On Feminism and Misogyny: An Open Letter to John Kaminski




Dear John,

Apologies for not replying sooner to the email you sent me four days ago (February 23) in which you informed me that you had been removed as a guest writer from Kyle Hunt’s Renegade Tribune site. I opened your email only yesterday and discovered that your article, “The Third Rail”, had caused great offence to Kyle, with specific reference to the anti-feminist video that accompanied your article. The fact is, I was in bed with a bad bout of flu for most of last week and running a high temperature, meaning that I only read your article for the first time yesterday.

The situation was explained by Admin (DZ) , one of two moderators on the Darkmoon site, a couple of days ago:

February 26, 2016 at 1:42 am

@ Everyone

Interestingly enough, none of us has had time to read Kaminski’s article or the Renegade article either. This includes Lasha who has been in bed with a high temperature for the last few days. Kaminski’s article was posted by Toby* who read only the first few paragraphs, assuming that the rest of it was okay. Apparently it was not, so I am told, and has caused grave offense in certain quarters. We will investigate why when we have the time and Lasha returns.  [* Toby is my uncle who helps out as a moderator of comments. Unfortunately, the site is largely unmonitored; and I myself seldom have time to read the comments. — LD] 

Okay John, and now in regard to your email of Feb 23. I venture to publish this in the belief that I am not breaching the rules of confidentiality, given that this is in the public interest and has caused me great embarrassment.

Lasha. Share with me, if you would, your opinion of that final video, the one that is so rough on the female gender. Kyle Hunt was so offended by it, not only won’t he run it, but it looks like he’s evicting me from his website. I think it’s the best story I’ve written all year, but it would be ironic that in writing a story about the third rail, as least as far as his site in concerned, I’ve electrocuted myself.

Best wishes,

John K.

Well, John. I have now had the opportunity—only within the last 24 hours—to read your article in its entirety and also Kyle’s response to it on the Renegade Tribune. You have placed me in a very delicate situation. By publishing your article and letting it stand intact, without any attempt to comment on it myself or delete it for its offensiveness, you have no doubt made Kyle very angry with me too. You have drawn me into your quarrel with Kyle. He probably thinks I have sided with you against him and is hopping mad with me too, thinking (mistakenly) that I agree with the sentiments expressed in your article and the toxic video you posted with it.  Oh dear, this is all so upsetting!

This is how I see it, John, and I will give you the whole truth. Your article was excellent until you dragged in the subject of feminism right at the end, almost as an afterthought. If you’d just omitted the end bit with the video in it, Kyle would have published your article gladly and taken no offence. That’s what I believe. I know what you’re thinking right now. That Kyle must be crazy for taking offence. For over-reacting. For misunderstanding and misinterpreting your meaning. It would be comforting if that were true. But you only have to read Kyle’s article to see that he is genuinely outraged at what you said. Here are the insulting words you should never have uttered:

“Women don’t care about the welfare of their country or their civilisation. They seek to maximize their chances of bearing viable offspring….. Women like the idea of their country being destroyed  by a rampage of virile men.”

Toxic words, John. EXTREMELY TOXIC! These are the words that have got you kicked off Kyle’s website. He has NOT misinterpreted you or  misunderstood your meaning. You are saying here quite clearly that ALL women, not some, couldn’t give a hoot about their country and civilisation. Does this apply to Kyle’s wife? To me? To my dear mother and sister?  Does it apply to the millions of White women who are living good and honorable lives and are not opening their legs to “a rampage of virile men”? Are all White women whores and sluts and Pussy Riot girls? That’s the unfortunate impression your article gives.

The inflammatory title of the video speaks for itself:


What a stupid title! Do nuns destroy nations? Did the Roman Empire decline and fall because Roman women were a bad lot? Was Russia destroyed in the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution by a bunch of evil Russian feminists?    

I won’t elaborate.

The video you linked in your article was produced by Jews in order to demonize women, especially White women. Its appeal is strictly to the misogynist lurking in the deep recesses of the sick male psyche. The anti-feminism of these damaged men is simply a mask for their underlying misogyny, a deep-seated misogyny based on their personal experiences with women who have betrayed them and treated them abominably.

Addiction to pornography is another factor that contributes to misogyny. The more a man masturbates over the women he lusts after and cannot possess, the more he hates women for turning him into such a pathetic wanker.

Charles Bundy was a typical example of this tendency. A hopeless addiction to pornography made him a virulent misogynist, which in turn transformed him into a serial killer.



In an interview with his prison psychologist, James C. Dobson, Bundy confessed to the murder of over a hundred young women. Agonizing over his life-long addiction to pornography, he revealed how it had fueled his compulsive behavior. “I’ve lived in prison for a long time now,” the serial killer confided, “and I’ve met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence. Without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography—deeply consumed by his addiction.”  (See here). 

