Keep Europe White: In Defence of Our White Homelands

An  Outstanding Comment by Harbinger in response to Lobro



LD: This emotive comment expresses a valid viewpoint. It is deeply flawed, however, in its belief that Lobro needs putting right and has taken up an adversarial position. Lobro would agree almost totally with everything said in this comment by Harbinger about the need for stricter immigration policies and border controls.

Lobro has explained his own position in a well-worded comment which makes it clear that he and Harbinger pretty much share the same fundamental views. Lobro has said  he has no time for “cultural rape, groping, miscegnation, mongrelization”, i.e., he is no believer in multiculturalism and race mixing, which, if unchecked, will inevitable lead to White extinction in the foreseeable future. In his own words: “I ABSOLUTELY disagree with cross-contamination of traditions and cultures, fish flavored ice cream, curried lasagna not on my menu by a long shot. No clue where you got that from.”

Lobro is a Canadian with Slavic roots, not an American, as Harbinger seemed to believe. He has always been highly critical of America and its Jew-dominated culture. Even more surprisingly, he holds his own country, Canada, in almost total contempt for having fallen so easily under the Zionist yoke.

Lobro is entirely sympathetic to the serious problems faced by Europe in regard to migrants and is therefore certainly no advocate of unlimited immigration and open borders. This is because he considers himself more European than North American. In a sense, he is a Citizen of the World. He himself lives more in Europe than in Canada, returning to his own country only with reluctance when he needs to do so for official business—and also, of course, in order to keep in touch with his Canadian friends and relatives. (LD)


by Harbinger

Lightly edited by LD

I expected a reply from Lobro to listen to his views on my reply to him. I will say that I am somewhat saddened simply because I respect and read what Lobro has to write. Lobro, as an American (I think), fails to see the situation properly. As Lobro is American, I feel he does not have the ability to understand the gravity of the situation that we here in Europe face.

America is the land of the free. It is the first mass experiment on merging multi cultures together. This is what it’s all about. All the founding fathers were freemasons, all part of the same troupe, promoting their ‘man to God’ ethos.

We are led to believe that the founding fathers rebelled against the British Crown (Rothschild) to create a place where Europeans could live as free men and women under the common law of God. This was a sham. After the American War of Independence it was the British who decided upon the surrender treaty, yet they were the losers. Throughout history, it has always been the victors who have decided the surrender conditions.

I think that Lobro fails to see that Europe is the bowl of chicken soup. It is the land that is Chicken soup, straight up water, chicken and cook it until it becomes soup. Once that bowl of chicken soup is mixed with whatnot, it STOPS becoming what it is. It has been sullied and no longer is the pure chicken soup that it was before. Sure, it has chicken in it, but has been engulfed by all the other lands of whatever soup, to become nothing but a land that contains chicken but no longer is. This is ok in the eyes of many. The lands of Oxtail, Tomato, Beef, Vegetable, Bouillabaisse etc remain pure lands of what they are, but Europe no longer is. You can no longer have chicken soup, as it is merely a soup that contains a minority of chicken compared to what it used to be.

Lobro, we in Europe are fighting for survival!

We in Europe are trying to preserve that which Barbara Lerner Spectre and her tribe are trying  to destroy. It doesn’t matter two hoots whether America becomes a Caucasian minority because it was never created to be a Caucasian country, but a NEW WORLD. It was created, as Russia was, to be the base rock of communist belief, to be a precursor to the globalist state of homogeneity.

Now, I really (trust me) have no desire to bring Ingrid into this debate, but I do so because in a previous post you said we were both right in our views. That to me was a cop-out. Europe either remains an indigenous European stronghold or it doesn’t.

You advocated that we must help the immigrants, as Ingrid proposed. But I, for the better, know that if you allow a foreign people into Europe—people who will procreate more of their own kind than the indigenous people do—this will eventually lead to White Europeans becoming a minority in their own homelands.

Ingrid and you are promoting a slow suicide of the European people.

If any Tom, Dick or Harry can simply gain European nation status, simply by being born there, or living ‘x’ amount of years, it COMPLETELY negates the whole concept of nationality, culture and tradition. If someone from Africa can come to Scotland, drop a child and because they were born in Scotland, is looked upon as Scottish, then it makes the whole concept of Scottishness utterly defunct.

I hate to say it Lobro, but in your views—and you do side with Ingrid in her views—you will happily cast the whole indigenous population to the wind, in what I believe, as one who is an American, views the world in the way an American does.

You are far from stupid, Lobro.  You are a wise man, but you are sadly far too much in tune with your feminine side: of nurture, thus giving away your masculine side of protection. If Europe is swamped by non-indigenous people—whether they be Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Taoist, Maoist, or whatever—it will no longer be a European civilization.

The lands those immigrants come from,  however, will always remain their  lands. It is only our  lands, the traditional homelands of the European people, that are becoming a dump for every race under the sun.



You are pro-Islam, Lobro.

I am not pro-Islam, although I sympathize with their cause entirely. I also have the common sense to understand, in the case of Islam, that I do not want a hornet’s nest on my front porch. I’ll happily allow it to exist—in the woods—out of my domain where it can do whatever it likes. You, on the other hand, appear to promote the fact that “the hornets are having a hard time in the forest, so I’ll let them habitat on my front porch”.

This is an insane belief that is only going to lead to big problems in the future.

Yes, I am 100% in complete disagreement with the Jewish led destruction of the middle east, but what on earth can I do to stop it? All I can hope to do is to educate people that it is NOT Islam that is the problem, but I also maintain that Islam does not belong in the west. It belongs elsewhere, in its own domain. I repeat, Islam has no place in the west. To allow this to happen unchecked is like dropping, not one, but hundreds of foxes within the chicken coop.

Islam came into the west en masse in the last year. The hatred of Christians came with them. They blame the Christians for the invasion of their lands, unaware it was Jewry behind the invasion. They DID attack women, or should I say, tried for sexual contact with women whom they looked upon as fair game—to be molested. This will continue.

As the Islamic population grows in size in Europe, Muslims will see Europe as just another Islamic land, in the same way as Muhammad saw Iraq, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and every other Islamic country that exists today. This is not fear-mongering talk. This is objective analysis: it considers the whole concept of Islam as being conducive to the creation of a global state, a caliphate where the teachings of Muhammad are enshrined in the law of the land.

We are faced with a stark  choice: either a land under Islam or a land under organized Jewry.

I want neither. I want the world to remain as it is, a global garden of many fruits and vegetables, each with their own part of land to grow and be.

I think you, in you anger against Judaism, are siding with an ideology that will lead one day to a Jew-dominated society. I truly hope my words are wrong, but I don’t think they are. You, in your disgust and frustration, are throwing European civilization under the bus in your desire to rid the world of Jewish hegemony.

I will finish by stating simply, that of all the incredibly knowledgeable commenters on this site, you are one of the most level-headed and articulate. Nevertheless, you seem to be nonchalantly casting Europeans into the dustbin, as you promote your end days to Jewish supremacy.

Sure, we need to work together, but at what cost?

If we unite to fight the common enemy, and if this means mixing all the world’s soups into one, then we have played right into the hands of our Enemy. Unknowingly, we have rebuilt Nimrod’s tower, losing the very things that make all humanity in this world unique—our individualies, our diversities, our differences.

We will have become part of the hive mind—as had always been planned.

hive mind


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107 thoughts on “Keep Europe White: In Defence of Our White Homelands

      1. Not easy for a dry drunk to keep bile ducts under control, quietly ejecting spittle my way when no one looking, “slithering snake”, etc.
        Eyeing Circassian’s shoes, Karen, right size and smell?
        Try them on for fit, no one stopping you.

      2. J4C,
        methinks not … and it goes back further than that … she knows … and Lasha knows.
        Not worth wasting time digging in that manure, no nuggets there, but if she persists in emptying her bowels like this, the ad hominem bowl overfloweth at some point.

        Unfortunately, there are many people in this world whose only footprint is like that, wet, stinky and nauseating, vandalizing property, both public and private at night.
        Don’t ask me what’s the pleasure in that, no idea, maybe they end up feeling like winners by leaving a trail of misery.
        They are essential for greasing the wheels of the Talmudic juggernaut, without them it grinds to a halt – yet, she calls me a Jew.
        Why? No reason need be given, just hit and run.

      3. Lobro,

        I assure you that Karen’s comment has not damaged your reputation in any way. Yes, she has been a bit of a problem in the past but I honestly don’t think her recent comment was intended to be anything more than a flippant and semi-jokey remark. She does practice irony and I do think the “Gee whiz” in her comment indicates a kind of smile in her voice. 🙂

        Also, she has posted before after getting merry on a glass or two of vino. I think you should make allowances for this.

      4. Darlington,
        I didn’t mean to make a capital case out of it and I would have easily passed over it, had it not been for her uncalled-for smear a few days earlier referring to Ormanci and myself as “slithering snakes”.
        You yourself took exception to it, so you cannot call that one flippant.

