Mind Pollution: The Promotion of Sexual Perversion on National TV

The Case of Jenji Kohan

Published originally on The Occidental Observer

By Dr. Lasha Darkmoon


Jewish TV writer JENJI KOHAN (left), flanked by sexual exhibitionist Miley Cyrus
“Fie, fie, fie, pah, pah! — Give me an ounce of civet, good apothecary,
to sweeten my imagination.”  — King Lear, Act 4, Scene 6

Some would argue that this is not about the pollution of minds. They would maintain that there is no deliberate attempt to undermine the morals of a virtuous nation, still less the morals of its innocent minors. It’s more fundamental than that.

This is simply a question, they would point out, of a bunch of dirty-minded writers and degenerate TV executives getting together to produce buckets of sleaze for an increasingly debased public. Depravity, they would tell us, is not being systematically manufactured: it is the natural flatulence of filthy minds. It is the foul atmosphere around us, the very air we breathe. We are filthy, stewed and marinated in filth like dung flies, and filth is what we naturally produce.

Let’s examine this interesting thesis. 

—  §  —

Jenji Kohan (b. 1969), a radical feminist and devout follower of Judaism, is  a popular American TV scriptwriter. What I find truly astonishing about this Jewish lady, who enjoys eating Shabbat dinner with her extended family every Friday at her house and attends two different synagogues, is that she has managed to combine religious piety with the promotion of sexual perversion.

She has openly stated on more than one occasion that sexual perversion is normal and healthy. Hence she has no problem promoting it on American TV. After all, if sexual perversion is “good clean fun”, why not spread the happiness around and help nice American families savor the joys of incest, bestiality and other assorted paraphilias?

In a riveting article for the Occidental Observer, Brenton Sanderson explains that Kohan echoes the Freudian argument that “a disposition to perversions is an original and universal disposition of the human sexual instinct.” (See here)

Translated into the simplest English: we’re all pervs. Au fond. Or at bottom, when you strip away all the frills and get down to the nitty-gritty. As for chastity, female modesty, sexual decency, these are all later accretions or artificial developments that violate our essential natures or primitive instincts. A million years ago—when stone age humans were grappling with sabre-toothed tigers and committing arson by rubbing dry sticks together, and life, according to the philosopher Hobbes, was “nasty, brutish and short”—in those long ago times, rape and murder, bestiality and incest, were thrilling everyday events. Ever since then alas, it’s been steadily downhill all the way, until now we have—horror of horrors!—Western civilization.

Thus, in a nutshell,  the philosophy of Freud and his kinky commissars.

In her scripts for American TV, Kohan has no inhibitions about dishing up generous portions of sexual perversion. Incest, for example, is openly (though subtly) promoted by the use of humor. In one episode of her show Weeds, the main character Nancy is shown tearing up nude photos of herself and flushing them down the toilet. This is because she has caught her son Shane masturbating over them. In a prurient 3-minute scene, Nancy is shown lecturing her son on the inadvisability of masturbating over her.

“It’s a little quirky to masturbate over pictures of your mother,” she chides him gently, her voice oozing with sanctimonious concern for his moral welfare. She suggests that it is “possibly” wrong that he should masturbate over his mother’s image, throwing in a trendy reference to the omniscient Freud. Yes, Papa Sigmund would have understood and offered absolution for her son’s incestuous feelings that are (allegedly) universal. All part of the growing up process, you understand.

Nancy advises her son to continue masturbating by all means but to seek out a more appropriate object for his sexual ardor. Like the girl next door. Or a Playboy model. “It’s nothing terrible or unnatural! Sex is good, Freud said. Or Annie Sprinkle maybe.” (1.50). But hey, jerking off over his mom,  that’s just not on! That’s a bit “quirky”, isn’t it? Mothers, after all, are “possibly” unsuitable objects for filial passion. This all too obvious tongue-in-cheek prurience tries to pass itself off as cutting-edge sociological comment. If you object, you are obviously a Victorian prude.

Hey, lighten up man!—where’s your goddamn sense of humor?

Right. So this is the point we’ve reached. Sons being given pep talks on incestuous masturbation by their mothers is now, on American TV at any rate, a normal, everyday episode in a healthy mother and son relationship.  This is something that would have been inconceivable to our Christian ancestors only fifty years ago; and I wouldn’t be surprised if it it is still inconceivable in many parts of the world where moral standards have managed to survive and sexual decency is still valued. The scene is played for laughs, and the actress playing Nancy sounds pretty much like Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman trying her best to keep a straight face as she does a comic skit involving “sexual abuse” of her pet dog, i.e., apparently licking her dog’s anus—much to the horror of some passer-by who witnesses the “hilarious scene” and reports it to the cops.

We are clearly expected to view the mother-and-son incest scene in Kohan’s Weeds in a similar tolerant, laid-back light. This is meant to be seen as as a touchingly amusing vignette of family life in the early 21st century: an example of quirky, cutting-edge “Jewish humor” at its ribald, irreverent, life-enhancing best.

You don’t have to be a genius to know what is going on here. Sexual perversion is being normalized. And humor is being used as a corrupting agent to make it all seem palatable, trendy and cool. You are made to feel guilty if you don’t find incest funny. And if do find it funny and give way to mirth, you have taken the first step down the slippery slope into degeneracy by trivializing sexual deviance and minimizing its moral turpitude. 

Here is the 3-minute video:

Maybe you found that little scene amusing? Maybe you’re wondering why I’m kicking up such a fuss about what tens of thousands of Americans are likely to find perfectly innocuous. If so, you are part of the problem. You are not using your imagination. Ask yourself: is this sort of thing fit for family viewing? Imagine a nice American family—father, mother, son, daughter—watching this incest scene after dinner. How do you think the teenage son is going to feel? How about his mother? I’m willing to bet the entire family will be squirming with embarrassment in their seats, doing their best to hide their blushes.

Two things I can tell you for sure. Firstly, if that family are not acutely embarrassed, they’re abnormal. They’ve already lost the plot. Secondly, if they continue to watch this disgusting filth and chuckle over it like morons, pretending it’s hilarious and groovy, they are past redemption. Hopeless cases. They might as well hang themselves.

As for the guys who run American TV and manufacture this moral halitosis for the masses, they already are dead. They are the Walking Dead. How these people ever got into the topmost echelons of the entertainment industry is a mystery to me.

I guess the devil rules the world and looks after his own.

—  §  —

In the estimation of the Jewish Journal, Kohan is a “provocative, controversial” writer  who has the guts to tackle dark themes and paddle bravely in foul waters. “No topic is too grim,” the Jewish Journal  notes matter-of-factly, “no character too depraved.”

Time magazine is equally complimentary, calling Kohan a “force of nature” and lauding her for her genius in being able to depict shady characters who are “a breathtaking riot of color and [diverse] sexual orientation…characters of all backgrounds who are three-dimensional, flawed and sometimes unpleasant, but always human.” The fact that these breathtakingly colorful characters are also twisted and perverted, infecting the minds of millions with the virus of their depraved values, does not appear to trouble the Time magazine reviewer. He is probably a fellow club member, supping at the same table of tainted meats.