The video you posted, John, makes no mention of the Jews. Nor the fact that they are the evil force behind feminism. The video alludes to FEMEN but forgets to mention the Jews who helped to finance them: the Brooklyn Jew Jed Sunden and his two Jewish colleagues. And who financed the Pussy Riot girls? Answer: the Jewish billionaite George Soros.

Let’s see what Francis Carr Begbie says about all this in the Occidental Observer:

Like Femen, the key Pussy Riot motivating force seems to be a demented hatred of Christianity in general and the Orthodox Church in particular. But it was the writer Israel Shamir who first pointed out that Pussy Riot’s prominent supporters from the Russian arts and media are overwhelmingly Jewish.

“None of them is a practicing Jew,” wrote Shamir, “but they apparently inherited their hatred of the Church from their forefathers.”

Russian allegations that both feminist groups are effectively Jewish sock-puppets have been met with the usual spluttering outrage…. Pussy Riot is also supported by the Soros-funded National Endowment for Democracy.

Could it be that support of groups like Pussy Riot is part of a parallel Jewish strategy of debasement and corruption of Christian morality? As Professor Nathan Abrams wrote, the very prominent Jewish involvement in porn was a result of the “atavistic hatred of Christian authority” and a desire to “weaken the dominant Christian culture.”

Is it so much of a stretch to view Jewish support of these groups as part of the same agenda?

— Francis Carr Begbie, Who pulls the strings of Femen and Pussy Riot?

Does the video you linked in your article—’WHY WOMEN DESTROY NATIONS’—mention any of these significant facts? No, it sweeps them all under the carpet. It ignores them completely. Its whole object is to demonize the many White women who are suckered into espousing feminism, making themselves in the process (without knowing it) Useful Idiots for the Jews.

The offence your article has caused, certainly to Kyle and his wife and to many others who have written to me personally, cannot be pushed aside and ignored. I am therefore posting Kyle’s article here with my comments attached. From these comments you will be able to see what went wrong. I’m sorry if this hurts your feelings, John, but it has to be done in order restore the balance.

The article by Kyle Hunt will be published next, with a few comments of my own attached. Its title:  FEMINISM: A JEWISH PSYOP TO DEMONIZE WHITE WOMEN.

Please don’t let this unfortunate incident make me an “ enemy” of yours. Both of us have enough enemies as it is. We need to get on with our lives now and forget this storm in a teacup ever took place. You are an enormously talented writer, with a wide following and a profound insight into all things Jewish, but in this particular instance you were wrong to suggest that all women are to blame for the disgusting behavior of the few — and especially for this incendiary comment:

“Women don’t care about the welfare of their country or their civilisation. They seek to maximise their chances of bearing viable offspring….. Women like the idea of their country being destroyed  by a rampage of virile men.”

Sincere best wishes,

Lasha Darkmoon

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

44 thoughts to “On Feminism and Misogyny: An Open Letter to John Kaminski”

  1. The above aforementioned Video is 100% KOSHER, a red herring strictly for CUCKS.

    “Why Jews destroy Civilizations and other Uncomfortable Truths” would have nailed it, as they say.

    Feminism was 100% created by JEWS. To blame Feminism without naming and blaming the JEWS who created it is a LIE, a LIE OF OMISSION in this instance, but nevertheless, a Great Big Lie!

    The Jewish faces of Feminism: http://i.imgur.com/62f9IOg.jpg

    This comment was posted yesterday on another thread but best belongs here. Apologies for being redundant.

  2. Lasha –

    You wrote Charles Bundy.

    I am guessing you meant the serial killer… Theodore Robert [Cowell] Bundy.

    A true BASTARD, his hatred of women may have been aimed at his mother… not from ‘loping his mule,’ as you suggested happens to men who do so.
    All men would be serial killers. 🙂

    Bundy was born Theodore Robert Cowell at the Elizabeth Lund Home For Unwed Mothers (now the Lund Family Center) in Burlington, Vermont on November 24, 1946 to Eleanor Louise Cowell (1924–2012; known for most of her life as Louise). His father’s identity has never been determined with certainty. His birth certificate assigns paternity to a salesman and Air Force veteran named Lloyd Marshall, but Louise later claimed that she had been seduced by “a sailor” whose name may have been Jack Worthington. (Years later, investigators would find no record of anyone by that name in Navy or merchant marine archives.) Some family members expressed suspicions that Bundy might have been fathered by Louise’s own violent, abusive father, Samuel Cowell, but no material evidence has ever been cited to support or refute this

  3. I hope Kaminski isn’t crying TOO much about getting kicked off of and banned from Renegade. I’ve been kicked- off-of and banned from about, Oh, 666 websites, and I do know the Sun still rises in the morning. Plus, there’s still a million other websites that feature Kaminski’s articles, so I’m not crying TOO much about it, I hope Kaminski ain’t crying TOO much about it. Plus, Uncle censors over 90% of the posts I send in to Darkmoon, Kaminski knows that, he never cries about that. Plus, Kaminksi knows I’ve been banned from so many websites in the “truth telling” “alternative” media, he never cried not one tear for me when I got and still get banned and censored. But I’m here today to say the Sun rises in the morning over those who have never been banned from anything and those who have been banned from a lot of websites. Heck, the Sun even rises in the morning over those who have been banned from only one website. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…..

