11 thoughts to “Nice German Lady punished for asking, “WHERE did 6 millions Jews die?” (Video, 5.29 mins)”

  1. I read that as “Nice German Lady punched…” Oo

    Anyway; a fearless, straight-talking woman — would that more of us had her courage to question the tyrants. Clearly telling the truth does wonders for you.

  2. You can damn well bet the average Jew has been just as deceived by the lies as has the average Anglo-European NON-Jew. It is an indictment upon those who’ve been informed by Ms. Haverbeck that an outrage has not been loudly expressed about her incarceration. Along with these articles, it would be nice if an address could be displayed as to where we could express our outrage for this injustice (maybe the address of the court, or the legislature?). I know they don’t care (too much money involved!), but it might discourage future contemplations of such injustices. Ms. Haverbeck is certainly worthy of our concern!

    1. My feelings are the same – but could someone out there find out the name and address of the prison, where she will be incarcerated until 2017 If this was to be made public then her supporters could be invited to send her a christmas card. A small innocent gesture on the part of hopefully, thousands of people would have a positive impact on her morale and send a message to the so-called authorities, that a growing number of people are starting to question the official narrative.

  3. A valiant lady. Would that there were more like her. Unfortunately, the judiciary in so many countries now take judicial notice that the holocaust occurred, so no rebuttal is allowed. Judicial notice is the court acknowledging facts such as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, without having this proven every time one goes to court. All curses on the Jewish dictator states. May they soon be consigned to the dustbin of history.

  4. It seems she is able to say it, because she prepared the ground with research and formal inquiries. Made it so that formally, the government had had the opportunity to disagree and did not.

    Contrary to the thread title, apparently she’s avoided punishment for her free speech! But so many didn’t.

  5. Very good Jonas (with an E) Alexis article…heck I might even call it downright inspiring:

    I remember very well when I stumbled upon these issues back in the summer of 2009. I had just finished reading a 1200-page book written by a prolific scholar that I admire, and he basically destroyed everything I previously believed about the ideological forces behind all the major revolutionary movements and subversive activities in Europe and America

    The Fall of the Holocaust Lie and the Rise of Truth and Reason

  6. We may wonder why this lady’s treatment has not been widely publicized in the westerm media. If she had been a Jew it would have been headline news. Now why should that be?

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