        Consider the context: 90% of my time was being wasted on that pathologically depraved troll, Circassian, who made it his special mission to disrupt the forum and bring it a dead halt by initiating dozens upon dozens of ad hominem attacks on all the posters in regular process of exchanging opinions on a variety of subjects.
        As one of the earliest posters, he took special pleasure of being very creative in insulting me in every conceivable way.
        Had it not been for the fact that I saw his blueprint very clearly, I would have left the blog a year ago but felt both honor bound and beholden to Lasha not to let this professional operative obtain promotion by destroying this excellent and successful site.
        And then, after he was identified by the online troll hunters who likely could hack into the customer databases of various ISP’s and run some background checks, poor Ormanci was caught in trying to pull a fast one of some sort, no doubt amateurishly, and left, hopefully temporarily, while Circassian remained like a true shameless yeshiva standout, continuing with abuse as if nothing had happened.

        And Karen comes up with her “slithering snakes” comment.

        I took note, so sorry.

        I don’t look at the Darkmoon site as cheap entertainment while riding a commuter train to and from work, but as an effective tool in raising the awareness of the slumbering beasts, while the Jew whets the butcher’s cleaver on the grindstone next door.
        Because of this, I take great exception to cheap ad hominem, which is equivalent to puncturing tires on the bus.
        I don’t care how intelligent everyone thinks Circassian is, for me he is a sick assassin and arsonist out to wreak maximum destruction in the shortest time possible.
        If I had to shortlist the most contemptible a***oles i ever came across, he’d be a star on it.

        Sorry for the rambling post but there were a few things that needed to be said at some point.

  1. In the introduction to this piece, Lasha states that Lobro “In a sense, he is a Citizen of the World”. Right off the bat we have an error in thinking. For this thinking leads to the problems that Harbinger addresses. If Lobro can be a “Citizen of the World”, why can’t the Saracens?

    Since we don’t seem to be capable of moving on, I guess I have to revert to my elementary script. This “White Genocide” is very much self inflicted. As couples, we are all capable of producing more than 2.1 children per woman. That will get you replacement. In Italy, the amount of children produced per woman is 1.4. That means that every generation of Italians will decrease by one third.

    Is it difficult to raise large families in countries where the bankers call all the shots? Where manufacturing jobs move to the Third World? Yes, of course it is. But this caution that is inherent in planning how many you ought to have, or giving up having children all together, says go ahead move all these jobs out of the country and tax me to death. For I have participated in this destruction by not having the children I need to have in order to pass on my traditions to a new generation.

    You can’t have traditions, family and property without children. If all couples had 4, 5, 6, or even 10 children the oligarchs could never have moved these jobs overseas and simultaneously brought in Third Worlders to help pay for the Welfare State and menial labor.

    You don’t want the New World Order? Then you have to revert, embrace, and love the Old World Order. And that is known as the Catholic Church. Ethnicity and Religion define a Culture. It can never be anything less. The Catholic Church still holds on to the teaching that contraception is evil. It is the last man standing. Unbelievably, it was only in 1930 in the Anglican Church at the Lambeth Conference, that contraception was first allowed for the destitute.

    In forty short years we had another World War in which some 30 million Europeans perished and England went on American Food Stamps and lost her empire and the majority of of White people decided to extremely limit their families.

    Through this, we have all become destitute. Whether we truly are or not. If you had the numbers, oligarchs could never make such sweeping changes to societies through perpetual change in order to make the World safe for Big Business.

    1. @ Rich

      In the introduction to this piece, Lasha states that Lobro “In a sense, he is a Citizen of the World”. Right off the bat we have an error in thinking.

      You have misinterpreted Lasha. All Lasha meant by that innocent phrase “Citizen of the World”, to which you give such a needlessly sinister and heavy-handed construction, was that Lobro feels happier living abroad as an expatriate. He doesn’t like living in Canada any more because it has changed beyond recognition from the country he grew up in. Millions of expatriates who live abroad and hop from country to country in search of variety, as Lobro does, are quite entitled to consider themselves “Citizens of the World” in a loose, metaphorical sense.

      1. The rest of your comment is brilliant and I’m glad to see you have nice things to say about the Catholic church and traditional Christian values.

      2. Heavy handed and sinister? Come on. Obama uses the term “Citizen of the World” in a rigid and non-metaphorical sense. And besides, it is oxymoronic and commits the fallacy of equivocation. In other words, people can fall into traps by using terms in a “loose and metaphorical sense”.

        It also undermines the idea of a nation and nationality. You can’t have it both ways. Most ex-pats exist due to the “global economy” and are there for business. That’s OK and they are usually the most educated and important people. But that also undermines National Identity.

        I do know Lasha enough to understand that she was probably using the term in a “loose and metaphorical sense”. But maybe she would not have fallen into this sloppy word choice had she not found the need to exalt Lobro and defend him before she featured a comment that disagreed with Lobro.

        Lobro is a big boy and he has created a huge presence here. You could say he is King of the Hill. Or one of them. Well, the King of the Hill has to maintain his ground. And please don’t interpret this as my personal attack on Lobro. That is simply a statement of fact on human nature and is a part of leadership. I don’t think Lobro is like the spotted owl and needs protection or that he is on the endangered species list.

        But enough with this point that you seem bent on blowing out of all proportion. I said a hell of a lot more to which, as usual, I just hear crickets.

        Edited to add:

        Thank you Toby, I just saw your second comment after posting this one. Again, please don’t interpret my correction on “Global Citizen” as a cheap shot. It just caught my eye and helped me to get into the rest of my thoughts. I mean no harm to Lobro or Lasha and appreciate the forum and the site. And I don’t pretend to suggest that I always express myself in a perfect manner.

        One more comment. I have to refresh my browser and sometimes leave the site and come back to edit my comments. Gotta cut this short now as my time limit for editing is now nearing an end.

  2. “Nimrod’s Tower” tumbled over. It was destroyed. Likewise, THIS “Nimrod’s Tower” will tumble. (I’ve
    read The Book!) The chicken (us, we whites) has been flayed and filleted into too many pots, I agree… but, inevitably, as long as any civilization exists, it will be measured against that which has already been (just as currencies are measured and compared against the American Dollar). Chicken soup will ALWAYS be called “chicken soup”, no matter the added ingredients.

    1. The US tried the Melting Pot and it worked for awhile. Why? Because they had people willing to participate that came with some kind of identity in the first place. And they volunteered to put it to the side to participate even though they were mostly the proverbial “poor huddle masses”. I don’t know when it happened, but I was first exposed to a new idea in the ’80s when I was at university. They started putting out the idea that the American experiment was more like a Tossed Salad. That each ethnicity was like a vegetable of fruit that mixed, yet retained its identity.

      Translation: The Mexicans and other Third Worlders were incapable of learning English and participating in America as Americans. So yeah, I get it. There is something to this idea about White people. But it still misses the mark as it looks for an easy solution to a complex problem. But maybe there is something more going on here.

      In Chicago many immigrants worked in the stockyards as the city was not yet completely unhinged from the farm. But they also worked for Western Electric. In other words the nation was still being built and manufacturing jobs were still available and cheap labor was needed. The country was in ascendancy.

      Now Third Worlders come and cut lawns, work in restaurants, and do service jobs for a people that are hedonistic and a culture that is in decline. A White Culture that is in decline, may I add.

      I have had conversations with people that appear to be successful who think illegal immigration of Mexicans is good because it keeps the costs of taking the family out to dinner reasonable. Where to begin with such dolts?

      I will keep this brief but I suppose we could have a long conversation about feminism at that point and wonder about the benefits of a stay at home mom making the family dinner rather than she is too tired to cook and needs a break.

  3. Harbinger,

    Lobro doesn’t fully understand the situation because he’s American ?

    YOU sir are the one who does not fully understand the situation.

    Let me spell it out for you …

    You can only deal with people/governments/special interest groups etc. in two ways: REASON or FORCE.

    There are 4 types of REASON:
    1. political (jew fantasy program)
    2. legal (jew fantasy program)
    3. express opinion to your various political representatives (jew fantasy program)
    4. non-violent protest (workin’ for ya ?)

    There is 1 type of FORCE:
    1. Violence

    Got it ?

    Ok, just so you are clear, there are 3 enemies:
    1. jews
    2. traitors and sellouts to jews
    3. anyone the jews utilize to attack us directly

    Got it ?

    So, it’s very clear to me, YOU …… Harbinger are the one WHO DOES NOT GET IT.

    You have no choice but to clear these people out with your own two hands. Better start forming a possy and getting your hands bloody.

    Get it yet ?

    NO, I don’t think you do or will anytime soon. If you think this issue is not going to be resolved without violence you are naive and done for.

    There’s nothing else to be said on the matter Harbinger. Clean house or die.

    Now stop being a coward, get yourself in order and start hunting. Hope to shake your hand after I clean house in my region.

    Many are going on and on and on about RACE today. Indeed, this is very high on the list, no doubt about it.

    However ….
    There is one higher on the list and it will ALWAYS be the very top.

    Gotta SURVIVE before you can worry about RACE. They are attacking our race to kill us off.

    That’s a SURVIVAL game first and foremost.

    1. Lonnie,

      “If you think this issue is not going to be resolved without violence you are naive and done for.”

      Quite correct. But who says Harbinger doesn’t agree on that?

      1. 1138,

        Maybe Harbinger does agree on that.

        Acting on it however is a whole other thing.

        If I were a betting man I’d bet at most it is quietly agreeing. That’s not going to do it.

