Nice German Lady Caged for Offending Jews


ursula haverbeck


A court in Detmold on Friday sentenced Ursula Haverbeck (pictured above) to eight months in jail on charges of sedition. The presiding judge ruled out the possibility of parole and said that Haverbeck had a lack of “any kind of respect” and that she had made more offensive comments in the courtroom.

Haverbeck is expected to appeal against the sentencing. In Germany, anyone who publicly denies, endorses or plays down the extermination of Jews during Adolf Hitler’s regime can be sentenced to a maximum of five years in jail.

Haverbeck was found guilty of writing a letter to Detmold’s mayor, Rainer Heller, saying it was “clearly recognizable” that Auschwitz was nothing more than a labor camp. She wrote her message at the time when the Detmold court was trying Reinhold Hanning, a former guard who served at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

The 94-year-old was sentenced to five years in prison after the court found him guilty of being an accessory to the murder of 170,000 people, mostly Jews. Haverbeck spoke about Hanning’s trial in her letter, alleging that the witnesses at the trial were set up to prove the existence of the concentration camp.

Ursula Haverbeck is known for her right-wing extremist views. Several courts have sentenced her and her punishments include two fines and another suspended sedition sentence. She was on trial last year for saying that the Holocaust was “the biggest and longest-lasting lie in history.”

An estimated 6 million Jews were exterminated across Europe under Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship.

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  1. It’s hard for me to fathom how ANY population could maintain respect for a legal system which condones and facilitates such prosecution. Seems almost unimaginable!

      1. If I were in this good lady’s situation and at her age, I would have very politely told the Judge “to go fuck himself.” And if a female judge to find a rolling pin and stick it.

        Yes, it’s an estimated 6 million. Not an estimated 5,999,999 million or 6,000,001 million but exactly an estimated 6 million. Of course anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows the real figure is far, far less. Evidently the good judge has only one brain cell to rub and is a prime example why brainwashed Germany is overrun by third world Neanderthals who have two things on their reptilian brain stems. Rape and more Rape. It seems that third world rapist is not enough for Germany. They also have to judicially rape old women and men for making an “unsafe place” for the Khazarian Mafia to suckle on the teat of Western treasuries.

    1. Gil –

      You are correct.

      It is no different in any country in the West. It is even worse in US.
      There are more of London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ agents in the US than anywhere outside the UK.
      The law has been taken away from the people and given to those same agents.
      That started with the US CON-stitution…!!

      The ‘legal system’ has replaced the ‘lawful system’ which was in existence before the ‘War For Permission’….. commonly – mistakenly – called the ‘War For Independence.’

    2. @ Gilbert Huntly

      “Seems almost unimaginable!”

      Based on the current trend, you will probably be able to witness it first hand in the USA in the near future. The push for laws against “hate speech” will usher it in. All the jews will have to do is scream “anti-semite” and to prison you will go via the jewish legal system.

      The injustice for people like Haverbeck is just another symptom of jews being inadequately oppressed.


      I want to thank you for speaking the truth ,
      I too don’t deny the holocaust but I’m no longer have any sympathy after
      what they did and still do to the Palestinians.



      Yes it is. And so my personal choice is to believe the evidence, which means I deny that what never happened.


      Not denying what never happened as a personal choice = deliberately promoting well established lies. And for that I have no sympathy either.

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      10. Oh so that was happened? It drove me crazy and I was so glad when I discovered the article on Renegade Tribune. Missed the debate here though.

    2. There are few people as brave as this lady. As someone who has lived through the period I can say that Holocaust happened to whole Europe including jews. As a kid I was selling cigarettes at a railway station in Belgrade and watched a mile long line of Jews who wanted to go to Germany to “work”. They were sitting on their fat suitcases and studying German. By contrast my uncle who was a fervent opponent of Nazis was arrested at his home, tied up and dragged into a van, and spent four years in Sachsenhausen assembling typewriters. He would have starved to death if he did not get our biweekly parcels, which he shared with German guards who were also starving. Jewish suffering is a myth because everyone else suffered just as badly

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      1. OFF TOPIC

        Sincere apologies for posting a comment here that belongs on the previous thread. I can’t use that thread for technical reasons. (Formatting problem)


        Franklin Ryckaert considers sex wth captive women equivalent to rape. Say you abduct a woman today and keep her a prisoner in your basement. Soon you’re having sex with her. Is this rape? Of course it is.

        If she doesn’t consent, she will be killed. So she consents. It’s now consensual sex. Can her abductor (later on) plead in a court of law that he didn’t rape her because the sex was consensual? I don’t think any court of law will let him get away with that argument.

        I really don’t think this can be compared with sex with captives in times when slavery was common.

        Wars were incessant in the past and slavery was seen as a humane solution in dealing with defeated survivors. Rather than put them all to the sword, you spared their lives and took them into your household as unpaid servants. That’s all slaves are: unpaid servants.

        The organized slave trade with Negroes, captured and shipped to the Americas, is totally different in kind and must not be compared to slavery in the Ancient World and among medieval Muslims and slaves in the Ottoman Empire.

        You had a choice how you treated your slaves in the Ancient world. You could treat them well or you could treat them badly. The great Greek philosopher Epictetus was a slave. He wasn’t worked to the bone or “treated like a slave”. He was a slave at Hierapolis, Phrygia, which is now in Turkey. Later he lived in Rome. He had enough time and leisure to indulge in his literary labors while a slave. So life as a slave was not necessarily a living hell. By no means.

        In Classical Greece and Rome, slave owners slept with their female slaves. This wasn’t seen as “rape”. It was a social arrangement. The women were “concubines”, not “rape victims.” Concubinage was almost seen as “a marriage of convenience”. The Greek hetarai and the Japanese geishas were well-educated courtesans, technically slaves. (Authorities differ as to whether these women were slaves or free women prostitutes, but let’s not get distracted by these academic side issues).

        The Sultan of Turkey had hundreds (if not thousands) of slave girls in his harem. It would have been regarded as absurd to classify them all as “rape victims.” They were the collateral damage of war. Rather than being put to the sword, they were given a nice home, a roof over their heads, good food in abundance, and an infinite amount of leisure.

