Libera nos a Malo


Lines found in a bottle at sea

It is finished
That I promise
You need worry no more

It is all over

Be at peace
Wind up your affairs soon
Make arrangements for big changes

The old ways are dead
The past is gone
God is with you always

And I am with you too

I stand by your side
I guard you
From the Evil One

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

25 thoughts to “Libera nos a Malo”

  1. Lasha, was it your bottle?
    It sure has your ring to it.

    Yes, the Evil One is stalking abroad but fear not.

  2. I am so glad that the esteemed Dr. Darkmoon has styled her website, ’’Christian’’. This admission on her part removes any lingering doubt as to her level of enlightenment. Moreover, I have heard it said that, her disposition, when her fake Jewish faith is so much as questioned, becomes angrily unhappy, and that the evil, hideous questioner very quickly feels the force of her stifled will, which will, had the Catholic sufferer of it employed it in one of the countless terrestrial pleasures, would have brought her personal joy and the others’ praise rather than pity.

    In a way I don’t blame her: the dramatic plot of the sad, sad Jesus story, which helps her keep her solitary life together, like the female arachnid queen of Guinea, cannot but grab the attention of anyone who so much as skims through the first few pages of it; for, so wonderfully have the events of the Prince of Peace been related in it, and so touching is the elegiac prose that binds the entire narrative, that one would have to be a veritable demon not to be moved by it, even if the slightest diligence and inquiry very quickly awakens one to the fact that, the entire story, from the first syllable to the last, is nothing but a melancholy fiction, at best useless, at worst dangerous.

    Dr. Darkmoon’s excellence is tragic in nature, whose depth is aggravated by the fact that her Jeshua never once paid her a visit, an opinion, no doubt, held in common by anyone who has ever had so much as a single discourse with her. Although gifted with sufficient talent, good learning and readable diction as to earn my interest in her Catholic ramblings, no sooner does she open her perennially unkissed mouth and speak with it about the profounder truths of life, than she brings herself into disrepute, since she insists that anything which a man may want to learn about God can only be found between the covers of a hideous Bible book, whose every word is a lie, and every dialogue a monologue. At least the New Testament has this merit: the last time I was in the mountains, its pages helped kindle the most gorgeous fire! Some say that, if you believe it completely, you can die, but I don’t believe it, as the world contains two-billion reduced Christian maniacs, and they can’t all be dead and yet alive!

    Therefore, it is now acknowledged, and this with universal conviction, by those who have rammed, and have been rammed, by the dirty Devil, that her position as the Teller of Truth is no longer tenable here; and, if the bucolic line that praises her mind as beautiful and lovely is long, the line that is impatient to censure and castigate her is even longer, since those who have made Catholicism their way of life have consciously made an alliance with the Devil, and since no one in all the Universes that ever have been, are, and are likely ever to be, does not know the Devil better than I, I can tell you, without the shadow of a doubt, that however sweet may be the tenor of a Catholic mouth, sweeter still is hers that speaks the truth.

    When Dr. Darkmoon grows wise and old some day, and perforce applies her now-aged mind to the perusal of real books in her solitary retirement, as solitary as the youth which she wasted, she will discover more truths in a single sentence of Plotinus than she ever had in all her manufactured Catholic epistles, which Plotinus, how-so-very-incidentally, my friends, was very nearly lost for good from memory, as one of the votive candles of the Christian Church that illumined the Serapis Temple fell to the ground, you see, and by this terrible, terrible mishap, seven-hundred-and-seventy-eight-thousand books and manuscripts accidentally were turned to dust.

    Of course, we now know that, in her lonely retirement – or, perhaps, confinement?! – she will keep close to her lonely breast the image of that same old, fatigued, spat and beaten Prince, whom, those like me, and from the devilish humour which animates us, these days call less fictitious but more artificial, and that she will, in her old, decrepit age, seek solace and relief from the same negative energy which in her youth filled her young head to the brim with pain and suffering, the only legacy which a Christ Jesus ever left to the world. ’’If anyone comes to me and does not HATE his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters – yes, even their own life – such a person cannot be my disciple.’’ Luke, 14: 26. Love, anyone?

