On the Three Types of Marxism

By Franklin Ryckaert

There are three types of Marxism — and  they are all dangerous


“Jewish World Domination can only be reached by destructive ways.”
— Franklin Ryckaert

Marxism is a Jewish movement of inciting the so-called “oppressed” to rebel against the so-called “oppressors” in order to destroy obstacles to Jewish dominance, which is the real purpose of it all. There are three variants of Marxism :

1) Social Marxism, or “class-struggle”. This form of Marxism was used in Russia in order to overthrow the Czar and the ruling class to make place for Jewish overlords. It was a stunning success, though later under Stalin the power of Jews became somewhat limited.

2) Cultural Marxism. This form of Marxism is used to undermine all forms of culture that stand for a healthy national life : relations between the generations, between the sexes, sexuality and gender identity. This too became a stunning success and at present we live under its hegemony.

3) Racial Marxism. This form of Marxism is mostly counted as being part of Cultural Marxism, but its nature and scope justify a separate treatment. In the case of Racial Marxism the “oppressors” are identified as Whites, while all non-Whites are counted as “oppressed”. The “solution” to the problem of White oppression is what we call here the White Genocide Project, i.e. the “soft” genocide of Whites by flooding their countries with non-White immigrants and then promoting miscegenation. This form of Marxism is at present in full operation.

In all three forms of Marxism the gullible Goyim are promised a Utopia of freedom if only the obstacles to it are – not reformed – but destroyed. In the case of Social Marxism this meant the literal destruction of the bourgeoisie class as happened in Russia, China and Cambodia. In Cultural Marxism all healthy forms of social life are destroyed. In Racial Marxism too the aim is not to “reform” the white race in order to give up its evil racist ways, but to destroy it all together, though in the “soft” form of genocide-by-miscegenation.

Jewish World Domination can only be reached by destructive ways and this is an indication of the demonic nature of its activists. Here is a quote from the Jew Saul Alinsky in his subversive book Rules for Radicals :

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.

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  1. I wouldn’t call them three forms of marxism, but rather two instruments of Judaic subversion for the purpose of subjugating the nations of he world.
    Marxism is the philosophical (albeit this pretense has been long laughed at), economic and political Judaic ideology.
    Cultural marxism is the ideologic instrument, of which the anti-white campaign is but one component. Rife with contradictions, cultural marxism claims that races are mere social constructs (like gender) yet it identifies whites as a race to be eliminated.

    1. Well, destroying a whole race seems to me to be of independent importance rather than being only a subdivision of cultural subversion. A culture once destroyed can be resurrected, a race cannot.

  2. Hayagriva dasa: Marx felt that true philosophy would say: “In simple truth I bear hate for any and every God.” He saw this as philosophy’s “own avowal, its own judgment against all heavenly and earthly gods who do not acknowledge human self-consciousness as the supreme divinity. There must be no other on a level with it.”

    Srila Prabhupada: How can human intelligence be perfect unless it comes to the point of understanding the Absolute Truth, the original cause of everything? Our consciousness must progress, and progress means moving toward the ultimate goal. If a human being is ignorant of the ultimate cause and the ultimate goal, of what value is his intelligence?

    Dialectic Spiritualism – Karl Marx

    1. I don’t know about you, hp, but as far as I’m concerned this post of yours represents a good example of putting the focus back where it belongs in the name of “…our consciousness must progress, and progress means moving toward the ultimate goal…”

      To me, the GROUND for consciousness truly progressing is reflected in the following example that concerns a certain passage from the Christian Bible. And yes, you can interpret my take to suggest what would be a flaw in what we call “Eastern thought”.

      This comes in the form of a clarification to something I wrote in an earlier post having to do with a gospel passage that I believe misquotes whatever Jesus is alleged to have said to Pilate in John 18:36

      …Jesus answered (Pilate) “my kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.”

      I’ll refute this by saying that Jesus KNEW he wouldn’t have enough support to overturn the pharisee rule. This is THE reason that resulted in his crucifixion.

      Successfully navigating even the NT waters can be a hazardous thing, and I believe this passage alone best represents the greatest deception, the biggest lie of them all. One whose ramifications keenly illustrate the neutering of Man.

      Neutered how?