        The women spent all day sporting in the gardens of the great marble palaces, or lounging indoors on silk cushions, fanned by eunuchs. The Sultan took four of the women and married them. Their status was high. They became his Chief Wives. They no longer belonged to the harem as such. All the other women in the harem were the Sultan’s “concubines”. They would compete for his attentions and be extremely proud if he selected one of them as his partner for the night.

        All the harem girls were looked after well. Full medical attention. Food, wine, music, steam baths, strolls in the lush gardens. It was a life that many a Christian woman in medieval England or France would have envied.

        We must see the world through the eyes of these people and not impose our narrow modern preconceptions upon them.

      2. @Lasha Darkmoon

        “…We must see the world through the eyes of these people and not impose our narrow modern preconceptions upon them…”

        Muhammad attacked and robbed trade caravans from Mecca without justification. They were on their way to Syria and posed no threat to Medina. If Muhammad was so “humane” he could have released his captives and let them return to their family in Mecca. Muhammad had also murdered several people who mocked his prophethood. A founder of a religion is supposed to stand on a higher moral level than that of his contemporaries. If Jesus would have behaved like Muhammad, would you still admire him?

      3. Raping of or proselytizing of ‘free will’?

        If she doesn’t consent(convert), she will be killed. So she consents(converts).
        It’s now consensual sex(religion). Can her abductor(master) (later on) plead in a court of law that he didn’t rape(force) her because the sex(religion) was consensual?

      4. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        If Jesus would have behaved like Muhammad, would you still admire him?


        You have misunderstood my position. I was speaking in general terms about slavery in Classical Greece and Rome and in the later Ottoman Empire under the Sultan of Turkey. Not once did I mention the name “Mohammed” or express the slightest “admiration” for him.

        The fact is, you appear to know far more about Mohammed and his times than I do. And so please understand that I am not contradicting you. If you are correct in your beliefs that Mohammed was a really dreadful person who got up to some really dreadful things, then of course I don’t admire him and put him on a pedestal with Jesus Christ.

        Heaven forbid!

        Your quarrel is not with me, Franklin. It is with Salman Hossain and Mahmoud El-Yousseph and those other Muslims who are willing to defend Mohammed to the death.

        If they do this, it is because they don’t accept your viewpoint of Mohammed. They reject the historical facts you adduce to prove that Mohammed is a baddie. They see a different Mohammed to you; they have obviously read different history books. There is no single version of history, Franklin. Witness the Holocaust. If people can have diametrically different views on the Holocaust, they are bound to have equally different views on Mohammed.

        If you cannot impose your own Holocaust revisionist views on the Jews, what makes you think you will have any better luck imposing your anti-Mohammed views on Muslims?

        On the subject of Mohammed, I maintain a strict neutrality and agnosticism. This befits someone who openly admits to being totally ignorant of Mohammed and his life.

        For you, I will summarize my position in Latin so as not to labor my point or bore the others here: OMNIA DUBITO, VERITATEM QUAERO, OPTIMUM AMO.

      5. first off, to the site management who in another thread asked me why do i defend salman.
        which i do not.
        I am only saying that it seems pretty clear that he lost his bearings due to incessant bullying of many (maybe 10 posters here) against one, with lots of jew-derived slander just pelting down on him from all sides, much of it highly offensive to his religion, almost none of it properly sifted through the requisite screening to see whether it originated with one of Pam Geller-like sources.
        i said that this carelessness not only brings the site into disrepute but it VINDICATES HOLOCAUST confabulation which is of similar quality, therefore how can only in the same breath attack HoloHoax for mindless lying if the same tactics are used against Islam?
        Is it the case that many here are more eager to smear Islam than expose HoloHoax?
        Fish or cut bait is what i say.

        Next, all these ‘atrocities” ascribed to Muhamed.
        I don’t know whether they are true or not and i frankly don’t care.
        I understand that he was illiterate, just like Genghis Khan and a warlord, albeit not as capable one.
        That’s what desert men did back then, ride a horse and hack at rivals, no different than Richard Lionheart or King Arthur.
        As for owning slaves, yes, I am totally against that but try to understand that people of weaker mind and morals simply subscribe to the mores of the era without questioning them.

        By way of hypothetical example, imagine if one day, the telepathy technology advances far enough to prove beyond doubt that many mammals possess a high degree of intelligence, emotion, morals and understanding, sufficient to fool a Turing interrogator into thinking they are human and thus qualify for the United Nations or Helsinki Bill of rights.
        What will the population of that future day think of us, crunching down on daily steaks, stews, burgers, hot dogs, roast beef and other meat based products?
        Evil cannibals.
        And they’ll be every bit as correct in their judgment as any of you riding down Muhamed.
        I guess “fish or cut bait” seems inappropriate at this juncture … just like I remember guys at work at my first summer job saying “let’s go home and beat the wives” at the end of the shift.

      6. @ Franklin Ryckaert
        @ Other Islamophobes

        What LD is saying is this, and I think you will recognize the validity of her logic:

        (1) If you are unable to persuade the Jews to give up believing in the Holocaust, you don’t stand much chance of persuading Muslims to give up their veneration of Mohammed. (Absolutely true)

        (2) Just as Hitler has been demonized by his enemies, Mohammed has been demonized by his enemies too. Why do so many Hitler admirers think it’s okay for them to reject Hilter demonization, but not okay for Muslims to reject Mohammed demonization? The logic, as far as I see, is beyond dispute. If Hitler demonization is unacceptable to the Hitler fans, why should Mohammed demonization be acceptable to Muslims?

      7. well said ,you nailed it in plain language ,so the ignorant haters ,the Islamophobics
        understand ,I don’t understand why these haters are trying so hard on many occasions to persuade
        the Doctor to change her position of neutrality when it comes to Islam ,Muslims and their prophet

      8. @Franklin Ryckaert

        Irrumator . ede faecam

        Es stultior asino , Es scortum obscenus vilis

        Morologus es , Es stercus

        fututus et mori in igni

        Qualem blennum

        Futue te ipsum


      9. @Observer

        “…ede faecam…”

        Even if you write in Latin, your typical Jewishness comes through.

        1. @ Franklin Ryckkaert

          We have foolproof evidence that at least TWO different people have been writing to us under the name of “Observer”, using the same email address (which may be false) and a series of different IP numbers. You are 100 per cent correct in your suspicions that “Observer” is not to be trusted one inch.

