Israel’s New Terror Weapon: Toxic Skunk Juice

By Thomas L. Are

Source: Israel’s Stench

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Is Israel investing millions of dollars in new clandestine skunk farms?
(See scary endnote by ‘Anonymous Correspondent’)  

When I think I have heard it all, then I read about Israel’s national stench policy. I am referring to Israel’s use since 2008 of “skunk juice” as a weapon to keep Palestinians under control.

Victims have no idea of its chemical make-up but if they are sprayed with it, it takes days of scrubbing to get rid of the stench. In a land where water is scarce, smelling like the sewer is a disheartening experience.

According to Ben Ehrenreich, Skunk trucks could show up at any time, especially during celebrations, such as weddings, birthday parties, funerals or times of worship. Someone yells “skunk,” and everyone runs.

There was that truck, the white one idling behind the jeeps, a clear liquid dripping from the cannon on its roof. The liquid it so violently emitted was called skunk water. No one knew what chemicals it contained or what effect exposure to it might bring, but everyone knew what it smelled like. It smelled like dead dogs in a dumpster in August. Mainly, it smelled like shit. And no matter how many times you scrubbed your hair and your clothes, the scent would linger for days, even weeks. [1]

Run home, lock your doors. You still can’t hide from it. Skunk trucks drive down neighborhoods and business districts spraying its putrid smell on everything within a hundred yards. Its odor may linger in clothing  for five years. [2]

Skunk is powerful stuff. A reporter described its effect:

Imagine taking a chunk of rotting corpse from a stagnant sewer, placing it in a blender and spraying the filthy liquid in your face. Your gag reflex goes off the chart and you can’t escape, because the nauseating stench persists for days. [3]

Palestinians living under Israeli occupation do not have to imagine. They know:

The truck blasted Mohammad’s house next, the jet of fluid smashed the first-floor windows and knocked him from his feet. He had just come home, triumphant from his close escape. Shattered glass cut his face and chest. Skunk water saturated the carpets and couches. [4]

Forty percent of Palestinian males have spent time in Israeli jails. Said Tamimi was one of them. After serving twenty years, he came home to find his house saturated with skunk juice. Once this happens, carpets, upholstery and clothes never get rid of the stench and wind up being thrown away. Even at that, he was lucky. Others have been hospitalized, either from the effects of the skunk itself or having been injured in the stampede running away from it.

Israel needs a new flag, one to represent Israel today. It would be brown.

— Thomas Are
September 20, 2016


[1] Read Ben Enrenreich, The Way to the Spring, (Penguin Press, New York, 2016) p. 30. Even better; Google: Israeli Skunk Trucks and watch any of the numerous videos of Israel in action.


[3] Skunk has been condemned by Physicians for Human Rights, the International Network of Civil Liberties Organization, the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, B’Selem and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel..

[4] Ben Enrenreich, The Way to the Spring, (Penguin Press, New York, 2016) p. 76.


Israel is to get $38 billion from the US over the next ten years, supposedly to develop new killer weapons. There are unsubstantiated reports reaching me from reliable sources that Israel hopes to invest millions of dollars in hundreds of new skunk farms located on Greek islands it has secretly bought up from the bankrupt Greek government.

Here it proposes to breed a new superstrain variety of skunk, Putorius maximus horrendus, with a stench so nauseating that merely a whiff of the fluid extracted from its excrement and urine, mixed with other synthetic toxins,  will produce uncontrollable vomiting fits and permeate the hair and skin of its victims indelibly, making them virtual lepers for life.

Israel then plans to export the same toxic product to various oppressive regimes, not excluding the United States, for crowd control purposes and for use against prisoners and political dissidents.

Can these rumors be true? Frankly, I find all this hard to believe and would advise against a too easy acceptance of these horror stories.

However, anything is possible.

Here is a comment by a Greek dissident writer on the Darkmoon site. Incensed that the Israelis might be secretly buying up Greek islands from the bankrupt Greek government in order to set up hundreds of clandestine skunk farms in Greece, Ταϋγέτη (Taiyeti) says:

I will circulate this to my circle, and it is a very large one. 

As for which government is going to use this on its people, I would not be surprised if our own [Greek] one will do this, since they very well understand that we are not going to accept the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. [= the mass mongrelization of the European people brought about by interbreeding with deliberately imported Third World immigrants. — LD]

They [the Greek government] know what sort of unpredictable people we Greeks are. For the time being we stay quiet. They are even afraid of their own shadows.

Here is a 2-minute video showing Israeli government trucks spraying jets of skunk juice into peaceful Palestinian homes. The toxic fluid is described by a Western news reporter elsewhere as “indescribably foul”, leaving its gut-wrenchingly malodorous smell permeating the atmosphere for several weeks.

Political commentator Franklin Ryckaert writes:  “For a glimpse into the mentality of these people, here is a comment on that YouTube video by a certain Ziv Rozenblatt, presumably an Israeli :

“They [the Palestinians]  are like louses (sic), they get used to the smell. But that’s OK. We are Jews, we are creative and smart, and we will make a new and worse smell when it happens…”

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  1. Certainly, anyone who has been subjected to this kind of abuse HAS A MANDATE to retaliate (seek retribution) against parties complicit. No wonder some are more-than-willing to participate in “suicide bombings” targeting apathetic publics… We Americans shouldn’t wonder at ‘why’ our country is targeted for helping finance such odious tactics of Israeli terrorism! I shoot skunks, here, and would certainly be inclined to fire upon any bastard who would condone their use against me just to steal my land.

    1. Gelbert Huntly is right on the money why Palestinian resorted to “suicide bombing” in the past. ISISrael have used every conceivable weapons against the Palestinians to force them out of their land, with the exception of the nuclear weapons, but she failed miserably. Ever wonder why no one in the Middle East have never burned the Old glory or chanted death to American prior 1948. That was the year the shit hole in the Middle East was invented.




  2. Looking at the jew-shit situation from a hindoo perspective, Darkmooners are “disgruntled” “Catholics” who converted into “Ascended” hindoos [ when DM’ers aren’t being Islamos ] I guess it’s the Collective Palestinian Karma to have the jews spray their jew shit on them, isn’t that a hindoo perspective of the jew-shit situation?

  3. It’s very nice and it’s very Manly you go out there and shoot at skunks Gilby, but it would be more Impressive though if you actually managed to actually hit one, like for instance your buddy buddy Pat who’s always wobbling around here and its stink permeates EVERYTHING on the dark side of the moon.

  4. Here is a video of an Israeli truck spraying skunk juice into Palestinian homes :

    Notice that there is no crowd of demonstrators around, so there is no “justification” whatsoever for this action. This is pure sadism of the stinking Jewish kind.