      By suggesting that this life is nothing, that “my kingdom” is not to be experienced here, but rather in some pie-in- the-sky promised land called the “hereafter”


      It is MEANT that Life be lived wherever HERE IS, in timelessness. No AFTER, ergo, no deteriorating (“death”); only as an eternal NOW. This is the true ground from which consciousness would progress, and that it ISN’T is not Creator’s doing

      An undercurrent of Man’s incertitude making a fear of the unknown pervasive is at the heart of what ails him; the mortal state he occupies the very source of his spiritual malaise.

      Here lies wisdom

      1. @ Brownhawk

        You must be baiting me with your post. 🙂 I do not mind even if we disagree only because I know you to be a sincere person.

        You said, “I’ll refute this by saying that Jesus KNEW he wouldn’t have enough support to overturn the pharisee rule. This is THE reason that resulted in his crucifixion.”

        You make it sound as if you think Jesus should have acted as Mohammed, and summoned troops for battles of conquest and conversion.

        If you consider the following verse 37, Jesus says, “…To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.” A key word is “end,” earthly death which was required to prove the truth of life after death.

        Without a physical war, with only Jesus’ words and actions, the Pharisees were defeated and, 2,000 years later, they still operate from a defeated position trying to conquer the world.

        You said, “One whose ramifications keenly illustrate the neutering of Man. Neutered how? By suggesting that this life is nothing, that “my kingdom” is not to be experienced here, but rather in some pie-in- the-sky promised land called the “hereafter”

        Jesus did not suggest that life here is nothing. His teachings were to truthfully tell us what to do while we are here knowing that we were created by the Heavenly Father with free will/choice. Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world, but the Heavenly Father’s Kingdom is here inside each human as Jesus said. If we follow the teachings of Jesus, we will experience some of the Heavenly Father’s Kingdom here with even better to follow in Heaven.

        Following the teachings of jesus does not neuter man. Quite the contrary. If we can shake off the propaganda thrown at us from religious leaders, man is empowered to control the elements, heal the sick, cast out devils, and raise the dead with just his voice. However, we are not empowered to control our fellowman any more so than Jesus did because that would interfere with every man’s free will/choice which is why we should follow Jesus’ teaching of having a sword/weapon for defense. The reason man is fearful is because he has no idea how empowered he really is due to the pulpit propaganda.

        Hopefully, this perspective is worth your consideration.

      2. @Ungenius

        Your perspectives are always worthy of my consideration, and no, I never intended to bait you…ok maybe on some level I did
        I’ll get back to you a little later to clarify some things (pesky words and all). We’re more on the same page than you may think {<:)

      3. Ungenius

        That’s pretty funny actually

        It may SOUND like I’m on board with Mohammed and his “armies of God” but I assure you that THAT horse was already out of the barn and clear into the woods by the time HE came into the picture. But the most opportune time to overturn the pharisaic rule was when it was fresh in the minds of all involved as to just what CONSTITUTED the rule. This would have been DURING Christ’s ministry on Earth and certainly not much later than the aftermath of his crucifixion

        The pharisee thief of that horse that left the barn went to work right away on effecting the spin of Christ’s simple story of rebellion insofar as THAT aspect of the story is concerned. (and where I come from we hang horse thieves)

        I would simply bring to your attention the danger of rationalizing much of the content in the extant Bible, and I’ll reiterate some things by posting what I’d already written before reading your post this morning, and then add some more thoughts in replying to your reply

        The earlier writing:

        The sons of bitches killed the man of truth, and instead of his crucifixion sparking an immediate insurrection of standing up to the pharisee liars who killed him, his martyrdom devolved into the mystical impotency of “my kingdom is not of this world” as conveyed through the deceptive undermining of the NT. Then along came the inevitable rationalization puzzlement that interpreted certain scripture through the many centuries. Talk about yer cottage industry becoming a Big Business called the church!

        The only “sin” of his fellow man that Jesus died for was in not recognizing a bully when they saw one and then going up to him and pummeling his sorry ass into the sacred ground that HE DESECRATES!!

        And I never intimated that Jesus said this life was nothing. Please read my words more carefully. It’s just the opposite in fact. When the LIE of what he was alleged to have said to Pilate took hold, then the SPIN of that effected a mindset which DIMINISHES the experience of life on Earth. HIS kingdom is YOUR kingdom, and mine and everyone else whose very being hasn’t been irretrievably corrupted. “This Life” IS Life. Here, there, and EVERYWHERE.

