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  1. I can’t fault a word, other than Duke’s constant belief in the holocaust. It’s this that puts me off him, wondering if he is no different to all the other incredibly convincing gate keepers out there.

    1. Duke often travels in European countries where “Holocaust denial” is a criminal offense. That’s why.

      1. Well he shouldn’t go there. The holohoax movement, such as CODOH would have a real figure head if someone like Duke came out and denied the holocaust happened.

    2. Today, a five-month suspended sentence in prison and a 10000 euros fine have been required against M.Faurisson for statements made in the documentary dedicated to him “Un Homme”, like “I don’t believe in Nazi gas chambers” amongst others.
      At the end of a soviet type trial, non-accessible for the audience with a biased judge, he declared that the author of the documentary isn’t here to support him because “he is scared shitless”. He also declared that he has been surrounded with cowards but that he will continue the fight even if it seems pointless because nobody has ever caught him lying in the last fifty five years.
      He blamed once again his obstinacy on his Scottish temperament.

  2. In the last few weeks and half dozen articles I learned that my race, which is white, is seriously imperiled by Islamic races.
    Islamic races are comprised of 20 yo male muds with long, probing dicks searching for entry into our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and white lasses of loose morals by all means possible, fair, foul and 50 shades of mud.

    “Islamic races are your problem, Jews are not your problem!”, cried the Mossad prophets in the Newark wilderness and this battlecry reverberated and has been heard and repeated across the Whitelandia, the mini skirted warriors of Pegida goose stepping over minor quibbles with Barbara Lerner Spectre and Bernard Henri-Levy (they are not our problem either).

    In fact, rejoice, for Jews are on our (white) side, how can we lose with Jews leading the crusade against the mud colored Islamic race?

    Us Jews are going to f*** you, you dirty race”.

    So there. (I am the only one in the world wondering just what race are Jews, clearly of no great concern to you, result-oriented fighters for liberation of white homelands)

    No longer do we need to shiver in our basements, wearing lacy underwear while ironing miniskirts, because Jews, the real men are riding down the slopes of Mt Zion to scatter the Islamic race invaders to four winds or wherever Barbara Lerner Spectre and Bernard Henri-Levy tell them, those hyphenated nobles of the noble, non-mud race.
    For the uninitiated, “***” stands for “uck”.
    And I am the apostate of white race because I seem to be the only one who considers Jews y***y, way more so than the Islamic races, Islamomuds for short.
    For that, the rabbi-angels, the ones with black wings, in black garb, the sacred vulture angels that feast on the flesh of Parsee cadavers, will undoubtedly cook me in semen in afterlife.

    Carry on noble warriors of the six-pointed crusade, lift the banner of Pegida on high, so no one can read “made in Soros sweatshop in Guam” label.

    1. But David Duke is considered pro-Muslims by the Organized Jewry. He is accused of attending Tehran Holocaust Conference and calling the US-Iran nuclear agreement KOSHER.

      In April 2015, Dr. Duke and Argentinian investigative journalist and author Adrian Salbuchi discussed the evil nature of Jewish supremacy, Organized Jewry and Zionism at the Buenos Aires-based TLV1 TV Channel. Watch the interview below.


    2. @ Lobro

      This is how I see it — it’s from an email I sent Carlos Porter a couple of days ago:

      “The illegal immigrants pouring in from the Third World are merely pawns in this game. You know that. The Real Enemy is the entity who is moving the pawns across the chessboard [JEWS like Barbara Spectre]. Pandora’s box is full of evils. We must distinguish between the evils in the box [illegal immigrants] and the Box Openers [Jews]. It’s those who are throwing open the box [Jews] and letting out the evils [illegal immigrants] who remain our most implacable enemies.”

      WW3 has begun. The army attacking us consists of vast swarms of illegal immigrants from the Third World. Potentially billions of them from Africa and Asia. The generals directing this vast army against Europe, however, are the JEWS. Note that Israel is not being attacked by this vast army of Third Worlders. Ask yourself why only Europe, and Germany in particular, is coming under attack.

      1. Lasha,

        If I have a chicken coup and it’s secure, that is nothing can get in unless put in, what would be my more immediate problem to my chickens overall safety and well being:

        1. The somebody (Jew) who put the fox in the chicken coup?
        2. The fox (migrant) inside my chicken coup?

        The Jews are a problem, there’s no doubt about that and I loathe it when I watch Spectre (ironic name somewhat) preach as she does, but let’s look at the reality here, the immigrants will destroy what’s left of Europe, its culture and its people. I think that’s a massive problem, far more than Jews in power. Their weapon is immigration and they’re using it to full extent, so much so that they’ve fooled you (and Lobro) into thinking that Jews are a far bigger problem than the migrants are. Moreso, the immigration is a problem that we can actively sort out, courtesy of people actually seeing it with their own eyes. Judaism/Zionism/NWO is not, until the people actively see it with their own eyes.