  4. Thanks for the pic of the Femen girls with their faces covered. So which one is Ingrid?

  5. @ Lasha

    Thanks for your open letter. You have expressed your position quite well and timely. Some people visiting Darkmoon could easily come to the wrong conclusions concerning Darkmoon based on the Kaminski article and the rather over abundant negative commentary to some of the recent articles pertinent to women.

  6. Its a shame the knee-jerk reaction took place by firing John. The level of publication soared with his work at Renegade. But instead of working things out with respect, the owner of that blog simply cut off John’s head, which concerns me.

    For if we cannot vet these things openly and try to fully understand what that excellent author was getting at, all this does is provide more separation within the group.

    But maybe that is the entire point?

    1. @ Buelahman

      You miss the point. Renegade Tribune is owned and edited by Kyle Hunt. He’s the boss. And he, and he alone, decides who he wants to publish on his website.

      If one of his writers starts giving him problems and behaves like a primadonna by refusing to accept editorial cuts and changes which the editor thinks necessary, then the writer has to go. No blog owner is under obligation to publish a writer who takes up an adversarial position and thinks he has a right to permanent tenure.

      Writers need to know that they don’t call the shots. They need to toe he line and not get too big for their boots.

      1. Oh, I didn’t miss the point at all. Of course, it is Kyle’s perrogative to do anything he cares to do with his blog. I never said he shouldn’t, much less couldn’t.

        But you missed my point. John Kaminski’s work is virtually unassailable. His work lifted renegade’s breadth and visibility immensely. As a matter of fact, I may not have ever subscribed without John’s work (of course, I am also a huge fan of DggerForTruth and have enjoyed Sinead’s work, as well.

        When people have this connection, which was obviously pursued by Kyle and others at Renegade, it would seem to me that discussion/debate would have been more sensible than the way this took place.

        I certainly do not view Kaminski in any lesser light. But the reaction of the blog owner causes me to question the entire renegade purpose.

        As for filling boots, one would have to grow some significant feet to fill John’s shoes… not the other way around.

        1. In Defence of Mister John Kaminski,

          Although it is fairly common in those who are naturally ill-equipped to be the masters of the pen to make much noise about their supreme talents, the stark truth is that, the delicate art of writing takes years to master; and, those who hope to make themselves supreme in the art of writing by mere frequent familiarity with paper and the pen, will soon be shaken off their ugly arrogancy and deceit, and be topped over on their shallow heads, for in this subtlest expression of the mind, it is not what we think of ourselves that matters but what others think of us. I, of course, am excluded from this hideous Poll, as I strongly believe I am beyond the reach of others’ judgement.

          Now, what the much-respected Mister John Kaminski says about White women, is correct: WHITE WOMEN ARE TOTAL RUBBISH! No, more: White women are the corporeal latrine of the West, on whom not only is it permissible to shit and piss, but immediately afterwards to kill, precisely as the Kalergi plan had anticipated and plotted.

          Although my natural, Aristocratic disposition, to which, by the aid of money, is coupled refined, acquired taste, prohibits me from frequenting Jewish Pornography sites, from time to time I do employ my delicate mind in precisely that department, and forcibly steer my elegant fingers towards that part of the digital universe from which they and I clearly know they ought to keep away, though I do assure you not for the reasons which our naughtily hopeful and hopefully naughty Canadian friend may think, but rather so as to see what new position, and what new foul words have the WHITE filthy women of the West added to the sublimely beautiful lexicon of the English tongue, and how exactly are they reacting in their pleasures as the dirty Hebrew Jew dogs fuck their White offensive cunts.

          The White women of today have a serious problem in their hands, and since the proximity of the problem is too close to themselves in order to be seen, namely, THEM, it is unfair to hope for the successful resolution of it, as it was THEY, the White women themselves, who since the year of 1965 have deafeningly clamoured to be equal in every respect to men, a fact which requires no laborious meditation, nor unnecessary cogitation, in order to see its unreasonableness and its impossibility.

          Every serious mind that has not overlong been confined in the modern thoughts of the Jewish Age which I, and not unfairly, elect to call, The Age of the Jew Toilet, will tell you that, the moment the White women sought total parity with the man, by which I mean, when they sought to pursue their full-time careers, as well as be mothers and wives at the same time, was the moment the White woman died, since the mind of a woman is naturally too capricious and impatient to possess that unshakeable reason and strength which is so very much needed to survive in the world of today and which men alone possess, and any undue stress to their delicate mental constitution, such as the great stress of the modern world, is bound to make them more bad than good, as our gorgeous Canadian friend is wont to say.

