Orlando Terror Attack Looks Like False Flag

By Rixon Stewart — June 12, 2016

Omar-Mateen(Left) Alleged Orlando gunman, Omar Mateen.

If the Orlando shooting was a false flag, and we have yet to be convinced it wasn’t, then we suspect that one of the motives was to stir a sense of victim-hood among gays.

They could then be mobilised into an effective political force using their alleged persecution to foment a sense of indignation and outrage.

In much the same way as Jews have been manipulated over alleged incidents of “anti-Semitism”. If that was indeed the case then the pay-off was evident within hours of the shootings.

“The Orlando shooting is a reminder that gay people are still hated” claimed The Independent the next day. So if the intention had been to stir a sense of victim-hood among gays then, judging by the article, it had succeeded admirably.

Not only does the writer voice concern about “LGBTQ hate crime”. He wallows in his sense of outraged indignation in being victimised.

Predictably, the Orlando shootings also prompted more calls for gun control in the U.S. So either way it’s a win-win situation for the elite, if they were indeed behind this.

Moreover, if this was a false flag, then the prime suspect was very conveniently silenced by police. Just like Tamerlan Tsarnaev was run over and killed — not by his brother but by cops says eyewitness — Omar Mateen was killed by police when they stormed the Pulse nightclub, thereby ensuring his silence too.

Then very conveniently for the official U.S. story this statement came from the Islamic State’s Amaq news agency, confirming that Mateen was one of their own:

“The armed attack that targeted a gay night club in the city of Orlando in the American state of Florida which left over 100 people dead or injured was carried out by an Islamic State fighter.”

Compounding matters, G4S, an internationally known security firm, has confirmed that Omar Mateen had worked for them since 2007. During that time the FBI interviewed Mateen twice, in 2013 and 2014. So even though he had been invesigated by the FBI for possible terrorist links Mateen was still able to legally acquire high-powered assault rifles and ammunition.

According to Ron Hopper, an FBI special agent:

“The FBI first became aware of Mateen in 2013 as he made inflammatory comments to coworkers, alleging possible terrorist ties. The FBI thoroughly investigated the matter including interviews of witnesses, physical surveillance and records checks.”

“In the course of the investigation, Mateen was interviewed twice,” he says. “Ultimately we were unable to verify the substance of his comments, and the investigation was closed.”

Then Mateen was interviewed again in 2014, this time over suspected links with American suicide bomber, Moner Abusalha. The investigation was discontinued however, because as Ron Hopper says:

“We determined that contact was minimal and didn’t to constitute a substantive relationship or threat at that time.”

So Omar Mateen was known to the U.S. security services. He had even been under surveillance and interviewed by the FBI over suspected terrorist ties and now this happens.

There are just too many coincidences.

For example, shortly before commencing his shooting spree Mateen reportedly pledged allegiance to Islamic State in a 911 call; which is exactly what the San Bernardino shooter allegedly did before he began his shooting spree last year.

If this were a movie you’d think that the scriptwriters were trying to underline the point that these were the “bad guys”. Just to make sure the audience, that’s us the ignorant masses, understood.

Coincidence or not it doesn’t justify the shooting itself but it needs to be seen for what it might well be. A carefully staged false flag that’s being used to manipulate the broader public.

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80 thoughts to “Orlando Terror Attack Looks Like False Flag”

    1. Agree. Like the woman who was shamed by some man in a Target for breast feeding her baby. It all seems sometimes like (media) Manipulation to get people thinking this or that. Then while this woman is being interviewed by a news channel, she is nursing her child. Really? Seems very staged…everything. Even if people are really getting hurt and killed…which is the scariest thing of all.

  1. Yes, but its a funny false flag made to order for the Trumpster. Waaaait just a gol-durn minute, is it possible Trump was behind the false flag?

    Check out the following head line: “LGBTs Endorse Trump because Obama Sides With Muslim Terrorist Who Killed 50 Gays in Orlando.” (article below)

    Lessee now, for years America has suffered the Jew’s fostering, funding and heavy media promotion of the so-called “LGBT” movement.

    Years later we find Havad’s Golden Negro, fully supported, funded and edjewmacated by Jewry, elected to the presidency.

    Then, despite photos of a yarmulked G-N at the wailing wall, rumors begin to swell that America’s most precious Golden Negro is actually Muslim and is therefore soft on Muslims and their terrorists connection – even though the G-N has personally ordered numerous wholesale murders of near east Muslims.

    Later still, comes more rumors about how the Golden Negro supports the Jew’s patsy terrorist organization ISIS.

    In the meantime, Jews are all over themselves supporting Hillbillary, while virtually ignoring their own tribal member’s nomination as candidate. Bernie for also ran!

    Next, Trump receives the presidential nomination and Jews immediately begin loudly whining and kvetching about how the evil “Nadzee” must be stopped at all cost.

    Now this mass murder is incorrectly defined as “an act of domestic terrorism driving the queers into Trumps camp. Simultaneously neutralizing a large percentage of the Jews Tikkun Olam, including, the touchy-feely, every-one-loves-the-LGBT agenda, mass immigration, Hillbillary’s nomination, to mention but a few.

    All the while the gun control agenda is shelved as the individual is finally blamed for pulling the trigger instead of the firearm being at fault.

    HUH? Either the Jews have totally lost it and are screwing up royally, or their plan is far beyond anything I can comprehend. “There’s something going on. It’s inconceivable. There’s something going on.” Boy Howdy! You can say that again Mr. Trump.

    So far, I can find no parallel in the Jew’s Torah cookbook for this type of subversive deception. Can anyone else figure out why Jews are playing their cards and giving away the game in this unprecedented fashion? Is it possible the Jews have finally made another major mistake the size of Adolf? I don’t believe it for a moment.

