ISIS terrorists sneak into Europe disguised as ‘refugees’

Sourced from RT: 5,000 ISIS militants trained in Syria & Iraq walk free in Europe – Europol

Pictures, captions and brief commentary by Lasha Darkmoon

Supporters of anti-immigration right-wing movement PEGIDA protest in Cologne


LD:  5000 ISIS terrorists are believed to have slipped into Europe, using forged Syrian passports. It makes you wonder: how many of the so-called “refugees” responsible for the 1049 crimes committed in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were ISIS terrorists in disguise?  

Between 3,000 and 5,000 so-called ‘foreign fighters’ — EU citizens trained in Islamic state terror camps — have returned to Europe and pose a “completely new challenge,” according the continent’s top police chief.

“Europe is currently facing the highest terror threat in more than in a decade,” Rob Wainwright, Europol’s director, told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung daily, warning of the real possibility of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) or other terror groups attacks in Europe.

“We can expect ISIS or other religious terror groups to stage an attack somewhere in Europe with the aim of achieving mass casualties among the civilian population,” he said, noting that the risk of attacks by individuals has also not diminished.

However, Wainwright refused to link the unprecedented increase in the terror threat with the ongoing refugee crisis. He refuted the widespread assumption that terrorists are infiltrating Europe under the guise of asylum seekers. See Ex-defence secretary warns of ‘terrorists operating under cover of refugees’ in Britain.“There are no concrete indications that terrorists are systematically using the stream of refugees to come into Europe undetected,” Wainwright said.

Last month, however, former UK Defense Secretary Liam Fox expressed concern that jihadists could sneak into the EU among asylum-seekers. Southern European countries through which they travel “have no idea whether these people are genuine refugees or asylum seekers, or economic migrants, or terrorists operating under the cover of either,” he said.

These worries were substantiated after the German domestic intelligence service confirmed in February that it had received more than 100 tip-offs alleging IS militants had arrived in the country pretending to be refugees. The news prompted further debate on EU migration policy.

See:  German intel gets over 100 tip-offs on ISIS militants among refugees – report

Last year, FBI Director James Comey confirmed to the US Senate committee that Islamic State terrorists had obtained at least one printing machine being used to provide militants with authentic-looking Syrian passports. The machine is believed to have been seized by terrorists during an IS offensive on the city of Deir ez-Zour. The revelation sparked concerns that large amounts of forged IDs can be manufactured in IS-controlled territories.

Two fraudulent Syrian passports were found at the site of the Paris attacks, which claimed the lives of 130 people in November. They are believed to belong to suicide bombers, who arrived in Europe via refugee routes.

In February, the FSB (Russian security agency) captured 14 gang members who were forging passports for Islamic extremists heading to Syria and planning to conduct terrorist and extremist activities in Russia.

According to a report on global terrorism from the Institute of Economics and Peace, since the start of the military conflict in Syria in 2011, between 25,000 and 30,000 ‘foreign fighters’ have arrived in Iraq and Syria, with Europe accounting for 21 percent of the total number.

LD: As an astute correspondent said to me in an email today: “If 5000 ISIS terrorists have managed to sneak their way into Europe, it makes you wonder how many of them were at Cologne on New Year’s Eve.”


Europe in 2050


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      i think Europeans and North American white deserve to get what they are getting from foreign rapists for being such explicit cucks to the Jews for the last 14 years…whaddaya think?

      1. Now, we know how ugly losers “get it” and “do it”. Thanks, Salman. You’re a prime example of a turd world moron and an uncivilized, uncivilizable mud.

      2. This pretend Muslim Salman Rushdie, i mean Salman Hossain should be banned. He puts the sincere and true Muslims to shame.
        He needs to be extracted from his chair and thrown in the loony bin. Just what the hell is the matter with you?

    1. @ azenfrend

      Article sourced from Russia Today (RT). I think the source of the 3000-5000 figure is mentioned in the article. Most statistics do not involve actual “counting” but are often informed guesstimates based on extrapolations from other known facts. For example, we know that thousands of Syrian passports have been forged, so it’s reasonable to suppose that X number of passports have fallen into the hands of ISIS terrorists who have gone on record as saying they intend to visit Europe and the US.

      1. Sard –
        You should know that “guesstimates” is MY word!! One of MY favorites.
        I have filed for a TM of it and its many other variations.
        The problem is that it appears I have plagiarized Webster.

        You have my permission to use it here. It strengthens my use of it.
        I’m quite certain that Webster won’t mind either. 🙂

    2. They counted themselves out and back in, all you need to do is actually READ the article.
      The 3000-5000 figure refers to EU passport holders, Euro-jihadi taqfiris who went off to serve Jew’s interests in Syria and Iraq and are now returning to continue their parasitic ways in Europe and give Islam a good name while continuing the Ehrenburg program.
      Again, to save you time,

      According to a report on global terrorism from the Institute of Economics and Peace, since the start of the military conflict in Syria in 2011, between 25,000 and 30,000 ‘foreign fighters’ have arrived in Iraq and Syria, with Europe accounting for 21 percent of the total number.

      So, we are talking about 5000-6000 of Euro-taqfiris and on top of them add whatever number of confirmed, highly experienced torturers, mass murderers of Shia Muslims and Christians, slave merchants of Yazidi women, looters and rapists obtained fraudulent Syrian passports supplied by Mossad and the true picture comes into focus.
      How many of these pseudo-Muslim apostates do you figure will integrate into European societies peacefully and productively, as bakers, bus drivers, bricklayers, hospital staff, teachers and so on?
      I’d say zero is a safe number.

      What a piss-poor comment, so much easier than having to use the brain.
      Ask yourself why Jew is laughing his way to the world throne.

      1. lobro…the gunmen in the Paris attacks were Israelis and Europeans …Jews or their various Shabbos Goyim in NATO..the brown faces put up on jew media is a typical scam…none of the muds were involved in killing innocents in Paris…but jew media luvs to promote Xenophobia as usual.

      2. Sal, I know that, same for Charlie Hebdo, too bad they didn’t wipe them all out.

        But re Köln, I keep saying from day one, these gropers were ISIS deserters who were coordinated with Marcia Adair from your “friends” 😉 Nat Post to do the New Year’s job.
        It confirms that the National Post is a Canadian field office of Mossad.
        Easy to find 1000 german born taqfiri lowlife, pay them €500 apiece to hit the railway station at once for maximum media hit. Money well spent and grabbed from German taxpayer anyway – Jew sense of humor.