          But this is not all. Today, political correctness and (un)equal rights have made the White woman cocky in the extreme, and their vociferous and ugly intemperance in insisting that any critique of the formerly fair and gentle sex by the men is to be considered an act of discrimination against them, only serves to make them the more unappealing, since critique is not criticism, but a subtle distinction which the porno White sluts of today appear to be incapable of discerning.

          And I’ll give you an example. I recently, when in Baden-Baden recuperating, said to a woman acquaintance of mine that, whose name is Esther, that should I ever fall ill, it would be my express wish that my fine, German frame be entrusted to the hands of a MALE Doctor, whose sex has always been my singular preferment in matters pertaining to health, even though I assured her that my important choice had nothing to do with the inferiority of a woman Doctor’s talents and abilities, but rather, because I had virtually grown up without a father, I tend to find a man’s hands more ameliorating and comforting than a woman’s. Well, well, well! What happened next? She slammed the bottom of her wine glass most indelicately on the table, and enquired with me whether I had always thought men to be superior to women. Remember, yes?: I had said no such thing; all I said was that, ‘I MYSELF PREFER TO BE TREATED BY A MALE DOCTOR,’ and not, MALE DOCTORS ARE BETTER THAN FEMALE ONES. This is what I meant earlier when I said that women of today have gone wild. And this is just one and very small example of the extent of the deterioration of White women who, if truth be told, History has not recorded for any celebrated works or performances, though the Present seeks to elevate to the status of the gods. O Tempora, O Mores!

          Returning to the Department of Pornography, of which our Canadian friend cannot possibly be a subscriber, because he is so good, I last night performed a subtle experiment, which I urge all students of Psychology to perform, in which I selected a very filthy Jew-made video, which showed a Manchester woman in her thirties swearing more foully and loudly than does an English sailor when drunk on Port. I covered the offensive part of her and her violent rammer’s body and pendulum-like swinging member, muted the microphone, and rendered my computer screen so very little as to be able to only see the woman’s face: no man, no sound, no background, no nothing: just the facial expressions of the WHITE woman. As Jewish Hebrew dissipation was heaped on dissipation, half way into the video I noticed a remarkable shift in the mien of our victim – remember: the English are remarkably handsome – and saw how her former perfectly delineated contours of the feminine English face of a sudden assumed a different form, an ugly form, a form not feminine but rather hideously Jewishly masculine, that is to say, EVIL, until so very thoroughly fucked she was, that by the time the romp had ended and I compared the frozen frame of her face at the beginning with that of hers at the end, I could swear I was looking at two entirely different human (sic) specimens! And why is this important? BECAUSE WHITE DOG SLUT WOMEN HAVE EMBRACED JEWISH PORNOGRAPHY WITH THE EQUAL WARMTH AS HAVE THE MEN, and anyone acquainted with the workings of the female mind will tell you that, pornography does infinitely more harm to women than men, and if anyone today tries to tell women to steer clear of that Jewish toilet filth, immediately is one branded an evil restrictor of their freedoms, a tyrant, a dominator and a woman hater; and, because women are more promiscuous than men, and because they are bereft of that sharp Intelligence which defines men, they are increasingly seeking comfort and pleasure in pornography and sex, an activity which they imagine flatters them and their sex but which, if truth be told, only plays havoc with their mind and denigrates them even in the eyes of a woman like me.

          But, since the White woman has now reached that stage of inner deterioration which even all the Madame’s Catholic Saints, both dead and alive, could not hope to improve, I say: let’s fucking kill the White woman; let us do away with all the White women scum of the world, and hope, HOPE! that somehow either the remaining undefiled ones will multiply, or that Mother Nature somehow spawns us a new breed of them, because, as it is, THE WHITE WOMAN OF TODAY HAS UNMISTAKEABLY BECOME A SLUT, A WHORE, A WENCH, AND A DOG, that has lost all beauty of soul, all elegance of features, and all delicacy of expression, and which now appears to all those who can see with that heavy sadness and inner death which only a Jewish mind can mould, and an untrained eye can still admire.

          Mister Kaminski is right, and I am irresistibly flattered to be able to support him, but not without the unquestionable insistence, and the immodest claim, that though we fully concur on the subject, I still here am, and jealously intend to remain, the sole and solitary master of the foreign gorgeous English pen. Above me, no one; below me, God and men.

          I laugh when I see how the ghost of Catullus
          Looks pale and shaken when it witnesses
          A better performance out-top his.