      2. what would be my more immediate problem to my chickens overall safety and well being:

        1. The somebody (Jew) who put the fox in the chicken coup?
        2. The fox (migrant) inside my chicken coup?

        I am surprised that you would even ask that question, Harb.
        Jew has been putting different foxes into our chicken coup hundreds of times in 2 dozen centuries, one after another after another and the current Islamomud fox is just the latest
        There will be more foxes that will be inserted into our chicken coup until every last chicken is devoured, chickens named lasha, Lobro and Harbinger among them, regardless of whether Islamofoxes are booted out or not.

        And when the next fox comes in, say, total prohibition of Christianity and mandatory prostration before the Demiurge of Lie, daily random Holocaust siren announcing everyone to freeze in midst of whatever they are doing, walking on steps or wiping your ass, in order to contemplate millions of empty children’s shoes and innate superiority of the Chosen Masters, what will you say?

        “I am okay, Muslims are not allowed into my pub” or “if only I am allowed to quaff my Guinness down before the daily Holo-worship, I will be fine, Guinness-freedom is my issue, not the Jews”.
        And so on, maybe Kapoore will say something about vaccines that turn kids into cretinous little beasts are the problem.
        Others will have their pet peeve, each thinking it’s the Biggest, Baddest Problem In The Whole Wide World.

        As a Canadian, I blame greedy, money-grubbing Jews for having expanded the National Hockey League to 30-odd clubs all over North America, depriving my Toronto Maple Leafs of their long overdue Stanley Cup chance, if only they were to win the Cup, I’d be perfectly fine with jews who introduced foreign hockey playing foxes into my hockey chicken arena.

        The answer is clear: let’s get the damn fox outta the coup!
        Problem solved, enjoy the chicken soup.

      3. Ditto the European Champion’s League (sic) (ex European Cup) – whereby four teams represent England in this tournament (more gelt my boy)……Champions my ass. I might add, that, most of the EPL Clubs are now run by American Jewish Chairmen … nuff said.

      4. @ Harbinger

        If I have a chicken coup [coop] and it’s secure, that is nothing can get in unless put in, what would be my more immediate problem to my chickens overall safety and well being:

        1. The somebody (Jew) who put the fox in the chicken coup?
        2. The fox (migrant) inside my chicken coup?

        I like your comely country metaphor. If I may answer your question for Lasha? The Jew is inside the chicken coop making it impossible for you to kill the fox. Shoot the Jew and the fox will scamper away with tail between its legs. Shoot the fox and you go to Jew Jail for animal cruelty, and while you rot in prison, the Evil Jew continues to let more foxes into chicken coops all across Europe. Think big and long-term solutions as opposed to small and stop-gap measures: Kill the Jew and you solve the fox problem once and for all.

      5. I am waiting for the chicken coup. This is the point where chickens stage a coup to retake their coop, a time when chickens rise up in righteous wrath to overthrow the foxes controlling and consuming their hen houses. It’s about time for chickens to start “posting” foxes in the following position. https://www.flickr.com/photos/misrt/3233801809/

        How about adding a sign that spells out the chicken coop’s da-fence. “Woe unto you, Jews; liars hypocrites! Ye feral vermin, ye generation of foxes, how can ye hope to escape wrath of the chickens? Ye devour the hen’s houses, and then for pretense shed mighty crocodile tears over their loss: therefore ye shall receive the damnation of the fence post.”

        Matthew 23 – Jesus knew, do you?

      6. Lobro & JftC,

        I should have added to point one “the invisible somebody” as in describing the Jew.
        We can see the fox in the coop (sorry for previous bad spelling), but not the one putting the foxes in. The immediate threat is stopping the problems caused by the fox. Moreso, until society is educated on the Jew, the majority will rally to the aid of the Jew, as being attacked by anti semites, even though he’s doing that which is detrimental to the non Jew’s existence.

        In order to stop the Jew in society, the Jew and its agenda HAS to be exposed on a universal level – FRONT PAGE of every newspaper, main story on every TV, news channel, best sellers in every book store, not forgetting films from Hollywood as well. It also needs to be explained in all school curriculum, from primary, through secondary and tertiary education. But unfortunately, guess what? You know it, the Jews control ALL the means for the public to be educated on the perfidy of Jews and their diabolical agenda.

