Israel is ordered to pay Iran $1.2 billion by Swiss arbitrators

The Swiss Supreme Court has ruled authoritatively that Israel must pay $1.2 billion to Iran for unpaid oil bills stretching back 37 years,  but guess what? — Israel refuses to pay!


“We’re Jews! . . . Why should we pay our debts? . . . The world owes us!”

The Swiss Supreme Court in Lausanne has ordered the Israel-controlled Trans-Asiatic Oil Company to pay a debt of $1.2 billion to Iran’s national Oil Company.

According to Global Arbitration Review, which published the Swiss court’s ruling, Iran’s oil company has been removed from the sanctions regime, so there is no legal obstacle to paying it any money.

On June 27, the court directed Trans-Asiatic to pay the Iranians 250,000 Swiss francs (about 1 million shekels, or $260,000) of the monies that have been deposited with the court, and another 200,000 francs in court costs.

Trans-Asiatic appealed, and lost, saddling the company with a heavy fine.

The lost appeal is the latest skirmish between Israel and Iran over an oil transporting and marketing partnership the two countries formed before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The partnership had two parts: the Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline, which operated overland to stream Iranian oil from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, and Trans-Asiatic Oil Ltd (TAO), which was registered in Panama, operated out of Tel Aviv, and ran a fleet of tanker ships and marketing channels to sell Iranian oil to Europe.

The partnership, signed in 1968, lasted only 11 years. In 1979, after the Islamic Revolution, Iran cut off all ties with Israel. Despite the diplomatic cold shoulder, Iran still faced off with Israel in three different legal procedures, in an attempt to glean money for the oil it forwarded to Israel on credit before the revolution, for the value of their half of the partnership.

The total disputed sum is in the ballpark of $7 billion.

Since the Iranian oil company has been formally separated from Iran, global financial sanctions don’t apply to it.

In 2015, two of three arbitrators ordered TAO [Israeli oil company headquartered in Tel Aviv]] to pay Iran some $1.2 billion for 50 oil deliveries made before the revolution, along with $362 million in interest. The arbitrators rejected a countersuit by Israel, claiming the debt should be erased to repay Israel for all the oil which Iran failed to deliver after the revolution.

According to Israel, the original agreement called for Iran to supply oil until 2017.

An Iranian source last year leaked the results of the arbitration, but Israel, which treats the arbitration with Iran as classified, refused to comment on the matter, other than a vague statement that it would not pay Iran.

TAO attempted to appeal the latest Swiss verdict on technical grounds, but was denied the appeal, and ordered to pay the compensation and court costs to Iran.



“Fuck you, Iran! — you’re not getting a cent!” 


“The only reason Jews are in pornography
is that we think that Christ sucks“.

— Al Goldstein, Jewish pornographer


“Fuck you, Arabs! — We are the Chosen Ones and this is OUR land!”

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    1. The solution is simple: Reduce the annual “assistance” to Israel by that amount and pay it to the Iranians.

      1. lol, you have to be kidding me, really, listen the zionists will never pay, they know this, you can take any law on this earth , the zionists will never pay, they are all laughing at this

  2. This is not astonishing at all. Jews are notorious for being dishonest in business. Cheating Goyim comes naturally to them. Besides, it is entirely allowed by their religion, because it considers all the wealth of the world as belonging to the Jews.

    Here is what the Talmud says :

    “If a Jew is doing good business with an Akum [Gentile] it is not allowed to other Jews in other places to come and do business with the same Akum. In other places, however, it is different, where another Jew is allowed to go to the same Akum, lead him in, do business with him and to deceive him and take his money. For the wealth of the Akum is to be regarded as common property and belongs to the first who can get it.

    Source :

    The best business to do with Jews is no business at all, i.e. total boycott. Let them eat manna.

    1. The arrogance and aggression of some Jews is unbelievable. I have seen it mainly in younger Jews who seem to be spoilt and demanding. There are lots of decent, mainly older, Jews, and they ought to be sounding a warning, that antisemitism is increasing.

