Is the World on the Brink of Nuclear War?


Edited by Lasha Darkmoon

Or is it all just ‘fear porn’?


“The encirclement of China and Russia by the US is the most insane action in the history of mankind if only for this reason: it is insane because of the high risk of technical errors and the psychological instability of our leaders.”
Flan O’Brien

This is an edited version of a recent comment on the Darkmoon site,
with some additions to the text  in the interests of clarification.

Various commentators have suggested that “Any nuclear war is unthinkable. It would destroy the participants, and would also damage bystanders. ”

Nuclear war may be unthinkable for rational people but that does not mean it will not occur. The idea that nuclear war is unthinkable rests on a glib assumption that cannot be granted: that human beings are rational and responsible creatures at all times—model citizens, in fact, who would do nothing nothing to endanger the survival of their own countries and the continued existence of the planet.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In times of extreme tension, political leaders, pushed to the wall and ready to contemplate suicide—like Hitler and his entourage in their Berlin bunker—would be more than willing to take the whole world down with them. If you’re going to die anyway, why not enjoy the satisfaction of destroying your hated enemy too, even if it means the total destruction of the planet?

Mad scientists like Dr Strangelove are not figments of the horror fiction imagination; they actually exist. Mentally deranged leaders with a burning hatred of the Enemy would have no compunction in destroying the entire world if they were driven to desperation and had nothing to lose.

People who claim that nuclear war is “unthinkable” need to think again. Haven’t they heard of the Samson Option? Here is what Israeli Professor Martin Van Creveld said a few years ago. Van Creveld can be seen as a kind of  Jewish Dr Strangelove:

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that will happen before Israel goes under.” 

You see, my friends, this is known as the “bunker mentality.” So please don’t talk about nuclear war being “unthinkable.” It’s not unthinkable if only for this reason: we’re thinking and discussing it right now!


  —  §  —

Here are my arguments for the feasibililty and high probability of nuclear war at some time in the foreseeable future. Dismissing these valid concerns as “fear porn” simply indicates an ostrich mentality. It’s no more than wishful thinking. You’ll know if it’s “fear porn” when you see the lights go out and the mushroom clouds on the horizon!


We can destroy America in half an hour.
— Vladimir Putin 

Mistakes and technical failures

Such mistakes have occurred multiple times. The world is indeed in constant danger. If you doubt it, check out True Story: The Man Who Saved the World.

Nowadays, missiles with millimetre precision and hyper-sonic speed mean that for most counties the only viable defence is a preemptive strike. Meaning, get in the first blow. Technically competent countries such as Russia may devise dead-hand mechanisms. In the case of Russia this is a communications centre which I believe is two miles underground.

Given indications that the nuclear destruction of Russia is about to take place by the US and Nato, Russia will launch rockets to Russia’s borders that communicate with hidden mobile nuclear weapons. These will then destroy Russia’s enemies abroad. We are not talking about the destruction of the entire world here, which is an entirely different scenario involving resignation to the idea of mass suicide.

Mass suicide is the last resort. That’s when Dr Strangelove puts his finger on the nuclear button.

2. Insane Policies

At present,  the US has elaborated first use policies and small tactical nukes that it believes will not trigger full scale nuclear war. But they could. If you strike at an enemy, the enemy will strike back if it can. So don’t meddle with Russia. Russia has strike-back capabilities.

3. Stupid and mentally defective ageing leaders

Idiotic, narcissistic and ageing leaders with fingers on the nuclear button spring to mind, especially female leaders with excessive testosterone. A perfect example would be Hillary Clinton. Having little to lose because of sickness and age, going down in history as a more macho than macho woman may be appealing to Killary and her numerous psychological clones. Fortunately, Killary is now out of the running for the presidency, and we can breathe a collective sigh of relief that world destruction at the hands of this lunatic and her kind has been put on the back burner — for the time being.

4. Religiously insane leaders with a bunker mentality

Take your pick. They are all around us.  Such leaders may have purchased, from North Korea or the former Soviet Union, the wherewithal to cause havoc and wreak destruction on the world.

Would selectively targeted populations for nuclear attack  entail the death and injury of many unintended victims? Of course. Widespread collateral damage is inevitable. Witness Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Nuclear armaments are sufficient to destroy the whole Earth several thousand times over. There will be no bystanders. One US Minuteman, of which there are 500 on a hair trigger, each have the destructive force of 60 per cent of all bombs dropped during World War II. Nuclear winter will kill off the rest of life on Earth — all except cockroaches.

In summary, the encirclement of China and Russia by the US is the most insane action in the history of mankind if only for this reason: it is insane because of the high risk of technical errors and the psychological instability of our leaders.

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  1. I have added a few bits and pieces to the text of Flan Obrien’s original comment in the interests of clarification. I hope he doesn’t mind. This is common practice on this site, given that most comments are written in haste and need to be edited before publication.

    1. The U.S. Armed Forces are down to lowest readiness and capability of a century. The military budget has been continually shrinking and the money lost due to corruption, sloth, and criminality is staggering.

      Military waste is reaching historic levels. The budget you see is not the budget that is actually spent. I spent several years working for the Federal Government as a private contractor. The sheer volume of waste, fraud, and misuse of resources is stupefying. It has to be seen to be believed.

      Obama, the Marxist revolutionary posing as an American President, has caused enormous damage to the military, which he and his fellow travelers loath. Today’s “Pansy Military” has met all the politically correct, diverse, inclusive, gender neutral, affirmative action targets. Results, the high ranking non-commissioned officers, who actually run things and direct the personnel, are leaving. The real issue in today’s 1984 world in the military is sexual harassment of STRAIGHT MEN AND WOMEN. Obama has cleared out warriors and installed ideologues and PC wigs in the highest positions.

      The military is forced to cannibalize working equipment to maintain a bare minimum
      ‘Wiped Out’: Air Force losing pilots and planes to cuts, scrounging for spare parts”

      From this article: Fox News visited two U.S. Air Force bases – including South Dakota’s Ellsworth Air Force Base located 35 miles from Mount Rushmore, where Pfrommer is stationed – to see the resource problems first-hand, following an investigation into the state of U.S. Marine Corps aviation last month.

      Many of the Airmen reported feeing “burnt out” and “exhausted” due to the current pace of operations, and limited resources to support them. During the visit to Ellsworth earlier this week, Fox News was told only about half of the 28th Bomb Wing’s fleet of bombers can fly.

      “We have only 20 aircraft assigned on station currently. Out of those 20 only nine are flyable,” Pfrommer said.

      “The [B-1] I worked on 20 years ago had 1,000 flight hours on it. Now we’re looking at some of the airplanes out here that are pushing over 10,000 flight hours,” he said.

      “In 10 years, we cut our flying program in half,” said Capt. Elizabeth Jarding, a B-1 pilot at Ellsworth who returned home in January following a six-month deployment to the Middle East for the anti-ISIS campaign.

      On an overcast day in the middle of May with temperatures hovering in the low 50’s, two B-1 bombers were supposed launch at 9:00 a.m. local time to fly nearly 1,000 miles south to White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico for a live-fire exercise.

      On this day, though, only one of the two B-1s that taxied to the runway was able to take off and make the training mission on time. The other sat near the runway for two hours. It eventually took off but was unable to participate in the live-fire exercise and diverted to a different mission, its crew missing out on valuable training at White Sands.

      A spare aircraft also was unable to get airborne.”

      Rather a sobering assessment, isn’t it? The USSA “encircling” China is laughable. Maintaining a large mechanized force halfway around the World is the same problem that Napoleon and Hitler experienced deep into the Soviet Union. Outstrip your supply lines and you will be fighting with your bare hands.

      And finally, did you know that Obama mandated the Navy use fuel from “renewable” plant sources? What a fantastic idea. It only costs 5 times more than fossil fuel, e.g. Navy Special, diesel, jet fuel.

      One should be very careful in taking opinions from those whose expertise and depth of knowledge of military affairs is unproven, undemonstrated, and who make glib, sweeping statements. So this guy, Pilger-he looks like an aging surfer- made documentaries of what? starving chillens in Afreaka, Panda Bears???? This article was suspect for me right from the gate. There is a lot more, such as dwindling numbers of submarines, and the general LOW QUALITY of military personnel overall. Who wants to be in such a clown act?

      Finally, “Since “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was repealed, male-on-male rape has become epidemic in the U.S. Military.
      POSTED: September 19, 2014

      In late 2010, Congress used a lame-duck session — after the November elections — to overturn “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, the de facto ban on open homosexual behavior in the US military. Even prominent Republicans caved in. US Senator Scott Brown not only voted for it but bragged about voting for it in his television commercials when he ran for re-election. In 2012, while running for president, Mitt Romney told reporters that the repeal was working fine and he would not attempt to reverse it. MassResistance and others, however, had predicted that it would lead to terrible consequences.”

      “According to the Daily Mail, a prominent newspaper in the UK, male on male rape in the United States military is reaching epidemic proportions.

      Absorb this tragic excerpt:

      When a man enters the military he is ten times likelier to be sexually abused, and in 2012 alone there were an estimated 14,200 reports of male rape.

      Read that again. A man who enlists in the United States military is ten times more likely to be on the receiving end of sexual abuse than if he remains in the civilian population. The risk of being raped jumps a staggering 1,000 percent.

      Our military has become a playground for sexual predators, a veritable smorgasbord of victims for homosexuals on the prowl.

      This week Bryan Fischer has written a devastating article revealing what the politicians in both parties are now afraid to talk about.

      Heard about the Electro-magnetic Pulse?

      “Abstract: An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) over the United States could end modern life in America overnight. Whether caused by an enemy attack (a nuclear device detonated above the atmosphere) or by a natural phenomenon (a geomagnetic storm), an EMP can cause entire regions of the country to lose electricity—permanently. Despite the EMP Commission’s recommendations in 2004 and 2008, hardly any progress has been made in protecting the country from an EMP attack and its catastrophic results. The U.S. must prepare to deal with an EMP—now.

      While the ability of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to inflict catastrophic damage on U.S. infrastructure has been a known fact for decades, insufficient efforts have been taken to mitigate the threat. A survey of congressional, federal, state, local, and international measures to deal with the threat reveals more complacency than action.”

      ONE, just one, thermonuclear device detonated over the center of the United States could take out the entire power grid of North America, immobilized your car, destroy all computer system, and all solid state devices. This would mean permanent darkness, and mass starvation in the TENS of MILLIONS. I’m sure you’ve read of Iran-helped by Obama-continually ramping up its missiles; same for North Korea.

      Do you really think that China does not have a retaliatory Doomsday weapon to be used? This missile can be fired FROM A SHIP OFF THE COAST OF THE JEWNITED STAKES. We have no missile defense system.

      An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack on the United States, whether manmade or naturally occurring, could result in the deaths of nine out of ten Americans through starvation, disease and the collapse of modern society, warned Dr. Vincent Peter Pry, a member of the congressional EMP Commission and executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security.

      “A natural EMP catastrophe or nuclear EMP attack could blackout the national electric grid for months or years and collapse all the other critical infrastructures — communications, transportation, banking and finance, food and water — necessary to sustain modern society and the lives of 310 million Americans,” Pry this week told the House Committee on Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies.””

      And that Dear LDers, is why there will be NO nuclear war, or any large scale war.

      1. @ Poupon

        And that Dear LDers, is why there will be NO nuclear war, or any large scale war.

        You make some interesting points, but do you have to be so damn longwinded?

        I’m afraid there’s nothing you say here that can in any way dent the validity of Flan O’Briens cogent arguments. What he says in plain and lucid language, reinforcing his arguments with a telling quote from Israel’s “Dr Strangelove”, Martin Van Creveld, is totally convincing.

        Those who keep prattling on about “fear porn” don’t have a leg to stand on. Don’t you think Hitler in his bunker, ready to commit suicide with his entire entourage, would have had no hesitation in using nuclear weapons against America and Britain if nuclear weapons had been in existence at that time?

