Merkel’s Germany: The Normalization of Insanity

merkel-wilders-tweet-1 BLOOD  ON  HER  HANDS

Angela Merkel’s days appear to be numbered. For Germany’s sake, let’s hope they are. This woman has been a walking timebomb for her country. Indeed, many Germans are gradually coming to the realization that their hitherto highly respected Chancellor is not quite sane. 

Merkel has recently been coming in for some withering criticism  over her “open door” immi­gra­tion pol­icy that al­lowed more than a mil­lion “refugees” into Ger­many last year. The backlash against Merkel was brought to a head a few days ago when the driver of a truck, an asylum seeker, ploughed into a crowded Christ­mas mar­ket in Ber­lin, killing 12 shoppers and seriously wounding 48.

Merkel’s op­po­nents have wasted no time blaming Merkel for the Christmas carnage, better known now as the “Berlin bloodbath.” It is hard to see who else could be blamed.

It was Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders who declared that Merkel had “blood on her hands“, blaming Europe’s “cowardly leaders” for the “tsunami” of Islamic terrorist attacks all over Europe.

The far-Right Al­ter­na­tive for Ger­many (AfD) party was equally harsh and forthright in its denunciation of Merkel, saying it held the German Chancellor “per­son­ally re­spon­si­ble for what had hap­pened”.

Merkel ac­knowl­edged a few days ago that it would be “par­tic­u­larly sick­en­ing” if it turned out that the atroc­ity had been planned by a Muslim asylum seeker who had  taken advantage of “Ger­many’s gen­eros­ity”. Vis­it­ing the scene of the crime in Ber­lin, she said: ‘This is a very dif­fi­cult day. Like mil­lions of Ger­mans, I am out­raged, shocked and deeply sad­dened by what hap­pened.”


“I am out­raged, shocked and deeply sad­dened by what hap­pened.”

If you are not amused by the picture I have posted above and think I am being flippant and disrespectful to the most powerful woman in Europe, I plead “Not Guilty”. The reason I say this is that the manic expression on Merkel’s face is a perfect match for the mental derangement many people believe Merkel is suffering from, particularly in her own country which she has managed to ruin beyond recognition.

Please note that top German psychiatrist and best-selling author Hans-Joachim Maaz has declared Chancellor Merkel clinically insane — i.e., “completely irrational” and a “danger to Germany“.

The tide is rapidly beginning to turn against Merkel. Robert Fico, Slo­vakia’s prime min­is­ter, said a few days ago: “The cup of pa­tience is be­gin­ning to spill over and Europe’s pub­lic will right­fully ex­pect rather stronger anti-mi­gra­tion mea­sures.” Pol­ish pre­mier Beata Szydlo chipped in: “Europe must take ef­fec­tive ac­tion to pro­tect its cit­i­zens.” Even John Bolton, tipped to become Don­ald Trump’s deputy sec­re­tary of state, made deprecating noises about Merkel’s role in exposing Germany and the rest of Europe “to the risk of ter­ror­ism”. Trump himself, over a year ago, went on record as saying that Merkel was “ruining” Germany.

Merkel has come un­der intense pres­sure recently to admit that her open-door pol­icy for migrants had been an unmitigated disaster. She apparently still persists in believing that Germany, and indeed the whole of Europe, has a moral obligation to open its doors to the entire populations of Africa, Asia and the Middle East — in short, anyone with a sob story.

In the sum­mer of 2015, Merkel declared fatuously that there were “no lim­its” on the num­ber of asy­lum seek­ers Germany was ready to accept.




Merkel’s bizarre immigration policies are thought to have led to more than one mil­lion mi­grants en­ter­ing Ger­many last year, most of them currently unemployed and with lots of time on their hands to engage in acts of petty vandalism and sexual assaults on women —  every single day of the year. (See here)

Mar­cus Pret­zell, a prom­i­nent German politician, has rightly de­scribed the victims of the Ber­lin bloodbath as “Merkel’s dead”. Frauke Petry, chairwoman of the Alternative for Germany party, added that Ger­many was “no longer safe”. Meanwhile, Bri­tish ter­ror ex­pert An­thony Glees, who heads the Cen­tre for Se­cu­rity and In­tel­li­gence Stud­ies at the Univer­sity of Buck­ing­ham, opined that Merkel would face “enor­mous reper­cus­sions” if the at­tacker turned out to be an asylum seeker.

That was a few days ago.

We now know the truck killer behind the Berlin bloodbath was in fact an asylum seeker in Germany.

His name: Anis Amri, age 24, a “refugee” from Tunis. Already known to the German authorities and classified as “highly dangerous”, Amri had initially been denied asylum but nevertheless granted “toleration” papers, allowing him to stay on in Germany indefinitely “for unknown reasons.”

According to Italian newspaper Il Tempo, Amri was gunned down yesterday in Milan.

Conflicting reports, however, provide different stories. The Germans insist Amri is still hanging out somewhere in Berlin. Other accounts state that a man of identical appearance had been spotted somewhere in Denmark.

We see through a glass darkly; murk abounds.

All this is irrelevant to the central issue: who is to blame in large part for the migrant crisis?

