When Israel Is Mighty — Yossi Gurvitz video (12 mins.)

Introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon

Michael Hoffman notes:  “Maimonides ruled that when Judaic persons are weak they should feign friendship for Christians as a way of gaining power over them. But when Judaics are totally dominant, as they are in the Israeli state, they should slaughter anyone who obstructs their supremacy.”

The militant writer JB Campbell, an avowed anti-Semite noted for the trenchancy of his style, makes a few interesting points about this Jewish tendency to be nice when weak but to turn really nasty when they have gotten into a dominant position and are able to threaten the world with annihilation, a strategy usually known as the Samson Option

“I don’t know what Jews are, but I know what they are not, which is human. I don’t know where they come from. For that matter, I don’t know where we come from, but it’s not the same place.

Jews are aliens in every sense of the word. They even cultivate an alien appearance. Is there anything as strange as an orthodox Jew with his sinister black clothes and curly earlocks and ugly fedora? And of course bathing is not the custom of the orthodox, so they smell very bad all the time. They do this on purpose, for effect, for the shock value on us humans.

Thanks to the latest Gaza slaughter, things are coming into focus for many more people. Many people are wondering: what’s wrong with Jews? Why is it so easy for them to kill people? Why do they enjoy it so much? Thanks to the Internet, millions are now wondering this online. Before the Internet, there was no place to wonder this in public. We weren’t allowed to wonder anything about Jews except how wonderful they are.

Today the world knows that Jews aren’t wonderful. The world knows that Jews are dreadful. And the Jews know this. The Jews want the world to think of them as dreadful and to be afraid of them. They want the world to fear the Jewish nuclear arsenal which they coyly decline to discuss. One of their military professors, Martin van Creveld, was authorized to threaten Europe with Jewish nuclear attack if Europe should turn against Israel.”


Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld, threatening destruction:

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome.  Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.” (See here)

Ah excellent, dear Mr van Creveld!  Do give us warning when Israel intends to obliterate London and New York! We can then make arrangements to convert to Judaism, or pretend to be Jewish, and relocate for safety and security to Tel Aviv! But no, on second thoughts, it would be a fate worse than death to take up residence among the underage brothels and massage parlors of the New Sodom on the Mediterranean sea.

— Here is Jewish intellectual Yossi Gurvitz revealing the grim truth behind the ancient Jewish strategy of playing nice and friendly as long as Jews are in a relatively weak position but of being totally without mercy “when Israel is mighty.”  

The 12-minute video is in Hebrew but has English subtitles.  If you prefer, skip the video and read the 2400-word transcript instead.  [LD] 

Transcript of the Yossi Gurvitz Interview

Based on the transcript by Adrian Azzopardi in a comment on the original YouTube page

We all know what the rabbis say is the origin of Judaism.

Moshe [Moses]  passed the Torah down to the elders. The elders passed the Torah down to the prophets. And so all the way down to the Talmud. And there were no changes.

The central motif of the Jewish understanding of history is that there were no changes in the religion. In other words, what the rabbis are saying now are merely minor refinements of what the rabbis had said during the time of the Elders – the time of the Mishnah and the Talmud.

First of all, the problem with this version of history is that it is completely false. Secondly, there are a few historical problems connected with this distorted version of history, problems which continue to this day. This is due to the fact that Judaism, as a religion, has been frozen in time for the last 1800 years.

Generally speaking, rabbinical Judaism, as it appears in the Talmud, is the source of Judaism. Unlike what is generally taught in secular schools—where the source of Judaism is said to be the Bible—the actual source of Judaism is the Talmud. The people who wrote the Talmud are the people who decided what books should be included in the Biblical canon. What they decided wouldn’t go in to the Bible, was left out of the Bible.

So, for example, while the Catholic Church included the Books of the Maccabees in its version of the Biblical canon, Judaism excluded them. In fact, only the Greek version of these books was preserved. Whether there were Hebrew or Aramaic versions of them is an interesting question, but the fact is, only Christianity preserved them.

The Book of Judith, the Book of Tobias, and many other books dealing mostly with the Jews of the Diaspora, didn’t get into the Jewish Biblical canon. It remained for Christianity to preserve them.

The Judaism that preceded rabbinical Judaism, i.e., the Judaism of the Talmud, has been effectively erased from history. In other words, it’s not easy to know what happened and was taught before the advent of rabbinical Judaism. We know there were Sadducees. We know there were Pharisees, the name for the rabbinical Jews, And we know there were Essenes. However,  we don’t know all that much about these other groups. The reason we don’t know much about these other groups is that one group, the Pharisees, survived as the ideological victors and made sure the other groups were more or less forgotten and sent down the memory hole of history. The victorious Pharisees established more than 10 religious holidays to celebrate their victories over the Sadducees, their ideological competitors.

One finds oneself bogged down in doubt and confusion as to what really took place. One fragment of information here, another fragment of information there. Nothing certain. You find yourself saying, “Maybe it was like this” or “Maybe it was like that.” It is impossible to determine what really happened.

One thing we do know is this, and we know it for certain: from the very earliest times, rabbinical Judaism—the religion of the Pharisees—was a religion that hated the rest of mankind. It defines only Jews as human beings. Only Jews who believed in rabbinical Judaism, as enshrined in the Talmud, were regarded as human and everyone else was excluded.

Let’s get this right: it defines only Jews who believe in Talmudic Judaism as full human beings. Everyone else is on a lower level. These inferior beings are seen as the ‘Other’.  They must be rejected, pushed aside, and, in extreme cases, destroyed.

Rabbinical Jewish law does not prohibit the killing of a non-Jew? This is what you sometimes hear. But no, that is not strictly true. The rabbis do prohibit the killing of a non-Jew, but they do so in a very strange way: they refuse to punish a Jew who kills a non-Jew. If you kill a Jew, you get punished. If you kill even the slave of a Jew—and here it’s important to note that Orthodox Judaism has never abolished slavery—then there’s a stiff penalty you have to pay. It could come to execution. Or it could be a fine. You see, they didn’t have jails in those days. But if you kill a non-Jew, what then? No legal punishment!  Yes, you’re guilty, but there is no penalty in law. God will punish you!

And that is—how shall I put it?—a bit problematic. When you say something is a crime, but there’s no punishment for committing the crime, then it’s not really a crime.

That’s the Talmud for you.


When you come to the writers of later exegesis, especially the Shulhan Aruch, by that point the writer is already saying that there are situations where you can  kill a non-Jew with impunity. Of course, this is written in the 16th century, after the expulsion the Jews from Spain [1492 C.E.], so the writer has be careful how he expresses himself and must make use of coded language. He therefore refers to the goyim—the gentile Christians—as “idolaters”.

Note that there weren’t any “pagans” left in that part of the world at this point in time. Not in Europe. Not in the Muslim world either. So who on earth could he be calling “idolaters”? Everyone knows who he is  talking about. He is talking about non-Jews. The goyim.

The worst case, in my opinion, is the case of Maimonides, one of Judaism’s greatest and most respected philosophers. He decrees that it is permissible to have sexual intercourse with a 3-year-old girl. That is the age of “consent”. Problematic, no?

Secondly, and even more alarmingly, Maimonides decrees that if a Jew rapes a three-year-old non-Jewish girl, then the little girl must be executed.  Yes, the gentile child must be executed for tempting the Jew to sin! The Jewish rapist himself is not executed. His life is spared.

For some reason, you have to treat the 3-year-old gentile girl  like an animal. She is guilty of putting obstacles in a Jew’s spiritual path, and Maimonides quotes some verse or other about a bull…

The Rabbis know that the parts of Judaism  that are misanthropic—that are deeply discriminatory to non-Jews—pose a problem for them. Because if they try to implement these rules of the religion, things could turn out rather badly for them. There could be extremely unpleasant consequences. If they tried to implement the rule that a 3 year-old gentile girl should be executed, for example, for tempting a Jew to commit rape, the result would be a pogrom.

So to avoid that situation of a pogrom, the Talmud defines two different states of reality. There is one called “Darkei Shalom”, meaning Peaceful Ways. In other words, the reasoning goes like this: “This is the actual religious law, this is how we are supposed to act. But we cannot act like this right now, because it would cause a huge mess and Jews would be killed. So we must behave discreetly and not take any punitive action.”

This is the meaning of “Darkei Shalom” or Peaceful Ways.

Now, for how long will this rule of discreet behavior—of “Peaceful Ways”—still apply? It applies only as long as Israel is relatively weak. As long as Israel has not acquired sufficient strength to do as it pleases.

When Israel is independent, when Israel is mighty, the whole ball game changes. Israel can then afford to be merciless—to do exactly what it likes.

Under those circumstances, it’s all over. You can go back to enforcing the letter of the law according to the Talmud. No more “Peaceful Ways” then! No more need for peaceful ways!


Take Jewish history. Lots of people used to talk about the Hasmonean Wars. That was pretty much the only time that Jews wielded weapons. Think about what the Hasmoneans did to the Hellenized Jews who assimilated Greek culture. It  made them extinct. It destroyed them. A small genocide.

I remind people of this frequently whenever Hanukkah rolls around. But they didn’t stop there, those Jews. They embarked on a campaign of looting and conquest. At the beginning, during their first 20 years, wherever they arrived, they would destroy the local temples. It was prohibited for a place that was under Jewish rule to have a pagan temple. That’s what we’re talking about—the full implementation of Jewish law.

The Jews forced the Edomites to convert to Judaism on pain of death. It was a forced conversion.  It was exactly what the Spanish Inquisition later on did to the Jews. So the Jews took these foreign people and told them: “Either convert to Judaism or you’re dead!”

Things only got worse after that.

Nowadays, when religious Zionists look at the world around them, they say: “We’ve got a state. We’ve got weapons. We’ve got a Jewish army. This hasn’t happened for 2000 years! What can this mean?  It obviously means that God has brought about this situation to enable us to take steps to bring about the Messiah. God wants us to build the temple.”

LD: In other words, religious Jews believe they are under obligation to bring about Armageddon and the Last Days as soon as possible : in short, to precipitate an apocalyptic war to end all wars. This is seen as God’s will.   

They skip over all the conditions that are imposed by the Talmud on what a Messiah must be, and they go back to Maimonides. Yes, they go back to Maimonides. And Maimonides says, “There is no difference between our time and the time of the Messiah, other than the subordination to kingdoms.” In other words, the only difference between the time of Maimonides, who died in 1204, and the time of the Messiah, is who is subordinate to whom.

Are the Jews subordinate to “kingdoms”, i.e., to other nations? Or can they now subordinate other nations to them? That is how Maimonides begins his Book of Kings. He explains what the rules are for a king, what a king can do. It emerges from the belief that, yes, there can be a king, and you don’t need to start off with a temple. You don’t need God to come down from heaven and point at someone and say, “That’s the Messiah!”

You can have a king first, a very powerful man, and if this heroic figure is a conqueror of nations, almighty in battle, then he will  also be the Jewish Messiah. And then you look at what religious Zionists are doing about this. They want a Messiah. They want him now!


There must be cleansings. Religious law prohibits contact with non-Jews. Of course, these Kosher laws prohibit you from even eating with the goyim. Other laws prohibit you from treating them fairly.

You are forbidden to return a lost item to a non-Jew—except in order to “keep the peace.” There is no prohibition from stealing from a non-Jew—except in order to “keep the peace.” You are not supposed say “hello” to them—unless there is no alternative. And so on and so forth.

There are all kinds of prohibitions that are entirely psychotic. Rules and regulations based on a religion of vengeance. Religious Zionists have a serious problem with the mere existence of non-Jews. The Land of Israel is supposed to be only for Jews.

Ironically, we Jews would manage to get along with Muslims if it weren’t for the fact that we are involved in military conflict with them. Because according to Judaism, Muslims are not idolaters. So we could get along with Muslims in theory.

Muslims believe in one God. So do we. Muslims don’t have idols, they don’t have statues, they don’t have anything like that. Nor do we. Look, during the Middle Ages, we Jews actually got along better with Muslims than with Christians.

But what can we do? We happened to conquer a territory populated mainly by Muslims, and so the Muslims are now fighting us. That’s too bad.  And look, there is now even talk about genocide.

We have a holy book, the Torat Hamelech or King’s Torah,  which tells us that we are free to kill children if there is a reason to believe that one day these children could grow up to harm us. If you killed a Palestinian’s entire family, and left only him alive, he will indeed have good reason to cause you harm one day. If you stole his lands and turned him into a refugee, driving him into Jordan or Lebanon, don’t you think he will have good reason to hate you and cause you harm?

Many people have said that this book’s arguments are not sound according to religious law, and so on and so forth. But no one has really tackled this problem head-on. It’s no wonder the book has become a bestseller!

In general, what religious Zionists want is for the Land of Israel to be for Jews only.

The situation for Christians, “when Israel is mighty”, will be really bad. This is because, according to Judaism, the Christians are idolaters. So they will have to be killed, even if they do not resist Jewish rule.

In Jerusalem, Jewish religious students in the seminaries have a despicable habit: they urinate and defecate all over Christian churches. Go and talk to the church staff. You will hear it from every church, that this is going on. Spitting on clergymen in the street is something that happens every single day.

If the priest has the courage to hit the Jewish troublemaker back, to slap him or something similar, he is deported. Quietly. They cancel his residence permit in the country.

If you want to justify a pogrom, all you have to do is say the words “Missionary Threat”.

From that perspective, Christianity, which is the historical arch-enemy of Judaism, is going to get a serious beating once the religious Zionists are in power.

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  1. I don’t believe a word of the Old Testament. It is no more valid than Greek mythology. I believe Jesus existed, but don’t believe he was supernatural.

    Religion is mostly myth.

    1. Greek mythology is not what you think,a fairy tale.

      If you knew Greek you could have understood what it means the word Etymon.

      Put in practice Etymology when you read the Greek Mythos and everything becomes clear,but you shoud know the language,ancient or modern,it does not matter,because there is not a great difference.

      Plato in his dialogue “Kritias”gives us the true meaning of Mythos:

      “Μύθου μὲν σχῆμα ἔχων λέγεται,τὸ ἀληθὲς ἐστὶ”

      Which means: The truth is said in the shape of Mythos.

      Forgive my english because is not my language,and forgive me of writting something irrelevant to the article.

      1. I think that you managed to point out something of much relevance to this piece; your rendering of the quote from Kritias manages in one sentence to sum up what my comment below expanded upon in much less pithy fashion.

        I also believe that the Lasha (lover of the classics) Darkmoon I remember would be intimately aware of the connection – and instinctively appreciate the necessity of that starting point for any understanding of how fashioning and refashioning of their own ‘mythos’ has underpinned and empowered all of the sionist embezzlement of our collective histories. A mythos richly rewarding for those prepared to take the time to break it down in careful exegesis. Retrieval of one’s true past is the very first – and unavoidable – step in any authentic resistance to the hegemonist agenda.