    (Not to mention the significance of a chik-fil-a sandwich. Could this be a connection? http://www.odditycentral.com/travel/eccentric-man-builds-giant-chicken-church-in-the-middle-of-indonesian-jungle.html)

    – § –

    (The FRC was the group targeted by a Homosexual terrorist who planned to murder everyone and throw chik-fil-a sandwiches on their bodies. He shot and wounded the Black guard who beat him down.)


    Terror Nation

    June 13, 2016

    It’s happened again: American blood spilled on American soil by a radical Islamic gunman in what is the deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11.

    The victims, shot down at an Orlando nightclub, were apparently targeted because of their sexual identity. Regardless of our country’s profound differences on policies, lifestyles, religious beliefs, or anything else, we must make clear that no American — not one — should fear being attacked by a terrorist for any reason.

    Unfortunately, the attacks on U.S. soil have only grown in this administration’s refusal to call them what they are — Islamic terrorism. The gunman, a homegrown extremist who reportedly pledged his allegiance to ISIS before his bloody rampage, left little doubt about his motivation — a motivation the president still refuses to confront. Almost eight years into his now fatal agenda of political correctness, President Obama couldn’t even bring himself to say the words “radical Islam” in the speech following the attack. It was a stunning omission, one that left viewers’ mouths ajar. Donald Trump, who is both revered and reviled for his tough talk on Muslims, argued the president should resign in disgrace. “People cannot… believe that President Obama is acting the way he acts and can’t even mention the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’ There’s something going on. It’s inconceivable. There’s something going on.”

    Even to people who identify as LGBT, long considered this administration’s closest allies, this was astounding. One by one, gay activists and groups criticized Democrats for letting their fear of Muslims get in the way of holding terrorists accountable. Regardless of what you may think of Donald Trump, said one, “he’s also the only person saying anything about putting the brakes on Islamic extremism, and in light of what happened in Orlando, suddenly that is the only issue that really matters when it comes to the health, well-being and safety of the queer community.” Others like Phoenix LGBT tweeted: “We wanted you to be the first to know, after this horrific attack, we’re officially endorsing Trump. Enough is enough.”

    As Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) challenged, it’s time for the Left to stop pandering to America’s enemies and unite with Republicans against the killing done in the name of Islam.

    “For all the Democrats who are loud champions of the gay and lesbian community whenever there is a culture battle waging, now is the opportunity to speak out against an ideology that calls for the murder of gays and lesbians… This is wrong, it is evil, and we must all stand against it. Every human being has a right to live according to his or her faith and conscience, and nobody has a right to murder someone who doesn’t share their faith or sexual orientation. If you’re a Democratic politician and you really want to stand for LGBT, show real courage and stand up against the vicious ideology that has targeted our fellow Americans for murder.”

    Perhaps the saddest irony of all is that this is a conflict of the president’s own making. By coddling and promoting Islam, the Obama administration has created an environment where people who identify as gay, lesbian, or transgendered are increasingly vulnerable. “If I were a member of the LGBT community,” Leon Wolf wrote on RedState, “I would be watching the Left with an extremely jaundiced eye from this day forward. While Democrats are certainly willing to fundraise and pontificate off LGBT issues, what they are not willing to do is acknowledge that the Religion of Peace is by far the biggest cause of violence against the LGBT community worldwide and is almost exclusively responsible or fatal violence against the LGBT community in the modern world.”

    What a stark contrast to Christianity, which believes that everyone is made in the image of God and has intrinsic value, regardless of the choices they make. And yet Christianity is the faith Obama won’t tolerate — a religion that teaches people not to confront sin with violence but to love people into the kingdom by speaking truth. Now, after two terms of marginalizing Christianity and celebrating Islam, this is the result. A nation weakened by “tolerance” and broken by grief.

    But 36 hours later, it isn’t Islamic extremists but Christians the Left holds responsible. Members of the ACLU pointed fingers — not at the man reportedly yelling “Allah hu Akbar!” as he killed in the name of his Islamic religion — but Christian conservatives. “You know what is gross — your thoughts and prayers and Islamophobia after you created this anti-queer climate,” one seethed. Others put the blame on a more predictable scapegoat: guns. But even if liberals continue exploiting these tragedies to accomplish their anti-faith, anti-freedom goals, we must have the honesty to step back and examine the real issues. The government can’t make us safer until it recognizes that the problem isn’t the instruments of violence — but the environment of it. The reality is, someone who wants to inflict harm will find a way. Stronger gun laws wouldn’t have stopped the explosion at the Brussels airport any more than it would have defused the suicide vests of the Paris bombers. We have to deal with the underlying issue, which is an ideology that’s incompatible with American liberty. An ideology, tragically, that this administration has empowered through its public policy and private diplomacy.

    As FRC’s Lt. General Jerry Boykin (U.S. Army-Ret.) pointed out, it’s outrageous that this shooter was taken off the FBI’s watch list — but not surprising. In the name of “tolerance,” law enforcement officials at every level have been hampered in tracking potential terrorists. “There is tremendous pressure to show Muslims favor and to treat them differently than others, based on information that I am getting from my contacts [in the intelligence community]. The Jihadists have us right where they want us. We are going all out now to pander to the enemy and to appease the same people who are here to destroy us.”

    Under the leadership of Barack Obama, our nation is coming apart — not from external threats but internal. This latest attack should be seen as an urgent call to Bible-believing Christians to pray for America and for the individuals and families who are suffering in Orlando. It should also be a challenge to greater cultural engagement. We must elect leaders who will defend this country from those who want to destroy it.

    1. Tony is a sensitive guy. He was distraught at being made to write this revolting garbage (photo shows him in a despondent moment). In between his bouts of vomiting his more hardened colleagues strengthened him with motivational mantras (“You can do it, Tony. One more paragraph!”) and chai with lots of lemon. He only begged them to share the stigma of authorship with him. They agreed:
      “Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.”