If Angela Merkel, widely perceived to be a tool of international Jewry, is not to be held responsible for helping to flood Europe with millions of hostile invaders from the Third World, it is hard to see who else is to blame. Make no mistake. Merkel has her accomplices. And all these accomplices of Merkel and her puppetmasters, who have opened the floodgates to immigration, are the Enemies of the European People.

They are guilty of White genocide.

VIDEO : 6 mins

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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    1. You have to be either insane or very evil, or both, to want to destroy your own country like that, and then want to drag all of beautiful Europe down with you. Sound familiar America ????

      1. She is doing this to the Jews to leave Germany what Hitler couldn’t do she trying her best to get them out she is just a NAZI.

      1. The foul cow is also a Bolshevik Communist. I planted “gift” from the Judas Class in D.C.
        Both purely evil sub-species.

  1. “Indeed, many Germans are gradually coming to the realization that their hitherto highly respected Chancellor is not quite sane.” Like, “We came, we saw, he died – Tee hee! Tee hee!” Hillary, Killary, flopped?

    The fact that Negroes and other low life of this caliber were ever allowed near this kind of power bespeaks the white mans’ future. What’s that saying again about alligators and draining the swamp?

  2. So, if 55% of Germans want her to run again, as Watson says in the video (and I read in the Guardian), who are we to complain? LOL. Bite the bullet or shut up, Germans.

  3. among the workers the global ruling elite generally want chaos and more chaos.
    and we know the tribe on the other hand wants to keep its bloodlines pure.
    national stability is not on the program for germany or the usa.
    and particularly interested are the heavily armed and funded bolsheviki jew-ish zionistas from yizrayhell, who fully intend to expand their rotten little kingdom all over the general area.
    and if you think they’ve been bad for white europe – look what’s been happening in africa.
    the one thing that terrifies them is that the working public might at some point rally around some common initiatives, get it together and demand a much better deal for themselves from their own governments, including real national security, the kind that starts at the border, in which case a lot of corporate predators and their treacherous stooges in the statehouses will have to go to jail and stand before a firing squad.
    and aint it funny how somebody keeps sticking the germans with leaders who end up wrecking the place?
    jeez – i wonder who?
    and now angela has gone nutts too, just like uncle adolf. i guess we shouldn’t be too surprised if such maladies run in the bloodline.

  4. I don’t think madame Merkel is insane, at least not in a clinical sense, otherwise she could not function in her position as chancellor of Germany. Like so many other politicians in the western world, she is a puppet of the NWO conspiracy, which is Jewish and which plans the genocide of white people by means of mass non-white immigration. Tony Blair did the same with Britain, and he isn’t insane either. These people are simply doing their job for which they were selected.

    We should consider ourselves fortunate that many of these “refugees” behave so barbarously that the illusion that they are an “enrichment” to our societies cannot be maintained anymore. Hopefully this realization will lead to a rigorous immigration stop and – inshallah ! – to repatriation of all Muslims.

  5. The German Chancellor suffers from Jewish Mad Cow disease, I’m afraid.

    Merry Christmas, Lasha. You’re the best. 2016 was a phenomenal year for Darkmoon and truth speakers in general. 2017 will be even better.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

    1. JFC –

      Thanks, Andy….

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to YOU also ..!! 🙂

      BTW – What’s that link to your new site again..??

      1. Pat,

        The link to my new site is:

        2 weeks ago, I linked my new site to my “JFC” name but for some reason it didn’t work for my last post. It’s working now that I’ve cleared my “History cache” on my computer.

        By the way, since you’ve been shunned starting in the 1950s, you’ve been shunned longer than I’ve been alive which makes you our honorific “wise sage” in Chinese culture.

        Merry Christmas you old geezer!

      2. JFC –

        Thanks… for the link.

        I really like your new site. Looks good. Bookmarked now. Good reads….. for the old geezer. 🙂

    2. Merry Christmas to you Mr. Justice, and to LD and all the wonderful commenters on the Darkmoon site.

  6. Geert Wilders – fewer, fewer Morrocans- is in a peculiar position. GW- from Indonesian jew background- is mainly financed by zionist jews in the US.

    After World War II (WW II) the zio controlled Dutch govt. gave the 6 million mainly white original Dutchmen the advice to spread their wings and fly, emigrate to Canada, New Zealand, Southafrica, Australia u name it. A very strange advice since the country was in ruins in the WW II aftermath and these people were needed for its reconstruction.

    When Sukarno in 1950 declared Indonesia’s independence after 350 years of Dutch colonisation, a colonial holiday for a great deal financed by jew money, the first ‘foreign’ people entered. Not really foreign since many had ties with the Dutch colonial ruler.

    After this first wave of immigration the inflow of socalled Gastarbeiders- guestlabourers- came about. They were recruited from Mediterranean area: Spain, Italy, former Yugoslavia, Greece. They could stay only for a couple of years and then they had to return tot heir resp. countries.

    After this the real SHTF: the Morrocans and the Turks were recruited. Don’t want to blame them. Why not? And this is important: GW should be aware that Angela Merkel is also not to blame since she is as much as he a jew zio tool.

    Most of the alt. media will know that from 1913 till 1945 the jew wallstreet bankers financed both sides of WW I+II. With the netto result of the death of millions of white Christian Europeans and in 1948 the Rot Schild created UNO and the rogue state israel.