        But it seems that the site may have fallen away from that more careful and demanding work of Dis-Enchantment, in favor of the kind of hard core reactionary cudgel work so bountifully on display in commentary here. As a voice from the distant past, I’ve only read this piece and one other since a serendipitous reminder of the world of Darkmoon crossed my path yesterday – it may be too early therefore to draw any firm conclusions about what has transpired here since those distant days of Pandora and her boxes.

        \perhaps we shall see what space still exists for other approaches here.

        1. @ Ormanci

          “But it seems that the site may have fallen away from that more careful and demanding work of Dis-Enchantment, in favor of the kind of hard core reactionary cudgel work so bountifully on display in commentary here.”

          I am not sure what you are saying, but if you are saying that Lasha Darkmoon is in some way responsible for the overall tone of the comments here and even approves and condones everything that is said here, you are absolutely wrong. Lasha has no time to read the comments in detail. She does not monitor the site. She has nothing to do with the Comments section and has no idea what half the people here are saying, even about her. You must judge her by her articles alone and by what she says in her own words, not by the multitude of diverse opinions here in the Comments section.

          — Dr Z

      2. A rather more edgy response than I might have looked for Doc Z.

        As I was at some pains to point out, rather than ‘saying’ anything definitively, I am probing the lay of the land – knowing full well that some things will have changed in the space of 5 or 6 years, and simply wishing to be aware of what those changes might be. If the space now provides nothing but unmodulated calls for ‘killing the kikes’ before they kill us, my stopover can be suitably brief. That dog don’t hunt… as far as protecting the gentile world from further harm at the hands of the truly mad and malevolent among us.

        As to the other part of your response, even the most cursory inspection of the current site shows me that Lasha must be paying considerably more attention to it – and the comments therein – than you would have me believe. Her speedy response to two individual comments in the one other article I have read here gave me quite enough indication of that; it’s unclear to me why you would seek to paint a different picture. But I have not come with an intention at any rate to “judge” the woman, by her articles or any other yardstick – rather, to simply judge whether it’s a place I would feel comfortable contributing my opinions to.

        Finally, I don’t know of any website on the net that does not reflect the general tenor of the site owner’s perspective. “If your are suggesting” that this one is to be seen differently, I shall have to conclude that your speaking in the name of ‘admin’ infers that that general tenor is now yours rather than hers.

      3. @ Ormanci

        Disenchantment was overrated at best and now passé. “Gas the kikes. Race War Now!” is the new “Dis-Enchantment,” if not the new Kitsch: https://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/gas-the-kikes-race-war-now-4/

        Disclaimer: I do not believe it necessary to kill all the kikes. Just take out the top 100 Central jew banksters and the rest will fall in line. Start with the House of Rothschild; it may be as simple as chopping off the head of the snake, or as the Chinese say, 杀鸡儆猴: “Kill the chicken to scare the monkeys.”

        Here’s the story behind the saying:

        In old China, there was a man who raised monkeys. Very mischievous monkeys. But, one day he was able to control them enough to bring them together as a group.

        When the monkeys gathered, they found that the man had a chicken by the neck. He told the monkeys, ‘If you don’t start behaving, here’s what will happen to you.’ Whereupon he wrung the chicken’s neck.

        He had no more trouble with the monkeys.

      4. @ Ormanci

        “A rather more edgy response than I might have looked for Doc Z …”

        Dr Z’s comment was scrupulously polite. If anyone’s tone here is edgy and discourteous, it is yours.

        “If the space now provides nothing but unmodulated calls for ‘killing the kikes’ before they kill us, my stopover can be suitably brief.”

        LD has never advocated “killing the kikes.” Nor is this a common practice on this website, as you ignorantly imply. Read this website’s Policy Statement. You will find these words there:

        “Racist terminology like “nigger”, “kike”, “yid”, “wog”, and “Chink” should be avoided as much as possible because such abusive language lowers the tone of intellectual discourse and gives our website a bad name…. Comments that call openly for the extermination of the Jews, or the mass murder of any other ethnic or religious group, will be deleted at once. All incitements to violence are strictly against the law and could get this website shut down.”


        I guess you could nitpick and find fault with that if you wished to do so.

        “Finally, I don’t know of any website on the net that does not reflect the general tenor of the site owner’s perspective. “If your are suggesting” that this one is to be seen differently, I shall have to conclude that your speaking in the name of ‘admin’ infers that that general tenor is now yours rather than hers.”

        Your comment above indicates that you are of substandard intelligence and quite unfit to bandy words with the commentariat here, many of whom have doctorates or are highly qualified professionals.

        FYI, Dr Z has been the moderator of this website for less than a week — he is absolutely new to the game — and so “the general tenor” of this website can hardly be due to him, as you erroneously suggest.

        You are also 100% wrong to say: “I don’t know of any website on the net that does not reflect the general tenor of the site owner’s perspective.”

        Let me inform you that the views of the site owner, and the views of Lasha Darkmoon in particular, are NOT in any way reflected, mirrored, or duplicated by the comments or even by the articles published here.

        The site has just published an article by John Kaminski attacking Christianity. Does this reflect the site’s viewpoint or LD’s viewpoint? No, it does not! They happen to be Christians and totally reject Kaminski’s anti-Christian sentiments. In fact, LD has written an extensive endnote rebutting Kaminski’s viewpoint. So the situation here is the very opposite of what you claim.

        “The Role of Religion in Our Struggle Against the Jews”

        BTW, I am one of the oldest commenters here and I can tell you that I take exception to your arrogant presumption.

      5. @ Sardonicus

        Well said, Sard. “Arrogant presumption” is an understatement. This guy is simply oozing with self-importance. He actually tells us he has deigned to visit this website with a view to checking out if the commentariat here are worthy of his attention. If not, his sojourn among us will be “suitably brief.”

        Bumptious prig!

        As if anyone here cares if he stays or leaves.

      6. Dear Sard
        I realize that there are some on pretty much every site who consider themselves to be the appropriate parties to conduct the ritual hazings which are supposed to protect whatever orthodoxy rules there; I’m not opposed to your over the top effort in principle therefore – it’s actually kind of funny in it’s own way. Have you scared off many? Please see your comment to Lonnie below to get an appreciation of my own reaction.

        I remember your moniker from the past, and the serial abuse of historical truth which you saw fit at the time to specialize in. I have no hard feelings about that – too much water under the bridge, and it must always be allowed for that people do change and grow. In truth, I was delighted to see what you wrote about Kaminski and company below, as it gave me the first hard evidence of there being some kind of counter current to that schtick in operation here.

        Exactly what I set out to discover in crafting my comment – not the indulgent mess that you have created above, nor it’s seconding by another junior site ranger! I shall regard the first-mentioned of the two comments of yours as the one to keep, and the other to throw back into the lily pond – unless you decide you want to go out of your way to try and cancel my apparent threat to the sanctity of your good housekeeping here! Your call bud – I’m happy to go with the flow, either way.

        As for the collective, very misguided effort here to ‘defend’ Lasha – on the part of various ‘knights errant’ – I am intimately familiar with the dynamic in which our authoress plays damsel in distress to her defenders. It’s an old one, totally unnecessary, and, one might hope, something that has been left behind in the past – she clearly has the resources to take care of herself without such role-playing.

        I haven’t any concern at all about your failed efforts to create a pretext for jumping into service in such a stultified and comical role – as there isn’t a smidgen of critique of the woman in anything which I wrote here – you’ve simply made yourselves(including your new mod for certain) look silly and vain.

        Pots… meet kettle…
        Best regards merry men!

      7. OK Ormanci, hang around! You pass the Sardonicus litmus test. There is more depth to you than I thought. In fact, I am agreeably surprised by the tone of your recent comment. It seems I have misjudged you, as you have misjudged me.

        It may interest you to know that the only reason I am on this site is because I am genuinely looking for the truth. I am not here to defend any prevailing orthodoxy, as you suggest. There’s no such critter here. Everyone has a different orthodoxy, yourself included.

        There are many good posters on this site. Naturally I don’t agree with all their opinions but I recognize their intelligence and the depth of their sincerity. I have given grave offence to some of the best commenters here, including Pat and Red Onions. I wish I hadn’t, but that’s the way it’s been. I guess this comes from residing in a Zen monastery in Japan, separated from my wife who lives in England. What am I doing here, I sometimes ask myself, drinking all this green tea and gazing vacantly into lotus ponds…

        You needn’t worry. I am not a regular poster here. I rarely comment nowadays. For the most part, I am a silent reader.


        Osaka, Japan

      8. Sard –

        Damn..!! I just realized…. you haven’t attacked me in months…

        Either I’m losing my spice….
        ……or you’re having too much green tea. 🙂

      9. @ Pat

        No, you haven’t lost your spice. You’re still the same Pat. It’s just that my attitude toward you has changed completely. I basically think you’re a nice guy who happens to be remarkably well-informed on a number of abstruse topics. In fact, in my humble opinion, you one of one of the most outstanding posters on this site because of your exceptional ability to keep your cool under a tsunami of insults and abuse. Yeah, I actually took your advice and went out and bought myself some green tea. 🙂

      10. lol Sardo.
        you and I are old interlocutors on this site – few would know better than I the length of your tenure here! I have received both your blessings – and your censure – in that time/ it’s unlikely that either will have much to do with my comings or goings/ but since the former is always more pleasant than the latter, I suppose I shall have to accept your re-bapitizing of me now with as much grace as I can muster.

        I honestly don’t remember the avatar which I used to write under here – but a fresh start seems more promising anyways – as mentioned. we do grow, or at least change, with time, and old dynamics lose their charm as well as purpose. Why should I worry as to you posting here regularly? Much more to the point of my purpose here than your acquiescing to my ‘hanging around’ are the responses which you yourself have posted to both Kaminski and Campbell – they have confirmed that there is sufficient plurality of opinion to make the place enjoyable. Besides, I have no objection at all to clashes – like lightning storms, the air is clearer and cleaner in their aftermath. Whether we agree or disagree is immaterial to me – if you present a well reasoned argument, free of cant and malice, you can always count upon my respect.

        If I have, as you say, misjudged you, it would be in assuming from your previous screed to be another of the many angst-ridden westerners whom I have encountered in these past years while learning how to participate on occidental message boards such as this one. These people seem flighty, moody, and very very angry. Doji training seems like an admirable antidote to those problems of temperment. If, like myself, you are living outside of the western world, we have more in common that I would have supposed.

        In sum, I like much of what you have written on this thread, and will look forward to seeing more. As to my other ‘respondent’ – well, it took a while, but eventually I connected the name to the other thread which caught my interest here – on “Misogyny” – and it will be of equal interest to me to follow the projections of that individual on these pages. Lasha seems very much subdued from the woman I remember of years past – my horse sense is telling me it may be a consequence of having surrounded herself with too many beta males!

    2. “I don’t believe a word of the Old Testament. It is no more valid than Greek mythology…
      Religion is mostly myth.”

      And that is what makes it accessible to our understanding. In both examples of foundation stories – Greek & Hebrew – cited, the principal function of the words written down is to explain away details once common knowledge to the societies who the myths address. In overlaying those half remembered/half forgotten details with a new, revised social morality, the scribe/author of those myths sought to bring credibility to that pretended doctrine – priestly Judaism or Hellenist-invented ‘civilization’ as the case may be – which was to be foisted upon their society at the behest of which ever elite was pulling the strings behind scenes. Nothing much has changed over the millennia – myths are still being invented for the same purpose today.

      In the case of what would become rabbinical Judaism, we know a considerable amount about the struggle between those elites and the society which they sought to reshape in accord with a racialist and supremacist agenda. Much of the old Testament, when read without the baggage of religious indoctrination is a chronicle of that long and bitter attempt to revolt against the Yahwehist sectarians and their bitter, genocidal visions.

      and the people said to Jeremiah:

      “We will NOT listen to the message you have spoken to us in the name of the “Lord”! We will certainly do everything we said we would: We will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to Her just as we and our fathers, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm. But ever since we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to Her, we have lacked everything and have been perishing by sword and famine” Jeremiah: 44, 15-18

      It took centuries, and much killing and exiling for the priestly faction to have their way with their unfortunate victims of Judea. It also required much rewriting of history – in accord with a patriarchal code which sought to conceal that continued worship of Asherah as the preeminent Hebrew deity by inventing foundation stories centered upon made up lines of succession while monopolizing spiritual authority. In no great way does this differ from the more modern history of the rabbinical campaign to keep their charges from mixing with the rest of the world – and thereby acquiring a taste for freedom from Yahwist and Talmudic sorcery and intimidation.

      In the same way, the Greeks obsessed over invented lineages and sought to make an ethnicity out of a loose linguistic grouping – fearing to allow for the influence of older, more matriarchal tradition, but unable to suppress the memory of same, they tailored their stories to bridge the gap between ways distantly remembered and an innovated socio-economic system imposed atop them.

      Which is exactly what myths are designed to do. It is incumbent upon us to do the work of sifting through their layered lies and half truths in search of the bedrock elements of truth that they can and do reveal.

      1. I’ve been coming to Darkmoon for a few years now, and I never heard of this “Ormanci” before just yesterday. I think he just appeared for the first time yesterday to Darkmoon, or the day before. But he was never here at Darkmoon before that. So why the f*ck is he saying he’s an “old interlocutor on this site” for? WTF? He just arrived here for the very first time. I never came across his name/handle before, has anyone here at DM who’s been reading DM for years ever come across this “Ormanci” character before very recently? Great, we got another shithead on our hands. “avatar” and Ingrid and Maxie aren’t enough shitheads, we need more of ’em. I guess.

        TOBY: Ormanci says he used another name when he was here last but he can’t remember what it was.

      2. Joe! You’ve clearly been obsessing about the Muzzies for too long – as you have turned into a backpack-toting suicidal jihadi yourself, intent upon blowing up – real good!

        In the space of a few sentences you reveal to us a startling lack of basic reading/comprehension skills; an inability to achieve the most basic kind of time-space conceptualization which even our simian cousins are known to have down pat…. AND … revealed the characteristic ploy of the true beta male – who constantly needs invent new enemies in order to keep those ever-dwindling stocks of testosterone/adrenaline from dropping below the ‘red line’ where the ever present fear and hatred of the “other” simply turns to lethargy and self abuse.

        Struck out badly here chum – your my best bud! The careful reader can now piece together the causal connections between the starting point of severe cerebral challenges, the projection of those incapacities onto the outside world, the morphing of those issues into an identifiable psychosis acted out against[insert your chosen foe here]…

        and voila! The mechanics of the muzzie-basher mind – laid out in the goriest of detail. Thanks for comin out Joe – and keep em coming!

      1. rrrrright …

        and you’re one of the “true christians”.

        It’s all a scam Zazz. Get over it and get in the real fight.

      2. @ ZAZZ

        You have spoken of one of the biggest problems and I know from experience that it definitely is confusion. Most things pertaining to the teachings of Jesus are considered in a backward fashion.