          Evil Ellie

          1. @ Ellie

            Ellie is right! To paraphrase Ellie : “This is Kaminski’s BEST BEST BEST EVER EVER EVER!!!!”. Kaminski always without fail manages to come out with each new article better than what preceded. Each and every article of His is His Best Ever!!!

            Kaminski never drops the ball. Never!!

            Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God dropped His Cross three times up Calvary Hill, but Kaminski, Kaminski who must bear a weight more burdensome , carry a cross even heavier, than The Cross of our Lord and Savior God, Kaminski NEVER drops his cross he bears on his shoulders for our good, for our Redemption and Salvation!


      2. To wrap up the lengthy comment by the ‘EK Entity’ in one sentence.

        White women of all ages can be gotten with bling and candy. 🙂

      3. Even though I’d like to turn the bitch across my knee and paddle her ass, she IS a fine writer! 🙂

  7. Though the failure of the video in question to mention Jews was a drawback, would inclusion of the mention of the Jews’ creation of feminism have done anything to change the points made in the video? No, it wouldn’t have. In this irrational assault on my attempt to raise the issue of women’s intrinsic biological indifference to social sanity, what we have here is a case of political correctness trumping reason and honesty. I sincerely believe that the majority of women in the world would not trade their liberation for anything as abstract as in-group cohesion, and the result, as the video accurately states, will be the destruction of civilization, which is already far advanced. Regardless of who invented this insane social strategy of feminist irresponsibility, the real fault lies not only with the men who permitted it, but with the women who enthusiastically accepted it. The fact that I am not allowed to say this on either Renegade Tribune or Darkmoon not only is a fascistic prohibition of my freedom of speech, but will result in my stories no longer appearing on either venue. I have no wish to be associated with websites unwilling to foster free and open discussion of controversial issues.

    1. @ John Kaminski

      “The fact that I am not allowed to say this on either Renegade Tribune or Darkmoon is not only is a fascistic prohibition of my freedom of speech, but will result in my stories no longer appearing on either venue.”

      Stop whining, you pompous primadonna! Anyone would think you OWNED the two websites which have given you hospitality for so long!

      As for the Darkmoon site behaving in a “fascistic” manner and prohibiting your “freedom of speech”, I’ve never heard such UTTER CRAP in my life!

      You are guilty of an outright lie.

      Your article “The Third Rail” was published here WITHOUT CENSORSHIP! Your video was NOT banned. Nor has your freedom to whine and quetch here in the Comments column been taken away from you!

      Finally, you have had more articles published on this website than ALL the other writers here put together — including Lasha Darkmoon! And yet you dare to complain about “censorship”?!!!

      Tell us, sir, assuming you have any f***ing brains left, HOW HAS THIS SITE CENSORED YOU AND INTERFERED WITH YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

      1. It appears that as long as he doesn’t touch their vaunted “third rail” everything is good. They NEED his work to gain visits, moron. You act as if there was no mutual gain. As if they simply post John’s work to appease a primadonna.

        I expect you actually know this, but… there is an agenda.

      2. @ Dr Parker

        Please watch your language. Remember you have already been banned once. I’ve allowed this comment to pass only because it makes a valid point about censorship. We haven’t censored a single post/article/comment Kaminski has sent us. Not once. It surprises me that Kaminski should make such a false allegation.

        — DZ

      3. @ John Kaminski

        I’d like to remind you that we have bent over backwards to appease you. In spite of this, you accuse us falsely of “censoring” your work and taking away your “freedom of speech.” Never once have we done this.

        In addition, we have made a unique exception in your case by reading and accepting your unsolicited articles, week after week. This is in breach of our own website policy where we have stated clearly that we do not have time to read and publish unsolicited material of any kind.

        See para #2 here:

        It is sad to think that, instead of thanking us for the special privileges we have granted you, we receive nothing in return from you except attacks on our integrity and false accusations of censorship.

        — Editor JS Montecristo

      4. You have to love these people who complain when every word that they utter is not published verbatim on whatever blog they submit their comments or “articles” to. You should tell these crybabies that they are free to go and set up their own blog. They are NOT denied their “freedom of speech”, since they can always go and set up their very own soapbox! But no, they do not want to do that work themselves. Far better of course, to tell you that you “MUST” publish what they say or it violates their “right”… yada,yada yada.

        1. I’m taking Ellie’s very deeply hateful diatribe against the White Race rightfully the way it should be taken, as “Ellie’ is really Lasha — yet another one of Lasha’s personas ; In Lasha’s persona “Ellie” we see The Real Lasha and we see her true feelings about the White Race. Lasha didn’t name her website a code word for the satanic jew’s satanic Kabbalah for nothing. She named it “Darkmoon” so she could play cat and mouse with her readers and drop clues as to her real loyalties.

          Lasha is very transparent, really, in spite of her veils. Though of course she thinks no one would ever notice the clue she just spat out of her jew snake mouth. Under the guise of “Ellie” Lasha leaves a clue about herself as she simultaneously curses the White Race, and what a deep feral hatred.