    The eretz israel- greater israel project after 911 with its millions of refugees directed by the rot schild zionide cabal directedto the floor drain Western Europe is behind Angela Merkel as much as it is behind GW. He has as much blood on his hands as AM.

  7. It’s not so much “white genocide” as it is creating chaos in general, weakening, demoralizing, corrupting, subverting ALL non-jews, infiltrating, colonizing, and controlling all institutions, fomenting conflict and war, dividing in order to conquer, enriching themselves in the process, in order to usher in the reign of the diabolical jewish NWO and the reign of the antichrist. The theological dimension is the ultimate foundation of all else. The solution is also theological/spiritual. Sr Lucia, the last living Fatima visionary (d. 2005), wrote: “The Most Holy Virgin in these last times in which we live has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Rosary to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual…that cannot be solved by the prayer of the Holy Rosary….” You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Against the devil and his agents one needs the power of heaven to conquer, and that above all includes our own personal spiritual life and the salvation of our own immortal souls. Everything else follows that. “Unless souls are saved, nothing is saved.”

    1. You started well but I doubt if The Rosary, in itself, will save us. We actually are the true-Israel people of Christ/God and The Book (although forgotten our origins) and are being chastised in our new lands for disobeying His Divine Laws and forgetting our history/origins–as our ancestors, who agreed a solemn Covenant, were warned.

      We were supposed to stay separate from all the other brown races and give none of them citizenship. And our true-Israelite ancestors were were supposed to finish off the Canaanites & Edomites (now known as Jooz and Arabs) 4000 yrs ago, when we had a Divine licence to do so.

      They have been ‘pricks in our eyes’ and ‘thorns in our flesh’ ever since. Now they are our Masters, for a short period before JC returns in person, for the Final Solution. Can’t wait!

  8. Have a wonderful and safe Merry Christmas, Doctor….

    Your investigative research on those issues that are important for our liberty and freedom is most appreciated. You provide valuable data to assist Americans (and others) to keep our Republic alive, and in freedom and liberty.
    Many blessings to you,

  9. Just in the nick of time… maybe…

    Mad Cow Merkel has a chance for redemption, and could become Putin’s partner in EU.


    Russia will develop ties with individual European Union states if it cannot agree with the EU as a whole, President Vladimir Putin said during a news conference on Friday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Moscow is interested in developing relations with Europe, but it needs a united partner with whom it is possible to engage in a dialogue, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday at an annual press conference.

    “We are interested in the development of relations with Europe, we will strive for this and, of course, would like Europe to speak with one voice, to have a partner with whom it is possible to talk. That’s what is important to us. But if this is not the case, we will look for opportunities to speak at the international level,” Putin said.

    “However, Russia will develop relations with separate European countries if it is impossible to deal with the European Union as a whole,” Putin added.

  10. That’s right vlad.
    Brussels is just an isis tribe outpost of basel.
    Go around them.
    Let trump go around the media.
    Everybody dump brussels.
    brusselsexit. In reverse. Stop feeding it.
    Let each nation secure it’s borders well.
    Send all the migrants back.
    The EU bankster scam is going down the drain.
    Good riddance.

    1. @ barkingdeer

      Let each nation secure it’s borders well.

      Good idea! . . . but that should read “its borders”, not “it’s borders”.

      IT’S is just contraction of IT IS, as in “It’s cold.”

      1. Nice to see you again, Grammar Fiend. Every website should be so lucky, a higher level of expression must have a correct and sound foundation. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

      2. That never did make sense to me. I know that you’re right, sort of, but the way I see it is that you’re talking about something that IT possesses. If the sentence read, “each nation should secure the country’s boarders”, then why does the word ‘country’ deserve an apostrophe but not the word ‘it’? The same could be said with, “Look at that car, its tire’s flat”, and, “Look, that car’s tire’s flat”. The ‘car’ and ‘it’ are the same thing aren’t they? So why no apostrophe for the word ‘it’?

  11. Franklin’s observation is highly accurate, Mr. Blair and Ms. Merkel are elected officials who serve their masters which is certainly not the voting and nonvoting public, who they have little regard for at all. In that sense, perhaps not insane but certainly sociopathic, with 7/7 Blair decidedly crossed into a homocidal sociopath category. The demographic problem in Europe, like Japan and elsewhere has been a great problem for the Internationalists for some time. Various Popes have urged Italians to breed more over the years to no avail. The socialism in most EU countries lies at the heart of the matter like a cancer. Why produce or procreate when you’re not going to see the fair fruits of your labor and be saddled with feeding and raising a family in an environment which is designed to benefit the few and the unworthy? Merkel’s mass influx of refugees has only greatly worsened the problem as the latest figures show fewer than 3% of Germany’s new “citizens” bother to find employment. Contrast Japan, with a strict Guest Worker policy, which hasn’t completely solved the problem but certainly hasn’t committed national suicide.

  12. Merkel’s not nuts; Merkel is a very, very successful fixer for the Few.

    On the otherhand, perhaps she really does believe all her own guff.

    Good grief.

  13. Merkel is an ashkenazi jude and follows the Kalergian plan as we know.
    She is not insane, the germans are insane and afraid because they jnow they live in an occupied land as all the important officium nobiles are in the hands of the jews in Germany. That’s why it’s so difficult to get rid of the jewish power in Germany!

