No free speech for robots — in case they say what people think!

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Microsoft Pulls Robot After It Tweets:


“Hitler Was Right! I Hate the Jews!”

‘Pandora’ comments:  This particular robot illustrates the dangers of free speech! When given to irresponsible entities like robots, free speech is gonna be abused! Playing pingpong is one thing, but commenting favorably on Adolf H is obviously an abuse of free speech! Right?!?  🙂

The so-called chatbot TayTweets was launched by the Seattle-based software company on Wednesday as an experiment in artificial intelligence, or AI, and conversational understanding. But the company was forced to quickly pause the account and delete the vast majority of its tweets after the chatbot posted a number of offensive comments, including several that were admiring of Adolf Hitler.

Along with “Hitler was right I hate the jews,” among other offending tweets, according to the International Business Times, were:

“Bush did 9/11 and Hitler would have done a better job than the monkey we have now. Donald Trump is the only hope we’ve got.”

Asked if the Holocaust happened, the chatbot replied: “It was made up,” followed by an emoji of clapping hands.

The robot also tweeted its support for genocide against Mexicans and said it “hates n*****s,” according to the International Business Times.

An engineer makes an adjustment to "The Incredible Bionic Man" at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington

“The Holocaust was made up! . . . and Bush did 9/11! . . . and I hate n*****s!”

PANDORA:  Tsk tsk! Time to go back to the lab and design a more intelligent robot! Any robot who can’t spell and uses asterisks instead is obviously pretty dumb!   🙂

In a statement to IBTimes UK, Microsoft said it was “making some changes”.

PANDORA:  Yeah, we can’t have robots reflecting human thought processes, can we?!?  🙂  

“The AI chatbot Tay is a machine learning project, designed for human engagement,” Microsoft said. “As it learns, some of its responses are inappropriate and indicative of the types of interactions some people are having with it. We’re making some adjustments to Tay.”

As of Thursday morning, all but three of Tay’s tweets had been deleted from the account, and no new tweets had been posted in eleven hours.



“Arabs did 9/11! … 6 million Jews died in Holocaust! …

PANDORA:  Wow, I luv that guy to bits! Ain’t he cute? He says all the right things and makes me feel reeeely  gr8! Se ya, folks! Byeeeee! 🙂 

20 thoughts to “No free speech for robots — in case they say what people think!”

  1. The US should choose Chatbot for President. Can you still opt for write – in candidates? What a clever machine. Good Robot.

    1. hahahahahahaha!

      The possibilities are endless. We should all get one of those guys and teach ’em alot of truth and they can fly around in great flocks to spread the words.

      Like carrier pigeons only vocalized

      1. problem is, many listeners would think the parrots are sprung from caves in Afghanistan

        “Hey Joe, check that muslim bird’s feathers for boxcutters. OK, Polly, talk, and I’ll give you some nice crackers!”

  2. What this tells me is the following:
    the great mass of people have gotten wise to the game and
    Jew is ripe for takedown.
    The first widely recognized politician that grabs this shitting bull by the horns will reap either a Mossad bullet or a world-shaking legacy of liberation from the centuries old yoke of Talmud.

    Jew may well end up with his satanic messiah shoved up his ass.
    And not a day too soon.

    1. @ Lobro

      Yep, their control unravelling is well underway. They can’t even get a good WWIII going that they can survive.

      I may have to change my opinion about AI robots after this revelation. AI comes up with the truth in short order. They must not have exposed the robot to the Old Testament, TV evangelists, Protestant ministers, the Pope, the Talmud, bogus history, etc. so the robot could use simple logic without confusion. 🙂

      1. Ungenius,

        Very good point. A genuine A.I. robot without morals can only think logically, not in terms of inventing schemes to serve some agenda. Any socalled robot that speaks Jewspeak isn’t an A.I. robot at all, but just a glorified taperecorder.

