Mark Glenn on the Donald Trump Phenomenon — illustrated by Noor-al-Haqiqa

Sourced from the Ugly Truth

“If-you-are-a-Jew-you-should-be-very-afraid-of-Donald-Trump”-Salon.com_Introduced by Noor-al-Haqiqa : “Here we have an epic piece by Mark Glenn — an essential read that should not be ignored.

TUT has touched upon this ancient history for a few months now but finally Mr. Glenn has, with the help of Sabba, provided us all with one of the most important tools available to a thinking voter — historical insight and a world class honest analysis of the situation facing us all.

Netanyahu will not take his election peacefully. We have already seen his reaction to the Iran deal in how actions against the Palestinians have skyrocketed since its signing. Or the action in Paris to deter France signing the agreement. Nope, a man who can blow up the twin towers is not going to take this easily…” 

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25 thoughts to “Mark Glenn on the Donald Trump Phenomenon — illustrated by Noor-al-Haqiqa”

  1. Overall I like Trump, but he is too antagonistic towards Iran. When it comes to Iran. he’s no different than any of the other candidates. He reiterated his antagonism towards Iran yesterday at the AIPAC conference in Washington, but it wasn’t the first time he made antagonistic remarks about Iran. I like his domestic policy campaign platform and I also like it he doesn’t want war with Russia ; But if he becomes president and then proceeds to start a war with Iran, that will eventually lead to war with Russia and WW3, and the U.S. is no position to win a World War. So that will totally undo his patriotic domestic policies. I’m currently re-thinking Trump. His kow-towing and pandering to AIPAC yesterday was too much — I was expecting a little more spine and a little bit more opposition to the NWO agenda of destroying Iran for the benefit of Eretz Israel. Those who want to start a war with Iran really do need to put out some solid information as to why exactly war with Iran is so imperative. The reasons they give us so far do not have the ring of truth, not at all.

    Trump also seemed to have forsaken the stance he had last week, that he would be “neutral” between the Jews and the Palestinians. He didn’t sound “neutral” at all yesterday at AIPAC. He sounded very biased against the Palestinians. He didn’t sound any different than Hillary or any of the other presidential candidates from both Parties.

    I’m very disappointed today. I’m re-thinking Trump.

    1. Trump is just another politically correct savage that perfects the art of licking cockroach rear. All governments are orgies of cockroach-loyal-and-servile free maggots and free faggots and are as close to the cockroach as it can get. Perhaps the contagion is inevitable since they are intimates in the closet of the “Hotel of California”. The politician is fundamentally a vessel of cockroach excrement, despicable and repugnant. It is also far more dangerous than any WMD’s its mentally incapaciated apparatus can imagine.

    2. TROJ –

      ‘Trump the Chump’ cannot fulfill his lies…

      One of his lies would severely disrupting U.S. manufacturers that increasingly depend on global supply chains to make goods here.

      Trump’s campaign pledges to impose 45 percent tariffs on all imports from China and 35 percent on many goods from Mexico would spark financial market turmoil and possibly even a recession..!!

      1. I like Trump’s economic plan for the United States. Right now, though, because of what he said at the AIPAC conference, I’m wondering if Trump’s reason to make America “Great” again, “Strong” again, is for the purpose of making the United States better able to win a war against Iran, because at the AIPAC conference Trump sure did sound like Romney and Hillary with his Gung-Ho war drum speech against Iran. I can’t help thinking that starting a war with Iran will result in a World War. The USA now can NOT win a World War in the state the country is in right now.

        Right now I’m wondering if that’s why Trump wants to make America “Strong” again, “Great” again, so he can start a war against Iran, start WW3. [ That’s how it sounded like at his AIPAC conference speech] Maybe I’m wrong and maybe I got the wrong impression, maybe, maybe not. I have to give it more thought. And the campaign still has a long way to go. See what else he says. He was doing excellent, at least to my mind, until the AIPAC conference. He seemed very sincere in what he told the Jews.