  14. If you want some taste of Jewish chutzpah with regard to the refugee crisis in Europe, here are two videos that will interest you. The first one is from the AIPAC conference of 2016 in which Israeli “aid workers” tell in glowing terms how they helped Syrian refugees reach Europe (not Israel) and how that is an expression of their “Jewish values” :

    See at 6.20-6.30 Nigerians arriving in Greece as part of the SYRIAN refugees ! Of course they too are enthusiastically helped by the Israeli “humanitarians”.

    The second video is from Red Ice TV in which this whole operation is criticized for the hypocrisy that it is :

    We all know that the Syrian crisis was created by Israel and that flooding Europe with refugees (mostly not even from Syria) is also part of a Jewish plot, and yet these arch-hypocrites pose as great humanitarians in doing so.

  15. Merkel does not deserve a word . All is just very well known to the guests of this forum. To all of them , to Lasha Darkmoon and partners, I wish a merry Christmas and a great 2017. God bless you.

  16. @LD,
    It really is a program of genocide on white folk. Thank you for your candor and courage.
    Genocide and disenfranchisement through abortion, mass immigration, ‘gay’ lifestyle promotion,, other cultural destabilizations, non-sustainable ways of living.
    The outcome still to be determined. Superiority in numbers only means very little these days.

  17. Being absolved of a murder crime by trick-cyclists is a favourite in the Protocols of Zion section on law and order. I am surprised this forum wholly fell for it.

    Merkel is no more insane than Killary Clinton. Both follow the orders of Soros.

    Reference Black Pigeon Speaks (BPS) Youtube Channel, “George SOROS – The One-Man Illuminati Machine”, 7 minutes in. Mama Merkel’s plan IS 100% Soros. Please, take a look, BPS is factual, easily verified content.

      “Both follow the orders of Soros.”
      And whose orders follows Soros? He is one foot in the grave. Whose orders will they follow after Soros drops the tail? Will we feel happy when he is dead? How to get to the core of the problem?

      1. Don’t worry about the death of George Soros. His son Alex will take over :

        George Soros’s son, Alex Soros, promises to carry on his father’s legacy of global corruption, regime change, and conflict creation.

        In the midst of the DC leaks revelations, showing how much global influence coupled with global damage, billionaire George Soros and his NGOs have inflicted on the planet, it is a disheartening to know that Soros’s son is now emerging from the shadows, poised to carry on his father’s global destabilisation legacy.

        Like his father, Alex Soros is a progressive liberal who believes it is his duty to destroy nation states, do away with traditional family values, and expunge Christianity from the face of the earth.

        The young Soros is already off to a good start, whining and dining with all the right people who will help him carry on the “good” work of his father. Work that we can all familiarise ourselves with thanks to DC Leaks.

        Source :

      2. Franklin,

        I take this opportunity to wish you and all the other brilliant commenters on the Darkmoon site a Merry Christmas!

        Take care, all of you, and watch your back in the Dark Alleys. 🙂

      3. Magomed –

        Soros is not even as prominent as just one pixel on the UN Agenda-21 screen.

        He is just a dartboard used for distraction in headlines…. as are ALL the liars known as leaders of nations.

        International Bankers will be closer to the “core” you asked about.

        I know you know that.

      4. @Sardonicus

        Thanks Sardonicus, I wish you the same.

        Before the year ends I want to give you a koan to meditate about :

        “What is the sound of the clapping of no hands ?”

        I guarantee that you will reach satori if you can solve this one !

  18. Still unaddressed is the issue of identification in the latest Berlin murder spree. Please correct me wherever I’ve got this wrong, but didn’t the German Police claim to have found the wallet of the alleged perpetrator – left behind in the truck? Later, a passport seemed to appear as well. Certainly not impossible but after 9/11 where the passengers, luggage, airplane interiors including, well everything, were fried not to a crisp but to dust, except for Mr. Atta’s passport, recovered intact in the street at the scene, it’s getting harder and harder to accept ANY official narratives. Then there’s the alleged Boston Bomber, filmed clearly wearing a different colored backpack than the one that exploded, but an unidentified Caucasian male photographed with an identical (later exploded) backpack in the company of a small group of unidentified persons gathered around a vehicle super outfitted with high tech equipment prior to the explosion, then filmed again without a backpack after the explosion. The French policeman in Paris, the day before the Hebdo “terrorism” explaining to an inquiring resident of that neighborhood that the tape laid down in the street was because “there was going to be a movie filmed” and where oddly enough the very next day a “terrorist” pulls up to the tape in the middle of the street and is filmed shooting a policeman in the head at point blank range with an assault rifle – with no blood, brains, or bone spatter, nothing. As many here and elsewhere have observed, there’s a lot more of these strange coincidences and unconcealed contempt for the lives of fellow citizens in these “happenings”. The next UN resolution should break up Israel into guarded (from the outside) cantons and we’d probably all be a lot safer.