    2. Interesting little snippet.

      Former CIA false flag director David Steele has some comments on Orlando shooting:

      “The entire world just spent the past week celebrating the life of Muhammad Ali – and Ali’s religion, Islam. It was the best PR week Islam ever had. For the people behind the Islamophobia-based “clash of civilizations” – and the long list of false flags that created it – the past week of Muhammad Ali adulation was the ultimate PR nightmare. Meanwhile, during the exact same week, the Zionists have been panicking, fearing that Obama is going to take his revenge on Netanyahu by helping the Security Council pass a resolution essentially recognizing and officially establishing the State of Palestine within its pre-1967 borders.

      The usual suspects may have responded with a massive publicity stunt in Orlando designed to make us forget Muhammad Ali … and make it much harder, if not impossible, for Obama to force the Israelis to withdraw from the territory they stole in 1967. In other words, this keeps the Clash of Civilizations going, and Israel expanding.

      1. Wiggins would you be so kind to please post a link to the above? I’d like to review it b/c I have a thought about something. Thank you!

      2. Stone:

        THIS ONE IS WEIRD: Mateen was a regular at the Pulse for 3 entire years!

        Yep. If this Gawker report is accurate, (and I bet it is) Mateen was gay. The story from the dad is a lie. It is all a sham. Most likely Mateen thought it was going to be a drill, and they went live. Because he was gay and he would have spoken up, his mercenary team killed him. He was supposed to be the fall guy.

        I have embedded the report here on the left hand side of this page, because I don’t know if this one will be allowed to live.



      3. “… the Zionists have been panicking, fearing that Obama is going to take his revenge on Netanyahu by helping the Security Council pass a resolution essentially recognizing and officially establishing the State of Palestine within its pre-1967 borders.”

        From what I have read about this, the country that introduces a resolution that passes the Security Council is pretty much responsible for enforcing it. The US will not be involved in any resolution that would require enforcement against Israel. More likely, the US will encourage France to introduce the resolution, and the US will abstain from voting (vetoing), allowing the resolution to pass. This allows for the creation of a Palestinian country, France will create it and defend it, and the US cannot/will not support any Israeli opposition to a UN mandate. So, basically, the US will do nothing … and by doing nothing will accomplish a lot.

      4. I copied and pasted from another blog comment. There was no link other than this…
        Courtesy of Robert David Steele via Jim Stone freelance – might be of some use to you.

    1. Kelley intimates that the Bill of Rights stands in the way of our being safe. Haven’t we got rid of that yet?!?! As Woolsey says there are a lot of “radicalized people” who escape the law enforcement’s radar because “they play their cards close to their vests.” Why can’t they interrogate everybody once a month (OK, bimonthly if we’re short of staff)? Hire more DHS interrogators and keep us safe! Innocent people have nothing to hide and nothing to fear.

      1. Thanks, Anthony –

        Comey is an Irish Roman Catholic… gone ‘wobbly.’

        Their new term is “self-radicalizing” individuals. That lets them off the hook.

        For those who claim otherwise… the Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ FBI head man admits his partnership with ADL….

        I’m not ‘guessing’ there. Here is the quote:

        “The FBI works with the ADL to host civil rights and hate crime training for our state and local counterparts through a number of programs. We have made Law Enforcement and Society training mandatory for all National Academy participants, just as it is for all new agents. Together, we created the Hate Crimes Training Manual—a fantastic resource for our law enforcement partners across the country.

        “And the ADL, of course, has even greater reach; you trained more than 12,000 law enforcement personnel last year alone, and I want to thank you for that. This past January, your North Texas/Oklahoma office worked with the FBI’s Dallas Division to sponsor a one-day seminar for more than 160 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers from 40 different agencies.

        “And of course, we are educating ourselves, too. Since 2010, FBI employees have participated in more than 105 training sessions sponsored by the ADL on extremism, terrorism, and hate crimes, in 17 states and here in the District. Your own Michael Lieberman, director of the Civil Rights Planning Center, will speak at an FBI civil rights conference in Boston on May 13, and in San Francisco in June.”

  2. I doubt this was a false flag event. He really was a lone nut case, fired up by Islamic extremism, and that includes anti-gayism. If somebody finds a known/identifiable crisis actor at the scene I will change my mind.

    I don’t believe you could get dozens of cops to conspire and lie. Now Mossad, that would be different.

    1. @ John Kirby,
      So many twists to this.
      The so-called shooter, who may not have been, or who may not have been the only one, is now said to have visited the nightclub many times and was himself queer. (As so many mid-easterners are.) He was also known to the FBI, and worked for a military/defense related contractor.
      The columnist John Roberts asks ‘Where are the bodies?” and that is a good question.
      The 3 hour wait. Why? Dozens of cops lying? How many actually engaged the shooter(s)?
      Too many loose ends.
      To people now used to media/government lies, we lowly citizens cannot believe anything. Conspiracy theories, charges and counter-charges abound. Agendas of all kinds are served. While we are purposefully left in the dark.
      Cui bono?

    2. @ John Kirby

      I just Googled “Orlando Obituaries”. I went to the website of the “Orlando Sentinel”. NOT one obituary of anyone who died in the shooting. As of today, not one obituary of anyone who died in the shooting. This is very odd. Considering how 50 people were killed, and most of the people at PULSE DANCE CLUB were from Orlando and the area around Orlando, and considering it’s a shooting bringing out a lot of emotions in a lot of people for a lot of various reasons, one would think the obituaries would list at least some names of some of those who died Saturday night in the shooting, But so far, NOT one name of anyone killed in the shooting. This is very odd.

      I’m going to check the Orlando obituaries every day and see what happens. If there’s no obituary of anyone who was killed at Pulse, than you know for sure the shooting was a psyops [ like Sandy Hook ]. It’s a good idea also to check the obituaries of Orlando gay newspapers/magazines. if there’s no obituaries in the newspapers/magazines geared to gays, then you know the shooting was a Psyops.

      One would think there would be a lot of obituaries of victims of the shooting in the newspapers by now, but NO, that not the case.

      1. Interesting. But do you realize you could have said it all in one sentence? That the lack of obituaries would prove it was a psyops. Why did you have to say the same thing TEN times?!?

