscribed to IHR when it first came out in the 70s. It was really expensive at the time. I gave many boxes of those issues away about 15 years ago. I remember how horrible it was that their offices were destroyed in California….. somewhere in the 80s I believe. That shut them down for a while. All their records were stolen. I believe the IRS thugs were involved. They were not as aggressive after that. That bothered me.

      YOU may be surprised to know that the IHR has this posted on their site:
      “The IHR does not “deny” the Holocaust. Indeed, the IHR as such has no “position” on any specific event or chapter of history, except to promote greater awareness and understanding, and to encourage more objective investigation.”

      If you thought otherwise… you have not followed them as long I have. No biggie… I still won’t call you names or use labels.

      My point is that you have no idea about me, who I am, who I know, where I have been or any of the lectures on these subjects I have given over the years since the 60s.

      I know the ropes…. but my ropes are different from yours.

      If you want 100% agreement…. you should write to someone else. I am done with agreements. Nothing is learned through agreements. I know better now.

      I have over seven decades of knowledge and experience on these issues…. you are not going to sway me easily with material I covered 50 years ago.

      I never attempted to change the minds of those who I met and attended seminars and church services, such as Dilling, Winrod, Emry, Wangrud, Saussy or Mullins… and dozens of others over the years. They were not always correct, but they were knowledgeable enough to be able to withstand critics.

      I can withstand critics. I always have. I have enough hard bark on me to do so. 🙂 (Hombre line)

      I have held political office… as did my dad.. so I know what goes on in real politics…. not the actors on the stages we see paraded out… to be the front men. I have personal friends still in politics right now…. you would know their names. Some thought I was nuts 40 years ago… and tell me now I was correct then, on much – not all – of what I told them.

      The key to know…. Politics is money(debt) and money(debt) is power. The Pharisee-Jew Bankers have the monopoly there.

      I have no respect for any national leaders…. paid-off actors. Putin gets no passes from me.

      I can go on and on for hours in person, and never miss a beat, but I cannot type for very long any more.

      You can operate your way. I will never call you stupid for doing so. I’ll operate mine… politely.

      Keep posting your way. Good to go here… 🙂

      1. @ Pat

        Well said, Pat! This is your best post so far. Eloquent and revealing. You certainly are a maverick. You’ve been in the trenches if you’ve had 50 years of experience. Yet I still don’t understand how you can be so sure that Putin is a scoundrel when most objective observers would shrug and say: “The jury is still out on Putin. He is an unknown quantity.”

        I’m ready to admit that Putin is sending out mixed messages. I don’t think Putin has been put to the test so far. In other words, don’t you think it’s still too early to pass judgement on him?

        I’m not defending Putin. All I’m saying is: is there really enough hard evidence to hang him? Isn’t neutrality the best policy right now? The wait-and-see attitude?

      2. @Sardonicus

        “I’m ready to admit that Putin is sending out mixed messages. I don’t think Putin has been put to the test so far. In other words, don’t you think it’s still too early to pass judgement on him?

        I’m not defending Putin. All I’m saying is: is there really enough hard evidence to hang him? Isn’t neutrality the best policy right now? The wait-and-see attitude?”


      3. Thanks, Sard —

        I keep posting what I find. I actually expect no one to agree with me. I want them to come to their own conclusions without labeling me just because I present material they have never seen or heard.

        The ‘unlearning’ of the $$trillion spent by global media lies….. is much harder than learning from scratch.

        It has been like this all through my life. My experiences are not that unique in that regard. Everyone has experienced the REJECTION…. when they tell people the holo-hoax was just that… a hoax.

        People are reacting the same way when I say Putin is just a puppet. It is impossible for him to be anything else but the actor for Pharisee-Jew Bankers…. paid by them.

        Putin admitted he cannot control the $$millions in organized crime in Russia. That being the case he cannot even begin to control the $$trillions of the Big Boys from London.

        It is easy – FOR ME – to see that Putin needs the Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ money(debt) more than they need his. But…. that’s jus’ me bein’ me…. as usual… 🙂

      4. @Sard Pat

        I got fed up reading pro and anti-Putin articles — I couldn’t make up my mind. So I set for myself those three triggers that would confirm (for me at least :P) whether Putin was just the same-old Zio controlled opposition. Jury is still out.

    3. @Peter

      “Each of us on here uses a pseudonym so we can’t be identified by American or European authorities.”

      You can be identified, using a pseudo name is not going to help. Your communication’s metadata and IP address is linked to the real personal data. Your ISP is obliged to present such a data on request of authorities.

      1. Rousso –

        Correct. They know when you get an IP address.

        DARPA and RAND and MIT and UCLA and GE and Comcast and many others control much of the info. It is all run through their centers along with NSA… etc.

        They keep changing agency and company names. Hundreds involved today. It is a spy network for info gathering.

        If young guys in those places read our stuff… they may learn something.

  75. @PAT: Uh, er, well, I am not compulsively driven to nourish any tendency toward fetishism and Black Box speculation or extirpation. About the best I can offer you is to examine and interpret the tiny bubbles in the device made famous by Thomas Crapper, during a liquid outflows. That’s about the extent and interest I have in this frothing-over pot with a burnt crust bottom.

    Let’s talk about the Pontiff, Franny The Tranny. Is he gay? Is he mentally ill? Is he possessed by Lucifer? Is he a psychopath? Is he being blackmailed (bottoms up!)? Is he as stupid as he looks?
    Is he a cannibal? Does he prefer Dark Meat or White Meat. Enquiring minds really want to know.
    I’m at a total loss here, Pat. Assistance, please.

  76. i have asked once, twice, lots of times I think and never received the tiniest answer.

