Israel’s International Conspiracy: Hasbara Agents Everywhere

Nearly every western country has its Israel lobby

By Philip Giraldi


“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”  — Jewish banker James Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom recently suggested an inquiry into a surge in Israel’s reported extra-judicial killing of Palestinian demonstrators after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a harsh response and told his police and soldiers that those opposed to the continued occupation of the West Bank were “terrorists.” Almost immediately, the Israeli government denounced Wallstrom as engaging in “political stupidity,” banning her from travel to Israel, while one newspaper close to the government suggested that she might be assassinated, as fellow Swede Count Folke Bernadotte was by Jewish militants in 1948, because anti-Semitism appears to be in the Swedish DNA.

All of that outrage and personal ridicule is pro forma for an Israeli government that reflexively smears and denigrates any and all critics, but the more interesting epilogue was the unanticipated discovery by the Swedish and international media that Wallstrom has not been paying the full rent on the subsidized government apartment that she occupies. The revelation follows a familiar pattern, where critics of Israel suddenly find themselves being discredited for something completely unrelated to the Middle East. President George H. W. Bush (the good Bush) suffered a similar come to Jesus moment in 1991 when he went on national television to denounce the pressure tactics of the Israel lobby. The Israeli government was demanding U.S. Treasury backed loans to construct illegal settlements. President Bush, who was running for reelection and far ahead in the opinion polls, suddenly was confronted by a well-funded and organized opposition raising doubts about him and his record. And President Bush was not reelected, presumably learning along the way that one does not trifle with the Israel Lobby, to be replaced by the enthusiastically Zionist Bill Clinton.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is also wondering about Israel’s alleged commitment to peace. On Tuesday he said “it was human nature to react to occupation,” following up with a comment on Wednesday regarding Israel’s “stifling” occupation of Palestine. Netanyahu reacted with his usual over the top rhetoric, stating that Ban “was encouraging terror.” One might also anticipate, as in the case of Wallstrom, a well-orchestrated media blitz questioning Ban’s motives or explaining how he has always been a closet anti-Semite. It is par for the course and fully expected when one criticizes Israel.

Indeed, it is a global phenomenon. Wherever one goes – Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States – there is a well-organized and funded lobby ready, willing and able to go to war to protect Israel. Most of the organizations involved take at least some direction from officials in Tel Aviv. Many of them even cooperate fully with the Israeli government, its parastatal organizations and faux-NGOs like the lawfare center Shurat HaDin. Their goal is to spread propaganda and influence the public in their respective countries of residence to either hew to the line coming out of Tel Aviv or to confuse the narrative and stifle debate when potential Israeli crimes are being discussed.

Israel’s diaspora allies are backed up by a formidable government organized machine that spews out disinformation and muddies the waters whenever critics surface. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has a corps of paid “volunteers” who monitor websites worldwide and take remedial action and there is a similar group working out of the Prime Minister’s office. That is why any negative story appearing in the U.S. about Israel is immediately inundated with pro-Israel comments, many of which make exactly the same coordinated points while exhibiting the same somewhat less than perfect English. On sites like Yahoo they are actually able to suppress unwelcome comments by flooding the site with “Dislike” responses. If a comment receives a large number of dislikes, it is automatically blocked or removed.

The sayanim, local Jews in their countries of residence, are essential to this process, having been alerted by emails from the Israeli Foreign Ministry about what to do and say. The reality is that Israel has lost the war of public opinion based on its own actions, which are becoming more and more repressive and even inhumane and so are difficult to explain. That means that the narrative has to be shifted by Israel’s friends through subterfuge and the corruption of the information process in each country. In some places the key media and political players who are engaged in the process can simply be bought. In other places they can be intimidated or pressured into taking positions that are neither in their own countries’ interests nor morally acceptable. In large countries like the United States, Britain and France a combination of friendly suasion and coercive elements often come together.

In all cases, the objective is the same: to repress or misrepresent any criticism of Israel and to block any initiatives that might be taken that would do damage either to the Israeli economy or to the country’s perceived standing in the world. In some countries Israel’s advocates work right out in the open and are highly successful in implementing policies that often remain largely hidden but that can be discerned as long as one knows what to look for.

Recent Israel Lobby activity in the United States has included legislation at state levels to make illegal divestment from Israel or to promote boycott of Israeli products. A trade pact with Europe will reportedly include language requiring the United States to take retaliatory action if any European country tries to boycott Israel, to include the West Bank settlements, which the empowering legislation regards as part of Israel proper.

Israel is also working to create a mechanism for global censorship of the internet to ban “incitement,” which clearly is a euphemism for material that is critical of its policies. Recently Facebook has begun to delete from its site any “hate speech” and “terrorism” related material but what has not been widely noted is that the apparent restrictions also have involved sites critical of Israel including Christians United for Peace.

Many prominent critics of the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) are unaware that AIPAC exists in various forms in a number of other countries. BICOM , the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre, is located in London. The French equivalent is the Conseil Representatif des Institutions Juives de France (CRIF). In Canada there is a Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) , in Australia a Zionist Federation of Australia and in New Zealand a Zionist Federation of New Zealand .

While AIPAC is specifically focused on the U.S.-Israel relationship, its counterparts in Europe often deal with a whole range of issues that they define as Jewish, but protecting Israel is always part of their agenda, particularly for those groups that label themselves as Zionist. The political power and financial muscle of the groups gives them access to government far beyond the actual numbers of their supporters. In France this has led to the legislation of hate crimes that de facto exist to protect Jews that have been also been interpreted as limitations on one’s ability to criticize Israel. In its most recent test, a French court declared that a peaceful protest promoting Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) directed against Israel was illegal.