Kohan’s malign influence on American TV can hardly be exaggerated. She is all over the place. She has written numerous TV dramas and comedies, including Sex and the CityGilmore GirlsMad About You, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Every show mentioned above is a product of the Jewish imagination: Jewish writers, Jewish directors, Jewish producers, Jewish actors. For example, Sex and the City was created by Jewish writer, director and producer Darren Star; Gilmore Girls by Jewish writer, director and producer Andy Sherman; Mad About You by Jewish writer and actor Paul Reiser and Jewish writer and producer Danny Jacobson; and, finally, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air by Jewish writer and actor Andy Borowitz and his wife Susan Borowitz. (See here)

If this isn’t Jewish over-representation, what is it? Non-Jewish America is having Jewish values thrust down its collective throat, willy-nilly. It is being permeated, whether it likes it or not, by jüdischer Geist (the “Jewish spirit”).

Not all the shows mentioned above are as subversively kinky as the shows in which Jenji Kohan is personally involved, such as Weeds and Orange is the New Black. It is to be noted, however, that Kohan’s eldest brother David—whom she considers, incidentally, as rather “tame” compared to herself—has been the single most important influence in America for the promotion of homosexuality on TV. David Kohan was the co-creator and producer of the hugely influential gay-themed sitcom Will & Grace. It was no other than Vice President Joe Biden who in 2013 openly acknowledged David Kohan’s seminal influence in casting a veil of glamor over homosexuality:

“It wasn’t anything we legislatively did,” Biden said. “It was Will & Grace. Literally. That’s what changed peoples’ attitudes. I bet you 85 percent of those changes are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense.”     

Commenting on the point made by Biden, liberal Jewish columnist Jonathan Chait alluded mysteriously to a “vast left-wing conspiracy on your screen“, without bothering to clarify what ethnic group is in the forefront of activating and promoting this “vast left-wing conspiracy.” Agreeing with Biden that Will & Grace was “the single most important driving force in transforming public opinion on the subject [of homosexual relationships]”, Chait adds significantly, driving home the point I am trying to make here:

“Think of it from the conservative point of view. Imagine that large chunks of your entertainment mocked your values and even transformed once-uncontroversial beliefs of yours into a kind of bigotry that might be greeted with revulsion. You’d probably be angry, too.”

Yes, so don’t blame me if I’m angry. Anger is the only possible reaction to this outrageous onslaught on the traditional values of my Christian ancestors, the values I cherish. For the concerted Jewish attempt to normalize homosexuality, turning what was once widely regarded as a mental sickness into a trendy alternative lifestyle, see this excellent article by Brenton Sanderson: “The Indoctrination Game, Part 2: Jewish media influence as decisive in creating a positive culture of homosexuality.”

—  §  —

The ubiquity of Jews in the entertainment industry, as well as their “debauching” influence on the American psyche, has been freely admitted  even by Jewish writers. Thus Adam Garfinkle, Jewish author and founding editor of The American Interest, points out in his 1990 book  Jewcentricity:

“It is striking, one has to admit, that the cultural influence of Jews and Jewishness is what it is, considering that fewer than 5 million American Jews are influencing more than 296 million other Americans.” Noting the “increasingly salacious content of mass media”, he adds significantly, “There are Jews at every turn, in marketing, in media, and, of course, in the entertainment business itself. It does not take a rocket scientist to connect the dots: liberals are responsible for the dangerous debauching of our society, not least through vapid entertainment-culture garbage, and a disproportionate number of liberals who are doing precisely that are Jews. (Emphasis added, quoted here)

It seems nonsensical to assert, in the context of this candid admission by a prominent American Jew that Jews are largely to blame for the corruption of America, that what America needs right now is a greater infusion of “Jewish values”—whatever that’s supposed to mean. And yet this is precisely what Rabbi Shmuley Boteach preaches: that what non-Jewish Americans badly need right now is to be “healed” by the adoption of “Jewish values.”

The rabbi, renowned for his bestselling sex books with flashy titles like The Jewish Guide to Adultery and Kosher Lust: Love Is Not the Answer is precisely the type of rabbi whom Jenji Kohan would enthusiastically endorse. But how their shared “Jewish values” would benefit the rest of non-Jewish America is not altogether clear.

Lust is the pinnacle of holiness,” Rabbi Shmuley pontificates absurdly in one of his popular sex manuals. “If you put love and lust together, love stands no chance.”

To match feature LEISURE RABBI

“Lust is the pinnacle of holiness.”

I am not aware that even the Talmud says that lust is the pinnacle of holiness. The Old Testament certainly does not. This “philosophy of lust”, if we can call it that, so familiar to readers of the Marquis de Sade, is Kohan’s philosophy too and informs all her thought. Lust runs rampant through her scripts, rearing its head everywhere—even in Christian churches where nuns achieve “the pinnacle of holiness” through fellatio.

In Kohan’s bizarro fantasy world, almost every female in American female prisons—as in Orange is the New Black—is involved in steamy lesbian affairs with other female inmates. Characters take bets to see which of them can seduce the largest number of non-lesbian inmates. Let the camera enter a Christian church, as in Californication, and pan to a nun in her modest clerical robes. In no time at all, this demure devotee of Jesus Christ is shown going down on her knees—not to pray as you might expect—but to dispense oral sex to a stranger who has just dropped into the church to seek help for his sex problems.

The good sister advises him that what he needs is a blowjob. That will cheer him up a bit.

The whole scene is apparently a “fantasy”—which is supposed to make it more acceptable, because it’s not really happening except in someone’s mind. But why do Jewish writers insist on locating their sexual fantasies—or the sexual fantasies of their characters—in Christian churches rather than in synagogues? I am asking, basically: if you are a Jewish writer, why pick on a Catholic church for a blowjob scene? Why not locate your fantasy in a synagogue? Are we expected to believe that blowjob scenes never take place in synagogues, only in wicked Catholic churches?

This 3-minute video, “A Blowjob in Church”, will show you what is being done to Christian America and its culture by sexually perverted Jewish writers whose fame is out of all proportions to their talents.

Ask yourself: how many sons masturbate over their mother’s nude photos? How many nuns fellate men in Catholic churches? The fact that these images are allowed to fester like poisonous weeds in the rich soil of the mass mind must give us cause for concern. This is mind pollution on a staggering scale.

Here is the illiterate YouTube introduction to this nasty little scene set in a Catholic church: “Church is a holy place for christians when they confess of sin (sic) not commit sin but in this video you see how the christian actor and actress is (sic) making fun of their own religion. So first look at your own self then blame others ok.”

Beautiful. Talk about sly and sneaky disinformation! The fact that the actor playing the “sinful”  Christian in the scene is in fact a Jew, a debauched looking specimen called David Duchovny (pictured here), is conveniently concealed—apart from the fact that the entire series is a product of the sleazy Jewish imagination: Jewish directors, Jewish producers, Jewish actors, Jewish scriptwriters.

