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  1. I watched this yesterday. I’m not really a great fan of Paul Joseph Watson, as he’s a bit of an Alex Jones, brown noser and stays rather quiet on Judaism and Zionism, however this video does paint an honest picture of Hilary Clinton. She is, without a doubt, not only bat, sh*t crazy insane, but a threat to world peace, no different to her Zionist handlers. Guaranteed, when she wins, she will take the USA (and Europe) into a war against Syria, Russia, China and Iran.

    To show just how controlled she is and just why she will be the next president of the USA is the latest Wikileaks showing her connection to ISIS, which, as usual, has been completely ignored by the msm and of course the authorities. It’s not just the fact that this has been ignored, but every exposé of Clinton’s crimes is simply dropped into the bin and she carries on, completely above any prosecution for her criminal behaviour.

    To think that your average human being, whom, if applying for a job, is found to have a criminal past, there is a 90% chance they won’t get the job. Here we have a woman, who is going for the top job in the USA, clearly with a criminal past (and present) that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and nothing is done or said whatsoever.

    Ironically, an all out global war, may be the only chance, westerners will have of removing these monsters, from their positions of power. People like the Rothschilds, Soros’, Greenspans, Bernankis, Kissingers, Bushs, Kerrys, Blairs, Clintons…….have to be either permanently removed from society, or imprisoned in a deep,dark catacomb, left to rot away, forgotten for good. It is clear, beyond all argument, that Hilary Clinton MUST NOT be allowed to become president. This woman is a devil incarnate and guaranteed, she’ll notch up millions more dead before she’s pulled into one of the nine circles of hell to endure eternal torment.

    She is, without any shadow of doubt, a truly evil woman.

    1. in an all out war, they will be living underground and we will be nuked. An international world revolution (sounds communist don’t it, is really the only possible way to remove the culture destroyers). Oddly enough, to bring back a nationalist local mindset we need international cooperation of the people to bring it. A national revolution against the Jews will be put down internationally otherwise

      1. Joe,

        You’re right. We must mobilise all nationalists everywhere.

        The international National Socialist Movement. Or INASOM.

        Any other ideas for an unifying abbreviation? Anyone?

    2. Hopefully, she is Chatahoochee-bound, to spend the rest of her life with Chatahootchee Joe, getting her orifices penetrated by foreign, bazaar objects while he laughs insanely! 🙂

      1. “Sonderkommando” at work, Noor:

        An error occurred during validation.
        This video does not exist.
        Sorry about that.

  2. I think the real question is why is Alex Jones (which includes Watson) and Daily Stormer (which includes alt-right and WNs) all in on elections of NWO candidates. This idea that Trump is anti-NWO is a farce. Too, anyone watching Watson notices that he is now all in on helping the goy choose which direction to be enslaved in, but totally covers up the massive threat Jews are to everyone while actually pushing Jew race wars as well or better than Fox News. Does this make him and them shills for the otherside? What other conclusion can you reach?

  3. Interesting, didn’t Hitler behave similarly? (The emotional outbursts, rage, unpredictable responses, etc.)

    1. German idioms have been quoted as proof of Hitler’s “insanity”. The most famous example being that he would get so angry he would literally “chew the carpet.” However, this is in no way a literal act, but an old German idiom for describing a heightened sense of anger or displeasure. But leave it to a Jewish “historical expert” to twist this into “literal fact”.

      If one reads my other posts, they will find this accusation of “emotional outbursts, rage, unpredictable responses, etc” to be standard fare for defaming and discrediting Jewish enemies. Funny how when Hillary actually exhibits such behavior on the Jews’ big box of lies and misdirection, it fails to set off any media alarms.

  4. This may seem somewhat off topic at first glance. However, I believe it is important to see how small victories can be accomplished no matter who is president in any country in the West. I might even see that any victory against the holo-hoax narrative is huge, and not small.

    It is also my belief that this small victory has the ability to stand alone as pertinent within any context or narrative relative to any of the high offices in the West. It is one of the most important issues in the world.

    A win is a win..!!! And it must be told in order to show what POSITIVE action is still possible….. even at this late date.

    Here is a win in Germany, even with a president, Merkel, playing ball with Pharisee-Jew Bankers, just as Hillary will have to do:

    Freedom of Speech Wins In Germany..!!

    The state supreme court got it right in Saxony-Anhalt.