        Do you see that, Sal?
        Jew organizes gropefest, puts it out on social networks, then uses his own media and German political slaves to deny it, people go crazy, hate on ALL Muslims, distrust own political leadership and police … exactly as prescribed in The Protocols to destroy the social glue and catalyze the takeover by the alien, hostile global elite.

        Burning the candle at both ends …

        Didn’t Hitler see it crystal clear – check those videos again, add it up, the Hellstorm and all – how can it not be as I described above, a totally Jew initiated and run op against the single most hated nation, not because Germans did anything wrong but because they are the strong heart of Europe.

        It didn’t require highly skilled pros like the Paris disco massacre, just a bunch of semi-retarded yahoos, herded by a few Mossad handlers communicating by Odigo.
        Plus lovely Marcia – a face that only a Jew could stand looking at.

      3. “You’re being a xenophobe!”, said the tapeworm as the surgeon pulled the whole 25 feet of it out of the white girl.

      4. Lobro,

        “Jew organizes gropefest, puts it out on social networks…..”

        Let’s look at this……

        1. Immigrants, come from strict religious, sexually oppressive society into a German, very non religious, liberal and sexually free society.
        2. Immigrants, no longer under Islamic law, drink alcohol (previously forbidden to them) and get drunk, losing control of their inhibitions and see scantily clad women (compared to back home) and get incredibly frisky and horny.
        3. Bottoms are pinched, breasts are fondled and crotches are grabbed as the drunk, horny young males, who’ve never been with a woman (nor even drunk alcohol before), see their chances in a society that will give them nothing more than a slap on the wrist and a “don’t do it again” telling off.

        Lobro, I highly doubt that Jew organised 1,000 Muslims to go on a gropefest. Sure, they were behind the wars and the liberal legislation that allowed them to travel over safe haven after safe haven to come into Europe, but what we are seeing here are immigrants, chancing their luck, with absolutely zero respect for western women, our laws, culture and traditions.
        This is what the problem is here.

      5. Harbinger

        If you looked good in a bikini, would you use it for power? Do girls even like you? By that, I mean: do tweeners ever check you out? The appraisals of tweeners are the only appraisals I trust. Would you ever have a tweener girlfriend?

        Yeah, I got checked out by 2 tweeners yesterday, so my self esteem is off the chain today. It’s some happy shit. I respect the tweener’s 3rd eye.

  1. Only 5000? Matthew Bracken’s expected TET offensive #2 of Europe is probably going to happen just as he predicted. Today’s Germans are not of the mettle that their grandfathers were made of. Germany is lost and Europe is lost as well.

  2. It seems ,it seems to me that this blog is a confused one
    some say it’s a troll site ,some say it’s a zionists front
    some say it’s British honey trap among many rumors going around in cyberspace
    this blog is just one of many like it ,why concentrate on this one simple blog out of so many like it out there.
    the simple answer is Lasha Darkmoon and her firebrand poetry and her provocative articles
    this gives this blog it’s flavor and uniqueness ,without Lasha this blog became just one of many boring plain blogs ,no fizz and no character.
    but Lasha seems these days bent on one subject and one subject only Bashing Muslims none stop in tandem with the zionists agenda.
    and with this new agenda will make this blog attractive to the ignorant white supremacists hooligans hillbillies drooling beasts.
    therefore it’s better for the Muslims to Joint the Jewish Zionists apparatus than be a sitting ducks for the racists blood thirsty white beasts who want to reinvent the crusades and the Inquisition.

    1. -The True Calling,

      There is nothing whatsoever about this blog that bashes Muslims. What this blog does do and do very well, is it writes articles on problems with immigration whom, many just happen to be Muslims.
      You are trying to sully this website because you disagree in its stance. This website is not a pro Islam website, but that stated, it is most certainly not an anti Islam one either.
      This site, has, from what I’ve noticed, been focusing on white genocide, amongst other issues and the immigration problem is part of that. It has called out those responsible for this and many of the intelligent posters within, have offered their views on the subject, into what is needed to be done.

      This site will attract white supremacists. All sites that promote the survival of the white peoples will. Lasha and Admin have no control over who views on this site, but they do who posts. There are many white nationalists on here, of which I am one. Then again, I am a culturalist in that I agree on the rights of indigenous people regardless of wherever they may live.

      If Muslims wish to post, they will. If they disagree with what is written then they will air their views. This is a forum for conflicting opinion and because it’s been concentrating on attacks by Middle Eastern and African immigrants, who have piled into Europe en masse and whom happen to be predominantly Muslim, then Islam has been getting a bum rap.

      If Immigrants choose to sexually assault, assault and murder Europeans and who are found to be Islamic, then how really do you expect us to behave? Why ARE Muslims sexually assaulting women in Europe, when it is clear within Islamic teaching that it is completely wrong? Is it because they view us as lower than them? Is it extreme prejudice because they are not walking about in black tents, covering all areas of visible flesh and therefore fair game for sexual advancements? is it because now they are no longer in their Islamic lands, they don’t fear here what would happen to them back home were they to behave the same way?

      When western women go to Islamic lands, they cover up, yet, it seems very much that when these Muslims come into the west, they continue to enforce their Islamic way of life over our liberal way of life in allowing women to dress how they will and treat us with the utmost contempt and disrespect? They have never heard of ‘When in Rome, live like a Roman’ have they?

      When we, as Europeans, find ourselves under threat, from an alien entity, who happen to be Muslim, then expect us to write negatively about these Muslim immigrants. Or do you just think that every non Muslim female is fair game to Muslim immigrant advances and should submit willingly?

  3. I remember wondering when the whole ‘refugee’ explosion started, just how many IS members would be piling into Europe, to conveniently act as sleeper sells for Jewish sponsored terrorism, disguised as Islamic terror.

    Now I have my answer, although I reckon there are far more. And just as the Jew, carefully stirred the pot of Christian sectarianism, with the Protestants and Catholics, now it’s the Islamic turn with the Sunnis/Salafists and Shias.