          But Kaminski and everyone here doesn’t know what Lasha’s true nature is, don’t know what her true loyalty is to, don’t know “Darkmoon” is a code word for the satanic jews satanic Kabbalah.

          Darkmoon is actually fascinating in a way. I just LERV The Clues. THE CLUES say EVERYTHING as to what Lasha is really all about. “Lasha” here means “Lasha” of course and it means everyone in her acting troupe, which means all of you Darkmooners. You all think and feel the same exact way as Lasha and you all drop plenty of clues yourselves, but never quite as clever and never quite as subtle as Lasha drops her jew clues out of her jew snake mouth.

    2. Dear John,

      “Women don’t care about the welfare of their country or their civilisation. They seek to maximize their chances of bearing viable offspring….. Women like the idea of their country being destroyed by a rampage of virile men.”

      This would have probably been more acceptable had it read something like:

      Women often don’t think about the welfare of their country or their civilization. Their primary goal is to maximize their chances of bearing viable offspring….. while romance novels might show many Women like the idea of being ravaged by virile men, politics and other realities seldom enter into these sexual fantasies.

      As a writer, I have to continually watch for superlatives, and worse, hyperbole. These traps invariably invite a detractor to attack.

      That said, I still think this was the best article you ever published. As for Mr. Hunt’s reaction, the only thing that ever accounts for such indignation and outrage is ego. If males ever had a problem its our ego. Mr. Hunt’s ego most likely overshadowed his rational thinking.

      I think the penis is an extension of the male ego and perhaps vice versa. Both organs are typically perceived by the mind to be of vastly different proportions than actually warranted. As is usually the case with the “little head,” it is often allowed to rule our thinking in lieu of the far more rational “big head” situated on our shoulders.

  8. 90% oblivious, 4% blame jews, 4% blame feminists / -m, 00.90% blame both equally, 00.01% understands how exactly they can be and are identical.
    anybody miss Lonnie around here?
    listen to him chat with Kaminski:
    2.25.16 Sacred Cow BBQ talks to Thom Davis and John Kaminski
    Patricia Aiken – 116
    187 views from Feb 26, 2016
    JK introduced properly around the 50m mark
    at an hour and 37 our familiar inciter and pledger of viol .. ehrrr .. self defence, blames others for doing it wrong and proposes to witch hunt mark mcconnell (LA flaplip who went on a Malheur pilgrimage); there’s a ‘lonnie’ at the tribune as well, the relevant item has 12 comments thus far.

    ps2: i find at least every 5th Russ Lindquist vid is on gender issues and every 5th of those quite good and worthwile
    ex porn worker, broken family, both background and his own, got beat up by black hoodlums and has very odds tattoos all over a baby face. Peculiar style, resonant voice.

  9. What about this “virile men” shit?
    Is this some passive aggressive snivelly insult to white men? Are white men not virile because we don’t rape, abuse and degrade our women? Since when do we call 3rd world beast rapists virile men”?

    And it’s funny they bring up Adam and Eve. Where do they think Adam was? Was Adam out jogging when the serpent (enchanter, whisperer of charms) beguiled (wholly seduced) Eve, by sophistically twisting and rationalizing the law? And then they do just what Adam does with the “This woman you gave me”. Is your subconscience trying to tell you something. There is the image of porn sullied women being subtlely promoted there.

    Bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh… I read that a man likes to eat pussy because he wants to get back in it. I see the virtuous girl with her pristine femininity wanting back in Adam’s bone and blood. Do these people know how Elohim do it? I go catatonic when I look in her eyes. There’s an otherworldly kinship. She knows me. I’m unworthy. She scares the hell out of me!

    I guess they never noticed how a girl’s words go from “you and me”,the night before to “we and us” in the morning. Fucking is a promise. Your fickle betrayal sent her straight to the feminists for comfort. And you brag to guys about it to impress them, like a jailhouse punk. It’s a cold thing to do.

    Atheists are bound to come to such low rent lowball conclusions, reducing the white race to a list of peculiar biological functions. Porn images have become archetypes in their minds. Passive aggressive insults from pussies. Do they expect me to believe they believe there is anything redeemable about any white races with their gutter esteem of it?

  10. I received John’s article in my email last week. I read it and forwarded it with the subject line ‘some good content’. I saw the line in question and shook my head. I did not watch the video tho, as I already formed an opinion on the statement. I brushed it off, preferring to focus on the good content of the article with regards to the “third rail”. It was a very good analogy.