        You said, “earthly death was required to prove life after death” This is incorrect. Jesus never intended for his death to be a requirement of proof. This is yet more spin of rationalization. And here comes the real kicker – that which has been suppressed for CENTURIES is what Jesus REALLY taught his disciples, which is that death is an occurrence that is NOT SOUGHT, implying that what we think of as being “free-will” is in fact “conditional will”, in turn meaning it is NOT the intention of what made your existence possible for this to occur AT ALL!

        The reality of death is an INTERRUPTION of the consistent continuum of LIFE ONLY! THIS is the real basis of man’s disempowerment; his usurpation. LIFE ONLY is the power.

        But Christ knew he’d be killed, so all that was left to do in lieu of the suppression of information explaining this Divine intention for Life Only, and how this mortal condition came about which CIRCUMVENTED it, was for a cultivation of FAITH that all would be revealed (which I am contributing to with this very post)

        The jews (i.e.; the non-Essenic component of “jew”) are tailor-made for this death culture currently gripping the planet. The good news of Christ is in conveying the message of CORRECTION, which will remove this flaw in Creation.

      4. with apologies if this sounds redundant to long-time readers

        An observation

        “Apocalypse” (Revelation) is an event we’re already on the fringes of. When its processes reach the point of bringing things into view, what will be shown is Divine Spirit being freed from its fixed, material prison. Or put another way, matter IS this Spirit, and its true nature will be revealed as such. The portent of this obviously staggers the imagination

        But then again, Creator IS imagination; man(ifestation) in His Image. And on this planet, imagination has been stifled, ie, the omnipotence of CREATION has been usurped by an interloper; its omniscient ways blocked. This is very displeasing to Creator, to put it mildly. To remedy this condition He must assume the role of the “staggerer”

        I’ll have more to write on this later



        magnificent steeple
        pointing high to the stars
        tells all the people
        they go
        where they already are

        “The landscape is our church, a cathedral. It is like a sacred building to us”

        Zuni saying

  3. Karl Marx, in his poem Invocation of One in Despair, adds this contribution to the satanic Jewish racial identity. -Karl Marx, Collected Works, Vol. 1, New York, 1974. Thanks to Juri Lina.
    So a god has snatched from me my all
    In the curse and rack of destiny.
    All his worlds are gone beyond recall
    Nothing but revenge is left to me.
    In his poem The Pale Maiden, Marx writes:
    Thus heaven I’ve forfeited,
    I know it full well.
    My soul, once true to God,
    Is chosen for hell.
    And in Human Pride, published in World Revolution by Nesta Webster, p. 167, he writes:
    With disdain I will throw my gauntlet
    Full in the face of the world.
    And see the collapse of this pygmy giant
    Whose fall will not stifle my ardour.

    Then I will be able to walk triumphantly
    Like a god, through the ruins of their kingdom.
    Every word of mine is fire and action.
    My breast is equal to that of the Creator.

  4. @ Franklin Ryckaert

    A good article closed out with an excellent quote from Alinsky.

    Marxism, Freemasonry, Pharisee-ism, and other jewish isms have the same objective, getting the victim to help defeat themselves without making it obvious. Deception in its purest form coming straight from the master of deception, their god, the devil.

    “Jewish World Domination can only be reached by destructive ways…”

    Yes, that is what evil does. It destroys with the end goal being complete destruction. The dumb jews have not figured out that complete destruction means that they are destroyed as well. They will not be rulers of the world. The jews accepted the devil’s temptation/lie of world dominion if they worshipped him. When the devil offered the same deal to Jesus, he rejected it for the lie he knew it was.

  5. Cultural Marxism,is applied on my poor country.

    Please read what Kissinger said about the Greeks in 1974:

    Henry Kissinger: «The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East» .

    And so

    The minister of education(a dedicated and uneducated communist,who looks like a hippo) tries to change everything in education by eliminating the teaching of classics,,and of poetry,changing the language,by removing some vowels and abolishing the intonation which exists for the last 2200 years .