    When this happens, and darling Truth finally disabuses her of her life-long error, she will also gain a consciousness of loss greater than all the losers of the world have commonly attained, and will then desperately seek any ear – me, by then, being long dead – whom she could engage so as to warn and teach that which this unloved devil long has known. But, sadly for our Christian virgin, misty cataracts in the eyes, and a withered larynx in the mouth, which soon are bound to terminate in blindness and muteness, bespeak of a life itself nearing termination; and so, when Dr. Darkmoon is dead in a cold grave and a colder still stone remembers her, all that she will have managed to leave to posterity shall be the same precept which a Catholically murdered Hypatia, her bones scraped with Catholic oyster shells, had long before her left to the world: MAN, I WAS WRONG, I BESEECH YOU: KNOW THYSELF AND NO OTHER.

    Our handsome English friends across the waters call this, Too Late; I call it, Nice Murder by Recollection. Oh, it is so nice to wound a heart that refuses to accept a human love! Find out what a person holds dearest in life, and THAT EVILLY STAB! Do you know, stab?

    Eva Klein

    1. Thanks, Ellie! You never give up, do you?

      I note with some amusement that you keep obsessing over Lasha’s “solitary life”, “lonely breast” and “perennially unkissed mouth”, as if you she were some kind of frigid nun starved of all affection and pining away in solitude for lack of attention.

      How do you know all this? After all, you have never met Lasha. You know zilch about her. In fact, there is not a single person on this site who has ever set eyes on Lasha or has the slightest information about her personal life.

      Secondly, you keep on about Lasha’s narrow Catholicity, apparently unaware that she is a dysfunctional Catholic who has written more about Vedanta and Buddhism on this site than about Christianity.



      It seems to me, Ellie, that you know absolutely knowing about Lasha Darkmoon. You know as little about her religious beliefs as you do about her personal life.

      You speak airily about Plotinus, as if to imply that Lasha would do well to ditch her narrow brand of Christianity and study Plotinus instead. For your information, Lasha has already written extensively about Plotinus, including an unpublished essay for this website entitled, “From the alone to the Alone: A Study in Neo-Platonic Mysticism.” Lasha is well aware that Christian mysticism owed much to Plotinus’s The Six Enneads.

      Anyway, Ellie, nice to hear from you again! Your prose, as usual, sparkles. It’s a pity you cannot put it to better use.

    2. “If anyone comes to me and does not HATE his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters – yes, even their own life – such a person cannot be my disciple.’’ Luke, 14: 26

      Ellie, let me give you a short and sweet explanation of this passage.
      You walked into a trap of your making and it is actually a very useful one to you, if you would just pay attention to its meaning.

      There is a perfect example of someone qualified to be a disciple of Jesus.
      Think about it and profit from it.

      1. Lobro

        There are lots of contradictions in the Gospels. The quote above by Jesus about the necessity for “father hatred” is not only contradicted by the Torah commandment, “Honour thy father and mother”, to which Jesus subscribed, but also by Jesus’s own Parable of the Prodigal Son in which father and son are reconciled and live in mutual harmony.

        Jesus said on one occasion, “I come not to bring peace on earth, but a sword,” but on another occasion, “Blessed are the peace makers.” You sometimes need to establish peace by the sword, it seems, waging war to get peace. Which is reminiscent of the Orwell slogan in 1984: “War is Peace.”

        The same person, Jesus, who is the ultimate exponent of non-violence — “Don’t resist your enemies, love them always, turn the other cheek” — is also the person who resorted to physical violence when he drove the moneychangers out of the temple with a knotted cord.

        How could Jesus seriously advocate hating one’s own mother when his own mother was the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God? (“Sancta Maria, Mater Dei.”)

        The Gospels (alas) are full of these mindboggling contradictions.

      2. sure thing, Lash, i agree with all of that.
        My point though is that a well-adjusted family person just minding their business, buzzing their lawn with a weed whacker and going to the bowling alley with neighbors on the weekends is not good material for a disciple of Christ.
        And Ellie is.

        (it takes a certain psychic despair to apply for this extreme job and i believe she got it – go for it Ellie! 🙂 )

      3. Hitler made it clear he wanted only one thing. Complete obedience. He saw himself as the ultimate authority figure: the wise father acting on behalf of the German people in loco parentis.