    A high-profile dissenter in Germany had been convicted under that country’s vigorously enforced laws against “popular incitement” for publicly disputing various allegations within the Holocaust narrative, and the identity and motivations of those who defend that narrative.

    Hans Püschel, who had been the elected mayor of his village of Krauschwitz, pulled no punches on his now-defunct Web site as well as in statements he arranged to have quoted wherever possible. He often and clearly called the putative numbers of victims as greatly exaggerated, and further expressed the opinion that conditions and care in the concentration camps were far better than is taught in schools today and through all of the decades since Germany lost World War II.

    Püschel was acquitted by a three-judge panel at the state supreme court of Saxony-Anhalt.

    **All manner of professional experts, from historians to leaders of Jewish organizations have risen up in fury against the verdict. All manner, that is, EXCEPT human-rights lawyers, who might give heed to a juridical value not mentioned in the media coverage of the incident: freedom of speech.


    1. Yes Pat, these little steps are important because they provide solid foothold in future court battles, like spikes hammered into the cliff to make the trip easier for the rest of the climbing team.
      Püschel’s website is now suspended but screengrabs should be made available through Cryptome or another such repository.
      Here is what the Jew (JTA) fears the most:

      Historians have expressed astonishment at the ruling, and

      Get the Jew wording?
      “courts to … PROSECUTE … cases”.
      So, courts’ job is to PROSECUTE at behest of the Jew, forget about impartial weighing and adducing evidence, Jew points the accusatory finger, screams and courts act like attack dogs.

      Püschel went so far as to say that “the German crimes we were told about from an early age are lies.”

      As quoted by JTA (Jewish telegraph Agency), Püschel said that, was acquitted and that’s good enough for the start.

      CODOH is a national treasure, too bad about the founder Brad Smith but lots of talented, dedicated volunteers are moving the goalposts forward.

    2. I read about Püschel with dismay and worry. If something as outrageus as this can happen in Germany, what of other European countries, especially those of “New Europe” who have not yet even fully faced their fascist past? Combined with trash talk about Ann Frank’s diary and unconfirmed reports of PM Netanyahu alleged nonsensical statements on the Holocaust while under stress and suffering from exhaustion, this fosters a dangerously fertile ground for the recrudescence of latent antisemitism in Europe:


      It is incumbent on all of us to be vigilant. A few years ago, while traveling, I went to the US embassy in a European country and the first thing I saw in the lobby after passing controls was a large poster that said, “See or hear something, SAY something!” The graphic style appropriately was ‘socialist realism ‘ of the SU of the 50s. Right on!

        1. Was it absolutely necessary to present this video? I mean, do we really want to break Pat’s heart like this? ?

  5. This is a good video and hopefully it will go viral. However, all one needs to do is explain that what this witch did to Libya is criminal and she deserves to be on trial at the Hague.

  6. “Just too much coke and meth.”
    Sure looks like it. When she is standing next to Bilious, they both look out of it! This has to be a cosmic joke. Someone, please wake me up!

  7. Paul Joseph Watson exposed

    There are those on here who support Paul Joseph Watson (PJW). Sure, he has a good argument against many of the problems in this world today, but to blatantly state that he “People who are obsessed with Jews controlling the world, never seem to produce any evidence….” proves overwhelmingly that he’s a gatekeeper, who is doing an incredibly good job of being controlled opposition and keeping the public ignorant as to why, everything he discusses is down to the Jew.

    What attracted me to PJW were his attacks on the establishment, such as feminism, paedophilia, the LGBT brigade, transgender madness, to name but a few, but he remains silent on Judaism, even though the answers are out there, staring everyone in the face. The fact that he mentions NOTHING written and said, by prominent Zionists/Jews about the destruction of the west and the European peoples, proves that he is merely a puppet.

    PJW is part of a new breed of ‘truthers’ who are exposing much of what is within the truth movement. He is not alone. PJW is now part of the Alex Jones channel and will be making a rather good wage. Lauren Southern, a young Canadian lass, who has spoken out against the LGBT agenda and feminism, has recently done a show on the Bilderberger, where she spoke with PJW. She is now part of the Rebel media, run by Gavin McInnes, a man who has Canadian citizenship, born in England and was responsible for creation of the ‘toxic’, left wing Vice magazine and YouTube channel. Next up is homosexual Jew Milo Yiannopolous who has become famous with his attacks against feminism and the feminisation of men. He made even more news, when one of his talks, at De Paul University Chicago, was hijacked by members of the Black Lives Matter organisation.