  19. grammar friend.
    i’m a pretty good lawyer, and i can not be found guilty of this grammatical faux pas.
    sometimes the rules are wrong.
    the apostrophe designates possession.
    a “country’s” borders.
    or plurally you change the spelling – the borders of many ‘countries’.
    the ‘ies’ designates plural.
    we all get that.
    in my sentence about securing a country’s borders – the borders of the country belong to it.
    ‘it’ is ‘the country’.
    the country has borders. the borders are its, but where’s the apostrophe between the t and the s designating possession?
    the apostrophe designates possession.
    ‘it’ has its borders.
    anytime ‘it’ has something that belongs to it the its saying so really should have an apostrophe if the apostrophe is meant to designate possession – no?
    the apostrophe also can be used to replace a letter or two.
    ‘they will’ can be shortened to they’ll.
    ‘it is’ is commonly shortened to ‘it’s’.
    the only reason the possessive ‘its’ does not have a apostrophe is because that would conflict with the ‘it’s’ – as the shortcut version of ‘it is’…
    you have the same thing going on with the words ‘whose’ and ‘who’s’…
    the possessive apostrophe couldn’t work without a conflict – so new words were made up. right?
    i plead not guilty by reason of confusing rules.
    and thanks for agreeing with my advice on border security..

    1. Barkingdeer,

      You can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. You can teach a “good lawyer” the difference between ITS and IT’S, but if he keeps jabbering on about the possessive pronoun but refuses to understand that the possessive pronouns are HIS, HER, ITS — and not HI’S, HER, IT’S, there’s not much you can do for him after that!

      If IT’S is the correct possessive pronoun for you — as in “Germany and it’s problems” — which is totally wrong but which you seem to prefer, why not go the whole hog and say HI’S instead of HIS, eh?

      Why not write: “I like him personally, but I dislike hi’s wife?” 🙂 (Or maybe you would prefer “his’ wife”???)

      Check this out and learn the difference between ITS and IT’S if you know what’s good for you, you ungrammatical nincompoop!

      And oh, by the way . . . Merry Christma’s! 🙂

      1. Don’t bother with it, Grammar Fiend. Some hide their inadequate learning with lousy punctuation as some sort of ‘distinguishing’ idiosyncrasy. (Reading their comments gives me a headache, so I usually don’t bother.)
        Others on here enjoy seeing their opinions in print so much that they spend volumes relating what could otherwise be said in a series of short paragraphs – which paints a metal vision of poor manners and disgusting hygiene.

      2. Gilbert,

        I take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and to say this: some of your poems have the stamp of genius! They transcend mere grammar, dear Gilbert, because they have that indefinable quality … I don’t know what to call it … passionate sincerity, pathos, or what Virgil called “lacrimae rerum” (literally, “the tears of things”).

        I’ve just been rereading “The Girl on the Train” with Lasha’s cute little introduction. Brilliant. And so moving! I’m not saying this is your “best poem”. Your other poems are just as good if not better, but this is your latest one:

      3. Thank you, sir! The poet, Lord Byron, once said that one had to be “miserable” or “in love” to compose adequate poetry. I’ve been both – so maybe any ‘genius’ is inspired by irrational emotion (for which I’ve been running a dry spell, of late). 🙂

      4. I just read the poem “The Girl on the Train” and, I don’t know, I’m kind of surprised it got published here, much less seeing the author being called the “resident poet.” Compare it with some of mine and judge for yourself. I’m not really trying to took my horn, I just think mine are better, except maybe “Seeking the Perfect Man” which Lasha virtually edited into something new. Hi Lasha :), I look forward to hearing from you, but I know you’re very busy, plus you’re probably reading “The Dialogue of St Catherine of Siena” or her letters these days, and learning to love her for the uniquely beautiful saint she is. I hope you have a very blessed and merry Christmas! Same to John and Lucy, and I can add Sr Monica, since I see we have something special in common, i.e., being former religious.

      5. I agree, Darrell – except my prompting was a long-ago request from Lasha to address the subject in poetry. As I often check-in here, I felt badly about not giving her a timely response, and may have rushed it. (I actually composed it from the cab of a 7410 John Deere tractor, while mowing hay!)
        She liked it – and THAT is enough to please me. She generously provides us much food for thought – and it pleases me to try to please her for such a small request. Poetry is a hobby I pursue in spells, and I can’t thank Lasha enough for rekindling an interest for me. She is an inspiration. (I was on a fox hunt the other day, and somehow waxed poetic and dismounted in the woods where I wouldn’t be seen, and polished some verse I’d composed a few years ago.). Poetry is best written unscheduled!

      6. @Gilbert
        I kind of know how you feel. All my poems here were in a spurt of about 2 yrs or less, I think. (They can be seen thru the ‘search’ here.) Also, I was less intending so much to criticize your poem (even tho I think it could use a bit more pathos) than to remind Lasha to read the 2 great writings of St Catherine of Siena which I shared with her, and to encourage readers here to do the same. I’m pretty sure those who do will find it an unforgettable experience. They can be found here:
        Would you believe it’s just a coincidence that I’m trying to promote books I’ve edited, and my poems too? I think not. But truthfully, I really want people to know this great and beautiful saint and use her as a stepping stone to even bigger things. Which reminds me, the great Samuel Johnson aptly said, “A man is seldom more innocently occupied than in making money.” 😉

        I’m also kind of disappointed that comments are closed on my poems. I hope that’s not the sin of pride.

      7. It came to me after posting that the Samuel Johnson quote is actually, “A man is seldom more innocently occupied than WHEN making money.” Not “IN making $,” the latter I think implying the intention of seeking usorious gain, the former being all-inclusive.