    I feel a Children of Men scenario, waiting to happen in London, to scare the sheep into yet more creation of anti liberty, terror legislation. But the politicians will be perfectly safe, knowing that the terrorists, will never target them, as they both have the same boss.
    Chaos soup is coming along nicely…..
    No one has a clue, for the football, Kim Kardashian’s life, celebrities frolicking in the jungle and the exploits of Albert Square residents keeps everyone happily amused while buttons are pushed and levers are pulled.

    Yes, 5,000 IS terrorists happily walked into Europe unchecked, yet I can’t fly from Edinburgh to London, unless I have my passport or some means of identification

    They’re now here for good, so let the games begin!

    1. In fact, Harbinger, ‘the games’ beginning might just inspire people to examine themselves and our societies as to our own conduct compared to how we’ve preached about how things ought to be. None of us – whether European or American – have been paragons of virtue! Our societies are SICK, and it’s a damn wonder anyone has the fortitude to condemn ISIS for outrageous conduct. Relative to WHAT??! Our own loose morals and perversions?? On this very website, we have been informed of the sickness of societies such as that of Berlin in the pre-Hitler days. Someone was outraged enough about it to do something, but magnificent soldiers such as the SS were not born out of a perfect peace! There will be pain before gain.
      Keep your powder dry!

    2. Yes, 5,000 IS terrorists happily walked into Europe unchecked, yet I can’t fly from Edinburgh to London, unless I have my passport or some means of identification

      Harb, any idea of who (hint: look up ICTS) handles all the world’s airport security arrangements?
      Ever heard of how the underwear bomber was able to fly from Nigeria to Amsterdam to JFK/NYC without any ID, first class, to boot?
      Who is IS’s Daddy? (another hint: begins with “IS”)

      Besides, the jihadis had passports, German, British, Swedish, Dutch, French (across Rhine from Köln), Danish … at less 5000 were European born, according to the official stats, I can’t vouch for accuracy, simply quoting.
      Plus so many with Syrian fakes.

      And they didn’t fly, they came by buses, trains, boats, walked …

      Jew can do absolutely whatever he wants in Europe, anytime he wants.
      Just look at Barbara Lerner Spectre, born of rabbi in the US, aliya in Israel, comes to Sweden as the supreme taskmaster, they crawl and grovel before her.
      All she has to say is, Get out of your houses and leave your tenage daughters plus booze for my wahhabi taqfiri friends and consider it done.

      Harb, you are not even second class in your own country, you are third class unless Jew approves an upgrade.

  4. The heading of the post is totally out of reality. It should read: 5000 USrael terrorists sneak into Europe disguised as ‘refugees’.

    “I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily,” Benjamin Netanyahu, 2001.

    In August 2014, a senior official at the Dutch Justice Ministry in Twitter message claimed that the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” is a Zionist plot, funded by the US and Israel to demonize Islam.

    Yasmina Haifi, a project leader at the ministry’s National Cyber Security Center, posted on Twitter: “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionist who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name.”

    The message really pissed off the powerful pro-Israel lobby groups. MPs belonging to the anti-Islam and anti-immigration Geert Wilders Party for Freedom (PVV) demanded that the Justice Minister explain how a person with such anti-Semitic views reached such a prominent position in the Ministry.

    1. Rehmat,

      “Yasmina Haifi, a project leader at the ministry’s National Cyber Security Center, posted on Twitter: “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionist who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name.” ”

      That may be so, but

      ‘Yasmina Haifi’ should thank the Jews because she owes them everything she has. It is because of Jew she, as a foreigner, occupies(d) a high position and has been given a career in a nation to which she doesn’t belong. As a matter of fact, her, and all muslim immigrants’ very presence in the Netherlands is entirely thanks to Jew. So if she, and all other muslim immigrants, who walked in without ever being invited by the Dutch, feel their religion or reputation is being ‘blackened’ then they are free to leave. Please leave asap. We won’t miss you, it will be a blessing for our country, and you will be home and won’t have to suffer discrimination by evil whites. We need ‘Yasmina’ as a project leader at the ministry’s National Cyber Security Center like we need holes in our heads.

      Perhaps ‘Yasmina’ and her fellow religionists are USrael agents disguised as immigrants as well.

      1. Rehmat,

        O, and BTW, this has nothing to do with Islam. I still wouldn’t want 6 or 700.000 immigrants from Turkey and Morocco and another 17.000 million billion from all over the (mostly 3rd) world in my country if they were all Christians or atheists. The point is, there is no need for these people in my country, au contrair, which should always be the foremost criterium for any country to accept new comers.

      2. @1138 – Yasmina is as much a Dutch as the White folks are Americans or Canadian. Her parents came as immigrants and didn’t kill a single Dutch or occupy his property. Contrary to that ancestors of Whites living in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were the thugs who invaded those countries, killed tens of millions of Natives and occupied their native land by guns.

        Don’t make Jews as scapegoats because it’s your White Christian Jewish butts-licking leaders who invaded Muslim lands for Israel and flooded Europe with non-White refugees.

        Ignorance no excuse to hate Muslims or Islam. If you want to hate someone – hate the fifth columns within White Europeans.


      3. Rehmat,

        “ancestors of Whites living in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were the thugs who invaded those countries, killed tens of millions of Natives and occupied their native land by guns.”

        The Australians were shipped to Australia as prisoners of his/her majesty. They were convicts. However I disagree in colonization, hence the current Islamic one of Europe.
        As for America (and Canada) the European peoples were there long before the Amerindians arrived from Eastern Russia. The ‘Solutreans’ were in the USA some 10,000 years before the arrival of the ‘native Americans, circa 12,000BC.
        So why aren’t we taught this in the history books?
        Well considering that Jew owns indoctrination through the msm and academia, it’s not really hard as to see that what’s happening is a constant ‘hate whitey’ campaign. It was the native Americans who genocided the white man. It was they who killed them and intermixed with the remainder of the Solutreans. Interesting huh? Everything isn’t so black and white now is it?

        I would also be interested as to know about just how many slaves were killed by white Christians in the USA, compared to their Jewish counterparts? The immigrants themselves, from Scotland and Ireland, the first slaves in the USA, taught the negroes the gospel, not the Jews, who dominated the slave trade. Some 75% of Jews owned slaves compared to 5% of non Jews. Who writes history again Rehmat?