Many believe that France now has less free speech than any other European country. Recently, the alleged humor magazine Charlie Hebdo, ran a revolting cartoon showing the little Syrian boy Alan Kurdi who drowned in Turkey last summer as all grown up and sexually assaulting a woman in Germany. There was considerable outrage throughout the world but no sign that the French government will do anything to prosecute the magazines since it was Muslims who were being ridiculed. Charlie Hebdo frequently insults Muslims (and also Christians) but rarely lampoons Jews.

In Britain, Jewish organizations uniquely are allowed to patrol heavily Jewish neighborhoods in police-like uniforms while driving police type vehicles and there have been reports of their threatening Muslims who enter the areas. Prime Minister David Cameron’s government, which is responsive to a Conservative Friends of Israel lobbying group, has also done its part to create official barriers to any spread of the BDS movement. It is proposing legislation that will enable it to overrule decisions by local government councils that seek to cut business or investment ties with Israel and, more particularly, Israeli settlements, under the pretext that such action interferes with the conduct of foreign affairs. The British government is also considering its own brand of hate speech legislation, banning from social media any commentary that is considered to be anti-Semitic, which will almost certainly extend to criticism of Israel.

Canada’s government has also threatened to use hate speech laws to block criticism of Israel and forbid BDS related activity. Australia meanwhile, has ceased referring to east Jerusalem as “occupied” and is apparently leaning towards similar “non-pejorative” language relating to the militarized occupation of the West Bank, preferring the neocon favored dodge “disputed.” New Zealand has proposed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks that specifically demands that participants “refrain from referring a situation…to the International Criminal Court,” which would effectively decriminalize war crimes committed by both sides during the two recent invasions of Gaza. As a United Nations investigation determined that Israel was disproportionately responsible for what did occur, the proposal eliminates accountability and is effectively a get out of jail free card for some Israeli government officials.

And so it goes. Criticize Israel and there will be a comeuppance by virtue of a highly developed international system that relies on government direction as well as volunteer supporters who are able to shape both the media message and the political response. Accepting that as a given, I suppose one should be proud of being called an anti-Semite every time the label is misapplied to stifle dissent, but it all sadly reflects a lowering of the discussion to a dirt level. This might just be because there is no justification for Israeli behavior. The fact is that in terms of systematic human rights violations Israel is something beyond an apartheid state, frequently engaging in open racism and, in the opinion of many observers, crimes against humanity. It is furthermore a persistent source of instability in the Middle East and even beyond.

Israel is a liability to the United States and to the European nations that it has successfully manipulated into acquiescence regarding its bad behavior. When AIPAC and its overseas clones act for Israel the host nations in which these organizations exist should recognize exactly what is taking place. If Israel is truly first in their hearts and minds that is perfectly acceptable but its advocates should perhaps consider moving there and letting the rest of us be. Would that be too much to ask?

Sourced from The Unz Review

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  1. Good article that shed some light on the nefarious influence of the hasbara.
    Jews should be deprived of citizenship rights because they pledge allegiance only to Israel and Jewish communities; their country of residence is but a farm they exploit in accordance to their own interests.

  2. “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” — Jewish banker James Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950″

    It is coming about through business ventures and banking.

    That’s why I always emphasize and point to business contracts.

    Here is one example:

    Russia’s Israel Helicopter upgrades contracts

    “IAI has also successfully implemented helicopter programs together with Russian Design Authorities.”

    Business consortium OPEC even dictates to Iran today(yesterday):

    Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said on Tuesday Iran, Nigeria and Libya would be — ALLOWED — to produce “at maximum levels that make sense” as part of any output limits which could be set as early as the next OPEC meeting in November.

    Iran has argued it should be exempt from such limits as its production recovers after the lifting of EU sanctions earlier this year.

    1. What is more : I have nothing against the Jewish people, provided there are no Jews in it.
      And : I don’t hate Jews because they are Jews, I only hate them because they behave like Jews.

  3. i have nothing against darkmoon, provided there’s no daughter of lilith qabalah sufi sunni islamo takfiri moozlum bektashi buddhist hindoo hermaphrodites pretending to be “Catholics” in it.

    Yes, I’m still LMFAO at your darkmoon!!

  4. “Israel’s International Conspiracy: Hasbara Agents Everywhere”….. selling weapons – AND DRONES – AND HELICOPTERS – to all participants in Mid-East….. and it will be that way for many decades…… until SHARIA is everywhere….. or gone..

    “America Is On Our Side” | Al-Nusra Commander
    September 28, 2016

    In a striking interview with German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer published today the German press including the prominent newspaper Focus, a militant jihadist commander said that US weapons are being delivered to Jabhat Al-Nusra by governments that Washington supports, adding that American instructors were in Syria to teach how to use the new equipment.

    In the full interview, the commander notes that “The fight is difficult. The regime is strong and gets support from Russia,” the jihadist explained. Al Ezz said that Jabhat Al-Nusra “won battles thanks to TOW rockets. Due to these rockets, we reached a balance with the regime. Our tanks came from Libya via Turkey, joined by the [BM-21] multiple rocket launchers,” he said.

    “We will fight until the regime is toppled,” he said, referring to Assad’s government. Al-Nusra Front wants “to establish an Islamic state that will be ruled according to the SHARIA LAW. We do not recognize any secular state.”

    The government forces have an advantage because of aircraft and missile launchers, but “we have the American-made TOW missiles, and the situation in some areas is under control,” Al Ezz added.