    From this year on,Orthodox religion is not in the school program,instead ALL religions are in the program especially Islam.
    Orthodox priests are not allowed to visit schools,as it was customary.
    This year they put in the classes Greek children with children of illegal emigrants.
    Of course as all the communists they are stupid,because (a great majority)we do what is good for our kids.
    In school the parents did not allowed their kids to mix with the Pakistanoafganis,and there is a school in the center of Athens in which Homer is taught from the age of six till the age of 99,with great success,and every Sunday we take our kids to the church.

    So Mr Kissinger will be disappointed.

    And now to Racial Marxism.

    The Lizard under the name of Soros,told the Greeks that of course we have a lot of Afroasian “cultural enrichers”,but Greece needs new blood., and since we are people with very hot blood we told him the relevant very bad word and the…off with your head…when opportunity arises.

    He said that although he knows that under the genocidal plan applied on my poor compatriots by Merkel and co,500000 Greeks with their Phds and Mscs have left the country because here there is not future.
    So we sent out the quality and in comes the scum.

    This is our soviet -like government but you should know that communism is applied upon us not on the Elit.

    1. Excellent comment, Dimitra! Keep up the good work. The things you have revealed in this post about the situation in Greece truly shocks me. I sometimes wish these Cultural Marxists could all be lined up in front of a firing squad and sent off to enjoy life in one of the hellworlds specially laid on for their benefit.

      1. @ SARDONICUS

        Read please what happened in the first day at school.
        The ministry forbade this Bishop to visit again our schools,because he said the following:

        “Fiery” message Memorandum,racism and virtue,by Metropolitan Nicholas Messoghaias

        With a truly shocking message to the students of the schools of the region, basically for all Greeks, one of the most important prelates of Orthodoxy and Hellenism, today, Mesogaias and Lavreotiki Metropolitan Nicholas, takes position against everything hurt today Greece and those who feel Greek.
        Specifically states that “The moral perfection and overcome today not only not grown, but systematically flouted and war. Virtue is considered nonsense, excellence racism and obscurantism faith.” And as far as the memorandum states: “Time to go this stranglehold on our existence, Memorandum and relaunch our education on old foundations, but enthusiasm “new.
        And unleashes indirectly but clearly shrapnel against N.Fili Education Minister for his efforts to cut off from Orthodoxy Education: “The school has to plant the faith in God and the Church to bring Him into our lives. If you say there is no God, this is huge lie and unforgivable mistake. this is the real source of the crisis. ”
        And of course, begins with the approximation “But if we want to be realistic, we confess that our wishes for a good year unfortunately beyond our hopes for it”!
        Read the entire message:
        “Dear students, parents and teachers,
        On the occasion of the new school year
        and established blessing, I too with those who you think and love you give my best wishes for good and fruitful year. But if we want to be realistic, we confess that our wishes for a good year unfortunately beyond our hopes for this. but because we want all of us to do the opposite, let me with good wishes to table a few thoughts.
        The blessed place where we live carries a tradition that has a direct relationship with life. Our land, our homeland, our people gave birth to a unique spirit, art and culture is acknowledged by all and always. This spirit gave birth sages, heroes and saints, they put their mark on world history.
        All this was because there was a rare culture. An education that educated and valorose man as nothing else. A culture that is based on three foundations: to virtue, excellence and faith. That is the moral perfection and exceeded. Today these three not only not grown, but systematically flouted and war.
        Virtue is considered nonsense, excellence racism and obscurantism faith. Result, the education system and modern societies give birth a humanism, which produces hand scientists but it is not wise, strong but not heroes and competent unfortunately ignore holiness.
        It is time to return to our traditional culture that cultivating virtue completes man, that promoting excellence leads to its maximum value, which inspires faith helps him to understand that there is life beyond its limits and God in his heart of.
        It is time for them to ask the current school, we demand that the designers of our education, they fight for our lives. All together. Virtue is the ground of the soul, excellence fertilizer and seed faith.
        The school must plant faith in God and the Church to bring Him into our lives. If you say there is no God, this is huge lie and unforgivable mistake. This is the real source of the crisis.
        Time to get out of this tight for our existence Memorandum and relaunch our education in the old bases with new but excitement. What we can do and should do. Even young children is the only way to our salvation.
        You saw that young children, with ages close to your own, even under very adverse conditions, succeeded excelled in the recent Olympics and make proud a whole people, our people creased.
        Take from them lessons about what it means virtue and excellence and we draw hope. The new children eventually prove our best teachers. That is why you are our hope. Yes, you are our hope. Suffice to imitate these excellent standards that are among you.
        The best school is the one who teaches virtue, excellence and faith. And the best teachers that they apply them in their lives.
        Keep everyone, teachers, parents and students of God’s blessing.
        † The Mesogaias and Lavreotiki NIKOLAOS ”

        Now have a look at his biography:

        fr. Nikolaos Hatzinikolaou – Short Biography

        Born in Thessaloniki, 1954.

