Just Another Dead Patriot


Oregon ambush continues government’s Waco tradition
Rich politicians use curdled lawmen to bilk ordinary people out of their land

We are trapped in a system over which we have no control. Rigged regulations legalize crimes against us. Our avenues for redress are choked off by corruption, doublespeak, and media mouthpieces who protect rich thieves.

All public politicians subscribe to the criminal agenda under which individual citizens have absolutely no rights, and will be killed without a second thought if they object to that agenda.

Federal law enforcement agents have no compunction about murdering people who don’t subscribe to their fabricated version of events. The acquaintance of Boston bombing patsy Tamerlan Tsarnaev who was being interrogated in Florida by seven FBI agents — and then murdered — in 2013 was one egregious example. His name, which almost no one remembers, was Ibragim Todashev.

The murder of LaVoy Finicum on a highway in Oregon is the latest in this series of sacrificial martyrs, as he joins a list of government exterminees whose name most people will never remember.

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John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________ http://renegadetribune.com/author/kaminski/ http://300spartans.com.au/kaminski http://johnkaminski.info/ http://www.rudemacedon.ca/kaminski/kam-index.html http://web.archive.org/web/20040323232319/http://johnkaminski.com/

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  1. First one posting
    I had been warning about this scenario but some guys here said something like “oh those are rich farmers living off of the government .. ” So I Forgot about it
    But it turns out they are still there and it may start I am hoping for a “white spring” don’t laugh I just got though watching Patriot with mel gibson and I know that if a white revolution comes to life the first thing they gonna do is stop sending f16’s
    To the jews and shut down the fed
    Good luck guys and may god bless ya!

    1. Very much \on-topic/ methinks…

      Because that link is a re-posting of aangirfan’s original, which utilizes dubious methods of connecting unrelated persons by family name or innuendo in order to persuade the credulous of the nefarious character of the BLM “rebels.” In that, it is as equally shameless as the work of those who – in contrast – attempt to paint the same set of characters as “heroes” … or even more fantastically…. “martyrs!”

      All of which, of course, is just more dialectical dissimulation in action. Polarize all debate, remove objective and reasoned perusal of evidence – as opposed to conjecture; rile partisans of these extreme positions into open war, and sit back to scoop the spoils – in this case the mutual assured destruction of societies east and west. By thus poisoning the well, and eliminating the chance of dis-passioned review, the dueling sock puppets can be safely allowed to take over with their mindless trading of bric a bats … this is the new “internet” media of advocational bombast which has replaced the dead craft of journalism.

      Who could not recognize the brilliant strategy of divide and rule being put forward by the pawns of the Bnai Brith manipulators? Just about everybody, it would seem, in the poor, benighted Occidental world – where critical thinking has been entirely replaced by Pavlovian stimulus and response training. Reactionary barking dogs of both factions in this psyop will try to undo each other in raising the stakes – and the temperature – and all for what?

      For the final rollout of the talmudist/kabbalist agenda. Reaction/response. Provoke a ‘clash of civilizations’ between the Islamic and what is left of the “Christian” worlds, at the same time as encouraging a clash between the ‘militia movement’ and the organs of state security – so as to invoke the necessary pretexts for seizing arms from Americans. ‘Mission Accomplished!’ With the help of the dupes, witting or otherwise, it matters not a whit at this point – who worked so hard to eliminate all middle ground of debate, and place the Europoid peoples in harms way again.

      Hardly a whimper of protest to this open display of talmudist/kabbalist ‘mind control’ technique for ‘controlling both sides of the debate’ appears anywhere, including here. “Everyone’s gone to the Moon.”

      1. Here read this and weep, given this incoherence that would give a Neanderthal indigestion, how can Jew fail to take over the vast herd of goyim waiting to serve his every whim

        Dear Brethren and Friends.
        Here is the American Empire’s next Holy Roman Emperor—John McCain—whose wife is a most devoted Roman Catholic and whose two sons were educated by Jesuit priests, one of those priests having spoke at the Republican National Convention. McCain will further betray the American peoples into the hands of our coming Sino-Soviet-Moslem-Roman Catholic-Latino invaders at the direction of his papal masters in New York City and Washington, D.C. Those masters are the Jesuits at Fordham University controlling the Archbishop of New York City, Edward Cardinal Egan (the mastermind behind 911) and the Jesuits of Georgetown University controlling the Archbishop of Washington, DC. The coming destruction of America will parallel not only the destruction of the once great Protestant Prussian Empire (1871-1918), but the destruction of Khazaria by the Russians, the Roman Catholic Byzantine Empire, the Moslems under the Baghdad Caliphate and later the Orientals led by Ghengis Khan. (All three kingdoms were noted for their large Jewish population—targeted by the Devil for destruction.) The iniquity of the American peoples seems now to have “come to the full” as was the case with the Amorites when Israel invaded Canaan after the Exodus.
        Russian Bombers in Venezuela; Chinese intelligence ops in Cuba and throughout the Carribean; Chinese throughout Central America; Chinese control of Long Beach Naval Port; Roman Catholic Alien Latino Invasion; deliberate fuel shortages; debasing the currency; NATO troops preparing to invade once a new CIA “Al Qaeda” terrorist event occurs in Washington; Russia on the border of Iran via Georgia; the UAE (hosting Dubai, the pope’s new, commercial world emporium to replace New York City) to be given a missile system by the US for its protection along with one US Carrier Group; the pope’s Hamas in Gaza being incited by Rome’s Masonic Jewish Labor Zionist government to further attack and destroy Israel in order to bring war to the pope’s revived “Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem,” the endgame being to bring down Jerusalem’s two Temple mosques; White Middle Class peoples being driven into a more desperate state of existence via ceaseless Black-on-White crime, ceaseless Latino-on-White crime, food shortages, job losses, gun confiscation, loss of manufacturing infrastructure, McCain/Palin preparing for war on Iran; domestic Roman Fascist infrastructure set in place during the pope’s Cold War, that infrastructure now perfected with the Jesuit Order’s Department of Romeland Security (DHS), the Patriot Act, Concentration Camps, etc.; potential Civil War II, i.e., a Race War, now in the making with the leaders of both sides controlled by Rome via high-level Freemasonry; Freemasons Clinton/Gore giving high-tech, nuclear, military secrets to the Black Pope’s Jesuit-directed Communist China preparing that invading force by 2015 according to Chinese sources; the Chinese practicing for invasion of the West Coast in the South China Sea; the pope’s medical profession and SMOM-led big pharma having killed millions of patriotic, truly nationalistic, White Anglo Saxon Protestants and Baptists over the last 100 years via Rome’s Rockefeller-financed “Medical Inquisition;” foreign, no-win wars further killing off the White Middle Class males—Catholic, Protestant and Baptist alike; the pope’s American Bar Association-controlled legal profession “hiding justice in the law” (as stated in the movie The Star Chamber,”starring” actor Michael Douglas); the pope’s private collection organization called the IRS intimidating workers in the private sector to pay the indirect, excise-on-federal privilege, income tax on wages earned in the private sector with no attorneys to plead the cause of these White Middle Class victims; the IRS policies enuring to the benefit of the pope’s Cartel Capitalist International Corporations controlled by the Knights of Malta; the IRS destroying the White Protestant Middle Class and building the pope’s White Fascist Cartel-Capitalist Corporate elite; etc.
        All of this spells the end of the once grand and glorious Protestant Reformation including once Protestant America now totally apostate save for a minute remnant of believers. As it was in the days of Elijah, so it is now in America—the Lord having his remnant who refuse to bow the knee to Baal—and now the present high priest of Baal, the pope of Rome.
        Further, we are witnessing the final building of our invaders, the Russian and Chinese war machines to be accompanied by millions of fanatical Moslems into the US after the pope’s American fascists have murdered nearly all the “liberal” true nationalists, all the “accursed” Bible-believing Protestants and Baptists, and the “perfidous” racial Jews. Rome is expecting to reap a great harvest and, to give the Devil his due, the Jesuits have put all their ducks in a row.
        The amazing part of this deplorable scenario is not one in ten thousand Americans preceives this grand design. The all parrot the line, “I am not a conspiracy theorist; I trust my government.” The do not put their trust in the Lord, but rather in “princes.
        May the Lord bless those of us who continue to sound the warning of our impending doom at the hand of that man of sin in Rome.
        Sincerely in faith,
        Brother Eric

        Quo the fuck vadis, fratris Eric?

        Jew yells the truth right in your face, proclaims it on billboards and backs of the urban transport vehicles – and yet, DO YOU HEAR?
        Sorry, what elephant, I see none in this booth, it could be hiding anywhere

        Israel’s bus company Egged has accepted this ad in Jerusalem:

        “Statement of the kingdom. From the teachings=instructions of the [Lubavitcher] rabbi

        The Gentile does not want anything. He waits to be told what the Jew wants!”

        Right. Clearly some Jesuit scam.

        How do I dial Uber back to my home planet, had enough of this shit …

      2. I not only do not need to ‘weep’ when I read that…

        I could laugh out loud at the hilarity of seeing /black/white/this-or-that/ played back like a broken record!

        You have emphasized that their are some nutter who espouse the ‘it’s the jesuits’ idea… again. Ok, goody. We know bout that. Is it possible that you seek to have that nutty bit of business inserted into the court records… and we hush up the evidence of the EXACT SAME DEGREE of nuttiness from their opposite numbers of the ’tis the jews’ faction? That is indeed riotous!

        I am now convinced – that you are convinced – that dialectical rigamorole is what you wanna go with… and indeed, what you are gonna go with!

        I rest my case your honor! Tis all good!

      3. @Grammar Fiend

        You have emphasized that their are some nutter who espouse the ‘it’s the jesuits’ idea… again.

        Sir Hugo, do I have to do your job too now? Stop lollygagging, sir. Shame on you.

        I am a psychiatrist here, not a grammar moonstruck.

    2. Like squeezing an elephant into a phone booth to share with a guy throwing darts.
      And he misses the elephant every single time.

      Abolishing truth is easy, it comes naturally, by itself after the thinking faculty goes the way of the dorsal fin.
      Jew planned the moronization of the goyums like a multi-generational military campaign, moving the line of scrimmage forward (backwards for the remaining 7 billion of us) with each successive push.
      So here we are now, can’t see the elephant, never mind hit him, Dublinmick debating Mumblingdick ad nauseam about every which way but true, how Jacob Rothschild is just a gofer for the Jesuit Pope who owns the galaxy … yeehaw! missed the elephant again, ain’t I a real deal grand wizard of disinfo.

      Intentionally lowering the reasoning capacity of a nation should surely be the prime candidate for definition of genocide, how come it isn’t?

      Once again I urge the reader to point to anything of lasting social or cultural value to the future generations created by 7 billion in the 20th century and as sludge output increases in volume, it decreases in quality even more, compared to what any among a bunch of 50,000-inhabitant renaissance towns came up with.

      Since the definition of IQ is the overall population average of 100, no matter how stupid in absolute terms, just staying put guarantees the Khazar preeminence.

      Any time I hear the word “Jesuits” here, I feel like yelling “alright, who farted in the pool?”

      1. Yes sir, you have made your aversion to hearing that word known. “it’s the Jesuits” is a no go for thee. Short days ago, on a thread which mysteriously vaporized not long after appearing, another well known party with the same aversion demonstrated the tendency more favored here, with an infamous rant punctuated by the phrase – ‘NAME THE JEW!’ in multiple sequence. A variation upon the “It’s the Jews” catchall. That’s the spirit!

        Why one or the other of these two equally dissimulative slogans gets its partisans is a bit of a mystery to me still; along with the associated question, why it is so absolutely imperative to have a favorite “this” or “that” – in perfect keeping with the desired dialectically-delimited manner of seeing everything… so beloved of the taludist/kabbalist who would rule over us all? Screw subtlety huh? Unfortunately, the advantage of keeping everything simple is more than offset by the disadvantages inherent in choosing to deliberately not pay attention to the primary axiom of talmudic/kabbalist perception management….

        always create two opposing sides of a debate and control both of them. Factionalize your opposition and help yourself to the spoils.