      2. Tobs, TROJ is onto something even if he says it 10 times 🙂
        Good thinking, TROJ.

        If there is a funeral service posted in the obits, do you mind checking it out, hopefully open coffin, take some selfies with the victim, you could make that Omar face.

      3. TheRealOriginalJoe, prefer it your way

        No comment really but, this might be about pushing-it with random groups involved some know/some what. See/know how it tests our patience (and Not God’s doing). Perhaps there’s an element, where they almost want, a bit of catching? Then what? You know it goes on “accept”. We know…

        It’s hard not to think this last-Saturday/Sunday could, or should, unfold and conclude. Await that post.

        (Ok ‘and Not God’s doing’? He can – because the person could/understood by God to be, going that way, regardless – harden hearts. Moral choice/s not compromised. In exceptional circumstances? Otherwise? Personal experience, maybe, discern? Our freedom is real.)

        God isn’t hard. Come to me, says:

        for my yoke [is] easy, and my burden is light

        Someone in a comment put the call out to pray…

        A-women to that

    3. John;
      I am not a firearms expert but maybe you can throw some light on the following.
      A kid who is into selfies, social networks and the like, walks into a gay bar past bouncers while heavily armed, it wasn’t just a cap gun in his speedos.
      Then he starts shooting and hits 103 people, mostly men, many of them prison latino queers who know a bit about fighting and guns – how come none fight back, they could have swarmed him during the first reload.
      He must have fired over 300 rounds in order to achieve that tally, no one trying to interrupt, bouncers outside having a smoke after making sure everyone except the shooter was unarmed.
      No dead jews that i know of and yet Jews mentored the LGBT phenomenon more than anyone and I wonder if the club owner isn’t a Jew, just like in Paris.
      Dry eyed “survivors” hugging and making faces like Barbara Lerner Spectre, rolling eyes, sure sign of sincerity.
      And yes, a bunch of mothers appealing to Obama to take away people’s guns – cui bono indeed.
      Cheesy vigils, flowers, candles, teddy bears, New Orleans welcomes False Flag traveling circus, make it into a Mardi Gras float, dancing queers covered in ketchup.

      1. Oops, wasn’t NO but Orlando, same difference, Eisner’s Disneyworld awaits with new attractions.
        All these Deep South places look alike to me, Houston, tenemos un problema.

      2. “Dancing queers covered in ketchup.” I like that.

        From the way you talk, going on in your usual antisemitic way, I’m sure you could figure out that this so-called “false flag” was really no more than a corporate plot to boost the revenues of Heinz, the Jewish-owned ketchup manufacturer.

        Antisemitism destroys the frontal lobes, did you know that?

      3. No false flag here. Just a Muslim fanatic going berserk in a faggot nightclub. Happens every day.

        Cui bono? I already told you: Heinz, the ketchup maker. Muslim fanatic and Heinz working in collusion to rid the world of queers and boost the sale of ketchup.

        Yep, I think Lobro’s right. This is basically a “ketchup conspiracy” into which this dumb jerk Muslim was inveigled. More fool him.

      4. Uncle :

        I was never repetitive until I started reading the Alt media. I guess I picked up it up thru the process of osmosis. For example, from reading the incessantly repetitive memes of the online Muslim immigration advocates. I’m hardly the only one around here who is repetitive. You know that.

        Did you tell Lasha she was being repetitive — “repeating” herself — when she decided to present 4 “Holocaust” articles, one right after another?

      5. Yeah Pat. And likewise you can pretend I’m “apologizing” to you 10 times for my “obituary” post.

      6. remember NASCAR and how much a driver got paid for drinking a COKE in the
        winners circle…?


        how many times on Talmudvision and radio has the word “Gay” been used in the last 4 days…


        “The Gay Agenda,” 20-minute video featuring racy scenes
        filmed at filthy degenerate SODOMITE-pride marches {{{{PARADES}}}},
        is released by Ty and Jeannette Beeson of the Antelope Valley Springs of Life
        church in Lancaster, Calif.
        … it will become one of the most widely viewed pieces of
        ” anti-gay propaganda”…even though it is all true…!

        do the networks get a “kickback” for using the “Gay” hundreds of times an hour…

    4. With Mossad behind Israeli and American police, my guess is that the cops and other authorities are instructed within the DHS framework of the phony war on terrorism.

      The justification for the false flag scenario in getting these duped officials to go along with what is a staged event is so that John Q. Public will continue to support the giant hoax which has come to define history – a “necessary evil” they are told. And the presstitute do their job

      Problem – reaction – solution. Hegel’s posterity

      1. haha – that pesky guesswork. Wrong choice of words.

        Harbinger yawns and we yawn along with him. The latest shitbag shoe to drop as orchestrated from the protocolian pyramidal structure of a “need to know only” authoritarian hierarchy. Demiurge at the tippity-top, sheeple at the rock bottom, with darkmooners and the like the spectators wondering what they can do about it…

        stay poised
        powder dry
        tomahawks sharp

  3. Just because an act plays-into the favor of the idiotic, left-wing arguments for more ‘gun control’ and more DHS interrogators doesn’t necessarily qualify it for a ‘false flag’… The conduct of extreme behavior is fostered by Islam – and promoted. It should not come as a surprise that it happens. The ‘extreme’ circumstantial behavior of a gaggle of sodomites gathering as a routine occurrence in our (sick!) society should arouse more consternation.

    1. I find myself crying a lot the days, I’m find myself broken-hearted. It’s my fault, I have no one else to blame. i always wanted to join the Nazi Party in America but I always procrastinated about going down to my local Nazi recruiting station.I thought, “Oh, the Nazis, they’ll always be around, I’ll go down tomorrow and join up. Let me finish this home improvement project first, let me finish my gardening first, let me do this let me do that first, I gotta do this I gotta do that, I gotta finish this first, I got TOO many errands and chores today, I’ll sign up tomorrow.”