    I do disagree with the assertion that all women are to blame for the disgusting actions of a few, or that women, in the main, care nothing for the nation or civilization. Indeed, behind every great man there is an equally strong woman, not to mention his mother. And won’t christians be surprised to find out that God is a Black lesbian. ::snark:::

    I am not a big fan of the feminist movement, though. I admit I haven’t studied it in detail like many here have. I do feel women deserve equal positions or opportunities as men. But it is their natural maternal instincts and purpose, or rather, the loss thereof which I am concerned with. This however is for them to balance out not me to dictate. I’ve never carried a child to term in my body, so I have no experience to draw upon to make any assumptions or statements about what a woman cares about or feels.

    With respect to the article, I feel it would serve in the interests of unity (if we are to successfully oppose the Jew World Order) if John were to issue a retraction of his article or at least of the statement in question.

    John is a good writer who has broken through the ice dozens of times when others authors are tip-toeing on the shores of the frozen lake of ‘Jew corruption’. He’s called a spade a spade when others point to ’empire’ or ‘satanists’ or the ‘Illuminati’ as the force behind the all the dark misery world wide, when in fact, behind all of it lies the jew. I think John deserves re-consideration, or at best, grant him the room for an error. He is human like we all. John doesn’t pull any punches. But give him the benefit of the doubt that because his anger against the jew-controlled world is a driving force behind his creativity, he may experience a little blurred vision occasionally. I haven’t encountered many instances where I disagreed with John but far, far more where I was educated by him. John is not under contract like the jew-promoted music video industry where he’s forced to pump out garbage and excrement on a weekly basis. John writes from his heart and his knowledge. I believe he has a lot of both. Just as mistakes can be made, amends can also be made. Just as John was wrong to issue a blanket statement on women, it is improper for us to categorize and dismiss him because of a mistaken perspective in one area. Give him a another chance. JMO

  11. I posted the video in question at my own site along with my own personal assertions that the points were invalid simply because it has always been the evil tribe and not women being the problem.

    This ridiculous infighting I see happening here and elsewhere due to that video has to stop because the JEWS are right now probably laughing their butts off.

    If we do not stop this pettiness now then the freaks will win and have us divided.

  12. I would like to take a moment to elaborate a bit on the Adam and Eve story of Genesis. First off, all the characters in the story allude to real people. Whether or not they actually existed is irrelevant, it is the lesson that is of paramount importance. Secondly, the “God” of Eden is a different, lesser God, than the creator god. However, the descriptions are somewhat mixed as is typical of such stories from primitive cultures.

    The Garden of Eden is actually the Nile delta and the “God” of Eden is actually an Egyptian king. Egyptian kings were addressed as Gods by their people, so naturally this would be the case in the story. The description of Eden leaves no doubt as to its location. In the story, as in real life, the Nile delta was the central location for a large gold mining operation. Genesis 1:11/12 “The name of the first (River) is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; And the gold of that land is good.” Thus the land of Havilah must surround the garden as does the river Pison.

    Name another truly lush garden spot anywhere in the near east that not only has ample gold reserves surrounding it, but the kind of gold discerning Jews would actually grade as “good”. Now take a look at the gold artifacts of Egypt. Can you hear the cash registers going off in the ancient Jewish mind? No doubt gold played a part in the Hyksos invasion of Egypt.

    Another later verse in Genesis says it straight out: 13:10 “And Lot lifted up his eyes, and beheld all the plain of Jordan, that it was well watered every where, before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, even as the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt.” You can argue semantics and translations all you want, but this clearly says in its own twisted, ancient Hebrew way. “The garden of the Lord” is “the land of Egypt”.

    The reason this is studiously ignored by religious followers is because it immediately puts a much different, and far less magically divine, cast on the creation story. Why others miss these details is truly a mystery. One must remember, these stories were an oral tradition intended only for the ears of the Temple’s elite priesthood and their initiates. These were teaching stories that created the precedence for their law. Therefore, the stories are structured in a manner that helps preserve them in memory.

    Next, a passing Egyptian king rescues two itinerant savage nomads from the desert and “creates” two civilized Egyptians out of them. Verse 27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” The woman-from-the-man’s-rib narration merely sets the legal precedence for the patriarchy by making woman a part of man and therefore a lesser member of the community.

    The “lord god” of Eden, the king, makes Adam his accountant, telling him to “name” the animals. To the priest initiates hearing this story, this would mean the same as counting them. Wait a minute! The first Jew starts out as God’s accountant? Sounds like a plan. What happens next is critical. The two former itinerant travelers are wiling away their days, happily tending the lord’s garden, when up pops a snake – at least that was the symbol incorporated into the priest’s Seshed diadem.

    The uraeus (snake), was the Egyptian priesthood’s symbol of authority. “The government of Ancient Egypt was theocratic. In ancient times, the priest were the actual governors of the empire, not the Pharaoh. Priests therefore were initiates of the mystery school and powers behind the scenes. The uraeus crown was the symbol of these Initiate.” Referring to Eden’s priest as a snake may well be the means of identifying his position of authority, the same as one might say “badge” in reference to a cop.