        Personally, I find it useful to stay open to the possibilities which can occur outside of the realm of ‘this or ‘that.’ Just in case there might be something a little suspect about putting all of one’s marbles into that particular ‘cul de sac[k].’ A good example of how a writer – in this case Paul Goldstein – can present facts of historical interest in a manner which undercuts the necessity of marble-stuffing appears in this extract –

        “The founder of B’nai B’rith, contrary to official histories, was Henry Lord Palmerston, then British Foreign Minister, who simultaneously created the entire international Zionist movement, in the period of 1843-1860. Zionism was only one of tens of cults created under Palmerston, some “Jewish” and some “Christian” in name, and spread across Europe and America as subversive arms of the British Empire. Each cult was modeled on the Ashmolean Scottish Rite of Freemasonry — of which Palmerston was Grand Master.”

        “by the “Oxford Movement,” a groundswell of evangelical religious reform fever organized in the 1820s by the Anglican Church itself, Kings College of London University, and Oxford University, home of British intelligence. The religion the “Oxford Movement” espoused under the leadership of John Newman, and E.G. Pusey, Regius professor of Hebrew at Oxford, was neither Christian nor Jewish, but a simple revitalization of the old Ashmolean cult of Isis-Osiris-Dionysus, whose spiritual leaders were actually Palmerston and the Scottish Masons.”

        “The “Oxford Movement” was deployed as a cult-creating force internationally. Into the United States, in conjunction with Hapsburg-Holy Alliance forces on the continent, Newman and Pusey sent the “American Heresy” Jesuits, “Christians who are not Christians,” who still operate on behalf of the British monarchy out of Georgetown. The second phase of the Oxford deployment, slightly later, would be B’nai B’rith, “Jews who are not Jews.”

        But then, “Goldstein” – he’s “one of them” you may say – “FInkelstein” – he’s “one of them” ….and so on, ruling all evidence inadmissible which contradicts the basic tenets of talmudist/kabbalist dialectical orthodoxy – and keeps the gentile safely in the box where they are wished to stay… blinding flailing away at “NAME THE JEW!” type polemics in order to keep the shell game from ever getting busted. The hard work – of conducting an exegesis upon all available sources, and constructing a probability of cause from the full gamut of evidence available to us – must be avoided… in favor of the more robust approach of “NAME THE JEW” huh?

        This small point of disagreement pon tactical approach will not bar me from passing comment on your bon mot – Dublinmick debating Mumblingdick – that was a good one!

      2. @ Ormanci

        “…why it is so absolutely imperative to have a favorite “this” or “that” – in perfect keeping with the desired dialectically-delimited manner of seeing everything… so beloved of the talmudist/kabbalist who would rule over us all..?”

        Ultimately, with your idea that we all are manipulated by “talmudists/kabbalists” you yourself are a protagonist of the “It’s the Jews” idea.

        It is simply a matter of experience that behind most destructive movements in history (at least in Western history) you find Jews. That Jews themselves would promote the “It’s the Jews” idea as part of a kind of Hegelian dialectic, goes against common sense. Their tactic has always been to hide themselves and accuse others. There is no profit whatsoever for them to accuse themselves.

        NAME THE JEW !

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          It is simply a matter of experience that behind most destructive movements in history (at least in Western history) you find Jews.

          That’s true, but don’t make the mistake of discounting the malign influence of Jews in the Far East. See LD’s excellent “China and the Jews” which deals with the Jew-crammed East India Company and the immense damage done to the Chinese people by the Opium Wars.


          Bolshevik Jews were also thick on the ground during Mao’s Chinese Revolution that claimed millions of life.

      3. This whole diatribe is hilarious taking into account that it comes from our low intellect, low conscience, low spirit, low class – and God only knows what other lows – brother LO-BRO.

        I have proved repeatedly – with mathematical rigor – that Lobro is, indeed, the ultimate Lo-bro.

        1. @ Circassian

          These ad hominem jibes at Lobro cut no ice with any intelligent commenter on this site. They are simply boomerangs that recoil on your own head. Lobro happens to be one of the most outstanding intellects on this site — one of three super-geniuses who have taken up residence here.

      4. Franklin,

        You make frequent reference to ‘common sense’ in your comments – as if it is something that you took a patent out on[via some clever Jewish lawyer no doubt!] – Ok, no worries – let’s leave that aside and grant you exclusive rights to ‘common sense’ here, if you feel your argument needs that.

        I’ll go with ‘uncommon sense’ instead. Of the kind which survivor’s rely upon. Within it’s terms of reference, your serial failure to catch onto one important detail which makes all the difference – “That Jews themselves would promote the “It’s the Jews”” being your way of avoiding ever coming to grips with the fact that as my comment reiterated – “Jews who are not Jews” – like “Jesuits who are not Jesuits” is either a witting … or unwitting failure. But makes not a whit of difference which it is really. It’s a con and a coverup.

        That failure gives you exposure to creating another fabrication – talmudists/kabbalists = “jews,” which you then build upon to create the fiction that I support an ‘it’s the jews’ theory – like I patiently explained your mistake in claiming previously that I support an “it’s the jesuits” one.

        Franklin – you stick to your schtick – that’s OK – cause every time you trot it out gives me another go at explaining to those who actually want to know what danger confronts them how it is that the ‘common sense’ that you rely upon is the common sense that the enemy relies upon to achieve their ends! Just stop assuming that you understand what I am talking about here – because you do not.

        The Derbyshire Insurrection (the Pentrich Rising: June 1817

        The Government was worried because there was so much discontent but thought it was caused by the poison of the French Revolution. Consequently the ruling classes feared a revolution in England. Sidmouth, the Home Secretary, had to rely on spies and informers whom he sent out to tour Britain and investigate centres of discontent. Unfortunately, these spies were paid by results and so became agents provocateurs — they stirred up rebellions if they could not find them, so they would be paid.

        “Oliver the Spy” went to Pentrich disguised as a depressed worker, found discontent and incited the villagers to rebellion. He made arrangements for an armed march to air their discontents, then informed the local militia of an armed rising. Arrests were made of armed men a revolution in the making had been discovered. Six men were hanged (including Jeremiah Brandreth) and Oliver went on to Leeds. Edward Baines proprietor of the Leeds Mercury followed the activities of Oliver, then exposed him. The government was embarrassed; Oliver disappeared.

        “Name the Jew!”
        Provocateur – Instigator – Sock Puppet – Hasbra

      5. @Sardonicus

        Lobro happens to be one of the most outstanding intellects on this site — one of three super-geniuses who have taken up residence here.

        This is the best jibe at Lo-bro I have seen so far. I like the British sense of humor. I like this old fox Sard, I really do.

        As for the other two super-geniuses, let me take a wild guess: Pat, for sure, and Ormangutan. Not so sure about Ormangi though – third super-genius could be the wiki-leaker (or shall we say the wiki-licker) Franklin Ryckaert.

      6. @Ormanci

        Common sense is supposed to be common and therefore not the exclusive property of anyone. I use the term “common sense” in that sense.

        For the rest, I’m not inclined to go further into your Byzantine way of thinking.

        Your example of a goy who was a cunning agent provocateur, of course doesn’t disprove that Jews are specialized in such behavior. I said that Jews are behind most of such actions, not behind all of them. Each case of course has to be proven and not be accepted on mere assumption.
        But when it has been proven : NAME THE JEW !

      7. Since CIRCUSARIAN insists on tireless self promotion at the expense of others, convinced that tha Alexa ratings are entirely due to his presence, HE-HIMSELF having with his über-brilliant forays into physics and mathematics at the 3rd rate wanking circle publishers with a negligible IF (journal impact factor), having corrected and improved, all the while maintaining admirable humility (his own claim), on several giants in the field, Galileo, Euler brothers and whoever not … maybe this unbelievable (and I mean, unbelievable) prodigy can explain his sorry statistics, 0 (zero) citations and references since September 2013, which makes it 17 months to date, 28 online views of the abstract, of which 3 were mine (could it be that only those of low intelligence (his words, again) would even give a glance to his priceless offering?) hoping to gain a bit of that magical fairy dust of revelation, 12 full text downloads, ie, considerably less than 1 per month.
        How is it possible? I mean, such a flaming genius, a veritable intellectual super nova, it just ain’t fair, doesn’t the world realize what’s it missing?

        And his love affair with Talmudic crackpot Immanuel Velikovsky, a Freudian psychiatrist – did the said love affair start on his couch? medically speaking of course, now don’t start screaming, hissing is okay since that is your normative sound – the said and soundly ridiculed Velikovsky presuming to explain the Cosmos in terms of Torah and the thoroughly discredited lies, none of which found archeological support, I mean not a shred, like Wiesel’s Babi Yar Jew blood geysers and Holocaust in general.
        Two misunderstood and rejected titans, that’s for sure. But humble, kind, considerate of others, respectful – ideal Jews, well 96% of them, anyway.

        Good show, what would Darkmoon do without this unique genius, Circusarian.

        Sorry, Gilbert (Huntly), I will now leave for a bit, let’s call it a Sabbatical, no more derailing, let C********n propel the site to new, vertiginous Alexian heights.

        I suppose we all need a break from each other – be well, you might find me sharing a commiserating drink with Harbinger.

      8. @Lo-bro

        It’s Bernoulli cousins, Lobro, not Euler brothers. This is really a huge new low for the self-proclaimed mathematician. That’s a shame.

        Sorry, Gilbert (Huntly), I will now leave for a bit, let’s call it a Sabbatical, no more derailing, let C********n propel the site to new, vertiginous Alexian heights.

        You definitely need one. We’ll be happy to have you back as soon as you regain your composure.

        1. No need for your panties to be tied up in knots, Karen, after all we live in a Holographic Universe and everything and everyone is just an image of an image of an image of an image….. , and nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about, strawberry fields forever….. you’re just hallucinating a holographic image of your panties getting tied up in knots and all bunched-up and giving you an itchy red rash around your twat and your asshole. You’re “not really” a twat and an asshole, you just think you are a twat and an asshole, LOL .

      9. Franklin:

        At last – it’s official!
        “I’m not inclined to go further into your Byzantine way of thinking” is a clear and final ceding of the field – there is no further exchange required to have that confirmed. Whether it’s on a thread that actually vanishes, or one where the hostess ‘throws the game’ in your favor, the result is invariably the same. To quote – in fact – from that vanished thread…

        “/Half-truther/[what you called Pepe Escobar] is your own moniker Franklin. You may wear it with pride, or run off and hide – as is your want, after dropping your stinkbombs and then seeking out the nearest rosebush to cower neath… when challenged to defend your \rain of error.\ Trample as you may upon the greensward of complex facts which need much watering and care, to produce the flowering of truth – in the end thee shall remain a mere garden gnome, pon which the gardener rests his rake or shovel, in the course of cleaning up debris spread about by errant windstorms.”

        Thy day is done. It has been fun


    3. I had a look over there, Dublin Mick. Very interesting that Ted Bundy is connected to this story.

      What about Al Bundy? From the Married With Children TV program? He was a shoe salesmen on the program. Maybe he is supplying these boys with cowboy boots?

      Is he part of the plot too?

  2. I can`t help thinking that now those who took the lands from the PNACI by force, know how THEY must have felt..
    Maybe it`s time for the current, and former, owners of the land, to unite, and do what should have been done a long time ago, before they were able to inflict so much damage, on the US, and the world at large, and get rid of the criminals who are supposedly “governing” the US..

    1. Ingrid –

      These issued were brutally settled in US in 1860 – 1933. They were settled in Russia in 1917 – 1991.
      In both cases… the people were defeated.

  3. Ormanci,
    I am not gainsaying your thesis.
    I am not even debating it.
    Because we are not on the same debate floor.
    You are on the 14th floor, I, on the 9th.
    You talk theory, not that I find a point of disagreement without a fine tooth comb, I talk physical evidence, situation on the ground.
    What the military calls SitRep.