    Will anybody who is either merely dismissive of or directly smears Putin come out and say loud and clear for everybody to hear;
    And to explain why some random replacement would be preferable.
    Or which among the couple dozen western heads of state would be a better choice in his stead -and why.
    (Iranians and Syrians not allowed to vote)
    Refinements: if Russia was still run under Yeltsin or Medvedev show how the world would be better off or merely the same as today.

    Topics of interest,
    penetration of Russia by Jew oligarchs (100% of the top positions and resource ownership in Ukraine, why would there be any less in Russia),
    Middle East (why would Yinon Plan be stalled in its tracks w/o Putin),
    position of Russia’s church (who would keep Pussy Riot from running the show),
    LGBT dominance of the pop culture – who would stop Conchita Wurst from being Austria’s ambassador to Kremlin … just naming a few issues.
    I am sure there are a few posters chomping at the bit to jump in and explain how without Putin one or more or all of these areas of friction would be resolved but not in Jew’s favor, since Putin is there in order to grease the wheels of the conquering Jew chariot.

    Any takers? Or do we continue with basket weaving instruction on how KFC opened a drive-through outlet in Irkutsk 20 years ago according to Bloomberg.

    1. @LOBRO

      I hope Russia under Putin liberates ALL Syria from the Zios (I don’t need to read any mealy-mouthed garbage about Syrian Kurdish secession-partition-separatism); I hope Russia under Putin backs Assad and the maintenance of a Syrian Central Bank, not a Rothschild’s parasitic institution (see rest of world, including Russia); I hope Russia delivers those s-300s (almost there, only a month to go according to PressTV!); and, finally, I hope Russia nationalizes that festering Central Bank of theirs-hers-his…

      That’s all. If that all happens, then Putin’s public and overt links to Zionism are what you say they are, i.e. a feint or a ruse.

      We’ll see.

    2. @FLOPOT
      I hope Judaic influence is eliminated from the planet. This is my primary and at this point overwhelming objective.

      Beyond that, I hope that justice is done and the nations and ethnic groups are free from foreign indenture to purse their cultural identity in peace.
      Kurdish people number around 30-35 million whose ancestry in the area predates most others, their national anthem says “We are the children on Xerxes” the ancient Persian king whose kingdom stretched across what is today Northern Syria and Iraq, most of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran – this was 600BC.

      I don’t need mealy mouthed garbage about them being chopped up like ground beef and consumed inside Judeo-British-Standard Oil made states less than 150 years old.

      If Kurds kept on fighting for their freedom over 2,500 years, be sure that they will continue for the next 2,500 or until they get it, so get used to it.

      The main, if not the only reason I cheer so insistently for Putin and Assad is that they represent the real bulwark to the Juden plague spreading out of infested Palestine and I will accept anyone else into that mix provided i see them counteracting the Jew, however temporarily, even Erdogan whom i mistrust and dislike rather thoroughly – but first things first, even if it means sacrificing the Kurds – however temporarily.
      In the longer run, i wish them luck.

      if that’s mealy mouthed for you, well, excuse me, as the line goes.

      War is fought with what weapons are at disposal, not shiny Star wars light sabers.

      1. “The main, if not the only reason I cheer so insistently for Putin and Assad is that they represent the real bulwark to the Juden plague”

        And we all hope they succeed.

        “I don’t need mealy mouthed garbage about them being chopped up like ground beef and consumed inside Judeo-British-Standard Oil made states less than 150 years old.

        If Kurds kept on fighting for their freedom over 2,500 years, be sure that they will continue for the next 2,500 or until they get it, so get used to it.”

        You’re doing it again — you’re preparing our minds for the creation of a Kurdistan. Syria should in fact be a larger state, i.e. it should include Lebanon. A Kurdistan made out of bits of Syria IS A ZIONIST PLAN.

        I said it before — if Syria is partitioned by the “great” powers, I hope I don’t find certain posters waxing lyrical about a democratic and free Kurdistan. That is hasbara BS. They are all Syrians fighting against Zionist agents and proxies. Simples.

      2. Lobro –

        Yes… wars are fought with weapons that are available….

        The available weapons of choice TODAY are drones leased from Israel by Germany’s Defense Department and France’s Airbus to be used in Mali.

        Germany and Airbus will lease drones from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

        Airbus to operate IAI’s Heron 1 UAS for Germany in Mali:

        July 21, 2016- The German Defence Procurement Agency (BAAInBw) and Airbus Defence and Space have signed a contract to provide Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Heron 1 surveillance unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to support the Bundeswehr mission in Mali.

        Similar to the mission in Afghanistan active since 2010, the Heron 1 UAS will be leased from IAI and operated by Airbus. In future, military missions will also be flown solely by military personnel. Operations in Mali will start in November 2016 and are initially planned until February 2018.

        “A major success factor for this new assignment is our experience gained in more than 2300 missions over Afghanistan” said Thomas Reinartz, Head of Sales for unmanned aerial systems at Airbus. “There we have proven our reliability to the full satisfaction of our customer – with a fleet availability higher than 95 percent”.

        “We are proud to continue to provide an operational solution and excellent service to Germany” said Shaul Shahar, IAI’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Military Aircraft Group. “We are pleased to continue our successful cooperation with Airbus, which is a further proof of IAI’s Heron 1 capabilities, advantages and its ability to provide an optimal solution for the most challenging missions”.