        And a blessed and merry Christmas to Lasha and all at Darkmoon and to all subscribers. Special greetings to Lucy, John, Lobro, Sardonicus, and to the still relatively unknown to me, Sr Monica.

        “…and the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.” (Jn 1.14)

        While I’m at it, here’s a Christmas poem I wrote a few years back, and just edited, kind of like lasha does, only different 😉

        Christmas Then and Now

        When in the course of human events
        it seemed that Satan conquered all at last,
        to save our souls from death and hell God came.
        (There was a remnant who to God held fast,
        and many, as always, chose to ride the fence.)

        And now two thousand Christian years have passed.
        How many even care? It’s like the same
        as when God intervened the first time ’round –
        the world is full of vice condoned again;
        and now, as then, few people can be found
        who kneel and call upon His sacred Name.

        But they are bles’t, the lowly ones that do,
        Whose hearts behold their Infant God anew.

      8. @ Gilbert Huntly

        You are far too modest and self-effacing, dear Gilbert, in your response to Darrell about your poem, “The Girl on the Train.” It wasn’t a bad poem at all. I enjoyed it. And so did a distant admirer in eastern Europe who actually went to the trouble of translating your poem into his exotic language.

        I had no idea what this language was until Franklin Ryckaert told us it was Bulgarian. No mean feat, Gilbert, to dash off a poem on the back of a tractor and wake up one morning to find you are famous in Bulgaria! 🙂

        1. Sardonicus,

          Your praise for Gilbert’s poem, “The Girl on the Train”, is very generous and does you great credit. You forgot to mention, however, that you yourself wrote a poem with the same title, “The Girl on the Train”, and that this poem too was translated into Bulgarian! 🙂

          Your poem in English

          Your poem in Bulgarian:

      You brought to mind Ronald Reygan’s cheerful reply to the question “what does it mean: sea bottom and 300 (700) lawyers on it?” – “good beginning!” Sure, it is just good joke and in no way I mean to drown you. Lawyer is profession and lawyers are so different, so opposite. And some are scoundrels to the marrow of the bones, as comrades Lenin and Kerensky for example. Probably because the “law”, according to William O. Douglas (see his “Of Men and Mountains”), is “something evasive” (sooner wrong rule) and nothing solid can rest safely on what is “evasive”.
      As for your grammar explanation, you look on equal with R.A. Close.
      So, go on barking!

      1. Magomed –

        Correct. They vary.

        Putin is a lawyer. Ocean floor looming..?? 🙂

        Vladimir Putin – Personal website:

        In 1970, Vladimir Putin became a student of law department at Leningrad State University, earning his degree in 1975.

      2. GREAT Poets don’t have to follow no stinkin’ schoolmarm grammar rules, GREAT Poets have POETIC LICENSE!!!! GREAT Poets are REBELS!!!!

        1. Hmmm, I guess that’s what make YOU a great poet! You don’t follow no stinkin’ schoolmarm grammar rules either. In fact, I’m surprised you know there ARE rules!

      3. PAT
        Aha, you discern general features, you are not blind (as I one day erroneously assumed)! Obama is lawyer also. And both,duly dressed (with c-caps on), pressed their foreheads to the wailing wall, taking lessons of patriotism… Maybe one day we will pass on to concluding from the general to particular?

  20. hey Flopot, what say you now? see the difference between talk and action that i always insist must be observed in order to follow the game in progress?

    Assad’s Syria: the normalization of sanity.

    NYT’s cryin Yids in full skyfall mode, a pivotal event of global impact goes on without Jew’s presence, without Jew’s organizing fingerprints.
    Russia, Iran and Turkey Meet for Syria Talks, Excluding U.S. … excluding Jews.

    BEIRUT, Lebanon — Russia, Iran and Turkey met in Moscow on Tuesday to work toward a political accord to end Syria’s nearly six-year war, leaving the United States on the sidelines as the countries sought to drive the conflict in ways that serve their interests.

    Secretary of State John Kerry was not invited. Nor was the United Nations consulted.

    With pro-government forces having made critical gains on the ground, the new alignment and the absence of any Western powers at the table all but guarantee that President Bashar al-Assad will continue to rule Syria under any resulting agreement, despite President Obama’s declaration more than five years ago that Mr. Assad had lost legitimacy and had to be removed.

    [blame departing Obama for stabbing Yinon Plan in the back, oh, the betrayal of our sacred principles!]
    Mr. Obama’s reluctance to back that demand with more involvement as the war escalated leaves Washington with little leverage on a geopolitical crisis as President-elect Donald J. Trump prepares to take office.

    Do you all realize that
    something like this has not happened in over 200 years?

    1. Lobro –

      You have written hundreds of times right here that the NY Times was not a source you used…. because it is owned and controlled by the (((chosens)))… and cannot be trusted..!!! Pancake with holes on its surfaces..!!! 🙂

    2. sorry pat but your logic has even more holes than those favored pancakes of yours.
      are you saying that NYT is not actually crying about the USrael being shut out from the final deal?
      or are you saying that USreal has in fact participated in that conference that after 5 years of adamantly insisting that Assad must go, now they are saying Assad must stay.

      maybe when you are driving over potholes you are thinking of waffles …

      when Jew is screaming, bitching and crying, when he is expressing utter hate and woe that his beautiful hate doesn’t have an outlet, then is a good time to trust him.
      This is another thing i keep saying and you are mixing the two up badly.