        What did Hitler have to lose if he’d nuked the rest of the world when he was already reconciled to suicide?

        O’Brien’s arguments are incontrovertible and only an imbecile would keep on whining about “fear porn”.

      2. I would like to add, for those who read my extensive comment above, that I do NOT disagree with Mr. O’Brien at all. His thesis is that downright stupidity and mental derangement of certain political national leaders might result in an exchange of ICBMs. Reference North Korea, Iran, for example. Just remember the derisive mockery of National Democrats over R. Reagan’s promotion of missile defense, called Star Wars by the filthy Jewess, Barbara Boxer: “Trying to hit a bullet with a bullet”. If only I could shrink her to rodent size and let my cats have at her……Oh, well.

        But a deliberate war, started by rational people who hope to “take out” the opposition, and have minimal consequences, is very unlikely.

      3. “[…] And that Dear LDers, is why there will be NO nuclear war, or any large scale war.”

        Nonsense. The only thing that your irrelevant, long-winded comment shows is that you have no understanding of the nature of evil.

    2. UPDATE

      Please scroll up and watch the new 4-minute video on the Samson Option that the Editor has just added to the article.

      1. Mr. O’Brien, your article contains useful facts and opinions, and is certainly stimulating for the average reader who takes the time from making a living or puts some effort into trying to see through the curtains of deceit of todays public conduits of “information” (disinformation, misinformation). There are some parts that I feel are necessary of further comment. Some background:

        MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, was a doctrine and practice during the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States. This “balance of terror” was designed to prevent pre-emptive, “first strikes”. During this period, the US President had a DIRECT AND INSTANT communication line to the Soviet President.

        Nuclear weapons and their efficacy are not subject to geographic locations. They haven’t been for some time. They are called ICBMs for a reason, i.e. Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Their longest horizontal distance covered is in the upper atmosphere, where air resistance and gravity effect are the least. In addition, these weapons were further enhanced by the addition of MIRV(Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles) technology and innovation. Essentially the one ballistic missile “bus” transports the “payload” to a sub-orbital trajectory path, where over the target 3 to 12 smaller ballistic missiles are released from the nose cone. They become in effect “smart bombs”, able to self direct to individual targets. See
        Submarines contain MIRV ICBMs, from 12 to 16 missiles per vessel. Their range is over 7,000 kilometers. Each country has a maximum of 12 miles of territorial water. Beyond that, open water is considered international. It takes almost no imagination to conceive that an innocuous “merchant” vessel off the coast could suddenly launch hyper-sonic arrays of MIRVs directly at coastal cities. There is no defense against this. Washington, AC/DC, is a big fat cow sitting as a target at a shooting gallery.

        So, with the foregoing considered, certain conclusions and assertions can be made.
        First, the so-called “encirclement” of China by “hundreds of US bases” as a strategic consideration of any importance IN A NUCLEAR CONTEXT, STATEGY OR TACTIC IS NULL, VOID, NILL at least for the reasons I have outlined above. This is a ZERO CORRELATION with nuclear advantage for anybody.
        Second, as I already mentioned in a previous post, these so called “military bases” are misnamed. Many are nothing more than fuel depots, materiel depots, camps, support facilities. In other words, non-combatant in every sense. You might be excused for thinking, “Gee, Poup, how would you know that?” Because I have been to many of them, that’s why and how. A good chunk of my career was spent on Navy privately contracted ships under charter. Cargo varied from military vehicles, missile parts, fuel, food, ammunition, and other items. Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Spain, Azores, Diego Garcia, and all of the Middle East. ONLY AN EXTREME MINORITY OF THESE BASES ARE RELATED TO DIRECT COMBAT.
        Third, the Navy not only wastes money (over budget 200-300 percent, and over 200 percent overtime is common and the norm). Plus, just to add injury to these insults, they build junk in combat ships today that blow up and fail within a year or two. Google Littoral Combat Ships and follow the links. A aircraft carrier being built in Newport News has had major equipment casualties while in the construction phase, e.g., Main Propulsion Steam Turbines BLEW UP during testing. The project is months behind schedule and tens-if not hundreds-of million dollars over “budget”, aka “budge it”.

        Fourth, this “encirclement” is not a strategic advantage or leverage in a conventional warfare sense at all. To think so is to ignore certain ineluctable, irreducible variables. The US Armed Forces are in a dilapidated state, as per the wishes and plans of Obama and his Jewish Masters. Amurka is to be absorbed into the International Superstate aka the United Nations. This is the long term/short term
        plan, depending on your time frame. I gave several examples and a survey explanation. The problems are worse when you drill into specifics. I mean across the board. These “bases”, halfway around the world of a country that is totally bankrupt and on the verge of financial and economic collapse are nothing more than bowling pins for the Chinese military. Unlike the stupid Americans, the Chinese people are rabidly patriotic and ready to fight for and defend the Motherland, their ancestral home. If conventional hostilities break out, the Chinese will be completely supported by Russia, which will be bitter payback for lapdog and cockroach Obama, the Emissary of Satan and his Executive Team, the Jews. And finally, the total humiliation will come when all the ASIAN countries see and side with the winner, hands down: “Sorry Amurka, you f**ked up and we are not going down with you; we are going with our neighbor and culture cousins”.
        Final word on this “encirclement”. From my perspective, because it makes no strategic, tactical, conventional, or nuclear sense, it must have been implemented by subversive, anti-American, treasonous elements with this Administration. We already know they are many and are mere appendages and dumb terminals directed by Internationalist Jews. (If anybody disputes this last sentence, come forth with a refutation, counter evidence, substantive testimony, or hold silent). The goal, therefore of this strategy is nothing short of total humiliation and widespread destruction of Amurka military assets.

  2. Nuclear War or ‘Fear Porn’?

    I choose fear porn.

    The pictures of both of the Japanese explosions were edited – cropped – and pieced together many decades ago to promote fear….. to increase military spending. In the same pics the plumes are different colors and are not continuous at all…. and are offset. The editors were really bad at cropping, photo-shopping, back then. BUT… they didn’t have Microsoft Office and Power-Point Editing programs like I do. They just had a couple of Kodak Brownie box cameras and scissors..!! 🙂

    1. @ Pat

      Nuclear War or ‘Fear Porn’?

      I choose fear porn.

      You would! You don’t even believe in nuclear weapons. So what’s new? 🙂

      1. Sard –

        “What’s new?”

        Glad you asked. 🙂 Here’s what’s new… TODAY:

        The Europeans and Russians hooked in series – collaborating – cannot even fake a Mars Mission ‘sniffer’… HA!!!

        And they would be ahead of China… Russia being the first-order in space-tech folks… 🙂


        LUCERNE, Switzerland, Dec 2:

        European space agency (ESA) member states have
        approved another 450 million euros ($479 million) in
        funding for the ExoMars mission to the Red Planet, even
        after a test lander that was part of the programme crashed
        in October, ESA said on Friday.

        The European-Russian ExoMars programme sent a gas-sniffing
        orbiter and the test lander to Mars this year to search for
        signs of past or present life on the Red Planet and to lay the
        groundwork for a rover that is due to follow in 2020.

        The Schiaparelli lander crashed after a sensor failure
        caused it to cast away its parachute and turn off braking
        thrusters more than two miles (3.7 km) above the surface of the
        planet, as though it had already landed.

        ESA Director General Jan Woerner said ESA scientists needed
        to work hard now to meet the schedule for the Mars rover,
        especially as a delay to the mission beyond 2020 was not an
        option. “It’s not an easy thing, but we are confident we will
        succeed,” Woerner said.

        Oooops….!!! But more debt coming anyway..!! 🙂

      2. Pat,

        All this carping and quibbling over piddling issues serves no purpose. We all know that Russia has nukes. The weaker Russia is, the more likely it is to use its nukes if pushed to the wall and cornered like a helpless animal. Vlamimir ain’t gonna let himself be destroyed by bullyboy Uncle Sam and loudmouth Nato. No siree, if driven into a corner, it’s gonna be WHAM BAM! THANK YOU UNCLE SAM! 🙂

        No questions asked. Body bags and coffins offered at bargain basement prices by China.

        The Brits are already rattling their sabres against Putin. Ooooh, scary! They’ve just send 200 troops to Estonia or some other godforsaken Baltic country to “protect Europe” from Evil Vlad. Yeah, I’m sure Vlad and his armies are trembling in their boots with the arrival of 200 gum chewin’ limeys in camouflage jackets! 🙂

        Vlad’s already said he can destroy America in half an hour. Don’t let him read your anti-Putin comments or he’s gonna get real mad and exact vengeance on America.

        And YOU’LL be responsible for provoking him! 🙂

      3. Sard –

        Let ’em fly…!! They’re all hollow and made of wood..!! 🙂

        Russia Has Wooden Missiles:

        Ralph Epperson has shattered the myth that our government has told us indicating that the “great bear” (Russia) has enormous amounts of missiles pointed at the United States.

        He documents that the great majority of missiles are really just wooden frames built and photographed to be shown to the American people to create fear.

      4. The jews could NUKE every city in America and Pat will still be insisting there’s no such thing as NUKES. I bet Netanyahu just LERVS Patsy.

    2. @TROJ

      >> The jews could NUKE every city in America and Pat will still be insisting there’s no such thing as NUKES. I bet Netanyahu just LERVS Patsy.

      By no means I would deny that Pat can beat the mule to it by a wide margin when it comes to stubbornness. However, Jews could not NUKE even one city in America – or anywhere else in the world for that matter – for the simple reason that Jews do not have nukes, never had, and never will: the humanity cannot allow that to happen for obvious reasons.

      Jews are raised like a cattle to serve a different purpose.

      1. Uh, hey, the character in the book by Cervantes was Don Quixote. The man from La Mancha. That’s not “mangia”, which is an Italian word meaning “eat”.

        Your avatar is a used car dealer in Compton, California who made the local news after he was attacked and beaten by a group of racist Blacks. It was later determined that he was an illegal from Guanomata, and was functionally illiterate.

        Just thought you might want to know. Nothing is real, anyway, so why try hard?

      2. Don Quixote –

        Haha, the end part of that video is happening today, too! I read (maybe on, or Drudge) about the grand extent to which some are building bunkers, preparing for apocalypse. Besides not relishing the prospect of living like a damn groundhog, I’m glad I’m not suffering from paranoia about mushroom clouds! 🙂
        Some poor sucker nearby where I reside has bought the side of a mountain with proceeds from the sale of his software business located in Charlotte, and is building an elaborate in-ground bunker. He’s certain the End is Near. Bunker-builders are doing quite well! The less well-heeled paranoiacs are burying sea containers.

    3. Perhaps some who read my comment above might think I over-ladened the Jewish causality or influence. I challenge anyone to provide me counter or vice evidence or contrary view. Here’s a card for those who like to poo-poo Jewish influence. For those who have 4 cards to a flush or straight: Can you dig it?

      1. you’ll never catch me at it, Poup, no matter how badly i think of them, what evils i ascribe to them, the reality has always turned out even worse.

        And for this reason, i keep them in the crosshairs, never straying to other entities, no much how much jew tries to draw attention to them because i know his devious ways – shabbo traitors aplenty, yes, dime a dozen but hardly even worth my time.
        Moreover, whoever i determine is a valid target of jew hatred and hostility, be it open or submerged, this is automatically included into potential alliance against jew.