      1. Jewish Power is now blatant in America. The problem is not so much Gentile anti-semitism as Jewish anti-gentilism.

  3. welcome to jeworld where jews are chosen and goys are jewed.

    in this world, the 3rd stone from the sun, called kol nidre planet by the rest of the milky way, what is said must be the exact opposite of the true reality in order to be in talmudic good books, ie, compliance with the international and domestic laws of antihate, respect, dieversity and libegafraternite.

    thus, to take this example, only the illegitimate claims (holocaust, for you uncomprehending antisemites) stand the chance of payout, the legitimate ones (like jew stiffing iran) are trashed before the ink on the court ruling is dry, unless it be a full sanhedrin court as is the case in amerika.

    only a dyed-in-wool antisemite nazi islamofascist would fail to appreciate the d↓vine, g☻dly gØØdness of this mechanism.

  4. I couldn’t care less if the thieving Jews prevail, or that (it seems) Iran initially dishonored their agreement by stopping oil shipments. What irks me is all the $$$ the bastards extort from America which will probably be used to pay for it!

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      Do not be upset about the money that Israel gets from the USA. Not counting trade deficits, the USA government is over $19 trillion in the hole to the jewish bankers and their stooges so, in effect, the Israeli jews are really stealing from the banker jews and their stooges since the American taxpayers sure aren’t going to payoff the over $19 trillion debt.

  5. shabbo goyim are slimeballs who in exchange for diet of day old matzo balls hit the light switches on shabbath to save jews from cardinal sin of working.

    when i am rich i will hire a shabbo jew to follow me around and lie in my stead when the necessity arises (“the jew has spoken” i will announce grandly).
    and then, once a year, by way of antikol nidre, i will renege on the deal and refuse to pay him his (((honestly earned))) wages.

  6. I don’t think the jews have to worry TOO much about this Swiss court ruling, I’m sure The House Ways and Means Committee will find it in the budget “somehow” to appropriate 1.2 billion dollars to pay off the fine plus find it in the budget “somehow” to appropriate another 6 billion dollars to the jews for their “suffering” from the “virulently ant-semitic” “Nazi-like” Swiss court ruling. A few billions dollars here and there and everywhere in Reparation Money always helps to relieve The Pain of it all, and says “NEVER AGAIN Will We Be Negligent And Abandon You To The Big Bad Nazi Meanies”.

    1. House Democrats and Republicans have to move in concert on such a (further) grant to Israel ; otherwise if one abstains
      its members won’t get the all-important election campaign support from the Israeli lobby, its Sayanim “army,”
      think tanks and Jew corporate media.

  7. Thanks for The Sea of Hats pic, now I know what the webmaster here, the administrative staff here, and ALL the commentators on this websiite look like. They’re ALL on the Jewish Payroll, that’s for sure.

    Are any of you ready to apologize to me? For falsely accusing me of being “a jew”? No? I didn’t think so.

    Woebro’s “takfiri muslim” drinking pals aren’t jews, OH NO!, but “TROJ” is “the jew”.

    1. @ TROJ

      Don’t worry Joe, New Song is praying for you to get better. She’s storming heaven on your behalf! If that doesn’t work, there’s always exorcism. 🙂

  8. I read this article a couple of days ago and guess what? I also came to the conclusion that Israel wouldn’t pay. They’ll just do as they normally do, such as with extraditing people from Israel and say f*ck you!
    Who’s going to enforce this? The UN? The USA? Europe? Israel like all globalist banking Jews is above the law…any law.

      1. Karen,

        Well what do you think? Jackass? Seriously? When you spouted the utter BS that you did? Now let me see?

        “Where oh where have our men gone…we miss them and want them back….”


        “White women were the biggest fans of the Sopranos, they loved Tony. Tell you something?”

        You had no argument whatsoever, just the usual nonsense, coming out of ignorant women, who fail to see that toxic feminism, is the most destructive force around today (after Judaism) and women are very much to blame for the demise of western culture, being the predominantly liberal and socialists that they are. You like to blame men, when you are clearly and I mean CLEARLY oblivious to much of reality regarding women today. You may be in your late 50’s/early 60’s, but you still think that women are the same as they were when you were young. You haven’t got a clue.

        This is the last on this matter. It’s off topic and if you wanted to refute what I stated, you would have (if you could have) back on T.O.O. Your replies will be ignored on this thread. If Lasha decides to do an article on feminism in the future, you’ll have your chance to blether the rubbish you did on T.O.O. and your stupid argument will be refuted as it was there.