        On July 1st 2016 the Bundeswehr took over responsibility for the intelligence unit in Mali from the Netherlands. In the perimeter of the UN MINUSMA mission German forces are taking on their tasks mainly in the Gao region. The current threat scenarios and the size of the area of operations – the north of Mali is more than twice the size of Germany – require a long-endurance surveillance system. Based on the extremely positive experience acquired in Afghanistan, German forces will therefore now also deploy the Heron 1 to Mali.


        Airbus News
        July 21, 2016

        The German Defence Procurement Agency (BAAInBw) and Airbus Defence and Space have signed a contract to provide Heron 1 surveillance drones to support the Bundeswehr mission in Mali.


        Germany in Mali:

        From the beginning of 2016 on, German service personnel, as part of the United Nations mission in the West African country, is to relieve the Dutch forces that have been deployed in the north for over a year. With a substantial, robust expansion of the operation to northern Mali the Federal Republic of Germany would first and foremost fulfill its self-imposed obligation to assume more responsibility internationally.

        Germany and 23 other European countries have been participating since February 2013.

        The Bundeswehr is facing an expansion of its mission in Mali.

        Germans will replace their Dutch comrades in 2016.

  77. Peter –

    “@Pat – To the extent Germany had business with Jews, it was much, much less so than anyone else. Again, just as with Putin, your comments are deceiving.”

    If it was, as you wrote, “it was much, much less so than anyone else.” that means you know the exact amount.

    Please tell me how much it was and how much less it was than the others.

    It seems to me that your comment is – also – deceiving.

    1. This is getting boring. People, countries and companies that are rivals or enemies do business with each other if it’s advantageous to them. Germany and the USSR did business when they signed a non-aggression pact with each other. The two biggest enemies in the world thought it was to their advantage if they could avoid killing millions of each other’s people.

      At least this much less: Beginning in 1936 wealthy Jews, led by the [Jewish] Board of Deputies Bernard Waley Cohen paid Winston Churchill a huge some of money to attack Germany. They would bail him out of financial difficulty and do what they could to put him in power. There are many other examples like this.

      1. Peter –

        Boring???? Really??? You were not bored when calling me out. 🙂

        It is getting boring because you called me “deceiving” and now you cannot back up your claims. And you wrote……”some money..” 🙂

        “@Pat – To the extent Germany had business with Jews, it was much, much less so than anyone else. Again, just as with Putin, your comments are deceiving.”

        You should know that I may have been ‘mistaken’…. even flat out WRONG..!! But NOT “deceiving.”

        “Deceiving” means I was intentionally misleading. That is NOT the case.

        I was simply relying on what everyone…. especially you….. should know by now…. The Pharisee-Jew Bankers finance ALL sides of the major wars…!!

        I am the one who should be the more bored…. having to repeat that every few minutes. BUT, I shall endeavor to persevere…

        I repeat… ALL SIDES…!!!

      2. I think I did back up my claim with an example. Are you suggesting Germany and world Jewry were allies? I don’t even know what you’re talking about any more. No Pat, you might not be doing it intentionally. But for anyone that read your comments and considers Jews an enemy, they would think Russia is the Jews most important ally and nothing could be further from the truth.

      3. Pat,

        Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Knight’s Tale (1490)

        We strive as did the two hounds for the bone,
        They fought all day, and yet their part was none;
        There came a kite by, while that they were wrath,
        And bore away the bone between them both.

        Ancient fable.

      4. Peter –

        OK. That’s fair. Everyone reads differently.

        So…. to clear it up for you and them…

        I never mentioned allies of any kind. It is slavery.

        MY claim is that Pharisee-Jew Bankers are in control of Putin….. He IS a Zionist puppet… the subject of your article.

        Rousso –

        Neat fable. Thanks.

    2. Time to shut up Pat and find another topic to chat about
      Your Putin bashing is frivolous
      Double up on those ptsd pills ex-jew soldier

      1. Kolo –

        You post the most informative comments…. like this one:

        “Time to shut up Pat and find another topic to chat about..”

        I reply:
        If you could only read
        you would be able to understand
        that THE TOPIC titled here
        IS what flowed from my hand

        Get a “Burma Shave”…. be clumsy with it at your neck. 🙂

  78. @ROUSSO

    “The Guardian has good reputation”

    That’s just the mainstream propaganda — it is a controlled opposition rag staffed by Zionist warmongers. They backed the phoney wars of intervention. Shill paper.

    1. @ Flopot

      Peter has identified Rousso as a possible Jew. He asked Rousso if he was a Jew and got no answer. There are several reasons for believing that Rousso could be Jewish.

      Firstly, as you note above, he cites the Guardian newspaper as a reliable source of information, without apparently knowing that we Jew wise people regard the Guardian with contempt: as a liberal left paper pushing the Zionist agenda, preaching political correctness and in favor of mass immigration to Europe from Third World countries.

      All the values we nationalists hate — internationalism, cosmopolitanism, mass immigration, the polluting of the European gene pool by interbreeding — are promoted by the Guardian newspaper and the BBC. Both these media organs are totally under Jewish control. Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School have found their homes at the Guardian newspaper and in the BBC. These are the equivalents of the New York Times: mainstream Jew-controlled media not to be trusted.

      As you will also note, Rousso promotes the same values. He knocked the article on Count Kalergi (“Project White Genocide: The Dark Agenda of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi”) and called it “SHIT” — polite speech not being one of Rousso’s accomplishments! — because the article was basically in favor of the nationalist viewpoint and against the internationalism and cosmopolitanism of the typical elite Jew who wants a One World Government without borders, ruled over by Jews and their shabbos goyim flunkeys.

      He hated the Kalergi article and angrily called it “SHIT” because he didn’t like the JEWS being mentioned in the article as the main force behind the halfbreed Count Coudenhove-Kalergi who preached the mongrelization of Europe. Everyone in the New World Order was expected to be a mixed-blood “Citizen of the World”, i.e., a COSMOPOLITAN.