        For this reason, you will never hear me utter contempt for Nation of Islam, Elijah Mohammad, Malcolm x, louis farrakhan and figures that have caused jew grief, eg, the publication of “secret relationship Between jews and blacks”.
        More american street blacks are aware of these undercurrents than the tv-befuddled whites are, much more, not riven by plastic guilt and over-educated in the theory of jew materialistic nihilism.

        what really burns me up is seeing those who profess jew-wisdom unfailingly attack every single jew enemy that jew has blackened and marked for internecine destruction.
        I suggest to such loose cannon “jew-fighters” to stay home because they cause more collateral damage then it is worth (as in “i hate jews and will fight to secure their objectives till my dying breath!“)

      2. Lobro,

        “For this reason, you will never hear me utter contempt for Nation of Islam, Elijah Mohammad, Malcolm x, louis farrakhan and figures that have caused jew grief, eg, the publication of “secret relationship Between jews and blacks”.
        More american street blacks are aware of these undercurrents than the tv-befuddled whites are, much more, not riven by plastic guilt and over-educated in the theory of jew materialistic nihilism.”

        “what really burns me up is seeing those who profess jew-wisdom unfailingly attack every single jew enemy that jew has blackened and marked for internecine destruction.”

        You mean like those blacks who violently attack, rob, rape and kill tens of thousands of whites every year out of shear hatred, as (((liberals))) de facto tought them to do?

        “I suggest to such loose cannon “jew-fighters” to stay home because they cause more collateral damage then it is worth (as in “i hate jews and will fight to secure their objectives till my dying breath!“)”

        Like the likes of those of Nation of Islam and those street blacks who despite their awareness violently attack, rob, rape and kill tens of thousands of Jew’s Nr 1 enemy every year?

        Mmm, I think I’ll stick with contempt 🙂

      3. @ 1138

        It’s a grey area, 1138. You are both correct, you and Lobro, even though you are seeing this subject from different angles.

        For Lobro, the important question is: are the Blacks a potential ally in our struggle against the Jews? Many Blacks have wised up to the Jews, like the Jews Lobro names. They are aware that the Slave trade that trapped their African ancestors into a life of bondage was the handiwork of the demonic Jew. They also know that the sex and drugs that are used to brutalize them come from their Master the Jew. Most interracial porn sites that teach black men to lust after white women and rape them are porn sites set up by Jews.

        What Lobro is saying is: if only all Blacks could wake up! They would then realize that the Jew, far from being their friend, is their deadliest enemy.

        On the other hand, you are also right. There are an enormous number of black-on-white rapes in America. There is a race war looming between blacks and whites. But who is stirring the shit? Who is fomenting these race wars in a divide-and-rule policy? You know the answer: the Jew.

        The Jew is the common enemy of mankind. Never forget that.

      4. Sardonicus,

        Of course I know that. But realistically we’re on our own. Everybody is fighting for their own sake, not for someone else’s, as it should be. No black is going to march for whites’ benefit. Why should he? But only whites with are marching for blacks’ benefit or in his delusional mind noble causes like saving millions of African babies dying from starvation or diseases – future haters of us.

        Allow me to elaborate;

        Blacks are for blacks, not for whites or anyone else, muslims are for muslims and not for christians or anyone else. Whites must be active for white interests only, not for anyone else’s. Leopards are not created by divinity to benefit lions’ interest and polar bears don’t care for grizzly’s welfare. All the ethnic/cultural/racial problems in this world are caused by living in the lie of equality and by displacing peoples from there natural environment, as provided by the creation.

        It is not our job to look after others, only to care for our own and better ourselves according creation’s law. And then as part of creation, not as some sort of by a personal God appointed master over it.

        This is why I am not a SJW, Communist, Capitalist, Liberal, Muslim or Christian, which all share the same man centred values, and hence are probably all jewish inventions for goy consumption. The only thing that opposes these values is National Socialism. This is my opinion.

      5. 1138, i did say the following:

        “what really burns me up is seeing those who profess jew-wisdom unfailingly attack every single jew enemy that jew has blackened and marked for internecine destruction.”

        you chose to (ahem) interpret it, as follows:

        You mean like those blacks who violently attack, rob, rape and kill tens of thousands of whites every year out of shear hatred, as (((liberals))) de facto tought them to do?

        Short answer: “NO”, i did not say it and i did not mean it, in fact, your charge contains a self-contradiction, ie, if I said, “do not attack those whom jew considers an enemy”, you then imply that i meant those blacks who under jew’s mind programming attack, rape and kill whites – do you see the contradiction?

        Blacks (blinged up N1gger dope dealers and pimps) who attack and kill whites on jew’s orders are not considered enemy by jew,

        Whites (USA-NATO) who attack and kill Muslims on jew’s orders are not considered enemy by jew and

        Muslims (ISIS-AQ) who attack and kill whites on jew’s orders are not considered enemy by jew.

        All of the above jew considers useful retards and they as such are not included in my quoted exhortation.
        zio-christians are not considered enemy by the jew either nor am i extending the protection umbrella to them either.
        Simple, 1138, very, very simple – provided that you can discern who the jew considers an enemy and who is an auxiliary to Talmud Project – this skill is crucial.
        what is not clear about the above?

        1138, let’s deal with all the untruths in that line, you be your own judge as to how they came about.
        total number of homicides in the USA in 2015 (CDC report): 15,809.
        So, “tens of thousands” sounds a bit, shall we say, hysterical 1138, would you agree.
        Let’s parse that 15,809 number further.
        Consider the following racial murder stats:

        From 1980 through 2008, 84 percent of white victims were killed by whites and 93 percent of black victims were killed by blacks

        % of blacks % of whites
        by blacks by whites
        2009 91 84
        2010 90 83
        2011 91 83
        2012 91 84
        2013 90 83
        still trying to run the fine-tooth comb on that “15,809” … basically, we want a 2×2 table, say victim’s race in row, shooter’s race in columns.
        in 2005, about 8,000 blacks died violently, as per Bureau of Justice Statistics
        Because i am not paid to produce a definitive paper here, i will assume that the murder rate in 2005 was the same as in 2015, which would mean that out of 15,800 total dead, roughly half were black and half white.
        Then, this means that 7,200 blacks were killed by other blacks (90%) and 6,700 whites by other whites.
        This leaves (again, the best approximation if we leave out other races as insignificant) 800 blacks killed by whites and 1,300 whites by blacks.
        Here is that 2×2 table, victims, row-wise, killers column-wise
        b w
        b 7,200 1,300
        w 800 6,700
        But, to reiterate, this has nothing whatsoever to do with my thesis.
        This has nothing at all to do with the Nation of Islam, tightly disciplined paramilitary, quasi-religious movement under central leadership or a Methodist preacher, Rev Farrakhan.
        Note that Farrakhan gave a ringing endorsement to Trump in the election.

        This is what he said about Gaddafi (before his murder, while still believing that brother Obama would do the right thing), his warning that unfortunately went unheeded:

        “Well, today our dear brother (Obama) has to be very, very careful in this decision that he and his Secretary of State, and [French President Nicolas] Sarkozy and [British] Prime Minister [David] Cameron and others are planning. They would love to go into Libya and kill Brother Gadhafi, and kill his children as they did with Saddam Hussein and his sons, Qusay and Uday. You must remember, dear people of America, that whenever government wants you to think and act in a certain way that would bring justification to an action that they are already planning to make, they must make the person that they hate a ‘boogey man,’ “

        And … his condemnation of Obama.

        he ain’t my enemy, whatever you say.

      6. Lobro,

        Tens of thousands of white victims of violent attacks, robbery, rape and murder by blacks in the US doesn’t sound hysterical to me, but very realistic.

        I never said he’s your enemy, only you can determine that. But I am saying he’s mine. And he considers me his.

      7. well, 1138, let’s all define our enemies.
        some here loathe blacks, some cannot abide by muslims, others see russians or chinese or germans as devil incarnate, nothing but contempt for pakis (includes indians back in canada, they can’t be bothered, all are muds).
        Some are adamant in condemnation of national Socialists, Catholics or all Christians, or atheists.

        and all of them have just as much right to stick with their convictions as you do.

        So who or what is left?
        15 million jews and hundreds of millions of ONE MAN ARMIES all out to fight one another.
        Guess who wins the war.

        This is why i don’t hold out much hope.

        And as for tens of thousands, i include that 2×2 again
        ——— victims
        ——— black white
        black 7,200 1,300
        white 800 6,700
        Truth should take precedence over ideology and personal animus, no?

      8. Moreover, just to put things in perspective, for each homicide, there are 3 suicides, 42,773 (as per CDC stats) at the last count.
        So let’s leave freaking out to the feeble minded and take proper and proportional stock of the situation.

        I say that the inter white-black fog of fear, loathing, contempt and hate is manufactured, as are so many other division lines.
        By whom (talmud coauthor hillel: “if not me, then whom?”)

        And I say that that enormous suicide toll can be laid at his door too, the everyday stresses and miseries piling up, piling up, the bleakness and hopelessness, exacerbated and exaggerated in the twisted mirror of celebrity worship, dances with stars, survivors … and those who fail, the non-survivors … and him laughing at us in our ignorant confusion and generationally bred-down stupidity.
        Well, you can each go your way, he’s not going to get me in his wiles, no way – my aim is steady.

        (choosing the utter lowlifes and decking them out in jewlery and luxury is intentional too, one asks oneself, “why not me, i am so much smarter and a better person, yet i am an utter failure” – yep, you are a failure, why not kill yourself – whispers Satan)

    4. So according to you, there are no such things as nuclear weapons? LOL! Is the theory wrong – the physics? Thus there are also no such things as nuclear power plants? Or is it theoretically possible to build nuclear weapons but people simply refuse to do it? Please explain.

      1. Harold> You just don’t understand. The deployment, research, construction of nuclear weapons, involving millions of people was all a hoax, and they were in on it. To date, over a half century later, NOT ONE of the co-conspirators of silence has revealed that is was a con. That’s because they were all Pharisee-Jews, Italian Mafiosi, Mormons, and Mennonite/Amish.

      2. Harold –

        Nuclear Power plants – Yes.
        Nuclear Exploding weapons – No.

        Explosions at nuclear reactor sites are very powerful steam excursions.

        Once you fully understand all the parameters of ‘nuclear buckling’ and design theories… it will be completely obvious to you why I wrote that.

        Geometrical and Material Buckling
        In reactor physics, the concept of buckling is used to describe the relationship between requirements on fissile material inside a reactor core and dimensions and shape of that core. In general, criticality is achieved when the rate of neutron production is equal to the rate of neutron losses, including both neutron absorption and neutron leakage.

      3. You still haven’t answered my simple question. According to you, nuclear weapons are a theoretical impossibility? Is that your position? Or is it your position that they are theoretically possible, but for some inexplicable reason no one has ever built any?

  3. Hi Flan,
    I wrote “unthinkable” as meaning it should not even be thought of. as “out of the question”. I am English and I think that is the normal meaning in England. It is a matter of slightly different usage of words.

    I agree with you. There are some people who should not be allowed anywhere near the button. The most dangerous? those in Israel. During some future conflict the Palestinians may succeed in taking back their homeland, and then what? There is a faction in Israel with a Massada complex, and they could destroy civilisation.

    1. John,

      I’m glad to see you agree with Flan’s altogether reasonable viewpoint. You were obviously using the word “unthinkable” in a loose and figurative sense. As when a woman says, “Divorcing my husband is unthinkable!”

      It may be unthinkable, but it’s not unthinkable when it actually happens a year later.

    2. We spell “civilization” with a “z” not an “s”, but with a “z”.

      Improper spelling : civilisation

      Proper spelling : civilization

      1. @ TROJ

        No, you are wrong. Here you show your lack of education. “CiviliZation” (with a ‘z’) is the correct spelling in America, but it is not the correct spelling in England and several other countries that prefer English to American spelling. In these countries, the word is spelled “civiliSation” (with an ‘s’).

        BTW, Lasha does her best to use American spelling here because most of her readers are American and would mistakenly believe she was a bad speller if she used English spelling. And yet English spelling is what she was taught at school and uses in all her poems, which naturally makes many badly educated Americans think she cannot spell.

        Try and understand that even Canadian spelling differs from American spelling and often spells words the English way.