    1. It’s not that simple, Harbinger. Who’s going to do business with Israel in future if they keep reneging on their debts? They make themselves economic lepers if they run up huge debts which they refuse to settle.

      1. Sardonicus,

        Who does Israel need to do business with, when it’s getting all the money it does from America, it continues fleecing Germans for the holocaust and many of the corporations, in the west give large portions of their profits to it as well?
        What does Israel have to offer the rest of the world other than olives? It certainly wants the oil fields around the Golan Heights, but not to trade, instead for themselves. Jews, will continue doing what they have throughout history, not trading, but stealing from the goyim. Every continuing growth of western legislation is straight from their contract law book called the Talmud. And from this they create legislation after legislation, to further take from the labour of the non Jew.

      2. Who does Israel need to do business with, when it’s getting all the money it does from America, it continues fleecing Germans for the holocaust and many of the corporations, in the west give large portions of their profits to it as well?

        This is too simplistic, Harbinger. Israel couldn’t survive on the pocket money it gets from its two principal sugardaddy benefactors, the US and Germany. Like all nations, it needs trade to survive. It needs to export and import goods. It needs to manufacture goods.

        If this were not the case, why is it getting so hysterical about the BDS movement?

      3. Kol Nidre is fine and dandy for individual Jews, but it’s totally impractical for big Jewish corporations or the state of Israel. Who would do business with Israel ever again if it practiced Kol Nidre every year, entering into solemn contracts which it repudiated as a matter of course whenever it felt like it?

        “Sorry, I know I made a deal with you last year … but I’ve just said my Kol Nidre prayer … and so the deal is off! … I owe you nothing! …

        Hmm, you wanna make another deal? … You wanna lend me another 10 billion bucks? … You’ll get it back next year! … Promise! … A Jew’s word is his bond!”

        Not very convincing, is it? 🙂

      4. Sardonicus,

        Here are Israeli exports.
        As you can see 26% of those are from the diamond trade. Then it takes a massive drop to Medicaments and Integrated circuits. Most of its trade is to the USA. And then after that Europe. When you have ZOG’s in every western country, then you really don’t need to worry about who you piss off in trade. Should people start getting angry with Israeli genocide of Palestinians and decide to boycott, just like they use anti semitism and nazi to shut down their critics, they use BDS as you stated.

        Guaranteed that if Israel only had its neighbours to deal with and Europe and the USA, in fact the rest of the west, told them to get lost, then Israel would have to drastically change its approach to life. It is the very reason why they have the likes of Rothschild protecting them that they do as they so please.
        Everyone knows that the Jews run the diamond trade and Jews know, damn well, that should they tell Iran to piss off and you’re not getting your oil money and Iran complains, then no one’s going to bat an eyelid whatsoever. Their diamond trade will continue, so will the rest of their exports to the USA and the west and so to will their control of western governments and political parties, not forgetting everything else they control.

        Their defense budget is 100% courtesy of the USA. They don’t have to fork out one shekel whatsoever for it. Guaranteed that the Rothschilds will be pumping in billions into Israel as well. When you look at this their exports are irrelevant. Israel is nothing more than a baby that sucks on the breast of Mummy west, while protected by Daddy Rothschild. Israel proves that a nation can survive without trade, especially when it controls most of the world, predominantly the west, its government and indoctrination of its goyim.

      5. Yes Wiggins,

        I forgot about that 🙁
        When the heat builds up on the Jew, the Jew then goes into victim mode. As the saying goes “The Jew screams out in pain as he stabs you in the back”.
        And anyway, as Noor above states, they just invoke Kol Nidre to make all business deals, with the goyim, exempt. The fact that the majority of people in this world are oblivious to this, proves overwhelmingly just how much control Jews have in this world.

      6. Sard, Who would do business with Israel
        it is not about doing business with them, it is about their neverending extortion racket, around the clock, always demanding, bitching, crying, posturing, threatening, intimidating … and yes, lying.
        When they sign contracts, who holds the proverbial ballpoint pen? A kolnidrean reptile, each and every time.
        Do you expect him to back it up in any way at all?
        If he did, he’d be betraying his slithering species, his demonhead that drew up the blueprint that put him in the driver’s seat – why, just to please some despised goy, who in his view is as irrelevant as a carcass of a fruitfly.