      4. Rehmat,

        “Yasmina is as much a Dutch as the White folks are Americans or Canadian”

        No, she is not, and she never will be nor her great great grandchildren. Only white people can be Dutch. I will never be an Arab, Turk or Somali, you understand? Dutch people, mostly Franks, Saxons and Frysians founded the Netherlands over many centuries, not Turks, not Moroccans, not Somalis or Arabs. Therefore, Turks, Moroccans, Somalis or Arabs are not and never will be part of the Dutch nation and need to go home because we don’t need them. There is no need for them in my country, do you understand that? They have nothing to offer us and are a burden and the only reason they are in my country is as an instrument of the Jew to destroy what we have built in centuries.

        Furthermore, America, I presume you mean the United states of America, and Canada are names of countries founded by whites. Not founded by anyone else. Europeans are the source which created those countries. Without them there would be no USA or Canada. Hence European Americans or Canadians are native to that country.

        The notion that when a negro moves to Europe he becomes a European is typical Jewish fiction. There are Whites, Arabs, negroes, East Asians, south Asians etc. and they all have their own natural habitats, just as polar bears, giraffes, and crocodiles have given to them by nature God or whatever you wish to call it. And if don’t agree then the Turks should leave what is currently known as Turkey because it sure as hell isn’t their native land and they stole it from others.

    2. @ Rehmat

      I have been wondering about you ,I did visit your website many time trying to figured it out.
      I discovered new blogs through the links posted on your blog.
      Rehmat are a male or female? are you are an Arab or no ?
      I have a humble request from you ,boycott this racist ugly filthy Zionist blog
      Lasha seems to me like a mos-sad agent honey trapping these stupid ignorant whities
      they deserve each other ,lets us Muslim leave this rotten sinking darkmoon ship

  5. “Ian Mounce
    February 22, 2016 at 12:03 am
    @ Tom
    Not sure what point you’re making. The picture you claim is “photo-copied” (without producing any evidence for your claim) can be found all over Google images in multiple variations:”

    My reply:
    If you are able to arrange a group of people to match that photo shopped image perfectly(! ) then I promise to pay you one thousand of those; “US fake dollars” as a reward!

    …And by the way, according to “Google”, the crematoriums which appear to be made out of house bricks can; supposedly outperform (by a substantial degree) the performance of a modern day crematorium!
    And my conclusion is that:
    “YOU are yet another;“Googled” sucker”!

  6. Harb
    Maybe your version is right: frisky Muslim mongrels off the chain, a perfect demonstration of cultural contrasts.
    (I feel that it may place an unjustified onus on Islam as a bad system, something that quite a few here would agree on)
    My problem with that is that it doesn’t address a bunch of individually unlikely circumstances that when simultaneously convergent become singularly exceptional.
    Q1 – Why Köln, the seat of the finest example of the Catholic sacred architecture – why not Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Hanover, Munster, Leipzig, Hamburg, Frankfurt (the lair of occult Jewish filth), Bonn, Mannheim, … why were the rest spared of a massive, simultaneous – yet, according to you, uncoordinated attack?

    Q2 – the New Year’s partying started well before midnight, why weren’t there extraordinary groping incidents starting at 6 pm, which would have led to gradual dispersal of offended women?

    Q3 – what was Marcia Adair doing there, a nasty Jewess on assignment to National Post, the slimiest Talmudist asswipe imaginable, otherwise totally local to Canada, globally ignored and insignificant country, and
    why was she in a hurry to specifically deny that anything untoward happened, that “it was perfectly quiet and peaceful and nobody molested her”?

    Got a plausible answer to those 3 questions?

    Also: both Syria and Iraq, the sources of the mass of civilian refugees, were (and are) strictly secular countries, full-on Islamic coverings for women in fact prohibited, just as in Turkey, so the “never seen a woman before” meme doesn’t apply.
    But it does apply to ISIS, 95% of whom are foreign mercenaries, many from Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Chechnya, Uighurs, etc.

    Anyway, I am much more comfortable with a thesis that it was due to proven psychopaths with training and experience in violent crimes than regular people who happen to be of different religious persuasion.

    1. Lobro,

      The whole point of the Jew instigated ‘war on terror’ was the excuse to allow them to start flooding Europe with immigrants. They knew that the clash of culture would cause chaos. We have two drastically opposing ideologies coming together into one big battle ground:

      Liberal, progressive, Europe, sinking within moral depravity, rampant homosexuality and radical feminism, liberating sexual freedoms for women


      Its complete opposite in Islam.

      We have a clear cut case of an incoming patriarchy vs a clear matriarchy.

      The meeting of these two would be on a par with pulling a pan of burning fat off of the cooker, dropping it in the sink and turning on the cold tap!
      And like I also stated, we have the incredibly high possibility of Muslim youth, who’ve never touched alcohol, nor had the freedoms to grope women either, having ready access to both. That in their land would have been a very big no-no. In other words, Jew knew very well that if you take Muslims out of Muslim lands, there’s the very high chance they will experience the forbidden fruits, the west has been enjoying for a while now.

      To your questions:

      Q1. Why Cologne? Well, like London, this is where the majority of Muslims (and migrants overall) head for, simply because of the high Muslim population there. I believe Cologne also has the highest Muslim population of all German cities. Interestingly enough, it also has the largest Jewish population as well, as with London.

      Q2. Why did groping not start at 6pm? Simple, they hadn’t started drinking yet.

      Q3. As stated in Q1, Cologne has Germany’s largest and oldest Jewish population. There could be many reasons – visiting friends and family, tourist and of course, special assignment for the Canadian media.

      “Also: both Syria and Iraq, the sources of the mass of civilian refugees, were (and are) strictly secular countries, full-on Islamic coverings for women in fact prohibited, just as in Turkey, so the “never seen a woman before” meme doesn’t apply.”

      What is the penalty in Islamic lands for groping of women in public? A public lashing? And/Or a visit from the father and brothers and a serious beating/murder?
      Are these people Syrians and Iraqis? I don’t know. I should imagine the overwhelming majority are not. And I should also imagine that many, if not all, hate the west for its war of terror on Islamic lands.

  7. @ Lasha

    “Pictures, captions and brief commentary by Lasha Darkmoon”

    “Protesters in Cologne” picture.

    Do not consider this to be criticism, just FYI.

    You might want to consider dropping the picture from your resources since it appears to be a photo-shopped picture. It reminds me of the kind of pictures used by the perpetrators of the Libyan destruction back in 2011 using sets in Qatar. Here is why.