      I finally went down to my local Nazi recruiting station the other day and told ’em I’m ready! I want to sign Up! But they said I was TOO White to be a Nazi. They said they’re only recruiting MUSLIM NIGGERS these days into the Nazi Fourth Reich Party. I’m devastated I tell ‘ya. I’m crying a lot. I’m learning Arabic now and trying my best to get a real deep sun tan here under the Florida SUN. maybe maybe maybe maybe if I use enough real good effective Browning SUN tan lotion, learn Arabic, maybe maybe maybe my dream of being a Nazi will some day come true!!!! Chant for me to Savitri and Kali that my local recruiting people will learn to like me mo betta enough to let me Join! I’m TOO White they said!!! This is an Outrage!!

      1. They broke the mold when they made you Joe

        But the gates at Valhala are not the place for you when your time comes. This business is too serious for wizenheimers

  4. The Orlando “shooting” wasn’t a “false flag”, Gilbert. The shooting was a hoax, a psyops. There’s a difference between a “false flag” and a “hoax, psyops”. In a false flag, people do actually die [ like 9/11 for example. ] In a “hoax-psyops” shooting, no one actually dies. It’s all crisis actors. Orlando, like Sandy Hook, is an example of a Hoax-Psyops operation.

    Just in case you were ignorant of that, Gilbert. Sometimes those who are the most genteel and the most gentlemanly, those with the most poetic of hearts, those with the most exquisitely refined sentiments, are simultaneously those who are the most naive.

    Wouldn’t you say so, Pat?

    1. As if totally on cue but totally without a clue, my hometown of Surrey flies the gay pride flag

      After years of requests from the LGBTQ community to fly the gay pride flag, Surrey has acquiesced and has hoisted the rainbow colours at city hall. On Tuesday, it was flying at half mast in honour of the Orlando, Florida mass shooting victims. The flag will remain up at city hall until Surrey’s annual pride parade on June 26.

      For several years, Surrey’s gay community has fought to have the pride flag at city hall. Council repeatedly rejected the requests, stating the city follows federal and provincial flag practices and protocols.

      “Under these extraordinary and trying circumstances, Surrey stands with the people of Orlando and the rest of the civilized world in condemning this heinous act of hate and terror,” said Mayor Linda Hepner. “Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the families and all who have been affected by this senseless tragedy.”

      “Flying the Pride Flag is an act of solidarity in condemning this cold-blooded attack. We will not be cowed by this extreme act of hate and violence,” said Coun. Vera Lefranc, who tabled the motion at Monday’s council meeting. “To show our support of the LGBTQ community, the pride flag will be flown at Surrey City Hall until June 26 to coincide with the Surrey Pride Festival.”

      by Kevin Diakiw – Surrey North Delta Leader, posted June 15, 2016 at 10:00 AM

      I did a quick search on the Internet for my old hometown of Hong Kong (I left in 2007) and guess what I found? More cucks! What do you call Chinese or yellow cucks? Chucks? 😆

      I’m sure if you (Darkmooners) did an Internet search and plug in the name of your own hometown with this phrase, “solidarity vigil for Orlando,” you will pretty much get the same, if not identical kosher drivel. If that’s not a conspiracy, then I don’t know what is.

      The kikes didn’t invent Social Media for nutin’. Actually, they don’t really make that many shekels from it, which is counter-intuitive if not an anathema for Jews unless you realize that their real goal is to get you hooked, just like 19th and 20th Century Chinamen were hooked on their opium.

      The more things change, the more they stay the same for the Eternal Jew. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose pour le Juif éternel.

      Even the the personal information you give them when you register on their sites (i.e. keeping tabs on you), I would argue, is secondary to their main goal of getting you hooked and ADDICTED! Not only do they completely own and control the Mainstream Media but they completely own and control the sheeple via their Social Media, virtually in real time now!

      @ Simple Simon

      Despite or in spite of the Jews repeatedly crying “Wolf” or “Holocaust” 236 times prior to World War 2 (WWII), it hardly seemed to raise a goy eyebrow. Why was that?

      Of course, television (TV) — I call it Talmud Vision — wasn’t invented until after WWII. Would TV, by any faint chance, have anything to do with our horrible moral and intellectual devolution and why we are so degenerate and stupid today?

      It took the kikes about 5 decades to completely brainwash us with their Talmud Vision. Now they can do it instantly with their Kikejew Social Media.

      We are now living in the 3rd or 4th generation of the kikes’ electronic information war against goyim and the sooner you, Simple Simon, understand this, the sooner you stop being a White Cuck or Yellow Chuck, or just a dumb Black and Brown Fuck. Pardon my Yiddish. 🙂

      A Psyop or False Flag doesn’t exclude or preclude real people dying. 9/11 was both a Jewish Psyop and False Flag and real people died!

      1. Is Orlando the latest JEWish HOMOcaust? Here’s what ROTchild’s JewCONist has to say:

        “WHEN Omar Mateen killed 49 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando on June 12th, did he commit the bloodiest mass shooting in modern American history, the worst ever attack on gay Americans or the deadliest act of Islamist terrorism since 9/11? America’s polarised political culture demands that people choose between these interpretations. For those on the left, Mr Mateen’s killing spree focuses attention on the problem of easy access to guns and on homophobia. For those on the right it shows that America has a problem with homegrown jihadis. For anyone not beholden to either camp the answer seems obvious: the attack was all three of these things.”

        From The Economist, the kosher mouthpiece for Lord Jacob Rothschild.

        There you have it, folks, The Unholy Jewish Trinity explained for the Dumb Goyim: 1). Easy Access to Guns; 2). Homophobia; 3). Homegrown Jihadis.