    Since my IT’S JEWS, JEWS, JEWS offends so many, I will henceforth beat a retreat to a bunker of sourcable facts, a new mantra of
    IT’S 96+% JEWS
    From the J-horse’s mouth, so Denial is out of question, call them liars at own risk.
    Not me, I accept every word and this is another article that if people start taking at face value may well disappear, inhaled by the memory menorah hole.
    Like the man said (Harvest Moon), come a little bit closer, hear what I have to say:

    Less than 4 percent of Israeli Jews accept accusations from the international community that the IDF has used excessive firepower in the Gaza Strip during Operation Protective Edge, according to the monthly Peace Index poll sponsored by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University.

    The poll was conducted in three stages during the operation. On July 14, 246 Israeli adults were surveyed, 185 on July 16-17, and 216 on July 23.

    In none of the stages of polling did more than 3.8% say the IDF used excessive force. The balance believed that the IDF used an appropriate level of firepower (between 37% and 60% in the three phases) or insufficient firepower (33% to 57%).

    Any dissenting opinions before I definitely switch to IT’S 96+% JEWS?
    It’s actually not a bad handle, like 5 dancing shlomos, whose instincts parallel mine.
    I could then link to the JPost article within it, hell, let me do it now, click on my name to follow the game.
    Or maybe a kinder, gentler, more Jew-friendly, like FEWER THAN 3.8% JEWS OPPOSE GAZA SLAUGHTER
    Suits me, I am easy, name your poison (“your” not necessarily you Ormanci but the general reader).
    Or, “up to 57% Jews thought IDF used inadequate force”, … so many ways to spell it out, all of them TRUE … which makes the Kabbalists shrink back in dread, that was not the curse’s intended effect – truth!? Yahweh help us.

    Now we can go back to discussing the black arts and how to spot their chemical reek, just so long as you understand where I’m coming from.
    I am just a face in the crowd and I am telling you what this particular crowd is saying and doing.
    A sniper boasting on Facebook of what, dozen child kills gets hundreds of likes, a sneering slut describing her orgasms at hearing about murdered children and again, lots of likes, so-called “people” pulling up lounge chairs and cocktails across the stolen land to enjoy the Grand Guignol … yeah, that’s the crowd that motivates my mantra and my attitude.
    In some ways, I can stomach the exalted magical string pullers, the doomsday script writers better, they don’t upset me as much, they operate unemotionally and rationally, morality is not a variable in their calculations.

    So sorry, what an evil person I am, don’t I understand the Holocaustian neurosis, the eternal get-out-of-jail-free card?
    I guess I don’t.

    1. Lobro,
      with respect – and I have an abundance of that for your insight, intuition and integrity(with those three i’s dotted – who needs purported “genius!?)” – there’s is something about this particular theme which has cancelled out your usual perspicacity!

      It is absolutely not whether you want to claim ‘it’s the jews’ – all of them or 96 % – I have been consistent in trying to point out the very real need to incorporate a wider angled lens to work that fact into a bigger picture – where it can be of value.

      Just to leave alone this sideshow issue of whether all jews are evil or not – if we can for the moment –

      here it is in a nutshell; not all talmudist/kabbalists are jews! I would not even bother to try and explain this to the airhead who continues to try and misrepresent my pov here. Have non-jews ever been implicated in things that are reprehensible and/or very very negative for the Europoid peoples? I think we know that they have. Do we choose to factor that fact into our perspective – or just say “the jews made them do it?”

      If we choose the former – and – as you have done with Loyala, recognize them as non-jews instead of just implying that they must be cryptos, then we have to be accountable for what has been done by those of ‘our’ kind. Changes the picture big time – imo. John Dee, Giordano Bruno, Newton, Bacon – kabbalists and fifth columnists all. As are many – too many – today. Giving them invisibility is a big error. In fact, I call it the talmudist/kabbalist game plan – just blame the jews, give everybody else a pass – and I am calling out all those who follow that game plan, either sincerely or with hidden motives. Because we have to play to win here – no ‘better luck next time!’ You are apparently under the impression that I wish to make my choice of sideshow, when indeed, I wish to uproot the lot of them, then move on to the main event. I believe that to be your desire also – which is why I prefer to call the difference of opinion tactical, not fundamental.

      1. Ormangi,

        I have to inform you that Lobro is not home – he is in a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility, a.k.a. stupor, right now. Trying to sell your (correct, btw) thesis “It’s not all the Jews, Jews, Jews, stupid” to him is like trying to explain to Ariel Sharon while in coma that “You, the Jews, do not control America, stupid.”


      2. … and please keep it short, Ormangutan, you are still way too verbose. Brevity, brevity, and once more brevity – that’s what you should strive for. The art of brevity, as Sir Hugo French bequeathed us, is very important.

      3. Newton, Bacon et al were neither talmudists or kabbalists, they were white Gentiles attempting to draw man away from the barbarism of Judaism in all of its’ forms and lead us into enlightenment, the light. As I said, smoke and mirrors at this site. So long Joe (the real original one), everyone else you’ve only succeeded in increasing my contempt for jews, talmudist, reform or non-denominational, which is sad because I never wanted to hate anyone, especially for reasons that are unavoidable, such as the race one was born into, but alas, the jew has bringing hate onto himself for 3000 years.

      4. Yes, Karen, to be critical of, or disagree with nancy, results in labeling such as “air head”, and a reduction of varying points of view..

        1. Today, “Ingrid” is no longer a Norwegian, a foreigner to the United States. NO, “Ingrid’s” NO longer a foreigner, not today at least, today “Ingrid” is a good old American Western cow girl out on the range, where the deer and the antelope play, today “Ingrid” the “usually a Norwegian foreigner to the USA” is the world’s leading expert on the history of Texas and the history of the ALL the Western States that comprise the American West, and today “Ingrid” speaks as if she grew up in the United States, as if she grew up Out West USA. On all other days, “Ingrid” is “a Norwegian” , “a foreigner”, to the United States. I guess it’s just a coincidence that snake-shedding season arrived the very same day an America patriot got killed Out West. “Ingrid” the “Norwegian” “in Norway” went from caring so much about the Muslims in Norway to caring about an American patriot who got shot Out West in one second flat, right on-a-dime, right on cue. In one second flat “Norwegian” girl sounds as if she grew up in the United States and knows EVERYTHING there is to know about the history of the American West. From “leftist bleeding-heart Norwegian girl” to “Conservative American Texas Style cowgirl” in one second flat. Boy, Darkmoon’s stage director must really LERV “Ingrid”. Her acting skills are all encompassing, she can play any role, and play it perfectly well, and all this within one second of The Director directing her to switch roles and handing her a new script.

      5. “Europoid peoples” (haha)
        E-Pods, for short.
        The gang that couldn’t self flagellate, straight! (haha)

      6. “Newton, Bacon et al were neither talmudists or kabbalists, they were white Gentiles attempting to draw man away from the barbarism of Judaism in all of its’ forms and lead us into enlightenment, the light.”

        Oh goody!(Even)MORE …. this or that KABBALIST DIALECTIC to dispose of!*

        A few short quotes from the following will serve to dispel the ‘smoke and mirrors’ which tend to drop over this place when any truth inconvenient to the conceits of it’s denizens should dare be presented: read n weep…. or don’t read… and pretend! Tis all good!


        “Of special importance is Newton’s claim that the seven commandments given by God to Noah and his family after the Deluge were foundational for all existing social life. These Noachian or Noachide Precepts, as they are better named, still remain within Judaism as the first requirements of righteous behaviour from any Gentile or goy wishing to become a Jew: this is a distinctly Jewish conceit, and if Newton’s most obvi-ous source might seem to lie in the Babylonian Talmud (Sandhedrin56)one might enquire whether Jewish mystical insights are also involved.”

        “His researches into Opticks certainly moved Newton to a sense of invisible providence behind visibility, and he apparently intended a later edition of this book to finish with a reference to the Noachian precepts as the source behind Greek and therefore European philosophy”[!!??]

        The same author leaves us with one question to ponder…
        before we begin our next sequential attack on the facts ladies and hermaphrodites!

        “Were these relationships of thought being forged simply because Newton dabbled with ‘the Talmudists’ of his time, who were also picking up suggestions of Noah as a wise and inventive soul or are we approaching near the very stuff of Kabbalah?”

        Oops – All fall down! Sorry it didn’t work out for y’all this time! C’mon back soon with more howlers I can apply corrective medicine to!

        *read my lips – not all kabbalists were jews!

      7. Ormanci, I agree that the Devil is equal opportunity employer.
        However, just like NBA has only a few token whites, because of the old,
        white man can’t jump meme, whereas 96% of Negroes can 😉 😉
        so it is with Global Kabbalist League, certainly the league commissioner is a Jew.
        That’s The Law, doesn’t matter which league.
        When I am back, we can continue on some old, disused thread to give the posse comitatus a break from verbosity.

        And as for the ZeroCitassian, I will respond in due course.
        Of course, if I put the ultimatum to the admin, him or me, he’d be sent packing in a heartbeat back to the sulphuric vent in Babi Yar to spurt grotesquely at the Shoah tourist trail, but that’s not my way, never was or will be – DM is and must remain a free speech zone.


      8. For the love o Mike, Lobro, make up your mind! Either you gone or you here… not both! hehehe…

        no need for pushing our conversation into out of the way places – the subject at hand is, or needs be, at the center of any site which PURPORTS to be concerned with the care and continuity of the Europoids…

        if you are back, we can stay at it – if not, I got’s plenty o willing subjects it seems, able to offer up their assistance in playing stage assistant to my presentation! Speaking of which… one of the benefits of signing on to my more nuanced view of the territory[one of many may I add!]would be to have access to the ‘counter-majic’ which stymies the kabbalist and terrorizes the talmudist.

        For instance – be able to turn your personal stalker here into an unwitting stage dummy who acts in accordance with your own agenda! As I have successfully done in re-wiring the gruesome granny among us to take her cues from me while still believing herself under the influence of her kabbalist masters! Together, she and I have gone from strength to strength, in unmatched synchronicity of will[mine own] in exposing and defeating the many minions of satan dissembling on these pages.

        Just imagine if you too were able to make of schlitzie here your own acolyte and sorcerer’s familiar!

        If you are back – let us proceed – I enjoyed your flitting about as to being here or not, as it illustrates the weakness of the ‘it’s just the jews’ position to a tee! Having cake and eating it too – a most egregious non-sequitur squire! I will expand when you signal your decision! Don’t worry a bit about taking up space here – Gilbert H has allowed that we are an entertaining couple of monkeys, and the rest of the style critics can bite my tail!

        1. @ Ormanci

          Dear friend in the trenches, where did you learn verbosity and obscurantism?

          For a long time now I have been dissatisfied with the clarity of my own literary style. I have been longing to learn the secrets of obscurantism and of being thoroughly incomprehensible to my many readers in the cybersphere. Unfortunately, dear brother, I have been unable to reach the high level of perfection you yourself have managed to reach so effortlessly in the subtle arts of verbosity, obscurantism, and total incomprehensibility.

          What, pray tell, is the secret of your remarkable success?

          Do tell.

      9. @Lobro

        When I am back …

        You have never left, lowbrow, you are in the background like a fiend waiting each comment by Circassian with a heart pang. You are scared shitless to face him squarely, you cannot predict from which side the next knockdown blow will come from, while your actions are totally predictable: you will keep digging deeper down the rabbit hole, showing us more and more lows of your shady character. You are – unlike Fuc Yu Chi and The Avatar aka Palestinian Warrior – a slow learner, or shall we say a low learner.

        And as for the ZeroCitassian, I will respond in due course.
        Of course, if I put the ultimatum to the admin, him or me, he’d be sent packing in a heartbeat back to the sulphuric vent in Babi Yar to spurt grotesquely at the Shoah tourist trail, but that’s not my way, never was or will be – DM is and must remain a free speech zone.

