Israel Kills Holocaust Survivor

Sourced from the Ugly Truth

downloadThe oldest Treblinks survivor , Samuel Willenberg (pictured), died prematurely in Israel at the age of 93.

The Germans killed 6 million Jews in the death camps but they could not kill Samuel Willenberg. He was not the only Jew who escaped death.  Jews are notoriously sturdy and hard to kill. Six million Jews were killed in those death camps, but as many millions survived and have henceforth been called Survivors.

The Germans’ devilish creativity knew no bounds (they gassed them, burned them, shot them) but their practical side was also in evidence: they turned the Jews into soap, lamp shades and decorative shrunken heads. Yet millions survived. Hence the saying: You can’t put a good Jew down.

Those who survived also turned out to be almost immortal. Unless they went to live in Israel…

If you are not a Denier and/or a Bible hater you know that the OT/Torah is the accurate history of the Jewish people, so you know that Methuselah, the grandfather of Noah, lived to the ripe old age of 969. It is apparent by Jewish actuarial statistics then that Samuel Willenberg was still a spring chicken when he died. He had centuries of life ahead of him.

Correct me of I am wrong but the only Survivors that have died so far (that I know of) died in Israel. I am not a conspiracy theorist but the fact that no autopsy is mentioned in the article, nor are we told what the cause of death is makes me suspicious.

Is Israel killing Holocaust survivors? Why?

Or is there something about life in Israel that can sap the life out of the most resistant Jews? Just asking.

P.S. Should I mark this “Satire”?
Last Survivor of Treblinka Dies in Israel

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  1. I read one time on an online forum this statement: of the four million Jews in Europe, the Nazis killed six million but five million survived.

  2. This “satire” almost makes me PUKE. Of course, it IS satire – but what is sickening about it is that so many
    otherwise decent Americans actually BELIEVE the strong delusion! Consider the price we, and others, have paid for allowing the delusion… It reminds me of the gist of the last article here entitled ‘I Came, I Saw, I Was Tempted’. We have no one but OURSELVES to blame. 🙁

      1. Well, then, Pat, what explanation do you have for it other than dropping-the-ball in the game of Superior vs. Inferior beings?? Are not we white ‘Israelites’ bestowed with ‘gifts’ which made us dominant in war and peace? Has not our race of men been responsible for most of the world’s modern innovations, inventions, and designs of government? The posters on this site refer to “us” and “them” as participants in the Great Whole – so, along with our accolades, we must burden ourselves with some blame…

      2. Gil –

        You can blame yourself. I choose not to blame myself.

        As long as I am acting on information available…. I will not accept the blame for crimes committed by any criminals.

        Blaming yourself is fine with me.

        OK… You did it..!! Shame on YOU..!! 🙂

      3. Gil –
        Just to be clear… “We” is not me.

        I fulfilled my responsibilities with 7+ years in US Military. Got out in 73. That’s double most enlistments.

        You may feel the need to catch up… 🙂

  3. It is becoming more difficult every year for them to hide their lies that are behind the holocaust claims. Their story has already fallen thru by the lack of any real evidence whatsoever and the fact that just about everything they claimed for so many decades have turned out to be lies. In Europe the story is only held up by censorship laws with the threat of fines and imprisonment, with people such as lawyer Sylvia Stolz serving time right now for making a speech in Switzerland. But Germany put her in a German jail. So now the German gov’t will charge you for saying something they don’t like in a foreign country. Keep in mind the Germans burning Jewish books (including many filthy ones) was shown for decades after WW II on TV (I remember seeing it in the 1970’s) as a reason why Germany had to be attacked. It was not “democratic”.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      Good question. 🙂 Rome did not have a hard time killing them a couple of thousand years ago, but like cockroaches, some did scurry out of the way in time to avoid dying so that they could continue to plague humanity.

  4. “All this flapdoodle over the second amendment has finally been settled” says Harvard Law Professor Milton Montague Moynihan.