        This is why I say, we need to take care of the immigrant situation first, because the longer migration occurs, the quicker the indigenous adapt to not seeing it as a threat and regardless whether the Jew is exposed or not, the damage has ultimately been done and whites will actively help their own genocide, attacking anyone who tries to stop it.

      7. What Harbinger said

        Hard as it may be – the human ammunition aimed at Europe has to be stopped. If that is successsful, the real enemy will be frothing and foaming in an apocalyptic (sic) fit, at least in my mind this is real LOL. I imagine they will just up the stakes in some other way.

        Oh – I just read some of the comments below – I still think deal with the human river first.

    3. Lobro, it is not “either… or”, but “and… and” (on different levels).

    4. “I am the only one in the world wondering just what race are Jews”

      You raise an interesting point. Jewish boys have married gentile girls who converted to judaism. So over the years there has been a rise in the number of Jews who are nowhere near 100% genetically Jewish. Those tall blonde slim ladies married to Wall St bankers don’t look Jewish to me. Strange that Jews make jokes about blondes being dumb.

      So the great Nordic gene pool is winning, and will keep winning, in a way we didn’t expect.

      1. It goes seriously beyond the mere question of biology, John.

        You saw the quote from the linked article, when the jew goons hollered, “Us Jews are going to fuck you, you dirty race”, and I would add that they truly meant it, they consider these invading SEMITES a “dirty race”, no tongue in cheek there, just a sentiment expressed in all the sincerity a Jew is capable off, which is to say, hate.
        So, Jew does not consider himself member of the “dirty race”, most of the dirt semitic.

        But you also undoubtedly saw headlines, especially by the Frankfurt School agents urging whites, especially the white males to kill themselves, that whites are a plague upon humanity, that they ought to be miscegenated into oblivion, from the Protocols and Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan onwards.

        So, by their own claim, Jews are not a dirty (Semitic) race, nor are they white race, because you will never see a Jew urging Jews to commit a mass suicide, Masada bullshit aside.

        So, what are they – IN THEIR OWN MINDS?
        Creatures of Satan, that’s what, they know it perfectly well and even acknowledge it openly, clear to anyone who reached the “2+2” intellectual nirvana.

        This is what I am constantly trying to bring to your (everyone’s) attention but like the disciples in the garden of Gethsemane, everybody is sound asleep … while the rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born.

        Horses have horse sense, if only mankind could scale those heights.

    5. Lasha, I may be fond of speaking over the top and metaphorically to save time and space but my harangues all boil down to the following:
      The issue must be simplified, otherwise the message is hopelessly diluted – which suits the Devilspecies perfectly, they work at the dilution around the clock and i for one am not going along with this.

      So many of these people, supposedly the spear carriers of liberation of truth from the ancient bondage of lie, endlessly try to perceive battle lines where in truth none exist except as smoke created by Jew in order to disguise his culpability and foment inter-group intolerance and mayhem in one shot – Jew is very fond of this satanic optimization, whereby through one carefully planned activity he accomplishes much by way of advancing the Devil Project (don’t press me for details, figure it out on your own).

      So, my reaction is to pare the clustering issue down to the clean, well defined basics:

      I am human, bearer of free consciousness and my fight is on behalf of humanity, against
      the alien force that for reasons of its own would extinguish humanity and free consciousness

      And that’s all, keep it simple, stay focused.

      1. @ LD

        What Lobro is trying to say, I guess, can be summed up in two lines:

        “The rats are underneath the piles,
        The Jew is underneath the lot.”

        — TS Eliot

    6. Lobro,

      I think that every poster in tis thread so far is aware that it is the Serpent’s evil agenda which is being implemented. But the Serpent itself is nothing but a tiny worm which couldn’t squash a fly on its own without its eager helpers which technically form the actual problem that needs to be dealt with accordingly. Unfortunately, they outnumber us. For now.

      However, that doesn’t lessen the immediate necessaty for us to send our fire department and police out to extinguish the fire before it consumes our house and ‘neutralise’ – one way or another – the arsonists carrying on on behalf of the Serpent. Of course this is not going to happen since those two departments are controlled by eager helpers and will remain like that for as long as the likes of them outnumber us.

      We are indeed in a sorry state.

  3. Wise advice and the “clean, well defined basics” are words to live by, but unfortunately in chess many of the pawns must be taken out before one can access the queen.

    1. “…unfortunately in chess many of the pawns must be taken out before one can access the queen.”