          American spelling avoids -ise endings in words like organize, realize and recognize.

          British spelling mostly uses -ise, while -ize is also used (organise/organize, realise/realize, recognise/recognize):the ratio between -ise and -ize stands at 3:2 in the British National Corpus. The spelling -ise is more commonly used in UK mass media and newspapers,including The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Economist. Meanwhile, -ize is used in some British-based academic publications, such as Nature, the Biochemical Journal and The Times Literary Supplement. The dominant British English usage of -ise is preferred by Cambridge University Press. The minority British English usage of -ize is known as Oxford spelling and is used in publications of the Oxford University Press, most notably the Oxford English Dictionary.

          In Canada, the -ize ending is standard,whereas in Ireland, India, Australia and New Zealand -ise spellings strongly prevail: the -ise form is preferred in Australian English at a ratio of about 3:1 according to the Macquarie Dictionary.

      2. Sister Monica rules! One difficulty of “Engrish” (Japanese pronunciation) is that it is written differently than it sounds. Not so Italian (my favorite language) and German, Spanish, etc. “Civilization” is written as it is spoken. I’m not saying the spelling in this example should be “civilizashun”.

        Words imported from other languages should retain their original pronunciation to the greatest extend practical. Hence “Jaguar”, a Spanish word is slightly mispronounced in the English hemisphere with an English “Jay”, but fidelity is maintained for the last syllable. British English, Jag-u-are, is totally offensive, reprehensible, and should be immediately banned!

  4. Sardonicus> Points well taken. My post was too long entirely. I will break it up in future. I saw that I needed to post a clarification contrasting (but not contradicting) Mr. O’Brien. You beat me too it, by minutes or seconds!


    1. Poupon, stick around! You are a valiant sausage! If only Ariadna were around to add pith and poignancy to our discussions. I miss that lady badly.

      1. Me too. LD’s letter was so heartfelt and beautiful. I think Sister Monica (what a sweetheart!) had some vital input there.

        I wish someone would send Ariandna a personal note. My hope is that she accepts LD’s invitation to write to her personally.

  5. @Sardonicus

    I am pleased to report that Sard is making some very potent and sharp comments recently. What happened to you, Sard? Has your soul went through some kind of spiritual transformation out there in the Orient?

    Anyhow, I hope you are doing OK there in Osaka, brother.

  6. if adriadna doesn’t come back to us I’m going to kill myself!!! I miss her so badly I can’t live without her pithy poignancy oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….it’s not worth living without adriana’s pity poignant comments!!!

  7. The United States always assumes that the bluff or the false-flag will always work, e.g. using a false-flag to puff up the bluffing. The problem for the United States (and the rest of us!) is that the United States is not informing its citizens that they’re now dealing with an opponent who will not back down. So much for the hopeful scenario.

    The logic of Flan does have one flaw — if everything is kabuki and, say, Trump and Putin are puppets, then a nuke will never be used in anger. Only in acting 😀 If your argument is based on Putin being free from the Jewish World Order then that’s where you have to look for evidence. I admit it is looking good, e.g. with Aleppo almost free, the SAA and Russians can start planning to get to Raqqa before the Zionist proxies.

    Check list…

    Syria to be partitioned? Looking less likely by the day.
    Russian Central Bank freed from Jewish control? Ever so slowly. So bloody slowly.
    s300s completely delivered to Iran? I assume this is now complete…haven’t checked in a while.

    1. Oy Gevalt! 😉

      Russia completed delivery of the S-300 air defense missile system to Iran last month, concluding an $800 million deal signed between the two states in 2007, state-run Russian press agency RIA Novosti reported. The S-300 mobile surface-to-air missile system can counter multiple aircraft at a range of 195 kilometers and ballistic missiles at a range of up to 50 kilometers.

      This is good news. It will be interesting to see if Obozo signs off on the extension of sanctions against Iran as demanded by Congress. I say go ahead and just watch Iran really become a threat to your Jew World Order.

    2. @ Flopot

      @Sard: The logic of Flan does have one flaw — if everything is kabuki and, say, Trump and Putin are puppets, then a nuke will never be used in anger. Only in acting ?

      Flopot: This is a damn good comment and I’m glad we have you around to illuminate us with your special brand of wisdom! But allow me to say that I think you set far too much store on this kabuki idea. You seem absolutely obsessed with the idea that it’s all a charade and that everyone is dancing around like marionettes as the Puppet Masters pull their strings.

      I’m afraid you have no evidence that that’s how the world works. Or rather, you have no evidence that everyone is playing a part in an elaborate game, or that they are even aware that their strings are being jerked. I’s not all false flag attacks. More than a million people died in Iraq as a result of the lies told by Bush and Blair. Millions more were maimed for life. And 6 million refugees have poured into Europe as a result of that illegal war.

      As the poet said, ‘Life is REAL, life is earnest!’

      It’s not all kabuki.

      1. “I’m afraid you have no evidence that that’s how the world works.”

        True. That is why I set those benchmarks for myself. I was being bombarded with “it is all kabuki” on a particular site and so I set down a challenge, for me and others. If Putin is a puppet then the following will happen: Syria will be partitioned; Iran will never get the s300s; and the Central Bank of Russia will remain under Jewish control.

        This has always been my stance. I might veer from despair (it is all kabuki) to hope (Yeh Putin!) but I’ve have always anchored my stance on those benchmarks. But thanks for the compliment anyway 😛

      2. And my veering from hope to despair and back again can thus be broken down into discreet outbursts (oxymoron?) 😀

        For example, with every ceasefire in Aleppo I’m enraged; with every offensive I’m elated.

        Every delay on the s300s to Iran was infuriating; the completion is a joy!

        The Russian Central Bank…don’t get me started.

      3. @Sard

        In my defence, I never claimed that the wars of aggression were faked. Whole societies have been overturned and destroyed in the Middle East and beyond; that is what they do. So you might be constructing a strawman argument there?

        The War on Terror is a propaganda term that hides the real War on Terra; this so-called war is based on the 9/11 false flag. The “all is kabuki” argument refers to global level events being created or at least managed to the advantage of the Jewish World Order. That is my understanding of the conspiracy. Only brainf**kers would suggest every single event is scripted; that there are no deaths etc…

        Thus the selection of a leader of a major country or global institution will be stage-managed, according to the theory. Any “global financial meltdown”, major war or other world event is probably planned.

      4. For example, the “man-made climate change” theory is probably global kabuki organized by the elites.

        Of course this doesn’t prove that ALL major events and campaigns are scripted; but it does suggest it happens on a regular basis.

      5. @Sard

        Of course, there is an arena in which it can be argued that everything we experience is scripted — I am thinking of the effects of cultural marxism on the world, and on the West in particular. You know who now have control of the means to bend and warp culture and society — they dominate media, academia, finance, politics and the security apparatus.

        I say “now” but it has been this way for at least 100 years. The Protocols do have a global vision, to put it euphemistically.

        Okay that is me finished — I was just trying to explain my understanding of the “kabuki” argument. Russia is currently deconstructing it, I’ll admit.

      6. @ Flopot

        @Sard : In my defence, I never claimed that the wars of aggression were faked. Whole societies have been overturned and destroyed in the Middle East and beyond; that is what they do. So you might be constructing a strawman argument there?

        Yes, you are right. It was a strawman argument. Your kabuki idea is a good one and I think I must have simplified and misinterpreted it. At any rate, I am the first to admit that your views are logically consistent.

      7. @Sard

        The real kabuki might be all the nonsense the elites are concocting to reverse the results of Brexit and the 2016 US Presidential election. The very fact that we’re witnessing the Shill Stein recount and a Xeno’s paradox of an infinite road to Brexit, should make even the most ardent kabuki-believers sit up and think…

        If the actual outcome was the planned outcome by making it look like the undesired outcome then why challenge that outcome? I will follow the advice of the Wise and wait and see.

        Perfect — I have spotted a Kabuki vs Not Kabuki related articles…

    3. incomplete:

      if everything is kabuki and, say, Trump and Putin are puppets, then a nuke will never be used in anger

      because it is also true that if NOT everything is kabuki and, say, NEITHER Trump NOR Putin are puppets, then a nuke will never be used (in anger or in joy, which is even worse)
      Do you see that?
      i think it is called exclusive OR, one or the other but not both.

      but as a faction here holds, there are no nukes, Russian missiles are made of wood and so are the bombers, fighters and gunships pounding ISIS in syria, also wooden missiles fired from caspian that obliterate hospitals and cause bbc and white helmets so much grief, those wooden splinters are nasty.
      And let me just add that there is no EMP, cos there is no elektrikecy, submarines powered by teams of stoned hamsters running inside their treadmills.

      fear porn, wooden missiles, oh what a woody!

  8. I can envisage Israel triggering a nuclear device as part of yet another false flag designed to manipulate mass opinion (recall this is the elites’ definition of democracy, lol). In fact I’m certain the psychopaths have been chomping at the bit to use one. Unless one was used in 9/11 😉

    In 1995 I wrote a book called FIGHTING TERRORISM, and I said that if we don’t arrest the tide of militant Islamic terrorism, then the next thing that will be is not a car bomb in the World Trade Center, but a nuclear bomb.

    Bibi, 2 days after 9/11.

    My original source…

  9. Pat> Let ’em fly…!! They’re all hollow and made of wood..!! ?

    Russia Has Wooden Missiles:

    Ralph Epperson has shattered the myth that our government has told us indicating that the “great bear” (Russia) has enormous amounts of missiles pointed at the United States.

    He documents that the great majority of missiles are really just wooden frames built and photographed to be shown to the American people to create fear.

    Has he now, Pat? I see a reference to a book, an obscure one, with no corroboration or acknowledgement, no review. That’s very scanty, isn’t it, Pat? What DO YOU think? True or False. Is this another one of those OMIGAWD teasers of yours that sizzle but have little steak? You forgot shout in caps: “PHARISEE JEWS”!!!

    Could they just POSSIBLY be DECOYS to shunt attention off the real ones? Oh. That. Want to bet your children on that statement?

    Pat, get out of that rut of being over desirous of getting the attention of the class, and put out some solid facts and research with detail and qualification. You can do much better than this, Old Sod.

    1. Poupon –

      Sometimes it is sufficient to trust the author. I was just now clearing out some piles of books and papers, and came upon a little tome by Eustace Mullins entitled “The Great Betrayal” (dealing with the so-called ‘Welfare Clause’ in our U.S. Constitution). No footnotes. No bibliography – but I TRUST the author. 🙂

      1. “Original Intent” is my belief that this document needs to be so interpreted. And what about the Magna Carta, aka The Rights of Englishmen? I saw any excellent drama on this creation, and what it meant and said. Today? I would say vanished without a trace.

        Ariandnatheo, PLEASE CALL, COLLECT.

      2. “Original intent” is obvious, but the skanks have corrupted that intent – which is the gist of Mullins’ presentation.

    2. Poup –

      The Magna Carta was a fraudulent, illegal document. It was signed under duress. Null and void. No statute of limitations on fraud.

      “Made him(John) an offer he couldn’t refuse”… “Godfather MCCXV”.. the 1215 version.. 🙂

  10. Ever since I started being suspicious about the existence of nuclear arms as popularly perceived, I have wondered WHERE is the evidence of ‘nuclear winter’ around Hiroshima and Nagasaki(?). What I DO know has been a legitimate fear among the military brass is the reality of EMP possibility, as described by Poupon Marx, above. I discovered this a few decades ago when bitching about the unavailability of lead paint. (Tin roofs last longer with the old-time lead-based paint!)
    Anyhow, I was told by a certain knowledgeable Army general that lead-based paint was made unavailable for civilian use because it inhibited electronic surveillance. Likewise, it fortifies electronics against EMPs, and all military vessels are therewith painted. My own foray into Navy vessel salvage was rendered prohibitively expensive due to EPA regulations about the damn paint! I, of course, realized that the regulation, passed under the pretense of “de chilluns eat dat lead paint” was actually because of its use in inhibiting electronic violations. 🙂
    EMP threat is real, but I’m still skeptical about the imminent nuclear threat.