    1. In other words, the US Government is helping to implement Sharia-Law in Syria…
      If it’s good for the US it should be better for Israel ( the true benefactor from all US foreign disputable policies). If it’s good for Israel , then it should be detrimental to everybody else, including the US …

      1. Don’t go there, Sean — Pat will beat you to death with the inevitability of a Jewish victory. I thought I was sceptical but Pat has already arranged a visit to see his local rabbi 😉

      2. “In other words, the US Government is helping to implement Sharia-Law in Syria…”

        Of course. Musselmen are more easily herded than Christians. They are regimented to follow orders to bow in subjection at least 5 times a day.

        Promised dozens of virgins, they even commit suicide. 🙂

      3. It has nothing to do with Israel or sharia-law. It does not really have anything to do with Syria, either. This is why the powers that be want Assad out: In 2012 Assad said “no” to allowing a natural gas pipeline from Iraq to run across Syria, and into Turkey. The gas would be originating from Kuwait. In turkey there already exists natural gas distribution ports into Europe. Having that natural gas pipeline in place would mean Europe would no longer rely solely on Russia for its gas. Putin would not be able to dictate the terms to Europe as he has in the past. It would be a huge economical hit to Russia as it would result in lower gas prices in Europe. Assad said such a pipeline would be harmful to Putin, his friend. As soon as Assad said “no” to the pipeline, the US started backing the Syrian rebels, in 2012. That is why Assad has to go. That is why Assad will be brought down. There is too much at stake for Europe.

      4. Gilroy –

        Excellent analysis. I wasn’t paying that much attention to the pipeline. I should have, though. Shall do so in future.

        Germany is #1 customer of Gazprom.
        Turkey is #2.

        Good going. ‘Gaz-rubles’ at stake…!!

    2. sounds pretty straightforward and exactly what we all knew a long time ago:
      » ISIS is 100% creation of CIA/MI6, which are 100% operated by Mossad, ie, as Jew-controlled as Yad Vashem
      » ISIS is opposed by Assad’s Syrian government and Putin’s Russian government, politically and in the field

      the commander notes that

      “The fight is difficult. The regime is strong and gets support from Russia”

      This spells it out quite clearly, Jew and his mindless beasts on one side, humans, led by Putin on the other side.
      If Jew wins, humanity loses (I am sure everyone agrees with this), if Putin wins, Jew clearly loses and humanity wins by default (any arguments that Jew again wins by selling arms is specious because Russian arms industry is not run by Jew).

      And as for this,

      “We will fight until the regime is toppled,” he said, referring to Assad’s government. Al-Nusra Front wants “to establish an Islamic state that will be ruled according to the SHARIA LAW. We do not recognize any secular state.”

      the guy is clearly a retard who understands absolutely nothing of Jew created “reality”, which includes Hollywood Sharia, as real as the Western or WW2 movies.
      His Sharia will soon be revealed to be Noahide, if they win in the field, namely, no Jew will ever be harmed and the goy Christians and regular Muslims will bear the brunt of genocide, exactly like the genocide of Russian Christians was also a “Sharia” put into effect.

      Jew doesn’t recognize any secular state or otherwise,
      only complete submission and slavery are acceptable.

      When will this finally become clear to all of you, so that time is not wasted on side issues – this is what the fight is about, not financial or media or academic forms of entertainment.

      Slavery is Talmud, everything else is hasbara.

      1. Lobro –

        “The fight is difficult. The regime is strong and gets support from Russia”

        I believe that. We ALL knew that.

        I already showed that Putin buys weapons from Israel. And… as do you, over and over…. I shall repeat myself. 🙂

        Israel sells to all fighters. All sides. Same old game for centuries…

        Russia’s Israel Helicopter upgrades contracts

        “IAI has also successfully implemented helicopter programs together with Russian Design Authorities.”

        Israel even launches and controls Putin’s satellites… 🙂


        Israel Aerospace Industries:

        In the presence of the Minister of Industry of Russia, Israel Aerospace Industries’ CEO and the Director-General of Russia’s Oboronprom Corporation have signed an agreement for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

        Helicopter Avionics and Structural Upgrades
        …Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa). IAI has also successfully implemented helicopter programs together with Russian Design Authorities.
        Lahav also has extensive experience adapting helicopters for night vision compatibility, delivering NVIS …

        …demands of current operations. IAI also provides maintenance, overhaul and refurbishment services for Western and Russian (Soviet era and post-Soviet era) rotary wing aircraft. IAI is authorized by Bell and …

        Amos 4 Launch
        …broadcast and communication services to Europe, the Middle East, the U.S. East Coast, Africa, – Russia – and South East Asia via direct-to-home (DTH) and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) operators …

      2. @ Lobro

        The core battle is a spiritual/religious battle. The devil and his agents, jews and their stooges, versus the Creator and his followers, good people, with a host of ignorant people going with whatever the current flow is. The physical conflicts are manifestations of the core battle.

        The Talmud is more about death. World depopulation to 400-million people is driven by jewish evil. For the 400-million people, the Talmud is slavery. For the 7.2-billion people minus the 400-million slaves (6.8-billion people), the Talmud is death.

      3. To say “Putin wins, jews lose” misapprehends what will be the true nature of victory over the enemy of Mankind

        Any final physical battles on the planet will essentially be a signal that all the worldly crap of the many past centuries is winding through to the death of the parasite.

        But winning a war in the conventional sense where “Putin the Great” (and I AM on his side) emerges triumphant in the vanguard of a jew-free world will not be the scenario

      4. Ung,

        The core battle is a spiritual/religious battle.