    The most predominant sign in the picture is in English, not German. Last time I checked, Cologne was in Germany. Why would German protesters, protesting against Muslims in Germany, use a sign in English? Obviously, it was to inflame English speaking countries concerning Muslims via the jewish media distribution network. And in typical jewish methodology, they even threw in a sign with Jesus Christ written on it since the doctored picture is aimed at inflaming Christians with the subliminal suggestion that Jesus is against Muslims. Misusing Jesus is a favorite jewish trick.

    Back to the big “English sign.” If you look at the sign, notice that the top of the sign is sagging in the middle at the top, but the words “RAPEFUGEES” is not sagging appropriately. The CIA, MI6, and Mossad photoshop “artists” never pay enough attention to detail which is why they always get caught. Hey, they are government employees so that should not be surprising.

    Of course, it’s up to you on the picture. I just thought I would point out what I noticed.

    1. @ Ungenius

      I realize that your above comment is well-meant and that you are one of this site’s most respected commenters — and deservedly so — but I think you are wrong in your assumption that all demonstrations in foreign countries would feature placard holders with placards exclusvely in the language of that country. Thus you write:

      “The most predominant sign in the picture is in English, not German. Last time I checked, Cologne was in Germany. Why would German protesters, protesting against Muslims in Germany, use a sign in English?”

      The fact is, English is the universal language. So it is quite common to see placards in English in Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy and all other European countries. In Holland, for example, placards in demos are almost always in English AS WELL AS in Dutch. Why? Because 30% of the people living in Holland speak NO DUTCH at all! The are all foreigners, however, who understand English.

      Go to the far East and you’ll find the same. Placard carriers in India ALWAYS carry placards IN ENGLISH. Because that’s how it is. When the demos appear on TV and go round the world, what use would it be if the placards were in Hindi or Tamil? No one would understand them. But they would understand English.

      The placards in Cologne, bearing the words “RAPEFUGEES” were NOT “photo-shopped” or fraudulent. They were deliberately written in English so that a world audience could understand them.

      I don’t think Lasha needs to change the picture. You will find the same picture, featuring the word “RAPEFUGEES” all over the internet. And all over televison and in newspapers too.…8791.43893.0.45741.….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.19.1244.xDy4jRO2FsA

      Try and understand that this site is not distorting reality but holding a mirror up to reality. The rapes and sexual assaults in Cologne were not invented by evil Jews to bring Muslims into disrepute. They actually took place.

      We now learn that many of the sex criminals responsible for these crimes are indeed Muslims, though most Muslims are not like this and would disown them utterly. The culprits are often bogus asylum seekers with stolen passports or they are European citizen Muslims who have gone out to the Middle East and have served under ISIS. They have then returned to Germany, Austria, France, Britain etc etc after being thoroughly radicalized. These are the rapists and the sexual assaulters, starved of females and inflamed with lust by the sight of bare female flesh.

      1. @ Sardonicus

        Thanks for the reply, but I did not say that Lasha should remove the picture from the article. I said that she might want to remove it from her resource file and that it was totally up to her.

        Also, I stated right up front that my comment was not to be considered criticism since it is not, just an observation about a picture from an FYI perspective. I, in no way, referenced Lasha’s commentary or the content of the article.

        I only posted my comment because I noticed, no other reason. The only reason I noticed is because I spent many years in the photo industry dealing with the creation and production of real and photo-shopped pictures.

      2. @ Ungenius

        Sincere apologies if I upset you in any way. No negative criticism of you was intended.

      3. @ Sardonicus

        No apology necessary. I did not take your comment as negative criticism. I responded to your comment only to clarify my intention with my original post.

    2. Sard –

      “You will find the same picture, featuring the word “RAPEFUGEES” all over the internet.”

      That’s because London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers, partners, subsidiaries and agents – OWN and CONTROL the internet – and approve the messages.

      It is THEIR global message-board..!!

      1. @ Pat

        Good point. So let’s have no more pictures posted on this site any more. Or on any other site for that matter. Let there be a complete ban on all Google pictography now and for evermore.

        Pat the Prophet hath spoken, “All is controlled by London’s Pharisee-Jew bankers!”

        Time to stop eating and starve to death, because even our food supply is controlled by the evil hook-nosed bankers in London. 🙂

  8. I have to say that I really am shocked at Muslims (and non Muslims) who are nonchalant about the clear cut situation of two opposing ideologies meeting together. When this is written about, out come the shouts of ‘Islamaphobia’.

    I do not think that this is a Jewish, psy-op, the attacks on women in Cologne. What we have is a clash of cultures, or should I say, an intolerant patriarchy, meeting a very tolerant matriarchy in the heart of Europe. We also have the situation of young men, living in incredibly sexually repressed societies, walking into its complete opposite in Germany. Heck, I remember when I was in Berlin back in 1989. There were full on live sex shows, where good looking women, would pull a man out of the audience, strip him naked on stage, and shag the living daylights out of him! As a young man at the time, I was utterly amazed that this sort of thing went on. And for your information, I never went, but was told about it from friends who did.

    Does this go on in Islamic societies?
    Are there women, in Islamic societies, falling out of premises, having difficulty standing, due to copious amounts of alcohol and other drugs?
    Are there scantily clad women, showing lots of flesh, with underwear showing?

    I highly doubt that those immigrants coming in from Africa and the middle east, have ever experienced anything that is on offer in Germany.
    Imagine a young 18 year old Muslim dropped into Cologne’s red light district, walking into a venue and watching good looking women having sex with some man from the audience? Now imagine him picking up a beer and drinking it? Imagine he continues? A young virgin, getting incredibly horny, drinking alcohol he can’t handle, getting him even more horny, with no family or friends to restrict him from forbidden pleasures and realising that there’s a high chance of no-strings-attached sexual intercourse with a pretty woman?