    Maynard T Krebs, a one time convicted blackmail extortionist, who later gained renown as a Hollywood movie producer, is now retired Professor Milton Montague Moynihan, a linguistic analysis expert and professor emeritus of Harvard Law School with a specialty in constitutional law. Professor Moynihan maintains, “The problem people have with the second amendment is based on a complete misunderstanding of the terminology used in the amendment. The key rests in understanding the real meaning behind the words ‘bear’ arms, which should actually read ‘bare arms’.

    “This has long been thought to mean a right to maintain personal guns, but nothing could be further from the truth,” says the learned professor. “The problem lies in the spelling of the word “bear”. The puritanical colonists eschewed any reference to human sexuality or nudity. Therefore, they would modify the word “bare” to read “bear”. As in the colonial colloquialism ‘bear naked’ meaning a naked animal as opposed to a reference to the nude human form.” The professor continues, “Those thin-lipped, protestant, prudish provincials actually hated sex almost as much as they loved slavery! It’s a wonder they didn’t die out years ago like the Quakers. Just look at how the population has blossomed since their puritan sexual shackles have been removed from the American people.”

    Exhaustive research has now substantiated that what this altered spelling now alludes to is something quite different from what was intended by the framers. Newly discovered documents from the 1700s show that King George had issued a “whispered edict”, meaning nothing incriminating was recorded on paper, that forbade men from rolling up their shirt sleeves. Apparently, the sight of tanned, masculine forearms overwhelmed delicate sensibilities of the colonial women who would swoon away at the sight, neglecting their wifely duties of mending, cooking, sewing, and slopping the hogs. King George reasoned, “If women cannot bare their ankles, then men cannot bare their arms.” So any man found baring his arms would be flogged, or in more severe cases of repeat offenders, would have an arm amputated. The Second Amendment’s “right to keep and ‘bare’ arms” was actually about allowing men to get a better tan and had nothing to do with guns.

    Professor Moynihan continued, “As for the issue of the militia being the National Guard. This stems from the square-jawed, extremely farsighted, founding forefathers intuitively knowing, more than a century before the term National Guard is ever mentioned in a government document, that these terms would become virtually synonymous, much like ‘bare’ and ‘bear’. This fact was taken for granted by all the colonists, so there was no need to actually use the term ‘National Guard’, or elaborate on the issue in the amendment description.

    “Everyone today knows the National Guard is a branch of the standing military. Therefore, all National Guard guns are owned by the government and kept in tightly controlled centralized, government armories. The control over these armories is so tight, that it takes someone with the authority of a governor, like Bill Clinton, to have them removed and shipped to Columbia in trade for cocaine. Of course, his wife Hillary claims she had no knowledge of these transactions. Imagine the mayhem that might ensue were private gun owners to take similar action. This is just one more reason the founding fathers would have never actually legalized the private ownership of firearms in our constitution.

    “We the people must remember, the constitution is a ‘living document’ open to new evidence and interpretation. Therefore, what this means is all those ‘gun-nuts’ out there don’t have a leg – or one might say more accurately, a legal arm with which to grasp this issue. Therefore, I recommend everyone give up their firearms willingly before heavily armed authorities show up at their front door to confiscate them.”

    When questioned later about his name coming up as a supplier in government memos concerning the “Guns for ISIS” or “GISIS” scandal, Professor Moynihan snapped, “That’s government business, it has nothing to do with the Second Amendment.” He added, “By the way, I have those pictures of your two little daughters playing in their backyard swimming pool – They are a-door-bel. You know, I’ll bet sometimes you feel the same way I do about those girls, there are times when you just don’t want them to ever grow up.”

    The retired Professor was awarded the honorary title of emeritus after he won the Nobel and Pulitzer prize for his award winning research and book on how Hitler had his name erased from all the documents pertaining to the Holocaust. Work on this document initially led to his tenured professorship at Harvard law school. It should also be noted Professor Moynihan won a Grammy for his 1998 Country Western hit single “White Ain’t Welcome Here No Mo’.”

    1. Very clever and funny, Arch. This reminds me of Lasha’s recent reflection/comment that the DM site is a Bear Garden… I originally thought she meant Beer Garden because, well, honestly, how many people go to a Bear Garden or know what a Bear Garden is nowadays? Bear Gardens haven’t existed in England since Queen Elizabeth I, if I’m not mistaken. LMFAO 😆

      1. They can turn into bear gardens though in the hot summer months, when too much beer has been quaffed and Ing-er-land are participating in a football tournament…ear-wig-o, ear-wig -o, ear-wig-o…ad nauseam.