        Arrogance. The most difficult problem with my patients is to explain them that they are not well at all. A person with sick conscious cannot be cured until it dawns on him that he is sick spiritually. This is a kind of catch 22 situation.

        1. @ Circassian

          What’s all this rubbish, eh? Can’t you see that all this needless ridicule of Lobro, springing from pure jealousy of his effortless superiority to anyone else on this website, is totally off-topic?

          It not only demeans this website but reflects badly on you.

          Haven’t you the intelligence to realise that all your mindless attacks on Lobro are no more than self-inflicted wounds?

      10. ,What a sick, perverted, and twisted mind our nancy has, is he now implying that I am an unwitting pawn in his stupid kabbalistic games. I think his mind is infected to such a degree, that he is beyond help, not that he would ever lower himself to the point of admitting his affliction, and accepting the help he so badly needs. Poor, poor nancy..

      11. Yes, Lobro, why not join in the kabbalistic fun and games, get the long suffering Harbinger in on the act, since he expressed a desire for my demise. Should be hilarious..

      12. Day 16 –
        Ingie starting to ‘feel the heat’ …

        those voices – they were ‘real’ after all! Or were they>?

        Personal note in diary: “must start exercising more discretion when pimping a ride on somebody else’s schtick! Too many incidents of ending up in a car crash… due to their careless driving. Already lost three of my beautiful blue rinse wigs due to smoke and fire damage. Can’t afford another… “nancy” has cost me a bundle. Now he’s even getting inside my head… Bastard!

      13. Ingrid, if I were Sir Hugo French, I would give you A+ for mastering the Art of brevity.

        Sard, if I am jealous of anyone or anything here, it is, perhaps, Ingrid’s talents for short expression, TROJ’s keen instincts, and your sense of sarcasm.

        As of Harbinger, I don’t believe he is recovered yet from the deep knockout Ingrid sent that poor soul inadvertently. So, we have to give him some more time for recuperation.

        He’ll be back – trust me.

      14. Yes, poor, poor, nancy, really believes in his kabbalistic power, really believes he can manipulate people`s minds, he is such a jew.. He studies something which is beyond the understanding of most, then implies that he has “the power”?? kabbalah, like psychiatry, can be manipulated, twisted, tweaked, formed into any shape the tweaker/manipulator desires, in order to brainwash the gullible, into believing the absolute power of the manipulator.. As far as I`m concerned nancy, you have squandered any credibility you might have had, now you are just another miserable, failed, perpetrator of so-called mumbo jumbo, the power of which fades with reasoning.. Nice try though, better luck next time around..

        Why has my user name been changed? Ingrid B.. and why is my comment awaiting moderation? something stinks..

      15. That’s ‘anti-kabbalist’ power dear girl! Causes the mind controller’s psychic programming to go bonkers!

        You seem more than usually upset at the moment….
        do you wish to see an exorcist? Let’s call the nurse.

        Like the new name by the way. Very… esoteric yes? Kind of occultic, one might say

      16. @Ormanci,

        You are correct that are problems are not limited to the Jews. I have always said that myself. The basic problem with otherwise intelligent people is that they have fallen into this trap that it is a genetic problem. That these evil people suffer from bad DNA which allows them to rule the world. Well, that begs the question. For if they rule the world, how can anyone say they have bad DNA? Sounds like they have good DNA.

        When you agree with Lobro about Loyola, I am assuming you are both referring to St. Ignatius. If that is the case, I can hardly agree. Perhaps you should try doing his Spiritual Exercises. I would love to have the time or place to do them properly, over 30 days, but I have been confined to weekend retreats. Suffice it to say, I hear a lot of concern over this great Saint, yet I have not ever heard the reason for this concern in any way that makes sense. Yet many will find fault with St. Ignatius, yet understand that the Jesuits are not the problem. This is just a form of laziness in my opinion.

        The Jesuits are a problem. At least for the last 100 years or so. But they certainly were not a problem when they were God’s Marines protecting the Pope and trying to protect against Protestant subversion and infiltration. They did serve their purpose at one time. Now they have become the worst of the modernists and a cabal of homosexuals.

        You are 100% correct concerning Bacon, Newton, Dee, etc. Newton was the Harry Potter of his day. I think he tried to use the Philosopher’s Stone. He certainly was an alchemist and most likely was mad as a hatter from mercury poisoning. So, I am start to get you on your understanding of Magic. But let’s face it, Protestantism, outside of Anglicanism and maybe even Lutheranism, is nothing but Judaism. As is the Enlightenment. Certainly Puritanism is wicked to the core. But Newton did succeed in finding alchemy. It’s called banking and compound interest. Einstein, too was enthralled with the Magic of compound interest.

        We know that Newton was Head of the Royal Exchequer. His idea to convert “lead” into gold was to debase the currency. Cooler heads prevailed at the time, and he did not get his wish. But debasing currency, and fractional reserve banking is indeed Magic. And it is indeed alchemy that works. I suppose inflation is as well, which is merely the debasing of currency by another method.

        Of course the only way to battle this evil is the Holy Roman Catholic Faith, practiced without apology and unadulterated. That means trying not to sin. And if you do, go to Confession and get right with God.

        The world is sick because of sin. Lobro might be partial to DNA, and you may be partial to Magic. You are much closer to the truth. DNA and genetics is ridiculous. And that is why Professor McDonald and others like him get stuck in the mire and give up on being taken as serious thinkers. For this is the sin of pride.

        Imagine if St. Benedict and the Monastic System considered the Europoids, who were mostly Barbarians at the time, to suffer from bad DNA. Why it is a good bet none of us would be here. And if we were, we most certainly would not be able to type out thoughts and ideas and engage in obfuscation. I do not believe that any human being is not capable of learning and contributing towards the good.

        The way is easy. Yet it seems it is the hardest thing for man to do. There are no shortcuts. The only answer is to root out sin. Beginning with our own conversion, that of our families, our parishes, and eventually the entire world. That is how the weak become strong.

        I will close with a portion of our Lady’s Magnificat:

        Because he that is mighty, hath done great things to me; * and holy is his name.
        And his mercy is from generation unto generations, * to them that fear him.
        He hath shewed might in his arm: * he hath scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart.
        He hath put down the mighty from their seat, * and hath exalted the humble.
        He hath filled the hungry with good things; * and the rich he hath sent empty away.

        Exaltation of the humble. What a concept! Too bad so few wish to be exalted. And yes, I include myself in that accusation. But I do try. Lord, how I try.

      17. Rich,
        many thanks for bringing things back to the topic at hand. When otherwise intelligent people cannot find a way to avoid letting a discussion slide to the lowest common denominator, all benefit is lost to it.

        I have, indeed, focused on the term ‘magic’ in many of my previous comments. It is the most useful word available for bridging the gap in people’s awareness between what the modern mind understands as “mind control” and what those previous to us understood the word ‘evil’ to mean. It suits the program of the modern black magician/mind controller very well that the connection between these two term is never made. That way, people stay unconscious to the very elements in their own psyche which can become subverted to thought and action inimical to their own interests!

        There are many ways of coming at this however; one of my favorite authors for getting to the heart of the matter is Harrell Rhome – whose UNCOVERINGTHE KABALA:FROM SORCERY TO PSYCHOPOLITICS is full of memorable quotes and insights. One of which is:

        “Everything begins in mysticism and ends in politics.”   Charles Peguy

        The program to defraud us of our natural birthright as free and sovereign beings is one which occurs on multiple fronts. Anyone, therefore, who wishes to equip themselves to defeat it must educate themselves in the spiritual, political, and economic spheres. Few are willing to involve themselves in such a broad and disparate range of subjects – they fall prey therefore to the innate tendency to factionalize as partisans of one or another position against an opposing one. This is the kabbalist enemy’s best weapon; the European mind seems disposed towards to manipulation along those lines.

        I will give you one small example, drawing upon your own religious affiliations. Unlike yourself, I was born into a strongly Protestant family. Strong enough, that the stories have past down through the generations right into my own lifetime, about how our own Irish version of Saint Bartholomew’s Day Style – Massacre occurred, when Catholics stuffed our people into barrels and threw them into the river.

        To be honest, the first time I walked into a Catholic Church I was almost overcome by nausea – of a kind much deeper than anything conscious could produce. On the other hand, during my final visit to a now fallen America, I happened upon a Catholic retreat in Florida where I walked the stations of the Cross in a rapt contemplation of all that had occurred in my life and the forces controlling it. I came away from that walk almost reborn in my sense of wholeness and redemption. No malice or prejudicial elements can remain to one after such a molding in the fire of spiritual grace! Are these trace memories of hate and fear ‘racial,’ or genetic, or socialized? I know not. But I do know that they lead only towards the end of my enemy – and that they must therefore be resisted, in favor of a greater sense of solidarity which is essential for individual as well as group survival.

        “Psychopolitics — the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through ‘mental healing’.”

        When we review our current situation with an appreciation of the conjunction of very old occultic practices with the latest in scientific techniques, we can begin to understand why an apparently archaic term like ‘magic’ can have application to the well rounded – and grounded – resistor’s efforts to defend themselves from what I have referred to as the ‘vivisectionists of the soul.’ The intent to manipulate the minds others so as to distort their reality is very much at the heart of what is driving the Occidental world towards self destruction. This needs to be seen – and resisted – on the personal as well as the macro level…

        ergo my intent to alert those sincerely wishing to cut through the serious level of duplicity which infects EVERY ELEMENT of their reality now in the western world – of the degree to which even their very thoughts can no longer be considered off limits to those who practice the dark arts of ‘psychopolitics.’ Those most subject to such external influence seem to be the ones most virulent in denying the possibility of such influences existing.

        Your insight regarding the Jesuits – “Now they have become the worst of the modernists and a cabal of homosexuals… is an acute one.” In the course of preparing many different broadsides against the program of the modern black magicians through the years, I have noticed that when one turns one’s guns upon the homosexualist element of that group, the blowback is possibly even more powerful than when merely engaging the talmudist/kabbalist faction of the enemy. Which has more or less confirmed me in my suspicions that they seek to destroy us primarily through destroying our integrity of gender and sexual identity. A program well on the way to success in the fallen lands!

        I have learned to simply allude to the connections between the two heads of the hydra in my work, so as to stay somewhat out of the line of their combined firepower. A summation such as my short precis https://storify.com/SuaveBel/dossier-the-occultic-background gives the careful reader a chance to review that connection without too much overt emphasis.

        You are also ‘right on the money’… so to speak… in drawing the connections between the kabbalist dabbler Newton and the money scam Newton who practiced the ‘alchemy’ of dissimulation on behalf of his hidden masters. “WE,” the gentiles… are culpable for our sins of not just cupidity and vanity, but also for ignorance -of spiritual and practical matters. Until such time as we are willing to shoulder responsibility for those sins, we will remain victims of the kabbalist’s easy victory – in which the smoke screen of ‘it’s the jews’ has a starring role!

      18. Ormanci –

        Do you know of – heard of – anyone who has accomplished the transmutation of baser metals to noble metals?

      19. Pat,
        did you look further into the name I offered up in the response to your first asking after that?

        There are definite intimations in the historical record that George Starkey had accomplished more in his New England apprentice days that the whole of Europe combined. Since that story is peripheral to my own interests, I have not followed up!

      20. Ormanci –


        “did you look further into the name I offered up in the response to your first asking after that?”

        No. I missed it. Sorry for that.

        It happens constantly in nature…. at high temperatures such as volcanic action. That’s why veins are found…. and veins of other metals found among the noble metals.

        All that is required is a base metal like mercury or even silver – combined with naturally occurring uranium – and high temps. Low level nuke reactions.

        I believe nuclear reactors were attempts at transmutation. 🙂

        I have witnessed it done on a very small scale. It would be financially unrealistic for individuals. I accompanied this man in those experiments in 1988:

        Dr. Joe Champion is a well-known alchemists. He has come up with a transmutation method called LENC (Low Energy Nuclear Change).