  9. A lot of worse things have happened in the world since the cologne events; yet Darkroom and its new administration insist on this inflammatory ways…
    Also, the source of the article “RT” is Russian , what do you think Russians are gonna say about islam when it is them bombing them and making them refugees?
    How evil

    1. What do we have here, another blinkered Sunni swilling Yinon Plan koolaid?
      Let me guess your ideological lineup:
      hate Russians and Putin,
      hate Shias, Assad, Alawites, Christians,
      hate Iran and Hezbollah,
      at best pretend to side with Palestinians …
      (keep in mind that 80% of Syrian government army is comprised of Sunni soldiers and officers, including the generals and the Chief of Staff)

      basically your “hate” signpost is barcoded “729”, made in Israel/Saudi
      love ISIS, ISIL, IS, DAESH, Al-Nusra, anything wahhabi, salafi …

      If you were Christian, you’d be a Ziochristian, Israel comes ahead of Christ, ahead of the Prophet, nothing else matters but toeing the Jew line.

      Just to make your day, here is another story that Russians dare print but you’ll never see it in ZOGland: Israel Comes Clean: Sunni Extremists in Syria Are ‘in Our Camp’
      Israel doesn’t bother to hide the fact that it’s rooting for the ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria

      So c’mon DAAAAH, stand up and be counted, whose side are you on:
      a) Russia (Iran, Assad, Hezbollah, Palestine), or
      b) Israel (ISIS, al-Nusra, demented wahhabi rapists who were selling captured Yazidi women and children on Twitter for $50 apiece).

      There is no middle ground, nowhere to hide, it’s a) or b).

      I stated clearly that I am for a) and that it is satanic b) behind the travesty in Köln and elsewhere, giving all of Islam a black reputation.

      1. @ Lobro

        I’ve just done a check on this guy ‘daaaaaah’ and it will interest you to know that this is our old friend ‘Avatar’ posting under the sock puppet ‘daaaaaah’. These trolls are doing their best to screw up our website.

        We have now received 100 per cent proof that ‘Avatar’, who for the last 7-8 years has been posting on various websites pretending to be a Palestinian Muslim living in Venezuela, is in fact a Jew. He poses as a violent Jew hater, advocating the total extermination of the Jews, and his entire strategy is to bring Muslims into disrepute. He does this by making out that all Muslims are violent and bloodthirsty extremists who support the ISIS jihadists.

        AVATAR is banned from this website as of now.

        1. We have two different enemies infesting this website and it’s not easy telling them apart: (1) the clever Jew trolls (like Avatar) pretending to be hate-filled Muslims and (2) the dumb Muslims who think this site is a racist, Islamophobic site for publishing White Nationalist articles about the rape of Europe by unstoppable hordes of Third World migrants. They think we hate all Muslims (“Islamophobia”) because we disapprove of uncontrolled mass immigration and multiculturalism.

      2. Dear Darkmooners

        I am completely shocked to find out that “Avatar” is not a Palestinian but a dirty lying filthy JEW. I never would have guessed in six million years. LMFAO 😆

        1. @ JFC

          We had our suspicions but were never 100 per cent sure. Remember also that this site is largely unmonitored and we in Admin just don’t have time to read and ponder every comment. We’re doing a good job if we read every third comment. That’s why my favorite comments are the short ones. 🙂

          1. BTW, Circassian also admits he was a troll — or seems to do so — in this unpublished comment the scoundrel has just sent us:

            Admins, I hate to tell you that I told you so [i.e., that Avatar was a troll]. This is just the beginning – you’ll see more and more flowers blossom from the seeds sown by Circassian.

            He openly admits to being Satan sowing tares.

            1. [*POEM*] :

              “Do You Believe In Magik In A Young Girl’s Heart;
              How The Music Can Free Her Whenever It Starts” ,

              is just like
              the first breeze of Spring
              The Breeze and Lasha
              to us
              they Sing
              of Life
              verdant and green
              the butterflies flutter
              around my
              garden de
              Herbie de Gracies
              nature’s medicine cabinet
              for all sorts of ailments
              the Lucky ladybugs
              who bring us Luck
              Luck be a Lady Tonight
              like Lasha is a Lady
              of the black
              Darkmoon less Nights
              She brings with Her Luck
              with her every poem
              that emits from her lips
              the ladybugs
              do amass
              my Rose garden
              I did plant
              in Honor to
              blessed” “holy” Mother Lasha
              our Alternative Media
              female Saint
              is just like
              the First Spring Breeze
              as she walks around
              with a heavy dark
              Black veil of Mourning of Death
              under a Moon
              begrudging of light
              as she makes her way
              the tombstones
              of the fallen dead
              as the Night Wind wails
              Wailing and Wailing
              for the lost fallen dead
              who will never know
              in this world or the Next
              she’s as light and breezy
              and carefree as can be
              like a young girl
              who discovered
              Love and Longing
              for the very first time
              she blithely
              walks amongst the tombs
              and cries in sorrow
              Oh boo hoo hoo
              “they just told me
              my website is Top 1 percent
              this is the depressing news
              Quick! Get me my
              Black mourning veil of death
              I must go walk among the tombs
              of those who never
              will be
              to Salvation and Grace
              let us to them
              direct our lament!
              To the dead and the decrepit
              I go
              crying and crying
              as I wear my
              black heavy
              funeral Mourning garments”

      3. Pretty sure this was highlighted, quite a while back. The moment I asked Avatar about his name and also remarked how strange it is for a Muslim to be referring to himself via a word commonly used by the demonic idol worshiping infidels who will all be killed eventually, Allah willing. It is a little more than odd for him to do this, don’t you agree?

        I remember his reply.. “because I like it”
        Quite the explanation, eh..

      4. @ Lobro

        Well then, we MUST do everything we can to abridge, edit, distort, and turn the real story upside-down-on-its’ -head in order that lobro will always be “comfortable”. mohammed and allah and ali baba forbid lobro experience even one second of DIScomfort. Let us strive to do all that we can to make sure lobro never feels UNcomfortable ever again. Let us be always lobro’s 313 Helper Angels. inshallah barack obama bashada!!! We raise a toast to lobro’s takfiri muslim drinking buddies!!!

      5. Thankee TROJ.
        I am moreover uncomfortable with expressing my preferences in explicit terms and am almost-eternally grateful that you saved me the trouble, not to mention discomfort, which is actually lack of comfort.

        So, go ahead LYFAO, you earned it.

      6. you’ll see more and more flowers blossom from the seeds sown by Circassian.

        Toby, this should have been obvious quite some time ago, but I was reluctant to take it to that level because of my personal abhorrence for him, I figured it was my own problem until it became obvious that he had already caused grave damage to the site and I had to present that ultimatum, him or me.