  5. now its a “gay muslim” on “gay infidel” “hate crime”?

    you really can’t make this shit up

    1. False Fag might be the best way to describe it.

      NY Post / NY Daily News / LA Times / BBC: “Killer Was Gay”

      NY Times / TV News: “Muslim Killer Hated Gays”

      George Orwell: “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory opinions in one’s mind simultaneously and accepting both of them”

      1. AND it gets rationalized to the hilt by the shrinks

        “well, he was a gay muslim who hated what he had become so he took it out on all his fellow gays in a fit of self-loathing rage”

      2. Even as we speak, a jewish shrink in Jew York City is busy writing what he or she hopes will be an award-winning biography of “Omar Mateen” – the poor little arab boy who strayed from his Koranic teachings to become the very thing he was taught to hate most in this world

        The writer dreams of becoming the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize, and ahem, ‘sharing’ the stage with a hero – Elie the Weasel, in a ceremonial event held, ahem, analually

      3. i know…duh

        but the narrators can’t come up with a str8 story….

        next we will hear Mullah Omar ordered the hit from his grave

        1. The moozlum mateen shot up the homo gay dance club because the moozlums have a very high moral code so the moozlum mateen went out to clean up amerikwan society of SIN and Decadence!!

          the moozlum immigrants are going to defeat the joos and Purify amerikwa of wretched SIN for us!!

          We got ’em on the run!!!

      1. apparently, he was pro Palestinian too – that Palestinian wife? remember – Noor Zahi Salman – LOL – 2/3 of her names belong to me -just exchange her middle name for my last and u’ll have my full name in an anagram


  6. I haven’t followed any MSM reports on the shooting, but in Alt. media there’s already information coming up that Mateen was a homosexual, was married to a woman, as we already know he was born here in the States. Not sure if the shooter was really a homosexual or not. Go try to figure what news are true and which ones aren’t. Anyway, I think the MSM is going to with Mateen being an American, as he was born here in the States, leave out the part his father is hooked up the kazoo with islamic Jihadists and his father ran for president of Afghanistan, leave out the part Mateen worked for some Isreali Mossad-CIA outfit that brought in illegal Muslim aliens into the United States [ and I’m sure provided the illegal Muslims with plenty of weapons ].This SPIN on the story, that Mateen is an American ; Even though we live in a very multi-racial, multi religious, multi-cultural country, everyone still associates the word “American” with “White”, and “White, Christian”, and the MSM knows it too. The MSM will present Mateen as an ALL-American, a gay guy who was not comfortable being gay, a gay guy who “internalized” White Christian American society’s homophobia”, and the shooting is really the fault of White Christian Americans.The MSM , of course, will conveniently leave out the part about most churches today accept homosexuals/lesbians, actually celebrate them, and in all other cultural matters Christianity does NOT inform the culture, but the MSM will pretend Christianity informs the culture and that Christians are deeply homophobic, hence the shooting. They’re going to play on everyone’s sympathy for the shooting victims and their families and friends to get as many people to point their fingers at Christian “society” as being the root cause of the shooting. TROJ PREDICTS!!

    Hillary, as former Sect.of State and having a long history of funneling money and weapons to Islamic Jihadists, and supplying the Islamic Jihadists with important logistical information, Hillary is the one hooked up with that organization in Jupiter, Florida tied into the MOSSAD-CIA and whose agenda is to bring Islamic Jihad to America. Trump is not hooked-up, Hillary is THE ONE Hooked-Up. And she’s hooked-up Big-Time.

    I say this because the above SPIN will help Hillary a lot. I still think Hillary [ and Obama ] are somehow connected to the Orlando shooting, not Trump. [ Not directly connected, but thru intermediaries. ] The Gays/Lesbians, just like the rest of the Left, they ALL reserve their animus and hatred for Christianity, damn the facts, they want to get rid of whatever little vestiges of Christianity that remain, they’ll lap up any propaganda the MSM throws on their plates as long as they see an advancement in their Leftists agendas. In Europe, the Left still supports the Muslims, even though the Muslims are on Rape Jihad, and all other kinds of Jihads. The shooting may give Trump a few votes that he wouldn’t have gotten normally, but overall, the shooting benefits Hillary a lot more. Especially as Hillary has the MSM to SPIN the story so the shooting benefits her.

    Trump is not behind the shooting. Trump knows the MSM is fully behind Hillary and Trump knows any kind of event like the Orlando shooting, the MSM will SPIN it in favor to Hillary. The Orlando shooting ultimately benefits Hillary, NOT Trump. Trump is not so stupid not to know that whatever type of very dramatic event happens that involves BOTH Muslims and gays/lesbians, the MSM will SPIN IT to help Hillary will. Thank you, TROJ.

  7. I bet NOT one victims of the Orlando shooting and NOT anyone mourning the victims, I bet NONE of them gave/give a damn about the Islamic Rape Jihad going on in White Europe. Not all of them know about it of course, but of those victims who did know about and those mourners who do know about it, NOT only the Islamic Jihad does NOT bother them at all, they LERV The islamic Rape Jihad going on in White Europe. The ones who don’t know about, if they were to find out about, they too would LERV IT there’s an islamic Rape Jihad going on in White Europe. [ The Islamic Jihad against canines wouldn’t bother them none either.] NOT one of them, NOT one victims of the shooting , NOT one of the mourners, ever cried when any White American/Americans died horrible brutal deaths at the hands of black street criminals. Quite the opposite, they ALL like IT when White Americans die brutal deaths at the hands of black street criminals and at the hands of puerto rican criminals and the hands of mexican criminals, at the hands of any member of the minority “Rainbow”.

    And it’s NOT as if they’re happy White Americans die horrible brutal deaths at the hands of minorities because White Americans support ZOG, because they too, in their own way, fully support ZOG. They actually support ZOG even more ardently than White Americans, and ZOG’s wars in the Middle East they couldn’t care less about. On a per capita basis, there’s a lot more White Americans opposed to ZOG’s wars than they are minorities against ZOG’s wars. For example : The majority of Muslims in the USA are solidly behind MEGA ZOG warmonger against countries full of people the MSM would call “minorities”, Hillary Clinton. So one can’t truly say the minorities are happy when White Americans die brutal deaths at the hands of minority criminals because White Americans support ZOG. That’s not the reason. The reason is they LOVE IT when White Americans die brutal deaths at the hands of minorities, and they are MORE racist and MORE murderous than any Whites ever were. That’s THE TRUTH.