        To say “Putin wins, jews lose” misapprehends what will be the true nature of victory over the enemy of Mankind

        Yes and yes.
        But in the meantime, i will take the military victory.
        OVER JEW, make sure Jew gets the war he wants, all the works, effects, side-effects and after-effects.
        Since he loves war so much that he pulls up a lawn chair and a 6-pack to inhale the sights of burning Palestinians just down the ravine in Gaza, i say let him have it, it would be a monstrous crime to deprive him of the full contact.

        Pat, we haven’t heard about the latest deal that sent a shopping cart full of dixie cups to Russia in return for 2 beaver fur hats, another iron-clad proof that Russia is just another player in the game.
        Don’t let us down, Pat, Israeli plywood drones are integral to Russia’s war effort, because jew work quality is in a league of its own, legendary workmanship and quality you can trust.
        No wonder Russia’s foreign debt is through the roof, they barely had cash for 2 plywood drones, the other 2 on a lay-away plan once the oil price picks up.
        Who needs global numbers in a world of minor anecdotes, how Elie Wiesel stared angrily at the unfeeling mirror and swore revenge, which totally proves the full veracity of Holocaust.

        FYI, Pat, your share of external debt is $60,360, an average Rus is $3,634 (might be $3,634.01 after the Jew drone deal), does it make you feel big Pat?
        In terms of debt, you are worth more than 16 Russians, clearly a worthless lot (Russians, Pat 😉 )… hmm, who does Jew consider his private property

      5. Lobro –

        Glad to help… 🙂

        My debt will not deter Putin one bit.

        Russians are catching up quickly. Putin ensures it by purchasing drones, helicopters and satellites from Israel.

        Ford Credit, Russia will help increase personal debt also:

        Israel Aerospace Industries – has an office in Russia at the Business Center “Marine House” in Moscow.
        Russia Office:
        Бизнес центр «Морской Дом»

        Here is a Russian computer company representing Ireland’s efforts to bring DOZENS of American companies’ products into Russia…….. CSS:

        CSS began activities in the Russian market in 1988 as the representative of the Irish company Computer Support Services, Ltd, leading to full registration as a Russian company with several branch offices across Russia and neighboring countries.

        In 1988 CSS carried out its first contract in Russia supplying the hardware and software for the joint venture “Aerofirst”, which owns the duty-free shops in “Sheremetyevo-2”. Soon after “Sheremetyevo-2” CSS were awarded similar projects for “Aerofirst’s” shops in St.-Petersburg, Kiev and Vyborg.

        During 1991 CSS played a key role in the foundation of the Soviet-Irish Trading Company (SITCO). CSS delivered and installed the complete electronic wholesale system for SITCO store – Arbat Irish House in Moscow.

        CSS was one of the first companies in Russia to start delivery and maintenance of COMPAQ computers. In 1992 CSS achieved COMPAQ and Hewlett-Packard Partner status as well as CISCO Systems Partner status.

        In 1993 CSS completed one of the largest (at that time) IT projects in the CIS for Tengizchevroil (Chevron, Kazakhstan). This global corporate network connected over 40 LANs and up to 1000 workstations utilizing fiber optics and radio circuits.

        In 1994 CSS opened the St.-Petersburg branch office,

        In 1994 CSS became an AT&T (now CommScope) Official Partner in providing Systimax SCS cabling systems. CSS is now one of the leading Systimax SCS integrators in Russia with a long history of successful installations for many customers across all market sectors.

        In 1998 CSS opened a branch office in Aktau (Kazakhstan).
        In 1999 CSS opened a branch office in Yerevan (Armenia).
        In 2000 CSS established its operations on Sakhalin island servicing Sakhalin-2 project.
        In 2002 CSS became official Service Partner of Getronics in Russia.
        In 2006 CSS opened an office in Kiev (Ukraine).
        In 2007 CSS established All-Russian IT Helpdesk for SHELL
        In 2008 CSS starts working on network infrastructure at Sheremetyevo airport terminal D
        In 2010 CSS has performed works for Nord Stream company within the scope of “Nord Stream” Project in Moscow office and also in Vyborg and at the site area in Portovaya bay (Vyborg district): active network equipment installation and setup; office equipment supply, inastallation and maintenance; office SCS installation in Portovaya bay.
        In 2011 CSS has successfully accomplished Structured Cabling Systems installations in BNP Paribas and –Bank of America Moscow– offices.
        In 2012 CSS was acknowledged by SYSTIMAX as Number One Partner in Russia.
        In 2013 CSS became IT Services Partner in Russia for GlobalServe.

        In developing and maintaining successful partnerships with our suppliers, CSS has accumulated vast experience and expertise in a full range of corporate networking services based on high quality products from such renowned international vendors as:

        CommScope SYSTIMAX
        CISCO Systems
        General Electric etc.

        Network Design, Cabling, Security Systems and Managed Services solutions:
        The execution and successful delivery of wide range of projects have been undertaken for clients such as Mezhcombank, Promstroibank, Conversbank, Eurofinance, Creditanstalt Grant Investment Bank, Bankers Trust Company, EBRD, Garanty Bank, State Pension Fund of Russia, Shell, British Petroleum, BAT, Coca-Cola, Master Foods, General Electric, Arthur Andersen, Grant Thornton, Pepsi-Cola, Colgate Palmolive, ABB, Sberbank, Central Bank of Russia, Credit Suisse, Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank, Nomos Bank, Sheremetyevo Airport (Terminals B,D,F), Domodedovo Airport, LG Plant, IKEA, DHL and many others.