      2. Uncle :

        I still think you shouldn’t give-up checking Darkmoon’s Spam folder for Lent, you really ought to find something else to give up for Lent. Your giving-up checking the Spam folder for Catholic Lent is NOT Godly, is not making any self-sacrifices in the true Catholic spirit of Lent. Your giving-up checking the Spam folder for Catholic Lenten season is actually MORE CENSORSHIP on your part, you always LERVED to censor me. Now, under the guise of giving-up something for Lent, namely giving-up checking the Spam folder and releasing 3 of my posts per day and thereby fulfilling your obligation to keep The Agreement , you use the Catholic season of Lent to do more of what you’ve always done, namely CENSOR. So you’re not giving-up anything up for Lent. Quite the opposite, for Lent you’re doing even more of what you LERV, more Censorship, and that ain’t no Catholic sacrifice in contrition for your sin of Censorship. It’s actually more sin, and more intensely sinful, as now during Catholic Lent you’re Censoring me 100%, not just your usual NON-Lenten season 90% Censoring of me. sayin’.

      3. @ TROJ

        I am no longer monitoring this site except when Dr DZ is taking a break. He is in charge now. We’re having a radical shake-up. You will no longer be able to write 10-20 posts a day, some of them 1000 words long, and expect someone to wade through all that prose. It’s just not possible. Even if you were Shakespeare, we just don’t have the time to read through all these incredibly long, abusive and off-topic comments of yours. I repeat: NOT POSSIBLE!

        I have pleaded with Admin to let you have ONE post a day of 250-500 words maximum, subject to editorial cuts made for irrelevancies, trivia, abusiveness, and defamatory statements. They agree this might be possible. But you are to write to and address your email to me personally: TO TOBY. Lasha will then forward your email to me at my private address. I will then give you simple instructions.

        If you don’t agree to this, it’s no dice. So it’s up to you, Joe.

        — TOBY

    2. Lonnie,

      You are new here and have no idea on my stance on the issues you make. I strongly suggest that you look back through Lasha’s articles and in the forums of them, read my comments. There will you understand my stance on the points that you make. After doing so you will realise how stupid you were in writing your comment.

      1. No, I am not new here, just no desire to be frequent.

        As for being stupid, back at you for not constantly stating what must be done.

        There’s not much use in over diagnosing and intellectualizing any longer. We must pound out over and over what the solution is or you are wasting your typing.

      1. Lepieu P,

        That’s a great idea. No better way of getting yourself locked up for a large part of your life, or worse, shot by police as an armed and dangerous individual. They’ve killed people for less.

        You don’t just go about killing them. You have to educate the people on their perfidious agendas and in doing so, remove them from all positions of power and influence within society. And I also don’t believe that all Jews are bad either. Gilad Atzmon is a classic example, an Israeli Jew, who stopped being one at his disgust of how the Palestinians were being treated and now speaks out against Jewishness having lately helped Arthur Topham in his ‘racial hatred and hate speech’ trial in Canada.

      2. @ Harbinger

        I hope you continue to contribute comments to this site. You are a great asset. You strike a fair balance and always express yourself with moderation. Well done!

      3. You do err when you take me seriously, Harbinger. I’ve been seeing these WNs running around saying those things since the Hal Turner days. They’ve toned it down a little bit since then and stopped quoting the Talmud verbatim, as people became wise to that. Childish and predictable solutions. Nobody even knows who or where they are. Like demagogues, they aim to tweak your dopamine to get you to serve their cause in a frenzy of silly emotions. Fortunately, that hasn’t worked

      4. You spend a month making a gallon of perfume, and the jew just has to drop a fly in it. It’s not about them winning, but about your efforts being brought to nought, and leaving you feeling impotent. Tic tac toe is their game, and they don’t care about winning.

        Chutzpah is still unanticipated to the mind of a “goy”. You have to discipline yourself to stay aware of it. The end by ANY means.

  4. Why shouldn’t Islam rule Europe? It ruled over the Balkans, where I assume Lobro is originally from. There are still 4 main Muslim majority countries in the Balkans – Albania(80%), Bosnia & Herzegovina (60%), Kosova (905), and Macedonia (50%). Bulgaria is 30% Muslim and at one time was 60% Muslim under the Turks. Insha’Allah it will pass the 50% mark Serbia and Montenegro is about 15% Muslim today. .
    Islam ruled over the Iberian Peninsula and still rules over Southern Russia.

    Many North Africans are the descendants of Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula who were expelled during the Reconquista.

    Veronica Clark stated that Europeans should convert to Islam en masse in order to preserve themselves. What is there not to like about Islam? It won’t turn into an Afghanistan or Pakistan.

    I am a culture/race realist and I recognize that some cultures have certain aspects that are superior to other cultures/races.

    2 billion Muslims are not all the same.

    1. Salman,

      F**K Islam, F**K Muslims, F**K Christians, F**K ALL RELIGION. ALL OF IT.

      ANY Muslim tries to RULE over me he DIES …. pure and simple. Nothing to do with religion about it.

      Keep it about the jewish problem and those they are utilizing to attack us directly.

      1. Islam is progressive like Erdogan’s Turkey. Just because he supports ISIS for a variety of reasons doesn’t mean that his domestic policy is necessarily all bad. That is why his people support him.

      2. Lonnie bro. Your hated Kikes ALREADY rule over you. What are you doing about it?

        You watching too much TV about Muslims and Islam. Like try and go live in the real world. Like maybe go a and visit a Muslim country.

      3. Salman,

        Agreed, we let the jews go too far with their control over us just about everywhere in the world and now it’s time to clean house. Vertical expulsion as Alex Linder describes it.

        Not only do I not watch TV, I have been to Muslim countries. I hate ALL religion. That is NEVER going to change no matter what the country, no matter what the religion.

        Doesn’t mean I cannot get along with Muslims while visiting THEIR countries, I certainly can and do. However, that also does not mean I want anything to do with it.

        I get along with many Christians as well, doesn’t mean I respect, accept or want anything to do with their religion.

        Why do you seem to have a problem with people who hate ALL religion ?

        YOU were the one who said RULE over, not me. I can accept that you have a religion you cling to, no problem. But as soon as you say RULE over someone else I have a fucking problem with it.

        This is why I HATE all religion.

      4. Most religion has been to allow small elites, the clergy and the kings, to control the masses. “Do as we say and when you die everything will be OK” What an incredible barefaced scam!

        BUT there is something going on that is mysterious. Life itself is a miracle. In the development of a single fertilized human zygote in 12 weeks practically all the structure is there in all its unbelievable complexity and elegance.

    2. “Why shouldn’t Islam rule Europe?”
      That’s impossible in terms of logic because if that came to pass Islam would be ruling over something that would no longer be “Europe.”
      Better question: Why should it?
      Your examples of “Balkan countries with a Muslim majority” include recently invented countries, formerly small regions of Yugoslavia. “Kosova”?!? Not a country, but a judeozionist amputation done with an American scalpel. Those “majorities” occurred by conversion (often forced) during the Ottoman Empire.
      Alternative answer: Because it is alien to European culture and the people don’t want Islam to rule over them.

      1. idiot…most Turks are Muslims from Eastern Europe who were expelled or exchanged for Christians in Anatolia…do your homework…Turks are JUST AS EUROPEAN as you.

  5. “What is there not to like about Islam? ”

    Surely you jest? A few examples come to mind:
    – Sharia Law
    – beheadings for “infidelity”
    – severing of limbs for theft (not that theft should go unpunished, but is a return to the code of Hammurabi really worthy of modern humanity?)
    – forced female genital mutilation
    – the hijab
    – substandard education for women
    -legalized slavery
    – prohibition of the consumption of alcoholic beverages
    – a generalized return to medieval times
    – Islam and its concept of “submission” is the perfect tool for the institution of the “New World Order”. No wonder the Pathocracy loves it (as evidenced by Frau Merkel).

    1. That is my point. Neither the Ottomans nor the Ottomans nor the Ummayads or any Muslims in Spain did any of the above. FGM doesn’t exist in Islam. Christians and Animists do it more in Africa.

      Nothing bad about the Hijab. Qur’an doesn’t say Hijab or covering the hair. Muslim women who do it tend to do so out of their own choice. Even the Prophet’s great grand daughter Sukayna Bint Hussain never wore it.
      There are different interpretations about punishment for theft. It’s not a black and white issue. None of the Caliphates ever cut hands and the Prophet did it in exceptional circumstances and Umar the second Caliph halted it during times of poverty and famine.

      The Ummayads nor the Abbasids nor the Ottomans didn’t amputate.
      Alcohol is bad for the health usually and can cause many problems. I see no point in selling that poison except for medicinal purposes. Erdogan taxed it heavier. Non-Muslims can drink in their own homes in Muslim countries under Islamic Sharia including Saudi.

      Beheadings are good when killing child molesters and rapists and terrorists of the Jewish and ISraeli False Flag variety especially – you agree? yes? no?

      You are watching too much jew tube. Get off the boob/jew tube. 50% of the crowd here are retarded Muslim

      The women in the Muslim country I am living in live longer with a greater life span than the men now and they have caught up to the men in terms of literacy. It is also a developing country. A woman prime minister runs it. It’s Muslim as well. You think Shari’a is black and white. It’s not. You take the worst examples and push that as the norm. Turkey is the best example of a progressive interpretation of Shari’a. Why not bring that up?