      And hey, guess what? It was Rousso who said: “What’s wrong with being a cosmopolitan? I AM a cosmopolitan!” That shows where Rousso’s sympathies lie. He defends a basically Jewish agenda.

      I suspect Rousso is either a Russian Jew or a non-Jewish Cultural Marxist with Frankfurt School values. He needs to be watched carefully as a possible troll. His rudeness to the administrators of this website, by his denunciation of the Kalergi article as "SHIT", is totally unacceptable.

      1. I recently read that “cosmopolitan” was a euphemism for being Jewish 😉

        In the end it is almost impossible to out a crypto because you find ’em on both sides of the debate — a hallmark of Jewish power. I don’t even like using the words Jew/Jewish because I have been a victim of their propaganda all my life — my own brain-cells are screaming “antisemite antisemite antisemite” at me. Just typing those words goes against all my phoney education and a lifetime of absorbing MSM brain-washing mush.

        Self-censorship is probably one of the key objectives of the multi-cultural political correctness movement. For example, the word “Jew” must not be uttered in public, private or even in your mind lest you start another “holocaust”. You are supposed to treat it with reverence; whereas before the Jew World Order came into existence after WW1, it was a Word of Warning.

        But truth is a powerful catalyst for burning away toxic neural pathways. They were responsible for 2 World Wars last century; the New World War this century (see 9/11 and who did it); and if you go back to the 19Century they’re still at it; 18th Century…still doing it….; further back…ffs the Fathers of Lies are still doing it.

        Cryptos will engage in sophistry that is so entangling, it will end up persuading you that Zionist laws are in fact anti-Zionist — if only you would just look at things from their mind-bending point of view. In the end it is a pointless exercise: they will end up accusing you of being a Zio and the trolling will go on and on.

        All we can do is attempt to unravel any sophistry that attempts to hide Zionist propaganda.

        1. Excellent comment, Flopot. No one’s gonna accuse YOU of being a Zionist infiltrator, that’s for sure! 🙂

          As LD said in one of her articles or maybe in a comment — I forget where — none of this comprehensive Jewish takeover of Western civilization would have been possible before Jewish emancipation. The Jews’ prize possession, their major weapon of mass destruction, is their ownership of the media. By owning the media they own the mass mind and can manipulate the masses into believing anything. Maybe the internet is making a difference to all this.

      2. PS As an example, I always studied and quoted Chomsky because of his anti-corporate and anti-globalist works. Then you find out he is a Jewish gatekeeper — biggest mistake he ever made was dismissing the notion that 9/11 as an inside job.

        Btw, I think Putin dismissed the notion of 9/11 being an inside job. On topic!

        PPS The sophist might argue it was an “outside job” by Israel but that is being too clever for your own good. Twas Israeli firsters and dual citizens within the US (including the useful Goy) who facilitated the demolition of the 3 towers.

      3. PPPS And if my own learning experience is anything to go by, it will most likely be a brainfugged goy (to use the Jewish perjorative) who posts naive comments that reflect Zio propaganda. Obviously you don’t let ’em get away with it (you teach ’em) but after decades of Western mainstream gibberish, there are entire generations of unwitting shabbash-goy (I think that is the term) spreading the false narrative.

      4. Flopot –

        Rudy Giuliani was the biggest useful – hands on – goy puppet…… He controlled everything in NYC. It was his bunker in Bldg 7.

        He helped get rid of the mobsters who would know all of the inside scoop, especially the trade unions’ involvements to set up the elaborate construction fabrications needed to pull it off.

  79. Paul Craig Roberts’ take on TheSaker’s take on Orlov’s take on Putin’s Russia…or “An interesting mash-up of pro-Putin analysts”

    FYI: Dimitry Orlov is kosher and proud of Russian Jews. I mean they achieved so much 😉

    I used to religiously follow these writers right up until Putin’s bizarro partial withdrawal of Russia firepower. Then came the equally bizarro ceasefire talks with Zionists (that’s hilarious); and the ongoing nonsense with Syrian Kurdish separatism. These are the roots of my doubts about Putin (nevermind his overt links with Zionists). We’ll see. If he is playing a clever double-bluff then fantastic — I’ll be a dope and proud 😀

  80. @Flopot, @Sardonicus, @Kolo:

    I’m going to respond in the comments to the Kalergi article. This page has become unreadable on the notebook screen. The script error, I guess.

  81. Putin buys unassembled drones from Israel:

    Russia Israel UAV Business – Sale of Drone Assembly Elements:

    October 2010 – In the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, Mr. Viktor Khristenko, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) CEO, Mr. Itzhak Nissan, and the Director-General of the Oboronprom Russian Industrial Corporation, Mr. Andrey Reus, signed an agreement, to sell UAV assembly elements and services to Oboronprom.

  82. Pat makes an interesting point in reminding us about Giuliani’s involvement in the cover-up of 911 and getting rid of the mafia (who would know the inside scoop) in NYC. When Giuliani was mayor, NYC and its suburbs became like a police state. Crime by “average” criminals went down and he cleaned up Time Square better than anyone else before him. On the surface, it seemed like a good thing for the average joe shmo and his average life. But, that is how they work ….. make it look good on the surface and keep the rest hidden. One either has to be one of them to figure it out or be gifted with insight from the Divine. Very dangerous work indeed trying to expose evil at these higher levels and remain alive.