      4. He uses the word “obedience” constantly in his speeches and table talk. “Just do what I say and don’t argue with me,” he keeps saying in effect. “Obey! That’s all you need to do.”

        This is the philosophy of the Ultimate Dictator.

        Stalin had it too.

      5. Precisely.

        Not if you’re the ultimate dictator.

        Does the fly swatter ask the fly permission to swat it?

      6. LD –

        “There are lots of contradictions in the Gospels.”

        Here is one….

        Jesus beat up the bankers….


        Matthew 25 tells people they are wicked – ‘You wicked, lazy servant!..” – if they do not invest money with bankers, gaining usury:


        –The Parable of the Bags of Gold–

        14“Again, it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his wealth to them. 15To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag,a each according to his ability. Then he went on his journey. 16The man who had received five bags of gold went at once and put his money to work and gained five bags more. 17So also, the one with two bags of gold gained two more. 18But the man who had received one bag went off, dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money.

        19“After a long time the master of those servants returned and settled accounts with them. 20The man who had received five bags of gold brought the other five. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with five bags of gold. See, I have gained five more.’

        21“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

        22“The man with two bags of gold also came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with two bags of gold; see, I have gained two more.’

        23“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

        24“Then the man who had received one bag of gold came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed. 25So I was afraid and went out and hid your gold in the ground. See, here is what belongs to you.’

        26“His master replied, ‘You wicked, lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed? 27Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest.

        28“ ‘So take the bag of gold from him and give it to the one who has ten bags. 29For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.

        30And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’


        Talent was a measure of weight of 50lbs to 150 lbs…. depending on the system. Some have claimed one talent was 1,000 shekels.


        The Parable of the Talents

        (Luke 19:11-27)

        14For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods. 15And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey. 16Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents. 17And likewise he that had received two, he also gained other two. 18But he that had received one went and digged in the earth, and hid his lord’s money.

        19After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them. 20And so he that had received five talents came and brought other five talents, saying, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me five talents: behold, I have gained beside them five talents more. 21His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

        22He also that had received two talents came and said, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me two talents: behold, I have gained two other talents beside them. 23His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

        24Then he which had received the one talent came and said, Lord, I knew thee that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown, and gathering where thou hast not strawed: 25And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine.

        26His lord answered and said unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servant, thou knewest that I reap where I sowed not, and gather where I have not strawed: 27Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers, and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury. 28Take therefore the talent from him, and give it unto him which hath ten talents.

        29For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath. 30And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

        1. Thank, Pat. I’m aware of all this. Anyone who wants can reject the New Testament by deploying logic and reason, and anyone who wants can just as easily accept it by turning a blind eye to its logical deficiencies.

          Pascal said:

          “People almost invariably arrive at their beliefs not on the basis of proof but on the basis of what they find attractive.” — De l’Art de persuader (“On the Art of Persuasion”).

          BTW, Pascal became a devout Christian after a world-shattering mystical experience. Personal experience, it seems to me, always trumps book learning and tedious logic-chopping.

          Pascal is famous for saying: “The heart has its reasons — of which reason knows nothing.”

      7. Pat,

        Just because it’s the “new testament” doesn’t make it infallible

        Remember what I said about studying the protocols making my brain hurt? Ditto that for the NT, but perhaps to a lesser extent. But it’s a mental challenge well worth it, if you’re so inclined


        Being reminded of Orwell in that regard is a good illustration of the contradictions. I see the “sword” not representing physical warfare, but as that which WOULD have prevented it had his followers HEARD and not just listened

        Had they listened, then “blessed are the peacemakers” is put in proper perspective. Not only that, but history would not have seen the personage of Adolph Hitler.

        His presence, at least during THIS particular skein of history would not have been required

        Did you like the tie-in?

      8. B-Hawk –

        I have told you many times… I don’t believe any parts of the bible.. Not OT nor NT.

        All written and translated by man…. ALL fallible. Too many versions. 🙂

      9. B-Hawk –

        Gun ownership by the public has NEVER stopped government tyranny.

        The 400 million guns in private hands today are stopping tyranny nowhere in America.

        They did not stop abusive tyranny at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Hanson, Steele or Bundy.