        @Harb: your link to Iz exports is empty, can you repost?
        Diamonds … don’t call them blood diamonds, it is blood libel.
        And Africa is overjoyed to give up its mineral wealth to Goldfarb, Silverstein and Diamond conglomerate, with Lipshits as COO.
        Because The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews goes way back, Jews always on hand to help schwartze bros.

      7. Lobro

        Israeli Exports

        And of course, Franklin’s given you the main page.
        Thanks also for the link to the relationship with Blacks and Jews. One only has to understand about the Trans Atlantic and before that the Sub Saharan Slave Trade to see that blacks sold out blacks to the Jews. Ironically, one of the few Blacks who didn’t sell out to the Jews and tried to kick them out of his country was Idi Amin of Uganda. And they demonized him. Well there’s a shock!

  9. I certainly don’t look like that, Ryckaert, I’m “a joo pretending to be a kathylick”, remember? I would never get away wth fooling anyone into thinking I’m a “really a real” “kathytlick” if I were to dress so batantly judyish. I’m a kathylick, remember, I’m not a judy, Oh judy judy judy do you luv me Oh judy judy judy do u care? And as a qua Catholic I’m called to spread LERV wherever I go,

  10. This would normally be off topic, but its about Jews and Jews are never off topic at Darkmoon.

    It was a memorable moment, that evening I was trying to inform a friend about the realities behind his dogged support for Jews. Suddenly he sat upright, and with his face brightening momentarily, he chirped: “I’m a Jew too!” It was like I had pushed a button on one of those talking dolls. I thought it a curious remark as according to the genealogical chart my friend had taken great pains to show me, while he could hearken linage back to Genghis Khan, not a drop of Jewish blood marred his bloodline anywhere.

    When I asked him why he thought he was a Jew, I received the answer that since he was a christian, he was also a Jew! I pushed the button again to hear the same reply, “I’m a chatty christian and I’m a Jew too!” Perhaps this is the reason behind so many “white nationalist Christians” decrying Jesus’ unmistakable Jewish linage. If one “hates” Jews, then how can one follow a Jewish religious figure? Simple answer – one cannot.

    This programmed idea, combined with the oft stated fact that he had lived in a Jewish community where they demonstrated nothing but love and compassion for him, made my friend impervious to any possible enlightening on the subject of the Jews.

    Obviously, my friend had been gullible to a point where Jews in that community used his rather pronounced Uriah Heep ego to manipulate him. It’s the old “Jews can spit in the goyim’s face and they will think its the morning dew.” Jews can paint a turd gold and the foolish goyim will think it has value.

    My friend’s comment demonstrated why so many non-Jewish males are mutilated by the perverse, sexual act known as circumcision, why Jews have usurped Christianity, remoulding it nearer to their heart’s desire as “Judaeo-Christianity.” It’s like that movie V for Vendetta where everyone puts on a V mask as a show of solidarity for his revolutionary spirit.

    When everyone is a Jew, then no one will be able to find one among their “Semitic” woodpile.

    1. “When I asked him why he thought he was a Jew, I received the answer that since he was a christian, he was also a Jew!”

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. @ Arch Stanton

      “When I asked him why he thought he was a Jew, I received the answer that since he was a christian, he was also a Jew!”

      It might be time to revise your friend list. 🙂

    3. @ Arch Stanton

      I was going through my quotes file just now and came across this one that fits with your thread.

      “The Jew emancipated himself … by making himself master of the money-market… through him, money has become a world power,  and the practical Jewish spirit has been adopted by the Christian peoples. The Jews set themselves free in proportion as the Christians become Jews. Thus, they contributed considerably to making money, the means, the measure and the end of all human activity.” – Karl Marx (Cited by Leon de Poncins on page 76 of Le Judaisme Et Le Vatican, 1967

      1. Ungenius –

        Good quote from a bad man…. a Pharisee-Jew. He tells the basis of how Pharisee-Jews control with money. He observed it. Flaunted it.

        He wrote: “…. money, the means, the measure and the end of all human activity.”

        I have made that point on almost every comment…. repeating what the enemy believes.

  11. If your friend was a fan of Eric Fromm his judeophilia might be understandeable, but from your description, well, occasionally a person has to let go, whether childhood friends, ideas, lovers, habits in order to move on.