        CSS has a long experience of cooperation with a number of construction companies such as Enka, Skanska, Swatstroi, Strabag, Mirax Group and many others.

        CSS has installed IT infrastructure networks in a number of Moscow business-centers: Riverside Towers, Paveletskaya I&II, Ducat Place I,II&III, Toko-Tower, Japanese House, Donskoy Posad, Sovincentre, Usadba, Krylatsky Hills, Moscow City, Romanov Dvor, Marine House, IKEA Khimki, White Square etc.

        CSS has been providing Onsite Support and Managed Service solutions (Level 1 through to Level 3 Support) for several global companies: Shell, Salym Petroleum Development, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company, PepsiCo, Repsol, Abbott.

      6. lobro

        All I’m saying is that “military victory” won’t come to pass in the conventional sense. From my point of view, the way to look at things is to say that just the very fact that Putin and Russia are willing to put up a fierce resistance, as evidenced in 1941-43 before they went over on the Offensive, will show itself to be part of the equation of the parasite running out the string, so to speak.

        But like I said in an earlier post, a true “war to end all wars” will see the good guys in a sacrificial role of laying down their lives for a friend – the guy you can trust 100% in a foxhole, and the friend is Mankind

  5. Strange days ahead and I still think…Adolf Hitler was right all along…about a lot of World matters…..World War III will come to pass….New World Order of the “you know who”.

      1. What do you expect after a lifetime of brain-mangling? 🙂 I have been so verbed by that noun, that I still hesitate before writing it Properly; and will sometimes retreat to the pronoun. They truly are sublime fuggers of the mind and soul.

      2. Do you mean Jews?

        People are frightenend of using the word “Jew”. That fear of the smear has prevented public discussion of facts. We gentiles do not have genetic anti-semitism. It is acquired as a result of experience and seeing what Jewish Power is doing. It is not about individual Jews.

    1. peter o on September 28, 2016 at 8:48 pm: Strange days ahead and I still think…Adolf Hitler was right all along…

      Here is Professor Xu Xin addressing an American audience. Listen to him carefully. Is he serious or is he pulling our legs?

      [….] There are literally so many instances of how you have fallen for Jewish tricks. Hitler was the last person to openly contest Jewish rule and look how he is viewed. He is hated because of what Jews taught you with their films and books.


  6. PAT,
    those are Musselmen of the MOSSAD and the CIA. True Musselmen go straight to hell if they commit suicide even if the bow 100 times a day.
    You’re right .Knocked out in the first round! I was just teasing him to get the best (punch) of(f) him.

    1. Here ya go Sean…. no KO yet… walked off too soon….

      Ogoshi to armbar to choke here…. 🙂

      Israel’s agents have gotten the Ruskies drunk enough to be scammed on phony fake Moon and Mars programs…. like in US… AND even…. land on ASTEROIDS…!!

      RSC Energia President Vladimir Solntsev spoke at the International Astronautical Congress in Israel
      October 15, 2015

      The president of Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia Vladimir Solntsev spoke at 66th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Jerusalem (Israel) and outlined key possible areas for further development of manned space flight.

      “The high-priority line of activities for Russian manned programs in the next 10 to 20 years is lunar exploration. Russia develops a new-generation advanced transportation spacecraft, in the nearest future development of other elements of the lunar program will also begin. There are plans to accomplish a manned mission to the lunar surface before 2030”, – pointed out V. Solntsev.

      In his words, taking into account the fact that the Moon as the exploration target attracts interest of many nations, it would be reasonable to join forces with the leading space powers in order to cooperate with them on the basis of a mutually beneficial equal partnership.

      “At the level of space agencies a conclusion has been reached about the advisability of establishing an international platform in near-lunar space, which might be useful for the implementation of the lunar program, as well as a springboard for missions to asteroids and Mars”, – pointed out the Corporation president.

  7. The U.S.Congress just over-ruled Obama and now Americans can sue Saudi Arabia for damages incurred because of 9/11. The U.S. Congress is in effect saying Sauid Arabia attacked the United States on 9/11 and killed around 3,000 Americans on American soil. So if that’s what the U.S. Congress thinks, then how come Congress is not calling for War against Saudi Arabia? Considering they think Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11. When they thought Afghanistan was responsible for 9/11 ALL of Washington was ALL FOR WAR against Afghanistan. Now Washington is saying Saudi Arabia is responsible for 9/11 but there’s no call for War against Saudi Arabia, no calls for sanctions, no calls for anything against Saudi Arabia, except Americans can hire their own laywers and do their sueing, go get justice on their own. The U.S. Congress just tacitly admitted Saudi Arabia is responsible for 9/11 but they aren’t doing anything to break any ties with Saudi Arabia and Washington is still Allies with Saudi Arabia. Whether they’re right about Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11 or not is not the point. The Point Is : In their minds they think Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11 and the only reaction they have to The Attack is tell Americans you can sue the Saudis, it’s legal now, you can sue the Saudis.

    A very very mild reaction considering they think Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11. How come when they thought Afghanistan attacked us on 9/11, they thought it very very important to go to war against Afghanistan, but now that they think and are in effect saying Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11, they have next to NO reaction whatsoever. They don’t even call for sanctions against a country they think attacked us 9/11 and killed around 3,000 Americans.

    1. “Whether they’re right about Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11 or not is not the point. The Point Is : In their minds they think Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11 and the only reaction they have to The Attack is tell Americans you can sue the Saudis, it’s legal now, you can sue the Saudis. ”

      You’re right.

      You’d think the average US citizen would be literally up in arms.