      Precisely. Pawns go first. Queen goes at the end.

    2. Quite true Karen.
      But consider that the game is a bit different, opponent cheats and lies, changes game rules on the fly, you take one enemy pawn while he secretly introduces 5 more while accusing you of having stolen 6 million pawns.

  4. Who’s behind it indeed!

    Update from the Russian Dollhouse

    After the great flood of Noah’s (Noe) time and occurring around the 5th millenium B.C., an interbreeding of humans and a certain strain of reptillians began, creating a hybridized grouping ambiguously known as the “jews”.

    The authors of the protocols are the purebreds of this strain called the Annunaki. A term they adopted for themselves is the “lords”, whose ancient m.o. is to “ride herd” or, “lord it over” humans and the majority of hybrids

    From within the many lineal dispersals in this hybridization over the years there developed in human societies a form of parasitism, with individuals having varying degrees of proclivity for performing “goying” tasks, in general making resultant progeny the most effective pawns of “useful idiocy” where their functions are suited to a degenerative World.

    Hybrids of a flagrant nature produced from strict inbreeding practices are “the egregious” (L egregius, “standing out from the herd”)

    1. Ah yes…the annunaki meme…seeded into our confused, dumbed down awareness by whom? By disinfo agent, Jew, Rothschild,Vatican asset Zecharia Sitchin. Ah yes…here to have goy slaves mine gold to send back to their home planet. If you believe this shite…settle in for more deep drinks of fluoridated water and your MTV.

      1. you don’t know what you don’t know, David

        Who are you to say Sitchin was a disinfo agent?

        This is the problem with people like you who think you know all there is to know about all of what constitutes the “jews”. You obviously aren’t in tune with the subtle nuances of what goes on in this world. But it’s understandable when you see to what extent the protocols mess with the mind in their expertise in the art of cognitive dissonance

      2. Who am I Brownhawk? It is you who doesn’t know. I’ve been researching why in Hell the world is as it is for over 50 years. LOTS which used to be available has been removed by Satan’s Chosen. And well beyond this… Do you REMEMBER when Atlantis went down? Do you Remember when and why Lemuria went down? Do you Remember the rebellion against Life itself which began 26,000 years ago? Some of us actually do. I remember so many past lives … you have no idea. Do you? Ah…you may say. Bullshit. Impossible. As Christ said, there is Much I would share with you, but ye cannot bear it yet. He also said something along the line of , “because I speak the truth, you call me a liar.” Think what you will. The Truth is still The Truth. In this I rest quite comfortably.

      3. 50 years of research. eh? You could do it for a THOUSAND years and still be goin down blind alleys and cul de sacs

        Sitchin was not a “disinfo” agent. SOME of his research may be termed “MISinfo”, but who among us knows everything about ANYTHING? Doing research implies that mistakes will be made along the way. It can’t help but go with the territory of this planet at this time as you yourself alluded to with your reference to Christ.

        And insofar as referring to Sitchin as being a “jew”, to discredit him for whatever THAT’S supposed to mean is sophomoric at best,

  5. I dislike the term, multiculturalism because it was coined by the Jewish overlords. Also there is nothing cultural about the process Europe and other areas of the world are undergoing at the moment. I prefer the term “deculturalisation”. Both the European and the immigrant cultures are being destroyed and replaced by a vapid, politically correct mish-mash that reduces the unfortunate inhabitants of Europe, and elsewhere, to the level of plastic zombies, afraid to express any opinion that might offend someone. Let’s begin by not allowing the NWOist wordsmiths to define our terminology.

    1. @ Felix

      I agree.

      Just last week, I was speaking to a friend of mind about the meanings of words because he had just finished a video about how the meanings of words have been changed over time. I told him that the reason for the changes in the meanings of words are for control purposes and that is why jews wanted and gained control of dictionaries and printed media. It worked so well for them that they continued on into electronic media.

      Based on Sardonicus’ previous TS Eliot quote, instead of referring to the jews as our overlords, we should be using the term underlords which is not a jew controlled term (not in the jewish controlled dictionaries), but it is more descriptive of what they are. Besides wanting most everyone dead, the jews do want everyone down to their level even though they do not see it that way.

      So now we have it, the first non-jewish controlled word about jews, underlords.

      Let’s see if Grammar Fiend jumps on this as a start for a whole new dictionary of words with real meanings. It could be called the Underlordless Dictionary. 🙂

      1. @ Ungenius.
        I like the term “underlord”.
        One expression of the underlords that really riles me and is usually indicative of some thing monstrous, afoot, on their part is, “The International Community.” I know it’s a sin, but whenever I hear that expression I have the urge to give the utterer’s teeth and forehead a few ‘taps” with a steel baton.