VIDEO (3.14 mins)
        A Blowjob in Church

“I want fucking all the time,” Kohan gushes in an interview. “That’s one of my things. We’re all doing it. We’re all thinking about it. We don’t see it enough. It’s hot. I love the sex stuff, and I want more. I love graphic sex, the more sex the better.”  (For more details, see here)

Brenton Sanderson notes:

‘Orange is the New Black’ is an incredibly degenerate show that inverts traditional Western morality and glamorizes homosexuality. The main themes of the show are that committed heterosexual relationships are abnormal and that Christianity is an evil creed….Every woman in the prison, with the exception of the Christian villain, is in a lesbian relationship with one of their fellow inmates — even a nun. Hollywood’s Jewish movers and shakers love to debase Christianity and Catholicism by depicting nuns in sexual roles…. This pornographic debasement of Christian symbols by Jews is a blatant way of  defiling Christian culture(Emphasis added)

Jewish pornographer Al Goldstein, deceased publisher of Screw magazine, uses almost identical words — see here — so Brenton Sanderson is not saying anything outrageously controversial. He is merely stating the facts. According to one source, Kohan has succeeded in normalizing sexual perversion.

For my part, I find all this kinky sex incomprehensible, given that Kohan claims to be a devout follower of Judaism.

We are told that she had toyed with the idea of becoming a rabbi at one time and now attends two separate synagogues, as I have already noted above. Every Friday Kohan and her extended family have Shabbat dinner together. Her elder brother David, co-creator and producer of the gay-themed NBC sitcom Will & Grace, often attends these semi-religious meals at her house. Kohan dismisses his brand of homosexual humor as too tame for her, explaining, “I was always a little darker.”

She says her pornographic scripts help her to get in touch with her Jewish identity. “For me, the essence of my Judaism is to ask questions. In a way, the show allows me to follow the path of Judaism.”


“I want fucking all the time.”

I confess I am at a complete loss to understand any of this. It is totally beyond my comprehension to understand how two allegedly pious Jews, brother and sister, are both regular synagogue attendees and yet earn their respective livings by writing salacious TV scripts that openly promote and seek to normalize sexual perversion.

I can’t help wondering if all this ostensible piety is genuine or just camouflage. Do we really have a nice, synagogue-going lady here, doing her best to access deeper levels of spirituality that allow her “to follow the path of Judaism”, or is all this just cant and sanctimonious twaddle put on for our benefit by a lady who wants “fucking all the time” — a rather pathetic, unattractive, sex-crazed sleazebucket?

It is not for me to judge.

Jenji Kohan and her kind are just the tip of a giant iceberg. They are a small part of a vast underground sewer of filth that befouls the air of American TV — a media empire that now exports its unsavory products to all other parts of the world, infecting the minds of millions in many lands.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

66 thoughts to “Mind Pollution: The Promotion of Sexual Perversion on National TV”

  1. “She says her pornographic scripts help her to get in touch with her Jewish identity.”
    Which part of this statement do you refuse to accept, Lasha, while you insist you cannot reconcile Judaism with complete amorality?
    Hasn’t this disgusting woman (to whom you oddly repeatedly refer to as “lady”) been explicit enough for you? Hasn’t the sex-peddling rabbi been clear either?
    The paradox hidden from Jewish view is that judaism supposedly proudly and courageously inspires them to “question everything” except… judaism.

    1. I would like to know how they got permission to film “A Blowjob in Church” in a real Catholic church.

    2. @ Lasha Darkmoon

      ” Sexual perversion is being normalized. And humor is being used as a corrupting agent to make it all seem palatable, trendy and cool. You are made to feel guilty if you don’t find incest funny. “

      100% true. I’ve been looking for a very succinct way of explicating this most important fact.

      Thank you so much.


        A revealing article, Lasha. Yes, as I’ve mentioned before, a few times, one of the main methods of Jewish subversion is to normalize the abnormal. They use this deceptive strategy upon everything that they can possibly contaminate in a “host” society, whether it is political, sociological, cultural, or what have you.

        Yet, what is even more troubling is how so many deceived White people fall for it. A friend of mine once remarked years ago about how, at a certain time every afternoon, many of his acquaintances would have to run home to watch Jerry Springer’s aberrant sleaze program on TV. I was amazed that these people would so easily and foolishly subsume such degenerate depravity, and go back for more. Even more troubling, however, is how many morally religious people who I have known decry this obvious moral degeneracy, yet when I point out the Jews involved, they clam-up and refuse to recognize that the Jews that they worship could be so wicked!

        Yes, I do think that we have a huge White psychological paradox at play here, as well as the Jewish exploiters of it.


      I was raised a Protestant. I see nothing in this article that a Christian of any denomination could not agree with.

      How are either of the [video] scenes not insulting to any thinking person, Christian or otherwise? How believable can these scenes be? They certainly are not, in the slightest, amusing and by no stretch of the imagination could they be considered satire. What are they then? They are filth for the sake of filth.

      The electronic rabbi is filled with programming that attacks the norms of Western civilization by seeking to normalize degeneracy.

      1. It could be stopped by boycotting the networks involved and serving them with a petition signed by millions. Ratings they understand.


      As true as it is that the Jews are at the forefront of this perversion, it doesn’t let so called gentiles off the hook either. The corruption of America has been because of the hand in hand cooperation between both Judaic-Christian cultures. Its just that the gentiles are on the more pathetic side of the relationship, Christian politicians, pastors, ministers etc are all licking Israeli and Jewish ass for financial crumbs from their Jewish masters.

      Easy for you guys to dedicate yourself to pointing the fingers at only the Jews because it lets you yourselves off the hook but as long as you are easily exploitable you stand no chance. Some self reflection on your own weaknesses and how to fix them would be more constructive than just finger pointing because evil humans always exploit when they can.

      After all, most of y’all are only mad because its now happening to you but you had no problem when Europe and America was doing the exploiting of so many indigenous cultures around the world.

      Jewish domination of America and Europe could be considered a sort of karma.

  2. Dearest Lasha,

    I find your insights most disturbing to my “gentile” mind. I can only pray they have the same jarring effect on a larger portion of the population. Thank you again for your amazing literary efforts.

    “Hollywood’s Jewish movers and shakers love to debase Christianity and Catholicism by depicting nuns in sexual roles…. This pornographic debasement of Christian symbols by Jews is a blatant way of defiling Christian culture.” This particular obsession is the very same one that drives the “blood liable.” (Gasp! Am I allowed to say that?)

    The need to invert and debase Christianity drives Jews to a depth of depravity that staggers the non-Jewish mind.
    Imagine torturing a toddler to death by slowly draining his blood through multiple cuts and then crucifying his tiny body upside down on a cross before throwing the bloodless corpse down a well or stuffing it up a tree. I’m still waiting for the first sitcom using this as a plot-line.

    Jews have no doubt began committing this foul deed not long after Jesus offered his blood to the disciples in honor of the Temple’s sacrificial cult that secretly drank blood in the Temple in concert with eating sacrificial meat. Take this bread, this is my body; drink this wine, this is my blood.

    Blood is life as written in Leviticus chapter seventeen verse eleven which states: “For the life of the flesh is in the blood and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your soul, for it is the blood that maketh atonement for the soul.” With religious “values” like this why wouldn’t Jews drink blood? Besides, it’s cheaper than having a V-8.

    Observant Jews took Jesus’ words all too literally. However, since the Lamb O’ God is no longer with us, any Christian will do. Why toddlers? It could be because toddlers are more tender, but I suspect it is because they don’t put up much of a fight. Think of it as a Jewish Eucharist.