    All of the aforementioned, are ‘controlled’ truthseekers. None of them speak out against Zionism and Jews. There is no mention of Jewish control of exactly EVERYTHING that they rant on about, whether it be feminism, transgenderism, the LGBT agenda, political correctness, mass immigration into the west, the war on terror in the middle east, Bilderberger…….the list goes on and on.

    They are a classic example, of what happens, when our masters read the public psyche. They know that people are going to wake up so they get in asap, to put their talking heads in, to reassure the public that current events have nothing whatsoever to do with Jews/Judaism/Zionism.

    The truth movement has been hijacked. Very little of the truth movement is truthful at all unfortunately.

    1. you are right Harb about these gatekeepers presenting a limited hangout, to use a CIA term.
      The idea is to buy some street cred by omitting the juiciest bits of the whole story and thereby provide a screen for the heavy stuff behind it, hoping it will go unnoticed and the rest of us yelling out there pushed further out in the disreputable fringes.

      But on the other hand, if we, the REAL truthers play our cards right, we can also make use of it and maybe emerge as the ultimate winners.
      Because, historically we faced charges of being loonies wearing tinfoil hats, crazy racists, haters, malcontents, you name it – yet many of our previous “conspiracies” are going mainstream and all of a sudden the very same accusations we made before for which we were branded lunatics are proven to be true.
      So we have a winning track record, how can they claim that our other statements are false without having examined our evidence?
      Truth is inviolable and always wins in the end, lies dig themselves a hole, bit by bit.

      And not only that, these newly accepted narratives now clearly paint the former core mainstreamers as cheap liars because even today, they are heavily pushing stuff like “Trump is insane, Hillary the savior, trump will cause WW3”, etc.
      What about Bernie Sanders saying “Everybody knows that Gaddafi was a murderer and a thug”? And he is some kind of avatar of the left.

      this is why on the other side of this gatekeeping coin are these professional provocateurs spinning insane tales that bear no impact on jew’s campaign, unverifiable and patently fake stuff about UFOs, Anunaki, Spaceman Jesus, Illuminati, Nephilim giants, Jesuits, Hitler a transgendered Rothschild, bubblegum sized nukes in the Twin Towers and so on.
      We must stick to our game, which is the truth and let both sides discredit themselves.

      Even some of the Jew-bashing players out there give a funny whiff, Duff, Makow, Shamir, Snowden, Greenwald, Asange and so on, each one strikes a false note on at least one of the issues of holocaust, 9/11, libya, the protocols, third reich, etc.

      1. “People who are obsessed with Jews controlling the world, never seem to produce any evidence….”

        The accompanying video provides the perfect rejoinder to this stupidly absurd claim. People have been providing ample evidence for the Jew’s controlling perfidy since Jesus strode into the temple to knock over the money changers tables.

        “What attracted me to PJW were his attacks on the establishment, such as feminism, paedophilia.”

        Back when John Hagee was a hell-fire and brimstone Texas preacher, I was attracted to his anti-government message. He talked a good line, exposing government corruption while attacking democratic shills, but then things changed. Suddenly he began wearing a yarmulke and Jewish prayer shawls while hawking trips to the “holy land.”

        It was obvious Hagee sold out right away. All of a sudden he got promoted, his bank account got bigger; he started buying new houses, jet airplanes and building bigger churches – perfect isn’t it? That fat bastard would do anything to be rich.

        And now financial pundits are jumping on board with the crazy Hillary video, passing out more black hats to the clidiots.

        Is it not yet obvious this is a staged dog and pony show for the gullible goyim?

  8. Along with not being fit for office, I can say with certainty Hillary is now a fully Jewish-bat-shit-crazy-psychopath. She should be awarded dual citizenship papers with Israel, along with the right of return, after which she should make immediate “Aliyah” to further enhance her psychopathic programming.

    The idea of a political leader saying “we came, we saw, he died” and then laughing insanely, and being allowed to do so publicly, is disturbing beyond any normal sensibility. The question not being addressed publicly should be: “Is this someone you want anywhere near the levers of nuclear power?”

    Hillary shouldn’t be allowed to run as a candidate for waste disposal czar. The fact that she is considered a viable candidate for the president of the United states, the highest political office in the land, combined with the present third world Negro holding that office, telegraphs the message to Jews quite clearly, to wit: “Americans are fully too stupid and too ignorant to ever mount an effective campaign against the Jews or even the most minor aspects of their agenda.”