    2. @ Felix

      I dislike the term, multiculturalism because it was coined by the Jewish overlords. Also there is nothing cultural about the process Europe and other areas of the world are undergoing at the moment. I prefer the term “deculturalisation”.

      Excellent point, Felix.. this is one of the Jews’ oldest tricks and classic modus operandi.

      *Perfide Albion?

      The British Empire really ought to have been called the Jewish Empire and your comment reminds me of an incident recounted in Arthur Waley’s 1958 The Opium Wars Through Chinese Eyes:

      In February of that year [1832] the Canton branch of the East India Company sent their ship, the Lord Amherst , on a cruise up the Chinese coast to discover fresh openings for British trade. This could, of course, only be smuggling trade [Jewish opium], as the Chinese Government did not allow the British to trade elsewhere than at Canton. When obliged by bad weather to put into a harbour on the Fuhkien coast, the British explained through an interpreter that they were on their way from Calcutta to Japan, but had been driven by a storm on to the Chinese coast. This story was quite inconsistent with a printed leaflet which they circulated. The leaflet explained quite frankly that they were looking for fresh outlets for trade on the Chinese coast. It was, moreover, in Chinese (of sorts), not in Japanese, and completely gave the lie to the first story. Nor was the correct name of the ship given, so that the British authorities at Canton, when a protest was lodged, were able to say that no such ship as the one named was recorded in their lists. It is not surprising that during his Canton days, [Commissioner Lin] worked on the hypothesis that nothing the English said could be relied upon. (p. 12-13, Stanford University Press)

      * Perfidious Albion is an anglophobic pejorative phrase used within the context of international relations and diplomacy to refer to alleged acts of diplomatic sleights, duplicity, treachery and hence infidelity (with respect to perceived promises made to or alliances formed with other nation states) by monarchs or governments of Britain (or England) in their pursuit of self-interest and the requirements of realpolitik.

      Perfidious signifies one who does not keep his faith or word (from the Latin word “perfidia”), while Albion is derived from an ancient Greek name for Great Britain.

      1. @ JFC
        No need to tell me about how perfidious Albion can be. Look at how they removed British citizenship from the people of Hong Kong. Look at how shabbily they treated the Hong Kong Volunteer Regiment from WW2.They were Hong Kong locals who defended Hong Kong when the Japanese attacked in 1941. After enduring more than three and a half years in the hell of Shamshuipo camp, they were let go with nary a pension, nothing.
        Contrast that with how Germany treated their veterans, even non-Germans, who fought in the Waffen SS. A friend of my father, ex-Totenkopf was visiting Morocco, when he noticed a German speaking waiter with one arm. He asked him where he learned to speak such excellent German. It turned out he was ex-Waffen SS and had lost his arm on the Russian front. Of course my Dad’s friend immediately arranged for him to receive a pension from the, then, West German government.
        The Americans aren’t much better. Imagine allowing a foreign government to murder 30 odd sailors on the USS Liberty without saying boo. All because Looney Bins Johnson was afraid of offending an “ally”!

    3. Felix,

      “Also there is nothing cultural about the process Europe and other areas of the world are undergoing at the moment. I prefer the term “deculturalisation”.”

      Well, yes.
      Multiculturalism is the anti thesis to cultural thesis. Once you add that of another culture to a different culture, you start to destroy it. It’s the same as making soup. The more you add to it from other flavours, the more you remove the original taste. Therefore the more non whites you move into a white area, the more whites move from majority to minority status, eventually becoming practically non existent.

  6. Overlords…Underlords…words….When the English word ‘lord’ is reversed in Dutch you read the word ‘drol’, which means in English ‘dung’, ‘excrement’. Seen this morning: empty wrinkled folded small plastic bag for the owner of the dog (‘god’) to evacuate dogs dung. No shit in it.
    Later today in Europes biggest library OBA Openbare Bibliotheek (=public library) Amsterdam this Darkmoon site has been deleted by the jew lie/brary.
    At the white genocide article March 15, 2016 at 11:44 am I wrote this: ‘There is a strange kind of hacking going on in the biggest library of Europe the Amsterdam OBA where I after two years of absence do this posting. Seems a unique collaboration between OBA and Google…too diff. to xplain now.’ Patience and perseverance is the plastic bag with which the ‘drol’ of the j-dog can be removed.