    1. For a glimpse into the mentality of these people, here is a comment on that video by a certain Ziv Rozenblatt, presumably an Israeli :

      “…they are like louses (sic), they get used to the smell. but that’s OK we are Jews, we are creative and smart and we will make a new and worse smell when it happens…”

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert
        @ Ταϋγέτη

        I have added your comments to the article in an endnote. They arrived most opportunely and have helped to strengthen the article. Thank you. (LD)

      2. I hear their own hygiene habits are not the best…Patton subscribed to this.
        “I shake my head in horror when I read about the horrible things this anti-Semitic general said about the uncleanliness and smelliness of the Jews, and I say to myself:

        “This guy was asking for it. No wonder the Jews had him bumped off!”

        Off with his head… them smelly, ya get bumped off. Perfect!

      3. They definetively deserve to get bathed in a pool filled with their own fabricated skunk juice. I’ve never heard of this weapon before but nothing surprise me anymore. The filthy jew are the most degenerate and perverted creature upon earth. They always try to find new lows to pester goyim mankind with. It’s about time to strike back and free ourselves from this absolute evil before it is too late.

  5. Thanks to the anonymous correspondent.

    I will circulate this to my circle,and is a very large one.
    I will use it like a feuille vollant.

    As for which government is going to use this on it’s people,i would not be surprised if our own one will do it since they very well understand that we are not going to accept the Cudenhove-Kalergi plan.

    They know what sort of unpredictable people we are(for the time being we stay quiet) and they are even afraid of their shadow.

    1. Nah….. don’t believe it, these gun toting hombres who talk tough, will hand their guns over as soon as the goon squad knock on their door. There are 35.000 guillotines in the FEMA CAMPS awaiting new organs for the ‘chosen’…………enjoy!

  6. Eau de zionista.
    And ‘we’ Americans give them billions of our dollars. That’s an actual ‘jizra’ we pay to actual murderous racist fanatics who threaten anyone who crosses them with nuclear annihilation.
    It’s easy to see why most Muslims see the USA as an enemy. They correctly perceive the USA finances the Zionist war against them.

    1. S.W.
      “most Muslims see the USA as an enemy.” Not really.This is what the MSM managed to make American people believe , in addition to other lies like associating Islam with violence, terror, women rights violation and so on.
      I have never met someone considering the USA as a enemy, at least not especially the American people. If we considered Bush or Obama Administration as an enemy you might consider them so, as well. They neither did good for you , nor did they do it for us.
      Modern Age democracy paradoxically raised to Power political leaders who violate their oath and deviate from the Constitution. They seem to serve other masters than the people who supposedly elected them.In this instance, Muslims (like many other peoples around the world) would rather blame their own rulers who ( purposely) failed to serve them. In fact, they only remotely associate the USA to their hardship.
      Note: I don’t speak for the Palestinians here.

      1. just returned from a short stay in Munich, Bavaria and my mussulmanic impressions after having read all those previous posts about how omni-aggressive they are, i was half ready to intervene to save some teutonic damsel in distress.
        well, it was nothing like that, i must say.
        mussulmans and browns are everywhere, munich being a thoroughly miscegenated city now.
        But they are quite well behaved and never seen them even stare at women, except once outside oktoberfest grounds when some arabic looking moron was pressing himself suggestively, but against his equally arabic woman companion, both young and not very islamic in dress or mores.

        at the Oktoberfest madness, lots and lots and lots of rolling drunks, blonds with massive cleavage of that bayerische folk dress running around alone and in packs, extremely easy pickups (i missed a golden opportunity, my fault).
        And why am i saying this.
        because there were tons upon tons of mussulman looking dudes – all equally in leatherhosen and hillbilly hunter hats, also drinking, laughing, having fun, arabs, blacks, orientals … like i said, i spent at least 4 hours meandering in whatever the venue is called, karlsplatz or something.
        No trouble at all, just massive security screening entrants for weapons and explosives at the entry points.
        Surrounding parkland safe to walk in the dead of night, everyone minding their business.

        Just saying, draw whatever conclusions you want.
        Back home in Toronto, violence lurks at subway stations, downtown streets, i get those looks just radiating random hostility.

        Resist Jew Mind Formaldehyde, it’s your brain that is in the jar.

        (but in order to resist, you must first catch onto the fact that you are steeped in it to the rafters, filtering it through the gills, that fishbowl you are looking out of, the jail from which to break)

    2. SW –

      There are many thousands, maybe millions, of employed and retired musselmen around the globe, even in Germany, receiving incomes and huge pensions from the USA. They would not consider the USA as enemy, but a benefactor… maybe a sugar-daddy. 🙂

      1. Those are points well worth considering, Sean and Pat. Thanks.
        Who one considers an enemy certainly depends not just on perceived social injustice, but no doubt also very much so on one’s personal circumstance$.
        And the MSM has clouded everyone’s minds, no matter how personally immune we think we are. It 24/7 turns reality upside/down.

      2. SW –

        You pointed out the biggest problem. The one totally controlled by Pharisee-Jews:

        “And the MSM has clouded everyone’s minds, no matter how personally immune we think we are. It 24/7 turns reality upside/down.”

      1. If NON jew Whites anywhere in the world were spraying defecation of Whites on any minority people, the whole world would be outraged! ALL the Hollywood celebrities would be outraged! ALL of Washington would be outraged! The great overwhelming number of Whites would be outraged! Jews spray their jew defecation on a minority people, NO outrage, nothing.

        I could just imagine how Cher and Merlyl Streep and Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar and Stevie Wonder and all the other phonies in Hollywood would react if non jew Whites sprayed the defecation of Whites on a minority people.

        Women get a “women’s pass” on everything they do wrong and do immoral, blacks get a “black pass” on everything they do wrong and do immoral, jews get a “jew pass” for everything they do wrong and do immoral.

      2. Lobro, speaking of Munich, I was living in Berlin in 1974 when then West Germany was the host of the 1974 World Cup. West Germany won their second World Cup when they defeated the Netherlands 2–1 in the final in Munich. There were two matches in the 1974 World Cup that stood out for West Germany. The first group stage saw a politically charged match as West Germany played a game against East Germany. The East Germans won 1–0.[28] The West Germans advanced to the final against the Netherland where the West German won 2-1. On that of history, the city of Munich ran out of beer for the first time in its history. Munich as known as the beer capital of the world. People in Bavaria are very hospitable and speak German with a distinct heavy southern accent. Just like people in the south of the USA.