      Further proof that they’re told what to think and how to act.

      I wonder if the average US citizen even has enough brain-cells left to experience cognitive dissonance?

      And why am I leaving a space between each line? These are the important questions!

    2. A little problem being overlooked by everyone supporting the ‘sue the Saudis’ line of thinking … 6 or 7 of the hijackers have been found alive. I recall a couple of them were trying to sue the US govt to have their names removed from the 9/11 Commission’s report ID’ing them as hijackers. The hijackers used stolen or forged IDs of living Saudi people. We do now know who the hijackers really were or where they came from.

    3. joe, even if (((Sauds))) DID attack us on 9-11-01 and they are sued and invaded in retribution, then what about all the other nations destroyed because they (((attacked))) us, Iraq, sudan, Afghanistan?
      Are they liable to sue USA for deaths by direct and indirect violence, disease, birth defects what about property destruction, ethnic cleansing and forced migration … a bullet costs mere pennies, a damage it causes is in millions, what is a human life worth on Holocaustian scale and the truthful, scientifically validated estimate runs in several million premature deaths.
      if USA licked up every drop of Saudi oil, it wouldn’t cover fraction of the damage.
      It’s time for the dancing goyim in the ruins of tel Aviv.
      squaredancing goyim, line dancing, in lederhosen, opera singing goyim, fandango, minuet, cossack heel kicking, jews serving beer and wine and cleaning up afterwards, make that verdi’s chorus of hebrew slaves meaningful.

    4. This is contrived to lead us away from the truth that Israel, Mossad, American traitor politicians, & financial investors did 911. Modern day illegal creation known as Israel & its people, are the biggest terrorists with traitor American help. Why?

      [There is another ‘Pat’ on the site — SrM]

  8. A decent article, but when the author spoke of George H. W. Bush as the “good Bush,” I was surprised. The author’s “good Bush” injection was not relevant to his topic so he must believe it. The author might want to consider doing a little more research on the “good Bush.”

    1. Ungenius on September 29, 2016 at 4:06 am: A decent article, but when the author spoke of George H. W. Bush as the “good Bush,” I was surprised. The author’s “good Bush” injection was not relevant to his topic so he must believe it. The author might want to consider doing a little more research on the “good Bush.”

      Like father, like son. Recently G.H.W. Bush publicly declared his support for HRC. Here is a bit on the relationship between families:

      Their closeness exhibits the façade and pseudo-dramas both political parties engage. Aside from a few differences in opinion on certain issues, both the Bush and Clinton families share moderate political stances, especially when it comes to foreign policy.

      Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush also shared many of the same wealthy donors—more than 60 of whom contributed to both campaigns, according to The Daily Beast. Given Ms. Clinton’s lead in the Democratic Primaries, she may revert back to her friendship with the Bush family and embrace past stances that are more in line with moderate liberalism and conservatism.

      “If they came from different families, would either have been their party’s leading presidential candidate? Would they even have run for office?” asked Brendan Nyhan in a February 2016 New York Times article discussing the downsides of political dynasties. “As these cases illustrate, family connections can partly substitute for campaign skills, allowing candidates with insider status to get by with less raw talent.”

      Bernie Sanders, the Democratic American choice was oligarchy overruled to shoe horn in HRC, who has demonstrated herself to be incompetent, especially in the matters of national security. It goes to show that the whole corrupt system of elections is nothing but an illusion. America is subtly going the way of former Bolshevik Russia. The Honourable Vladimir Putin sent warning, but no one is listening.

      1. GHW Bush owes Clintons.

        As Governor… Clinton made Bush $$$Billions…

        Mena connection between Bill Clinton and George Bush the Elder:

        Clinton was involved in Contra cocaine trafficking, although not controlling it like Bush.  A portion of the cocaine was flown into the US through the airport in Mena when Clinton was governor. 

        Some of this is mentioned in Gary Webb’s famous book…
        Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion.

        Also Terry Reed and John Cumming’s book…
        Compromised: Clinton, Bush, and the CIA, for more information on the specifics of Mena’s end of the operation.

        “Mena… Now aircraft refitting is an industry that is in demand by two principal paying customers. One of them is the CIA, and the other one are drug smugglers. ” – Mark Swaney, 1991 interview on WBAI, Pacifica radio, New York City

  9. hasbaras are everywhere says the anti Semites
    hey look under your bed there must be a hasbara watching you
    what a miserable creatures you are.
    i pity you lying thieving delusional maniacs.

    what the hell man ,are we living in the end times or what.

    P.S if you publish this or not it make no difference to me
    you are and i mean the darkmoon entity is the ultimate hasbara
    deep cover israeli psychological warfare tool.


    “Hasbara” has no ‘real’ English translation. So, I use my own definition, “LIE.”

    Israel and Palestinian leaders “LIE” they are “LIARS.”


    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas plans a rare visit to Jerusalem on Friday to attend the funeral of former Israeli leader Shimon Peres, a Palestinian official said on Thursday.

    “Abbas plans to go,” said the official, who asked not to be identified because no formal announcement had been made.

  11. LD, this is a good follow on article to your article of 2 years ago:

    Darkmoon: China and the Jews

    Here is Professor Xu Xin addressing an American audience. Listen to him carefully. Is he serious or is he pulling our legs?

    “I think it is obvious that Jews control the Western world. They run your media, universities, and much of your government. They tell you who to wage war on, who to fight, who to support and how to spend your money. This is what we Chinese want to understand when we study Jewish dominance and hegemony of the West.