    @ David Thatcher Indeed Annunaki is bs @Franklin/Felix Jews from a diff. world is bs too. That’s eating their Self choosen shit bag status.

    1. The same goes for you, Zen.

      Cognitive dissonance seems to know no bounds

      bs indeed

  7. We’re all caught up thinking in terms of the good guys wearing the white hats riding on white horses vs. the bad guys wearing and riding the black ones. Or, we think that all these major players on the world stage are witting members of the same satanic club who play their roles as mere automatons simply doing their master’s bidding

    The truth of the matter is that while they are all doing the bidding, the DOING reflects being steered along via the protocolian blueprint. But what would constitute being in a state of Existence that’s beyond the building’s construction?

    When Pilate acceded his authority to satan’s priests, the devil was given free rein (reign) to create a morass where the laws of the true Creator have never gained any significant traction. And Christ prophesized they’ll be hell to pay because of it, and now we reap the whirlwind.

    Final victory can only be conveyed through His words, forces of action that transcends anything occurring in this putrid place.

  8. @Brownhawk @Felix


    …..Most of Sitchin’s sources are obsolete. He has received nothing but ridicule from scientific archaeologists and scholars familiar with ancient languages. His most charming quality seems to be his vivid imagination and complete disregard for established facts and methods of inquiry, traits that are apparently very attractive to some people.
    Sitchin’s ideas have been appropriated by Raël, another wise man, who has started his own religion (Raëlian Religion) around the idea that humans are the result of a DNA experiment by ancient visitors from outer space. Raël has even written a channeled book, dictated to him by extraterrestrials. It is called The Final Message. We can only hope it is…….

    Years ago I went to a lecture of this (white colored) Rael. Superior BS. His name reveals it all already. The Maitreya hoax a Rockefeller production rooted inTheosophy and UNO. M. is browncolored like Barry O. their White House WHore. Who’s next, is for a realist not interesting.

    Indeed all very protocollian composed…..A hint:


    1. @Zen

      The layers of cognitive dissonance to cut through are as thick as it gets. This doesn’t stop us from cutting though, does it?

      This would include Sitchin, no matter whatever degree of misinfo he, or any other researchers are duped by.

      And make no mistake about it, Maitreya and the theosophist hoaxers are at the very heart of the duplicity

      But the idea that humans are the result of DNA “experiments” is not a hoax. To use the word “experiment” is a bit misleading, though. Commandeering would be a better one

  9. Lobro –

    “I am the only one in the world wondering just what race are Jews..”

    NO!! Many do!! And many are confused.

    I did, and was confused, for years, until I found that Pharisee-Jews are NOT a race….
    They are a cult..!! People of any race can join a cult. Sammy Davis Jr did… 🙂

    The infamous Rabbi said so…. Jews are practicing Pharisees of all races – Pharisee-Jews:

    “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism.
    But, throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaption of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.
    When the Jew reads his prayer, he is reciting formulae prepared by pre-Maccabean scholars;
    when he dons the cloak prescribed for the Day of Atonement and Passover Eve, he is wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem;
    when he studies the Talmud he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.”

    Rabbi Louis Finklestein, President and Professor of Theology, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, The Pharisees, Vol. I, page xxi.

    AND… in my book….
    If they chant kol nidre…. They are Pharisee-Jews.

    1. @ Pat

      “I did, and was confused, for years, until I found that Pharisee-Jews are NOT a race….
      They are a cult..!!”

      Oh, good to know this! So the best way to avoid Tay-Sachs disease and all the other genetic diseases common to Jews is to CEASE to be a cult member!!! 🙂


      Tell me, Pat. If I was an Ashkenazi Jew and I had Tay-Sachs disease, would I suddenly be CURED if I ceased to be a cult member? Or would I continue to have the disease because of my defective Ashkenazi genes?

      I’ve asked you this simple question at least ten times before and you have never answered it. This is because JEWS ARE NOT A CULT!

      If Jews were a cult and no more, as you mistakenly keep insisting, any Jews who ceased to be cult members — who got out of the cult — would at once be cured of their dreadful diseases!

      But of course they aren’t!

      All the world’s genetic experts insist that Jews are a race. Last time I checked, Pat, you weren’t one of the world’s most renowned genetic experts! 🙂


      1. @ Pat


        Geneticists have long been aware that certain diseases, from breast cancer to Tay-Sachs, disproportionately affect Jews. Ostrer, who is also director of genetic and genomic testing at Montefiore Medical Center, goes further, maintaining that Jews are a homogeneous group with all the scientific trappings of what we used to call a “race.”