      2. @ JFC

        The phrase “bear garden” happens to be a common colloquialism or idiom. It can be found in Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable where it is defined as:

        “This place is a perfect “bear garden” = that is, full of confusion, noise, tumult and quarrels. In Tudor and Stuart times the gardens where bears were kept and baited for public amusement were notorious for noise and riotious disorder.”

        In light of the above definition, wouldn’t you agree that my description of the Darkmoon site as a “bear garden” is 100 per cent accurate? 🙂

      3. Lasha,

        Happy to know that you are feeling better today. You are 100% correct about DM being a Bear Garden, though Beer Gardens in Canada can get pretty rowdy, too. Happily, both the British and Canadian idioms mean the same thing and are applicable in this instance. 😉

    2. @ Arch Stanton

      You win! Yours is much better satire than the posted article. You are really good at it based on this work and some of yours in the past.

      The only problem with your satire is that some dimwits will take it as true and start spreading it around like the article above.

  5. I don’t think that either the article or Mr Stanton’s comment is a satire. The main prerequisite of a satire is exaggeration, a thickening of contours that becomes a caricature of the subject.
    I do agree with Ungenius that Mr Stanton’s piece is superior to the article because, in my view, it provides better documentation and authentic quotes.
    Nevertheless, Mr Stanton’s contribution is severely flawed by one fanciful interpretation of Moynihan’s work. It has been shown that the right to bare arms had nothing to do with the Puritan’s hangups but was in fact the expression of the American colonists’ rejection of the campaign of fear the British waged trying to break their spirit by instilling zikaphobia in the population.
    See: Gerschen Specter et al.: Gegen Verschwörungs Theorien (Against Conspiracy Theories) in Zeitschrift der Alles Koscher, Berlin 5879.) Limited outbreaks of zika fever in the late 1700, especially in the marshy areas in Virginia, have recently been shown to disprove the claims of the virus being a recently artificially manufactured organism.

    1. Ariadnatheo –

      Franklin claimed in his autobiography it was Quakers, as a group, who were to blame.
      Franklin and the boys, and most people in general, had no aversion to firearms and cannons. He used word-smithing to get Quakers to buy them.

      In chapter 10 “other grain” is gunpowder … his word trick. 🙂


      My being many years in the Assembly, the majority of which were constantly Quakers, gave me frequent opportunities of seeing the embarrassment given them by their principle against war, whenever application was made to them, by order of the crown, to grant aids for military purposes. They were unwilling to offend government, on the one hand, by a direct refusal; and their friends, the body of the Quakers, on the other, by a compliance contrary to their principles; hence a variety of evasions to avoid complying, and modes of disguising the compliance when it became unavoidable. The common mode at last was, to grant money under the phrase of its being “for the king’s use,” and never to inquire how it was applied.

      But, if the demand was not directly from the crown, that phrase was found not so proper, and some other was to be invented. As, when powder was wanting (I think it was for the garrison at Louisburg), and the government of New England solicited a grant of some from Pennsilvania, which was much urg’d on the House by Governor Thomas, they could not grant money to buy powder, because that was an ingredient of war; but they voted an aid to New England of three thousand pounds, to he put into the hands of the governor, and appropriated it for the purchasing of bread, flour, wheat, or other grain. Some of the council, desirous of giving the House still further embarrassment, advis’d the governor not to accept provision, as not being the thing he had demanded; but be reply’d, “I shall take the money, for I understand very well their meaning;
      other grain is gunpowder,”
      which he accordingly bought, and they never objected to it.

      It was in allusion to this fact that, when in our fire company we feared the success of our proposal in favour of the lottery, and I had said to my friend Mr. Syng, one of our members, “If we fail, let us move the purchase of a fire-engine with the money; the Quakers can have no objection to that; and then, if you nominate me and I you as a committee for that purpose, we will buy a great gun, which is certainly a fire-engine.”
      “I see,” says he, “you have improv’d by being so long in the Assembly; your equivocal project would be just a match for their wheat or other grain.”