    There are literally so many instances of how you have fallen for Jewish tricks. Hitler was the last person to openly contest Jewish rule and look how he is viewed. He is hated because of what Jews taught you with their films and books.

    We Chinese are amused at how gullible white men are. We want to find the same way to shape your thoughts. This is why we study them, the Jews.”

    — See “Chinese Academic Says China Using Jewish Model to Take Over United States & West.”

    Fun times ahead. What with the Jews chatting up China, like the Big Bad Wolf playing nice with Goldilocks … and with the Chinese half-jokingly planning to study the Talmud and the Protocols with a view to taking over America from the Jews. [….]

    Jewish Media Control [illustration]

    AP Associated Press
    Bloomberg, The New Bloomberg Business Week
    Chicago Tribune
    CNN, CNN Money
    Financial Times
    Fox Business
    Los Angeles Times
    The New York Times
    The Wall Street Journal
    The Washington Post
    The Washington Times
    USA Today

    Here is a famous quote from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on Jewish media control, a book which acclaimed Norwegian Professor Johan Galtung, author of 100 books and more than 1000 scholarly papers, heartily recommends to readers in spite of its reputation as a “forgery”. (See here). Galtung was particularly impressed by this quote on the Jewish stranglehold over the media:

    “Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. Even now this is attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies …. These agencies will then be entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them. If already now we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the goy communities to such an extent that they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the coloured glasses of those spectacles we are putting astride their nose.” (Protocol 12)

    You are correct, these are fun times ahead. 😉

    1. Yes, Gyorgy – Those were the days of ‘running gun-battles’ between me and Circassian. Funny times… 🙂

      (I wonder what happened to ‘Justice For Chinese’.. Andrew in BC.)

      I am sure you know that COUNTRIES are all hooked together at the top thru the WORLD BANK.

      The Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London keep us guessing who is in charge.

      I claim that the ones signing the checks for loans…. like paychecks
      ……. are the BOSSES..!! 🙂

      AIIB is NOT autonomous…… and needs help from WORLD BANK..!!

      Banks fail without debts to ‘carry’ them…. AND…. China’s slowing economy and problems with industrial overcapacity have reduced investment opportunities there…. So China has to look to invest in foreign lands.

      The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) approved loans totaling $320 million to energy projects aiming to ease severe power shortages in Myanmar and Pakistan yesterday…… co-financed with the WORLD BANK..!!!

      “With the approval of two new projects, we are well on our way to meeting our target to extend financing of $1.2 BILLION in 2016,” said President Jin Liqun. He adding that the move met a core mandate of backing “GREEN”[- UN AGENDA -21 -] and cost-effective infrastructure.

      The AIIB has previously co-financed projects with WORLD BANK, such as a slum renovation in Indonesia and highway construction in Pakistan and Tajikistan.

      Mongolia plans to pitch a number of railway projects to the AIIB as it steps up efforts to attract investment and boost trade. More business for WORLD BANK.


      There is NASA…. A GLOBAL expansion platform:

      China needs air traffic help from NASA….. 🙂

      USA’s NASA has signed an agreement with the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (CAE) to cooperate on research that will help China’s airports improve their management of air traffic.

      1. There is a lot of debt-money fleeing the Chinese economy at the present.

        Vancouver has just enacted a 15% surtax on foreigners buying property to try and cool off the real estate market there. Now there is an influx in Toronto and San Francisco.

        Funds invested in China are likely to be chasing a phantom return, as the economy there is almost saturated with money & debt…… Just the way London likes it….

      2. Aye there’s the rub.

        Tis all hopium until the magic money makers are executed…sorry I mean brought to justice.

      3. Pat my friend
        the Chinese are the new Talmud zionists Jews victims
        The cabals put china at their conversion cross hair 5 decades ago
        china went through the transformation process step by step smoothly
        and according to the plan
        remember this…..parasite vultures always in the lookout for new hosts
        and the Chinese are fat and rich ones.

        P.S asked where justice for the Chinese
        my guess that he is a Chinese hasbara trained by the usual suspects

      4. About your list, Gyorgy,

        The Fox network, including Fox Business, is owned by News Corp, was founded and is run by the Murdock family. Neil Cavuto manages the programming content on Fox Business. I believe he is Catholic. The Murdock family is Christian … very pro-zionist Christians. News Corp also owns Sky News.

        The problem for all of those main-stream media sources is the same problem Protocol 12 has … the internet. All of the major news outlets are struggling against the ever growing alt-media online. All printed newspapers are on life support, knowing their days are numbered. All of the major TV networks are looking for solutions to an ever fading audience. Sadly, the United States, which has historically been a bastion of free speech, is handing over control of the internet, and thus control of alt-media, to an international consortium, ICANN, on Oct 1st. The push behind the hand-over is Google (Parent company is Alphabet, Inc — CEO Larry Page), Facebook (CEO Mark Zuckerberg), and Twitter (CEO Jack Dorsey). Dorsey is Christian, Page and Zuckerberg are (((not))). For Protocol 12 to succeed, ((())) needs to get control of ICANN.

      5. Flopot –

        Ooops…. I am only the messenger… 🙂

        From the article you posted:
        “At its first annual meeting in June, the bank [AIIB] announced $509 million in loans for four modest projects in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Tajikistan. Three of the projects are being financed with other institutions — the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development — a cautious approach that has helped {HELPED..!!] build the bank’s credibility.” [and CREDIT]

        ALL hooked together at the top… ALL..!!!