  7. I never understood fully the rational for some people being anti Israel
    and anti Jews.
    I have had been a believer of the innocence of Jews as a prosecuted and victimized group
    through the ages .and believed that Jews deserved to go back home and establish
    their Jewish Israel
    and believed that the Palestinians are invented term and Palestine never existed
    and these are Arab squatters in Israel
    and believed that Jews are special and chosen .
    and whatever the Jews haters said is hearsay and fabrications.
    Then I had my doubts not from your article alone but also from
    the comments of Lobro and Pat and few others.
    I started reading and checking facts and double check
    then I started mediating and praying to Almighty God for guidance and for
    the truth.”the truth shall set you free”
    my conscience is clear and my spirit is free and my mind is at peace
    Israel is the land of the wicked and home of devils
    these are the fake imposters Jews.
    Divine Justice will destroy their rogue state sooner
    or later ,there will be no escape from God’s Wrath

    1. Luke –

      I enjoy reading the articles and comments of everyone here. Good and bad. If there were no bad ones, there would be no good ones. Nothing to compare.

      You found some facts here and did your own due diligence.
      Good for you.

      Years ago I took a sheet of paper to list all the good things Israel has done. It is still empty.
      I would have filled hundreds of sheets full of the crimes that country commits.

  8. Sadly, the culture of the rotting U.S. has been “Synagogue conditioned” via their ownership of our education, media and the Judas Class in D.C. to pander to these demons. Very, very soon now we’ll see a rapid decline into a horror, on a global scale, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the first million Christians/Muslims were slaughtered by the first Bolshevik Jew in Russia. ALL brought about by arguably the most evil and corrupted entity to occupy earth – the dual world power of Britain and the U.S.

  9. It’s chemical, probably biological warfare, and it is merciless. What else can you think but Save the Humans – Kill the Jews? Is there some humane alternative to this reaction? What’s next from the Jews… How bad does it have to get before the theoreticians get the courage to speak the obvious? Skunk juice is just Jews having fun. What about those Zionist nuclear-armed German subs roaming around the oceans, threatening to burn cities?

    Jews are not human. I don’t know exactly what they are, but human is not it.

  10. If they perfect this “indelible stink” into a delivery device, then it will be exported to all the Zionist satrapies. Israel is the global panopticon.

    1. Let’s hope they aren’t turning it into a stinky app (virus or Trojan horse). They’d disperse us in no time!!!

  11. This is a disgusting article in which this already discredited website reaches a new low. I don’t know why I bother posting here at all. Unless it is to warn all decent and self-respecting human beings to stay away and give this horrible website a wide berth.

    1. Poor unhappy girl! I can only assume you are an angry young jewish woman or, if not, then you have been totally brainwashed by jewish propaganda, and therefore you see not the disgusting behavior of the israelis but instead you irrationally project their evil onto the righteous messenger who is exposing the evil they do. What a nadir of blindness! You are totally blind to the truth because you have blinded yourself, or at least offered your eyes to be gouged out by others. I pity you and I will say a prayer for you that the scales may fall from your eyes as they did for saul of tarsus (st. paul).

    2. @-ANGRY YOUNG WOMAN, according to Alexa ranking system, Darkmoon website did make it within top 1% of website in the world. I don’t believe it reached that distinction by posting horrible and discredited articles. I read similar story few month ago how the most immoral army in the world uses such despicable method to harass Palestinians in the West Bank.

    3. Your vitriol would go much further if you would show (objective and as non-kosher as GMO), links as to why you feel that way. A racist entity the likes of Israel who makes it common practice to corrupt / destroy nations – genocide millions is an entity I would put nothing past. Perhaps you should take a very close look at the Palestinian babies’ heads blown open with their gray matter gone. Any chance you’d vilify the scum using Facebook to boast his “count”? I think not, “Annie Sprinkle”.

    4. @ AYW

      “I don’t know why I bother posting here at all.”

      Because you are getting paid to post here. Since your trolling talents are obviously lacking, you are probably not getting paid much.

      1. she is a dumb young Israeli settler living in the west bank
        it’s her very first assignment , i don’t blame her ,she’s dumb
        as rock .but her handler is classic nut case
        her handler is really angry mad horny young woman.

    5. @ Angry Young Woman

      Rachel behave ,this site is not for you
      go play somewhere else
      Mishe is losing his touch

  12. Please don’t forget that Hillary and Donald are both committed to support Israel, so both of them are the same shit. They don’t care about the Palestinians not even the Americans. So don’t be surprised if the skunk juice make it’s appearance at the streets of the US. You already had police officers trained in Israel, militarized and they don’t have any respect for the citizens they are supposed to protect and serve.

  13. I hope I did not make the same mistake of posting this links like the last time. My apology in advance. I am not to keen on this.

  14. This is actually quite apropos. After all, jews are merely skunks on two legs. Everything they spew is filth and corruption. And their putrid influence also takes weeks, months and years to “wear off” of our souls. We should send squadrons of planes to dump tomato juice over Israel.

    1. I told the Palestinian to bath in tomato juice
      the post was deleted in social media
      but others seen it and re-posted
      the Israelis confiscate the tomato juice from the markets
      you’re dealing with very very evil creatures
      hell, you are dealing with Lucifer himself

  15. When I was in my twenties I saw into the corruption of the Israeli homeland. In my intellectual history course I was studying the German youth “blood and soil” movements of the turn of the century.
    Zionism was based on the same thinking as these movements: The same thinking that led to the Nazi regime formed the Israeli regime. As much as college students like to sit around smoking cigarets and drinking coffee and discussing ideas I never had a conversation comparing Zionism with German youth movements. As the years rolled by I came to realize a very hard truth about my own country–that is, we will never under any circumstances criticize Israel or sincerely work for peace. Today in the U.S. it is unlawful to discuss the Middle East on college campuses, especially in the soviet republic of California. We must praise Israel or be charged with hate speech. No…seriously, it is unlawful hate speech to criticize or critique Israel. So… I think we are all running from skunk spray in some metaphorical sense. It’s every man for himself these days. I hope the Palestinians invent an anti-skunk spray shield or maybe find a way to make the spray disperse as quickly as it is sprayed. And don’t share your genius ideas with any Israeli–keep it to yourself. Some Palestinian invented a solar water purifier, the same needs to be done here. No help will ever come from the outside.

  16. obama, yeah, the closet muslim, who hates the israelis. right.
    no argument from him or strings attached on the latest giant giveaway of billions to these creeps.
    trying to understand how looney the jews really are, consider this quote from Frank Britton’s excellent book ‘Behind Communism’.. “All this is closely related to another aspect of Judaism, namely, the persecution myth. Since first appearing in history we find the Jews propagating the idea that they are an abused and persecuted people, and this idea is, and always has been, central in Jewish thinking. The myth of persecution is the adhesive and cement of Judaism; without it Jews would have long ceased to exist, their racial-religious nationality notwithstanding”.. Did you catch that? “All this”, in other words – everything the jews do to the Arabs, and everybody else… In their own sick way of thinking, are the Skunk Juice Jews now actually attempting to “elevate” the Palestinians to their own “status”, as victims?
    “The victim stance is a powerful one. The victim is always morally right, neither responsible or accountable and forever entitled to sympathy.” – DA Southern, author

  17. US police forces have received further law enforcement training by Israeli instructors. The US has already given Israel a $38 billion aid package. I speculate now, but it would not surprise me if US becomes an importer of skunk liquid as a deterrent against riots and to quell social gatherings. They are already incarcerating peaceful protesters. What next, crashing formerly considered proper heterosexual marriages and public Christian church gatherings, such as picnics? With the continual breakdown in US law and order to include murdering and incarcerating innocents, will what the Palestinians are experiencing soon become standard homeland law enforcement practises in US?