        Jesus’ teachings are judged by the actions of organized Christianity, validity with the Old Testament, and conformity with what Paul taught instead of properly the other way around.

        Due to indoctrination/brainwashing, very few actually look at the teachings of Jesus with an unencumbered mind which means that Jesus’ teachings are not easily understood even though his teachings are quite simple and empowering. As a messenger told me many years ago, “The answers to all questions are in the Gospels.” The Gospels contain the teachings of Jesus. The messenger was correct based on my subsequent studies.

    3. Not sure why you even believe he existed.

      There is no hard evidence for that myth either despite all the fantasy the followers cling to. Lots of evidence however that he’s a composite character from previous belief systems.

      Time to see the bible (new & old) for what it really is ..

      It’s nothing more than the documenting (by jews) of disgusting jewish criminality (I do not care what they called themselves back then, they were jews).

      The thing is based on events of their actual depravity but just slightly twisted enough to create a religion called christianity. This religion was created by jews as the nail in the coffin to take down the Roman empire. This new religion has been used to face off against other religions for various wars etc. for a couple thousand years.

      The other major factor in the game has been the subversion of our very “god given” human nature to defend ourselves with deadly force. The single most effective accomplishment of the jews.

      There’s also some obvious subversion of history relating to the great catastrophe but not interested in going into that because the jewish problem is THE PROBLEM.

      Psychological warfare was alive and well way back when. It’s worked like a charm for the jews ever since.

      That’s it. Nothing more to it despite what about a billion obviously critical thinking deprived believers what to beLIEve.

  2. It should be clear by now what needs to happen to the Jews. There is no further need to listen to their constant lies. Jews need to be excluded from all human societies, preferably in as violent a way as possible, as repayment for the thousands of years of misery they have caused everyone else. The gentiles who have succumbed to their bribery and blackmail should be treated in an equally violent manner, for the Jews have truly betrayed humankind. Reserve especially gruesome treatment for Jewish doctors who have deliberately poisoned their patients for profit.

    1. Let’s not forget their corporations as well. I especially agree with the part about those helping them achieve their plans – The “Judas Class” in D.C., the Israeli trained cops/military who are now or soon will be murdering their own for a pat on the head and thirty pieces of silver. The Jew is doing what a Jew will. They, on the other hand, have betrayed their people, nation and God;

      “No Rothschild is English… No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects, selects, your politicians.”

      – Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942 radio broadcast

      1. Pound was a gem.

        Pound helped discover and shape the work of contemporaries such as T. S. Eliot, James Joyce, Robert Frost, and Ernest Hemingway. He was responsible for the 1915 publication of Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and the serialization from 1918 of Joyce’s Ulysses.

        Hemingway wrote of him in 1925: “He defends [his friends] when they are attacked, he gets them into magazines and out of jail. … He introduces them to wealthy women. He gets publishers to take their books. He sits up all night with them when they claim to be dying … he advances them hospital expenses and dissuades them from suicide.”

        Outraged by the carnage of World War I, Pound lost faith in England and blamed the war on usury and international capitalism. He moved to Italy in 1924, and throughout the 1930s and 1940s he embraced Benito Mussolini’s Italian Fascism, expressed support for Adolf Hitler, and wrote for publications owned by British fascist Oswald Mosley.

        During World War II he was paid by the Italian government to make hundreds of radio broadcasts criticizing the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Jews, as a result of which he was arrested by American forces in Italy in 1945 on charges of treason, after which he spent months in detention in a U.S. military camp in Pisa, including three weeks in a six-by-six-foot OUTDOOR steel cage that he said triggered a mental breakdown, “when the raft broke and the waters went over me”. Deemed unfit to stand trial, he was incarcerated in St. Elizabeths psychiatric hospital in Washington, D.C., for over 12 years..!!

        His only visitor was Eustace Mullins, who visited him weekly, sometimes daily…. while there in DC.


      2. Pound gets my vote for the greatest cultural contribution of the 20th century, Orwell a runner-up.

        Did you say 6-by-6-by-6-foot steel cage, Pat?
        Something rings a bell … we’re all in this cage

      3. I’ll second that, Pat and lobro

        Another of Pound’s proteges was the poet Charles Olsen. A late friend of mine was a publisher who published much of his work. It was through my publisher friend that I first started to read literary giants like Ezra Pound, Doestoyevsky, etc. after surviving H.S. when the REAL learning commenced

      4. Yep, happens every time someone puts on the glasses.

        First thing one finds out is they cannot take them off.

        Second comes confusion as to why no one else can see these aliens who are obviously controlling things everywhere.

        The third phase is anger, you want these alien Jews stopped and you want them stopped now, before they do any more damage to you and the innocents around you.

        Then comes the anger at the power elite, those among your people who have sold out saying:

        “It’s business that’s all it is. There ain’t no countries any more, no more good guys. Jews are running the whole show, they own everything, the whole goddamned planet, they can do what ever they want! What’s wrong with having it good for a change? And they’re gonna let us have it good, if we just help ’em. Now they’re gonna leave us alone let us make some money. You can have a little taste of the good life too. I know you want it, hell everybody does. What’s the threat, we all sell out every day. Might as well be on the winning team.” Yeah, they’re gonna let us have it good alright.

        Next come the bloody, knockdown verbal fights as you try to get others to put on the glasses. You bellow, “Look at what these Jews are doing. Don’t you understand they hate you and are going to kill, not only you, but your family, your race and your nation”.

        They scream their reply, “You’re just a Jew hater, a Nazi, racist, a bigot! You don’t have any evidence Jews are running things. I refuse to look at your so-called proof because it just comes from another Jew hater like you! You’re just jealous because they are smarter and have more money than you. And that’s why they have the money, they are smarter than everyone else.

        Finally, after many years, you realize there is no hope of getting through to any of them, so you simply resign yourself to preaching to the choir, but few really listen, even in the choir loft. So you wait, knowing the inevitable, knowing all too well the Jew’s taste for human blood and flesh.

      5. Have heard reports, statistics, of the number of young US military, who take their own lives, every f-ing day.. Do the power elite give a damn? theyu don`t.. saves them from having to re-imburse these poor deluded fools..

        1. Ingrid is always “hearing” “reports” of so many topics, funny thing is, with her great hearing ability, she NEVER “hears” “reports” of all the violence her “precious” Muslim immigrants are committing in Europe. More violence in Europe from Ingrid’s “precious” Muslim immigrants who are “all” about “peace” [ as per Ingrid who NEVER “hears” any “reports” about any thing that would make anyone stop and think twice about supporting Muslim immigration into the USA. Ingrid NEVER “hears” anything about all the widespread violence the Muslim immigrants are committing in Europe on a daily basis ] :


          1. With Ingrid’s great hearing ability, my guess is — and it’s the Correct Guess for it is The Truth — Ingrid who pretends not to know anything about all the violence the Muslims commit in Europe fully well knows about all the violence the Muslims are committing in Europe. She pretends not to know, she pretends she never “hears” and “reports” of Muslim violence in Europe because Ingrid is a jew pretending to be a White Norwegian pretending to be “all” “peace love and understanding”. The fact is the jew Ingrid is NO different then the Jew Communists who are the ones who pushed so hard to turn Europe Islamic.

            How the jew Ingrid pretending to be a “Non jew” Norwegian chick loves it that Europe is over run with Muslims and the Muslims immigrants are committing so much violence against the Europeans. Ingrid just loves it. As the jew cunt pretends she never “hears” any “reports” of the violence the Muslim immigrants are committing in Europe, as she encourages us Americans to support the same kind of muslim immigration into the USA that Europe has. Do you live in Israel, Ingrid? Well, wherever it is you live, you’re a detestable filthy diseased jew vermin cunt from some jew sewer somewhere.

            Ingrid the jew pretending to be a “Non jew” “Norwegian” and pretends she “lives in” “Norway” NEVER “hears” any “reports” of the widespread violence her “precious” Muslim immigrants are committing in Norway. Ingrid the jew presents Norway as picture perfect land of multi-culturalism where the Muslim immigrants contribute so much to Norway’s well-being and the Muslim immigrants really LERV their Norwegian hosts. Boy, what a lying jew cunt your Darkmoon “Ingrid” is, truly.

            But lobro doesn’t know his girlfriend Ingrid is a jew. lobro really thinks his close tight girlfriend is really a “non jew” “Norwegian”. How the two, lobro and Ingrid LERV their fellow jews pretending to be Muslims and committing their jew terrorism and jew war waging under the guise of being “Muslims”, “takfiri Muslims”. Boy, the two cunts really left giant jew snake shit pellet clues in their wake with that clue about their “dear” friends “the takfiri Muslims” . The jew cunt “Ingrid” : “Oh, takfiri Muslims make the best American citiznes of all American citizens”. Truly reprehensible detestable putrid dirty filthy dirty vermin-diseased jew cunts, all of you Darkmooners.

            Kaminski of course doesn’t know you’re all jews of course, that’s ’cause he’s so “jew-wise”. Yeah, he’s jew wise alright, that’s for sure.

    2. Hello Mr Kaminski, At the age of 78 I now feel I can speak the truth without concern for my future. When I was young, in England, I had Jewish friends. As I grew older, living in America I have found many Jews to be obnoxious and anti-gentile. Maybe we should call it the Maimonides Syndrome.

      I don’t agree with your recommendations on how to deal with Jews. I am a pacifist and believe that what is needed is the truth about Jewish involvement in events of the past hundred years.

      1. The truth about the role of Jews over the past hundred years is enough to do the job. The whole Jewish “holier-than-thou-and-we-are-the-victims” lie should be exposed. They would completely lose credibilty.

        The media never say (never dare to say) anything that reflects badly on the Jews. The truth has been hidden.

    3. Mr kirby youre 78? Boy anyway i tried this pill called cialys the other day it was for free i got it some kind of advertising or something and boy i tell you …
      A girlfriend i had briefly said “i’ll be back, i am going to the store” and that was the day .. Havent seen her since…
      But boy that pill .

    4. @John Kaminski

      Jews need to be excluded from all human societies, preferably in as violent a way as possible, as repayment for the thousands of years of misery they have caused everyone else.

      John, you sound like very unhappy man. Do you have kids, and what is your ethnic background, if you don’t mind me asking?

      1. @ John Kaminski :

        And what, pray tell, is your stance concerning the Muslim immigration issue now raging across the United States? Qua Hitler supporter you are, what is your stance concerning Muslim immigration into the United States? What is your viewpoint about the Muslims in Europe? What do you think about Muslims immigrating into White, Western lands in such massive numbers? Do you think Muslim immigration into Europe and into Canada and into Australia and into the very United States itself is a good thing or no, do you think it’s not a good thing that we here in the United States might very well be inundated with massive numbers of Muslims in the very heart of the United States of America? Or, do you support the Muslim immigration agenda?

        The United States of America just might be inundated with never ending massive Muslim immigration into this land so besotted by so many years of mis-rule and rule by mobsters that we now face the possibility of never changing anything for the better in these United States you’re so concerned about, not if we have a never ending influx of massive numbers of Muslims pouring into this precious land, we will have no hope of ever changing the United States for the better : Which is the Very Goal of Usrael ZOG, to flood these United States with millions and millions and never ending millions of Muslims flooding these United States so we will never be able to change things for the better here in the USA. Do you support jew ZOG’s agenda of Muslim immigration into the USA or no? If yes, if you do support it, then why yes. If no, why no?

        Please answer qua Hitler supporter, as the stances you always take on every subject Under The Sun and The Dark Moon are based on you being a Hitler supporter.

        Also : What is your stance concerning Putin? What is your stance concerning Trump? Again, please reply qua Hitler supporter you are, as all of your stances are always based on you being a Hitler supporter, you’re always clear about that, about being a Hitler supporter ; And you’re always very clear, as clear as day and Sunlight pouring down from The Heavens, that ALL your stances at ALL times and with ALL subject matters reflect you being a Hitler supporter. Sometimes, however, you’re not clear about your stances when it comes down to the nit and gritty , I notice. You do have a tendency to be a bit vague, to speak in very broad and wide generalities, which sometimes is useful to understanding a subject, but still, generalities are only useful to a point, and after that point, time to get down to the nit and gritty of things.

        Please do try to be clear and concise and straight-to-the-point about the nit and gritty when answering my basic questions about the nit and gritty of the subject matter in question, if you can, please. Thank You for your time and your consideration, TROJ.

    5. It’s clear as can possibly be John for those of us who are jew wise and not infected with the mind disease of religion.

      Crystal clear.

      1. No, it is NOT “crystal clear” when a gun-toting redneck like you screams your puerile philosophy from the rooftops like a frothing lunatic! How about “the mind disease of IRreligion”? Sure you haven’t been infected with the cancer of nihilism?

        I guess you are too dimwitted to realize that you and Kaminski and JB Campbell are all Useful Idiots for the Jews! 🙂

        You are saying EXACTLY what the Jews want to hear: “KILL CHRIST! CRUCIFY CHRIST AGAIN ! JOIN US NIHILISTIC WANKERS! 🙂

        No sir, you and JB Campbell and Kaminski can stick your nihilism up your asses!

        In spitting at Christianity, you become an avid supporter of Jewish pornographer Al Goldstein! He too hated Christianity and wanted to kill it. So tell me, how are you and JB Campbell and Kaminski in any different to Al Goldstein?

        Here, take a look at this nihilistic wanker. You and JB Campbell and Kaminski are looking at the mirror image of yourselves, spouting the identical philosophy of nihilistic Christ hatred:


  3. I wish i could make a video where i am standing over the corpses of hundreds of jews and american senators -a place like aipac- a place that just got bombed
    I would stand there and say something like…
    -donk kill my people, you know i really really like you but i get mad when you burn the children in gaza for example, dont do that-
    Then i would see a kippa wearing guy who is lifting his hand like trying to say “help me please”, and i would just pretend i didnt see him and just step on his head and go on ..
    -i dont wanna do this, but you make me, so please please please stop all this-
    Then i will get closer to the camera and say,
    – i really like you, you know-
    Then i will put it in you tube and run to Oregon

    1. DR PARKER
      January 5, 2016 at 11:27 pm

      If mind diseased fools like yourself get in the way between us clear headed goyim and the jews I’d duck if I were you.

      No nihilism involved. As for Al Goldstein he’s on the lead collection list.

  4. Michael Hoffman is wrong. Maimonides couldn’t have made any such statement as he never lived in a Christian country. He spent all his life in most powerful countries of that time – Muslim Spain and Egypt.

    Rabbi Moses Maimonides was born in 1138 CE. His name in his mother tongue of Arabic was Musa ibn Maymun al-Qurtubi, and he is universally considered the most important Jewish thinker in the last 2,000 years. Please note the similarities between Ibn Rushd and Rabbi Musa: both were born in Cordoba in Al-Andalus; both became “philosopher/theologians” and the foremost interpreters of Aristotle within Islam and Judaism, with both attempting to harmonize the truths of reason with the revelations of the Holy Qur’an and the Torah; both became jurists and authorities in religious law (the Sharia in Islam, the Halakhah in Judaism) that is still central to Muslim and Jewish observance; both lived part of their lives in Fez in Morocco; and both became court physicians to their local rulers, Ibn Rushd to the Caliph of Cordoba, Rabbi Musa to the great Salah-ah-Din in Egypt.

    Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon who died in Egypt was buried in Tiberias according to his wish. In 2005, the city elders named one of city’s square ‘Cordoba Square’ and placed a large statue of the Rabbi, which still exist.

    1. Rehmat is wrong.

      Maimonides was born in a Christian country named Cordoba in 1135.

      Cordoba was conquered by Moors (Berbers) in 1148 and became Muslim until reconquista under Isabella and Ferdinand in 1492.

      So, Hoffman is right, after all.

      1. It’s good to verify source material. Take the Old Testament – with no pretenses at scholarship – I can safely say that most of the narrative was lifted from other semitic people, perhaps other races as well. Gilgamesh, Enki, etc. there is a carbon datable, archeological record for, even many contemporary Israeli scholars freely admit this. There really isn’t a great deal that confirms some of their other ‘history’ though Israel’s favorite pastime is to look for it (occasionally,manufacture it). The Roman coins found under the ‘wailing wall’ suggest to scientists the wall is not part of the old temple but is the remnant of a Roman construction. So … the jews may have been banging their heads for decades against a Roman wall. The real interesting aspect of today’s article is yet again puffed up khazars with chips on their shoulders are blustering about destroying Rome, etc. ‘to show how strong they are’. What ever happened to “By Way of Deception”? It’s good to see a bunch of guilt ridden, terrified, desperate losers try to threaten the world (who WERE potentially friends, you never know…but certainly not after hearing this kind of outburst). So humanity will just continue to put these animals down, always quietly and methodically and always – with good cause. I have no quarrels with anyone unless they start one, unjustified, with me. It’s not a high standard, just a human one. Is that wrong? I don’t think so. P..s on Greveld.

      2. Spain was a Muslim from 711 to 1492. No, but Al-Andalus was. Come on fool, nuance nuance.

        VIII to XI century, first period.
        Islam in offense. In 711 the Muslims land from North Africa. The Visigoths are beaten and the whole peninsula is conquered. The invaders cross the Pyrenees but are beaten in 732 and reflux in Spain where they set up shop.

        End of half time, back to the game.

        XI to XII century, second period.
        Christians and Muslims are in balance. In 1031, the Caliphate of Cordoba is fragmented in 15 rival kingdoms. In the North, the Christian Kingdoms organized themselves: Portugal, Leon, Castille, Navarre, Aragon, Catalogne. The Castilians push to the Tage and Alphonse VI regains Toledo. French and Bourguignons knights take part in the battle while a Flemish fleet liberates Lisboa. In 1086 arrives a new wave of invaders, the Almoravides, who control half the peninsula. When the power of the Almoravides collapse in 1172, the Almohades land and crush the Christians in Alarcos, 1198.

        XIII to XV century, third period.
        Christians take back the initiative. In 1212, battle of Las Navas de Tolosa is a turning point. The sovereigns of Portugal, Navarre, Castille and Aragon win a collective battle, a tremendous blow to the domination of the Almohades. In 1229, Jacques the first of Aragon retakes the Balearics. Southern cities fall into the hands of Chrisitans one by one, Cordoba 1236, Valencia 1238, Sevilla 1248, Cadix 1270. Only Granada would hold two centuries.
        1492 end of Christian Reconquista with the capitulation of Baobdil, an arduous seven centuries undertaking with advances and retreats in both camps, with unnatural alliances sometimes.

        Another modern myth by the way, the pacific coexistence between religions in “Muslim Spain” especially with the Almos brothers. In Granada, like in other part of Spain, religious pluralism exists but on an unequal basis. The non-muslim is subjected, in all domains of social life, to discriminations, no weapons, taxes, distinctive clothing, no bells ringing, no crosses, no processions, no wines, no horses…The Christians, or mozarabs, have the dhimmi statute and the same is applied to Jew. Maimonides feigned to be a Muslim before he went in exile from the peninsula to find refuge in Christian land. But like many others, Christians and Jews, who converted to avoid capitation and property taxation that infidels had to pay.

      3. Excellent reprise of the history of the peninsula Phil; to say that Spain was Muslim from x – to – y is painting with so broad a brush as to end up with said brush standing in a corner, sans exit.

        So many principalities, petty kingdoms, competing factions of both Christian and Muslim territories coexisted at the same time – over ever shifting boundaries and very fluid allegiances – that it is more accurate to say that Spain was a religious frontier land where everything could change in the space of a generation.

        Even at the high tide, when you say that they prevailed over the whole of the peninsula, a tiny piece of the Cantabrians stayed outside their grasp; long before there were Christian kingdoms again in Leon and Aragon, the Asturians stood their ground at Covadonga – which is where the Reconquista truly began, and Don Pelayo and his band of brigands turned back the African horde – just as the miners of Mieres and the dockworkers of Gijon would do with Franco’s Berbers many hundred years later. The story of Roland is a Frankist myth based upon an Hispanic epic.

        Maimonides went to Egypt, where he ended up serving as court physician to the great Kurdish leader Saladin, after his brother(and bankroller) David was killed on a trip to India by sea. Rehmat seems enamored of the man – his polemics against ‘infidels’… aka gentiles have been for the most part excised from modern reworkings of his authorship. He was a truly nasty piece of business.

      4. Hello Ormanci,

        The myth of tolerant Al-Andalus, some kind of lost golden age where the three religions of the Book have coexisted in harmony and refinement as tourists in Granada are told. A good myth to promote the beneficial character of openness to other cultures in the context of large Muslim communities in Europe but history tells us otherwise, if not Reconquista would not have taken place. What I don’t get is why Muslims bring Maimonides into this.

        “The story of Roland is a Frankist myth based upon an Hispanic epic.”
        That makes sense since the historical Roland and Charlemagne Frankish army was attacked and defeated by Vascons and Saxons, not by Saracens, when the peninsula was divided territorially and religiously as you recall. It must have been inspired by the Hispanic resistance to Muslim invasion. A proud Basque from Navarre never misses to recall that anyway as for him the story of Roland means independence.

        This myth of Roland, the Frank’s Iliad served France well, and Europe in a way, from the first Crusade to the WWI butchery of Verdun. It has been left out in the cold ever since, except for Boromir in Lord of the Rings.

      1. Since a Muslim is allowed to consume kosher meat – how can a Muslim kill a Jew who prepared the meat for him – unless he convert to Christianity and blame the Jew for killing his Lord Christ?


      2. @Rehmat
        well said ,bless your heart Brother/sister
        these anti Semites animals have no shame,all of them cretins
        i stop by here for entertainment to see how these clowns behave
        a madhouse indeed.
        please don’t let them poison your spirit
        May Gd bless you day and night for eternity and give you ten ships of gold

  5. One of the strangest things in all of reported/distorted history, is the old conversion by threat, trick. What!? Do you think the convertees might just maybe, possibly, perhaps be, fudgin’ just a little a bit? Are history tellers trying to slip a fast one in on us?! I mean, this is the earth planet, innit?
    A planet where insincerity (lieing) is a terrible and terribly common thing, (but not as terrible as thumb screws). C’mon man!
    Conversion (AKA) the old old habits die hard, but better them than me, trick.

    1. You are onto something important, Homer.
      By converting under duress, the religion of Lie is established, ie, kol nidre gets anchored in reality.
      Violence, pain, lie, become accepted, reputable and commonplace, a norm that tarnishes victim and the perpetrator alike.

      1. Lobro, don’t let Mark Twain hear you talking such blasphemy!

        “I was trying to make my mouth SAY I would do the right and honest thing and go write to that n—–’s owner and tell her where he was. But deep down inside I knew it was a lie, and HE knew it too. I found out that day that you can’t pray a lie.”

        (huck finn)

  6. couple of points to mske 1 slavery has not been abolished in Christianity either. involuntary servitude has but one can still be a bondservant of christ,, which in itself, is probaly the highest calling a human can achieve. 2 Judaism has for sure changed thru time, ,monocausation being the apt description of what Judaism used to be many darkmoons ago.. monocausation, the whole basis for therr being a jewish religion

    1. Azenfrend: The term “bond servant of Jesus” was never mentioned by Jesus himself, only by Paul the missionary, a former Pharisee. Being a believer or a follower of Jesus is a free will decision and does not make anyone a bond servant.

      1. “Bondservant of Christ” is a ‘Lawful’ position which many have taken.

        It is based on the premise that a man cannot serve two masters.


        Bondmen of Christ are not citizens of any country on this earth, our citizenship is in heaven, and so our first loyalty is to God, not “our” country (Ephesians 2:19, Philippians 3:20). Ours is a better, heavenly country (Hebrews 11:16).

        John Quade:


  7. Race traitor and feds ass kissing corrupt crypto jew Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, calls for Oregon gunmen to ‘stand down’ – meanwhile race traitor and bibi’s secret lover -i would get on all four for israel, or on my knees if you prefer- American president ParaBailarLaBamba, says: “i hope for a peacefull solution”, then went back on the phone to king Salman
    More on Oregon (branch Davidians) soon …
    Boy i wish i was there sigh

  8. Poor quote from Hoffman. It is completely incorrect in two ways. The Samson Option is not a threat against just Europe, but the entire world.

    Secondly, the reason for such an attack would not be any attack against Israel by Europe itself, but ANY existential military attack by ANY country against Israel. Pamela Geller did state a far more reserved and limited version of the Samson Option threat, that if ever Iran used nuclear weapons on Israel, THEN ALL OF EUROPE SHOULD BE ATTACKED WITH NUCLEAR AND ALL OTHER WEAPONS THAT ISRAEL HAS GOT. And why should the criminally insane Jews believe that all Gentiles deserve only to die if Israel should ever face such an existential military attack?

    The idea is this, that Jews are held by themselves to have created the Gentiles to serve them, by putting the souls of simple animals into humanlike forms by occult methods, to mimic actual human beings (supposedly Jews) well enough to serve them in a proper manner, in all the ways that simple animals cannot.

    When Israel and the Jews go, their service being held to have been the entire reason for the existence of the Gentiles in the very first place, when the Jews are no more, then the Gentiles have no reason to exist any more, and must in any case be punished for ineffectual service and be exterminated, and their further reasoning is that the Gentiles must certainly not survive them. One self-confessed and power-crazed sayan that I spoke to, stated openly to me that he is a sayan, and stated that “The Jews started everything, and the Jews will finish everything”. In the presence of that man, I have met friends of his who were foreign royalty, as well as British political figures, and other senior figures, and he is genuinely what he said.

    The insane Jewish ‘scientist’ Leo Szilard, who invented the dirty version of the nuclear bomb, the cobalt nuclear bomb, in 1950, stated that just 400 of these would be necessary TO KILL ALL LIFE ON EARTH.

    As long as Israel is allowed to continue to exist with it’s concealed nuclear bomb factories, the Jews are steadily building up the number of those weapons to reach at least the required 400.

    CIA, MI5 and MI6 and all other military intelligence units should note this, it is not a bloody joke or some silly paranoid conspiracy theory, the Jews conceived of and designed such weapons, just as they invented all the atom, nuclear and neutron bombs, and built them in great numbers, so why would they not construct the cobalt nuclear bombs also? All non-Jewish officers within those agencies must turn against any Jews amongst their number and remove them by any and all means.

  9. Sorry, should not have said Hoffman was incorrect in his understanding of the Samson Option threat, but JB Campbell instead, quoted in the above article writing erroneously on the threat of the Samson Option only being against Europe.

    1. @ Mothman777

      Don’t spread disinfo, Mothman. Neither Kaminski nor JB Campbell nor anyone else is suggesting that the Samson Option applied only to Europe. Open your eyes and read the quotation under Martin van Creveld’s picture. BOTH Europe and the REST OF THE WORLD are mentioned — not just Europe, as you falsely state.

      Note the bits in bold print in the Martin van Creveld quote below:

      “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the WORLD down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

      Not just Europe is mentioned, the entire world is mentioned. You really should learn to read properly before you start accusing everyone falsely of inaccuracy.

      1. @ Uncle MOBPO :

        Am I totally banned from commenting today because I had the “temerity” to point out some truthfully negative characteristics of your “alternative” media “guru” Les Visible?

        TOBY: No, the reason is that you keep disobeying my explicit instructions not to post more than FIVE comments per day MAXIMUM. And to keep those comments SHORT, SHORT, SHORT!!!

        I am NOT going to waste my time reading 10-15 article-length comments from you every day, including long rubbishy doggerel poems taking the piss out of everything. You are not Tolstoy. And I am not a masochist.

        Also, I see no reason why I should allow you to diss Les Visible on this site. Why should you do that? Is Les Visible the topic of conversation here?

      2. Sard, it’s alright, Mothman didn’t show disrespect, a slight misreading is all.
        All in all a good comment.
        Let’s sync our oars.

  10. In relation to paedophilia and the alleged existence of sadistic films “snuff movies” showing young children being brutally sexually abused, tortured and murdered, the following two quotes from this article relating to the Talmud, would make these heinous crimes void, if committed by jews on non-jewish children.

    “Secondly, and even more alarmingly, Maimonides decrees that if a Jew rapes a three-year-old non-Jewish girl, then the little girl must be executed. Yes, the gentile child must be executed for tempting the Jew to sin! The Jewish rapist himself is not executed. His life is spared.”

    “The rabbis do prohibit the killing of a non-Jew, but they do so in a very strange way: they refuse to punish a Jew who kills a non-Jew. If you kill a Jew, you get punished. If you kill even the slave of a Jew—and here it’s important to note that Orthodox Judaism has never abolished slavery—then there’s a stiff penalty you have to pay. It could come to execution. Or it could be a fine. You see, they didn’t have jails in those days. But if you kill a non-Jew, what then? No legal punishment! Yes, you’re guilty, but there is no penalty in law.”

    Bearing in mind the criminal justice systems in so many countries are controlled by mainly jewish Freemasons or their lackeys, no justice will be served on these evil people.

    One example is the Russian jew, Dmitri Vladimirovich Kuznetsov. The story in the MSM died or was axed when it was discovered a jewish mafia was involved.

    From 1 October 2000

    “Britain is a key link in the biggest ever international investigation into the production and supply of paedophile ‘snuff’ movies – in which children are murdered on film – an Observer investigation can reveal.

    The key suspect in the inquiry, a Russian who was arrested last week in Moscow for distribution of thousands of sadistic child porn videos and pictures, was traced following the seizure of his products from British paedophiles.

    Dmitri Vladimirovich Kuznetsov, a 30-year-old former car mechanic in Moscow, was identified after British Customs and police traced the origin of violent child porn videos found in the UK back to Russia.”