        Consider a poster, generally acknowledged as intelligent but whose peak intellectual achievement and contribution was the following gem:
        Jews are merely whores in the employ of their pimps, the Anglo-Saxons who exploit them.
        Like I said, this is the apex of Circassian’s vaunted intelligence.
        Apart from that, about 90% of his posts were a persistent stream of attacks focused on those posters whom a Jew would consider the most detrimental to his program of mind control, and the reminder 10% were vapid homilies like,
        I just want you to be better people, more truthful, open minded, fair, …
        The forum had descended into a barroom brawl by the end, other trolls summoned to lend a hand.

        What I suspect is the following:
        in Israel there is a factory of cloned online identities, each with a believable and consistent profile in terms of childhood story, religious and cultural background, even a Facebook account (remember that Facebook is a Mossad outfit, maybe more important than the night stalkers and killers).
        They work in teams, approaching sites with a sophisticated game plan tailored to the key posters as well as personalities of the owners.
        Their moves are coordinated, responses analyzed, often in real time, by professional psychologists looking to maximize emotional leverage, sometimes they play-fight, sometimes they agree but the proof is always in the kosher pudding:
        Is it good for jews.
        That’s the only thing Jew cares for and the primary filter for a troll, if he consistently moves the Talmudic ball forward, then that’s what he is, despite any and all protestations that he “hates Jews”. Judge him by his works.

        Finally, take it as a compliment and confirmation that this blog is seen as a sufficient threat to warrant such effort and expense in order to sabotage and disable it.

        The closer and clearer we identify the truth, the more hysterical will Jew’s counterattack get.
        Be ready for more, also watch out for over the top red herrings out there, especially the ones designed to bring the “clash of civilizations” to the combustion point, where lies and inconsistencies are purposely introduced in order to discredit well-meaning but naive writers.

        1. @ Lobro

          Thanks, Lobro. I value your opinion highly. I believe you have known Lasha for about 10 years, ever since you were both posters on the Zymphora site in its heyday. As such, you would be able to vouch for Lasha’s absolute and total sincerity.

          If Lasha had been a Zionist agent and hater of Muslims, you would have found this out long ago and had nothing more to with her. After all, you’re not stupid, and it wouldn’t take you 10 years to figure her out. And yet, here we have dozens of attacks on Lasha’s integrity recently, accusing her of working for Zion and of hating Muslims. The sad thing is, not all her accusers are nasty Zionist trolls. Many of them are good Muslims (or close to the Muslim community) who genuinely believe that Lasha is evil and helping to demonize Muslims.

          Frankly, it’s hard to see how Lasha could be a Muslim hater. In not one of her articles has she said a single bad word against Islam or Muslims. She has consistently advanced the Palestinian cause and written numerous articles and poems in honor of Rachel Corrie. If she was a crypto-Zionist, would she have written and published dozens of articles questioning the Holocaust and implicating the Jews in 9/11? What Jew in his right mind would deny the Holocaust and say the Jews did 9/11?

          There is something about these people that indicates they have to have a few screws loose to accuse Lasha of being a secret agent for the Jews who hates Muslims. Good heavens! We have not only published dozens of articles by Muslims on this site. We have even recommended — or Lasha has — that all posters should forget about sending us donations but send any spare money they have to suitable Palestinian charities.

          3. This website has been advised by Lasha Darkmoon to stop accepting donations. Anyone who values the work we do is urged to send their donations to a suitable Palestinian charity.

          Lasha is very sad that she should be misunderstood and attacked by these genuinely good Muslims who think she is “demonizing” Muslims by publishing articles about the migrant situation in Europe. They can’t bear to hear about the evils of multiculturalism and uncontrolled mass immigration into our White homelands. How can it be “racist” to object to the genocide of the White race which follows inevitably from unchecked mass immigration with its inevitable mongrelization and loss of White racial identity?

          What Muslim would like to lose his Muslim identity and become a mongrel? Not one!

          And yet they expect US to be quite happy about losing our White identity and becoming mongrels. Sorry, that’s not going to happen if we can help it. Over our dead bodies!

      7. Toby,

        As such, you would be able to vouch for Lasha’s absolute and total sincerity

        is an almost ridiculously redundant request (sort of like me saying, Toby, as Lasha’s uncle, you should feel affection for her).
        I trust and vouch Lasha’s integrity and best intentions as much or more than my own.
        And her identity is known to me, not that I could be induced to babble it after swallowing a bucket of clinical LSD 🙂

        But, I suspect that Lasha-bashers are just as committed lobro-bashers, so my reference statement is wasted on such.
        I hate to think that she allows herself to be hurt by such mindless attacks, save the pain for when it matters.

      8. @ Lobro

        I respectfully disagree with you.

        What you cite as being the apex of Circassian’s “vaunted intelligence” is actually a prime example of just the very opposite. According to you, his most intelligent statement and insight, “The Jews are merely whores in the employ of their pimps, the Anglo-Saxons who exploit them.” is actually very STUPID.

        Nay, it is more than very stupid, it is simply WRONG!

        For it to be INTELLIGENT and, more importantly, for it to be RIGHT, it should have been written thus: “The Anglo-Saxons are merely whores in the employ of their pimps, the JEWS who exploit them.”

        Jews are pathological liars and they always twist the truth by projecting their own worst traits unto the good people they are trying to destroy.

        Yours truly,

  10. My God Harbinger, you do have a sick mind.

    You are trying to tell us that germany is a permiscuous society.
    The Muslim society is so conservative that it does not fit in western society, with our scantily clad women and excess alcohol, pornography, etc. You sure love all that decadence do you?

    While the Christians here try to rehabilitate Deutschland, you come up with this dirt.

    Alcohol is a drug. Don’t you know that? I worked at the psychiatric klinik and have come across &%3456 ed up alcoholics – all of them white men and women.

    I bet you u get all horny yourself imagining all those scantily clad young german girls.

    You do not even realise what a sad, little pathetic creature you are.

    1. @ Harbinger
      You do not even realise what a truly disgustig, sad, liittle pathetic creature you are.

    2. — God loving person

      You should listen to this as you seem somewhat confused in your diatribe.

      Who is -God loving person? I imagine you’ll find another on here with the same IP address.

      1. @ Harbinger

        Admin, Who is —’God loving person’? I imagine you’ll find another on here with the same IP address.

        I’ve just checked. This guy is using false email addresses and is the same person posting as “Anti-Salman.”