      2. Sard –

        I came back to see you are still guessing wrong….. 🙂

        Stop believing the Pharisee-Jew “FORWARD”… Pharisee-Jews lie…!!!

        Just wait… They will tell us one day that Pharisee-Jews are not a religion.. 🙂

        TSD can occur in individuals of any race or ethnicity….
        however, it is most common in individuals of Ashkenazi Jewish and…
        also French-Canadian ancestry….!!


      3. @ Sardonicus

        To add to Pat’s position, isn’t it interesting that the term “jew” and the term “race” came into being about the same time. Coincidence? Never underestimate evil.

        Just because a religious cult decides to intermarry a lot does not constitute a race, just a cult that likes having sex with relatives. Repeated sex with relatives has long known to cause physical problems.

        A cult can claim anything it wants to including being a race, but that does not make it the truth.

        Additionally, no where does Jesus ever mention the paint job of humans which is the common perception of race. To my limited knowledge, neither did Mohammad or Buddha. Apparently, race is a non-issue when it comes to enlightenment or doing what’s right. Divide and conquer is it’s only function, a jewish delight.

        Regardless of how jews twist words and history, the common denominator for being jewish is a state of mind that ignores the Second Commandment, “Love thy neighbor as thy self” by claiming superiority over other humans.

      4. “Race” is an invention of that which commandeered our true spiritual forms

        in a nutshell

      5. See how “man” was changed from older bibles to the INVENTIONS…. “mankind” “humans” “humanity” then… “human race” in modern ones:

        King James Bible
        And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.

        New International Version
        And he said to the human race, “The fear of the Lord–that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.”

        New Living Translation
        And this is what he says to all humanity: The fear of the Lord is true wisdom; to forsake evil is real understanding.'”

        English Standard Version
        And he said to man, ‘Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to turn away from evil is understanding.’”

        New American Standard Bible
        “And to man He said, ‘Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; And to depart from evil is understanding.'”

        Holman Christian Standard Bible
        He said to mankind, “The fear of the Lord is this: wisdom. And to turn from evil is understanding.”

        International Standard Version
        He has commanded mankind: ‘To fear the Lord—that is wisdom; to move away from evil—that is understanding.'”

        NET Bible
        And he said to mankind, ‘The fear of the LORD–that is wisdom, and to turn away from evil is understanding.'”

        GOD’S WORD® Translation
        So he told humans, ‘The fear of the Lord is wisdom! To stay away from evil is understanding.'”

        JPS Tanakh 1917
        And unto man He said: ‘Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; And to depart from evil is understanding.’

        New American Standard 1977
        “And to man He said, ‘Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; And to depart from evil is understanding.’”


        WE ARE… “Word Controlled”…. by Pharisee-Jews…!!

      6. WE ARE… “Word Controlled”…. by Pharisee-Jews…!!

        “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.” — Confucius

        (Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who is also known as Kong Qui or K’ung Fu-tzu. He lived from c. 551 BCE – 479 BCE.)

    2. Pat, it’s pretty clear there is a racial undercurrent to the jews, as well as the occasional admittance to their cult from non racial jews. They can be both a cult and a loosely made up race at the same time. That’s not so complicated. The cult like indoctrination is definitely the more dangerous of these two aspects though, even if a degree of crazy has been bred into their bloodstream over the centuries.

      1. LSPM –

        Thanks for the reply…

        You stated:
        “…a loosely made up race..”

        I never heard of that one before.
        Don’t tell the Pharisee-Jews…they might like it.. 🙂

        What is very clear to me is that the word ‘race’ is a new invention of the Pharisee-Jew scholars in the last 250 years or so – 1774…. to divide people and start more wars.

        The term is ambiguous…

        ‘Tribes and nations’ would be the correct term for physical distinctions of peoples…. but that would lead to the rule of their own ‘common laws’ and more easily nullify international laws/codes…. and UN rules and regs.


        “people of common descent,” a word from the 16th century, from Middle French race, earlier razza “race, breed, lineage, family” (16c.), possibly from Italian razza, of unknown origin (cognate with Spanish and Portuguese raza). Etymologists say no connection with Latin radix “root,” though they admit this might have influenced the “tribe, nation” sense.

        Original senses in English included “wines with characteristic flavor” (1520), “group of people with common occupation” (c. 1500), and “generation” (1540s). Meaning “tribe, nation, or people regarded as of common stock” is by 1560s.

        MODERN meaning of “one of the great divisions of mankind based on physical peculiarities” is from 1774 (though as OED points out, even among anthropologists there never has been an accepted classification of these).