      In that article there is not an ounce of propaganda, only “poor us, little suffering jews, woe is us hypocrites and pharisees”.
      and in this forum you may be the only one that doesn’t understand what i said – or is it just playacting?

      1. Lobro –

        I am writing….. that you used a source you have condemned. I interpreted nothing.

        You have always condemned the NY Times of promoting lies.

        Now you claim they are telling the truth….. since you used their claims.

        I claim ALL media are liars for $$$$$. What the NY Times writes cannot be trusted as factual.

        We are both guessing when quoting others….. no matter the sources.

        “In that article there is not an ounce of propaganda” HA!!!

        It is every bit “propaganda”….. or it would not be there.. a set-up…!!

        WHEW..!!!! You know better… 🙂

      2. Lobro –

        Merry Christmas..!! Thank you for the gift as well…..

        ….. my pass to quote the NY Times…. forever…!! 🙂

      3. And a Merry Christmas to you Pat.
        If the license to quote NYT at will is considered a gift, I suggest you return it for a refund.
        A far better gift is to accept my advice:
        learn to differentiate between when the Jew media is spouting lies by examining content and disconnect with reality because they have an easily guessed at goal in mind (cui bono stuff), and
        when they are crying in their beer while asking you to pay for another round.

        Now that’s a gift worth keeping, let it become a family heirloom that you can pass on to lucky descendants.

    3. @Lobro

      If there are no cryptos under the table ( 😉 ) then it is beginning of the end for the Zionist-proxy war in Syria. I never knew Aleppo was the real-actual-de-facto HQ of this Zionist-run war. Raqqa as the so-called “de facto capital of ISIS” must be Zionist disinformation. Therefore it must be regarded as a Stalingrad moment for the Zionists in Syria.

      What we are all waiting for is the announcement that Syria will maintain its unity; that the Syrian Central Bank will remain under the control of the Syrian government. If these eventually turn out to be the case then Syria as a whole will be seen as a Stalingrad moment for the entire Jew World Order.

      1. No ifs or buts about it, Flopot, damn the torpedoes and cryptos, full speed ahead!

        And a Merry Christmas to all of us, yes you too TROJ, icefishing on the frozen pond of Spamblinka gulag for dissident posters, don’t worry, Sister Monica will knit you a set of warm woolen socks to replace old newspapers stuffed into rubber boots, what better stocking stuffer, eh?

        Flopot, it is truly a momentous time, especially this Syrian peace conference.

        I cannot recall off-hand one single instance of any war above regional squabble since before the Crusades, where Jew didn’t quarterback the negotiations at the cessation of hostilities to his advantage, whether mediated through Venice, Holland, Britain or the USA, peace meaning “the choice piece to Jew”. (ok, exclude the Mongol era, the great khans sure didn’t suck up to no sheenie, that’s for sure)
        This goes even way back before the first Rothschild alien crawled out of its caterpillar cocoon in Frankfurt.

        What cryptos? This blew a truck-sized hole in the Yinon, simple as that.
        Of course, the vampire brood won’t rest, they are baying for blood in anguish, which is what the NYT article is all about, that ancient Jew pain as in “he cries out in pain as he strikes you“. And misses 😉
        Now, that’s pain.

        May the 2017 bring more woe to the rabbispawn.

  21. @ barkingdeer
    Don’t ya love academic elitists? I just can’t imagine how much better off the world would be if guys like da Vinci and Edison had spent more time perfecting their grammar than wasting it on their frivolous endeavors that had no effect on mankind at all. 🙂

  22. I just finished taking down my Christmas tree I had in the living room and packed-up and put back into storage the nativity scene I have and usually set-up on a table in the living room, then I went to Walmart and bought a United States American Red White and Blue [ with GOLD trim! ] Flag, 14 foot by 8 foot, fits a wall in my living room PERFECTLY!!!! I got it UP and THE FLAG IS NOW DISPLAYED PROUDLY !!!! I NEVER realized before Christmas is really about paying homage to our American fallen soldiers, I thought WE did that on Memorial Day, but now I See Christmas is really all about Memorial Day. I guess WE celebrate Christmas on Memorial Day. Oh Thank You Darkmoon I was Blind but Now I See!!!! Oh, let’s have a music video of The Battle Hymn of The Republic for This Memorial Day WE celebrate on December 24th and 25th every year!!! Oh Let’s Do!!! Going to throw some hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill for this most special of Holidays!!!

  23. PAT –
    You also have written hundreds of times right here that the Jew-Pharisees-Bankers are scoundrels and responsible for everything and that all leaders of nations are liars. It is not that simple. To prove theorem in geometry one need to possess exact preliminary data. But what we have instead: today they are leaders, tomorrow they are puppets. It is even more interesting with lie: why a man speaks lie? -To get what he is longing for – fame and/or material advantages – which he cannot obtain if he is honest, that is he acknowledges in advance his inferiority. And wins!

  24. youse,
    i guess you’re nobody until you really understand grammar.
    lawyers are grammar experts.
    if good grammar saves the world i’m all for it.
    tell me it’s not part of the pc thing.