        A Graduate from the Physics Department of the University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

        Master’s degree in Astrophysics from Harvard University in Boston.

        Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in Boston.

        Master’s degree of Theology from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Boston.

        1986. Doctoral Degree from Harvard University. Specialized in Biomedical Engineering (Bio-fluid dynamics).

        2003. Doctoral Degree from Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, School of Theology. Specialized in Bioethics.

        2008. Horonary Doctoral Degree from Univesrity of Athens, School of Theology (Science and Religion).

        Worked as research fellow for various hospitals in Boston and as a consultant in space medical technology for Arthur D. Little and NASA.

        In January 1988, went to Mount Athos, and since May 1990 to April 2004 served as a priest-monk at the Athonite Metochion of Ascension in Athens.

        Teaches the course «Hemodynamics Pathophysiology of Vascular Diseases» at the Medical School of Crete.

        Since 1992, Director of the Hellenic Center for Biomedical Ethics.

        Also, President of the Bioethics Committee of the Church of Greece and member of the National Bioethics Committee.

        Was elected and ordinated Metropolitan of Mesogaea and Lavraeotica, April 30th, 2004.

        He, and some other Bishops are our only hope to get free from EU and the traitors in the government.

        The whole situation here is very bad.
        Yesterday we had the illegal immigrands attacking the people of the island of Chios,and the police were protecting …guess…the immigrants.
        The same exactly happened in the island of Lesbos and Kos.
        They ask for houses ,jobs and mosques,although the Greeks are homeless(thanks to IMF +EU) and jobless.

        Forgive my English please.

      2. Dimitra,

        Thanks for sharing this with us. It’s very moving. Yes, I feel sorry for the Greeks. They have lost their country.

        Is it true that the Greek islands are being sold off to foreigners? In particular to (((Euro-banksters))) and billionaire Jews?

        There’s nowhere to run, is there?

        A few years ago I used to think, “How I would love to buy a little house facing the sea on a Greek island!” and 30 years ago, before I lost my fortune and inheritance in the stock market, I could have bought several houses on a Greek island. No longer!

        Ah, I wonder what Sappho would think if she were alive today on Lesbos!

      3. Re Sappho,

        Maybe she’d find the island of Lesbos (or Mytilene) swarming with dusky immigrants. But to compensate for that, I would imagine, she would find the beaches and bars packed with lovely lesbians from the northern lands.

      4. @ SARDONICUS

        It is very early to say that we have lost our country.
        You know something?
        We are a very unpredictable race and we always are on the revenge.
        What i mean is that we hope that the Turks will make the mistake to invade an island of the eastern Aegean.
        If they do that they will regret the day they were born.
        We have NEVER forget that they possess not only Konstantinople and Ionia but also the region of Pontos.
        It is a matter of time and opportunity even if we have to wait long.

        Now as to Sapho.

        You know something?
        Sapho was not a Homosexual.
        Have you ever seen a homosexual woman to marry (she was married and had a daughter),and when she remain a widow she had a lover,the poet Alkaio.
        She died in an Ionian island(i think it was Corfu),committing suicide(she jump into the sea) because her new and young lover,Fao,had left her.

        Aristotelis called her the 10th Muse.
        Do you think that this great man accepted Homosexuality?
        If there is for discussion a subject about Homosexuality in Ancient Greece i have the Laws that shows that it was punishable even by death.

        Now why Sapho?
        1)Because she was an independent woman and a bad example for women in the other city-states of Greece.
        2) The Greeks became Christians by force and the fanatics of the first centuries had to daemonise everything Greek also the independent spirited Sapho.
        During Byzantium it was a crime to call yourself a Hellin(greek) which was equal to pagan.