    1. Always a pleasure to hear from one cast as my feminine alter ego. You are quite correct in your observation of the link to childhood. It is amazing how many carry the useless, obstructive baggage of childhood into old age.

  12. Harbinger, you are a simplistic nincompoop, lacking the ability to even comprehend what you read, more emotionally overwrought than any menopausal woman, an insult to all men.

    1. This must be the first time I’ve ever agreed on something you have written. The sooner they get more brownskinned the better. It will lower their IQ as well to your default level. Which in time will gain both goyim and kuffar alike. After that you people can argue about usury until the end of time. 😀

    1. a fount of rock solid information you are guv’nor … with occasional turd thrown in to stir up trouble 🙂

      but as always, i am thinking of the next, yet undiscovered jew crime: poisoning non-kosher food supply, an easy way to selectively harm antisemites.
      i bet you they are devising ways and ploys, monsanto and other toxic scams.

      btw, Harb’s putative link, where after diamonds, the biggest exports are medicaments and printed circuits.

      well yeah, deadly drugs and electronic chips with secret backdoors for snooping on the goy … diamonds are the most innocuous of exports.

      who would do business with them, eh sard?
      not me …

      1. @Pat,

        Thanks for the links and I concur with Lobro.


        Interesting, but what we’ve forgotten to mention, when it comes to Israeli exports are terror and terrorism. They lead the world at that.

      2. Been on the (K) hunt since 50s. Some really good sites were taken down over 10 years ago.

        Truth At Last, formerly Thunderbolt, published full newspaper editions all thru 70s to now.

        Dr Fields was a chiropractor in Birmingham, AL…. moved to Marietta GA in 90s.

        He REALLY laid it out there..!!! No politicians or Pharisee-Jews were immune.

        Excellent wealth of info….. Has back copies available.

        Dr. Fields is not on line. To communicate with Dr. Fields, or for enquiries about book orders etcetera please use the U.S. mails.
        The Truth at Last
        P.O. Box 1211
        Marietta, Ga. 30061

  13. What a nerve the Swiss Supreme Court has! Stuart Eizenstat and Paul Volker are not dead yet. Maybe they can put together a commission again and make the Swiss pay Iran out of Jewish WWII dormant accounts that have not yet been coughed up (on the flimsy pretext that ownership cannot be proven) and while they are at it pay Israel for moral damages.

  14. The Swiss Supreme Court has ruled authoritatively that Israel must pay $1.2 billion to Iran for unpaid oil bills stretching back 37 years, but guess what? — Israel refuses to pay!

    Interesting, Israel’s actions are counter to what the Lord God instructed them back in the day of Moses on treating foreigners and handling business deals involving exchanges of goods and services:

    If a stranger lives as a foreigner with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. The stranger who lives as a foreigner with you shall be to you as the native-born among you, and you shall love him as yourself; for you lived as foreigners in the land of Egypt. I am the LORD your God. You shall do no unrighteousness in judgment, in measures of length, of weight, or of quantity. You shall have just balances, just weights, a just ephah, and a just hin. I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt. Leviticus 19:33-36 NHEB

    It seems they have forgotten the Lord their God. Perhaps this is why that modern day Israel is referred to as Sodom and Egypt:

    …. the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified. Revelation of John 11:8b NHEB
    Behold, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: pride, fullness of bread, and prosperous ease was in her and in her daughters; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. Ezekiel 16:49 NHEB
    …. with all their idols she defiled herself. Neither has she left her prostitution since the days of Egypt; for in her youth they lay with her, and they handled the bosom of her virginity; and they poured out their prostitution on her. Ezekiel 23:7b-8 NHEB

    This very much describes their abuse and killing of Arab men, women and children in the West Bank; the insistence of the Talmud over the Scriptures, and modern day practices abusing the strangers and ignoring widows in their borders, which amounts to idolatry.

  15. Though this story is strange on many levels (who even decides these things?), the take home message is, don’t deal with Jews.

    1. But you do not understand the masquerading Jews as Christians in America. Take notice of one of millions–John Kerry (Koche). Dumped his ailing wife for Mrs. Heinz–shameful dirt bag. His grandfather adopted the wasp last name to fleece the railroad companies. Any so called fake gentile male that is married to a female Jew—both are Jews. and….(Check out Pelosi and Chelsea Clinton Hubal)

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