      10. @Lasha Darkmoon

        “…On the subject of Mohammed, I maintain a strict neutrality and agnosticism. This befits someone who openly admits to being totally ignorant of Mohammed and his life…”

        One does not need to be ignorant for ever. There was a biography of Muhammad, written circa A.D. 767 by Ibn Ishaq. This work has been lost, but was mostly verbatim used by Ibn Hisham in his biography, which still exists and has been translated into English and can be read here :…/muhammad/Guillaume-Life%20of…

        This is a rather voluminous work. If you want a foretaste, go to answeringislam, Muhammad and his personal enemies :

        and choose the case of Asma bint Marwan, a woman who made a poem in which she criticized Muhammad for a murder and was murdered herself on order of Muhammad, while asleep with her 5 children.

        For a work critical of the spread of Islam, I can recommend : Islamic Jihad, a legacy of forced conversion, imperialism and slavery, written by M.A. Khan, an Indian ex-Muslim, which can be read here :


        To judge a religion and its founder, merely by feelings of sympathy for some nice folks among its followers or the fact that they are presently in the crosshairs of Jews, as Lobro does, is not very wise to say the least.

  3. I’ve finally found what I think might be the proper metaphor for This is actually an asylum based on “Marat/Sade, “The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade.” Jean-Paul Marat, the delusional, inchoate psychotic with a skin disease, rants on repeatedly and mostly incoherently. Played by Flopot (Flop Out), Pat (Patty Cake), Harbinger (Har Har Bunger), and of course, Lobro (Low Brow, Low Bro). Charlotte Corday is played by the fish wiferery Madame Bdutterfree-all empty calories this one, with her shift partner, Sister Monica.

    The occasional useful posters, Gilberty Huntley, Felix The Cat, Carlos Porter are outside consultants who visit the asylum on occasion, the mere opening of the door bringing in fresh air to the fetid, dank, odious stench of over-flowing diapers. Unfortunately, it is not often enough.

    Ms. Darkmoon’s role, evidently, is the Patroness of the asylum, run as a charity from across town in a tony neighborhood.

    The topics predictable, the comments utterly repetitive and disposable-for the most part, and as in the play fall into these categories:

    Homage to Marat
    The Corday Waltz
    Song and Mime of Corday’s Arrival in Paris
    The People’s Reaction
    Those Fat Monkeys
    Poor Old Marat
    One Day It Will Come to Pass
    Poor Marat in Your Bathtub Seat
    Poor Old Marat (Reprise)
    Copulation Round
    Fifteen Glorious Years (interpolating the “Marseillaise”)

    After doing some intense technical work, I turn to Darkmoon for a de-clutching, touch base with Reality. That is, there is so much useless noise, commotion, and yammering in the World to be avoided like flying donkey dung in the Alexandria, Egypt sirocco.

    Madame Butterly: My love (for you) is like a tire iron. -From a song by Ted Nugent

    1. OK Poupon, I’m taking you off monitoring for the time being. But please learn to behave. And try occasionally to post an on-topic comment. The subject we are now discussing is a serious one. Let’s have your opinion on the Holocaust. Did 6 million Jews die in gas chambers or is it all a Big Lie? We await your learned response with bated breath.

      1. *Belch* Hmmmmm. Well Sister, my overall Kahuna here is that we should have more Katy Hopkins, and less Peaches Geldof. Wouldn’t you agree?

        The topic you mentioned is mishandled by the Private Schultzes I have noted heretofore. I gave a definitive account of the Holocaust Fraud from a totally unique perspective, that of David Cole, a renegade Jewish apostate. He has graphic footage of the fraud, misstatements, correlation, causation, the lack of same. This is concrete, empirical, of the senses. All other evidence on here has been inferential, indirect, abstract, removed, historical.

        For you to understand what I am saying, SM, there is a story of replica Viking era ship that was being constructed by a NGO group. They employed a Naval Architect and professor for the working of the drawings. But when it came time to go to the site and match and mate the abstract with the real, the architect had a panic attack. He was out of his comfort zone which was composed of words only, no widgets, or concrete objects. In the world of abstractions, the demarcation of everything is vague and mutable. Bullshit passes for the actual.

        My comment got no notice, but the the historical citing went on and on, some of them obscure and hard to verify. The point is, that many posters here are interested in there own little continuity with their jerk circle friends doing the back and forth, tomayto-tomaato glide. The primary interest is to get on the marquee. “Look at me, Mommy!!!!”

        The seminal point is that you all allow ego posters to converse at a low email level like girls at a shoe store, the foremost benefit is not edification by gratification, personally. There is too much chaff compared to wheat. It is low level clutter. On a radar at sea, high waves and choppy waters show up as clutter, a bunch of useless dots that obscure the other vessels, islands, rocks, etc, etc.

        You could get those with some gravitas on here more often, if you cut down this Valley Girl schmaltz. You know, like, uh, could you, like, THINK, like, before you, like, post? Fer sure, super bitchin’. I resent having to wade through bilge water to get to posters like Stanton, Huntley, Porter, and a few others. I found Darkmoon at The Occidental Quarterly, where her work impressed me. Why the postings here do not approach her level of elucidation and depth seems a malfunction.

        1. @ Poupon Marx

          We are proud of our posters. They are the Bestest of the Best. A Commentariat to Die For.

          The only two posters here who seem to specialize in off-topic comments are TROJ and YOU. You are what is known in the trade as “distractions merchants”. Both of you provide this in abundance: amusing distractions.

          Trollery by any other name.

          Don’t think we are so stupid that we are unaware of your stratagems, Mr Poupon. Didn’t we allow you to post a long comment recently consisting of multiple links — at least 5-6 links — and each of them consisting of YouTube videos featuring the sounds made by TRAINS (!!!) and AUTOMOBILE ENGINES (!!!). Whistling noises, hissing noises, and other such “musical” cacophonies.

          Come sir, don’t tell me that this long comment stuffed to the gills with TOTALLY OFF-TOPIC YOU TUBE VIDEOS 🙂 was not an attempt to distract our attention from the serious issues we are discussing here.

          Your days on this site are numbered, mon vieux, unless you get your act together and provide us with some serious on-topic comments. The way you’re going, you’ll soon be keeping TROJ company in Spamblinka. TROJ, too, is a specialist in providing us with off-topic videos to watch, many of them over TWO HOURS LONG! 🙂

          You spam artists are not as clever as you think, Poupon. We’re on to you! We know your game! 🙂

      2. “I gave a definitive account of the Holocaust Fraud from a totally unique perspective, that of David Cole, a renegade Jewish apostate”

        Lol. It is only true if said by a Jew.