    Recently, I stumbled upon an article where a large part of the Italian East Coast mobsters were rounded-up for possible and likely prison sentences. My first thought was that they were being rounded up for a reason. Expendable like the Ashkenazi Jews were in WW2 for a higher purpose (taking The Holy Land as theirs by fraud). The mafia works closely with the evil higher-echelon, so, my first inclination was that something is in their works like 911. I can only guess what because I do not have any insider information on “what”. Who heads the mafia? Probably the Ashkenazi counterfeit-jews still working for Hitler who have infiltrated the world’s nations (including Russia), but not all if its individuals. Putin appears to have been influenced by the ‘good side’ even though knee-deep in evil.

    Creepy mobsters who deserve to be arrested, but what about those who control them??? –

  83. Without an explanation, my following comment was posted and visible, then not there.

    Deleted? – “People think the mafia are Sicilian, or Italian, but they are really Ashkenazi.”

    That confirms LD’s interpretation as the emancipation of [Ashkenazi] in Italy and other nations that allow their parasitical behaviour to overtake their hosts who allow them in.

  84. New Song
    you’re correct 110%
    as the saying goes :” all roads leads to Rome”
    All mafia gangs,all porn ,all human trafficking ,prostitution .all gambling ,all drug trafficking,money laundry,all illegal international trade deals ,outsourcing jobs , all economic slavery ,debt servitude ,destroying the nations morals and values,, chaos and proxy wars , destroying the middle east.all usury all loan sharks ,all illegal espionage ,all vices of this world leads
    to the international zionists cabal and it’s rogue state israhell.
    the zionists motto and modus operandi is divide ,conquer and then destroy
    The Real Seer

  85. Putin, afraid of N Korea, is seen as the great peacemaker…… for NWO 🙂

    —Putin’s Speech at Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok—

    Russia to Try to Return North Korea to Path of Negotiations Russia will try to return North Korea
    to the path of negotiations, because the tensions around Pyonguang need a careful approach, Putin said.

  86. Moscow to ground Syrian airforce because US says so 😉

    “The negotiations are a final salvo by the Obama administration to prevent the surge in deaths in Syria and to stem the flowof refugees into Europe at a time when the conflict nears a breaking point. Efforts at diplomacy appear to be led by a more dovish wing in the State Department including Secretary John Kerry who garnered a greater appreciation for Russia’s role in Syria after Putin helped Obama walk back from the “red-line” while leaders in the Pentagon are reportedly calling for the US to “walk out.””

    This article is complete rubbish, surely? Since when did the US want to prevent even one death? It is a death dealer, that’s how the country rolls. Considering the flow of “refugees” into Europe is a key Zionist policy, why would the Yankee-ZOG be trying slow the flow? Absolute drivel. John Kerry is “dovish”. Lol. I thought he was at least “evilish”?

    The original source is CBS news, so nasty propaganda designed to infuriate. Western mainstream journalism is merely professional trolling.

    1. can’t, Flopot, without resorting to the previous ones, ie, window dressing, pretending to be buddies while actually plotting each others demise.
      Jews do that ALL the time, why can’t Putin?
      Did Rumsfeld and Cheney hug and kiss Saddam on TV cameras, did they give him the green light to attack Kuwait while previously having
      egged Kuwait to drill sidewise into Iraqi oilfields?
      can you explain it differently?

      “Putin is a Rothschild stooge” doesn’t cut the mustard, ok?
      Because if he was, he’d fly under the radar, full stealth effect, like say, Churchill.
      That’s how the Rothschilds operate, they don’t deviate from the Protocols one step.

      So, anyone is welcome to lose sleep over this mickey mouse ceremony, i won’t.

      1. Ah Churchill. The one that got away. A pure Zionist in all senses of the word — I was shocked what the “interweb” revealed about the man. He was Jewish; he was completely cognisant of the international Jewish plot; and succinctly stated that Germany was destroyed because it tried to detach itself from international Finance (see International Jewish Plot :D). Of course he was integral to the plotting and the outcomes.

        Ah Putin. The one that breaks away? There’s no denying that if you wanted to not only survive in a Jewish World Order but triumph over it, then you would have to act as a Scarlet Pimpernel of sorts. But fraternizing with Chabad conspirators? Rewarding their agents? Being pronounced a Jewish King by a bunch of Rabbis? If it is all a disguise then he’s sailing very close to the wind.

    1. Good.
      Some are pro, some are con but in the matter of important issues, i must do my own analysis and make up my own mind,
      regardless of what everyone says.
      I am the skipper of my boat and solely responsible for navigating the treacherous waters, currents, shoals, sandbars and reefs.

      Still, it may be worthwhile to, in light of the previous (rabbi Lazar berel) post, compare the meaning of words versus deeds and
      decide which one matters more

      Remember when the universally declared that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people?
      Remember how things got ugly when independent sources reported that it was the rebels, not Assad, who actually used chemical weapons?
      Remember how Russian officials changed the political dynamic when they first presented serious evidence which clearly indicated that Assad did not use chemical weapons?

      Back in 2013, Israeli officials declared ad nauseam that Assad had used chemical weapons,[3] and the US, through the Zionist Media, mobilized to perpetuate the lie that Assad indeed had crossed the so-called “red line” as proposed by Obama.
      As a result of all the covert machination, the US was more than willing for a Syria invasion. It was a complete hoax.