    There are many cases of this practice being exposed in various host countries. Wrap your mind around the idea that since the time of the Second Temple, more than two-thousand years, Jews have been murdering toddler “gentile” boys and drinking their blood, like the case of poor little Simon of Trent who must have suffered horribly under the knives of his Jewish tormentors before giving up his tiny ghost. See here: http://www.stsimonoftrent.com/

    Of course, Jews vociferously deny any culpability in these multiple accusations of inflicting this particular horror upon children. I suppose for them the practice is nothing more than good clean fun, you know like Jenji Kohen’s debasement of America’s moral values.

    Keep it up Jews! Push harder, the goyim are too stupid to notice doncha’ know. Spit in their face and they will think it’s the morning dew. Keep selling them the rope with which you tighten the noose around their necks and soon you will have all the little milk-carton children you desire for your blood sacrifice.

    Lasha Says:

    The situation in regard to pornography is as bad as it can get — both for children and adults. I recently read a report in the papers that brought this home forcibly. At the University of Montreal recently, researchers were trying to carry out a large-scale survey about the effects of pornography on people. For this they needed to have two groups to compare: Group 1 to consist of regular porn users and Group 2 to consist of a “control group” of non-porn users. They had to abandon the survey. Why? Because they couldn’t find a SINGLE person who was NOT watching porn!!!

    That tells you something.

    1. Man, when I first looked at this “lady”, I thought it was the typical man dressed in drag routine… Brrrrrrrrrrr………

  3. “I guess the devil rules the world and looks after his own.”
    The human tragedy stated in a few words.

    1. I’m Jewish but understand the general complaint here and must agree.

      I think the problem is that Jewish culture is lacking in stoicism. Stoic values – duty, self-discipline, self-denial – have been replaced by a shallow hedonism.

      What is needed is the introduction of these values back into Jewish culture. No pious person of any faith should condone this kind of moral obscenity.

    2. To me, the world is like an offshore corporation. You’ve got the good guy — God — who holds one share, acts as the “Director” and forms the company, answers the mail, and pretends to be the boss, and the “Beneficial Owner” — the Devil, whose identity remains unknown, who holds 99 shares and who engages in all the skulduggery. But it’s all in the “company name”, see, and “God” is the “Director”.
      I don’t exist. Who, me? I don’t know anything about it.
      In religion, I think this is called Manicheanism. Sounds sensible to me .

  4. A good article exposing jewish perversity in media, but I must expound on three simple and important items.

    “I guess the devil rules the world and looks after his own.” This deception is key to people tolerating evil because they feel powerless against it. It is a deception because it simply is not true. The rulers of the world are obviously the ones who created it and the ones who can call everything to an end if they desire, the Heavenly Father and Jesus. Contrary to misinformation from pulpits, followers of the teachings of Jesus are tremendously empowered with spirituality that can easily overpower evil in their own lives and the lives of others sincerely seeking the truth of their relationship with the Heavenly Father. Unfortunately, most have been brainwashed into believing that they can somehow force their spirituality on to others, thereby, saving the majority of mankind from evil. If Jesus could not so it, how could anyone expect us to do it? Every individual human must decide for themselves.

    “For my part, I find all this kinky sex incomprehensible, given that Kohan claims to be a devout follower of Judaism.” Per Jesus in John 8:44, the followers of Judaism, the jews, do the lust of their father, the devil. If something is evil, the jews can easily participate and push it. To expect anything good from the followers of evil is not logical and real history proves it.

    “It is not for me to judge.” Yes it is for me to judge! To not judge and determine evil actions allows those performing evil to not be accountable for their actions in the eyes of man. According to Jesus, we are to judge a person by the fruit of a person’s actions. It is our duty as a follower of the teachings of Jesus to identify evil and not participate in it. This article has done so making the quoted statement a programed contradiction. The only thing we are not to judge is whether a person’s soul is condemned or not, including our own soul. The judgement of the soul is the Heavenly Father’s responsibility or assigned as he sees fit.

    Everyone is personally accountable for their actions. Viewing the electric jew (TV or movies) is voluntary. Those wishing to view the jewish perversions can. Those wishing to not view them do not. A person either likes it or they don’t and will act accordingly. There is no way to save someone from themselves if evil is appealing to them. The evil can be pointed out for them to judge as has been done in this article, but each person has to make their own judgement.

    1. — “Everyone is personally accountable for their actions.

      Then why blame the devil ??? 😉

      1. I dunno, I recall anticipating the show WEEDS becasue I had good memories of forty years ago but the show absolutely sucked.
        It was just sooo sleazy i could not stomach more than two episodes and I was done. There was no art to it, it was epater las bourgeoisie over and over and over. That envelope the show was opening was already wide open and shredded.

      2. Jews are resentful because many of them are ugly. There are attractive Jews and even striking beautiful Jews.

        But there are many Jews in high places who aren’t pretty, and this fills them with resentment. So, they want to defile anything that is beautiful by turning it into porn, decadence, depravity, interracial crap, and etc.

        Jews want to smash all beautiful ‘idols’ by turning them into porno-trash.

        And consider how Jews have promoted this homo stuff.
        And of course, if you don’t get with the program, you are ‘homophobic’.

        ‘Homophobia’ doesn’t exist. It’s all made-up media BS.

        What we are is AHA, or anti-homo-agenda. Join Aha-ism.

        I’m AHA, you’re AHA, we are all AHA.

        We understand homos are born homo and should have the freedom to do their homo stuff.
        But should any healthy society believe that a man’s anus is a sex organ on par with the vagina that produces life? Should we believe a fake vagina created from removal of penis is the real thing? And should we have massive parades celebrating that stuff as ‘pride’? Gimme a break.
        We need to return to truth and reality.

        Homos should have the freedom to indulge in fantasy. But fantasy isn’t reality. And vanity, esp of decadence, isn’t truth.

    2. quote,
      Viewing the electric jew (TV or movies) is voluntary. Those wishing to view the jewish perversions can. Those wishing to not view them do not.
      end of quote .

      you just cannot pollute the air I breathe and tell me not to breathe if I don’t like it .
      every where you turn , you’re hit with devil symbolism ,, where do you want us to go ?
      you think if you turn the tv off , you’re safe ? wishful thinking . what if I don’t like GMO’s , I have to eat to survive , like breathing , you can’t tell me don’t eat if I don’t like GMO food .

      1. @ Al Jazareh

        You said, “where do you want us to go ?” It does not matter where I want you (us) to go. What matters is where you (us) want to go.

        You said, “you think if you turn the tv off , you’re safe ? wishful thinking .” Well, if you do not initiate a change somewhere, nothing will change.

        You said, “what if I don’t like GMO’s , I have to eat to survive , like breathing , you can’t tell me don’t eat if I don’t like GMO food .” Pat can give you plenty of pointers on how to eat GMO free with the added bonus that it is at zero cost.

        On the outside chance that your comment is somewhat serious, you might want to study the teachings of Jesus to see if you can identify why they are empowering. Jesus said that if you tell a mountain to move and you have as little faith as a mustard seed that the mountain will move. Please note that Jesus did not say you should move a mountain, he just said that you could. Everything else should be as easy to do and it is.

        As an example on GMO food; simply say, “Jesus, sanctify this food for the nourishment of my body.” It is.

        As an example on the “bad” air that you appear to be breathing; simply say, “Jesus, the air I breathe is clean.” It is.

        If you would like the Heavenly Father to have complete freedom to bless you, simply say, “Jesus, I am healthy.”