      How about Turkey today? whats their not to like about Erdogan’s domestic policy? He is a frigging genius and that is why his people love him. He rules by Islam as well. Slavery doesn’t exist in the modern world. I contacted a Saudi web host and asked if I can build a website to run a slave trading business and they flat out denied it. I emailed an ISRAELI web host and asked if I can do it and they showed me GENUINE INTEREST!!! I kid you not!

      I agree with Erdogan’s domestic policy on many issues except ISIS, Syria, and the Kurdish Question. Islam is an egalitarian religion that is completely against usury. What is there not to like about that?

      Ther are no beheadings out side of ISIS territory and even most of those with men in orange jumpsuits are fake. There is no legalized slavery in any Muslim country today. Qur’an mandates the freeing of slaves. Slavery was legal back then so the mandate was to free them for religious reasons. Nothing about taking slaves in the Qur’an. Qur’an mentions taking POWS during war but that will happen all the time.

      Shari’a Law is good when applied in a progressive fashion like Erdogan’s Turkey. Now go focus on the jihad against the Jews.

      1. “You are watching too much jew tube”
        – Although you will likely not believe it, I do not watch television at all, though my wife does.
        “Alcohol is bad for the health usually and can cause many problems. I see no point in selling that poison except for medicinal purposes.”
        – Alcohol (in moderation, of course) has been proven to have a number of healthful effects including the prevention of atherosclerosis.
        “…whats their not to like about Erdogan’s domestic policy? He is a frigging genius ”
        – No doubt that must be why he defended shooting down a Russian fighter jet that MAY have crossed a few meters into Turkish airspace.
        “Slavery doesn’t exist in the modern world. ”
        – This claim is so patently ridiculous that it does not even deserve a reply.However, I can’t resist: if my Serbian ancestors could speak today, they would give voice to how the Ottoman’s enslaved their first born sons as Janissaries. As for its existence in “modern times”, you can find it documented all over the internet, and I suggest you start with this:
        or here:
        or here:

        “Ther are no beheadings out side of ISIS territory and even most of those with men in orange jumpsuits are fake. ”
        Yes, to the fake jumpsuit beheadings, however the Saudi state conducts regular beheadings and those have even been uploaded to YouTube. There was even an advertisement put out by the Saudi government for executioners who would be given a state funded salary as well as their own sword for the purpose. The job required the new employees to be available at any time.
        As to your admiration for Turkey and the jihad against Jews, I can only say that Turkey and Israel work hand in hand with the US as partners. Turkey is the US’s most important “ally” in the Middle East which speaks volumes about its complicity with Israel (since Israel and the US are joined at the hip) in the war against Syria. So, what “jihad against the Jews” are you talking about? And by the way, Iraqi oil stolen by “Isis” (itself a CIA creation) is funneled through Turkey and Erdogan’s son is just one beneficiary of this illegal trade, along with Israel.

    2. Turkey before and after ERDOGAN -

      see that video?

      its the EXACT REASON why sooo many Sunnis worldwide support Turkey…Arabs Afghans Persian Pakistanis Somalis Nigerians, etc. etc. He BUILT THAT COUNTRY UP IN 12 YEARS! the jews hate him for that reason…

      Syria supported Kurdish separatists and Turkey wants payback as well as the fact that a section of the Syrian Sunni community was mistreated in the past – before the revolution

      yes, I know a sector within the Turkish ruling class/intelligentsia works with Israel and America to target Syria…

      I know I know I know…him shooting down a Russian plane is his FOREIGN / WAR policy…not DOMESTIC…

      of course he wants the region to burn with NATO’s help…and this will end up CONSUMING ISRAEL…

      if ISIS takes over Palestine and gets rid of the Juden, I can forgive all the other atrocities they commit…even if it was at the behest of the Juden…

      and ISIS men taking slaves is NOT THE FUCKING NORM…in Muslim countries u can’t own slaves…INCLUDING SAUDI AND MAURETANIA…and a few cases where it does happen, it’s considered illegal even if the men get away with it…ISIS is an Israeli/American creation…and NOTHING they do is Islam…they do gangbangs and orgies in ISIS territory…is that “Islamic”?

    3. The Qur’an says the harm in alcohol and intoxicants outweigh the benefits…and whatever benefits u claim it has…if it is consumed in order to prevent whatever illness u just mentioned will then be CONSIDERED A MEDICATION of some sort and NOT something for socialization purposes. 90% of the time, people who drink, end up fucking their lives over. Don’t tell me they drink with the INTENTION of preventing some hypothetical disease here and there. Just don’t. If that’s a case, it can be considered a potion of some sort for MEDICINAL purposes.

      1. @ Salman Hossain

        Anything in excess, even water, is a bad idea.

        Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into excellent wine for his mother hosting a feast. Jesus and his twelve disciples consumed wine at the Last Supper with Jesus calling the wine his blood and he instructed them to repeat the Last Supper. Had 90% of the Jesus’ disciples ended up f**king over their lives by consuming alcohol, Christianity would have never gotten off the ground.

        I find it strange that Muslims would want to go to a country like France where wine is pretty much the national drink with children even consuming it. 90% of the wine drinkers in France might be f**ked up, but it is most probably because of jewish indoctrination, not because of wine. Likewise with Germany and beer.

        There are a few Christian Protestant denominations that share the same view about alcohol as the Qur’an. The largest is the Baptist denomination with Pastor John Hagee and his millions of followers hating Islam as much as the jews which indicates that people can be f**ked up with indoctrination without consuming alcohol.

        Jesus said that it is not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out (of his mouth). Yes, drinking too much alcohol can change what comes out of the mouth, but not always. It has been my observation that wine does not do that, beer does somewhat, with distilled alcohol having the most effect, but again, not always and certainly not 90% of those consuming.

        Blanket statements, even about alcohol, are normally incorrect.

  6. @ Admin

    Am I waiting in vain for The Real Original Harbinger to say he did not pen this comment-cum-article?

    Pat was the first one to question its authenticity, and I seconded that doubt but attributed it to that sharmuta from the Caucasus rather than to that eyetye from Tel Aviv.

    February 12, 2016 at 4:14 am
    Not Harb. He knows Lobro is not American.
    Repeats like TROJ.

    1. @ JFC
      @ Pat

      I can’t see what the problem is. The article-comment is a lightly edited (i.e., corrected and improved) version of a comment sent in by Harbinger yesterday. (Lobro replied to it in the Comment section). You will see Harbinger’s ORIGINAL published in the Comment section if you look for it. Here he states quite clearly that he thinks Lobro is American but he can’t be sure. He assumes that Lobro IS American and on that basis he takes Lobro to task for his views. LD was therefore under obligation in her brief introduction to point out that Lobro was actually Canadian not American.

      If Pat thinks the “real” Harbinger knew Lobro was a Canadian, that’s Pat’s problem. Not ours. He needs to take it up with Harbinger. All I can say is, the comment has Harbinger’s email address and IP number attached to it and sounds exactly like Harbinger, so I for one have no problem in believing that the author of the comment is Harbinger himself and not some imposter pretending to be Harbinger.

      1. @ Admin

        Thank you for the clarification and confirmation. Please accept my apology if you were offended. I only bring it up because my computer was recently hacked and I also know that your site is a magnet for Zionist trolls and shills and or people who just love to create conflicts, big and small, real or imaginary. Oftentimes, these personal squabbles aired in such a public forum only belittles this site, but I am happy that this is not the case now — that was my main concern.

        I may be paranoid but that doesn’t mean there aren’t real nasty people out to get me and this great site.

      2. Admin –
        JFC –

        That was my concern also. Here is JUST one example.. SL as Lobro:

        Admin (Lucy Skipping)
        April 24, 2015 at 12:11 pm
        We must tighten up our security and clamp down hard on people using sockpuppets and worse. I’ve just seen two comments by Lobro in our spam folder and was about to approve them when I noticed that Lobro was NOT the author of the comments!
        They were written by “Space Lizard”, a mischievous troll of indeterminate gender who has sent in comments under several posters’ names, though repeatedly asked not to do so. We suspect two people, a male-female partnership, of being involved.


        I remember Circassian tried several other names also back then when banned.

      3. @Fuc Yu Chi

        Please accept my apology if you were offended [apologizing to Admin]

        Don’t you want apologize to Circassian, asshole? The Arab Jew Avatar aka Palestinian Warrior aka Lunatic did not apologize for defaming Circassians, Canadian jackass Lobro did not apologize for defaming Circassians.

        Maybe the Chinks are more decent people? What say you, Chinky?

      4. @ Circassian

        We said “One last post.” You have now made two. No more posts please. Your eviction from this site is final. It has been brought about by your own misbehavior. If we allow you to continue posting, we have a mass exodus of our best posters. Your expulsion has been a democratic decision.

      5. @ Circassian

        Circassian …bye…..bye,,,bye


        you stupid circissian clawn ,how many time did i tell you that i’m NOT THE AVATAR……… YOU circcClawn think that all Palestians looks alike…

        GO TO HELL……….CIRCASSIAN,,,,,,,,,,,This is from Lunatic
        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.·´

      6. ADMIN: Circassian, this simply has to be your very last comment. I only pass it because in it you have chosen to answer the questions we put to you. The most important ones anyway.