    1. @Red,
      this guy doesn’t sound like a Jew but a genetic failure like so many congenitally psychotic goyim who form the baselayer in the pyramid of Talmud, the Jew’s water carriers.
      I have no doubt that the whole sordid operation was conceived, organized and directed by Jew, including police corruption to give these unspeakable vermin protection.
      But Kuznetsov is in all likelihood a Russian goy as is the Italian customer at the other end of the email exchange. Who ever heard of a Jewish car mechanic?

      We can freely advocate extermination of such as Kuznetsov and if the principle of equality under blind justice applies, it can be taken to its logical progression.

      1. Ok Red, it is not a gamechanging difference.
        Wasn’t the name of the Tsarist general whose strategy defeated Napoleon’s Russian campaign also a Kuznetsov?

        It’s just that I have never heard of a Jew getting engine grease on his hands before, that would be a much rarer sighting than a mass child snuff artist.

      2. Wasn’t the name of the Tsarist general whose strategy defeated Napoleon’s Russian campaign also a Kuznetsov?

        No, his name was Kutuzov. You live in an imaginary world, man.

        That’s a shame!

      3. Paedophilia is evil. I don’t want the age of consent to be lowered to 12 or less. This is one of the most dangerous agendas on the planet and jews disproportionately are involved. Regarding the story of the jewish mafia in Russia and the Talmudic “snuff films”, I found the following SEVEN pages on the topic.


    2. @ Lobro. “this guy doesn’t sound like a Jew but a genetic failure”

      I disagree about his jewish roots. Although not conclusive, Dmitri Vladimirovich Kuznetsov is most probably jewish, and that’s why the MSM killed the story. There’s not much information about this case.

      “Jewish names were certainly a factor. Folks named Rabinovich, Shapiro, Kheifitz, Lifshitz, Goldman, and such, were, without a doubt, identified as Jews. But there were also many people with perfectly Russian names, like Kuznetsov, Borisov, Orlov, Volkov, who were also Jewish.”


      For example, Eduard Kuznetsov (1939), Jewish Soviet dissident and human rights activist.

      1. The latest in sexual deviation and abuse, is Indian men abusing calves. An eighteen year old bought a calf from a farmer, and abused it so badly that it died. I thought cows were supposed to be sacred in India..

    3. I’m putting the whole article from the Observer/Guardian (2000) on this site, because it is likely to be deleted in the future.

      Jason Burke in London, Amelia Gentleman in Moscow, Philip Willan in Rome

      Sunday 1 October 2000

      “Britain is a key link in the biggest ever international investigation into the production and supply of paedophile ‘snuff’ movies – in which children are murdered on film – an Observer investigation can reveal.

      The key suspect in the inquiry, a Russian who was arrested last week in Moscow for distribution of thousands of sadistic child porn videos and pictures, was traced following the seizure of his products from British paedophiles.

      Dmitri Vladimirovich Kuznetsov, a 30-year-old former car mechanic in Moscow, was identified after British Customs and police traced the origin of violent child porn videos found in the UK back to Russia.

      Last week Italian police seized 3,000 of Kuznetsov’s videos on their way to clients in Italy, sparking an international hunt for paedophiles who have bought his products. The Italian investigators say the material includes footage of children dying during abuse. Prosecutors in Naples are considering charging those who have bought the videos with complicity in murder. They say some may have specifically requested films of killings.

      British authorities yesterday confirmed that scores of Kuznetsov’s videos, produced in his small flat in Moscow’s rundown Vykhino district, have been found in the UK. They are concerned that ‘snuff’ movies in which children are killed may have also been imported.

      Around a dozen British men have already been arrested and charged with offences alleged to be connected to the Russian tapes. A second Russian child porn ring, which allegedly had a British distributor, was broken up earlier this year. The investigation into the importing of violent Russian child porn which led to the identification and subsequent imprisonment of Kuznetsov started about 15 months ago after Customs seized material coming into the country. Since then there have been dozens of other finds.

      ‘We have seen some very, very nasty stuff involving sadistic abuse of very young children, but actual deaths on film takes it a whole step further. That is very worrying,’ said one senior customs officer this weekend.

      British paedophiles were paying between £50 and £100 for Kuznetsov’s tapes, the officer said. Further fees were paid for access to a website that features pictures of extremely violent abuse.

      Though two men arrested with Kuznetsov have also been imprisoned by Moscow authorities, only one of the three remains behind bars. Dmitri Ivanov was sentenced to 11 years for actually participating in the abuse that was being filmed. The others were released under an amnesty aimed at clearing Russia’s overcrowded prisons.

      When officers from the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department raided Kuznetsov’s flat they found two boys in a makeshift studio. They seized a huge quantity of films and other pornographic material as well as lists of clients in Italy, Germany, America and Britain.

      Last week Italian detectives moved in, following months of inquiries, and arrested eight people. The police searched more than 600 homes and say they now have evidence against about 500 people. Among the suspects were businessmen, public employees and a university student. Several of them were married, with children of their own. Hundreds of people are also under investigation in Germany.

      The Russian videos, which had been ordered over the internet, were intercepted when they came into Italy by post, repackaged and then delivered by undercover police officers. They cost between £300 and £4,000, depending on what type of film was ordered.

      Covert film of young children naked or undressing was known as a ‘SNIPE’ video. The most appalling category was code-named ‘Necros Pedo’ in which children were raped and tortured until they died.

      Police in Russia and the UK believe that Kuznetsov and his associates have been in business for more than two years in which time they are believed to have recruited around 100 boys – aged between nine and 15 – to be filmed.

      ‘Most of the children were rounded up from railway stations. A lot of them came from the suburbs, or surrounding regions and were from deprived, problem families,’ said Kiril Mazurin, a police spokesman.

      ‘Usually when children like this arrive in the capital, they’ve got no idea where to go and hang around in the station. It’s very easy to entice this kind of teenager – with a promise of a warm bed or a trip to the cinema.’

      Many were lured away from orphanages. ‘Children are not locked in,’ said Mazurin. ‘Anyone can come along and promise them a meal at McDonalds. It doesn’t take any more than that.”

      Some children were paid a commission to find other boys willing to be filmed, according to reports in the Russian press, for a fee of between 100 and 300 roubles (£2.50 – £7).

      Kuznetsov had given up his job in 1998 to devote himself to the lucrative pornography industry. A self-taught computer expert, he was in the process of upgrading his equipment to allow him to e-mail videos directly to clients when police raided him.

      Many customers repeatedly ordered videos from him. The Naples newspaper Il Mattino published a transcript of an alleged email exchange between a prospective client and the Russian vendors.

      ‘Promise me you’re not ripping me off,’ says the Italian.

      ‘Relax, I can assure you this one really dies,’ the Russian responds.

      ‘The last time I paid and I didn’t get what I wanted.’

      ‘What do you want?’

      ‘To see them die.’


      1. It is several years since an Italian woman posting on TUT told of refugee kids arriving unaccompanied in Italy, disappearing, who were victims in snuff films..

  11. The problem with Christianity is that it is a Semitic religion. It originated in the middle-east and was spread to the old world by that piece of kike filth by the name of Saul of Tarsus. We now know him as the apostle Paul! I was once a Roman Catholic but not anymore – I came to realize that Christianity was a spiritual poison very much like socialism and communism and egalitarianism. What is now known to most scholars is that the New Testament was probably written some 400 years after the death of the person called Christ. It is probable that Christ as a distinct person did not exist – here he shares a similar place in history with the Greek and Roman gods, the Easter bunny, Father Christmas and the Simba the Lion King.

    With Christianity you cannot separate the Old Testament from the New Testament. You can interpret it but you can never separate it or discard it in any meaningful sense. Saul was a probably the Jews best con-man. He sold to the masses a belief system that makes the Jews a special people – a chosen people – a unique people. And 2000 years later we are paying the price for accepting the Jewish belief system.

    1. “What is good for the jew is good for the gentile!” I agree: The Old and New Testaments come best-served as a PACKAGE. There is no instruction or admonishment in either of them which is, in itself, “bad” for the hearer. The Old Testament is, more or less, a history of Israel written by Israelites. The New Testament is, simply, a compilation of tales aimed at instruction, instigated by the appearance and presence of One Who was wise and true, and against Whom can be measured all “virtue”. Nowhere in it will one find “Jew” called “God’s Chosen”.

    2. @ White Warrior

      Unless the lies and contradictions of the Old testament are separated from the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels, the truth is nearly impossible to see. The word of the Heavenly Father via Jesus in the Gospels stands on it own. It is complete and free of jewish confusion.

      Jesus and his teachings were and still are are the most despised and denied things by jews. There is no benefit for mankind in supporting their efforts.

    3. paul and marcion tried to dejudaize early christianity
      paul considered the old to be rubbish
      read marcion
      the 2 books should never be bound together
      they are opposites

  12. I like Les Visible; i am his facebook friend; i like very much his ways with words…
    He is simply a genious and well i replaced the Bird (rip) in my heart with Les because the Bird (Birdman Bryant) even though very good, didnt like arabs

    But Les does
    So its Les, and of course i am not gonna disregard the Bird’s work; he makes me smile always…
    Q: You know who the biggest critic of Les Visible is?
    A:Les Visible!
    Just read more of him..
    Sorry, didnt mean to butt in

  13. your getting there pat I would love to read your rebuttal if you have one, and ecclesia is such a formidable word, if its possible for a word to be formidable. so much better a word than church, dontchathink ?

    1. Azenfriend –
      Thanks for the reply….

      I was “getting there” many decades ago. I started looking in the 50s and 60s.
      I know many who are part of the assembly. Bondsmen of Christ.
      I searched for the links to post here, rather than just coming across them recently.

      My original info is ‘hard-copy’ from 80s and 90s, and before, which I have here. I have hard info from dozens of other groups also.

      Ecclesia is fine. We are controlled by our vocabularies.

      My only comment is that freedom is a state of mind….. no matter who in their own religion says they know better. Governments are religions. Religions are government. Political actions. Pick as many as desired.
      We all pick our own gods and our own truths.

  14. Gurwitz is warning that we are not seen as human by the Jews. That they are the humans and we are animals is the basis of Judaism. This makes coexistence impossible. Or it would have but for the creation of Christianity. Christianity allows our exploitation and control by Jews. It also protects Jews from extermination by us.

    Before we can destroy Judaism, in theory, Christianity must be rejected for the disgrace that it is. Not just Christian Zionism but the idea of surrendering to be executed by our deadly enemies, which is the story of Jesus. It is the basis of the faith, which has as its symbol the instrument of his death. Christianity is the cancer of the intellect. Gurwitz says Christianity, unlike Islam, is historically the arch-enemy of Judaism. Well, Isabella was their enemy, granted, over six hundred years ago. But trying to force Jews to accept Jesus was ridiculous. The damned Church itself became the mass-murdering Bolshevism of those times – all justified by the wicked Bible. All based on the literal insanity of worshiping an invisible god!

    Our children have to be taught about Jews and the danger of Christianity so that they can defend themselves from Jewish Rule.

    1. @ JB Campbell

      You said, “Not just Christian Zionism but the idea of surrendering to be executed by our deadly enemies, which is the story of Jesus.”

      Having studied the teaching of Jesus in the Gospels for quite some time, I failed to find any indication that Jesus taught that his followers were to surrender and be executed by any deadly enemies. Jesus did not instruct his disciples to buy swords to clean their finger nails. Jesus’ surrender to the jews demonstrated the evil of the jews. Had Jesus not been killed at the insistence of the jews, Jesus could not have proven life after death with his resurrection which was one of his duties to demonstrate.

      Otherwise, what you say about “Christianity” is mostly correct which is unfortunately the nature of most organized religions.

      1. Jesus’ actions were/are models to be emulated. That’s what makes the faith so deadly for its believers. Wasn’t every one of his early followers executed? Some of them by Saul of Tarsus, who supplied most of the New Testament! It’s really too much. How could such a passive, self-destructive idea be attractive to people, unless they somehow see it as a license? A license for cowardice.

        And I think Jesus did teach this sort of thing in his sermon on the mount.

        The greatest threat to humanity has always been from government, which is always tyrannical. Humanity needs role models who teach us how to overthrow tyranny. Religion shouldn’t allow us to be cowards. It should glorify heroism. Heroism is the only thing that can get us out of this disaster which was created by the Jews and enabled by the Christians.

  15. You say, “The militant writer JB Campbell, an avowed anti-Semite…” Remember, there is virtually no such thing as “antisemitism”, which is based on DNA, but anti-judaism, which is based on inhuman jewish behavior is a very wholesome thing.
    Also. the statement “The Jews forced the Edomites to convert to Judaism on pain of death. It was a forced conversion. It was exactly what the Spanish Inquisition later on did to the Jews,” is very misleading since the Spanish Inquisition did not force jews to convert. It happened other places and other times, but not there. See, e.g. “Characters of the Inquisition” and/or “Isabella of Spain” by William Thomas Walsh, the latter which can be read online, at least the pertinent chapters.

  16. “Jews are fundamentaly liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves. Jews lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Jew. Even or the most insignificant thing. I guess there must be some psychiatric, anthropological and sociological explanations for that lying compulsive behavior. There’s no more racist and disgusting slogan than “the chosen people.” It looks like derived from that slogan, they are taught and trained in the synagogues not to try and do anything but oppress peoples. For that purpose they lie again and again. Jews give God a bad name”
    “Then too, the Jew has everyone believing in political correctness which is the belief you can pick up a turd by the clean end”

  17. Recently Bob in DC did a great program on clarity of thought. (the excellent 4th position show)

    He made the distinction between level of intellect and level of clarity. He correctly commented on well educated people, obviously intelligent yet little to no clarity in their thinking. Bob does great work and does an excellent job on how to process all the various things coming at us.

    However, imo his CLARITY of THOUGHT point is probably the most important thing he has ever said.

    This is why the above JB Campbell and John Kaminski comments above are extremely important and accurate.

    I have looked at this jewish thing from as many angles possible. I’ve gone through all the processing like any one else trying to make sense of the whole deal. I’ve factored in the morality angle, legal angle and all the rest of the jazz we have to sort through on such a long, complex and dense history of jewish tyranny.

    So here’s the bottom line on clarity of thought regarding the jewish angle …

    At the end of the day the only solution to the jewish problem is MIGHT. There is no real right/wrong in the whole thing. We either crush them or they crush us.

    Simple and clear. If we don’t exterminate them, they most certainly will exterminate us. There is no god in the equation, there is no judgement to it, there is no right or wrong or legal side to it… there is only survival.

    Has 1917 Soviet Union under the jews taught you anything ?????????

    MIGHT really DOES make RIGHT.

  18. When Čifut (Jew in Bosnian/Turkish) Is Mighty
    Wait for Yandex translation.
    This is what Dostoevsky was describing the toxic maggots will do if ever released from the Pale to fall upon innocent goy population (read Kombat Knight/Candahar entry).