  18. I’m back inside, now, after being out in these beautiful Virginia mountains all day. I thought about those dirty tactics discussed in this article, and I thought “Shoot the fuckers and their cohorts!”. How can we accomplish effective resistance?? It is encumbant upon each of us to resist at every opportunity. I just heard on the (tractor) radio, today, that Americans can now “sue” Saudi Arabia for 9/11!!! That, itself, opens us to global jurisdiction. Oppose it with everything you can! Die for your position, if necessary! Keep you rifles clean and your powder dry!!!

    1. If Americans can now “sue” Saudi Arabia for 9/11, then of course that will help (partially at least) to neutralize the growing consensus, based on strong evidence, that Israel was the principal perpetrator, along with US-Israeli dual citizens and their goy collaborators. The Saudis seem to be playing a part analogous to that of Lee Harvey Oswald. They may even be willing to play the part, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the price to pay for being a junior member of the NWO club.

      1. Darrell and Gilbert,
        I just saw that Obama has vetoed the legislation allowing Americans to sue the Saudis for 9/11. Don’t worry the Jews and their aiders and abettors will receive their just desserts. From personal experience I can tell you the Law of Karma is eternal and immutable. Remember the Jews perpetrated the most monstrous crime in history, according to both Buddhist and Hindu belief, which was the murder of Jesus. To a Hindu or Buddhist, Jesus was an Maha-Avatar, Bodhisattva or Arahant. There is no more heinous crime than to harm such a being. To compound their crime the Jews have never expressed an iota of remorse, rather the reverse. Far too many so-called Christians have an extremely cavaliar attitude towards this aspect of Jewish criminality and this will be their doom. Counsel, procure, aid and abet Judaism, or Zionism at your peril. That is why if you reside in a country that does so, be afraid, be very afraid.

      2. “From personal experience I can tell you the Law of Karma is eternal and immutable”

        I agree. Everything that is powerful shall be weak again; and everything weak shall be strong. The Jewish banksters are reaching their zenith of power; but a significant number of consciousnesses are now aware of the evasive nature of this terrible greatness.

        That is why they will try to speed up their genocidal plans (see some recent mergers 😀 ).

      3. “Therefore we stated that of the five items (isvara, jiva, prakrti, time and karma) four are eternal, whereas karma is not eternal.”

        “The effects of karma may be very old indeed. We are suffering or enjoying the results of our activities from time immemorial, but we can change the results of our karma, or our activity, and this change depends on the perfection of our knowledge.”

        Isvara – God
        jiva – individuals
        prakrti – material nature

      4. @ Felix

        Excellent points.

        I too can attest by my past personal experiences that the Law of Karma works, but as HP stated below, it is not a permanent closed loop. According to the teachings of Jesus, forgiveness along with repentance can stop the certain action reaction process. As you point out with the jews whacking Jesus, most of the jews never admitted to doing anything wrong so they cannot take advantage of forgiveness and repentance, so Karma is in effect.

        With that said, apparently the Law of Karma takes its own sweet time to close the action reaction loop because the jews are still up to their same old evil tricks with only minor interruptions. I must be impatient. I would really like to see some serious Law of Karma kick ass on the jews and their stooges for their past and present heinous crimes against their fellowman. In your religious philosophy, are there any time constraints on the Law of Karma closing the action reaction loop?

        This is not a trick question or a setup. I am curious. A brief reply would be appreciated since I am a lot like Lobro when it comes to reading a book, I usually don’t.

      5. HP
        I did say the Law of Karma is permanent, not Karma. Of course one can rise above Karma and no longer be subject to its effects. The Isa Upanisad is very explicit regarding this. “Only actions done in God, bind not the soul of man.” Even the great religious teachers suffered the effects of Karma; Jesus, abandoned on the Cross and asking God, why he had forsaken him, weeping in the Garden of Gethsemane and wandering 40 days and nights, suffering the pangs of hunger. The Buddha, suffered chronic back pain and died of food poisoning. Sri Ramakrisna died in agony from throat cancer.

      6. Ungenius,
        Regarding your question about Jewish Karma. It’s basically the old truism, “The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small.” Another factor is this is an age or time of testing. A man of your religious acumen should have no difficulty in understanding the Book of Ecclesiasticus, Jesus Son of Sirach, in the Apocrypha. The opening chapters of the book state that if one wishes to follow God, prepare to be tested. “As gold is purified in the fire, so to are acceptable men tested in the furnace of adversity.” One could say the kingdom of God is not for wimps. So if shit is happening to you, it’s not necessarily due to bad karma. It’s God the drill sergeant giving you a motivational kick up the arse to seek him, or salvation.
        When one looks around the world today, there is a real spiritual renewal, not mentioned in any media, nor even taken into account by any of the Liars and Thieves that rule us. Be patient, our materialist friends are in for a very big shock, indeed.

      7. I followed with interest the HP-Ung-Felix exchange.
        What little I have to contribute is more or less by way of confirmation, ie, i also suspect that this is the internal mechanism of this blackest of black boxes, simply because it makes the smoothest sense.

        It is the impenetrable opaqueness of the walls that block perception of the mysterious linkage between action and due reaction that makes the difference between justice and revenge, the former ennobling and morally positive (maybe the only axiom needed to provide the bedrock of morality), the latter degrading and hollow.
        “revenge will be mine, said the God”, right? It does make sense, even in the otherwise decrepit Old testament, probably copied from elsewhere …

        So, karma hits in order to educate rather than punish.
        And moreover, it provides additional opportunity to a bystander for karmic enrichment through compassion rather than smugly righteous satisfaction at someone’s comeuppance.

        It’s a good system, no information loss.

      8. I am wondering if karma can be redeemed by repentance?

        After all, what sense would it make to punish a wise philosopher for criminal acts he committed as a youth in the army? He is no longer the silly youth he was and has now morphed into a saint, so does he have to be punished to appease the iron law of karma?

        Remember Christ’s words in the Our Father: “Forgive us our DEBTS as we forgive our debtors.”

        The “debts” referred to are karmic debts, i.e., trespasses or sins. They are forgiven if we are truly repentant and if we are willing to forgive others who have wronged us.

