6 thoughts to “Migrant Gangs run riot in Paris (Video, 3.50 mins)”

  1. Writing as an ex-South African cop, I’d like to suggest to the French police that they adopt the D formation in riot suppression. The vertical line of the D faces the rioters and comprises 16 men in 2 ranks (2 sections each commanded by a sergeant). Each member of that group is armed with an FN 7.62 semi-automatic rifle with a fixed bayonet. Forming the the curve of the D are another 2 sections, armed with 2 belt fed 7.62mm light machine guns, 8 with 12 bore shotguns and 4 with 1.5 gas guns. In the centre of the D is the Commander and his 2 i/c, an orderly (armed with a sniper rifle) and a cameraman. I once witnessed such a formation quell a riot of 2 thousand miners at a copper mine with nary a shot being fired. The rioters knew that one D formation would do what was necessary to quell the riot. I know the French Police would have to ‘top’ some of the rioters, but they would only have to do it once and the rioters would get the message.

    1. Felix –

      Sounds as if good solutions were wanted in SA mines.

      Pharisee-Jew owners of the mines, Oppenheimer, Rothschild and Seligman, wanted mines operating.

      Chaos is wanted in Europe today….. not real solutions to riots.

      They prefer the F formations in Paris. 🙂

      1. Pat,
        That’s right, the mine was owned by Anglo-American, head office in London. I wasn’t as Jew-wise back in those days. You know as well as I, the refrain, “I wish I knew then, what I know now!” How often do you say that when you look back to the time when you were still young and naive.
        Back in those days, the South African Police had a Gold and Diamond Branch to protect against illicit diamond buying IDB. Diamonds are plentiful throughout Africa, so De Beers keeps the price artificially high and have done so for the last hundred years. What a bloody scam. Their biggest success was the Ad scam, “Diamonds are a girls best friend” and “A diamond is forever”. Idiots buy diamonds! And as P.T. Barnum said “A sucker is born every minute!”

  2. Again a total lack of logic.

    This would be solved in literally 5 minutes in a logical world.

    No, excuse me, I stand corrected, this wouldn’t even occur in a logical world.

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