      How well would this mesh with the idea that Putin is kissing up to rabbi Lazar because they are on the same side?
      More of the same … icing on the cake

      Neocons like Kagan were just reading an essentially diabolical script from the Israeli regime.
      The script basically said that even though groups like ISIS were bad, the Israeli regime preferred them over the Assad government.[6]

      Russia changed that political dimension by defending the Assad government. It stopped the Zionist regime from turning Syria into chaos—
      like the one we have observed in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

      Alexis Jonas is one bright dude, no stranger to logic:

      Another important point is that Martinez ought to come to the fact that the Guardian itself reported that
      Assad won the election by almost 90% of the vote.[7]
      A sizable section of the Christian population also supported Russia’s intervention in the region as well.[8]

      So, we have a problem here: if Russian forces were killing civilians by the thousands, and the civilians were still
      supporting both the Assad government and Russia, isn’t Martinez implicitly declaring that the average Syrian
      is stupid for supporting Putin and Assad? Or could it be that the Syrians know something that
      Martinez could not get from the mainstream media?

      Obviously Martinez finds himself in a circle: he is against the Neoconservative Mafia, but at the same time
      he is using the essentially Neoconservative ideology to dust off Putin. He can’t have it both ways.

      quod erat demonstrandum, no?
      Martinez is guilty of precisely the same irrationality that grips so many here.

      Brandon Martinez: “Paul Craig Roberts, Jonas Alexis, and the rest of these Putin worshipping yellow
      journalists need to be shamed for the propagandists they are. Zionist KGB Putin is part of the oligarchy.”

      Need a clown face here.

      1. Poor Brandon. He has been jumping the shark of late.

        Irrationality or vigilance?

        s-300? Almost there.
        Syrian integrity? Looking better every day.
        Russian Central Bank? Well…there’s still talk 😛

        I’ll keep my little boat away from beckoning shores until I get the right signals that are right for me.

  87. A Zionist puppet? I cannot tell but this latest agreement with the Zionists in Syria (another cessation of victory) is a load of horlicks. The Syrian Government approves so what do I know.

      1. The CoH is not helping Israel…. they prefer the “fog of war” to hide their criminal attacks:
        AMMAN, Sept 10 (Reuters) – Israeli warplanes hit a Syrian army outpost near the Israeli occupied Golan Heights on Saturday, state television reported, quoting a Syrian military source as saying the strike was aimed at helping an offensive by hardline Islamist rebels.

        The source was quoted as saying that the Israeli air force was helping the former Nusra front and other radical groups in an offensive launched against Syrian troops in the southern province of Quneitra which borders the Golan region.

        Syria has long blamed Israel for aiding and financing radical hardline militants along their shared border and of allowing medical treatment get to their wounded fighters. (Reporting by Suleiman Al-Khalidi; Editing by Robin Pomeroy)

      2. My response is always cynical and despairing with regards to these phony ceasefires. I hurl insults at the Russia Today broadcasts and only see the negative points in any analysis I read. The half-empty glass goads me and I post rants on TheSaker site. I get banned. Calm down. And then the same thing happens all over again.

    1. Flopot –

      Putin wants a cease-fire two days a weeks so all can re-supply themselves… including Russia.

      He is waiting on permission from Washington DC:

      The outcome of U.S.-Russia talks on Syria on Friday was “stuck in Washington” after a day of talks between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, a Russian official at the talks said.

      Putin is a puppet of Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London.

  88. Another Israeli attack against the SAA goes unpunished. I see nothing positive in that. To misquote Predator, “Get to the head choppers!”. The Syrian Government approves of the CoH so I suppose it is a case of they must know what their doing.

  89. I love cats but their independent essence is unrelenting — you have to let the cat be. Here’s a Putty-cat…

    “Russia and the USA have a common enemy, and it’s located inside of the USA. This enemy has a power, this enemy is very dangerous, this enemy has done everything to prevent this summit from taking place. But the meeting took place to show this enemy that the enemy has not achieved its goal. ”

    It is on topic — a positive analysis of the current ceasefire; the subtext being that Putin is anti-Zionist.

    1. Flopot –

      I read the article by Saker, Andrei Raevsky. I did not watch the flicks.

      I did not find here, or in any of Saker’s articles, where he wrote that since Russia covers more time zones than any other country(eleven) we are self-sufficient and will rebuild the wall immediately. We are so independent that we want all American companies to pack up and go back yonder-way. We grow enough food and make enough consumer goods and vehicles that we do not need any help at all in any areas. We need no imports at all. “See ya on Mars.”

      I have expected him to report: “We will bring back the wall…. when we find someone to build it for us.” 🙂

      1. Pardon me Pat, but your reading is reductive in the extreme. Being sovereign and independent, a road on which Russia has just engaged on with Putin, does not mean being a closed cottage economy. He has said repeatedly that what he wants is exchanges and cooperation based on fairness and mutual respect. Not needing any imports/commerce at all is your weird idea of independence?

      2. Ariadna –

        Thanks for pointing out my being extreme. I like it.

        I have been called extreme all of my life…. I am especially extreme when people need help the most.

        I can even show my grandson how to change a tire…. and even “skin a buck and run a trot-line” and help him with Latin and calculus.

        My main point is…. Russia needs and relies on everyone, especially the USA, even for entertainment:

        VTB Bank Arena and Dynamo Moscow Stadium

        Galactica Park Arena Moscow, Russia

        The anchor of Moscow’s ultimate entertainment destination – live music and sports, Universal Moscow theme park, a thousand fashion brands and restaurants, two premier hotels – all in one place with easy access by car, air or public underground transport.

        There are many solutions and answers. You have yours I have mine. Yours will be seen as “extreme” to me. That’s the good part about not being a slave.

        As the Saker’s video shows… they DO produce really good vodka..!! 🙂

        BTW – I have no other choice than to be reductive. I am not a lengthy writer anymore. Rather curt.