        Well, he’s breaking our basic site rule — NO SOCK PUPPETS — so it’s good-bye to god-loving person. He’s banned.

      2. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Some people are just so stupid.
        This era of Lasha Darkmoon should be called ‘The Spring Clean over at Lasha’s’.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if he/she was also ‘-The True Calling’ and ‘-Daaaaaah’ also.

  11. what i think of this retard gutter filthy intellectually bankrupted rotten blog
    the “alternative media” whorehouse in the internet ,in just two words

  12. Wow!

    Lasha’s forum is clearly turning into a Troll fest.
    Interestingly enough, I called Avatar’s number the minute I encountered him.
    Glad I’m not admin though . It’s a battlefield out there with Jew and Muslim trolls both attacking Lasha’s website.
    Go on Lasha, post an article criticizing Christianity 🙂 Let’s get the Christian trolls on board too! And when you’ve done that start insulting the Hindus, Sikhs, Hare Krishnas, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Jedis and Scientologistst too. 🙂 🙂
    We can have a troll fest of all religions telling you how anti them you are. It would be hilarious.


    1. @ Harbinger

      You said, “Lasha’s forum is clearly turning into a Troll fest.”

      Yep! There appears to be a lot of commenters lately with names preceded by a “dash” or maybe I should have said “Daseh.” Since trolls are government employees, the lack of imagination and programed associations are understandable. Brain power is not their strong suite.

      I have gotten to the point that when I see a post with a name preceded with a dash, I just skip it.

      1. Now I know what the “dash” symbolizes. I missed that clue, that clue went over my head. I was wondering why so many were all of a sudden using the “dash”. Thanks Ungenius for pointing out that clue. Very keen observation on your part . You may not be a genius, but you’re keen enough to make the grade, and pass with flying colors! 🙂 .

      2. @ Ungenius

        Re names preceded by dashes

        Perhaps I need to explain that in every case where you see a dash preceding a name (e.g., — Avi), the dash has been inserted by Admin as a way of restricting that person’s access to the site. The dash is a code that tells us “Hostile entity, not to be trusted, restrict access.” Such posters are allowed to express their hostility 3-4 times and are then banned.

        Most other sites ban such hostile posters at once, without allowing them to make a single comment; we allow them 3-4 comments before cutting them loose. I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but we’re trying it out to see if it works.

        1. Sometimes we may insert a dash wrongly before the name of a new poster. If so, we then remove the dash and give him full access to the site as an accepted poster. DASH POSTERS = SUSPECTED HOSTILES/TROLLS ON PROBATION.

          The dash is only used with new posters.

      3. @ Admin (DZ)

        Thanks for the info concerning the preceding dash in the name. My conspiratorial mind can now move on to other things while I return to ungenius status with TROJ. 🙂

  13. The Death of any troll is contumely to be wished. Good riddance. Please kill more of them.

    Where is Zak, he was amusing. I think he was only pretending to be a jew. I could be wrong. Was he banned?

  14. @Admin,
    getting back to

    you’ll see more and more flowers blossom from the seeds sown by Circassian.

    consider the sudden “blossoming” of turds preceded by dashes, –DAESH, to see the revenge of Circassian.

    Having outed him as the mother of all trolls, suddenly the cockroaches are popping out of woodwork at a dizzying rate and having failed to stir the pot to the complete disintegration of the Darkmoon blog, their parting gift is to try and discourage quality but prospectively disgruntled posters into quitting.

    For example, Still is a fine commenter “but” (as if it matters) possibly a Muslim, so the troll matrix tries to rope him into an antagonistic posture, given the fact of recent articles focusing on disruptive behavior of the refugees from the East.

    Also, Ingrid was no more a troll than TROJ was when infernal Circassian attempted to harness him to his dog sled team by calling him a “Great American”, merely to maximize the strife among the regulars, especially the ones of the feisty spirit.

    I am glad that the blog management has developed effective means of pest control.

    All in all, this sudden troll frenzy is a good sign and in a way mirrors the sudden flooding of Europe by Mossad-operated ISIS trash in revenge for Russia’s coming decisively to aid and salvation of Assad gov’t.

    Ye Olde Biblical plagues at all levels of the scale, the signature gift of Jew when the riot act / edict of expulsion is read to him.

  15. Refugees flooding Europe will be slower now.

    Putin gives in to US…. calls for mercy… following London Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ orders.

    …. AND….. NO WWIII….!! (tell PCR)

    The bombing from 13 countries have destroyed sufficient infrastructure to remodel now that centuries old buildings removed….
    …. which will bring Syria’s banking and stock market systems into the 21st century. Going just as planned.
    Cell phone tracking and banking for all in Syria soon. 🙂
    (ATM use requires cell phone now.)

    Vladimir Putin’s address following adoption of a joint statement by Russia and US on Syria
    The President made a special address following the adoption of a joint statement by the Russian Federation and the United States of America, as co-chairs of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG), on the cessation of hostilities in Syria.


    President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends,
    I just had a telephone conversation with President of the United States of America Barack Obama. The phone call was initiated by the Russian side, but the interest was certainly mutual.

    During our conversation, we approved joint statements of Russia and the US, as co-chairs of the ISSG, on the cessation of hostilities in Syria. Adoption of the statement was preceded by intensive work by Russian and American experts. We also made use of the positive experience we accumulated over the course of cooperation in eliminating chemical weapons in Syria.

    Our negotiators held several rounds of closed consultations. As a result, we were able to reach an important, specific result. It was agreed that the cessation of hostilities in Syria commences at 00:00 (Damascus time) on February 27, 2016 on terms and conditions that are a part of the Russian-American statement.


    I would like to hope that the Syrian leadership and all our partners in the region and beyond will support the set of actions chosen by representatives of Russia and the US.

    1. Syrian govt. accepts halt to ‘combat operations’ in line with U.S.-Russian plan

      The Syrian government said on Tuesday it accepted a halt to “combat operations” that does not include the Islamic State group, the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, or groups connected to it, in line with a U.S.-Russian plan.

      It said it would coordinate with Russia to decide which groups and areas would be included in the “cessation of hostilities” plan which is due to take effect on Saturday according to the U.S.-Russian plan.

      Any areas of ‘non-cessation’ need further precision demolition….
      …… for remodeling. 🙂

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