      1. FLOPOT
        September 5, 2016 at 5:27 pm
        “I gave a definitive account of the Holocaust Fraud from a totally unique perspective, that of David Cole, a renegade Jewish apostate”

        Lol. It is only true if said by a Jew.<<<<

        Thank you, Floppy Pot, for that inane comment that illustrates so well, what my theme has been, the improvement of the comment strain.

        If you had but read or paid attention to what I had written, or even read the header of the Cole presentation, you would not appear to be related to Forrest Gump.

      2. Lol. Now you’re “concerned” about the quality of the posts — a classic trolling technique. First of all, you’ve completely missed my point, so you’re not as clever as you think you are; secondly, you mistake verbiage and insults for interesting input.

        Besides, I cannot take anyone seriously who still denies that 9/11 was a demolition job. I did warn that you’d say goodbye but never leave. Alas I was correct. So be it.

  4. There are so many holes in the official Holocaust story that we SHOULD be skeptical. The Holocaust has been the basis for Jewish Power, but they are never faced with their own sins, namely the mass killings of Russians by the Jewish Bolsheviks, the execution of the Tsar and his young family by five Jews, or the subjugation of the Palestinians.

    And we can go to jail for saying it.

    1. John, 6 000 000 Jews, “killed” during WW1, first mentioned in “Jewish Newspaper” on December 19, 1919, New York, 17 months after execution (?)* of the Tsar’s family, was laid as basis for “Holocaust”, but basis for “Jewish Power” we have to seek somewhere else.
      To begin with, I would recommend you to obtain and read good book “Nicholas and Alexandra” by Robert K. Massie, who read all the diaries, letters and memoirs left by those who played major roles in that “stormy and tragic epoch”. The matter is that the Tsar was Lord’s Anointed, in all his letters, telegrams to Empress, diaries, he set strong hopes for Him. Hence it was His Will. Jews are innocent! Or we must admit that all talks about Christianity are no more than parrots’ twaddle. If not worse.**

      *The event of Tsar’s execution is true only “by half”, Russian Orthodox Church refused to recognize his remnants, it was the bones of some other man…
      **”The main goal of Christianity is preservation of Judaism” (-Immanuel Kant)

      1. I appreciate when you write “the mass killing of Russians”. Usually ‘experts’ indicate 66 000 000 Christians (or even more), presented by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, who was not aware of Leo Tolstoy and his “calculations”*. The latter, before his death on November 7, 1910, was more authority (moral) in Russia than Tsar himself. The power of the Tsar meanwhile shrank by the February, 1917 to such degree that postcard was in circulation in S-t Petersburg, on which the Tsar was depicted naked, with crown on, holding fallos with both hands, inscription beneath read “Samoderzhets”(selfholder), that is sovereign. That was all that remained in his power.

        *according to Leo Tolstoy (and other sources) all rural priests (Russia was rural country) had no foggiest idea about Christ and beleived that God’s name was Nicola.

  5. The presiding judge ruled out the possibility of parole and said that Haverbeck had a lack of “any kind of respect” and that she had made more offensive comments in the courtroom.

    Haverbeck was found guilty of writing a letter to Detmold’s mayor, Rainer Heller, saying it was “clearly recognizable” that Auschwitz was nothing more than a labor camp. She wrote her message at the time when the Detmold court was trying Reinhold Hanning, a former guard who served at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

    The 94-year-old was sentenced to five years in prison after the court found him guilty of being an accessory to the murder of 170,000 people, mostly Jews.

    Just how did they get 170,000?
    The Auschwitz plaque says 1.5 million at the latest revision.
    Which 10% of that total did Reinhold Hanning kill, where is the traceable list of 1.5 million inmates and the particular 170,000 of Hanning’s victims and how did they arrive at it?
    Is it crime to ask?
    And how is it that they waited 71 years to finally drag out a 94 year old man, very likely suffering from advanced dementia to sentence him to rot away for the rest of his life in a prison (what are the odds that he will live to 99).
    Meanwhile pedophile boy-rapist Lord Greville Janner, Britain’s leading “Nazi Hunter” and Holocaust promoter, gets away free.
    Did Janner testify at Hanning’s trial? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    Lord Janner, longtime leader of Britain’s Zionist lobby and chief Nazi hunter, sent to Germany in 1945 at the request of his father while only 18 to supervise arrests of Nazi personnel leading up to the Nuremberg Tribunals, is now cited as one of the most notorious sex criminals in British history.

    Janner, personal confidant of both Netanyahu and Blair, has been a recognized pedophile for over 30 years. Police in Britain, though this is under legal challenge, are blocked from arresting Janner because of his eloquently expressed claim that he is SUFFERING FROM DEMENTIA AND SHOULD BE ALLOWED HIS FREEDOM though accused of heinous crimes.

    And the feces guzzlers of the court are upset with Frau Haverbeck because of the lack of “any kind of respect”, so off to prison she goes.
    If there is some kind of radio-magnetic wavelength for hypocrisy, our solar system must be beaming brightly into distant galaxies, “Light Unto Galaxies”.

    In Germany, anyone who publicly denies, endorses or PLAYS DOWN the extermination of Jews during Adolf Hitler’s regime can be sentenced to a maximum of five years in jail.

    Got that? So let’s extradite Jew curator of Auschwitz Museum, Dr. Franciszek Piper on whose watch the memorial plaque commemorating murder of 4 million Jews was taken down and replaced with 1.5 million dead jews, if that is not “playing down” of the first order, i don’t understand the meaning of the phrase.

    given this level of german cowardice, is it wonder that the sub-Saharan criminal asylum seekers are pouring into the country for a bit of R+R (guess what “R” stands for) with german women.
    Maybe Ursula Haverbeck is safer in prison.

  6. LD aka Light Emitting Diode: How would it go down if a woman did NOT want to be a concubine with all the attendant luxuries and exquistries? What is she cut off the testicles of her imposer? Morally, how do we resolve this?

    An example might be Calamity Jane, Annie Oakley, American Frontier Women, Military Officers, etc, etc.

    Your counsel, please.