    And the price of gas in the ruin , certainly not going to fall… the common people – freezes. Neither coal nor gas. Junta (Habbad) is of course not concerned. After all, who could go on the wood, the Jew-junta immediately another warning in advance – came up with a fee for the use of gas pipe: to consume you gas or not – who has a gas stove are required from 1st April 2016 to pay 17 USD per month, if there is a gas boiler and a boiler 29 USD. a month. A total of 552 USD. give me a year, even without consuming gas.

    Got that?
    One of the most destitute, Jew-ridden countries on Earth, Gaza-North, open for business courtesy of infinitely vile Jewess Nuland, after spending $5 billion of the US taxpayer’s money to ensure it is a failed state.
    Jew steals gas from Russia, ie, reneges on payment, sells to whoever, starving, freezing Ukrs can barely afford any.
    But even if they don’t burn a molecule of gas but have a stove or boiler, they still owe the grandchildren of Holocaust species $47 a month, which is probably close to monthly wages.

    Yeah, blame the Anglos … note that the writer refers to Ukr as Chabad property.
    Well, let the Jew-hate boil the blood, one way to keep warm, until they figure out a better solution.
    Or freeze to death, keeps the transplantable organs fresh until spring, I am sure there is a futures contracts marketing board in Israel.

    1. Absolutely incoherent and meaningless babbling for the sake of babbling. This is why I call you empty shell, Lobro. Please stop babbling and think over what your therapist is trying to communicate to you – you might learn something useful and real, and improve on your mental health in the process. I am saying this absolutely seriously.

      Abandon your childish fantasies about omnipotent Jews and noble Nazis. Jews are not omnipotent – they are whores of the pimp. That is all what they are – no more, no less. The pimp is the real problem. The Nazis were neither noble nor good. They were dumb tools of the master of deceit – the Anglo-Americans – no more, no less . The master of deceit is the real problem.

      The folly you are trapped in will erode your health. If you persist in your madness, it might ultimately kill you. Please stop and get well.

      I care about you and all other patients of this mad house as one part of the indivisible Universe might care about all other parts of it.

      1. @ Circ. “Jews are not omnipotent – they are whores of the pimp.” Name the Anglo-Americans who are controlling the jewish elites. Who controls Rothschilds etc?

      2. @Red Onions

        The real power structure is onion like, if you pardon the pun; it is organized in layers where each layer has knowledge of the outer to it layers only. You cannot get this kind of knowledge from the likes of Pat, Lobro, or any other buffoons around here.

        To get some idea and clues of how the “onion” is organised and how it operates, one has to tackle some very thick and very boring books.

        If you are inclined to do so, here is a good place to start:

        The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden

        Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

        by American historian and theorist of the evolution of civilizations Carroll Quigley.

        What is important is not the names – the names that pertain to the innermost layers of the “onion”, at one or the other juncture of history, we might never even know – the important thing is how the system functions and recreates itself.

      3. RO –

        I have found that no one tells Rothschilds what to do.

        This may help save you some time:

        Quigley was Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown. Knowing that, I read Tragedy and Hope decades ago. It is a 5 pound book. Heavy reading and heavy to carry. 🙂

        Quigley told us that the group of International Bankers…. who had set out to remake the world, were sure that they could use their money to buy cooperation and control of the Communist-Socialist conspiracy groups.

        John Ruskin of Oxford had persuaded the original Rhodes-Milner Round Table Groups that the way to federate the world was along socialistic lines…. by having all property, industry, agriculture, communications, transportation, education and political affairs in the hands of a small cadre of financially-controlled political leaders who would organize the world and its peoples and force everyone to do what was good for the New World-society.

        See excerpts…..

        In time they [banker families] brought into their banking network the provincial banking centers, organized as commercial banks and savings banks, as well as insurance companies, to form all of these into a single financial system on an international scale which manipulated the quantity and flow of money so that they were able to influence, if not control, governments on one side and industries on the other.

        The greatest of these dynasties were the descendants of Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812) of Frankfort,
        whose male descendants, for at least two generations, generally married first cousins or even nieces. Rothschild’s five sons, established at branches in Vienna, London, Naples, and Paris, as well as Frankfort, cooperated together in ways which other international banking dynasties copied but rarely excelled…

        The names of some of these banking families are familiar to all of us and should be more so. They include Baring, Lazard, Erlanger, Warburg, Schroder, Selingman, the Speyers, Mirabaud, Mallet, Fould, and ABOVE ALL Rothschild and Morgan.

      4. By the time Quigley published his “Tragedy and Hope” (1966), he envisioned two possible scenarios for the Western Civilization (p. 11):

        Either (A) Reorganization followed by a fourth Expansion;

        or (B) Universal Empire (the United States) followed by Decay, and Death by Invasion.

        Today we know what Quigley did not know back in 1966: Scenario (A) did not materialize – Western Civilization is in its death throws.

        The Civilization to deliver the final death blow to the zombi is what Quigley called the Orthodox Civilization, i.e. the Russian Civilization – the rightful heir of the Soviet Empire.

        Expect the second coming of Stalin, brothers and sisters. He was a just and humble man.

        As French writer Pierre Courtade put it succinctly: Stalin did not disappear in the past, he dissolved into the future.

        He was a good guy, my fellow Caucasian, and he’ll be back.

      5. @Pat, Just read an article on the truthseeker, which suggests that the smaller banks, on the fringe, are in melt down. Is this an indication that the big banks will survive, only to become even more powerful? Unfortunately it is impossible to avoid dealing with banks, since our income is paid into bank accounts..

  19. @ Blue Burqa Blue :

    I know you’re a busy career girl on the go, but please do try to remember to feed your whiddle baby mobpo his maypo before you leave for the office this morning. He gets very fidgety and cranky when you forget to spoon feed him his maypo. Don’t be so pre-occupied with your career, don’t be TOO busy being a world’s leading intellectual hermaphrodite you would actually be so absent-minded and forget to take care of your whiddle mobpro and forget to spoon feed him his maypo he needs to grow up to be a chip off the block world’s leading intellectual saving us all from NWO perdition. If you forget to spoon feed your whiddle darling his maypo TOO much, if you neglect to give him his breakfast TOO many times, he just might grow up to be a real obnoxious nasty twat like “avatar” and never know when to quit the temper tantrums. Your mobpo might grow up thinking temper tantrums are the only way to go thru life. And that is like so wrong.

  20. hey mr campbell, jesus never surrendered nothing, he was taken before the court against his will . see if you can find the corresponding maxim and learn the lesson, otherwise your just blowing hot air,I speak the truth, no opinions involved

    1. More blabbering BS.

      The story damn well teaches one not to FIGHT. That’s one of the ultimate intentions of the jewish written bible…. and of course that is the exact end result today. Do nothing, gods will, let the lord sort it out, turn the other cheek etc. etc.

      Funny how that’s working in their favor today isn’t it ?? Can’t seem to see that can you ?

      Why can’t you Christians grab hold of the turning the tables of the money lenders lesson and smash these people into oblivion ?

      Missed the REAL lesson there didn’t ya ??

  21. I am tripping, i saw this on Breaking News …

    “President Obama: ‘The gun lobby may be holding Congress hostage right now, but they can’t hold America hostage” ..
    And i thought that what i saw was this instead…

    “President Obama: ‘The Israeli lobby may be holding Congress hostage right now, but they can’t hold America hostage”..
    But no, it was about the 2nd amendment and stripping Americans off of their guns and destroying any possibility or armed militia against the fascist, zog state.
    But i guess, dreaming is free

    1. To quote Jack Heart:

      “Hell the last decent president America had was gunned down in a carnival style execution on national TV. Americans have never fired a shot in anger about any of those things. They don’t need guns! They need coloring books and that is exactly what the secret societies have given them with the internet, nobody’s going to take their coloring book away, only their guns…’

  22. hey lonnie , kinda funny you calling it the jewish written bible when the new testament tells you exactly how to come out from jewish control. or have you not gotten that far into it yet ?

    1. After this many centuries clearly you people haven’t learned the lesson to getting out from under jewish control either !! One big massive FAIL on the part of christians.

      As for getting that far into it, indeed I did. It made quite effective toilet paper on a camping time one time.

  23. and hey lonnie, “might really does make right” is that a legal concept or have you just pulled it out your ass ?

    1. Neither one.

      It’s just the way it is when you do not live in fantasy land.

      The only ass related part is what you can do with all religion, your bible and your christ fantasy. Being bulls**t I’d say that’s the perfect location for it !

      1. More fool you, Lonnie.

        Not to know you follow a Jewish agenda, marching in lockstep with the Jews who seek the destruction of Christianity.

        For all your fine words, you are simply a Useful Idiot for the Jews.

      2. Obviously, you’ve gone far with your philosophy, Lonnie boy. (You won’t get many adherents to your ‘loser’ status by your imbecilic assertions, hero.)

      3. @ Lonnie

        “For all your fine words, you are simply a Useful Idiot for the Jews.”

        As is Kaminski and the sabre-rattling blowhard JB Campbell.

        Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

        Hot air factories, all of you!

      4. Well said, Sardonicus! Put these Useful Idiots for the Jews in their place. They have nothing to offer but false bravado. “Kill all the Jews!” they bray fatuously. “But kill Christ first!”

        How many Jews have these fuckers killed? C’mon, you nauseating braggarts, how many Jews have you actually killed, huh?

        All you can do is incite others to violence, you limp-wristed wankers!

      5. Glad you thought to add his side-kick, Campbell, Sardonicus! (or is Lonnie boy JB Campbell’s side-kick??) Either way, the pair of losers haven’t much to offer real men if they’re looking for followers… 🙁

      6. @Sardonicus

        “For all your fine words, you are simply a Useful Idiot for the Jews.”
        As is Kaminski and the sabre-rattling blowhard JB Campbell.
        Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

        Couldn’t agree more. But how come that Sardonicus is allowed to breach the policy of this site not to speak in unflattering terms about the authors like Kaminski and JB Campbell whose ramblings are given the podium of this site?

        Kaminski comes across as an old and unhappy polish guy who completely lost touch with reality, at best, and as an anti-Christian lunatic with some unsavory agenda – at worst.


    Oh yes, I’M the one falling for a jewish agenda ! BLAH

    You people couldn’t be more pathetic. Maybe that is gods will too.

    1. Pathetic and cowardly? So what proof do we have that you are such a courageous hero yourself?

      I asked you a simple question: HOW MANY JEWS HAVE YOU KILLED?

      You refuse to answer. Because you’re just a nerdy little weakling, sitting at your keyboard and playing Tarzan of the Apes.

      1. Oh yes, we are going to publicly detail such things.

        You Sir, are useless to the fight humanity is currently engaged in. USELESS.

  25. Oh yes DR PARKER, I’ve been put in my place. Where’s the eye rolling emoticon …

    Us clear minded goyim have learned it is beyond IMPOSSIBLE to reason with someone who is devoted to religion, ESPECIALLY christianity.

    So ….. might as well bring it down to trash talk. At least its entertaining while I waste my time with a bunch of mind controlled useless fools, and about as productive as trying to reason with such types.

    You will be worshiping fantasy right up until the jews take you out. What a pathetic waste of potential.

    1. @ Lonnie

      Listen buddy, you don’t impress me one little bit. Because all you are capable of doing, like your mentors John Kaminski and JB Campbell, is generate a lot of hot air. I have no more love for Jews than you do and would love to see them get their comeuppance, but I won’t be looking for leadership to hot air blowhards like you and Kaminski and JB Campbell.

      I guess you think that incitement to violence on this site makes you guys incredibly brave? I don’t think so. I have another idea. It make you all STING AGENTS. I wouldn’t be surprised if JB Campbell isn’t an agent provocateur for the FBI. Surprising how they haven’t shut down his website, isn’t it? They pick up Islamic “terrorists” every day of the week, but JB Campbell — preaching mass murder of the Jews on his website — is still a free man, walking around untouched. UNTOUCHED!

      You don’t find that suspicious? I do! And he preaches Christ killing too, just like any good Talmudic Jew would do!

      What a joke you guys are. Transparent. Go peddle your fake heroism elsewhere.

      1. I thank God that this site allows me the freedom of speech to put you agents provocateurs in your place. You are just another species of TROLL. Only infinitely more subtle.

      2. STING AGENTS ???

        Just can’t fathom that some of us really have had enough of this jewish problem.

        Oh, it’s just not possible to be legit and say what needs to be said right ?

        Please, you people are pathetic.

  26. Since god supposedly grants prayers maybe I should become born again and PRAY to end the insanity of religion.

    What a messed up mind disease. CHRISTinsanity indeed.

    1. You’re obviously too stupid to comprehend the distinctions between religion and faith, poor boy. I have little doubt you’ll get your come-uppance, soon enough, though. (I’m an “Old Testament” kind-of-guy, and don’t doubt karma, either.) 🙂

      1. Karma ????

        I’ll PROVE to you there is no such thing as karma with simple logic.

        ALL jews would already be dead for their abuses against the rest of humanity.

        Fool, you can’t even think straight.

      2. OF COURSE you’re an Old Testament” kind-of-guy Gilbert.

        A jewish dupe to the end !!!!!

  27. Hi All,

    I am interested in learning about Jews, I would like to request from you which is the first article that I am going to study here. Something that I would start from basic to advance.

    I am sorry if I commented in this recent article which my post is not relevant.

    Respectfully yours,


    1. @ Dmitri

      Welcome to the site.

      As the site’s moderator, I would suggest that the best way to go about this is to consult the right-hand column where it says “Recommended Reading” and choose any article whose title appeals to you. The titles at the bottom are the oldest articles published here; the titles at the top are the most recent.

      The best overall introduction to the subject of Jews, in my opinion, would be an article that took a historical overview of the Jewish Question and considered all the issues involved in methodical detail, giving lots of facts and quotations. The article I recommend is therefore the 2-part article: “The Jewish Question: A Problem Without a Solution.”

      Part 1: The Jewish Problem in Historical Perspective

      Part 2: Seven Drastic Remedies for the Jewish Problem

      This happens to be my personal choice; I am sure there are several other good introductions you could read and which other people here might wish to recommend.

      — Dr Z

      1. Dear Admin,

        Thank you for the prompt response and recommendation.

        Sincerely yours,


  28. A couple years ago (?) John Kaminski put out an essay about realizing he should go lighter on the christians for their destructive delusion.

    I recall speaking with John about this, he made much sense. His realization was sound. Many christians are decent people and lead productive lives. And frankly, we need their numbers in this war against the jews so no use fighting with them to try and encourage them to gain some sense.

    So, I changed my opinion and reactions to christians and religious minded people in general.

    Well, NO LONGER.

    I have finally concluded the delusion in the minds of christians is so deep they will NEVER snap out of it.

    There is one possible exception …

    A jew could inflict damage upon your life to a degree that will piss you off to the point you MIGHT snap out of it.
    Then one of two things will occur. You will either turn further into god, christ, religion, faith whatever…. and be lost to humanity forever.

    Or…. you will get pissed off enough to snap out of the mind control once and for all and join the real battle we are engaged in.