        As to the question you ask here: “Do you consider Lobro an honorable and decent man?” all I can say is two things: (1) I’ve had no personal interaction with Lobro himself but Lasha has known Lobro for the last 10 years (as a sort of pen pal) and would hardly associate with him if she thought he lacked honor and decency. (2) Most people on this website respect Lobro. He has very few haters here. I think you are the only one.

        OK, Circassian, this is your last post. After this, anything you write will have to be deleted. We have no choice. Let me offer you a last word of consolatory advice as you make your departure. You are too intelligent a man to waste on futile polemics on an obscure “anti-Semitic” website. Conserve your energy for more important activities. Believe me, mathematics and quantum physics are of far greater importance than posting angry comments on a Jew-bashing site. Depart with dignity in the full knowledge that you are losing nothing by ceasing to post here.


        Thank you for allowing me to point out the disgusting behavior of JFC and for giving me the opportunity do defend my dignity. That was a decent thing to do, and I commend you for that.

        If we allow you to continue posting, we have a mass exodus of our best posters. Your expulsion has been a democratic decision.

        I do not dispute your decision – whether it was democratic or not: This is your site, and you can make any decisions you want. I cannot say, though, that I respect the decision you have made.

        I also understand your sincere concern that “If we allow you to continue posting, we have a mass exodus of our best posters”, even though I am not so sure about “mass exodus”. Quite the opposite. I am almost sure that you would not lose even that asshole Lobro because (a) he has absolutely no dignity and honor, and (b) he simply cannot live without putting his shit out on this website. Just do an experiment if you doubt my conjecture.

        It is not my business to tell you how to run your business, but since one of your questions to me was: (5) If you were somehow to gain control of this website, how would you change it and what contrary ideology would you seek to promote?

        let me answer it (my answer below will cover also (3) Why did you choose the Darkmoon website to spend so much time on?)

        First of all, I would not want to gain control of this website. If I did, I would not want to change it. What I want to change is people – not websites – white people, brown people, yellow people, black people, all people: I want them to be decent and honorable – that’s all. Not to much to ask, is it? And this site is the best site for that very reason. If this site was to my liking, I would not even bother to post a single comment here – I would simply say: this is a healthy website there is nothing for me to do here, and go somewhere else where my services would be of some value. What ideology I do promote? Ideology of decency and honor, if that can be called an ideology.

        It saddens me the you have succumbed to the blackmail of that little man. Since I did you the honor you have asked for, will you return the favor by answering my question: Do you consider Lobro as an honorable and decent man?

        Would you like me to answer the other 6 questions in your list of 8 (not 7, as you stated) questions to me?

  7. Europe is all covered in snow isn’t that white enough for ya?; you should see motherland Russia all white and nice its winter and well come summer then you can make that wish; Russia doesn’t need to make that request it is protected by VIGILANTES who cover their faces to protect the very decent, sober, christian citizens of such great nation who fought the Nazis (watch now some posters switch to nazi mode now and get mad, its called white simbiotism, “I don’t know if I a am a nazi or a Russian, I think I love both” but hey I’ll just simbiotize depending on the article”) yes VIGILANTES just like Batman and Robin, the Fantastic four and Spiderman who is my favourite -my wife says- ” you looked like spiderman last night” “why?” I ask yawning, “motherfucker, you had your hands all over the walls in the hallway, you were so drunk! sheeeez what did you do this time? Shoot crystal meth”? “Or actually, what did you not do” “I don’t remember, I am hungry” I would reply, imitating murphy (robocop) another vigilante.
    LET’S KEEP EUROPE WHITE BY REMOVING AND DISMANTLING THE 59 ARAB ARMY BASES IN EUROPE WHERE DRUNKEN SOLDIERS COME out at night and like rabid dogs rape the local girls, let’s do it now that oil is cheap let’s do it now before we invading, imperialist arabs find something new of value before we start bombing the place all over again, let us remove and completely dismantle all the regimes we installed -Kings, half Kings, “Presidents” and sons of “Presidents” who became “Presidents” who always win by 99 percent of the votes, let’s remove Princesses and Generals and “dear leaders” that would make Kim Ho You -or whatever the fuck his korean name is- look like speedy gonzales’s little buddy-of course you don’t remember Him ’cause he is so insignificant- yes the one that yells “andale, andale! Andale cabron!” “Pass me a corona chinga tu madre! I like it better than Rolling rock!” Yeah that one, and let’s get rid of shia mullahs and sunni Sheikhs with deep pockets in their silky Jilbajahs placed there by us arabs, regimes that give permission to the smallest employee in their intelligence apparatuses -the mukhabarat- to slap your mother as you look on from behind the bars that keep you from coming out and strangle him, bars that you bang with your forehead you are so hurt, countries that became regimes that strip you from your dignity in such a way THAT WHEN YOU GO TRYING TO SIGN IN TO DO A SUICIDE ATTACK THEY PUT YOU ON A WAITING LIST THERE ARE SO MANY DISGUSTED, and let’s us, very specially let us remove the inhuman entity that cynically used a biblical name to baptize itself into the world community in order to disguise its despicable behavior..
    Then you won’t need a white europe because we will stay home and try and figure out what the word happiness feels like when alive because that feeling comes from the inner self not the heart, the heart is just an organ that gets broken

  8. At any rate, it is important to engage the holy head trinity, mouth-ears-brain triangle route when debating issues of such colossal importance.

    As for my response to Harb, I posted it already, no need for looping through in a different format.

    Broadly speaking, I find no fault in Lonnie’s thinking, clear and directly focused on the one overarching problem – Jew.
    He does not differentiate between religions, all are equally distasteful to him, which is quite fair, if someone wants to be left out, they have this right to live without being intubated for forcefeeding, Guantanamo style.

    But he thinks that religions are an obstacle to the war against the alien usurper, a position that I find quite unnecessary, if for no reason other than that all the previous popular uprisings against the Jew had a fairly Christian underpinning.
    There are millions of atheists around and what do they have to show?
    The last targeted hit on a sayan / Mossadnik was in 2002, when Taliban or al-Qaeda (the real ones, not run out of Tel Aviv) took out Daniel Pearl.
    That’s 14 years of total inactivity while Jew cries daily about holocausts, past, present and future ones, the existential angst … So, join the circle jerk, Lonnie until you can show us some scalps on your belt.

    I keep saying: the violent resistance will be be highly professional, at least as competent, trained and equipped as Hezbollah, which after all, wouldn’t last a month without Iran.
    Any chance of such force in N America? I would say zero to none, unless something gets moving below surface in the army, just like it did in Russia.
    Maybe Pat’s uncle can hole dimes at 300 yards but do you guys talk about the Big Threat while out in bush and how to counter it?
    I kind of doubt it, I mean most Americans have trouble pointing in direction of either Canada or Mexico, let alone Khazaria … and without the deep awareness of history, the motivation and morale are nonexistent.
    I give much more chance to various corners of Europe, especially the central and eastern ones that suffered longer and more acutely from the Judaic disease.
    Greece, Hungary, Romania, Galicia, … and of course, my main bet is Russia aided by Iran.
    They have the motivation and organizational ability.

    1. LOBRO @ February 13, 2016 at 4:23 am

      “if for no reason other than that all the previous popular uprisings against the Jew had a fairly Christian underpinning.”

      Sure, kicked em out 109 times, we’ve all heard it. But Christians let em back in 110 times so obviously going at it from any religious underpinning is not and will not work.

      You MUST go at it from a pure HATE stand point. Nothing else will have a chance.

      I HATE all jews for what they have done and are doing to humanity.

      Can you even say you HATE all jews ? If you can’t do that you’ll certainly never act on it.

      It’s completely rational and normal to HATE those who constantly attack you with intent to destroy.

      HATE. Pure and simple. No religion required.

      And don’t give me any “playing into their agendas” BS by using HATE. Lack of boldness won’t cut it in this war.

      1. @ Lonnie

        Frankly, I don’t think it is wise to hate ALL Jews. Have you actually met “all” Jews and decided they ALL deserve to be hated and killed? If so, do you practice what you preach? Do you go around killing Jews?

        You either have killed quite a few Jews or you haven’t.

        If you have, you are a serial killer according to the law. If you haven’t, you are all mouth and no trousers. A windbag. A hot air balloon.

      2. Actually, Lonnie, I have decided you are one of two things: either a psychopath or an agent provocateur.

        If you actually believe what you say and practice what you preach — i.e., universal hatred and death to all Jews — then you have to be a crazed psychopath. I don’t think you are this. Because you know damn well that writing all this openly on a website is enough to get you put away in prison for hate speech and incitement to violence. It would mean thatyou fulfil all the definitions of a potential terrorist, pure and simple.

        It follows that you KNOW you are safe. No one’s going to put you away in prison because you are protected. Which makes you a sting agent for the US government. An agent provocateur who is here to flush out the other psychopathic and violence-prone Jew haters.

        A secondary motive of yours would be to get this website shut down for openly preaching indiscriminate violence and the mass extermination of the Jews.

      3. Lonnie,

        “It’s completely rational and normal to HATE those who constantly attack you with intent to destroy.”