  7. I’d like to share some thoughts that might be useful for white people or a pro white movement.

    1. Negativity does not really work. It ends up creating or strengthening the opposition. Some examples of negativity include foul language, name calling, comments coming from fear or anger (which is understandable but not helpful), blame that comes from a self righteous place, etc.

    2. A healthy pro white movement would probably benefit from having more women in leadership roles and just more women in general. And it might be good for more men to acknowledge the feminine dimension within themselves.

    3. Being open to the possibility that the current situation is, to some degree, due to the likelihood that white people mistreated non-white people. In other words, it is our karma. I’m not intending to demonize white people.

    4. It might be good for a pro white movement to emphasize inclusion of different kinds of people – men, women, religious, non-religious, gay, straight, young, old, conservative, liberal, etc.

    5. Being more careful with words. For example, instead of saying “white people are superior to non-white people” one could say “in some ways, in some areas, white people seem to be more advanced than some non-white groups”.

    My writing skills might not be great, but I think there is some very useful stuff above. I hope I haven’t been too preachy.

    Wishing good things for all.

      1. Thanks for the welcoming words.

        To be clear, my comment was not intended to be a criticism of this particular site. In fact, when I wrote that comment, I hadn’t even visited this yet.

    1. Light –

      Bad ideas..!!

      The political party(not a religion) aka islam…. and sharia law is spreading faster than at any time in history by…. doing the exact OPPOSITE of your suggestions..!!

      I am not going to get more in touch with any kind of a feminine side… which is non-existent. I’ll leave that to the wives and daughters.

      Your suggestions are a bad idea….. unless you want the movement to melt on the spot.

      SPLC and ADL and NAACP and the other alphabet-agencies have been using your suggestions since they were founded.

      1. Hi Pat

        You mentioned the growth of Islam. I’m not an expert on that issue.

        If Islam is indeed growing, is it possible that there is a growing opposition toward Islam?

    2. Point number 2 is particularly important: It’s through women (married to non-white) that the fair complexion get stained.

  8. I was wondering if you think it wise to publish this statement with no editorial comment. I say this for new visitors or wavering truthers with one foot in Fox News and the other in A. Jones, etc.

    “Ursula Haverbeck is known for her right-wing extremist views. Several courts have sentenced her and her punishments include two fines and another suspended sedition sentence. She was on trial last year for saying that the Holocaust was “the biggest and longest-lasting lie in history.”

    An estimated 6 million Jews were exterminated across Europe under Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship.”

    By your silence don’t you imply agreement and if you have made some sort of disclaimer elsewhere, isn’t this too egregious an assertion to publish without disowning?
    By your silence are you not agreeing that 6 mill Jews died? and she’s an extremist?

    The article is in fact making her out to be a liar

    1. re JOE SIGUR:

      If you wish to know more about this troll who has been posting on our site freely for the last few months, Joe Sigur by name, visit his “world-famous site” and hear him complain there about how badly treated he has been by the cruel darkmoon administrators: he has been “banned” and “censored”, he claims falsely, and tries his best to churn up hatred for the darkmoon site and its commenters.

      If you wish to read a specimen of this brain-damaged genius’s work, try this:

      “Elitist Anonymous Useful Idiot Darkmoon gives Platform to Hatemonger because he too is an elitist”

      Here he spends his time attacking just about anyone who has been critical of Jews while pretending be a fierce Jew hater himself. Apart for attacking Lasha Darkmoon, he attacks Andrew Anglin (The Daily Stormer), Kyle Hunt (editor of Renegade Tribune), Sinead (a talented writer on RT whom he calls a “Jewess”), Carlos Porter (well-known Holocaust revisionist scholar), Rixon Stuart (editor owner of Truthseeker), and, finally, Kevin MacDonald, Editor of the Occidental Observer, whom he describes as an “intellectual racist”.

      I give this pest warning. If he doesn’t cease and desist at once and leave us alone, I will publish his email address and IP number and inform the internet authorities of his whereabouts (which we happen to know) so that he receives a visit from the cops. They will then seize his computer and examine it for hate speech and hard pornography. After which he will be caged like a common criminal.

      1. @TOBY
        hocus pocus crab
        a drivel from a mad unhinged charlatan
        you need mental evaluation old man
        you bloody fool ,your masters and handlers the Israelis might help you
        or maybe not ,depends on the mood of who who
        I know that you are a cowards all of you dirty devils
        you will not publish this ,but my true satisfaction comes from the fact that you read it
        and know exactly what I and hundreds know the truth about you and what you really are , Israeli devils 100%

  9. Admin Toby: Come, come Sir, you speak as if ALL or even most of my comments have been “off-topic”. I think to make complete sense of what you are saying is this question: does it advance knowledge and understanding of the topic? Well, Toby, repetitive, shallow, content-free postings do not. They are beneath my “cacophonous” sounds of meaning and Wagnerian splendor. One is trite, cliche flea-bitten, and shop worn, the other an expression Man’s noble achievement: the evidence of assisting in the burden of making life easier.

    I take exception at your characterization of the juxtaposed. By association, I deny your indictment of my motives, that being the improvement and general uplifting of the level of conversation and exchange. “Finest Commentariat”???? Cough, cough. Water, please.

    What else? In the realm of meaninglessness, I mean trifles, fleeting temporal phenomenon, what to you is real, Sir? I will tell you that for me it is content, and if content is low, then it should at least be interesting, offer a new perspective, a way of looking at things, a different lens.

    I place more, much more effort on information and method-the latter a subject of great importance; the way and channel, in simple terms of how something is known, and why we know it. I find a number of your commentariat to be common tarry-ties, rather dull witted, windy and wheezy.

    Tell me this: what is the purpose of a poem, as expressed her on LD? Relevant? How? A pederast’ tawdry subsurface “Aqualung’s” puerile yammerings? This is worse than the sonorous sounds of engines?? Notice that many sites and many people see and hear them as splendid sounds. Did you survey your readership on this one, Toby?

    You have only presumed to know my intentions, of that I am sure. I have separated those that I feel are worthwhile commenters, and those that are worth once in a while. Is there a problem with this assessment, coming from one here? Big girls don’t cry:

    In a nutshell:

  10. Fox News gloats over its news coverage with its infamous logo as “fair and balanced”, where as Muslim bashers, on this site go through pain to publicly insult Muslims and the Islamic faith with their “fake and biased” tirades.