    Thus we find an Egyptian priest chatting up Eve, and while none is mentioned in the narration, there is obviously an exchange being offered by the priest with a snake on his head. Otherwise, had it been merely a matter of evil, the snake would have no doubt tempted Adam, the man, directly. So with what exactly was the snake tempting Eve? The fruit of knowledge, the knowledge of good and evil, sacred knowledge of the mystery school. Genesis 3 verse 5 “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” And what was that knowledge? The knowledge of wealth and power and how to use them to rule others. Good and evil, what could be more descriptive of such ruling power? Eve then takes her knowledge and offers it to Adam. This is why the lord god king is outraged, one of his top administrators has revealed the deepest secrets of his power to the nomads.

    How do we know this is the case? It becomes evident in the Lord God’s discovery of Adam. As soon as he partakes of the forbidden knowledge, Adam’s eyes are opened to the fact that he is “naked”. So where is the big secret of “good and evil” in that knowledge? The answer lies in what Adam does right away, he fashions “aprons” of fig leaves. Note the leaves come from the tree that symbolizes Israel.

    So what was an apron in those days, and what did it symbolize? An Apron was a place where wealth was kept as well as a symbol of power. The masonic apron to this day, is a symbol of status. It is notable that: “In the Jewish economy, none but the superior orders of the priesthood were permitted to adorn themselves with ornamented aprons, while the inferior priests wore only plain white.” Adam wasn’t embarrassed by his “nakedness”, he simply wanted to know what it felt like to be a rich, powerful member of the Egyptian upper class.

    This was enough to alert the king; the two newbies knew things they shouldn’t. It was also the last time a Jew would be this naive. “I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.” Come now Adam, you might have come up with a better line than that. How about, “Uh, I was counting Aardvarks and I lost one in the bushes. Yeah, YEAH! That’s the ticket! I was in the bushes looking for an Aardvark when you called lord.”

    The upshot of the story is the king throws the two miscreants out on their ears into the hard scrabble desert and condemns the big-mouth priest to his mines. “Upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life”. A perfect description of a common punishment in ancient times. Imagine for a moment going out naked into the Egyptian desert. The two would have never lived to tell the story had they been wearing nothing but aprons of fig leaves.

    So you see, the woman in the story is not “evil”, but what one might think of as a typical woman whose sex caught her up in the grand plays of men. It’s an ancient story that continues to this day. However, Adam and Eve took their knowledge with them from the garden of Egypt and to this day, Jews still use that knowledge to rule others.

    1. “Adam and Eve took their knowledge with them from the garden of Egypt and to this day, Jews still use that knowledge to rule others.”

      They…. Adam Goldman and Eve Sachs, started the first stock exchange… and central bank.

  13. ADMIN (DZ): @ Digger. I have no idea why your comments keep going astray into our spam folder. Sorry about this. Will run a check to see why this is happening. (DZ)

    It’s just a shame things have to come down to this level.

    I have a huge respect for Kyle and John. Both bastions of Truth. I hope this can be healed in time. We’re all hotheads in this cause – in a way we have to be, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing what we do. But I can’t help thinking what the Israelites will be thinking of us – more divisions. We have to think more in terms of long-term and cohesion ……as the jew does.

    Let’s all get back on board when the dust settles.

    1. A better question to ask is, why are so many men pathetic wimps, whiners and wankers? You men get the women you deserve.

      1. Who let feminism happen? Who let mass immigration occur? Who let the Jews gain control over our affairs? Who could have stopped all this and didn’t?

        I tell you who’s to blame: you fucking men. You wankers. You wimps. You certainly can’t blame us women for your criminal negligence.

        You let all this happen. You impotent swine. You thumb-twiddlers. You subhuman sewer rats pretending to be men.

      2. Hey… MB…

        Go grab a couple a cases of Grey Goose…. start guzzling… and leave us wanked-out rumor generators alone.

        Then, fold your wings, and drag your drunk-ass back into your cocoon… zip it up… and pass out for another few weeks. 🙂 🙂

  14. To cut it short, Mr. Kaminski’s behaviour after the fact was almost as sad as the tail end of a contested article which was misogynistic to the extreme and insulting to every White woman. It is sad that his estimation of women is so hateful. Blame game for personal failures I suppose.

    I have lost respect for this man simply due to the prima donna stance taken. In one short paragraph, meanwhile, he insulted every White woman in my family … pioneers, settlers…. we have never had a divorce in our family. Anywhere. Vast generalizations just make fools of those making them. There seem to be a lot more of those in the movement (such as it is) these days.

    As for the comments. Gosh. So much hatred. Ellie K. is her usual poetic but lewd venomous self. Such hatred, no wonder the lass goes to Baden-Baden for the waters. I thought she was banned….

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