    “The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country. We have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible — and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever. – Earl Raab, former president Brandeis University, San Francisco Jewish Bulletin, July 23, 1993. (Note the date now 23 years in the past, and consider what has transpired during that time, especially the election of a third world Negro clown to the office of president. A big “FUCK YOU WHITEY” from the Jews to you.)

    Thanks to Jews, white America has now passed the point of entertaining any rational, logical, or even slightly cogent thoughts.

  9. Off topic question: Can anyone tell me how to remove a word from the dictionary? I have inadvertently added misspelled words to the dictionary with the slip of a finger and now I find misspelled words failing to be highlighted during editing.

  10. We find out today Hellary has some mysterious black guy who travels with her wherever she goes and give her injections every once in awhile. Maybe he has a MD degree, maybe not, but even if he does have a MD degree he’s not with Hellary at all times becuse he cares about health. He’s her oveseer for the satanic bosses who own Hellary. We see very clearly today Hellary has got a dog collar on and is led around on a leash, and the black guy with her is the one who takes her on her walks and injects her at those times it’s about to get real obvious she’s POSSESSED BY DEMONS. The injections are voodoo injections so to speak to keep the demons at bay, to implore the demons NOT to be TOO obvious. I don’t how to word it. I hope I made my point, though. It’s really obvious how truly demon-possed she is, her black guy walking her around on a leash is satanic also of course, Hellary BOSS or BOSSES are likewise very deeply satanic. She’s all about satanism and nothing but satanism. if she wins in November you can kiss the United States good bye, that’s for sure. Her goal/her agenda/her striving/her ORDERS, are to lead the USA to total ruin. And with what glee and with what slavish obsequiousness she follows The Orders of her deeply deeply deeply satanic Masters.

    I know 9/11 was an inside job. Still, many Americans don’t know that or don’t want to know it. Since 9/11 the USA has been waging war against the Muslim world. Obama/Hellary gave those the US military is warring against, at least as far as the official story goes, tons of money, tons of weapons, lots of logistical information. One would think ALL Americans who think the government’s story about 9/11 is true and think it’s true the U.S. military is out there overseas fighting against Islamic Jihadists, one would think they would be deeply opposed to Hillary. Yet, there are many — and they’re in the Democratic camp — who believe the government’s story about 9/11 is true and believe the U.S. military is fighting Islamic Jihadists overseas and yet support Hillary who is on the Very Side of those the USA government/U.S.miltary is fighting [ as per their belief in the govt. stories ], they believe the government story concerning 9/11 and they believe the U.S. military is fighting Islamic Jihadists overseas, yet they support Hillary who gives the Islamic Jihadists money, weapons, logistical support anyway, almost as if they’re mesmerized. This is amazing.

    1. Clintons like negras as handlers, such as Vernon Jordan of CFR. They even shared humidors. 🙂

      Washington attorney Vernon Jordan met Bill Clinton in 1973, long before the latter became President; the two have been friends ever since. Jordan even noted in his deposition during the Senate impeachment trial that “every year [Clinton] has been President he has had, he and his family, Christmas Eve with my family.” The two have been photographed numerous times playing golf together.

  11. Re: Hillary’s putative demonic possession. I will say upfront (because a burnt child dreads the fire) that I do not mean any disrespect to anyone’s opinions about demonic possession. If I ever see anyone writhing and foaming at the mouth, eyes rolling, who gurgles imprecations and obscenities in ancient languages unknown to the person previously I will accept that as an upfront possession by Satan.
    Nevertheless, for the purpose of sociopathy characterized by an utter lack of empathy and callous inhumanity and driven by extreme narcissism, unquenchable greed, an arrogant sense of entitlement and sadism, I am perfectly satisfied with another explanation:
    namely, that of an individual (group) being the product of a process of mutual selection between deeply flawed human rejects and judaic indoctrination.
    Re: The fact that our many previous “conspiracy theories” have been proved true (e.g., our “winning record”) should make it impossible to claim other statements we make are false without looking at the evidence. Should… but it doesn’t.
    Ask David Irving. They had to change the Auschwitz shingle from 4 million to one million (the latter after a bit of negotiation and jewing it up from less than that) because his research was rock solid. So, is he still not reviled and hounded as a “denier” and an “anti-semite”? Are any of his writings required reading in schools rather than the Ballpoint Pen Diary or Wiesel’s sick lies? Do they even admit that 6 minus 3 cannot possibly be the mythical 6? There is no need to look at the evidence once you have managed to destroy the “denier” and vilify him. I used to think that America’s problem was a poorly educated public but when I look at what happened to Sweden (one of the most literate nations in Europe) I think “brain” is not enough. I think “brawn” may be required to go along with a national consciousness.