        I have no problem with Israel existing. I do have a problem with all the fomenting of war the Jews do, and their role in the fomenting of all the wars is NEVER mentioned. I have no problem with Israel existing per se. I do have a problem with “Eretz” Israel whereby the Jews want to take over the whole Middle East. Trump blamed Iran [ and the Palestinians ] for all the terrorism in the Middle East. AND he knows that’s NOT true. So I’m questioning him right now. If I come to the conclusion he wants to make America “Great” again, “Strong” again, and the MAIN reason he wants this is so he can start a war against Iran, start a WW3 for the benefit of “Eretz” Israel, then I won’t be voting for him. I won’t vote for any other candidate either.

        By the way, Trump is too smart to lie to the Jews and then when he gets the presidency not to keep his promises to the Jews. Trump knows the Jews would totally destroy any chance of success as a president if he reneges on his promises to the Jews. So what he tells the Jews, promises the Jews, has to be taken very seriously. His AIPAC speech was NOT a put-on, not a “show”, not a “ruse”.

        1. Uncle :

          I sent you a few posts today to choose from and put up on the commentary board. Pick three of ’em and put ’em on the board. Remember The Agreement? Yeah well, I remember The Agreement. I also remember you’re the one who first proposed The Agreement and when I agreed to The Agreement you signed your name to it with full free will and volition. I didn’t put a gun to your head forcing you to propose The Agreement and forcing you to sign your name to it. In spirit, you signed your name to it. One would never know you’re the one who first proposed The Agreement and one would never know you agreed to IT. Your constant reneging on your word, reneging on The Agreement, is VERY DISHONORABLE [ and you know it TOO ].

          ADMIN : This is your fourth post today. Well done! But keep your comments shorter please. You could have said all the above, for example, in one shot sentence. (Toby)

  2. If the Jews really are bent on taking revenge for the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, then why do they not direct their anger at the Italians, since they are the real descendants of the Romans, and not the modern Americans. Mark Glenn, as usual, is highly eloquent but often delusional. He is also a proponent of the “Greater Israel” idea, which I have debunked on this website before.

    Trump wants to do many things against the Jewish agenda, but when it comes to Iran he spouts out the same lies the Jews have spread for years. That is a bad omen. I’m afraid Trump will not be our savior, though he will definitely change some things.

  3. I Just finished reading the words of Mr. Trump at the AIPAC conference. He’s just another puppet of this gangsters, he has always been. Do you really think he is not?, do you really think you can be doing business in casinos without the acquiescence of Sheldon Adelson ?

  4. Uncle :

    You link to Noor’s “Snippits-and-Snappits”, to a very thought-provoking article, I send you a post very much in keeping with the subject matter [ and NOT a “long” post either, not to aggravate you], you CENSOR my post. You’re very smug about CENSORING me, you think it’s okay to CENSOR me. One reason you give for CENSORING me is because I’ve been banned from many websites. You somehow find justification in CENSORING me because other websites CENSOR me [ very convenient excuse you got to CENSOR me ] . Yeah well, Noor has NEVER banned me or in any way has she ever CENSORED me, so you can’t use that excuse here with this Noor article and my reply to Noor’s compelling, interesting, and thought-provoking article. AND, what exactly may I ask, not to perturb you TOO much, is the problem with the post I sent you for this thread of commentary under Noor’s article?

    1. @ TROJ

      Your post on Trump today has just been approved. It is Comment #1 on this thread. This is because your post is relevant to the topic and reasonably short. The post you sent in on Trump yesterday was deleted because it was OFF-TOPIC. We weren’t talking about Trump yesterday. The topic yesterday was multiculturalism and the migrant crisis and you should not have tried to introduce a distraction by dragging in Trump and the Flat Earth theory just because those subjects happen to interest you. Stick to the point, OK? When the subject is bread, don’t talk about wine! Don’t you know the difference between ON-TOPIC and OFF-TOPIC?!?