  11. It actually comes down to who can scare people the most…. I claim Hollywood can…. with Herman’s word inventions.

    It seems there was a huge race to grab onto “THE UNTHINKABLE” ring made of of Uranium, not brass or gold, in the 1960s. 🙂

    The lies of Pharisee-Jews and RAND dominated the outcome.

    Here is the Pharisee-Jew who invented the term ’THERMONUCLEAR’…. And it fell out of vogue after the cold war:

    Herman Kahn (February 15, 1922 – July 7, 1983) was a founder of the Hudson Institute and one of the preeminent futurists of the latter part of the twentieth century.

    He originally came to prominence as a military strategist and systems theorist while employed at the RAND Corporation.

    In 1960, as Cold War tensions were near their peak following the Sputnik crisis and amidst talk of a widening “missile gap” between the United States and the Soviet Union, Kahn published On Thermonuclear War.

    He became known for analyzing the likely consequences of nuclear war and recommending ways to improve survivability, making him ONE OF THREE historical inspirations for the title character of Stanley Kubrick’s classic black comedy film satire Dr. Strangelove.

    Kahn’s major contributions were the several strategies he developed during the Cold War to contemplate “the unthinkable” – namely, nuclear warfare – by using applications of game theory.

    Kahn is often cited (with Pierre Wack) as a ‘father of scenario planning’.

    Additional info:


    BTW – I stood at Battleship Row and watched the wooden torpedoes used in the filming of Tora,Tora, Tora.

  12. Bases and linear thinking – the world is always not far from a nuclear war ever since the Germans exploded the first device in the Baltic during the second world war. From a human standpoint, mortality is non negotiable and impending. I agree that with militant zionists and neo cons in the wrong places all of the above can lead to disaster. But there are other considerations. One of them is the race for technology, the advantages conferred by better tech. By being positioned globally, the USA is in a very good position to hypothetically recover, say, a hypothetical disc or craft, drone, manned, or – “occupied” if not exactly manned, that happened to crash, or in the former USSR especially, was ambushed and shot down by plasma weapons. Or respond to threats of an “unusual” nature. Start by reading the testimonies of all the various NASA, Military, and other personnel in Dr. Steven M. Greer’s book “Disclosure”. See also “Penetration” by Ingo Swann and plenty of others.

  13. Vlad speaks. (thanks to far eastern correspondent, Felix)
    Putin Delivers Annual Address to Federal Assembly in Moscow, Dec 1, ’16.
    i will stick in a few quotes that caught my eye (note that it is all about domestic issues)

    People take any injustice and untruth very much to heart. This is a distinguishing feature of our culture in general.

    United Russia has a constitutional majority in the State Duma and is the Government’s main support in the parliament. We must organise work together in such a way as to ensure that all promises and commitments made to our people are honoured.

    This is a heads-up, now that UR controls Duma, Vlad’s core team is calling the shots there, saying “we got work to do”.

    But let me emphasise that whether in culture, politics, the mass media, public life, or in debates on economic issues, NO ONE CAN BAN FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND THE FREEDOM TO OPENLY EXPRESS ONE’S POSITION.

    Does anyone catch this? Think ”Holocaust Denial” (btw, I don’t know that anyone has been prosecuted for it under the previous Duma’s legislation)

    Can we develop successfully on the shaky foundation of a weak state and APATHETIC GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED FROM ABROAD and that no longer has the people’s trust? The answer is clearly no.
    In recent years, we have seen a number of countries where this kind of situation has opened the road to adventurists, coups, and ultimately, anarchy. Everywhere, the result is the same: human tragedies and victims, degradation and ruin, and disappointment.
    It is worrying to see that around the world, even in the seemingly most prosperous countries and stable regions, we witness the emergence of an ever greater number of new divisions and conflicts on political, ethnic, religious and social lines.
    This is all unfolding against the background of the very serious migration crisis that countries in Europe and elsewhere face today. We know well the consequences that these great upheavals can bring. Unfortunately, our country went through many such upheavals and their consequences in the 20th century

    What and (((who))) is he talking about, “Controlled from abroad”, “Europe and 1st world countries in existential crisis”.

    Demographic challenges

    Colleagues, the basis of our entire policy is to take care of people and increase human capital as Russia’s most important resource. Therefore, our efforts are aimed at supporting the traditional values and the family, at [implementing] demographic programmes, improving the environment and people’s health, and promoting education and culture.

    as it relates to Health Care

    You know, I cannot but say a few words about what is happening in reality, about what we have here and what we have achieved. The natural population growth continues.
    In 2013 – the demographers have the term fertility rate – it was 1.7 in Russia, which is higher than in the majority of European countries. For example, it is 1.2 in Portugal, 1.3 in Spain and Greece, 1.4 in Austria, Germany and Italy, and 1.5 in the Czech Republic. These are 2013 figures. In 2015, the total fertility rate will be even higher in Russia – 1.78 – the rise is slight but it is still a rise.
    We will continue to introduce changes in the social sphere so that the system meets more of people’s expectations and needs, and becomes more modern and just. The social spheres should attract skilled professionals and talented young people. That is why, we are raising specialists’ salaries and improving their working conditions.
    Let me note that competition to enroll in medical and teacher training universities grows steadily (whereas not so long ago it was hovering around zero). In 2016, it was 7.8 persons for the teaching professions, and after the 2016 enrolment the general competition for state-financed openings was almost 28 applications per opening. God grant all of them – the young specialists – good health and success in their future pursuits.
    I remember well how my colleagues and I discussed hi-tech medical aid projects and networks of perinatal centres, which we lacked at that time. In 2018, Russia will have 94 such centres.
    Today our doctors save newborns in the most complicated cases. We have reached the level of the advanced countries in these indicators as well.
    Back in 2015, Russia’s infant mortality indicators were 6.5 per 1,000 live births, whereas the European Region of the World Health Organisation had 6.6; this means that our [indicator] was slightly better. After 10 months in 2016, Russia reached the level of 5.9.
    Over the past decade, the number of high-tech medical services has increased by a factor of 15. Hundreds of thousands of complex operations are performed not only at the leading federal centres but also at regional hospitals. While in 2005, when we launched the programme, 60,000 people in Russia received high-tech medical assistance, in 2016 the number will be 900,000. It is also essential to move forward. Still, compare: 60,000 and 900,000. Some difference.


    At the same time, the greatest concern for parents and teachers, and the general public as well is the content of the educational process and how well school education meets two basic goals that Academician Dmitry Likhachev listed: to give knowledge and to foster morality. He rightly believed that
    its economic, public, and creative sustainability.
    It is certainly important to preserve the depth and solidity of national education. Compositions have been returned to the school curriculum, and more attention is being paid to the humanities.
    Yet, the hours of tuition according to the school curriculum will clearly not be enough here. We need projects in the theatre, cinema, television and museums, and on the Internet, that are of interest to young people, that attract the attention of young people to the national classical literature, culture and history.
    Our schools must promote creativity. The children must learn to think independently, work both on their own and as part of a team, address unusual tasks and formulate and achieve goals, which will help them have an interesting and prosperous life.

    Has there ever been a national leader in history, other than Hitler who spoke like that: “Morality determines viability of society”?
    Certainly never in America.


    It is important that civil society takes an active part in deciding issues such as improving environmental protection legislation, protecting rare plant and animal species, and establishing a humane system for dealing with stray animals.
    We have declared next year, 2017, the Year of the Environment. I am instructing the Government to draft programmes for protecting such unique symbols of Russia’s nature as the Volga, Lake Baikal, and Lake Teletskoye in Altai.
    Throughout the country, we need to clean up polluted areas and clear the dumps that have grown up on the outskirts of many towns, as we heard recently from Russian Popular Front activists. This problem exists not just in big towns but also in small settlements.


    We have carried out far-reaching modernisation at our defence industry enterprises. This has resulted in increased production and, particularly important, in a significant increase in labour productivity. The defence industry has posted very good results and gives a good example. In 2016, we expect growth in the defence industry to reach 10.1 percent, and a labour productivity increase of 9.8 percent.
    We must direct the defence industry to produce up-to-date competitive civilian products for healthcare, energy, aviation and shipbuilding, space exploration and other high-tech industries. THE SHARE OF CIVILIAN PRODUCTS MUST INCREASE TO AT LEAST ONE-THIRD OF THE DEFENCE INDUSTRY’S TOTAL OUTPUT WITHIN THE NEXT 10 YEARS.

    never heard of this idea before, ever … back home, civilian benefits are purely accidental.

    In summary, does this sound like a shabbo politician, eg, Churchill and ALL of American presidents from Wilson onward except JFK?

    1. Whom do I contact in Russian to apply for citizenship? This isn’t that bastardo Wilson, who sold out American citizens and whined that he had been conned by the Jewish bankers to support the creation of the Federal Reserve.

    2. Lobro –

      Business is good in Russia… for the US companies there. 🙂


      Most of the private company increases will come from this list:

      The food, automotive and technology sectors in Russia have several major American players, according to a 2012 report from the non-profit International Research & Exchanges Board and the U.S. Russia Foundation.

      PepsiCo (PEP) became the first American company to do business in the Soviet Union in 1974. Over the 40 years since, the company has created more than 30,000 jobs and invested more than $3 billion.

      Coca-Cola (KO) and privately held candy maker Mars Inc. also have a footprint in Russia’s food sector. In 1991, McDonald’s (MCD) opened the doors to its first restaurant in Russia.

      General Motors (GM) and Ford (F) manufacture cars in Russia, while Caterpillar (CAT) has plants that build its heavy equipment. IBM (IBM) and Microsoft (MSFT) have a large presence in the country as well.

      According to the company’s website, Mars entered the Russian market in 1991 and has since invested more than $1 billion. Mars built its second chocolate factory in Russia two years ago.

      Procter & Gamble (PG) also launched its Russian unit in 1991, and the segment has grown to become one of the largest for the consumer goods giant.

      The report said ExxonMobil (XOM) has invested the most in Russia over the years, despite the difficulties of doing business in the country. From 2000 through 2011, the largest U.S. energy company poured $10 billion into its Russian operations.

      Boeing (BA), Chevron (CVX) and ConocoPhillips (COP) have also been heavy investors. Between 1992 and 2009, Boeing spent $5 billion in Russia.

      Russian investors have increasingly looked to the U.S. as well, focusing primarily on the iron and steel industry, financial sector and telecommunications.


      Alexis Rodzianko, is the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.
      There are over 600 member companies. Here are some:
      Goldman Sachs


      Rothschild will ALSO help Putin with finding new investments and private companies for him.

      Rothschild Group contemplates new hires in Russia 2016

      The Rothschild Group is looking at taking on new hires for its Russian operation later this year, bucking the trend for big Western money advisers to scale back, partly because it feels it can make money out of the struggling economy.

      Giovanni Salvetti, head of Rothschild operations in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), told Reuters he believed the firm could perform well advising on debt restructuring, asset swaps, and distressed sales – all activities that can see an upturn in times of economic hardship.

      Rothschild Global Advisory has had an on-the-ground presence in Russia for over a decade. Our Moscow team offers local clients the full range of our advisory services and holds an in-depth understanding of local and regional dynamics, and unparalleled high-level and government access supported by our senior advisers. Wider regional coverage is supported by a long-standing partnership in Ukraine. This deep experience of Russian markets has resulted in, and is supported by, our track record in advising on many of the country’s largest, most complex, and precedent-setting transactions.

      Rothschild’s main Office in Moscow just a block from Kremlin
      4, bld. 2, Romanov lane
      125009 Moscow
      Contact Giovanni Salvetti


  14. Thanks to LD for the editing.

    “But a deliberate war, started by rational people who hope to “take out” the opposition, and have minimal consequences, is very unlikely.”