      1. Quakers were also “blockbusters” in the 1960s.

        Blockbusters were White front-men who bought houses in White neighborhoods only to let Blacks move in and thereby starting the phenomenon known as White Flight that resulted in the busting up of traditional ethnic neighborhoods in the formerly great cities of Chicago and Philadelphia.

        Dr. E. Michael Jones has written a highly provocative but informative book about this called, The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing

      2. There are a few brilliant men, like Dr. MacDonald and the late Dr. Pierce, that hold high the lamp of truth and lead the way back from the darkness to the sunlight. Dr. Jones is among them. Why is it these brilliant men are among the worst anti-Semites, racists and bigots? What do these razor-sharp minds know that other less intelligent minds do not?

  6. It’s time for another short story by uncle Arch. Today’s story stars that rebel of rebels, the incorrigible Rowdy, Ruddy Jesus!

    Arch’s theater of the absurd now presents: They Prey

    It was late afternoon and Jesus was beside himself. He looked with mounting bitterness at the graffiti scrawled on the Temple wall, “They pray – We die.”

    The priests had gone too far in their efforts to produce revenue for the Temple. It was bad enough that half of one’s productive effort went to pay Temple tithings. It was bad enough the priests stole the houses of widows under the pretense that women could not own property. It was bad enough to lose one’s spouse, but to lose everything else in life as well? Unthinkable!

    Jesus had been invited by the Temple’s power elite to join their ranks and become a ‘free trader’. The priest who had taken him to the top of Jerusalem’s Temple to buy him off, had made it clear:

    “Jesus, you’re making a big mistake, you gotta’ listen to me, I thought you understood, it’s bizness, that’s all it is. Ya’ still don’t get it, do ya’? There ain’t no tribes anymore, no god, no more good guys, no more bad guys. We’re runnin’ the whole show, we own everything, the whole goddamned land you see below and everything in it, we can do whatever we want! Join us and it’s all yours!

    “What’s wrong with having it good for a change? Now we’re gonna’ let you have it good if you just help us. We’re gonna leave you alone, let you make some money. You can have a little taste of the good life too; now I know you want it, hell everybody does. And we’re gonna’ let you have it, all ya’ gotta do is join us and bow to our leader’s authority.”

    Jesus spat in disgust, “You’d do it to your own kind.”

    Surprised, the priest asked, “What’s the threat? We all sell out every day, might as well be on the winning team! See ya’ Jesus” and with that, the priest disappeared down the Temple steps.

    Jesus had rejected their final offer and that rejection had now put him at the crossroads of life. He had to take action. Violence had always been against his basic nature, but even so, he had gone down to a local dealer and bought a shotgun and a donkey to make his statement.

    He now knew what had to be done. He must expose these alien priests among his people for the murderous psychopaths they were, and he would take that to the bank. Tossing these meddlesome thoughts over, he began loading double aught buck into the shotgun as the donkey slowly made its way to the Temple’s east gate. Slamming another shell home, he mumbled to himself “that fig tree weren’t nothing, wait ‘til they get a load of this.” Along the way, people began to gather. Jesus could detect the Temple’s power elite among them.

    A crow landed on a nearby tree. Jesus knew that the priests used these birds to deliver information to them. Jesus addressed the bird, “Come to spy on the Jesus have you? Not nice!” With that, he delivered a shotgun blast that disintegrated the bird into a foamy cloud of blood and feathers. A passer by whispered to a priest, “We’ve got one that can see!”

    Arriving at the east gate, Jesus dismounted from the donkey. The crowd parted like the red sea as Jesus strode through the gate with his shotgun at port arms. It was as if they had never seen a shotgun before. Never wavering for a moment, Jesus went straight to the moneychanger’s (called Kollubistai) stalls located in the Temple’s outer courtyard.

    The noise, sights and smells were overwhelming. Kollubistai hawked their shekels chanting, “Pure, clean Tyrian shekels for filthy, impure Roman lucre!” Others were selling sacrificial animals to those sinners headed towards the altar where rivulets of blood flowed freely into the courtyard.