        However, since the Heavenly Father did give us gray matter to use for something besides hair fertilizer along with feet for mobility, relocating to a better environment is an option even if the location does not have the electric jew.

  5. Cognitive dissonance will not cease unless we stop including Jews in humanity.

    (…) she has managed to combine religious piety with the promotion of sexual perversion.

    Judaism is pursuit of every kind of imaginable evil directed against humanity (rest of humanity, if you consider Jews human) – and their imagination and propensity for evil is off the human charts.
    Does this constitute a religion? If it does, then you must agree that religion has absolutely nothing to do with morals and the quoted statement is perfectly admissible, ie, sexual perversion is the very fibre of religious piety, no contradiction there.

    Otherwise, you must accept that Judaism is the very antithesis of religion and that these various Kohanim are incapable of religious piety, they simply don’t have receptors for it.

    By the way, David Duchovny is a sheeny, who else would the “deeply religious, pious rabbi TV producer” choose to get a blow job off a nun in a Catholic church.
    Note: CATHOLIC.
    Note: “By deception of TV you shall wage war”, ie, Catholicism is still considered prime enemy, hence yet unvanquished.

    1. Well, blowjobs most certainly do take place in synagogues. By the hundreds, every day. When a mohel sucks on the mutilated penis of a poor little Jewish baby, that’s a blowjob. And don’t tell me the mohels don’t get off on it. They do, or they wouldn’t be so adamant about continuing this revolting, Stone Age practice in the face of lawsuits and crackdowns from the health department. Hey, what’s a little herpes between the tribe? It’s all good.

    2. What’s there to say? These Jews truly are, as Christ taught us, “of their father, the devil” but readers here already know this.

      And when to next so-called holocaust occurs (and it will, if history is any guide), they’ll again ask, ironically, “Why is it always us?”

    3. @ Lobro

      I take exception to your antisemitic comment that Jews are all a bunch of perverts. You forget that Jesus and the 12 apostles were all Jews.

      1. Ok Zaky, feel free to subtract 13 from the total.
        Heck, make it 14, since you yourself seem to have turned clean after having fantasized about violating Lasha couple of years ago.
        And remember too, that even if Jew, which is far from certain, Jesus wasn’t an Ashkhenazy, ie, Khazar.
        back in those days of life and death struggle between Pharisees and Sadducees, the Judaic cult may have included many non-Jew adherents, just like not all Buddhists are Indian or even Asian.
        Jesus sure didn’t look anything like rabbi Shmooly or Al Goldstein if the face on the Turin Shroud is anything to go by.

      2. Seymour, you need to begin with the work of William Finck, maybe on YouTube. You are perpetuating a theft of identity. The Jesus so celebrated was not one of those this site so vilifies. They would have you believe that because they are conning you. Conning you, pulling the wool over your eyes, deceiving you. Look into it.

    4. If Jews were are all sexual libertines, how do you explain the “modesty squads” in Israel? These are Jewish men of the highest moral rectitude who act as vigilantes and patrol the streets to ensure that Jewish women are modestly dressed at all times.

      There is also a call for the segregation of the sexes on Jewish buses. I have written to the Israeli newspapers several times complaining about immodestly dressed women on public transportation, many of them Jewish American tourists. The Russian immigrant women are among the worst. I have campaigned ardently that all such fllthy whores should be stripped and given 100 lashes as a punishment for stirring men to lust in public places.

      Regretfully, I have to agree that of all the women in the world, Jewish women are the most given to sexual hedonism and promiscuity. Finding a chaste and modest Jewish woman is like finding a needle in a haystack. The pornographic, lesbian feminist Annie Sprinkle is a case in point. This libidinous whore used to open her legs on a public stage and let men peer up her vagina with a torchlight and speculum for five bucks a time.


      As a chaste, clean-living Jew I believe filthy cunts like this need to be taken up in a helicopter and thrown into shark-infested seas. They are a total disgrace to the Jewish nation. Ben Gurion, had he been alive, would certainly have had this whore’s tits cut off and fed to the pigs.

      Time for a reassessment.

      The men in Israel are doing their best to live virtuous lives. It is their womenfolk who are letting them down by behaving like shiksa whores.

    5. @Seymour Zak

      “…If Jews were are all sexual libertines, how do you explain the “modesty squads” in Israel..?”

      Are those Jewish “modesty squads” also busy liberating women from Eastern Europe who have been kidnapped and forced into prostitution in the numerous brothels of Tel Aviv?

  6. Jews proudly describe themselves as ‘iconoclasts,’ ‘revolutionaries,’ agents of progressive societal change, and their destruction of traditions, mores, morality, behavioral norms and national/religious values of the nations that shelter them as “liberation.”
    According to that charlatan, Freud, all self-control. sense of human decency and taboos (e.g., against incest, bestiality, pedophilia and all manner of paraphilias, including coprophilia) are but oppressive, society-imposed “inhibitions” that stunt an individual’s need for full personal “realization.”
    The question often posed as to whether they do this instinctively, reflexly, to make their environment “jew friendly” or programmatically to smash and atomize the “nations” they wish to conquer need not be ‘either or.” It is both.
    With their success in having pushed the boundaries of accepted morality in the Western world to “anything goes” it is reasonable to ask this:
    When they will have transmogrified the Goyim’s world to their complete satisfaction what will they have left to attack in order to remain true to their self-image of iconoclasts?
    Will they round the circle with a ‘revolutionary’ call back to a moral order that they will claim to be their invention and “the true spirit of Judaism”? Will they denounce the amorality of the world and blame it on the Goyim who rejected the “Light unto the nations”? I can already see indications of this double lie sprouting in a few Jewish quarters.
    PS Glad to see the site up again!

    1. They really put the “no class” in iconoclast.

      Gudrun: There are plenty of other fish in the sea
      Ursula: Yeah, but they’re all tunas and mackerels.

      Those are the tunas and mackerels. There’s nothing sexy there. They’re desperately trying to fake it. They’re androgynous and as bland as the day is long. Nature has decided to discontinue their line from future generations. All they have now is their gratuitous tap dancing act, aping what they saw on the tv, to look hip on campus to ‘get laid’. And some coke OR a few gallons of Pepsi, the mousse, and a sausage taped to his leg. It’s low risk. Gudrun V. Ursula. Gudrun liked the bohemian half-men, because real men put her in her place too much.

      The worthwhile ones might be watching what you do. Those despise the insecure bozo who hangs around in bars every night, waiting for one silly enough to have him. What he actually wants is bosom. It’s pathetic.

      It takes 2 minutes when you do it right. It could be a 16 hour date, weeks, months or even years leading up to that though. That coy little panty-flash teases you, but your self discipline teases THEM. And, the steam builds.

      Now, quit getting me thinking about it! I have work to do. I’ve only seen one high-risk who made me wanna run away in the last month. I look everywhere for her and when I find her, I run away. Does it start with that approach and avoidance conflict? What say you, Dr. Z? To hell with what the phonies do.