    This position can only be accepted if one believes the encirclement of Russia and increase of tension is simply a ruse by the military-industrial complex to sell more stuff. Russia has a stated policy that an attack on Russian soil will be responded to with nukes.

    This is the perfect insanity counterpart to the US policy of first strike and tactical nukes.

    Do you believe several hundred military bases and presstitutes drumbeat is a sales drive? If not, what is their purpose? Do US planners disbelieve stated Russian military policy? If so, US military planners are gambling the Earth.

    Those in the “unthinkable camp” need to explain the bases in the context of Russian public policy.

    1. Really, the circumstances under which the U.S arranged locations of those bases should be examined before anyone decdes whether or not they indicate ‘acts of aggression’ or ‘acts of assurance’ to regional players. Marine travel is vital to all involved, especially US, China, and Russia – so perhaps this is much ado about nothing.

  15. ACHTUNG ACHTUNG!! Evil Hitler alert!

    “… like Hitler and his entourage in their Berlin bunker—would be more than willing to take the whole world down with them.”

    What a cheap shot. Nothing more than pure projection.

    And where is that more than excellent post Arch wrote here yesterday?

    1. Arch Stanton’s post was deleted for a very good reason. It totally misrepresented Flan O’Brien’s viewpoint and did so in abusive language. If Arch Stanton had taken the trouble to read Flan’s original comment, he would not have called Flan O’Brien a “twit” and other derogatory terms. He wouldn’t have done this for the simple reason that Flan didn’t mention the name of Hitler ONCE in his original comment! Not once. He made no mention of Hitler or the “Nazis” whatsoever.

      Arch Stanton’s comment was therefore deleted and justifiably so, since it was absolutely wrong to let him attack Flan O’Brien (and pour scorn upon him) for saying something Flan had NEVER said.

      I repeat: Flan O’Brien never mentioned Hitler or the Nazis ONCE in his original comment.


        The entire passage to which Arch Stanton objects so much wasn’t the work of Flan O’Brien; it was an editorial insertion by Lasha Darkmoon. Arch Stanton’s long and abusive diatribe was a complete misrepresentation of LD’s argument, for at no point had LD been at pains to demonize Hitler or to vilify the National Socialists, as Arch Stanton erroneously assumed. Arch Stanton was in fact guilty of a “strawman argument”. He attacked LD for saying something LD had never said. LD’s reference to Hitler was NOT a derogatory reference.

        Read the passage again and you will see that at no time did LD attempt to demonize Hitler or present the Nazis in a negative way. LD didn’t even mention the Nazis! She just made one casual reference to Hitler in his bunker and it was NOT a negative reference by any stretch of the imagination:

        Various commentators have suggested that “Any nuclear war is unthinkable. It would destroy the participants, and would also damage bystanders.”

        Nuclear war may be unthinkable for rational people but that does not mean it will not occur. The idea that nuclear war is unthinkable rests on a glib assumption that cannot be granted: that human beings are rational and responsible creatures at all times—model citizens, in fact, who would do nothing nothing to endanger the survival of their own countries and the continued existence of the planet.

        Nothing could be further from the truth.

        In times of extreme tension, political leaders, pushed to the wall and ready to contemplate suicide — like Hitler and his entourage in their Berlin bunker — would be more than willing to take the whole world down with them. If you’re going to die anyway, why not enjoy the satisfaction of destroying your hated enemy too, even if it means the total destruction of the planet?

        How is this one isolated reference to Hitler an attack on Hitler and the Third Reich, can you tell me? 🙂

        LD is stating the obvious. Hitler and his entourage were forced to commit suicide because they had no choice. Germany was in ruins and they knew the only way out was to kill themselves. Otherwise they would have ended up at Nuremberg and been treated ignominiously by the Allies who had no scruple in crushing the testicles of their defeated enemies in order to extract false confessions from them. LD has already written about this in her article “Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg.” She would hardly have written this article expressing sympathy for the German victims of Allied brutality if she had been trying to demonize Adolf Hitler, would she?

        All LD said was this: if Hitler had possessed nukes, he would have definitely used them against his Allied Enemies in a last-ditch attempt to pluck victory from defeat. Why commit suicide in your bunker when you have nukes you can hammer your Enemy with?

        If Arch Stanton thinks this is an “attack” on Hitler and the Third Reich, I’m sorry, he has gone woefully astray!

        LD continues:

        Mad scientists like Dr Strangelove are not figments of the horror fiction imagination; they actually exist. Mentally deranged leaders with a burning hatred of the Enemy would have no compunction in destroying the entire world if they were driven to desperation and had nothing to lose.

        Can you tell me what is so monstrous about this comment that it should elicit the fury of Arch Stanton? How is this totally reasonable observation a vile, sneaky attack on Hitler and the Third Reich?

        Did LD say or even imply that HITLER was a “mentally deranged leader”? No, she did not! Only in the fevered imagination of Arch Stanton did she say that.

        Arch is an exceptionally talented writer but he needs to be reined in and not use strawman arguments and sneery language to attack other good writers who are making a legitimate contribution to this website.

        If Arch was man enough, he would apologize for his mistake and we would be perfectly happy to forgive him. Admitting you’re wrong is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of moral strength.

        1. Thank you, Toby. The idea that my innocuous reference to Hitler in his bunker should be misinterpreted as a sneaky attack on Hitler and the Third Reich is absurd. It is no such thing. If I’d been trying to demonize Hitler, why would I publish these two articles on my site:



          My apologies to Flan O’Brien for adding bits to his original comment that I should not have perhaps done without distinguishing clearly what Flan had said and what I had added later as a gloss. However, what I did is standard practice among editors. No one usually complains about it since the intention is always a good one: to improve an article by minor additions and deletions.

      2. Admin Toby, LD,

        Alright, perhaps I jumped to conclusions a tad too quick and my reaction was uncalled-for. Sorry for that. I am a bit touchy regarding this. And I’m sure Arch wrote his post in the same spirit i.e. defending the Führer’s good name.

        Well, that’s cleared that up.

      3. @ Arch Stanton

        You really must be in very strange place to mistake a totally innocuous and justifiable reference to Hitler as a veiled attack on the Führer. What evil bug have you been bitten by?

        I congratulate Flan O’Brien on his extremely well-written article. It has definitely been improved by all the extra editorial work LD put into it — not only by the graphics and the YouTube video on the Samson Option but also by the additional points referring to Dr Strangelove and the likelihood of a major catastrophe if a mad dictator ever got his finger on the nuclear button.

        This can hardly be described as “fear porn”.

        Well done, Flan O’Brien! I hope we will hear more from you.

      4. @ Arch Stanton

        You appear to have very low comprehension skills, so let me to point out some of your errors.

        1. Flan O’Brien made NO REFERENCE to “Hitler and his entourage” in his original comment. He didn’t even mention the word ‘Nazi’ ONCE.

        2. This is why your comment attacking him — you arrogantly called him a “TWIT’ — was totally out of order and had to be deleted. Because you were attacking a man for apparently saying bad things about Hitler and his regime who never ONCE even brought up the subject of Hitler!!!

        Here is Flan O’Brien’s original comment (on the previous thread) and you will notice there is NO MENTION OF HITLER!!!

        December 2, 2016 at 6:42 am

        4. Flan’s original comment was EDITED for publication by Lasha Darkmoon. The Hitler bits were aded by LD later on. All the bits you quoted with anger were LD’s!!!

        You chose to attack these quotes in scurrilous and abuse language, without the slightest attempt to prove that what LD had said was in any way a negative critique of Hitler. At no time was LD defaming or demonizing Hitler and his regime, as you very foolishly concluded. Nor have you been able to prove that she was doing that.

        5. We have all read what LD said about Hitler and none of us think you have a leg to stand on in attacking her so nastily! She never defamed Hitler. NOT ONCE!!! She never said a single bad word about Hitler to justify your “wrath”. (Read comments above by Sardonicus, 1138, and Poupon Marx).

        6. So you owe LD an apology for launching a vicious strawman attack upon her and causing such a rumpus on this website.

        Will you skulk off now like an ill-mannered curmudgeon because you find it too hard to say, “Sorry, I got it wrong.” I hope not! Be a man and apologize!

        You have been treated kindly on this website by Admin. They have made several of your comments into feature articles. How can you be so stupid and ungrateful as to attack the very woman who has been so nice to you and offered you the hospitality of her website and published all your articles?

        You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

        The only excuse for you is that you are some kind of Mad Genius. Like Van Gogh. That’s what I have to believe, since you are obviously a remarkably talented writer.

  16. BUT WAIT..!! Trump may push China into war..!!

    Donald Trump’s phone call with Taiwan president risks China’s wrath


    Donald Trump looked to have sparked a potentially damaging diplomatic row with China on Friday after speaking to Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen on the telephone in a move experts said would anger Beijing.
    The call, first reported by the Taipei Times and confirmed by the Financial Times, is thought to be the first between the leader of the island and a US president or president-elect since ties between America and Taiwan were severed in 1979, at Beijing’s behest.

    The US closed its embassy in Taiwan – a democratically ruled island which Beijing considers a breakaway province – in the late 1970s following the historic rapprochement between Beijing and Washington that stemmed from Richard Nixon’s 1972 trip to China. Since then the US has adhered to the so-called “one China” principle which officially considers the independently governed island part of the same single Chinese nation as the mainland.

    Trump’s transition team said Tsai, who was elected Tawain’s first female president in January, had congratulated the billionaire tycoon on his recent victory.

    “During the discussion they noted the close economic, political, and security ties that exist between Taiwan and the United States,” a statement said. “President-elect Trump also congratulated President Tsai on becoming president of Taiwan earlier this year.” Beijing sought to play down the importance of the phone call, with foreign minister Wang Yi dismissing it as “just a small trick” by Taiwan.

  17. Trump displays Gen ‘Mad-Dog’ Mattis…. So.. China admits to testing missiles.

    “Nana nana naaana…. We tested missiles..” 🙂

    China Flight-Tests 10 DF-21 Missiles

    China’s military conducted a salvo of 10 missile flight tests late last month in a show of force during the transition to the Donald Trump administration.

    Chinese state media reported Thursday that the simultaneous flight tests of 10 DF-21 intermediate-range ballistic missiles were carried out in China.

    The missiles “can destroy U.S. Asia-Pacific bases at any time,” the dispatch from the official Xinhua news agency reported.

    The flight tests were disclosed by China Central Television on Nov. 28 and coincide with President-elect Donald Trump’s high-profile announcements of new senior government officials.

    Disclosure of the missile salvo launch comes as Trump announced on Thursday that he will nominate retired Marine Corps. Gen. James Mattis as his defense secretary. Mattis is one of the Corps’ most celebrated warfighting generals.

    Xinhua reported that the DF-21 is comparable to the U.S. Pershing II intermediate-range missile that used a two-stage rocket and aerodynamic reentry vehicle. The Pershing II was dismantled under the U.S.-Russian INF treaty.


    It’s about time for the Chinese to tell about using Rocket Dyne, Lockheed and Israel Aerospace technologies over there.. 🙂

    1. Chinese missile systems are using the systems that the US developed 40 years ago. And Clinton sold them the plans in the 1990s. 🙂

      The Pershing II Weapon System was designed and built by Martin Marietta in the 1970s.

    1. Flan –

      Lobro and Felix and others have beaten up folks for using the Economist.. I use it just to agitate folks here. 🙂

      It is totally controlled by London Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

      The publication belongs to the Economist Group. It is 50% owned by the English branch of the Rothschild family and by the Agnelli family through its holding company Exor.

      The remaining 50% is held by private investors like Goldman Sachs, Morgan and Forbes… etc., including the editors and staff.