    As for good and productive ? A monkey can be trained to lead a good and productive life and be of more use to the survival of humanity at this point.

    Devote christians are a massive let down and waste of skin to the rest of humanity.

    It saddens me to have to finally and fully accept this.

    1. @ Lonnie

      “I have finally concluded the delusion in the minds of christians is so deep they will NEVER snap out of it.”

      You are philosophically untrained and so you are incapable of realizing that nothing you have said here is a factual statement but a mere opinion. It doesn’t occur to you that “the delusion in the minds of Christians” is not a fact that can be proved but is simply an opinion in your own very limited mind.

      Are Christians deluded because you think they are? Or are you deluded for thinking so?

      Bet you can’t answer that. 🙂

      1. Typical circular christian hogwash.

        Christians hide behind their devotion and make excuses for Jews. You refuse to confront them. . Christians are part of the conspiracy and it’s time to let loose on them for the dangerous DUPES they are.

        This is not about my opinion, it is about what you’re ACTUALLY DOING.

        Ultimately you protect the jews at every turn, then point fingers at guys like myself, Campbell, Kaminski et all. for saying me must get rid of them for the danger they are to all humanity … yet in return you state WE are working for them !!

        More delusion. It never ends with you robots.

        You CANNOT refute this. Your actions betray you every time.

  29. You don’t sound saddened at all , Lonnie. You sound real smug, is how you sound.

    1. Thanks for noticing Joe.

      I’ve gone through the saddened stage with christians. gone through the disappointed stage that christians are ultimately protecting the jews instead of helping humanity and now I’m PISSED OFF.

      Smug is too polite.

  30. Ingrid –
    “@Pat, Just read an article on the truthseeker, which suggests that the smaller banks, on the fringe, are in melt down. Is this an indication that the big banks will survive, only to become even more powerful?”

    In a word – – YES.

    Neil Bush’s Silverado helped destroy small savings and loan banks. The result was consolidation of FDIC authority over ALL banks.

    This same scheme is happening worldwide. Banks support all enemies… all sides. CIA helps.

    Congress knows all about it. It has been put in Special Order Speeches for over a century.
    Cong Gonzales, Chairman of House Banking Committee told us all through the 70s-80s-90s.


    Henry B. Gonzalez, (TX-20)
    (House of Representatives – September 14, 1992)

    A February 6, 1990, Federal Reserve Bank of New York memo shows how politics influenced events.
    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the No. 1 in our country, the one that really runs the show for our banking system. I want to remind my colleagues that the Federal Reserve Board is not a Federal agency. It is a creature and a hand maiden of the private commercial banking system of the United States, even though the Congress created them, like it did the CIA.

    The Congress created the CIA in the 1947 National Security Act, but it has been used as a tool for personal either vindictiveness or political combat by Presidents.

    Presidents have taken over, so the CIA, like the Federal Reserve Board, does not think they have any accountability to the Congress. That means the people.


    REGULATION OF INTERNATIONAL MONEY — Henry B. Gonzalez, (TX-20) (House of Representatives – March 16, 1992)

    The following quote from a Commerce Department letter sheds light on how the administration planned to cooperate with Congress. In February 1991, a letter to the top lawyer at the Commerce Department, the former Under Secretary for Export Administration, stated, and I quote, `In sum the printout provided Mr. Barnard’; Mr. Barnard happens to be chairman, the gentleman from Georgia [Mr. Barnard], of a congressional committee of the Committee on Government Operations; `is a summary reference document. The printout is also consistent with fifth floor.’ Well, that is Secretary Mosbacher’s officer. That is the fifth floor is the Secretary’s office floor. `Guidance and requests from both State Department and the National Security Council is that no additional information be provided that does not directly address the committee’s request.’

    Translating this memo, `the fifth floor,’ `the National Security Council’ and `State Department guidance’ referred to in the letter means that, if a committee does not know that a document exists, the agency will not reveal it. The Rostow gang was established to delay congressional investigation and to permit the White House to regulate the flow of Iraq related information to Congress. In the case of the Commerce Department, the White House went beyond regulating the flow of information to Congress. The committee has gathered evidence showing the National Security involvement in a scheme to mislead the Congress about the licensing of military useful goods destined for Iraq. That is before the war.

    The Commerce Department has been wrongfully subjected to severe criticism for its role in the transfer of military useful technology to Iraq. The true responsibility for the transfer of United States technology to the Iraqi war machine lies with the White House and the State Department because they set technology transfer policy. The Commerce Department’s role is merely to carry out the policies established by the White House and the State Department. As with the CCC–the Commodity Credit Corporation–and the Eximbank–the Export-Import Bank–programs, the National Security Council and the State Department viewed the export licensing process as a valuable tool of diplomacy. They need U.S. high technology transfer as an inducement to gain favor with Saddam Hussein.


    Henry B. Gonzalez, (TX-20)
    (House of Representatives – April 28, 1992)

    Mr. GONZALEZ. Mr. Speaker, today I will talk about Henry Kissinger, his consulting firm Kissinger Associates, two former Kissinger Associates directors, Lawrence Eagleburger and Brent Scowcroft, and the chief economist at Kissinger Associates, Alan Stoga.

    I will explore their links to Banca Nazionale del Lavoro [BNL] and Iraq, and the Bush administration’s handling of the BNL scandal. But first, I will provide some background information on the BNL scandal.

    BNL is one of the largest banks in Italy with assets over $100 billion. At the time the BNL scandal was disclosed in August 1989, BNL was 98 percent owned by the Italian Government. BNL has operations around the world including U.S. branches in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, and its U.S. headquarters in New York.
    Several former employees of the Atlanta branch of BNL conspired to provide the Government of Iraq with over $4 billion in unreported loans between 1985 and 1990. They accomplished this massive fraud by keeping a secret set of accounting records that concealed the over $4 billion in loans to Iraq.
    These secret books were presumably not furnished to BNL’s management in Rome or to the bank regulatory agencies responsible for regulating BNL’s operations in the United States. To date, several of the former employees have pleaded guilty to the conspiracy and signing false financial statements. The former manager of BNL, Chris Drogoul, goes to trial on June 2. He claims that the BNL management in Rome was aware of the loans to Iraq and the United States and Italian Governments should have been aware of the loans.

  31. I’m not saying all you bitchy trolls are cowards, but that’s how you appear. Lasha Darkmoon always gives thoughtful and useful material but you trolls with your off-subject ramblings just drag it down – time after time. You can’t resist derailing her pieces into nothingness. You can’t stay on point, which is probably the whole point of what you do. Always the same hit-and-run acid-throwers using noms de guerre, of course. When you use your real name you take responsibility for what you write. Every one of you bitchy trolls hides behind a fake name, which in this sort of activity is cowardly.

    1. @ JB Campbell

      Let me begin by saying that you write like an angel and that I have always been one of your admirers. Some of your articles, I note, have been published on this site and you have received respect and a fair hearing. However, let me point out the flaws in your reasoning.

      Firstly, only a miniscule minority of people use their real names on the internet. On the Occidental Observer even half the writers are using pseudonyms. To call everyone a coward who uses a pseudonym is therefore foolish as well as counterproductive. For if all of us on this site are “cowards” for using pseudonyms, why are you talking to us? Since cowards are contemptible by definition, aren’t you wasting your time posting on any website? The truth is that anyone who agrees with you will receive a pat on the back from you, and the only people you will denounce as “cowards” are the ones who dare to contradict you. You know that. You are smart enough to know that.

      Secondly, you attack Christianity on a site where there are Christians. And you are surprised that your gratuitous attack is met with a counter-attack? You come here to spit in our faces and then get your knickers in a twist when we spit back at you? Understand this, brave warrior. For every blow you give, you will get two blows back! All your talk of “cowardice” is so much hot air. Can you prove that you are as brave as you make out? Can you prove that your bravery is not bravado? Tell me, sir, how many Jews have you killed in your life — you who blithely recommend to others the mass slaughtering of Jews?

      If you are a man of principle, you obviously practice what you preach, no? So do tell: how many Jews have you killed recently, you who constantly tell others how important it is to organize and start wiping out the Jews?

      Thirdly, can you tell me how you can preach the mass extermination of the Jews and not be in prison? How come your website hasn’t been shut down? How is it you are still a free man? No Muslim who spoke like you would be a free man, using his website to preach murder and mayhem. He’d be behind bars!

      So the question naturally arises: Are you a Sting agent? An FBI agent provocateur? Many think so. This would certainly explain how you haven’t been locked up for preaching sedition.

      Fourthly and lastly, your attack on Christianity is philosophically bankrupt. You know very well that the Jews hate Christianity more than anything. You walk in lockstep with the Talmudic Jews in Israel who spit on Christians. For you spit on Christians too, don’t you? So you do the Jew’s dirty work, don’t you? You are no more, I regret to say, than a Useful Idiot for the Jews. The Jews must be delighted that you nail Christ to the Cross all over again! Yes sir, you have aligned yourself with the Jews and would be happy to be ranked among the Christ killers.

      Do tell me, Mr Campbell, how many militant supporters are you going to get if you alienate the vast numbers of Christians around you? You expect to recruit fine, upstanding atheists, nihilists and neopagans to fight the Jews for you?

      Your contempt for Christianity cuts no ice with any thinking man. Dr E. Michael Jones has done far better work than you in his painstaking critique of the Jews and their devious ways. He is a Roman Catholic Christian. What does your scorn for Christianity mean to him? Nothing! He would just look at you with pity as you spat in his face and told him what a fool he was to believe in Christianity.

      Tolstoy was a Christian. Dostoevsky was a Christian. Pascal was a Christian. You despise them and think them “cowardly” and misguided for believing in the “Jewish” slave religion? Who are you to tell them that your own puerile anti-Christian views are the correct and compulsory ones?

      Ever listened to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony? Or Mozart’s Requiem? Because their music was inspired by Christianity! — the religion you tell us is the most disgusting and horrible thing ever invented!

      Don’t get the idea that I hate you. Mr Campbell. I don’t. I feel profoundly sorry for you. I pity you, because you are a spiritually impoverished husk of a man. A maladapt without soul. A sad little man with death in his eyes and a desert in his heart.

      And I ask myself this: If ever you got your way and the Jews were exterminated along with Christianity, what would the world be like with you as Supreme Dictator? It would be hell on earth!

      What exactly do you have to offer, Mr Campbell, after your fantasy killing spree is over? Utopia? A hedonistic paradise? I don’t think so!

      You haven’t planned that far ahead, have you?

  32. mr campbell was involved in anti terrorist activities in rhodesia .oh dear.who were the terrorists and who were they terrorizing mr campbell? a white man in a black mans land, helping to rape the native populace, thats your legacy ??


      You are so uneducated to the facts and truth of Rhodesia it’s beyond disgusting.

      I spent much time digging into what really happened there. If you’re a real man interested in real truth you will do same.

      You WILL discover like EVERYTHING else you have been completely lied to about the important details.

  33. Whoa! I drilled into a zone of high-pressure sour gas this time! But that’s what you tend to get with anonymous/fake name comments. Again, comments should refer to the article as a courtesy and an appreciation of the effort it took to present the article, which was Gurvitz’ description of Jewish behavior.

    1. @ JB Campbell

      We would like your permission to publish three of your comments as part of a feature article on this website. This is something we have often done in the past, so this wouldn’t be the first time. The article would be called, “Christ vs. Anti-Christ: A Debate between a Christian and an Anti-Christian.” It would carry the brief introduction:

      “This fierce exchange of words between veteran poster Sardonicus and the militant anti-Christian writer JB Campbell took place in the Comments section of the Darkmoon site. The words are exactly as they wrote them, with no cuts or editing.”

      The article would consist of 6 comments in the form of a dialogue:

      Comment 1: General comment by you about Christianity.
      Comment 2: Comment by Sardonicus addressed to Lonnie.
      Comment 3: Comment by you addressed to Ungenius.
      Comment 4: Comment by Sardonicus addressed to Lonnie.
      Comment 5: Comment by you addressed to Sardonicus.
      Comment 6: Comment by Sardonicus addressed to you.

      Total length: 1560 words.
      Comments 5 and 6 constitute the crux of the “debate”.
      Comments 1-4 are simply by way of introduction and set the scene.

      We don’t usually ask permission to do this kind of thing. So far none of our commenters have protested at their comments being made into feature articles. In this particular case we feel the need to ask your permission because you are a well-known public figure and might not wish to see your comments made part of a published feature article. Sardonicus has agreed. What about you?

      The article has already been uploaded but will be trashed if you don’t wish to see it published. Please let us know ASAP if you give your consent or not. You can ask also ask for the deletion of the article after it has been published, any time you want, without having to give a reason…and it will be deleted. No problem.


      Moderator (DZ)

        1. @ JB Campbell

          Thanks for giving your permission. You are an ace! If you hadn’t given your permission, we would have had no “debate” and would have had to abandon our project to turn these comments into a feature article.

          Your recent long comment, beginning with the words “All religion is mind control…” is a good riposte and so we have decided to tag it on to the debate. Along with Sardonicus’ rejoinder. After this we must call it a day … as otherwise the article would be too long. Thank you again for your cooperation.

          As you know, you and Lasha have conflicting views on Christianity. That’s too bad. But Lasha would like you to know that she respects and understands your viewpoint and in no way feels “threatened” by it. After all, she had the same viewpoint herself a few years ago.



  34. so tell me mr campbell. what exactly has christianity being a disgrace and jesus trachings have to do with jewish behaviour ? unless you beleive that they were all little cherubs until jesus came along. and on another note, could this maybe explain your dislike of jews and all this time you’ve been having a little laugh to yourself. romans 2.28-29

  35. Let me go practical on this question, JB, Lonnie and all.

    First of all, religious affiliation never stopped or moderated bloodshed, give me a counterexample.
    Christians killed not just different confessions but also their own with fine spirit and enthusiasm, must I go into a mile long list of examples?
    Therefore blaming Jesus for lack of reaction to Jew’s atrocities is as strawman as it gets, Jesus never stopped anyone from killing, whatever his sermons.
    Ditto for others, in Cambodia I saw sad and chilling relics of what supposedly peaceful Buddhists did to their own kind, no problem.

    So, the problem lies elsewhere.
    I suspect that Jews are taught from day one that killing goyim is a godly and honorable deal, a “mitzvah” or good Jew-karma and they are encouraged to undergo the solemn induction into the serial killer club by way of bar-mitzvah and get some hands on experience in Palestine, the more innocent, vulnerable and heartbreaking the victim, e.g., a toddler, the more solid the ritual.
    I also think that blood soaked matzos are consumed at these ceremonies, especially at Passover after the Purim hunt and sacrifice.
    So, Jews are ready.
    What about us? Are we ready to defend ourselves, are we ready to survive as a distinct group or do we want to submerge into the mongel slave gene pool?