        Good pics:

        Phonon Conversion of Silver to Gold — a Dimensional Formation

        Dr. Joe Champion
        ( July 24, 2001 )

        This paper was prepared in 2000 and published in 2001. Since the publication six years ago all of the mathematical formalization remain constant. However, the application of the process has changed to produce higher yields of gold. Now if you replicate this process and have high commercial yields of gold, I would appreciate an email. Normally what has been observed is a conversion of 1.0% gold from the silver. The last test of the modified system occurred on September 2007.

        This document is the first of a series of technologies that allows for the formation of new elements by an event that has eluded science. In the first part of this paper, one can safely convert silver (Ag) to gold (Au) in the confines of their home or laboratory. Next is a the complete theory has to ‘why’ the process works and finally is a procedure for the production of Au in its pure state that requires laboratory apparatuses and training.


      21. Nancy is dangerous.. Nancy wants many Madonna wanna b`s to allow their minds to be filled with cabbalistic nonsense..

        A few years ago, I read of a small village in South America, where the kids experimented with oijah boards, all the kids, without exception, developed psychosis.. the parents, and priests, at their wits end, called in exorcists, declaring that their kids were “posessed”..

        Someone very close to me, also developed a psychosis due to experimentation with a oijah board, so people, be careful what you wish for, not everything is as “cute”, and “trendy” as it might seem..

    2. Don’t play tic tac toe with jews and think you can win. The jew’s goal, and advantage, is to bring it to a cat’s game.

  4. The actions and reactions of this group in Northwestern US combined with the planned reactions and provocative actions of government agencies in US is not new….. and will continue…. possibly for numerous decades.

    The very same patterns unfold in each case. The ‘separatist’ groups are always led by government paid informants and planted provocateurs. Pharisee-Jew organizations and agencies are later found to have been controlling the US agents in the background. The controllers operate in a very similar fashion as the Mossad in control at Abu Ghraib penitentiary-torture site in Iraq.

    Two decades ago, Ruby Ridge and Waco and OKC debacles followed the same pattern. Many on this site probably remember some of the ‘separatist’ groups over the last few decades. ‘The Republic of Texas’ was just one. Those embers still ignite every so often in Texas…. giving false hopes of ‘freedom actions’ to those members.

    See them glow a little here:

    Texas separatist still thinks cause will succeed
    Texas separatist still believes cause will succeed
    2007 Houston Chronicle

    AMARILLO — A decade after Republic of Texas separatist Richard McLaren drew the attention of the nation to a far West Texas mountainside — not to mention about 300 state troopers — the prospect of growing old behind bars hasn’t altered his beliefs in the least.

    In fact, the man who calls himself “Hostage No. 802782” at a Panhandle state prison unit is surer than ever that Texas remains a sovereign nation.

    “We didn’t start it,” McLaren said of the weeklong standoff that ended May 3, 1997, and left one of his followers dead. “We’re just the (keepers) of the 1836 constitution.”


    The London Pharisee-Jew Bankers in control of US cannot allow any sparks of resistance to succeed in the USA. That would be a bad example for the rest of the world. That would reduce the effectiveness of their existing and future planned controls.

    The USA was destroyed in 1860s. Controls are in place NOW..!!

    1. These displays of control will be repeated. Addition info in the article above shows the repetitive nature and similarity of actions by both sides. I remember the federal agents chased one man down by helicopter and shot him with a rifle.


      Nearly 300 Department of Public Safety troopers descended on the area while McLaren, his wife and five followers holed up at his mountain home. They released the Rowes after 13 hours, but the siege persisted until all but two separatists gave up.

      Richard Keyes III — one of the Rowes’ assailants — escaped but was captured four months later north of Houston. Mike Matson was shot dead shortly after the surrender when he pointed his weapon at approaching authorities.

      “This guy (Matson) took it to his grave. He really believed they were doing the right thing,” Valadez said. The other separatists were convicted of various crimes, and McLaren was found guilty of directing the Rowes’ kidnapping.

      But he presses on. Though no court has certified his independence assertion despite continuous attempts, he’s confident it’ll happen some day.

      “All revolutions have aspects that aren’t pleasant,” he said of the siege and resulting convictions.

      In a nutshell, McLaren contends the 1845 annexation of Texas, overwhelmingly approved by the republic’s voters, is null because it was approved by a joint resolution of the U.S. Congress after a decade of failed treaty attempts between the two nations.


      1. @Pat, Texas, where two of my all time favourite films were shot, “The Searchers” and “Four for Texas”..

          Looking on The Bright Side, this shooting of an American Patriot can only add to “our” Darkmoon weltzschmerz suffering, and how MUCH your john snakekikeminski , and all the rest of you kikes at DM, how MUCH you all just LERV to suffer from weltzschmerz. very much in keeping with your woebroyim lobro woebro deep suffering for the human condition. For “our” “good” and for “our” “Salvation” the kike snakes of Darkmoon carry the weight of The Whole World on their snake trunks as they slither around in the dark black of night, no Moonlight even to shed any light whatsoever on what they’re up to, how convenient it is for the DM’er kikes that there just so happens to be NO light at all to reveal what they’re really up to! What a “coincidence” there’s no light, not even any Moonlight, to reveal their slithering around in the night!

  5. Reading all the diarrheatic verbosity of Lobro and Ormanci has certainly de-railed the topic!
    Cliven Bundy, et.al., certainly do not deserve the ‘hero’ mantle many have laid on their shoulders. They simply worked with what they deemed advantageous, and rebelled when its availability became threatened. One does not necessarily have to be a ‘patriot’ to respond in such mode.

    1. Sorry GH !

      I was certain that the reference to “Oliver the Spy” would quite neatly bring the subject of the thread back round in view, while connecting it to the apparent deviation bout Jews n Jesuits. In fact, the final line in the response I gave FR was an even more concise way of tying it all together =
      Provocateur – Instigator – Sock Puppet – Hasbra

      The dead Lavoy being an example of the same.

      Like yourself, apparently, I am one who does not like to see threadjacking take place – and that was my effort to avoid it. If it did not succeed, in your opinion – my apologies. As for run on verbiage – non offered nor required… I like to write – U don’t like to read – there’s a simple solution!

      But I will do my best to be cognizant of your point – as you usually make good ones.

      1. Please don’t be offended, Ormanci. Because I ENJOY reading yours and Lobro’s astute writing, I take the time to read it! (Can’t help that I’m a slow reader! 🙂 )
        There’s a lot on my muddled mind these days, but it relaxes me some to visit this site, and I would very much MISS you and Lobro if you weren’t around. Sorry to be a pain-in-the-ass to y’all. I’m just moody. 🙁

    2. Gilbert Huntley you’re more of a man than those two slithering snakes could ever hope to be. Don’t fall for it. Men like you are the reason behind cultural Marxism, immigration, political correctness. It’s the only method they have of destroying your high spirit high and moral ground,

      1. @ Karen

        What makes you call Lobro and Ormanci “slithering serpents”?

        Any evidence? Or are we to take your word for it?

        Ad hominem abuse is a valid argument in your eyes, is it? 🙂

      2. @ Ormanci

        I confess I don’t understand what you’re getting at half the time, but I don’t think anything you are saying requires either suppression or ad hominem abuse — especially as you seem to be bursting with bonhomie and good humor toward your attackers. Please continue posting here and pay no attention to these cantankerous types.

        @ Lobro

        Are you a “slithering serpent?”

        If so, take it as a compliment. You are one of the best posters on this site and anyone who attacks you has to be envious of your superior talents.

        Your attackers, I will add, have never given any convincing evidence of superior intelligence of their own. Their posts are usually short, banal and pedestrian, lacking in any valuable information.

      3. No offence to this site , an excellent one, but relaxing it ain’t. I find that it brings out a dark side. To relax, in my humble opinion, turn off all of the black mirrors in your house or apartment, step outside look at the sky and eat an apple.

        1. @ Karen

          Well, Karen, I take my hat off to you for that nice comment. You have certainly mellowed and seem much nicer than you were before. Don’t judge this website by its commenters. This is what Admin has to say about the commenters here and I believe that Admin is telling the truth.

          “We have no time to read and monitor every comment published on this website, some of which are extremely long. We admit that a substantial number of comments published here are pretty nasty and show evidence of mental derangement. Fortunately, we have a small core of highly intelligent commenters whose sincerity and dedication to the truth is beyond question. We rely on these to counteract the influence of the trolls and timewasters.”


      4. You are correct, Darlington, that ad homs have no place in the discussion…

        and that resort to them merely darkens the reputations of those who resort to such. I have however, no feelings of malice towards such persons – rather, I feel every sympathy for their situation, and am able to look upon in as mere confirmation of the basic thesis I have brought forwards here…

        which is that ALL still living in the fallen lands of the west are subject to external manipulation of their thoughts by forces that they would be far better off recognizing the existence of – rather than denying them and thereby confirming the power of those same forces over them.

        I am a big fan of Karen, and what she brings to to forum in wit and grace; I look upon the current mise en scene therefore as but a temporary aberration which she is no doubt constructively working on as we speak – and may indeed be able to profit from greatly as an episode which confirms the reference to “ALL” I have laid emphasis upon!

        Certainly, anyone here who has acquired their own personal ‘stalker’ … such as she and her ‘slithering snakes,’ Lobro and myself have… is doing something against the kabbalist forces worthy of attention! Her more nuanced critiques of our monkeying around will continue to be well taken! While letting Lobro speak for himself in that regard, I will continue to occupy my humble role in this garden of ideas by offering to Eve my apple of insights – in the hopes that she may yet be seduced away from harm!

      5. @ Ormanci

        “I will continue to occupy my humble role in this garden of ideas by offering to Eve my apple of insights.”

        Beautifully put, darrrhling!

        I am ‘Eve’s Apple’ . . . and I’m ready when you are! 🙂

      6. Get a grip Sardo…. or should I say Zardo…

        No one here should be allowed to work more than a half dozen accounts. You’ve exceeded the limit anyone could possibly need in expressing their multiple personalities. Time to integrate… not imitate!

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGwDulNQEys
    The Tao of LaVoy Finicum
    Renegade Politics
    12m vid

    …. let’s remember folks, this kind of thing happens daily with an average of 3 victims, arbitrarily, messily and with (not just) Wild West or Mormon / Mason Western (but certainly also overarchingly ZOG directed West) mediaWHOREheads sanctioned WAR Materials in the U:K:R:A:I:N:E – in SYRIA LYBIA IRAQ … for years on end already.

    KrisAnne Hall Discusses Killing of LaVoy Finicum

    THE ‘MALITIOUS’ obviously irresistably ATTRACTED TO MALHEUR and the most perfect, voluntary and volluntarizing among them can be shaken and teazed out FOR A WILLING SACRIFICE… and here’s where one can blame noone but the beautiful man or the beautiful man’s fault at best .. and nobody who could teaze them out in time was around .. though i’ve seen that fact remarked upon, in passing, often … as this vid does in the 17th minute …

    here’s a lesson for KrisAnne on How to scale autonomy without losing even a bit of it along all the rungs/steps up to rounded out full surveillance / watertight control / perfect enforcement / model behaviour / zombie hood and other chimeraeical distopian doped upitudes.

    Simple. Feed the rootosphere and the noosphere will be one of duuuh fragrance and desert cooling kind.
    All steps along the way should have more transparancy, sharability and consensus in both work load and results … which takes a few drill down techniques .. like ‘read only’ originals (this is a principle i formulated before the turn of the millenium and the only company that really used this concept is bitcoin but the principles ([see jaron lanier and todd boyle’s ledgerism days]) equally if not way more fruitful when governance, where all shites can pile in like there’s no … understanding of the FBI in Burns (good call KrisAnn [(did you read what i adressed to you a week ago??)] partakes in and of it).

    Does this mean militias need to strong arm digitalia? Impossible.
    Does this mean militias need a strong digital arm? More like it.