      The Rothschilds and the Agnellis are represented on the board of directors. A board of trustees formally appoints the editor, who cannot be removed without its permission. Although The Economist has a global emphasis and scope, about two-thirds of the 75 staff journalists are based in the City of Westminster, London. For the year to March 2016 the Economist Group declared operating profit of £61m. Previous major shareholders include Pearson PLC.

      1. Pat, your exposition certainly substantiates the tone of The Economist! It is not much more than a wordy rag promoting and justifying globalist agendas for a “feel good and superior” attitude. I remember when my girlfriend subscribed to it about ten years ago, and got pissed at me because I told her it was just a wipe to impress her liberal friends. Sort of like the New York Times. Nonetheless, Mr. O’Brien’s article is well-written, and certainly worthy of considerable discussion! (which is what is done on Darkmoon 🙂 )

      2. If I get a distinct odor up my nose that unmistakably identifies the source, I don’t waste my time any further.
        Economist has a powerful stench of Freemasonry, rolled up and tucked into even more nauseating armpit of Rothschilds.

        At the same time I have the hardest time convincing some family members that it is pure poison because of its seductive sweettalking skill.

      3. Careful, Lobro – you might become an old hermit monk (like me) who decides it’s not worth the bother. 🙂

      4. The Financial Times is not better, Der Spiegel is worse, any many more are controlled either directly or indirectly by Jews. There is scarcely any outlet for “news” (what a joke), that is at least not influenced in some part by Jews.

      5. Thank you Pat for the detail. I knew about the general control but not the holding.
        I wasn’t showing that card as evidence. Just though it was queer and relevant to the discussion. At face value it suggests that these people predict a nuclear incident in 2017.

        I suspect 2017 will become a year of desperate measures by globalists, measures that might succeed: going cashless, permits to publish internet sites, RFId chipping populations who would clamour for it following a nuke false flag. Once cashless, without communications and chipped society is enslaved ad infinitum.

    2. Well, I’m no expert on tarot cards but technically ‘death’ doesn’t mean just actual death but ‘change’. As in the death OF something old and the beginning of something new. A new chapter. Perhaps that’s how they perceive Trump’s victory. Could also mean deception on their part because they know that Trump’s victory will not change anything at all and there will be no death of the current paradigm at all ( if that is the case ).

      1. Wow. Such certainly in predicting outcomes that have not even started. Predicting the statistics of a football game before the kickoff. The more certain this prattling I read or hear, the more DOUBTFUL I am of their prescience or even PRACTICAL intelligence.

        Send me some lottery ticket numbers, if you seers can sooth so well, willya?

      2. Yes, Pat, haha,

        Classic case of wishful thinking. That’s classic, that is.

        I can understand why this sorry third world mutt wants to mix his inferior genes with that of whites. I mean wouldn’t you in his place ? Even a mongrel composed of his and white genes would be his god 🙂

  18. Speaking of “unthinkable”.

    >> Dubbed “Unthinkable” by Britain’s General Staff, the plan called for American, British, and Polish troops — as well as soldiers from the newly-defeated Wehrmacht — to completely surprise the Soviets from the Baltic to the Mediterranean.

    The above is a quote from an article, which is intended for thinking individuals only, like Gilbert Huntly and few others on this site:

  19. China needs the US $Billions in businesses…. Not war with US.

    The world’s largest real estate services company is headquartered in Chicago. It has many offices in China.

    Cushman & Wakefield is an American commercial real estate services company. The company’s global headquarters is located in Chicago, with regional headquarters in New York City (Americas), London (EMEA), and Sydney (APAC).

    The Agnelli family of Italy and Rothschild Family are major investors there.

    In Greater China, the firm has a co-branded presence under the name of DTZ/Cushman & Wakefield and operates 20 offices in the region.

    Cushman & Wakefield is among the largest commercial real estate services firms with revenues of US$5 billion across core services of agency leasing, asset services, capital markets, facility services, global occupier services, investment & asset management, project management, tenant representation and valuation & advisory.

    Our global platform extends throughout the Greater China, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, offering full services with exceptional quality.

    For more than 20 years, DTZ | Cushman & Wakefield has excelled in the Greater China market with its integrated services that link the business drivers of the clients it serves, through its fully licensed offices in 20 cities, namely Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Nanning, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan, Xiamen, Xian, Zhengzhou, as well as Hong Kong and Taipei.

    –Property and Facilities Management
    We managed properties with a total GFA of over 105 million sq m spreading across more than 120 cities in Greater China.

    –Investment and Advisory Services
    We advised more than RMB 21.89 billion worth of real estate transactions in Mainland China and Hong Kong in 2014, including the largest en-bloc office tower deal in Mainland China to date and the largest acquisition transaction of a single property in Mainland China by an overseas private equity fund.

  20. A. Stanton> It seems that you have erred as I did, who walked that same path before. I perceive that you are diligent in you pursuit of knowledge and the Truth, facts (not “true facts” LOL), etc, etc, but you must restrain yourself from these kinds of attacks. Perhaps, the epoch we live in, with the progressive stupidity of Euro-caucasians, their wholesale abandonment of strong moral codes, other-directedness, fodder and disposable diapers for the Satanic Jews, it all becomes too much. The Jews advance and never seem to suffer any checks or setbacks.

    Locally, I can sit in restaurants, walk in public, observe in various venues, the low quality of the White race. They are slaves to external forces.

    Anyway, with that preamble, whose purpose was to demonstrate context, I believe your exaggerated impugnment of Mr. O’Brien was most probably driven by the sickness or our culture, race, nations, and civilization. I know in my case it was. Those who have children must feel even more extreme.

    I find you are an honest and profound thinker and express yourself well, and are a tremendous asset to LD site.
    I, who had been out in the World as a man of action and thought, have a long list of grievances, animus, even pure hatred towards some individuals and organizations, from betrayals, evil actions, and even attempting to use me as the fall guy, the sacrificial lamb for their failure. It’s a lot of hate that never got resolved.

    So, if I can contain my background anger and enmity, I presume you can as well. You may disagree with Mr. O’brien, but I read nothing to suggest dishonor, deliberate deception, or anything reprehensible. He seems earnest and honest.

    Full astern, get off the mud bank, and full ahead back in the channel.

  21. China does UN’s bidding.

    The UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU), run by the Peoples Republic of China, is expected to play the central role in the effort to host ICANN.

    Whether it be the ITU or some other UN agency is immaterial because it will still be the UN in the end.

    But, why the UN?

    Because it is the fountainhead of the plans and operations to establish Technocracy as the sole global economic system while destroying capitalism and free enterprise.
    Technocracy is the issue here. Others know it as Sustainable Development or Green Economy,
    …….but the correct historical term is Technocracy.

    In February 2015, the head of climate change at the UN, Christiana Figures, stated:
    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time to (**)change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution.”

    In its original interpretation, when one of the first consequences of implementing the Internet of things by equipping all objects in the world with minuscule identifying devices or machine-readable identifiers would be to transform daily life.

    For instance, instant and ceaseless inventory control would become ubiquitous. A person’s ability to interact with objects could be altered remotely based on immediate or present needs, in accordance with existing end-user agreements.

    For example, such technology could grant motion-picture publishers much more control over end-user private devices by remotely enforcing copyright restrictions and digital rights management, so the ability of a customer who bought a Blu-ray disc to watch the movie becomes dependent on so-called “copyright holder’s” decision, similar to Circuit City’s failed DIVX.

    The Real Reason Why The UN Wants Control Over The Internet

    1. ICANN devised a new IP numbering system called IPV6, which adds two more blocks of numbers (e.g.,
      This scheme provides for 3.4×1038  addresses, or 340 trillion, 282 billion, 366 million, 920 thousand, 938 — followed by 24 zeroes.
      There is probably a way to say this number, but I cannot imagine what it would be. It’s somewhere beyond a trillion trillion unique numbers for every human being on earth!

      Thus, IPV6 provides a way to assign a unique and directly addressable number to every electronic device on earth… for centuries to come.

      As IPV6 rolls out to the world, the modified mission for ICANN will be to inventory and categorize the device attached to each IP address. For instance, all the air conditioners in the world would be directly addressable from a single list. Likewise for all computers, all automobiles, all cameras, all phones, all refrigerators, all articles of clothing, etc.

      Whoever has control over and access to this data will literally be able to control the entire world, down to the last minutiae  – and that is the United Nations’ exact mission: inventory, monitor and control.

      But, this concept was set in history long before the technology existed. The original bible of Technocracy, the Technocracy Study Course (1934), laid out the hard requirements necessary for its implementation:
      1. “Register on a continuous 24 hour-per-day basis the total net conversion of energy.
      2. “By means of the registration of energy converted and consumed, make possible a balanced load.
      3. “Provide a continuous inventory of all production and consumption
      4. “Provide a specific registration of the type, kind, etc., of all goods and services, where produced and where used
      5. “Provide specific registration of the consumption of each individual, plus a record and description of the individual.” [Scott, Howard et al, Technocracy Study Course, p. 232]


      666…???? A few more than that..!! 🙂

      1. Fascinating. Watching Lynne Forester de Rothschild in Italy in a live interview this week on Bloomberg, we may all be assured by same that the job loss in the USA was due to “technology”. Never mind the plant and equipment moving to Mexico, China, and so on – maybe “technology” works better overseas. I’ve seen a lot of wealthy silly asses, but in her case, clumsy raw deceit, in spades. I think the UN is a good candidate for the focus of evil in the contemporary world, along with occupied Palestine and hellholes like North Korea, of course. Use Cash and stay off the radar in general. China is more about propping up a regime.

  22. If China and the United States were untowardly afraid of each other, COSCO, owned by The People’s Republican Army of China, would never have been granted domain over the Panama Canal (which seems to be forgotten amidst all the fear-mongering). Chinese-owned enterprises are well-represented – even in my own provincial sphere – and seem to be conducted with good sense and good will.

  23. Just to add a practical note to the discussion. China makes millions of parts used in western industries. If there was a trade war they could cripple US manufacturing industry by stopping supplies.

  24. Thank you, Darkmoon, for staying on point with this horrible situation where we somehow have to dismantle, carefully, without detonating this encirclement of China. Of course, we have no idea how we got into this predicament because our government is a secret one–at least secretive to us. Why were we droning Pakistan? Why did we go to war in Iraq and destroy that country? Why did we have to take out Libya and destroy that country? What’s going on with the U.S. war potential against Russia and the current covert war Ukraine. Hillary wanted to go to war with Russia because despite lack of evidence she was convinced her e-mail was hacked by Russians. Of course, Hillary’s e-mail was supposedly hacked so many times because she didn’t bother to put in on a secure server–whatever that means. And, of course, Huma had 650,000 of the e-mails on Weiner sexting computer. Apparently there is a rumor that there is also a “blackmail able” picture of Hillary with an underage, naked girl… the NYPD was outraged. So.. it’s always possible that someone could get blackmailed into starting a war. The biggest danger is from the nuclear warmonger neocons. Let’s hope that Trump doesn’t appoint any to his cabinet. I’m a believer in religion as a good, but I have to say in this case it’s a danger. When religion destroys common sense we are in deep trouble. The neocons never really discuss their goal, only that they are far too smart for the rest of us and therefore know best. They talk about a limited nuclear exchange. Is the plan a new temple in Jerusalem where they can go to sacrifice the pink heifer as the world turns to ash?

    Sad to say my estimation of Islam as a sane religion is also beginning to fade. I was curious what was behind the stolen election meme put out by Gordon Duff, and Kevin Barrett and carried out by Jill Stein and a contingent of Clintonians, so I listened to an interview of Kevin Barrett. They say that when evidence is lacking name calling will suffice. I couldn’t figure out what the hardcore evidence is behind the election rigging only that supposedly he doesn’t like the governor of Wisconsin. I guess we’ll see with the recount. He basically hates Trump and wants to discredit Trump supporters who he says have I.Q.’s in the double digits as opposed to the triple digit Hillary supports. He said that he doesn’t believe the pedophilia Pizzagate story
    because it is the Republicans who engage in pedophilia not the Democrats. Democrats as a group he says like full grown women, not children. Obviously that lets John and Tony Podesta off the hook, as they are high level Democrats who don’t engage in pedophilia, right?