    Well, the first thing to understand is that there are limits to public discourse and we have reached it.
    Jews have their totally private venues and inviolable communication channels and we have none.
    Nothing to do with Christ, don’t you agree?
    Even if we had some Aryan Odigo, the feds would infiltrate and neutralize it, while at the same time scrupulously steering clear of encroaching on the Jew turf.
    Start thinking in those terms, enough of bayoneting spiritual bales of hay.

    Was there ever a Jew killed in an atheist, communist country, except by Joe Stalin, the Man of Steel? And yet, he started out as a Christian seminarian, didn’t seem to have slowed him down none.
    How many Jews truly killed in Muslim countries, not the false flags?
    One that I recall off hand, Daniel Pearl, the Mossad agent that the Pakistanis discovered in their midst. And that was in all the history of Jew mediated strife.

    I keep saying, the proof of the pudding will be when things get hot, will the trained squads go into action against well documented warmongers and mass murderers.
    Note that here I did not conflate criminality with any racial or religious (and sure, let’s accept the Devil worship as religion) affiliation, let the sword of justice fall where it may.
    No Christian can ever oppose this, otherwise I’d take him for a fake and a professional troll.

  36. All religion is mind-control. The priest-class telling people how to think and even how to live their lives in ways that benefit the controllers. The priests serve the government by keeping the people under control. Above that is the super-class that runs the government. The super-class is apparently a Judeo-Masonic cult.

    The religions that concern us are the ones supposedly derived from Abraham. Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Christian and Moslem priests naturally consider themselves junior to and somewhat lesser than their Jewish colleagues. The Catholics traditionally struggled against Jewish control but this struggle has disintegrated in modern times due to the realities of Jewish banking practices and their monopoly of currency. The Protestants have not struggled against Judaism ever since the creation of the Scofield Bible, apparently commissioned by Bernard Baruch and Samuel Untermayr.

    To me, though, the legend of Jesus is the real problem. A mystery-man shows up, raises a little hell in the temple, annoys the priests who clamor to have the Romans arrest and execute him. For what? For answering their questions with more questions. The suggestion is that the mystery-man was the son of YHVH, whatever the hell that is. This profound event took two or three days from start to finish. The finish was that his body disappeared from a tomb and this was proof that he was resurrected. An entire faith is built on this strange little happening, for which there is no evidence that it actually happened.

    The story goes that for those two or three days the mystery-man had performed miracles. He was the son of YHVH. Some believers say he was YHVH, which would have made him, of course, omnipotent. But his preordained mission was to surrender to the Romans and be crucified and suffer for our sins, whatever they be. Everything was preordained, even the betrayal by Judas. Everything had to happen the way it supposedly did. Like a play.

    So my objection, ever since I was a little kid in Sunday School, was that this is an idiotic story of a guy who refused to fight, to defend himself. Mixed signals: sell your stuff and buy a sword. Guy tries to defend him with a sword, Jesus says no, I’ll go quietly. The Romans didn’t want to mess with him but for the clamoring of the Jews, whatever they called themselves. Mystery-man can save himself but he provokes the boss to kill him because it had to be.

    Who wrote this stuff? Jews. How does it serve them? Look, we’re so smart and powerful that we can tell the Romans what to do to you Christians, starting with your chief magician. What do the Christians do to assert themselves, get their dignity back? Nothing. But why should they, since the arrest and execution of the mystery-man was preordained. It had to happen.

    Finally, nineteen hundred years later, the Jews got their first modern dictatorship and to celebrate this they slaughtered millions of Christians over several decades. Did the Christians try to stop this? Not that we know of, except one bunch, the Germans, who tried but all the other Christian countries went to war to destroy them for this heresy, this insult against the Jews.

    Christianity is by definition impotent and worse than useless. It has been our undoing because the role model surrendered to be tortured to death, and this is the central part of his perfection.

    1. JB –
      Lobro –

      Religions bring many people to the point that they become so heavenly-minded… they are of no earthly-good.

    2. @ JB Campbell

      A fine diatribe, dear Mr Campbell, which proves beyond doubt my earlier contention that you write like an angel and have a formidable intellect. I also believe you are sincere and that your ideas cannot and must not be lightly dismissed. I do respect you.

      However, I can’t help noting that you have neatly sidestepped all the points I have made in defense of Christianity — in particular, my central point that in attacking Christianity you are doing the dirty work of the Jews and are walking in lockstep with the Jews. As such, if you ever got your way and managed to convince everyone to give up Christianity, the Jews would be the first to rejoice and give you a medal for advancing their agenda! 🙂

      Can’t you see what is blindingly obvious, Mr Campbell: that you are a Useful Idiot for the Jews?

      No, you cannot. You do their work for them, chipping away at the foundations of Christianity, ridiculing it and attacking it in exactly the same way as the Jews have been doing for the last two thousand years.

      I also find it remarkably strange — “suspicious” is the only word — that you are allowed on your website to preach the mass extermination of the Jews and to do this with impunity. “Are you an FBI sting agent?” I asked you earlier on. “A licensed agent provocateur?” You evaded the question. Too embarrassing to answer, no? 🙂

      I will conclude this comment by copying and pasting some relevant material from a recent endnote by Lasha Darkmoon to an article by John Kaminski on this site.. It is called, “The Role of Religion in Our Struggle Against the Jews.” You will find it here:

      The Role of Religion in Our Struggle Against the Jews

      Christianity, especially the Catholic Church, has been the greatest counteracting force against organized Jewry for centuries, keeping the Jews firmly in their place at all times. Historians of Christianity, especially Dr E. Michael Jones in his monumental 1200-page masterpiece “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History” , have proved beyond all shadow of doubt that the Catholic Church was the last bastion against Jewish encroachments, fighting malign Jewish influences and Judaic heresies tooth and nail for well over a thousand years.

      The early Church Fathers were all, without exception, virulently antisemitic and had no bones about accusing the Jews collectively for the crime of deicide. Most notable among these antisemites, all of them canonized by the Church, were St Augustine, St Ambrose of Milan, St Cyprian, St John Chrysostom and St Jerome. The Jews, they insisted, had killed Christ and could on no account be accepted into the community until they had confessed their crime and apologized for it. The Jews adamantly refused to do so and went one step further: they gloatingly rejoiced at the idea, which they set forth in the Talmud, that Christ was burning in hell forever under mounds of excrement.

      Unfortunately, the Protestant Reformation, cunningly engineered by the Jews, was the first nail in the coffin of Christianity. It was a near fatal wound. For this we have to give thanks, ironically, to the greatest antisemite of the time, the Catholic monk Martin Luther. Jewish infiltration of the Catholic Church continued. The results were soon felt: an increasingly corrupt and decadent Church led by crypto-Jews — including Jewish popes pretending to be Christians. ‘Reforms’ introduced under Vatican II (1962-1965) were the final nail in the coffin.

      The Catholic Church, effectively taken over by the Synagogue, was now a mere shadow of what it had once been. If Christ were to be born today, he would be poisoned in the Vatican or have his brains blown out by an Israeli sniper.

      The world would be an infinitely worse place today if all of us were to give up our religious beliefs and become atheists instead, given that more millions (100 million-plus) have died under atheistical Communism in the 20th century than at any other time in history.

      If all the shabbos goyim who aid and abet the Jews in their malignant agenda today had been true Christians (or Buddhists or whatever), they would not be able to join forces with the Jews and become their loyal lackeys in rapacity. Good men with high principles don’t become bandits. To become arch-villains like Bush and Blair, both of them nominally good Christians, you first need to be thoroughly marinated in the vat of corruption. To be a willing agent for the Jews, you first need to be Jewified.

      It is precisely because most Western nations are now morally bankrupt, devoid of every vestige of true religious piety, that they have fallen under the yoke of organized Jewry. If the Jews have triumphed over us, it’s because they have succeeded so spectacularly in “Jewifying” us. This they have managed to do by the mind contamination of the masses through almost total media control.


      1. Your points in defense of Christianity. To me, there is no defense. There is no way to excuse or minimize the damage done. Christianity protects Judaism, which is the most virulent form of spiritual, psychological and physical aggression. Human nature is to defend yourself against aggression. Whether by design or default, Christianity removed this natural human tendency by holding up Jesus as the perfect being whose every action and statement was perfection. Jesus refused to defend himself and this example was followed by his disciples and eventually by millions of believers over the centuries to come. Jesus supposedly said to love your enemies and if one of them smacks you, give him another shot. But his surrender in the garden is the horrible example. Again, though, it had to be. The script had to be followed.

        Jews hate everyone and are in a permanent state of war with everyone. You say they hate Christianity. They don’t hate it – it’s their primary weapon against us. They hate us and drove us into this faith that weakens us and removes our will not only to win but just to survive. Christians are taught to disregard political outrages against them and look forward to living with Jesus in the great bye and bye. They are conditioned to do what Jesus did. There is a reason that the tiny Jewish minority has been so incredibly successful, but it took centuries of conditioned response (Christian brainwashing) which culminated with the 1917 Bolshevik takeover of Christian Russia – the Jewish dictatorship. In the US, it was the 1917 Jewish takeover of banking – the Jewish dictatorship. Noticing the Jewish nature of either one was considered bigotry – mainly thanks to Christian subversion in the churches.

        You are naturally curious why I’ve not been arrested and imprisoned for the many provocations I’ve made for many years, starting with the creation of the ill-fated militia movement. But more than a decade before that I’d broken the law to fight for Rhodesia. I have certainly provoked the federal government in every way I knew how. I have done, said and written things that would, as you point out, get others arrested and/or killed. And I have been arrested on very serious charges but managed to get myself acquitted on technicalities. I have been threatened by the Secret Service and the FBI and the police, which was to be expected.

        However, there are other ways to destroy an enemy besides arrest, especially if you really don’t want to draw attention to him or what he’s saying. You can blacklist him and take away his livelihood, make him homeless. This is pretty effective. You can assassinate him in some inventive ways that people won’t believe happened if they fail. I’ve got at least five experiences under my belt, which I think I’ve written about, just as warnings for others – not whining.

        You think I’m an agent provocateur? If that were the case, the feds and Jews would promote me as their favorite villain, as they did with my friend Louis Beam for many years, because obviously there’s no one writing or speaking at my level – in the world. But actually, you’d never have heard of me if it weren’t for Lasha Darkmoon running some of my essays. The truth is, they don’t want people reading my stuff, which really is dangerous material. After all, I was able to create the militia movement with an obscure book and a few interviews – pre-Internet. They simply do not want such a guy getting another chance to do such an unexpected thing.

      2. @ JB Campbell

        OK, Mr Campbell. You’ve made some excellent points and made them in a very professional way: courteous, urbane, and without losing your cool. I commend you for that. It’s been a pleasure arguing with you. 🙂

        I’ll stop now, as I believe our comments are being made into a “debate” for publication and I don’t want to draw it out and make it too long. All the best to you, and I wish you good luck in your struggle against the old Enemy.

        Osaka, Japan

  37. When Israel Is Mighty

    It never was, it never is, and it never will be. Get a clue, people.

    Israel was created only because Stalin agreed to it. Jews has to worship Stalin, instead of shitting on him all the time. Stalin has created also a small corner for the bastards – The Jewish Autonomous Republic, with capital in Birobidzhan – on the vast territories of the USSR.

    Stalin did this not because he cared much for the bastards, but simply because he wanted to take this dangerous weapon called “Jews” from the Anglo-American hands, who always used them with great efficiently to undermine and control all their vassals and colonies.

    But Stalin wanted Israel to be a socialist country – not a capitalist one. When the Americans have succeeded in derailing Stalin’s plan to make Israel socialist country aligned with the USSR, rather than capitalist one aligned with America, Stalin turned in earnest against Israel.

    Zionism is the best solution for the Jewish problem. But, unlike Stalin, America does not want Jews become normal people at all. That’s why Israel is doomed – it will be dumped by Anglo-Americans in the near future. Russia, with its huge influence in the Arab world right now – and much more in the future – is the only force that can save Jewish ass. And, as I said, Putin will do it, because Jews becoming normal people is in the vital interests of Russia.

  38. As much as I hate repetition, looks like I have no choice.
    Ok, even if your Jesus-deconsctruction is totally right and we all consign Jesus to the trash bin of history, so what?

    I claim that the notion of common morality being Jesus driven is also a myth, so that dumping Jesus does not advance our goal of ridding ourselves of Jew’s yoke.
    A new unifying myth is required where Jew has no access anymore than we can be privy to his synagogue conspiracies.
    Some druidic system or ancient Slavic paganism … some identifying code.
    I personally like the freedom message of Jesus without having the slightest interest in following him onto the cross, on the contrary. And I think that many Christians, especially Eastern Orthodox and grassroots (non conciliar) Catholics feel the same way.
    But if I must stick on caribou antlers on my head and do the war dance before action for the sake of group cohesion, I will, doesn’t bother me.
    Whatever the ritual, it must be pre-American because anything American is tainted with Masonic stink, the melting pot was boiling from the day one with revolutionary, Paris Commune double-speak.

    1. That’s why this was created:


      It’s pre-American, i.e., pre-Federalist. Federalism took over and destroyed the Revolution, which was hypocritical anyway, considering slavery and ethnic cleansing. The whole thing was cursed from the beginning but we’re here now and are obliged to do something different.

      Can America ever redeem itself in some way for all the mass murder and destruction? I don’t see how. But all the mass murder and destruction was condoned by virtually all of the Christian churches in America, every step of the way, from the very beginning up to today. Can’t blame that totally on the Jesus story, of course. But there was never a role model who defeated the tyrants, or who demanded their destruction.

      Gurvitz tells us that Judaism is the master of Christianity, which is my point.

  39. JB,

    Wish I had your writing skill.

    Christians have only one means to redeem themselves at this point in history. Their real “sin” is the betrayal of their very own survival !!

    The American Defense Party is an excellent platform to get them back on the correct track, sort their thinking out.. However, so far their mind control has been so deep they have not been capable of showing up.

    There is no doubt the Christian religion is nothing more than psychological warfare created and controlled by jews. The history and evidence bears this out.

    It was created and has been successful for a handful of jewish agenda reasons, however, BY FAR the single most important accomplished set out by the jews is to SUBVERT THE VERY HUMAN NATURE TO PROTECT ONESELF WITH DEADLY FORCE WHEN ATTACKED BY SAME.

    This single jewish accomplishment is the end result of the story of Jesus you so eloquently and accurately detailed above.

  40. I really like this video, and I really liked Yossi. I looked him up and read several other articles about him. He wants a one state solution based on socialism. The problem is that this might be the problem with Jewish culture in general. It might actually not have occurred to him that the Palestinians might not want socialism. I am sure he is envisioning a society that is still more or less run by Jews because who has taken to socialism more than the Jews. Maybe the Palestinians might want something closer to the arrangement of the Ottoman Empire–multi-cultural but each religion and sect having its own special district. Of course, the Jews like it that way too but they want everyone else to be integrated. It’s very hard for even the best Jews to see that true freedom and respect does not involve the Jews being in control.

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