        Well, that is a feeling many people have but Christians promote “forgive us our trespassers as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

        But the question is, in line with your argument; Do all Jews hate and want to destroy all non Jews? Gilad Atzmon is a Jew and he does not hate nor wish to kill non Jews. And Muslims? There are those who hate non Muslims and wish to kill them but there are those who believe quite the opposite.

        You generalise far too much for your own good.
        I also don’t really hate anyone in this world and more importantly, how can you hate one you’ve never met?

      4. You people are not interested in winning the war are you ? Nothing psychopathic or agent provocateur about it. Just rational response to the obvious.

        I’m convinced many of you STILL do not understand how real this war is and what it takes to win this type of war. No doubt about it.

        As for the good jew Gilad Atzmon, what does he say the solution to the jewish problem ultimately is ?


        Good jew my ass.

        I have spent A LOT of time around jews. Why the hell do you think I’ve come to these conclusions ?

      5. Lonnie,

        You are a highly irrational individual.
        First you have to educate people on Jewry and Judaism. Once they understand what the Jew is capable of doing and many currently are, to their overall detriment, then and then only can something be done about the Jew problem.

        You can’t just kick them all out. You have to make people understand why you have to kick them out or remove them from positions of power and influence. It didn’t work for Hitler did it? Why? It was simply because the ‘allied forces’ believed the lies of the Jew. They believed their lies because the Jews influenced them through their propaganda, with their control of the msm and academia.

        So Lonnie, unless you remove the Jews from their sphere of influence, you will always be fighting against your own people, ignorant to the fact of what many Jews are doing, that’s wrong in this world.

        You want to go outside and start bashing Jews with copper and lead pipes, or worse shoot them, then you’ll only end up buying yourself a one way ticket into one of her majesty’s ‘hotels’ for criminals.

      6. HARBINGER @ February 13, 2016 at 5:12 pm

        Kick them out ? Remove them from sphere of influence ? STILL don’t get it do you ?

        Yes, indeed… lets wait until all the goyim get a good waking up. Yup, we have that kind of time.

        I’m not for one second saying we do not have to be smart about this, but you better be clear on the explosion fantasy.

      7. Lonnie,

        Are you really as stupid as you are coming across in your comments? It appears that you do not have the capacity to comprehend anything that I’ve written.

        Just how are you going to remove Jews from the west?
        How are you going to kick them out?
        Who is going to kick them out?
        Do you think the majority of people in the west, who are sympathetic to Jews, are going to simply let you beat them, kill them or toss them out of the country?
        Where are you going to send them to?

        As long as the holocaust narrative remains, Jews will forever have the support of westerners. Destroy the holocaust myth and then you can start going down the road you want to go down.

        As long as Jews have control of banking, politics, the msm, Hollywood, music, academia and so on, you have absolutely no hope of removing them from your lands. This is simply because they will do what they have always done – have goyim protect them and kill those goyim who are trying to harm them.

        The point of debate is to offer objective, factual comments to your debater. You have not done so. All you talk about is what we should do but you haven’t really thought about it very well have you? You are clearly living in cloud cuckoo land.

      8. HARBINGER,

        I’m not interested in “debating” with you. Debating is a big part of the problem at this stage.

        Do you seriously think you deserve my or anyone else’s attention just because you type a bunch of words on a blog ? Who the hell do you think you are ?

        I’m not going to go back and read endless posts of yours to search for your position on the jewish problem.

        As for the details of how/who to exactly go about dealing with the jews …. that is not important just yet.

        You have to first clearly decide WHAT needs to be carried out before the HOW of it. From what I have read of your postings I still don’t think you are man enough to participate in what really needs to be be done. You appear to be coming at it from a christian perspective of “it’s wrong to kill them off” for what they have done.

        If I’m incorrect on this please say so. If I am correct there is nothing left to “debate” with you and it’s clear to me you will ultimately be USELESS in this war as an actual fighter..

      9. “I’m not interested in “debating” with you. Debating is a big part of the problem at this stage.”

        Well that’s fine really. I have no interest in reading what you have to write, as it’s clear you are a hothead, who has no respect for opinion that doesn’t fit in with your own perception of reality. It appears that all you wish to do is bully people with your ignorant opinion. You are, as I stated earlier, a highly irrational individual whose stance will cause far more bad than good. People like you end up in prison or with a bullet between the eyes.

        So I’ll just put you on my ignore list.

        Hasta la vista.

      10. Harbinger,

        Watch out! Lonnie’s a self-proclaimed killer. If he ain’t fussy about killin’ Jews, you can be pretty hot damn sure he’ll shoot any goyim sonofab**ch who gets in his way. This guy makes me tremble in my b**ts. 🙂

      11. @ Madame Butterfly

        Where you been, Butterfly? Chillin’ out in rehab, huh? You better behave this time. Or they’ll give you the b**t again.

      12. MADAME BUTTERFLY @ February 14, 2016 at 1:41 am

        If you’re a jew, sellout to the jews, or disgusting criminal, you had damn well better be afraid of me and men like me.

        If you’re none of the above you have no reason what so ever to be afraid of me or men like me.

        It’s very simple to understand.

      13. Harbinger, Lonnie,

        Please try to understand that you are both right.

        Lonnie is quite right that physical removal is necessary to rid ourselves from this pest. You don’t let cancer thrive if you can eradicate it once and for all.

        Having said that, this removal can only take place when a large part of society is backing that wholeheartedly, something which should currently be our prime goal. Hitler had to wait many years too before he could actually implement National Socialist policies and circumstances were far more intense than today. Today it’s not much use to go about it on your own or as a small group of amateurs. That would actually help them and cause more tightening legislation. Hence all these theatrical shootings and ‘terrrrrist’ attacks. So we must keep on spreading the truth, despite how bleak our predicament seems right now. It’s important we never lose our will to do it. Never, and for that a healthy dose of hate is absolutely necessary. And it’s not that hate is an irrational reaction to a real evil threat. The time will come when more people will be sympathetic to patriot actions and even want to join. The current developments could work in our favour. But for now we need the patience of a spider. However, we don’t have unlimited time.


    Yes indeed keep Europe White , what became of it if it became not White ,it will lose it Spirit and the essence of it’s being uniquely White ,I just love and adore the White People ,it’s not out of inferiority complex ,NO NO NO.
    I am a self proclaimed Arab nationalist and patriot and proud of it ,religion beliefs make no difference to me,that’s between you and your God ,I do respect all religions and the Pope of Rome is my hero 🙂 no kidding here ,Catholicism in General is my cup of tea !
    and if you’re atheist unbeliever ,that your thing and it make to different to me.
    Yes indeed Asia for Asian ,Africa is for African ,Europe for WHITES and and and I repeat The ARAB WORLD from sea to sea is for ARABS.
    take your European white Jews and call it a day ,just please Leave Arabs alone.
    These Arab refugees should have never left their lands no matter what ,looking for nonexistent illusion mirage
    crossing the treacherous seas under cunning darkness ,they were manipulated by demonic forces .
    they will come to their senses and return to the motherland ,many already did
    Salute to the European Whites From The Lunatic

    1. Good man, lunatic … I’d rather have you by my side in a trench than some of my younger generation next of kin tweeting on their shiny iPhones.

    2. Essentially well said LUNATIC, however we cannot rely on the notion the Euro invaders will come to their senses.

      We are going to have to hunt them down for what they’re doing. Wish it were not the case, but it is.

      I’d also use the phrase “jewish forces” in place of demonic forces. I’ve stated my opinion on all religion, we will leave it at that.

      Even though we come at this problem from a different perspective, we are clearly on the same side. I can work with that.

  10. I don’t think you have to worry about the survival of the white race. Judging by the affinity of coloured men for white girls it is a case of the coloured races gradually being whitened.

    I am biased, being European/white/English/American I think that the most beautiful women in the world are white. I mean no disrespect to women of other races, it is just the way things are. Most men will compete to have the most beautiful women bear their children. It is a form of Darwinism.

    Scarlet Johanson Jewish? give me a break.

  11. Speaking as someone brought up in Australia of the 60s, when they had a “white Australia” policy and many Australians regarded Britain as the “Mother Country”, I never foresaw the events that ensued thereafter. Britain joining Europe and turning her back on her kith and kin. Destroying her own industry and becoming an even bigger satrapy of the US. In other words abandoning everything that made her great. Back in those most Brits and Aussies believed that, “wogs began at Calais” and ended somewhere north of Darwin. The Australians had a racial epithet for everyone; English- pommie bastard, French-frogs, Germans-krauts, Greeks-spiranini, of course others, dagoes, spics, greasers etc. Now Australia is one of the most politically correct countries on earth. My point is, if white Europeans are racist towards each other, how much more will they be towards non-whites.
    It’s the same all over the world; Chinese and Japanese despise each other. The Japanese despise anyone who is a gaijin. Africa is the same. In Kenya the Kikuyu regard other tribes with contempt, as do the Zulus in South Africa. Language and culture is the barrier in my experience. You want to be Scottish. That’s wonderful and it’s your right not be turned into some plastic, homogenuous, new European man at the behest of International Jewry.
    Harbinger, trying to have a white Europe won’t work as long as there is a European Union. The only way any European country will regain its soul is for it to leave the EU, repatriate all non-nationals and for each country to adopt a my country first policy. Britain for Brits, France for the French and so on.
    Each country should adopt a policy of autarky, which worked very well in Spain during the time of Franco. There was almost full employment, food was cheap and taxes were low for the ordinary man. Look what you have in the EU a VAT of about 20% supporting a gang of criminal swine in Brussels. Food prices in the EU are outrageous. Before Britain joined the EU food was cheap. You had cheap food from all over the world. So, Harbinger, my friend take a first step by getting your country out of the EU. You know it’s imperative if Obama supports Cameron in keeping the UK in Europe.