        Soccer players not same tribe..

      2. @Pat

        “‘Tribes and nations’ would be the correct term for physical distinctions of peoples.”

        No, different tribes and nations can be, and often are, of the same race. Race as a term for a distinct biological group is adequate. With the widening of the geographical horizon of the Europeans and thus contact with other races, and the development of science, a new term had to be found. “Pharisee-Jews” had nothing to do with it, let alone as “a plot to divide us”. On the contrary, “Pharisee-Jews” are at the forefront of the ridiculous “race is a social construct” movement.

      3. FR –
        No, Franklin…. Race as a term for a distinct biological group is NOT adequate

        Race is a recent term… Ambiguous.

        I stopped believing the traps of the Pharisee-Jews and their word games decades ago.

        They also abuse words…. and use ‘gender’ in place of ‘sex’ for people and animals today. Ridiculous… absurd…
        …. and few even know different. 🙂

      4. Pat,

        ‘Tribes and nations’ would be the correct term for physical distinctions of peoples…. but that would lead to the rule of their own ‘common laws’ and more easily nullify international laws/codes…. and UN rules and regs.

        I Agree!… Last night I watched the 1936 B&W movie “Last of the Mohicans” adapted from James Fenimore Cooper’s classic adventure novel set in 1757 at the siege of Fort William Henry during the French and Indian War. Hurons fought for the French and Mohicans for the British. Indians (now called “First Nations” thanks to Jewish PC) in the movie were identified by their tribes.

        Come to think of it, they still are in real life. In Canada, land disputes between the Government and various INDIAN TRIBES are still described that way, though this is not emphasized; but it should be and it’s a critical point and lesson to learn: Better to belong to a Tribe than to a Race. In a Tribe you have a better chance to live and prosper by keeping the Jews at bay.

        Best line from the movie: “For the colonies, shoot straight to two. Put your faith in heaven and keep your powder dry.”

        BTW, welcome back. Glad to know the computer virus didn’t spread to your body. They kill people, you know, all the time. 🙁

      5. My point is the following:
        Jews don’t consider themselves as a species in any way related to us, non-Jews, and
        we should accept this reality.

        It would greatly simplify the problem and the search for solution if we went along with it.
        Because Jews profess hate and contempt for non-whites (dirty races), and
        Jews profess (even greater) hate for whites,
        it follows that Jews consider themselves neither white nor non-white.

        But if you think of a set of ALL HUMANS, a
        human is either white or non-white,
        if some entity is neither white nor non-white, by definition this entity is not human – QED.

        Besides, the quotes by their Jew sages, holy men, rabbis, rebbes, witchdoctors abound (eg, Menachem Schneerson, the most revered of all in the last 100 years, plus many, many others, all very prominent in Jewdom), whereby we are nothing but talking beasts made in Jew mold by G-d in order to make perfectly formed slaves, we got no soul anymore than insects, and so on and so on.
        Look it up, I can’t be bothered, Talmud has dozens of such quotes.

        So, why fight it?

        If they are not the same species, why do we accord them intra-species moral considerations, while billions of INNOCENT animals are murdered by means most foul and cruel on weekly or even daily basis without any regard to moral code – simply because we don’t consider them our relatives.

        I say, take them at their word, they are not us but compete aliens and i came to pretty much the same conclusion.

      6. JFC –

        Thanks for the “welcome back.”

        Common Law of the Land is the enemy of Pharisee-Jews;
        courts, banks and UN.

  10. I have strong doubts about that ‘Jews are practicing Pharisees of all races’. At least two younger guys who turned out be mossad agents, not white colored were put on me, i the undersigned.

    Both as I found later on were born in rich satanic bloodline families, both had jewish mothers. It so happened to be for both the first time that they started to attend these synagogues- that are in actuality crime centers- when I got in contact with them. Both found out that they were not really ‘welcomed’ by the other ‘jews’.

    ‘Practicing pharisees’…. in reality means that I saw them both going down the drain in these practices of the s.o.s. synagogue of satan.Hard to describe, still busy working on it off line.

    The s.o.s. is very racist, I can say based on my exchange with them. And you’ll remember the ashkenazi cancer treatment of the sefardis on a large scale in the beginning days of Rotschildstan? The Ethiopian Jews?.

  11. They used to call it Communism, now they call it Multiculturalism.

    As above, so below.
    As yesterday, so today.
    Communism then, Multiculturalism now.
    Everything the Jews touch and promote is soaked with piss and shit and blood.

    Fuk Yu Ju

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