        Just my opinion. I could be completely mistaken. Maybe karma is mechanical, like a bouncing ball: after bound, rebound.

      9. Sister monica,
        Though i would never presume to lecture a one like you on metaphysical subjects, my conviction is that karma is essentially an educational system, when a lesson is absorbed, the process grinds onward.

        thus a true repentance is proof of that particular pudding, a passing grade, because it is comprised of self-judgment, no need for further action in that regard.

      10. Thanks, Lobro. Your view makes sense to me. Once the lesson has been learnt, no need to cane the pupil to make sure the pupil remembers it 🙂

      11. Sister Monica,
        Of course it can be set aside, if there is genuine remorse and one in turn forgives those who have harmed you. However, I’m sure you are aware of the Hindu term, Tapasiya, or Tapas for short, it’s purification through suffering. It’s a sad fact but we humans only ever turn to religion when we are in trouble. Hence this goad to teach us , humility, compassion and the emptiness of life without a religion. Read Solzhenitsyn, Nien Chien et al. All suffered terrible deprivations in prison, but they also said spoke of “something” growing inside of them. Nien Chien wrote during her time of her imprisonment by Red Guards of periods of spiritual exaltation whilst praying in her prison cell. St. John of the Cross was also imprisoned by religious rivals and wrote some of his finest spiritual works as a result. Suffering turns us from smug, indifferent and callous beings into spiritually refined ones. The old truism applies, “Good iron comes out of a hot fire.”

      12. Felix,

        Your words are priceless, dear brother. The wisdom of the East has taken root in you. Yes, I have heard about tapas, or the cleansing fires of austerity. Suffering is almost a cult among the medieval Catholics. Thus the shattering austerities of Tauler and others.

        I am nevertheless a bit baffled … because you are a Buddhist and therefore must be aware that the Buddha rejected austerities as worse than useless. These austerities are more associated with the Hindu ascetics than with the gentle Buddhist sages who practiced the Middle Way, i.e. moderation in all things.

      13. @Sister Monica

        Karma is the “material” aspect of it, repentance is the spiritual aspect of it. If I steal an amount of money from you and then “repent”, don’t I still owe you that money?
        Same with suffering. If I have caused suffering to someone, then according to the law of karma I will suffer the same amount of suffering, even after I repented. A “forgiving of sins” only because of repentance without paying the karmic price would be unjust. On the other hand, a person who has suffered due to karma without repentance will come into temptation to make the same mistake again and will suffer the karmic consequences until he has learned his lesson. So ultimately both karma and repentance are necessary.

      14. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        While I don’t disagree with anything you say here to Sister Monica, I find it hard nevertheless to accept with equanamity the idea that I must suffer for things I deeply regret doing as a child.

        My brother and I were given airguns by our parents and must have shot thousands of innocent birds in India, causing immense suffering to the animal creation. We were totally unaware that we were doing anything wrong. There was not the slightest consciousness of cruelty on our part. For us it was simply “sport” and our parents condoned it and thought nothing of it. Our servants even cooked the birds we killed, especially pigeons. It was only in later life that the enormity of what I had done as a child dawned upon me and I bitterly regretted it.

        So the question is: must I suffer in equal measure for ever bird I killed in foolish ignorance as a child?

      15. @ Hp

        Regret is a luxury compared to the immense physical suffering caused by shooting thousands of harmless little birds.

        “Ryckaert’s theorem” (if I may call it that) of equal suffering being necessary to expiate a previous suffering can have bizarre consequences if pushed to its reductio ad absurdum.

        LD was not aware of doing anything wrong when killing thousands of birds as a child, just as meat-eaters are not aware that they, too, are causing untold suffering every time they eat a steak, effectively condoning and propagating all the agonies of the slaughterhouse.

        So tell me: must steak eaters be punished for every steak they eat?

      16. @Lasha Darkmoon,

        Karmic debts can be paid off by following means :

        1) Suffering of the same amount of suffering as inflicted.
        2) Paying off the debt to the victim.
        3) Paying off the debt by proxy, by doing charitable deeds to a class of beings similar to the victim.

        It goes without saying that the karma of bad deeds done towards animals is lighter than those done to men and that such karma varies according to the level of evolution of the animals concerned, i.e. the killing of a dog is far worse than the killing of a fly. You could pay off your karma by doing something in the sphere of the protection of animals.

      17. Sister Monica,
        Voluntary austerities are, of course useless, because of the intent to acquire “good” Karma. It’s a paradox but one should never expect any reward for good deeds. For the same reason; why do people love God? If it is through fear of punishment (Hell) or expectation of reward (Heaven) then such love is a waste of time. It’s Pavlovian, like a dog loving its master because his master will give him a bone. The Bhagavad Gita clearly states that one should love God without any expectation of reward. Buddhism teaches the same, although the wording is different. In other words, one will never know God, achieve Perfection until one becomes, as Jesus states in the Beautitudes, “Perfect as your Father in Heaven is Perfect.” No ifs, buts or maybes! This is why theologians, with their intellectual contortions and reasoned logic, are the very bane of any true religion.

      18. @ Felix
        @ Lobro
        @ Sister Monica
        @ Franklin Ryckaert
        @ Lasha
        @ HP
        @ Sardonicus

        Thanks for all of the good input to my question about Karma. I really did not mean to start an off topic mega thread 🙂 but apparently it was of wide interest.

        @ Lasha

        I had a very similar experience as a child concerning shooting birds for sport with no open telling me it was a bad idea. The last bird that I shot did not die immediately, but after I picked it up with my hand. It broke my heart and that ended my ignorant sport. I wished that I could have taken back all the needless damage that I had done which I obviously could not do. After that, I started appreciating the beauty of birds and have enjoyed observing all that they do. Bird observation is my favorite pastime in my backyard as I think on other matters. It clears my mind.

        Have I been punished for what I did? Not that I know of. Do I have a clear conscience about what I did as a child? Yes because there is nothing I can do to change what I did. My lesson from childhood did result in me teaching my children and some children of others not to ever participate in the needless deadly sport against any wild animal. My two sons are both excellent marksmen with numerous weapons, but only for defensive purposes against the deadliest of all animals, humans without morals.

      19. Ungenius,

        I was moved by your comment. It’s very interesting to learn that you had a very similar experience to my own in regard to shooting birds in childhood. You came to see the error of your ways by a single experience: seeing a dying bird in your hands, living out its last moments in pain. As a result of my own experience (which I will relate later) I too have a soft spot for birds now and simply hate to see them in cages.

        I had a female friend who kept a bird in a cage. I disapproved of this strongly but said nothing for fear of giving offense. One day I called round at her apartment and found her on her balcony in great distress. She had let the bird out of its cage to stretch its wings in the room, in accordance with her usual custom, but had forgotten to close the sliding glass door leading onto the balcony. The bird had seen its opportunity and made its escape.