    1. Felix,

      It is the choice of the individual to like and dislike whomever they so choose. It is not the right of another to tell them whom they can like or dislike. This is why I utterly despise the state as it interferes in the lives of every human being in the land that it exists within.

      The destruction of Scotland happened long ago. Today it really is nothing more than further regions of England. The first step in destroying Scotland was the removal of its language. People laughably today say that they speak Scottish. They don’t. They speak English albeit with a different dialect. The only thing that differentiates them from people from Yorkshire, Lancashire and all the other regions of England is vernacular. Gaelic is the language of the Scots, NOT English.
      Britain, really, has now been homogenized. Therefore all this hoo-ha about Scottish Independence was nothing more than utter nonsense. There were people from all over Europe and more so, ENGLAND, voting on whether Scotland should be independent of Westminster. We have a prime minister, a Cameron, who clearly has Scottish roots ‘running’ the country. The brainwashed belief today is now that one who is born in Scotland is Scottish. They’re not indigenous, but they will be classified as ‘black Scottish’ or ‘Asian Scottish’. The point is a simple one – you are either indigenous Scottish, or you are not Scottish, this is the same with all of the European peoples and their nations.

      Leaving the EU won’t make a difference, simply because it will still be controlled by the bankers. It will not ever reduce the immigration into it, which has risen under the Tories, who were elected in after Nulabour were kicked out by the people, disgusted by their stance on immigration and the EU. The Tories have proven that there is no difference between them and NuLabour, just as there is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. All are promoting the same policies.

      If Britain wants to remain an indigenous stronghold then it needs to repatriate 98% of its non indigenous and put a one child policy upon those who remain. This won’t happen. Therefore, certainly by the turn of the 22nd century, we will see the indigenous population become a minority within their own lands. Feminism has given driven women to career over family and those who do have only one child on average. This means that the white population will continue going down, as the black and Asian rises. Feminism IS cultural Marxism and it will destroy the white race as it was designed to do so.

      What’s really sad about white genocide is that the Jew has indoctrinated whites into believing that it is good and right. They have indoctrinated them into believing the internationalism is good and nationalism is bad. Nationalism, to many is a racist and xenophobic belief. They have also indoctrinated whites into believing that only whites can be racist. I laugh at those here in Scotland, who believe themselves to be Scottish, who sing ‘Flower of Scotland’ and pronounce how Scottish they are and yet openly welcome immigration into their country.

      So, you see Felix, it really wouldn’t matter one iota, whether Britain remained within the EU or not. Sure, it would save Britain money, there’s no doubt, but all the policies would pretty much remain the same. And then there’s the Channel Tunnel, which should have never been built.

      1. Pat,

        The Channel Tunnel was the biggest mistake that ever happened. No doubt it was made, with the future immigration problem in mind. There is no better defence to any island, than a sea. because it not only causes a problem to invaders, but also keeps wildlife in check. There are no doubt many species within the animal and insect kingdom, who have travelled through it. The best thing they could do is destroy it, but they won’t because it saves time on trips into France.

      2. Long before the Dover-Calais channel tunnel was built the Islamabad-Leicester tunnel had been dug and was in constant use.

    2. @ Felix

      RE: “The only way any European country will regain its soul is for it to leave the EU, repatriate all non-nationals and for each country to adopt a my country first policy. Britain for Brits, France for the French and so on.” BINGO!

      The European Union, first as a PR concept, and then as a legal Treaty, was how Rothschild and co. consolidated its power over Europe. The European Union is essentially an extra-territorial Treaty that gives all the power and control to the jew bansksters; crucially over the currency, but also over immigration and the legal power to open the floodgates of the 3rd world invasion into Europe, or specifically into member nations of the EU.

      I am amazed that the so-called “Nationalist Parties” in Europe have not understood this; or if they understand this, why they haven’t done a better job of explaining it and winning massive popular support to get the hell out of the EU. A constitutional challenge to the legality, or rather to the illegality and immorality of the extra-territorial power of the EU over supposedly sovereign nations would be a good start in civil disobedience and the counter-propaganda war.

      All Trade Deals are Unequal Treaties. After the kikejews won the Opium Wars, China was forced to legalize the sale of opium and the treaty that allowed this was literally called the “Unequal Treaty”. For obvious reasons, the jews don’t call their trade deals like the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) “Unequal Treaties” anymore, but that is what it is, just like NAFTA was.

      @ Pat

      I am familiar with your novel idea that the Vietnam War should have properly been called World War 3. However, I would like to posit an even more novel idea that the Opium War of 1839 was the first World War 1 because it involved all the major European powers: Britain, France, Germany and even the USA.

      From Encyclopedia Britannica:

      Unequal treaty, in Chinese history, any of a series of treaties and agreements in which China was forced to concede many of its territorial and sovereignty rights. They were negotiated during the 19th and early 20th centuries between China and foreign imperialist powers, especially Great Britain, France, Germany, the United States, Russia, and Japan.

      Patterned largely on the terms of an accord in 1835 between China and the khanate of Kokand (in parts of present-day Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan), the unequal treaties were initiated by the armed conflict between Britain and China known as the first Opium War (1839–42), which was resolved by the Treaty of Nanjing (Nanking; August 29, 1842). Under the terms of that agreement, China paid the British an indemnity, ceded the territory of Hong Kong, and agreed to establish a “fair and reasonable” tariff. Moreover, British merchants, who were previously allowed to trade only at the South China port of Canton (Guangzhou), were now to be allowed to trade at five ports (called treaty ports), including Canton and Shanghai.

      The agreement was augmented the following year by the British Supplementary Treaty of the Bogue (Humen; October 8, 1843), which granted British citizens in China extraterritorial rights, by which they were to be under the control of their own consuls and were not subject to Chinese law. It also included a most-favoured-nation clause, guaranteeing to Britain all privileges that China might grant to any other foreign power.

      Over the next few years China concluded a series of similar treaties with other powers; the most important treaties were the Treaty of Wanghia (Wangxia) with the United States and the Treaty of Whampoa with France (both 1844). Each additional treaty expanded upon the rights of extraterritoriality, and, as a result, the foreigners obtained an independent legal, judicial, police, and taxation system within the treaty ports.

      Following the defeat of China by Britain and France in the second Opium War (or Arrow War; 1856–60), a new series of agreements was negotiated. The resulting treaties of Tianjin (Tientsin; 1858) supplemented the old treaties by providing for the residence of foreign diplomats in Beijing (Peking), the right of foreigners to travel in the interior of China, the opening of the country’s major waterway, the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang), to foreign navigation, permission for Christian missionaries to propagate their faith, legalization of opium importation and the coolie trade, and the opening of 10 new ports to foreign trade and residence.

      Russia, meanwhile, signed a separate agreement, the Treaty of Aigun (May 16, 1858), by which Russia would have jurisdiction over the lands north of the Amur River from its junction with the Argun River to the Tatar Strait, China would control the lands south of the Amur from the Argun to the Ussuri (Wusuli) River, and the territory east of the Ussuri to the Sea of Japan (East Sea) would be held in common. According to the treaty, only Russian and Chinese vessels would be permitted to navigate the Amur, Ussuri, and Sungari (Songhua) rivers.

      In 1860, after the Chinese had failed to ratify the Tianjin agreements, the British and French resumed the war, captured Beijing, and forced the Chinese to sign the Beijing Convention, in which they agreed to carry out the initial settlements. Other Western countries again exacted similar agreements. The Chefoo Convention, negotiated at Yantai (Chefoo) with Britain in 1876 (although not ratified by Britain until 1885) following the murder of a British explorer by Chinese nationals, resulted in more Chinese concessions and the opening of several new ports.

      By the Treaty of Beijing (November 14, 1860), Russia attained what it had sought in the unratified Treaty of Aigun; Russia was also given jurisdiction over the lands east of the Ussuri and south of Lake Khanka, which included the settlement of Vladivostok.

      In 1885 another treaty of Tianjin concluded the Sino-French War (1883–85) and ceded Annam (now in Vietnam) to France, while the Treaty of Shimonoseki, signed in 1895 following the Sino-Japanese War (1894–95), ceded Taiwan and the P’eng-hu Islands (Pescadores) to Japan, recognized the independence of Korea, and provided for the opening of still more ports as well as the right of Japanese nationals to operate factories (trading posts) inside China. The Boxer Protocol, signed in 1901 following China’s unsuccessful attempt to expel all foreigners from the country during the Boxer Rebellion (1900), provided for the stationing of foreign troops at key points between Beijing and the sea.

      After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Soviet government terminated most of the privileges gained by tsarist Russia under the unequal treaties. Between 1928 and 1931 the Chinese Nationalists succeeded in persuading the Western powers to return tariff autonomy to China, but extraterritorial privileges were not relinquished by Britain, France, and the United States until 1946. The British restored sovereignty for Hong Kong to China in 1997, and the Portuguese did the same in Macau in 1999, after both countries had concluded agreements with China.