  12. I started watching the video without even knowing it was Paul Joseph Watson. I just listened to what he was saying, and found it to be overly sensational, and rather silly. No Hilary wasn’t having a fit or seizure. If she was, she certainly would be more out of control than she was, and her speech patterns would probably have changed. I believe that all she was doing was trying to be funny, in her own bizarre way. (I am no Hillary (nor Trump) supporter. Psychopaths both … but I try to follow Michael Collins Piper’s idea of truth. Truth is extremely important, even if sometimes it may hurt you to understand it. The truth is the truth, and there is no getting around it).

    [It’s interesting to note that Watson spoke of talking to psychiatrists but didn’t say who they actually were. Another one of those cases of “inside sources say …” which is always a rubric of dodgy journalism.]

    Maybe Hillary has been ill, and is under medication. Maybe. But this does not mean that she has had seizures of any kind in public. I saw my own mother have a kind of seizure several years ago, and it was nothing like this. Her language was mangled, and she had no idea what was going on until she came back to normal. She wasn’t all bobble-headed. She looked a bit “out of it”, and she mixed up her words.

    The coughing thing is Hillary playing for time. It’s a fairly known thing if you watch Hillary videos on youtube. She has done this a number of times just to dodge a question, or play for time. Same with the laughing thing. It’s just a tactic. Nothing medical going on in the slightest.

    So Watson is just playing the old Alex Jones/Infowars game. One he has been doing with AJ for years.

    I believe everyone here should watch that video Harbinger linked to, if they haven’t already. It proves, to me, anyway, that Watson, like AJ is taking the shekel as do a lot of other people in the alternative media. But again, that’s pretty obvious he’s been doing that for years anyway.

    Put faith in no one, and keep your eyes open. Since Victor Thorn’s death, there are far fewer people you can trust in the patriot/truth world.

    Best wishes

    Harvey P.

    1. To one of your points, Harvey – –

      Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks

      Victor Thorn. Shawn Lucas. John Ashe. Seth Rich. Joe Montano. And counting. These suspicious deaths will not stop unless or until the candidate is stopped and put behind bars.

      Hillary will stop at nothing to claw her way into the White House; unfortunately, people are dropping dead left and right in her path and, in the case of the last two found dead earlier this week(Aug 5, 2016), the mainstream media is pretending not to even notice they are gone…..

  13. I actually want Hillary Clinton to win. So that we can have our third world war. This will results in a Full blown genocide against the Diaspora Jews and their white slaves.

      1. that’s fine…so will Trump…at least Trump is open about it and doesn’t sugar goat his plan to go to war for Israel and Jews against Islam and Muslims worldwide…

        Hillary just puts a smile towards the killing.

        It’s why Muslims vote for her.

        Trump’s rhetoric made him lose the Muslim vote. And by Muslims voting for Clinton, they are implicitly voting for the destruction of America.

      2. and even if Bill killed musselmen…it was few in numbers compared to GW Bush…

        both Bushes…

        and even if Hillary kills musselmen…she finances our criminals and extremists who end up killing christians, shias, yezidis, sunnis, although I do wish they’d kill jews worldwide as well…

      3. salmon –

        You should read history. Clinton ordered over 280,000 sorties on musselmen just in 1999 in Iraq, not to mention the thousands on musselmen in Yugoslavia and dropped over 2,000 bombs. Clinton waged war on musselmen for nearly a decade there.

      4. it still doesn’t compare to the Bushes – both first and second…

        and in Yugoslavia he killed Serbs as well…

        the Mujahideen from overseas helped Muslims in Bosnia and Kosova…

  14. Even without a seizure, Hillary will guarantee continuing the problems pointed out by Congressman Chaffetz in the video below.

    He pointed out that Homeland Security released over 86,000 criminal aliens over the previous 3 year period. Many of them immediately committed further criminal acts **including murder.

    Governments throughout the white world are encouraging this racial mayhem.

    His lapel pin in the video looks like a Pharisee-Jew star:
    https://www.youtube.com/embed/2QOwAJ2ez6U 3 minutes

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