        When I heard what had happened, I could hardly restrain my joy. Instead of sympathizing with my friend and comforting her for her loss, which she expected me to do, I said with a grin, “Oh gosh, how wonderful, you’ve made my day! I wish you’d been equally as careless with all the birds you’ve ever bought!”

        She didn’t speak to me for months after that. I went round to her place one day to return a book I’d borrowed. We became friends again. I noticed one thing with satisfaction. She had been cured of her bad habit. There was not a bird cage in sight after that.

      20. Franklin: i cannot agree with the following,

        On the other hand, a person who has suffered due to karma without repentance will come into temptation to make the same mistake again and will suffer the karmic consequences until he has learned his lesson.

        far be it from me to contest the hindo-buddhist theological expertise of you, hp or felix but even if Buddha himself had said that, it would rub me the wrong way.

        i can’t abide by “do good or else” approach to morals and interpretation of karmic law, the fear-driven righteousness.
        True compassion must arise unaided by such pseudo-talmudic considerations, whereby one brushes off a homeless panhandler by saying “you must have done something wrong in previous incarnation to deserve this”.
        This is perhaps the greatest and most original message of Jesus, the message of individual freedom and responsibility in equal and total measure.

        Unrelated: add me to the shooting-a-bird-that-died-in-my-hand list.
        i still remember vividly its heart beating as it expired – end of my shooting days, now i could only shoot a man in war and anger or an attacking beast.
        also popped a bunch of floating frogs between eyes imagining they were submarine conning towers – “Another Nazi U-boat sunk, yee-haw!!!”, never felt a twinge of guilt until much later.
        Ready to pay the price, i guess … rather now than later, eg, getting foreskin sucked off by a drooling rabbi on Day Eight of the new life.


        So the question is: must I suffer in equal measure for ever bird I killed in foolish ignorance as a child?

        The short answer is YES.
        Why? Because it shows that you are unwilling to pay the full price and would rather blame it on “environment”, thus the lesson of contrition and compassion is not fully absorbed – by your own admission – do you see this?
        maybe you already paid off the best portion, 95% but the redemption requires complete restitution … same rules apply to you, me, jews.
        And since your parents share in the guilt through uncaring ignorance, so they too must contribute to expiation.
        Stuff about “wheels grinding exceedingly small”, right?

    2. Gil –

      “Americans can now “sue” Saudi Arabia for 9/11!!! That, itself, opens us to global jurisdiction.”

      Possibly….. AND…..

      Anyone who sues can be counter-sued.

      1. Not only does it substantiate a wrongful accusation – it places the American plaintiffs in the position of submitting to the findings of an international body politic. The most discomfitting part is that Congress APPROVED it, and now seeks to override the Presidential veto (Good work, Obama!). Apparently, the majority of our Congress is compromised! I’m sure many of you here can articulate convincing explanations of “why”… and I’ll check-in later.

      2. Gil –

        Good points.

        “I’m sure many of you here can articulate convincing explanations of “why”…”

        One DEFINITE “why” is the Pharisee-Jew lawyers will get rich over many decades. Congress skunks help their own.

      3. Pat on September 24, 2016 at 12:33 pm: Gil – “Americans can now “sue” Saudi Arabia for 9/11!!! That, itself, opens us to global jurisdiction.” Possibly….. AND….. Anyone who sues can be counter-sued.

        Those are my thoughts exactly. Under such law changes, Holocaust revisionists could be considered indictable under German (EU) Holocaust Denial law, although such so-called violations did not incur within the confines of Germany. For a concise 5 minute distillation, see:

        Youtube: The ‘Holocaust Denial’ Debate

        I find it odd that for sharing an opinion, one could be incarcerated with the same length of time as someone who battered the opposite sex or dealt illegal recreational drugs. This is the most absurd abuse of government I have ever heard of.

        In this short 5 minute video, this revisionist explains their goal as a dangerous, sinister quest to overturn, destroy, and take over Christiandom’s western civilisation:

        Youtube: Growing Up Jewish

      4. Yes, Gyorgy – –


        This just in from CODOH…..
        …..Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust:

        “Denial” the Film Movie Part 1 – Introduction

        This Part 1 / Introduction of the Film “Denial” the Film, shows the trailer for the film “Denial”, the new Hollywood film starring Rachel Weisz as Deborah Lipstadt due to be released all over the US . Our Introductory Part 1 film is an analysis of the casting and pre-production casting changes to the movie “Denial.” Don’t miss it!

  19. It may be a little late, but I think the benign looking cartoon of the skunk you chose should be replaced with a pic which is more consonant with the diabolical evil of what the Israelis are now doing – or should I say have consistently done throughout history, as E Michael Jones persuasively shows in his magnum opus, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History” ( There is a condensed version of the book there as well.

  20. Since the stench lasts so long on fabric, they must be a way to soak the fabric in water to reconstitute the skunk juice and put it in an easily breakable container to be thrown at the jews instead of just throwing rocks. Turnabout is fair play.

    This idea might not work. Based on the videos, the IDF do not seem to be affected by the odor of the residual skunk juice so, maybe it just smells like a jew.

  21. Most Jews I have met are decent people and would not condone skunk spraying the Palestinians, but many of those decent Jews have a blind spots when it comes to Israel. The double standards, especially in th US media, are blatant. There is no question that the Jewish Lobby has power over Congress and probably also the Supreme Court and the President. Nothing, absolutely nothing, gets thru Congress unless it is approved by the Jewish Lobby.

    Any memeber of Congress who tried to criticize this skunk spraying would be deselected at the next primary. He would be out of Congress and would find it difficult to get a job. Same for anybody even asking questions or stating facts about the Holocaust.

    It must end. Jewish Power in the USA must be broken, otherwise the country will be continually at war.

    1. “The truth shall set you free” I would say that only the unvarnished truth will set us free. That is the plain thruth about the role of Jews in 20th century horrors, and the consquences being now being inflicted on Moslems, and and the resulting terrorism and mass immigration.

      Until Jewish Power and its consequences are openly discussed things will go on as before.

    2. As you allude to John, it is not all Jews but definitely certain extremely wealthy influential Jews who form this oligarchy. These are the dangerous ones, the modern aristocracy. Following was said, 2,000 years ago:

      John 8:44, Jesus: You are of your father, the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks on his own; for he is a liar, and its father.

      Matthew 23:15, Jesus: Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel around by sea and land to make one proselyte; and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much of a son of hell as yourselves.

      That very well sums up this modern day oligarchy. Only 4 months prior to his crucifixion, Jesus committed an unpardonable sin in the oligarchy’s eyes by driving the oligarchy Jewish bankers off Jerusalem temple grounds, resulting in their conspiracy murder him. They do not the dirty work themselves, in secretive discussion they utilise others to accomplish their means by working in the background (reference 33 AD oligarchy meeting with Pontius Pilate (Matthew 27:1).