    I mean the more ‘like’ it .. the more the likers must be given robust political clout. Of course the layerrailable curtain show is not in exactly it’s most reliably stable nonslippy slide layer cake stage ‘rite’ now, .. not by a long shot, let alone on one that rules out and prevents the jokes on all us pulled and perped by the (luckily) very very few and very sick few. Stage fright anybody? Turning a deep fear into a point of pride like Lavoy does nobody any favors besides yet another jesus figure to bemoan .. and who has been benefitting from that for thousands of years already eh??????

    ps: my first words on Lavoy were wrong .. fortunately .. but i stand by the conclusion and therefore repeat here what i said:

    nbc footage of the mormon man they shot … lost his adopted children herd just days prior, … was gonna be 56 the next day …. hasn’t the sligtest thought of native injuns under that expensive headgear
    END THE OCCUPATION OF AMERICA if you want fatal farces like this to cease.

    pps (2 comments from heavy.com):
    Jerome Asa Carpenter says:
    January 27, 2016 at 12:38 am

    Morman? Foster parents? Was there not an incident,years ago ,when the indigenous tribes of North America were being colonized,they (Mormans)came upon a wagon train,along the path of destruction of the native people living areas,occupied for tens of thousands of years …they killed and pilfered the hard tack and water of the other less capable “settlers” So here you are now,standing against the very governmental structure that afforded you the opportunity to thrust yourselves onto the land of the indigenous peoples…. Boo Hoo

    kookooracharabioso says:
    January 27, 2016 at 3:36 am

    With your logic every human on the planet should also be dead. What are you? An algorithm?

    USA: FBI agent describes moment Robert ‘Lavoy’ Finicum was shot
    Ruptly TV – 127K
    490 views .. Jan 28, 2016

    FBI Special Agent, Greg Breezing, addressed media on the shooting of Robert ‘Lavoy’ Finicum, in Burns, on Thursday.

    even jesus needed a sturdy beam to keep his wings aspread
    you are shot in the vest pocket and your hand is not gonna go there???
    it’s as if it’s a sport for the elite to work with the flimsyest deniabilty veneer they can possibly achieve .. in between mulling over and plotting ways to validate, justify, consolIDate, legitimate, update and prolong past sins in nearby caves … Lavoy was near enough native to qualify as a worthy enough sacrificial morsel .. and the gazillions uploads of his death with a handful of views each only adds an icing on their KabalKhabadKake

    7,490 youtube search results for lavoy finicum
    7,690 13 minutes later
    7750 4 minutes after that …

    ps: first time i heard KA Hall (on the 6th, here on your channel, thanx for that) i wrote:

    Taking Back the Narrative What’s Really Going on in Oregon

    lady, for the sake of your progeny, lest they get even more insensitive to the groundswell wound in all this than you already are, get your white ass off red land and back to the land your ancestors were deluded into, opportunistically or cowardly betraying; an abandonment that was multigenerational squared as the (flipside) assault on a race which is nobler on account of better grounding alone and will rise back up as assuredly as livingroom-size girth trees will be the normal of a saner millenium than ours (the next? .. about a thousand years from the moment most of the likes of you see the reason, heart and sense of my plea and warning.

    yesterday i described you thus (after hearing you on revolution radio):
    psyop[[[shipshapeshop]]]per selected lassy pleads about state sovereignty and power to be held — that emasculated powder word again eh?? always suspect .. often foretold, the thingkkk to prepare for .. expect … and behold, all them holds/holdings and unfoldings .. cue my hints about nature’s currencies, omitted here — but no fits with scales of extension? No federations of any terrestrial kind able to trump selfdeclared and/or wangled ‘inviolable’ wholeness of nationhood??? Are you even aware that despite all the gun-libiderty-lovers crime has gone intercontinental via the US many times over the amount it managed via the ‘britzis’ and britraelians and other assorted multiculticliques????? .. is this about the right rite place mention / recommend sorting .. roughly .. by colour ??? .. and that native means the looOoooOoooOoOoOoong string of those who came before you???? oh wait, i dID THAT already.

    another helpful tip:
    Read ‘The Dragon and the Ice Castle’ … about a
    formerly sacred site (in the NE) becoming a crossroads for all sorts of ‘new’ ‘owner’ conduits: trains, cars, pipelines, a toxic dump even and a few more things … i suspect this might be similar .. bunch of occupiers spoilin for a pile up

    not my strategy .. too much damage … the galt way or no way … i m spread thin over 3 languages and 4 continents

    .. until my message reaches and teaches fistmakers that clasping handles comes to no grief, working weights to lift and fall in circulation can help you plant gardens up and down cliffsides and they come and go for some focus or other like that and dig 68 miles of swales in no time anyplace the cattle can be kept off of the till then dwindling parts of earth rain can still fall ….

    Malheur Seige and the FBI Murder of Lavoy Finicum

    i see you haven’t tarped your snake yet
    early 7th minute: yeah, the macho talk gave the evil ones licence more than anything
    3rd minute: “asking actors to sign a talent release”
    wrong formulation
    it’s asking people to renounce the rights to profits off the future action the ‘capturer’/recorder is betting his wear and tear to profit from on ..
    it’s asking people to become actors, .. do something drastic and don’t be tempted by treating it as life insurance for loved ones … it’s telling you … don’t be a jesus basically … not that i believe jesus had anything like what was made of him in mind when telling desertifyers a few greenmaking (groen genoeg doen) tricks .. for which he and especially the ones who taught him on his sojourn ‘earned’ undying enmity.

    re: foster kid income / hoax complicity / crisis actor argument in the 12th minute:
    in france many a castle uses [t]his rehabilitation formula succesfully and can only survive by grace of that, it really works .. (fixing stone walls, etcetera) but not so much when you try it in urban, thoroughly and multiply amputated enviros like the Netherlands. Europe flooded with so many males, wayward yet venture, has more reason to champion Lavoy than America right now.

    8,190x 80m later
    9,840 5h later

    13,400 at 11 am the next day
    400 more 2 1/2h later

    Don Veeser8 hours ago
    If this doesn’t wake this sleeping, apathetic country up to what the elite’s evil agenda is really about then there is no hope left. I used to say that America IS the last hope for freedom and liberty left on this whole, damned, Godless planet. We’re now at the point of saying that America WAS the last hope…

    +Don Veeser 200 years of landtheft spreading way beyond turtle isle as we speak is not enough evidence for you to firm up some resolve to dissolve this at bottom satanic ‘spell-steered’ ‘undertaking’?

  7. Behind the stand-off charades… Pharisee-Jew Morris Dees at SPLC. He sponsored OKC perps’ training at Elohim City militia camp.

    Now here….. getting $$millions tax-free for behind the scenes control of info from and about the group in Oregon.

    Amid comparisons to Ruby Ridge and Waco, anger is pervasive on the far right, but militia leaders are mostly calling for ‘cooler heads’ to prevail.

    Perhaps the most striking declaration came from one of the militants still occupying the refuge, who appeared in a video released from the compound showing the men using earth-moving machinery to apparently dig a trench and create an earthen berm, while he and others patrolled with their assault-style rifles and ranted at the camera, pleading to their fellow “Patriots” to come and aid them.

    “There are no laws in this United States now!” the man declared angrily. “This is a free-for-all Armageddon. Any LEO or military or law enforcement or feds that stand up and fuck their oath — don’t abide by their oath — are the enemy!”


  8. I watched the video a dozen times. Every time, Mr. Finicum lowers his hands and reaches both hands in and out of his coat, all the while turning left and right, away from both cops who have pistols aimed at him. To me, it looked like he panicked, which isn’t hard to believe. He looked like a man who thought he was going to die and auto-reached for his pistol(s)
    He didn’t look as if he were shot, before lowering his hands. Apoplexy is expected and understandable.

    From a cop’s perspective if you’re holding a man “under arrest” with a pistol, and he lowers his hands and reaches into his coat, while turning away from you. That really is black/white.

    What happened after he was initially shot and fell to the ground is the question.
    Was he dead BEFORE or AFTER the Feds shot him an additional (six?) times, when he was down?
    This seems to be the prime question, at least as pertains to this deadly incident.

    1. Just listened to a podcast where they played a clip of an interview of a woman who was in the car. According to her, Finnicum was shot in cold blood, he got out of the car, said that if that was what they wanted, to just shoot him, they did, then they started pumping bullets into the car. The woman interviewed said she was hit in the shoulder..

      1. Ingrid –

        Here is that interview with Victoria Sharpe, who was in the car.

        Victoria was not hit in the shoulder… she said – Ryan Bundy – was shot at the final stop in snowbank. He was sitting to her left in the back seat.

        Early on – Ryan Payne – was arrested when he got out of the car after they stopped at the first roadblock.

        Everyone has their own truth, even witnesses, but especially those listening to witnesses. All different.


  9. People, listen when a wise man speaks to you. I am trying to teach you something of utmost importance, damn it, but you are not listening.

    Бандерлоги, хорошо ли вам вдно? Sit quietly and watch.

    Come Closer is a Russian tactics as old as Russia itself for dealing with crack-brained arrogant assholes. The arrogant French racists under Napoleon have learned it the hard way when they took Moscow in 1812. The arrogant German Nazis – the grotesquely open racists – have learned it the brutal way when they got close to Moscow and Stalingrad in 1942-1943. The super arrogant English – the consummate racists – are in Moscow right now behind the fifth column, “advising” how to kill the economy and make Russian peoples’ life so miserable that they would rise against their only true leader and depose him.

    These assholes have no fucking idea what Russia and Russians are. Can you complete the thought, benderlogs?

  10. I have not been following this story at all. But it does make me question the necessity of the Federal Government taking control and title of all of these lands. I think I have heard it said that one of the reasons was to hold it as collateral against debt issued to the government by bankers. I think there is truth to that.

    It does remind me a bit of what happened in England following Henry’s theft of Church property and his Reformation. Before this revolution and theft, poor shepherds were allowed to graze their sheep on Church lands and even on the grounds of Lords. After the English Reformation they were kicked off the lands and these people became destitute and had to migrate to the cities and supply labor for the Industrial Revolution or beg on the streets. The new owners did not want any competition in the thriving wool business.

      1. FC,

        sorry it took so long to reply

        For this to begin in earnest couldn’t occur until the aftermath of widespread and devastating warring over the planet, upon which time the furtherance of implementing Agenda 21 WOULD become a matter of routine

        But the key word of course is “would”. Nothing is etched in stone, or whatever be the medium of prophecy.

        It may be “etched”, but nothing’s over till the fat lady sings.

      2. I’ll post an elaboration on things when I have more time. Even though it’s pretty much a regurgitation of old material. Soon thereafter I’ll have some blockbuster stuff.

    1. You could also add that the medical services the monasteries offered the poor was also cut off from them by Henry’s Reformation……Never mind [Lord}Rich made a killing.

  11. When we were young 20000 farmers had a few pigs, cows and hens and grew natural corn. The fascists had not enough control on their income so today we have 2000 farmers with 100 or more cows or pigs and every animal as an earmark, when young pigs are born the vet is accompanied by a taxman…

    Any time they can confiscate your property for so called “public utility”. In Belgium the fascist government expropriated an entire village, Doel near the port of Antwerp. They had plans to build another great dock and claim to this disaster in times of economic despair. The same as in the US, the same happens in Holland and Belgium ten thousand acres of good farmland was confiscated to give “back to nature”. The fascist are not one bit concerned about nature, the purpose is to take the food from the people.

    Please watch the following video:


    Maybe not yet. It will obviously not be long before the definition of terrorism is tightened. Soon everybody who dares to criticize the government will be marked as an extremist and their message the truth, (which will soon revealed to the fascist state by Google) labeled as glorifying terrorism. Such as the British Prime Minister (pig faced jew) David Cameron blandly declares that violence is not as dangerous as violent extremism.
    Google is building a huge spy center in Belgium.
    It’s frightening to know that there are 800 prisons / camps in America that are fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are fully staffed, but … they are all empty. And all of these settings are controlled by FEMA. In eastern Europe the CIA has secret concentration camps where torture methods are practiced on the inmates.