    As soon as the milling throngs saw Jesus holding the shotgun, all activity stopped. Except for a few clucking chickens and bleating goats, silence prevailed. Jesus lowered the shotgun, cradling it in his arms. Looking around at the astonished faces, he spat upon the floor and said, “I have come to Jew bubblegum and kick ass – and I’m all out of kosher bubble gum.”

    With that, he began cleaning house, blowing away the symbols of a heretical priesthood despoiling the temple. With each blast of the shotgun, another symbol of Temple corruption disappeared. Sheckles flew into the air to fall painfully upon the heads of the Kollubistai like silver hail. Cage doors flew open and humans and animals alike fled in terror at the sound of the mighty shotgun blasts until finally the courtyard was empty.

    “That’ll teach ‘em! Jesus aint’ the Temple’s little boy anymore.”

    As guards came flooding into the courtyard, Jesus ducked out a side door and fled to safety.

    It wasn’t long however before a former bum named Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss. Jesus had known Judas during his days as a construction worker, but never suspected he was that kind of guy. As it turned out, the gay bum had signed on with the power elite, so Jesus was arrested, tried and sentenced to hang on the cross until dead.

    As death approached, Jesus became delirious and started to rave,

    “Our impulses are being redirected. We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep. The movement was begun three years ago by a small group of heretical priests who discovered quite by accident these prayers being sent . . . .”

    “. . . The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are non-existent. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices. Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance. They have made us indifferent to ourselves, to others. We are focused only on our own gains. Please understand, they are safe as long as they are not discovered; that is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated.”

    “. . . They are dismantling the Temple and its sleeping masses. More and more people are becoming poor. We are their sacrificial cattle, we are being bred for slavery. Our prayer line is not powerful enough; the signal must be shut off at the source.”

    It was at the moment of Jesus’ death the Temple priests suddenly realized they had sacrificed THE paschal lamb. That his sacrifice had settled all the sinner’s accounts as paid in full. With their sins permanently absolved, the Temple followers would soon quit listening to the priests and come to recognize the alien power governing their lives.

    As the priests looked on with chagrin at their mistake hanging on the cross, they could see the hand of Jesus closed into a fist – with a single, extended, middle finger.

    This small theater of the absurd has been a tribute to Jesus, Jack Armitage and John Carpenter.

  7. The ugly truth is that no Jews died in Auschwitz concentration camp which was used by Germans to exterminate millions of Poles on the Polish soil, as well as other Slavonic nations. Jews, mostly very poor and religious people were exterminated in Birkenau German concentration camp, which was a few kilometers away from Auschwitz. Many evidences show that this was a holocaust offering in the Greek meaning, perpetrated by their western countrymen in the project of building the Jewish state of Israel. For instance, stars of David were found on the backside of tiles covering gas chambers in German concentration camps in Poland:

    There are stone memorial boards in many language in Museum of Auschwitz showing that the total amount of all victims of the the concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau for the Holocaust Industry’s purposes called “Auschwitz”, is about 1.5 million people, including Jews:

    One must keep in mind that during WW2 as many as 15 million of the Polish citizens vanished. Just before WW2 there were 35 million Poles in Poland and just after WW2 only 20 million… There was no escape from Poland occupied by Germans.

    WW2 was a religious war of Judaism against Christianity, as the Qumran scrolls say the Jewish Sons of Darknes waged war against the Goyim Sons of Sadok, Sons of Light, the people of the ancient New Testimony of Damascus. Its continuation is current Jewish war in Lybia, Syria, Irak and so on.

    1. How many of these 15 millions were Czechs,Hungarians,Jews and Ukrainians in Soviet occupied eastern part of Poland?

  8. and again the lampshades and shrunken heads even though it has been revised even by jews.

    And again 6 million even though the death toll at Auschwitz has been revised from 4 million back to 1.5 million.

    Actually, the official Auschwitz figure has now been reduced to 1 million, down from 1.5 million, down from the original 4 million. ‒ Ed.

    And again no mention of the fact that judea declared the war in 1933.

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