    I wonder how many of the mourners of the Orlando shooting victims are criminals who have records and have attacked White Americans in various ways and committed all kinds of crimes against White Americans. I wonder how many of the victims had criminals records and attacked White Americans in various ways and committed crimes against White Americans. NOT ONE OF THE VICTIMS AND NOT ONE OF THE MOURNERS EVER SHED A TEAR FOR ANY WHITE AMERICAN BRUTALLY MURDERED BY ANY MINORITY CRIMINAL. In fact, in quite the opposite, ALL the victims and ALL the mourners, the victims were always happy when White American were brutally murdered by minority criminals, and ALL the mourners are happy when White Americans are brutally murdered by minority criminals. And NONE of them are ever upset when a White woman is brutally RAPED by any minority, NOT one of them is ever upset about that, quite the opposite. ALL of them are always very happy when White women are brutally RAPED by minorities. And ALL OF THEM DO LOVE IT when White women are brutally murdered by minority criminals.

    I’m not happy about the Orlando shooting, but I’m not crying about it either.

  8. I spent most of my time surfing the web last evening primarily on YouTube. Based on what I saw and read, it appears that the Orlando shooting is a staged event.

    In staged events, sometimes people are killed and sometimes they are not. Normally in staged events, the fall-guy(s) or patsy(s) is eliminated which is what happened in the Orlando event. Staged events always include controlled (crisis) actors with key agenda verbiage that the media promotes and they are in the Orlando event. Uncontrolled witness accounts are not aired and some are purged from the net which has occurred in the Orlando event.

    After every staged event, the demand for guns and ammo by the American public increases significantly which is just the opposite of what the jewish controlled media and government wants to occur.

    As testimony to how dimwitted the jewish controlled media and government is, they keep doing the same thing expecting different results, normally known as being insane. With that in mind, Americans should expect more of the same type staged events.

    1. @ Ungenius

      I’m quite willing to believe that this whole Orlando thing is a hoax but I don’t think the video you provide offers convincing proof of that.

      The person narrating the events himself undermines his own case by suggesting that the incident of the man being carried toward the Pulse nightclub (instead of away from it) may have been an incident that had occurred and been filmed on an entirely different night to the night on which the terrorist attack occurred at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

      In other words, the reason the man was being carried TOWARD the nightclub (rather than away from it) may have been perfectly valid.

      The guy was just a drunk being carried back to someone’s car by a group of people. The Pulse nightclub happened to be en route to this car. And the incident occurred on a DIFFERENT night entirely to the night on which the Orlando massacre occurred — maybe the previous night.

      Or even a week before the actual terrorist incident.

      1. Since the video was uploaded by Russia Today (RT), I suspect that this could just be anti-American propaganda to make a genuine terrorist incident (committed by a genuinely psychotic Muslim) look like a staged event put on by “Evil America”, the Great Satan.

        I agree with John Kirby that we must not rule out the possibility that this is a genuine terrorist attack.

        We conspiracy theorists must guard against the bad habit of sniffing out a “conspiracy” on every possible occasion — even when there is no conspiracy. Let’s not make the mistake of crying “Wolf!” once too often.

      2. @ Simple Simon

        Simon says:

        We conspiracy theorists must guard against the bad habit of sniffing out a “conspiracy” on every possible occasion — even when there is no conspiracy. Let’s not make the mistake of crying “Wolf!” once too often.

        How many times have the Jews cried wolf?

        The Chinese idiom “The one who has retreated 50 steps laughs at the one who has retreated 100 steps” comes to mind (五十步笑百步). The English version would be “The pot calling the kettle black” — not that I’m calling you a filthy lying jew, of course. 🙂

        From 1900 to 1939, how many times have we been told by Jews News that exactly 6 million Jews, 6 million exactly, not one Jew less than 6 million or one Jew more than 6 million were holohoaxed prior to the “official” Nuremberg Trial announcement? 236!

      3. @ Simon Simple

        I mistakenly referred to the staged event in my post with the linked video as a hoax. My oops. It was a staged event with deaths since I know of one person that verified a friends death at the Pulse.

        I first saw the video that I linked above either on CNN or Fox on Sunday, so RT certainly did not have the exclusive on it. The video was US mainstream media that first aired the propaganda and they aired it way more than once.

        A little longer clip of the video shows the two guys that are carrying the one fellow puts him down standing and walking after they apparently thought they were not being recorded.

        There sure are a lot of cop cars at the right place with lights flashing visible in the video that coincides with other videos made the same night.

        As for crying wolf too often, not to identify the wolf is rather insane if the wolf keeps showing up. Since 9/11, almost every mass shooting has been a government staged event with a multi-purpose agenda with the two primary objectives being gun control and a jewish planned war between Christians and Muslims.

        If you choose to believe a media and government that continuously lies, it is your right to do so. If you do, you might want to flip your handle.

        The real story probably went more like this. A gay Muslim that worked for a company, G4S, that specializes in mercenaries, crisis training with actors, and moving illegals about the US for the government whose father has been a CIA asset for many years, takes the lead role in a staged event. Unknown to him, he was to be the first to die after entering the Pulse. The other 2 or 3 of his comrades commenced shooting club attendees right after shooting the lead gay fellow. All the reports of more than one shooter were never aired by the mainstream media, imagine that. All the other crisis actors performed as planned without knowing what really went down in the Pulse. The cops showed up and performed as trained for such events. No need to let them know what was really going down in the club. The mainstream media runs with the pre-ordained story. Most think the staged event is not staged because they have no interest in dots or connecting them.

      4. @ Ungenius

        Good comment. I see Admin has just included it as the crowning touch to a new feature article, so it has to be good. Congratulations!