    The FEMA camps all have both good rail links and roads. Many also have an airport nearby. Most of the camps can contain 20,000 prisoners. The main device is located just outside Fairbanks, Alaska. This is a great big “mental health” center and can house about 2 million people.
    We are warned on all sides. The question is whether and what we do with it. In fact, George Orwell was underestimating when you see where we are going

    A MUST SEE video:

    ” They are stripped bare naked….”


    1. @ gilbert, I`m not sure what the situation is here in Norway, I think there are still many small farms, privately owned. I have, on several occasions, seen farmers, with their farm vehicles, traveling to towns and cities, in order to demonstrate about their grievances, and, so far, the government seems to listen, as it had to do, over the attempted privatization of the health service. It remains to be seen what effect the current financial crisis will have here. Until recently, Norway had a people`s fund, into which were paid oil revenues, for the benefit of the people, but, apparently, this fund is now being eroded by the present government. Norway is allied to NATO unfortunately, so I imagine this acts as a buffer somehow, but only as long as Norway is deemed a useful ally..

      I wish I knew the answers, knew how to stop the wars, the invasions, and blatant theft of other people`s resources..

  12. Mr. Finicum and crew learned the the same lesson that the American Indians, the Waco Massacre victims, and a host of other victims around the world learned – you cannot negotiate with the liars and murders doing the lusts of their father, Satan, as Jesus referred to the jews. Neither can you negotiate with jewish stooges guilty of the same acts of lust. Negotiation requires honesty by both sides. Jews and their stooges do not possess adequate morals to permit honesty making negotiation impossible.

  13. Another installment of my series “Putin For Dummies”.

    Putin Lives in Fear of Another Chechen War

    The title of the article is a total lie, as usual: Chechnya, and the North Caucasus in general, is the most “Russian” region of the entire Russian Federation right now, and Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov is the most reliable supporter of Putin.

    1. Circassian
      it seems that you are the devil’s agent in this site and beyond.
      you are no Muslim that for sure.
      you are either an agent for the Russian disinformation propaganda ministry or
      A Zionist hasbarat sayanim masquerading as circassian
      your attitude in this site is so transparent that exposes your objectives clearly
      you may have the linguistic skills but you lack the basic skills of the clandestine world ,therefore
      you’re so easy to spot

    2. Circ –

      In my latest installment of “Putin The Dummy” I show that Putin keeps Russia in debt to the London Pharisee-Jew Bankers through the US banking and industrial partnerships and agencies.

      I used your own admissions as proof that Putin is a dumb puppet.

      YOU did my research for me..!! 🙂


      January 29, 2016 at 4:51 pm


      ”What many bright people do not understand is that today’s Russia is also an occupied country. And the occupier is not the proverbial Jew – the occupier is the same old good USA. Russia is struggling to regain full sovereignty which she lost to the US in 1991 with the breakup of the USSR.

      “NO country can claim full sovereignty unless it control its currency. Russia does not control its currency.”

      1. Circ –

        Yes…. I am….

        I’m dancing to the same old tune…. a French tune…
        …… “Airbus bad – Lockheed good…” 🙂

        When others fail their military purchasers come to the original inventors….. like US and Lockheed.

        The French military has announced that it will buy its transport planes from the US aeronautics supplier because of problems with the Airbus A400M.

        France is buying four C-130 Hercules military transport planes from the US weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin, French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian revealed on Friday.

        Talking to reporters at a military base in Jordan from which French jets are carrying out air strikes on Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) targets in Iraq and Syria, Le Drian said that deliveries of the aircraft could begin in 2017. The government has turned to the US manufacturer due to some problems with the Airbus A400M, but the minister did not specify what the issues are.

        France has four Airbus A400M military cargo planes, but restricted their use in May after an Airbus A400M crashed in Spain during its first flight. An investigation by Spanish authorities concluded that the aircraft had a problem with the supply of power to three of the aircraft’s four engines, possibly due to a software problem.


  14. Pat :

    You say Putin is really controlled by the “same old good USA”. You make a good case, you don’t make a bad case for your claim, you make a good case for your claim — Except for one thing. You have as of yet to explain why Putin who is controlled by the “same old good USA” would interfere in Syria and eradicate the Islamic Jihadist mercenary armies owned and controlled by the “same old good USA” : Why exactly would Washington order Putin to intervene in Syria and eradicate Washington’s Islamic Jihadist armies? Putin’s intervention in Syria was diametrically opposed to Washington’s plans and goals for Syria and the Middle East as a whole. If Washington orders Putin around as you claim, why would Washington order Putin to do something diametrically opposed to Washington’s agenda and goals in the Middle East, to do something which greatly hinders Washington’s agenda and goals for Syria and the Middle East as a whole ? My question is very logical, my question is legitimate. Thank you, TROJ.

    1. TROJ –

      Easy answer. Putin’s blasts take down old structures and infrastructure… just like the others’ blasts. That includes… bad blasts from US and UK and Saudis.

      BUT…. Putin’s blasts are deemed ‘good blasts’… ‘nice blasts’……. and welcomed even more… Building gone at a profit. Hero takes away old buildings. Gives AT&T and Halliburton opportunities for rebuilding.

      Either way… London Pharisee-Jew Bankers get the job done. Take out old stuff with armament they finance… and replace it with new structures which will readily accept new high-speed tech.

      Syria is going to allow new MODERN Pharisee-Jew Banks and MODERN Pharisee-Jew Stock Exchange. Doing it right NOW:

      Bankers winning in Syria – –

      “The Syrian government welcomes – ANY – (Pharisee-Jew) initiatives to end the internal crisis, the delegation’s head said.”

      Damascus Seeks Political Solution to Put an End to Syrian Crisis

      GENEVA (Sputnik) — The Syrian government aims to reach a political settlement for the Syrian crisis during the Geneva peace talks, the head of the government delegation, Bashar Jaafari, said Sunday.

      The Saudi Arabian and French foreign ministers seem to be acting as the opposition’s press secretaries, he added.


    2. The perception is the reality, TROJ. What everyone is intended to PERCEIVE is that mucho dinero has to be allocated toward our PROTECTION against those Russkies. 🙂 – and, THEIR people perceive US as a threat! Keeps everybody in line, and, it’s PROFITABLE (for some).

      1. To answer about Putin: It’s very profitable for HIM, too, personally. He knows what shots will be called, and can invest his brownie points with maximum ROI. (After all – there must be SOME advantage to the ‘hero business’ besides a good lay every now-and-then! 🙂 )

  15. How come the disgruntled ‘Catholics” Noor and lobro, so very disappointed and appalled and horrified by the corruption in the Vatican Two Novus Ordo New World Order “Church” turn to Islam for spiritual sustenance? If the two are so disgruntled and so opposed to the Vatican Two New World Order Novus Ordo “Church” then the two wouldn’t turn to Islam for spiritual sustenance, for that’s EXACTLY what the Vatican Two New World Order “Church” is promoting for the JEW-ISLAMO NWO, for as many Catholics as possible to reject Catholicism because of the corruption in the Vat Two “Church”, to become “disgruntled”, and turn to and convert to Islam ——> THE EXACT REASON FOR THE CORRUPTION IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER “Church” is to turn as many people as possible away from Catholicism, turn them into “disgruntled” Catholics, and goad the “disgruntled” Catholics on to convert to Islam. Noor and lobro say they’re horrified and greatly appalled by the corruption in the Vatican Two “Church” , yet they’re doing exactly what the corrupt Novus Ordo “Church” wants : Encouraging everyone to be “disgruntled” with the Novus Ordo “Church” and turn to and convert into Islam as a cure for being “disgruntled” with Catholicism –> Exactly what the corruption in the Vat Two NWO “Church” is designed to do, to get as many people as possible “disgruntled” with Catholicism so they then will turn to Islam as their new religion [ for the benefit of and the fruition of the JEW-ISLAMO NWO. ] So the TWO are real slithering snakes alright. Don’t get me started on that other “disgruntled’ “Catholic” Noor [ in a Blue Mohammedan burqa from Kabul Afghanistan no less]. We find out now Islam has very deep connections to Hinduism from way back in ancient times. No wonder “Catholic” Lasha in a mohammedan Purim/Halloween costume also pushes Hinduism on her readers, simultaneously as she pushes Islam on her readers [ via her trolls in her Kabbalah acting troupe, of which they are Legion, there’s so many of ’em ].

  16. Who, or what, changed my user name to uuandered any? something stinks here.. Ingrid B..

  17. BTW, have copied the change of my user name onto e-mails.. as I said, something stinks here..

    1. Or not.

      Above you wrote:

      As far as I’m concerned nancy, you have squandered any credibility you might have had, now you are just another miserable, failed, perpetrator of so-called mumbo jumbo, the power of which fades with reasoning”

      Interestingly, your username of “UUANDERED ANY” closely matches the piece of text above that I have italicized. Far more likely you made a mistake and pressed the TAB KEY, which incidentally is DIRECTLY NEXT TO THE “Q” key, which would then mean you continue typing in the name box, leading to you yourself typing “UUANDERED ANY” into the name box on the comment form.

      Then you noticed that the text was not appearing in the comment box, and clicked back to the comment box without noticing what you had typed in the name box. This would then reset the cookie that shows you as a previous poster, and you would go into the moderation queue. Mystery solved!

      I’m going with user error rather than a conspiracy theory. Feel free to register an actual account, and then you won’t run into this problem again.


      Speaking of squandering credibility…

      1. Your problem solving, on display here, is indeed worthy of the moniker “Technical Support”.

        Nice work. I can’t imagine many others taking the time to solve that puzzle. Especially at a free site.

      2. @Ingrid B

        Apologies to admin..

        Ingrid, I hoped very much that you would do that, and you did! Your talent for short expression is not the only thing I am jealous of. You are spiritually healthy human being, and that means a lot to me.

  18. It seems red onions, and now Karen, were onto something, since my user name has been changed, and I am suddenly awaiting moderation.. It`s pathetic..

    1. What’s going on, Ingrid? Are you blaming us for being behind this? We have no idea what’s going on or why your User Name is suddenly appearing as “uuandered any”. We have no time to waste on such childish games, believe me. If we wanted to ban you, we’d just do it.

      — DZ

    2. Of course you are under moderation! It’s because you are using a new USER NAME! If you stuck to the same name, you wouldn’t be under moderation. Trust you to start blaming the website for something that has NOTHING DO WITH US.

      — DZ

  19. Very very good Ingrid.

    You have performed exceptionally well today! Any remaining doubts which may lingered in the minds of some readers as to the accuracy of my claims – have now been dispelled. I am extremely proud of you, dear girl.

    Now… time to leave the computer room, and let Nurse Z bring you back to your room. Any bad smells – or stinks – can be quickly taken care of with a change of soiled knickers. There will be another chance tomorrow to enjoy your new privileges. Working together, we can achieve great things here!

    Sweet dreams my sweet! Remember…. no one is really persecuting you… those are just … voices you are hearing, They have nothing to do … with us!

  20. Let us now come to grips with the fact that Lobro is right and the rest of you are dead wrong. jewish influence is fundamentally malevolent, and the problem of jewish control (i.e. jewish control of “news” and government and just about everything else – including our own very minds !!) – is something that rests at the foundation of virtually ALL of the problems that we’re facing. The main problem with non-jews is that they tend to be extremely gullible. Witness the dominant tendency among message posters who’ve shown that they blindly accept the dual ideas of “resource scarcity” and “sustainability,” both of which are jewish code words for mass murder ….. Given that even the best of the goyim are buying into jewish war-making premises – I’d like to know how there can be any hope of emancipation from jewish control when even the best of the guyums are proudly wearing their abject gullibility on their sleeves ???

    1. @ Save the Goyim

      Your last comment to this website was deleted because of your rudeness and insolence to Admin. You accused this website of skulduggery and of being up to no good. So why are you posting here if you suspect this website of being up to no good? Can you explain?