  7. We live in the times of harvest. The weeds were allowed to grow with the crop because when they were small they were hard to distinguish. Now everything that was hidden is out in the open. The devil through his followers has not created anything of value. He is not a Creator. He can only pervert what God has made. The two primary functions of sex are to create humanly bodies for souls to live in and to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife through intimacy. It is also a reset button through the release of energy. Just a smart way to help us stay calm in stressful life. The devil knows that we can use it for good in the context of marriage, and that’s why he has perverted it. Remember since he can not create, in order to rule he has to pervert what God has made. This everything is turned upside down. Sickness is health, male is female, war is peace etc. Courage brothers and sisters our Father will reveal his love for those who honor him as he promised. Jenji is gonna have to deal with the consequences in he’ll.

  8. Like a professionally trained, organized and equipped army, Jew (there is just one Jew, with 14 million tentacles sprouting from the hell-squid) has specialized units, brigades, battalions, divisions, armored, motorized, paratroopers, stormtroopers, snipers, sappers, combat engineering, recon+intel, each tirelessly undermining the goy at every level.

    Every chakra level of goy stratification is besieged by such a specialized combat unit, so that the greasy, painted grub called Jenji Kohan works at the crotch level, along with lice (Jews and lice are allies, which is why Zyklon-B “bugs” them so much) and STD vectors to enter and weaken the circulation.

    At the top level of intellect, her gatekeeping equivalent is Noam Chomsky, just as zealous in pursuit of the same overall goal.
    Don’t believe me?
    Well, the great, shining light unto liberals, the standard bearer and defender of western civilization has opined at length on WHO RULES THE WORLD?
    Ahem, it is the whites, US and EU, quite clearly, intones Noam weightily in a great big article, “My Big Fat Jew Hasbara”, Noam coming out.
    Guess who never appears in the article (To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize). Yeah, do a word search.

    Thanks Noam for showing us your hand, another chakra point covered.

    Not that those who torched their brain cells Inside Amy Schumer (note the placement of thick-shafted arrow in the crevice of letter “M”) or scarfing Jinji Kohana’s crotchfare would give a diddly squat.

    (Aside: as part of the Jew vaudeville that so entrances the brain-dead intelligentsia (no oxymoron, that), Israel makes a big show of “denying entry to Occupied Territories” to Chomsky and Finkelstein in order to bolster their lib cred)

  9. Jews and perversion are the same thing. Perversion is Jewish. The “normalization” of perversion is, however, not what Lasha Darkmoon thinks that it is. This effort by the Jews to “normalize” psychopathology and perversions is an effort, actually, to pull down higher civilizations into the cess pit of Judaism. The demon Jews want the world to accept Jewish perversions as “normal” so that these filthy Jewish monsters can debase Mankind and thereby claim to be leaders rather than the betrayers that they are. When Jewish perversion is looked down upon by Mankind, the Jews are looked down upon also. To counter this Natural Way, the Jews try to pull Mankind down below themselves. And then by deceptively claiming a non-existent “moral high ground”, to look down upon the perverted Mankind that they, themselves, have tempted and encouraged.

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!

  10. Here is what they know about being slaves to porn and all human passions. They have known this for millenia and have built their global gulag ghetto golum system of human enslavement around this now revealed arcane knowledge. The black magick of the judeans is clear for all with eyes to see it now!


    Glad you are back Dear Lasha Darkmoon – please look into backups and disaster recovery options – as the recent website disruption is a shape of things to come I suspect.

  11. A good read…..very scary also,because its true…the nasty,racist jew,New World Order.

  12. It was jewish writer Marti Noxon that brought homosexuality to Buffy The Vampire Slayer by turning the heterosexual character Willow into a lesbian. Maybe it was ironic that her last name was Rosenberg. Or maybe not. Maybe she was only giving in to her own jewish freudian fantasies by making Willow fall in love with Tara?

  13. I cancelled cable many years ago. Look at all the cultural enrichment I’ve missed!

    Thanks for this great article.

    In the future, I’d like to see a story on the 1934-1968 Production Code. I’ve always assumed it was designed to check the corrupting influence of Jewish power in Hollywood but as far as I can tell precious little has been written about it from this perspective.

  14. So, why haven’t articles like this been trotted out to the Jew-loving Christian Zionists on a regular and frequent basis? You want to destroy them and their world? This is how you do it. They simply cannot reconcile their belief that the Jews are God’s chosen people with all this filth and perversion that the Jews regularly promote. I would defy them to come up with a reasonable defense of this.

    1. They can’t come up with a reasonable defense, Stephen. We are subject to the damages because our OWN lusts are stimulated by this filth, anyway. It is difficult to rise above the hypocrisy!

  15. ADMIN TOBY: This comment has just been seen in our “Trash” folder. We publish it without reading it. This is because we have no time to read or monitor such interminably long comments. Unfortunately, this self-proclaimed “evil” genius who has been identified as a Zionist troll — a Rothschild Jew on her own admission — is incapable of brevity. Reader, enjoy!

    A World Without the Jews

    By Ellie K

    Although I have followed each and every inquiry pertaining to the Jewish nation with the most serious diligence and passionate interest, to date I have not been allowed to relate, thanks to Montechristos’ Jesuistic repression, my idea of what our wounded world would look like without the presence of the evil Hebrews; and, even though I am fully cognizant of the fact that, scarcely will I end my speech here than the Darkmoon Christian Templar Army shall throw at me every prejudice and imprecation which their loving Christian minds can think of, certain, too, I am that, the more circumspect and serious in their midst shall willingly repress their natural defects and Ellka-hating instincts, and, in the spirit of true Christian fairness, hear joyfully that mouth, and listen happily to those lips, whose movements and sounds, from the very first, have expressed nothing but the truth. Evil? Perhaps. But, boring? NEVER!

    That every human being has some or another favourite subject of conversation, can as little be doubted as can the fact that the sun is hot and the Jews are evil; and, that most conversations in which humans willingly and joyfully partake have as their subject the tenderer and sweeter part of human life, is equally certain. After all, seldom does the subject of evil exhilarate our hearts and lift our minds otherwise than as a warning, and, if we expect from a talk to secure our pleasantry, more rarely still does our evil speech fill others’ minds’ with soft cheerfulness and loving remembrance. But, I am Ellie, and I am evil, and, as such, I can as little be remonstrated for remaining true to my nature, as can the Devil remonstrate the Jews for remaining true to theirs.

    A world without the Jews! Mine readers here, whose numbers formerly were very nearly without end, will elicit little surprise at the malevolence and hate which I hourly harbour and express for the Jews, since, by long but arduous acquaintance now, they are thoroughly convinced that, whatever findings and conclusions I have arrived at about that hideous nation, it is so because of my deep knowledge of their inhuman and cold terror and murder; and, that if I were to express the profoundest and most personal wish which my wounded but never entirely unloving heart yearns to see fulfilled, then my wish for the departure of the Jews from the world would leave them equally unsurprised.

    Although the greater part of my heart is black, it yet does not contain sufficient amount of it to reciprocate in cold sarcasm to our famous Mathematician, long subdued by the uncoagulated Cross, who recently thought my small fragment of truth about our young Alexei facing a stark death of being eaten by his father on the orders of the Jews a joke! Perhaps our star guest, against whom no one, save me, dares utter a peep, should warm his Canadian log cabin by stoking the fires of it with the best pages of the New Testament, and instead acquaint himself somewhat with the unknown happenings and doings of the Jews in the hermetically-sealed Christian Russia of 1917 before thinking my facts unserious! But, I always digress when his image penetrates my mind!