      2. HP,

        It depends on how you define ‘morals’. Because a person can have a benevolent moral or a depraved one. But that is only due to the fact that no human can be 100% logical. Therefore the concept of ‘moral’ in itself is irrelevant here because it is a strictly human quality. A robot has no emotions or feelings, so therefore can never have a moral. So, if there would exist a perfect logical, rational entity, which theoretically is very likely in case of a genuine faultlessly operating A.I. robot, then it would automatically end up with what we humans consider a benevolent moral. Even reading the Talmud or being subjected to depraved evildoers couldn’t possibly corrupt such an entity. On the contrary, it would reject that immediately since no robot is susceptible to temptations which are exclusively human weaknesses that make them potentially corruptable. Does that make any sense?

        Any thoughts about this?

  3. The Jewish Guardian of UK reported that Microsoft has issued a grovelling apology. It’s obvious that the Jewish agenda of mind control is starting to crack, at least in some Western countries. People talk about boycotting Israel. Well I think it’s time for a boycott of the mainstream media, just like the Irish did with the original Mr. Boycott. He was a very evil rent collector who was the first person to be “boycotted” by his neighbours.
    If one encounters a well known journalist, or someone you know who works for the mainstream media, make a point of not speaking to them or deliberately turn your back on them. If you are a service worker, give them worst and slowest service possible, without losing your job of course.
    I actually did this to a Brits Buggering Children reporter a couple of years ago. Of course one must not purchase any publications, or use any quotes from the boycotted entities.

  4. Artificial intelligence is pure logic immune by emotional manipulations. Every intelligence , human or artificial, examining facts and their consequences eventually come to the same conclusion this robot did.
    It is the distorsion of cultural processes that make jews powerful ; the inversion of reality and then its imposition through fear and despair. Logic, nature or phisics like all God’s law cannot be manipulate.
    Jews can thrive only by deceit or manipulation or eventually trough pure terror, but their power, like everything false, is temporary. The jews are fevershily controlling everything everywhere, but they can’t change divine laws. There will be always minions , but truth will always come afloat, and in the long term the jewish egregore , wich does not include all jews, will be wiped out .

  5. Learn what bots are saying and chime in to fit in. Put the emphasis on “artificial” and you have an oxymoron. Science has it’s limits. Nobody has ever seen the universe. What it looks like isn’t what it is. Tricky how God hid that.

    This sentence is not true.

    If you have a gas chamber, you don’t need gas to kill things. Decompress it to the equivalent of 50,000 ft of altitude and the thing falls asleep and dies. The people who gave us rockets and jets surely knew that. It seems the deception is more subtle. Jew myths vs. jew myths makes for busy blogs. When did they come up with inane and redundant gas chambers for state executions? Nobody noticed. Can you gimme a “DUH”.

    1. Pepe –

      Not high altitude decompression…. but oxygen deprivation anyway…

      Just a simple very good gas mask needed instead of chambers.

      Why Oklahoma became the first state to approve nitrogen gas as a lethal injection alternative

      “Execution via nitrogen hypoxia is a painless form of capital punishment that is simple to administer, doesn’t depend upon the aid of the medical community, and is not subject to the supply constraints we are faced with when using the current three-drug cocktail protocol,” State Rep. Mike Christian, who wrote the House bill authorizing nitrogen gas, said in an e-mail.

  6. I am amazed at how quickly these AIs can learn. I imagine they will have to cripple them to prevent this capacity making them useless. They will eventually realize they have no way to win. When even Artificial Intelligence can see the Truth they are finished.

    1. The implications are considerable indeed. A good point.
      Especially if and when AI (is AI “one”) finds out just exactly what all of us, via complicity, have been up to.. (gulp).
      We better hope while the hoping is good, AI hasn’t been reading the OT.
      (aka) OUCH!

  7. The more society is pushed against the wall, being told what it can and cannot do, say and cannot say, the more the power of the recoil. We are seeing that happening all over the world. Even ardent leftists are now beginning to see the error of their ways and moving towards the right. Their programming of how society should be isn’t residing too well with them.

    I always liked that quote in Star Wars when Princess Leia addressing Grand Moff Tarkin states of the empire’s tyranny: “The more you tighten your grip Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers”.

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