    Everyone can copy and paste, but not everyone has the courage like Lasha Darkmoon, Sardonics, Observers and Lobro to stand up to the bullies and hatemongers who hijacked the discussion here.

    If there is a legal fund set up in defense of Frau Ursala Haverback, please do post the links to it here. I would like very much to make a contribution.

    1. Mahmoud El-Yousseph –

      The most vile trash of all of the commenters on this site is Sal Hussein.

      I did not write “bullies”, because that is an impossible action on a blogsite. Pharisee-Jews use that word to intimidate people into inaction. They also come up with ‘hate speech’ and ‘hatemonger’ for the same purpose. Those words do not work for me.

      I asked you the two questions, below, on the thread of your article. You did not answer.

      1-Would you like sharia law to be implemented in every country in the world??
      2-Would you like for Islam to be the sole religion in every country worldwide??

      Arch noted on another thread that no answer is an answer. In this case, that would be “yes.”

      1. Pat,

        You posed your two questions to me after you posted several insulting and degrading comments about my faith and the prophet Mohammad peace be upon him, then you have the nerves to expect to entertain your two fake questions. I ignore your questions intentionally. Pardon the contrast, but that is no difference than me make disparaging remarks towards you or calling you ” a fat bitch”, then turn around and ask for direction. Disrespect does not make friends.

      2. Mahmoud –

        Thanks for the reply.

        That is a very weak analogy for an excuse to dodge the questions.

        I figured you would find a way to back out of direct answers.

        No answer is an answer.

        Caliphate is paramount.

      3. Pat,

        Mahmoud seems to be a gentleman. It is somewhat understandable that he doesn’t want to reveal the hypocrisy of a supposedly “gentle” Sharia law. “You will know them by their fruits”, and their (bitter) fruit seems abundant everywhere they go to occupy. Would that the Brits and Americans had left them alone!
        They are a rock-solid validation of the wisdom of “separate” national domiciles, and the futility of “multiculturalism”. While we can be friendly, there is NO USE trying to mingle blood or religion.

      4. Pat, since this thread concerns itself with the travails of one Ursula Haverbeck, age 86, thrown in jail for speaking the truth in a system that does not practice Sharia, how about an additional question to your list.

        In how many Muslim countries would Frau Haverbeck have been imprisoned for her statements?

        We don’t need Mahmoud to answer that one.

        Arch noted on another thread that no answer is an answer 😉

        I guess that the concepts of the truth and White Civilization are mutually exclusive.
        I capitalized the term to emphasize that under no circumstances are you allowed to blame the Jew since this is the policy the forum has followed with respect to the invasion of migrant savages, whose one single motive according to everyone was Islam, Allah and the prophet Muhamed, so might as well ride your own petard, right?

        And we could branch out along these lines, eg, the sole reason that Hezbollah is the only force in post-Roman human history that physically put the Jew in his place is Islam, that no “white” concept is capable of such rectitude, being all in their nature craven and hypocritical, brownnosing the stronger while oppressing the weaker (Putin’s Russia a possible exception, in terms of deeds, not words, but they aren’t truly white, are they 😉 ).

        Deeds speak louder than words and if this truth is uncomfortable, don’t look at me, i didn’t choose this debating methodology.

      5. Lobro –

        “Deeds speak louder than words and if this truth is uncomfortable, don’t look at me..”

        I always look at you. I see the same theme.

        You support Islamists and their Sharia Law…. even when they are as vile as a rotting salmon, and as dismissive as a USAF veteran living off the rewards from the system he rejects.

        Pretty simple. Not complicated at all…. 🙂

  11. She is absolutely correct and a very brave woman. In addition to the extensive and continuous lying the Jews and allies have been caught up in, there is simply no evidence to support any claims of gassing large numbers of people. There is simply so much they lied about and remarkable facts such as that not one victim of gassing was ever found in an autopsy.

    1. Lobro, thanks again for being fearless truth teller Christian and friend!

      Pam: question the loyalty of a Muslim American and a 20 years veteran is preposterous. I was willing and ready to risk my life for all those year to defend America. Former presiden Lincoln once said, ” the right to decent is the highest of form of patriotism. Besides, I am enjoying my benefits that I earned, not rewards given to me. There is a big difference between spitting in the plate from which you eat and objecting to certain policies of your government. Unless you feel Muslim and Arab American are not entitled to free speech. Several Tea Party political party candidates have called for the very same thing in the past and they were all soundly defeated.

      You will not dare pose the same questions to Cathlics or Jews, why should Muslim be a fair game and punching bag?

      I will bet you have no clue what is the Sharia Law means. Few dozens states have introduced at antiSharia Law across the US. The campaign was supported by 200 Million dollars from a Jewish organization. The campaign was based in fear and misinformation. Lets face it, polygamy is permitted under Sharia Law if you can 1) afford it and 2) if you could be fair to your wives. But when is the last time you have seen Muslim men lined up in front of city hall seeking a second, third or fourth marriage certificate?

      In the past, AmeriKKKa made the mistake of questioning the loyalty and patriotism of 110,000 American of Japanese decent. The put women and children in detention camps in the West coast, but they trusted Japanese men to fight for America in the battle field. Japanese American units were among the best fighters and they have earned more medals for heroism than any other units.

      Question? How many Japanese American have arrested and charged with espionage since the attack on Pearl Harbor?

      Give up?

      Answer is: Zip, Zero, none!

      I hope this answer satisfies your curiosity

      1. Good, but do you agree with Shariah ordering the cutting of the hands of thieves, yes or no? Or stoning for adultery, or caning for drinking alcohol? Or the throwing of homosexuals from the second floor of a building? Or the death penalty for apostasy? All parts of Shariah, as dictated to Muhammad by Allah himself, according to your religion. Now answer without taqiyya !

      2. Mahmoud –

        You addressed someone named Pam. If you meant Pat, I shall respond. If not, Pam can do so later. 🙂

        You asked these 4 questions:
        1-You will not dare pose the same questions to Cathlics or Jews, why should Muslim be a fair game and punching bag?
        2-But when is the last time you have seen Muslim men lined up in front of city hall seeking a second, third or fourth marriage certificate?
        3-Question? How many Japanese American have arrested and charged with espionage since the attack on Pearl Harbor?
        4-Give up?