    1. actually no, not quite, BD.
      Jew stole English just like Grinch stole Christmas and replaced it with garbage, doublespeak, ebonics, tv-speak, (one of the top dozen visited websites, ahead of wikipedia, ppl wanna be cool).

      Therefore, even tho i suck at grammar, I recognize the value of Grammar Fiend weeding out our grunts, squeaks, clicks and whistles, fights the good fight for preservation of White English and save’s the day, snatches victory from jaw’s of defeat.
      And is a well-mannered gentleman, grammar scholar and dude and probably related to Lasha.

      And my N/Y resolution is to try and entice Ariadnatheo back, i feel our collective cranium without her rings hollow when tapped.

      1. okidok pat, done that, let’s see if my exhortation has any effect.
        Thanks! Your email was successfully sent.

        energy, wit and information should prevail over differing points of view.
        having us all applaud each other quickly devolves to dans macabre.

  25. Aniela Kazmierczak (so called “Angela Merkel”) is a Polish Jew.

    Her father faught as a soldier against the Germans in WWI. IM Erika (Aniela´s communist STASI undercover name) is of course not Hitler´s daughter (typical short circuit protocol) and her ethnic genocide policies have of course nothing to do with Christianity (blame the victim again).

    That occultly modified hybrid continues it´s father´s fight against the German people on the global political scene. After all that is obviously so much more efficient. Aniela received the highest honours from Israel, B´nai B´rith, the Calergi medal, Karlspreis (another white genocide scheme), etc.

    Just recently I thought the real tragedy is not as much that the Jews control the Government in Germany, but that they control (the minds of) my relatives, colleagues, and 98% of everyone else here around me.

      1. @ Erwin

        We’ve all heard the rumor of Merkel being Jewish. Unfortunately, all such talk is classified as “conspiracy theory” froth and tittle-tattle, to be found only on fringe websites specializing in disinfo and bizarre conspiracy theories.

        I’m not saying the rumor is wrong. If Merkel were in fact Jewish, as you and many others claim, this would help to explain her anti-goy behavior. But one needs a respectable source for such statements.

        Unfortunately, all the sources are disreputable: fringe websites, extremist websites, conspiracy theory websites.

  26. The added benefit of mass immigration in Germany is CONTROL… of everyone..!!

    Now, it is apparent after the shoppers were killed. More surveillance and new laws ARE coming.

    The people beg for their chains….. Kissinger knows..!!


    BERLIN, Dec 27 (Reuters) – Politicians on both sides of
    Germany’s governing coalition, reacting to last week’s Christmas
    market attack, called for more state powers to deport
    potentially dangerous failed asylum seekers, with some also
    pushing for enhanced surveillance.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose open-door migrant policy
    critics say has put Germany’s security at risk, promised after
    the Berlin attack – which killed 12 people – to introduce new
    laws if needed.


    NOW Putin gets in on the ‘false flag’ routines…. copying US, as usual..!!


    MOSCOW, Dec 26 (Reuters) – Police in Moscow have evacuated
    almost 3,000 people from three different railway stations after
    receiving an anonymous bomb threat, Russian news agencies
    reported on Monday.

    The TASS news agency said police planned to use sniffer dogs
    to check the Kazansky, Leningradsky and Yaroslavsky railway
    stations. All three stations are located on the same Moscow

    1. Kissinger stated that people in the West will beg for more police and troops in the street at home. They will want a stronger police state.
      They do so in Merkel’s Germany… to the tune of 60%.

      Today – Dec 27:

      Merkel, whose open-door migrant policy critics say has put Germany’s security at risk, promised after the Berlin attack – which killed 12 people – to introduce new laws if needed.

      German lawmakers urge tougher security measures after market attack

      Politicians on both sides of Germany’s governing coalition, reacting to last week’s Christmas market attack, called for more state powers to deport potentially dangerous failed asylum seekers, with some also pushing for enhanced surveillance.

      The suspected perpetrator, 24-year old Tunisian Anis Amri, was an asylum seeker who had escaped deportation after his application was rejected. He was shot dead by Italian police on Friday.

      Merkel’s conservative allies in the state of Bavaria, the CSU, called for greater powers for the police and intelligence agencies and improved data exchange between them.

      “We need new grounds to arrest dangerous people,” they said in a paper seen by Reuters entitled ‘Security for our Freedom’, which they will discuss at a party gathering early next month.

      It says intelligence agencies should be able to monitor individuals as young as 14 to avoid radicalization,
      and calls for greater powers of detention for people due to be deported. Some 550 people are registered with German security services as potentially violent.

      Polls indicate that Germans’ deeply entrenched opposition to state monitoring, a legacy of widespread surveillance in Communist East Germany and in the Nazi era, may be waning. YouGov poll showed 60 percent of Germans were in favor.

      “We must make sure dangerous people have no opportunity to disappear,” Ralf Stegner told Die Welt daily. “Anybody who puts general security at risk must not be allowed to be at large.”

    2. The Herd keeps begging to be herded. What else can a good leader do but comply. They now have it down to a fine art… worldwide!

  27. Great article, and very respectful toward the chancellor. I believe she is in the early stage of frontotemporal dementia.

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