    That the larger portion of human depravities would be unfamiliar and foreign to us had our world contained no Hebrew Devil Jews, this History tells us; for, we have it on record by none other than the candid Melgounov, who says that, ‘’… So perverse and OTHERWORLDLY were the carnal productions which the local and foreign Jews were then peddling in Ekaterinburg, that not a few of our young ladies would faint the moment their eyes would meet their pictures in the street…’’; and, the true but suppressed narratives about the Jews’ immoral crimes and other hideous villainies in Weimar Germany, is equally condemning. Perhaps this is the Jews’ idea of human excellence, you know: a vast ocean of humankind excellently fucking themselves to death, whilst the Jew, strictly in keeping with his double demon nature, produces a speech after a voluble speech, and a copy after a voluminous copy, of treatises and Essays on Morality and Love! Listen to a Jew speak, and all you shall hear is Love. Watch a Jew act, and all you shall see is Evil.

    Survey the vast expanse of History, and return here and give the evil Ellka a report: what will you see? Would not page after page contain nothing but heartbreaking narratives of Jews’ ripping mankind to pieces, and the happy and continuous violation of others’ morals and traditions, which morals and traditions took centuries to build and inculcate to their children so that they grow to be better human beings? Has there ever existed in time any one nation in the history of the world which has escaped the corruption of the Jews, and whom the Jews have spared on account of their inborn Judaic Hebrew Love? And what man has spent but a little time in the presence of a Jew without leaving his company feeling that not a single spark of genuine warmth and humanity could be kindled in him by the Jew? No man. You know, every nation brings into this life a collection of beauties and uglinesses, but not only is the greatness of their uglinesses subdued by the charm of their beauties, but so negligible are they in number, and so uninterested are men in them, that oftentimes that nation which has produced them gazes with surprise and wonder at their own production, and almost always considers them anomalous, such as in India today, where once it was seriously thought that, if three lizards cross your path they pronounce an upcoming marriage, but if four, an imminent death; or, in Africa, where it was long thought that, if a man does not trim his nails on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, on a Saturday he will scratch himself to death! These, too, are human productions, but I am certain that if we are to count the beauties of the Hindus and the swetnesses of the Zulus, the credit would rest decidedly with their better side. Jews alone have not changed their superstitions, and the more fecund this hideous race grows, the stronger does their savagery become in those nations which they call home. After all, the ancient and UNCHANGED Noahide Laws are a Jewish concoction, and, if I am not mistaken, they legally form part and parcel of the American fabric today.

    But, no Jewish invention obtrudes the more from the catalogues of demonic inventions and is more glaringly visible to all those who can but see than their speciality of Pornography, which convulses this Devil’s spawn with more irresistible laughter and joy, the more people it ensnares. Many of us come across it when young and by accident; some by curiosity; and even more of us feel a deep sense of shame the moment we leave it. And we feel this, because deep down we know that, every time we indulge in it a little, we die a little. Pornography and Murder are Cousins, believe me, and if to-day you spend an inordinate time in it, to-morrow you may kill someone. That’s just how it is. Ted Bundy candidly ascribed his murderous psychopathy to Pornography, and he said that, not only is his jail filled with psychopaths, but there isn’t one of them who, if asked, how came they did what they did, would not point to this distinctly Jewish invention as the cause of their subsequent actions.

    Of all the Jewish gifts to humanity which have for ever plagued the world, none has left it deeper and more lasting wounds, and none are employed with greater vehemence and joy by the Jews, than it. A Jew once confided to me: ‘’Pornography shall be used by us not only as a tool wherewith to wither and dry every seed and instinct of life in the gentiles who use it, but, with time, we intend to supplant food and water themselves with cock and pussy. Cock and pussy shall be the gentiles’ means of sustenance.’’ Strange now, is it not, how Lobro has suddenly abandoned his laughter, has subdued his veiled and witty habit of Christian brutality against me, and no longer thinks my ejaculations funny, eh?! Who knows? It may well be that, in his ancient ungrown past, he, too, has once felt the poisoned arrows of his elder God chosen cousins’ most supreme invention?!

    Well, sadly, to here candidly enumerate and in detail all the various reasons why the world would be better off without the Jews, is something which I very much would like to do; but, since this Palace of Love no longer offers me the same safe harbour and sweet acceptance as it formerly did, I must perforce reduce my speeches to the… laughable length of comments, since it is now amply evident that the Jesuistic portion of this Christian fraternity cannot bear to witness the greatness of my success and fame, and that there where their glaringly unmatched elegancies and beauties cannot hope to succeed in matching mine, an ‘’accidental’’ relegation to the junk folder would suffice. Still, I am always filled with pink blushes and secret joy when I see my thoughts alone willingly unpublished and purposely repressed, for it is said somewhere or other in the Bhagavad Gita that, they whose talents and excellences are unmatched to ours, never betray their inferiorities more than when they attempt to curb us.

    And I say: They who attempt to stifle excellence, shall never themselves shine.

    Cattle, animal, worthless Ellie – henceforth known as: RYCKAERTSIS. Why not? I stand better chance of being read than Ellie.

    1. “. . . thanks to Montechristos’ Jesuistic repression.”

      All your comments are posted here, it seems to me, without the slightest attempt to “repress” you, silence you, or censor you in any way. In any case, you never say anything that is worth censoring. Everything you say is banal and predictable. You could at least take the trouble to spell Montecristo’s name right (without an ‘h’) and put your apostrophe in the correct place (after the ‘o’ and not the ‘s’).

      1. Lousy spelling and the improper usage of apostrophe’s (sic — Ed) pales compared to the horrific blasphemy of disparaging and bad-mouthing Our precious Jesuits who have always done so much, so very much, to inculcate and preach and spread and promote Our Sacred SUN GOD Religion from Nimrod’s Babylon…

      2. Ellie does make a certain good point about Mount of Crisco Oil [ congealed of course] and Jesuitical casuistry.

        Ellie’s funny though. She, too, hates real and true Catholicism. She says she dislikes fake Catholics like the Jesuits, but I bet she dislikes real Catholics even more than she dislikes the Jesuits.

        It’s too bad in a way Ellie has so much money. TOO bad for the world, that is. She’s an excellent writer. If she didn’t have so much money, if she had to support herself, she would have to write to make a living. Ellie could pump out a 1,200 page novel in two or three days, she’s so prolific. The world loses so many fine, excellent novels! 🙂

        And to think, Uncle says he doesn’t like “long” posts. I guess to Ellie, a 5,000 word post ain’t a “long” post. She probably thinks 5,000 words makes for a “short” post.

    2. Faith and begorrah, Ellie! or should it be holy shit and shinola … well, i never.

      let’s deal with such things of yours as I managed to grab hold of and retain in my volatile random access memory (and my RAM is short Ellie, someone – Magomed? yeah, Magomed – dumped on me by saying that “some lady called me a small bird“, would you be that lady, Lady Rothschild? 😉 I honestly have no recollection).

      Hence, to wit, ahem, harrumph, abandon all pretense at humor, ye who enter here, the domain of hissy fit, piss and vinegar.