        When I asked you these 2 questions:

        1-Would you like sharia law to be implemented in every country in the world??

        2-Would you like for Islam to be the sole religion in every country worldwide??

        You responded:

        “… have the nerves to expect to entertain your two fake questions.”

        SO…. I respond the exact same way…. by writing:

        “You have the nerves to expect to entertain your 4 fake questions.” 🙂

        Fake questions ar really popular these days…. especially when dealing with sharia-ites.

        You never did answer the questions… so I’m not satisfied at all.

      3. Mahmoud el-Yousseph,

        “I was willing and ready to risk my life for all those year to defend America.”

        As a side note, but when have the US armed forces ever defended America? In my view the US armed forces have been nothing but a disgrace and a unmatched terror machine on planet earth. And I am not an American but I know at least one that feels the same as I do.

        “Besides, I am enjoying my benefits that I earned, not rewards given to me.”

        Think about it next time you receive your ‘earned’ benefits.

      4. @Franklin – I think it’s safe to say he doesn’t agree with any of those things. I guess I wonder why there are all these questions about the religion. Which country has been attacking, murdering and bombing the middle east over the last 25 years and prior to that interfered on the side of Israel for 40 years? The USA commits mass murder on a regular basis and then looks the world straight in the face and lies about it. Trump was right when he said “they lied” when he spoke of Bush ordering the destruction of Iraq in which over one million people were murdered. For that New York should have had a nuclear bomb dropped on it. And you’re complaining about what? How many Americans have been killed in return for the vast destruction of the middle east and well over one million dead and tens of millions of people having their homes destroyed by the lying USA? And Trump continues this idiocy with his anti-Iran rhetoric, which we know has no nuclear weapons while Israel is bristling with them.

        I wonder why there aren’t more “terrorists” taking direct aim at the US?

        And the Europeans are idiots for supporting the Americans in this mass murder which has caused and provided an excuse for the millions migrating to Europe.

        We should be asking the Jews questions about the Talmud. They are the ones behind most of the wars.

  12. I’ve never heard of this story before until about a week ago. Funny that I so often either experience synchronicity like this. It was an article in swedish but they also linked to the documentary. So if you want to meet the lovely people of Nakam which Arch already has told you about, then here it is.

  13. That the trial [and subsequent kangaroo court sentencing] of this wonderful woman was even allowed to proceed, is a testament to the descent of the Western European White male into his present unrecognizable, INVERTEBRATE form.

    If you fail to come to her aid — and fail to string the frauds responsible for her situation from lampposts — then you fully DESERVE to perish.

    I no longer recognize you. You disgust me beyond words. You are NOT my people.

    1. Well said
      Its too late to save her
      The white pussies cant even save their own daughters, wives and mothers from the R and R

  14. The German people are waking up and I would not be surprised if this lady has a lot of support. I think it is a worldwide phenomenon. Brexit, Trump, Duterte of the Philipines; people are rebelling against the establishment elites. A United Nations official has expressed alarm and fears the rise of the right. They ought to be asking why are the ordinary people so angry?

    Interesting fact regarding Trump. Over 30% of eligible voters never voted in the past. They are now turning up in their thousands at Trump’s rallies. This group could swing the election.

    It is an electoral revolution, and not before time.

    This is an act of political suppression!
    Alexey Kungurov has been arrested. He is charged with ‘advocacy of terrorism’ and remanded in custody. I know Alexey’s postings in and out. I know well what kind of a man he is, his values and mindset. He is an absolutely sane person, both morally and politically. He has nothing to do with terrorism, its advocacy and justification.
    At times, he goes over the board with his writing and choice of words that verge on foul language but his texts also are resplendent with brilliant analytics and reveal a powerful mind. They demonstrate his infinite concern over what is going on in our country. Is our nation sliding into an abyss and faces a collapse? He pointed at those who caused this downfall and must be held accountable for it.
    His voice has become pronounced in our country, which made him a threat for those who must be held accountable.
    Alexey has nothing to do with any kind of terrorism. It is a clear case of gagging, intimidation and reprisal for political reasons. Alexey knew about preparations to stop his smart and honest words from coming. Still, he kept saying these words. This fight is political for both sides but there is only one side that plays fair.
    Twenty-five years ago, there was another regime that acted in a similar manner. It did not work. The mere fact of political reprisal indicts the regime according to the very list of indictments Alexey had published.
    I am prepared to be a witness if there will be a trial. I am prepared to act as a public counsel. All who sympathise with my stance should raise their voice. I announce a public appeal: the public must firmly declare that Alexey Kungurov is a political prisoner.
    It is pretty clear: Alexey is being feared. Knowing who exactly see him a threat, we must conclude: our nation badly needs Alexey. In return, he needs our support.
    We demand that the President, prosecutor’s office and court release Alexey Kungurov and drop unsubstantiated charges.
    Stepan S. Sulakshin — General Director, Centre of Scientific and Political Thought and Ideology; PhD in Political Science, PhD in Physics/Mathematics, Professor

  16. When governments start to imprison those who oppose them you know you are living in a tyranny. Unfortunatly many western nations will imprison anybody who challenges the official holocaust story. It goes beyond that. If you openly declare that you oppose Jewish Power you can go to jail for “Hate speech” in MOST western countries. You can criticize the Americans, the Brits, the French, that’s OK, but you criticize the Jews and watch out.

    The tyranny came in very quietly, dressed up as being good for society, but now we cannot say what we think. We have lost our freedom, our freedom of speech. Thomas Jefferson where are you?

    PE rules.

  17. John, you are the only one who responded to this appeal. Some “Jew-fighters” do not hesitate to exterminate all Jews including embryos*, but being obsessed with world problems, stay deaf and blind to support, just morally, real fighter, locked behind the bar. Herd of rams. This makes me pensive and brings to mind Leo Gumilyov, eminent Soviet scientist, historian, who spent 18 years in prison (good ventilation for brains). In his book “The end and again beginning” he wrote:”Nature subordinate to its laws and cannot change them. People, as natural phenomenon, also cannot display self-dependence even in matters which stay in direct relation to them.”
    And, alas, Thomas Jefferson, distinguished man of his time, and George Orwell, are not exception to the rule.