      So subtle are their means that the dirty work includes roping in Christian leaders such as now wealthy John Hagee to support Israel. By doing so he fits the description of:

      II Corinthians 11:13-15, as penned by Apostle Paul, former Jew AKA Saul: For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as Christ’s apostles. And no wonder, for even Satan masquerades as an angel of light. It is no great thing therefore if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

      The stench goes much further than simply spraying a tainting liquid on those despised in their evil eyes, permeating into all the world’s societies.

    3. @ John Kirby

      “Most Jews I have met are decent people and would not condone skunk spraying the Palestinians, but many of those decent Jews have a blind spots when it comes to Israel.”

      There double standard for “decent” jews comes from a conflict between what the Rabbi’s tell them versus what they know to be different inherently from within themselves, God’s presence. Their “chosen” lie doctrine is what binds and blinds them. As long as they accept the basic “chosen” lie, they cannot be “decent” jews. As soon as they stop elevating themselves above their fellowman, they are no longer jews, just decent people. Few escape their Rabbi’s teachings.

      “The truth shall set you free” I would say that only the unvarnished truth will set us free.”

      Absolutely correct. The only way to defeat power based on lies is with the truth. Darkmoon and most of their commenters are doing just that.

  22. JOHN, finance is ruling the world and Jews happen to be masters of high finance. So, there is no way to get rid of their grip unless you find a way to oust them from the banking system, at least from the Federal Reserve which they have been overseeing at least since 1987:
    Alan [Jew] Greenspan (1987-2006), Ben Shalom [Jew] Bernanke (2006-2014), Janet [Jewess] Yellen (2014-present time).
    I am not qualified to “assess” their honors, awards and careers (1) but I suppose they have (always) been “helped” by their kind on the steep upward climb to high ranking positions.


    1. Sean,

      I find it quite interesting that Alan Greenspan was, once-upon-a-time, an outspoken opponent of The Federal Reserve System when he was a professor of economics at Columbia University (and an advisor to and confidant of President John Kennedy). As you know, JFK issued Executive Order #11110, which initiated a printing of United States Notes (patterned after the same economic plan pursued by Chancellor Hitler when he helped pull Germany out of depression – with NO DEBT). (I have a stack of those 1963 notes, in denominations of $2 and $5’s.). They existed, but were recalled. One can still spend them, but if banks get hold of them, they are destroyed and replaced with the current debt currency. However, to my knowledge, the EO has never been rescinded. I wonder about that, but I doubt not that the circumstance had a lot to do with the CIA-assisted assassination of JFK, and the subsequent transformation of Mr. Greenspan. (I have met Mr. Greenspan, and I believe he changed his tune because he so well understood the functions of Fiat currencies that he felt a duty to help keep it disciplined.). He seems a very kindly gentleman, despite his nativity and former position.

      1. Gil –

        Reagan got rid of 11110:

        The text that had been added to E.O. 10289 by E.O. 11110 remained on the books until President Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order 12608 on September 9, 1987 as part of a general clean-up of executive orders.

        Executive Order 12608 revoked subparagraph (j) of paragraph 1 of Executive Order 10289, as amended by Executive Order 11110.

        Thus, E.O. 12608 specifically revoked the relevant portion of E.O. 10289 that had been added by E.O. 11110. This action effectively revoked E.O. 11110. By this time, however, the remaining legislative authority behind E.O. 11110 had been repealed by Congress when Pub.L. 97–258 was passed in 1982.

      2. Sean, do not doubt he was probably afraid of getting the same treatment as JFK. Fear and Greed motivate ALL decisions of status. GREED and dumb FEAR is more to blame for America’s circumstance than Jew projects (which would not profit without our proclivities to those vices/sins). I tire of hearing all the ‘blame’ placed on some “Jew” plot. Certain Jews have only capitalized on it because they were formerly RESTRICTED to ‘rag-picking’ and ‘money-lending’. Well, some of them got real good at it, and quickly learned how to utilize our Greed and Fear to their profit and design. I do not recall ever meeting any NON-Jews who AREN’T susceptible to Fear and Greed!

  23. JOHN KIRBY ” Nothing, absolutely nothing, gets thru Congress unless it is approved by the Jewish Lobby”.

    i’m afraid it’s a lot worse than that bro. it’s true, the zionists make it their business to cultivate candidates from a young age, but nothing gets through the us government as law unless it is approved by the queen and the pope, and they’ve knocked off many good american representatives.. so i hear.. that’s why nancy pelosi says “we have to approve the bill so we can see what’s in it”. because the usa is a corporation that is owned by the pope and managed by the queen. it is ruled by legalities – not law. there is no “lawful money”. only “legal tender”. the police are pirates, though very few of them understand it. the queen reigns – the president rules in her stead. and the queen is jew-ish.
    you haven’t had a real president since jfk.
    since vatican 2 and a few assassinations the rothschild banksters have control of the vatican. andy hitchcock says they acquired the vatican through the accounting department back in the 1800s.
    remember this – the jews are the jesuits. and don’t forget – all establishment religion is fake.
    obama is a total stooge, a gigantic fraud, as phony as his hormone-injected drag-queen guy-wife. he vetoed the 9-11 lawsuit bill because the saudi gangster state is jew-ish. and of course, they did 9-11.
    i doubt that trump totally understands the situation. and yes, it would certainly appear that trump will serve the jews as well. but i don’t see him as exactly the same kind of puppet. not with the stuff he advocates. his list of supreme court picks has no jews.

    1. You say, “the usa is a corporation that is owned by the pope and managed by the queen.” Do you really expect people to believe that nonsense?
      You say, “since vatican 2 and a few assassinations the rothschild banksters have control of the vatican. andy hitchcock says they acquired the vatican through the accounting department back in the 1800s.” That may or may not be true re- vatican finances, just like almost every other central bank in the world, but control of the vatican itself is a different story.
      You say, “remember this – the jews are the jesuits.” Now that’s the most absurd thing I’ve heard in quite a while. I say it tends to cast a shadow on the rest of what you say.

  24. Darrell
    I can understand your rational which is in my view is closer to the truth
    these people just to blame the Jews for everything ,delusion syndrome is psychological disorder
    this site stinks ,it’s stench reached the Galaxy Planets ,ask they are attracted to the skunks
    the princess of darkness will be restless without a day pass by
    without publishing an inflammatory degrading ,insulting and demonizing
    Jews in general and Israelis in particular .if that not enough ,she and her gang turn on Muslims
    bashing and demonizing them then these naive Muslims have the nerve to defend her
    stupidity has no limit

  25. Gilbert Huntly
    ” Well, some of them got real good at it, and quickly learned how to utilize our Greed and Fear to their profit and design”
    Indeed, social phenomena function on the principal of communicating vessels and we tend to minimize our share in it.