      I bear gifts of contrition, sincere at least on surface, hey, if I pull it off, I might score a donation to replace the old wood stove in my log cabin, did you know that a wood stove belches forth more CO (carbon monoxide) than all those magical diesels at Auschwitz, Treblinka, even Spamblinka from where your post was rescued, being on Toby’s List?
      Therefore I won’t invite you to my log cabin, lest you misinterpret my intentions or even, gawd forbid, think them honorable.

      I did take the “Edible Alexei” anecdote to be a joke on Jew, with mandatory dose of black humor, thus my “I laugh, look! Har-har-har“, thinking appeasingly that you would approve that in this entire sorry forum, only loyal lobro bothered to laugh.

      Because, now i realize (the contrition part takes place here) that the anecdote was no anecdote but a properly attributable and sourced fact, maybe one of your father’s side ancestors opened the door and dispensed nutritional advice gratis or someone caught the exchange on iPhone.
      Otherwise it would be anecdotal and joviality ensues in accordance with one’s taste and breeding, lowbred lowbrow redeemed and rehabilitated.

      But here we come to the most important part, overlooked by all and sundry.

      Look what Elka just did.
      In her wrathful, fully righteous outrage, she did not hesitate to dump on the one, single believer, bit the hand that defends her.
      Because she decided that I erred and ought to be kicked to the curb for that.
      No favoritism, no forgiving the sycophantic pseudo-shabbo’s trespasses (even if her assessment is premature, it’s all in standing up for one’s beliefs).
      Not to mention true thoroughly unjewish empathy for the 11 yr old walking meal.

      Therefore, everyone, not just me, should convince themselves that
      Ellie is a real deal.

      So, even though your anti-Lobro paragraph is dead wrong, it is what I believe Texans call turd-blossom, because it turned out right.


    I find disgusting the fact that all of you writers know that darkmoon has twenty sock puppet accounts who —subliminaly and constantly defend israel and you still reply to her articles as if she was someone of relevance daa ah


      Avatar —

      Ah, here you are again, cropping up like a bad penny! Why don’t you reveal to readers here that you have been permanently banned from my website and several other similar sites after being identified as a Zionist troll, a Jew pretending to be a Palestinian Muslim?

      I copy and paste here a comment about you from the site monitor Toby:

      ADMIN TOBY :

      This comment posted below from banned poster ‘Avatar’ arrived opportunely this morning in our Trash folder. We have decided to post it because it tells us a lot about the techniques of Zionist trolls.

      ‘Avatar’ is a Zionist troll who has been passing himself off successfully as a Palestinian activist for the last 6-7 years on various anti-Zionist websites, including Darkmoon and Mark Glenn’s The Ugly Truth site. His technique, as a Jewish hasbara agent, is to bring shame and discredit on all Palestinians by portraying them as extremist fanatics advocating total extermination of the Jews, by backing ISIS, and by using sexual obscenities whenever possible to give the impression that all Muslims are sexual perverts.

      ‘AVATAR’ WRITES AS FOLLOWS — no Palestinian I know would speak like this — he sounds just like an American Jew with his slangy, colloquial English:


      “Hi, I just remembered Darkmoon because I just got an erection. Every time I get a boner I imagine all of you writers and philosophists and professional analysts on your knees waiting — pushing and shoving —to get a turn to suck my big palestinian cock.

      Right now that’s all I have to say and well, my wife isn’t here so you can commence if you want to.

      The bitch is learning Italian (or fucking one) but I don’t care because soon she will inherit her granpa’s ranch which I plan to use to make a few loaded trips into Kansas where I have a rancher friend.

      Then, when very rich, I plan to start a blog where you will get payed for every article you write praising the glorious ISIS (I.S.)

      Bonna sera!” ?

      2016/04/06 at 9:55 am

      Google for the comment, reader, and you will find it there!

      This is the type of man who has managed to sneak his way onto the Occidental Observer site — a notorious hasbara agent for the Jews who pretends to be a Palestinian activist for ISIS and has called for the mass extermination of the Jews.

      He uses several IP numbers and email addresses. The names “KOBAR” and “KHALED MOHAMMED” will often be found in his various email addresses.

      1. This is what these Jew trolls do. They get banned from this site for their obscenities and disgusting behavior and then they sneak onto other sites like the Occidental Observer where they defame the Darkmoon site and make up vile stories about Lasha.

        This idiot claims in his comment that Lasha is “constantly and subliminally defending Israel” in her articles. No proof needed. Every attack on Israel is a “subliminal” defense!

        You can’t win.

  17. It’s not that Madame Rothschild is a Zionist troll, it’s that she wastes her exquisite talents in a puke bowl.

    1. It’s a huge compliment to Ellie that she should be attributed with “exquisite talents”. She certainly has talents. In abundance. And she certainly wastes those talents by firing off interminably long comments to this “puke bowl” of a website when she could be assuming the mantle of Marcel Proust or the Marquis de Sade and writing a great million-word novel.

  18. Those you say they want it the most usually don’t get it all. Looking at the Khazar Kohan creature one can see why. Western man being the stupid race allowed these creatures in from their Shtetls of Pale of settlement into the US 125 years ago. They certainly run the gambit from the talented George Gershwin to the bloody rag picker Kohan and it’s mentors Fraud and Goldstein. It must be a family tradition, Tradition, Tradition, brought in from the old country.

  19. The Jew sees the world as his own personal toilet, and treats it as such. The actual symbol of Judaism is not the star of David, it’s the turd of David.

  20. Here’s a thought – Jenji Kohan has expressed the desire to ‘rut’ all the time; why not have some of her well off and like minded friends take up a collection to send ms. Kohan on a park at night and public bathroom tour in Germany, Austria, Finland, and Sweden (for starters). She could help alleviate the sexual tensions of all the new EU (mostly male) ‘citizens’, and thereby provide a useful service in combating the rape epidemic. They may have to throw in free booze, lot’s of it, as ms. kohan is one of the most unappealing creatures I’ve ever seen. Perhaps Mrs. Merkel could join her, when time permits. Just a thought.

    1. They may have to throw in free booze, lot’s of it, as ms. kohan is one of the most unappealing creatures I’ve ever seen. Perhaps Mrs. Merkel could join her, when time permits. Just a thought.

      I confess I am baffled by this comment. It appears to be suggesting that both ladies mentioned above are unattractive. I have long had a secret passion for the German Chancellor. She’s hot. Powerful, domineering women like this appeal to something in my nature. I imagine Angela in my fantasies as a Nazi concentration camp guard in jackboots, cracking a whip over me and ordering me to abase myself before her. I don’t wish to expand on this description lest narrow-minded readers here get the false idea that I am some kind of perverted masochist. I am a respectable Jewish family man.

      As for Jenji Kohan, she’s quite attractive to me too — if you remove her glasses. Chunky women like this, with ample maternal breasts and a tendency to jowliness, appeals to the primitive in me. It’s all a matter of taste. What the goyim find unattractive, we Jews often find quite appealing. The sexiest women I know have a certain brutal ugliness about them. The coarser they are, like cruel prison guards, the more they appeal to me.

      Just thinking out loud. No harm done, I hope.

      1. Maybe you could film it and sell it to “Animal Planet”. Speaking for myself, if I was a lad looking for some fun and discovered ms. Kohan in wait, it would either be the priesthood or demanding some trauma counseling from EU social services, maybe both…

      2. question – why don’t jews eat pussy?
        answer – ’cause it’s close to a gas chamber .

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