      1. Justice for the Chinese,

        As I stated to Felix, it really wouldn’t matter whether Britain remained within the EU or not to solve the problem of inevitable white minority. Felix states that we should repatriate ‘non-nationals’ but the definition of one today being a British national (Scottish, English, Welsh and N.Irish) is simply to be born there or remain there for ‘x’ amount of years (I think it’s between 2 and 5). If we closed the floodgates today, those non indigenous nationals, would out breed the whites before the end of the century. Britain’s growing population is overwhelmingly down to the migration into it and immigrant first, second, third etc births. Therefore the only way to stop the inevitable whites becoming a minority in the UK is to repatriate ALL (or at least 98%) non indigenous back to their ancestral lands, or institute a one child policy for all non indigenous peoples.

        This of course won’t happen as the majority of the heavily indoctrinated indigenous won’t agree to it, regardless and no government would ever carry it out. The British National Party promoted this very agenda and they are now a party that’s dieing a slow death. So, the reality is that the UK will have an indigenous minority by 2100 along with most, if not all of Europe too.

      2. JFC –

        I have no problem with Opium War(s) as WWI.
        I did not know everything you wrote here.

        I have known that London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers destroyed the productivity, and murdered millions of people in China… and worse… destroyed their culture. They never recovered. Big shame.

        My main objections to the numbering of wars today… is that it makes it very easy for those bankers to threaten the world with WW3. A fear tactic. It is working just fine. PCR uses it all the time. Sells books.

  12. This reply was written to Lobro after I gave a reply to Lobro disagreeing with him that the spate of sexual assaults in Cologne was a Mossad directed psy-op.

    I did not know that Lobro was a Canadian although I do know that he is well traveled.

  13. This will NOT help keep Europe White… And it IS being built.

    Iron Silk Road from China to Europe via Russia in 15 Days

    While Turkey is trying to step forward in constructing Iron Silk Road by mainly two projects, Marmaray and Baku-Tbilisi-Kars, Russia and Kazakhstan have both proceeded a lot about the rail connection between China and Europe.

    There are three alternatives in this Silk Road corridor via Russia. See pics of each a the link above.

  14. Interesting analysis of the big power politics in Syria by Israel Shamir (i would definitely sort Shamir into the near-mythical “4%”)
    Towards the bottom he says this, could be important and I am 50+% ready to agree:

    The Russian success in Syrian war could not be achieved without President Obama’s cautious neutrality. Perhaps he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize, after all. An American president could turn this excellent Russian adventure into sheer hell, even without going to war. Let us give praise where it is due: Washington quietly allows the Russians to save Syria, despite Israeli wailing and Saudi shrieks.

    Is Israel wailing?
    You bet, but among themselves, gotta keep the “anti-ISIS” front for the goyim, nowhere reported in ZOG media

    Israel and Iran could share a border if Syria beats ISIS, Israeli minister warns
    ‘No one wants to see Iran wading in the Mediterranean,’ Steinitz warns, as Assad launches major offensive in northern Syria with Iranian, Russian aid.

    (can’t read the whole article without subscription – fat chance of that)

    1. zogsports, the deniability / lightning rod factor unmasked and updated.
      Essentially sports are a functional alibi to obscure / legitimate behind the scene shenanigans .. where right wing violence is regimented and provided top dollar killing and assasination toys.
      Now, take this game element which began gained popularity in tv family circles and indoors; it ha on the one hand metastatized in focus: charmcocoon, nerdify and ultimately abort ripening malehood via a pretty moving colour ‘eye-jack’ trick and on the other we have the spacial factor, adventure element in the quest / task / participation game added.
      Now to clean this up all and tweak this evolution into an ’embeddiment’ sector good enough to eclipse the preceding fight / grow / serve ones and make it of as real a use, crossbordering and bordercrossing both, we need a scenario i have already advocated and spoken about in comments for a few years:
      freedom of movement and mental diet (careerchoice) restriction (5 or 10 sq miles minimum w permie manuels as the sole ‘intellojuice’ ‘flowstimulants´)
      The beauty is of course, that it can be tried anytime anywhere, and best of all, with some voluntary pioneers you’d not have to spend a lot of incentive / encouragement money on!!!

      Now if that doesn’t beat Lonnie’s incendiary crap a goozilljewn times over i guess i’ll just have to try harder next time.

      Ps: Lobro, would you do me the honour of letting me chauffeur you to destinations of your choosing and time which are hard to reach with public transport while you are in germany?? I couldn’t think of a nicer holiday.

      many mirrors of that article have meanwhile been posted; serendipitously i find this exhibit of Goldsack Manners … deftly handling stainless shovels .. w Shrillharpy raising hers highest
      found here (10 page ups from bottom, where this link goes):

      1. Douglas Dietrich (see remark i made a few minutes ago on Trump item #919515) doesn’t consider compost (good) company. How anthropocentric of him.

    2. 2015 11 17 Critical Omissions with Douglas Dietrich …
      25.11.2015 – Hochgeladen von Rocks-to-Earth-SPInner

      guess who wins the genocide world championship … taking it from 1514

      after the top of the hour station break one can skip to the 73rd minute if/when
      inclined to give the commercials a miss

      1. Thanks…. PIET.

        I never heard of this man. He resembles the actor, Lou Diamond Phillips:

        Douglas Dietrich is the son of a retired U.S. Navy Sailor.
        Douglas worked for ten years as a Department of Defense Research Librarian at the Presidio Military Base of San Francisco, where one of his major duties was document destruction.

        He uses ‘time-travel’ as the reason for today’s problems.

        He said, “We are on ‘war-time’…” and UFOs are responsible.

        Douglas Dietrich on Aliens UFOs & The Battle of LA | Gaia Exclusives

      2. Doug states at 26:00 minutes that ”Japanese took out” 350,000 US troops in “ONE night”…
        ….in Los Angeles, California… during WWII.

        BUT… I guess Hollywood’s Pharisee-Jews missed the filming of 20 to 35 divisions of troops being wiped out there… He said “5 divisions..”. But he was way off there… But he is the ‘expert’… 🙂

        Hollywood Pharisees… Probably too busy filming “Red-Ronnie” Reagan’s and John Wayne’s US Army propaganda films.

  15. Turkey’s ECONOMY IS #2 in Europe right now – RIGHT AFTER GERMANY! and #1 in the Middle East…greater than Iran’s. Erdogan built it up after taking over from the Kemalists and Secularists who were ALL Jews, Alevis, or Freemasons!

    1. “Turkey’s ECONOMY IS #2 in Europe right now ” :

      probably due to the theft of Iraqi and Syrian oil, and the theft of their artifacts..

  16. I support and praise Erdogan’s domestic policy while criticizing his FOREIGN/DEFENSE policy. Does that make me a Jew lover?

    1. If you think it is OK for Erdogan to profit from stolen Iraqi, and Syrian oil, which is transported through Turkey, and shipped to israel, then that puts you on a par with IS, israel, and the thieving Turks..

  17. @ Salman Hossain
    Yes you are hossan a Jew lover but you refuse to admitted it.
    what’s wrong if you love your cousins solomon
    shake my hand hossain ,we are your kin and kith
    wake up and be a real man ,we are not your enemies ,we are the jews ,your real cousins

  18. Is there a rational list of Jew crimes against humans, organized by categories (e.g., outright butchery, warmongering, diseases (someone accused them of bringing Bubonic plague to Europe and they were implicated in selling infected blankets to American natives), starvation, poverty, narcotics, drunkenness, organized crime, slavery, plunder, usury, sharp practices, social debasement, and so forth), chronologically ordered and each instance accompanied by an indicator of confidence level that the charge is true, e.g.,
    massacre in Crete, 250,000+/-50,000 victims, AD 320, probability 70%

    It would be interesting to see the final tally.
    What if it is 1 billion or more?
    And here we sit drowning in sanctimonious tears over “good” Jews … maybe it helps bend back the bars of this mental dungeon that we feel so comfortable in, morally smug.

    But what if we were forced to face these victims, a billion times Why?
    A billion mindless, Oh, you can’t blame all the Jews, not nice, so we must just continue with business as usual, a billion more in near future, well … too bad, but yeah.

    Somebody posted this link on the mass murder (holodomor) of Russians and Ukrainians by Jews, the first of the three (I’d like to hear that troll assert that poor jewies were just whores and anglos the pimps, his eternal wisdom – he is sooo intelligent).
    Who could look one of the photographed victims in the eye and airily explain how, you know, many, many Jews are just fine, no need to generalize.

    As far as I know, when a pathogen, let’s say Ebola virus mutates into something harmless it is no longer Ebola virus.
    And ditto with Jews.
    A good Jew is no longer a Jew, therefore the remaining ones are all bad.

    1. Lobro,

      Indeed, plenty of examples. Well, perhaps not plenty but there definitely are some out there.

      Brother Nathanael and Benjamin Freedman prove it.

      More proof is the fact that there actually were thousands of German Jews that were loyal to the Reich and fought for Hitler.

      And there is Heinz Weichardt. He penned down his personal experience. In case you already haven’t, this is well worth reading;

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