        The claim of stopping tyranny is a marketing tool to sell guns and ammo by Pharisee-Jew gun manufacturing owners…. now owned by Holding Companies.

        Mass-shootings do the same. Just FREE marketing ads. Increase sales..!!

        Smith & Wesson became publicly traded when Saf-T-Hammer Corporation acquired Smith & Wesson Corporation from Tomkins PLC, a U.K. holding company on May 11, 2001. The new publicly traded company was named Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation.

        All a ruse..!! 🙂

      10. Smith & Wesson gun sales booming despite – or because of – US massacres

        Firearm maker’s shares are projected to be up 27% with fear of gun control seen as a factor: ‘If I was a gun manufacturer I would say, thank you President Obama’ (This was many months before Orlando)

        British-born chief executive James Debney will address analysts on Tuesday afternoon after the stock markets close and update investors on its projected sales for 2015 and beyond.

        Debney, whose compensation topped $1.9m last year, has not been shy of linking massacres to rising gun sales in the past. In 2013 he attributed Smith & Wesson’s sudden rise in sales after the Sandy Hook primary school massacre to “fear and uncertainty that there might be increased gun control”, which he said “drove many new people to buy firearms for the first time”.

      11. Pat

        A full state of tyranny was SLOWED DOWN

        When only the scumbags in Russia were left with the guns in 1917 that SPEEDED IT UP……WARP SPEED!

      12. B-Hawk –

        US people have the most guns in the world and the most tyranny… most people in prison.

        American guns are no good against tyranny.

        Face it.

        We mainly stop birds, rabbits, squirrels, deer, bear, elk…. etc. And a few local bad guys.

    3. @ Eva Klein
      (‘Ellie K’)

      I am so glad that the esteemed Dr. Darkmoon has styled her website, ’’Christian’’. This admission on her part removes any lingering doubt as to her level of enlightenment.

      I’ve been saying Lasha is an Islamo SUFI for years, and I always would get sent to Spam for it.

      Others reference Lasha’s Quranic leanings, predilections, propensities, predispositions, and penchant, for the Snake “Charming” Swirling Dervishes, for hashish, for tarbooshes.

      Her wistful yearning to Return back to The Garden of Cafour of one of Her Past Lives, back to one of her most Joyous and Spiritually Fulfilling Reincarnations, yearning yearning always nostalgic, pensive, mysteriously plaintive, always an undercurrent of unease ; Oddly, always an undercurrent doleful and melancholic, always a rueful note in the background playing, always Elegiac.

      But it’s somehow okay for others to mention Lasha is an Islamo SUFI — when she’s not being an outright Hindu, she’s a jew Kabbalah alchemical fusion of Islamo SUFISM and Hinduism, which basically is the very “RELIGION” of the New World Order Lasha is “opposed” to, lol.

      The alchemical fusion of Jew Kabbalah + Islamo SUFISM + Hinduism = The New World Order.

      Lasha is “opposed’ to the NWO, yet Lasha LOVES Worships and Adores the “Religion” of the New World Order.

      1. Poor Ellie, she’s normally a total mess psychologically , psychologically disturbed, psychologically abusive to everyone, especially to Lasha.

        Even when economic times are booming, Ellie who worships Money as a “GOD” is NOT happy, even when her “GOD” is right there with her and her “GOD” is So Entirely Manifest in her bank account. I don’t think you’d want to be near Ellie right now. Not a good idea. Not with the Globalist Bankers going into MASS PANIC because the Global Bankers ARE LOSING BILLIONS because of the way the Brexit vote turned out.

        I think it’s safe to assume Ellie ROTHSCHILD’S family are GLOBALIST BANKERS.


        “Lashing Out At Lasha” : If Ellie were a poetess, that would be the title of her Magus Opus Masterpiece Poetic piece.

  3. I know for sure it’s true Lasha is “really” a “real” “Catholic” that’s ’cause I know for sure I’m “really” a “real” “Eskimo”, so, YES, Darkmoon does indeed and In-Fact have an Eskimo reader — AND AT LEAST ONE ESKIMO COMMENTATOR — so it’s time for Darkmoon to translate The Lord’s Prayer into The Ancient Language of “MY PEOPLE”.