    2. I doubt the Chinese are learning about the Jews as much as they are being manipulated by the Jews. From the full article, about the main institute for Jewish studies:

      “The institute is funded largely by foreign Jewish donors, who have their own interest in seeing portrayals of Judaism propagated in a more balanced way. “Hatred and intolerance are bred in ignorance,” the executive director of the China Judaic Studies Association, Beverly Friend, a patron of the institute, wrote to me in an email.”

      Kind of like having Barbara Spectre in charge of the curriculum for Jewish studies in China.

    3. @Gyorgy

      Good of you to mention that darkmoon article from two years ago – worthy of re-visiting.

      Your quote of both the speech by Xu Xin and protocol 12 serves as an interesting tie-in. My hunch is that China is being steered through these events of the world to where even THEY don’t know how it amounts to their wearing those spectacles of colored glasses. Like I keep saying, this steering mechanism is what makes everything click for them.

      Steered to the point of being the vultures that will swoop in on the spoils left upon the warring factions to their west destroying each other. It could be that it has been them all along who are being “groomed”, if that indeed is the right word for it, to be the kingpins in a short-lived totalitarian takeover

      I say short-lived in keeping with my interpretation of certain scriptures.

  12. I went to Kennys Side Show blogspot this morning and there’s no blog roll there today. Is this an anamoly or is this the end of the blogroll at Kenny’s? Does anyone know what’s going on with the blogroll at Kenny Side Show?

  13. The Jewish Lobby dominates the USA and to a lesser extent Britain. Some people think it is too late to resist, but I have hope that the spirit of defiance that has recently voted Britain out of the EU straitjacket will show itself in resisting Jewish Power. To even state the facts of Jewish Power results in smears and denigration. I am too old to worry about my future but I hope that the younger generation will resist.

    It is not just gentiles that need to resist, but also decent ordinary Jews themselves. Rising anti-semitism is not some inbuilt genetic fault in gentiles but a natural response to the power, the control and the sheer arrogance of the Jewish Lobby Elites.

    1. Mr Kirby,

      From my position, it’s already too late. Whites, Caucs, and Good Jews ALL have that Go-a-long to get along attitude. The spirit of defiance, just ain’t in them no more.

      1. Hi Jim,
        The main problem is that the media are so much under Jewish control that most peole have no idea that Jewish Power is so great. The internet is now beginning to inform them, so I fully expect laws to be passed that will make illegal any unfavorable reporting on Jews. Then what? As an anti-war pacifist I am sorry to say that open revolution would be the only remaining solution.

      2. Jim –

        “The spirit of defiance, just ain’t in them no more.”

        Correct…. Political Correctness is here.

        John –

        “Then what?”

        Stockholm Syndrome. Love the financial captors.

      3. Hi Jim,
        It isn’t just Jewish Power that we need to address, it is Jewish history, which has been so heavily censored by the Jews that you would think they were blameless victims of the evil gentiles. It is this phony victimhood that has given them an immunity which has allowed them to seize the western world by the throat.

        The truth is that Jews have been amongst the most evil people on the planet, viz the Russian Bolshevik Revoltion, which was almost entirely Jewish and was responsible for the murder, yes, murder, not just deaths, of millions of the Russian gentile population who the Jews seemed to hate; and that is just one episode, just ask the Palestinians.

      4. Hi Pat,
        I have always been anti-war, even before I realized that Jews were behind most of them. I know now that the Jews won both WW1 and WW3, and recent wars in the near East have benefitted only the Jews and Israel.

        I hope that the fall of Jewish Power is brought about through the ballot box, but if they decide to control the internet then I think things would be heading for Orwell’s 1984, and the only way to fight that kind of total control would be a physical revolution

  14. Jews, in America 1 in 60, in Britain 1 in 220, in the world 1 in 600.

    The tail is wagging the dog.

  15. PLEASE consider wikipedia (like facebook, google, youtube, vineo, and virtually every major news network – controlled directly or indirectly by Jews) as one of the places where Jewish (can we stop using ‘Zionist’ where ‘Jewish’ is more apt?) control and heckler’s vetoes have gone so far that a rabbi who was, as many rabbis are, a Jewish supremacist, has in his entry NO MENTION AT ALL of his hate and racism:

    I defy anyone to get even a short paragraph in. You see, every source pointing out Jewish racism is, conveniently, ‘not reliable.’

    What is needed is an explicitly non jewish run site that lists and corrects (fairly and accurately) the ‘Ziowashing’

    Here’s another – google ODED YINON PLAN and these past couple months an entry basically saying the oded yinon plan is just an antisemitic blah blah has hone from page 2/3 up to the 4th entry. Nevermind that PNAC AND OTHERS HAVE ESSENTIALLY REPACKAGED THE YINON PLAN or that the Jews who used the Office of Special Plans as a Jewish staffed lie factory lied us into Iraq for Israel…

  16. Jews do not allow any kind of criticism aimed at them, and their international terrorism. The Zionist Jewish virus will be defeated. That defeat will be the biggest success of humanity and the most important victory.

    1. Matt… on October 3, 2016 at 4:23 pm: Jews do not allow any kind of criticism aimed at them, and their international terrorism.

      There is a fundamental reason why they like not criticism that exposes them:

      John 3:20: For everyone practising wickedness hates the Light, and does not come to the Light, that his works may not be exposed.

      Their source:

      John 8:44: You are of the Devil as father, and the lusts of your father you desire to do. That one was a murderer from *the* beginning, and he has not stood in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks *a* lie, he speaks from *his* own, because he is a liar, and the father of it.

      When one researches the oligarchy and their secret societies, it is of no wonder for the disarray of worldy affairs.

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