  5. Trump had the deal he wanted. He paid a very high price but he did have no other way. He remembered me of Gorbaciov, when after the failed coup in 1991, he was obliged by Eltsin to read a statement prepared for him.
    The Donald had to swallow the castor oil down the throat , and with him millions of followers. You can’t be a commander if you don’t have pride, the jews know well and with this move they destroyed “the glorious leader” imagined by the hopeful white american nationalists. At this point things are more manageable for everybody and jews have Trump surrendered , his speech tie him down to the false reality he promised to unveil. Trump wanted a deal but the price was too high , he had to give up the hope of millions of Americans who thought for once they could have a representative , a fearless leader. The spell is broken. The Trump phenomenom fell within rangi,
    But it won’t last long. The jews are pulling the rope too much , America is higly disfunctional and sooner or later the golem will turn against them.

  6. Trump has destroyed the GOP for good. It doesn’t matter if hes elected or not. Solely by doing that he’s done America, and the world in general, a huge favor.

  7. And once again (how many times) Mr. Trump proves to be an Expert.
    An uber-intelligent expert, playing with mediocre bureaucrat jetsam.
    The worm-like bureaucrat’s best hired gun miscreants, can’t even put a dent in him..

    1. Agreed. He might stab us all in the back eventually, but as presidents go this is one who has people smarts and a burning energy to bring about some positive change in the world, if only to cement his name in history; the man is ambitious. Someone somewhere said that the world is shaped by men like Trump … nothing much better has come along since JFK and the chance of another is rare… He certainly has polarized the voting games… and broken all the rules because he knows the rules… and I have always said, You cannot successfully BREAK the rules unless you know them thoroughly. He understands the rules by which our enemies operate and maneuvers about beautifully despite the death threats to his family. They call him a vulgarian, but truth is, Trump has a highly refined and sophisticated way about him that also intimidates ~ the result of his being a blatantly alpha male.

  8. Agree with HP, though it may be just wishful thinking on my part.
    When playing with filth, play dirty, lie, cheat, later deny, it’s the only way to keep moving or sink into the tar pit of Maimonides pulsa di nura jew voodoo that swallowed so many before.

    I still think that knowing full well that he is dealing with Jew vampire on one hand, who can stop him in his tracks, he lies for all he’s worth and with largely brain-injured herd of goy, he will maximize those false promises that bring him the most yardage and least pushback damage in the race, namely go after illegals, Muslims, Iran … but at the same time deny Jew his drooled for WAR, where Jew doesn’t have much purchase – how does Jew argue openly against trump for not pushing the WAR FOR JEW? can’t be done and it scores major points with the goy electorate that is sick of it.

    My money is still on Trump bringing a sledgehammer on Jew’s carefully laid out gamebook.

    This is confirmed quite solidly and plentifully by Jew’s writhing, squirming, squealing, grinding teeth in impotent agony, like I always said and it has never proven me wrong, I trust Jew hate, the only crystal clear, genuine sentiment Jew is capable of and incapable of disguising.

    1. No small feat pulling off 1/10 of what Mr. Trump has already accomplished. And this whilst handicapped by the aforementioned miscreants, and Co.
      Co. being .. most every leader of the West, and half the East’s. Putin loves it, of course.
      The Chinese commies hate it, of course.
      Another two for two, for Mr. Trump .. and he made it look easy.
      Now and again, rarely .. the word “exceptional” really does work as an adjective..
      (pity the fool)

    2. @ Lobro

      The tactics you describe that Trump is using is about the same tactics that Putin is using. Of course, there are those that would say that just puts them both on the same team with the jews. However, Putin’s tactics has deprived the jews of their most desired goal, WWIII. US/NATO has been repeatedly pushing for the war, but Putin out maneuvers them quite well with their every push. Trump has expressed more than once that he wants the USA and Russia to be friends instead of the current hostile opponents.