      5. Dimitra,

        Re Sappho,

        Surely Sappho’s lesbianism has been established by reading her poetry? Unless of course you are saying that Sappho never wrote those poems or that her Western translators have deliberately mistranslated her?

        Take a look at this:


    2. “Of course as all the communists they are stupid,….”

      Yes…. They are so stupid they are taking over Greece, EU, UK, US, Russia, China… and the whole world through the UN….. a Pharisee-Jew Communist front organization.

      “Stupid is, as stupid does” – Jew Hanks/Gump Movie line.

      1. Well, perhaps magic money making nullifies the effects of stupidity or projects that stupidity onto the gullible goyim? The Jews are instinctive projectors by any measure, from the mental to the spiritual.

      2. Flopot –

        Could be….

        Any shiny glimmering object will catch fish.

        I have caught bait-fish, schooling cigar minnows, on small and bare shiny gold hooks. Yes… NO bait..!! 🙂

      3. @SARDONICUS

        Δέδυκε μὲν ἀ σελάννα
        καὶ Πληίαδες· μέσαι δὲ
        νύκτες, παρὰ δ᾽ ἔρχετ᾽ ὤρα·
        ἔγω δὲ μόνα κατεύδω.

        The sinking moon has left the sky,
        The Pleiades have also gone.
        Midnight comes—and goes, the hours fly
        And solitary still, I lie.

        This is the most famous poem of Sapfo,and do you think that it shows her homosexuality?

        I have(in front of me the whole ergon of Sapfo by the Greek Academy)
        another one which is written for a man she was in love with:

        στᾶθι κἄντα φίλος
        καί τὰν ἔπ᾿ὅσσοις ἀμπέτασον χάριν

        stand opposite my love
        and spread over me the grace of your eyes.

        the word Filos is for male.
        very bad translation but my english is poor.

        γλύκηα μᾶτερ, οὔτοι δύναμαι κρέκην τὸν ἴστον
        πόθῳ δάμεισα παῖδος βραδίναν δι’ Ἀφροδίταν

        Sweet Mother, I cannot weave my web, broken as I am
        by longing for a boy, at soft Aphrodite’s will.

        From the above you conclude that Sapfo was a homosexual?

        How can a lesbian have a husband,a daughter, two lovers and for her last one committed suicide?

        In the book i have now in front of me,there is not even a hint that she was a homosexual.

        It is said only that she wrote love poems for use in weddings,and in the poems you send me i did not find her poem written for her daughter Kleyda.

        She had also a school for teaching music and dance.

        I am not trying to convince you that she was not what it is said because we the Greeka we do not care what the rest of the world believes as long as we are convinced about a certain subject.

        Logic guides one το the right result.


        Plato called her the 10th Muse not Aristotelis and she committed suicide in the island of Leycada and not in Corfu.
        Her lover was a young sailor called Faon.

      4. Dimitra,

        I stand corrected on Sappho. Your comment that there is no basis for regarding Sappho as a lesbian has great merit. I have done some investigation and it seems that almost nothing is known about Sappho’s life and what is known is anecdotal and almost legendary. There has obviously been an attempt to homosexualize a woman who could have been 100 per cent heterosexual.

        Today, Sappho is a symbol of female homosexuality; the common term lesbian is an allusion to Sappho. However, she has not always been so considered. In classical Athenian comedy, Sappho was caricatured as a promiscuous heterosexual woman, and it is not until the Hellenistic period that the first testimonial which explicitly discuss Sappho’s homoeroticism are preserved. However, these ancient authors do not appear to have believed that Sappho did, in fact, have sexual relationships with other women, and as late as the tenth century the Suda records that Sappho was “slanderously accused” of having sexual relationships with her “female pupils”.

        For more on Sappho’s sexuality, see here:


      5. OMG. Is Sappho another victim of multi-cultural propaganda? Ffs.

        Reminds me of the historian Paul Cartledge, a gatekeeper of Spartan history.

  6. “There is nothing more dangerous to us than personal initiative; if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord.”

    Protocols of the Elders of Zion (V)


      … almost nothing is known about Sappho’s life ….

      She was married to Kerkyla ,a very wealthy man from the island of Andros,had a daughter ,named Kleyda,and tell me if you know a homosexual woman married and who in her life had 2 lovers and that she committed suicide,in Leykada, for the young sailor Faon.