      3. @Pat
        “I am not a lengthy writer anymore. Rather curt.”
        Not really. You did a whole dance on just the word “extreme”– mostly frivolous nonsequiturs, all enjoyable, I hasten to add.
        What you seem to demand from Putin is that he declare overnight a bunch of decrees that expropriate all Jewish-owned enterprises, nationalize the central bank, abolish usury, stop trading with the anglo-zionist empire to prove his independence, not even pretend to negotiate with the US over Syria, ban all cultural Western entertainment (which for starters he cleansed of gay propaganda, a huge thing viewed from the US), revise Russian/Soviet history to level an indictment over its crimes against humanity and crimes against truth in WWII (and still somehow retain solid popular support). You seem to vastly underappreciate the difficulty of turning around a mammoth ship like the Russian Federation while under clear and present internal and external threat.
        I sense, however, that even if this thoroughly impossible sudden change were to pass you’d still despise the Russians for being “backward.” Where does this come from? Contempt for Russian submarines? 🙂
        By the way, what do you think happened with Kursk: did “we” have something to do with it? And if so, intentionally or by accident?

      4. Pat, we’ve seen and heard all the anti-Rus/anti-Put anecdotes of how they must buy American made barbecue grills because their technological knowhow is inadequate or how they cannot level a soccer field properly and what not, as the ever mounting proof of Russian nothingness, how Russia would starve within a week without American support.

        For everyone’s edification, let’s look at the big numbers, they are the only ones that cannot lie, GDP, population figures and external debt, see what they tell us, USA-Russia head on.
        GDP(USD): USA-16.7 trillion, Russia – 2.1 trillion
        population: USA – 319 million, Russia – 143 million
        ext. debt: USA – 17.9 trillion, Russia – 0.5 trillion
        GDP/person: USA – 52.6 thousand, Russia – 14.6 thousand
        debt/GDP: USA – 107%, Russia – 25%
        debt/person: USA – 56 thousand, Russia – 3.6 thousand

        Keep talking Pat, you know the Texas saying, big hat, no cattle.
        Let’s also remember one more thing: GDP calculation.
        Russia produces stuff that is useful, oil, minerals, agricultural goods, technology, incl. arms
        USA produces Jew smoke, financial voodoo, accounting swindles, entertainment, $ printing, also agriculture+armaments.
        If for any reason (and there are many), USD went south, US GDP would collapse into a footprint smaller than WTC 7.
        Russia would carry on as if nothing happened, since its external debt is dollar-valued, it would be a net winner.

        everybody whistle dixie: “And i wish i was in the land of cotton …”
        and it is a great song, if only the confederates had won … maybe they do in the end 😉

      5. “USA produces Jew smoke, financial voodoo, accounting swindles, entertainment, $ printing, also agriculture+armaments.”

        This made me chuckle. They’re drowning in their own snake oil.

      6. Ariadna –

        “What you seem to demand from Putin”…. is he live up to the attributes heaped upon him.

        I have no contempt for Russia’s submarines at all. The US – General Dynamics – gave them the designs and were made for them in New Zealand and tested at islands such as Eniwetok. 🙂

        I DO still hold against the Russian oligarchy/government….. the fact that they agreed to let the US deal through them to supply N Vietnam, with troops, supplies and vehicles while Western boys and girls were being sent to the meat grinder over there, through conscription. Those criminals were willing paid participants in the financing of both sides by London’s Pharisee-Jew bankers. They are still there.


        Lend Lease to Russia-From Major Jordan’ Diaries
        (NY: Harcourt, Brace, 1952) Chapter Nine

        MUNITIONS $4,651,582,000 NON-MUNITIONS 4,826,084,000 —————- Total 9,477,666,000
        Note: the figure of $11 billion includes services as well as goods furnished.

        Very few ever read this recently:

        Russians work long hours but lag behind in productivity

        Alfa Bank says Russia’s weak growth stems more from factors other than economic policy

        Russians work the second-longest hours in Europe after Greece. It may not be a race worth winning. That’s because in terms of productivity, measured by gross domestic product per hour worked, Russia is behind every country in Europe with 25.9. Greece is almost as bad at 36.2, way below the European Union average of 50, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development estimates.


        Kursk???? The US has given Russia all nuclear power secrets and helped them build all their plants from day one. The experts wanted to do many of the experiments over there.

        I “underappreciate” all hood-winkers….. which deceive the world..!!

        See how extreme I am. I like it that way. 🙂

        (Honorable mention to Lobro 🙂 )

      7. Pat, you’re still trying to have your cake and eat it.

        For example, you know that Russia is run by Jews but you also know that we have another 100 years before the Jews rule the world. I hope I am not setting up a strawman but that doesn’t compute — if Putin is a Zionist, then they already rule the world. Stop suggesting everything is okay, we’ve got plenty of time.

        I don’t know if Russia is ruled by the Jews: I have suspicions; sometimes I’m convinced (e.g. stupid ceasefires with Zionist satrapies); sometimes I’m hopeful Putin is anti-Zionist; sometimes I give up and walk away. I’m still waiting for a definitive answer that suits me.

        You, however, know for certain that Russia is a Jewish Satrapy but seem to think everything’s fine. Does not compute.

      8. Flopot –

        You must have mistaken my writings. I have not meant to imply “everything is fine.”

        I have written constantly that the changes are occurring quickly where physical battles are. In ME right now.

        I have written that there will be no huge and drastic military battles in lands already under total control, such as US and UK.

        I am guessing just like you. You are not as far out on the limb. That’s ok. I have watched the same routine for over 7 decades. It is time for me be out there. Now or never. But…. I still only guess.

        UK succumbed centuries ago. The big one here was in 1860 thru 1900. In Russia it was 1917 thru 1988. Germany was 1920 thru 1960.