  26. hey darrell
    i don’t blame you for being aghast. try to understand – almost all of the big stuff you’ve been told is a pack of lies. you’re living under a security state power pyramid. it never wants you to know the truth of anything.
    there is an inner power core of unaccountable people in control of politics and the media, though presidents, most of whom are fake, come and go.
    the commercial politicians and the commercial media outright lie about history and current events constantly, and their lies of omission may be even greater.
    the vatican is not apolitical. the pope of rome claims ownership, that is, corporate control, of the entire planet by what they call “divine right of conquest”. the jesuit army makes it its business to preserve the power of the pope, and they have assassinated more leaders and contrived more wars than anybody knows. they pull the strings on zionism/communism, which may be jew-ish up front but is being used for the jesuits’ purposes. the discombobulation of the middle east and africa plays right into the vatican multi-culturalist plan for the balkanization of white europe and the usa, and you notice the jews are all for it too.
    the british monarchy is far from impotent. those who have the money wired also have the political power cornered. and bear in mind – all these monarchs, certainly including the pope, hate the usa as a constitutional republic and they work against constitutional government wherever they can. the american revolution was a protestant thing.
    pearl harbor was not a sneak attak. russian communists put fdr up to it, because stalin didn’t want to fight the japs too..
    communism has never really been the enemy of the usa, not since the days of fdr, truman and eisenhower, who all cultivated it in russia, china, korea and vietnam. the americans and russian and chinese communists managed the korean and vietnam war together. every soldier who died in nam was a sucker for the globalists.
    oswald didn’t kill kennedy.
    the apollo program didn’t put anybody on the moon back in the sixties.
    19 arabs didn’t do 9-11.
    do you think they did?
    the bigger the lie – the better it works.. it’s very difficult for the average western person to admit what a dirty world he lives in. those in aleppo are eaisier to convince. people don’t want to make negative judgments. they don’t want to admit their trust has been misplaced.
    look these things up.
    washington dc is not part of the usa. it is the globalists’ corporate headquarters. the vatican put the statue on top of the capitol dome. it means they own it.
    the center for disease control is a corporation. all your state transportation departments are corporations. judges are federal corporate officers. they follow orders from headquarters.
    watch the stinking liars clinton, obama and kerry. jew/jesuit puppets all.
    this new stench in palestine fits right into our aching nostrils..

    1. I agree with just about everything you say, but not about the jesuits and not about vatican control of governments and their ‘divine right of conquest’. the jesuits indeed make a vow or promise to serve the pope, and before vatican II they were a strong moral and spiritual force in the world, esp. thru their excellent educational system, which is why they have been viciously attacked by jews, freemasons, protestants, and other anti-catholics for centuries,. since vatican II, however, they have largely been corrupted and compromised, serving the interests of the enemies of the truth, becoming proxy warriors against the church they are meant to serve and therefore by and large servants of the ‘synagogue of satan’.
      One thing i will admit though is that we may already be in the time when, as Our Lady of La Salette said (a 19th C. church-approved private revelation), ‘Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the anti-Christ. The church will go into eclipse’. The catholic church is still the one true church founded by Christ upon the apostles (the bishops being their successors and the pope being the successor of st peter), despite the fact that it has been infiltrated and crippled and compromised to the point where it may possibly be said that ‘the salt has lost its savor’ and is ‘good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot’ (Jesus’ words). Sr Lucia, the last living Fatima seer (d. 2005) often said in letters and interviews that a ‘diabolical disorientation’ has taken place in both the world and in the catholic church. this is largely on account of what has happened since vatican II.

      1. ” ‘diabolical disorientation’ has taken place in both the world and in the catholic church.”

        I sometimes read through a relative’s Catholic magazines, and I’m certain I am reading veiled attacks against the Zionist infiltration of the Catholic Church. I have warned this person directly to watch out for the day when someone in the Church suggests a “revision” of the New Testament text itself. I wonder what events and speeches will be expunged? 😉

  27. darrell
    watch these three docus.
    everybody else watch them too.
    no offense, but i’m not a religious person. i see no good reason to give it credence. on the other hand, i can see clearly what bad it does. quoting scriptures and religious dogma does not bolster anyone’s argument. let’s face it – jesus is a fiction.
    do you see any bishops or cardinals putting their bodies in front of caterpillar dozers or toxic stench hoses in palestine? no. in fact there is never a peep from the vatican about the apartheid crime going on there. they are in fact behind it. the jesuits. they’re commies. and zionists.

  28. One would think shoebat walid would have articles about this at his website, but he never does. Shoebat Walid is a “Palestinian” and I’m an “Eskimo”. If Muslims anywhere in the world were spraying their Muslim defecation on any group of NON Muslims, shoebat walid would have articles about it every day, the jews spray their jew shit on “his” Palestinian people, the “Palestinian” is TOTALLY silent about it. Shoebat did have a video once about what’s going on in Mexico with the Mexican drug mobsters taking over Mexico, and that was helpful in better understanding what’s going on in Mexico, so I guess he’s not totally useless. Though I do recognize it’s easy for me to say shoebat is not totally useless, that’s because I’m not a Palestinian. If I was a Palestinian, I would say shoebat is TOTALLY fuckin’ useless and I would be correct in saying so, sayin’.

    1. @ TROJ

      Why do you keep posting these off-topic comments? Who is”Shoebat” and why on earth should anyone care what this obscure bloggist posts on his equally obscure website? Don’t you have anything better to do with your time than post silly off-topic comments and then complain about “censorship” when they remain unpublished?

      1. TROJ gets discombobulated after his hose-down in the Chattahoochee rubber room when the orderlies visit weekly to remove the defecation. He’s just drying-off, now, and recovering from the high-pressure blasting. His mind is constantly wandering ‘elsewhere’ (wherever that might be). Pity the poor soul, Mr. Toby! 🙂

  29. Forgiveness is Divine. It is not our place as servants of Father to forgive because by doing so we are judging. Father and His Son are the only Ones qualified to judge us. We do not score our own report cards, nor anyone else’s. It is arrogant to think we do.

    Why are people often trying to be God? Oh, yes … we are in a lunatic asylum (earth).

    1. @ New Song

      Based on your comment, you apparently give no credence to what Jesus told us to do in Matthew 6:14 (KJV) when he said, “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

  30. Why should we believe in karma, church, pope, bible, god of this world, boeddha, allah, whatever you name it.
    Why to believe in anything outside of ourselves? Know yourself and that is enough. Truth is inside, the illusions are outside. The way inside of you leads you Home as the old Gnostics always knew…

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