    Just think if all those deplorable double digit IQ morons hadn’t rigged the election then John Podesta would be the chief of staff right now. Someone said the other day that john Podesta was as stupid as the day is long. How could that be? He is a Clinton supporter, right, so that improves his IQ. Please, we need clear headed thinkers with minds not polluted by blackmail . We need to rethink the China policy and back out of the encirclement strategy that all those high triple digit I.Q, policy thinkers have led us into. We can’t be neoconned again.

  25. @P.MARX

    You point to Alex Jones who is on the zio toilet paper pay roll.

    Timothy Fitzpatrick writes in the intro of his tryptic on Strumpf:

    …..seemingly anti-establishment …..isn’t anti-establishment and is only fronting a very convincing facade for public consumption. Like Hillarious C. part of the very same estabishment…. is nothing more than a puppet of Mossad and is likely under their control through opportunism and, darker yet, blackmail….what he and his cronies all share in common is sexual compromise and their loyalty to the international Judeo-masonic power structure….

    Who will p. on u?

  26. As an American citizen I would like to cheer up my fellow Americans. Donald Trump is to America what Gorbachev was to the Soviet Union. Donald Trump will be the last president of America – just like Gorbachev was the last president of the Soviet Union. But don’t feel too bad about it – today’s America cannot be salvaged, what’s more, it is not worth salvaging.

    After Trump kills America – that’s his mission, in my not so humble opinion – a new beginning will dawn in America, just like a new Russia emerged from the rubbles and detritus of the USSR.

    I am sorry, folks, but Trump is not an American Putin. But there will be an American Putin sometime in the future. I for one believe so.

  27. @ P. Marx

    Fitzpatrick on zio mike Alex Jones

    ……has been the Zionists’ biggest alternative media cheerleader since 1996…..Trump appears to take his talking-point cues from Alex Jones, as Trump often will publicly say things verbatim that was stated by Alex Jones on his radio show. There is no question that Jones has acted as Trump’s unofficial public relations manager….

    How is life PM in the jew sewer?

  28. There is one potential nuclear flashpoint being overlooked in all this talk of Russia, China, USA and Israel. I refer of course to India and Pakistan, both nuclear powers. Recently, India conducted an anti-terrorist cross border raid into Pakistani controlled Kashmir. Diplomats have been declared persona non grata by both sides. So although it isn’t being covered in the Western media, things are running hot. May I suggest anyone with an interest in South Asia follow events closely, through the Indian and Pakistani news services.
    Another little snippet, a couple of months ago a Saudi professor claimed in a broadcast on tv in that country, that Saudi Arabia was in possession of two nuclear weapons given them by Pakistan. If true, this is an ominous development indeed. Remember, the Pakistani nuclear program is/was funded by the Saudis, so perhaps the Paks are taking precautions against an Indian decapitation strike.

    1. Felix>You always write in a considered and precise manner, and well grounded in fact and the concrete. I look forward to your comments with expository admiration and anticipation.

      Your diplomatic manner is remarkable and admirable. It is one that I have not been able to engage fully. Perhaps immersion in an Asian milieu in my next lifetime will result in a recalibration..

      You are of course correct. India-Pakistan is the flashpoint. The hatreds are ancient, as in the Muslim slaughtering Hindus in the LARGEST MASSACRE IN HUMAN HISTORY.

      As for the Middle East, who cares? Let them destroy themselves. We have no business there since the early 1900s. Only corporative interest-expressed through the US State Department, the CIA, etc. led to our meddling and interference, for Das Geld.

    2. Felix –

      The US and CFR have not overlooked India. They see the huge business potentials. Especially through joint-ventures as in Brazil, China and Russia… BRICS.

      “A rising India offers one of the most substantial opportunities to advance American national interests over the next two decades,” asserts a new Independent Task Force report sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Working With a Rising India: A Joint Venture for the New Century. 

      Over the past ten years, India, the world’s largest democracy, has lifted more than 130 million people out of poverty. The country has rebounded from a recent economic growth slump, surpassing China this year to become the world’s fastest-growing major economy. “If India can maintain its current growth rate, let alone attain sustained double digits, it has the potential over the next two to three decades to follow China on the path to becoming another $10 trillion economy,” notes the Task Force.

      “U.S. policymakers [should] explicitly emphasize a ‘joint-venture’ model for U.S.-India relations…”

      The UN, US and CFR push ‘Sustainable Development’ and ‘Green’ economies there…. in BRICS countries, as in ALL ’emerging’ markets.

    1. Sam> You should keep trying to lick your genitals, because it ranks in importance as your false flag nonsense against Trump, Turdson. If I could, I would sell you for fish bait or laboratory experiments.

      Please your pharmacological intake, legal and less than, in your next post. That way you can gain exculpation and sympathy.

      1. @Poupy M.

        Don’t drink too much Chateau Migraine, if you can’t stand it. Get real you’ll never become Winnie the Pooh anyway. Or else plunge in the real deep. Buy metha-amph at the corner that will cure you perhapz of Trumpitis. Fitzpatrick’s dick was a little too big for you?

        Strumpf is a jew suckpuppet. He is a Mossad little helper in the WH. (Strumpf met Ariel Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel 911 november last week; met Rupert Murdoch, Kissinger). He acts like a yank but is yid through and through. (I supported Israel from the day I was born, I will defend Israel 100% nay 1000%, words from the throat of this new potus)

        His election blahblah is just theater. His ‘attacking’ Peking and siding with Taiwan as your zio Alex J. now airs idem dito.

        With eyes wide shut the US falls in the jew Abyss when their new WHORE White House …. remains the coming 4 years in office.

      2. @ Poupon Marx

        Sam> You should keep trying to lick your genitals, because it ranks in importance as your false flag nonsense against Trump, Turdson. If I could, I would sell you for fish bait or laboratory experiments.

        Is Sam Hita another poster you are trying to drive off our site? You appear not to know the difference between free speech and scurrilous ad hominem attacks.If your intention is to empty our site of its best posters, please let me know.

  29. @ADMIN TOBY ~

    “All LD said was this: if Hitler had possessed nukes, he would have DEFINITELY used them against his Allied Enemies in a last-ditch attempt to pluck victory from defeat. Why commit suicide in your bunker when you have nukes you can hammer your Enemy with?”

    This (hypothetical) assumption is probably wrong on two counts.  Emphasis on Lasha’s word “definitely” is mine.

    What we do know is that Germany had stockpiles of chemical weapons but Hitler was too damn nice and he overruled his generals in using them against the All-Lies during WW2, especially against the Soviets hoards.  Hitler and the Germans fought WW2 under “gentlemen rules of war” that no longer exist.  Well, at least they fought under the warfare rules of the Hague and Geneva Conventions which all the All-Lies clearly did not.

    I put my word “hypothetical” in parentheses because some, like Winston above, believe that the Germans had tested at least one nuclear weapon during the last days of WW2.  And there are others like Harry Cooper (his book, “Hitler in Argentina,” is based on the following premise) who believe that it was German nuclear technology, i.e., nuclear bomb know-how, along with other high-tech know-how on jets and missiles, given to the Yankees that permitted and guaranteed the “quiet and unmolested escape” of many high and low level Germans to South America, most especially to Argentina.

    Whether one believes that Hitler and Eva “escaped” to Argentina or not is immaterial.  What we do know as a fact is that Dr. Josef Mengele, Martin Bormann, Otto Skorzeny, Adolf Eichmann, Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel (the greatest pilot in history), Adolf Galland (another great German pilot), and thousands of Germans, maybe even tens of thousands, did end up in Argentina after WW2, especially in Bariloche and Cordoba.

    From my personal knowledge, I can tell you that Argentina’s indigenous civilian nuclear technology [we are one of the few nations on the planet to possess civilian nuclear power technology and also satellite technology] came from the German scientists and engineers who “escaped” to San Carlos de Bariloche in the northern part of Patagonia, Argentina.  There is an island just off the lake coast of Bariloche called Isla Huemul where the Germans conducted research and development in nuclear power technology.  Their R&D work resulted in Argentina’s indigenous civilian nuclear industry today.

    So, the Germans of WW2 probably did have nuclear weapons how-how.  As to whether they would have DEFINITELY used it had they possessed functional nuclear weapons, Hitler’s firm stand on NOT using chemical weapons during the entirety of WW2 should be a clear indication.

    Sorry, Lasha!

    And sorry to be so long-winded in this explanation.

    1. I feel sorry, as a White Nationalist who expounds that a White Homeland is the sole hope for the survival of Euro-descended peoples (including Slavs and Christians of the Middle East, and few other selected ethnic offshoots), that admiration for Adolf Hitler even exists to the extent it does today. Most galling is the UNCRITICAL praise and cringe worthy attribution of this man and his coterie of borderline psychotics of heroism.

      I give Hitler his due for the POSITIVE things he accomplished, which were in the early days of Nazism. After a point in history, he was a disaster, in over his head, and developed the toxically fatal “Cult of the Personality”. Worshiping Hitler is in the same category of Mao.

      It is a lie of omission to ascribe the onset of WWII as an outside aggression. Technically, a declaration of war, yes, but a leader makes decisions that can provoke another entity. His hubris and self isolation became the fatal Final Destiny of Germany.

      Though I admire Harold Covington on many levels, his American Nazi Party aegis will doom any chance he has of realizing a homeland. This adulation of Hitler indicates personal intellectual weakness and moral lassitude. Ascribing deity-like attributes to man of so many personal flaws, and disastrous decisions for Deutschland is truly pathetic and pitiable.

    2. @David Chu: Well done David. But belief is unscientific. If you are interested in further research, I’d recommend “Hirschfeld; the Story of a U-Boat NCO 1940-1946”, as told to Geoffrey Brooks by Wolfgang Hirschfeld. Unlike many contemporary “authorities”, Hirschfeld was ‘there’. Serving on a German U-boat most of the time meant you didn’t survive the war. Hirschfeld’s comments on the “Gold containers of Uranium” (enriched, you don’t need shielding for Uranium ore) are also a matter of record with Official US Navy documents, which describe the gold containers as part of the surrendered cargo of U-boat 234 in Portsmouth New Hampshire, third week of May, 1945. Also on board was Dr. Schlieke, expert in proximity fuses (the infra red variety, used with nuclear weapons) who later worked for NASA. Dr. Oppenheimer’s comment made 8 May, 1945 that the Manhattan Project device wouldn’t be functional until December 1945 apparently changed after the surrender of U-234. Further recommended: “Critical Mass” by Carter Plymton Hydrick who notes that the Buna (synthetic rubber) plant at Auschwitz drew more electricity than the city of Berlin; interviews with career experts in the synthetic rubber field state plainly that the production of Buna requires only a very small fraction of that amount of electricity. Eye witnesses to an unusual explosion include an old German lady interviewed on a segment for the “History Channel” who described a huge very bright flash explosion that left residents (even though kilometers away) quite sick afterwards, some even died. A RAF Reconnaissance pilot also observed and reported the unusual event. I’d also recommend the first three books of Henry Stevens (“Hitler’s Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science, and Technology”, etc.) and Dr. Joseph Farrell’s “Reich of the Black Sun”. Re. SIS staff writer Trevor Roper (who began the bunker legend) the only body that was ever found was Hitler’s double – there is plenty of good research (see ) draw your own conclusions… old notions, zionist indoctrination and myths die hard, don’t they?

  30. It is the global,wondering…”you know who”…Private,Thieving,Gangster Bankers,who will decide when to start World War III…..there will be no Holohoax for anyone this time around and I still think..Mr Adolf Hitler was right all along…about a lot of World matters.

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