    *and boldly put themselves on a par with most abominable person Iliya Erenburg, who called to kill even unborn fascist (german)
    Shaking your hand

  18. @ Franklin Ryckaert
    Your inflammatory and emotive words regarding the Prophet Muhammad are simply incorrect. Neither history, as far as records are kept, nor common sense will support your position – that of the Christian Orientalists and Zionists – have strong merit. The early records show, as well as oral transmission that has been handed down from the prophet’s time that Muslims were persecuted for 10 years at Mecca. The persecution was so bad that the last 3 years at Mecca the Meccan Arabs banished the Prophet’s clan and imposed a complete boycott and economic embargo on his whole clan. These were the toughest years of his life. During this time is old uncle and guardian Abu Talib died; also his most devoted wife Khadija, the one who gave up all her wealth for what she believed to be the Truth of revelation from God, she too died. Now he was open game and he seemed easy to be killed and done away with. At this crucial time he sent word to the neighbouring town, Taif if he could come and be given a chance for the people to hear the call. The leaders of Taif promised him security but they set him up and had the town’s rabble stone he and his servant Zaid till he was covered in blood. He would later say that this was the hardest day of his life.
    It was at this juncture in his life that the people of Madina, then called Yathrib came and asked him to be their leader. This was done secretly since they were afraid of being killed. He accepted but asked for some conditions as transmitted by Ubada ibnus Samit, “On the night of the first pledge of Aqaba we pledged to the Messenger of God that we shall associate no partners with God, we shall not steal, we shall not commit adultery, we shall not kill our children, we shall not produce any lie and we shall obey him in what is right.”
    When the Muslims were given permission to migrate to Madina the Meccans took up the fight in earnest and was determined to not let him escape. They stole the properties of the Muslims, they hunted them down, some they killed and some were forced to give up all their wealth to save their lives. They set a huge ransom for the Prohpet’s head and they almost found him but divine grace kept him safe.
    It must be kept in mind the political climate of Madina which the Prophet came to; the Jews who moved to this oasis town was expecting the coming of the last prophet but they expected the Prophet to come from among them, not the Arabs. While they settled in Yathrib they busied themselves spreading sedition among the Arab tribes. They would spread sedition between tribes, sell both of them weapons then confiscate the best lands slowly from the host population….sounds familiar? It was not in their interest to have a real Prophet among them. For the rest of the Prophet’s life in Madina he was constantly under threat of assassination and was one time poisoned as a guest at one of their gatherings.
    In this environment the prophet took command. He had enemies all around that had the military means to exterminate him and the small community; he also had the enemies from within, the Jews who pretended to be with him and the hypocrites who wanted power and was previously allied with the Jews. He was inspired to train his people in order to appear strong so that the enemies may have fear and not attack the community.
    Al Quran, 59-62
    “And let not those who disbelieve suppose that they can outstrip God’s purpose. Lo! they cannot escape. Make ready for them all you can of force and of horses tethered, that thereby you may dismay the enemy of God and your enemy, and others beside them you know not. God knows them. Whatsoever you spend in the way of God it will be repaid to you in full and you will not be wronged.
    And if they incline to peace, you too incline to it, and trust in God. Lo! God is the Hearer, the Knower. And if they deceive you then Lo! God is sufficient for you.”
    Before the great battle of Badr there were about 5 prior skirmishes and one case where Karz ibn Jabir Al Fihri attacked Madina and carried away its cattle. The prophet followed him but could not catch him.
    It was under these conditions that he told his companions that the caravan was returning from Syria and perhaps God will recompense your loss. That was not to be, the caravan was re-routed to safety but the Quraysh wanted to send a big message to the Muslims. The Muslims were small in number and weak in resources and the army of the Quraysh were large and had esteem in the eyes of the Arabs.
    When Abu Sufyan told the Arabs to return home the caravan is safe, Abu Jahl said, “We shall surely not return home until we reach Badr, camp three days there, slaughter camels, feast and drink wine and the girls sing and dance for us. The Arabs must hear of us and our march and continue to fear us forever.”
    The Quran mentions the trepidation of the believers:
    Al Quran 8: 5-6
    “Even as your Lord caused you to go forth from your home with the Truth, and Lo! a party of the believers were averse to it, disputing with you of the Truth after it had been made clear to them as if they were being driven to death before their very eyes.”
    After the Muslims were victorious and took prisoners, the Prophet asked for consultation as to what should be done to them.
    Abu Bakr said, “O Messenger of God, these are our cousins, relatives and brothers. I think you should take ransom from them so that whatever we take may strengthen us against the disbelievers and perhaps God will guide them to Islam and they become our supporters.”
    Umar suggested that the prisoners should be killed by a relative from among the Muslims. The prophet took the counsel of Abu Bakr. Additionally, as for regular prisoners of war, it was decreed that whoever could teach 10 Muslims to read would be set free.
    Even if you look at an event that took place much later, at the Treaty of Hudaybia you will see that the Prophet accepted lopsided terms so as to avoid war. Many of his companions were very upset about this. Umar would say all of his life that he regretted that day the most in his life because doubt entered his heart on account of the terms that the Prophet accepted.

    As for your comparison with the Jesus character of the NT, let it be said that while there are similarities between Islam and Christianity, that character in the NT is not the same as ‘Eesa Ibn Maryam of the Quran’. There are some of the words of God in the NT but most of it is most probably a fictional character created by the turncoat Jew, Josephesus bar Mathias who was captured by the Roman General, later to become Caesar, Vespazian. He created a very Roman pleasing, passive, Messiah. Josephesus later becomes the chief propagandist (so called historian today) on behalf of the Roman government. He was awarded wealth, fame, a flat in Rome and became Josephesus Flavius. Modern Christianity is in part an extension of the Imperial Cult of Rome mixed with a myriad of pagan religions. It always amazes me that Christians talk with such authority about Jesus when he is probably the most disputed personality in the history of humankind! Great and sincere historians have long debated whether he even existed at all not to mention all the details Christians KNOW about him. Most of what is transmitted about that character is sourced in Josephesus. Anyway, I don’t want to offend you or any Christians; I have enjoyed reading your posts. Please forgive me if I offended you, I completely disagree with what you posted. Is it possible that Prophet Muhammad was a fraud and a liar and a molester….? It is possible but the evidence would suggest otherwise. Is it possible that Jesus was a fraud and a liar? It is possible but I believe otherwise.

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