    I’m linking to the following website which ipso facto proves beyond a shadow of a doubt I’m “really” a “real” Eskimo Big Chief Whale Hunter of The North! I hunt whales during the work week, I wrestle Polar Bears on weekends for Fun!


  4. ~ Domine salva nos ab australibus eorum “circuli aurei” militibus tarbooshes ~

    { Right, Gilbert? You needn’t reply, for I’m sure you concur most whole-heartedly , 😉 }

  5. Now, this is not Calvinism. But it strikes me as true.

    “People too often dispose of the enigmas of human tragedies with the sentence, “Well, it must have been God’s will, or it wouldn’t have happened.” Not So! We live in a world of conflict, one in which darkness seeks constantly to assert itself over the divine light. Much of what happens in our world is not God’s Will. That’s why the prayer our Lord gave us includes the petition “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. When we pray for God’s will to be accomplished, we are acknowledging that sometimes God’s Will is not done; more than that, we are acknowledging that it will never be done unless we pray – and labor- to bring it to pass.”

  6. Libera Schnozz a Malo
    I am starting to quite like Gilad Atzmon, it took me some time to get over the initial reservation but the jazz guy seems to be hitting the right notes, not that i am a jazz fan.
    Here he puts it to BHL, a personal fave of mine and in process sticks a few pins into the “genius-Jew-matryoska doll”
    Gilad knows how to read jew’s inverted mirror to spot the truth concealed within their fear and hate (same thing)

    BHL’s post Brexit rant provides a window into Jewish fear and we should thank him for his willingness to share it with us.

    To BHL true democracy, patriotism, nationalism, a united working class, manufacturing, coherence and truth are all symptoms of the Goyim’s resistance and must be suppressed.

    BHL’s new evil Goyim are: Donald Trump, Putin and Nigel Farage whom he has now formally united with the Le Pens as the Hitlers of our time.

    Look at how accurately he hammers him and them with jew-wise wisdom (jewisdom for short from here on)

    BHL is working hard to prolong this concealment project.
    He is suffocating us with his shallow liberal ideas and empty jargon and HOPING TO TURN THE GOYIM AGAINST THEMSELVES.

    BHL, the pro war Zionist neocon who BEARS DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THE LIVES OF MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS, doesn’t like popular movements such as the Italian 5 Star or Podemos in Spain. He wants to keep the Goyim in the dark and let Soros’ ‘Open Society Institute’ fund their fake opposition.

    Right, while at the same time pushing Islam-Christianity conflict for all he’s worth, “welcome refugees to our goy open shores”, RESPECT! (here in the boondocks of Bosnia they love him and his shitty play, Hotel Europe, they think he is on their side, good old Jew empathy brothers)

    In his rant, BHL can’t hide his goy hatred.

    Ya mon, play it again Gilad!
    … like I was saying …
    Now read the following carefully, here he lays out the naked truth about Jew-Genius

    It has been established that the Jewish so called ‘intelligentsia’ claims credit for the enlightenment. BHL repeatedly follows that pattern. He claims to preach enlightenment values. In truth, Jewish thinkers contributed very little, if anything, to the enlightenment. Spinoza, the only Jew considered to be a prominent enlightening figure was excommunicated by his fellow Jews for being too enlightened. The Jewish so-called enlightenment (Haskalah) didn’t leave a single universal text. It basically taught Jews how to mimic the Goyim in the street while remaining Jews in their dwellings (be a Jew in your tent and a man on the street.)

    Final nail in the vampire coffin of “Jewish priceless contribution to Western thought”

    If the enlightenment was actually the anthropocentric shift that led to the construction of popular individualism and is responsible for the birth of mass greed and consumerism, one would expect a ‘philosopher’ to grasp the growing disillusion with this endeavor.
    But BHL is not really a philosopher; he is a ‘Jewish philosopher.’
    He specializes in populist pseudo intellectual harangue made up of an arbitrary collection of sound bites.
    Rather than producing enlightening content, BHL produces jargon.
    No one exhibits better than BHL that distinct dichotomy between Jerusalem and Athens. They are like oil and water. They can never mix.

    Accordingly a Jewish philosopher could be seen as a contradiction in terms.


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