      For her suicide in Lefkada and her lover Faon i found out in Soudas.

      As far as i know a homosexual woman hates men.

      But it is up to you to accept what you like.

      1. I have already told you that I accept your opinion that Sappho was NOT a lesbian! So I have no idea why you are saying “But it is up to you to accept what you like,” AS IF I WERE DISAGREEING WITH YOU!!!

        I have already told you, in simple English, that I accept your opinion and have no reason to doubt it!

        I AGREEE WITH YOU! 🙂


      2. @ SARDONICUS

        My God,i was not trying to convince you that i am right.

        I have being taught to use my logic in every problem i have to face,and in the Sapfo case i used logic.

        When you read my comments try to remember that English is not my language,and in writing and understanding i am mistaken some times(most of the time really).

        My difficulty is that i write in English but i think in Greek,and the result is a mess.

    2. @ FLOPOT

      You made me search the dictionaries for OMG and the Ffs but at the end i found it.

      You know that this perversion is promoted by globalists.

      Victims of multi-cultural propaganda are all my ancestors when it is accepted that all of them were homosexuals.

      1. @Ταϋγέτη

        Apologies for the acronyms.

        Take Paul Cartledge, for example, once a gatekeeper on the history of Sparta in he English speaking world. He explicitly states that the Spartans practiced institutional pederasty. Now, Xenophon and Aristotle firmly deny this, but Mr Cartledge thinks he knows better than the primary sources. He also distorts other references. Talk about willfully lying. That is what you are up against.

        I suspect that the mainstream propaganda against Sparta is an attempt to hide a key aspect of that ancient culture, i.e. self-control.

      2. @ FLOPOT

        It was a City-State better than Athens,but no politician accepts that, because the Athenian Democracy suits them best,although what we live today has nothing to do with the Athenian one.
        Xenophon was accused as pro-Spartan.
        Socrates was killed by that Democracy ,Plato,Aristotelis and Anaxagoras left for their lives.

        But Sparta there is no more.

        Listen to the following:


  7. Tayreth,
    Shylock is alive and well and ravaging your country. Why didn’t Tsipras listen to Farage in the EU “Parliament”, when he was told to take Greece out of the EU? What pressures were brought to bear on him? Although I’m a Buddhist fascist I have enormous respect for the Eastern Orthodox Christians, particularly the Hesychasts and I detest seeing a people and culture destroyed. I’ve seen some very interesting films on youtube about Golden Dawn! What do think about them and their chances of ever forming a government?

  8. @ Felix

    In 2015 we voted on a referendum NO(62%) to Europe,but Tsipras turn it into YES,not because pressures were brought on him,but because he is what he is,a communist and the result did not suited him and Germany.
    He is immoral and he has no patriotism.
    The same i can say for the opposition and its leader.
    The Golden Dawn?
    I don’t know.
    The government pushed them into a corner with a trial for an assassination which i do not think was committed by them,but nevertheless they are in the corner.
    If they change leader,and Kassidiaris will become the leader,i think they will come 2nd party.
    He is a charismatic Spartan young man.
    For the time being they come third,but they are excluded from the mass media.

    I have lost my faith in the politicians.
    I trust the Army and the Church.

    1. Ταϋγέτη –

      “I have lost my faith in the politicians.”

      Wise choice.

      “I trust the Army and the Church.”
      Careful. Armies are political tools.

      If Christian… You are your own church.

      That’s one of the reasons others hate Christians. They are independent. They have a personal savior. Not groupies.

      1. PAT

        I agree as far as the …They have a personal savior…is concerned,but with the Greek army is something else.
        The army is taught to honor our history,because the communists do not go into the army.They allergic to it.

      2. “Allergic”… good one..!!