  9. The real and faked attacks are wanted – NEEDED – by TPTB on many levels.

    One level is that it increase gun sales…. which is in the favor of TPTB. They play us… perfectly. That’s why it is repeated. It sells more news media material…. like Huffington Post.

    TPTB are brilliant…. not ignorant.

    Gun sales puts more people into the data system.

    Gun sales increases tax revenue.

    Gun sales increases Wackenhut’s prison populations.

    Gun sales increases revenue of the major Holding Companies, like Smith&Wesson Holding Company….
    …. and Canada’s ONEX… where Arrianna Huffington is on the Board of ONEX managing $22 billion today:


    Ms. Huffington, 63, of New York, New York, is Chairman, President and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post Media Group. In May 2005, Ms. Huffington launched The Huffington Post, which won a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting in 2012. She was named to the Forbes Most Powerful Women list in 2013 and was named to the Time 100, Time Magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people, in each of 2006 and 2011. Ms. Huffington serves on the boards of PRISA, a leading global Spanish and Portuguese-language media group, EL PAÍS, a major Spanish language newspaper, the Center for Public Integrity, and the Committee to Protect Journalists.

  10. How many people did the cops kill as they ‘went in’ guns blazing?
    And this after they had already fired hundreds, if not thousands of rounds into the club, before they ‘went in’
    Actually, it’s a wonder they didn’t burn the place down around the victim’s heads.
    casualties aforethought

    1. That forensic will never be revealed.

      All nightclubs should require everyone to have a gun before entering.

      1. Pat, also bottom line is there must be audio recordings aplenty.
        A rocking gay club! There had to have been dozens of people with their phones/cameras recording before, during and after the shooting started.
        There had to have been dozens of terrified victims dropping their still recording phones/cameras as they were shot or just in panic mode, running and scrambling.

        I call Shenanigans.

  11. so many patsies
    only so many scenarios
    from jew brain
    please help
    volunteer your ideas for future hoaxes and false flags
    righteous gentiles
    whose ideas are chosen
    receive a blessed yarmaluke of multicultural foreskins
    softened, conditioned with yid fat
    we cant improve on and use ideas we created for hitler

  12. Counting of the Omer (Omar) 50 days, 50 lives ‘sacrificed’ on Shavout. Pope calls for a Jubilee debt forgiveness (50 yrs). 5 is the number of death for ‘them’. Bunch of lesser magic.

    1. Things are going to be very tumultuous and very violent next month also. [ And maybe stay real violent throughout the whole summer and throughout the whole campaign year, and maybe even after the November election. If Trump wins in November, expect A LOT of violence, ALL violence will be from the Communists fomenting riots amongst the Democratic grass-roots [ which includes lots of illegal aliens ]. The Republican Convention is July 18th-21st, in Cleveland. The Democratic Convention July 25th -28th, in Philadelphia, the “city of brotherly love”. The Democrats are threatening a lot of violence.

      They’re even saying they want to barge the barricades around the Republican Convention and riot inside the Convention Hall. They do have the spirit of murder about them. And they think they’re the epitome of Freedom and Liberty and Free Speech and Righteous Upholders of The Bill of Rights, , while they want to KILL anyone who disagrees with them even in the least bit.

      There’s also going to be violence at the Democratic Convention, between the supporters of Hillary and the supporters of Sanders. LOTS of VIOLENCE emanating from the Democrats.

      1. And the MSM media has the nerve to accuse us Trump supporters of being violent, being racist, being hate-filled. The Democrats are the ones who are the real hate-filled, violent, racists. Deeply, extremely, Racist against White Americans. ALL the hatred and all the violence and all the animosity and all the deep tyrannical behavior is coming from the Democrats, not the Republican grass root supporters of Trump.

        [ Though, yes, those Republican big-shots who support Hillary are no different than the hoodlums and the criminals and the thugs on the streets violently attacking Trump supporters because they don’t agree with Trump’s campaign platform. ]

        It’s going to be very violent from here on to probably November, and again, if Trump wins, the violence will go on well past November. Expect more mass shootings, real shootings and/or false flag shootings and/or hoax psyop shootings, expect rioting, expect a lot more random violence [ more than usual, which is saying a lot ].

      2. Never is a pretty big word, Pat.
        Some say it’s an impossibility.
        Inevitably they’ll have their “Dewey defeats Truman!”
        Could be the next one up..

  13. This is quite a humdinger in that it slices so many ways. It’s got everything. Gays, Islamic Terror, Gun Control, etc. I think it happened. The simple answer is that he was a homosexual and hated himself for it. He decided to find salvation through Militant Islam. I’m convinced most people walking the earth these days are mentally ill in one way or the other due to media, banking/usury, and governmental rules, regulations and laws.

    For instance, how many people are becoming faggots through the constant 24/7 X 365 beating of the homosexual agenda. Henry Makow long ago had an article that all porn is gay porn. I think he is right. The sluts in porn act like male homosexuals with girl parts. Much like the show Sex in the City was really about four homosexual friends who wore expensive pointy shoes.

    What’s gone down recently in the good ole USA? The big push has been for men to be able to pee in the little girls room. At the same time it seems we are allowing as many Muslims to immigrate here as want to come. So which is it? Do we want Sharia Law coming here or do we want the sexual revolution to take off in it’s final stage? Seems governmental policy is intent on doing both simultaneously. What kind of environment will this create? The traditional answer would be oil and water. However, this is starting to look more like ammonia and acid.

    Looks to me like this is simply collateral damage due to multiculturalism run amok.

    Take a step back and look at things logically. See the forest for the trees. Homosexuals are great and Islam is a religion of peace.

    Not to worry. If Alex Jones has his way homosexuals will begin arming themselves as they are being recruited to protect second amendment rights by Info Wars. So we can turn the homos into 1776r’s. Problem is you will see a lot more shootings as homos have a tendency for the dramatic and may feel threatened all the time.

  14. Hey, look at that, I’ve stumbled upon a mental retard gathering. How is it that you shit for brains haven’t been victims of natural selection yet?

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