      Your next comment will be monitored for politeness

      Dr DZ

  21. From the spectator’s viewpoint, the atmosphere has undergone a sea change, a pronounced tenor of fractiousness, bitchiness and suspicion bordering on paranoia at times and I wonder who or what may be behind this.
    The most notable aspect is the rush to blame the site administration for nefarious scheming and manipulation, I guess in thoughtless application of the “authorities and higher powers in sinister collusion” reflex – what better proof that the magic is at work, when the clear effect of abandoning critical reasoning is so prominent.

    Does one of you ever examine the background facts?
    Unlike the others, this site is in no apparent way monetized, solicits no contributions, charitable or otherwise, Lasha and the ~5 person crew work hard on a voluntary basis, researching content, writing own articles, doing investigative work within their scope, technical maintenance and whatever other chores are required for running a very busy, attractive and successful blog site.

    So, by your uncouth, ignoble and mindless kvetching (I find that certain modes of behavior are so intrinsically Jewish that Jew-lingo depicts them way better than any human language could, “kvetching” has that onomatopeic quality of disheveled, pointyheaded chickens pecking and shitting on one another as they scrabble for worms in dirt), you perform two functions for Jew, demonstrating his infiltration and usurpation of your mental and emotional substrate.
    Parasitic ungratefulness, ie, simultaneously deriding your host while availing yourself of his hospitality and refusal to use critical thinking in interacting with the world, thus cutting yourself off from truth and being vulnerable to lies, propaganda and witchcraft of self-inflicted slavery.
    Because, what is easier than walking away from an operation that you believe to be funded and organized by some sinister power out to get you?
    Only a pitifully addicted junkie would jab that infected hypodermic needle into his vein, sniveling, slobbering and cursing his fate, fully aware of his wretchedness.

    So, continue scrapping among yourselves, rolling in dust and mud, going absolutely nowhere but at least leave Lasha and the crew out of it.
    Although my personal preference is for each poster and reader alike to take away some measure of benefit and improvement in how he perceives the world.
    The simple, straightforward policy is spelled out very clearly and the penalty should be immediate excommunication.
    Moreover, people who run the site should reserve the right to take sides on any issue, after all, why do they bother, where is their satisfaction and reward, their particular worldview comes through in editorial policy and it is that which greases the Alexa wheels.

    1. @Lobro

      I do not ask you anymore: Don’t you have a shame? I know – you don’t.

      For the love o Mike, Lobro, make up your mind! Either you gone or you here… not both! hehehe…
      – Orbro giggling at Lobro

      Just as I have predicted:

      You have never left, lowbrow, you are in the background like a fiend waiting each comment by Circassian with a heart pang. You are scared shitless to face him squarely, you cannot predict from which side the next knockdown blow will come from, while your actions are totally predictable: you will keep digging deeper down the rabbit hole, showing us more and more lows of your shady character. You are – unlike Fuc Yu Chi and The Avatar aka Palestinian Warrior – a slow learner, or shall we say a low learner.

      Now Lobro “comes back from his sabbatical” preaching morals to us, and giving instructions on how the owners of this site should run their business (was it not the reason why RO was shown the exit door?):

      people who run the site should reserve the right to take sides on any issue, after all, why do they bother, where is their satisfaction and reward, their particular worldview comes through in editorial policy and it is that which greases the Alexa wheels.

      Do you, at least, understand what this implies?

      Lobro, please understand that honesty is a big issue – an extremely important issue. Now you want “people who run the site should reserve the right to take sides on any issue.” Which side should they take on this particular issue of honesty: The dishonest Lobros’s side, or the side of Circassian, who does excellent job exposing your low honesty and all other lows of your lowbrow character?

      Think before you open your mouth lest you make fool of yourself.

      1. Don’t pull me into your carnival of souls schtick schlitzie – remarks I may direct to Lobro are made in a spirit of solidarity with his basic intent… which is one so counter to your own here as to render the polarities of black/white, this or that, for once useful!

        I will concede however that the business that you make of getting under his skin may indeed leave him ultimately stronger – if it doesn’t do away with him first! While I fundamentally disagree with the idea that the administrators of this site should inter/fer/cede in comments IN ANY WAY, there is no side to take here – or honesty versus dishonesty … the fellow is free to come or go as he likes, as are all of us. And if he does take his mentioned ‘sabbatical,’ I for one hope it will be in order to hop the freight barge upriver to Meungtown, and on into the heart of darkness where ‘the Village of the Monkeys” be found.

        Grappling with that last horror – and coming out alive at the end of it – will leave Lobro like a cobra to your mouse. And I will be glad to play the musical accompaniment to that moment of exquisite pathos when you have exhausted your last gambit, and can be seen bulging out of the chap’s long neckline, still complaining about his lack of shame!

      2. @Ormanci

        You are not well spiritually. This is the root of your problem. Your conscience is not clean. You have hard time wrapping your head around this simple truth.

        Being spiritually healthy is extremely important – in fact, it is the most important thing for any and all human beings. Unless you understand that your spirit is sick, you cannot get well Ormonkey.

        Unfortunately, when I say very simple, yet very profound, truths many of you here take it as a joke. That’s regretful. I am not joking people – this is no laughing matter. In fact, hardly I could be more serious.

      3. Whilst nearly provoked to tears by your concern for our spiritual welfare, it is hard to maintain that of sentiment for long when I am forced to reflect pon the absence of any thing of ‘depth’ or garments of suitable thickness \undergirding\ your frock of piety and rectitude!

        Indeed… the figure you cut here – of a de-frocked streaker on the church yard grass – immediately turns tears to laughter, and raises even the ‘sickest’ among us to at least momentary wellbeing! In that sense, I suppose, I must agree that you are doing the Creator’s work of \healing\… in something of the way that Krusty the Klown was known to ‘lay hands upon’ his young charges!

    2. Lobro –

      “(I find that certain modes of behavior are so intrinsically Jewish that Jew-lingo depicts them way better than any human language could, “kvetching” has that onomatopeic quality of disheveled, pointyheaded chickens pecking and shitting on one another as they scrabble for worms in dirt)”

      That’s what YOU find…… uniquely to YOU… and none other… especially ‘pointyheaded chickens’ part… rather than turkeys. 🙂

      I thought kvetching might have meant etching in the Ukraine… Kiev. Is the k or v silent? Maybe a vowel is needed between them.

      That’s what happens when non-yiddish readers see mumbo-jumbo yiddish…. CONFUSION..!!

  22. Look what crept out from under this rock, a squalid blob of miscreation begging for a scrap of attention, who try as he might will only score his citation index in negative numbers, ie, if the site had “ignore” button as an option, he’d be a runaway winner, finally moved the useless lardass from dead zero.
    Hey everybody, look at me, Circassian (I could have used “CrapAssian” but don’t want to offend either entity by association), I am a brilliant genius, eclipsed all the dead giants in every field, so HUMBLE, never go to washroom without selfie, wise, judge me by my works, hey won’t you cite me even once?
    C’mon TROJ, Ingrid, be my friends? Please, pretty please, I need friends so badly …
    Except everyone knows that who sleeps with dogs wakes up with fleas, Circassian, this is your problem, so that the only one who ever slept with you was the even more pathetic loser, Immanuel Velikovsky, your Freudian shrink, which is why you always play doctor, diagnosing others instead of looking for own cure.
    Velikovsky is one of the founders of Zionism, set up first “university” in stolen land, a Talmud yeshiva, “Palestinian Academy”, btw, which goes a long way towards explaining your Pavlovian matrix.

    Avatar smoked you, didn’t he, which is why you freaked out on him.
    Fake Muslim, Zionist poodle, Oh please Almighty Allah, make me a Jew in the next life, at least a crypto Donmeh instead of fake crypto, fake fake – i wanna be a real fake!

    Just read about C’s guru Velikovsky, good for a solid laugh, tried hitting publishers in the States and a bunch of prominent scientists, astronomers and so on threatened a mass boycott until Readers Digest finally relented about the same time they were hyping Zyklon Auschwitz 6 million – before Auschwitz was even opened.
    After the war, everything changed, truth about Jews legally suppressed, Circassian riding high … good show for a good Muslim.

    I guess the minor grease monkey in the Devil’s garage where they put you together cut you a forked tongue so you can lick 2 asses at once, in Tel Aviv and Moscow and we know which one you will betray when the time comes, right?

    1. Lobro,

      Please don’t do this to yourself – digging deeper down the rabbit hole is not a way to get out of the rut. Stop digging, and stop exposing more and more of your lows to good people. I am giving you clues all the time how a decent human should behave. But you are not listening, or, at least, you are not taking advantage of my wise recommendations.

      For example, I have advised you to think before you open your mouth, lest you make a fool of yourself. But you are not listening damn it. What can be more pathetic than a grown man behaving like a child in tantrum.

      Here is what suggest now: You admit that Circassian was right in his conjecture that you have been dishonest about this shameful “taking sabbatical” episode, and apologize to the owners of this site for your – equally shameful – attempt to manipulate their business conduct.

      You do it – not for my benefit, or for the benefit of the owners of this site – you do it to improve your spiritual health.

  23. An American revolution will never work until the patriots learn how to deal with informers and provocateurs. Perhaps they should take a leaf out of Michael Collin’s book. Infiltrate the police, FBI, DHS and Justice Department. This was how Collins worked during the Irish War of Independence. He actually had his own informant in Dublin Castle, Special Branch, who constantly fed him information, which he used to assassinate police officers, judges and other government officials. Kneecapping was very popular and effective method used to deal with informers. When I look at the current crop of militias I see amateurs at work. Even though some of them are former military, they lack the necessary, basic animal cunning to be successful revolutionaries. Until they start attacking the apparatus of oppression they will fail. Heroic sieges and stand-offs with government officials are idiotic and quite frankly “kindergarten” revolt.

    1. @Felix

      An American revolution will never work until the patriots learn how to deal with informers and provocateurs.

      This is a red herring at best, and a meaningless statement at worst. America is the metropolis of the sole Anglo-American Empire in the world today. Revolution in metropolis in a situation where there is only one empire is oxymoron. Metropolis can and will fall with the fall of the empire, but revolution in metropolis is meaningless, for revolution is something that is brought from outside by forces that are more powerful than the state where the revolution is staged in order to destroy or subjugate it.

      Multi-empire world is altogether different. Here a revolution in metropolis is, indeed, possible; the Bolshevik revolution is a good example of this.

      Even speaking of American insurrection today is meaningless: Insurrection (uprising, rebellion, revolt) is a thing that can happen (and happens all the time) in colonies – not in the metropolis.

  24. Pat,
    “Collins is outdated”.
    Actually not, no tech in the guerrilla war business will always trump hi-tech. Remember Somalia? The US military sent in a hi-tech team to monitor Aidid’s comms. The trouble was he used messengers which they couldn’t monitor. As a result the team sent to grab him were ambushed and the bodies dragged through the streets.
    Remember Dudayev in Chechenya? The idiot was using a mobile phone and the Russians zeroed in a missile on his signal and blew him away. Ocalan the Kurdish fighter was also caught from using his mobile phone.

  25. Pat,
    BTW, You can download those J. J. Luna books for free from
    Why make Bezos(A jewish name) of Amazon rich when you can get it for free? Besides Amazon and Apple are 2 businesses I boycott, because of their Jewish slave labour practices.

    1. Thanks for the great link, Felix. I don’t purchase anything from Amazon Pharisees.

      I used it for a quick reference… and look what I hauled in for the effort… your great link. 🙂

  26. Pat,
    Another couple of links you might like.
    http://www.archive.org It has about 8.8 million books mostly 18th Century and early 19th. Some real gems. It’s totally free, but you must sign up. No credit card details or any BS like that required. It links with libraries in North America and Europe.
    http://www.ebook3000.com They have loads of the latest magazines, shooting, military etc. If you download use longfiles which you’ll see under the blurb about the book or magazine, then tap or click on the small download box, not the big one, which will only lead you to ads for girlie sites. Use a firefox browser. Enjoy!

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