        I like it… 🙂

        One of my best friends has the last name of Theodoropoulos… He likes good jokes, also. I am one of very few Americans who can spell his name correctly. 🙂

    2. @Tayreth
      Thanks for the reply. Yes, where is the Greek Franco? My mother lived in Spain during the 70’s and early 80’s. I recall visiting the country when Franco was still in charge. People could live, everything was cheap, the Church maintained morality and there was very little unemployment. An autarkic economy, doesn’t need globalisation which only returns people to serfdom, at least in North America and the West.
      Yes, in these torturous times it is good to seek refuge in the world of books. In addition to Homer may I suggest you read some of the Oriental classics, you can download them for free from gen.lib.rus.ec If that website is blocked in your country try using a proxy unblocker like VPN.
      Some suggestions: India, classics: Mahabharata, Ramayana, Tagore. Modern authors, Amitav Ghosh, Narayan, Gita Mehta.
      China. Romance of Three Kingdoms, Analects of Confucius, Lao Tse. Modern authors Ma Jian, Anchee Min
      Japan: Musashi, Taiko, Heike. by Yoshikawa. Modern, Yukio Mishima, Yasunari Kawabata, Haruki Murakami
      Modern authors. For some light relief, you might like Alan Furst. His spy novels really bring the 30’s and forties alive. Barry Unsworth is another excellent author.
      For free magazines nearly everything! Try ebook3000.com As Lasha has found to her cost I’m absolutely incorrigible when it comes to suggesting books.
      Oh, I almost forgot, you’ll love Tolstoy’s Christian stories, particularly “The Three Hermits” As you are interested in the Church you might like some of the Christian mystics! Dame Julian of Norwich her book on the Divine Motherhood of God, St. John of the Cross, Meister Eckhardt, Theresa of Avila, Ruysbroeck. All good stuff and all free from the site I posted earlier. Yes, escape into a refuge from the Shylockian afflictions assailing your country.
      As the Buddhists say! May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be upon you!

      1. FELIX
        I have the Mahabharata and Ramayana, i haven’t read them though.
        Thank you for the blessings but for the Shylockian afflictions of my country,an uprising is needed very soon,and i am afraid,with bloodshed.

  9. Question: part of the soundtrack of the movie Patton seems similar to the soundtrack for Spielberg’s film 1941. Given the circumstances of Patton’s death, do ye think the director of 1941 is subtly mocking Patton and, through him, the Western spirit? Patton came to learn that the US Army had been used to destroy a great nation, and he promised he would explain all when he returned to the US.

    1. Very interesting observation. Two possibilities: the intent was to mock Patton, as you surmise, or…. it is a simple case of jewish theft, lifting a portion of the soundtrack and making slight changes to disguise the plagiarism

      1. Yes, it is perhaps mockery and theft. Spielberg was always too clever for his own good — he showed his true self when he made 1941. I can imagine Spielberg saying to Williams, “Give me a version of Patton’s theme; the subtext will be an inversion of everything that man stood for”. Just speculating.

  10. My workplace is a multi-cultural cesspit. Women are now treating men the way men treated women; and the men are either neutered, autistic or gay.

    And the bus run into town is very enlightening. I’ve alluded to this before — in a dreary, poor unwelcoming corner of the UK, that has a White and Christian population divided by conflict for 100s of years, why am I seeing more and more Africans and Asians on the streets and public transport.

    There is no natural reason on earth to explain this. Other than a conspiracy.

    1. PS I’m not looking back wistfully at the days of misogyny; I just think that the feminism I supported has veered off into the realm of the ludicrous. It seems to have swallowed itself and become exactly the thing it was supposed to combat, e.g. feminism is now used to justify the sexual objectification of women. Just go read any Jonas E. Alexis article on the matter.

  11. Cultural marxists are jumping the shark

    A sign of desperation from the soul f**kers?

    Well, the other day I read Gloria Steinem (Jewish), 82, known as the ‘Mother of American Feminism’ believes that it does. Some American ‘liberated’ women even have established an annual Gloria Award in her honor.

    Speaking to a room of 600 people at a gala celebrating Memphis Planned Parenthood’s 75th anniversary, Steinem said: Forced childbirth is the single biggest cause of global warming (here).


  12. ““They don’t realize we’re bringing them the plague.”” Sigmund Freud en route to the United States.

    Thanks for that, Ziggy, you Jewish Supremacist w**ker.

  13. Aha! So that is what it is all about 😀

    The saving grace is that no society can continue to function and no civilization can endure for long if it erases the masculine gender. Little boys skipping off to school in skirts and dresses are a harbinger of the disaster to come. It’s hard to imagine a future where the effeminization of men leads to anything but invasion, subjugation, and conquest by some other nation that didn’t decide to put its boys into dresses and go to war on masculinity.


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