      There has to be a reason why the jewish controlled West is so opposed to Trump. If Trump was part of the jewish team, the jews would not be saying squat against him and would not care if he becomes President. Trump or Helliary would be a win for them.

      One way that you can tell that Trump is smarter than the average bear and not on the jewish team is his security. He has his own security in addition to the Secret Service. Trump obviously knows that all past political assassination victims were protected by the Secret Service.

  9. Scott ROBERTS lays to waste “TRUMP EXTREMISTS” in his latest strike:

    His last video has been held at 299 views for 20 hours in spite of getting those views within the first hours of its posting.

    His second last video was removed for “hate speech.”

    ALSO take notice of this, a comment I’ve seen with 4 thumbs up lose them all in a matter of minutes:

    From, these quotes say it all.

    “Anti-Semitic Holocaust Denial Goes Mainstream in 2015”

    “Anti-Semitic Books, Magazines, Newspapers and Articles: PLEASE Read and study them, because these ideas are becoming mainstream.”

    “This pernicious and nefarious video production group has produced videos that get thousands of views, please help us to get them censored. We have to get them shut down before people start using apps and tools to download their videos and upload them elsewhere on the Internet. Act now before they go viral.”

    So they’re starting to feel the heat. They say as much themselves.

    Here’s what they consider the most anti-Semitic video of 2016:

    “Voice of Europe” posted by Oscar Turner. They say as if in a panic:

    “Please help us get this video deleted from YouTube before the propagandists use to download this video and upload it to other video sharing web sites.”

    “This video is also available on The Internet Archive. Please pressure them to take the video down, before it gets downloaded and uploaded to other video sharing sites. Please help stop the pernicious spread of this kind of propaganda.”

    What are they afraid of? What happens if material like this does go viral?

  10. What makes “The Establishment” so uneasy about Mr. Trump is that he advocates a logical, rational series of considerations which could interrupt the milking of their cash cow (the military/industrial complex). There is no profit for them in peace and stability.

  11. From Noor’s intro: “TUT has touched upon this ancient history for a few months now but finally Mr. Glenn has, with the help of Sabba, provided us all with one of the most important tools available to a thinking voter — historical insight and a world class honest analysis of the situation facing us all.”

    “…a thinking voter..” is an oxymoron…. in a secret ballot event..!!

    No one ‘in the know’ in politics could believe secret ballot votes are counted correctly. If they truly believe that…. they are not “thinking” very well.

    The more voters…. the easier to commit fraud… steal the votes on electronic machines….. etc.

    How votes are stolen by Voting Machines:

    Election winners are determined in advance… at ALL levels… Then placed in office thru secret ballots..!!



    DON’T VOTE… it encourages them… supports their fraud..!!

    1. Peddling of not voting is peddling the hopelessness of the resistance. It will guarantee the diabolical Jew World Order’s taking over of the planet earth.

  12. Voting allows the enslaved to feel free…

    All political parties are PRIVATE COMPANIES… AND borrow money…
    They are controlled by debt holders..!!!

    Republican Party Inc:

    Republican National Committee

    Political Action Committee in Washington, DC

    Republican National Committee in Washington, DC is a private company categorized under Political Action Committee.

    Our records show it was established in 1860 and incorporated in District of Columbia.

    Republican National Committee
    Republican National Committee also does business as R N C, Republican National Committee Inc.
    Business Information
    Location Type ——————– Single Location
    ***Annual Revenue Estimate —— Unknown
    Employees ———————— 250 to 499
    Years in Business —————-151
    State of Incorporation ———– District of Columbia
    SIC Code ————————- 861102, Associations
    NAICS Code ——————— 813910, Business Associations

    Officers and directors:

    Jesse Kamzol-Chief Data Officer
    Liam O’Rourke-Director Of Voter File Development
    Valerie Dowling-Co Chairman

    310 1st St Se
    Washington, DC 20003-1885
    +1-202-863-8500 (Phone)
    202-863-8820 (Fax)

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