      9. Pat – “I have no contempt for Russia’s submarines at all. The US – General Dynamics – gave them the designs and were made for them in New Zealand and tested at islands such as Eniwetok”

        Pat, don’t let these folks hear you say that, you might hurt their feelings..

      10. HP –

        Thanks. I wrote “were.”

        See what they can do with more debt issued from their very own bigger Pharisee-Jew Central Bank..!! 🙂

    2. @Pat

      Apologies for misreading you. That is a neat summary you provide of the current state of affairs. Remarkable isn’t it? They have total control of the West. Stupefying.

      I am waiting for the moment they jump the shark and declare their Messiah or Alien Invasion or whatever wheeze they’ve planned. You just know they’re chomping at the bit to declare their world empire. And they will get away with it — from Orson Welles’ little experiment to the full-on fake of 9/11, that the sheople will believe whatever they’re told.

      1. Flopot –

        No problem.. I am used to it. I KNOW, not guess, I’m waaay too flippant. 🙂
        Lobro says gadfly.
        “And they will get away with it — from Orson Welles’ little experiment to the full-on fake of 9/11, that the sheople will believe whatever they’re told.”

        They want us all hunkering down… in fear. Fear the nukes..!! Fear the viruses..!! Fear your neighbors..!!

        I am attempting to defeat hunkering down. I want to be cut down, not beaten and kicked while down.

        So MOTE it be… (a little masonic lingo 🙂 )

  90. Putin needs NATO. He is constantly increasing business for London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers, by increasing gas supplies to NATO.

    Putin needs total control of Crimea to use as a base for Gazprom to build the TurkStream pipeline under the Black Sea.

    Putin will see Turkey’s gas purchases increase, along with all NATO countries. Germany is the largest gas purchaser of Gazprom and Turkey is a close second. That will change with TurkStream.
    TurkStream pipeline will extend the full length of the Black Sea.

    MOSCOW, Sept 14 – Russian gas producer Gazprom (GAZP.MM) said on Wednesday it had been informed via diplomatic channels that Turkey had given approval for the building of the
    offshore part of the TurkStream pipeline project.

    TurkStream will directly connect the large gas reserves in Russia to the Turkish gas transportation network, creating a reliable source of energy for Turkey and south-east Europe

    **TurkStream Pipeline map:

  91. Is Putin a Zionist puppet? I think not.

    Putin Politely Expresses His Amazement At Western Stupidity
    By Paul Craig Roberts

    September 14, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – In an interview with John Micklethwait of Bloomberg Businessweek, Putin was asked about Russia’s desire to expand its influence geographically.

    Putin answered as follows:

    “I think all sober-minded people who really are involved in politics understand that the idea of a Russian threat to, for example, the Baltics is complete madness. Are we really about to fight NATO? How many people live in NATO? About 600 million, correct? There are 146 million in Russia. Yes, we’re the biggest nuclear power. But do you really think that we’re about to conquer the Baltics using nuclear weapons? What is this madness? That’s the first point, but by no means the main point.

    “The main point is something completely different. We have a very rich political experience, which consists of our being deeply convinced that you cannot do anything against the will of the people. Nothing against the will of the people can be done. And some of our partners don’t appear to understand this. When they remember Crimea, they try not to notice that the will of the people living in Crimea—where 70 percent of them are ethnic Russians and the rest speak Russian as if it’s their native language—was to join Russia. Those in the West simply try not to see this.”

  92. Hello.

    I think you made a mistake,to think zionism are a jewisch idea.
    Real jews rejects the zionist idea of israel.
    We talking about fake jews,who called themself the jews,but the arent.

    Next point about the “jewisch”oilgarch.
    Putin only say to them,keep your bussines,and mind own bussines,and not mine bussines (politics)
    So 2 oilgarch are be attack by Putin.
    1 flee to brittian.
    Other 1 put in jail for taxfraud.

    And christian(s) have all same goal.
    The endtimes of there bible.
    Thats israel and the return of the messiah.
    Just what zionist are doing today.

    Its written in the bible,that israel will be rebuild.
    But this are not the gods choisen people,who rebuilt it,but a fraud.
    See kazharian socalljews.
    All white jews.

    Its the occult,what wants to rebuild israel in his own image as in that time.
    Maybe its there karma to reveal it,what was written in new testament.

    1. ADMIN.: Just a question… aren’t there some standards (esp. for site like LD) for acceptance of comments?
      Such requirements as …
      • that they make sense in the most direct meaning of the term, i.e., that they are intelligible
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      If so, but such requirements may me mitigated by a desire to avoid rejecting any comment that is not offensive, then perhaps ADMIN should edit them or advise the poster to seek assistance in translating them into English before posting.

      1. Good question, Ariadna! Maybe it’s time you checked out our Comment Policy Statement, especially #4.

        We don’t discriminate against dyslexics, poor spellers, and foreigners struggling to learn the intricacies of the English language. You insist on correct syntax, orthography, and perfect intelligibility at all times? Good heavens, that would exclude roughly 90% of our posters! 🙂

      2. Ariadns-

        First it was my lists… now this person’s attempt at a second language… Whew..!!

        Here…. understand Bro Nat… without the need for the lurking ‘spell-chick’.. 🙂

        Trump won because he knows how Heimy-Town works…

        “Bibi asked me to do a commercial for him..”

        Trump’s Deck Of Jewish Cards

      3. Ok Admin, in that case please know that:
        — asedtr kdifhfrf loog shduehxytvbs
        — fughytrest ubnubnit kimilitr fecks
        and furthermore,
        pooplitonster jyxbuck lubduberst